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BOOKS237249I: SHELDON, WALTER J. - The rites of murder: a Bishop Burdock mystery
BOOKS141083I: SHELDON, JOHN PRINCE - Dairying: a book for all who are engaged in the production & management of milk
BOOKS198644I: SHELDON, JENNIFER W. - Wild dogs: the natural history of the nondomestic canidae
BOOKS147230I: SHELL - Mainly about motor oil
BOOKS053161I: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Cat on hot bricks
BOOKS020180I: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Cat on hot bricks
BOOKS112864I: SHELLEY, MIKE - Madam Eddie's chamber of horrors
BOOKS112865I: SHELLEY, MIKE - Last private eye in Belfast
BOOKS112863I: SHELLEY, MIKE - The terror of her ways
BOOKS000534I: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE / WISE, THOMAS J (ED) - Hellas: a lyrical drama
BOOKS052715I: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Cat on hot bricks
BOOKS146969I: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Poems of Shelley
BOOKS010823I: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Cat on hot bricks
BOOKS209949I: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Poems from Shelley
BOOKS204609I: SHELLEY, FRANCES (LADY) - The diary of Frances Lady Shelley 1787-1817
BOOKS255327I: SHELLEY, MARY / MCCULLUM, ANDREW - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
BOOKS055314I: SHELMIRE, BEDFORD - The art of looking younger
BOOKS060251I: SHELSWELL-WHITE, G.H. - A guide to Zanzibar
BOOKS002078I: SHELTON, WALTER JAMES - English hunger and industrial disorders
BOOKS201091I: SHEN, GRANT GUANGREN - Elite theatre in Ming China, 1368-1644
BOOKS253468I: SHENGLI, LU - Combat techniques of taiji, xingyi, and bagua: principles and practices of internal martial arts
BOOKS241954I: SHENNAN, STEPHEN - Genes, memes and human history: Darwinian archaeology and cultural evolution
BOOKS083347I: SHENSTONE, WILL. - The poetical works of Will. Shenstone containing his elegies, pastorals, levities or pieces of humour, odes, songs and ballads,
BOOKS173392I: SHENTON, JAMES P. (ED) - The reconstruction: a documentary history of the South after the war 1865-1877
BOOKS265044I: SHENTON, TIM - An iron pillar: the life and times of William Romaine
BOOKS239706I: SHEPARD, LESLIE - The broadside ballad: a study in origins and meaning
BOOKS231470I: SHEPARD, LESLIE & POWER, ALBERT (EDS) - Dracula - celebrating 100 years
BOOKS193260I: SHEPARD, ODELL - The lore of the unicorn
BOOKS030944I: SHEPHARD, MICHAEL - Chub: how to catch them
BOOKS086561I: SHEPHARD, MICHAEL - A concise guide to West Country fishing
BOOKS231272I: SHEPHARD, J.B. - Rooinek's ride; from the wilderness to the Cape
BOOKS258189I: SHEPHARD, G. C. - Vector spaces of finite dimension
BOOKS263028I: SHEPHEARD, PETER - Modern gardens
BOOKS255620I: SHEPHERD, MICHAEL (ROBERT LUDLUM) - The road to Gandolfo: a novel
BOOKS144319I: SHEPHERD, THOMAS - London in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS146732I: SHEPHERD, WALTER - The universe
BOOKS225785I: SHEPHERD, AMELIA - Home is where the heart is
BOOKS184189I: SHEPHERD, JOHN - The life and times of the steam packet
BOOKS238320I: SHEPHERD, THOMAS H. - Metropolitan improvements or London in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS040319I: SHEPHERD, ANTHONY - The flight of the unicorns
BOOKS015646I: SHEPHERD, R.G. - Country memories
BOOKS099206I: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - A price below rubies: Jewish women as rebels and radicals
BOOKS057093I: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - The Russians in Israel: the ordeal of freedom
BOOKS267476I: SHEPHERD, NAN - In the Cairngorms
BOOKS108131I: SHEPHERD, T.B. - Methodism and the literature of the eighteenth century
BOOKS137314I: SHEPHERD, T.B.L - The noble art: an anthology
