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BOOKS087482I: TREMAYNE, DAVID - The science of speed: today's fascinating high-tech world of Formula 1
BOOKS223935I: TREMAYNE, DAVID; NOBLE; RICHARD - 'The fastest man on earth' & 'Thrust' - Box set with CD Rom
BOOKS157154I: TREMAYNE, PETER - Dancing with demons
BOOKS238788I: TREMAYNE, PETER - The vengeance of She
BOOKS184216I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.4, no.2, February 1937
BOOKS184221I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.5, no.4, October 1937
BOOKS184699I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.7, no.5, November 1938
BOOKS184038I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, Vol. 2., No. 4., April 1936
BOOKS184692I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.4, no.6, June 1937
BOOKS184731I: TREMELLEN, WILFRID - Air Stories: aerial adventure in fact and fiction, vol.8, no.2, February 1939
BOOKS233390I: TREMEWAN, TOM - Cornish youth: memories of a Perran boy (1895-1910)
BOOKS113340I: TREMLETT, GEORGE - The Cliff Richard story
BOOKS046510I: TREMLETT, GEORGE - The Paul McCartney story
BOOKS132243I: TREMLETT, GEORGE - The first century
BOOKS182277I: TREMLETT, GEORGE - Rock gold: the music millionaires
BOOKS113346I: TREMLETT, GEORGE - The Queen story
BOOKS219860I: TREMLETT, REX - Road to Ophir: the autobiography of a prospector
BOOKS156342I: TREMLETT, REX - Road to Ophir: the autobiography of a prospector
BOOKS033219I: TRENCH, BRINSLEY LE POER - Temple of the stars
BOOKS228151I: TRENCH, CHARLES CHENEVIX - A history of marksmanship
BOOKS100994I: TRENCH, SALLY - Fran's war
BOOKS050144I: TREND, J.B. - Portugal
BOOKS151654I: TREND, J.B. - Alfonso the Sage and other Spanish essays,
BOOKS227940I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the W.E. Johns quarterly magazine, Number 4, July 1990
BOOKS109143I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the W.W.Johns quarterly, number 19, April 1994.
BOOKS227943I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the W.E. Johns quarterly magazine, Number 3, April 1990
BOOKS158260I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the W.E. Johns quarterly, number 14, January 1993
BOOKS158242I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the W.E. Johns quarterly, number 12, July 1992
BOOKS227942I: TRENDLER, JOHN (ED) - Biggles & Co: the WE Johns quarterly magazine, Number 7, April 1991
BOOKS130667I: TRENGROVE, ALAN - The story of the Davis Cup
BOOKS124653I: TRENGROVE, ALAN (ED) - The art of tennis
BOOKS083700I: TRENHAILE, JOHN - Blood rules
BOOKS065267I: TRENT, PAUL - A legacy of vengeance
BOOKS180546I: TRENT, RICHARD (ED) - Afro-American Studies: an interdisciplinary journal, vol. 2, nos.1-3, 1971
BOOKS017896I: TRENT, MAY WONG - Oriental barbecues: recipes and menus from six Asian countries
BOOKS048272I: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER - England in brick & stone
BOOKS052896I: TRENT, PAUL - Gold poison
BOOKS110175I: TRENT, PAUL - The first-born
BOOKS181701I: TRESCOTHICK, MARCUS - Coming back to me: the autobiography
BOOKS074289I: TRESILIAN, LIZ - Aldaniti: the story of a champion
BOOKS167745I: TRESSELL, ROBERT - The ragged trousered philanthropists
BOOKS189806I: TRETHEWY, YVONNE - Successful cooking: what to buy and how to cook it
BOOKS228457I: TRETHOWAN, ILLTYD - Absolute and the atonement (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
BOOKS120605I: TRETHOWAN, ILLTYD - An essay in Christian philosophy
BOOKS239004I: TRETHOWAN, H.M. - A short history of Broadchalke
BOOKS201938I: TREVAIL, B. - Curious Cornwall
BOOKS037762I: TREVELYAN, R.C. - The death of man and other poems
BOOKS010964I: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - Rome '44: the battle for the eternal city
BOOKS079947I: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH (ED) - Essays by divers hands: being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, new series: volume XLVI
BOOKS135190I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO - The life and letters of Lord Macaulay (2 volumes)
BOOKS171817I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY. - The England of Queen Anne
BOOKS007248I: TREVELYAN, G.M. - The seven years of William IV: a reign cartooned by John Doyle
BOOKS008422I: TREVELYAN, G.M. - English social history: a survey of six centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria
BOOKS012103I: TREVELYAN, R.M. - Mallow and Asphodel
BOOKS230825I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - Garbaldi's defence of the Roman republic 1848-9
BOOKS162567I: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - The shadow of Vesuvius: Pompeii AD 79
BOOKS233924I: TREVELYAN, G.M. - History and the reader
BOOKS013116I: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - The shadow of Vesuvius: Pompeii AD 79
BOOKS178803I: TREVELYAN, G.M. - Illustrated English social history, volumes One - Four
BOOKS203589I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO - The life and letters of Lord Macaulay, in two volumes
