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027438: ROTH, LEON - The Jewish Religious Union: Its Principles and Future
018431: ROTH, CECIL - The Jewish Contribution to Civilisation
018417: ROTH, LEON - Judaism: A Portrait
043013: ROTHA, PAUL - Eisenstein: 1898-1948
043663: ROTHA, PAUL - Documentary Diary: An informal history of the British documentary film 1928-1939
014312: ROTHENBERG, GUNTHER E. - The Anatomy of The Israeli Army
028480: ROTHENBERG, IGNAZ - The Newspaper: A Study in the Workings of the Daily Press and Its Laws
026474: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Tate Gallery
021866: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Life and Death of Conder
036161: ROTHENSTEIN, SIR WILLIAM - Men and Memories: Recollections of William Rothenstein, 1900-1922
024405: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Modern English Painters: Lewis to Moore
027915: ROTHERY, GUY CADOGAN - The Amazons in Antiquity and Modern Times
002845: ROTHFIELD, OTTO - The Garden of Thorns: Being an Account of Marriage, Love and Divorce As They Are in the Twentieth Century in the Principle Cities of the World
004387: ROTHMAN, G. - The Riddle of Cruelty
005116: ROTHMAN, G. - The Riddle of Cruelty
040148: ROTHNEY, JOHN - Bonapartism After Sedan
014537: ROTHSCHILD, K.W. - The Theory of Wages
017177: ROTHWELL, W. / BARRON, W. R. J. / BLAMIRES, DAVID / THORPE, LEWIS (EDITORS) - Studies in Medieval Literature and Languages in Memory of Frederick Whitehead
033750: ROTHWELL, CHETT - Kiss Me, Katherine
023272: ROTTENSTEINER, FRANZ (EDITOR) - View from Another Shore: European Science Fiction
045303: ROTUNDO, MASSIMO - Amour Nouveau
033251: ROUE - Roue 27
020827: ROUE, PAUL - Marchande d'Amour
014069: ROUGE ET NOIR - The Gambling World: Anecdotic Memories and Stories of Personal Experience in the Temples of Hazard and Speculation
037408: ROUGHEAD, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Trial of Oscar Slater
003202: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Nancy Adler Poems
040139: ROUSSEL, JEAN - Charles Peguy
008565: ROUTH, JONATHAN - Guide Porcelaine to the Loos of Paris
008122: ROUTISIE, ALBERT DE - Irene
026307: ROUTLEDGE AND KEGAN PAUL - Passover Service of the Synagogue: A New Edition of the Festival Prayers with an English Translation in Prose and Verse
023638: ROUTLEY, ERIK - The Organist's Guide to Congregational Praise
004684: ROUX, JOANNY - Psychologie de l'Instinct Sexuel
036775: ROUX, EDDIE & WIN - Rebel Pity: Life of Eddie Roux
025646: ROWAN, D.C. - Output, Inflation and Growth: An Introduction to Macro-Economics
045460: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Mayday Manifesto Pamphlet 4: Women's Liberation and the New Politics
009900: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Women's Resistance and Revolution
020637: ROWDON, MAURICE - The Spanish Terror: Spanish Imperialism in the Sixteenth Century
026911: ROWE, JANE - Child Care Now: A Survey of Placement Patterns
026864: ROWE, JANE - Fostering in the Eighties
026811: ROWE, JANE; CAIN, HILARY; HUNDLEBY & KEANE, ANNE - Long Term Foster Care
044342: ROWE, MARSHA (EDITOR) - Sex & The City
031365: ROWEL, DÉSIRÉ VAN - Le Chàteau des Cuisants Souvenirs
018741: ROWETT, LOUISA - Sexual Harmony
028137: ROWLANDS, PETER - The Fugitive Mind: The Early Development Of The Autistic Child
045936: ROWLANDS, PETER - Children Apart: Problems of Early Separation from Parents
043449: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS - The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
