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BOOKS000141I: BATES, H.E. - Down the river
BOOKS015467I: BATES, H.E. - The purple plain
BOOKS009913I: BATES, H.E. - The feast of July
BOOKS036867I: BATES, L. VERNON - Artificial flies: how to tie them
BOOKS144340I: BATES, H.E. - A fountain of flowers
BOOKS042177I: BATES, H.E. - The flying goat
BOOKS044769I: BATES, H.E. - The feast of July
BOOKS162225I: BATES, H.E. - The stories of Flying Officer 'X'
BOOKS063398I: BATES, H.E. - Death of a huntsman: four short novels
BOOKS194427I: BATES, H.E. - The scarlet sword
BOOKS109352I: BATES, H.E . - A fountain of flowers
BOOKS039643I: BATES, H.E. - A fountain of flowers
BOOKS114728I: BATES, H.E. - The wedding party
BOOKS137050I: BATES, H.E. - Fair stood the wind for France
BOOKS125066I: BATES, TONY - Broadcasting in education: an evaluation
BOOKS047921I: BATES, H.E. - Colonel Julian and other stories
BOOKS253397I: BATES, BRIAN - The real middle-earth: Magic and mystery in the Dark Ages
BOOKS165041I: BATES, H.E. - The fabulous Mrs V
BOOKS159351I: BATES, WILLIAM - The Maclise portrait-gallery of "illustrious literary characters" with memoirs biographical, critical, bibliographical & anecdotal illustrative of the literature of the former half of the present century
BOOKS236722I: BATES, CADWALLADER J. - History of Northumberland
BOOKS179151I: BATES, H.E. - Fair stood the wind for France
BOOKS198981I: BATES, H.E. AND OTHERS - Argosy, April 1957
BOOKS028718I: BATES, CHARLES FRANCIS (COLONEL) - Custer's Indian battles
BOOKS148271I: BATES, H.E. - The fabulous Mrs V
BOOKS211705I: BATES, H.E. - The seasons & the gardener
BOOKS249930I: BATES, H. E. & OTHERS - Suspense and Argosy, vol. XXII (22), no. 7, July1961
BOOKS194924I: BATES, H.E. (FLYING OFFICER X) - There's something in the air
BOOKS025281I: BATES, H.E. - Charlotte's Row
BOOKS262995I: BATES, SUSANNAH - The Pendex: an index of pen names and housenames in fantastic, thriller, and series literature
BOOKS249603I: BATES, MARSTON & HUMPHREY, PHILIP S. (EDS) - The Darwin reader
BOOKS205448I: BATES, L. VERNON - Sporting tactics for coarse fish
BOOKS168370I: BATES, H.E. - The feast of July
BOOKS163975I: BATES, H. E. - Death of a huntsman: four short novels
BOOKS195657I: BATES, W.N. - Mechanization of tropical crops
BOOKS247630I: BATES, H. E. & OTHERS - Argosy, vol.XVI, no.9, September 1955
BOOKS247645I: BATES, H. E. AND OTHERS - Argosy, vol.XVI, no.10, October 1955
BOOKS251854I: BATES, H.E. - A love of flowers
BOOKS265373I: BATES, H. E. & OTHERS - 'The White Wind' in John Bull, vol. 101, nos. 2644-2645, March 2-9, 1957 (2 issues)
BOOKS240393I: BATES, H.E. - The day of glory: a play in three acts
BOOKS131115I: BATESON, BILL & SEWELL,ALBERT (EDS) - News of the World football annual 1987-88 (101st Year)
BOOKS198493I: BATESON, DAVID - The big tomorrow
BOOKS248249I: BATESON, PATRICK - Independent inquiry into dog breeding
BOOKS151832I: BATESON, HARLES - The war with Japan: a concise history
BOOKS088747I: BATESON, NICHOLAS - Data construction in social surveys
BOOKS255431I: BATESON, ROBERT N. - Introduction to control system technology
BOOKS103694I: BATEY, MAVIS - Alice's adventures in Oxford
BOOKS124281I: BATEY, P.W.J. & BREHENY, M.J. (EDS) - Systematic methods in British planning practice
BOOKS149996I: BATH, PHILIP E. - Fun with words again (more word puzzles and quizzes for the not so old)
BOOKS215096I: BATHE, GREVILLE & DOROTHY - Oliver Evans: A chronicle of early American engineering
BOOKS113417I: BATHE, BASIL W. - Seven centuries of sea travel: from the Crusaders to the cruises
BOOKS152730I: BATHURST, HENRIETTA - 'Flu at Santa's grotto
BOOKS051249I: BATHURST, SHEILA AND BUSH, GEOFFREY - The blind beggar's daughter: a ballad opera for young people of all ages
BOOKS055369I: BATHURST, BELLA - The lighthouse Stevensons
BOOKS250714I: BATLEY, D. S. - The taming of Ambo
BOOKS211222I: BATSFORD, HARRY & FRY, CHARLES - The greater English church of the Middle Ages.
BOOKS091193I: BATSLEER, JANET AND HUMPHRIES, BETH (EDS) - Welfare,exclusion and political agency
BOOKS166241I: BATSON, ALFRED - African intrigue
BOOKS194145I: BATSON, HAROLD EDWARD - The price policies of German public utility undertakings.
