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34057: PARTRIDGE ERIC. - Usage & Abusage.
26899: PARTRIDGE ERIC. - Usage and Abusage. A Guide to Good English.
23342: STRAUSS ERICH. - Soviet Agriculture in Perspective [Subtitle]: A Study of Its Successes and Failures
18386: ERICKSON, JOHN. - Road to Stalingrad. Stalin's War with Germany: Volume One.
27594: ERNAULT, E. - Gwerziou Barz Ar Gouet. Poésies Bretonnes & Françaises Avec Un Conte en Prose Et Airs Notés. Avec Illustrations de Mlle. Zoé Ernault.
34231: ERNST, GERHARD - Er Wortschaftz Der Französischen ûbersetzungen Von Plutarchs "Vies Parallèles" (1559-1694) Lexicologische Unterschungen Zur Herausbildung Des Français Littéraire Vom 16. Zum 17. Jarhundert
35403: EROFEYEV, VICTOR ( TRANS REYNOLDS) - Russian Beauty. A Novel.
32716: ERTEL, A. I. CHERTKOV. (M. O. GERSHENZONA.) ZAMIRAILO ILLUS. - Pis'Ma a I Ertelia. : Pod Redaktziei I S Predisloviem' M.O. Gershenzona. (the Letters of A. I Ertel). Cover Illustrated by Zamirailo.
34213: ESCHMANN, JÜRGEN - Die Numerusmarkierung Des Substantivs IM Gesprochenen Französisch.
31002: ESCOBAR, ALBERTO - Variaciones Sociolingüísticas Del Castellano en el Perú
34313: ESENIN. YESENIN. F D KONSTANTINOV (ENGRAV.), I G MIAMLIN (INTRO) - Sergei Esenin. Gravyuri F D Konstantinova 11 Reproduktsii.
25432: ESPERANTO (EPHEMERA) - A Key to Esperanto. Price One Penny
28339: ESSAD-BEY, MOHAMMED (PSEUD OF LEV NUSSIMBAUM) - Nicholas II. Prisoner of the Purple. Trans. By Paul Maerker Branden and Elsa Branden.
17861: ESTELRICH, J. - La Question Des Minorites Et la Catalogne.
26859: (PRICE, J. H. ) RAILWAYS ESTONIA - Railways in Estonia. Talvine Soiduplaan. Reprint Timetable Supplement. Le Chemin de Fer en Estonie. Die Eisenbahnen in Estland.
33209: HUN MIN JEONG EUM (WOLFGANG FRANZ UND REINER ITSCHER.) - [Die Richtigen Laute Zur Unterweisung Des Volkes (1446)] Aus Dem Koreanischen übersetzt Von Wolfgang Franz Und Reiner Itscher.
32375: EVANS, H.MEURIG AND THOMAS, W.O. - Y Geiriadur Newydd the New Welsh Dictionary
31626: EVANS, BERNARD - Dechrau Siarad. Starting to Speak Welsh Book 1.
28708: EVANS, H.MEURIG AND THOMAS, W.O. - Y Geiriadur Newydd the New Welsh Dictionary
30900: EVANS, H. MEURIG AND THOMAS, W.O. (EDS.) - Y Geiriadur Mawr. The Complete Welsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary
31012: EVANS, JOHN YOUNG - Yr Ail Lyfr Dewrion Llys a Llan. A Second Welsh Reader.
35886: EVENS, G. K.. (ROMANY) - Romany Turns Detective.
35887: EVENS, G. K.. (PRESENTED BY) RAQ (ROMANY) - Romany Muriel and Doris.
35551: EVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO - Avtobiografiia (Autobiography)
15264: EVTUSHENKO, EVGENII. YEVTUSHENKO. A M GURVICH. - Posle Stalina. Nasledniki Stalina, Babii Iar I Drugiye. Vvedeniye Prof. A.M. Gurvicha. (After Stalin: Successors to Stalin, Baba Yar and Others)
34797: EWART, ALFRED - The French Language.
26064: PARIS INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. - Exposition Internationale Paris 1937 (Arts Et Techniques). Rapport Général Sur la Participation de la Région de Guienne Et Gascogne Au Centre Régional de L'Exposition.
30368: EZERA, ELFRIDA (TRANS.) - Latvian and English Rényi Picture Dictionary
34940: FABRA, POMPEU. - Ortografia Catalana.
14207: FACAROS, DANA, ET AL. - Bilbao & the Basque Lands.
34780: FACON, NINA ET AL - Dictionar Italian - Român. (Italian Into Romanian Dictionary Diccionario Italiano - Rumano)
35852: FADEN, I.B. - A Book of Russian Idioms
34064: FAHIR IZ, AND HONY H. C. - English-Turkish Dictionary.
27042: FAHIR IZ, AND HONY H. C. - English-Turkish Dictionary.
30339: FAIRBANKS, GORDON H & STEVICK, EARL W. - Spoken East Armenian
35595: FALKENSTEIN, A.. - Grammatik Der Sprache Gudeas Von Lagas (Zweite Auflage). Heft II Schrift- Und Formenlehre.
32380: FALLA, P.S. - The Oxford English-Russian Dictionary
31213: FANG, LIAW YOCK & SURYADINATA, LEO - Essential Indonesian Reading: A Learner's Guide 1
34206: FARAL, ED - Petite Grammaire de L'Ancien Français: XII - XIII Siècles. A Short Grammar of Old French.
31203: FARSON, DANIEL. - With Gilbert and George in Moscow.
31025: FASOLD, RALPH W.. - Tense Marking in Black English. A Linguistic and Social Analysis. With a Chapter on Noun Plural Absence by Carolyn Kessler.
35866: FATOU, HELENE (TRANS BY MARY BROWN)/ - Read, Play, and Discover France Including Classic Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault. Translated by Mary Brown from an Original Text by HéLène Fatou.
