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BOOKS180845I: WATTS, MARTIN (ED) - Two cemeteries from Bristol's northern suburbs
BOOKS240380I: WATTS, BRIAN - The three-wheeler: the story of the Morgan
BOOKS211936I: WATTS, I. - The Psalms of David imitated in the language of the New Testament and applied to the Christian state and worship
BOOKS210357I: WATTS, ISAAC - Divine and moral songs for children
BOOKS204166I: WATTS, MARTIN (ED) - Prehistoric, Romano-British and medieval occupation in the Frome Valley, Gloucestershire
BOOKS199297I: WATTS, MARTIN (ED) - Medieval and Post-Medieval development within Bristol's inner suburbs
BOOKS027174I: WATTS, MICHAEL - The life of Christ
BOOKS250336I: WAUD, CLARICE & DOWLE, PAT - The butterfly dog (Papillon and Phalene)
BOOKS138436I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scott-King's modern Europe
BOOKS221818I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold: a conversation piece
BOOKS268002I: WAUGH, MARY - Smuggling in Kent and Sussex, 1700-1840
BOOKS030664I: WAUGH, AUBERON - Who are the violets now?
BOOKS016815I: WAUGH, MARY - The Shell book of country parks
BOOKS030675I: WAUGH, AUBERON - A bed of flowers
BOOKS030927I: WAUGH, AUBERON - Path of dalliance
BOOKS038387I: WAUGH, EVELYN - A tourist in Africa
BOOKS044889I: WAUGH, EVELYN - When the going was good
BOOKS157035I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Men at arms
BOOKS064350I: WAUGH, AUBERON - Path of dalliance
BOOKS048201I: WAUGH, HILLARY - Run when I say go
BOOKS117473I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Brideshead revisited: the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder
BOOKS148544I: WAUGH, HILLARY - Run when I say go
BOOKS073095I: WAUGH, EVELYN - When the going was good
BOOKS029795I: WAUGH, EVELYN - When the going was good
BOOKS042425I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Men at arms
BOOKS142967I: WAUGH, HILARY - The Nerissa Claire case
BOOKS037962I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put out more flags
BOOKS263053I: WAUGH, HILLARY - Guide to mysteries and mystery writing
BOOKS176004I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The loved one: an Anglo-American tragedy
BOOKS204572I: WAUGH, AUBERON - Path of dalliance
BOOKS232856I: WAUGH, ALEC - Fuel for the flame
BOOKS034749I: WAUGH, AUBERON - Who are the violets now?
BOOKS196865I: WAUGH, ALEC - Eight short stories
BOOKS265401I: WAUGH, ALEC & OTHERS - John Bull, volume 99, number 2590, February 18 1956
BOOKS038985I: WAUGH, HILARY - The Priscilla Copperwaite case
BOOKS223334I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Black Mischief
BOOKS189752I: WAUGH, ALEC - Island in the sun
BOOKS189381I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold: a conversation piece
BOOKS267206I: WAUGH, JOHN - Sam Bell Maxey and the Confederate Indians
BOOKS193717I: WAUGH, ALEC - Fuel for the flame
BOOKS180254I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put out more flags
BOOKS237293I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The loved one: an Anglo-American tragedy
BOOKS265177I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The loved one: an Anglo-America tragedy
BOOKS117470I: WAUGH, CONSTANCE E. - Holiday plays for girls
BOOKS193601I: WAUGH, EVELYN - The loved one, an Anglo-American tragedy
BOOKS215115I: WAUGH,, EVELYN - Mr. Loveday's little outing and other sad stories
BOOKS180359I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put out more flags
BOOKS235073I: WAUGH, TERESA - Painting water
BOOKS235038I: WAUGH, ALEC - Island in the sun: a novel
BOOKS150685I: WAUGH, EVELYN - A little learning: an autobiography: the early years
BOOKS261182I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Black mischief
BOOKS240008I: WAUGH, ALEC - The prisoners of Mainz
BOOKS250948I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put out more flags
BOOKS048342I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Work suspended and other stories
BOOKS240417I: WAUGH, EVELYN - Officers and Gentlemen
BOOKS223649I: WAUGH, ALEX - Most women...
BOOKS265774I: WAUGH, HILLARY - Madam will not dine tonight
BOOKS234305I: WAUGH, EVELYN - When the going was good.
