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043469: WIGLEY, JOHN - The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Sunday
028841: WILBUR, KEITH C. - The Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783
025929: WILCOCK, EVELYN - Pacifism and the Jews: Studies of 20th-century Jewish Pacifists
022785: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - More Poems
032586: WILCZYNSKI, J. - The Economics of Socialism
016592: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome: A Tragedy in One Act
006111: WILDE, D. GUNTHER - Deviation: A Study of Abnormal Love
003065: WILDE, OSCAR - The Young King and Other Tales
028764: C.3.3 (WILDE, OSCAR) - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
021884: WILDE, OSCAR - Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal
011131: WILDE, OSCAR - Plays, Prose Writings and Poems
044279: WILDE, DAVID - Wilde Women
022733: WILDE, OSCAR - The Epigrams of Oscar Wilde
032982: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome: A Tragedy in One Act
033660: WILDE, ROBIN - Tabitha's Tease
011250: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome and Other Plays
011132: WILDE, OSCAR - Intentions
019848: WILEDEN, ARTHUR F. - Community Development: The Dynamics of Planned Change
043075: WILENSKI, R.H. - Modern French Painters
020645: WILES, PAUL (EDITOR) - The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency in Britain: Volume 2: The New Criminologies
030815: WILFERT, OTTO - Das Erziehungsheim gestern, heute und Morgen: Beiträge zur Theorie der Heimerziehung
003398: WILFORT, CHEVALIER DE - Les Lecons de la Volupte ou Confession Generale
028230: LESTER, DR. WILFRED AND BOTHAM, NOEL - Seven Sexual Ages of Women
003393: WILHELM, GALE - No Letters for the Dead
032870: WILHELM, JAMES J. - Mediaeval Song: An Anthology of Hymns and Lyrics
034324: WILKES, THE RIGHT HON. JOHN - An Essay on Woman and Other Pieces
043869: WILKES, THE RIGHT HON. JOHN (HAMILTON, ADRIAN) - The Infamous Essay on Woman; : Or, John Wilkes Seated Between Vice and Virtue
029990: WILKINS, W.J. - Modern Hinduism: An Account of the Religions and Life of the Hindus in Northern India
012609: WILKINS, DANIEL - The Curse of the World: Narcotics: Why Used; What Effects: The Remedy
030791: WILKINS, LESLIE T. - Social Policy, Action and Research
028878: WILKINSON, RUPERT - The Broken Rebel: A Study in Culture, Politics and Authoritarian Character
028246: WILKINSON, G.S. - Legal Aspects of Illegitimacy
027130: WILKINSON, ELIZABETH M. - In Praise of Aesthetics: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at University College London, 25 Oct. 1962
024842: WILKINSON, PAUL - Political Terrorism
039581: WILKINSON, MARTIN - Children and Divorce
026898: VAN DER EYKEN, WILLEM AND TURNER, BARRY - Adventures in Education
042694: WILLENDER, ALFRED - The Action-Image of Society: on cultural Politicization
036073: WILLEY, F.T. - Plan for Shipbuilding
026715: HAMILTON, SIR WILLIAM AND KNIGHT, RICHARD PAYNE - The Worship of Priapus. An account of the fete of St. Cosmo and Damiano celebrated at Isernia in 1780. In a Letter to Sir Jospeh Banks To which is added some account of the phallic worship, principally derived from a Discourse on the worship of Priapus
022547: HABER, WILLIAM AND WILBUR J. COHEN (EDITORS) - Readings in Social Security
028093: HAMILTON, SIR WILLIAM AND KNIGHT, RICHARD PAYNE - The Worship of Priapus. An account of the fete of St. Cosmo and Damiano celebrated at Isernia in 1780. In a Letter to Sir Jospeh Banks To which is added some account of the phallic worship, principally derived from a Discourse on the worship of Priapus
041985: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM AND ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery
041928: WILLIAM, DAVID - Pictures from No Man's Land: St. Margaret's School for Girls, Edinburgh
005084: HEALY, WILLIAM AND BRONNER, AUGUSTA F. - New Light on Delinquency and Its Treatment: Results of a Research Conducted for the Institute of Human Relations Yale University
028463: MORRIS, WILLIAM AND BAX, E. BELFORT - Socialism: Its Growth and Outcome
037375: WILLIAM, ARTHUR RHYS - Lenin: The Man and His Work