BOOKS264205I: BATSTONE, CYRIL - Old Rhondda in photographs
BOOKS266568I: BATT, L. G. - SCT. Pilot 741474 R.A.F.V.R, A flying memoir 1938-1959
BOOKS233171I: BATT, PETER & GILLER, NORMAN - Barry McGuigan: fighting folk hero
BOOKS246043I: BATTEN, RAYMOND C - A history of Torquay Athletic R.F.C.
BOOKS249076I: BATTEN-HILL, DAVID & BATTEN-HILL, FIONA - Motorhomes: the complete guide
BOOKS124757I: BATTEN, JEAN - Alone in the sky
BOOKS034804I: BATTEN, H. MORTIMER - The singing forest
BOOKS165855I: BATTEN, MORTIMER - British wild animals, illustrated: an authoritative description based on a lifetime's study and observation of the habits and characteristics of Britain's wild animals
BOOKS123135I: BATTEN, M.I. - English windmills, volumes I & II
BOOKS223069I: BATTEN, JEAN - My life
BOOKS262498I: BATTERSBY, MARIE A. - Little Kanga's pocket
BOOKS238720I: BATTERSBY, STEPHEN (ED.) - Clay's Handbook of environmental health
BOOKS027345I: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Reluctant pioneer: a life of Elizabeth Wordsworth
BOOKS153384I: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Two on safari: a story of African adventure
BOOKS178734I: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA & LASKI, MARGHANITA (EDS) - A chaplet for Charlotte Yonge
BOOKS186313I: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Charlotte Mary Yonge: the story of an uneventful life.
BOOKS225795I: BATTY, DR JOSEPH - Lewis Wright and his poultry
BOOKS153710I: BATTY, J. - Domesticated ducks and geese
BOOKS228831I: BATTY, J (ED) - Practical poultry keeping
BOOKS174310I: BATTY, J. - Domesticated ducks and geese
BOOKS236896I: BATTY, J - Pictorial poultry keeping
BOOKS187116I: BATY, D & GEDYE, N.G.E. (EDS) - Durham School register: fifth edition to March 1991
BOOKS220339I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Les fleurs du mal
BOOKS244802I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES PIERRE / WALTON, ALAN HULL - Selections from Baudelaire, rendered into English with notes and introduction by Alan Hull Walton
BOOKS254665I: BAUDOT, FRANçOIS - Christian Lacroix
BOOKS253399I: BAUDOUY, M. A. - Old one-toe
BOOKS155146I: BAUER, MARIANNE AND OTHERS - Transforming universities: changing patterns of governance, structure and learning in Swedish higher education
BOOKS151662I: BAUER, KAROLINE - Posthumous memoirs of Karoline Bauer, vols. I & II
BOOKS228145I: BAUER, HENRY H. - The enigma of Loch Ness: making sense of a mystery
BOOKS265423I: BAUER, ZDENEK - Dampfparadies auf 60-cm-Spur : Industriebahn Maldejov-Hrebec
BOOKS169266I: BAUER, PAMELA - Halfway to heaven
BOOKS107665I: BAUER, REINHARD & PIPER, ERNST - Munchen: die geschichte einer stadt
BOOKS129640I: BAUGH, VIRGIL E. - Rendezvous at the Alamo: highlights in the lives of Bowie, Crockett and Travis
BOOKS178705I: BAUGH, CECIL & TANNA,LAURA - Baugh: Jamaica's master potter
BOOKS170210I: BAUGH, ALBERT C - A history of the English language
BOOKS035304I: BAUGHAN, PETER E. - North of Leeds: the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line and its branches
BOOKS260879I: BAULDRY, WILLIAM C. & FIEDLER, JOSEPH R. - Calculus laboratories with Maple: a tool not an oracle
BOOKS190275I: BAUM, L FRANK - The marvellous land of Oz
BOOKS147608I: BAUMANN, M. I. - Yarns of Indian youth
BOOKS192896I: BAUMANN, HANS - I marched with Hannibal
BOOKS192899I: BAUMANN, HANS - Alexander's great march
BOOKS232563I: BAUMANN, KIRSTEN - Bauhaus Dessau: architecture-design-concept
BOOKS173004I: BAUMANN, FREDERICK - Gonorrhea: its diagnosis and treatment
BOOKS190251I: BAUMANN, HANS - I marched with Hannibal
BOOKS182894I: BAUMBACH, WERNER - Broken swastika: the defeat of the Luftwaffe
BOOKS213840I: BAUMER, LORENZ - Le dictionnaire égoïste de Lorenz Bäumer : Edition bilingue français-anglais
BOOKS256841I: BAUMGARTNER, RICK - 3D postproduction: stereoscopic workflows and techniques
BOOKS119963I: BAUMOHL, ANTON - Grow your own leaders
BOOKS172789I: BAUR, JOHN I.H. (ED) - New art in America: fifty painters of the 20th century
BOOKS108494I: BAUR, UWE & CASTEX, ELISABETH (EDS) - Robert Musil Untersuchungen
BOOKS233320I: BAURMEISTER, URSULA & LAFFITTE, MARIE-PIERRE - Des livres et des rois: la bibliotheque royale de Blois
BOOKS220985I: BAUSUM, HENRY S. (ED). - The Journal of Military History, Volume 58, No. 3, July 1994
BOOKS253120I: BAUTISTA, RENATO G. & JACKSON, NORTON (EDS) - Rare Earths: resources, science, technology and applications
BOOKS191488I: BAUTTE, A. - Hors-d'oeuvres savouries salads pates and cheese etc.