BOOKS234318I: WAUGH, TERESA - Waterloo, Waterloo
BOOKS202655I: WAUGH, HILLARY - The con game
BOOKS012234I: WAUGH, SYLVIA - The Mennyms
BOOKS054394I: WAUGH, ALEC - Jill Somerset
BOOKS122955I: WAULKER, NIC - Bluehorses: the lyricon
BOOKS232145I: WAUTHIER, C - The literature and thought of modern Africa: a survey
BOOKS241567I: WAVELL, ARCHIBALD - Allenby: Soldier and Statesman
BOOKS092186I: WAY, FRANCES M. - Letting residential property: a practical guide for owners
BOOKS226240I: WAY, PETER - Belshazzar's Feast
BOOKS261675I: WAY, PETER - Super-Celeste
BOOKS264069I: WAY, R. BARNARD - My first book of trains
BOOKS229212I: WAYMARK, JANET - Modern garden design: Innovation since 1900
BOOKS035234I: WAYNE, PHILIP (ED) - The personal art: an anthology of English letters
BOOKS100962I: WAYNE, HILARY - Vainglorious
BOOKS218864I: WAYNE, HILARY - Vainglorious
BOOKS160369I: WAYNE, JENIFER - The purple dress: growing up in the thirties
BOOKS254425I: WAYNE, HILARY - Tickletoby
BOOKS211395I: WAYNER, ROBERT J. (ED) - Pennsy car plans
BOOKS111957I: WAYRE, PHILIP - Wind in the reeds
BOOKS044708I: WAYRE, PHILIP - Wind in the reeds
BOOKS067406I: WAYWELL, GEOFFREY (ED) - BICS 1997-98: Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, volume 42
BOOKS241449I: WE - German military uniforms and insignia 1933-1945
BOOKS242220I: WEAL, ELKE C. - Combat aircraft of World War Two
BOOKS162624I: WEAL,JOHN - Fw 190 aces on the attack.
BOOKS258702I: WEALE, W.H JAMES / PHILLIPS, CLAUDE / GRAHAME, GEORGE - Gerard David, painter and illuminator / Antoine Watteau / Claude Lorraine, painter & etcher
BOOKS264236I: WEALE, ANNE - The House of Seven Fountains
BOOKS206953I: WEALE, ADRIAN - Science and the swastika
BOOKS221385I: WEARE, PATRICIA - Australian wild flowers
BOOKS170870I: WEARING, IAN (ED) - Street Machine, vol.1, nos.1-7, May - November 1979 (7 issues)
BOOKS181833I: WEARING, IAN AND OTHERS (EDS) - Hot Car (21 issues)
BOOKS066566I: WEARNE, PHILLIP - Collapse: why buildings fall down
BOOKS264571I: WEAST, ROBERT C. (ED) - Handbook of mathematical tables
BOOKS218567I: WEATHERBURN, C. E. - Elementary vector analysis with application to geometry and physics
BOOKS188880I: WEATHERBY'S - Registered names of horses, 1988
BOOKS202306I: WEATHERBY, W.J. - Home in the dark
BOOKS113600I: WEATHERBY, W.J. - Death of an informer
BOOKS172026I: WEATHERBY, W.J. - Death of an informer
BOOKS199192I: WEATHERBY, W.J. - Murder at the U.N
BOOKS198469I: WEATHERFORD, JOYCE - Heart of the beast
BOOKS188722I: WEATHERHEAD, L.D. - The mastery of sex through psychology and religion
BOOKS230622I: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D - After death: A popular statement of the modern Christian view of life beyond the grave, with a questionnaire for group discussion
BOOKS243721I: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D. - A shepherd remembers: a devotional study of the Twenty-Third Psalm
BOOKS091772I: WEATHERLEY, A.H. - Growth and ecology of fish populations
BOOKS063266I: WEATHERLEY, F.E. - The maids of Lee
BOOKS063265I: WEATHERLY, F.E. - The men of Ware
BOOKS179552I: WEAVER,JOHN - Cumbria to Northumberland (Exploring England's heritage)
BOOKS237581I: WEAVER, FREDERIC WILLIAM & MAYO, CHARLES HERBERT (EDS) - Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorst, vol.IX (9): Part LXV (65), March 1904 to Part LXXII (72), December 1905
BOOKS101542I: WEAVER, GRAHAM - 12-0 to the Arsenal (and a goal in injury time): Arsenal's thirteen greatest games
BOOKS034109I: WEAVER, CAROL AND WEAVER, MICHAEL - The Seckford Foundation: four hundred years of a Tudor charity
BOOKS138694I: WEAVER, JOHN A. - Re-thinking academic politics in (re)unified Germany and the US: comparative academic politics and the case of East German historians
BOOKS033633I: WEAVER, LAWRENCE - Small country houses: their repair and enlargement
BOOKS175917I: WEAVER, LAWRENCE. - The "Country Life" book of cottages, costing from £150 to £600 pounds
BOOKS176933I: WEAVER, GRAHAM - Leslie Charteris' Count on the Saint
BOOKS266872I: WEAVER, J.R.H & POOL, AUSTIN LANE - Henry William Carless Davis 1874-1928, A memoir
BOOKS201004I: WEAVER, RUSSELL - The moral world of Billy Budd
BOOKS260080I: WEAVER, LEONARD - Gospel songs of grace and glory.