BOOKS125409I: SHEPHERD, GEORGE - Brave heritage
BOOKS210608I: SHEPHERD, DAVID - The East Somerset Railway story: an illustrated guide to Cranmore
BOOKS153701I: SHEPHERD, JOHN - Simpson and Syme of Edinburgh
BOOKS179689I: SHEPHERD, RICHARD HERNE (ED) - The bibliography of Dickens: a bibliograpahical list arranged in chronological order of the published writings in prose and verse of Charles Dickens (from 1834 to 1880)
BOOKS210917I: SHEPHERD, ARTHUR PEARCE - Marriage was made for man. A study of the problem of marriage and divorce in relation to the Church of England
BOOKS250268I: SHEPHERD, A - Arabian adventure
BOOKS238806I: SHEPHERD, NEAL (NIGEL MORLAND) - Exit to music: a problem in detection
BOOKS257392I: SHEPHERD, ERIC - Murdery in a nunnery
BOOKS002932I: SHEPHERD, ROBBIE AND HARPER, NORMAN - A dash o' doric: the wit and wisdom of the North-East
BOOKS124849I: SHEPHERD, DAVID - Shep: my autobiography
BOOKS156480I: SHEPHERD, C.B. - Beagling
BOOKS160110I: SHEPHERD, ROBERT H. W. - Children of the veld: Bantu vignettes
BOOKS235109I: SHEPHERD, C.W. - Let's walk down Fleet Street
BOOKS215727I: SHEPHERD, DAVID - Shep: my autobiography
BOOKS198096I: SHEPHERD, THOMAS - London in the nineteenth entury
BOOKS115949I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT - Hymns to the God in which my typewriter believes
BOOKS115966I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT - Empty diaries
BOOKS033632I: SHEPPARD, CHARLES R.C. - A natural history of the coral reef
BOOKS130771I: SHEPPARD, DAVID (ED) - They built the north: a celebration of a century of civil engineering in the north of England 1891-1991
BOOKS044593I: SHEPPARD, K. - The treatment of cats by homoeopathy
BOOKS118896I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT - Returns: texts 1980-84
BOOKS120008I: SHEPPARD, W.J. LIMMER - Great hymns and their stories
BOOKS118902I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT G. - The frightened Summer
BOOKS262641I: SHEPPARD, RANDAL - A persistent revolution: history, nationalism, and politics in Mexico since 1968
BOOKS258563I: SHEPPARD, C.J.R & SHOTTON, DAVID - Confocal laser scanning microscopy
BOOKS125350I: SHEPPARD, ANDY - Attention Deficit Disorder
BOOKS222354I: SHEPPARD, RICHARD - The Gunstones of St Clements: the history of a dynasty of college servants at Magdalen
BOOKS189460I: SHEPPARD, ALFRED TRESIDDER - Tuck-of-Drum, and other stories
BOOKS263919I: SHEPPARD, H.R.L. - The impatience of a parson: a plea for the recovery of vital Christianity
BOOKS233132I: SHEPPARD, DICK & DE CREED, JACQUIE - Close to the edge: so you'd like to know more about stunting...
BOOKS127690I: SHEPPARD-JONES, ELISABETH - The search for Mary
BOOKS256679I: SHEPPARD, FRANCIS. - London 1808-1870: the infernal wen
BOOKS118806I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT - The Cannibal Club
BOOKS118807I: SHEPPARD, ROBERT - Icarus - having fallen
BOOKS001142I: SHEPPARD, J.T. - Music at Belmont and other essays and addresses
BOOKS142002I: SHEPPARD, LANCELOT (ED) - The new Liturgy
BOOKS064001I: SHEPPARD, DAVID - Parson's pitch
BOOKS260232I: SHEPPARD, EDGAR. M.A. - Memorials of St James's Palace in two volumes
BOOKS141979I: SHEPPARD, LANCELOT C. - Portrait of a parish priest: St. John Vianney, the cur d'Ars
BOOKS252277I: SHEPPERD, ALAN - France 1940: Blitzkrieg in the West
BOOKS211537I: SHERA, FRANK HENRY - The amateur in music
BOOKS233257I: SHERAW, DARREL - Successful duck & goose raising
BOOKS220460I: SHERER, MOYLE - Recollections of the Peninsula (Spellmount Library of Military History)
BOOKS006294I: SHERER, MOYLE - Recollections of the Peninsula
BOOKS198691I: SHEREZ, STAV - The Devil's playground
BOOKS267022I: SHERIDAN, BETSY / LEFANU, WILLIAM. (EDITOR) - Betsy Sheridan's journal: letters from Sheridan's sister, 1784-1786 and 1799-1790.