29504: FAUBLÉE, JACQUES - Introduction Au Malgache (Introduction to Malagasy)
36145: FEARING, KENNETH - The Big Clock.
31823: FEHRI, ABDELKADER FASSI - Linguistique Arabe Forme Et Interprétation
35945: FEI, MA JIAN - Great Wall Chinese Essentials in Communication 1: Workbook
35092: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Anna of All the Russias the Life of a Poet Under Stalin: A Life of Anna Akhmatova
34660: FEIS, HERBERT - Between War and Peace. The Potsdam Conference.
32121: FELS, FLORENT - L'Art Et L'Amour (Art and Love)
31413: FENN, HENRY C., TEWKSBURY, M GARDNER - Speak Mandarin. A Beginning Text in Spoken Chinese. Student’S Workbook. 2 Volumes.
35121: FENNELL, J. AND OBOLENSKY, D.. (EDS.) - A Historical Russian Reader. A Selection of Texts from the Xith to Xvith Centuries.
33890: FENNELL, J. L. I. (ED., TRANS.) - Prince A.M. Kurbsky's History of Ivan IV. Edited with a Translation and Notes.
35266: FENNELL, J. L. I. (COMP.) - The Penguin Russian Course. A Complete Course for Beginners.
33492: FENNING, DANIEL. - Wogan’S Improved Universal Spelling Book; or a New and Easy Guide to the English Language. Or, a New and Easy Guide to the English Language: Containing 1. Tables of Useful Words. 2. An Easy and Improved Guide to English Grammar, 3. Tables of the Principal Parts of Speech, 4. A Variety of Select Alphabetical...
31138: FENOULHET, JANE - Dutch in Three Months
31139: FENOULHET, JANE - Dutch in Three Months
31552: FENZLAU, W.. - Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary
27846: FERBER, GENE. - The Cassell English-Japanese Business Dictionary. With a Foreword by Sir Peter Parker.
26439: FERENCE, GREGORY C. (ED.). - Chronology of 20th-Century Eastern European History. Foreword by Drs. Charles and Barbara Jelavich.
33756: FERGUSON, ELSIE (ED.), GIORGETTI, PIETRO (TEXT) - Use Your Italian a Booklet for Use with the Broadcasts.
27168: FERGUSON, JOHN - Greek and Roman Religion a Source Book
29500: FERGUSON, A. M.. - "Inge Va" or the Sinna Durai's Pocket Tamil Guide.
30556: FERGUSSON, ROSALIND & MARTIN H. MANSER - The Complete Guide to Grammar
26910: FERMOR, PATRICK LEIGH - The Traveller's Tree a Journey Through the Caribbean Islands
34980: FERRAR, H.. - A French Reference Grammar.
27379: FERRO, MARC - Nicholas II the Last of the Tsars
28119: FERRO, MARC - Nicholas II the Last of the Tsars
30459: FEYERABEND, DR KARL - Pocket Greek Dictionary. Langenscheidt
15723: FICHELLE, ALFRED. - Geographie Physique Et Economique de L'Urss.
34274: FIELD, JOHN - Place Names of Great Britain and Ireland
35532: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great
30987: FIENBORK, GUNDULA ET AL - Die Roma - Hoffen Auf Ein Leben Ohne Angst
29451: FILL, ALWIN & MUHLHAUSLER, PETER - The Ecolinguistics Reader Language, Ecology and Environment
34080: FINLAY, IAN F.. - Translating. Teach Yourself Books
32699: FINNBOGASON, GUDMUNDUR. - The Icelanders.
33293: FINOT, JEAN. - La Russie Allemande Et la Russie Russe. Cette étude étant Interdite par la Censure Et Adressée à Titre Absolument Privé, Ne Peut être Communiqué Ni Mise Dans le Commerce.
27285: FIRDOUSI FIRDOWSI - Shakh-Name (Shahnameh) Perevod C Tadzhikskogo (Farsi). Text in Russian.
26207: FIRMAGE, RICHARD A. - The Alphabet Abecedarium Some Notes on Letters
35821: FISCH, S. - Midrash Haggadol. On the Pentateuch Numbers. Edited for the First Time from Various Yemenite Manuscripts, with a Commentary and Introduction. With a Prefatory Note by the Chief Rabbi J.H. Hertz.
34992: FISHER, RAYMOND H.. (ED) SEMEN DEZHNEV - The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648: Bering's Precursor with Selected Documents by Raymond H Fisher.
33947: FISHMAN, W.J.. - The Insurrectionists. (Marat, Robespierre, Babeuf, Buonarroti, Blanqui, Marx, Lenin)
32678: FISZMAN, JOSEPH R. - Revolution and Tradition in People’S Poland. Education and Socialization.
28128: FITZLYON, KYRIL AND BROWNING, TATIANA. - Before the Revolution. A View of Russia Under the Last Tsar.
35583: FITZPATRICK, SHEILA - The Russian Revolution, 1917-32
30557: FLAVELL, LINDA AND ROGER - The Chronology of Words and Phrases - a Thousand Years in the History of England
28617: FLEMING, SVETLANA LE - Russian for Business Studies
29148: FLEMING, PETER. - The Siege at Peking (Oxford in Asia Paperbacks).
21828: FLEMING, PETER. - The Siege at Peking (Oxford in Asia Paperbacks).
34154: FOCSA, GHEORGHE. - Muzeul Satului.
33222: FOKOS-FUCHS, D. R.. - Rolle Der Syntax in Der Frage Nach Sprachverwandtschaft.
14144: FOLSOM, MARVIN H. - The Syntax of Substantive and Non-Finite Satellites to the Finite Verb in German.
