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BOOKS030294I: SHOBERL, FREDERIC (ED) - Forget me not: a Christmas, New Year's, and birthday present for MDCCCXXXIX
BOOKS216501I: SHOEMAKER, ROBERT - The London mob: violence and disorder in Eighteenth-century London
BOOKS008581I: SHONE, ANNA - Come away death
BOOKS110447I: SHONE, RONALD - Creative visualization
BOOKS107414I: THE POSTER SHOP - Poster art: a catalogue of fine art posters
BOOKS189918I: SHORE, W. TEIGNMOUTH - Dinner building also luncheons and suppers
BOOKS201917I: SHORE, HENRY N. - Smuggling days and smuggling ways
BOOKS051144I: SHORE, BERNARD - Sixteen symphonies
BOOKS066561I: SHORE, SAXON / GILROY, J.T. - Rough island story: news reel (and unreal) of the Depression 1931-1935
BOOKS173075I: SHORE, STEPHEN - The gardens at Giverny: a view of Monet's world
BOOKS121537I: SHORE, T. TEIGNMOUTH & PLUMTRE, E.H. - St.Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians
BOOKS172292I: SHORE, BRUCE M. (ED) - Face to face with giftedness
BOOKS231143I: SHORE, EVELYN BERGLUND - Born on snowshoes
BOOKS004531I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Ground attack aircraft of World War II
BOOKS006820I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER AND WILLIAMS, CLIVE - Aces high: the fighter aces of the British and Commonwealth Air Forces in World War II
BOOKS006847I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Fighter aces
BOOKS065838I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Luftwaffe fighter units, Russia 1941-45
BOOKS046048I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS048545I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS060542I: SHORT, BRIAN (ED) / SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Sussex archaeological collections relating to the history and antiquities of the counties of East and West Sussex, volume 128
BOOKS143085I: SHORT, CONSTANCE & CARROLL, TONY (EDS) - Eddie's own Aquarius
BOOKS208815I: SHORT, ROBIN - African sunset
BOOKS120301I: SHORT, ERNEST - The House of God: a history of religious architecture.
BOOKS188419I: SHORT, ROBERT L - The parables of peanuts
BOOKS119747I: SHORT, THOMAS VOWLER - A sketch of the history of the Church of England to the Revolution, 1688
BOOKS029079I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS104135I: SHORT, ERNEST - Fifty years of vaudeville
BOOKS177013I: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - Leslie Charteris' The Saint & the Hapsburg necklace
BOOKS189999I: SHORT, ERNEST - The Coronation: its history and meaning
BOOKS193669I: SHORTEN, MONICA RUTH: PINNER, ERNA - Wonders of animal life.
BOOKS174626I: SHORTEN, MONICA - Wonders of animal life
BOOKS138418I: SHORTER, DORA SIGERSON - The country-house party
BOOKS206332I: SHORTHOUSE, J.H. - A teacher of the violin, and other tales
BOOKS224705I: SHORTHOUSE, JOHN HENRY - John Inglesant: A romance - Volume 2 of 2
BOOKS151302I: SHOTEN, KADOKAWA (ED) - A pictorial encyclopedia of the Oriental arts: Japan, parts 1 - 4
BOOKS157599I: SHOTTON, F.W. (ED) - British Quaternary studies: recent advances
BOOKS205277I: LI JICHENG & KU SHOUKANG - The Realm of Tibetan buddhism
BOOKS012908I: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - In Southern light: trekking through Zaire and the Amazon
BOOKS029127I: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - Murder in the rain forest: the Chico Mendes story
BOOKS008904I: SHOUSHEN, JIN - Beijing legends
BOOKS193411I: SHOVLAR,STEVE - Dorset shipwrecks: a comprehensive guide to the shipwrecks of Purbeck and Poole Bay
BOOKS077465I: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Inventing herself: claiming a feminist intellectual heritage
BOOKS106463I: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - A literature of their own: British women novelists from Bronte to Lessing
BOOKS193991I: SHOWELL, CHARLES - Shakespeare's Avon from source to Severn
BOOKS172426I: SHOWELL, JAK MALLMANN - Wolfpacks at war
BOOKS162693I: STYLES. SHOWELL - The Malta frigate