037238: WILLIAMS, BASIL - Botha, Smuts and South Africa
017389: WILLIAMS, H.T. (EDITOR) - Principles for British Agricultural Policy: A Study Sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation
023242: BRANSBY-WILLIAMS, GEORGE - The Purification of Water Supplies
036969: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - Sexual Gratification in Marriage
010704: WILLIAMS, RANDY - Stage Stud
023126: WILLIAMS, C. F. ABDY - Bach
036966: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - Unfaithful Wives
023048: WILLIAMS, KENNETH - Back Drops: Pages From Private Diary
003879: WILLIAMS, SANDRA - A Woman's Need
036892: WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Labour Side of the Motor Industry and Multi-National Corporations (Part 2)
006107: WILLIAMS, WALLACE - The Art Flicks: Sex on Celluloid
003366: WILLIAMS, ROBERT H. - Vice Squad
003004: WILLIAMS, JOHN A. - Journey Out of Anger
015921: WILLIAMS, TREVOR ILLTYD - Drugs From Plants
005972: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - Sexual Gratification in Marriage
015750: WILLIAMS, D.A. (EDITOR) - The Monster in the Mirror: Studies in Nineteenth-Century Realism
025511: WILLIAMS, GERTRUDE (CHAIRMAN) - Caring for People: Staffing Residential Homes
028119: WILLIAMS, FRANKWOOD E. - Russia Youth and the Present Day World: Further Studies in Mental Hygiene
014928: WILLIAMS, RICHARD HAYS, AND WIRTHS, CLAUDINE G. - Lives Through the Years: Styles of Life and Successful Aging
005752: WILLIAMS, T.J. - Female Domination Rules
028086: WILLIAMS, GORDON - Straw Dogs
036070: WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY - The Common Market and Its Forerunners
005605: WILLIAMS, B.J. - Evolution and Human Origins: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology
036063: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - The Existing Alternatives in Communications
042054: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - The Right to Know: The Rise of the World Press
014330: WILLIAMS, PHILIP M. - The French Parliament: 1958-1967
040970: WILLIAMS, MARTIN - Jelly Roll Morton
033685: WILLIAMS, ALBERT RHYS - 76 Questions and Answers on The Bolsheviks and the Soviets
013435: WILLIAMS, ROGER - European Technology: The Politics of Collaboration
007398: WILLIAMS, JOHN A. - Night Song
040147: WILLIAMS, STUART - Socialism in France
019678: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR - Welsh Reformation Essays
007217: WILLIAMS, DUNCAN - Trousered Apes: A Study in the Influence of Literature on Contemporary Society
019542: WILLIAMS, ERNEST W. (EDITOR) - The Future of American Transportation
039817: HODDER-WILLIAMS, RICHARD - Public Opinion Polls and British Politics
012436: WILLIAMS, G. PRYS - Chronic Alcoholics
039366: WILLIAMS, WHITING - What's on the Worker's Mind - By One Who Put on Overalls to Find Out
039191: WILLIAMS, JACK - Fleet Sweepers at War
034206: WILLIAMS, J.E. - The Derbyshire Miners: A Study In Industrial & Social History
027324: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - War by Revolution
018186: WILLIAMS, L.F. RUSHBROOK - The State of Israel
011766: WILLIAMS, ROGER J. - Alcoholism: The Nutritional Approach
017927: WILLIAMS, G. PRYS - Decade of Drunkeness: England and Wales 1954-63
023810: CAROL AS TOLD TO H. HADLEY WILLIAMS - Memoirs of a Madam
037740: WILLIAMS, JEAN - A Game for Rough Girls: The History of Women's Football in Britain
004609: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY - Wilkes: A Friend to Liberty
026463: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C. - Pietro Vannucci Called Perugino
028637: WILLIAMSON, DENIS (EDITOR) - Poetry from Oxford: Michaelmas 1948 to Michaelmas 1949
034376: WILLIAMSON, JAMES A. - A Short History of British Expansion Vol 1: The Old Colonial Empire
041327: WILLIAMSON, AARON - Cathedral Lung
019475: WILLIAMSON, H.R. - British Baptists in China 1845-1952
024236: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY - Wagner Opera
024193: WILLIAMSON, J.A. - The English Channel: A History
038203: WILLIAMSON, REVEREND JOSEPH - "Contact" Magazines, the Sex Cult and the Sex Business: An Exposure and a Call to all Christian Leaders, Ministers of State, and people of Goodwill; A Reply and a Challenge to Martin Cole