BOOKS258150I: WEAVER, TYLER - Comics for film, games, and animation: using comics to construct your transmedia storyworld
BOOKS255928I: WEAVING, STUART - Ambassador of friendship: an autobiography
BOOKS208256I: WEBB, SIDNEY (PREFACE) - Wages, prices and profits
BOOKS227539I: WEBB, E.A AND OTHERS - The history of Chislehurst: its church, manors, and parish with numerous illustrations, maps and pedigrees.
BOOKS170999I: WEBB, CHARLES - The graduate
BOOKS205841I: WEBB, BEN - Fifty of the famous: music composers: their lives and portraits
BOOKS187823I: WEBB, KAYE (ED) - Lilliput goes to war.
BOOKS187785I: WEBB, MARY - Seven for a secret: a love story
BOOKS256972I: WEBB, MONTAGUE & MEDINA, J. - Viewing South East England: an illustrated guide to Kent, Sussex, Surrey and E. Hampshire
BOOKS264444I: WEBB, JACK - Make my bed soon
BOOKS218158I: WEBB, R.ESMEE (ED) - Recent developments in environmental snalysis in Old and New World archaeology
BOOKS087257I: WEBB, MARION ST JOHN - The heath fairies
BOOKS039115I: WEBB, BEATRICE / DRAKE, BARBARA & COLE, MARGARET J. (EDS) - Our partnership by Beatrice Webb
BOOKS037659I: WEBB, GEOFFREY AND MASON, EDWARD J. - The Archers intervene: a new story of the Ambridge folk
BOOKS046627I: WEBB, GEOFFREY AND MASON, EDWARD J. - The Archers of Ambridge
BOOKS137308I: WEBB, CHRISTOPHER - The Ann and Hope mutiny
BOOKS074470I: WEBB, MARION ST JOHN - The littlest one again
BOOKS083932I: WEBB, WILLIAM - Kent's historic buildings
BOOKS030985I: WEBB, WILLIAM THOMAS - Poisoned planet
BOOKS106758I: WEBB, DIANA - Mr Origami and the paper birds
BOOKS260790I: WEBB, C. R. - Automatic control: an introduction
BOOKS221181I: DIX NOONAN WEBB - An auction of Orders, decorations, medals and militaria (5 April 2006)
BOOKS231918I: WEBB, A DINSMOOR (ED) - Chemistry of winemaking
BOOKS187219I: WEBB, SIDNEY & WEBB, BEATRICE - Statutory authorities for special purposes with a summary of the development of local government structure
BOOKS187220I: WEBB, SIDNEY & WEBB, BEATRICE - The parish and the county
BOOKS164138I: WEBB, FRED G. - A London-lover looks back
BOOKS227564I: WEBB, JOHN - From the other side of the fence: an autobiography
BOOKS250689I: WEBB, T.M.A. - Shoreham airport, Sussex: the story of Britain's oldest licensed airfield
BOOKS124364I: WEBB, MICHAEL & RICKETTS, MARTIN - The economics of energy
BOOKS221213I: WEBB, BEATRICE / SHANNON, DAVID A. (ED) - Beatrice Webb's American diary, 1898
BOOKS182062I: WEBB, PETER - Portrait of David Hockney
BOOKS153458I: WEBB, PADDY - Children & milkweed
BOOKS264772I: WEBB, RAYMOND JOHN - Early Ringway: an account of the aircraft visiting Ringway, as seen through the airport registers and the camera lens, June 1938 to May 1940 and January 1946 to December 1951
BOOKS252398I: WEBB, E. J. - The horse that wouldn't go
BOOKS197927I: WEBB, HENRY LAW - The silences of the moon
BOOKS194799I: WEBB, CLIFF - National Index of Parish Registers: vol.9, part 1: Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire
BOOKS179594I: WEBB, C.R. - Automatic control: an introduction
BOOKS189244I: WEBB, JACK - The damned lovely
BOOKS234766I: WEBB, MARY - The spring of joy: a lilttle book of healing
BOOKS264999I: WEBB, MARY - Gone to earth
BOOKS204380I: WEBB, MARY - Seven for a secret
BOOKS094746I: WEBB, CHRISTOPHER - The Ann and Hope mutiny
BOOKS202616I: WEBB, MARTIN & WHITTINGTON, RICHARD - Fusions: a new look at Australian cooking
BOOKS144888I: WEBB, CHRISTOPHER - The 'Ann and Hope' mutiny
BOOKS137910I: WEBB, BEATRICE - The diary of Beatrice Webb (2 volumes)
BOOKS214290I: WEBB, J. S. - Black Country tramways, Volume I (1872-1912) & II
BOOKS256374I: WEBB, J. B. (MRS.) - Naomi; or, the last days of Jerusalem
BOOKS244017I: WEBB, GEOFFREY & MASON, EDWARD J - The Archers of Ambridge
BOOKS032690I: WEBB, GEOFFREY - Prince of the furies
BOOKS264841I: WEBB, MARY - Armour wherein he trusted: a novel and some short stories
