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27225: VELEBIT, VLADIMIR (WITH BERGER, JEAN-FRANÇOIS) - Dans L'Ombre de Tito. Entretiens Avec le Générale Vladimir Velebit. Signed. Propos Recueillis Par Jean-François Berger. Préface de Michael Ignatieff. (Association Copy)/
27374: VENTURI, FRANCO - Roots of Revolution a History of the Populist and Socialist Movements in the Nineteenth-Century Russia. With a Revised Author's Introduction, Russian Populism. Translated from the Italian by Francis Haskell. Introduced by Sir Isiah Berlin.
36133: VEREISKY GEORGE S. VEREYSKY - Portretii Russkih Khudozhnikov. Portraits of Somov, Benois, Dobuzhinsky Et Al. Avtolitografii G S Vereiskogo. Portraits of Russian Artists.
34186: VERGANI. M. PIRANESI. - Grammaire Italienne, Simplifee Et Reduite a XX Lecons (Avec Des Thèmes, Des Dialogues, Et Un Petit Recueil de Traits D'Histoire En Italien, à L'Usage Des Commençans; Par Vergani. . Novelle édition, Corrigée Et Augmentée Par M. Piranesi.
29132: VERHAAR, JOHN W. M. - The Verb 'Be' and Its Synonyms. Philosophical and Grammatical Studies. (Part 2) Classical Eskimo / Hindi / Zuni / Modern Greek / Malayalam / Kurukh. Foundations of Language Supplementary Series/Volume 6.
36070: VERNAY, LUCIENNE ET LES QUATRES BARBUS - Rondes Et Chansons de France No. 5 Livres Disque Philips
36068: VERNAY, LUCIENNE ET LES QUATRES BARBUS - Rondes Et Chansons de France No. 1 Livres Disque Philips
36264: VERNIER, CH. & DROLLET, ALEX. - Grammaire de la Langue Tahitienne (Essai)
33661: VIËTOR, WILHELM (QUOUSQUE TANDEM) - A Shakespeare Reader in the Old Spelling and with a Phonetic Transcription.
20375: VIEYRA, ANTHONY. - A New Portuguese Grammar in Four Parts; Containing I. Rules for the Combination and Use of the Different Parts of Speech. II. The Syntax. , III. A Vocabulary. IV. Various Passages. The Eighth Edition, Carefully Revised and Greatly Improved, with the Portu
31878: VIHERVÄLI, VIDRIK, (PSEUD. HERBERT HALJASPÖLT) GESESOO, EINO. - Dictionary of the English and Estonian Languages. First Part English- Estonian Giving the Pronunciation According to the Phonetic System of the International Phonetic Association. Inglise-Esste Ja Eesti- Inglise Sônaraamat. Esimene Osa Inglise.
33979: VINOGRADOV, ANATOLII - The Black Consul. Translated from the Russian by Emile Burns.
14250: VINTERHALTER, VILKO. - In the Path of Tito: (Zivotnom Stazom Josipa Broza)
24434: VIRGIL. (HENRY NETTLESHIP, JOHN POSTGATE) - P. Vergili Maronis Opera. : Finis P. Vergili Maronis Operum Ex Recensione Henric Nettleship a Jonanne Percival Postgate Relecta, Permissv Georgii Bell Et Filiorum, Typis Riccarianis a Carolo T. Jacobi Novissime Excusorum. Impensis Mediceae Association Copy: John Charles Pratt, 5th Marquess Camden, Cyril Alington.
36716: VITALE, SERENA - Pushkin's Button Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein and Jon Rothschild.
27589: VITKA, VASIL' (ED.) - Ucimi Kolerami Viaselki. Vsemi Tsvetami Radugi. All the Colours of the Rainbow. Mit Allen Regenbogenfarben. Drawings by Children.
34124: VITMAN, A. M.. - Eight Years of Russian Literature (1917 - 1925). Bibliography. Vosem' Let Russkoi' Khudozhestvennoi' Literatury (1917-1925). Rarity Reprints No. 23.
