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029009: BEN-GURION, DAVID - Israel: Years of Challenge
025683: GURLAND, ROBERT - Taxation without Representation: A Tax Guide for American Executives in the UK
023330: GURNEY, DAVID - The F Certicate
016025: GURVITCH, GEORGES - The Social Frameworks of Knowledge
033515: GUTHEIL, EMIL A. (EDITOR) - American Journal of Psychotherapy Volume VI Number 2 April, 1952
032089: GUTHRIE, GORDON M. - One Light: A Path to Self-revelation
008014: GUTMAN, YISRAEL - Denying the Holocaust
025581: GUTMANN, JOSEPH - Jewish Ceremonial Art
042843: GUTOWSKI, ARMIN / HUNTER, ROBERT E. / HYLAND, WILLIAM - Looking Eastward: Western Responses to the Soviet Union
014773: GUY, PETER DE - The Mistress & Other Tales
040228: GUYON, BERNARD - Péguy: Connaissance des Lettres
040214: GUYON, BERNARD - Peguy Devant Dieu
040299: DAVIS, GWENN AND JOYCE, BEVERLY A. - Poetry By Women to 1900: A Bibliography of American and British Writers
014985: DAVIS, GWENN AND JOYCE, BEVERLY A. - Poetry by Women to 1900: A Bibliography of American and British Writers
021787: GWYNN, DENIS - The Life and Death of Roger Casement
019097: GWYNN, STEPHEN - Memories of Enjoyment
027426: GYFORD, JOHN - Local Politics in Britain
044357: GYSIN, BRION - Who Runs May Read
035730: GYSIN, FREDERIC - Tapisseries Suisses de L'epoque Gothique
034026: MITCHELL, W.H. AND SAWYER, L.A. - Merchant Ships Of The World: Cruising Ships
033354: GOSDEN, P.H.J.H. AND SHARP, P.R. - The Development of an Education Service: The West Riding 1889-1974
022938: COLE, G.D.H. AND MARGARET (EDITORS) - The Opinions of William Cobbett
031819: BECKETT, A.H. AND STENLAKE, J.B. - Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Part Two
022677: SKLAVIN H. - Ihre erste Offentliche Demutigung
022603: WILLIAMS, RICHARD H. AND OZARIN, LUCY D. (EDITORS) - Community Mental Health: An International Perspective
036596: BECKETT, A.H. AND STENLAKE, J.B. - Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Part One
028924: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY; PALMER, E. H. AND TUCKEY, JANET - English Gipsy Songs in Rommany: With Metrical English Translations
015852: BERKELEY, G.F.H. AND BERKELEY, J. - Italy in the Making: June 1846 to 1st January 1848
028796: HARRINGTON, FRED H. AND PAQUET, PAUL C. (EDITOR) - Wolves of the World: Perspectives of Behavior, Ecology and Conservation
022001: BETT, WINGATE H. AND GILLHAM, JOHN C. - Great British Tramway Networks
043245: MCCLINTOCK, F. H. AND GIBSON, EVELYN - Robbery in London: An Enquiry by the Cambridge Institute of Criminology
028151: CROW, WILLIAM H. AND CHECKVER, SAMUEL - The Federal Credit Union
042806: ANDERSON, CHARLES H. AND MURRAY, JOHN D. (EDITORS) - The Professors: Work and Life Styles Among Academicians
025495: HOCH, PAUL H. AND ZUBIN, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - Current Problems in Psychiatric Diagnosis
044422: KOTELAWALA C.H., K.B.E., SIR JOHN - An Asian Prime Minister's Story
033116: STREETER, B.H. AND APPASAMY, A.J. - The Sadhu: A Study in Mysticism and Practical Religion
025220: GOODMAN, FELICITAS D.; HENNEY, JEANETTE H. AND PRESSEL, ESTHER - Trance, Healing, and Hallucination: Three Field Studies in Religious Experience
034396: WESTING, ARTHUR H. AND LUMSDEN, MALVERN - Threat of Modern Warfare to Man and His Environment: An Annotated Bibliography (Reports & Papers in the Social Sciences)
002691: MASTERS, WILLIAM H. AND JOHNSON, VIRGINIA E. - The Pleasure Bond: A New Look at Sexuality and Commitment