35842: FOOTE, IP & DAVISON RM. - Verbs of Motion. The Use of the Genitive in Negative Constructions.
33614: FOOTMAN, DAVID (LEONARD SCHAPIRO) - Red Prelude. (the Alexander Conspiracy) a Biography of Zhelyabov.
28534: FORBES, NEVILL - First Russian Book. A Practical Manual of Russian Declensions.
26656: FORBES, NEVILL. - The Russian Verb. Being the Second Russian Book. Second Edition.
34130: FORBES, NEVILL; DUMBRECK, J. C.. - Forbes Russian Grammar. Third Edition Revised and Enlarged by J.C. Dumbreck.
17620: FORBY, ROBERT. - The Vocabulary of East Anglia. Volumes 1 & 2.
36190: FORSTER, E. M. - Aspects of the Novel.
33125: FOSTER, SIMON - Okinawa 1945 Assault on the Empire
30156: FOULKES, A. PETER, LOHNER, EDGAR (ED.) - Deutsche Novellen Von Tieck Bis Hauptmann.
14754: FOULON-HRISTOVA, JORDANKA. - Les Modes de Narration en Macédonien. Préface de Jean Perrot.
35028: THE JAPAN FOUNDATION - Basic Japanese-English Dictionary an Easy-to-Use Dictionary for Beginners.
35854: DE FOURVIÈRES, XAVIER - Grammaire Provençale Suivi D'Un Guide de Conversation
30175: FRANCIS, T. AND FROST, M.. - Introduction to Peninsular Arabic. Book 2: The Macmillan Arabic Course.
34900: FRANCIS, E A ET AL (ALFRED EWERT) - Studies in Medieval French, Presented to Alfred Ewert in Honour of His Seventieth Birthday
28717: FRANCIS, W.N. - Dialectology. An Introduction
30226: FRANCIS, W.N. - Dialectology. An Introduction
31996: FRANÇOIS, PAUL, UI-K'IUN, FANG, DAVANT, JEAN-LOUIS (PÈRE CASTOR) - Adixkide Onak. édition Basque de L'Album Du Père Castor: Les Bons Amis
30288: FRANKE. - Guide Poche Wolof
30291: FRANKE, MICHAEL - Wolof Fuer Den Senegal Wort Fuer Wort
34059: FRANKLYN, JULIAN - Dictionary of Rhyming Slang
34666: FRANKS, A. H.. (ED.) PAVLOVA. - Pavlova 1881 - 1931. A Biography. Edited by A. H Franks in Collaboration with Members of the Pavlova Commemoration Committee.
32370: FRAUS, JIRI ET AL - Fraus Illustrated English-Czech and Czech-English Dictionary Ilustrovaný Studijní Slovník: Anglicko-Ceský
34476: FRAWLEY, WILLIAM. - International Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Full Set Complete. Volumes 1 - IV. Second Edition.
33390: FREEDMAN, ARTHUR L. - All Abroad. A Complete Practical Guide to Continental Holidays.
32087: FREELAND, ALAN. - Discovering Portuguese. : A Bbc Television Course in Portuguese for Beginners. An Introduction to the Language and the People.
35429: FREEMAN, EDWARD AUGUSTUS - Sicily Phoenician, Greek & Roman
26631: FREEMAN, BOBBY - A Book of Welsh Fish Cookery Recipes for Sea, River, Lake and Shellfish from the Country Kitchens of Wales
26632: FREEMAN, BOBBY - A Book of Welsh Soups and Savouries Including Traditional Welsh Cawl
28207: FREEMAN, BOBBY - Welsh Country Cookery. Traditional Recipes from the Country Kitchens of Wales.
32886: FREESE, J. H. (ED.) - A Polish Manual for Self-Tuition Containing a Concise Grammar with Exercises; Reading Extracts with Literal Interlinear Translation and Polish-English Vocabulary; and a Select English-Polish Vocabulary.
33764: FREESE, J. H. (ED.) - A Polish Manual for Self-Tuition Containing a Concise Grammar with Exercises; Reading Extracts with Literal Interlinear Translation and Polish-English Vocabulary; and a Select English-Polish Vocabulary.
31547: FREESE, HOLGER ET AL - Langenscheidt Universal German Dictionary Revised
31523: FREESE, HOLGER ET AL - German Insight Travel Dictionary German-English, English-German
33769: FREESE, J. H. (ED.) - A Polish Manual for Self-Tuition Containing a Concise Grammar with Exercises; Reading Extracts with Literal Interlinear Translation and Polish-English Vocabulary; and a Select English-Polish Vocabulary.
32174: FRENCH - Learning French for Beginners. Stage 1.
35867: FREWIN, MICHAEL - Teach Yourself Russian.
33938: FRIED, I. / LEMBERG, H. / ROSENSTRAUCH, E. ( EDS.. ) - Zeitschriften Und Zeitungen Des 18. Und 19. Jahrhunderts in Mittel- Und Osteuropa
30362: FRIEDMAN, VICTOR A - The Grammatical Categories of the Macedonian Indicative
33873: FRIEDRICH, KARIN - The Other Prussia Royal Prussia, Poland and Liberty, 1569-1772
25054: FRIEDRICH, JOHANNES. - Geschichte Der Schrift Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Ihrer Geistigen Entwicklung.
31822: FRITSCH, CHARLES T.. - A Supplementary Hebrew Grammar
35926: FRITZNER, JOHAN - Ordbog over Det Gamle Norske Sprog Dictionary of Old Nordic.
33784: FRÖHLICH, LIESCHEN - Das Praktische Lieschen. German Cookery Receipe Book. Eine Kleine Sammlung Erprobter Rezepte Mit Angehängtem Speisezettel Für Das Ganze Jahr.
34589: FRY, A. RUTH - Three Visits to Russia 1922 - 25.