007885: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS - The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
007884: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS - Pretty Little Games for Young Ladies and Gentlemen with Pictures of Good Old English Sports and Pastimes
033280: ROWLEDGE, J.W.P. - LMS Engines: Names, Numbers, Types and Classes
043085: ROWLEY, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - The Barons of European Industry
018935: ROWLEY, CHARLES K. & PEACOCK, ALAN T. - Welfare Economics: A Liberal Restatement
043662: BAILEY, ROY AND BRAKE, MIKE (EDITORS) - Radical Social Work
032043: CURTIS, ROY AND HUGHES, MIRIAM KAHAL - Hearty Eating: Guide to Coronary Cookery
030971: ROYAL, JOHN F. - Television Production Problems
027032: ROYAL, D. - The Compulsive Male
021542: ROYCE, JOSIAH - The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce: Volume 1
007394: ROYER, LOUIS-CHARLES - African Mistress
006693: ROYER, JEAN-MICHEL & SIMOEN, JEAN-CLAUDE - Le Crapouillot: Le Sexe Hors-Serie No.3 Ete 1983
034773: RUBECK, M.F. - Social and Emotional Effects of Chronic Bronchitis
035491: RUBEL, ROBERT - Power Exchange Books: Art of Slavery
004461: RUBIN, DR. ISADORE (EDITOR) - Homosexuals Today
009236: RUBIN, LILLIAN B. - What Goes Wrong in Relationships Today and Why
003157: RUBIN, DAVID - Cassio and the Life Divine
022188: RUBIN, ISADORE - Sexueel Leven na de Zestig
002841: RUBIN, ISADORE - Sexual Life After Sixty
013735: RUBIN, NEVILLE - Cameroun: An African Federation
033581: RUBIN, SOL - Crime and Juvenile Delinquency: A Rational Approach to Penal Problems
004523: RUBINSTEIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Wicked, Wicked, Libels
017208: RUBINSTEIN, E. - Filmguide to The General
037041: RUBIS, JASON - Guilt
025684: RUBNER, ALEX - The Ensnared Shareholder: Directors and the Modern Corporation
021015: RUBNER, ALEX - The Economics of Gambling
040072: RUCK, S.K. - London Government and the Welfare Services
024625: RUCK, S.K. (EDITOR) - The West Indian Comes to England: A Report Prepared for the Trustees of the London Parochial Charities By the Family Welfare Association
029117: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society
012721: RUDOLF, TERRY - Sweet Susan Holiday
006292: RUEDEBUSCH, EMIL F. - The Old and the New Ideal: A Solution of That Part of the Social Question Which Pertains to Love, Marriage and Sexual Intercourse
009235: RUEGER, DR. RUSS - Ask Dr. Russ Rueger About Sex Q&A
042799: RUEL, MALCOM - Leopards and Leaders: Constitutional Politics Among a Cross River People (Social Science Paperbacks)
000513: RUFF, MARCEL - Baudelaire
034971: RUFFLETE - The Curtain Book
007303: RUGOFF, MILTON - Prudery and Passion: Sexuality in Victorian America
032436: RUHLE, OTTO - Karl Marx: His Life And Work
035148: RUITENBEEK, HENDRIK MARINUS (EDITOR) - The First Freudians
044684: RULE, JANE - Lesbian Images
020446: RUMNEY, STEVE (EDITOR) - Forum A-Z of Sex: Your Complete Sexual Encyclopedia
022639: RUND, J.B. - Bizarre Comix Nr. 3: Steile Stockel in den Sternen und Madam Adista
022640: RUND, J.B. - Bizarre Classix Volume 5
010424: RUND, J.B. - Bizarre Classix Volume Two
023512: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT AND MEADMORE, W S. - The Sawdust Ring
042143: CROSS, RUPERT AND WILKINS, NANCY - An Outline of Law of Evidence
024114: RUPPERT, SOLANGE - Pour Solange
024938: RUSE, MICHAEL - Sociobiology: Sense Or Nonsense?