36818: VLACHOS, DR ANG. (THIMM, AHN) - A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Modern Greek Language. Translated with Additions. The Modern Greek Language. Franz Thimm's Series of European Grammars After an Easy and Practical Method. Part X.
34045: VOGEL, LUCY (ED. AND TRANSLATED). BLOK - Blok an Anthology of Essays and Memoirs
34315: VOGEL-JØRGENSEN, T. (TRANS. WILLIAM FREDERICK HARVEY) - Rasputin. Prophet, Libertine, Plotter.
32300: VOUK, IVAN - Parliamo Sloveno. Manuale de Conversazione
37178: VUCINICH, ALEXANDER - Science in Russian Culture. A History to 1860.
36738: W SOHNIUS JR - Essen - Grugapark 15 Aufnahmen.
37170: WACZNADZE, SOPHIE PRINCESS - Of Old Forgotten Far Off Things and Battles Long Ago.
33913: WADE, REX A., SEREGNY, SCOTT J. (EDS.) - Politics and Society in Provincial Russia Saratov, 1590-1917
36606: WAGG, HENRY J., ASSISTED BY MARY G. THOMAS. - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind (with an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography). From the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930.
25283: WAKELIN, MARTYN F. - Discovering English Dialects
37152: WALBANK F. ALAN (ED.), SINCLAIR, SIR ARCHIBALD (PREFACE) - Krylya Voyny. Antologiya Korolevskogo Aviatsionnogo Korpusa. [Russian Translation of 'Wings of War; an Illustrated Air Force Anthology']. Entire Text in Russian.
37027: WALDOCK, A. J. A. - Sophocles the Dramatist.
33247: WALDRON, R.A. - Sense and Sense Development. Language Library. Edited by Eric Partridge and Simeon Potter.
26649: WALKER, JOHN. - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language: In Which Are Prefixed, Principles of English Pronunciation; Rules to Be Observed by the Natives of Scotland, Ireland, and London, for Avoiding Their Respective Peculiarities; and D.
36212: WALKER, KENNETH - Diagnosis of Man
34365: WALLACE, SIR DONALD MACKENZIE. - Russia: In Two Volumes. New, Enlarged Edition: Revised, Re- Set, and in Great Part Re-Written. With Portrait of the Author and Map Showing the Density of Population.
31990: WALTON, CLARE - Georgs Problem. Lesekiste. Kiste A. Stufe 1(Gelb). Heft 6. Level a, Stage 1 Reader.
32209: WANG, YANO AND RAN, GUANG. - Cinaj Klasikaj Poemoj Ilustritaj. (Classical Chinese Poetry Translated in Esperanto, Illustrated, Parallel Text)
26986: WAR OFFICE. - Short Glossary of Arabic. A. Countries East of 25o E.
32129: WAR OFFICE. - Short Glossary of Greek. First Edition, May, 1943.
27440: WARD, CHRIS - Russia's Cotton Workers and the New Economic Policy Shop-Floor Culture and State Policy, 1921-1929. Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies.
21336: WARD, BARBARA. - Russian Foreign Policy, Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs. No. 34.
35828: WARD, DENNIS - Keep Up Your Russian. Antologiia. An Easy Anthology with Grammar Commentary.
30308: WARD, C. S. (AND BADDELEY) - North Devon [Including West Somerset] and North Cornwall from Exmoor to the Scilly Isles with a Description of the Various Approaches. Thorough Guide Series.
25148: WARINGHIEN, GASTON. - Lingvo Kaj Vivo. Esperantoloiaj Eseoj. : Stafeto. Movado 1 Essays in and on Esperanto.
35885: WARREN, C HENRY - Miles from Anywhere.
32467: WARRINER, DOREEN - Revolution in Eastern Europe.
32623: WARRINER, DOREEN - Jugoslavia Rebuilds. Fabian Research Series.
32958: WARTENEGG, WILHELM VON - Der Gottversprochene.