BOOKS048507I: SHRAPNEL, NORMAN - A view of the Thames
BOOKS094628I: SHREEVE, CAROLINE AND SHREEVE, DAVID - The healing power of hypnotism: what it is and what it does
BOOKS005349I: SHREEVE, JAMES - The Neandertal enigma: solving the mystery of modern human origins
BOOKS201576I: SHREVE, ANITA - Sea Glass
BOOKS112885I: SHRIBER, IONE SANDBERG - Invitation to murder
BOOKS226158I: SHROPSHIRE, KENNETH L. & DAVIS, TIMOTHY - The business of sports agents
BOOKS094654I: SHROUT, R.N. - Modern scientific hypnosis: from ancient mystery to contemporary science
BOOKS190816I: SHRUBSOLE, EDGAR S. - The land of lakes: being the Midland Railway Company's illustrated guide to the sporting and touring grounds of County Donegal
BOOKS011121I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS017411I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS145863I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS171327I: SHUCKBURGH, EVELYN S. - Lysiae orationes XVI with analysis, notes, sppendices, & indces
BOOKS211024I: SHUCKBURGH, EVELYN S. - The histories of Polybius-Volume 2
BOOKS117325I: SHUGHART, COOKSEY AND OTHERS - Complete price guide to watches, no.22, 2002
BOOKS218045I: SHUKMAN, HENRY - Travels with my trombone: A Caribbean journey
BOOKS221681I: SHUKMAN, HENRY - Sons of the Moon: a journey in the Andes
BOOKS231363I: SHULIMSON, JACK - Marines in Lebanon 1958
BOOKS230457I: SHULKA, V. & BAKER, P.A. (EDS) - Sedimentology and geochemistry of Dolostones: based on a symposium
BOOKS057033I: SHULMAN, MARTHA ROSE - Garlic cookery
BOOKS162866I: SHULMAN, MILTON - Defeat in the West
BOOKS034895I: SHULMAN, MARTHA ROSE - Chez Martha Rose: pleasures of Parisian eating
BOOKS061436I: SHULMAN, MARTHA ROSE - Herb and honey cookery
BOOKS088629I: SHULMAN, MARTHA ROSE - Garlic cookery
BOOKS154789I: SHULMAN, NEVILLE - Zen explorations in remotest New Guinea: adventures in the jungles and mountains of Irian Jaya
BOOKS074379I: SHULMAN, NEVILLE - Zen explorations in remotest New Guinea: adventures in the jungles and mountains of Irian Jaya
BOOKS137135I: SHUMAKER, WAYNE - Perspectives in criticism 1: Elements of critical theory
BOOKS213718I: CHIN SHUNSHIN - The Taiping Rebellion
BOOKS041371I: SHURIN, AARON - A's dream
BOOKS108157I: SHURLOCK, MANWARING - Arthurian and knightly art from the Middle Ages
BOOKS049697I: SHURLOCK, H.M. - The laws of contract bridge explained
BOOKS136034I: SHUSTER, GEORGE NAUMAN - The Catholic spirit in modern English literature
BOOKS130719I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Slide rule
BOOKS031864I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS225426I: SHUTE, NEVIL - An old captivity
BOOKS210838I: SHUTE, NEVIL - In the wet
BOOKS038299I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The far country
BOOKS188764I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The far country
BOOKS194611I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The rainbow and the rose
BOOKS098495I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Requiem for a Wren
BOOKS098538I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The chequer board
BOOKS098565I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The rainbow and the rose
BOOKS098568I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The far country
BOOKS098570I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Pied piper
BOOKS192627I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Ruined city
BOOKS192629I: SHUTE, NEVIL - An old captivity
BOOKS189461I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Vinland the Good
BOOKS201898I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Slide rule: the autobiography of an engineer
BOOKS202006I: SHUTE, NEVIL - In the wet
BOOKS133860I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Lonely road
BOOKS233533I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Trustee from the toolroom
BOOKS201920I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The rainbow and the rose.