020157: WILLIE, JOHN - Gwendoline in der Gewalt einer Bizarren Zuchtmeisterin
030048: WILLIE - The Change
006551: WILLIE, JOHN (?) - New Modern Bizarre of the Unusual No. 20
007389: WILLINGHAN, CALDER - Natural Child
013147: WILLIS, J.H. - Drug Dependence: A Study for Nurses and Social Workers
018261: WILLIS, ARTHUR J. - Genealogy for Beginners
026443: WILLMOTT, PETER & YOUNG, MICHAEL - Family and Class in a London Suburb
043373: WILLMOTT, W.E. - The Political Structure of the Chinese Community in Cambodia
014279: WILLMOTT, PETER - The Evolution of a Community: A Study of Dagenham After Forty Years
013089: WILLOUGHBY, W.W. - Opium as an International Problem: The Geneva Conferences
012043: WILLOUGHBY, W.W. - Constitutional Government in China: Present Conditions and Prospects
033788: WILLOW, PETER - Castaways
033785: WILLOW, PETER - Special Assignment
033784: WILLOW, PETER - Odd Neighbors
033781: WILLOW, PETER - Proper Respect
044317: WILLOWES, CLAIRE - Happy Tearrs Volume 1
044318: WILLOWES, CLAIRE - Happy Tearrs Volume 2
016057: WILLOWS, CLAIRE - Presented in Leather
043377: WILLOWS, CLAIRE - Modern Slaves: A Profound Study of the Forces of Destiny
044487: WILLOWS, CLAIRE - Modern Slaves: A Profound Study of the Forces of Destiny
026867: WILLS, W. DAVID - Spare the Child: The Story of an Experimental Approved School
007834: WILLS, W. DAVID - Common Sense About Young Offenders
030121: WILLS, GEOFFREY - English and Irish Glass
012209: WILLS, W. DAVID - The Barns Experiment
007292: WILLY, A., COESTER, A., FISHER, R. - The Practice of Sex
007293: WILLY, A., COESTER, A., FISHER, R. - The Practice of Sex
007294: WILLY, A., VANDER, L., FISHER, O. - Encyclopaedia of Sexual Knowledge Volume II
007296: WILLY, A., VANDER, L., FISHER, O. - Encyclopaedia of Sexual Knowledge Volume II
024129: WILLY ET PRILLE, POL - Les Bazars de la Volupte
043800: WILMOT, JOHN (EARL OF ROCHESTER) - The Complete Poems of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
033323: WILMOT, CHESTER - The Struggle For Europe
003803: WILSING, H.S - True Love Guide
002674: BARRETT, WILSON AND HICHENS, ROBERT - The Daughters of Babylon
023436: WILSON, SIR DANIEL - The Right Hand: Left-Handedness
017196: WILSON, RODNEY - Trade and Investment in the Middle East
023209: WILSON, ANGUS - The Wild Garden or Speaking Of Writing
029967: WILSON, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Fortnight: An Independent Review for Northern Ireland No. 283 April '90
008979: WILSON, PAUL - Orb Presents Nudist Paradise
044561: WILSON, JOANNE - Love Story
034602: WILSON, COLIN - Origins of the Sexual Impulse
002558: WILSON, COLIN - The World of Violence
008730: WILSON, COLIN - Origins of the Sexual Impulse
016520: WILSON, COLIN - The Haunted Man: The Strange Genius of David Lindsay
029941: WILSON, JACQUELINE - Glubbslyme
028893: WILSON, GODFREY - The Constitution of Ngonde
026639: WILSON, COLIN - The Outsider
036595: WILSON, SAMUEL PAYNTER - Chicago By Gaslight
002999: WILSON, GLENN - Love and Instinct
003090: WILSON, SIMON - Egon Schiele
028768: WILSON, EDMUND - Axel's Castle: A Study in the Imaginative Literature of 1870-1930
025881: WILSON, EDMUND - The Dead Sea Scrolls, 1947-1969
043178: WILSON, TERRY / GYSIN, BRION - Brion Gysin: Here To Go
043076: WILSON, EDMUND - The Bit Between My Teeth: A Literary Chronicle of 1950-1965
043074: WILSON, SNOO - Vampire
042885: WILSON, JEAN MOORCROFT - Isaac Rosenberg: Poet and Painter
014980: WILSON, DAVID C. - Modelling as an Aid to Solid Waste Management Planning: A State of the Art Report
042684: WILSON, ANDREW / CROCKETT, G.S. / EXTON-SMITH, A.N. / STEINBERG, HANNAH - Clinical Evaluation of Effects of Drugs on Medical Students as a Teaching Method
028085: WILSON, COLIN - Order of Assassins: The Psychology of Murder
000515: WILSON, ANGUS - The World of Charles Dickens
042335: WILSON, COLIN - Eagle and Earwig: Essays on Books and Writers
035992: WILSON, SHARON - Girl-Hungry Housewife
032937: WILSON, HUGH, & WOMERSLEY, LEWIS - Northampton, Bedford and North Bucks Study: An Assessment of Inter-Related Growth
030198: WILSON, COLIN - Sexmoral og Teenagerkultur