BOOKS004316I: BAVIN, WILLIAM - The pocket book of marbles
BOOKS261412I: BAVISTER, STEVE - Lighting for food and drink photography
BOOKS256609I: BAWCUTT, PRISCILLA - Dunbar the Makar
BOOKS037141I: BAWDEN, NINA - Granny the Pag
BOOKS171865I: BAWDEN, NINA - Carrie's war
BOOKS008487I: BAWDEN, NINA - Circles of deceit
BOOKS044632I: BAWDEN, NINA - A nice change
BOOKS048786I: BAWDEN, NINA - In honour bound
BOOKS131577I: BAWDEN, HAROLD E. & JOAN - Woodland plants and sun-lovers
BOOKS125359I: BAWDEN, NINA - The grain of truth
BOOKS149548I: BAWDEN, HAROLD & JOAN - Woodland plants and sun lovers.
BOOKS002528I: BAWDEN, NINA - A little love, a little learning
BOOKS261533I: BAWDEN, NINA - In my own time: almost an autobiography
BOOKS028679I: BAWDEN, NINA - Walking naked
BOOKS202876I: BAWDEN, NINA - The runaway summer
BOOKS205187I: BAWDEN, C (ED); DREXLER SCHOOL OF WATCH REPAIRING - The Drexler simplified system of clock and watch repairing
BOOKS254235I: BAWDEN, NINA - The grain of truth
BOOKS214202I: BAWDEN, NINA - Dear Austen
BOOKS065408I: BAWN, MARY - Men of the bay
BOOKS246857I: BAX, ERNEST BELFORT - Reminiscences and reflexions of a mid and late Victorian mind
BOOKS176153I: BAX, CLIFFORD & SPARE, AUSTIN O. (EDS) - The Golden Hind: a quarterly magazine of art and literature, vol.1, no.1, October 1922 - vol.1, no.4, July 1923
BOOKS200779I: BAX, CLIFFORD (ED) - The poetry of the Brownings: an anthology
BOOKS128969I: BAX, MARTIN / FOREMAN, MICHAEL - Edmond went far away
BOOKS033878I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Evenings in Albany
BOOKS175242I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Polite satires
BOOKS005331I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Whither the theatre...? a letter to a young playwright
BOOKS063804I: BAX, CLIFFORD - W.G. Grace
BOOKS200334I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Vintage verse: an anthology of poetry in English.
BOOKS223662I: BAX, CLIFFORD - W.G. Grace
BOOKS147487I: BAX, CLIFFORD - All the worlds a stage: theatrical portraits
BOOKS123269I: BAX, MARTIN (ED) - Ambit 144
BOOKS212442I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Square pegs: a rhymed fantasy for two girls
BOOKS200979I: BAX, CLIFFORD & STEWART, MEUM - The distaff muse: an anthology of poetry written by women
BOOKS254334I: BAX, MARTIN (ED) - Ambit 92: a quarterly of poems, short stories, drawings & criticism
BOOKS201068I: BAX, CLIFFORD - Who's who in heaven: a sketch
BOOKS161539I: BAXTER, JOHN - Sixty years of Hollywood.
BOOKS231077I: BAXTER, RICHARD - The Reformed Pastor
BOOKS188705I: BAXTER, JOHN - The Hollywood exiles
BOOKS107560I: BAXTER, R.K. NEILSON AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Penguin film review 4
BOOKS130298I: BAXTER, STEPHEN - Vacuum diagrams: stories of the Xeelee sequence
BOOKS035913I: BAXTER, PETER & HAYTER, PETER - The Ashes: highlights since 1948
BOOKS038843I: BAXTER, JACKI - The coffee book
BOOKS073633I: BAXTER, GLEN - Glen Baxter: his life - the years of struggle
BOOKS009681I: BAXTER, BIDDY - Blue Peter: the inside story
BOOKS009750I: BAXTER, BIDDY - Blue Peter: the inside story
BOOKS154761I: BAXTER, HARRY & MICHAEL - The right way to read music
BOOKS231763I: BAXTER,J.H. & JOHNSON, CHARLES - Medieval Latin word-list from British and Irish sources
BOOKS241036I: BAXTER, JOHN. - King Vidor
BOOKS172390I: BAXTER, IAN - Western Front: SS secret archives
BOOKS122620I: BAXTER, JOHN AND ATKINS, THOMAS - The fire came by: the riddle of the great Siberian explosion
BOOKS161485I: BAXTER, JOHN - The gangster film
BOOKS193140I: BAXTER, BIDDY AND OTHERS - Blue Peter: fifth book
BOOKS194177I: BAXTER, STEPHEN - Space (Manifold 2)
BOOKS172458I: BAXTER, IAN - Eastern Front: SS secret archives
BOOKS192931I: BAXTER, BIDDY - The book of Blue Peter
BOOKS224590I: BAXTER, JAMES K. - New Zealand in colour, volumes One & Two
BOOKS228928I: BAY, MEL - Mel Bay's plectrum banjo melody chord playing system
BOOKS190621I: BAY, BILL - Harmonica pocket companion
BOOKS103464I: BAYER, WILLIAM - Peregrine
BOOKS251282I: BAYER, PATRICIA - Art Deco architecture: Design, decoration and detail from the Twenties and Thirties
BOOKS020477I: BAYER, WILLIAM - Punish me with kisses