BOOKS229872I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Pied Piper
BOOKS177362I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Round the bend
BOOKS200065I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The chequer board
BOOKS232177I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Pied Piper
BOOKS184825I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS144136I: SHUTE, E.L. - Over the hills
BOOKS152912I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Landfall
BOOKS201279I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The chequer board
BOOKS219988I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS227980I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Marazan
BOOKS208194I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS175782I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Most secret
BOOKS189810I: SHUTE, NEVIL - The chequer board
BOOKS050425I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS184368I: SHUTE, NEVIL - Pastoral
BOOKS226774I: SHUTE, NEVIL - What happened to the Corbetts
BOOKS116131I: SHUTTLE, PENELOPE - A leaf out of his book
BOOKS193564I: SHUTTLE, PENELOPE - Nostalgia neurosis and other poems
BOOKS003299I: SHUTTLEWOOD, NINA - Stylish knitting: from handspun or commercial yarns
BOOKS003294I: SHUTTLEWOOD, NINA AND BIGGS, JANET - Designer knitting from handspun yarns
BOOKS215779I: SHVIDKOVSKY,O. A. (ED) - Building in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1932
BOOKS110698I: SHY, TIMOTHY AND SEARLE, RONALD - The Terror of St Trinian's or Angela's Prince Charming
BOOKS208536I: SHYLLON, FOLARIN - Black people in Britain, 1555-1833
BOOKS195776I: SIBBALD, M. & SOUTER, HELEN GREIG - More dainty work for busy fingers: a second book of needlework, lace, crochet, and knitting
BOOKS161124I: SIBERGELD, JEROME - Contradictions: artistic life, the Socialist state and the Chinese painter Li Huasheng
BOOKS035790I: SIBLEY, BRIAN - The land of Narnia: Brian Sibley explores the world of C.S. Lewis
BOOKS158449I: SIBLEY, BRIAN - Three cheers for Pooh: the best bear in all the world
BOOKS054124I: SIBLEY, BRIAN - Chicken Run: hatching the movie
BOOKS076057I: SIBLEY, BRIAN - Shadowlands: the love story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham
BOOKS040806I: SIBLEY, PATRICIA - Discovering the Isle of Wight
BOOKS215896I: SIBURAPHA - Behind the painting: And other stories
BOOKS113872I: SICHEL, ALLAN. - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS006433I: SICHEL, ALLAN - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS115315I: SICHEL, ALLAN - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS210525I: SICHEL, EDITH - Women and men of the French Renaissance
BOOKS155763I: SICHELSCHMIDT, GUSTAV - Berliner Leben: Ein Photoalbum aus der Zeit der Jahrhundertwende
BOOKS229763I: SICRE, RICARDO - The tap on the left shoulder
BOOKS138353I: DIODORUS SICULUS - The Bibliotheca historica of Diodorus Siculus, translated by John Skelton, volume I: Text
BOOKS116629I: SIDEBOTTOM, E.M. (ED) - The Century Bible: James, Jude and 2 Peter
BOOKS060630I: SIDER, RONALD J. - Rich Christians in an age of hunger: a Biblical study
BOOKS215424I: SIDERA, ISABELLE - Un complement des donnees sur les societes rubanees: l'industrie osseuse a Cuiry-les-Chaudardes
BOOKS191148I: SIDEY, HUGH - John F. Kennedy: portrait of a president
BOOKS203452I: SIDEY, TESSA (ED) - Paul Shelving (1888-1968) Stage designer
BOOKS144057I: SIDGWICK, FRANK (ED) - Legendary ballads
BOOKS094212I: SIDGWICK, J.B. - Direction finding by the stars
BOOKS002518I: SIDGWICK, FRANK - Frank Sidgwick's diary and other material relating to A.H.Bullen & the Shakespeare Head Press at Stratford-upon-Avon
BOOKS196882I: SIDGWICK, ETHEL - Restoration: the fairy-tale of a farm
BOOKS137188I: SIDGWICK, N.V. - The chemical elements and their compounds, volumes I and II
BOOKS134608I: SIDGWICK, J.B. - Observational astronomy for amateurs
BOOKS144138I: SIDGWICK, FRANK (ED) - Ballads and lyrics of love
BOOKS159511I: SIDGWICK, FRANK (ED) - Old ballads
BOOKS208759I: SIDGWICK, N.V. - The organic chemistry of nitrogen
BOOKS011845I: SIDGWICK, H. - The development of European polity
BOOKS209205I: SIDGWICK, J.B. - Amateur astronomer's handbook
BOOKS188070I: SIDNEY, PHILIP - The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia
BOOKS152290I: SIDNEY, PHILIP - Sidney's Apologie for poetrie
BOOKS150805I: SIDNEY, PHILLIP - An apologie for poetrie (from Olney's text of 1595)
BOOKS187343I: SIDNEY, PHILIP - The Defence of poesie, Political discourses, Correspondence , Translations
BOOKS234109I: SIDORENKO, ALEXANDER V (ED) - Soviet Journal of Remote Sensing, 1982, no.1 (September)
BOOKS121486I: SIDWALL, AKE - Bäckströms bilder!: Professor Helmer Bäckströms fotografihistoriska Samling i Fotografiska Museet
BOOKS182524I: SIEBENHAAR, KLAUS & HAARMANN, HERMANN (EDS) - Preis der Vernunft: literature und Kunst zwischen Augklarung, Widerstand und Anpassung; festschrift fur Walter Huder
BOOKS218565I: SIEBERS, TOBIN - The romantic fantastic
BOOKS011476I: SIEFF, MARCUS - Marcus Sieff on management: the Marks & Spencer way
BOOKS234308I: SIEFKES, DIRK - Decidable theories 1: Buchi's monadic second order successor arithmetic
BOOKS034376I: SIEGAL, ARANKA - Upon the head of the goat: a childhood in Hungary 1939-1944
BOOKS138449I: SIEGEL, DAVID J. - Organizing for social partnership: higher education in cross-sector collaboration
BOOKS076298I: SIEGEL, LEE - City of dreadful night: a tale of horror and the macabre in India
BOOKS032387I: SIEGEL, JAN - Prospero's children
BOOKS106900I: SIEGEL, ALAN H. - Breakin* in to the music business
BOOKS180625I: SIEGEL, BRYNA - The world of the autistic child: understanding and treating autism spectrum disorders
BOOKS149320I: SIEGMUND-SCHULTZE, FRIEDRICH - Die Ueberwindung des Hasses
BOOKS163507I: SIELMANN, HEINZ - My year with the woodpeckers
BOOKS213303I: SIEMENS, LLOYD - The critical reception of Sir Henry Rider Haggard: an annotated bibliography, 1882-1991 (English literature in transition 1880-1920)
BOOKS008194I: VON SIEMENS, WERNER - Inventor and entrepreneur: recollections
BOOKS185601I: VON SIEMENS, WERNER - Inventor and entrepreneur: recollections of Werner von Siemens
BOOKS202536I: SIEMONS, J. (ED) - Surveys in Combinatorics, 1989: invited papers at the Twelfth British Combinatorial Conference
BOOKS168229I: SIEPEN, EDITH - Peeps at great cities: Berlin
BOOKS209454I: SIEPMANN, HARRY - Echo of the guns: recollections of an Artillery officer, 1914-18
BOOKS225650I: SIEPMANN, JEREMY - Chopin: The reluctant romantic
BOOKS226214I: SIEPMANN, JEREMY - The piano
BOOKS121091I: SIEVEKING, VERA - Galante Mode: mode - graphik aus zwei jahrhunderten
BOOKS208391I: SIEVER, ROBERT S. (ED) - The Winning Post winter annual 1923
BOOKS200317I: SIEVERNICH, GEREON & BUDDE, HENDRIK (EDS) - Europa und der Orient 800-1900
BOOKS226472I: SIGMOND, AARON & KOLAKOWSKI, NICK - Playboy: the complete guide to cigars
BOOKS210435I: NATIONAL SIGNALMAN'S MOVEMENT - The 3-5-5: offical organ of the National Signalman's Movement, vol.1, no.1 - no.12, April 1924.May 1923 -
BOOKS195064I: ROYAL SIGNALS - Handbook of line communication, volume I
BOOKS058005I: SIGNY, DENNIS - The Tottenham Hotspur football book No. 3
BOOKS119441I: SIGO, CEDAR - Selected writings
BOOKS231009I: SIKAKANE, JOYCE - A window on Soweto
BOOKS111670I: SIKORA, AXEL - Wireless personal and local area networks
BOOKS234351I: SILBER, EVELYN & FRIEDMAN, TERRY F. - Jacob Epstein: sculpture and drawings
BOOKS191088I: SILBERMAN, CHARLES E. - Crisis in black and white
BOOKS099888I: SILBERSTANG, EDWIN - Winning poker for the serious player
BOOKS198423I: SILBERT,LESLIE - The Intelligencer
BOOKS136035I: SILET, CHARLES L.P. - Henry Blake Fuller and Hamlin Garland: a reference guide
BOOKS204077I: SILJESTROM, P.A. - The educational institutions of the United States: their character and organisation
BOOKS175361I: SILK, WILLIAM HENRY - Bantams and miniature fowl
BOOKS144955I: SILKE, LOUISA C. - Ravensdale Castle
BOOKS207505I: SILKIN, JON (ED) - Stand, volume four, 3: the war poets
BOOKS101701I: SILKIN, JON - Poems new and selected
BOOKS022266I: SILKIN, JON - Selected poems
BOOKS151891I: SILKIN, JON - Living voices
BOOKS194544I: SILKIN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin book of First World War poetry
BOOKS073455I: SILKIN, JON - Amana grass
BOOKS106692I: SILKIN, JON (ED) - Stand, volume 4, 3: the war poets
BOOKS073796I: SILKIN, JON - The lens-breakers
BOOKS122904I: SILLIMAN, RON - Under Albany
BOOKS197781I: SILLINCE - We're all in it.