BOOKS016193I: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The dramatic works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
BOOKS136105I: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The school for scandal and St. Patrick's Day
BOOKS096182I: SHERIDAN, LISA - The Queen and Princess Anne
BOOKS137353I: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The dramatic works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, volume One
BOOKS195626I: SHERIDAN, THOMAS - Elements of English 1786
BOOKS262558I: SHERIDAN, GUY - Tales of a cross-country skier
BOOKS241335I: SHERIDAN, KYOKO - The firm in Australia: a theoretical and empirical study of size, growth and profitability
BOOKS239325I: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Duenna: a comic opera in three acts
BOOKS235986I: SHERIF, MAURICE - The American Wall: from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico
BOOKS168553I: SHERLOCK,R.L. - British regional geology: London and Thames Valley
BOOKS041398I: SHERLOCK, JOHN - The ordeal of Major Grigsby
BOOKS037053I: SHERLOCK, JOHN - The ordeal of Major Grigsby
BOOKS148959I: SHERLOCK, R.L. AND OTHERS - Regional geology of Southern England
BOOKS188970I: SHERMAN, F.J. (ILLUS) - From far away lands
BOOKS206348I: SHERMAN, STUART (ED) - Johnsonian News Letter, volume LII, nos.2,3 & 4, and Volume LIII, no.1 & 2
BOOKS175348I: SHERMAN, CAROL & SMITH, ANDREW - Highlights: the illustrated history of cannabis
BOOKS117582I: SHERMAN, MICHAEL E. AND OTHERS - Adelphi Papers: North America
BOOKS117592I: SHERMAN, MICHAEL, E. AND OTHERS - Adelphi Papers: North America
BOOKS200681I: SHERMAN, ANTHONY C. - The Gilbert Mosaic Collection
BOOKS093588I: SHERMAN, ROGER - Tricky stuff
BOOKS180889I: SHERMAN, KENNETH AND OTHERS (EDS) - Large marine ecosystems: stress, mitigation, and sustainability
BOOKS221389I: SHERMAN, V. (CAPTAIN) - Scouting the Balkans in a motor boat or, An escape from the Dardanelles
BOOKS076676I: SHEROWER, ABBOTT WILLIAM - Emperor of the centuries, volume I: Napoleon in the making: Heir Imperial
BOOKS047139I: SHERRACOMBE, WILL - Devonshire folk: stories from remote villages, farms and hills
BOOKS075329I: SHERRACOMBE, WILL - Devon Exmoor
BOOKS175237I: SHERRARD-SMITH, WALTER - Wine-making in earnest
BOOKS254295I: SHERRARD. O A. - Lord Chatham and America
BOOKS088760I: SHERRATT, A.F.C. (ED) - Experience of energy conservation in buildings
BOOKS150428I: SHERRELL, TED - Kingdom of Cain
BOOKS254952I: SHERRIFF, R.C - Journeys End: a play in three acts
BOOKS214738I: SHERRILL, CHARLES HITCHCOCK - A stained glass tour in Italy
BOOKS036103I: SHERRILL, CHARLES HITCHCOCK - Stained glass tours in England
BOOKS039347I: SHERRIN, NED - Ned Sherrin's theatrical anecdotes: a connoisseur's collection of legends, stories and gossip
BOOKS033984I: SHERRIN, NED - Scratch an actor
BOOKS117374I: SHERRIN, NED (ED) - The Oxford dictionary of humorous quotations
BOOKS153709I: SHERRY, EDNA - The survival of the fittest
BOOKS153542I: SHERRY, EDNA - Backfire
BOOKS175002I: SHERRY, STANLEY PERCY - The black wattle (Acacia Mearnsii de Wild)
BOOKS024564I: SHERWIN, REG - Pleasure and profit from woodturning
BOOKS110258I: SHERWIN-WHITE, A N - Racial prejudice in Imperial Rome
BOOKS259433I: SHERWIN, DAVID - Going mad in Hollywood: and life with Lindsay Anderson
BOOKS247688I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The sunflower plot
BOOKS213583I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The hour of the Hyenas
BOOKS016638I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The half hunter
BOOKS124817I: SHERWOOD, MARTHA MARY (MRS) - How to please
BOOKS212070I: SHERWOOD, MARTHA MARY (MRS) - Henry Milner: the story of a boy who was not brought up according to the fashion of this world
BOOKS116477I: SHERWOOD, ROY - The court of Oliver Cromwell
BOOKS110876I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The hour of the hyenas
BOOKS112886I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The limericks of Lachasse
BOOKS170288I: SHERWOOD (MRS) - Lucy Clare
BOOKS168122I: SHERWOOD, SHIRLEY (ED) - Contemporary botanical artists: the Shirley Sherwood Collection
BOOKS170567I: SHERWOOD (MRS) - The juvenile forget me not
BOOKS117394I: SHERWOOD, SIMON - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS204931I: SHERWOOD (MRS) [MARY MARTHA BUTT] - The history of Susan Gray, as related by a clergyman: designed for the benefit of young women when going to service, &c
BOOKS206363I: SHERWOOD, PHILIP - The history of Heathrow
BOOKS203218I: SHERWOOD,JOHN - The mantrap garden
BOOKS206433I: SHERWOOD, PHILIP - Heathrow: 2000 years of history in old photographs
BOOKS168087I: SHERWOOD, SIMON - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS225955I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - Flowers of evil
BOOKS182720I: SHERWOOD (MRS) - The little woodman and his dog Caesar, and The orphan boy
BOOKS234137I: SHERWOOD, SIMON - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS071720I: SHERWOOD, MARGARET - Daphne: a pastoral of Italy
BOOKS110856I: SHERWOOD, JOHN - A botanist at bay
BOOKS011330I: SHEVCHENKO, ARKADY N. - Breaking with Moscow
BOOKS260281I: SHEWELL-COOPER, W.E. - The A.B.C. of the greenhouse
BOOKS261334I: SHEWELL-COOPER, W.E. - Chrysanthemum growing
BOOKS080964I: LU YI SHI - Party games for two or, First past the post!