BOOKS215687I: BAYER,PATRICIA - Art Deco architecture: Design, decoration and detail from the Twenties and Thirties
BOOKS020101I: BAYER, WILLIAM - Peregrine
BOOKS251958I: BAYLEY, STEPHEN & OTHERS - Twentieth-century style and design
BOOKS050652I: BAYLEY, STEPHEN - In good shape: style in industrial products 1900 to 1960
BOOKS146030I: BAYLEY, STEPHEN - The Albert Memorial: the monument in its social and architectural context
BOOKS260625I: BAYLEY, VIOLA - Paris Adventure
BOOKS258958I: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A - Border city: history of Albury New South Wales
BOOKS261751I: BAYLEY, VIOLA - Adriatic adventure
BOOKS236925I: BAYLEY, STEPHEN - Work: the building of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link
BOOKS224349I: BAYLIS, CLIFFORD - Log of Holy Land pilgrimage, 1958
BOOKS139364I: BAYLISS, A.E.M. - Pen-portraits and character-sketches
BOOKS169834I: BAYLY, HUGH WANSEY - Air challenge and the locusts
BOOKS129973I: BAYLY, CHRISTOPHER & HARPER, TIM - Forgotten wars: the end of Britain's Asian empire
BOOKS135180I: BAYLY, THOMAS HAYNES - Songs, ballads, and other poems (2 volumes)
BOOKS266463I: BAYLY, M. BEDDOW - Spotlights on vivisection
BOOKS209223I: BAYLY, ELISABETH B. - Jonathan Merle: West country story of the times
BOOKS027753I: BAYNE-POWELL, ROSAMOND - House-keeping in the eighteenth century
BOOKS265512I: BAYNE, STEPHEN F - Christian living
BOOKS176067I: BAYNES-COPE, A.D. - Caring for books and documents
BOOKS212706I: BAYNES, ROBERT H. (ED) - Lyra Anglicana: hymns and sacred songs
BOOKS051171I: BAYNES, R.H. (REV) - Lyra Anglicana: hymns and sacred songs
BOOKS250476I: BAYNES, NORMAN H. - Israel amongst the nations: an outline of Old Testament history
BOOKS185174I: BAYNHAM, SIMON (ED) - Military power and politics in black Africa
BOOKS239397I: BAYNHAM, HENRY - Before the mast: naval ratings of the nineteenth century
BOOKS036299I: BAYNTON-WILLIAMS, ROGER - Investing in maps
BOOKS261642I: BAYRAMOV, DURDY - Through the eyes of Durdy Bayramov: Turkmen village life, 1960s-80s
BOOKS106031I: BAZANT, ZDENEK P. (ED) - Fracture mechanics of concrete structures
BOOKS254573I: BAZE, WILLIAM - Just elephants
BOOKS262202I: BAZEMOORE, GORDON & SCHIFF, MARA - Juvenile justice reform and restorative justice: theory, policy and practice
BOOKS005703I: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Louvre: masterpieces of Italian painting
BOOKS048593I: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Fra Angelico
BOOKS170805I: BAZIN, GERMAIN - The history of world sculpture
BOOKS050942I: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Impressionist paintings in the Louvre
BOOKS165366I: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Die grossen meister der malerei in der Ermitage
BOOKS236254I: BAZYN, KEN - Soul-wrestling: meditations in monochrome
BOOKS032874I: BB - The countryman's bedside book
BOOKS266673I: "BB" - Wild Lone: the story of a Pytchley fox
BOOKS193139I: BB (WATKINS-PRITCHARD, DENYS) - The wind in the wood
BOOKS263776I: BBC - Doctor Who annual 1980
BOOKS217992I: BEACH, REX - The Net
BOOKS226307I: BEACH, REX - Men of the Outer Isles
BOOKS146214I: BEACH, REX - Pardners
BOOKS048122I: BEACH, CHARLES AMORY - The stunt flyer
BOOKS055098I: BEACH THOMAS, WILLIAM (SIR) - Poems of a countryman
BOOKS196306I: BEACH THOMAS, W. - A year in the country
BOOKS235921I: BEACH, REX - Heart of the sunset: a novel
BOOKS256178I: BEACH, MILO CLEVELAND - The Imperial image: paintings for the Mughal Court
BOOKS217978I: BEACH, REX - The ne'er do well
BOOKS253021I: HICKS BEACH (MRS.) - Blackmarston
BOOKS217993I: BEACH, REX - The iron trail
BOOKS221214I: BEACH THOMAS, WILLIAM (INTRO) - The New Forest and Hampshire in pictures
BOOKS158108I: BEACH, CHARLES AMORY - Air Service boys flying for victory, or, bombing the last German stronghold
BOOKS228544I: BEACH, EDWARD L. - Around the world submerged: the voyage of the Triton
BOOKS094019I: BEACHAM, ROGER - Cheltenham as it was
BOOKS143837I: BEACHAM, ROGER - Cheltenham as it was
BOOKS227051I: BEACHAM, PETER AND OTHERS - Archaeology of the Devon landscape: essays on Devon's archaeological heritage
BOOKS228628I: BEACHAM, ROGER (ED) - Memories of Cheltenham
BOOKS186921I: BEACHCROFT, S.P. (ED) - Clifton College register, 1862-1962 ......