019566: WADSWORTH, M.E.J.; BUTTERFIELD, W.J.H. AND BLANEY, R. - Health and Sickness: The Choice of Treatment, Perception of Illness and Use of Services in an Urban Community
039862: JANDA, LOUIS H. AND KLENKE-HAMEL, KARIN E. - Human Sexuality
024360: RYDER, G.H. AND BENNETT, M.D. - Mechanics of Machines
012438: SEWELL, REV. CANON A.H. AND BARKER, REV. ARTHUR G. - The Drink Trade and the Nation
039575: MORRIS-JONES, W.H. AND FISCHER, GEORGES - Decolonization and After: The British and French Experience (Studies in Commonwealth politics & history)
039414: BARTSCH, H. AND ARMSTRONG, B. (EDITORS) - Host Factors in Human Carcinogenesis: Symposium Proceedings
004878: BALDWIN, WILLIAM H. ET AL. - The Social Evil with Special Reference to Conditions Existing in the City of New York
012166: HAMMOND, W.H. AND CHAYEN, EDNA - Persistent Criminals: A Study of all Offenders Liable to Preventive Detention in 1956
018063: FERNALD, ROBERT H. AND ORROK, GEORGE A . - Engineering of Power Plants
034798: BLUNDELL, R. H. AND WILSON, G.H. - Trial of Buck Ruxton
024797: HAAGE, WALTHER - Cacti and Succulents: A Practical Handbook
044618: SHETELIG, HAAKON AND FALK, HJALMAR - Scandinavian Archaeology
029012: HABAS, BRACHA - The Gate Breakers: A Dramatic Chronicle of the Jewish Immigration Into Palestine
044481: HACKEN, PAT - Mr. Bottomely Goes to Town or ( the Weigh of The Rod is Devious)
033687: HADAR, JOSEF - Elementary Theory of Economic Behavior
021223: AL-HADDAD, ABDUL-RAHMAN - A Study of Islamic History
013449: AL-HADDAD, ABDUL-RAHMAN - Cultural Policy in the Yemen Arab Republic
031644: HADDEN, TOM - Company Law and Capitalism
018920: KEVIN BOYLE, TOM HADDEN AND PADDY HILLYARD - Law and State: The Case of Northern Ireland
018865: KEVIN BOYLE, TOM HADDEN AND PADDY HILLYARD - Law and State: The Case of Northern Ireland
041849: HADDON, CELIA - The Limits of Sex
035324: D'HAENE, ELISE - Licking Our Wounds
015281: HAGAR, FRANK N. - The American Family: A Sociological Problem
037093: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - Golden Man: Quest for El Dorado
022009: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - Roman Roads
033645: ABUL-HAGGAG, Y. - A Contribution to the Physiography of Northern Ethiopia
024388: HAGSTRUM, JEAN H. - William Blake Poet and Painter: An Introduction to the Illuminated Verse
001562: HAGSTRUM, JEAN H. - Eros and Vision: The Restoration to Romanticism
031851: HAGUE, ARNOLD - The Towns: A History of the Fifty Destroyers Transferred from the United States to Great Britain in 1940
012874: HAHN, DR. BENNO - Die Morphin-Erkrankungen
040932: ABU-HAIDAR, J A. - Hispano-Arabic Literature and the Early Provencal Lyrics
035040: HAIGH, HARRY - The Work of the Woolman
004317: HAIGHT, ANNE LYON - Banned Books: A Chronological List of Books Banned from 387BC to 1954
029028: HAIGHT, ANNE LYON - Banned Books: Informal notes on some books banned for various reasons at various times and in various Places
032349: HAILEY, ARTHUR - Wheels
041223: FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH VON - The Apa Tanis and Their Neighbours: A Primitive Civilization of the Eastern Himalayas
018207: FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH VON - Himalayan Barbary
009928: HAIN, PETER - Political Strikes: The State and Trade Unionism in Britain
042659: HAIN, PETER - Don't Play with Apartheid: The Background to the Stop the Seventy Tour Campaign
044044: HAINES, PAMELA - Men on White Horses
