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34566: KOMARNICKI, TITUS - Rebirth of the Polish Republic. A Study in the Diplomatic History of Europe, 1914 - 1920. Review Copy.
35805: (PERRAULT, CHARLES). KONASHEVICH (ILLUS.) - Malchik S Palchik. Konashevich Illustrated. [the Little One with the Little Thumb]
36519: KONCHALOVSKAYA, NATASHA (MAREVNA ASSOCIATION COPY) - Nasha Drevnyaya Stolica Kartiny Iz Proshlogo Moskvy.
33677: KONESKI, BLAZHE. - Rechnik Recnik Na Makedonskiot Jazik So Srpskokhrvatski Tolkovanya. Complete in Three Volumes. Dictionary of the Macedonian Language with Glosses in Serbo-Croat.
28139: KONUS, J. J.. - Slovensko-Anglicky Slovnik. Slovak-English Dictionary
32373: KOOLHOVEN, H. - Teach Yourself Dutch.
30150: KOREAN - Korean Dictionary.
24335: KOROTKOV, N. N., ROZHDESTVENSKII, YU V., SERDYUCHENKO, G. P., SOLNTSEV, V. M. - Kitaiskii Iaz'Ik. (the Chinese Language)
31611: KORTH, OSWALD. - The Commercial and Conversational Spanish Grammar and Reader. A New and Practical Method of Learning the Spanish Language.
36781: KOSHEVNIKOFF, VLADIMIR - Entr'Acte. Translated by Denys Oglander.
37221: KOSMAC, CIRIL - A Day in Spring. Translated by Fanny S Copeland.
35640: KOSTALLARI, A. (ED.) - Karmany Russko-Albansky Slovar & Albansko-Russky Slovar. Russian Into Albanian Pocket Dictionary.
30590: KOSTALLARI, A. (ED.) - Karmany Russko-Albansky Slovar'. Russian Into Albanian Pocket Dictionary.
35672: KOTELNIKOVA, I G - Vidi Peterburga. Akvareli V S Sadovnikova. 30-50 Godov XIX Veka V Akvarelyakh (Views of Petersburg. The Watercolours of V S Sadovnikov)
35282: KOTOSIXIN, GRIGORIJ (ED. A.E. PENNINGTON) - Russia in the Reign of Aleksej Mixajlovic o Rossi V Carstvovanie Alekseja Mixajlovica. Edited with a Commentary by a E Pennington.
36328: KOTOV, V.. - The State Museum of Palekh Art.
37054: KOTOV, V.. - Palekh Art. A Guide to the Museum.
37083: KOUPRIN, A E. (P BONDAR) - How I Became an Actor. Kak Ya B'IL Akterom Second Edition (in the New Orthography)
32620: KOVACIC, OLGA - Women of Yugoslavia
14198: KRAMARIC, FRANCE. - Slovensko-Nemski Slovar. (Slovene Into German Dictionary)
33997: KRASNOBAEV, B. I., ROBEL, GERT, ZEMAN, HERBERT (EDS.) - Reisen Und Reisebeschreibungen IM 18. Und 19. Jahrhundert Als Quellen Der Kulturbeziehungsforschung
37232: KRAUSS, DR FRIEDRICH S.. - Slavische Volkforschungen Abhandlungen über Glauben, Gewohnheitrechte, Sitten, Bräuche Und Die Guslarenlieder Der Südslaven. Vorwiegend Auf Grund Eigener Erhebungen.
26527: KREST'YANOV, V. N.. (RISUNKI I TEKST') - Slonik' Moka I Mishunk' U Sebya Doma (Moka the Elephant and Mishunk at Home) (Russian Children's Book)
36830: KRILL, RICHARD - Greek and Latin in English Today
36876: KRIPPES, K.A. - Kazakh (Qazaq) - English Dictionary.
37206: KRLEZA, MIROSLAV - The Return of Philip Latinovicz. Translated by Zora G. Depolo.
37069: KROPOTKIN, PETER. (PAUL GOODMAN AND BARNETT NEWMAN) - Memoirs of a Revolutionist. With New Introductions by Paul Goodman and Barnett Newman.
34241: KRUCHENYKH, A.. (FLEGON EDITION) - Na Borbu S Khuliganstvom V Literature. Flegon Reprint of Klutsis Design. Izdanie Avtora.
31473: KRUS, M., SHKARBAN, L I. - Tagalskii Iaz'Ik: (a Reference Grammar of Tagalog)
33507: KRUTA, VENCESLAS - The Celts History and Civilisation
36787: KRYMOV, V.. (MALCOLM BURR) - End of the Imp.
36785: KRYMOV, V.. (MALCOLM BURR) - End of the Imp.
36786: KRYMOV, V.. (MALCOLM BURR) - End of the Imp.
26050: KUGEL, A, FILIPPOV, V.. (EDS.) BORIS TITOV. - Sto Let Malomu Teatru 1824-1924. (One Hundred Years of the 'Little' or 'Small' Theatre). Cover Illustrated by Boris Titov.
27197: KÜHN, JOACHIM ED., ALEXANDRA FEODOROVNA ROMANOV - Die Letzte Zarin. Ihre Briefe an Nikolaus II. Und Ihre Tagebuchblätter Von 1914 Bis Zur Ermordung. (German Edition of the Letters from the Tsaritsa or Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna, to the Tsar, Nicholas II, and Her Diaries. )
26323: KUKAJ, RIFAT. - Shkrepi I Diellit. Roman Për Fëmijë (Albanian)
29920: KUKI, HIROSHI. - Tuamotuan Phonology.
34101: OVSYANIKO-KULIKOVSKIY KULIKOVSKII (EDS.) - Istoriya Russkoy Literatury XIX Veka. 5 Volume Complete Set. Istoriia Russkoi Literatury [the History of Russian Literature of the Nineteenth Century].
36445: KUMICIC, EUGEN - Kraljica Lepa. ILI Propast Kraljeva Hrvatske Krvi.
31553: KUNDERA, MILAN (SIMON CALLOW) - Jacques and His Master a Play Translated by Simon Callow.
24401: KUNNAS, MAURI. - Santa. [Children's Book in Welsh] Addasiad T. Llew Jones.
36748: KURDOYEV, K. K. (Q. KURDO) - Kurdsko-Russkii Slovar'. Ferhenga Kurdi-Rusi. [Kurdish Into Russian Dictionary].
36395: KUROCHKIN, V. S.. - Prints Lutonya Lutonia [Prince Lutonia] Vstupitel'Naya Stat'Ya I Primechaniya A. Efremina. Risunki Petra Alyakrinskogo; Graviroval Ivan Pavlov.
34988: KUSNIERZ, DR BRONISLAW, ZALESKI, AUGUST, ANDERS, MALENKOW - Stalin and the Poles (Association Copy General Anders Signed Ephemera) an Indictment of the Soviet Leaders. Presented by Dr Bronislaw Kusnierz Minister of Justice in the Government of General Bor-Komorowski with a Foreword by His Excellency August Zaleski
32307: KUZMIN, M.. - Parabolii Paraboly Parabola.