BOOKS224864I: BEACHCROFT, NINA - Under the enchanter
BOOKS051892I: BEADLE, MURIEL - The cat: history, biology and behaviour
BOOKS008533I: BEADLE, MURIEL - The cat: history, biology, and behaviour
BOOKS232852I: BEAGLE, PETER - American denim: a new folk art
BOOKS234366I: BEAGLE, PETER S. - The folk of the air
BOOKS262992I: BEAGLE, PETER S. - The Garden of Earthly Delights
BOOKS261064I: BEAGLEHOLE, HELEN - Always the sound of the sea: the daily lives of New Zealand's lighthouse keepers
BOOKS101392I: BEAKE, FRED - New and selected poems
BOOKS221436I: BEAL, CHRIS - The East Norfolk Poll & Register 1835
BOOKS126296I: BEAL, J. DAVID - Adventurous film making
BOOKS237588I: BEAL, CHRIS (ED) - The East Norfolk Poll & Register for 1835
BOOKS199040I: BEAL, GEORGE; RICHARDS, FRANK AND OTHERS - The Magnet Companion 1977
BOOKS222109I: BEALE, ANNE - The Pennant family.
BOOKS144030I: BEALE, EDWARD - The rendered earth
BOOKS256461I: BEALE, LIONEL S. - How to work with the microscope
BOOKS234085I: BEALE, JOANNE AND OTHERS - The everyday lives of recovering heroin users
BOOKS182096I: BEALE, G. COURTENAY - Wise wedlock: the whole truth: a book of counsel and instruction for all who seek happiness in marriage
BOOKS073381I: BEALES, AMANDA - Old-fashioned roses: their care and cultivation
BOOKS142341I: BEALL, PATRICIA & BARKER, MARTHA KEYS - The folk arts in renewal: Fisherfolk resources
BOOKS213498I: BEALL, TODD S. - Josephus' description of the Essenes: illustrated by the Dead Sea Scrolls
BOOKS204715I: BEAM, PHILIP C. - Winslow Homer's magazine engravings
BOOKS264148I: BEAMAN, S.G HULME BEAMAN & OTHERS - Fun (Vereston series)
BOOKS265178I: BEAMAN, S.G.HULME - The book of Toytown and Larry the Lamb
BOOKS237879I: BEAMAN, S.G. HULME - Tales of Toy Town
BOOKS245697I: BEAMENT, JAMES - The violin explained: components, mechanism, and sound
BOOKS030994I: BEAMISH, A.E. - The lawn tennis tip book
BOOKS230687I: BEAMONT, ROLAND - Phoenix into Ashes
BOOKS244253I: BEAN, W.J. - Trees and shrubs hardy in the British Isles (3 volumes)
BOOKS232975I: BEAN, W. J. - Trees and shrubs: hardy in the British Isles [5 volumes, including supplement]
BOOKS116324I: BEAN, ANITA - The complete guide to strength training
BOOKS194688I: BEAN, SUSAN S. - Symbolic and pragmatic semantics: a Kannada system of address
BOOKS146060I: BEAN, ANITA (ED) - Sports nutrition for women: a practical guide for active women (Nutrition and Fitness)
BOOKS220907I: BEAN, LUCY - Sunny Cove Farm
BOOKS138203I: BEAN, JAMES PATRICK (ED) - Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, vol.38, no.7, September 1977
BOOKS229863I: BEAN, W.J. - Trees and shrubs hardy in the British Isles, Vol. 3: N-Rh
BOOKS234131I: BEAN, ANNEMARIE - A sourcebook on African-American performance: plays, people, movements
BOOKS243070I: BEANO - Roger the Dodger in 'Funny Money'
BOOKS243085I: BEANO - Dennis and Gnasher meet Count Whackula
BOOKS216969I: BEAR, CECIL (ED) - World Sports:the international sports magazine, vol.15, no.1-12,Jan.-Dec.1949
BOOKS051880I: BOBBY BEAR - Bobby Bear's annual 1932
BOOKS221668I: BEARD, GEOFFREY - The work of Robert Adam
BOOKS156234I: BEARD, MARY & CRAWFORD, MICHAEL - Rome in the late Republic: problems and interpretations
BOOKS033686I: BEARD, HENRY - Latin for all occasions (Lingua latina occasionibus omnibus)
BOOKS070343I: BEARD, JAMES - Beard on entertaining
BOOKS145382I: BEARD, HENRY - Latin for even more occasions
BOOKS094694I: BEARD, HENRY - Latin for even more occasions
BOOKS122137I: BEARD, GEOFFREY - The work of Christopher Wren
BOOKS175375I: BEARD, HENRY - Latin for even more occasions: lingua latina multo pluribus occasionibus
BOOKS201332I: BEARD, HENRY - Latin for all occasions
BOOKS237934I: BEARD, HOWARD - Painswick, Sheepscombe, Slad and Edge
BOOKS237229I: BEARD, HOWARD - Painswick, Sheepscombe, Slad and Edge
BOOKS237232I: BEARD, HOWARD - Around Stroud: the story behind the picture
BOOKS237223I: BEARD, HOWARD - The Nailsworth Valley
BOOKS237225I: BEARD, HOWARD & OTHERS - Five Stroud photographers
BOOKS263851I: BEARD, MARY - Women & power: a manifesto
BOOKS202861I: BEARD, HOWARD - Around Stroud: the story behind the picture
BOOKS231314I: BEARD, HOWARD - Around Nailsworth & Minchinhampton
BOOKS112593I: BEARD, RUTH M. AND HARTLEY, JAMES - Teaching and learning in higher education
BOOKS234233I: BEARD, HOWARD - Around Nailsworth and Minchinhampton (Archive Photographs)
BOOKS259688I: BEARD, HOWARD - Around Nailsworth & Minchinhampton: from the Conway collection
BOOKS230184I: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY - The uncollected work of Aubrey Beardsley
