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045092: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - A History of India: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
044404: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - High Noon of Empire: India Under Curzon
045354: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - Bound to Exile: The Victorians in India
045785: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - British India 1772-1937: A Survey of The Nature and Effects of Alien Rule
023484: EDWARDS, RALPH - Hepplewhite Furniture Designs From The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterers Guide 1794
004644: EDWARDS, KEN - Dover: Four Poems in Praise of Community
044807: EDWARDS, BILL (EDITOR) - Whitehouse Digest Issue 1
036987: EDWARDS, LYDIA B.; PALMER, CARROLL E.; MAGNUS, KNUT - BCG Vaccination: Studies by the WHO Tuberculosis Research Office, Copenhagen
026033: EDWARDS, R. DUDLEY - Ireland in the Age of the Tudors
034443: EDWARDS, WAYNE (EDITOR) - Vlad the Impaler Vol. 1
042900: EDWARDS, SAMUEL - Rebel: Biography of Thomas Paine
044610: EDWARDS, OWEN DUDLEY - P.G. Wodehouse
005803: EDWARDS, JANINE - The Labours of Erik
042061: EDWARDS, REESE - The Secondary Technical School
040856: EDWARDS, BILL (EDITOR) - Whitehouse No. 65
031130: EDWARDS, BILL (EDITOR) - Lovebirds Number 26
031119: EDWARDS, BILL (EDITOR) - Whitehouse No. 48
032091: EDWARDS, MAY GRIFFITH - As I Sat Alone
043730: EDWARDS, J. LL. J. - Mens Rea in Statutory Offences
013082: EDWARDS, JANINE - The Labours of Erik
004946: BETHAM-EDWARDS, MISS - In French Africa: Scenes and Memories
038811: EDWARDS, SYDNEY - Tales of Beatrix Potter
022587: EFFRAT, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Political Sociology
030789: EFRON, EDITH - The News Twisters
042847: EFTA - Building EFTA: A Free Trade Area in Europe / Prepared by the EFTA Secretariat
001214: WHITTINGTON-EGAN, RICHARD & SMERDON, GEOFFREY - The Quest of the Golden Boy: The Life and Letters of Richard Le Gallienne
011819: EGAN, BERESFORD & DE SHANE, BRIAN (CATHARINE BOWER ALCOCK) - De Sade: Being a Series of Wounds Inflicted with Brush and Pen, Upon Sadistic Wolves Garbed in Masochists' Wool
011818: EGAN, BERESFORD & DE SHANE, BRIAN (CATHARINE BOWER ALCOCK) - De Sade: Being a Series of Wounds Inflicted with Brush and Pen, Upon Sadistic Wolves Garbed in Masochists' Wool
037806: EGAN, BERESFORD - Epilogue
021968: EGEJURU, PHANUEL AKUBUEZE - Towards African Literary Independence: A Dialogue with Contemporary African Writers
019438: EGGAN, FRED - Social Organization of the Western Pueblos: An Integrated Analysis of the Hopi, Hano, Zuni, Acoma, and Laguna Indians
012365: EGLAR, ZEKIYE - A Punjabi Village in Pakistan
029805: EGLINTON, J.Z. - Greek Love
025492: EHLERS, WALTER H. - Mothers of Retarded Children How They Feel; Where They Find Help
033894: EHRENPREIS, IRVIN - Jonathan Swift: Index to the Prose Writings
028907: EHRENWALD, JAN - The History of Psychotherapy From Healing Magic to Encounter
025350: EHRENWALD, JAN - Telepathy and Medical Psychology
006406: EHRLICH, HOWARD J. (EDITOR) - Social Anarchism: A Journal of Practice and Theory Volume 6 No. 2
024946: EIBL-EIBESFELDT, IRENAUS - Ethology: The Biology of Behavior
008525: EICHENLAUB, JOHN - The Marriage Art
045094: EICHENLAUB, JOHN - New Approaches to Sex in Marriage
001816: EICHENLAUB, JOHN - New Approaches to Sex in Marriage
043810: EICHMANN, RAYMOND - Cuckolds, Clerics, and Countrymen: Medieval French Fabliaux
042329: EICHNER, ALFRED S. - The Emergence of Oligopoly: Sugar Refining As a Case Study