BOOKS240415I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - Grey of Fallodon: being the life of Sir Edward Grey afterwards Viscount Grey of Fallodon
BOOKS151086I: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO (SIR) - The early history of Charles James Fox
BOOKS242328I: TREVELYAN, G M - An Autobiography & other essays
BOOKS036488I: TREVENA, NIGEL (ED) - Great Western main lines
BOOKS017908I: TREVENA, ARTHUR - Trains in trouble, volume two: railway accidents in pictures
BOOKS025584I: TREVENA, ARTHUR - Trains in trouble: railway accidents in pictures.
BOOKS233107I: TREVES, FREDERICK - The cradle of the deep an account of a voyage to the West Indies
BOOKS060143I: TREVES, FREDERICK (SIR) - The other side of the lantern: an account of a commonplace tour round the world
BOOKS110174I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Blue jay summer
BOOKS222438I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - The wizard of the wood
BOOKS017820I: TREVOR, WILLIAM - The silence in the garden
BOOKS024959I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Image in the dust
BOOKS038359I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Gale-force
BOOKS114671I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Deathwatch
BOOKS032656I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - The shoot
BOOKS168152I: TREVOR, MERIOL - The marked man
BOOKS192283I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Blue jay summer
BOOKS211007I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - A blaze of roses
BOOKS140036I: TREVOR, ELLESTON - The immortal error
BOOKS173089I: TREW, ANTONY - The road to the river and other stories
BOOKS026869I: TREW, ANTHONY - Sea fever
BOOKS013460I: TREW, ANTONY - The white schooner
BOOKS037964I: TREWIN, YVONNE - Jean becomes a nurse
BOOKS207725I: TREWIN, WENDY - The Royal General Theatrical Fund: a history, 1838-1988
BOOKS218837I: TREWIN, J.C. - Down South
BOOKS203093I: TREWIN, WENDY & TREWIN, J.C. - The Arts Theatre, London, 1927-1981
BOOKS126229I: TREWIN, J.C. - The theatre since 1900
BOOKS107099I: TREWIN, J.C. - Edith Evans
BOOKS229626I: TREWIN, J. C. - The story of Stratford upon Avon
BOOKS116863I: TRICKER, ROY - A selection of Suffolk churches, ancient & modern
BOOKS077545I: TRICKER, R.A.R. & TRICKER, B.J.K - The science of movement
BOOKS173495I: TRICKER, R.A.R. - The contribution of science to education
BOOKS194433I: TRICKER, R.A.R. - Bores, breakers, waves and wakes: an introduction to the study of waves on water
BOOKS145895I: TRICKETT, SHIRLEY - Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulosis: a self-help plan
BOOKS046118I: TRICKETT, JILL - The prevention of food poisoning
BOOKS208933I: TRIER, WALTER - 8192 crazy people in one book
BOOKS131940I: TRIFIRO, GOFFREDO - Goffredo Trifiro: arte moderne: allo specchio della critica
BOOKS217540I: TRIGG, D.A. - G.W.R. steam: my personal encounter
BOOKS057599I: TRIGGS, ANTHONY - The windmills of Hampshire
BOOKS128470I: STORY& TRIGGS - Furniture and pictures: the collection of Mr. Thos. Wyatt, retiring from business
BOOKS168048I: TRILLIN, CALVIN - Alice, let's eat
BOOKS229252I: TRILLING, LIONEL - Matthew Arnold
BOOKS045538I: TRILLING, LIONEL - Matthew Arnold
BOOKS175912I: TRIM, DAVID (ED) - Boat World's powerboating yearbook 1975
BOOKS133444I: TRIMBY, ROBIN - More skilful soccer
BOOKS225351I: TRIMMER (MRS) - Description of a set of prints of English history; contained in a series of easy lessons, part II
BOOKS190903I: TRIMMER, SARAH - A decription of a set of prints of ancient history contained in a set of easy lessons, Parts one and two bound on one volume. WITH A series of prints of ancient history designed as ornaments for those apartments in which children receive the first rudiments of their education
BOOKS074617I: TRINDER, BARRIE - The industrial revolution in Shropshire
BOOKS092823I: TRINDER, BARRIE - The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire
BOOKS126417I: TRINDER, BARRIE - The making of the industrial landscape
BOOKS151208I: TRINE, RALPH WALDO - In tune with the infinite or fullness of peace, power and plenty
BOOKS121997I: TRING, A. STEPHEN - Penny and the pageant
BOOKS210880I: TRINKS, W. - Industrial furnaces, Volumes I & II
BOOKS096400I: TRIPP, MILES - Death of a man-tamer
BOOKS068711I: TRIPP, MILES - The cords of vanity
BOOKS224267I: TRIPP, MILES - High heels
BOOKS213957I: TRIPP, MILES - A woman in bed
BOOKS181864I: TRIST, EDWARD - Take cover (the wartime memories of a Devon policeman, 1938-1946)
BOOKS002808I: TRISTON, H.U. - Men in cages
BOOKS043160I: TRISTRAM, LINDY - Houses & gardens: needlecraft source book
BOOKS102295I: TRISTRAM, W.OUTRAM - Coaching days and coaching ways
BOOKS176256I: TRITTEN, GOTTFRIED - Colour and form: methods and ideas for children's art
BOOKS185917I: BRITISH LEYLAND: TRIUMPH - Triumph six-cylinder range - now faster, smoother and more economical than ever ... ... plus something special (sales brochure)
BOOKS156528I: TRIVAS, N.S. - The paintings of Frans Hals: complete edition
