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3057: HAYES, WILLIAM C. - The Cambridge Ancient History, Revised Edition of Volumes I and II. Egypt: Internal Affairs from Tuthmosis I to the Death of Amenophis III.
2493: HAYES, LOUIS D. - The Struggle for Legitimacy in Pakistan.
2666: HAYMAN, PETER - Shorebirds, an Identification Guide to the Waders of the World.
4382: HAYSTEAD, LADD - The Agricultural Regions of the United States.
881: HAYWARD, JOHN - Charles II: Great Lives.
1172: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Manual for the Collector and Amateur of Old English Plays.
179: HEAD, MRS - The lace and embroidery collector; a guide to collectors of old lace and embroidery..
1936: HEAD, F.W. - Six Great Anglicans.
5884: HEADLEY, F W - The Country Round Haileybury.
598: HEANY, DONALD F. - Development of Information Systems, What Management Needs to Know.
2687: HEATH, JOHN - The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 9 Sphingidae - Noctuidae, Noctuinae and Hadeninae.
2686: , JOHN HEATH - The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 10 Noctuidae (Part II) and Agaristidae.
2685: HEATH, JOHN - The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 1.
3020: HEATHER, P. J. - The Goths.
3995: HEAZELL, PADDY - Most Secret: The Hidden History of Orford Ness.
6052: HECKSTALL-SMITH, H W - Atomic Radiation Dangers And What They Mean to You.
2578: HEDERICH, BENJAMIN - Graecum Lexicon Manuale.
5373: HEDGES, KILLINGWORTH - Modern Lightning Conductors.
1517: HEER, FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World, Europe 1100-1350.
6771: HEIMLER, EUGENE - Night of the Mist.
551: HEINE, HEINRICH - Romanzero.
332: HEINE, HEINRICH - Buch der Lieder von Heinrich Heine.
2210: HEINE, HEINRICH - Book of Songs.
2542: HEITLER, W. - The Quantum Theory of Radiation.
6059: HELDT, P M - High-Speed Combustion Engines Design: Production: Tests.
6007: HELLYER, ROGER - The 'Ten Mile' maps of the Ordnance Surveys.
6790: HELLYER, ROGER - Ordnance Survey Small-scale Maps: Indexes, 1801-1998.
1097: HEMSTREET, WILLIAM - The Economical European Tourist. A Journalist Three Months Abroad for $430.
994: HENDERSON, GEORGE - Early Medieval.
993: HENDERSON, GEORGE - Gothic.
4304: HENDERSON, JUNIUS - Geology in its Relation to Landscape.
6103: HENDY, JOHN G - The History of the Postmarks of the British isles from 1840 to 1876 compiled chiefly from Official Records.
1684: HENDY, PHILIP - The Penguin Modern Painters: Matthew Smith.
863: HENN, T.R. - The Apple and the Spectroscope.
4822: HERBERTSON, A J - The Oxford Survey of the British Empire (6 volumes)..
5269: HERDMAN, SIR WILLIAM A. - Founders of Oceanography and Their Work.
6193: HERDMAN, T - Some Geographical Factors in the Great War.
4386: HERFORD, M E M - Youth At Work, A Study of Adolescents in Industry by an Appointed Factory Doctor.
3402: HERING, P G - Customs and Traditions of the Royal Air Force.
2677: HERRING, FRANCES E. - Among the People of British Columbia (Red, White, Yellow and Brown).
2148: HERSCHEL, SIR JOHN F. W. - Astronomy.
6428: HESS, ILSE - Prisoner of Peace.
1514: HICKIN, NORMAN E. - The Insect Factor in Wood Decay.
4919: HIGHAM, J.B. - The Second World War 1939-1945 Army Movements.
3717: HIGHAM, ROBERT - A Guide to the Sources of British Military History.
713: HILL, D.W. - Principles of Electronics in Medical Research.
6300: HILL, W.ELLIS - The Law and Practice Relating to Workmen's Compensation and Employers' Liability.
6636: HILLER, EDWARD G - Working of Steam Boilers.
4459: HILLER, EDWARD G - The Distington Multiple Boiler Explosion and Other Multiple Boiler Explosions.
2796: HILLIARD, O.M. - The Manuleae, a Tribe of Scrophulariaceae.
1357: HILTON, TIMOTHY - Picasso.
1446: HINDLEY, GEOFFREY - The Book of Magna Carta.