034496: POWER, EILEEN AND POSTAN, M.M. (EDITORS) - Studies in English Trade in the Fifteenth Century
026497: EINSTEIN, ALFRED - A Short History of Music
034766: EINZIG, PAUL - The Euro-dollar System: Practice and Theory of International Interest Rates
029961: AN POBAL EIRITHE - An Pobal Eirithe (The Risen People) No. 4 Spring 1990
012650: EISENLOHR, LOUISE ELIZABETH - International Narcotics Control
012645: EISENLOHR, LOUISE ELIZABETH - International Narcotics Control
042212: EISENSON, JON (EDITOR) - Stuttering: A Symposium
014914: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI - Notes of a Film Director
043552: EISSLER, M. - The Metallurgy of Gold. A Practical Treatise on the Metallurgical Treatment of Gold-Bearing Ores, Including the Assaying, Melting, and Refining of Gold
035025: EITNER, LORENZ - Morris & Co: Stanford Art Book 15
008526: EJLERSEN, METTE - I Accuse
009461: EKINS, REV. G.R. - Islam
006986: EKIS, EON - De l'Homme, de la Femme et de la Violence dans Leur Comportement Amoureux
041201: EKUNDARE, R.OLUFEMI - An Economic History of Nigeria, 1860-1960
026301: ZEKE'EL, MENAHEM BEN MOSHE - Book of Prayers Tephilath Jeshurun containing all the prayers for the year according to the custom of the holy congregations of the Sephardim in the Orient and Elsewhere
026865: FARMER, ELAINE AND PARKER, ROY - Trials and Tribulations: Returning Children from Local Authority Care to Their Families
006569: ELAM, YITZCHAK - The Social and Sexual Roles of Hima Women: A Study of the Nomadic Cattle Breeders in Nyabushozi County, Ankole, Uganda
042306: ELATH, ELIAHU - Objectives of Israel's Foreign Policy
018180: ELATH, ELIAHU - Israel and Her Neighbours: Lectures delivered at Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachussetts, in April-May, 1956
030529: ELBERT, JOYCE - The Crazy Ladies
015032: ELBERT, ROBERT G. - Unemployment and Relief
043645: ELBOW, MATTHEW H. - French Corporative Theory, 1789-1948: A Chapter in the History of Ideas
023109: ELDER, E. (COMPILED BY) - New English Bible New Testament Concordance
045707: ELDERNINCK, D.PH. VAN VLOTEN - Sexueele Zelden in Woord en Beeld: De Dwalende Venus
015318: ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM BUTLER - Narcotics and the Law: A Critique of the American Experiment in Natrcotic Drug Control
032700: ELGAR, W.H. - Foundations for Houses and Other Small Structures
041111: ELIAS, EILEEN - On Sundays We Wore White
029995: ELIOT, SIR CHARLES - Hinduism and Buddhism: A Historical Sketch: Volume II
029994: ELIOT, SIR CHARLES - Hinduism and Buddhism: A Historical Sketch Volume III
009606: ELIOT, T.S. - The Cocktail Party
023205: ELIOT, T.S. - Poetry and Drama: The Theodore Spencer Memorial Lecture, Harvard University, November 21, 1950
014996: ELIOT, THOMAS D. (EDITOR) - American Standards and Planes of Living: Readings in the Social Economics of Consumption
017768: ELIOT, T.S. - The Cocktail Party
027543: ELISSEEFF, VADIME - Tresors d'art Chinois: recentes decouvertes archeologiques de la Republique Populaire de Chine
042142: FOX-GENOVESE, ELIZABETH AND GENOVESE, EUGENE D. - The Fruits of Merchant Capital: Slavery and Bourgeois Property in the Rise and Expansion of Capitalism
024856: COLSON, ELIZABETH AND GLUCKMAN, MAX (EDITORS) - Seven Tribes of Central Africa
036293: ELKIN, ROBERT - Royal Philharmonic: The Annals Of The Royal Philharmonic Society
032888: ELKIN, STANLEY - Boswell: A Modern Comedy
034791: ELKIN, SONIA - What About Europe? A Study of the European Ecconomic Community
037059: ELKIND, DAVID - The Child and Society: Essays in Applied Child Development