BOOKS235721I: TRIVETT, HUGH - Achtung Spitfire: Luftwaffe over England, Easgle Day 14 August 1940
BOOKS141115I: TROCHU, FRANCIS - The Curé d'Ars: St Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney (1786-1859): according to the Acts of the Process of Canonization
BOOKS162427I: TROJANOW, ILIJA - From Mumbai to Mecca
BOOKS214214I: TROLLE, BRENT - Canterbury paintings
BOOKS070944I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Cousin Henry
BOOKS221719I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Doctor Thorne
BOOKS164980I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An autobiography
BOOKS203360I: TROLLOPE, FRANCES MILTON - Paris and the Parisians in 1835 (2 one)
BOOKS214251I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Kept in the dark
BOOKS159153I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - A Spanish lover
BOOKS170390I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Castle Richmond
BOOKS170391I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Bertrams
BOOKS170392I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Ayala's angel
BOOKS149789I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The last chronicle of Barset, volumes I & II
BOOKS190452I: TROLLOPE, FANNY - Domestic manners of the Americans
BOOKS020464I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The spotted dog & other stories
BOOKS138753I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Prime Minister (3 vols)
BOOKS144092I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Ayala's angel
BOOKS147587I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The last chronicle of Barset (2 volumes)
BOOKS035574I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - A Spanish lover
BOOKS035546I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
BOOKS035415I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The rector's wife
BOOKS035582I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Macdermots of Ballycloran
BOOKS035647I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The two heroines of Plumplington and other stories
BOOKS116647I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An old man's love
BOOKS030438I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Dr Wortle's school
BOOKS043585I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The two heroines of Plumplington
BOOKS044260I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The warden
BOOKS045061I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The warden
BOOKS046583I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
BOOKS049524I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - John Caldigate
BOOKS050206I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The best of friends
BOOKS061076I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The men and the girls
BOOKS063060I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Cousin Henry
BOOKS071132I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Harry Heathcote of Gangoil: a tale of Australian bush life
BOOKS080792I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Novels and stories
BOOKS145094I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - La Vendee: an historical romance
BOOKS083198I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The men and the girls
BOOKS022117I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
BOOKS092503I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An autobiography
BOOKS099637I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An autobiography
BOOKS103453I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The steps of the sun
BOOKS116648I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Kept in the dark
BOOKS156435I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Hunting sketches
BOOKS170394I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
BOOKS148525I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The warden
BOOKS159191I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Friday nights
BOOKS145170I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Marion Fay: a novel
BOOKS028611I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An unprotected female at the pyramids & other stories
BOOKS159214I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - Marrying the mistress
BOOKS149759I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Phineas Finn, volumes I & II
BOOKS125589I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An eye for an eye
BOOKS125677I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Malachi's Cove and other stories and essays
BOOKS149577I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Dr Wortle's school
BOOKS159896I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Unprotected female at the pyramids and other stories
BOOKS179610I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Can you forgive her? vol.II
BOOKS151451I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - South Africa, volume I
BOOKS126705I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An old man's love