032259: RUSKIN, JOHN - Time and Tide By Tyne and Wear Twenty-Five Letters to a Working Man of Sunderland on the Laws of Work
021864: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters
021868: RUSKIN, JOHN - Frondes Agrestes: Readings in Modern Painters Chosen at her pleasure by the author's friend, the youngest lady of the Thwaite, Coniston
024402: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England and the Pleasures of England: Lectures Given in Oxford in 1883-1885
018001: RUSSEL, ROBERT R. - A History of the American Economic System
045114: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD - My Indian Mutiny Diary
044928: RUSSELL, R.B. (EDITOR) - Machenalia: Volume 1
016534: RUSSELL, RONALD - Lost Canals and Waterways of Britain
036686: RUSSELL, DAVID - David Russell: A Retrospective Exhibition November 1989
003181: ASH, RUSSELL AND LAKE, BRIAN - Bizarre Books
026427: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Wisdom of the West
045772: RUSSELL, LYNN PAULA - The Art of Love: Sexcitement: Pleasures Without Prejudice
008487: RUSSELL, ROGER (EDITOR) - X Films
010645: RUSSELL, ERIC - Astrology and Prediction
045922: RUSSELL, ERIC - History of Astrology and Prediction
045832: RUSSELL, LYNN PAULA - The Young Governess
043294: RUSSELL, VICTOR - People of the Night
043679: RUSSELL, LYNN PAULA - The Illustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell
043682: RUSSELL, RAY (EDITOR) - Playboy's Ribald Classics
024384: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Legitimacy Versus Industrialism 1814-1848
019179: RUSSELL, THOMAS - London Philharmonic: A Brief History
027077: RUSSELL, A.K. - Liberal Landslide: The General Election of 1906
028470: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The Future of Science
028471: RUSSELL, ALEXANDER - Aristocrats of the South Seas
035060: RUSSELL, GORDON - Designer's Trade: Autobiography of Gordon Russell
011727: RUSSELL, O. RUTH - Freedom to Die: Moral and Legal Aspects of Euthanasia
034963: RUSSELL, GORDON - The Things We See Series: No. 3 Furniture
037813: ASH, RUSSELL AND LAKE, BRIAN - Bizarre Books
023719: RUSSELL, THOMAS - Philharmonic Decade
002289: RUSSELL, RAY - The Little Lexicon of Love: Sharpened Shafts of Satire on Love, The Foibles of Modern Life and Some Very Sacred Cows
005319: RUTEN, HOLDER VAN - Im Banne der Qual mit Acht Federzeichungen
006355: RUTGERS, DR. J. - How to Attain and Practice the Ideal Sex Life: Ideal Sex and Love Relations for Every Man and Woman
030014: ST. RUTH, DIANA; WHITBREAD, DON; ST. RUTH, RICHARD (EDITORS) - Buddhism Now Vol. VI No. 2 May 1994
034418: WESTHEIMER, DR. RUTH AND MARK, JONATHAN - Heavenly Sex: Sexuality in the Jewish Tradition
013713: RUTH - Bound in Dresses
000333: RUTHERFORD, WARD - The Druids & Their Heritage
012232: RUTHVEN, K.K. - Feminist Literary Studies: An Introduction
029596: RUTPEITSCH, HARRY - Aus den Memoiren eines Wiene Flagellanten: Bekenntnisse aus dem Reiche der Züchtigung
020972: RUTSCH, EDWARD S. - Smoking Technology of the Aborigines of the Iroquois Area of New York State
026829: RUTTER, MICHAEL - Maternal Deprivation Reassessed
024103: RUYSDAEL, VINCENT DE - Gouttes Nacrees en Gerbes sans Fin
025407: RYAN, A.P. - Mutiny at the Curragh
012233: RYAN, JOANNA - Feminism and Therapy: The Pam Smith Memorial Lecture
027323: RYCROFT, CHARLES - A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
045876: RYDEEN, PAUL (EDITOR) - Field Trip: The Journal of Gnostic Agnosticism Issue No. 5 Summer 1990
004008: RYDER, SALLY - Hitch-Hiker Itch
034571: RYDER, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Dark Lily: DL7 The Reality of the Left Hand Path
031146: RYDER, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Dark Lily: DL9 The Reality of the Left Hand Path
031147: RYDER, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Dark Lily: DL11 The Reality of the Left Hand Path
031144: RYDER, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Dark Lily: DL8 The Reality of the Left Hand Path
001613: RYDER, T.A. - Searchlight on Morals
017252: RYLE, ANTHONY - Student Casualties