BOOKS160952I: WEBB, BEATRICE - The diary of Beatrice Webb, vols 1 & 2
BOOKS238079I: WEBB, MARION ST JOHN - The littlest one
BOOKS003317I: WEBB, CHARLES - Love, Roger
BOOKS217211I: WEBB, BEATRICE - The diary of Beatrice Webb, volume one: 1873-1892 - Glitter around and darkness within
BOOKS222683I: WEBB, BERESFORD - Scouting achievements: a record of thirty fortunate years for the youth of the world
BOOKS197094I: WEBB, A.P. - A bibliography of the works of Thomas Hardy, 1865-1915
BOOKS254581I: WEBB, MARY - The spring of joy: poems, some prose pieces and the unfinished novel armour wherein he trusted
BOOKS261404I: WEBB, J.S - The British steam tram
BOOKS247979I: WEBB, MARION ST. JOHN - The little one in between
BOOKS203234I: WEBB, BRIDGET S. (ED) - Surveys in Combinatorics 2005 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 327)
BOOKS052965I: WEBB, CHRISTOPHER - The Ann and Hope mutiny
BOOKS204894I: WEBB, WILLIAM - Kent's historic buildings
BOOKS197943I: WEBB, MARY - The house in Dormer Forest
BOOKS165403I: WEBB, KAYE - The St. Trinians story
BOOKS256075I: WEBB, KAYE (ED) - Puffin Post (5 issues): Vol.1, no.4, 1967 & vol.2, nos.1-4, 1968
BOOKS245516I: WEBB, JOHN - From the other side of the fence: an autobiography
BOOKS259445I: WEBB, MARY - Gone to Earth
BOOKS247606I: WEBBER, ROY - The Playfair book of cricket records
BOOKS252401I: WEBBER, CHRISTINE - Daily Star first book of sexual questions and answers
BOOKS027019I: WEBBER, RICHARD - Dad's Army: a celebration
BOOKS035372I: WEBBER, LEONARD - A practical step-by-step guide to bonsai for the home and garden
BOOKS047689I: WEBBER, RICHARD - Dad's Army: a celebration
BOOKS058202I: WEBBER, RICHARD - The life and legacy of Reginald Perrin: a celebration
BOOKS085134I: WEBBER, LEONARD - Bonsai for the home and the garden
BOOKS090651I: WEBBER, RICHARD; CLEMENT, DICK & LA FRENAIS, IAN - Porridge: the complete scripts and series guide
BOOKS130158I: WEBBER, E.G. - Look! No hands!
BOOKS059269I: WEBBER, RONALD - The village blacksmith
BOOKS030023I: WEBBER, LEONARD - A practical step-by-step guide to bonsai for the home and garden
BOOKS131002I: WEBBER, ROY - The Playfair book of cricket records
BOOKS029805I: WEBBER, RICHARD - The life and legacy of Reginald Perrin: a celebration
BOOKS247661I: WEBBER, ROY & ARNOTT, KENNETH M. - Glamorgan C. C. C. (1921-1947)
BOOKS238735I: WEBBER, MICHAEL E. - Thirst for power: energy, water, and human survival
BOOKS144300I: WEBER, HANS-RUEDI - Experiments with Bible study
BOOKS219607I: WEBER, HERMAN L. - Flight Three!: the "ten & ten" card trick glorified
BOOKS251160I: WEBER, ROBERT & OTHERS - Biblia Sacra: Iuxta Vulgatam Versionem, 2 volumes: Tomus I Genesis - Psalmi, Tomus II: Proverbia - Apocalypsis Appendix
BOOKS143966I: WEBER, DAVID C. - The intriguing derivation of the word "Colophon"
BOOKS048653I: WEBER, CARL MARIA / JACOB, GORDON (ED) - Overtures Freischutz & Oberon
BOOKS236077I: WEBER, LEANNE (ED) - Rethinking border control for a globalizing world: a preferredfFuture (
BOOKS148289I: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON - Piano Concerto No. 2, Eb major for pianoforte and orchestra, Op.32
BOOKS211645I: WEBER, CARL J. - Hardy of Wessex: his life and literary career
BOOKS189397I: WEBER ,ULI - Portraits: Uli Weber
BOOKS233874I: WEBER, STEVEN A. - Plants and Harappan Subsistence
BOOKS246217I: WEBER, DIETER & NAU, MATTHIAS - Electrical temperature measurement: with thermocouples and resistance thermometers
BOOKS159441I: WEBER, KARL & HOFFMANN, LUKAS - Camargue: the soul of a wilderness
BOOKS219624I: WEBER, HERMAN L. - Out of the spook cabinet
BOOKS149313I: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON - Concerto No. 1 C Major for pianoforte and orchestra, Op.11
BOOKS174373I: WEBER, JOHN R. - The wilderness chef: the art and craft of baking in the outback oven
BOOKS236496I: WEBSTE, G.R. (ED) - Miniature Aircraft Quarterly, issue #29, September 1996.