030067: HAINES, C. GROVE (EDITOR) - The Threat of Soviet Imperialism
009610: HAINING, PETER - Terror! A History of Horror Illustrations from The Pulp Magazines
041788: HAINING, PETER - The Dracula Scrapbook
017536: HAINING, PETER (EDITOR) - The Unexpurgated Penthouse
002544: HAIRE, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Encylopaedia of Sexual Knowledge
027431: HAIRE, NORMAN (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Education Vol. 4 No. 2 October-November 1951
036547: HAKIM, PETER, AND SOLIMANO, GIORGIO - Development, Reform and Malnutrition in Chile
012969: ABU-HAKIMA, AHMAD MUSTAFA - The Modern History of Kuwait 1750-1965
045307: HALDANE, E.S. - George Eliot and Her Times: A Victorian Study
002916: HALDANE, JAMES - Missionary Romance in Morocco
027999: HALDANE, J.B.S.; O'CASEY, SEAN; OWEN, COUNCILLOR J.; ARNOT, R. PAGE - The Case of the Daily Worker
036144: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - How They Lived in Hampton: A Study of Practical Christianity Applied in the Manufacture of Woollens
024510: HALE, HEATHER - Nude & Lewd
012728: HALE, HEATHER - Nude & Lewd
005162: HALFORD, ALISON - No Way Up the Greasy Pole
044748: HALIFAX, LORD (CHARLES LINDLEY WOOD) - Ghost Book (New Portway Reprints)
004290: HALL, RADCLYFFE - The Well of Loneliness
022231: HALL, D.J. - English Mediaeval Pilgrimage
016143: HALL, ROBERT DE ZOUCHE (EDITOR) - A Bibliography of Vernacular Architecture
010337: HALL, MANNIE - Leatherman
036456: HALL, TOM - Smooth and Sassy
028150: HALL, WILLIAM EDWIN - 100 Years and Millions of Boys: The Dynamic Story of the Boys' Clubs of America
041619: HALL, R.D. - Sonia
041406: VIDAL-HALL, JUDITH (EDITOR) - Index on Censorship Vol. 28 No. 4 July/ August Issue 189
013318: KING-HALL, COMMANDER SIR STEPHEN - Defence in the Nuclear Age
040629: HALL, RUTH (EDITOR) - Dear Dr. Stopes: Sex in the 1920's
043345: HALL, PETER (EDITOR) - Labour's New Frontiers
039447: HALL, PETER - London 2000
027384: HALL, MICHAEL - It's Good To Talk: Springfield Mobile Phone Network
027385: HALL, MICHAEL - Community Relations: An Elusive Concept: An Exploration by Community Activists from North Belfast
027383: HALL, MICHAEL - Beyond Friendship: An Exploration of the Value of Cross-border Exchanges
027380: HALL, MICHAEL - Living in a Mixed Community: The Experience of Ballynafeigh
011844: HALL, EDGAR VINE - The Romance of Wills and Testaments
011731: HALL, GLADYS M. - Prostitution in the Modern World: A Survey and a Challange
017966: HALL, JULIAN (EDITOR) - Children's Rights: Towards the Liberation of the Child
031974: HALL, CYRIL - Sea Stories of Today
010744: HALL, MANNIE - Ten-Inch Trick
033691: HALLBERG, CHARLES W. - The Suez Canal: Its History and Diplomatic Importance
015014: HALLE, LOUIS J. - The Society of Man
005725: HALLERER, R, - Im Weiblicher Peitschenzucht Nach Tagebuch auf Zeichnungen einer Amerikanerin
023557: HALLETT, GRAHAM - The Economics of Agricultural Policy
032227: HALLETT, GRAHAM - Urban Land Economics
018998: HALLETT, GRAHAM - The Economics of Agricultural Policy
014047: HALLIDAY, WILLIAM REGINALD - Lectures on the History of Roman Religion from Numa to Augustus
017011: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD - A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs and Ancient Customs, from the Fourteenth Century
021601: HALLOWAY, J.L. - Spank Orgies
019367: HALLPIKE, C.R. - The Konso of Ethiopia
041005: HALLS, ZILLAH - Machine Made Lace in Nottingham in the 18th and 19th Century