039231: DE STEFANO, ELLEN AND STEELE, RICHARD - Los Angeles Girl & Punishment for Claudia
010173: ELLIGAN, DAVID C. (EDITOR) - Crazy Female Vol.2 No.1
023882: ELLIOT, WARNER - Nympho Twins
026964: ELLIOTT, H. CHANDLER - Textbook of the Nervous System: A Foundation for Clinical Neurology
017121: ELLIOTT, INEZ (EDITOR) - Dr. Williams's Library, London: Catalogue of Accessions Vol 2. Being a catalogue of books published in the twentieth century and added to the Library 1951-1960
043334: ELLIOTT, TONY (EDITOR) - The Book of London
045519: ELLIOTT, ALAN J.A. - Chinese Spirit-Medium Cults in Singapore
004719: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Brevi Saggi Sull'Amore Sessuale
004669: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Sexual Selection in Man
023267: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON - The Engines That Have Passed
022459: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Affirmations
028845: ELLIS, WILLIAM W. - White Ethics and Black Power: The Emergence of the West Side Organization
010622: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - The Art of Life: Gleanings from the Works of Havelock Ellis
043481: ELLIS, DR. ALBERT & SAGARIN, EDWARD - Nymphomania: A Study of the Oversexed Woman
036360: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - On Life and Sex: Essays of Love and Virtue
036359: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - The Evolution of Modesty, The Phenomena of Periodicity, Auto-Erotism
044082: ELLIS, ALBERT - Sex Beliefs and Customs
042767: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - A History of the Irish Working Class
005579: ELLIS, P. BERESFORD - The Creed of the Celtic Revolution
017880: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Studies in the Psychology of Sex
043624: ELLIS, ALBERT - The Art and Practice of Love
043601: ELLIS, DR. ALBERT - If This be Sexual Heresy
037994: ELLIS, MRS. HAVELOCK - Three Modern Seers: James Hinton, Nietzsche Edward Carpenter
006476: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Kanga Creek: An Australian Idyll
006306: ELLISON, ALFRED - Oral Sex and the the Law
032264: ELLISON, THOMAS - The Cotton Trade of Great Britain
042219: ELLISON, MARY - The Adopted Child
040207: ELLISON, REV. HENRY J. - The Temperance Reformation Movement in the Church of England
014711: ELLMANN, MARY - Thinking About Women
025106: ELM, BOB - A Taste of Flesh
017482: ELMGREN, JOHN - Some Fundamental Problems in Psychological Factor Analysis
000456: ELSNER, GISELA - The Giant Dwarfs
018197: ELSTON, D.R. - No Alternative: Israel Observed
019769: ELTON, G.R. - England: 1200-1640
003697: ELVIFRANCE - Jacula: Vampire, Leve Toi et Marche No.24
005621: EMBREE, JOHN F. - A Japanese Village: Suye Mura
028569: EMERSON, R.W. - War: An Essay by R.W. Emerson
035231: EMERSON, CELIA - Revolutionary Feminism: A History of Women's Liberation and Revolution
011922: EMERY, F.E. - Freedom and Justice Within Walls: The Bristol Prison Experiment
019833: HEERMANN, EMIL AND BRASKAMP, LARRY (EDITORS) - Readings in Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
028481: DURKHEIM, EMILE AND MAUSS, MARCEL - Primitive Classification
036139: DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT - Women and Work: Statistical Survey
043914: ENBY, GUNNEL - Let There be Love: Sex and the Handicapped
029594: ENDERBY, VAL - Violent Stories of Incest and Rape
022619: ENDO, SHUSAKU - Volcano
001071: ENDORE, GUY - King of Paris: A Novel Based on the Lives of the Alexandre Dumas, father & son.