BOOKS145080I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The two heroines of Plumplington and other stories
BOOKS177189I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Vicar of Bullhampton
BOOKS143113I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Phineas Finn (2 volumes)
BOOKS138951I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Eustace diamonds, volume I and II
BOOKS048343I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The spotted dog & other stories
BOOKS158792I: TROLLOPE,J OANNA - Next of kin
BOOKS006042I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - A Spanish lover
BOOKS190551I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Cousin Henry: a novel
BOOKS161371I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY AND OTHERS - The Cornhill Magazine, vol.X, January to June 1864
BOOKS235040I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Novels and stories
BOOKS235056I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The small house at Allington
BOOKS241875I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Orley Farm, volume I
BOOKS160083I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Cousin Henry
BOOKS230603I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Can you forgive her? [in two volumes]
BOOKS177088I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An eye for an eye
BOOKS177190I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Spotted Dog and other stories
BOOKS216982I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Prime Minister , volumes I & II (The world's classics)
BOOKS214963I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Tales of all countries
BOOKS151764I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Belton Estate.
BOOKS179308I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY AND OTHERS - The Cornhill Magazine, vol. II: July to December, 1860
BOOKS035548I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The landleaguers
BOOKS038736I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The men and the girls
BOOKS035132I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The steps of the sun
BOOKS179609I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Can you forgive her? vol.III
BOOKS190550I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Cousin Henry
BOOKS093728I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Castle Richmond
BOOKS152239I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - He knew he was right
BOOKS152781I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Two Heroines of Plumplington and other stories
BOOKS182227I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Macdermots of Ballycloran
BOOKS047234I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The warden
BOOKS200899I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Landleaguers
BOOKS159136I: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The other family
BOOKS159972I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The spotted dog and other stories
BOOKS171802I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY AND OTHERS - Selected English short stories, XIX & XX centuries (third series)
BOOKS191676I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Harry Heathcote of Gangoil: a tale of Australian bush life
BOOKS177074I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The collected shorter fiction
BOOKS199169I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
BOOKS179305I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY / BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - The Cornhill Magazine, volume I: January to June 1860
BOOKS242104I: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Tales of all countries, first series
BOOKS055629I: TROMBLEY, STEPHEN - The execution protocol
BOOKS033473I: TROPP, MARTIN - Mary Shelley's monster
BOOKS119263I: TROREY, LYLE GRAEME - Handbook of aerial mapping and photogrammetry
BOOKS079529I: TROSTMANN, ERIK - Water hydraulics control technology
BOOKS042820I: TROTMAN, J.E. - Back to Semaphore, January 1930
BOOKS230459I: TROTSKY, L - Where is Britain going?
BOOKS176292I: TROTT, KATE, AND OTHERS (EDS) - The child language reader
BOOKS211238I: TROTT, MICHAEL - Half-century: The Elgar Society, 1951-2001
BOOKS060602I: TROTTER, CHRISTOPHER - Scottish cookery
BOOKS011196I: TROTTER, L.J. - Warren Hastings and the founding of the British administration
BOOKS240828I: TROTTER, LIONEL J. - The life of John Nicholson, soldier and administrator: based on private and hitherto unpublished documents
BOOKS192738I: TROTTER, CHARLIE - Workin': more kitchen sessions with Charlie Trotter
BOOKS221600I: TROTTI, JOHN - Phantom over Vietnam: Fighter pilot, USMC
BOOKS132836I: TROUBRIDGE, ST VINCENT - The benefit system in the British theatre
BOOKS243054I: TROUGHTON, ERNEST R. - It's happening again
BOOKS185649I: TROUNCER, MARGARET - She walks in beauty: a love story of Paris in the Romantic era
BOOKS243134I: TROUNCER, MARGARET - Miser of souls: the life of Saint Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney, Curé of Ars, 1786-1859.
