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044202: BREWER, P.J. (EDITOR) - Janus Volume 1 Number 7
044209: BREWER, P.J. (EDITOR) - Janus Volume 1 Number 5
031598: BREWER, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings September, 1968 Volume 94, Number 9
031597: BREWER, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings November, 1967 Volume 93, Number 11
031595: BREWER, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings October, 1966 Volume 92, Number 10
031596: BREWER, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings February, 1967 Volume 93, Number 2
031594: BREWER, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings September, 1966 Volume 92, Number 9
044207: BREWER, P.J. (EDITOR) - Mentor Volume 1 Number 3
010126: BREWSTER, LEE G. (EDITOR) - Drag Vol. 3 No. 12
035068: BREYER, SIEGFRIED - Guide to the Soviet Navy
045079: LEITER, BRIAN AND SINHABABU, NEIL (EDITORS) - Nietzsche and Morality
020884: JACKSON, BRIAN AND JACKSON, SONIA - Childminder: A Study in Action Research
027710: ABEL-SMITH, BRIAN AND STEVENS, ROBERT - In Search of Justice: Law, Society and the Legal System
041840: BRIANT, KEITH - Marie Stopes: A Biography
021743: BRIDGE, J. FREDERICK - Counterpoint
025027: BRIDGE, URSULA (EDITOR) - W.B. Yeats and T. Sturge Moore Their Correspondence 1901-1937
024871: BRIDGE, SIR FREDERICK - Shakespearean Music in the Plays and Early Operas
040261: BRIDGE, J. & DODDS, J.C. - Managerial Decision Making
039965: BRIDGE, ANTONY - The Crusades
006858: BRIDGITTE, MADAME (EDITOR) - Berlin: For the Leather and Rubber Enthusiast No.5
027788: BRIDGWATER, PATRICK - Nietzsche in Anglosaxony: A Study of Nietzsche's Impact on English and American Literature
010608: O'BRIEN, PAT - Mister Howard
019431: O'BRIEN, CAPT. F.T. - Early Solent Steamers: A History of Local Steam Navigation
019365: O'BRIEN, DONAL B. CRUISE - Saints and Politicians: Essays in the Organisation of a Senegalese Peasant Society
021802: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - Goths and Vandals: A Study of the Destruction Neglect and Preservation of Historical Buildings in England
009632: BRIGHT, MELANIE (EDITOR) - Sexpert: The Colour Guide to Sex
043843: BRIGHT, SUSIE (EDITOR) - Herotica 3: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction
044159: BRIGHT, SUSIE (EDITOR) - The Best American Erotica 1995
021172: BRIGHT, MICHAEL - The Dolittle Obsession: Intriguing Revelations On How Humans Talk With Animals - And They Talk Back
007268: BRIGHT, SUSIE - Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World
005866: BRILEY, JOHN - Pope Joan: An Original Screenplay
000427: BRILL, A.A. - Psychoanalysis: Its Theories and Practical Applications
034344: BRIMMELL, J.H. - Communism in South East Asia: A Political Analysis
042596: BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - Two Susans
023757: BRINLEY, ROSEMARY - Rugmaking
019623: BRINTON, CRANE - A Decade of Revolution 1789-1799
045230: DE BRISSAC, GILLES - L'Escalve Blanc
045229: DE BRISSAC, GILLES - La Chienne d'Olaf
042800: BRISSAUD, ANDRE - Canaris: The Biography of Admiral Canaris, Chief of German Military Intelligence in the Second World War
027007: BRISTOE, A.L - The Bedroom Game
043475: BRISTOW, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - The Fin-de-siecle Poem: English Literary Culture and the 1890s
033585: BRISTOW, JOSEPH - Effeminate England: Homoerotic Writing after 1885
044073: BRIT, IRIS - I Play it By Myself
030565: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 31 No. 362 October, 1934
009830: CHAIRMAN OF THE ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Obscenity Laws: A Report By the Working Party Set up by a Conference Convened by the Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain
030564: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 30 No. 359 July, 1934
030563: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 30 No. 356 April, 1934
030562: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 30 No. 354 February, 1934
030561: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 30 No. 353 January, 1934
034446: THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Economics of Genocide Part 3: Genocide No!