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BOOKS267714I: BECHET, SIDNEY - Treat it gentle
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BOOKS247894I: BECKE, LOUIS - Tom Wallis: a tale of the south seas
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BOOKS176567I: BECKER, ANNETTE AND OTHERS (EDS) - 20th Century architecture: Ireland
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BOOKS059006I: BECKERMAN, WILFRED (ED) - The Labour government's economic record: 1964-1970
BOOKS140635I: BECKERMAN, WILFRED (ED) - The Labour Government's economic record, 1964-70
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BOOKS217579I: BECKLEY, RENE - Ancient walls of East Anglia
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BOOKS019393I: BECKWITH, E.G.C. - The wind in the wire
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BOOKS184929I: BEDE - A history of the English church and people.
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BOOKS181647I: BEDINI, SILVIO A. (ED) - Christopher Columbus and the age of exploration: an encyclopedia
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BOOKS195238I: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - Francis: a biography of the Saint of Assisi
BOOKS146842I: DE LA BEDOYERE,MICHAEL - Objections to Roman Catholicism
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BOOKS174504I: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - Francis: a biography of the Saint of Assisi
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BOOKS173853I: OOI JIN-BEE - Peninsular Malaysia
BOOKS195956I: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Nonsuch: land of water
BOOKS146159I: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Jungle peace
BOOKS170649I: BEEBY, K.J. - The wonderful story of leather (information on leather 1)
BOOKS221377I: BEEBY-THOMPSON, ARTHUR - Oil Pioneer: Selected experiences and incidents associated with sixty years of world-wide petroleum exploration and oilfield development
BOOKS212873I: BEECH, F. W. & POLLARD, A. - Wines and juices
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BOOKS202890I: BEECHAM,JOHN CHARLES - The yellow spider
BOOKS153119I: BEECHAM, THOMAS - A mingled chime: leaves from an autobiography
BOOKS117519I: BEECHER, EDWARD - Narrative of riots at Alton: in connection with the death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy
BOOKS179658I: BEECHER, ELIZABETH - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup
BOOKS048523I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS048691I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS083291I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS034425I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson.
BOOKS000248I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS230056I: BEECHEY, WINIFRED - The rich Mrs Robinson
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BOOKS210828I: BEECHING, H. C. (ED) - A book of Christmas verse
BOOKS201727I: BEECHING, RICHARD - Electron diffraction:
BOOKS063004I: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Windmills
BOOKS064571I: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - The wall handbook: a guide to the maintenance, repair and decoration of your inside walls.
BOOKS002205I: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Water in the garden
BOOKS207845I: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Windmills
BOOKS163952I: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Windmills
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BOOKS143338I: BEEDING, FRANCIS AND OTHERS - My most exciting story: a collection of stories chosen by their own authors
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BOOKS261522I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The league of discontent
BOOKS262455I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The four armourers
BOOKS262456I: BEEDING, FRANCIS. - The eight crooked trenches
BOOKS263634I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The ten holy horrors
BOOKS236783I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The Norwich victims
BOOKS263214I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The ten holy horrors
BOOKS262160I: BEEDING, FRANCIS - The nine waxed faces
BOOKS255765I: BEEDING, FRANCES - The nine waxed faces
BOOKS265718I: DE BEER, GAVIN - Early travellers in the Alps
BOOKS037893I: BEER, GRETEL & DAVIES, PAULA - The diabetic gourmet
BOOKS205779I: BEER, FRITZ - Hast du auf Deutsche geschossen, Grandpa? Fragmente einer Lebensgeschichte. (Schicksale im 20. Jahrhundert).
