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15736: FOX, ROBERT - Eyewitness to History: The First Reporters; Discovering New Worlds; Empire and After; in out Time. [4 Volumes in a Slipcase]
14608: FOX, ROBIN LANE - Alexander the Great
14544: FOX, ROBIN LANE - Alexander the Great
10022: FRACCHIA, CHARLES A. - Racks, Rascals and Recusants: The Search for the Hunted Book
9679: FRANCA, PETER DE - Fernand Leger
13614: FRANCIS, DIANA - People, Peace and Power: Conflict Transformation in Action
15112: FRANCIS, MAJOR GRANT - The Smelting of Copper in the Swansea District, from the Time of Elizabeth to the Present Day
10547: DEMOSTHENES. TRANSLATED BY THE REV. MR FRANCIS - [Vol. 1] Orations of Domesthenes... With Critical and Historical Notes [Vol. 2] Orations of Demosthenes and Aeschines
15111: FRANCIS, MAJOR GRANT - The Smelting of Copper in the Swansea District, from the Time of Elizabeth to the Present Day
14892: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN (COMPILED BY ESMOND WRIGHT) - Benjamin Franklin, His Life As He Wrote It
8351: SAKIO SEKIGAWA & COLIN FRANKLIN - The Kelmscott Press and Japan, an Illustrated Bibliography
1048: FRANTZ, HENRI - French Pottery and Porcelain.
14805: FRANTZIS, BRUCE KUMAR - Relaxing Into Your Being: The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series Volume 1
3464: FREEMANTLE, W.T. - Bibliography of Sheffield and Vicinity: Section 1 to the End of 1700
14982: FREI, GEORG. ANDY WARHOL - The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne Vol. 1: Paintings and Sculpture 1961 1963
10213: FRELAUT, DENISE - Jean Frelaut: L'Oeuvre Grave 1926-1935
10214: FRELAUT, DENISE - Jean Frelaut: L'Oeuvre Grave 1936-1941
6922: FRIEDLANDER, MAX J. - On Art and Connoisseurship
1621: FRIEDMAN, MILTON / PATINKIN, DON / MOGGRIDGE, DONALD E. - Vademecum Zu Einem Bahnbrechenden Klassiker in Seiner Zeit. John Maynard Keynes - Eine Kritische Würdigung. ûber Die General Theory . Portrait Und Vita. Mit Einem Kritischen Editorial: Keynes Und Die Technologische Evolution
15726: FRUGONI, CHIARA - Inventions of the Middle Ages
8313: FRY, ROGER (INTRODUCTION) - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Florentine Painting Before 1500
8325: FRY, ROGER (INTRODUCTION) - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Florentine Painting Before 1500
8324: FRY, ROGER (INTRODUCTION) - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Florentine Painting Before 1500
11170: FRYE, COLONEL JAMES A. - The First Regiment Massachusetts Heavy Artillery United States Volunteers in the Spanish-American War of 1898 - with Regimental Roster and Muster-Rolls and Fifteen Illustrations
125: FRYER, ALFRED C. - Dartmoor and Other Sonnets.
126: FRYER, ALFRED C. - Theophilus the Penitent As Represented in Art.
10574: FRYER, MARY ANN - John Fryer of the Bounty: Notes on His Career Written by His Daughter... . .
10378: FULLER, THOMAS. EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY RICHARD BARBER. - Fuller's Worthies Selected from the Worthies of England by Thomas Fuller
15423: FULTON, HAMISH - The Way to the Mountains Starts Here
12405: BRIGHTON MUSEUM & ART GALLERY - Frederick Sandys 1829-1904
15437: GALLETTA, ALESSANDRA & MAURIZIO VETRUGNO - Maurizio Vetrugno: Part True, Part False, Like Everything
16105: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - The Forsyte Saga [3 Volumes in a Slipcase]
12494: GANE, MICHAEL - Ideological Representation and Power in Social Relations
11295: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Quest for Mind: Piaget, Levi-Strauss & the Structuralist Movement
10844: GARDNER, LLOYD C. - American Foreign Policy, Present to Past: A Narrative with Readings and Documents
15386: GARLICK, RAYMOND - Agincourt
5576: GARRISON, GENE - Unless Victory Comes: Combat with a Machine Gunner in Patton's Third Army
15671: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - The Dynasties of China
14076: GASKELL, ELIZABETH - Mary Barton
15293: GASKELL, ELIZABETH - Wives and Daughters: An Every-Day Story
15294: GASKELL, ELIZABETH - Mary Barton
14214: GASKELL, ELIZABETH - Mary Barton
3700: GASQUET, ABBOT - Parish Life in Mediaeval England (the Antiquary's Books Series)
16186: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT (ED.) - Ottoline at Garsington: Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell 1915-1918
16185: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT (ED.) - Ottoline. The Early Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell
10333: GEIRLANDT, KAREL J. & BEX, FLORENT - L'Art en Belgique 1945-2000. L'Art en Belgique Depuis 1945 with L'Art en Belgique Depuis 1975
13638: GEISLER, NORMAN L. - Christian Ethics: Options and Issues
9742: GELDZABLER, HENRY (INTRODUCTION) - Dale Chihuly. Japan 1990.