042744: ENDORE, GUY - Synanon
031607: ENDORE, GUY - Satan's Saint: A Novel About the Marquis de Sade
031606: ENDORE, GUY - Satan's Saint: De Sade a Novel About the Man
039602: ENDORE, GUY - Satan's Saint: A Novel About the Marquis de Sade
037381: ENELOW, ALLEN J. - Elements of Psychotherapy
017245: ENGEL, ARTHUR - Perspectives in Health Planning (Heath Clark Lectures)
015436: ENGEL, CARL - The Music of the Most Ancient Nations, Particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews; with special reference to recent discoveries in Western Asia and Egypt
015350: ENGEL, CLAIRE ELIANE - A History of Mountaineering in the Alps
028800: ENGELS, FREDERICK - The Condition of the Working Class in England
032634: ENGELS, FREDERICK - Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
004384: ENGLAND, YOUNG - Tracts for Manhood on Regeneration, Social, Moral, and Spiritual
021368: ENGLAND, SYLVIA LENNIE - The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
014440: CHURCH OF ENGLAND, NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, BOARD OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Ought Suicide to Be a Crime? A Discussion of Suicide, Attempted Suicide and the Law
013328: ENGLAND, BETTY - Nuclear Disarmament for Britain: Why We Need Action Not Words
032631: ENGLAND, BETTY - Nuclear Disarmament for Britain: Why We Need Action Not Words
006300: ENGLISCH, DR. PAUL - Irrgarten der Erotik: Eine Sittengeschichte uber das Gesamte Gebiet der Welt-Pornographie
003315: ENGLISCH, DR. PAUL - Geschichte der Erotischen Literatur
003314: ENGLISCH, DR. PAUL - Anthologie der Erotischen Literatur Aller Zeiten und Volker mit Einleitung, Quellennachweisen und Literaturangaben von Dr. Paul Englisch
003316: ENGLISCH, DR. PAUL - Sittengeschichte Europas
031850: ENGLISH, JOHN - Afridi to Nizam: British Fleet Destroyers 1937-43
040362: ENGSTRAND, STUART - The Sling and the Arrow
036089: ENNEW, JUDITH - Debt Bondage: A Survey
012946: GUIDONI, ENRICO AND MAGNI, ROBERTO - Inka: Monumete Grosser Kulturen
026420: ENSER, A.G.S. - A Subject Bibliography of the First World War: Books in English, 1914-1978
034800: ENSOR, R.C.K. - Herr Hitler's Self Disclosure in Mein Kampf
017446: AMERICAN ART ENTERPRISES - Command Volume 1 Number 4
039049: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Big & Busty Brawlers Number 2
009370: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage History: The Early 1970s Volume 1 Number 3
009368: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage History: The Early 1970s Volume 2 Number 2
009369: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage History: The Early 1970s Volume 1 Number 2
008984: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Rubber Bondage Volume 1 Number 3
008983: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Rubber Bondage Volume 1 Number 1
022709: LONDON ENTERPRISES - The Custom Bondages of Simone Devon Number 10
022707: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Simone Devon's Tight Love Bondages Number Ten
022306: OAKMORE ENTERPRISES - Whack No. 1
022481: ARADIA ENTERPRISES - Femme Fatale Volume One Number One
022196: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Over the Knee Spanking Number 3
022199: HOLLY ENTERPRISES - Prefect Volume 1 Number 3
022150: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Rubber Bondage Volume 1 Number 5
022093: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Personal Bondage Number Three
022094: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Personal Bondage Number Two
022095: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Personal Bondage Number One
010422: LONDON ENTERPRISES - 235 Bondage Photos Volume One Number One
033265: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Deadlier Than the Male Volume 1 Number 2
021594: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Spanked Number 13
005366: SATELLITE ENTERPRISES - Tortured TV's Volume 4 Number 4
045685: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Sarah Foster Tate in Bondage Number Six
042969: SATELLITE ENTERPRISES - The Transformation of Deborah Volume 4 Number 4