1732: HINDLEY, GEOFFREY - World Art Treasures.
4948: HINSLEY, F.H. - History of the Second World War: British Intelligence in the Second World War. Abridged Edition.
1948: HINTON, LINNET - Never Say Can't.
2654: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany.
4982: HOBART, MALCOLM C - Badges and Uniforms of the Royal Air Force.
760: HOBSON, R.L. - A Guide to the Islamic Pottery of the Near East.
6864: HODGES, E S - Electricity and Fire Risk.
3610: HOGARTH, D G - The Nearer East.
4368: HÖHNE, HEINZ - Canaris.
4979: HOLDICH, THOMAS - The Gates of India Being an Historical Narrative.
3238: HOLDICH, THOMAS - Tibet the Mysterious.
6560: HOLLOWAY, SIMON - The Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland 1875-1900.
628: HOLMES, THOMAS - London's Underworld..
4446: HOLMSTROM, J EDWIN - Facts, Files And Action in Business and Public Affairs.
5969: HOLT, PF - Pneumoconiosis, Industrial Diseases of the Lung caused by Dust..
2650: HOME, BEATRICE - Peeps at Royal Palaces.
5239: HOME OFFICE, - Factories Bill, 1937 Notes on the Clauses.
1939: HOME, GORDON - Through East Anglia.
763: HONIG, PIETER (EDITOR) - Science and Scientists in the Netherlands Indies.
969: HOOD, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood.
6142: HOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Iron and Steel Their Production and Manufacture.
5044: HOPPITT, JULIAN - Failed Legislation 1660-1800: Extracted from the Commons and Lords Journals.
6807: HORRABIN, J F - An Atlas History of the Second Great War Ten (10) volumes complete.
6024: HORSFALL, JOHN - The Wild Geese are Flighting.
4760: HORSFALL, JOHN - Say Not the Struggle.
769: HORSLEY, JOHN - Britannia Romana Or the Roman Antiquities of Britain.
6755: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY - Against the Wind.
879: HOWARTH, O.J.R. - The British Association: a Retrospect, 1831-1921.
4383: HOWARTH, T E B - Monty At Close Quarters, Recollections Of The Man.
6139: HOWE, J ALLEN - Stones and Quarries.
2779: HOWELL, JAMES - Epistolae Ho-Elianae: Familiar Letters Domestic and Foreign.
3084: HOWELL, DAVID W. - Patriarchs and Parasites, Gentry of South-West Wales In the Eighteenth Century.
2777: HOWELL, DR - Medulla Historiae Anglicanae.
2249: HOWELL, STEVE N.G. - A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America.
2585: HOYLE, F. - Some Recent Researches in Solar Physics.
2137: HROZNY, BEDRICH - Ancient History of Western Asia, India and Crete.
2337: HUBBARD, HELLEN I. - Modigliani and the Painters of Montparnasse.
3093: HUGHES, T.J. - Wales's Best One Hundred Churches.
1926: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's School Days.
815: HUME, DAVID - The Imperial History of England from the Earliest Records to the Present Time (complete in three volumes).
1325: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - Treasury of Australian Kitsch.
6489: HUNT, R W G - The Reproduction of Colour in Photography, Printing and Television.
6490: HUNT, R W G - Reproduction of Colour in Photography, Printing and Television.
1648: HUNT, THOMAS H. - Ghost Trails to California.
5268: HUNTER, SIR ROBERT - The Preservation of Open Spaces and of Foot Paths and Other Rights of Way.
6697: HUNTER, J A - Wool From the Raw Material to the Finished Product.
5275: HUNTINGTON, ELLSWORTH - The Climatic Factor as Illustrated in Arid America.
5276: HURLIMAN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe.
1651: HURLIMANN, MARTIN - English Cathedrals.
6363: HUTCHINS, B L - Women in Modern Industry.
5346: HUTCHINS, B.L. - History of Factory Legislation.
1211: HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM - The History of the County of Cumberland And Some Places Adjacent, from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time: Comprehending Local History of the County.
862: HUXLEY, JULIAN - 'Race' in Europe.
609: INGEBRETSEN, EDWARD J. - At Stake, Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture.
2553: INGOLD, K.U. - Free-Radical Substitution Reactions.
1590: INGRAMS, HAROLD - Arabia and the Isles.
6857: INMAN, COLIN - The A & C Black Colour Books.
6084: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE, - Factory Inspection Historical Development and Present Organisation in Certain Countries.