034343: HALPERIN, MORTON H. - China and the Bomb
029538: HALPERIN, MORTON H. - Limited War in the Nuclear Age
010071: HALPERN, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Antaeus 4 Winter 1971
033217: HALPERN, PAUL G. (EDITED) - The Keyes Papers: Selections from the Private and Official Correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge: Volume II 1919-1938
033169: HALPERN, PAUL G. (EDITED) - The Keyes Papers. Selections from the Private and Official Correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge: Volume III 1939-1945
041994: HALPERN, JOEL M. - A Serbian Village: Social and Cultural Change in a Yugoslav Community
040077: HALPERN, JOEL M. - The Changing Village Community (Modernization of Traditional Society)
010841: HALPERN, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Antaeus 12 Winter 1973: British Poetry
026869: HALSEY, A.H. (EDITOR) - Heredity & Environment
003205: HALSEY, ALAN - A Spring and Summer: Part 2 of Apotheca
016917: HALSEY, BRIAN - Below the Line
013745: HALSTEAD, MURAT - The Story of Cuba: Her Struggles for Liberty the Cause, Crisis and Destiny of the Pearl of the Antilles
011869: HAM, PAUL (EDITOR) - Amnesty Journal March/April No. 60 1993
011870: HAM, PAUL (EDITOR) - Amnesty Journal October/November No. 58 1992
011868: HAM, PAUL (EDITOR) - Amnesty Journal August/September 1992
011476: HAM, PAUL (EDITOR) - Amnesty January/February 1993 Number 59
011477: HAM, PAUL (EDITOR) - Amnesty Journal June/July 1992
018987: HAMBLIN, DOUGLAS H. - The Teacher and Pastoral Care
044290: HAMBLY, W.D. - The History of Tattooing and Its Significance: With Some Account of Other Forms of Corporal Marking
011936: HAMBLY, W.D. - Origins of Education Among Primitive Peoples: A Comparative Study in Racial Development
041599: HAMER, MARGARET - Pillow Lace: Book 1
041600: HAMER, MARGARET - Pillow Lace Book 2: English Maltese Type Lace Edging with Corners
045377: HAMILTON, MARY AGNES - Thomas Carlyle
016509: HAMILTON, CICELY - Marriage as a Trade
003084: HAMILTON, ALEX - Town Parole
015858: HAMILTON, E.R. - The Art of Interrogation: Studies in the Principles of Mental Tests and Examinations
010411: HAMILTON, WALLACE - Coming Out
000461: HAMILTON, COUNT ANTHONY - The Four Facardins: A Fairy Tale
042837: HAMILTON, ADRIAN - North Sea Oil and Gas: A Geographical Perspective
010947: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITOR) - The New Review Volume 5 Number 2 Autumn 1978
014341: HAMILTON, PETER - Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society: An Examination and Philosophy of Defence for Management
045025: HAMILTON, CHINA - Bittersweet Sex
040386: HAMILTON, DAVID - La Danse
043619: HAMILTON, COUNT ANTHONY - The Four Facardins: A Fairy Tale
034255: HAMILTON, R.N.D. - A Guide to Development and Planning
017902: HAMMER, STEPHEN - The Itch
040960: HAMMERSLEY, RACHEL - French Revolutionaries and English Republicans: The Cordeliers Club, 1790-1794
013789: HAMMERSMITH, DICK - Queers and Quickies
016731: HAMMOND, CLARKE - Toni and Her Brothers
042632: HAMMOND, ROLT - Air Survey in Economic Development
042151: HAMMOND, P. - Energy Methods in Electromagnetism (Monographs in electrical and electronic engineering)
044409: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Morality and Pessimism: The Leslie Stephen Lecture, 1972
027617: HAMPSHIRE, SUSAN - Lucy Jane at the Ballet
024209: HAMPSHIRE, A. CECIL - Just An Old Navy Custom
034623: HAMPSON, NORMAN - The Terror in the French Revolution