041697: WILSON, COLIN - Voyage to a Beginning: A Preliminary Autobiography
034347: WILSON, THEODORE A. - The First Summit: Roosevelt and Churchill at Placentia Bay, 1941
020253: WILSON, JOYCE - April in Chains
044566: WILSON, JOANNE - Performance
043485: WILSON, COLIN - Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast
040644: WHITMAN, WALT (ALLEN, GAY WILSON AND DAVIS, CHARLES T. EDITORS) - Walt Whitman's Poems: Selections with Critical Aids
024857: WILSON, HAROLD - Final Term: The Labour Government 1974-1976
040587: WILSON, SIR ARNOLD - More Thoughts and Talks: The Diary and Scrap-book of a Member of Parliament from September 1937 to August 1939
040140: JUSSEM-WILSON, NELLY - Charles Peguy (Studies in modern European literature and thought)
034251: WILSON, THOMAS - Fluctuations In Income And Employment With Special Reference To Recent American Experience And Post-War Prospects
027752: WILSON, RICHARD - The Young Wantons
043750: WILSON, SNOO - Pignight & Blowjob
012464: WILSON, EDMUND - Axel's Castle: A Study in the Imaginative Literature of 1870-1930
032008: WILSON, IVY CRANE - The Eleventh Hollywood Album
018820: WILSON, JOHN - Fantasy and Common Sense in Education
030071: CARUS-WILSON, E.M. (EDITOR) - Essays in Economic History Vol . 2
030070: CARUS-WILSON, E.M. (EDITOR) - Essays in Economic History Vol . 1
030069: CARUS-WILSON, E.M. (EDITOR) - Essays in Economic History Vol .3
011710: WILSON, GEORGE R. - Drunkenness
011705: WILSON, PATRICK - Children Who Kill
017618: WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE - Handicap Race: Inspiring Story of Roger Arnett
037308: WILSON, RICHARD - The Young Wantons
040435: WILTON, KARENA - Women in Love with Women
013028: WIN, SAO HTUN HMAT (TRANSLATOR) - Eleven Holy Discourses of Protection Maha Paritta Pali
018808: WINDLESHAM, LORD - Broadcasting in a Free Society
003066: WINDSOR, BARBARA - Barbara Windsor's Book of Boobs!
011569: WINDSOR, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Hindu Art of Love: Based on the Greatest Systems of the Arts and Sciences of Love by the Most Eminent Love Savants of India
005123: WINES, FREDERICK HOWARD - Punishment and Reformation: An Historical Sketch of the Rise of the Penitentiary System
019577: WING, J.K. & HAILEY, ANTHEA M. (EDITORS) - Evaluating a Community Psychiatric Service: The Camberwell Register, 1964-71
004198: WINGATE, DOUGLAS R. - Lover
025284: WINGATE, MARCEL E. - Stuttering: Theory and Treatment
025701: WINIATA, WHATA - Financial Management of Chartered Banks
002985: WINN, RALPH B. - A Concise Dictionary of Existentialism
026108: WINN, D. - Girls in Erotic Positions
041287: WINN, DENISE - Prostitutes
024309: WINN, CYRIL - Music Calling
040957: WINNICOTT, CLARE - Child Care and Social Work: A Collection Of Papers Written Between 1954 and 1963
031478: WINSER, JOHN DE S. - The D-Day Ships. Neptune: The Greatest Amphibious Operation in History
010403: WINSKI, NORMAN - The Homosexual Revolt
016100: WINSLOW, DON - Katerina in Charge
016101: WINSLOW, DON - Claire's Girls
016088: WINSLOW, DON - The Fall of the Ice Queen
015907: WINSLOW, DON - Images of Ironwood
015908: WINSLOW, DON - Ironwood Revisited
042912: WINSLOW, DON - Ironwood Revisited
041466: WINSLOW, DON - Images of Ironwood
041400: WINSLOW, DON - Ironwood IV
041117: WINSLOW, DON - The Insatiable Mistress of Rosedale
035292: WINSLOW, DON - Claire's Girls
039311: WINSTEN, S. (EDITOR) - G.B.S. 90: Aspects of Bernard Shaw's Life and Work
025446: WINTER, NAPHTALI (EDITOR) - Fasting and Fast Days
020629: WINTER, J.M. (EDITOR) - War and Economic Development: Essays in Memory of David Joslin
005540: WINTER, EDWARD H. - Bwamba: A Structural-Functional Analysis of a Patralineal Society
038991: WINTER, NATHAN H. - Jewish Education in a Pluralist Society: Samson Benderly and Jewish Education in the United States
023778: WINTER, AGNES - Design for Canvas Work with Rafia and Wool: A Series of Designs Illustrating the Planning of Patterns for Canvas Stitchery
044304: WINTER, BERT - Desire and Molly's Mishap
019054: WINTERS, YVOR - The Function of Criticism: Problems and Exercises
028205: WINTLE, JUSTIN (EDITOR) - Makers of Nineteenth Century Culture, 1800-1914