13839: GEOFFREY CRAYON, GENT. [WASHINGTON IRVING] - Bracebridge Hall; or, the Humorists
8221: GEORGE, EDWIN & STELLA (EDS.) - Bristol Probate Inventories. Part 2: 1657-1689
13852: GEORGE, LORD LYTTLETON - The History of the Life of King Henry the Second and of the Age in Which He Lived, in Five Books: To Which Is Prefixed, a History of the Revolutions of England from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth of Henry the Second - [3vols Complete]
15390: GERARD, DAVID E - Walter Crane and the Rhetoric of Art
7153: GERGORY, ALYSE - Wheels on Gravel
7188: GERVAIS, DAVID - John Cowper Powys, T.S. Eliot and French Literature
10923: GHOTBI, AHMAD - Workers Say No to the Shah : (Labour Law and Strikes in Iran) / by T. Jalil ; Foreward by : Bob Wright
14822: GIBBARD - Pay It All Back; the Slam Years
14821: GIBBARD - Pay It All Back; the Slam Years
9933: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 3 the Revival and Collapse of Paganism
14383: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 7 the Normans in Italy and the Crusades
14474: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 1 the Turn of the Tide
9905: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 4 the End of the Western Empire
9935: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 5 Justinian and Roman Law
14386: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 8 the Fall of Constantinople and the Papacy in Rome
14469: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 5 Justinian and Roman Law
14470: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 4 the End of the Western Empire
12775: GIBBON, EDWARD. - Memoirs of My Life
15887: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volumes I-VIII [Complete in Two Slipcases]
10480: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 2 Constantine and the Christian Empire
16115: GIBBONS, STELLA - Cold Comfort Farm
15990: GIBBS, JOSEPH - Report of Joseph Gibbs, Esq. CIVIL Engineer, Upon the Great Northern Railway
15992: GIBBS, JOSEPH - Mr Gibbs Reply to Mr Walker's Report Upon a Great Northern Railway
7064: GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES HARVARD - Aviation: An Historical Survey from Its Origins to the End of the Second World War
7227: GIBSON, R. W. (COMPILER) - St. Thomas More: A Preliminary Bibliography of His Works and of Moreana to the Year 1750
15018: GIDAL, PETER - Andy Warhol: Blowjob
12228: GIDE, ANDRE - Les Nourritures Terrestres, Lithographies Originales de Pierre Boncompain
9852: GIDE, ANDRE - Robert Ou L'Interêt Général. Le Théâtre Complet de André Gide
13193: GILBERT, MARTIN - Never Despair, Winston S. Churchill 1945-1965
13513: GILBERT, MARTIN - Finest Hour: Winston S. Churchill 1939-1941
15504: GILBERT, W. S. & SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Complete Savoy Operas 2 Volume Set in Slipcase
10544: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill; Companion Volume V. Part 2: The Wilderness Years 1929-1935
13194: GILBERT, MARTIN - Road to Victory: Winston S. Churchill 1941-45
16106: GILBERT, W. S. & SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Complete Savoy Operas 2 Volume Set in Slipcase
13190: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill; Companion Volume V. Part 1: The Exchequer Years 1922 - 1929
12205: GILES, HERBERT A. - Chinese Poetry in English Verse
9583: ILLUSTRATED BY ERIC GILL - Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi: Being the 26th and 27th Chapters of Saint Matthew's Gospel from the Latin Text.
12377: E., P. AND J. GILL, D., S. AND M. PEPLER - A Christmas Book
12422: GILL, ERIC; KEEBLE, BRIAN - A Holy Tradition of Working: Passages from His Writings
12918: ILLUSTRATED BY ERIC GILL - The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ. [Facsimile and Commentary, 2 Volumes]
4264: GILLAN, JOHN - Secret Space: The Art of Fetish Photography
11954: GIROUARD, MARK - Sweetness and Light: "Queen Anne" Movement, 1860-1900
3903: GLASS, I.S. - Revolutionaries of the Cosmos: The Astro-Physicists
11160: GLISSANT, EDOUARD - The Indies
1950: GODDARD, PAUL R - Respiratory System (Clinical Film Viewing)
6721: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. & MICHAEL GIBSON - Collecting Lustreware
14761: WILLIAM GOLDING - Lord of the Flies
13437: GOLDMAN, PAUL - Beyond Decoration: The Illustrations of John Everett Millais
4690: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED.) - A True Account and Declaration of the Horrid Conspiracy to Assassinate the Late King Charles II at the Rye-House, As It Was Ordered to Be Published by His Late Majesty. (Collectanea Adamantea - XIV) [3 Volumes Bound As One)
9753: GONZALEZ, JULIO - González : Sculptures - Dessins ; Galerie Beyeler Basel (Exposition Octobre - Décembre 1982).
14992: GOODEVE, THRYZA NICHOLS (AN ESSAY BY) - Gallagher Ellen
10487: GOODWIN, THOMAS - The Tryall of a Christian Growth... (1643) [Bound with] the Vanity of Thoughts Discovered, with Their Danger and Cure (1643) [Bound with] Aggravation of Sinne and Sinning Against Knowledge, Mercy... . in Severall Sermons Upon Divers Occasions (1650)
14804: GOULD, DENNIS & CLOVES, JEFF & WEST, PVT - Poets Riff: 30 Years, 30 Poems
7269: GOULDSBURY, CULLEN - From the Outposts
9977: GRABES, HERBERT & WOLFGANG VIERECK - The Wider Scope of English: Papers in English Language and Literature from the Bamberg Conference of the International Association of University Professors of English
9430: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
9376: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Golden Age
7131: GRANNIS, RUTH S. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the First Editions in Book Form of the Writings of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Based on a Memorial Exhibition Held at the Grolier Club from April 20 to May 20, 1922
14530: GRANT, MICHAEL - Nero
14714: GRANT, MICHAEL - Nero
15066: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths (2 Volumes)
13484: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Robert Graves and the White Goddess: 1940-1985
16063: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths (2 Volumes)
13905: GRAVES, ROBERT - Count Belisarius
13806: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths (2 Volumes)
15153: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths
16176: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths (2 Volumes)
15744: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Siege and Fall of Troy
14867: GRAVES, ROBERT - Goodbye to All That
1792: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems by Thomas Gray
13427: GRAY, THOMAS - An Ode on a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes
6283: GREEN, JONATHON - Chasing the Sun Dictionary Makers and the Dictionaries They Made
9447: GREENLEE, - Malrauxs Heroes & History
2674: GREENLEY, GORDON E. - Strategic Management
1935: GREENLEY, GORDON E. - Strategic Management
12399: GREENSTED, MARY & WILSON, SOPHIA (EDS.) - Originality and Initiative the Arts and Crafts Archives at Cheltenham
6472: GREEPE, THOMAS - WITH INTRODUCTION, NOTES & BIBLIOGRAPHY BY DAVID W. WATERS - The True and Perfecte Newes of the Woorthy and Valiaunt Exploytes, Performed and Doone by That Valiant Knight Syr Frauncis Drake... 1587
13197: GREGORY, WILLIAM - Outlines of Chemistry, for the Use of Students
4753: GREGORY, T. E. - Foreign Exchange: Before, During and After the War
2149: GRENVILLE-FREEMAN, G.S.P. - Chronology of African History.