24525: FRY, DENNIS & KOSTIC, DJORDJE (DANIEL JONES) - A Serbo-Croat Phonetic Reader.
34536: FUCHS, MARIAN ET AL - Polish Jewry. History and Culture.
31209: FUCHS, DR KARL HANS (ED.), BELLOC, HILAIRE, LUBEN, F. A. ET AL - Danzig - What Is It All About? a Wanderer's Note-Book, Danzig Free State, Kommt Nach Danzig, Gdansk Zabytkowy.
31058: FUDGE, CRYSTEN - Cornish Names for Cornish Homes
31883: FUJITA, NINTARO - Kenkyusha English - Japanese Dictionary. Commercial and Technical Terms.
32262: FULCHER, FLEMING & LONG, BERNARD - English-Esperanto Dictionary
32263: FULCHER, FLEMING & LONG, BERNARD - English-Esperanto Dictionary
32264: FULCHER, FLEMING & LONG, BERNARD - English-Esperanto Dictionary
34556: FULLER, MAJOR-GENERAL J F C - The Battle of Warsaw, 1920. On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Polish Victory over the Bolshevik Army.
35892: FYFE, AGNES; - Dances of Germany
22726: GAÁL, LÁSZLÓ. - Animal Husbandry Hungary in the 19th - 20th Centuries.
33969: GAGLIARDO, JOHN G.. - From Pariah to Patriot. The Changing Image of the German Peasant 1770 - 1840.
28109: GAIRDNER, W. H. T.. - Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. A Conversation Grammar. Second Edition Revised & Mostly Rewritten.
35936: GAIRNS, RUTH; REDMAN, STUART - Natural English Elementary Teacher's Book: Teacher's Book Elementary Level
34870: GALDÓS, B PEREZ - Fortunata y Jacinta (Dos Historias de Casadas). 4 Volumes Complete.
21656: GALIGNANI. MONTUCCI, SANESE. - Galignani's Grammar and Exercises, in Twenty-Four Lectures on the Italian Language; in Which the Principles, Harmony, and Beauties of That Language Are, by an Original Method, Simplified and Adapted to the Meanest Capacity and the Scholar Enabled to Attai
36182: GALLEÉ, J. H. - Vorstudien Zu Einem Altniederdeutschen Wörterbuche (Für Meine Freunde Gedruckt)
35652: GALSWORTHY, JOHN (ED. BY M FISHKIS AND I SHUBIK) - Courage and Other Stories (for Russian Learners of English) Adapted for the 10th Form of Secondary School (Soviet Union).
26816: GALTON, HERBERT - Aorist Und Aspekt IM Slavischen. Eine Studie Zur Funktionellen Und Historischen Syntax. (the Aorist and Aspect in Slavonic Languages)
34189: GAMILLSCHEG, ERNST. - Etymologisches Wörterbuch Der Französischen Sprache. 2. , Vollständig Neu Bearbeitet Auflage. An Etymological Dictionary of the French Language.
33745: GANATHE, N. S. R.. - Learn Urdu in 30 D. Ays
35054: GARCÍA DE DIEGO, VICENTE - Manual de Dialectología Española.
34263: GARCÍA GÓMEZ, EMILIO - Las Jarchas (Kharja) Romances de la Serie árabe en Su Marco : Edición en Caracteres Latinos, Versión Española en Calco Rítmico y Estudio de 43 Moaxajas Andaluzas
33427: GARDEN, EDWARD - Balakirev. A Critical Study of His Life and Music
16826: GARDER, MICHEL. - A History of the Soviet Army.
34749: GARDNER, MONICA M.. - Poland. A Study in National Idealism.
32941: GARDNER, ELIZABETH F., AND MARTIN, SAMUEL E. - An Introduction to Modern Japanese Orthography: I Kana. Mirror Series J. No. 1.
21402: GARDNER, ELIZABETH F., AND MARTIN, SAMUEL E. - An Introduction to Modern Japanese Orthography: I Kana. [Subtitle]: Mirror Series J. No. 1.
34552: GARLINSKI, JOZEF - Poland S o E and the Allies.
32102: GAROUFALIA, HARA - Holiday Greek
36017: GARRISON, E.B. - Early Italian Painting: Selected Studies Vol. I. Panels and Frescoes.
33798: GARSHIN, V. M.. (ED. NEVILL FORBES) - What Never Happened. The Meeting. The Signal. Four Days.
35993: GASSNER, HUBERTUS, GILLEN, ECKHART ET AL (ED.) - Zwischen Revolutionskunst Und Sozialistischem Realismus Dokumente Und Kommentare: Kunstdebatten in Der Sowjetunion Von 1917 Bis 1934
24472: GATRELL, PETER. - Government, Industry and Rearmament in Russia, 1900-1914. The Last Argument of Tsarism. [Subtitle]: Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies.
35020: DE GAULLE, GENERAL - The Call to Honour 1940 - 1942. War Memoirs. Volume One. (with) the Call to Honour 1940 - 1942. Documents.
35766: GAUR, ALBERTINE. - A History of Writing.
35767: GAUR, ALBERTINE - A History of Writing
25645: GAVAZZI, A. FRANOVIC. - Mali Zemljovid Kraljevine Srba, Hrvata I Slovenaca. Ujedno Auto Karta Sa Kilometrickkim Oznakama I Terenom. Motor Touring Map of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
31114: GAYRE, G. R.. LIEUT. -COLONEL - Teuton and Slav on the Polish Border. A Diagnosis of the Racial Basis of the Germano-Polish Borderlands with Suggestions for the Settlement of German and Slav Claims.
28324: GAZI, STEPHEN - A History of Croatia
35631: GEIL, WILLIAM EDGAR - A Yankee in Pigmy Land. With One Hundred and Twenty-Five Illustrations.