042638: INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICE OF GREAT BRITAIN - Immigrants at London Airport and Their Settlement in the Community
042322: SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - Russia Since 1917: Socialist Views of Bolshevik Policy
033664: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - Nationalisation or Socialism?
032632: COMMUNIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - British Road to Socialism: Communist Party Programme
012667: THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Socialist Standard: Official Organ Of The Socialist Party Of Great Britain Vol. 29 No. 347 July, 1933
006959: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - New Scots Poetry: A Selection of Short Poems from the Festival of Britain Scots Poetry Competition
038917: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - New Scots Poetry: A Selection of Short Poems from the Festival of Britain Scots Poetry Competition
030095: THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY - The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament
029978: BRITT, STEUART HENDERSON - Consumer Behaviour in Theory and in Action
016764: BRITT, DAVID R. - The All American Cocaine Story: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Epidemic Abuse of Cocaine Today
029178: BRITTAIN, VERA - Radclyffe Hall: A Case of Obscenity?
045385: BRITTAIN, VERA - Envoy Extraordinary: A study of Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit and her contribution to modern India
027490: BRITTAIN, JUDY (EDITOR) - Vogue Guide to Crochet
028546: BRITTAIN, VERA - Law Versus War International Law is One, and Only One, Hope for the Resurrection of Sanity
029353: BRITTAIN, VERA - Lady into Woman: A History of Women from Victoria to Elizabeth II
018236: BRITTAIN, VERA - Search After Sunrise
018241: BRITTAIN, VERA - In the Steps of John Bunyan: An Excursion into Puritan England
032302: BRITTAIN, ROBERT - Autumn Has Not Her Smile: Poems and Translations
001643: BRITTENHAM, DALE - Lesbian Exposure
020430: BRITTO, PACO ROBLEDO - Les Aventures d'Aliza No. 1
040839: BRITTON, DAVID - Baptised in the Blood of Millions: A Novel of Fucking Holocaust Terror
001234: BROAD, LEWIS - The Friendships & Follies of Oscar Wilde
033238: BROADLEY, MAE (EDITOR) - The Sun Annual for Boys 1974
027722: BROADLEY, HUGH T. - German Painting in the National Gallery of Art
027719: BROADLEY, HUGH T. - Flemish Painting in the National Gallery of Art
038078: BRISTOL BROADSIDES - Bristol Writes: Writing By Local People No. 2
002904: BROCHIER, JEAN-JACQUES - Le Marquis de Sade et la Conquete de Unique
013299: BROCKELMANN, CARL - History of the Islamic Peoples
025786: BROCKWAY, A. FENNER - A New Way with Crime
025414: BRODIE, ISRAEL - The Strength of My Heart: Sermons and Addresses
025413: BRODIE, ISRAEL - A Word in Season: Addresses and Sermons, 1948-1958
017250: BRODY, HUGH - Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland
032578: BRODY, CELESTE M. - The Peer Group
039536: BROIDO, EVA - Memoirs of a Revolutionary
023841: BROIDO, VERA - Apostles into Terrorists: Women and the Revolutionary Movement in the Russia of Alexander II
018277: O'BROIN, LEON - Fenian Fever: An Anglo American Dilemma
019586: BROME, VINCENT (JUNG, C.G.) - Jung: Man and Myth
040003: BROME, VINCENT - The International Brigades: Spain 1936-1939
001650: BROME, VINCENT - Frank Harris
044252: BROMHAM, ADA - V.D. Legislation: How it Works
031750: BROMLEY, J.S. (EDITOR) - The Manning of the Royal Navy: Selected Public Pamphlets, 1693-1873
024767: NORTHEY, MAJOR W. BROOK AND MORRIS, CAPT. C.J. - The Gurkhas: Their Manners, Customs and Country
023431: BROOKE, STOPFORD A. - A Study of Clough, Arnold, Rossetti and Morris: With an Introduction on the Course of Poetry from 1822 to 1852