BOOKS189358I: SHIDA, R. - On the number of electrostatic units in the electromagnetic unit
BOOKS204419I: SHIEL, M.P. - The lord of the sea
BOOKS218598I: SHIELDS, PAUL C. - Linear algebra
BOOKS089098I: SHIELDS, T.J. - Fire and disabled people in buildings
BOOKS002468I: SHIELDS, CORNELIUS - Cornelius Shields on sailing
BOOKS027220I: SHIELDS, TOM - Tom Shields too: more Tom Shields diary
BOOKS168332I: SHIELDS,MARY - Sled dog trails
BOOKS135286I: SHIELDS, CORNELIUS - Cornelius Shields on sailing
BOOKS099083I: SHIELDS, DAVID & GIBSON, MARY ELLIS (EDS) - Chicago Review, volume 48, number 4, Spring 1972
BOOKS138077I: SHIELDS, THOMAS W. - General thoracic surgery (2 volumes)
BOOKS157170I: SHIELDS, RODNEY - Margarita's olive press
BOOKS253856I: SHIELDS, J. - Adhesives handbook
BOOKS005187I: SHIELDS, G.O. ("COQUINA") - Cruising in the Cascades
BOOKS135006I: SHIEW, JOYCE FOO TOK - A guide to common garden animals
BOOKS243640I: SHIFF, NORMAN A - Diary of a nymph
BOOKS111701I: SHIGERU, NAKAYAMA AND OTHERS (EDS) - Science and society in modern Japan: selected historical sources
BOOKS242483I: SHIKES, RALPH E. & HARPER, PAULA - Pissarro: his life and work
BOOKS264062I: SHILL, RAY - South Staffordshire ironmasters
BOOKS255733I: SHILLETO, RICHARD - Thucydidis I
BOOKS219002I: SHILLINGBURG, HERBERT T. & KESSLER, JAMES C. - Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
BOOKS143776I: SHILTON, PETER - Natural areas of Queensland
BOOKS059259I: SHINDLER, COLIN - Fathers, sons and football
BOOKS065083I: SHINDLER, COLIN - Manchester United ruined my life
BOOKS047549I: SHINE, BETTY - The infinite mind: the mind/brain phenomenon
BOOKS014587I: SHINE, BETTY - My life as a medium
BOOKS214205I: SHIP, REUBEN - The investigator: A narrative in dialogue
BOOKS264920I: SHIPLEY, D.E & OTHERS - B.C.U.R.A Monthly Bulletin, volume XXVI, 1962 (abstracts 13760-15525)
BOOKS266010I: SHIPLEY, EDWIN - The Green Eagles of Calshot
BOOKS265881I: SHIPLEY, EDWIN & JEFFRIES, JOHN, W. T. - Walsall aviation: A short history of aviation in the Walsall area
BOOKS084838I: SHIPLEY, D.G. AND MEE, C.B. (EDS) - The annual of the British School at Athens, no.92 1997
BOOKS249648I: SHIPMAN, JOHN J. - Mnemonics and tactics in surgery and medicine
BOOKS209810I: SHIPMAN, DAVID - Movie talk: who said what about whom in the movies
BOOKS132972I: SHIPP, ROBERT H. (ED) - Glenn Draper: his music changed lives
BOOKS156226I: SHIPP, HORACE - The French masters: a survey and guide
BOOKS112847I: INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF SHIPPING - International safety guide for oil tankers & terminals
BOOKS198900I: LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING - Register of ships, 1977-78, A-L
BOOKS257276I: LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING - Register of Yachts 1980
BOOKS257270I: COMMITTEE OF LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING - Lloyd's Register of Yachts 1979
BOOKS247323I: SHIPSIDES, FRANK - Bristol impressions
BOOKS115934I: SHIPSIDES, FRANK - Bristol impressions
BOOKS202733I: SHIPSIDES, FRANK & WALL, ROBERT - Quayside Bristol: the city and its port in recent years
BOOKS140003I: SHIPSIDES, FRANK - Frank Shipsides' Bristol
BOOKS247399I: SHIPTON, ALYN - Fats Waller: the cheerful little earful
BOOKS238771I: SHIPTON, RUSS - The complete guitar player: Book 1
BOOKS186363I: SHIPTON, RUSS - The complete guitar player
BOOKS253287I: SHIPTON, ALYN - A new history of jazz
BOOKS183974I: SHIPWAY-BLACKWELL,NANCY - The sporting farmer
BOOKS147376I: SHIPWAY-BLACKWELL, NANCY - From rags to riches
BOOKS049503I: SHIRALI, VISHNUDASS - Hindu music and rhythm
BOOKS202159I: SHIRAZI, J.K.M. - Life of Omar al-Khayyámi