17244: GELLIUS, AULUS. - (Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius). Noctes Atticae. Interpretatione Et Notis Illustravit Jacobus Proust E Soc. Jesu. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, Ad Usum Serenissimi Delphini.
28173: GEMMELL, KATHY & TYLER, JENNY; STITT, SUE - First German on Holiday
31893: GENERAL STAFF, INDIA - Phrase Book and Vocabularies: English - Roman Urdu - Arabic - Persian
35644: GENOUVRIER, ÉMILE; DÉSIRAT, CLAUDE; HORDÉ; TRISTAN - Nouveau Dictionnaire Des Synonymes
34230: GEORGE, KENNETH E M - Les Désignations Du Tisserand Dans le Domaine Gallo-Romanétude D'Un Vocabulaire Artisanal Et Technologique
32001: GEREÑO, XABIER. - Metodo de Euskera. Euskara Ikasteko Metodoa.
32555: GERHARDI, WILLIAM - The Romanovs Evocation of the Past As a Mirror for the Present.
24417: GERHART, GENERVRA. - The Russian's World, Life and Language.
31979: COLLINS GERMAN - Collins Easy German. A Photo Phrase Book. The Essential Companion for Hassle-Free Travel.
36042: GERMAN, MIKHAIL, - Serdtsem Slushaya Revolyutsiyu. (Russian Art During the First Years After the Revolution) Iskusstvo Pervykh Let Oktyabrya.
34032: GERSTEIN, LINDA - Nikolai Strakhov: Philosopher, Man of Letters, Social Critic.
32183: GERTNER, MICHAEL H.. - The Morphology of the Modern French Verb.
24528: GESTWA, KLAUS. - Proto-Industrialisierung in RußLand. Wirtschaft, Herrschaft Und Kultur in Ivanovo Und Pavlovo, 1741 - 1932.
33842: GEYER, DIETRICH - Der Russische Imperialismus. Studien über Den Zusammenhang Von Innerer Und Auswärtiger Politik 1860 - 1914.
15005: GEYER, D. - Unsere Land- Und SüßWasser-Mollusken. Einführung in Die Molluskenfauna Deutschlands. Mit über 400 Lithographischen Abbildungen Auf 12 Tafeln Und Text-Illustrationen. Nebst Einem Anhang über Das Sammeln Der Mollusken.
34185: GHIOTTI, C. - Vocabolario Scolastico Delle Lingue Italiano-Francese E Francese - Italiano. . French and Italian Dictionary.
31003: EL-GHOBASHY, SALAH & HILARY WISE - Get by in Arabic
25817: GIBBONS, STANLEY - Stamp Catalogue Part. 16: Central Asia
34021: GIBSON, JAMES R. - Feeding the Russian Fur Trade. Provisionment of the Okhotsk Seaboard and the Kamchatka Peninsula, 1639-1856
33165: GIGLIOLI, PIER PAOLO (ED.) - Language and Social Context
27667: GILBERT, GLENN (ED.) (WITH JOAN AITCHISON) - Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages. Volume 1: 1: 1986
27947: GILBERT, MARTIN. - Shcharansky. Hero of Our Time.
20888: GILBERT, MARTIN. - European Powers: 1900 - 1945.
35749: GILBERTE, PIERRE - Dictionnaire Des Mots Contemporains
30621: GILHOOLY, HELEN - Beginner's Japanese Script an Introduction to Reading and Writing Japanese.
25388: GILLON, A. & KRZYZANOWSKI, L. - Introduction to Modern Polish Literature. An Anthology of Fiction and Poetry.
35362: GILMAN, ARTHUR - Rome
30896: GILMORE, T.L. & S.O. KWASA - Swahili Phrase Book for Students and Travellers
22551: GILMORE, THEOPOLIS L. AND SHADRACK O. KWASA. - Swahili Phrasebook: For Travelers in Eastern and Southern Africa (Hippocrene Language Studies).
34398: GILMOUR - British Birds. No 2 Birds of Wood & Forest.
28281: GILYAREVSKII, R. S.. & GRIVNIN, V. S.. GILIAREVSKY - Opredelitel' Iaz'Ikov Mira Po Pis'Mennostiam. Manual of World Languages and Their Scripts.
28174: GILYAREVSKII, R. S.. & GRIVNIN, V. S.. GILIAREVSKY - Opredelitel' Iaz'Ikov Mira Po Pis'Mennostiam. Manual of World Languages and Their Scripts.
34514: GIOLLA-DOMHNAIGH, PADRAIG MAC - Some Anglicised Surnames in Ireland.
36057: GIPPIUS, Z. N. HIPPIUS - Stikhi. Dnevnik 1911 - 1921
34779: GIROVEANU, IULIA ET AL - Dictionar Francez - Român. (Dictionnaire Français - Roumain. French Into Romanian Dictionary)
35496: GIURESCU, ANCA - Les Mots Composés Dans Les Langues Romanes Roumain, Italien, Français, Espagnol
36151: GLASER, EDUARD (OTTO WEBER. NACH DEM TODE DES VERFASSERS ) - Altjemenische Studien. 1. Die Neuen Pariser Inschriften. 2. Die Vertragsinschrift 'Alhan Nahfan's
22392: GLEDITSCH, TH. ET AL. - English-Norwegian Dictionary.
33571: GLEHN, L. C. DE, CHOUVILLE, L., OSBORNE, C.. - Cours Français Du Lycée Perse. (Perse School) Première Partie: Sèries D'Actions, Rècitations Et Chansons en Transcription Phonétique (Phonetic)
33572: GLEHN, L. C. DE, CHOUVILLE, L., - Cours Français Du Lycée Perse. (Perse School) Deuxième Partie: Conjugaison Des Verbes Avec Quelques Notions de Syntaxe. Deuxième Edition.