022985: BROOKE, MICHAEL Z. & MILLS, WILLIAM R. - The Visionary Executive: Strategic Planning for the New Business Leaders
033833: BROOKE, ROSALIND - Law, Justice and Social Policy
005030: BROOKE, ROSALIND - Law, Justice and Social Policy
043784: BROOKE, JOCELYN - Ronald Firbank
034003: BROOKES, KENNETH - Battle Thunder: The Story of Britain's Artillery
028448: BROOKES, BARBARA L.; MACDONALD, CHARLOTTE; TENNANT, MARGARET (EDITORS) - Women in History: Essays on European Women in New Zealand
000308: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Times of Melville and Whitman
015166: BROOKS, ROBERT R. - Unions of Their Own Choosing: An Account of the National Labor Relations Board and Its Work
044198: BROOKS, A. (EDITOR) - Domestic Discipline No. 1
045449: BROOKS, JOHN GRAHAM - Labor's Challenge to the Social Order: Democracy its own Critic and Educator
007244: BROOKS, WILLIAM ALLAN - The Playboy's Handbook: In Defense of the Bachelor
039886: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The World of Washington Irving
035134: BROOKS, EVELYN - Your Textile Printing
018614: BROOKS, DENNIS - Life and Life
038154: BROOKS, PETER F. - Problems of the Environment
001672: BROOKS, REV. THOMAS - Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices; to Which is Added, Impediments to Assurance, and the Means of Removing Them
042726: BROOMFIELD, G.H. - Initial Experience of Manufacture and Property Measurements on Piezoelectric Cable
040409: BROSNAN, JOHN - Future Tense: Cinema of Science Fiction
030555: BROSS, BARBARA - The Pleasures of Love
015038: BROSS, BARBARA - The Pleasures of Love
019851: BROSS, IRWIN D.J. - Design for Decision
003327: BROSSARD, CHANDLER - Episode with Erika
019084: CHRISTIAN BROTHER, A. - Edmund Ignatius Rice: Founder of the Christian Brothers
011350: BROTHERS, DR. JOYCE - What Every Woman Ought to Know About Love and Marriage
043052: BROTTMAN, MIKITA - Hollywood Hex: An Illustrated History of Cursed Movies
043027: BROTTMAN, MIKITA - Meat is Murder!: An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture
017823: BROTZ, HOWARD - The Politics of South Africa Democracy and Racial Diversity
000852: BROUSSARD, LOUIS - The Meaning of Poe
027174: BROWDER, EARL - Marx and America: A Study of the Doctrine of Impoverishment
012008: BROWDER, EARL - The Communist Party of the U.S.A.: Its History, Role and Organization
038692: BROWDER, JOHN - Sex Mania
004648: BROWN, PAUL - In The Rain Forest
004649: BROWN, SAM - The Song of the Black Daffodil
004646: BROWN, PAUL - It Aint No Sin to Take Off Your Skin and Dance About in Your Bones
016932: BROWN, PIERCE - Mixed Nuts
026816: BROWN, HEDY & STEVENS, RICHARD (EDITORS) - Social Behaviour and Experience: Multiple Perspectives
016901: BROWN, BEVERLEY / BURMAN, MICHELE / JAMIESON, LYNN - Sex Crimes on Trial: The Use of Sexual Evidence in Scottish Courts
045046: BROWN, TOM - Tom Brown's Jest Book: Or, Companion to the Cloister, The Ne Plus Ultra of Every thing Funny Containing All His Comical and Humorous Stories, Curious Riddles Also, Without Any Curtailment, the Whole of His Unique Collection of Amorous Tales and Songs,
025976: BROWN, PHIL (EDITOR) - Radical Psychology
025677: BARRATT BROWN, MICHAEL - What Economics is About: Worker, Consumer, Government and Corporation
004700: BROWN, KAREN ANN - Crossdressers Perfect Crime "The Plan"
005737: BROWN, KAREN ANN - The Even Trade, Life Swap
021423: BROWN, HAROLD JOHN J. - Enforcement of Planning Control
043633: BROWN, JOSPHINE CHAPIN - Public Relief, 1929-1939
027486: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER (INTRODUCTION) - Art in Seventeenth Century Holland: Exhibition at the National Gallery 30th September to 12th December 1976