BOOKS177810I: SILLITOE, ALAN - Saturday night and Sunday morning.
BOOKS169545I: SILLITOE, ALAN - Mountains and caverns: selected essays
BOOKS202528I: SILLITOE, ALAN - Key to the door.
BOOKS125917I: SILLITOE, ALAN - A tree on fire,
BOOKS167136I: SILLITOE, ALAN - The loneliness of the long distance runner
BOOKS198357I: SILLITOE, ALAN - The city adventures of Marmalade Jim
BOOKS157264I: SILLITOE, ALAN - Saturday night and Sunday morning
BOOKS128391I: SILOTTI, ALBERTO - Egypt lost and found: explorers and travellers on the Nile
BOOKS216075I: SILSBY, JILL - Inland birds of Saudi Arabia
BOOKS209632I: SILSBY, JILL - Inland birds of Saudi Arabia
BOOKS142744I: DE SILVA, COLIN - Winds of Sinhala
BOOKS220024I: DE SILVA, CHANDRA RICHARD - Sri Lanka: A history
BOOKS201834I: SILVANO, MARCHETTO - Da Silvano cookbook: simple secrets from New York's favorite Italian restaurant
BOOKS007458I: SILVER, ERIC - Victor Feather, TUC
BOOKS188711I: SILVER, L.RAY - Last of the gladiators: a World War II bomber navigator's story
BOOKS062049I: SILVER, R.S. - Conflict and contexts: selected poems of the quarter-century 1930-1955
BOOKS073221I: SILVER, HAROLD (ED) - Equal opportunity in education: a reader in social class and educational opportunity
BOOKS078705I: SILVER, LARRY B. - The misunderstood child: a guide for parents of children with learning disabilities
BOOKS038273I: SILVER, HAROLD - English education and the radicals 1780-1850
BOOKS105625I: SILVER, HAROLD - The concept of popular education: a study of ideas and social movements in the early nineteenth century
BOOKS105732I: SILVER, HAROLD - Education as history: interpreting nineteenth and twentieth century education
BOOKS224498I: SILVER, KENNETH E. & HERBERT, JAMES D. - Chaos & Classicism: art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918-1936
BOOKS196277I: SILVER, A. HENRY - What handwriting reveals
BOOKS147147I: SILVER, ABBA HILLEL - Where Judaism differed: an inquiry into the distinctiveness of Judaism
BOOKS037387I: SILVER, L. RAY - Last of the gladiators: World War II bomber navigator's story
BOOKS120917I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The time-hoppers.
BOOKS060813I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The queen of springtime
BOOKS074042I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Star of gypsies
BOOKS074131I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT / ZELAZNY, ROGER / BLISH, JAMES - Three for tomorrow: three original novellas of science fiction
BOOKS138199I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - At Winter's End
BOOKS161739I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT AND OTHERS - Analog Astounding Science Fact and Fiction, volume XI (16), no.10, December 1960.