31424: KWASNIK, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Bulgaria Tradition and Beauty
34561: LABAUME, EUGENE - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, Embellished with Plans of the Battles of Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslavitz. Containing a Faithful Description of Those Affecting and Interesting Scenes, of Which the Author Was an Eye-Witness. Translated from the French. Second Edition, Considerably Improved.
35865: LABONNELIE, PAMELA & BALLERO, MIREILLE - Read, Play, and Discover Scandinavia. Including Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.
15197: LADEFOGED, PETER. - Preliminaries to Linguistic Phonetics.
36118: LADEFOGED, PETER - Elements of Acoustic Phonetics
37174: LADONSHCHIKOV, G.. - Zimushka-Zima
27409: LAFFAN, REV. R. G. D. - Jugoslavia Since 1918. (Yugoslavia)
30932: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa
37053: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Hills' . 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'. (National Trust).
34993: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Hills' . 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'. (National Trust).
37044: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Sea and Land' . 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'.
33690: TASHI (ASSISTED BY KENNETH LIBERMAN) - FORE-WORD DALAI LAMA. - Textbook of Modern Colloquial Tibetan Conversations
27408: LAMPE, JOHN R., JACKSON, MARVIN R. - Balkan Economic History, 1550-1950. From Imperial Borderlands to Developing Nations.
36279: LANDAU, WILHELM FREIHERR VON - Neue Phönicische Und Iberische Inschriften Aus Sardinien.
28681: LANDRY, R. & BALALAEFF, V.. - Aide Mémoire de Grammaire Russe. (Sketch of Russian Grammar for French Speakers)
34112: LANG, DAVID MARSHALL - The First Russian Radical: Alexander Radishchev 1749 - 1802.
26194: LANSERE LANCERAY, E. E. EUGENE YEVGENY YEVGENYEVICH - Leto V Angore. Summer in Ankara Anatolia. Text and Illustrations by Lansere. Risunki I Zametki Iz Dnevnika Poesdki V Anatoliyu Letom 1922g.
34803: LAUNE, THOMAS DE. (DANIEL DEFOE) - A Plea for the Non-Conformists, Shewing the True State of Their Case and How Far the Conformist's Separation from the Church of Rome, for Their Popish Superstitions, Introduced Into the Service of God, Justifies the Non-Conformists' Separation from Them in a Letter to Dr. Benjamin Calamy, on His Sermon Called Scrupulous Conscience Inviting Thereto. To Which Is Added a Parallel Scheme of the Pagan, Papal, & Christian Rites and Ceremonies. With a Preface by the Author of the Review (Defoe)
27396: LAURENT, ETIENNE - Skoplié Et la Serbie Du Sud. (Skopje and Southern Serbia)
23395: LAUWICK, MARCEL. - L'Industrie Dans la Russie Méridionale. Sa Situation - Son Avenir. (1907 Publication on Industry in Central Russia and Its Future)
36814: LAVALLEY, AL AND SCHERR, BARRY P. - Eisenstein at 100 a Reconsideration
35530: LAVRIN, JANKO - Goncharov
28621: LAVROV, PETR A. & POLIVKA, JIRI - Lidove Povidky Jihomakedonske Z Rukopisu St. Verkovicovych.
33838: LAWNER, LYNNE (ED.), GRAMSCI - Antonio Gramsci. Letters from Prison
36428: LECLERCQ, JULES - Promenades Dans Les Pyrénées. Huitième édition.
36937: LEECH, GEOFFREY - Semantics
34950: LEFTER, VIRGIL - Dictionar de Proverbe Englez - Roman. Dictionary of English and Romanian Proverbs.
30547: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Syntactic Typology. Studies in the Phenomenology of Language.
37214: LEIGHTON, JOHN - Paris Under the Commune: Or, the Seventy-Three Days of the Second Seige. With Numerous Illustrations, Sketches Taken on the Spot, and Portraits (from the Original Photographs), and a Mapof Paris Showing the Parts Damaged or Destroyed. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected.
31688: LENEY, TERTTU - Teach Yourself Finnish (Book with Cassette-Tape in Pack)
26193: LESKOV, N. S.. (MSTISLAV VALERIANOVICH DOBUZHINSKY ILLUS) - Tupeinyi Khudozhnik. (the Master Hairdresser) Rasskaz Na Mogile.
33780: LEVASSEUR, DR KARL, STEFFAN, RICHARD. - Englischer Kurzschrift. Anpassung Der Deutschen Einheitskurzschrift an Die Englische Sprache. Lehrbuch I/II. Verkehrsschrift. Schlüssel.
36646: LEVI, PETER - Edward Lear. A Biography.
35911: LEVIN, M. G. AND POTAPOV, - Istoriko-Etnografichesky Atlas Sibiri. Historical and Ethnographic Atlas of Siberia. Etnograficheskii Atlas Sibiri,
33884: LEVITCHI, L.., BANTAS, ET AL - Dictionar Englez-Român. English Into Romanian Dictionary.
35286: LEVITT, MARCUS C. - Russian Literary Politics and the Pushkin Celebration of 1880
36848: LEVSTIK, VLADIMIR - An Adder's Nest [Gadje Gnezdo]. Translated from the the Slovene by F.S. Copeland.
26306: LEW, DR. W., I WERBIANII, LEV, DR V, VERBIANII, I.. - English-Ukrainian Dictionary. Angliis'Ko-Ukrains'Kii Slovnik. (Part I)
31059: LEWINGTON, SUE - Names for the Cornish Three Hundred Cornish First Names
34551: LEWIS, FLORA - The Polish Volcano. A Case History of Hope.
26576: LEWIS, SIAN; FIELD, JAMES - The Right Answer a Family Seeks a Better Life in Patagonia
31645: LEWIS, HENRY (ED.). - Welsh Dictionary. Collins-Spurrell.
29931: LEWIS, M. B.. (SCRIPT BY SULAIMAN BIN HAMZAH) - Learn to Talk Malay.
29167: LHOMOND, M. - éLémens de la Grammaire Françoise. Septieme édition.
29323: LIAS, ANTHONY - A Guide to Welsh Place-Names
26051: LIATSKY, A, MODZALEVSKY, B, SIVERS, A. ( GEORGIY EGOR NARBUT ILLUS.) - Ogni. Istoriya Literatura. Kniga Pervaya. History of Literature. Book One. Cover Illustrated by Egor Narbut.
36013: LIBEDINSKY, IURY (ARTHUR RANSOME) - A Week. Translated, and with an Introduction by Arthur Ransome.
36372: LIBEDINSKY, IURY (ARTHUR RANSOME) - A Week. Translated, and with an Introduction by Arthur Ransome.