042388: BROWN, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Rules and Law in Sociology
028007: BROWN, TOM - What's Wrong with the Unions? A syndicalist Answer
043790: BROWN, DOUGLAS - Thomas Hardy
042039: BROWN, PAULA - The Chimbu: A Study of Change in the New Guinea Highlands
020641: BROWN, CHARLES V. (EDITOR) - Economic Principles Applied: A Selection of Readings
041754: BROWN, KENNETH D. - Labour and Unemployment 1900-1914
032932: BROWN, J.A.C. - Freud and the Post-Freudians
032924: BROWN, TERRY & HUNTER, ROB - The Spur Book of Knots
033747: BROWN, GEORGINA - Like Mother, Like Daughter
014316: BROWN, FREDERICK - An Impersonation of Angels: A Biography of Jean Cocteau
041076: BROWN, JUDITH C. - Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy
005216: BROWN, WENZELL - Jailbait Jungle
032082: BROWN, ROSALIE - Things to Make from Thin Card
007621: BROWN, RALPH - Marriage Annulment: A Practical Guide for Roman Catholics and Others
019911: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS - The Economics of Labor
019836: BROWN, ROBERT - Explanation in Social Science
027821: BROWN, RALPH H. - Mirror For Americans: Likeness of the Eastern Seaboard 1810
024647: BROWN, W. NORMAN - India, Pakistan, Ceylon
024617: BROWN, HILTON (EDITOR) - The Sahibs: The Life and Ways of the British in India as Recorded by Themselves
033552: BROWN, RICHARD - Voyage of the Iceberg: Story of the Iceberg That Sank the "Titanic"
019353: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS - The Economics of Labor
039936: BROWN, SALLY - Oscar Wilde 1865-1900
007135: BROWN, WENZELL - Women of Evil
012636: BROWN, JAMES LEE - De Vrouw en Bestialiteit
045896: BROWN, ROBERT K. - Public Housing in Action: The Record of Pittsburgh
019042: BROWN, IVOR - Dark Ladies
019028: BROWN, JOHN - John Bunyan: His Life Times and Work
018937: BROWN, R.G.S. - Reorganizing the National Health Service: A Case Study of Administrative Change
018904: BROWN, CHARLES V. (EDITOR) - Economic Principles Applied: A Selection of Readings
024050: BROWN, R. - Strong Arm
035063: BROWN, ELSA - Creative Quilting
038091: CUNNINGHAM-BROWN, LUCY - The Girls of Lechlade College
023821: BROWN, WALTER - Whore Wife
027018: BROWN, WENZELL - The Kept Man
034720: BROWN, PAULA - The Chimbu: A Study of Change in the New Guinea Highlands
023607: BROWN, C. BERNARD - The Conversion of Old Buildings Into New Homes for Occupation and Investment
043785: BROWNE, NELSON - Sheridan Le Fanu
012592: BROWNING, ETHEL - Modern Drugs in General Practice
028026: BROWNLOW, W.R. - Lectures on Slavery and Serfdom in Europe
037858: BROZ, BENJAMIN - Snatching Ginny
018108: WATSON, R.I. (EDITED BY JOSEF BROZEK AND RAND B. EVANS - R.I. Watson's Selected Papers on the History of Psychology
006287: BRUCE, JAMES - Human Sex Anatomy
006286: BRUCE, JAMES - Sex Anatomy and the Technique of Coitus
036537: BRUCE, MAURICE (EDITOR) - The Rise of the Welfare State: English Social Policy 1601-1971
031228: BRUCE, NEIL - Portugal: The Last Empire
030969: BRUCE, HAROLD R. - American Parties and Politics: History and rôle of political parties in the United States
045199: BRUCE, GEORGE - Six Battles for India. The Anglo Sikh Wars: 1845 6 1848
004537: BRUEHN, DR. EUGENE - The Private Papers of a Sexologist
025637: BRUFORD, W.H. - Chekhov and His Russia: A Sociological Study
028326: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - Problems of Communism: July-August 1968
028318: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - Problems of Communism: March-April 1968
028319: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - Problems of Communism: November-December 1968
028325: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - Problems of Communism: May-June 1968