010578: HAMUT, MARJORIE - Vices et Chatiments
040128: IBN HANBAL AND IBN RAHWAYH - Chapters on Marriage and Divorce: Responses of Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Rahwayh
016810: HANCARVILLE - Denkmaler des Geheimkults der Romischen Damen
022274: HANCOCK, W.K. - The History of Our Times: The Webb Memorial Lecture, 1950
012797: HANDEL, GERALD (EDITOR) - The Psychosocial Interior of the Family: A Sourcebook for the Study of Whole Families
013054: HANDEL, WILL - Angel with a Whip
038437: HANDEL, WILL - Junior Slut
036415: HANDEN, CARL (EDITOR) - Profile Vol. 1 No 4
036414: HANDEN, CARL (EDITOR) - Profile Vol. 1 No 1
035717: HANDEN, CARL (EDITOR) - Profile Vol. 1 No.3
035716: HANDEN, CARL (EDITOR) - Profile Vol. 1 No. 2
034936: DRYAD HANDICRAFTS - Spinning Wool
034937: DRYAD HANDICRAFTS - Rug Weaving
029522: HANDY, CHARLES - The Age of Unreason
027440: HANDYSIDE, JOHN D. - An Experiment with Supervisory Training
003521: HANFORTH, JOHN - The Life Line
044330: HANFORTH, JOHN - The Life Line
042927: HANKEY, LORD - The Supreme Control at the Paris Peace Conference
008098: HANKIN, AIZURA (EDITOR) - Skint 2: King Porn Adventures in the Land of Queer Sex
042892: HANKS, GEOFFREY - Friend of Prisoners: Story of Elizabeth Fry (Faith in Action)
009086: HANLEY, WILLIAM - Blue Dreams
009084: HANLEY, JACK - Bed for Beginners
031187: HANLEY, JACK - Let's Make Mary: A Gentleman's Guide to Seduction in 8 Easy Lessons
030228: HANLEY, WILLIAM - Blue Dreams
010716: HANLEY, MARK - Saddle Buddies
012816: PETULENGRO (EDITED BY E.B. O'HANLON) - Gypsy Fiddler
020582: HANNA, DAVID - Cults in America
031325: HANNAN, BILL - Fifty Years of Naval Tugs
036321: HANNAN, DAMIAN - Rural Exodus: A Study of the Forces Influencing the Large-Scale Migration of Irish Rural Youth
027284: HANNAY, DAVID RAINSFORD - The Symptom Iceberg: A Study of Community Health
028006: HANNINGTON, WAL - An Exposure of the Unemployed Social Service Schemes
026952: HANNON, PETER - Literacy, Home and School: Research and Practice in Teaching Literacy with Parents
032505: HANSEN, HENNY HARALD - Daughters of Allah: Among Moslem Women In Kurdistan
031445: HANSEN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Transexual Climax 23
043083: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Business Cycles and National Income
031685: HANSEN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Satisfaction 6
042064: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Fiscal Policy and Business Cycles
033652: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Economic Issues of the 1960s
039739: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Economic Policy and Full Employment
038366: HANSEN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Anal Sex 92
034188: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - The Dollar and the International Monetary System
001170: HANSON, LAWRENCE & ELIZABETH - Portrait of Vincent: A Van Gogh Biography
042046: HANSON, A.H. - Parliament and Public Ownership
007639: HANSON, EARL PARKER - Transformation: The Story of Modern Puerto Rico
037579: HANSON, JOSEPH MILLS - The Marne, Historic and Picturesque
030949: HAPPE, FRANCESCA (EDITOR) - The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines Volume 44 Number 4 May 2003
023324: O' HARA, JOHN - Pipe Night
021410: O'HARA, JOHN - Five Plays: Farmers Hotel, Searching Sun, Champagne Pool, Veronique, Way It Was
015949: O'HARA, SCOTT - Geiles Handwerk