36697: WASIOLEK, EDWARD (ED. AND TR.) - Doestoevsky: The Notebooks for Crime and Punishment
30139: WATTS, RICHARD J. & SACHIKO IDE & KONRAD EHLICH (EDS.) - Politeness in Language Studies in Its History, Theory and Practice. Trends in Linguistics: Studies & Monographs 59.
36724: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold. A Conversation Piece. With: Tactical Exercises. Love Among the Ruins.
36784: WAUGH, EVELYN (STUART BOYLE) - The Loved One. An Anglo-American Tragedy.
37137: WAUGH, EVELYN - Vile Bodies. Penguin Books 136.
37058: WAY, H. JOHN - Spain. The "Good Companion" Guides No. 5.
36617: WEINER, DORA B - Raspail. Scientist and Reformer. With a Chapter by Simone Raspail.
30197: WEINTZ, H. J. - Japanese Grammar Self-Taught (in Roman Characters)
17845: WEINTZ, H. J. - Hossfeld's Japanese Grammar Comprising a Manual of the Spoken Language in the Roman Character Together with Dialogues on Several Subjects and Two Vocabularies of Useful Words. Second Edition. Second Edition
34563: WELLESLEY, COLONEL THE HON F A - With the Russians in Peace and War. Recollections of a Military Attaché
34763: WELLS, J. C. - Jamaican Pronunciation in London (Publications of the Philological Society). Publications of the Philological Society XXV.
32251: WELLS, J. C. - Geiriadur Esperanto/Kimra Vortato (Esperanto and Welsh Dictionary)
31876: WELLS, C.J. ET AL - Jen Nia Mondo. A New Radio Course in Esperanto, the International Language.
31772: WELLS, C.J. ET AL - Jen Nia Mondo. A New Radio Course in Esperanto, the International Language.
34804: WELLS, W. G. B. - Colloquial Tamil (Formerly "Cooly Tamil" ). Specially Arranged for Planters & Planting Students. As Understood by Labourers on Tea and Rubber Estates.
26622: WELLS, H. G.. - La Tempo-Masino. La Lando de la Blinduloj (Esperanto Versions of the Time-Machine, in the Country of the Blind). Tradukis El la Angla E.W. Amos. (H.G. Wells in Esperanto Reader). La "Epoko" Libro-Klubo. Vol. IV.
33214: WELONSKI, PIUS - Stacje Meki Panskiej Pamiatka Z Czestochowy. (Stations of the Cross in Czestochowa)
36250: WENDEL, HERMANN - Von Marburg (Maribor) Bis Monastir (Bitola). Eine Südslawische Reise.
36294: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Miss Silver Intervenes a Miss Silver Mystery.
37163: WERNER, ALICE. (DENISON ROSS) (DANIEL JONES) - The Language-Families of Africa. With a Preface by Sir E Denison Ross. And a Map.
36857: WESLEY, MARY - A Sensible Life
36851: WESLEY, MARY - The Vacillations of Poppy Carew
36858: WESLEY, MARY - Part of the Furniture
36740: WEST, REBECCA - Black Lamb and Grey Falcon the Record of a Journey Through Yugoslavia in 1937. Volume II Only.
30908: WESTERMANN, D., WARD, IDA C. (DANIEL JONES) - Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages. Foreword by Daniel Jones.
25221: WESTFAL, STANISLAW. - A Study in Polish Morphology. The Genetive Singular Masculine.
36006: WHATMOUGH, JOSHUA - Language. A Modern Synthesis.
36751: WHITE, GWEN - A Book of Toys. Editor N B L Pevsner. The King Penguin K26.
36603: WHITE, T. H. - The Book of Beasts. Being a Translation from a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century. Made and Edited by T.H. White.