BOOKS225339I: DE BEER,GAVIN - Charles Darwin: evolution by natural selection
BOOKS262243I: BEER, MALCOLM S. & CRAWSHAW, HOWARD M. - Music at Ripon Cathedral, 657-2008
BOOKS015216I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Lytton Strachey
BOOKS036685I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Mainly on the air
BOOKS040725I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Catalogue of a memorial exhibition of drawings by Sir Max Beerbohm (1872-1956)
BOOKS158771I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Mainly on the air
BOOKS032095I: BEERBOHM, MAX - The happy hypocrite
BOOKS191283I: BEERBOHM, MAX - The happy hypocrite
BOOKS265051I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Mainly on the air
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BOOKS208353I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Yet again
BOOKS153612I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Observations
BOOKS156047I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Seven men
BOOKS056241I: BEERBOHM, MAX - And even now
BOOKS236410I: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Christmas garland
BOOKS204592I: BEERBOHM, MAX - Yet again
BOOKS216408I: BEEREN, W.A.L. - Co Westerik: Schilder, peintre, maler, painter
BOOKS242657I: BEEREN, WIM & OTHERS - Nieuwe Bouwen in Rotterdam 1920-1960
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BOOKS108990I: BELLOW, SAUL - The actual
BOOKS031975I: BELLOW, SAUL - The Dean's December
BOOKS121201I: BELLOW, SAUL - Mr. Sammler's planet
BOOKS002181I: BELLOW, SAUL - To Jerusalem and back: a personal account
BOOKS181547I: BELLOW, SAUL - Dangling man
BOOKS190740I: BELLOWS, WILLIAM - Stray papers
BOOKS259051I: BELLOWS, JOHN - Letters and memoir
BOOKS025849I: BELLU, SERGE & VANN, PETER - Dream cars: style for tomorrow
BOOKS196242I: BELOFF, MAX (ED) - History: makind and his story
BOOKS254566I: BELSEY, VALERIE - Discovering green lanes
BOOKS201466I: BELSEY, HUGH - Gainsborough at Gainsborough's House
BOOKS194678I: BELSEY, ANDREW & CHADWICK, RUTH (EDS) - Ethical issues in journalism and the media
BOOKS152707I: BELTON, BRIAN - Bluey Wilkinson: West Ham's first world champion
BOOKS167951I: BELYAYEV, B.V. - The psychology of teaching foreign languages
BOOKS128626I: BEMELMANS,LUDWIG - Madeline and the gypsies
BOOKS187846I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - On board Noah"s Ark
BOOKS060877I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Are you hungry, are you cold?
BOOKS038977I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - On board Noah's ark
BOOKS036749I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - On board Noah's Ark
BOOKS244957I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Life class
BOOKS085373I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - The donkey inside
BOOKS232718I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Life class
BOOKS070073I: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Father, dear Father
BOOKS223223I: BEN-DOR, DAVID - The darkest chapter
BOOKS216644I: BEN-SASSON, H.H. & ETTINGER, S. (EDS) - Jewish society through the ages
BOOKS042598I: REES. D. BEN - Wales: the cultural heritage
BOOKS229809I: BENACH, JORGE L & BOSLER, EDWARD M (EDS) - Lyme disease and related disorders
BOOKS252860I: BENAMOU, GEORGES-MARC - The ghost of Munich
BOOKS267506I: BENATAR, ASHER - Los Vinos Argentinos de Hoy
BOOKS230230I: BENAUD, RICHIE - The appeal of cricket
BOOKS140322I: BENCE-JONES, MARK - Twilight of the ascendancy
BOOKS239177I: BENCE-JONES, GILLIAN - Trades on a Suffolk country estate
BOOKS042208I: BENCHLEY, PETER - The island
BOOKS255674I: BENCHLEY, NATHANIEL - Robert Benchley
BOOKS241295I: BENDALL, D.S. (ED) - Evolution from molecules to men
BOOKS255683I: BENDELL, A. & OTHERS (EDS) - Taguchi methods: applications in world industry
BOOKS090654I: BENDELL, J.F. AND OTHERS - XV Congressus Internationalis Ornithologicus: abstracts
BOOKS259708I: BENDER, BARBARA & CAILLAUD, ROBERT - The archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands: an introduction and guide
BOOKS242232I: BENDER, WOLFGANG (ED) - Rastafari - Kunst aus Jamaica
BOOKS211856I: BENDICK, JEANNE - Making the movies
BOOKS034058I: BENDON, CHRIS - Perspective lessons, virtual lines....
BOOKS055339I: BENDON, CHRIS - Cork memory
BOOKS210792I: BENDZ, ERNST - Oscar Wilde: a retrospect
BOOKS187280I: BENECKE, P.V.M. (ED) - The Magdalen College record [fourth issue], 1934
BOOKS110259I: BENECKE, E.F.M. - Poetarum Latinorum Index in usum versificatorum nostratum conflatus
BOOKS114857I: BENEDICT, RUTH - Patterns of culture
BOOKS197459I: BENEDICT, DOROTHY - Pagan the Black
BOOKS140549I: BENEDICT, LAWRENCE - The paper chain
BOOKS240634I: BENEDICT, PHILIP (ED) - Cities and social change in early modern France
BOOKS004440I: BENEDICTUS, DAVID - Junk! how and where to buy beautiful things for next to nothing
BOOKS142399I: BENEDICTUS, DAVID - You're a big boy now: a novel
BOOKS128152I: BENEDICTUS, DAVID - A twentieth century man
BOOKS044255I: BENEDIKZ, B.S. (ED) - On the novel: a present for Walter Allen on his 60th birthday from his friends and colleagues
BOOKS135955I: BENEDIKZ, B.S. (ED) - On the novel: a present for Walter Allen on his 60th. birthday.