BOOKS162262I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Morning of mankind: prehistoric man in Europe
BOOKS051512I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The stochastic man
BOOKS167718I: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Collision course
BOOKS161394I: SILVERMAN, JERRY - A treasury of Christmas carols: best loved classics arranged for keyboard and guitar
BOOKS110726I: SILVERMAN, GORDON & SILVER, HOWARD - Modern instrumentation: a computer approach
BOOKS207601I: SILVERMAN, DAVID L. - Your move
BOOKS219103I: SILVERMAN, BERTRAM AND OTHERS (EDS) - Double shift: transforming work in postsocialist and postindustrial societies: a US Post-Soviet dialogue
BOOKS184958I: SILVERSTEIN, MIRA - Fun with appliqué
BOOKS190752I: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - A light in the attic
BOOKS221217I: SILVERTHORNE, ELIZABETH (ED) - The deposition book of Richard Wyatt J.P, 1767-1776
BOOKS131791I: SILVERTHORNE, ELIZABETH - Legends and lore of Texas wildflowers
BOOKS102154I: SILVERTHORNE, ARTHUR - The purchase of gas and water works, with the latest statistics of municipal gas and water supply
BOOKS135449I: SILVESTER, PETER - Electric circuits
BOOKS047693I: SILVESTER, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - The Penguin book of Hollywood
BOOKS055598I: SILVESTER, VICTOR / ALLEN, BRYN - Modern ballroom dancing
BOOKS076335I: SILVESTER, REGINALD - Official railway postcards of the British Isles, Part 2
BOOKS144267I: SILVESTER, VICTOR - Dancing is my life: an autobiography
BOOKS201486I: SILVESTER, REGINALD - Official railway postcards of the British Isles, 2: Great Western for America, Great Central for Paris
BOOKS227738I: SILVESTER, PETER - A left hand like God: Study of Boogie-woogie
BOOKS221172I: SILWOOD, FRANK AND OTHERS / COLEMAN, DUDLEY (ED) - Fathers anonymous: legacy in South Australia, Broken Hill, Northern Territory
BOOKS081044I: SIM, KATHARINE - These I have loved: a Siamese cat saga
BOOKS123429I: SIM, ALASTAIR - Rosslyn blood
BOOKS183943I: SIM, ALISON - Food and feast in Tudor England
BOOKS068579I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - The visitors
BOOKS115603I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - Night of the Puudly
BOOKS203994I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - Project Pope
BOOKS188394I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D - They walked like men
BOOKS204002I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - The visitors
BOOKS187916I: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D - The best of Clifford D. Simak
BOOKS196450I: SIMCOCKS, JULIAN (ED) - Ruff's Guide to the turf and the Sporting Life annual 1976
BOOKS193892I: SIMCOCKS, JULIAN (ED) - Ruff's guide to the Turf and The Sporting Life annual 1972
BOOKS119958I: SIMCOX, CARROLL E. - The promises of God: an excercise in Biblical thinking.
BOOKS212956I: SIMEK, JAN F. - A K-means approach to the analysis of spatial structure in Upper Palaeolithic habitation sites: Le Flageolet I and Pincevent section 36
BOOKS183385I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Three beds in Manhattan
BOOKS225771I: SIMENON, GEORGES - A Maigret omnibus
BOOKS218389I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the Nahour case.
BOOKS222176I: SIMENON, GEORGES - The patience of Maigret
BOOKS204952I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the burglar's wife + Inquest on Bouvet.
BOOKS114665I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret meets a milord
BOOKS170826I: SIMENON, GEORGES - In case of emergency
BOOKS168308I: SIMENON, GEORGES - The magician
BOOKS216185I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the burglar's wife
BOOKS215251I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret on holiday
BOOKS161014I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Striptease.
BOOKS216190I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret loses his temper
BOOKS204939I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Collected works: Maigret sets a trap + A new lease of life.