041732: RYLE, GILBERT - Philosophical Arguments: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered before the University of Oxford, 30 October 1945
030122: RYNNE, STEPHEN - Green Fields: A Journal of Irish Country Life
043744: WILLAN THOMAS S. - Eighteenth-century Shopkeeper: Abraham Dent of Kirkby Stephen
004254: WEINBERG, MARTIN S. AND BELL, ALAN P. - Homosexuality: An Annotated Bibliography
009214: S., ANTOINE - Lust in Paris
030498: GRAHAM, GERALD S. AND HUMPHREYS, R.A. (EDITORS) - The Navy and South America,1807-1823: Correspondence of the Commanders-in-Chief on the South American Station
023102: COLLINSON, CLIFFORD (F.R.G.S.) AND MCDERMOTT, CAPTAIN F. (F.R.G.S.) - Through Atlantic Clouds: The History of Atlantic Flight
000692: S.E.S. - Poems
036807: WENDY'S - Wendy's Discipline Devotees Correspondence Club: Readers Ads and Photos Vol. 2 No. 4
022350: HILLMAN, JIMMYE S. AND ROTHENBERG, ROBERT A. - Agricultural Trade and Protection in Japan
028675: HAWTHORN, H.B., BELSHAW, C.S. AND JAMIESON, S.M. - The Indians of British Columbia: A Study of Contemporary Social Adjustment
021841: WALKER, WARREN S. AND UYSAL, AHMET E. - Tales Alive in Turkey
043850: MASON, EDWARD S. AND ASHER, ROBERT E. - The World Bank Since Bretton Woods
043188: LEAKEY, L.S. AND GOODALL, VANNE MORRIS - Unveiling Man's Origins: Ten Decades of Thought About Human Evolution
043697: LEAKEY, L.S. AND GOODALL, VANNE MORRIS - Unveiling Man's Origins: Ten Decades of Thought About Human Evolution
025479: DE REUCK, A.V.S. AND PORTER, RUTH (EDITORS) - The Mentally Abnormal Offender
043935: T S - A Pilgrim of Passion
025308: MEYERS, LAWRENCE S. AND GROSSEN, NEAL E. - Behavioral Research: Theory, Procedure, and Design: Theory, Procedure, and Design
042184: WOODWORTH, ROBERT S. AND SHEEHAN, MARY R. - Contemporary Schools of Psychology
042175: SCHWARTZ, MORRIS S. AND SHOCKLEY, EMMY LANNING - The Nurse and the Mental Patient: A Study in Interpersonal Relations
042120: MASERA, RAINER S. AND TRIFFIN, ROBERT - Europe's Money: Problems of European Monetary Co-ordination and Integration (Centre for European Policy Studies)
026747: CRANE, R.S. AND KAYE, F.B. - A Census of British Newspapers and Periodicals, 1620-1800
036069: CROSSMAN, R.H.S. AND YOUNGER, KENNETH - Socialist Foreign Policy
032934: HOPF, PETER S. AND RAEBER, JOHN A. - Access for the Handicapped
041182: S., GALIA - Nymph in Paris
037670: S., J. - Liens, Bandeau, Baillon d áprès le roman polonais de J.S. Tome 2: Les Liens Acceptés
007604: WENDY'S - Wendy's Spanking and Bondage Equipment Catalog No.3
007603: WENDY'S - Wendy's Leather & Rubber Costume Catalog No.4
040481: CHRISTIE'S - The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale Wednesday 9 February 2011
034208: MASON, EDWARD S. AND ASHER, ROBERT E. - The World Bank Since Bretton Woods
030131: BOAS MRS. F.S. - Heroes of the Hebrew Monarchy
045305: F.R.S. - The Way of a Man with a Maid
006866: CLUB S - Lack und Leder Nr.9
006865: CLUB S - Lack und Leder Nr. 8
006864: CLUB S - Lack und Leder Nr.6
011026: KAHN, SANDRA S. WITH JEAN DAVIS PH.D. - Sexual Preferences: The Kahn Report
043646: HILLMAN, JIMMYE S. AND SCHMITZ, ANDREW - International Trade and Agriculture: Theory and Policy
037503: EL-SAADAWI, NAWAL - The Fall of the Imam
037720: SAARILUOMA, PERTTI - Foundational Analysis: Presuppositions in Experimental Psychology
031570: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE - El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha
006467: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE - The Spanish Ladie and Two Other Stories
016212: SABADY, P.R. - The Solar House: A Guide to Solar Energy Utilisation in Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Building
020014: SABAL, JACK - Suzanne et l'Enfer du Sexe
020013: SABAL, JACK - Les Plaisirs de Suzanne
044277: SABINE - Slave Girl 54
044278: SABINE - Slave Girl 74
029187: SABINE, WALDO - Guido and the Girls
026096: SABINE - Slave Girl 68
026097: SABINE - Slave Girl 73
044276: SABINE - Slave Girl 66
044275: SABINE - Slave Girl 65
039256: SABINE, B.E.V. - British Budgets in Peace and War, 1932-1945
033971: SABINI, JOHN - Islam: A Primer