045384: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Big & Busty Brawlers Number 2
036226: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Adventures in Bondage Number 1
036227: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage Adventures Number 1
036237: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Love Bondage Treasures Number 37
036221: LONDON ENTERPRISES - 300 Bound Beauties Number 8
036219: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bound and Bared Volume 1 Issue 1
036188: LONDON ENTERPRISES - The Joy of Bondage Number 1
036187: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Love Bondage Treasures Number 38
041633: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Interracial Wrestling No. 1
020317: LONDON ENTERPRISES - A Good Spanking Number 1
031100: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Shaved and Bound Issue Number Two
038898: AMERICAN ART ENTERPRISES - Pregnant Beauties Volume 1 Number 1
020143: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Hard Knots Number 4
032785: OAKMORE ENTERPRISES - Young Bondage No. 1
032782: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bound to Tease Number 14
032774: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Rope Discipline Number One
032772: LONDON ENTERPRISES - 235 Bondage Photos Volume 3 Number 1
040516: RAS ENTERPRISES - Wow: The Magazine of Club Wow No. 13-14
039055: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bonda! Volume One Number Four
038435: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Private Bondage in Britain Number Four
038434: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage Photo Treasures Number 21
038431: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Bondage Gymnasium Number 1
038089: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Spanker's World Number Three
023795: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Beautiful Bondage Scenes Number 13
023796: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Beautiful Bondage Scenes Number 6
023793: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Amateur Bondage Number Six
023794: LONDON ENTERPRISES - Amateur Bondage Number Three
021709: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Rotherham Study 2: Technical Appendices
021708: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Rotherham Study 1: A General Approach to Improving the Physical Environment
042827: GREAT BRITAIN: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Asbestos Materials in Buildings
036154: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - 50 Million Volunteers: Report on the Role of Voluntary Organizations and Youth in the Environment
020920: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Sunderland Study 1: Tackling Urban Problems: A Basic Handbook
020912: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Sunderland Study 2: Tackling Urban Problems: A Working Guide
020911: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Oldham Study: Environmental Planning and Management
026624: EPICTETUS - The Encheiridion or Manual
026625: EPICTETUS - Moral Discourses of Epictetus
028274: EPSTEIN, A.L. (EDITOR) - The Craft of Social Anthropology
033980: EPSTEIN, JACOB - Catalogue of a Jacob Epstein Exhibition held by the Edinburgh Festival Society, Aug-Sept
045572: EPSTEIN, I. - The People's War
043973: EPSTEIN, CYNTHIA FUCHS - Woman's Place: Options and Limits in Professional Careers
025385: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE - The Faith of Judaism: An Interpretation for Our Times
018416: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE - Judaism: A Historical Presentation
008519: EPTON, NINA - Love and the French
026790: COMMISSION FOR RACIAL EQUALITY - Racial Equality in Social Services Departments
007585: EREC, FRATER (EDITOR) - Anubis: Zeitschrift fur Praktische Magie und Psychonautik No.12 Juli 1989
007586: EREC, FRATER (EDITOR) - Anubis: Zeitschrift fur Praktische Magie und Psychonautik No.13 Winter 1989/90
024501: ONE WHE ERED - Confessions of a Good Wife
033211: ERET, A. - La Belle Alsacienne, ou Telle mère, telle Fille
041981: ERGANG, R.R. - Herder and the Foundations of German Nationalism