BOOKS046751I: SHIRCLIFFE, ARNOLD - The Edgewater sandwich and hors d'oeuvres book
BOOKS212980I: SHIRLAW, DAVID - A criticism on "certain aspects" of "art criticism"
BOOKS266832I: SHIRLEY, RODNEY W. - Early printed maps of the British Isles, 1477-1650
BOOKS031803I: SHIRLEY, PHIL - Where is the winning post? the biography of Mikie Heaton-Ellis
BOOKS245364I: SHIRLEY, FRANCES A. (ED) - King John and Henry VIII: critical essays
BOOKS100057I: SHLEMON, BARBARA LEAHY - Healing the hidden self
BOOKS260665I: SHNEIDERMAN, BEN - The new ABCs of research: Achieving breakthrough collaborations
BOOKS030294I: SHOBERL, FREDERIC (ED) - Forget me not: a Christmas, New Year's, and birthday present for MDCCCXXXIX
BOOKS256393I: SHOHEI, ICHIMURA (TRANS) - Dogen Zengi as founding patriarch [of the Japanese Soto Zen school]
BOOKS267448I: SHOLTO, ANNE - Return again: a novel
BOOKS008581I: SHONE, ANNA - Come away death
BOOKS238329I: SHONE, ANNA - Come away death
BOOKS110447I: SHONE, RONALD - Creative visualization
BOOKS236817I: SHONE, ANNA - Secrets in stones
BOOKS107414I: THE POSTER SHOP - Poster art: a catalogue of fine art posters
BOOKS256315I: SHORE, BERNARD - The orchestra speaks
BOOKS121537I: SHORE, T. TEIGNMOUTH & PLUMTRE, E.H. - St.Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians
BOOKS066561I: SHORE, SAXON / GILROY, J.T. - Rough island story: news reel (and unreal) of the Depression 1931-1935
BOOKS172292I: SHORE, BRUCE M. (ED) - Face to face with giftedness
BOOKS004531I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Ground attack aircraft of World War II
BOOKS006820I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER AND WILLIAMS, CLIVE - Aces high: the fighter aces of the British and Commonwealth Air Forces in World War II
BOOKS268082I: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER & CULL, BRIAN - Malta: the Spitfire year, 1942
BOOKS262654I: SHORLAND-BALL, ROB - Cambridge station: its development and operation as a rail centre
BOOKS265712I: SHORRICK, N - Lion in the sky: the story of Seletar and the Royal Air Force in Singapore
BOOKS265867I: SHORRICK, N - Lion in the sky
BOOKS253605I: SHORROCK, ETHEL HINEMOA / FAUX, JILL (ED) - Granny's War: the war time diaries of a Lancashire cotton mill owner's wife 1914-1945
BOOKS060542I: SHORT, BRIAN (ED) / SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Sussex archaeological collections relating to the history and antiquities of the counties of East and West Sussex, volume 128
BOOKS046048I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS048545I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS143085I: SHORT, CONSTANCE & CARROLL, TONY (EDS) - Eddie's own Aquarius
BOOKS177013I: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - Leslie Charteris' The Saint & the Hapsburg necklace
BOOKS029079I: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS104135I: SHORT, ERNEST - Fifty years of vaudeville
BOOKS119747I: SHORT, THOMAS VOWLER - A sketch of the history of the Church of England to the Revolution, 1688
BOOKS188419I: SHORT, ROBERT L - The parables of peanuts
BOOKS263317I: SHORTEN, MONICA - Wonders of animal life
BOOKS174626I: SHORTEN, MONICA - Wonders of animal life
BOOKS138418I: SHORTER, DORA SIGERSON - The country-house party
BOOKS253110I: SHORTER, AYLWARD - Priest in the village: experiences of African comunity
BOOKS206332I: SHORTHOUSE, J.H. - A teacher of the violin, and other tales
BOOKS224705I: SHORTHOUSE, JOHN HENRY - John Inglesant: A romance - Volume 2 of 2
BOOKS151302I: SHOTEN, KADOKAWA (ED) - A pictorial encyclopedia of the Oriental arts: Japan, parts 1 - 4
BOOKS157599I: SHOTTON, F.W. (ED) - British Quaternary studies: recent advances