026815: BRUNER, JEROME S. - The Relevance of Education
025300: BRUNER, JEROME S. - Beyond the Information Given: Studies in the Psychology of Knowing
043564: BRUNET, PIERRE GUSTAVE - Anthologie scatologique recueillie et annotée par un bibliophile de Cabinet
043556: PHILOMNESTE JUNIOR [GUSTAVE BRUNET] - Maranzakiniana: Nouvelle édition conforme à loriginal, précédée dune notice par Philomneste Junior
042063: DE BRUNHOFF, SUZANNE - Marx on Money
031286: BRUNICARDI, NIALL - Haulbowline, Spike and Rocky Islands in Cork Harbour
021639: BRUNN, LUDWIG VON (EDITOR) - Reise nach Cythera: Erotische Texte aus vielen Jahrhunderten mit einem Vorwort von Franz Blei
029360: BRUNNER, EMIL - Justice and the Social Order
004558: BRUNO, VICTOR - New Goddess Volume 1 Number 2
004559: BRUNO, VICTOR - New Goddess Volume 1 Number 3
004557: BRUNO, VICTOR - New Goddess Volume 1 Number 1
043708: BRUNO, VICTOR - Harem Playthings No. 1
036946: BRUNO, VICTOR - Beauty and the Beast
036924: BRUNO, VICTOR - Whims of Subjugation
036879: BRUNO, VICTOR - F.D. Quartet
036872: BRUNO, VICTOR - Slave Girls or Quireme
036876: BRUNO, VICTOR - Special: Correspondence from a Private Detention Centre
043874: BRUNO, MICHAEL - Venus in Hollywood: The Continental Enchantress from Garbo to Loren
036382: BRUNO, VICTOR - Turkish Delight
036385: BRUNO, VICTOR - Servitude In Limbo
036380: BRUNO, VICTOR - Pony Girls
042736: BRUNO, VICTOR - Harem Playthings No. 2
042737: BRUNO, VICTOR - Sisters in Slavery: Book Two
042739: BRUNO, VICTOR - Julia in Captivity: Book 2
014604: BRUNO, VICTOR - Lady Jane's Ordeal
036859: BRUNO, VICTOR - Under Control
043648: BRUNO, VICTOR - New Girl at St. Justins
037593: BRUNO, VICTOR - Goddess No. 3
044744: BRUNO, VICTOR - Body Slave
026995: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Love's Picture Book Vol. II: From the French Revolution to the Present Time
045047: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism IV: Victorianism
045048: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism III: From the Time of the Marquis De Sade
007521: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Kjaerlighetens Billedbok: Fra Den Greske Oldtid Til Vare Dager
007522: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Kjaerlighetens Billedbok: Erotikken I Nytt Lys
032133: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Love's Picture Book Vol. I: From the Days of Classic Greece until the French Revolution
007518: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Love's Picture Book Vol. IV: Eroticism in a New Light
007519: BRUSENDORFF, OVE - Illustrert Seksual Leksikon: Bind II
007520: BRUSENDORFF, OVE - Illustrert Seksual Leksikon: Bind IV
007523: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Erotikkens Historie: Bind 2: Middelalderen og de Galante Orgiers Tid
007524: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Erotikkens Historie: Bind 3: Fra Marquis de Sade til Fanny Hill
007525: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Erotikkens Historie: Bind 4. Da Erotikk Var Uanstendig og Morklagt
007526: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Bilderbuch Der Liebe III: Fremde Horizonte
007511: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism V: The XXth Century
007513: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism II: The Middle Ages and The Gallant Period
007514: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism I: Antiquity
007517: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Love's Picture Book, the History of Pleasure and Moral Indignation: Eroticism in a New Light
007510: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - A History of Eroticism VI: Our Own Time
011939: BRUSENDORFF, OVE & POUL HENNINGSEN - Love's Picture Book Vol. III: Exotic Horizons