BOOKS135470I: TROUNSON, J. - Mining in Cornwall 1850-1960 (volumes One and Two)
BOOKS207974I: TROUP, GORDON (ED) - Steel roads of New Zealand: an illustrated survey
BOOKS111311I: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - History of the Royal Smithfield Club
BOOKS237243I: TROW, M.J. - Lestrade and the Brother of Death
BOOKS236655I: TROW, M. J. - The adventures of Inspector Lestrade
BOOKS192807I: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the land
BOOKS236659I: TROW, M.J. - Lestrade and the Leviathon
BOOKS236839I: TROW, M. J. - Lestrade and the Brother of Death
BOOKS182845I: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the land
BOOKS215286I: TROW, M.J. - Brigade: further adventures of Inspector Lestrade
BOOKS240610I: TROWBRIDGE, W.R.H. - The caprices of a royal incognita, told by herself
BOOKS115716I: TROY, DIANA - The Covent Garden cookery book
BOOKS219365I: TROY, NANCY J. - The De Stijl environment
BOOKS224944I: TRUBSHAW, BRIAN & EDMONDSON., SALLY - Brian Trubshaw: Test Pilot
BOOKS224647I: TRUBY, J.DAVID - Quiet Killers I
BOOKS184710I: TRUDEAU, LAWRENCE J (ED) - Drama criticism, vols 1-3
BOOKS043493I: TRUDGILL, PETER - Sociolinguistics: an introduction to language and society
BOOKS147595I: TRUDGILL, S.T. - Soil and vegetation systems
BOOKS187324I: TRUEMAN, FREDDIE - Fast fury
BOOKS133380I: TRUEMAN, FREDDIE - Fast fury
BOOKS117018I: TRUEMAN, FRED & MOSEY, DON - Champion times: Yorkshire CCC, 1959-68
BOOKS186483I: TRUEMAN, T. - Antibodies to myocardium and myofibrillar regulatory proteins in primary cardiomyopathies
BOOKS166843I: TRUEMAN, IAN AND OTHERS (EDS) - The flora of Montgomeryshire
BOOKS241262I: TRULSSON, ASA - Cultivating the sacred: ritual creativity and practice among women in contemporary Europe
BOOKS198408I: TRULUCK, BOB - Street level
BOOKS179068I: TRUMAN, HARRY S. - One hundred million listening: a world broadcast on Moral Re-armament
BOOKS098945I: TRUMAN, CHRISTINE - Tennis today
BOOKS175529I: TRUMAN, NEVIL - Historic costuming
BOOKS014159I: TRUMAN, MARGARET - My own story
BOOKS208625I: TRUMBLE, H.C. - Blades of grass
BOOKS119485I: TRURAN, CHRISTINE - A short Cornish dictionary: Gerlyver Ber
BOOKS111763I: TRURAN, CHRISTINE - A short Cornish dictionary: Gerlyver Ber
BOOKS172453I: TRURAN, G.H. - Forty years of brown bombers: a history of Neath & Cardiff Luxury Coaches Ltd
BOOKS151506I: TRUSCOT, BRUCE - First year at the university: a freshman's guide
BOOKS037789I: TRUSS, LYNNE - Going loco
BOOKS053475I: TRUSS ,LYNNE - Making the cat laugh: one woman's journal of single life on the margins
BOOKS060188I: TRUSS, LYNNE - With one lousy free packet of seed
BOOKS119859I: TRUSS, LYNNE - Going loco
BOOKS065319I: TRUSS, LYNNE - With one lousy free packet of seeds
BOOKS144204I: TRUSSLER, SIMON - The plays of John Osborne: an assessment
BOOKS214753I: TRUSSLER, DAVID J. - Early commercial vehicles
BOOKS061615I: DORSET HISTORIC CHURCHES TRUST - A choice of Dorset Churches
BOOKS243511I: NUFFIELD-CHELSEA CURRICULUM TRUST - Biology practical guide 2: chemical reactions in organisms
BOOKS117736I: WILTSHIRE HISTORIC CHURCHES TRUST - A tour of Wiltshire churches
BOOKS242414I: NATIONAL TRUST - Chedworth Roman Villa (with plan and map of Whiteway Road)