14812: GREY, ALEXANDER & KEN WILBER & CARLO MCCORMICK - Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey: The Visionary Art of Alexander Grey
9890: GRIESHABER, HELMUT ANDREAS - Hap Grieshaber; Coventry Cathedral June-July 1980 & St. Giles, Edinburgh August-September 1980
1485: GRIFFITHS, SIR PERCIVAL - Licence to Trade: History of the English Chartered Companies
11403: GRIFFITHS, BEDE - The Marriage of East and West
477: GRIMWOOD, JOHN COURTNAY. - Stamping on Butterflies.
15006: GRISHIN, SASHA - David Blackburn and the Visionary Landscape Tradition
11360: GRONDIN, JEAN - Sources of Hermeneutics
15007: GRONLUND, MELISSA & POLLY STAPLE - Frieze Projects: Artists' Commissions and Talks: Artists Commissions and Talks 2003-2005
1636: GROSE, DONALD - The Flora of Wiltshire
4920: CAPTAIN GROSE - Lexicon Balatronicum: A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit and Pick Pocket Eloquence. Compiled Originally by Captain Grose and Now Considerably Enlarged and Altered with Modern Changes and Improvements by a Member of the Whip Club......
14966: GROSS, PETER & MARY GROSS (EDS.) - Anthony Gross
15028: ARTEMIS GROUP - Fifteen Etchings by Rembrandt
10200: GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON - Ernst Barlach: Leben IM Werk. Plastiken Zeichnungen Und Graphiken Dramen Prosawerke Und Briefe
5752: GROWOLL, A. & EAMES, WILBERFORCE - Three Centuries of English Booktrade Bibliography: An Essay on the Beginnings of Booktrade Bibliography Since the Introduction of Printing and in England Since 1595
11771: GRUNCHEC, PHILIPPE - Les Concours D'Esquisses Peintes, 1816-1863, [Vol. 1]
16144: GRUNEBAUM, GABRIELE - How to Marbleize Paper
9897: GRUTZKE, JOHANNES - Johannes Grutzke; IM Banne Der Provokation Pastelle
3256: GUEST, EDWIN. - Origines Celticae (a Fragment) and Other Contributions to the History of Britain (2 Vols Complete)
2223: GUIDICE, D.A. - Radio Astronomy: A Revision of Chpt 22, Handbook of Geophysics & Space Environments
9092: GUIDOTT, THO. [THOMAS] - A Discourse of Bathe, and the Hot Waters There. Also Some Enquiries Into the Nature of the Water of St. Vincent's Rock, Near Bristol: And That of Castle-Cary. To Which Is Added, a Century of Observations, More Fully Declaring the Nature, Property...
13048: GUINNESS, BRYAN - The Engagement
11834: GULLAN-WHUR, MARGARET - Within Reason: Life of Spinoza
12149: GUNN, DR - The Parish Church of Peebles A.D. 1784-1885. Presbyterianism
8327: GUNTHER, DR. JORN - ANTIQUARIAT - Sechzig Rara (1466 - 1557)
15617: EDWARD LOMAX & THOMAS GUNYON (EDS.) - Nicholson's Dictionary of the Science and Practice of Architecture, Building, Carpentry, Etc. , Etc. , Etc. , from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time [2 Vols Complete]
3417: PREFACE BY HENRY GUPPY - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Mediaeval Manuscripts and Jewelled Book Covers Shown in the Main Library from January XII to December MCMXII Including Lists of' Palaeographical Works and of Historical Periodicals in the John Rylands Library Manchester
4705: DAS GUPTA, A. K. - An Essay in Personal Bibliography: Ranganathan Festschrift. Volume 2 : A Bibliography of the Writings on and by Dr S.R. Ranganathan (Ranganathan Series in Library Science)
6388: GURNEY, EDMUND - The Power of Sound
15369: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Houses of Leaves. A Selection of Poems in Translation by Rachel Bromwich, with Drawings by John Elwyn
8335: HAARLEM, STADSBIBLIOTHEEK - De Zestiende Eeuw in de Stadsbibliotheek Haarlem
3843: HABGOOD, JOHN - The Concept of Nature
3844: HABGOOD, JOHN - The Concept of Nature
3845: HABGOOD, JOHN - The Concept of Nature
4824: HABGOOD, JOHN & PETER BURMAN - Treasures on Earth Good Housekeeping Guide to Churches and Their Contents
642: HACKMANN, W. D. & TURNER, A. J. (EDS.) - Learning, Language and Invention: Essays Presented to Francis Maddison
9719: HAENLEIN, CARL - Jannis Kounellis Frammenti Di Memoria
9738: HAESE, RICHARD - Rebels and Precursors: Revolutionary Years of Australian Art
15713: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - The Meaning of Hitler
14137: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - The Meaning of Hitler
15314: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - The Meaning of Hitler
1632: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - A Gardener's Year
10007: HAINES, C. R. - The Library of Dover Priory: Its Catalogue and Extant Volumes [Extract from the Library]
12853: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Tudor Venturers: Selected from the Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or over Land
9265: HALE, J.R. - Renaissance Fortification: Art or Engineering? (Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures)
12273: HALE, SIR MATTHEW - A Letter from Sr Matthew Hale, Kt. Sometime Lord Chief Justice of England: To One of His Sons, After His Recovery from the Small-Pox
576: HALEVY, ELIE - A History of the English People 1895-1905
14564: HALEVY, ELIE - Edwardian England a Splendid Illusion (History of England Series)
1482: BY HIS WIFE. PREFACE BY VISCOUNT HALIFAX - Life & Letters of W.J. Birkbeck, by His Wife