012024: BRUSTEIN, ROBERT - Revolution as Theatre: Notes on the New Radical Style
019624: BRUUN, GEOFFREY - Europe and the French Imperium, 1799-1814
023632: BRUXNER, MERVYN - Mastering the Piano
040153: BRUYELLE, PIERRE - La Communaute Urbaine de Lille
020774: BRUYERE, JOSE - Impositions
014215: BRUYN, LUCY DE - Woman and the Devil in Sixteenth Century Literature
004144: BRYANS, ROBIN - Morocco: Land of the Farthest West
033213: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Years of Victory: 1802 - 1812
025506: BRYANT, PETER - Perception and Understanding in Young Children: An Experimental Approach
027135: BRYANT, FRANK EGBERT - A History of English Balladry and Other Studies
024455: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Samuel Pepys: The Saviour of the Navy
012093: BRYANT, JOHN - Convalescence: Historical and Practical
006183: BRYK, FELIX - Dark Rapture: The Sex Life of the African Negro
044924: BRYK, FELIX - Voodoo-Eros: Ethnological Studies in the Sex-Life of the African Aboriginies
025388: BUBER, MARTIN - The Legend of the Baal-Shem
041975: BUBER, MARTIN - On Zion
018191: BUBER, MARTIN - Israel and the World: Essays in a Time of Crisis
018190: BUBER, MARTIN - Israel and Palestine: The History of an Idea
026595: BUCHALTER, M. DON (EDITOR) - Hibernian: Specialised Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland 1922-1972
021372: BUCHAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Baltic and Caucasian States
021736: BUCHANAN, DONALD - Santa Claus: His Full Story in a Children's Book for the First Time
035201: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - The Demand and Supply of Public Goods
037398: BUCHANAN, D.S. - Merchant Shipping: A Guide to Government Publications
043579: BUCK, PAUL (EDITOR) - Violent Silence: Celebrating Georges Bataille
006474: BUCK, MITCHELL, S. - Rose of Corinth
030036: BUCKLAND, PATRICK - A History of Northern Ireland
024950: BUCKLAND, FRANCIS - Buckland's Curiosities of Natural History
037260: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - A Treatise of the Use of Flogging in Veneral Affairs
037165: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Part the Second of the Exhibition of Female Flagellants in the Modest and Incontinent World
040640: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Lady Bumtickler's Revels: A comic opera in two acts as it was performed at Lady Bumtickler's private theatre, in Birch-Grove with unbounded applause The songs adapted to favourite Airs
038297: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - A Treatise of the Use of Flogging in Veneral Affairs
038296: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Madame Birchini's Dance: A Modern Tale, with Considerable Additions and Original Anecdotes Collected in the Fashionable Circles, now first Published by Lady Termagant Flaybum
038295: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Exhibition of Female Flagellants in the Modest and Innocent World Proving from Indubitable facts, That a number of ladies take a secret pleasure, in whipping their own, and children committed to their care; And that their passion for exercising and
038294: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Lady Bumtickler's Revels: A comic opera in two acts as it was performed at Lady Bumtickler's private theatre, in Birch-Grove with unbounded applause The songs adapted to favourite Airs
038293: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Fashionable Lectures: Composed and Delivered with Birch Discipline By the Following and many other Beautiful Ladies, who have filled, with universal approbaltion, the characters of Mother, Step-Mother, Governess, Lady's Maid, Kept-Mistress