BOOKS233846I: KEN COLYER TRUST - A Ken Colyer Miscellany (volume one): record reviews, sleeve notes, comment, news and views on "The Guv'nor"
BOOKS232168I: DORSET WILDLIFE TRUST - The natural history of Dorset
BOOKS030826I: SENSORY TRUST - Discovering wildlife: a directory of wildlife sites suitable for people with a disability
BOOKS164531I: NORFOLK NATURALISTS TRUST - Nature in Norfolk: a heritage in trust
BOOKS243535I: NUFFIELD-CHELSEA CURRICULUM TRUST - Biology practical guide 1: Gas exchange and transport in plants and animals
BOOKS243551I: NUFFIELD-CHELSEA CURRICULUM TRUST - Biology practical guide 6: development, control, and integration
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BOOKS207257I: FIRE BRIGADES UNION - Integrated risk management planning: the national document
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BOOKS139297I: OPEN UNIVERSITY - Open University A103: An introduction to the humanities (course material, 13 items)
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BOOKS086352I: UNWIN, DAVID - The governor's wife
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BOOKS115419I: UNWIN, DAVID - A view of the heath
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BOOKS013384I: UPDIKE, JOHN - Bech: a book
BOOKS135978I: UPDIKE, DANIEL BERKELEY AND OTHERS - Notes on the Merrymount Press & its work, with a bibliographical list of the books printed at the press 1893-1933 and a supplementary bibliography of books printed at the press 1934-1949
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BOOKS181228I: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit redux
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BOOKS233632I: UPFIELD, ARTHUR - The mountains have a secret
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BOOKS231966I: UPJOHN, SHEILA - Why Julian now?: a voyage of discovery
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BOOKS093406I: UPSON, DOROTHY B. - The man with two faces
BOOKS192509I: UPSON, DOROTHY BARBARA - Turning point
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BOOKS197391I: URE,J OHN (ED) - Diplomatic bag: An anthology of diplomatic incidents and anecdotes from the Renaissance to the Gulf War
BOOKS034276I: URE, JEAN - Play Nimrod for him
BOOKS045714I: URE, JEAN - Captain Cranko and the crybaby
BOOKS012448I: URE, JEAN - Play Nimrod for him
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BOOKS095688I: URMAN, JERZY FELIKS - I'm not even a grown-up: the diary of Jerzy Feliks Urman
BOOKS213118I: URMAN, DAN & FLESHER,PAUL V.M. (EDS) - Ancient Synagogues. Historical analysis and archaeological discovery
BOOKS130925I: URQUHART, MACGREGOR - Hungary fights!
BOOKS223358I: URRY, S.A. - Solution of problems in strength of materials
BOOKS223513I: URRY, S.A. - Solution of problems in strength of materials
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BOOKS214211I: URWIN, J.HOPE - What to look for in an old church
BOOKS164265I: URWIN, KENNETH (ED) - A short Old French dictionary for students
BOOKS031501I: USBORNE, C.V. - Blue tally ho!
BOOKS132703I: USBORNE, JOHN - Corn on the cob
BOOKS238292I: USBORNE, RICHARD - PGW: Dr Sir Pelham Wodehouse Old Boy - the text of an address given by Richard Usborne at the opening of the P.G.Wodehouse Corner in the Library of Dulwich College October 15, 1977.