35263: LIE, HIU AND LIE, G. DOERFER. - Die Mandschu-Sprachekunde in Korea. (Manchu Language in Korea - German Text)
25764: LIEBERMAN, PHILIP - Eve Spoke Human Language and Human Evolution
30869: VAN LIER, REV. FATHER FLORIBERT - Let Us Speak Maori. Ka Tuatua Maori Tatou. The Easy Way to Cook Island Maori.
24112: LINNARD, W. - Russian-English Forestry and Wood Dictionary: Technical Communication No 6.
26214: LINTERN, JESSIE - 15 Readers. (1. : Billy's Bike, 2: Jenny's Bike, Etc. . ) a Leighway Story.
26223: LINTERN, JESSIE - In the Bus. (I.T. A. Version) a Leighway Story. 12.
30436: LIPIN, L. A. - The Akkadian Language.
36049: LISSNER, E E (ILLUSTRATOR) - Skazka Gore. Illustrated by Lissner.
25601: LITTAUER, VLADIMIR S.. - Russian Hussar. Foreword by Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart.
34560: LITTLE, FRANCES DELANOY - Sketches in Poland. Written and Painted by Frances Delanoy Little with an Historical Postscript.
34676: LITTLEWOOD, R. P.. - Living Spanish.
29807: LIVY. (TRANS. BY FRANK GARDNER MOORE) - Livy VIII. Books XXVIII-XXX. Loeb Classical Library.
20074: LLOYD, K. - 1000 Words to Talk About: English-Chinese.
26259: LLOYD, K.SUE, WERHAM, SARA - Using Jolly Phonics. A Guide for Teaching Reading and Writing.
34569: LOCHNER, HELENA J. F.. - Hoe Die Sprinkane Horinkies Gekry Het en Die Boomprinses. Legendes Oorvertel. Geillustreer Deur Die Skryfster. Vierde Druk.
36790: LOCHNER, HELENA J. F.. - Die Ou Vrou Se Kombers 'n Sprokie Derde Druk.
34570: LOCHNER, HELENA J. F.. - Pinkie, Die Hottentotjie en Apie Vang Diewe. Vir Kinders Van 7 Tot 10 Jaar. Vyfde Druk.
34685: LOCKETT, BRIAN LOKETT, BRAYAN - English (Russian): Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Angliyskiy Yazyk: Vchera, Segodnya I Zavtra. Anglo-Russkiy Slovar. [Idiomatic English for Russian Speakers with Vocabulary].
36504: LONG, GEORGE (TRANS.) - The Discourses of Epictetus
36110: ARISTOTLE; HORACE; LONGINUS - Classical Literary Criticism Translated with an Introduction by T.S. Dorsch
36607: LÖNNROT, ELIAS, (COMP.), MAGOUN, FRANCIS PEABODY (TRANS.) - The Kalevala or Poems of the Kaleva District: Compiled by Elias Lönnrot. Translated with Foreword and Appendices by Francis Peabody Magoun, Jr. .
36918: LORD, ROBERT - Teach Yourself Comparative Linguistics
30430: LORD, ALBERT BATES. - Beginning Bulgarian.
36705: LORD, ROBERT - Teach Yourself Comparative Linguistics
36688: LORD, ROBERT - Dostoevsky: Essays and Perspectives
26884: LORENZO, EMILIO - El Espanol de Hoy, Lengua en Ebullicion.
36770: LORIMER, JOYCE (ED.) (WALTER RALEGH) - Sir Walter Ralegh's Discoverie of Guiana. Third Series. (with Pamphlet "Untruth and Consequences")
37241: LOW, MARY ET BREÁ, JUAN [FREDRIC WARBURG] - La Saison Des Flûtes. (Association Copy Fredric Warburg George Orwell Poum)
31032: (WILLIAMS, STEPHEN J. )WEDA THE WELSH ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION LTD. - Listen and Learn the Welsh Language for Use with Special Gramophone Records.
36112: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD (ED) - The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse
36113: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD (ED) - The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse
36114: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD (ED) - The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse
32653: LUKIC, SVETA (ED. GERTRUDE JOCH ROBINSON, TRANS. POLA TRIANDIS) - Contemporary Yugoslav Literature. A Sociopolitical Approach.
26192: LUNACHARSKY A. V.. LUNACHARSKII. - Kantsler I Slesar' (the Locksmith and the Chancellor)
26043: LUNACHARSKY LUNACHARSKII A. V.MESHCHERYAKOV, N. L., POKROVSKY, M. N., POLONSKY, V. P., STEPANOVA-SKVORTSOV, I. I. (FAVORSKI) - Pechat I Revolutsiya. (the Press and the Revolution Journal). Illustrated by Favorsky. Kniga Sed'Maya.
33286: LUND, H.. - A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Danish and Norwegian Languages. Including Rules for Pronunciation, Exercises, Reading Lessons, Vocabularies of Useful Words, Dialogues, Extracts from Danish Authors, Etc. Etc.
31880: LUTHY, MELVIN J.. - Phonological and Lexical Aspects of Colloquial Finnish.
35653: LUVSANDENDEVA, A. - Mongolsko-Russky Slovar (Mongolian Into Russian Dictionary). Mongol'Sko-Russkij Slovar'
36777: LYONS, EUGENE - Assignment in Utopia.
30041: MABILLE, A. (H. DIETERLEN RVSD & ENL.) - Sesuto - English Dictionary. Revised and Considerably Enlarged by H. Dieterlen. (Sotho Into English Dictionary)
37067: MACAN, TRPIMIR. - Povijest Hrvatskoga Naroda. II. Izdanje. (History of the Croatian People)
31115: MACARTNEY, C. A.. AND PALMER, A. W.. - Independent Eastern Europe. A History.
21754: MACBAIN, ALEXANDER. - Gaelic Reader with Outlines of Grammar. For Use in Higher Classes of Schools in the Highlands.
32400: MACDONALD, JOHN - Czar Ferdinand and His People.
30168: MACE, JOHN - Arabic Today a Student, Business and Professional Course in Spoken and Written Arabic.
36030: MACKAY, DAVID (ROBERT TAVENER ILLUS) - The New Flats Blue Series.
36031: MACKAY, DAVID (GARETH FLOYD ILLUS) (M A K HALLIDAY) - I Fell over. Yellow Series.
35848: MACKECHNIE, JOHN. - Gaelic without Groans.
36229: MACLEAN, ALLAN CAMPBELL - Master of Morgana.
36239: MACQUEEN, JOHN - Allegory.
37019: MAETZNER [EDUARD ADOLF ], PROF. (TRANS. CLAIR JAMES GRECE). ASSOCIATION ROBERT WASHINGTON OATES. - An English Grammar (Volume I. ) Methodical, Analytical, and Historical with a Treatise on the Orthography, Prosody, Inflections and Syntax of the English Tongue; with Numerous Authorities Cited in Order of Historical Development. Translated from the German, with the Sanction of the Author. In Three Volumes.