021603: SABRE, MICHAEL OWEN - Non Stop Passion
014017: SACHS, BERNARD - Take Out Hunger: Two Case Studies of Rural Development in Basutoland
037373: SACK, A.J. - The Birth of the Russian Democracy
002882: SACKERMAN, HENRY J. - The Westbank Group
018535: SACKERMAN, HENRY - The Crowded Bed
030094: SACKS, DR. JONATHAN - A Time for Renewal: A Rabbinic Response to the Kalms Report "A Time for Change"
027124: SADAT, COLONEL ANWAR EL - Revolt on the Nile
026171: SADDLER, JEAN - Presented in Leather
016007: SADDLER, JEAN - The Fascinating Tyrant
017501: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Quartet
034094: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Les Grands Ecrivains Numero 40: Sade
045050: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Philosophy in the Boudoir / Minski the Cruel
037124: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Story of Juliette: Volume Three
029204: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Selected Letters
029203: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Quartet
004179: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Die Hundert Zwanzig Tage von Sodom Oder der Schule der Ausschweifung
029199: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Complete Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom and Other Writings
029201: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Selected Writings of the Marquis de Sade
044064: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome I: II
044065: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome II: II
044066: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome IV: I
044062: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome III: I
044067: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome V: II
043748: SADE, MARQUIS DE (NICK HEDGES) - The 120 Days of Sodom Adapted for the Stage from the Novel by the Marquis de Sade
044840: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Philosophy in the Boudoir
044063: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome V: I
043845: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Justine; Philosophy in the Bedroom; Eugenie De Franval and Other Writings. Three Complete Novels.odom and Other Writings
036502: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Justine oder Das Unglück der Tugend
002894: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Monsieur Le 6: Lettres Inedites (1778-1774)
002897: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Les Crimes de l'Amour
002899: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Marquise de Gange
028773: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Der Greis in Charenton: Letzte Aufzeichnungen und Kalkulationen
028730: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Selected Letters
036441: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The 120 Days of Sodom or; The School for Libertinage
028138: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Justine, or, The Misfortunes of Virtue
043079: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Der Mensch ist Böse: Ein erotisch-philosophisches Lesebuch. Mit einem Nachwort und einer Bibliographie
043069: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Castle of La Coste: Bi-Temporal Touristic Guide
036362: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Misfortunes of Virtue
043453: DE SADE, MARQUIS - Illustrated Marquis de Sade
045415: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome IV: II
035970: SADE, MARQUIS DE - De 120 Dagen van Sodom: Deel 1
043355: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Eugenie de Franval and Other Stories
044060: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome III: II
044061: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome II: I
043561: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Zoloe et Ses Deux Acolytes
020025: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Story of Juliette: Volume Four
020011: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Story of Juliette: Volume Six
020010: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Story of Juliette: Volume One