BOOKS229702I: USBOURNE, RICHARD - Wodehouse at work; a study of the books and characters of P.G. Wodehouse across nearly 60 years
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BOOKS019394I: USHER-WILSON, RODNEY N. - No human affair: the open secret of Paul
BOOKS052234I: USHER, WILFRID - The great hold-up mystery
BOOKS063330I: USHER, ROLAND G - The rise and fall of the high commission
BOOKS173680I: USHER, STEPHEN - The historians of Greece and Rome
BOOKS132859I: USHER, LEN - Letters from Fiji, 1987-1990: an on-the-spot record of what happened before, between, and after two military coups
BOOKS168425I: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN (ED) - The great enterprise: the history of the Spanish Armada as revealed in contemporary documents
BOOKS009875I: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN AND USHERWOOD, ELIZABETH - The counter-Armada, 1596: the journall of the 'Mary Rose'
BOOKS114994I: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN (ED) - The Great Enterprise: the history of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS012532I: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN (ED) - The great enterprise: the history of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS167806I: USOSKIN, IRINA & GAMBURG, BORIS - Family physics: principles
BOOKS136859I: USSHER, RICHARD J. & WARREN, ROBERT - The birds of Ireland: an account of the distribution, migrations and habits of birds as observed in Ireland, with all additions to the Irish list
BOOKS189137I: USSHER, T. & GLOVER, J.R. - Napoleon's last voyages
BOOKS097102I: USSISHKIN, DAVID AND WOODHEAD, JOHN - Excavations at Tel Jezreel 1990-1991
BOOKS145285I: USTEVDT, UNYGAR - Velstand - og nye farer
BOOKS146244I: USTINOV, PETER - God and the State Railways: short stories
BOOKS146243I: USTINOV, PETER - Ustinov at large
BOOKS146242I: USTINOV, PETER - The disinformer: two novellas
BOOKS146241I: USTINOV, PETER - The frontiers of the sea: short stories
BOOKS146239I: USTINOV, PETER - Add a dash of pity and other short stories
BOOKS146238I: USTINOV, PETER - Krumnagel
BOOKS052942I: USTINOV, PETER - Add a dash of pity: short stories
BOOKS052956I: USTINOV, PETER - The loser
BOOKS130912I: USTINOV, PETER - The loser
BOOKS146237I: USTINOV, PETER - Quotable Ustinov
BOOKS146170I: USTINOV, PETER - Dear me
BOOKS146171I: USTINOV, PETER - Ustinov in Russia
BOOKS146172I: USTINOV, PETER - My Russia
BOOKS017334I: UTECHIN, PATRICIA (ED) - Epitaphs from Oxfordshire
BOOKS122391I: UTECHIN, PATRICIA - Epitaphs from Oxfordshire
BOOKS160391I: UTLEY, FREDA - Japan's feet of clay
BOOKS115098I: UTTAL, WILLIAM R. AND OTHERS - Computational modeling of vision: the role of combination
BOOKS149526I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The country child
BOOKS180340I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Red Fox and Cinderella
BOOKS217418I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Hare joins the Home Guard
BOOKS186002I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Sam Pig goes to market
BOOKS031367I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Six tales of the four pigs
BOOKS031365I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Sam Pig goes to market
BOOKS186361I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Sam Pig at the circus
BOOKS035863I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Tim Rabbit's dozen
BOOKS040391I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The knot Squirrel tied
BOOKS040362I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The flower show
BOOKS050744I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Grey Rabbit's May Day
BOOKS053149I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Red Fox and the magic moon
BOOKS059591I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The knot Squirrel tied
BOOKS078733I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's birthday
BOOKS108844I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The speckledy hen
BOOKS110163I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Foxglove Tales
BOOKS131934I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's washing-day
BOOKS243488I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The spice woman's basket and other tales
BOOKS192639I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Grey Rabbit & the wandering hedgehog
BOOKS235926I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Fairy tales
BOOKS088891I: UTTLEY, ALISON - The adventures of Sam Pig: Magic water
BOOKS176416I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Mrs. Nimble and Mr. Bumble: a tale of the tiniest house in the world
BOOKS020183I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Foxglove tales
BOOKS153265I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit goes to the sea.