BOOKS159257I: WEBSTER, R.I.B. - The splendour of South Africa
BOOKS086845I: WEBSTER, CHRISTOPHER - R.D. Chantrell, architect: his life and work in Leeds 1818-1847
BOOKS231597I: WEBSTER, LESLIE & BROWN, MICHELLE (EDS) - The transformation of the Roman world, AD 400-900
BOOKS170111I: WEBSTER, STATEN W - The education of black Americans
BOOKS223908I: WEBSTER, F.A.M. - The man who knew
BOOKS209377I: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Political interpretations in Greek Literature
BOOKS004587I: WEBSTER, PAUL - Petain's crime: the full story of French collaboration in the Holocaust
BOOKS023543I: WEBSTER, JULIET (COMP) - The Armada quilts
BOOKS027471I: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Greek terracottas
BOOKS036482I: WEBSTER, H.C. - Introduction to the locomotive
BOOKS070953I: WEBSTER, ANDREW (ED) - Building new bases for innovation
BOOKS100429I: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second centuries A.D.
BOOKS241419I: WEBSTER, EDWARD (ED) - Beyond the apartheid workplace: studies in transition
BOOKS232319I: WEBSTER, ELIZABETH - To fly a kite
BOOKS259003I: WEBSTER, NOAH / GOODRICH, C.A - Webster's improved dictionary of the English language (2 vols)
BOOKS234978I: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Greek terracottas
BOOKS236092I: WEBSTER, G.R. (ED) - The Plane News: a quarterly magazine for collectors of aviation toys and models (issues 19 & 23)
BOOKS239243I: WEBSTER, NESTA H - Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette - before the Revolution
BOOKS229356I: WEBSTER, F.A.M. - Splendid stories for boys
BOOKS124562I: WEBSTER, ROBERT - Gems in jewellery
BOOKS125681I: WEBSTER, NORMAN W. - Britain's first trunk line: the Grand Junction Railway
BOOKS262071I: WEBSTER, F.A.M. - Second Wind
BOOKS005476I: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Greek art and literature 530-400 BC
BOOKS250686I: WEBSTER, JOHN (EDITOR) - The history of Whaddon, Lynworth and Priors, volume 1
BOOKS189621I: WEBSTER, JOHN - The Duchess Of Malfi.
BOOKS138054I: WEBSTER, ELIZABETH - Fox courage
BOOKS254797I: WEBSTER, J. H - Through clouds of dust
BOOKS009566I: WEBSTER-DOYLE, TERRENCE - One encounter, one chance: facing the double-edged sword: the essence of Take Nami DoKarate
BOOKS171063I: WEBSTER, GARY - The man who found out why: the story of Gregor Mendel
BOOKS173663I: WEBSTER, JOHN - The potato world through illustrated varieties
BOOKS192301I: WEBSTER, F.A.M. (ED) - Warne's adventure book for boys
BOOKS244274I: WEBSTER, JOHN - Tragedies: The White Devil; The Duchess of Malfi; The Devil's Law-case
BOOKS195720I: WEBSTER, F.A.M. - Our great public schools: their traditions, customs and games
BOOKS254767I: WEBSTER, J. H. - Voices of the "passed"
BOOKS102137I: WEBSTER, D. AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Magnet Library: a complete catalogue
BOOKS232294I: WEBSTER, ELIZABETH - Fox courage
BOOKS208711I: WEBSTER, G.R. (ED) - Miniature Aircraft Quarterly, issue #27, Fall 1995
BOOKS234268I: WEBSTER, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - 'Temples ... worthy of His presence': the early publications of the Cambridge Camden Society: the complete texts of eight important pamphlets published between 1839 and 1843 with a critical analysis
BOOKS255243I: WEBSTER, F.A.M - The hill of riches
BOOKS214074I: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Sweet and sour
BOOKS177915I: WECHSBERG,JOSEPH - The waltz emperors: the life and times and music of the Strauss family
BOOKS050665I: WEDDERBURN, DOROTHY (ED) - Poverty, inequality and class structure
BOOKS174878I: WEDDLE, A.E. (ED) - Techniques of landscape architecture
BOOKS053080I: WEDECK, H.E. - Dictionary of aphrodisiacs
BOOKS008111I: WEDECK, HARRY E - A dictionary of aphrodisiacs
BOOKS203292I: WEDEKIND, FRANK - Feuerwerk.