26898: MAFFEI, ANGELUS FRANCIS XAVIER - Konkani-English Pocket Dictionary
15551: RUSSIAN MAGAZINE. - Tehnika Molodezhi 12. Russian Avant Garde
31869: MAGDICS, KLARA - Studies in the Acoustic Characteristics of Hungarian Speech Sounds.
37210: MAGNER, THOMAS F. - Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language.
32705: MAGNUS, L A. - The Heroic Ballads of Russia.
36554: MAGUIRE, ROBERT A.. - Red Virgin Soil: Soviet Literature in the 1920s.
18523: MAIAKOVSKII, V.V. MAYAKOVSKY, V.V. - Sochineniia V Treh Tomax. Mayakovsky's Works in Three Volumes.
23702: MAIN, LAURENCE AND PHIL MARTIN. - In the Footsteps of King Arthur.
26081: MAISKY, BEL'SKI, BELSKY L. P., (TRANS.) BUBRICH, D. V. (ED.) FILONOV, TSYBASOV, PORET.(ILLUS) - Kalevala. Finskii Finskiy Narodnii Epos. The Finnish National Epic. Scarce Lithographed Dust-Wrapper and Illustrations by Filonov Et Al. Introduction by I M Maisky.
26717: MAJID, ABDUL. - Malay Self-Taught. By the Natural Method with Phonetic Pronunciation. Thimm's System.
35995: MAKARENKO, A.. - Road to Life. Translated by Stephen Garry.
36089: MAKOVSKY, SERGEI (ED) RADLOV, N (TEXT) MAKOWSKY RADLOW. - Der Moderne Buchschmuck in Russland: Illustrations by Benois, Somov, Bakst, Lanceray, Bilibin, Narbut, Chekhonin. [Modern Book Decoration in Russia].
37153: MAKSIMOV, SERGEI (SERGEI SHIROKOV) - Taiga (the Taiga)
37154: MAKSIMOV, SERGEI (SERGEI SHIROKOV) MAXIMOV SERGEJ - Bunt Denisa Bushueva. [the Revolt of Denis Bushuev]
36286: MAKUSZYNSKI,K - WALENTYNOWICZ, M - Na Nic Placze, Na Nic Krzyki Koniec Przygod Fiki-Miki
36285: MAKUSZYNSKI,K - WALENTYNOWICZ, M - Czwarta Ksiega Przygod. Koziolka Matolka.
36284: MAKUSZYNSKI,K - WALENTYNOWICZ, M - 120 Przygod. Koziolka Matolka
36313: MAKUSZYNSKI,K - WALENTYNOWICZ, M - Wanda Lezy W Naszej Ziemi
35778: MALINCHEFF, D.G. (DR MALIN). - The First Bulgarian-English Dictionary with Grammar and Conversations. P'Rv' B'Lgaro-Angliiski Rechnik' S' Gramatika I Razgovornik'. 18,000 Dumi.
32616: MALLET, MARY. - A Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples.
25972: MALOTKI, EKKEHART ED. AND COMP. - Hopi Animal Tales. Narrated by Micael Lomatuway'Ma, Lorena Lomatuway'Ma and Sidney Namingha. Introduction by Barre Toelken.
32243: MALOVEC, MIROSLAV - Gramatiko de Esperanto (Esperanto Grammar)
36913: MANCOSU, PAOLO (PASTERNAK) - Inside the Zhivago Storm. The Editorial Adventures of Pasternak's Masterpiece.
37091: MANDELSHTAM, OSIP MANDEL'STAM (G P STRUVE AND B A FILIPOFF) - Osip Mandelshtam Collected Works in Three Volumes. Sobranie Sochinenii. V Trekh Tomakh. Volume One: Poetry. Volume Two Prose. Volume Three Essays, Letters. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded.
37003: MANDELSHTAM, OSIP MANDEL'STAM (CLARENCE BROWN) - The Noise of Time. Selected Prose. Translated from the Russian and with Critical Essays by Clarence Brown.
37125: GUMILEV BLOK KUZMIN SOLOGUB MANDELSHTAM ET AL - Tsekh' Poetov' I. [Poets' Guild Vol I in the Original Russian]
36184: MANESSY, G. - La Morphologie Du Nom en Bwamu (Bobo-Oulé). Dialecte de Bondoukuy.
26659: MANN, S. E. - A Short Albanian Grammar with Vocabularies, and Selected Passages for Reading.
35527: MANN, S. E. - A Short Albanian Grammar with Vocabularies, and Selected Passages for Reading.
32266: MANN, WILLIAM W. - Esperanto Self-Taught. By the Natural Method with Phonetic Pronunciation.
33377: MANNIN, ETHEL. - So Tiberius. Decorated by A.H. Eisner.
37051: MANSFIELD-MEADE, N. F.. (COMP.) - The Latest Pocket Guidebook to Luxor & Environments, Including Also Tut-Ankh-Amen. Association Copy Dame Sybil Stewart. With Comments on Memphis, Sakkara, Tel el Amarna, Assiout, Abydos, Dendera, Esna, Edfu, Komombo, Assuan & Nubia.
23589: MAOLCHONAIRE, FLAITHRÍ Ó . - Desiderius. Otherwise Called Sgáthán an Chrábhaidh
25511: ALBANIA. VALONA MAP - Valona (Albania,Balkan States) Coloured Map. Vlorë. Scale 1: 20,000 G.S. ,G.S. No. 3110 (Geographical Section, General Staff)
37216: MARCH, THOMAS - The History of the Paris Commune of 1871.
36204: MARCHAND, FRANK (ED.) - L'Acquisition Du Langage
36207: MARCHAND, FRANK (ED.) - La Norme Linguistique
36205: MARCHAND, FRANK (ED.) - La Phonétique Et Ses Applications
36206: MARCHAND, FRANK (ED.) - Les Analyses de la Langue
31622: MARCHANT, J R V & CHARLES, JOSEPH F - Cassell's Latin Dictionary - Revised
36092: MARSHAK, S.. ILLUS. BY V LEBEDEV - O Glupom Myshenke. Samuil Marshak and Vladimir Lebedev. [About a Silly Baby Mouse]
36093: MARSHAK, S.. ILLUS. BY V LEBEDEV - Bagazh. Samuil Marshak and Vladimir Lebedev.
36314: MARSHAK, S. (ILLUS. A. ERMOLAEV) - Volga I Vazuza. Russkaia Narodnaia Skazka. Skazka I Stikhakh.
36094: MARSHAK, S.. ILLUS. BY V LEBEDEV. - A Whiskered Little Frisker. Samuil Marshak and Vladimir Lebedev. [Usatyi Polosatyi]
35077: MARSHALL, JOHN (RVSD ENL. BY V S JUKOVA AND R N COE) - Russian Self - Taught (in Russian and Roman Characters) with Phonetic Pronunciation. Thimm's System. Revised and Enlarged. Russian Orthography Revised.
36920: MARSHALL, J. H. (ED.). - The Donatz Proensals of Uc Faidit.