4167: HALL, RUPERT A. - Science for Industry : A Short History of the Imperial College of Science and Technology and Its Antecedents
7085: HALL, ROBERT E.; REISMAN, DAVID - Theories of the Mixed Economy: The Economic System in a Socialist State V. 2
1480: HALLIDAY, EUGENE - Collected Works of Eugene Halliday: Christian Philosophy
14287: COMPILED BY STEVEN HALLIWELL - Alan Clodd and the Enitharmon Press: A Checklist of His Publications, 1967-1987 and Private Printings, 1958-1998
9725: HAMANO, TOSHIHIRO - Toshihiro Hamano
4474: HAMILTON, G. H. - The Art and Architecture of Russia
7162: HAMILTON, G. ROSTREVOR - The Latin Portrait. An Anthology
16156: HAMMOND, NORMAN & DAVIES, NIGEL - Empires of Early Latin America: The Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas (3 Vol Boxed Set)
15737: HAMMOND, NORMAN & DAVIES, NIGEL - Empires of Early Latin America: The Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas (3 Vol Boxed Set)
5361: HAMMOND, N.G.L. - Studies in Greek History, a Companion Volume to a History of Greece to 322 B. C
9459: HANAGAN, MICHAEL P. - Nascent Proletarians: Class Formation in Post-Revolutionary France
4796: HANRAHAN, DAVID - Charles II and the Duke of Buckingham the Merry Monarch and the Aristocratic Rogue
7207: HARBORD, R.E. (EDITED AND COLLECTED BY) - A Reader's Guide to Rudyard Kipling's Work: Verse Section No. 1
12132: HARDIE, MARTIN - Water-Colour Painting in Britain Volume II the Romantic Period
12655: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
12654: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Tales
13235: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major
13237: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
15378: HARDY, THOMAS - The Three Wayfarers
14694: HARDY, THOMAS - A Group of Noble Dames; a Changed Man; Life's Little Ironies [3 Vols. In Slipcase]
13234: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the D'Urbevilles
14906: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
13232: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Tales
16088: HARDY, THOMAS - [6 Volumes] the Return of the Native; the Trumpet Major; the Mayor of Casterbridge; Under the Greenwood Tree; Far from the Madding Crowd; Tess of the D'Urbervilles
12644: HARDY, THOMAS - The Woodlanders
13372: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major
14366: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Tales
3546: HARPER, KENN - Pangnirtung
3038: HARRIS, JOHN: LEVER, JILL & RICHARDSON, MARGARET. - Great Drawings from the Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects
12521: HARRISON, JOHN F.C. (ED.) - Utopianism and Education, Robert Owen and the Owenites
7147: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT (ED.) - George Moore Letters to Lady Cunard 1895-1933
3451: HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Bookbindings
13201: HARTLEY, WALTER NOEL - Air and Its Relations to Life. Being with Some Additions the Substance of a Course of Lectures Delivered in the Summer of 1874 at the Royal Institution of Great Britian
15925: HARTOG, LEO DE & ROSSABI, MORRIS & MANZ, BEATRICE FORBES. - Lives of the Mongol Warlords: Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Tamerlane [3 Volumes in a Slipcase]
1277: HARVEY, PETER (ED. ) - Dimensions of Buddhism (World Religions: Themes & Issues S. )
12404: HASBROUCK, W. R. (ED.) - Architectural Essays from the Chicago School: Thomas Tallmadge, Louis H. Sullivan, Jens Jensen, and Frank Lloyd Wright from 1900 to 1909
14324: HASSALL, JOAN (EDITED BY BRIAN NORTH LEE) - Dearest Joana. A Selection of Joan Hassall's Lifetime Letters and Art.
14298: HASSALL, JOAN - My Engraved Work [Extracted from 'the Private Library", Second Series, Volume 7: 4, Winter 1974']
1827: HATEFUTSOTH, BETH - A Century of Zionist Immigration to Eretz Israel
14320: HAUSER, FRANK - Dinosaur Days. Poems
4448: INTRODUCTION BY EMIL HAUSKNECHT - The Romance of the Sowdone of Babylone and of Ferumbras His Sone Who Conquered Rome
3964: HAWKES, JOHN W. & FASHAM, P.J. - Excavations on Reading Waterfront Sites, 1979-1988 (Wessex Archaeology Report)
16189: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Dawn of the Gods
7936: HAWLEY, WALTER A. - Oriental Rugs Antique and Modern
15790: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - A Wonder Books for Boys and Girls
14479: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter
14835: HAWTON, KEITH & PAUL. M. SALKOVSKIS & JOAN KIRK & DAVID M. CLARK - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychiatric Problems: A Practical Guide
11911: HAYNES, DEBORAH J. - The Vocation of the Artist
13942: HAZEL, JOHN - Who's Who in the Greek World :
13943: HAZEL, JOHN - Who's Who in the Roman World :
15187: HAZEN, ALLEN T. & LEWIS, WILMARTH SHELDON - A Catalogue of Horace Walpole's Library Volumes I-III [Complete]
12201: HAZEN, ALLEN T. - Eighteenth Century Quartos with Vertical Chain-Lines
8939: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - A Manual for Collector and Amateur of Old English Plays
673: HEAD, ADRIAN. - The Seven Words and the Civilian.