BOOKS252273I: WEDEKIND, FRANK - Fruhlings Erwachen
BOOKS207079I: WEDGE, F.L.W. - Chips and splinters
BOOKS014290I: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - Strafford
BOOKS264305I: WEDGWOOD, C.V - William the Silent
BOOKS150301I: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - Montrose
BOOKS264156I: WEDGWOOD, C.V - Strafford
BOOKS261518I: WEDLAKE, G. E. C. - The wrecking ray
BOOKS218069I: WEDLAKE, LIZ - An awfully big adventure
BOOKS153580I: WEDMORE, FREDERICK - Fine prints
BOOKS073143I: WEEDON, CHRIS (ED) - Post war women's writing in German: Feminist critical approaches
BOOKS128641I: WEEDON, L.L. - God with us: Bible stories for ther little ones
BOOKS163332I: WEEKES, NANCY - Eighty years ago ... and yesterday: memories of Malden
BOOKS031697I: WEEKLEY, ERNEST - Surnames
BOOKS239301I: PICTUREGOER WEEKLY - The picturegoer's who's who and encyclopaedia of the screen today
BOOKS041072I: FARMERS WEEKLY - New farmhouse fare
BOOKS251766I: WEEKLY ILLUSTRATED - H.M. King Edward VIII: specially enlarged souvenir number
BOOKS040122I: WEEKS, JOHN - Men against tanks: a history of anti-tank warfare
BOOKS238967I: WEEKS, J.S. (ED) - Devizes Cricket Club 1850-1950
BOOKS001869I: WEEKS, JOHN - Men against tanks: a history of anti-tank warfare
BOOKS006481I: WEEKS, JOHN - Men against tanks: a history of anti-tank warfare
BOOKS011988I: WEEKS, JOHN - Assault from the sky: the history of airborne warfare
BOOKS040312I: WEEKS, ROY - Warwickshire countryside
BOOKS134873I: WEEKS, ROY - Warwickshire countryside reflections
BOOKS226169I: WEEKS, JEFFREY - Sex, politics and society: the regulations of sexuality since 1800
BOOKS267599I: WEEKS, NORA - The medical discoveries of Edward Bach, physician; what the Flowers do for the human body
BOOKS010003I: WEEMS, JOHN E - Peary: the explorer and the man, based on his personal papers
BOOKS238289I: WEENEN, JOHN VAN - Advanced Shotokan Karate Katas book 1: Bassai Dai: to storm a castle
BOOKS228445I: VAN WEENEN, JOHN - Beginners' guide to Shotokan Karate: Beginner to black belt
BOOKS007939I: DE WEESE, JEAN - Hour of the cat
BOOKS205333I: WEGIERSKI, DOMINIK - September 1939
BOOKS203699I: WEGUELIN, H.W. - Carnations and picotees for garden and exhibition, with a chapter on pinks.
BOOKS154431I: WEHMAN, PAUL - Vocational rehabilitation and supported employment
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BOOKS097477I: WESTELL, W.PERCIVAL - Country rambles, being a field naturalist's and country lover's note book for a year
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BOOKS256969I: WESTRUP, J. A. - British music
BOOKS090596I: WESTWICK, C.A. - How to use management ratios
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BOOKS169720I: DE WET, OLOFF - Cardboard crucifix: the story of a pilot in Spain
BOOKS184456I: WETHERBY, W.J. - The Kremlin watcher
BOOKS172027I: WETHERBY, W.J. - The Kremlin watcher
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BOOKS037050I: WETHERELL, ELIZABETH - Ellen Montgomery's book-shelf
BOOKS080165I: WETHERELL, MARGARET AND OTHERS (EDS) - Interactions and identities
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BOOKS181709I: WEYCHAN, CHARLOTTE - A book of days, January - June 2009
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BOOKS259481I: VAN DE WEYER, ROBERT (ED) - The first English prayer book
BOOKS163836I: WEYMAN, STANLEY J. - The Red Cockade
BOOKS030577I: WEYMAN, STANLEY - The red cockade
BOOKS197747I: WEYMAN, STANLEY - The red cockade
BOOKS197598I: WEYMAN, STANLEY JOHN - Under the red robe
BOOKS211755I: WEYMAN, GEOFFREY - Modern gasworks chemistry
BOOKS238681I: WEYMAN, STANLEY - Starvecrow Farm
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BOOKS058758I: WEYMOUTH, GUY - A.W.O.L.: in an Italian prison camp and subsequent adventures onm the run in Italy 1943-1944
BOOKS234833I: WH4HEATCROFT, ANDREW - The Tennyson album: a biography in original photographs
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BOOKS256781I: WHALLEY, PETER - Love and murder
BOOKS223914I: WHALLEY, PETER - The mortician's birthday party
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BOOKS044984I: WHALLEY, PETER - Love and murder
BOOKS103542I: WHALLEY, PAUL - Butterfly watching
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BOOKS127158I: WHALLEY, PETER - Old murders
BOOKS066360I: WHALLEY, PETER - Robbers
BOOKS213958I: WHALLEY, PETER - Bandits
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BOOKS185042I: WHALLEY, PETER - Love and murder
BOOKS263435I: WHALLEY, PETER - Robbers
BOOKS256990I: WHALLEY, PETER - Old murders
BOOKS163860I: WHARRIER, A.H. (ED) - Seven short plays for reading and acting
BOOKS017698I: WHARTON, EDITH - The stories of Edith Wharton
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BOOKS262590I: WHARTON, MICHAEL - The missing will & a dubious codicil: A double autobiography
BOOKS202201I: WHARTON, EDITH - The world over
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BOOKS239364I: WHATELEY, RICHARD - Historic doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte.