31055: GLENDALL, RICHARD. - Cornish Is Fun. A New Course in Living Cornish. Learn Cornish Through Cartoons.
35697: GLISIC, MILOVAN C GLISHICH - Celokupna Dela. Knjiga Prva. M Glisic I. Za Stampu Priredio Uros Dzonic.
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33393: KRUEGER, HORST. - II. Anfaenger Sozialistischen Denkens in Indien. Der Beginn Der Rezeption Sozialistischer Ideen in Indien Vor 1914.
24186: KRUPA, VIKTOR. - The Maori Language. Languages of Asia and Africa. Series Founded by Prof. G.P. Serdyuchenko.
24294: KRUPA, V. - Gavaiskii Iaz'Ik. [Subtitle]: Iaz'Iki Zarubezhnogo Vostoka I Afriki. Pod Redaktsiei Prof. T.P. Serdiuchenko.
31473: KRUS, M., SHKARBAN, L I. - Tagalskii Iaz'Ik: (a Reference Grammar of Tagalog)
33507: KRUTA, VENCESLAS - The Celts History and Civilisation
26050: KUGEL, A, FILIPPOV, V.. (EDS.) BORIS TITOV. - Sto Let Malomu Teatru 1824-1924. (One Hundred Years of the 'Little' or 'Small' Theatre). Cover Illustrated by Boris Titov.
27197: KÜHN, JOACHIM ED., ALEXANDRA FEODOROVNA ROMANOV - Die Letzte Zarin. Ihre Briefe an Nikolaus II. Und Ihre Tagebuchblätter Von 1914 Bis Zur Ermordung. (German Edition of the Letters from the Tsaritsa or Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna, to the Tsar, Nicholas II, and Her Diaries. )
26323: KUKAJ, RIFAT. - Shkrepi I Diellit. Roman Për Fëmijë (Albanian)
29920: KUKI, HIROSHI. - Tuamotuan Phonology.
34101: OVSYANIKO-KULIKOVSKIY KULIKOVSKII (EDS.) - Istoriya Russkoy Literatury XIX Veka. 5 Volume Complete Set. Istoriia Russkoi Literatury the History of Russian Literature of the Nineteenth Century.
14856: KUMAR, AJAY, MITRA, A. K. - English-Hindi Dictionary. (English-English-Hindi).
31553: KUNDERA, MILAN (SIMON CALLOW) - Jacques and His Master a Play Translated by Simon Callow.
26973: KÜPPER, KUPPER KUEPPER HEINZ. - Worterbuch Der Deutschen Umgangs-Sprache. Vols I - III, Vol IV: Berufsschelten Und Verwandtes, Vol. V: Hochdeutsch-Umgangsdeutsch Von a Bis Z, Vol V. Dictionary of Colloquial German.
28335: KURKIN, ALEXANDER ILLUS. - Russkie Narodn'Ie Skazki. Russian Fairy Tales. Illustrations by Alexander Kurkin (Palekh School). V Illyustratsiakh Palekhskogo Khudozhnika Aleksandra Kuprina.
23779: KURTH, PETER. - Anastasia. The Life of Anna Anderson.
36019: KURZ, OTTO (E H GOMBRICH) - The Decorative Arts of Europe & the Islamic East Selected Studies Volume II. With a Preface by E H Gombrich.
34988: KUSNIERZ, DR BRONISLAW, ZALESKI, AUGUST, ANDERS, MALENKOW - Stalin and the Poles (Association Copy General Anders Signed Ephemera) an Indictment of the Soviet Leaders. Presented by Dr Bronislaw Kusnierz Minister of Justice in the Government of General Bor-Komorowski with a Foreword by His Excellency August Zaleski
24412: KUZIO, TARAS AND WILSON, ANDREW. - Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence.
32307: KUZMIN, M.. - Parabolii Paraboly Parabola.
35721: KVESELEVICH, D. I. - Russko Angliyskiy Frazeologicheskiy Slovar. Russian English Phraseological Dictionary. Published 2000. 7000 Idioms Approx. 2nd Stereotype Edition.
31424: KWASNIK, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Bulgaria Tradition and Beauty
33519: KYAMILEV, S. KH. - Marokkanskii Dialekt Arabskogo Yazyka. (Moroccan Arabic).
34561: LABAUME, EUGENE - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, Embellished with Plans of the Battles of Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslavitz. Containing a Faithful Description of Those Affecting and Interesting Scenes, of Which the Author Was an Eye-Witness. Translated from the French. Second Edition, Considerably Improved.
35865: LABONNELIE, PAMELA & BALLERO, MIREILLE - Read, Play, and Discover Scandinavia. Including Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.
30534: LADD, D. ROBERT - Intonational Phonology
36118: LADEFOGED, PETER - Elements of Acoustic Phonetics
15197: LADEFOGED, PETER. - Preliminaries to Linguistic Phonetics.
27409: LAFFAN, REV. R. G. D. - Jugoslavia Since 1918. (Yugoslavia)
27654: LAFFAN, R.G.D. - The Serbs. The Guardians of the Gate
30932: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa
32658: LAJOS, MARI; HEMZO, KAROLY - 99 Game and Fish Dishes with 33 Colour Photographs (Hungarian Cookery)
34993: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Hills' . 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'.
36046: LAM, WILFREDO - Wilfredo Lam. Suites No 3 - Avril 1963
33690: TASHI (ASSISTED BY KENNETH LIBERMAN) - FORE-WORD DALAI LAMA. - Textbook of Modern Colloquial Tibetan Conversations
31907: LAMBERT, H. M.. - Gujarati Language Course
35528: LAMBTON, ANN K. S. - Persian Grammar.
27408: LAMPE, JOHN R., JACKSON, MARVIN R. - Balkan Economic History, 1550-1950. From Imperial Borderlands to Developing Nations.