033236: WINTON, JOHN - The War at Sea 1939-1945
033145: WINTON, JOHN - We Joined the Navy
030280: WINTOUR, CHARLES - Pressures on the Press: An Editor Looks at Fleet Street
001055: WINWAR, FRANCES - Wings of Fire: A Biography of Gabriele d'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse
024824: READE, WINWOOD AND STUTTARD, R.M. - A Handbook for Naturalists
041662: WISDOM, JOHN - Other Minds
000299: WISE, THOMAS J. - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
000516: WISE, THOMAS J. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Joseph Conrad (1895-1921)
018566: WISE, TERENCE - To Catch a Whale
042614: WISEMAN, T.P. - Cinna the Poet and Other Roman Essays
019030: WISEMAN, JULIAN (EDITOR) - Feeding of Non-Ruminant Livestock
015425: WISKEMANN, ELISABETH - Italy Since 1945
042401: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH - Undeclared War
027724: DE WISMES, ARMEL - Chateaux de la Loire en Couleurs
027700: DE WISMES, ARMEL - The Loire Castles
024918: WITCHELL, NICHOLAS - The Loch Ness Story
025488: WITMER, HELEN L.; HERZOG, ELIZABETH; WEINSTEIN, EUGENE A.; SULLIVAN, MARY E. - Independent Adoptions a Follow Up Study
023871: DE WITT, HUGH - There Was a Young Lady
017770: DE WITT, JULIA A.W. - How he Made His Fortune
018018: WITTENBERG, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Lamont Case: History of a Congressional Investigation
039377: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Preliminary Studies for the Philosophical Investigations Generally Known as the Blue and Brown Books
031541: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics
027571: WITTLICH, PETR - Art Nouveau Drawings
042479: WITTLIN, THADDEUS - Commissar: Life and Death of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria
017243: WITTS, LESLIE J. - The Stomach and Anaemia
010597: WIX, JOHN - Pizarro The Beast
027713: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Sir Agravaine
033007: WOFINDEN, ROBERT CAVILL - Problem Families in Bristol (Occasional papers on eugenics series; No.6
037848: WOFINDEN, R.C. - Port Health Services: Annual and Quinquennial Report on Medical Inspection and Sanitary Circumstances: Report for 1965
040364: WOHL, BURTON - A Cold Wind in August
022413: WOLF, MARTIN / GLISMAN, HANS HINRICH / PELZMAN, JOSEPH / SPINANGER, DEAN - Costs of Protecting Jobs in Textiles and Clothing
030249: WOLF, A. - The Philosophy of Nietzsche
042515: WOLF, THOM - The Chain
020773: WOLF, HERMANN - Allo! Brigitte
007795: WOLF, NIKI (EDITOR) - Fetish Times Number 5
011622: WOLF, ALEXANDER / SCHWARTZ, EMANUEL K. / MCCARTY, GERALD J. / GOLDBERG, IRVING A. - Beyond the Couch: Dialogues in Teaching and Learning Psychoanalysis in Groups
042024: WOLFBEIN, SEYMOUR L. - Emerging Sectors of Collective Bargaining
030543: WOLFE, LINDA - The Cosmo Report
039383: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Web and The Rock
011695: WOLFENDEN, J.F. - The Changing World and Its Effect on Adolescent Behaviour
045044: WOLFF, GEOFFREY - Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby
034653: WOLFF, SULA - Children Under Stress
004528: WOLFF, WERNER - The Threshold of the Abnormal: A Basic Survey of Psychopathology
036812: WOLFF, MICHAEL - Prison: The Penal Institutions of Britain: Prisons, Borstals, Detention Centres, Attendance Centres, Approved Schools and Remand Homes
000537: WOLFF, CHARLOTTE - Bisexuality: A Study
022052: WOLFF, CHARLOTTE - Love Between Women
015640: WOLFF, KURT - Patterns of Self Destruction: Depression and Suicide
042584: WOLFF, LARRY - Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna: Postcards from the End of the World
039577: WOLFF, CYNTHIA GRIFFIN - A Feast of Words: Triumph of Edith Wharton
034755: WOLFF, HENRY W. - People's Banks: A Record of Social and Economic Success
025955: WOLFFE, B.P. - The Royal Demesne in English History: The Crown Estate in the Governance of the Realm from the Conquest to 1509
035806: WOLFGANG, MICHAEL S. - Male and Female Sexual Deviations
028240: WOLFIN, ANDREW - What Will You Do? 48 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference
043969: WOLINSKI, GEORGE - Je Cohabite!: Salaud de gauche! Salaud de droite!