35076: MARSHALL, JOHN (RVSD ENL. BY V S JUKOVA AND R N COE) - Russian Self - Taught (in Russian and Roman Characters) with Phonetic Pronunciation. Revised and Enlarged by V S Jukova and R N Coe.
36520: MARTIN, THOMAS COMMERFORD (NIKOLA TESLA) - The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla Second Edition.
32395: MARTIN, DAVID (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY); LAUSCHE, THE HONORABLE FRANK J. (FOREWORD) - Patriot or Traitor: The Case of General Mihailovich. Proceedings and Report of the Commission of Inquiry of the Committe for a Fair Trial for Draja Mihailovich.
32667: MARTINEAU, MRS PHILIP. - Roumania and Her Rulers (Marie of Romania)
32668: MARTINEAU, MRS PHILIP. - Roumania and Her Rulers (Marie of Romania)
29795: MARTINET, ANDRÉ - Elements of General Linguistics.
26866: MARTINET, ANDRÉ - La Description Phonologique Avec Application Au Parler Franco-Provençal D'Hautville (Savoie).
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33233: BIG CHIEF I-SPY - I-Spy Butterlies and Moths 1/-.
33241: BIG CHIEF I-SPY - I-Spy Secret Codes Private and Confidential. Issued Only to Members of the New Chronicle I-Spy Tribe.
33239: BIG CHIEF I-SPY - I-Spy Cars. 6d I-Spy No 16
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36745: STOKOE, W. J.. (COMP.) - The Observer's Book of Trees and Shrubs of the British Isles. Describing One Hundred and Six Species with 177 Illustrations 16 of Which Are in Colour.
33992: STONE, LOUISE W. AND ROTHWELL, WILLIAM (EDS.) - Anglo - Norman Dictionary. Fascicle 1: A - Cyvere. Prepared for the Press by T.B. W. Reid.
33993: STONE, LOUISE W. AND ROTHWELL, WILLIAM (EDS.) - Anglo - Norman Dictionary. Fascicle 2: D - E Prepared for the Press by T.B. W. Reid.
33995: STONE, LOUISE W. AND ROTHWELL, WILLIAM. (EDS.) - Anglo - Norman Dictionary. Fascicle 4: M - o/U
22636: STONE, NORMAN. - The Eastern Front, 1914-17.
20185: STRASHIMIROV STRASHIMIROFF, DMITRY T. - Istorijia Na Aprilskoto Vossitanie. (History of the April Insurrection). Tom' I: Prijdistoriia II : Prigotovleniia III: V'Stanie I Pepelisha.
30948: STRASSBURG, GOTTRIED VON - Tristan. Translated Entire for the First Time. With the Surviving Fragments of Tristran of Thomas. Newly Translated. With an Introduction by A.T. Hatto.
29859: STRAZIMIR, BURHAN ET AL (EDS.) VESELI, REFIK (PHOTOS.). - Architectural Monuments in Albania. Monumente Të Arkitekturës Në Shqipëri. Monuments D’Architecture en Albanie.
34178: STRINGHAM, EDWIN J. - Listening to Music Creatively.
36837: STRUBEN, A. M. A. - Tidal Power Tides and Their Measurement; the Estimation of Potential Tidal Power; Comparisons between Systems of Development; the Financial Aspect of the Problem; Difficulties to Be Overcome; and the Lines for Development
21929: STUART, ANTHONY J. AND A. J. STUART. - Life in the Ice Age.
19875: STUART, P. A. - A Zulu Grammar for Beginners: A New and Simple Method of Dealing with the Main Grammatical Features of the Language. With Four Hundred Useful Phrases and a Vocabulary Containing Nearly Every Word in Common Use.
36108: STUDD, R.G. - A Fortnight in Switzerland
32610: STURROCK, H. N. - Report on Economic and Commercial Conditions in Yugoslavia (Dated May, 1936). Department of Overseas Trade. No. 649.
32611: STURROCK, H. N. - Economic Conditions in Yugoslavia. Department of Overseas Trade.
36202: STURTEVANT, EDGAR HOWARD - Linguistic Change. An Introduction to the Historical Study of Language. With a New Introduction by Eric P. Hamp
35832: STURTEVANT, EDGAR HOWARD - Linguistic Change. An Introduction to the Historical Study of Language. With a New Introduction by Eric P. Hamp
29777: SUETONIUS, ; LINDSAY, H. - Caligula
34773: SULIMIRSKI, TADEUSZ - Prehistoric Russia. An Outline
37056: SUOLAHTI, EINO E. (CLAIRE AHO) - Helsinki Daughter of the Baltic.
32624: SUPEK, RUDI ET AL - Yugoslavia (the People's Revolution and Education).
29992: SURUGUE, BERNARD & SURUGUE AB - Etudes Gulmance (Haute-Volta). (Studies in the Gurma Language of Burkina Faso or Upper Volta) Phonologie, Classes Nominales, Lexiques.
32801: GENERALNI SHTAB ORDNANCE SURVEY - Llandrindod Wells, Hay-on-Wye, Kington (Map in Russian) Generalni Shtab. 1: 100 000 (Hereford and Worcester, Powys Area) Soviet Military Map
24618: ORDNANCE SURVEY. - Ordnance Survey Huntingdon (with Layers). Sheet 24. : Scale - 2 Miles to 1 Inch
36836: ORDNANCE SURVEY. (ELLIS MARTIN) - Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map of Pembroke and Tenby. Sheet 99. Popular Edition. 1/9. Scale One Inch to One Mile.
24620: ORDNANCE SURVEY. - Ordnance Survey Worcester. Sheet 61. [Subtitle]: Scale 1 Inch to a Mile.
37129: SUSNJAR, ANTE ANTUNOVIC AND EVA SUSNJAR-HENDRICKS. - Croatian-English/English-Croatian: Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks).
37036: SWAN, HOWARD - Travellers' Colloquial French. A Handbook for English-Speaking Travellers and Students. Idiomatic French Phrases, with the Exact Phonetic Pronunciation Represented on a New System Based Upon a Scientific Analysis of French Sounds with Other General Information Useful to Travellers in France.
36539: SWAN, ALFRED JULIUS - Russian Music and Its Sources in Chant and Folk-Song Introduction by Donald Swan.
33743: SWICZ, VINCENT - First Steps in Polish for Self-Tuition.
29391: SYED, SADRUDDIN BAHAUDDIN (MUNSHI) - Hindustani without a Master. A Simple Method of Learning the Hindustani or Urdu Language in Three Weeks. With a Copious English-Hindustani Vocabulary and Laskar's Hindustani.
36726: SYMONDS, JOHN. (ALEISTER CROWLEY) - The Beast 666. The Life of Aleister Crowley: His Life and Magic.
36727: SYMONDS, JOHN. (ALEISTER CROWLEY) - Aleister Crowley. Das Tier 666. Leben Und Magick. Herausgegeben Von Wolfgang Bauer.