041543: HARADA, CHIKAHITO - Russia and North-East Asia (Adelphi Series)
019486: HARARI, EHUD - The Politics of Labor Legislation in Japan
039427: HARBEN, HENRY D. - The Rural Problem
029374: HARBOTTLE, MICHAEL - The Blue Berets: The Story of The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces
036420: HARCOURT, G.C. - Capitalism, Socialism and Post-Keynesianism: Selected Essays of G.C.Harcourt
024017: VERNON-HARCOURT, LEVESON FRANCIS - A Treatise on Rivers and Canals Relating to the Control and Improvement of Rivers and the Design, Construction, and Development of Canals: Vol. 1
044325: HARCOURT, PALMA - Agents of Influence
006721: HARD, DONALD - Letters of Lust
006724: HARD, DONALD - The Spaniard
037819: HARDCASTLE - The Janus Collection: The Hardcastle Selection
042915: HARDEN, ROD - Hunting Bambi
021010: HARDESTY, VI - Leather, Ladies & Chains
027715: HARDIE, SEAN & LLOYD, JOHN - Not the Royal Wedding
030864: MELISSA HARDIE AND LISBETH HOCKEY (EDITORS) - Nursing Auxiliaries in Health Care
017248: HARDING, D.W. - Social Psychology and Individual Values
042725: HARDING, J.H. - A Guide to the Harwell Pluto Program
005272: HARDING, KENNETH - Tournament Wrestling
033627: HARDING, TODD - The Indecent Teen-ager
045697: HARDING, DAN - Venus in India or Love Adventures in Hindostan
028441: HARDING, KENNETH - Slaves of the Swastika
026874: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
022237: HARDY, M.J. - The Lockheed Constellation
031669: HARDY, A.C. - Wreck S.O.S. A Story Of How Ships Are Wrecked And How They Are Repaired and What Exists To Save Them
020917: HARDY, BARBARA - The Appropriate Form: An Essay on the Novel
029361: HARDY, JACK - The First American Revolution
033542: HARDY, CHARLES O. - Wartime Control of Prices
024112: HARDY, LINDA - Fringale Des Sexes
021504: HARE, RICHARD - A Polish Anthology
021488: HARE, RICHARD - Russian Literature: From Pushkin to the Present Day
041733: HARE, R.M. - Freedom and Reason
003805: HARGRAVE, LEONIE - Clara Reeve
000674: HARGRAVE, IVAN - The Green Fuse
037240: HARGREAVES, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - France and West Africa: An Anthology of Historical Documents
016443: HARGREAVES, GEORGE RONALD - Psychiatry and the Public Health
031759: HARGREAVES, WILLIAM - Alcohol and Science; or, Alcohol, what it is, and what it Does
023168: HARLEY, JANE F. - Mantle of Safety: The Flying Doctor Service
034770: WILLIAMS, HARLEY AND HARBERT, IRENE - Social Work for the Tuberculous: A Practical Guide
041864: HARMAN, BOB & MONROE, KEITH - Use Your Head in Tennis
023275: HARMON, R.Q. (EDITOR) - Bondage Life Number 58
022708: HARMON, R.Q. (EDITOR) - Simone Devon's Favourite Love Bondages Number 4
022706: HARMON, R.Q. (EDITOR) - Simone Devon's Favourite Bondage Models Number Two
000298: HARMON, MAURICE - Select Bibliography for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature and Its Backgrounds
043477: HARMON, R.Q. (EDITOR) - Bondage Life Number Thirty Six
036027: HARMON, R.Q. (EDITOR) - Bondage Life Number 55
013149: HARMS, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Drug Addiction in Youth
016933: HARNES, PETER - Snowbird
028375: METZ, HAROLD AND THOMSON, CHARLES - Authoritarianism and the Individual
021255: PEAKE, HAROLD AND FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Hunters and Artists: The Corridors of Time Vol. II
021256: PEAKE, HAROLD AND FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - The Way of The Sea: The Corridors of Time Vol. VI