043970: WOLINSKI, GEORGE - La Bague au Doigt
023819: WOLLESLEY, BRANDON - A Nymph's Tale of Love: A Modern Day Classic of English Erotica
010996: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY (MARY SHELLEY) - The Love Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft to Gilbert Imlay
025543: WOLMAN, LEO - The Growth of American Trade Unions 1880-1923
009798: WOLPE, ANN-MARIE - Some Processes in Sexist Education
031063: WOLTER, JÜRGEN - Korper und Intim-Schmuck
029581: WOLVERTON, ROBERT E. - An Outline of Classical Mythology
023582: COMMITTEE ON TRAFFIC IN WOMEN AND CHILDREN - Abolition of Licensed Houses
004621: WOOD, CLIVE - Sex and Fertility
017185: WOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Town Planning and Pollution Control
009231: WOOD, CLEMENT BIDDLE - Welcome to the Club
009206: WOOD, ALBERT VICTOR ORMSBY - A Unique Archive of Note Books, Sketch Books, Mss and Typescripts
026284: WOOD, CLEMENT - Sexual Crimes and American Law
026285: WOOD, CLEMENT - Sexual Relations In the Southern States
026286: WOOD, CLEMENT - Modern Sexual Morality
021790: WOOD, ESTHER - Dante Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement
042675: WOOD, G.L. - Problems of Industrial Administration in Australia. A series of lectures at the University of Melbourne
036200: WOOD, DAVID (EDITOR) - Body Probe: Torture Garden 2 Mutant Flesh and Cyber Primitives
042476: WOOD, E.J. FERGUSON - The Living Ocean: Marine Microbiology ([Biology and environment])
042386: WOOD, JIM - The Rape of Inez Garcia
042086: WOOD, LINDA (EDITOR) - British Films: 1971-1981
042085: WOOD, MANFRI FREDERICK - In the Life of a Romany Gypsy
019817: WOOD, G BERNARD - Ferries and Ferrymen
039418: WOOD, ROBERT OWEN - A Survey of Sheep Management in Great Britain (College of Estate Management. Reports of the College Travelling Scholars in Agriculture No. 3)
029790: WOOD, ANTHONY JOHN - Pot or Not?: A Plain Guide to Drug Dependence ('Family Doctor' booklets)
006757: WOOD, CLEMENT BIDDLE - Welcome to the Club
023739: WOOD, PAUL W. - Stained Glass Crafting
029255: WOOD, LELAND FOSTER - How Love Grows in Marriage
026755: WOODALL, NED J. - An Introduction to Modern Archaeology
018708: WOODBURN, MARGARET - Social Implications of Spina Bifida: A Study in South-east Scotland
005649: WOODBURY, RICHARD B. - Alfred V. Kidder
033602: WOODBURY, ROBERT MORSE - Social Insurance: An Economic Analysis
007184: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - To The City of the Dead: An Account of Travels in Mexico
012761: WOODCOCK, HENRY - The Gipsies; being a brief account of their history, origin, capabilities, manners and customs; with suggestions for the reformation and conversion of the English Gipsies
034196: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - The White Island
010474: WOODCOCK, GEORGE & AVAKUMOVIC, IVAN - The Doukhobors
037397: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Dawn and the Darkest Hour: A Study of Aldous Huxley
025292: WOODFORDE, JOHN - The Strange Story of False Teeth
028091: WOODROOFE, KATHLEEN - From Charity to Social Work in England and the United States
028781: WOODS, WILLIAM - A History of the Devil
015184: WOODS, ROBERT ARCHEY - English Social Movements
033723: WOODS, ARTHUR - Dangerous Drugs: The World Fight Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotics
044643: WOODS, DIANE - The Black Slip
038054: WOODS, EDDY (EDITOR) - Ins and Outs: A Magazine of Awareness Volume 1 Nr.3 Aug./Sept. 1978
028970: WOODSIDE, MOYA - Illegal Abortion: The Woman Abortionist
019306: WOODSTONE, ARTHUR - Nixon's Head
027073: WOODSWORTH, A. - The Alternative Press in Canada: A Checklist of Underground, Revolutionary, Radical and Other Alternative Serials from 1960
034096: WOODWARD, TIM (EDITOR) - Skin Two Issue 28
034095: WOODWARD, TIM (EDITOR) - Skin Two Issue 27
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005844: WOOLLCOMBE, LOUIS A. W. - Princetown and Its Prison
035469: WOOLLER, H. - Teaching Fabric Printing in Schools
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043434: WOOSTER, ANN SARGENT - Quiltmaking: The Modern Approach to a Traditional Craft
042899: WOOTON, BARBARA - Incomes Policy: An Inquest and a Proposal
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032423: WOOTTON, GRAHAM - The Official History Of The British Legion
025218: WORCESTER, DONALD E., AND SCHAEFFER, WENDELL G. - The Growth and Culture of Latin America: From Conquest to Independence
022282: UNION OF POST OFFICE WORKERS - How We Began: Postal Trade Unionism 1870-1920