3208: IRONSIDE, EDMUND - Archangel 1918 - 1919.
1668: IRONSIDE, ROBIN - The Penguin Modern Painters: David Jones.
4503: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon.
6335: JACKSON, THOS. - Engineering Hand-Sketching and Scale Drawing.
6776: JACOB, E H - Notes on the Ventilation and Warming of Houses, Churches, Schools, and Other Buildings.
6262: JACOBS, JOSEPH - The Story of Geographical Discovery How the World Became Known.
2309: JACOBS, MICHAEL - The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours.
2539: JAGEMANN, CRISTIANO GIUSEPPE - Nuovo Vocabulario Italiano-Tedesco e Tedesco-Italiano.
6908: JAGGER, PETER J - The Alcuin Club and its Publications 1897 - 1987 An Annotated Bibliography.
6569: JAMES, DAVID - Escaper's Progress.
6487: JAMES, T H - The Theory of the Photographic Process.
1203: JAMES, WENDY - Juan-Maria Schuver's Travels in North East Africa, 1880-1883.
1153: JAMES, M.E.CLIFTON - I Was Monty's Double.
1938: JAMES, ISABEL - Good Cooking for Two.
5030: JARRETT, DUDLEY - British Naval Dress.
2302: JARRETT, PATRICIA - Roland Batchelor Water-Colours and Drawings, a 20th-century view of the human comedy..
2191: JEBB, ELEANOR AND REGINALD - Testimony to Hilaire Belloc.
351: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Wood and Garden.
5348: JENKINS, J T - A Textbook of Oceanography.
1923: JEPSON, R.W. - Essays by Modern Writers.
6890: JEROME, JEROME K - Three Men on the Bummel.
2699: JESPERSEN, POUL - The Breeding Birds of Denmark.
306: JESSUP, RONALD - Anglo-Saxon Jewellery.
1988: JOBSON, ALLAN - Suffolk Villages.
6665: JOCELYN, ARTHUR - The Orders, Decorations and Medals and the World: the British Empire.
5179: JOERG, W.L.G. - Brief History of Polar Exploration since the Introduction of Flying. To Accompany a Physical Map of the Arctic and a Bathymetric Map of the Antarctic..
5180: JOERG, W.L.G. - Problems of Polar Research, a Series of Papers by Thirty-One Authors.
2728: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - Song of the North Wind, a story of the Snow Goose.
4223: JOHNSON, JOHN - British Railways Engineering 1948-80.
2194: JOHNSON, REGINALD BRIMLEY - Essays of Leigh Hunt.
1906: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS - The Christian and His Bible.
4532: JOHNSTON, DOUGLAS - Stream Sculpture on the Atlantic Slope - A Study in the Evolution of Appalachian Rivers.
3239: JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY - The Nile Quest A Record of the Exploration of the Nile and Its Basin.
4829: JOHNSTON, HARRY - Britain Across the Seas, Africa. A History and Description of the British Empire in Africa.
4467: JOHNSTON, KEITH - A Sketch of Historical Geography.
6400: JOHNSTON, D A - Catalogue of the 6-Inch and 25-inch County Maps and Town Plans of England and Wales and the Isle of Man, and of the 1-inch and smaller scale maps, and other publications of the Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom. To 1st January, 1905..
5012: JOHNSTONE, JAMES - An Introduction to Oceanography with Special Reference to Geography and Geophysics.
5199: JONES, FRANCIS S - Escape to Nowhere.
1603: JONES, STEVE - Almost like a Whale, the Origin of Species Updated.
6743: JONES, CLEMENT - British Merchant Shipping.
4472: JONES, ARTHUR - Cellulose Lacquers, Finishes and Cements, Their History, Chemistry, Manufacture, Analysis and Testing, Industrial Uses and Applications, with some notes on Synthetic Resin Lacquers..
3681: JONES, LL. RODWELL - The Geography of London River.
1332: JORDAN, ROBERT FURNEAUX - Victorian Architecture.
989: JOYCE, J. - Town Transport in Camera.
857: JUKES-BROWNE, A.J. - The Student's Handbook of Stratigraphical Geology.
6309: JUKES-BROWNE, A J - Memoirs of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom: The Cretaceous Rocks of Britain Volume II The Lower and Middle Chalk of England.
4361: JULIAN, JOHN - Dictionary of Hymnology Setting Forth the Origin and History of Christian Hymns of all Ages and Nations.