040792: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Ghosts of Sodom
045086: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Philosophy in the Boudoir
013116: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Gothic Tales of The Marquis de Sade
027824: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Selected Writings of de Sade
044815: SADE, MARQUIS DE (NICK HEDGES) - The 120 Days of Sodom Adapted for the Stage from the Novel by the Marquis de Sade
045414: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Histoire de Juliette Tome I: I
024536: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Story of Juliette: Volume Two
039890: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Philosophy in the Boudoir
043868: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Dialogue entre un prêtre et un moribond, et autres Opuscules
038979: SADE, MARQUIS DE (GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE) - L'Oeuvre de Marquis de Sade
010480: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Juliette
036913: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The 250th Birthday of the Marquis de Sade
002562: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Aline et Valcour ou Le Roman Philosophique Ecrit a la Bastille, Un An Avant la Revolution de France
011101: SADE, MARQUIS DE - The Complete Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom and Other Writings
029248: SADE, MARQUIS DE - La Philosophie dans le Boudoir: Tome Second
044316: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Cent gravures d'époque pour illustrer La Nouvelle Justine ou les malheurs de la vertu, suivie de L'Histoire de Juliette, sa soeur de Sade
029196: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Forlorn Sunset
044630: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Trollope: A Commentary
024137: SAEGER, J. DE - Empfangnisverhutung Und Verantwortliches Elternbewusstein
045536: SAEKI, TOSHIO - Japon Intime
037016: SAGAN, FRANÇOISE - The Wonderful Clouds
035312: SAGAR, KEITH (EDITOR) - D.H. Lawrence and New Mexico
009383: SAGE, JETT - Crazy Wild Breaks Loose
006126: SAGE, JETT - Crazy Wild
022247: SAGE, BRYAN L. - A History of The Birds of Hertfordshire
028767: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE - Asmodeus or the Devil on Two Sticks
028766: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE - Asmodeus or the Devil on Two Sticks
002244: SAGE, JETT - Crazy Wild
023483: SAGLIO, ANDRE - French Furniture
014727: SAID, ABDEL MOGHNY - Arab Socialism
002059: SAIGON, FRANCINE - Bonsoir Maitresse
020820: SAIKAKU, IHARA - Five Women Who Loved Love: Amorous Tales From 17th Century Japan
002944: SAINE, UC - The Legend of Ermengarde
013144: SAINSBURY, HARRINGTON - Drugs and the Drug Habit
044710: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - A Consideration of Thackeray
013368: SAKOIAN, FRANCES & ACKER, LOUIS - The Astrology of Human Relationships
001156: SAKOL, JEANNIE - The Inept Seducer or, Bad Intentions are Not Enough
035191: SAKOL, JEANNIE - The Inept Seducer or, Bad Intentions are Not Enough: being an alarming report on the dumb things men do, plus a heartfelt plea to all males: please pay attention!
031143: SAKUMA, PROF. KIYOSHI - No More Hiroshimas: A Second Generation Youth Pamphlet
026476: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS - William Hogarth: Painter, Engraver, and Philosopher Essays on The Man, the Work and the Time
002387: SALAS, FLOYD - What Now My Love
006212: MASUCCIO DI GUARDATI (SALERNITANO) - Nouvelles Choisies De Masuccio de Salerne
028305: DSI SALES - Rugged Issue Two
036889: DE SALIS, COUNT - Report for the Year 1907 on the Finances of the German Empire, with Estimates for 1908
014402: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - The Coming War Between Russia and China
045782: SALLIS, JAMES (EDITOR) - Ash of Stars: On the Writing of Samuel R. Delany
038594: SALLIS, SUSAN - Sweeter Than Wine
026894: RYAN, SALLY AND BRONFENBRENNER, URIE (EDITORS) - A Report on Longitudinal Evaluations of Preschool Programs Vols 1 + 2 Longitudinal Evaluations & Is Early Intervention Effective?