034876: WOMEN'S LIBERATION WORKSHOP - Shrew: Women's Liberation Workshop October
024004: WORMAN, E. CLARK - History of The Brooklyn and Queens Young Men's Christian Association 1853-1949
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038259: WORMS, H. DE (COLONIAL OFFICE) - Supplementary return to an address of the honourable the House of Commons dated 26 August 1887 for, Copies of correspondence, or extracts therefrom, relating to the repeal of contagious diseases ordinances and regulations in the Crown Colonies
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034603: WRIGHT, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Different: An Anthology of Homosexual Short Stories
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021842: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - Clean and Decent: The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and Water Closet and of sundry habits, fashions & accessories of the toilet, principally in Great Britain, France and America
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013750: WRIGHT, STEPHEN - Brief Encyclopedia of Homosexuality
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023728: WYATT, M. DIGBY - History, Theory and Practice of Illuminating
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008062: WYLAND, FRANCIE - Motherhood, Lesbianism and Child Custody
026089: WYLIE, JAMES - Spanker's Holiday
041607: WYLIE, H.M. - Bobbin Lace Making: Getting Started: An Absolute Beginners Guide!
038436: WYLIE, JIM - A Boy for Nancy
006973: WYLL, HANS - Jockey Club
017651: WYMAN, ROSALIND - Multiply Handicapped Children
004499: WYNEKEN, GUSTAV - Der Kampf fur die Jugend
036545: WYNN, MARGARET - Fatherless Families: A Study of Families Deprived of a Father By Death, Divorce Separation or Disertion Before or After Marriage
044106: WYNN, NEILL A. - The Afro-American and the Second World War
006158: WYNN, MAKIN - Of Pots and Privies
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043070: X, DR. - The Abortionist: The Personal Story of a Doctor in the Secret World of Medicine
032969: X, MONSIEUR - Fouette Cocher!
032921: X, DR. JACOBUS - Untrodden Fields of Anthropology: Observations on the Esoteric Manners and Customs of Semi-Civilized Peoples; Being a Record of Thirty Years’ Experience in Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania
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018466: X, DR. JACOBUS - The Basis of Passional Psychology: A Study of the Laws of Love in Man and the Lower Animals
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044818: X, GRETA - There's a Whip in My Valise
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035481: XANTIA - Slave of Passion
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040720: YARWOOD, DOREEN - Robert Adam
034792: YATES, R. - Explosion at Louisa (including Morrison Old) Colliery, Durham: Report On the Causes of, and Circumstances attending, the Explosion which occurred at Louisa (including Morrison Old) Colliery, Durham, on the 22nd August, 1947
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022113: YORK, SANDY (EDITOR) - Corporal Volume 7 Number 21
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017550: YORKE, DANE - Men and Times of Pepperell: An Account of the First One Hundred Years of the Pepperell Manufacturing Company Incorporated February 16, 1844
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021694: YOUNG, WAYLAND - Eros Denied
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036057: YOUNG, ELIZABETH - Nations and Nuclear Weapons
044020: YOUNG, VERNON - Cinema Borealis: The Art of Ingmar Bergman
024866: YOUNG, PERCY M. - The Oratorios of Handel
019912: YOUNG, MICHAEL (CHAIRMAN) - Consumers and the Nationalised Industries: Report by the National Consumer Council to the Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection
032695: MCHARDY YOUNG, J. - Reinforced Concrete
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024275: YOUNG, PERCY M. - Introduction to the Music of Mendelssohn
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035031: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN - Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928): Architecture, Design and Painting
038258: YOUNG, ARTHUR - Straits Settlements Ordinance No. XXVI of 1914
043473: YOUNG, PHILIP - Ernest Hemingway: A Reconsideration
037894: YOUNG, JOHN PARKE - European Currency and Finance: Commission of Gold and Silver Inquiry, United States Senate ... Foreign Currency and Exchange Investigation