36728: SYMONDS, JOHN. - A Christmas Story.
36417: SYMONS, ARTHUR - Notes on Joseph Conrad.
11226: SYRIAC. - Psalterium Syriacè. Syriac Psalter.
35451: SZILÁGYI, FERENC; WADHAM, FRED - A Practical Course in Esperanto
36924: TAAGEPERA, REIN - Estonia Return to Independence
36320: TAGLIAPIETRA FRANCO, GASPAROTTO ANNA & RUSSOLO LUIGI - Luigi Russolo. Vita E Opere Di Un Futurista
25745: TAJIK FAIRY TALE (KUSHNEROVICH) - The Legend of the Stonecutter. Translated from the Russian and Tajik [Legenda o Kamenotese].
33276: RUSSIAN FOLK TALE (GEORGE LIVINGSTON, ILLUS.) - The Twenty-Four Ivans. A Russian Folk Tale.
25689: TATAR FOLK TALES - Tan Ata Da, Kich Bula. S Yutra Do Vechera Tatar Tartar Children's Book.
36807: TAUBMAN, JANE - Kira Muratova
34904: TAUPIAC, JACME - Pichon Diccionari Francés - Occitan. (French Into Occitan Dictionary)
37168: TAYLOR, F. W.. - A Practical Hausa Grammar. With Exercises, Vocabulaires and Specimen Examination Papers.
30879: MEMBERS OF THE METHYR TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION (N.U.T.) - The Story of Merthyr Tydfil. An Introductory History of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil.
37197: TEMPLE, C. L.. - Native Races and Their Rulers. Sketches and Studies of Official Life and Administrative Problems. With Illustrations by the Author.
36586: TENCER, GOLDA (ED. ET AL) ANNA BIKONT & LECH MAJEWSKI - And I Still See Their Faces. Images of Polish Jews Fotografia Zydow Polskich. I Ciagle Widze Ich Twarze
26146: TENCH, PAUL (ED.) - Studies in Systemic Phonology
35127: TENISHEVA, E R - Tuvinsko-Russky Slovar Tuvan Tuvinian or Tyvan Language Into Russian Dictionary
30559: TENNICK, M. J. (ED.) HORACE, MARTIAL, OVID AND CATULLUS - Libellus Selections from Horace, Martial, Ovid and Catullus
26036: TERNOVETS, B. N. (TEXT) RERBERG, I. F. (DESIGNED) - Muzei Novogo Zapadnogo Iskusstva. (Museum of Modern Western Art) - Decorations by Rerberg.
34640: TERRAINE, JOHN - The Western Front 1914 - 1918
37132: TESLA, NIKOLA - Nikola Tesla. Moji Pronalasci. My Inventions. Autobiografija Nikole Tesle. Autobiography of Nikola Tesla.
27191: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Vanity Fair a Novel without a Hero
32645: THARAUD, JÉROME ET JEAN. - La Fin Des Habsbourg. (the End of the Habsburgs)
24482: THIMM, CAPT. C. A. BLUMHARDT, J. F. - Hindustani Self-Taught. [Subtitle]: Hindustani Text Revised
36999: THIRKELL, ANGELA. - The Old Bank House.
35279: THOMAS, D. M. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn a Century in His Life.
31656: THOMAS, F. W. - Nam. An Ancient Language of the Sino-Tibetan Borderland Text, with Introduction, Vocabulary and Linguistic Studies.
30867: THOMAS, FRANK. (REVISED BY PROF. GABRIEL J. TEIXEIRA) - Key to Hossfeld’S New Practical Method for Learning the Portuguese Language : Revised in Conformity with the Official Portuguese Orthography by Prof. Gabriel J. Teixeira.
34612: THOMPSON, JOAN - The Soviet Countryside. Its Farms and Its People.
27202: THOMSON, GEORGE - The Greek Language. Reprinted with Corrections and Additions.
34267: THOMSON, M. PEARSON - Finland
30721: THOMSON, DERICK - The New English-Gaelic Dictionary
28856: THORD-GRAY, I. - Tarahumara - English, English - Tarahumara Dictionary and an Introduction to Tarahumara Grammar. (Mexico Language)
33448: THORNDIKE, RUSSELL (DICKENS) - Barnaby Rudge a Charles Dickens Story Told for Children.
31190: THORNE, DAVID A. (WITH ANNE CONVERY ET AL) - Collins Gem Welsh Dictionary Welsh English. Saesneg Cymraeg. First Gem Edition of Collins-Spurrell Welsh Dictionary
30731: THORNE, DAVID A. (RE-EDITED BY HENRY LEWIS) - Collins Spurrell Pocket Welsh Dictionary Welsh English. Saesneg Cymraeg.
33068: THORPE, BENJAMIN. RASK, ERASMUS. - A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, from the Danish of Erasmus Rask by Benjamin Thorpe. Rask's Anglo-Saxon Grammar.
34220: THUN, HARALD - Probleme Der Phraseologie. Untersuchungen Zur Wiederholten Rede Mit Beispielen Aus Dem Französischen, Italienischen, Spanischen Und Rumänischen.
30755: TIŠMA, ALEKSANDAR - Drugde. Putopisi. Izabrana Dela.
37015: TILLYARD, ANGELA - The Land and People of Yugoslavia. With Twenty-Two Photographs and a Map.
37016: TILLYARD, ANGELA - The Lands and Peoples of Paraguay & Uruguay with 23 Photographs and a Map.
29854: TODD, L., MUEHLHAUSER, P., WURM, S. A. ET AL - Papers in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics No 1
37070: TODD, W. B. & BOWDEN, ANN - Tauchnitz International Editions in English, 1841-1955 a Bibliographical History
29855: TODD, L., MUEHLHAUSER, P., WURM, S. A. ET AL - Papers in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics No 2
30913: TOKARSKAIA, V. P. - Iaz'Ik Malinke (the Maninkakan, Mandigo, Malinke Language)
35897: TOLEDANO, V LOMBARDO - Lenin el Genio.
36569: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings. Revised Edition. The Return of the King. Being the Third Part of Lord of the Rings.
36572: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - Tree and Leaf.
36571: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - Smith of Wootton Major. Illustrations by Pauline Diana Baynes.
37224: TOLLER, ERNST, ROTH, JOSEPH, GOLDSCHMIDT, ALFONS. - Das Moskauer Jüdische Akademische Theater
26197: TOLSTOI, L.N. (TOLSTOY) (ILLUS. A. F. PAKHOMOV) - Ptichka (the Little Bird) Illustrated by Pakhomov.
37122: TOLSTOI, L. N. TOLSTOY. - Chto Takoye Iskusstvo. What Is Art. With an Introduction by Militsa Greene.
37078: TOLSTOY, LEO AND BIRUKOFF, PAUL (HUGH L AGNEW) - Leo Tolstoy His Life and Work. Volume I (All Published). Autobiographical Memoirs, Letters, and Biographical Material, Compiled by Paul Birukoff, and Revised by Leo Tolstoy. Translated from the Russian.