BOOKS205277I: LI JICHENG & KU SHOUKANG - The Realm of Tibetan buddhism
BOOKS012908I: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - In Southern light: trekking through Zaire and the Amazon
BOOKS029127I: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - Murder in the rain forest: the Chico Mendes story
BOOKS008904I: SHOUSHEN, JIN - Beijing legends
BOOKS193411I: SHOVLAR,STEVE - Dorset shipwrecks: a comprehensive guide to the shipwrecks of Purbeck and Poole Bay
BOOKS077465I: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Inventing herself: claiming a feminist intellectual heritage
BOOKS106463I: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - A literature of their own: British women novelists from Bronte to Lessing
BOOKS193991I: SHOWELL, CHARLES - Shakespeare's Avon from source to Severn
BOOKS257696I: SHOWELL, JAK P. MALLMANN - Hitler's U-boat Bunkers
BOOKS172426I: SHOWELL, JAK MALLMANN - Wolfpacks at war
BOOKS236266I: SHOWELL, CHARLES - Shakespeare's Avon, from source to Severn
BOOKS162693I: STYLES. SHOWELL - The Malta frigate
BOOKS048507I: SHRAPNEL, NORMAN - A view of the Thames
BOOKS094628I: SHREEVE, CAROLINE AND SHREEVE, DAVID - The healing power of hypnotism: what it is and what it does
BOOKS005349I: SHREEVE, JAMES - The Neandertal enigma: solving the mystery of modern human origins
BOOKS201576I: SHREVE, ANITA - Sea Glass
BOOKS112885I: SHRIBER, IONE SANDBERG - Invitation to murder
BOOKS226158I: SHROPSHIRE, KENNETH L. & DAVIS, TIMOTHY - The business of sports agents
BOOKS094654I: SHROUT, R.N. - Modern scientific hypnosis: from ancient mystery to contemporary science
BOOKS190816I: SHRUBSOLE, EDGAR S. - The land of lakes: being the Midland Railway Company's illustrated guide to the sporting and touring grounds of County Donegal
BOOKS011121I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS017411I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS145863I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS258951I: SHUBIN, SEYMOUR - Manta: a novel
BOOKS171327I: SHUCKBURGH, EVELYN S. - Lysiae orationes XVI with analysis, notes, appendices, & indces
BOOKS117325I: SHUGHART, COOKSEY AND OTHERS - Complete price guide to watches, no.22, 2002
BOOKS246748I: SHUKLA, P.R. & OTHERS (EDS) - Climate change and India: issues, concerns and opportunities
BOOKS218045I: SHUKMAN, HENRY - Travels with my trombone: A Caribbean journey
BOOKS221681I: SHUKMAN, HENRY - Sons of the Moon: a journey in the Andes
BOOKS266406I: SHUKMAN, HENRY - Travels with my trombone: a Caribbean journey
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BOOKS267900I: SIVITER, ROGER - Semaphores and Diesels
BOOKS072230I: SIZE, NICHOLAS - The secret valley: the real romance of unconquered Lakeland
BOOKS240956I: SIZERANNE, ROBERT DE LA - Beatrice D'Este and her court
BOOKS208992I: SJOGREN, ARNE - Report from the Flue Gas Corrosion Research Committee: flue gas corrosion in boiler plants
BOOKS091538I: SJOHOLM, CECILIA - Kristeva and the political
BOOKS253852I: SJOVOLD, THORLEIF - The Iron Age settlement of Arctic Norway, a study in the expansion of European Iron Age culture within the Arctic Circle I Early Iron Age (Tromso museums skrifter vol. X, 1)
BOOKS071250I: SKAE, HILDA T. - The haunted house
BOOKS252342I: SKEAT, WALTER W. (REV) - Specimens of English literature, etc
BOOKS229674I: SKEAT, WALTER W, REV. - The place-names of Berkshire
BOOKS265638I: SKEATS, HERBERT S & MIALL, CHARLES S - History of the Free Churches of England 1688 - 1891
BOOKS245769I: SKEGGS, DOUGLAS - The estuary pilgrim
BOOKS259567I: SKELTON, DOUGLAS - Blood on the thistle: a casebook of 20th Century Scottish murder
BOOKS159953I: SKELTON, ROBIN - The poetic pattern