6872: JUNKER, WILHELM - Travels in Africa During the Years 1882-1886.
1791: KALIN, MARTIN - Object-oriented Programming in JAVA.
2336: KALLIR, JANE - Austria's Expressionism.
6651: KAPPELER, PETER M - Flexibility and Constraint in the Evolution of Mammalian Social Behaviour.
2691: KARPOWICZ, ZBIGNIEW - Wetlands in East Asia- a Preliminary Review and Inventory.
2444: KEEGAN, JOHN - Opening Moves, August 1914.
6063: KEENAN, J G - Elementary Theory of Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion.
4389: KEITH, C H - I Hold My Aim.
2001: KEITH, ARTHUR - The Antiquity of Man.
5886: KELTIE, J SCOTT - The Partition of Africa.
3573: KEMP, NORMAN - The Devices of War.
1916: KEMPIS, THOMAS A - Imitation of Christ.
1772: KENDALL, LOUISE AND R T - Great Christian Prayers, From Two Thousand Years of Christian Faith.
761: KENDALL, P.F. - The Geology of Yorkshire. An illustration of the evolution of northern England. Volume 1 only..
6369: KENNEDY, RANKIN - The Book of Modern Engines Volume 1.
6764: KENNEDY, J M - Report on the Operations of the Proposed Central Electricity Board.
532: KENNEDY, RANKIN - The Book of Electrical Installations.
2705: KENT, SARAH - Shark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s.
2281: KENYON, LEY - Collins Pocket Guide to the Undersea World.
1209: KEPPEL, GEORGE - Personal Narrative of a Journey from India to England by Bussora, Bagdad, the Ruins of Babylon, Curdistan, the Court of Persia, the Western Shore of the Caspian Sea, Astrakhan, Nishney Novgorod, Moscow, and St Petersburgh, in the Year 1824.
3404: KERN, ERICH - Dance of Death.
1952: KERR, HUGH T. - Children's Missionary Story-Sermons.
6423: KERSTEN, FELIX - The Kersten Memoirs 1940-1945.
6873: KEY, SIR ASTLEY COOPER - A narrative of the recovery of H.M.S. Gorgon (Charles Hotham, Esq., Captain.) stranded in the bay of Monte Video, May 10th, 1844.
2007: KIDSTON, ROBERT - Catalogue of the Palaeozoic Plants in the Department of Geology and Palaeontology, British Museum (Natural History).
1305: KILMURRAY, ELAINE - Dictionary of British Portraiture 2, Later Georgians and Early Victorians.
1307: KILMURRAY, ELAINE - Dictionary of British Portraiture 3, The Victorians.
3091: KILNER, E.A. - Four Welsh Counties, Brecknock, Caernarvon, Merioneth and Pembroke.
5117: KILROE, J R - A Description of the Soil-Geology of Ireland, Based Upon Geological Survey Maps and Records, with Notes on Climate.
1250: KINDER, HERMANN - The Penguin Atlas of World History, Volume 2.
1294: KINDER, CAROLYN - A Brush with History, Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery.
1506: KING, ROSA E. - Tempest Over Mexico, A Personal Chronicle.
2016: KING, JOHN - The Celtic Druids' Year, Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts.
3105: KINGDON WARD, F. - The Mystery Rivers of Tibet.
6876: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face.
6470: KITAZAKI, JIRO - Only Zeiss Carl Zeiss T*Lens.
1363: KLEMM, CHRISTIAN - Hans Holbein D.J. Im Kunstmuseum Basel.
1128: KNAPP, ANDREW - The Newgate Calendar Volume 4.
1127: KNAPP, ANDREW - The Newgate Calendar Volume 3.
639: KNIGHT, CHARLES - London.
1220: KNIGHT, C. ARTHUR - Molecular Virology.
2042: KNIGHT, CHARLES - The Works of William Shakespere.
3034: KOCH, H. W. - History of Warfare.
2711: KOENIG, OTTO - The Family Life of Birds.
4669: KOHAN, C.M. - History of the Second World War: Works and Buildings.
1018: KOHL, J. G. - Ireland, Scotland and England.
5037: KONSALIK, HEINZ G - The Naked Earth.
4302: KRAEMER-JOHNSON, GLYN - Glory Days: Southdown.
3895: KRAEMER, GLYN - The Heyday of Maidstone and District.
4410: KRAMER, GERHARD - We Shall March Again.