18793: TOMASHEVSKI, B. - Poetics - a Short Course.
31636: TOMOS, ANGHARAD - Wele'n Gwawrio (Novel in Welsh)
32277: TONG, GAN - Du Katetoj Fabeloj de Cinio (the Tale of Two Cats in Esperanto - from the Chinese)
30401: O'TOOLE, L. M, CULHANE, P. T. AND MIRSKY, P. S.. - First Year Russian. Bbc Radio.
36231: O'TOOLE, L. M.. - The Gateway Russian Song Book.
31998: TOURNIER, ANDRÉ & LAFITTE, PIERRE - Grammaire Basque. (Navarro - Labourdin Littéraire) (Grammar of Basque [Navarrais - Labourdins]). édition Revue Et Corrigée.
30920: TOURNIER, ANDRÉ & LAFITTE, PIERRE - Lexique Français - Basque. [French Into Basque (Bas-Navarrais & Labourdins) Dictionary]
37181: TOY, SIDNEY - The Castles of Great Britain. Illustrated with Plans and Photographs by the Author.
37134: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. (LORD BRYCE) - Armenian Atrocities. The Murder of a Nation. With a Speech Delivered by Lord Bryce in the House of Lords.
22066: TREBITSCH-STEIN, MARIANNE (ERZÄHLT VON). - Irische Märchen. Von Königen, Helden, Riesen Und Ungeheuern.
23755: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER. - Motoring on Irish Byways. A Practical Guide for Wayfarers.
36311: TRESKOW, IRENE VON - Die Jugendstil-Porzellane Der Kpm Bestandskatalog Der Königlichen Porzellan - Manufaktur Berlin 1896-1914
27231: TROLLOPE, T. ADOLPHUS (FRANCES TROLLOPE) - A Summer in Brittany. In Two Volumes. Vol. II (Only). By T. Adolphus Trollope. Edited by Frances Trollope.
37025: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage.
36037: TROTSKY, LEON. - The Kirov Assassination. Translated by J.G. Wright.
34620: TROTSKY, LEON. (TRANS. ANYA BOSTOCK) - Leon Trotsky. 1905.
27397: TROUBAT, EDITH. - La Yougoslavie Et Son Charme Touristique
35952: TRURAN, CHRISTINE - A Short Cornish Dictionary Gerlyver Ber
32308: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - Krysolov. Krisolov. The Pied Piper.
26593: TSVIRKA, PYATRAS. (ILLUS. BY VASILENKAITE.) - Chudesn'II Rodnik. Perevela S Litovskogo Ona Iodyalene. Trans. From Lithuanian.
27425: TUCAN, FRAN (TUCHAN) - Po Makedoniji. Putnicke Slike I Dojmovi. Prestampano Iz "Rijeci". (Journey Around Macedonia. Pictures and Impressions)
25653: TUKAI, GABDULA - Moi Vospominaniia. Rasskaz o Sirotskom Detstve Poeta. Na Tatarskom Iazike. Tatar Children's Book.
36939: TUNG, ROBERT - Proscribed Chinese Writing.
36088: TURGENEV, I. S KONSHAEVICH - Pervaya Lyubov' [First Love].
36675: TURGENEV, I. S. & (J Y MUCKLE) - Mumu. I S Turgenev. Edited with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by J y Muckle. Russian Studies.
35315: TURGENEV, I. S. & (J Y MUCKLE) - Mumu. I S Turgenev. Edited with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by J y Muckle. Russian Studies.
27845: TURHAN, SEDAT; HAGIN, SALLY - Milet Mini Picture Dictionary English-Japanese
27579: TURKINA, E. - Latvian-English Dictionary. Latviesu - Anglu Vardnica. (with) Latvian Proverbs, Sayings, Riddles, Etc. By K. Zitare.
24968: TURMAGHAMBET, IZTILEUOV. - Rustem-Dastan. (Kazakh Verse Rendering of Part of Ferdousi's Shahname). Shahnameh Shah-Nama Ferdowsi
31369: TURNOCK, DAVID - An Economic Geography of Romania
36283: TUWIM, JULIAN - Lokomotywa. Rzepka Ptasie Radio Ilustroval Jan Lenica
27957: TWININGS - All the Tea in China.
36844: TYLER, ANNE - The Amateur Marriage
36845: TYLER, ANNE - Digging to America.
34319: TYUTCHEV, F. & FET, A.. - Vesennyaya Groza. Stikhi.
32032: GOSCINNY UDERZO - Le Combat Des Chefs. Une Aventure D'Astérix le Gaulois. [Asterix and the Big Fight]
32034: GOSCINNY UDERZO - Astérix Chez Les Belges. Une Aventure D'Astérix le Gaulois. (Asterix in Belgium)
32035: GOSCINNY UDERZO - ObéLIX Et Compagnie. Une Aventure D'Astérix le Gaulois. (Obelix and Company)
32042: UEMURA, TAKACHIYO, BELL, FARRAR ET AL - The Studio. The Leading Magazine of Contemporary Art. Vol 148 No 737 August 1954
34104: UFO (PSEUD. VALERY NIKOLSKI) . - Dictionary of Contemporary Russian Slang
36266: UHLENBECK, C. C. - Nieuwe Woorden in Het Blackfoot. Siksika
17914: UNBEGAUN, B. O. - A Bibliographic Guide to the Russian Language. With the Collaboration of J.S. G. Simmons.
28633: ANTONI UNIECHOWSKI - Dywan Warszawski Z Dawnych Kronik Watku
25957: UNKNOWN - Servia
26182: URAZOV, IZMAIL. - Garri Lidtke. Russian Soviet Film Movie Programme. Kinopechat
36208: USSHER, R. G. - Aristophanes
33355: UTTLEY, ALISON - Sam Pig and Sally.
35859: VAHIT, COMMANDER A.. - An English and Turkish Dictionary. Pronouncing and Explanatory. Ingilizce-Turkce Lugat. Telaffuz Gosterilmis Ve Muhtelif Manalar Izah Edilmistir. (English Into Turkish Only)
17091: VAIDYA, KARUNAKAR. - Nepali Self-Taught with Tourist Guide.
36433: VAKAR, NICHOLAS P.. - A Bibliographic Guide to Belorussia. (Belarus, Byelorussia)
25513: VALPY, RICHARD (AEDIBUS VALPIANIS) - Delectus (Latin Delectus) Sententiarum Et Historiarum Ad Usum Tironum Accommodatus
36628: VARGYAS, LAJOS (ARTHUR H WHITNEY TRANS.) - Researches Into the Mediaeval History of Folk Ballad.
33547: VARIAKOJYTE-INKENIENE, M. - Marlborough’S Lithuanian Self-Taught: By the Natural Method with English Phonetic Pronunciation.