11890: HEAD, SIR GEORGE - A Home Tour Through the Manufacturing Districts of England in the Summer of 1835
12345: SELECTED AND INTRODUCTION BY TIM HEALD - The Best After-Dinner Stories
13120: HEALY, MARK - Kursk 1943: The East Turns the Tide
13117: HEALY, MARK - Midway 1942 Turning Point in the Pacific
15559: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - The Twelve Labours of Hercules
5071: HEATH, SIR THOMAS - Aristarchus of Samos. The Ancient Copernicus. A History of Greek Astronomy to Aristarchus Together with Aristarchus's Treatise on the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and the Moon. A New Greek Text with Translations and Notes
14021: HEAWOOD, EDWARD - Sources of Early English Paper Supply. II: The Sixteenth Century [Extracted from the Bibliographical Society Transactions]
11415: HECKER, JULIUS FRIEDRICH - Moscow Dialogues : Discussions on Red Philosophy
8588: HEIGHWAY, CAROLYN - East and North Gates of Gloucester
12536: HEITLINGER, ALENA - Women and State Socialism: Sex Inequality in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia
14855: HELEY, RICHARD - Jigsaw World; Poetry, Tall Tales, Paintings and Drawings
15988: HELLIER, H. ( REV. HENRY HELLIER (1826-1892), RECTOR OF NEMPNETT THUBWELL, SOMERSET) - Commonplace Book of Henry Hellier
8348: HELLINGA, LOTTE. TRANSLATED BY TOSHIYUKI TAKAMIYA - Caxton in Focus [Japanese Edition]
13958: ROSE HEMPEL ET AL - Ukiyoe Shuka [Vol. 14] - Museen Für Ostasiatische Kunst in Berlin Und Köln; Kunsthalle Bremen; Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Peter Scheiwe Collection; Gerhard Pulverer Collection; Museum Rietberg, Zürich; Baur Collection, Genève... .
12734: HENDERSON, GEORGE & RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Age of Illumination [3 Volumes]: Early Medieval Art and Civilisation; Byzantine Art and Civilisation; Gothic Art and Civilisation.
15074: HENDERSON, GEORGE & RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Age of Illumination [3 Volumes]: Early Medieval Art and Civilisation; Byzantine Art and Civilisation; Gothic Art and Civilisation.
6827: HENNELL, COLONEL SIR REGINALD - The History of the King's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard: The Oldest Permanent Body Guard of the Sovreigns of England, 1485 to 1904
15109: HENRY, WILLIAM - A Review of Some Experiments, Which Have Been Supposed to Disprove the Materiality of Heat
1628: HENRY LEWIS, THOMAS ROBERTS, IFOR WILLIAMS - Cywyddau Iolo Goch Ac Eraill (Argraffiad Newydd)
9453: HEPPLE, BOB ET AL - Bibliography of the Literature on British and Irish Labour Law
10050: HEPWORTH, PHILIP (ED.) - Select Biographical Sources: The Library Association Manuscripts Survey
10068: HERBRUGGEN, HUBERTUS SCHULTE - Das Düsseldorfer Exemplar Der Ersten Folioausgabe Von the Workes of Sir Thomas More 1557
9662: HERDEG, WALTER (ED.) - Graphis No. 195, Vol. 34: 1978/79
9656: HERDEG, WALTER (ED.) - Graphis No. 184, Vol. 32: 1976/77
9653: HERDEG, WALTER (ED.) - Graphis No. 188, Vol. 32: 1976/77
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12347: PUBLIUS OVIDUS NASON [OVID] - Ars Amatoria
14967: NATHANSON, RICHARD - Walk to the Moon: Story of Albert Houthuesen, 1903-79
8016: NAZARIEFF, SERGE - Jeux de Dames Cruelles 1850-1960
12562: NEIDHART, CHRISTOPH - Russia's Carnival: The Smells, Sights and Sounds of Transition
5791: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS & OLIVER HOARE - The Raf in Camera 1903-1939: Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence (Aviation)
16224: NESBIT, E. - The Railway Children
15387: NESBIT, E. - The Three Mothers, with Wood Engravings by Judith Jaidinger and an Afterword by Julia Briggs
15388: NESBIT, E. - The Three Mothers, with Wood Engravings by Judith Jaidinger and an Afterword by Julia Briggs
8129: NETHERCLIFT, FREDERICK G. - The Hand-Book to Autographs: Being a Ready Guide to the Handwriting of Distinguished Men and Women of Every Nation. Designed for the Use of Literary Men, Autograph Collectors, and Others
13403: NEWBOLD, J. T. WALTON ET AL - Steel: Studies in Labour & Capital No. 8
10606: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY; HILL, ALAN G. - Loss and Gain: The Story of a Convert
9118: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY & FUME, JOSEPH - The Cistercian Saints of England; St. Stephen, Abbot [Bound with] a Paper: Of Tobacco Treating of the Rise, Progress, Pleasures, and Advantages of Smoking with Anecdotes of Distinguished Smokers.
3396: NEWTON, EDWARD A. - Derby Day and Other Adventures
3252: NICHOLAS, THOMAS - The Pedigree of the English People an Argument, Historical and Scientific on English Ethnology, Showing the Progress of Rce-Amalgamation in Britain from the Earliest Times, with Especial Reference to the Incorporation of the Celtic Aborigines
8459: NICHOLS, STEPHEN G. - Romanesque Signs: Early Mediaeval Narrative and Iconography
9081: NICOLAS, NICHOLAS HARRIS - The Siege of Carlaverock in the XXVIII Edward I.A. D. MCCC; with the Arms of the Earls, Barons, and Knights, Who Were Present on the Occasion; with a Translation, a History of the Castle, and Memoirs of the Personages Commemorated by the Poet.
5489: NICOLLE, GEORGE - The Woodworking Trades: A Select Bibliography
7321: NICOLSON, ADAM - Earls of Paradise
2630: NICOLSON, WILLIAM (1655-1727) - The English Historical Library: Or, a Short View and Character of Most of the Writers Now Extant, Either in Print or Manuscript; Which May Be Serviceable to the Undertakers of a General History of This Kingdom.