3751: KRAUSNICK, HELMUT - Anatomy of the SS State.
6556: KRUCKENHAUSER, STEFAN - Verborgene Schoenheit Bauwerk und Plastik der Ostmark 200 Leicabilder.
1216: KUCZYNSKI, ROBERT R. - The Measurement of Population Growth, Methods and Results.
1823: KUHRT, GORDON - Believing in Baptism.
1376: LA FLEUR, J.D. - Pieter Van Den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola, 1605-1612.
283: LABE, LOUISE - Evvres de Lovize Labe Lionnoize (Oeuvres de Louise Labe Lionnaise).
5062: LABORDE, E D - Popular Map Reading.
4364: LAHEE, HENRY C. - The Organ and Its Masters.
5240: LAMBERT, SHEILA - Printing for Parliament, 1641-1700.
571: LAMBERT, ANDREW - The War Correspondents, The Crimean War.
480: LAMBERT, F. C - The photographers' concise dictionary.
1895: LANE, DENIS - A Man and His God.
1187: LANEY, DENNIS - Leica Lens Practice, Choosing and Using Leica Lenses.
1451: LANG, ELSIE M. - Old English Towns, Second Series.
2544: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - Inside the Atom.
3428: LANGLEY, J M - Fight Another Day.
645: LATHAM, RONALD - In Quest of Civilisation..
1417: LATHAM, ROBERT - Samuel Pepys and the Dutch War.
1423: LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX - The Naval Miscellany Volume 1.
4921: LAURENCE, WILLIAM L. - Dawn Over Zero, the Story of the Atomic Bomb.
888: LAVER, JAMES - Costume of The Western World, Early Tudor 1485-1558.
1480: LAVER, JAMES - A Concise History of Costume.
514: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE - Le Diable Boiteux.
2491: LE GOFF, JACQUES - The Medieval World, the History of European Society.
4533: LE BRETHON, J J P - Guide to the French Language especially devised for persons who wish to study the elements of that language without the assistance of a teacher.
3873: LEDERER, ZDENEK - Ghetto Theresienstadt.
1105: LEE, WALT - Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror: Volume 2.
1104: LEE, WALT - Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror: Volume 3.
1143: LEE-MILNE, JAMES - Venetian Evenings.
6893: LEE, CHARLES E - Sources of Bus History.
6854: LEGER, LOUIS - Les Racines de la Langue Russe.
3099: LEHMANN, R.C. - Selected Verse of R. C. Lehmann.
6505: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE - A Photographer's Life 1990-2005.
4454: LEIGH, DELL - On The Line.
2561: LEMON, HARVEY BRACE - Cosmic Rays Thus Far.
6521: LENMAN, ROBIN - The Oxford Companion to the Photograph.
2527: LENNEBERG, ERIC H. - New Directions in the Study of Language.
392: LEVY, DAVID - Computer Chess Compendium.
6379: LEWES, VIVIAN B - Oil Fuel.
818: LEYLAND, JOHN - The Thames Illustrated: a Picturesque Journeying from Richmond to Oxford..
4862: LIDGETT, ALBERT - Petroleum.
605: LIEBAERS, HERMAN - Mostly in the Line of Duty: Thirty Years With Books.
1400: LIEBETRAU, PREBEN - Oriental Rugs in Colour.
6122: LIGHTOLLER, C H - Titanic and Other Ships.
6324: LINDER, L - Safe Working Loads of Lifting Tackle.
4637: LINDER, L - Safe Working Loads of Lifting Tackle.
3528: LING, T M - Recent Advances in Industrial Hygiene and Medicine.
4916: LINGENS-REINER, ELLA - Prisoners of Fear.
2758: LISTER, MICHAEL - A Bird and Its Bush.
4499: LITTLE, W B - The World's Work in Industry.
3083: LLOYD, SIR JOHN E. - A History of Carmarthenshire.
1929: LLOYD-JONES, D.MARTYN - Spiritual Depression, Its Causes and Cure.
2375: LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD, HIGHWAYS, - Abstracts of the General Statements of the receipts and Expenditure on account of the Highways of the several Parishes, Townships, &c. In England and Wales for the Year 1874.
3101: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT - Colonial Furniture in America.
5071: LODWICK, JOHN - Bid the Soldiers Shoot.
6131: LONES, T E - Zinc and its Alloys.
2785: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - The Poetical Works of Henry W. Longfellow.
1028: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works.