36015: WHITE, JOHN - Studies in Renaissance Art
33034: WHITE, JOSEPH. - Actuum Apostolorum Et Epistolarum Tam Catholicarum Quam Paulinarum, Versio Syriaca Philoxeniana. Epistles of Paul. Tomus Secundus Espistolas Paulinas Complectens. Glocester Ridley's Mss Edited and Translated Into Latin. Syriac Text with Latin Translation. Ex Codice Ms. Ridleiano in Bibl. Coll. Nov. Oxon. Reposito Nunc Primum Edita: Cum Interpretatione Et Annotationibus Josephi White, S.T. P. :
36014: WHITE, JOHN - Studies in Late Medieval Italian Art
37042: WHO'S WHO - Who's Who 1934. An Annual Biographical Dictionary with Which Is Incorporated "Men and Women of the Time". Eighty Sixth Year of Issue.
35099: WHYMANT, A. NEVILLE J.. - A Mongolian Grammar: Outlining the Khalka Mongolian with Notes on the Buriat, Kalmuck, and Ordoss Mongolian.
33606: WICKREMASINGHE, DON M. DE Z. - Sinhalese Self-Taught. Marlborough's Self-Taught Series.
33540: WIGHTWICK, JANE ET AL. - The 100 Word Exercise Book: Urdu: Ideal Introduction to Script. Suitable for All Ages, Home or Classroom Use, Packed with Exciting Activities.
27567: WILES, P. J. D. (ED.) - The Prediction of Communist Economic Performance Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies.
35711: WILKES, ANGELA WITH NICOLE IRVING AND TUDUR W EVANS. - Welsh for Beginners Usborne Language Guides.
36189: WILKINS, CHARLES - The History of the Literature of Wales from the Year 1300 to the Year 1650.
30166: WILLIAMS, HERBERT W.. - A Dictionary of the Maori Language. Sixth Edition, Revised and Augmented Under the Auspices of the Polynesian Society.
34331: WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Enlightenment Cambridge Readings in the History of Political Thought.
26553: WILLIAMS, RHIAN - Welsh Dishes It's Wales.
29540: WILLIAMS, HERBERT W.. - A Dictionary of the Maori Language. Sixth Edition, Revised and Augmented Under the Auspices of the Polynesian Society.
31032: (WILLIAMS, STEPHEN J. )WEDA THE WELSH ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION LTD. - Listen and Learn the Welsh Language for Use with Special Gramophone Records.
30027: WILLIAMS, KATHY - The Rastafarians Living Religions.
36180: WILLIAMS, THE REVEREND JAMES - Grammar Notes and Vocabulary of the Language of the Makuchi Indians of Guiana. (Macusi or Macushi - a Cariban Language). Collection International de Monographies Linguistique.
31840: WILLMORE, J. SELDEN - Handbook of Spoken Egyptian Arabic: Comprising a Short Grammar and an English Arabic Vocabulary of Current Words and Phrases
31839: WILLMORE, J. SELDEN - Handbook of Spoken Egyptian Arabic: Comprising a Short Grammar and an English Arabic Vocabulary of Current Words and Phrases
34750: WILSON, FRANCESCA - Muscovy. Russia Through Foreign Eyes 1553 - 1900.
34672: WILSON, SANDY - The Boyfriend. A Play in Three Acts. With a Preface by Vida Hope and Illustrations by the Author.
36249: WILSON, EDMUND - The Triple Thinkers. Twelve Essays on Literary Subjects. A Pelican Book.
37031: WINNIFRITH, T. J.. - Shattered Eagles Balkan Fragments
29930: WINSTEDT, R. O. - A Simple Malay Reader. With an English Translation for Home Students.
20932: WINSTEDT, R. O. - Simple Malay Grammar. For the Use of Schools.
32315: WIRKOWSKI, EUGENIUSZ - Cooking the Polish-Jewish Way
34367: WIRTSCHAFTER, ELISE KIMERLING - The Play of Ideas in Russian Enlightenment Theater
33580: WODAK, RUTH, CILLIA, RUDOLF DE (EDS.) SEIDELHOFER, BARBARA ET AL - Sprachenpolitik in Mittel- Und Osteuropa Passagen Diskursforschung.
29528: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Piccadillyn Jim Riemukas Kertomus Siitä, Miten Tyhjäntoimittaja Kesytetään.
27498: WOLF, ERIC R. - Peasants. Foundations of Modern Anthropology.