8806: NIKOLAEVA, IRINA - Finiteness: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations
13845: NILSON, BEN - Cathedral Shrines of Medieval England
15554: NIVEN, DAVID - The Moon's a Balloon
3187: NOAKES, VIVIAN. - Edward Lear 1812-1888
3600: NORMAN, BRUCE - The Luck of Jocelyn Pinner, R. N
3597: NORMAN, BRUCE - Late of London Wall
14353: NORRIS, GERALD (ED.) - William Dampier: Buccaneer, Explorer
13536: NORRIS, GERALD (ED.) - William Dampier: Buccaneer, Explorer
8633: NOTT, JOHN, M.D. - Of the Hotwell Waters Near Bristol
11436: NOVAK, GEORGE - Polemics in Marxist Philosophy
14040: OAKESHOTT, MICHAEL - The Politics of Faith and the Politics of Scepticism
1936: EMPEROR WILLIAM II - TRANSLATED BY F APPLEBY HOLT OBE - Comparative History 1878-1914
9024: PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE - Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office. Philip and Mary. [4 Volumes Complete]
9032: PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE - A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in the Public Record Office Prepared Under the Superintendence of the Deputy Keeper of the Records Volume 5
9031: PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE - A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in the Public Record Office Prepared Under the Superintendence of the Deputy Keeper of the Records Volume 1
6135: OGILVIE, M. A. - Ducks of Britain and Europe
11441: OKAMOTO, TARO - L'Esthetique Et le Sacre
9766: OKUBO, EIJL - A Walking Man - Okubo
9721: OLDENBURG, CLAES & CELANT, GERMANO - Claes Oldenburg. Eine Anthologie. Sonderausgabe
11688: OLIPHANT, MARGARET - Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago
7694: OLLE, JAMES G. - Introduction to British Government Publications
4742: OLMSTED, JOHN CHARLES - Thackeray and His Twentieth Century Critics
9224: ONIONS, OLIVER - The Work of Henry Ospovat
12708: URGUNGE ONON - Chinggis Khan: The Golden History of the Mongols
15381: D'ORLEANS, CHARLES AND OTHER FRENCH POETS - Rondels; Chosen and Translated by Cedric Wallis
14597: ORWELL, GEORGE - Animal Farm; a Fairy Story
1484: OSBORNE, CHARLES C. (ED. ) - Letters of Charles Dickens to the Baroness Burdett-Coutts
500: INGRID TIEKEN-BOON VAN OSTADE - The Two Versions of Malory's Morte Darthur : Multiple Negation and the Editing of the Text
2518: OVERTON, G.L. (COMPILED BY) - Water Transport III - Steam Ships of War. Catalogue of the Collections in the Science Museum, South Kensington, with Descriptive and Historical Notes and Illustrations.
13803: OWEN, JOHN & BOWEN EMANUEL - Britannia Depicta or Ogilby Improv'd; Being a Correct Coppy of Mr. Ogilby's Actual Survey of All Ye Direct & Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales, Wherein Are Exactly Delineated and Engraven All Ye Cities, Towns, Villages, Churches, Seats &C... .
5646: OWENS, WILLIAM A. - Eye-Deep in Hell: A Memoir of the Liberation of the Philippines, 1944-45
16142: PAGE, WILLIAM (EDS.) - A History of the County of Oxford: Volume II
16095: PAINE, THOMAS - Rights of Man
4988: PALLISER, MME BURY - Histoire de la Dentelle Traduit par la Comtesse de Clermont-Tonnere
14910: PALMER, SAMUEL - The Protestant Dissenter’S Catechism. Containing, I. A Brief History of the Non-Conformists: II. The Reasons of the Dissent from the National Church. Designed to Instruct and Establish Young Persons Among the Dissenters in the Principles of Nonconformity.
6695: PALMER, A. SMYTHE - The Folk and Their Word-Lore. An Essay on Popular Etymologies
15592: DE PAMBOUR, THE CHEVALIER G. - A New Theory of the Steam Engine: And the Mode of Calculation by Means of It, of the Effective Power &C of Every Kind of Steam Engine, Stationary or Locomotive.
11827: PARKER, GEOFFREY & LESLEY M. SMITH - The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century
6469: PARKER, ROBERT - The Wine Buyer's Guide [2 Vols Complete]
15877: PARNELL, THOMAS [TRANS.] - The Vigil of Venus, a Rendering of the Pervigilium Veneris Into English Verse by Thomas Parnell
12454: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - An Original Issue of the Spectator Together with the Story of the Famous English Periodical and of Its Founders Joseph Addison & Richard Steele
11693: PATEMAN, KERRIE - Poetry Now - Snapshot Poems
14064: PATTEN, JOHN & J. C. D. CLARK - Ideas and Politics in Modern Britain
8511: PAUL, W.NORMAN - Essex Fonts and Font Covers
6150: PAWLEY, MARTIN - Buckminster Fuller
14859: PEAKE, MERVYN - Gormenghast Trilogy: Gormenghast / Titus Alone / Titus Groan (3 Volume Set in Slipcase)
2459: PEARCE, EDWARD - The Lost Leaders: The Best Prime Ministers We Never Had.