BOOKS232174I: WHATLEY, CHRISTOPHER A, AND OTHERS (ED) - Scottish economic and social history, Volume 15
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BOOKS030946I: WHATMAN, SUSANNA - The housekeeping book of Susanna Whatman 1776-1800
BOOKS206559I: WHATMORE, D.E. - Rider Haggard's good deeds; pamphlet one - deeds for the Church
BOOKS206560I: WHATMORE, D.E. - Rider Haggard's good deeds; pamphlet two- deeds for children and young people
BOOKS010883I: WHEAT, JAMES CLEMENTS - Maps and charts published in America before 1800 : a bibliography
BOOKS192303I: WHEAT, PETER - The Observer's book of coarse fishing
BOOKS159193I: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - The Habsburgs: embodying Empire
BOOKS096945I: WHEATCROFT, GEOFFREY - The strange death of Tory England
BOOKS251094I: WHEATCROFT, GEOFFREY - The Randlords: the men who made South Africa
BOOKS248118I: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - Infidels: a history of the conflict between Christendom and Islam
BOOKS264838I: WHEATCROFT, HARRY - In praise of roses
BOOKS240304I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The island where time stands still: a Gregory Sallust story
BOOKS260559I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The man who killed the King
BOOKS244019I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The sword of fate
BOOKS148379I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Bill for the use of a body
BOOKS198182I: WHEATLEY, HENRY B. - Historical portraits: some notes on the painted portraits of celebrated characters of England, Scotland and Ireland
BOOKS154999I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Bill for the use of a body
BOOKS206124I: WHEATLEY, GEORGE - Stable management for the owner-groom
BOOKS151181I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The island where time stands still: a Gregory Sallust story
BOOKS258318I: WHEATLEY, NATALIE - The Swaffs from the Shires: A fully illustrated history of the Swaffield family from 1728
BOOKS052674I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Vendetta in Spain
BOOKS013696I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Curtain of fear
BOOKS216597I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The island where time stands still: a Gregory Sallust story
BOOKS070325I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Unholy crusade
BOOKS031471I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Bill for the use of a body
BOOKS136459I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The wanton princess
BOOKS140076I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Uncharted seas
BOOKS136460I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Dangerous inheritance
BOOKS113572I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The fabulous valley
BOOKS233176I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Rape of Venice
BOOKS125063I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Mayhem in Greece.