1212: LORD BRAYBROOKE (EDITOR), RICHARD - Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F.R.S.,.
326: LORD BYRON, - The Complete Works of Lord Byron.
321: LORD BYRON, - The Works of Lord Byron, comprehending the Suppressed Poems.
1476: LOW, SIDNEY - The Increase of the Suburbs: a paper read before the British Association (Economic Science Section) at Cambridge, Aug 23, 1904.
5335: LOW, D.A. - Government Archives in South Asia, A Guide to National and State Archives in Ceylon, India and Pakistan.
2700: LOWTHER, E.H.N. - A Bird Photographer in India.
5128: LT. COL. HODGES, ROBIN - British Army Badges.
2245: LUCAS, E.V. - A Wanderer in Paris.
2230: LUCAS, E.V. - A Wanderer in Holland.
3189: LUCY, HENRY W. - The Emperor's Diary of the Austro-German War, 1866 and the Franco-German War, 1870-71, to Which is Added Prince Bismarck's Rejoinder.
2601: LUDLUM, DAVID M. - Collins Wildlife Trust Guide to the Weather of Britain and Europe..
6789: LUFF, ALAN - Strengthen for Service: One Hundred Years of the English Hymnal 1906-2006.
6027: LYLE, OLIVER - The Plaistow Story.
2247: LYNAM, ROBERT - The British Essayists; with Prefaces, Biographical, Historical, and Critical. Vol. XXI..
2246: LYNAM, ROBERT - The British Essayists; with Prefaces, Biographical, Historical, and Critical. Vol. XV..
2069: LYTTON, LORD - Godolphin.
2067: LYTTON, LORD - Ernest Maltravers.
2593: M. HELLIEZ, - Geographie de Virgile, ou Notice des Lieux dont il est parlé dans les Ouvrages de ce Poète, accompagnée d'Une Carte Géographique..
2594: M. HELLIEZ, - Géographie de Virgile, par Helliez; augmentée de la Géographie d'Horace; Ou notice des lieux dont il est parlé dans les ouvrages de ces Poëtes. Nouvelle Edition, Enrichie de quatre cartes géographiques par J.G. Masselin..
2753: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - The Birds of Brewery Creek.
2172: MACKAY, JAMES - Medal Yearbook.
2170: MACKAY, FRANCIS - Overture to Overlord.
730: MACKINNON, A. G. - Things Seen in the Bay of Naples.
1006: MACKLIN, W. R. - The Decorative Paintings in Christ's Hospital Chapel MCMXII-MCMXXIII.
939: MACKWORTH, CECILY - The destiny of Isabelle Eberhardt.
6672: MACLEOD, ROY - Government and Expertise, Specialists, Administrators and Professionals, 1860 to 1919.
3882: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - The Halifax Explosion.
1166: MACNEILL, HECTOR - Poetical Works (Volume 2 only).
1857: MACPHERSON, JOHN - The Westminster Confession of Faith.
6312: MADDOX, H A - Common Commodities and Industries - Paper.
2665: MADGE, STEVE - Wildfowl, Identification Guide to the Ducks, Geese and Swans of the World.
2240: MAILLART, ELLA K. - Forbidden Journey, from Peking to Kashmir.
2583: MAIN, WILLIAM - Auckland Through a Victorian Lens.
4635: MAIR, HAROLD - Fairer By Time, a Story of Dartford Through the Ages and Reconstruction Survey.
2579: MAITLAND, H.N. - New South Wales, 1920-1923.
967: MAIURI, AMEDEO - Pompeii.
6727: MALLORY, KEITH - The Architecture of War (The Architecture of Aggression).
6885: MALYSHEV, S I - Genesis of the Hymenoptera and the Phases of their Evolution.
775: MANSEL-PLAYDELL, JOHN CLAYVELL - Flora of Dorsetshire, or a Catalogue of Plants Found in the County of Dorset. With Sketches of Its Geology and Physical Geography..
6247: MARCHANT, ERIC W. - A Complete Guide to Fire and Buildings.
6329: MARKHAM, VIOLET M - The Factory and Shop Acts of the British Dominions.
4577: MARKHAM, SIR CLEMENTS - The Lands of Silence - A History of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration.
5893: MARKHAM, ALBERT H - The Life of Sir Clements R Markham KCB, FRS.
6716: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R - Major James Rennell and the Rise of Modern English Geography.
5181: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. - The Threshold of the Unknown Region.