BOOKS035981I: SKELTON, ROBIN - Patmos and other poems
BOOKS034855I: SKELTON, JOHN - The complete poems of John Skelton
BOOKS258293I: SKELTON, ROBERT E. - Dynamic systems control: Linear systems analysis and synthesis
BOOKS189748I: SKELTON, C.L. - Sweethearts and wives
BOOKS240761I: SKELTON, JOHN / HENDERSON, PHILIP (ED) - The complete poems of John Skelton, Laureate
BOOKS249804I: SKELTON, JOHN / HENDERSON, PHILIP - The complete poems of John Skelton Laureate
BOOKS253807I: SKELTON, R.A. & OTHERS - The Vinland Map and the Tartar relation
BOOKS106176I: SKELTON, JOHN - John Skelton: a selection from his poems
BOOKS107287I: SKELTON, ROBIN (ED) - Poetry of the Thirties
BOOKS259559I: SKELTON, NICK - Gold: my autobiography
BOOKS161295I: SKENE, MACGREGOR - Wild flowers
BOOKS164258I: SKENE, MACGREGOR - The biology of flowering plants
BOOKS236759I: SKENNERTON, IAN D (COMPILER) - List of changes in British war materials in relation to edged weapons, firearms and associated ammunition and accoutrements, with alphabetic index, volume III: 1900-1910
BOOKS174404I: DAILY SKETCH - Daily Sketch Royal Family calendar 1961
BOOKS198829I: SKIBBINS, DAVID - Eight of swords
BOOKS259402I: SKILLEN, HUGH (ED) - B.S.M.: four years of wartime wit and humour in the Royal Signals/ATS/Intelligence Corps
BOOKS243068I: SKILLING, BRIAN (ED) - Canoeing complete
BOOKS250899I: SKILLING, M.R. - Walk round Dorchester (Casterbridge) with Hardy
BOOKS253531I: SKINNER, CATHERINE - Upon this clay
BOOKS000191I: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Life with Lindsay & Crouse
BOOKS172433I: SKINNER, STEPHEN - BAC One-Eleven: the whole story
BOOKS233196I: SKINNER, D.G - The fluidised combustion of coal: a review of the findings of research up to the beginning of 1969
BOOKS003577I: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Life with Lindsay & Crouse
BOOKS065561I: SKINNER, TOM - Black and free
BOOKS201172I: SKINNER, MARTYN - Letters to Malaya III & IV: written from England to Alexander Nowell M.C.S. of Ipoh
BOOKS193355I: SKINNER, MARTYN - Letters to Malaya: written from England to Alexander Nowell M.C.S. of Ipoh
BOOKS257674I: SKINNER, TINA & OTHERS - Researching gender violence: Feminist methodology in action
BOOKS198859I: SKINNER, ROBERT - Skin deep, blood red
BOOKS159557I: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Excuse it, please!
BOOKS261953I: SKINNER, DEBORAH S - Miles Mason porcelain: a guide to patterns and shapes
BOOKS234313I: SKINNER, A.G. - Tales of the Tors
BOOKS248735I: SKINNER, A.N. - Hausa for beginners
BOOKS188632I: SKIPP, VICTOR - A history of Greater Birmingham - down to 1830
BOOKS206010I: SKIPP, VICTOR - The making of Victorian Birmingham
BOOKS029035I: SKIPPER, DAVID - Barnstormers
BOOKS112301I: SKIPPER, KEITH AND ROBBINS, SAM - Farewell, my bewty
BOOKS265866I: SKIRROW, DESMOND - I was following this girl
BOOKS051702I: SKLAR, SYLVIA - The plays of D.H. Lawrence: a biographical and critical study.
BOOKS253094I: SKOLDBERG, ULLA JOHANSSON & OTHERS - Artistic interventions in organizations: research, theory and practice
BOOKS206106I: SKRABANEK, PETR - False premises, false promises: selected writings of Peter Skrabanek
BOOKS188250I: SKREDE, WILFRID - Across the roof of the world
BOOKS243232I: SKRINE, MARY J.H. - Shepherd Easton's daughter
BOOKS259901I: SKRINE, C.P. & NIGHTINGALE, PAMELA - Macartney at Kashgar: new light on British, Chinese and Russian activities in Sinkiang, 1890-1918
BOOKS241539I: SKRINE, C.P. - Chinese Central Asia.
BOOKS151743I: SKRIVER, C.H. - Werbarium der zwanziger Jahre: ein kapitel deutscher werbegeschichte
BOOKS223774I: SKRUBBELTRANG, FRIDLEV - The Danish Folk High Schools.