015254: BE'ERI, ELIEZER - Army Officers in Arab Politics and Society
026483: HOSKING, ERIC AND NEWBERRY, CYRIL - Bird Photography as a Hobby
014173: STOKES, ERIC AND BROWN, RICHARD (EDITORS) - The Zambesian Past: Studies in Central African History
024239: ERICKSON, HELEN - A Young Person's Guide To The Opera
035889: BINDEWALD, ERIN AND KASPER, KARL - Fairy Fancy on Fabrics: The Wonderland of Calico-Printing
004136: WECK-ERLEN, DR. L. VAN DER - Das Goldene Buch der Lieber oder die Renaissance im Geschlectsleben ein Eros-Kodex fur Beide Geschlechter
039113: MARTINO, ERMANNO AND GIGANTE, ALVISE - Flotta Sovietica oggi Sottomarini e Sommergibili
038192: GAUCHER, ERNEST AND GOUGEROT, H. - The Dangers of Syphilis and the Question of State Control: Report of a discussion at the seventeenth International Congress of Medicine held in London, 1913
039303: ERTZ, SUSAN - Charmed Circle
044164: D'ERVILLIER, RALPH - Friandises Amoureuses
004862: ERWIN, CAROL - The Orderly Disorderly House
024119: ERYL, CORINE - C...: Cahiers et Recits Vecus
030058: VAN ESBECK, EDMUND - The Story of Irish Rugby
028292: ESCAPADE - Famous Cartoons from Escapade
044711: ESCARPIT, ROBERT - The Book Revolution
039470: ESCRITT, L.B. - Regional Planning. An outline of the scientific data relating to planning in Great Britain
023583: ESDAILE, KATHARINE A. - English Church Monuments 1510-1840
000538: ESKAPA, ROY - Bizarre Sex
020185: ESPARBEC - Mes Patientes Perferent les Massages Sexuels
021657: ESPERANZA - Gangbang Girls: Secret Identities
044068: T ESQUIRE, SIR O. - In Satin Slippers and Fetters of Steel
022634: ESSEE, GEORGES F. - Meine Herrin Anna
013596: ESTANCIERO, AN - Ponce de Leon: The Rise of the Argentine Republic
032971: L'ABBÉ DE COLIBRI (JEAN-FRANÇOIS CAILHAVA DE L'ESTANDOUX) - Les Contes de l'Abbé de Colibri: Nouvelle édition avec préface par un homme de lettres fort Connu
027465: D'ESTERNOD, CLAUDE - L'Espadon Satyrique: Première édition critique, d'après l'édition originale de 1619, avec une préface, une bibliographie, un glossaire, des variantes et des notes par Fernand Fleuret et Louis Perceau
038565: ESTREE, GABRIELLE - Les Passions D'Helene Tome I-II
025176: ETHERINGTON, GRAHAM - A Guide to South African Wines
034470: CHARLES-ETIENNE - Notre-Dame de Lesbos: Roman de Moeurs
025318: CHARLES-ETIENNE - Juliette ou Les Epices Libertines
035860: DEAK, ETIENNE AND DEAK, SIMONE - A Dictionary of Colorful French Slanguage and Colloquialisms
024489: ETLER, ACE - Virgin Territory
018629: ETLER, ACE - Virgin Territory
044138: ETTERMAN, LUDWIG - Les divertissements Erotiques
010735: ETTIENE, STEVE - Hard-Hat Apprentice
005068: ETTINGER, CLAYTON J. - The Problem of Crime
044124: CHARNIAK, EUGENE AND WILKS, YORICK - Computational Semantics: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Comprehension
026619: EURIPEDES - Electra
026621: EURIPEDES - The Bacchantes
026622: EURIPEDES - Hippolytus
020415: 7 OAKS EURO - New Vixen: Dedicated to the Superior Sex Volume 2 Number 8
020414: 7 OAKS EURO - New Vixen: Dedicated to the Superior Sex Volume 2 Number 7
020413: 7 OAKS EURO - New Vixen: Dedicated to the Superior Sex Volume 2 Number 6
020412: 7 OAKS EURO - New Vixen: Dedicated to the Superior Sex Volume 2 Number 3
020411: 7 OAKS EURO - New Vixen: Dedicated to the Superior Sex Volume 2 Number 1
042955: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - European Commission on Human Rights: Decisions and Reports 26 June 1982
042954: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - European Commission on Human Rights: Decisions and Reports 27 September 1982
042937: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - Explanatory Report on Protocol No. 6 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Concerning the Abolition of the Death Penalty
042819: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - Further Training for Nurses in the Member States of the Council and in Finland
040014: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - Legal Problems Concerning Unmarried Couples: Proceedings of the Eleventh Colloquy on European law, Messina 8-10 July 1981