BOOKS069260I: BENEDITE, LEONCE - Ignacio Zuloaga
BOOKS139235I: BENERIA, LOURDES & BISNATH, SAVITRI (EDS) - Global tensions: challenges and opportunities in the world economy
BOOKS252112I: BENES, ZDENEK & OTHERS - Facing history: the evolution of Czech-German relations in the Czech provinces, 1848-1948
BOOKS248057I: BENEST, E.E - Inland waterways of the Netherlands, Volume II, The north-east Netherlands
BOOKS071815I: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - John Brown's body
BOOKS247551I: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - John Brown's body
BOOKS259518I: BENET, DIANA - Something to love: Barbara Pym's novels
BOOKS255830I: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - John Brown's body
BOOKS261337I: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - Selected works of Stephen Vincent Benet: volume one - poetry, volume two - prose
BOOKS173661I: BENEZIT, E - Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs, vols. 1-8
BOOKS146468I: BENFIELD, DEREK - The young in heart: a comedy in three acts
BOOKS030414I: BENGE, POLLY - Tea for two.... ....with no cups
BOOKS164246I: BENGER, ELIZABETH OGILVIE (MISS) - Memoirs of the life of Mary Queen of Scots; Vols I & II
BOOKS188095I: BENHAM, ANGELA - Lucky to be alive: a first expedition to the Himalayas
BOOKS261930I: BENHAM, CHARLES E - Essex Ballads and other poems
BOOKS091582I: BENHAM - Guide to Colchester and its environs: Diamond Jubilee edition
BOOKS160328I: BENHAM, PATRICK - The Avalonians
BOOKS117910I: BENHAM, C. AND OTHERS - Wit and wisdom for kitchen and household
BOOKS153799I: BENHAM, WILLIAM (ED) - The prayer-book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559, to which are appended some occasional forms of prayer issued in her reign
BOOKS027873I: BENHAM, W. GURNEY - Cassell's classified quotations
BOOKS194130I: BENHAM, WILLIAM - The Tower of London
BOOKS165879I: BENHAM, PATRICK - The Avalonians
BOOKS259963I: BENI, GERARDO & HACKWOOD, SUSAN (EDS) - Recent advances in robotics
BOOKS263829I: BENIANS, E.A & KNIGHT, T.H - Historical atlas with chronological notes
BOOKS264059I: BENIANS, JOHN - An introduction to Rudolf Steiner's way of education
BOOKS188593I: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Hardy landscapes
BOOKS054942I: BENINGFIELD, GORDON (ILLUS) - Poems of the countryside
BOOKS209920I: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's Countryside
BOOKS154416I: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's countryside
BOOKS213703I: BENISTON, MARTIN - Environmental change in mountains and uplands
BOOKS228859I: BENJAMIN, RENE - Balzac: la prodigieuse vie d'Honore de Balzac
BOOKS153677I: BENJAMIN, MARY A. - Autographs: a key to collecting
BOOKS191241I: BENJAMIN, ARNOLD - Does the noise in my head bother you ?
BOOKS191242I: BENJAMIN, ARNOLD - Down with gravity!
BOOKS028163I: BENJAMIN, HARRY - Commonsense vegetarianism
BOOKS236668I: BENJAMIN, E.ALWYN - Penarth, 1841-71: a glimpse of the past
BOOKS136086I: BENJAMIN, SUSAN - English enamel boxes: from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth centuries.
BOOKS256929I: BENJAMIN, DON C. - The social world of Deuteronomy: a new feminist commentary
BOOKS149418I: BENJAMIN, GEORGE - A mind of winter (for soprano and orchestra)
BOOKS157377I: BENJAMIN, SUSAN - The first 25 years of Halcyon Days Enamels: the revival of an English 18th-Century craft
BOOKS179660I: BENJAMIN, HARRY - Unorthodox healing versus medical science: a book for those dissatisfied with orthodox medical methods of treatment
BOOKS198698I: BENKE, RICHARD - The ghost ocean
BOOKS063067I: BENKO, STEPHEN AND O'ROURKE, JOHN J. (EDS) - Early church history: the Roman Empire as the setting of primitive Christianity
BOOKS108133I: BENKO, STEPHEN - The meaning of Sanctorum Communio
BOOKS043111I: BENN, ERNEST J.P. - This soft age: with the optimistic theory of the 30/50 man
BOOKS200825I: BENN, JAMES A., AND OTHERS (EDS) - Buddhist Monasticism in East Asia: places of practice
BOOKS183807I: BENN, JOHN - I say rejoice: a memoir of Christopher Benn
BOOKS200710I: BENN, SUZANNE AND OTHERS - Organizational change for corporate sustainability: a guide for leaders and change agents of the future
BOOKS235644I: BENN, TONY - Free at Last!: Diaries 1990-2001
BOOKS085451I: BENN, TONY - Free at last! diaries 1991-2001
BOOKS202137I: BENN, TONY - More time for politics: diaries 2001-2007
BOOKS190446I: BENNET, DONALD J. - The Southern Highlands (Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide)
BOOKS180428I: BENNET, ROBERT AMES - The hunted wolf

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