BOOKS197083I: SKUES, G.E.M. - The way of a trout with a fly and some further studies in minor tactics
BOOKS267182I: SKUES, KEITH - Pop went the pirates: bk. 2: definitive history of offshore radio
BOOKS180757I: SKUROWSKI, PIOTR (ED) - American Studies, volume XVI (16)
BOOKS251639I: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - Headed for the Blues: a memoir
BOOKS006565I: SKY, KRIS - Clairvoyancy: the truth
BOOKS195217I: SLABBERT, FREDERIK VAN ZYL - The last White Parliament
BOOKS069444I: SLACK, RAYMOND - English pressed glass, 1830-1900
BOOKS209040I: SLACK, HENRY J. - Marvels of pond life, or a year's microscopic recreations among the polyps, infusoria, rotifers, water bears and polyzoa
BOOKS250347I: SLACK, KEVIN - Benjamin Franklin, natural right, and the art of virtue
BOOKS184269I: SLADDEN, JOHN CYRIL - Boniface of Devon, Apostle of Germany
BOOKS230099I: SLADE, PETER - Edward Wesson: honesty in art
BOOKS062136I: SLADE, GURNEY - The black pyramid
BOOKS198474I: SLADE, MICHAEL - Headhunter
BOOKS129035I: SLADE, GURNEY - In Lawrence's bodyguard
BOOKS108317I: SLADE, GURNEY - The treasure of the pass
BOOKS217017I: SLADE, PETER - Edward Wesson: honesty in art
BOOKS264449I: SLADE, MAY & HAMMOND, DIANA - I have a house
BOOKS181232I: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - The Admiral: a romance of Nelson in the year of the Nile
BOOKS150568I: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - Australian ballads and other poems
BOOKS227855I: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - The Admiral: a romance of Nelson in the year of the Nile
BOOKS126795I: SLADER, JOHN MALCOLM - The churches of Devon
BOOKS251479I: SLANEY, ROBERT A - Natural history of the smaller British birds intended for the use of ladies and young persons
BOOKS251700I: SLAPETA, VLADIMIR & ZATLOUKAL, PAVEL (EDS) - Great villas of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
BOOKS230482I: SLAPIN, JONATHAN - Veto power: Institutional design in the European Union (New Comparative Politics)
BOOKS010789I: SLATE, JOHN (JOHN RUSSELL FEARN) - One remained seated: a "Black Maria" adventure
BOOKS160976I: SLATE, JOHN - One remained seated: a "Black Maria" adventure
BOOKS195160I: SLATER, J.HERBERT - Engravings and their value: a complete guide to the collection and prices of all classes of prints
BOOKS185528I: SLATER, JOHN (ED) - Railway Magazine: steam - diesel - electric, no.1012, volume 131, August 1985
BOOKS158120I: SLATER, PETER - A field guide to Australian birds, volume 1: non-passerines
BOOKS253127I: SLATER, D. A. - Stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses
BOOKS207313I: SLATER, J.N. (ED) - Railway Magazine, volume 118, January to December 1972
BOOKS176300I: SLATER, TERRY - A history of Warwickshire
BOOKS025368I: SLATER, W.H. - The golden load
BOOKS062759I: SLATER, NIGEL - Real fast puddings
BOOKS152762I: SLATER, J. HERBERT - Engravings and their value: a guide for the print collector
BOOKS160808I: SLATER, GUY - Best theatre stories
BOOKS180338I: SLATER, TERRY - A history of Warwickshire
BOOKS185529I: SLATER, JOHN (ED) - Railway Magazine, no.989, volume 129, September 1983
BOOKS257211I: SLATER, LAUREN - The drugs that changed our minds: the history of psychiatry in ten treatments
BOOKS246062I: SLATER, WENDY - Dance and movement in the primary school: a cross curricular Approach
BOOKS248122I: SLATER, KEN & THROUP, GORDON - Dairy farm business management
BOOKS258749I: SLATER, IAN - Orwell: the road to Airstrip One
BOOKS207319I: SLATER, J.N. (ED) - Railway Magazine, volume 119, January to December 1973
BOOKS244402I: SLATER, LAUREN - The drugs that changed our minds: the history of psychiatry in ten treatments
BOOKS207312I: SLATER, J.N. (ED) - The Railway Magazine, volume 120, January to December 1974
BOOKS082364I: SLATTER, ENID - Xanthus: travels of discovery in Turkey
BOOKS196431I: SLATTERY, JAMES (ED) - Images: the British Association of Illustrators annual
BOOKS183701I: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - The healer
BOOKS057623I: SLAUGHTER, FRANCES - "The one" dog and "the others": a study of canine character
BOOKS198740I: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - A faint cold fear
BOOKS245850I: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G - Sword and slaughter
BOOKS124622I: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Sword and scalpel

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