BOOKS002487I: WHEATLEY, KEITH - America's Cup '87: the inside story
BOOKS242416I: WHEATLEY, JAMES M.O & EDGE, HOYT, L - Philosophical dimensions of parapsychology
BOOKS180111I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The wanton Princess
BOOKS155954I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Vendetta in Spain
BOOKS129853I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Dangerous inheritance
BOOKS045835I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Unholy crusade
BOOKS132646I: WHEATLEY, NIGEL - Where to watch birds in Asia
BOOKS140358I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Dangerous inheritance
BOOKS235503I: WHEATLEY, KEITH - America's Cup, '87: the inside story
BOOKS136462I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Mayhem in Greece
BOOKS179307I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The rising storm
BOOKS258904I: WHEATLEY, DENNNIS - The satanist
BOOKS192539I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Vendetta in Spain
BOOKS222062I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Unholy Crusade
BOOKS080679I: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The rape of Venice
BOOKS038347I: WHEELER, R.E.M. - A prehistoric metropolis: the first Verulamium
BOOKS171895I: WHEELER, C.B. (ED) - Six plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare
BOOKS030990I: WHEELER, R.E.M. (MRS). - The preliminary excavations of Verulamium, 1930
BOOKS142300I: WHEELER, HAROLD F.B. - Stirring deeds of Britain's sea-dogs
BOOKS194303I: WHEELER, J.M. - A biographical dictionary of freethinkers of all ages and nations / by J.M. Wheeler
BOOKS009405I: WHEELER, HAROLD F.B. - The story of Lord Kitchener
BOOKS030526I: WHEELER, PETER - Rugby from the front
BOOKS129224I: WHEELER, DAVID & LANDER, JAMES - Faith in a small town: a history of Catholicism in Chertsey - celebrating the Centenary of St.Anne's Parish, 1898-1998
BOOKS150465I: WHEELER, MORTIMER (SIR) - Roman archaeology in Wales: a tribute to V.E. Nash-Williams
BOOKS040790I: WHEELER, PAUL AND BROADHEAD, ANNE - Upper class rhyming slang
BOOKS040557I: WHEELER, PAUL AND BROADHEAD, ANNE - Upper class rhyming slang
BOOKS110269I: WHEELER, RALPH A. (ED) - Molecular bioenergetics: simulations of electron, proton and energy transfer
BOOKS140257I: WHEELER, C.B. (ED) - Six plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare (Six Elizabethan plays)
BOOKS193409I: WHEELER, EILEEN - The God who speaks
BOOKS061605I: WHEELER, MARGARET - Walls of Jericho
BOOKS038346I: WHEELER, R.E.M. (MRS). - Summary of the Verulamium excavations, 1931
BOOKS090525I: WHEELER, STEVEN - The complete mushroom cookbook
BOOKS051349I: WHEELER, DAVID. - Over the hills from Broadway: images of Cotswold gardens.
BOOKS173740I: WHEELER, GRAHAM & PROTZ, ROGER - Brew your own British real ale at home
BOOKS224376I: WHEELER, MONROE - Modern painters and scupltors as illustrators
BOOKS218537I: WHEELER, PETER - Rugby from the front (an autobiography)
BOOKS170810I: WHEELER, MORTIMER (ED) - Splendours of the East: temples, tombs, palaces and fortresses of Asia
BOOKS121508I: WHEELER, SUSAN - Source codes
BOOKS054900I: WHEELER, ROGER F. - Rethinking mathematical concepts
BOOKS173536I: WHEELER, MOLLY - Farthermost Fort
BOOKS154103I: WHEELER, BARRY C, - Military aircraft markings & profiles
BOOKS267205I: WHEELER, HOMER W. - Buffalo days
BOOKS137266I: WHEELER, JANET D. - Billie Bradley on Lighthouse Island, or the mystery of the wreck
BOOKS249683I: WHEELER, A.R. - Royal Grammar School, Worcester 1950 to 1991: with retrospect to 1291
BOOKS155924I: WHEELER, HAROLD - The people's history of the Second World War, September 1939 to December 1940
BOOKS129049I: WHEELER, OPAL - Handel at the court of kings
BOOKS159849I: WHEELER, SESSIONS S. - The desert lake: the story of Nevada's Pyramid Lake
BOOKS178955I: WHEELER-BENNETT, JOHN - Knaves, fools and heroes: in Europe between the wars
BOOKS052689I: WHEELER, PAUL - The friendly persuaders
BOOKS196038I: WHEELER, WILLIAM IRELAND DE C. - Handbook of operative surgery
BOOKS243587I: WHEELER, RICHARD - The Medieval Church Screens of the Southern Marches
BOOKS175923I: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K - Aelbert Cuyp
BOOKS236239I: WHEELOCK, GRETCHEN A. - Haydn's ingenious jesting with art: contexts of musical wit and humor
BOOKS204037I: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K. - Jan Vermeer
BOOKS261331I: WHEELWRIGHT, EDITH GREY - The garden of pleasant flowers
BOOKS057600I: WHELAN, ROBERT - Helping the poor: friendly visiting, dole charities and dole queues
BOOKS261551I: WHELAN, JONATHAN - Frightening strikes
BOOKS237991I: WHELAN, HILARY - Dead cow
BOOKS188845I: WHELDON, GRAHAM - The effects of the draw
BOOKS052687I: WHELDON, DAVID - The course of instruction
BOOKS081380I: WHELDON, DAVID - The viaduct
BOOKS090748I: WHELDON, GRAHAM - The effects of the draw
BOOKS229683I: WHELPLEY, G.F - Practical instruction in the art of letter engraving: the gleanings of several experienced workmen
BOOKS188772I: WHELPTON, ERIC - Dalmatia
BOOKS214165I: WHELPTON, TONY - The music makers: a history of the Cheltenham Bach Choir 1946-1996
BOOKS193349I: WHELPTON, ERIC & WHELPTON, BARBARA - The intimate charm of Kensington.

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