29753: VARRO, (TRANS. BY RONALD G. KENT) - De Lingua Latina II. On the Latin Language. In Two Volumes. II. Books VIII-X. Fragments. Loeb Classical Library No. 334.
26592: VASSILEVSKAIA, EVE VASSILEVSKYA. ILLUS. BY DAVID KHAIKINE. - Le Petit Cousin Du Tigre. Traduit par Catherine Emery.
32288: DE VAUX, R.. - Palestine in the Early Bronze Age. Volume I, Chapter XV. Revised Edition of Volumes I & II
20269: VECCHIA, G DALLA AND GAYDOU, PROF A. - Marlborough's Italian Self-Taught [Subtitle]: This System Teaches You the Essentials of a Language (for Travel and Enjoyment) without the Drudgery of Prolonged Study
21368: VECCHIA, G DALLA AND GAYDOU, PROF A. - Marlborough's Italian Self-Taught [Subtitle]: This System Teaches You the Essentials of a Language (for Travel and Enjoyment) without the Drudgery of Prolonged Study
27225: VELEBIT, VLADIMIR (WITH BERGER, JEAN-FRANÇOIS) - Dans L'Ombre de Tito. Entretiens Avec le Générale Vladimir Velebit. Signed. Propos Recueillis par Jean-François Berger. Préface de Michael Ignatieff. (Association Copy)/
36133: VEREISKY GEORGE S. VEREYSKY - Portretii Russkih Khudozhnikov. Portraits of Somov, Benois, Dobuzhinsky Et Al. Avtolitografii G S Vereiskogo. Portraits of Russian Artists.
29132: VERHAAR, JOHN W. M. - The Verb ‘Be’ and Its Synonyms. Philosophical and Grammatical Studies. (Part 2) Classical Eskimo / Hindi / Zuni / Modern Greek / Malayalam / Kurukh.
36070: VERNAY, LUCIENNE ET LES QUATRES BARBUS - Rondes Et Chansons de France No. 5 Livres Disque Philips
36068: VERNAY, LUCIENNE ET LES QUATRES BARBUS - Rondes Et Chansons de France No. 1 Livres Disque Philips
36264: VERNIER, CH. & DROLLET, ALEX. - Grammaire de la Langue Tahitienne (Essai)
33661: VIËTOR, WILHELM (QUOUSQUE TANDEM) - A Shakespeare Reader in the Old Spelling and with a Phonetic Transcription.
20375: VIEYRA, ANTHONY. - A New Portuguese Grammar in Four Parts; Containing I. Rules for the Combination and Use of the Different Parts of Speech. II. The Syntax . , III. A Vocabulary. IV. Various Passages. The Eighth Edition, Carefully Revised and Greatly Improved, with the Portu
31878: VIHERVÄLI, VIDRIK, (PSEUD. HERBERT HALJASPÖLT) GESESOO, EINO. - Dictionary of the English and Estonian Languages. First Part English- Estonian Giving the Pronunciation According to the Phonetic System of the International Phonetic Association. Inglise-Esste Ja Eesti- Inglise Sônaraamat. Esimene Osa Inglise.
29825: DEMOSTHENES TRANS. BY C. A AND J H VINCE - Demosthenes II. De Corona and de Falsa Legatione XVIII, XIX
33979: VINOGRADOV, ANATOLII - The Black Consul. Translated from the Russian by Emile Burns.
14250: VINTERHALTER, VILKO. - In the Path of Tito: (Zivotnom Stazom Josipa Broza)
32928: ELLIS VIOLA. - Conversations in English and Serbo-Croat Engleska-Jugoslovenska Konverzacija.
24434: VIRGIL. (HENRY NETTLESHIP, JOHN POSTGATE) - P. Vergili Maronis Opera. : Finis P. Vergili Maronis Operum Ex Recensione Henric Nettleship a Jonanne Percival Postgate Relecta, Permissv Georgii Bell Et Filiorum, Typis Riccarianis a Carolo T. Jacobi Novissime Excusorum. Impensis Mediceae Association Copy: John Charles Pratt, 5th Marquess Camden, Cyril Alington.
36716: VITALE, SERENA - Pushkin's Button Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein and Jon Rothschild.
27589: VITKA, VASIL' (ED.) - Ucimi Kolerami Viaselki. Vsemi Tsvetami Radugi. All the Colours of the Rainbow. Mit Allen Regenbogenfarben. Drawings by Children.
34124: VITMAN, A. M.. - Eight Years of Russian Literature (1917 - 1925). Bibliography. Vosem' Let Russkoi' Khudozhestvennoi' Literatury (1917-1925).
36818: VLACHOS, DR ANG. (THIMM, AHN) - A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Modern Greek Language. Translated with Additions. The Modern Greek Language.
34045: VOGEL, LUCY (ED. AND TRANSLATED). BLOK - Blok an Anthology of Essays and Memoirs
34315: VOGEL-JØRGENSEN, T. (TRANS. WILLIAM FREDERICK HARVEY) - Rasputin. Prophet, Libertine, Plotter.
32300: VOUK, IVAN - Parliamo Sloveno. Manuale de Conversazione
37178: VUCINICH, ALEXANDER - Science in Russian Culture. A History to 1860.
35824: J. DE WAARD. - A Comparative Study of the Old Testament Text in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the New Testament.
37170: WACZNADZE, SOPHIE PRINCESS - Of Old Forgotten Far Off Things and Battles Long Ago.
33913: WADE, REX A., SEREGNY, SCOTT J. (EDS.) - Politics and Society in Provincial Russia Saratov, 1590-1917
36606: WAGG, HENRY J., ASSISTED BY MARY G. THOMAS. - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind (with an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography). From the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930.
25283: WAKELIN, MARTYN F. - Discovering English Dialects
37152: WALBANK F. ALAN (ED.), SINCLAIR, SIR ARCHIBALD (PREFACE) - Krylya Voyny. Antologiya Korolevskogo Aviatsionnogo Korpusa. [Russian Translation of 'Wings of War; an Illustrated Air Force Anthology']. Entire Text in Russian.
37027: WALDOCK, A. J. A. - Sophocles the Dramatist.
33247: WALDRON, R.A. - Sense and Sense Development.
36349: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES. - Guide to the Department of Manuscripts and Records.
26649: WALKER, JOHN. - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language: In Which Are Prefixed, Principles of English Pronunciation; Rules to Be Observed by the Natives of Scotland, Ireland, and London, for Avoiding Their Respective Peculiarities; and D.
36212: WALKER, KENNETH - Diagnosis of Man
34365: WALLACE, SIR DONALD MACKENZIE. - Russia: In Two Volumes. New, Enlarged Edition: Revised, Re- Set, and in Great Part Re-Written. With Portrait of the Author and Map Showing the Density of Population.
31990: WALTON, CLARE - Georgs Problem. Lesekiste. Kiste A. Stufe 1(Gelb). Heft 6. Level a, Stage 1 Reader.

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