037261: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS (COMPILER) - Madame Birchini's Dance: A Modern Tale, with Considerable Additions and Original Anecdotes Collected in the Fashionable Circles, now first Published by Lady Termagant Flaybum
043882: BUCKLEY, REV. MICHAEL J. - Morality and the Homosexual: A Catholic Approach to a Moral Problem
013512: BUCKMAN, PETER - The Limits of Protest
014534: BUCKSTONE, JOHN BALDWIN - The May Queen; or Sampson, The Sergeant A Domestic Drama in Two Acts
023457: BUDAY, GEORGE - The History of the Christmas Card
036538: BUDD, ALAN - The Politics of Economic Planning
045285: BUDD, RUSSELL (EDITOR) - Woman/Slave Volume One Number One
025576: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS (EDITOR) - Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets in the British Museum Part 1
018364: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS - Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life
023656: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS - Legends of Our Lady Mary, the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna
017822: BUELL, RAYMOND LESLIE - The Native Problem in Africa
033584: MARENHOLTZ-BUELOW, THE BARONESS - The Child and Child-Nature
006773: BUFFERY, J. - London Witchcraft
029601: BUHL, WOLFGANG - Eros met grijzende Slapen: een wijze leidraad bij de seksuele problemen van de man en de vrouw boven de Veertig
033098: MINISTRY OF BUILDING AND PUBLIC WORKS - The Building Process: A Case Study from Marks & Spencer, Ltd
032587: BUKHARIN, NIKOLAI - Economic Theory of the Leisure Class
032585: BUKHARIN, N.I. - Marxism and Modern Thought
034997: BUKHARIN, NIKOLAI - Imperialism and World Economy
036295: BUKOFZER, MANFRED F. - Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music
036296: BUKOFZER, MANFRED F. - Music In The Baroque Era From Monteverdi To Bach
020165: BULL, DAVID (EDITOR) - Family Poverty: Programme for the Seventies
029500: BULL, NORMAN - Quality for Those Who Care
044647: BULLARD, READER - Inside Stalin's Russia: The Diaries of Reader Bullard, 1930-1934
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045911: CHAPMAN, CHARLOTTE GOWER - Milocca: A Sicilian Village
034421: CHAPMAN, DENNIS - Sociology and the Stereotype of the Criminal
014331: CHAPMAN, KEITH - North Sea Oil and Gas: A Geographical Perspective
014052: CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH K. - Visually Handicapped Children and Young People
041068: CHAPMAN, JAKE - Meatphysics
005231: CHAPMAN, CECIL - The Poor Man's Court of Justice: Twenty-Five Years as a Metropolitan Magistrate
028468: CHAPMAN, SYDNEY J. - Work and Wages, in continuation of Lord Brassey's 'Work and Wages' and 'Foreign Work and English Wages'. Part III: Social Betterment
045904: CHAPMAN, JAKE - Meatphysics
025820: CHAPPLE, J.A.V. - Documentary and Imaginative Literature 1880-1920
015510: CHAPPLE, J.A.V. - Documentary and Imaginative Literature, 1880-1920
036001: CHAPPLE, STANLEY - The Class Way to the Keyboard: A three terms' course of Musicianship Classes that lead directly to Piano Lessons, also a short course in Extemporisation at the Piano
024719: CHARBONNEAU, LOUIS - Antic Earth
024730: CHARHADI, DRISS BEN HAMED - A Life Full of Holes
043424: BERG, CHARLES AND KRICH, A.M. (EDITORS) - Homosexuality: A Subjective and Objective Investigation
006238: QUINN, KERKER; SHATTUCK, CHARLES AND HOLADAY, ALLAN (EDITORS) - Accent Volume 5 Number 1 Autumn 1944
032294: TENNANT. CHARLES - My War, My Mules and Me
017398: MADGE, CHARLES AND WILLMOTT, PETER - Inner City Poverty in Paris and London
001211: GROLLEAU, CHARLES ET GARNIER, GEORGES - Un Logis de J.K. Huysmans: Les Premontres de la Croix-Rouge
036480: CHARLES, SCOTT - Jock Lust