7787: PEARLSTEIN, ELINOR & ETC. & JAMES T. ULAK - Asian Art: In the Art Institute of Chicago
7109: PEARSON, S. VERE - The Growth and Distribution of Population
15993: PEGGE, SAMUEL - Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica Nos. 17, 21, 24, 25, 32 and 41, Plus Annales Lei Eliae de Trickingham
5515: PEGLER, MARTIN - Sniper: A History of the Us Marksman
15430: PEIRCE, ROBERT - The History and Memoirs of the Bath: Containing Observations on What Cures Have Been There Wrought, Both by Bathing and Drinking Those Waters [Bound with] a Practical Dissertation on Bath-Waters
13951: J. MICHI PEKARIKU ET AL - Ukiyoe Shuka [Vol. 7] - the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the New York Public Library
13443: PENN, WILLIAM - Some Fruits of Solitude in Reflections and Maxims Relating to the Conduct of Human Life
8095: PENN, ART - Dr Zomb's House of Freaks
1052: PENNY, NICHOLAS [EDITOR] - Reynolds
11811: PEPYS, SAMUEL - EDITED BY J. R. TANNER - Pepys' Memoires of the Royal Navy, 1679-1688
16143: PEPYS, SAMUEL. EDITED BY LATHAM, ROBERT & MATTHEWS, WILLIAM - The Diary of Samuel Pepys, a New and Complete Transcription
11810: PEPYS, SAMUEL - EDITED BY J. R. TANNER - Private Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers of Samuel Pepys, 1679-1703 in the Possession of J. Pepys Cockerell. Vol. 2
11804: PEPYS, SAMUEL - EDITED BY J. R. TANNER - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Vol. 4
9888: PERKINS, G.C. - Expressionismus. Eine Bibliographie Zeitgenössischer Dokumente 1910-1925
12407: PERRIN, RICHARD W. E. - The Architecture of Wisconsin
14283: PERRY-GORE, NOEL - Coherence Through the Eyes of Mary: A Christmas Sermon with Designs by the Author Rendered As Wood Engravings by Simon Brett and a Foreword by Alan Webster
1967: PERRY, C. BRUCE - The Bristol Royal Infirmary 1904-1974
7186: PETERS, WILLIAM - In Germany Now: A Diary of Impressions in Germany August - December 1945
8308: PETERSEN, MARTIN E - Second Nature: Four Early San Diego Landscape Painters
14847: PETERSEN, TRUDI - Working with Substance Misusers: A Guide to Theory and Practice
7403: PETERSON, M.J. - Recognition of Governments: Legal Doctrine and State Practice, 1815-1995
9545: PETTIT, CHERIE SUTTON - The Time of My Life: A Travelogue Written from September 16, 1938 to February 9, 1939
5165: PHALLE, NATHALIE DE SAINT - Hôtels Littéraires. Voyage Autour de la Terre
15149: [COMPOSED BY THEOFAN, BISHOP OF PSKOV AND NOVGOROD.] TRANSLATED BY JENKIN T. PHILIPPS - The Russian Catechism, Compos’D and Publish’D by Order of the Czar: To Which Is Annex’D, a Short Account of the Church-Government and Ceremonies of the Muscovites. Adorn’D with Cuts.
11855: PHILIPSE, HERMAN - Heidegger's Philosophy of Being: A Critical Interpretation
9621: PHILLIPS, EUAN ET AL. - Tributes to Brooke Crutchley on His Retirement As University Printer 1946-1974
616: PHILLIPS, MARY. - Valley of the Virgin Warrior.
1091: PHILLIPS, DUNCAN, ED.. - Art & Understanding: Volume 1 November, 1929 No. 1
7933: PHILLIPS, J - A General History of Inland Navigation, Foreign and Domestic: Containing a Complete Account of the Canals Already Executed in England, with Considerations on Those Proposed
11235: PHYLLIS, GROSSKURTH - Havelock Ellis a Biography
15764: PICARD, LIZA - The Life of London (Elizabeth's London, Restoration London, Dr Johnson's London, Victorian London) [4 Volumes in a Slipcase)
15669: PICARD, LIZA - Restoration London, Everyday Life in London 1660-1670
14149: PICARD, LIZA - Restoration London, Everyday Life in London 1660-1670
11981: PICKLES, JOHN & SMITH, ADRIAN - Theorizing Transition: The Political Economy of Post-Communist Transformations
9689: PICON, GAETAN - Surrealism
11210: PIECH, PAMELA - John F. Kennedy; Two Poems by Pamela Piech
9593: PIERCE, JOSIAH - Letters to Laura: Letters from Josiah Pierce, Jr. , to Laura Dunham, 1884-1889
14510: PIGAFETTA, ANTONIO - Magellan's Voyage: A Narrative Account of the First Navigation
3380: PIKLER, BLANCH & BRAUN, DR ROBERT. - A List of All Hungarian Books in Trade [in Print]
7659: PIMLOTT, JOHN; AILSBY, CHRISTOPHER - Luftwaffe: The Illustrated History of the German Air Force in World War II
14650: PINDAR, IAN (ED.) - The Folio Book of Historical Mysteries
14049: PINK, MAURICE ALDERTON - A Realist Looks at Democracy
15871: PINKER, STEVEN - The Language Instinct: The New Science of Language and Mind
8801: PINKNEY, TONY - We Met Morris: Interviews with William Morris, 1885-96
11917: PINTER, HAROLD - Poems
15725: PIRENNE, HENRI - Mohammed and Charlemagne
15108: FRAXI PISANUS [ASHBEE, HENRY SPENCER] - Index Librorum Prohibitorum: [with] Centuria Librorum Absconditorum: [with] Catena Librorum Tacendorum: Being Notes Bio- Biblio- Icon- Graphical and Critical, on Curious and Uncommon Books [3 Volumes]
15376: PISSARRO, LUCIEN - Notes on the Eragny Press, and a Letter to J.B. Mason. Edited with a Supplement by Alan Fern
15205: PLANCHE, MR J. R. [&] DANCE, GEORGE [QUEEN VICTORIA] - Royal Entertainment. By Command, Her Majesty's Servants Will Perform, at Windsor Castle, on Thursday, January 28th, 1857, a Drama, in Two Acts...... Entitled Secret Service. After Which, a Burletta in Two Acts... . Entitled Hush Money.
12835: PLATO - Symposium
14451: PLATO - The Trial and Execution of Socrates
12216: PLESCH, ARPAD - Mille Et Un Livres Botaniques; Repertoire Bibliographique de la Bibliotheque Arpad Plesch.
15595: POLE, WILLIAM - The Life of Sir William Fairbairn, Bart. Partly Written by Himself.
15598: POLE, WILLIAM - The Life of Sir William Fairbairn, Bart. Partly Written by Himself.
7982: POLHEMUS, TED. - The Customized Body.
1816: POLIAKOV, LEON. - The History of Anti-Semitism: Vol. 1: From the Time of Christ to the Court Jews
10175: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - English Books Sales 1676-1680 & 1681-1686
10168: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Some Notes on the History of Copyright in England, 1662-1774
10114: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Some Notes on the History of Copyright in England, 1662-1774
467: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - The Virgin and Child by Agostino Di Duccio.