34232: WOLF, LOTHAR - Terminologische Untersuchungen Zur Einführung Des Buchdrucks IM Französischen Sprachgebiet Beihefte Zur Zeitschrift Für Romanische Philologie. Band 174.
32659: WOLF, DONALD D.. & MARGOT L. - Polish Cookbook. Kitchen Treasury Series.
37038: WOLFE, TOM - From Bauhaus to Our House Abacus Books.
33348: WOLFE, REESE - The Girl in Front of Cook's
28130: WONG, S. L. - Cantonese Conversation Grammar. Book 1part I and Book 2 Part II.
28129: WONG, S. L. - Cantonese Conversation Grammar. Book 1, Part I.
36027: WOOD, MRS HENRY - Court Netherleigh. A Novel. Twenty-Sixth Thousand.
37167: WOOD, C. T. WITH LANCHESTER, H. C. O. (AND KENNETT) - A Hebrew Grammar. With an Appendix on the Hebrew Vowel System Taken from Lecture-Notes by Professor Kennett. Second Edition Revised.
36038: WOODHOUSE, BARBARA - Talking in French/English a Phrase Book for Housewives, "Au Pair" Girls, Students, Hospitals. Translated by Claude Depallier-Williams.
36039: WOODHOUSE, BARBARA - Talking in Italian/English a Phrase Book for Housewives, "Au Pair" Girls, Students, Hospitals. Translated by Anna Moretti.
24346: WOODS, ELIZ. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY COPYBOOK. MANUSCRIPT. - Copybook of Eliz. Wood. Entitled: The Book of the Fire and of the Alter. [Commonplace Book].
37034: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Common Reader. Second Series. Uniform Edition.
27458: WOROBEC, CHRISTINE D. - Peasant Russia Family and Community in the Post-Emancipation Period
29398: WORSLEY, ALLAN - Sudanese Grammar
31830: WRIGHT, W. - A Grammar of the Arabic Language. Trans. From the German of Caspari and Edited with Numerous Additions and Corrections. Third Edition Revised by W. Robertson Smith and M.J. De Goeje. Volume I (Only)
36882: WRIGHT, JOSEPH & WRIGHT, ELIZABETH MARY. - An Elementary Historical New English Grammar.
37175: WRIGHT, HENRY - Depopulation: A Romance of the Unlikely. Labour V. Capital.
31327: WRIGHT, WILLIAM. (STANLEY GEVIRTZ ASSOCIATION COPY) - Lectures on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages:
34505: WRIGHT, PETER - Cockney Dialect and Slang.
31548: WU, EMMA LEJUNE ET AL - Chinese Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary Langenscheidt Dictionaries.
33416: WURM, S. A. - Some Remarks on the Role of Language in the Assimilation of Australian Aborigines. Linguistic Circle of Canberra Publications. Series A. Occasional Papers.
24908: WYLD, HENRY CECIL. - The Historical Study of the Mother Tongue. An Introduction to Philological Method.
36782: WYNDHAM, RICHARD - The Gentle Savage. A Sudanese Journey in the Province of Bahr-El-Ghazal, Commonly Called "the Bog".
25840: WYSS-VÖGTLIN, M. VON - Siebenhundert Chinesische Sprichwörter
36601: YAHUDA, JOSEPH - New Biology & Life.
36636: YAHUDA, JOSEPH - Law and Life According to Hebrew Thought.
36695: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Turgenev : The Man, His Art and His Age
26083: YARTSEV, G.. (ED.) - Kniga Na Kulturnom Fronte. 1 & 2-3. 2 Vols. Illustrated by L P and Suvorov.
23319: YELIZARENKOVA, T. IA., TOPOROV, V. N. - Iaz'Ik Pali: [on the Pali Language - Text in Russian]. Iaziki Narodov Azii I Afriki Ed. By T P Serdyuchenko.
25358: YOUNG, HAZEL - A Week on the Water. Fandango & Tango Cuisine Scrapbook. (French Cooking on a Barge)
36799: YOUNGBLOOD, DENISE J. - The Magic Mirror Moviemaking in Russia, 1908-18. Wisconsin Studies in Film.