011448: YOUNG, WILLIAM W. - The Story of the Cigarette
037630: YOUNG, WAYLAND - Eros Denied
023635: YOUNG, PERCY M. - Concerto
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027072: YOUNGSON, A.J. - Overhead Capital: Study in Development Economics
034139: YOUNGSON, JEANNE - The Count Dracula Fan Club Handbook
011817: TWENTIETH CENTURY FUND TASK FORCE ON EMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS OF BLACK YOUTH - The Job Crisis for Black Youth: Report of the Twentieth Century Fund, Task Force on Employment Problems of Black Youth, With a Background Paper By Sar A. Levitan and Robert Taggart III
027194: YOXALL, ALISA - A History of the Teaching of Domestic Economy
026702: YU, LI - The Before Midnight Scholar (Jou Pu Tuan)
043582: YU, LI - Jou Pu Tuan: A Seventeenth Century Erotic Moral Novel
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042802: YUDKIN, LEON I. - Escape into Siege: Survey of Israeli Literature Today (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
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042471: ZAGORIA, DONALD S. - The Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1956-1961
041401: ZALCOCK, BEV - Renegade Sisters: Girl Gangs on Film
028848: ZALTMAN, GERALD - Processes and Phenomena of Social Change
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040864: ZANDER, MICHAEL - Cases and Materials on the English Legal System
011063: ZAPPONI, BERNARDINO - Fellini's Casanova
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017229: ZAUBERMAN, ALFRED - Differential Games and Other Game Theoretic Topics in Soviet Literature: A Survey
032506: ZAUBERMAN, ALFRED - Differential Games and other Game-Theoretic Topics in Soviet literature: A survey (Studies in game theory and mathematical economics)
015580: ZAYID, MAHMUD Y. - Egypt's Struggle for Independence
015248: SCHIFF, ZEEV AND ROTHSTEIN, RAPHAEL - Fedayeen: The Story of the Palestinian Guerrillas
038815: ZEFFIRELLI, FRANCO (DIRECTOR) - The Taming of the Shrew
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020964: ZELLNER, HAROLD M. (EDITOR) - Assassination
042309: ZEMACH, SHLOMO - An Introduction to the History of Labour Settlement in Palestine
010625: CLO'ZEN, S.G. - Beacul
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008689: ZENTNER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Topper January 1965
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040123: ZIEGER, KARL - Die Aufnahme der Werke von Emile Zola durch die österreichische Literaturkritik der Jahrhundertwende
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044390: ZINKIN, TAYA - India Changes!
017097: ZINSSER, HANS - Rats, Lice and History: Being a Study in Biography, which, after twelve Preliminary Chapters Indispensable for the Preperation of the Lay Reader, Deals with the Life History of Typhus Fever
041137: ZISKIN, DR. JAY & DR. MAE - The Extra-Marital Arrangement
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029257: ZOCHERT, DONALD - Murder at the Hellfire Club
039698: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHAEL - Ben-Gurion
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026723: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
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000864: ZOLA, EMILE - Promotional Sales Book
002549: ZOLA, EMILE - Pot-Bouille
001406: ZOLA, EMILE - Restless House
006001: ZOLLER, DR, ADOLF - Das Wechselspiel der Geschlechter im Dienste der Fortpflanzung
026626: ZORRILLA, FRANCISCO DE ROJAS - None Beneath the King: Spanish Classical Tragedy in Three Acts
041577: HARSANYI, DR. ZSOLT AND HUTTON, RICHARD - Genetic Prophecy: Beyond the Double Helix
007631: ZUBRZYCKI, JERZY - Settlers in the Latrobe Valley
019526: ZUNINI, GIORGIO - Man and His Religion: Aspects of Religious Psychology
042901: BEN-ZVI, ITZHAK - The Exiled and the Redeemed: The Strange Jewish "Tribes" of the Orient
021188: ZWEIG, STEFAN (EDITOR) - The Living Thoughts of Tolstoi
042427: ZWEIG, DR. FERDYNAND - The Israeli Worker: Achievements, Attitudes and Aspirations
040119: ZWEIG, F. - Labour, Life and Poverty
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002463: ZWERENZ, GERHARD - Rememberance Day: Thirteen Attempts in Prose to Adopt an Attitude of Respect
012629: ZWERIN, MICHAEL - The Silent Sound of Needles: The Nightmare World of the Junkie and His Heroic Struggle to Be Reborn

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