021254: PEAKE, HAROLD AND FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Merchant Venturers in Bronze: The Corridors of Time Vol. VII
042681: HODGSON, JOHN HAROLD AND BANHAM, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Drama in Education 2: The Annual Survey
021229: PEAKE, HAROLD AND FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Apes & Men: The Corridors of Time Vol. I
042100: SILVER, HAROLD AND PAMELA - The Education of the Poor: The History of a National School 1824-1974
028040: HARP, GILLIS J. - Positivist Republic: Auguste Comte and the Reconstruction of American Liberalism, 1865-1920
030134: HARPANAS, RABBI GERSHOM - Babylonian Jewry: Talmudic Era: An Historical Survey Covering the Periodds of the Amora'im, Savora'im and Geonim
029946: HARPER, BILL - After the Abacus: Manager's Guide to Accounting Control and Finance
008379: HARPER, MARIE (EDITOR) - Big Ones International Vol. 3 No. 9
045442: HARPER, CLIVE - Notes Towards a Bibliography of Austin Osman Spare
034431: HARPER, BRAD - Turned-on Cousin
018941: HARPER, GEORGE MILLS - W.B. Yeats and W.T. Horton: The Record of an Occult Friendship
017995: HARPER, JANE R. - A Survey of Opportunities for Vocational Education in and Near Philadelphia
018996: HARRE, ROM - Social Being: A Theory for Social Psychology
018997: HARRE, ROM - Social Being: A Theory for Social Psychology
013805: HARRIER, RICHARD C. (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Jacobean Drama: Volume I
039996: HARRIER, RICHARD C. (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Jacobean Drama: Volume II
043739: HARRIES, JOHN V. - Employment Protection: The 1975 Act Explained
003113: HARRIMAN, P.L. - Dictionary of Psychology
016922: HARRINGTON, LEN - Stud Highway
035535: HARRINGTON, LEE BRIDGETT - The Toybag Guide to Age Play
030008: HARRIS, NIGEL - Beliefs in Society: The Problem of Ideology
009623: HARRIS, FRANK - My Life and Loves: Vol.3
009622: HARRIS, FRANK - My Life and Loves: Vol.4
032263: HARRIS, FRANK - Unpath'd Waters
009307: HARRIS, ALAN - Questions About Sex
009102: HARRIS, TIMOTHY - American Gigolo
032242: HARRIS, LESLIE G. - Shareholders' Rights
034592: HARRIS, RALPH - Beyond the Welfare State
045908: HARRIS, R.W. - Reason and Nature in the Eighteenth Century, 1714-1780 (History and Literature)
000448: HARRIS, NATHANIEL (D.H. LAWRENCE) - The Lawrences
010401: HARRIS, JOHN - Country Boy
043234: HARRIS, IAN (EDITOR) - Buddhism and Politics Twentieth Century Asia
001652: HARRIS, FRANK - Great Days: A Novel
045577: HARRIS, FRANK (ALEXANDER TROCCHI) - My Life and Loves: Fifth Volume
045231: HARRIS, AMITY - Debbie's Gift: An Erotic Story of Female Dominance
043712: HARRIS, FRANK (ALEXANDER TROCCHI) - My Life and Loves: Fifth Volume of
039632: HARRIS, R.W. - Romanticism and the Social Order
042710: HARRIS, PHIL - Reporting Southern Africa: Western News Agencies Reporting from Southern Africa
034469: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde
036970: HARRIS, NITA - Newspaper Delivery Girl
006361: HARRIS, FRANK - Frank Harris: In Memoriam Fragments from His New York Days
018167: HARRIS, NATHANIEL (GEORGE BERNARD SHAW) - The Shaws: The Family of George Bernard Shaw: Families in History
020599: HARRIS, BILL - Prinses van Pijn
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006968: HOLM, NINA - I, A Prostitute
006966: HOLM, SIV - I, A Woman
006967: HOLM, STIIG - I, A Lover
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006965: HOLM, SIV - I, A Woman