BOOKS215157I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the dosser
BOOKS112688I: SIMENON, GEORGES - The widower
BOOKS018736I: SIMENON, GEORGES - Lost moorings
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BOOKS191943I: SLESSER, C.G.M. - The island of Skye
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BOOKS186190I: SLOCOMBE, G. - A history of Poland
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BOOKS221616I: SMAIL, D.J. - Psychotherapy: A personal aproach
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BOOKS136357I: SMALLWOOD, VERNON - "Bellerophon": Haydock to Haworth
BOOKS158550I: SMALLWOOD, E.MARY - Documents illustrating the Principates of Gaius Claudius and Nero
BOOKS192452I: SMALLWOOD, JOHN & HEWITT, PEGGY - An auctioneer's lot
BOOKS216941I: SMART, NINIAN - Doctrine and argument in Indian philosophy
BOOKS023805I: SMART, NINIAN - Background to 'The long search'
BOOKS154988I: SMART, BARRY - Postmodernity
BOOKS161304I: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy
BOOKS130881I: SMART, W.M. - Astronomy
BOOKS187129I: SMART, E.L. (ED) - Jack Juggler
BOOKS194914I: SMART, ALASTAIR & BROOKS, ATTFIELD - Constable and his country
BOOKS049725I: SMART, P.E. - Chorley and Smart Leading cases in the law of banking
BOOKS197320I: SMEATON, OLIPHANT (ED) - Ballads ancient and modern
BOOKS196823I: SMEDLEY, FRANK E. - Lewis Arundel; or, The railroad of life
BOOKS154121I: SMEDLEY, JOHN - Practical hydropathy (not the cold water system)
BOOKS190784I: SMEDLEY, WILLIAM T. - The mystery of Francis Bacon
BOOKS148892I: SMEDLEY, FRANK E. - Harry Coverdale's courtship and all that came of it.
BOOKS131780I: SMEDLEY, AGNES - Portraits of Chinese women in revolution
BOOKS115313I: SMEDLEY, FRANK E. - Lewis Arundel; or, the railroad of life
BOOKS224778I: SMEDLEY, FRANK / CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE (ILLUS) - Frank Farlegh; or Scenes from the life of a private pupil
BOOKS147066I: SMEED, J.W. - Faust in literature
BOOKS180387I: SMEETON, MILES - Moose magic
BOOKS224382I: SMEJKAL, FRANTISEK - Surrealist drawings
BOOKS131040I: SMELLIE, K.B. - A history of local government
BOOKS205381I: SMELLIE, ALEXANDER - Men of the Covenant: the story of the Scottish Church in the years of the persecution
BOOKS062823I: DE SMET, ROBIN (ARR). - Clarinet: one hundred & one solos
BOOKS064292I: SMETHURST, WILLIAM - The Archers: the true story: the history of radio's most famous programme
BOOKS012665I: SMETHURST, WILLIAM - Ambridge: an English village through the ages
BOOKS013575I: SMETHURST, WILLIAM (ED) - The Archers: the first thirty years
BOOKS013520I: SMETHURST, WILLIAM - The Archers: the official companion
BOOKS133722I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Self help
BOOKS104387I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Self-help, with illustrations of conduct & perseverence
BOOKS201413I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Industrial biography: iron workers and tool makers
BOOKS168947I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Men of invention and industry
BOOKS167585I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Robert Dick, baker, of Thurso: geologist and naturalist
BOOKS139564I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Life of a Scotch naturalist: Thomas Edward, Associate of the Linnean Society
BOOKS210159I: SMILES, SAMUEL - The life of George Stephenson, railway engineer
BOOKS173043I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Robert Dick, baker of Thurso, geologist and botanist
BOOKS186786I: SMILES, SAMUEL - Industrial biography: iron workers and tool makers
BOOKS198724I: SMILEY, PATRICIA - False profits
BOOKS178847I: SMILEY, DAVID - Albanian assignment
BOOKS173437I: SMIT, TIM - Eden
BOOKS196229I: SMITH, WILLIAM - A smaller classical dictionary of biography, mythology and goegraphy, abridged from the larger dictionary
BOOKS212162I: SMITH, RAY H.D. - There was no Smith
BOOKS156653I: SMITH, ALBERT - The Marchioness of Brinvilliers: the poisoner of the Seventeenth Century. a romance of old Paris.