5141: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. - Life of Christopher Columbus.
1246: MARLOW, JOYCE (EDITOR) - The Virago Book of Women and the Great War.
858: MARR, JOHN E. - The Scientific Study of Scenery.
6547: MARR, JOHN E. - The Scientific Study of Scenery.
6349: MARSH, RONALD - A History of the Medway Conservancy Board 1881-1969.
3399: MARSH, M.C. - Controlled Humidity in Industry.
5358: MARSHALL, ARTHUR - Explosives Their Manufacture, Properties Tests and History.
6549: MARSHALL, ALFRED W - Flying Machines Past Present and Future.
6919: MARSHALLSAY, D - Ford List of British Parliamentary Papers 1974-1983 together with specialist commentaries.
300: MARSTON FITCH, JAMES - American building: The forces that shape it.
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500: WAY, ARTHUR S. - Euripides, with an English translation by Arthur S. Way: volume 1 (Loeb).
607: WAYDENFELD, STEFAN - The Ice Road.
5063: WEBB, AC - The Model Etymology, with sentences showing the correct use of words and a key giving the prefix, root, and suffix..
866: WEBEL, A. - A German-English Technical and Scientific Dictionary.
6842: WEBER, J M ERICH - Praktische Konditorei-Kunst "Pra-Ko-Ku"..
5860: WEDGE, CAPTAIN F J N - Brown's Flags and Funnels of British and Foreign Steamship Companies..
6053: WEDGWOOD, J.I. - A Comprehensive Dictionary of Organ Stops.
2059: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - Strafford.
5284: WEINDLING, PAUL - The Social History of Occupational Health.
6529: WELCH, ANNE - The Story of Gliding.
3482: WELCH, HENRY J. - Industrial Psychology in Practice.
560: WELLBORN, FRED W. - The Growth of American Nationality 1492-1865.
1575: WELLS, GEORGE - All About Colour Outdoors and Your Camera.
1576: WELLS, GEORGE - All About Colour Indoors and Your Camera.
6057: WEMYSS, D E G - Walker's Groups in the Western Approaches.
6433: WEMYSS, D.E.G. - Walker's Groups in the Western Approaches.
4312: WESEEN, MAURICE H. - Words Confused and Misused.
955: WEST, T F - DDT The Synthetic Insecticide.
4972: WESTLAKE, RAY - Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles.
3076: WHARTON JONES, T. - The Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery.
6426: WHEATLEY, RONALD - Operation Sea Lion German Plans for the Invasion of England 1939-1942.
190: WHEELER, BENJAMIN IDE - Alexander the Great, the Merging of East and West in Universal History.
979: WHEELER, BENJAMIN IDE - Alexander the Great, the Merging of East and West in Universal History.
3139: WHEELER-BENNETT, JOHN W. - The Nemesis of Power, The German Army in Politics 1918-1945.
1521: WHERRY, ALBINIA - Stories of the Tuscan Artists.
6104: WHITBECK, RAY H - The Geographic Factor Its Role in Life and Civilization.
5118: WHITE, BENJAMIN - The Currency of the Great War.
6133: WHITE, F B HOWARD - Nickel The Mining, Refining and Applications of Nickel.
3313: WHITE, BRIAN - A Look at the Night Mail. Travelling Post Offices- a history.
659: WHITE, MALCOLM R. - Rails to the Coast: East Coast Stations, Sheds and Rail Links.
3094: WHITE, ERYN M. - The Welsh Bible.
4478: WHITE, CAPT HERBERT J - Oil Tank Steamers, Their Working and Pumping Arrangements Thoroughly Explained..
6650: WHITEN, ANDREW - Culture Evolves.
923: WHITTLE, TYLER - Royal and Republican Rome.
4560: WHITTLESEY, DERWENT - The Earth and The State - A study of political geography.
3441: WHITTLESEY, DERWENT - German Strategy of World Conquest.
501: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator.
1991: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - Jesus Christ Our Lord, His Walk, Conversation and Character..
1820: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - Bible Characters, the Old Testament.
5223: WIKELEY, J.B. - Municipal Engineering Law and Administration.
565: WIKELY, NIGEL - Railway Stations, Southern Region.
2631: WILCOX, R. TURNER - Five Centuries of American Costume.
6464: WILDI, ERNST - The Hasselblad Manual (Sixth edition, 2003/2004).
6491: WILDI, ERNST - Medium Format Photography.

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