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032037: HOLT, ALAN L. - Old North Somerset, Romantic Routes & Mysterious Byways
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005970: HOPE, EVELYN - Further Education Part One
024520: HOPE, W. BRO. O.W. - A Short History of the Province of Cheshire 1725-1975: A Souvenir of the 250th Anniversary Festival 4th October, 1975
041002: HOPEWELL, JEFFERY - Pillow Lace and Bobbins
039786: HOPFEN, H.J. - Farm Implements for Arid and Tropical Regions
044605: HOPKINS, R. THURSTON - Rudyard Kipling: A Character Study: Life, Writings and Literary Landmark
044607: HOPKINS, R. THURSTON - Rudyard Kipling, A Character Study: Life, Writings and Literary Landmarks
013192: HOPKINS, HARRY - The Numbers Game: The Bland Totalitarianism
018250: HOPKINS, R. THURSTON - H.G. Wells; Personality, Character, Topography
020321: HOPPER, JACK-HENRY - Madame
020322: HOPPER, JACK-HENRY - Maskers of Madame
039694: HOPPER, MAX - The Unorthodox Sex Education of Billy Joe
045928: HOPTMAN, LAURA - Brion Gysin: Dream Machine
044839: HOPTMAN, LAURA - Brion Gysin: Dream Machine
043661: O'HORAN, PADRAIG - The Proud and the Lovely
011635: HORDERN, ANTHONY - Legal Abortion: The English Experience
022332: HORN, PAMELA - Joseph Arch (1826-1919): The Farm Workers' Leader
034350: HORN, D.B. - The British Diplomatic Service 1689-1789
003261: HORNER, LANCE - Rogue Roman
033121: HORNER, REV. G. - The Service for the Consecration of a Church and Altar According to the Coptic rite: Edited with translations from a Coptic and Arabic Manuscript of A.D. 1307, for the Bishop of Salisbury
024002: HORNER, FRANCIS - Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M. P. Edited By His Brother, Leonard Horner
017129: HOROBIN, IAN MACDONALD - The Pleasures of Planning
045894: HOROWITZ, IRVING L. (EDITOR) - The Anarchists
042001: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS (EDITOR) - The New Sociology Essays in Social Science and Theory on Honour of C. Wright Mills
014154: HOROWITZ, MICHAEL M. (EDITOR) - Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean: An Anthropological Reader
007638: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS; CASTRO, JOSUE DE; GERASSI, JOHN (EDITORS) - Latin American Radicalism: A Documentary Report on Left and Nationalist Movements
023700: HORRICKS, RAYMOND - Count Basie and His Orchestra Its Music and Its Musicians
041004: VAN HORRIK, MADELINE - Lace: Our Heritage
003057: HORTELANO, JUAN GARCIA - Summer Storm
014348: PALOCZI-HORVATH, GEORGE - Youth Up in Arms: A Political and Social World Survey 1955-1970
026406: HORWITZ, JULIUS - Behind Every Door
026407: HORWITZ, JULIUS - Can I Get There By Candlelight
017543: HOSELITZ, BERT F. (EDITOR) - Theories of Economic Growth
021765: HOSIER, JOHN - Instruments of the Orchestra
033684: HOSKEN, FRAN P. - The Functions of Cities
040777: HOSKINS, JANET (EDITOR) - Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia
029278: HOSKYNS, CATHERIN - The Congo Since Independence: January 1960-December 1961
027996: HOSSZU, MICHEL - Fete Sadienne
005226: HOSSZU, MICHEL - Fete Sadienne
017937: HOSSZU, MICHEL - Fete Sadienne
013156: HOTCHEN, J.S. - Drug Misuse and the Law: The Regulations
033376: HOUGH, RICHARD - Man O'War: The Fighting Ship in History
001217: HOUGH, GRAHAM - The Last Romantics
002490: HOUGHTON, GEORGE - The Penny Spenders: One Man and His Op
013490: HOURANI, ALBERT (EDITOR) - Middle Eastern Affairs Number One

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