040009: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - Stock-taking on the European Convention on Human Rights: A Periodic Note on the Concrete Results Achieved Under the Convention
039803: ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR EUROPE - Economic Survey of Europe 1981
043840: EURYDICE - F/32: The Second Coming
017336: EVANS, MARTIN - Atlantic Era: The British Atlantic Locomotive
009585: EVANS, TABOR - Longarm and the Lone Star Vengeance
009586: EVANS, TABOR - Longarm and the Lone Star Legend
027550: EVANS, JOAN - Life in Medieval France
003887: EVANS, BLAKE - The Big Sin Siesta
016514: EVANS, GEORGE - A Practical Treatise on Artificial Crown and Bridge Work
036698: EVANS, PETER - The Music of Benjamin Britten
003031: EVANS, JOHN G. - The Environment of Early Man in the British Isles
042465: EVANS, GLYNNE - Responding to Crises in the African Great Lakes (Adelphi Papers)
044836: EVANS, HILARY - Harlots, Whores & Hookers: The History of Prostitution
042269: EVANS, E.G.S. - Modern Educational Psychology
020903: EVANS, RICHARD - Socialism
014439: EVANS, M (EDITOR) - British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 14, No. 2 Summer 1979
014437: EVANS, M (EDITOR) - British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 13, No. 2 Summer 1978
014438: EVANS, M (EDITOR) - British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 14, No. 1 Spring 1979
014436: EVANS, M (EDITOR) - British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 12, No. 2 Summer 1977
014431: EVANS, M (EDITOR) - British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 12, No. 1 Spring 1977
010409: EVANS, JACK - Home is Where the Hard is
025015: EVANS, MARIAN - Ted Heath: A Family Portrait
033623: EVANS, RON - Daughter Joins the Orgy
027723: EVANS, GROSE - Spanish Painting in the National Gallery of Art
019115: EVANS, E. EYSTEN (EDITOR) - Belfast in its Regional Setting: A Scientific Survey
039456: EVANS, C.F. - Resurrection and the New Testament
034880: EVANS, EMERALD - Sugar
034861: EVANS, EMERALD - When She Was Bad
002313: EVANS, DAVID - The Sex Experimenters
023620: EVANS, WILLA MCCLUNG - Ben Jonson and Elizabethan Music
036074: EVELY, RICHARD - Monopoly Good and Bad
026453: EVENING, MARGARET - Who Walk Alone: A Consideration of the Single Life
042215: EVENS, ISABEL M. - Other People's Children and the Art of Homemaking
010619: EVERETT, VIKKI - A Feminine State of Being
009412: EVERETT, VIKKI - The CD Sentinels
019758: EVERETT, C.W. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Junius
015334: EVERS, NORMAN - The Chemistry of Drugs
014179: EVERSLEY, D.E.C. - Social Theories of Fertility and the Malthusian Debate
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020809: FRUSTA, GIOVANNI - Der Flagellantismus und die Jesuitenbeichte, Geiselinstitute
004839: FRUSTA, GIOVANNI - Der Flagellantismus und die Jesuitenbeichte
023203: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - An Experience of Critics and the Approach to Dramatic Criticism
042290: FRY, EDWARD - Teaching Faster Reading: A Manual
004998: FRY, MARGERY - Arms of the Law
033578: FRY, MARGERY - The Future Treatment of the Adult Offender
045471: FRYER, JONATHAN - Andre & Oscar: The Literary Friendship of Andre Gide and Oscar Wilde
004337: FRYER, PETER - Mrs. Grundy: Studies In English Prudery
045077: FRYER, PETER - Mrs. Grundy: Studies In English Prudery
041762: FRYER, PETER - The Man of Pleasure's Companion: A Nineteenth Century Anthology of Amorous Entertainment
043895: FRYER, PETER - Private Case - Public Scandal
011681: FRYER, PETER - The Birth Controllers
002308: FRYER, PETER - Venus Unmasked or An Inquiry Into the Nature and Origin of the Passion of Love
022950: FUCHS, STEPHEN - The Aboriginal Tribes of India
044948: FUCHS, CHRISTIAN - Bad Blood: An Illustrated History of Psycho Cinema
008124: FUCHS, EDOUARD - L'Element Erotique dans la Caricature: Un Document a l'Histoire des Moeurs Publiques
020524: FUCHS, CHRISTIAN - Kino Killer: Morder in Film
004848: FUCHS, HANNS - Auf Dornenpfaden: Ein Masochistischer Roman
000265: FUDGE, WILLIAM KINGSTON - The Genealogical Quarterly: Spring (March) Vol.1. No.4.