BOOKS158982I: SMITH, ROSS - 14,000 miles through the air
BOOKS033922I: SMITH, NAOMI ROYDE - Fire-weed
BOOKS009679I: SMITH,MARTIN - The Gresley legacy: a celebration of innovation
BOOKS206630I: SMITH, KEN (ED) - Caro-Kann Defence
BOOKS221819I: SMITH, K. LANGFORD - Sky Pilot's last flight
BOOKS029585I: SMITH, ROLAND / COX, PETER (ED) - The past in the pipeline: archaeology and the midline pipeline
BOOKS230903I: SMITH, L.D. - Carpet weavers and carpet masters: the handloom carpet industry of Kidderminster, 1780-1850
BOOKS206159I: SMITH, SHEILA M. - The other nation: Poor in the English novels of the 1840's and 1850's
BOOKS045434I: SMITH, DELIA - A journey into God
BOOKS111532I: SMITH, M. - Witham roads
BOOKS073016I: SMITH, NANCY - The essential A-Z of creative writing
BOOKS172804I: SMITH, ADAM - An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations (2 volumes)
BOOKS230346I: SMITH, KEITH - Environmental hazards: Assessing risk and reducing disaster (Routledge Physical Environment)
BOOKS212242I: SMITH, DECOST - Red Indian experiences
BOOKS232027I: SMITH, PETER J.C. - Flying bombs over the Pennines: the story of the V-1 attack aimed at Manchester December 24th 1944
BOOKS156189I: SMITH, GUY N. - Gamekeeping and shooting for amateurs
BOOKS181556I: SMITH, D.I. (ED) - Limestones and caves of the Mendip Hills
BOOKS176356I: SMITH-MASON, CATHERINE - The stones of Swindon
BOOKS185066I: SMITH, SHELLEY - An afternoon to kill
BOOKS231518I: SMITH, ADAM - The Wealth of Nations (two volumes)
BOOKS178453I: SMITH, LACEY BALDWIN - The Elizabethan epic
BOOKS155262I: SMITH, GEOGE B. - Meditations for the ordinary man: fifty-two meditations
BOOKS196647I: SMITH, D. I. (ED) - Limestones and caves of the Mendip Hills
BOOKS211733I: SMITH, GILL WILLIAMSON - Across the divides, Chile; a different perspective
BOOKS188693I: SMITH, TOULMIN - Memorials of old Birmingham: Traditions of the old Crown House in Der-Yat-End in the Lordship of Birmingham, with some notice of English Gilds
BOOKS143151I: SMITH, S.C. KAINES - Greek art and national Life
BOOKS201607I: SMITH, TREVOR (ED) - Daily Mail book of house plans, new designs for houses and bungalows including those exhibited at the Daily Mail Home exhibition, 1955 (1965)
BOOKS221225I: SMITH, TREVOR - Crail, history and guide: The story of an ancient Scottish Burgh
BOOKS131648I: SMITH, I. GREGORY AND GRUNDY, WILLIAM - Chief ancient philosophies: Aristotelianism
BOOKS176358I: SMITH-MASON, CATHERINE - The stones of Laxey
BOOKS230897I: SMITH, GUY N. - Moles and their control
BOOKS200110I: SMITH, BETTY - Tomorrow will be better
BOOKS230525I: SMITH, NANCY - The story of Dillington: a thousand years
BOOKS234388I: SMITH, ALEX A. - The Grenfell I Knew
BOOKS234392I: SMITH, WILBUR - A falcon flies
BOOKS183666I: SMITH, HORACE - The Tor Hill, volumes II & III
BOOKS215587I: SMITH, LINDA JOAN - Smith & Hawken: Garden ornament
BOOKS104976I: SMITH, WILBUR - The triumph of the sun
BOOKS207694I: SMITH, CARL V. - From N to Z
BOOKS202308I: SMITH, R. B. - Communist Indochina
BOOKS155734I: SMITH, BRIAN & RALPH, ELISABETH - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS170139I: SMITH, GEORGE BARNETT (ED) - Illustrated British ballads, old and new, vols. 1 & 2
BOOKS101591I: SMITH, DAVID (ED) - Welfare, work and poverty: lessons from recent reforms in the USA and UK
BOOKS231660I: SMITH, DAVID - Antique maps of the British Isles
BOOKS226817I: SMITH, MICHAEL - The Debs of Bletchley Park and other stories
BOOKS208120I: SMITH, HENRY LADD - Airways Abroad: Story of American World Air Power (Smithsonian History of Aviation & Spaceflight)
BOOKS208149I: SMITH, FELIX - China Pilot: flying for Chiang and Chennault
BOOKS160545I: SMITH, HOWARD (ED) - Inside Japan
BOOKS122651I: SMITH, WILLIAM - A dictionary of the Bible
BOOKS179931I: SMITH, BRADLEY - Mexico: a history in art
BOOKS167676I: SMITH, WILFRED (ED) - A scientific survey of Merseyside

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