025415: SALOMON, SIDNEY - The Jews of Britain
019933: SALOMON, JEAN-JACQUES - Science and Politics: An Essay on the Scientific Situation in the Modern World
015427: SALOMONE, A. WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Italy From the Risorgimento to Fascism: An Inquiry Into the Origins of the Totalitarian State
041091: SALTER, ANNA C. - Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sex Offenders: Who They are, How They Operate and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children
040896: SALTER, ANNA C. - Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sex Offenders: Who They are, How They Operate and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children
002977: SALTUS, EDGAR - Love Throughout the Ages
003069: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Lords of the Ghostland
003070: SALTUS, MARIE - Edgar Saltus: The Man
002974: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Ghost Girl
002963: SALTUS, EDGAR - Victor Hugo and Golgotha: Two Essays
002964: SALTUS, EDGAR - Poppies and Mandragora
002965: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Uplands of Dream
002966: SALTUS, EDGAR - A Transient Guest and Other Episodes
002967: SALTUS, EDGAR - Daughters of the Rich
028722: SALTUS, EDGAR - Eden: An Episode
028743: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Monster
028744: SALTUS, EDGAR - Purple and Fine Women
015535: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Pomps of Satan
038928: SALTUS, EDGAR - The Paliser Case
033153: SALUSBURY, G.T. - Street Life in Medieval England
001276: SALVADOR, TOMAS - Men and Walls
027701: COLOMO, SALVATORE AND TICCA, FRANCESCO - Sardegna immagini di Un'isola
037078: SALVEMINI, GAETANO - Italian Fascism
009782: SALVEMINI, GAETANO - Carlo and Nello Rosselli: A Memoir
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010901: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 12 Number 2
010898: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 11 Number 3
010897: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 11 Number 2
010896: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 11 Number 1 1969-70
010895: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 10 Number 4
010894: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 10 Number 3
010892: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 10 Number 1
010891: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 9 Number 4
010890: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 9 Number 3
010889: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 9 Number 2
010888: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 9 Number 1
010886: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 8 Number 4
010885: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 8 Number 3 1966/7
010881: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 7 Number 4
010883: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDITORS) - STAND Volume 8 Number 1
010877: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 7 Number 3
010876: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 7 Number 1
010873: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 6 Number 2
010872: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 6 Number 1
010871: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 5 Number 4
010870: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 5 Number 3
010869: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 5 Number 2
010868: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 5 Number 1
010867: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 4 Number 4
010866: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 4 Number 2
010865: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Volume 4 Number 1
010860: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Number Six Winter 1953
010858: SILKIN, JON (EDITOR) - STAND Third Issue 1952
007011: SILURIAN, DR. RICHARD - Age and Sex
036934: SILVA, MIGUEL OTERO - Casas Muertas
009361: SILVER, RACHEL - The Girl in Scarlet Heels: Women in the Sex Business Speak Out
028668: SILVER, RABBI SAMUEL M. - Mixed Marriage Between Jew and Christian
012759: SILVERBERG, JAMES (EDITOR) - Social Mobility in the Caste System in India: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
029005: SILVERMAN, ALLAN - Diana: The Last 24 Hours - A Day in the Death of the Princess of Pain
033814: SILVERMAN, KENNETH - Edgar Allan Poe: Mournful and Never Ending Remembrance
041504: SILVERMAN, SYDE (EDITOR) - Totems and Teachers: Perspectives on the History of Anthropology
038444: SILVERS, NATHAN - Babysitters in Bondage
001279: SILVERSTEIN, DR. CHARLES - Man to Man: Gay Couples in America
039163: SILVERSTONE, PAUL H. - U.S. Warships of World War II
036504: SILVESTER, RICHARD - Die Liebesdetektivin
008566: SILVESTRE, ARMAND - Le Nu de Rabelais d'après Jules Garnier
044944: SILVEY, ROBERT - Who's Listening?: The Story of BBC Audience Research
011097: SIME, JAMES - Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe
015665: SIMEON, SCOTT - Route of Entry
032413: SIMESTER, PETER - The Astrological Book of Time
016117: SIMEY, T.S. (EDITOR) - The Dock Worker
039046: SIMEY, T.S. (EDITOR) - The Dock Worker
034320: SIMIRENKO, ALEX (EDITOR) - Social Thought in the Soviet Union
027663: SIMKIN, C.G.F. - The Traditional Trade of Asia
016234: SIMMONS, J.L. (EDITOR) - Marihuana: Myths and Realities
021448: SIMMONS, ERNEST J. - Dostoevsky: The Making of a Novelist
013681: SIMMONS, I.G. - Rural Recreation in the Industrial World

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