32501: LAMPE, JOHN R. ET AL - Yugoslav-American Economic Relations Since World War II
24422: LAMPERT, NICHOLAS. - The Technical Intelligentsia and the Soviet State (Studies in Russian & East European History & Society).
26228: LANCASTER, JOHN - Writing Medieval Scripts
25212: LANDAU, SIDNEY - Dictionaries. The Art and Craft of Lexicography
28681: LANDRY, R. & BALALAEFF, V.. - Aide Mémoire de Grammaire Russe. (Sketch of Russian Grammar for French Speakers)
31712: LANE, ROSE WILDER - The Peaks of Shala. Being the Record of Certain Wanderings Among the Hill Tribes of Albania
34112: LANG, DAVID MARSHALL - The First Russian Radical: Alexander Radishchev 1749 - 1802.
32188: LANG, MARGARET & ISABELLE PEREZ - Modern French Grammar a Practical Guide to Grammar and Usage
25758: LANG, LOUISE - Canary Islands
30467: LANGENDOEN, D. TERENCE. - The Study of Syntax. The Generative-Transformational Approach to the Structure of American English.
20868: INSTITUTE OF NATIONAL LANGUAGES. - An English-Tagalog Dictionary.
26194: LANSERE LANCERAY, E. E. EUGENE YEVGENY YEVGENYEVICH - Leto V Angore. Summer in Ankara Anatolia. Text and Illustrations by Lansere. Risunki I Zametki Iz Dnevnika Poesdki V Anatoliyu Letom 1922g.
33939: LAPPO-DANILEVSKIJ, ALEKSANDR S. & MARINA J. SOROKINA & KONSTANTIN J. LAPPO-DANILEVSKIJ - Politische Ideen IM RußLand Des 18. Jahrhunderts Ihre Geschichte IM Zusammenhang Mit Der Allgemeinen Entwicklung Der Russischen Kultur Und Politik
35633: LARCHEY, LOREDAN - Dictionnaire Historique D'Argot Et Des Excentricités Du Langage
31264: LASS, ROGER - Approaches to English Historical Linguistics. An Anthology.
17331: LASS, ABRAHAM HAROLD; GOLDSTEIN, RUTH M.; KIREMIDJIAN, DAVID. - The Facts on File Dictionary of Classical, Biblical and Literary Allusions.
28583: LASSURE, ROGER - Corpus Des Degrés de Comparaison Russes Suffixaux Specimina Slavica Tolosae - I
27791: LATIFA, - My Forbidden Face
35666: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND. - The Odyssey of Homer. A Modern Translation. Translated with an Introduction.
34803: LAUNE, THOMAS DE. (DANIEL DEFOE) - A Plea for the Non-Conformists, Shewing the True State of Their Case and How Far the Conformist's Separation from the Church of Rome, for Their Popish Superstitions, Introduced Into the Service of God, Justifies the Non-Conformists' Separation from Them in a Letter to Dr. Benjamin Calamy, on His Sermon Called Scrupulous Conscience Inviting Thereto. To Which Is Added a Parallel Scheme of the Pagan, Papal, & Christian Rites and Ceremonies. With a Preface by the Author of the Review (Defoe)
27396: LAURENT, ETIENNE - Skoplié Et la Serbie Du Sud. (Skopje and Southern Serbia)
23395: LAUWICK, MARCEL. - L'Industrie Dans la Russie Méridionale. Sa Situation - Son Avenir. (1907 Publication on Industry in Central Russia and Its Future)
35530: LAVRIN, JANKO - Goncharov
28621: LAVROV, PETR A. & POLIVKA, JIRI - Lidove Povidky Jihomakedonske Z Rukopisu St. Verkovicovych.
33838: LAWNER, LYNNE (ED.), GRAMSCI - Antonio Gramsci. Letters from Prison
35587: LAWRENCE, C.H. - Medieval Monasticism Forms of Religious Life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages
33928: LAYTON, SUSAN - Russian Literature and Empire Conquest of the Caucasus from Pushkin to Tolstoy
24832: LAZAR, CHAYA. - In Those Days. The 25th Anniversary of the Ghetto Risings. Organisations of Partisans Underground and Ghetto Fighters.
28265: LEBOR, ADAM. - A Heart Turned East: Among the Muslims of Europe and America
29620: LECLAIRE, NANCY & CARDINAL, GEORGE (ED. WAUGH, EARLE) - Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary Alperta Ohci Kehtehayak Nehiyaw Otwestamakewasinahikan
35476: LEE, W.R. & LEE, Z. - Teach Yourself Czech a Basic Course for Beginners.
34950: LEFTER, VIRGIL - Dictionar de Proverbe Englez - Roman. Dictionary of English and Romanian Proverbs.
30547: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Syntactic Typology. Studies in the Phenomenology of Language.
23677: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Historical Linguistics. An Introduction.
29998: LEHMANN, WINFRED PHILIPP - Exercises to Accompany Historical Linguistics. An Introduction
30502: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Language Typology 1987 Systematic Balance in Language. Papers from the Linguistic Typology Symposium, Berkeley, 1-3 Dec 1987: Symposium Papers
34329: LEMBERG, HANS - Die Nationale Gedankenwelt Der Dekabristen (Decembrists)
32537: LENDVAI, PAUL - Eagles in Cobwebs Nationalism and Communism in the Balkans
31688: LENEY, TERTTU - Teach Yourself Finnish Book and Cassette Tape Pack
33360: LENSKI, LOIS - Cowboy Small
34014: LENTIN, A.. (TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED) - Voltaire and Catherine the Great. Selected Correspondence Translated, with Commentary, Notes and an Introduction. With a Foreword by Elizabeth Hill.