BOOKS205075I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Wise Owl's story
BOOKS162146I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Going to the fair
BOOKS211346I: UTTLEY, ALISON - Hare and the Easter eggs
BOOKS238950I: UTTRIDGE, MARY & OTHERS - The Bishop's transcripts and parish registers of Tisbury Baptisms & Burials 1562-1837
BOOKS040603I: UXKULL, BORIS / VON UEXKULL, DETLEV (ED) - Arms and the woman: the diaries of Baron Boris Uxkull 1812-1819
BOOKS008067I: UXKULL, BORIS - Arms and the woman: the diaries of Baron Boris Uxkull 1812-1819
BOOKS104064I: UZANNE, OCTAVE - The sunshade, the glove, the muff
BOOKS211837I: VON VACANO, OTTO-WILHELM - The Etruscans in the Ancient World
BOOKS009848I: VACHA, ROBERT - A spy for Churchill
BOOKS008630I: VACHA, ROBERT - A spy for Churchill
BOOKS212921I: VACHELL, HORACE A. - The hill, a romance of friendship
BOOKS033953I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Arising out of that
BOOKS060262I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - This was England: a countryman's calendar
BOOKS097139I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Into the land of nod
BOOKS231831I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Methuselah's diary
BOOKS155854I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Fishpingle: a romance of the countryside,
BOOKS067155I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - An impending sword
BOOKS176187I: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Brothers: the true story of a fight against the odds
BOOKS167186I: VACHSS, ANDREW - Blossom
BOOKS208710I: VACK,PETER - Illustrated buyer's guide: Volkswagen
BOOKS238737I: VACZI, MARIANN - Soccer, culture and society in Spain: an ethnography of Basque fandom
BOOKS001717I: VADER, JOHN - Spitfire
BOOKS184415I: VADER, JOHN - Pacific Hawk
BOOKS186089I: VADGAMA, KUSOOM - India in Britain: the Indian contribution to the British way of life
BOOKS031209I: VAIL, AMANDA - Love me little
BOOKS187291I: VAIL, MARY (ED) - The Queen's College register 1988
BOOKS100893I: VAILE, P.A. - New Zealand
BOOKS173704I: VAILLANT, ANNETTE - Bonnard: ou le bonheur de voir
BOOKS013858I: VAILLANT, G.C. - Aztecs of Mexico: origin, rise and fall of the Aztec nation
BOOKS034347I: VAIRAMUTTU, R.A. - Scientific unarmed combat
BOOKS132611I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - More about Pixie
BOOKS138519I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - About Peggy Saville
BOOKS165906I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - The independence of Claire
BOOKS073470I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - More about Pixie
BOOKS087143I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - More about Pixie
BOOKS193052I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - Pixie O'Shaughnessy
BOOKS207333I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - Sisters three
BOOKS194774I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - More about Peggy
BOOKS207354I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - More about Peggy
BOOKS179490I: VAIZEY, JOHN - Scenes from institutional life and other writings
BOOKS206720I: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE (MRS) - The love affairs of Pixie
BOOKS190382I: VAIZEY, WINIFRED - Peeps at nature for little people: Creatures that swim
BOOKS198014I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The return of Uncle Walter, and other stories
BOOKS016962I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Little Reviews anthology 1945
BOOKS016539I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - As the river flows
BOOKS018248I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - Frances
BOOKS029017I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - Worlds without end
BOOKS011758I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - A work of art
BOOKS038559I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Little Reviews anthology 1946
BOOKS039451I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Little reviews anthology 1945
BOOKS041591I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Writers of to-day
BOOKS042915I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Little Reviews anthology 1945
BOOKS057357I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The more we are together
BOOKS152745I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - Pottery today
BOOKS031202I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The spirit of Cornwall
BOOKS036686I: VAL BAKER, DENYS (ED) - Little Reviews anthology 1946
BOOKS109366I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The tenant and other stories
BOOKS061810I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The tenant and other stories
BOOKS003666I: VAL BAKER, JESS AND VAL BAKER, DENYS - The pottery book: an introduction to an individual art and craft
BOOKS009615I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The more we are together
BOOKS009616I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - A work of art and other stories
BOOKS010059I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - Thomasina's Island
BOOKS042454I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - Little reviews 1914-1943
BOOKS127252I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - A family for all seasons
BOOKS032729I: VAL BAKER, DENYS - The more we are together
BOOKS148636I: VALDA, SALVATOR & HUNT, HENRY - Naval sketches
BOOKS170699I: VALE, EDMUND - Local colour: a landscape analysis for sightseers
BOOKS173255I: VALE, BRENDA & VALE, ROBERT - Towards a green architecture: six practical case studies
BOOKS211839I: VALE, EDMUND - North country
BOOKS242286I: VALE, EDMUND - By shank and by crank
BOOKS110794I: VALE, EDMUND - Straw into gold - an account of the doings of a worker in ideas from the Armistice of '18 to the crisis of '38
BOOKS029387I: VALENTE-PERFEITO, J.C. - Let's talk about port
BOOKS095539I: VALENTIN, KARL - Die Raubritter vor Munchen: Szenen und dialoge

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