036132: CARTER, CHARLES AND WILSON, THOMAS - Discussing the Welfare State
036106: TILLY, CHARLES AND RULE, JAMES - Measuring Political Upheaval
044130: CHARLES, JEAN - Orgie A Rio
014500: HUMANA, CHARLES AND WU, WANG - The Chinese Way of Love
000930: BERG, CHARLES AND ALLEN, CLIFFORD - The Problem of Homosexuality
019793: ABRAMS, CHARLES (WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF ROBERT KOLODNY) - The Language of Cities: A Glossary of Terms
039763: CHARLESTON, DAVINA - Victorian Secrets: An Anthology of Victorian Erotica
044573: CHARLIE - Pleasant Punishment
011744: BANKS, CHARLOTTE AND BROADHURST, P.L. [EDITORS) - Stephanos: Studies in Psychology Presented to Cyril Burt
025096: CHARLTON, ROGER - Wild Rose
030414: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - Advice to Men
008391: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - The Sensuous Couple
015024: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - The Forum Guide to Sexual Problems
007378: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - Sex Manners for the Young Generation
007377: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - You and Sex: A Family Guide
007375: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - Advice to Women
007373: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - S is for Sex
007374: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - The Sensuous Couple
019331: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - Mainly for Women: A Practical Guide to Love-Making
038097: CHARTHAM, ROBERT - Confessions of a Sex Doctor
020289: CHARVIN, RENE - Belle Dominatrice: Une Aventure de Belle
020248: CHARVIN, RENE - Fleur et Jasmine
040365: CHASE, GLEN - The Italian Connection
039835: CHASE, RICHARD - Emily Dickinson
039567: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - Tiger by the Tail
027025: CHASE, HERMAN B. - Sex: The Universal Fact
017728: CHASE, JOANNA - H.R.H. The Princess Margaret
001206: CHASTEL, GUY - J.K. Huysmans et Ses Amis
025680: CHATMAN, SEYMOUR & LEVIN, SAMUEL R. (EDITORS) - Essays on the Language of Literature
003148: ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN - The Illustrious Dr. Matheus
001030: ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN - Madame Therese; or, The Volunteers of '92
034029: KEBLE CHATTERON, E. - Seas of Adventures: The Story of the Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean
021833: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - The Old East Indiamen
001047: CHATTERTON, THOMAS (ROWLEY, THOMAS) - Poems, Supposed to Have Been Written at Bristol By Thomas Rowley and Others in the Fifteenth Century; The Greatest Part Now First Published from the Most Authentic Copies, with and Engraved Specimen from One of the Mss. To Which are Added a Preface.......
018558: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - Whalers and Whaling: The Story of the Whaling Ships up to the Present Day
033505: CHATTERTON, PAULINE - Coordinated Crafts for the Home
018703: CHATTOPADHYAYA, D.P. - Individuals and Worlds: Essays in Anthropological Rationalism
024713: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Utz
028021: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited from Numerous Manuscripts by Walter W. Skeat: Volume II: Boethius and Troilus
015202: CHAUDHURI, K.N. (EDITOR) - Aspects of Indian Economic Development: A Book of Readings
035234: CHAUDHURI, PRAMIT - The Indian Economy: Poverty and Development
024726: CHAUDHURY, P.C. ROY. (EDITOR) - Best Loved Folk Tales of India
022753: CHAUVET, LOUIS - Atout Pchitt ou l'Ingenue au Pouvoir
025271: CHAVCHAVADZE, PAUL - Because the Night Was Dark
040580: CHEESMAN, W.J.W. - Handbook for Cooperative Personnel in the Caribbean

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