1622: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - The Virgin and Child by Agostino Di Duccio
7003: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Paolo Uccello Paintings and Drawings Complete Edition
7148: PORISINI, GIORGIO - Bonifiche E Agricoltura Nella Bassa Valle Padana (1860-1915
13214: PORTER, ROY - England in the Eighteenth Century (History of England Series)
16122: PORTER, ROY - England in the Eighteenth Century (History of England Series)
14148: PORTER, ROY - England in the Eighteenth Century (History of England Series)
14207: PORTEUS, BEILBY - Death: A Poetical Essay
16062: POTTON, CRAIG & ANDY DENNIS - Images from a Limestone Landscape: Journey Into the Punakaiki-Paparoa Region
9966: POWELL, JOHN P. (COMPILED BY) - Universities and University Education a Select Bibliography
10520: POWELL, COMMANDER J. W. DAMER - Bristol Privateers and Ships of War
13831: POWELL, ANTHONY - A Dance to the Music of Time. Spring: A Question of Upbringing. A Buyers Market. The Acceptance World
7152: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Henry Hudson
15440: PRATESI, LUDOVICO & OLIMPIA EBERSPACHER - Tony Cragg: Nothing But Material
16203: PREBBLE, JOHN - Glencoe the Story of the Massacre [ & ] Culloden [2 Volumes in a Slipcase]
5169: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Conquest of Peru; with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas in Two Volumes
12595: WHITTINGTON PRESS - Books from the Whittington Press 1988, 1889, & 1990
12444: WHITTINGTON PRESS - Books from the Whittington Press 1999, 2000, 2001
15411: PRICE, FRANCIS - The British Carpenter: Or a Treatise on Carpentry. Containing the Most Concise and Authentick Rules of That Art, in a More Useful and Extensive Method, Thatn Has Been Made Publick.
4686: PRICE, J. L. - The Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century
7113: PRICHARD, M. F. LLOYD - Original Papers Regarding Trade in England and Abroad, Drawn Up by John Keymer for Information of King James I About 1620 (Reprints of Economic Classics)
8986: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Papers from Lilliput
8967: PRIESTLEY, J B - Bright Day
8972: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Brief Diversions
8978: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Talking - Being One of a Series of Essays Entitled: These Diversions
14335: PRIESTLEY, J B - English Journey
10080: PROCTOR, R. - A Classified Index to the Serapeum
9538: PRYNNE, WILLIAM - Romes Master-Peece. Or, the Grand Conspiracy of the Pope and His Jesuited Instruments, to Extirpate the Protestant Religion, Re-Establish Popery, Subvert Lawes, Liberties, Peace, Parliaments, by Kindling a CIVILL War in Scotland, and All His Majesties...
15661: PSYCHOUNDAKIS, GEORGE - The Cretan Runner
15560: PSYCHOUNDAKIS, GEORGE - The Cretan Runner
583: PUGH, PATRICIA. - Educate, Agitate, Organize: 100 Years of Fabian Society.
15171: PULTENEY, WILLIAM, EARL OF BATH - An Answer to One Part of a Late Infamous Libel, Intitled, Remarks on the Craftsman's Vindication of His Two Honourable Patrons; in Which the Character and Conduct of Mr. P. Is Fully Vindicated. In a Letter to the Most Noble Author
13446: PYE, PATRICK - Has Art Any Meaning?
13024: PYM, BARBARA - Excellent Women
13287: PYM, BARBARA - Excellent Women
15750: Q. QUANTI - Quadrille Elucidated: Being a Historical, Critical and Practical Treatise on That Admired Game
12025: QUINE, W. V. - From Stimulus to Science
5443: RABBE, ALPHONSE & DUNCAN, JONATHAN - History of Russia from the Foundation of the Empire by Rourick to the Close of the Hungarian War [2 Volumes]
10529: RABELAIS, FRANCIS - The Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais Doctor in Physick, Containing Five Books of the Lives, Heroick Deeds & Sayings of Gargantua and His Sonne Pantagruel. [2 Volumes Complete]
5123: RABY, F.J.E. - A History of Secular Latin Poetry in Middle Ages [2 Volumes Complete]
15450: RAD, ABD-OL-MAJID HOSSEINI & DR ALI REZA SEMI AZAR - Masterpieces of Persian Painting
15643: RADCLIFFE, ANN - The Complete Novels of Mrs Ann Radcliffe: Gaston de Blondeville; the Italian; the Mysteries of Udolpho; a Sicilian Romance; the Romance of the Forest; the Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne
11103: RADHA, SWAMI SIVANANDA - Gods Who Walk the Rainbow
15377: RAE, SIMON - Calendar
9979: RAFTERY, MARGARET M. - Mary of Nemmegen
8236: RALPH, ELIZABETH & HARDWICK, NORA (EDS.) - Calendar of the Bristol Apprentice Book 1532-1565. Part II 1542-1552
15611: RAMELLI, AGOSTINO - TRANSLATED BY MARTHA TEACH GNUDI - The Various and Ingenious Machines of Agostino Ramelli a Classic Sixteenth-Century Illustrated Treatise on Technology
14319: RANDLE, JOHN - Monotype Equipment at the Whittington Press
9616: RASTELL, JOHN (CAMBRIDGE CHRISTMAS BOOK) - The Four Elements. Edited by Roger Coleman. [Foreword by Brooke Crutchley. ]
12389: RAU, PIP - Ikats: Woven Silks from Central Asia
11992: RAWLINSON, ARTHUR - History of Wesleyan Methodism in Swinton (Lancashire)
5302: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Seventh Great Oriental Monarchy or the Geography, History, and Antiquities of the Sassanian or New Persian Empire, Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources [2 Volumes Complete]
5301: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy;: Or the Geography, History, and Antiquities of Parthia, Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources
9940: RAY, LOUIS & WRIGHT, GORDON - The Private Collector and the Support of Scholarship. (Papers Read at the Clark Library Seminar 1969).
9019: RAYNER, ROBERT M. - Wagner and Die Meistersinger
7039: READ, CHARLES A. - The Cabinet of Irish Literature: Selections from the Works of Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland, with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices [4 Vols Complete]
3619: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth. A Tale of the Middle Ages.

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