038773: FUENTES, KIRBY - Kiss of the Lash
042399: FUERST, J.S. (EDITOR) - Public Housing in Europe and America
034301: FUKUDA, HARUKO - Britain in Europe: Impact on the Third World
023581: FUKUDA, HARUKO - Japan and World Trade: The Years Ahead
022567: FULFORD, ROGER - Votes for Women
041412: BUCKMINSTER FULLER, R. - Critical Path
045695: FULLER, J.F.C. (CROWLEY, ALEISTER) - Aleister Crowley Bibliotheca Crowleyana: Bibliography
043600: FULLER, JEAN OVERTON - Blavatsky and Her Teachers: An Investigative Biography
045581: FULLER, J.F.C. (CROWLEY, ALEISTER) - 666: Bibliotheca Crowleyana
027197: FULLER, JEAN OVERTON - Sickert and the Ripper Crimes: 1888 Ripper Murders and the Artist Walter Richard Sickert
033386: FULTON, WARD - Incest in the Ghetto
024046: FURBER, WILLIAM - Make Love, Not Water
038581: FURIÓ, D. ANTONIO - Diccionario Histórico de los ilustres profesores de las Bellas Artes en Mallorca
017200: FURNAS, J.C. - The Late Demon Rum: An Irreverent History of the Temperance Movement in the United States
005681: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - Primitive Peoples
001486: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - Legend and Reality
043352: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J. (EDTIOR) - Loose and Humorous Songs from Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript
045794: FURRYA, SOPHIA - Les Géoles de Dentelles
014463: FURTADO, CELSO - Diagnosis of the Brazilian Crisis
012191: FUSSELL, G.E. - More Old English Farming Books from Tull to the Board of Agriculture 1731 to 1793
034298: FYTTON, FRANCIS - A Wild Justice
005082: FYVELL, T.R. - The Insecure Offenders: Rebellious Youth in the Welfare State
017416: BOCK, P.G. AND ROTHENBERG, IRENE FRASER - Internal Migration Policy and New Towns: The Mexican Experience
017217: JONES. H.G. - Planning and Productivity in Sweden
004335: G., G.M. - The Stage Censor: An Historical Sketch: 1544-1907
033985: YOUNG, LAWRENCE A.; YOUNG, LINDA G. AND BEYER, DORIANNE - Recreational Drugs: Everything You Need To Know
003116: LOFTS, W.O.G. AND ADLEY, DEREK - The British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace
015304: TOPGOOD, C.G. AND BRASSEY, T.A. - Provision for the Disabled
042870: MANNE, HENRY G. AND MILLER, ROGER LEROY (EDITORS) - Gold, Money and the Law
042846: LIPSEY, RICHARD G AND SMITH, MURRAY, G. - Taking the Initiative: Canada's Trade Options in a Turbulent World (Observation Series, No 27)
042771: RICHARDSON, G. AND FLETCHER, W. - Histoires en Images
036034: KABIR, M.G. AND HASSAN, SHAUKAT (EDITORS) - Issues and Challenges Facing Bangladesh Foreign Policy
014920: MISHLER, ELLIOT G. AND WAXLER, NANCY E. - Interaction in Families: An Experimental Study of Family Processes and Schizophrenia
020616: G., JENNIFER - La Femme Cruelle
020200: G., JENNIFER - La Loi du Bourreau
020202: G., JENNIFER - La Dragonne
020203: G., JENNIFER - Comme un Chien Battu
020205: G., JENNIFER - L'esclave et la Putain
020186: G., DR. SONIA - J'examine Mes Clientes d'une Facon Tres Pousee
013370: ROBINSON, E.A.G. AND GRIFFIN, KEITH - The Economic Development of Bangladesh Within a Socialist Framework: Proceedings of a Conference Held by The International Economic Association at Dacca
004988: CARSON, W.G. AND WILES, PAUL - The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency in Britain: Volume 1: The British Tradition
012731: H.E.J.G. - Gypsies of the New Forest and Other Tales
006872: KITTY G., MISTRESS (EDITOR) - Enslaved: The Fantasy World of Female Domination No.1
018968: CARSON, W.G. AND WILES, PAUL (EDITORS) - The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency in Britain, Volume 1: The British Tradition
039188: TOPGOOD, C.G. AND BRASSEY, T.A. - Index To James Naval History Edition 1886
030076: CLARK, DAVID G. AND HUTCHISON, EARL R. (EDITORS) - Mass Media and the Law: Freedom and Restraint
044429: RAWLINSON H.G. - A Concise History of the Indian People
021034: GAARDON, A. VAN - Die Erzieherin
019336: GABEL, LEONA C. (EDITOR) - Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope: The Commentaries of Pope Pius II
033816: GABOR, MARK - Houseboats: Living on the water around the World
039973: GABOR, MARK - The Pin-up: A Modest History
023529: GABRIEL, JURI - Thinking About Television

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