26929: LÉON, PIERRE ET AL (EDS.) - L'Industrialisation en Europe Au Xixe Siècle Cartographie Et Typologie
33936: LEONARD, CAROL S.. - Reform and Regicide the Reign of Peter III of Russia
35062: LEONT'EV, A. A., . - Papuasskie Iaz'Iki. A Russian Reference Grammar of Papuan Languages Also Sometimes Known As Trans–New Guinea Phylum.
31970: LEOPOLD, WERNER F.. - The Decline of German Dialects
29162: LEOSTER, H. (SICHULSKI) - Das Hohe Haus in Der Karikatur. Max Und Moritz IM Parlament. Mit Bildern Von C. Sichulski.
32153: LEPSCHY, ANNA LAURA & GIULIO. - The Italian Language Today.
26806: LEPSCHY, ANNA LAURA & GIULIO. - The Italian Language Today.
26039: LESKOV, NIKOLAI (KUSTODIEV ILLUS.) - Shtopalshchik.
26193: LESKOV, N. S.. (MSTISLAV VALERIANOVICH DOBUZHINSKY ILLUS) - Tupeinyi Khudozhnik. (the Master Hairdresser) Rasskaz Na Mogile.
30760: LESLAU, WOLF. - Ethiopic Documents: Gurage. Viking Fund. Publications in Anthropology. Number Fourteen.
21169: LESLAU, WOLF. - An Amharic Conversation Book.
36172: LESNAYA LESNAIA, LIDIIA LIDIYA (TEXT) KUSTODIEV, BORIS (ILLUS) - Dzimmi Dzon V Gosti K Pioneram. Skazka. Lesnaia and Kustodiev.
22038: LESSING, DORIS AND IAN OUSBY. - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English.
31100: LETTRICH, JOZEF - History of Modern Slovakia.
25245: LEUMANN, MANU (HOMER) - Homerische Wörter. Schweizerische Beiträge Zur Altertumswissenschaft. In Verbindung Mit Olof Gigon, Wily Theiler, Fritz Wehrli, Herausgegeben Von Bernhard Wyss.
31975: LEUVENSTEIJN, J.A. VAN & BERNS, J.B. ET AL - Dialect and Standard Language Dialekt Und Standardsprache in the English, Dutch, German and Norwegian Language Areas
33780: LEVASSEUR, DR KARL, STEFFAN, RICHARD. - Englischer Kurzschrift. Anpassung Der Deutschen Einheitskurzschrift an Die Englische Sprache. Lehrbuch I/II. Verkehrsschrift. Schlüssel.
35291: LEVI, PETER - Boris Pasternak
35911: LEVIN, M. G. AND POTAPOV, - Istoriko-Etnografichesky Atlas Sibiri. Historical and Ethnographic Atlas of Siberia. Etnograficheskii Atlas Sibiri,
35233: LEVIN, ALFRED - The Second Duma. A Study of the Social-Democratic Party and the Russian Constitutional Experiment
34244: LEVITCHI, LEON (ED.), REVISED BY ANDREI BANTAS - Dictionar Român - Englez. (Romanian Into English Dictionary). Third Edition.
34243: LEVITCHI, LEON, BANTAS, ANDREI (EDS.). - Dictionar Englez-Român. (English Into Romanian Dictionary).
33884: LEVITCHI, L.., BANTAS, ET AL - Dictionar Englez-Român. English Into Romanian Dictionary.
32064: LEVITCHI, LEON. - Dictionar Român-Englez. (Romanian Into English Dictionary).
35286: LEVITT, MARCUS C. - Russian Literary Politics and the Pushkin Celebration of 1880
30238: LEVY, YONATA (ED.) - Other Children, Other Languages Issues in the Theory of Language Acquisition
26764: LEVYKIN, KONSTANTIN (ED.) ET AL - Secret Treasures of Russia One Thousand Years of Gold and Silver for the State History Museum : Moscow
26306: LEW, DR. W., I WERBIANII, LEV, DR V, VERBIANII, I.. - English-Ukrainian Dictionary. Angliis'Ko-Ukrains'Kii Slovnik. (Part I)
33058: LEWIN, RALPH A. - Merde: Excursions Into Scientific, Cultural and Socio-Historical Coprology
31059: LEWINGTON, SUE - Names for the Cornish Three Hundred Cornish First Names
34551: LEWIS, FLORA - The Polish Volcano. A Case History of Hope.
31639: LEWIS, HENRY - Datblygiad Yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Development of the Welsh Language)
31645: LEWIS, HENRY (ED.). - Welsh Dictionary. Collins-Spurrell.
30461: LEWIS, HENRY (ED.). - Welsh Dictionary. Collins-Spurrell.
29931: LEWIS, M. B.. (SCRIPT BY SULAIMAN BIN HAMZAH) - Learn to Talk Malay.
26576: LEWIS, SIAN; FIELD, JAMES - The Right Answer a Family Seeks a Better Life in Patagonia
26578: LEWIS, SIAN; LAWRIE, ROBIN - Y Wobr Trychineb Pwll Glo Ym Morgannwg
26579: LEWIS, SIAN; HOWELLS, GRAHAM - Merch Beca Merch Yng Nghanol Helyntion Beca
26580: LEWIS, SIAN; HOWELLS, GRAHAM - Rebecca's Daughter a Girl Gets Involved in the Rebecca Riots
30546: LEWIS, D. GERAINT - Welsh Names
33802: LEWIS, CHARLTON T.. - A Latin Dictionary for Schools.
31995: LEXUS, - Swahili Phrasebook Dictionary Phrasebook.
33303: LEXUS ET AL - Hungarian Phrase Book Including a 5000-Word Dictionary.
29657: LEXUS, - Vietnamese Phrasebook a Rough Guide Phrasebook
29659: LEXUS, - The Rough Guide to Dutch

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