32559: YOVITCHITCH, LENA A ( LENKA A. JOVICHIC) - Within Closed Frontiers. A Woman in Wartime Yugoslavia.
25588: YURLOVA, MARINA - Cossack Girl. The Albatross Continental Library. Volume 242.
31966: ZAKHAROVA, K. F. & ORLOVA, V. G.. - Dialektologicheskaia Karta Russkogo Iazyka V Evropie (Dialect Map of the Russian - in Europe)
32280: ZAMENHOF - Pensoj de Zamenhof Tradukitaj El Esperanto la Internacia Helpingvo Tutmonda. Français, English, Deutsch, Italiano
31773: ZAMENHOF L. L. - Fundamenta Krestomatio de la Lingvo Esperanto: Sesa Eldono 17a Eldono
29517: ZAMENHOF L. L. - Kongresa Parolado Ce la Malfermo de la Sesa Universala Kongreso de Esperanto En Washington la 15-an de Augusto En 1910-a (Zamenhof's Speech at the 6th Esperanto Congress. Preface by Karlo Steier)
32275: ZAMENHOF - Originalaj Poemoj de Zamenhof
36341: ZAVADOVSKII, YU. N. - Arabskie Dialekt'i Magriba. A Descriptive Grammar of the Arabic Dialects of Magrib (Maghreb) in Russian. Iaziki Narodov Azii I Afriki Ed. By T P Serdyuchenko.
24288: ZAVADOVSKII, IU N. - Mavritanskii Dialekt Arabskogo Iaz'Ika (Hassaniia) (a Russian Reference Grammar of Hassaniyya Arabic of Mauritania). Iaziki Narodov Azii I Afriki Ed. By T P Serdyuchenko.
26038: ZELENINA, K. A.. (SHEVERDIAEV SHEVERDYAEV) MASSIMO CAMPIGLI - Massimo Kampilyi Kampil'i. Cover Illustrated by Sheverdyaev. Massimo Campigli Par C. Zelenine.
26186: ZEN - Garri Pil' I Garripilevshchina. Russian Soviet Film Movie Programme. Kinopechat
36319: ZHANE, K. - Kak Vnuki Zaputali Babushku Starii Pastukh. Dedushkini Usii (Translated Into Russian from the Adyghe or Circassian Language).
34590: ZHUKOV, VICTOR - A Plan for the People. What the Soviet Citizen Will Gain from the 7 - Year Plan. Soviet Booklet No. 52.
36066: ZHUKOVSKY, VASILY ZHUKOVSKII - Polnoye Sobraniye Sochineniy V a Zhukovskago. Pod Redaktsiye... A S Arkhangelyskago. V Trekh Tomakh. Comple Works of V Z Zhukovsky, Complete in Three Volumes.
24445: ZIDAR, JOSIP. - A Dictionary of Yugoslav Abbreviations. Recnik Jugoslovenskih Skracenica.
33676: ZIEGLER, REV. F.. (OF THE BASEL MISSION) - The English-Kanarese School Dictionary. (Kannada). Sixth Edition, Revised and Considerably Enlarged.
35013: ZIHERL, BORIS - Communism and Fatherland
34222: ZIMMER, RUDOLPH - Probleme Der ûbersetzung Formbetonter Sprache. Ein Beitrag Zur ûbersetzungskritik. Beihefte Zur Zeitschrift Für Romanische Philologie. Band 181.
10796: ZLATOGOR, MAKSIM. - Zhivaya Rêch" (Living Speech. Selections from Russian Authors). Hristomatiya Dlya Izucheniya Russkago Yazyka. Chast' Pervaya. Chast Vtoraya. Russkaya Bibloteka.
22639: ZSCHOKKE, DR. HERMANNO. - Linguae Aramaicae: Institutiones Fundamentales Linguae Aramaicae Seu Dialectorum Chaldaicae Ac Syriacae Inusum Juventutis Academicae. [Aramaic Language]

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