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BOOKS214777I: BAKER, STANLEY L. & KUNZ, VIRGINIA BRAINARD - The collector's book of railroadiana
BOOKS209718I: BAKER, MARGARET - Wedding customs and folklore
BOOKS029513I: BAKER, MARGARET - Discovering topiary
BOOKS210649I: BAKER, GEORGE - Son of Hylas
BOOKS227259I: BAKER, MARGARET & BAKER, MARY - The lost merbaby and The wishing-nut tree
BOOKS149036I: BAKER, RICHARD ST. BARBE - The brotherhood of the trees
BOOKS202533I: BAKER, H.F. - Principles of geometry, volume IV: higher geometry being illustratiions of the utility of the consideration of higher space, especially four and five dimensions
BOOKS175527I: BAKER, SUZANNE ST. BARBE - A wayfarer in Bavaria
BOOKS187778I: BAKER, DENYS VAL - The tenant and other stories
BOOKS181355I: BAKER, DORA - Anthroposophic News Sheet, 1939
BOOKS013687I: BAKER, E.C.R. - The fighter aces of the R.A.F.
BOOKS010029I: BAKER, A.L.L. - Reinforced concrete
BOOKS027833I: BAKER, MARGARET - The folklore of the sea
BOOKS014244I: BAKER, ELLIOTT - Klynt's law
BOOKS020064I: BAKER, HOWARD - Headcrash
BOOKS040584I: BAKER, E. - Selected sonnets
BOOKS046968I: BAKER, B. GRANVILLE - Blithe waters: sheaves out of Suffolk
BOOKS143347I: BAKER, W. HOWARD - Storm over Rockall
BOOKS059588I: BAKER, GERDA ERIKA - Shadow of war
BOOKS145262I: BAKER, SILVIA - Alone and loitering: pages from an artist's travel-diary (1938-1944)
BOOKS067376I: BAKER, W. HOWARD - Night of the wolf
BOOKS070443I: BAKER, ARTHUR - Celtic hand stroke by stroke (Irish half-uncial from "The Book of Kells")
BOOKS076285I: BAKER, MICHAEL - Our three selves: the life of Radclyffe Hall
BOOKS083527I: BAKER, MARY - Over the bridge
BOOKS174139I: BAKER, IVAN - Seventy-five vegetarian savouries
BOOKS187892I: BAKER, DAVID - The organ: a guide to its construction, history, useage and music
BOOKS109126I: BAKER, TONY - Three part invention & other scored occasions
BOOKS114843I: BAKER, C.H. COLLINS - Dutch painting of the Seventeenth century
BOOKS173410I: BAKER, JOHN (ED) - Shell treasury of the countryside
BOOKS199271I: BAKER, W. HOWARD - Every man an enemy: Sexton Blake library (fifth series) no. 22
BOOKS199204I: BAKER, RICHARD - Burma post
BOOKS121906I: BAKER, WILLIAM - Critical companion to Jane Austen: a literary reference to her life and work
BOOKS189678I: BAKER, WILLIAM HOWARD - The dogs of war
BOOKS149105I: BAKER, JOHN L. - An essay on the farming of Northamptonshire.
BOOKS202532I: BAKER, H.F. - Principles of geometry, volume III: solid geometry- quadrics, cubic curves in space, cubic surfaces
BOOKS125754I: BAKER, C. AND OTHERS - Things to do: modelmaking and carpentry
BOOKS062340I: BAKER, KENNETH - The turbulent years: my life in politics
BOOKS197876I: BAKER, THOMAS E. - Another such victory: the dtory of the American defeat at Guilford Courthouse that helped win the war for independence
BOOKS150700I: BAKER, SUZANNE ST. BARBE - A wayfarer in Bavaria
BOOKS150178I: BAKER, BOB (ED) - The Gulch Gazette, No. 9
BOOKS101323I: BAKER, W. HOWARD - The man who knew too much (Sexton Blake Library, 3rd series, no.350)
BOOKS222509I: BAKER, JAMES - A life in death
BOOKS035025I: BAKER, ALAN - Destination Earth: a history of alleged alien presence
BOOKS132759I: BAKER, DEREK - Partnership in excellence: a late-Victorian educational venture : the Leys School, Cambridge, 1875-1975
BOOKS203305I: BAKER, I.N. (ED) - Journal of the London Mathematical Society second series, no.154, volume 48 part 1, August 1993
BOOKS175579I: BAKER, ALAN R.H. & HARLEY, J.B. (EDS) - Man made the land: essays in English historical geography
BOOKS191027I: BAKER, MARK - Nam: the Vietnam War in the words of the men and women who fought there
BOOKS179719I: BAKER, W.HOWARD - Every man an enemy
BOOKS140455I: BAKER, DEREK - Partnership in excellence: a late-Victorian educational venture: the Leys School, Cambridge, 1875-1975
BOOKS002576I: BAKER, CHARLES - Bibliography of British book illustrators 1860-1900, first series
BOOKS175427I: BAKER, IVAN - 500 meatless dishes, by an expert chef
BOOKS031859I: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Room temperature
BOOKS224990I: BAKER, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow: The first years
BOOKS232748I: BAKER, GEORGE - Studies of Nelson bore sediments, Western Victoria
BOOKS128190I: BAKER,RONALD - New and improved....: inventors and inventions that have changed the modern world
BOOKS079909I: BAKER, J.R. - Parasitic protozoa
BOOKS211519I: BAKER, GEORGE - The last shore
BOOKS208439I: BAKER, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Gallery of modern art - Glasgow. The first years
BOOKS177660I: BAKER, W. HOWARD - The eighth Sexton Blake omnibus: The fugitive & Fire over India
BOOKS134469I: BAKER, KENNETH - Chord by chord
BOOKS085580I: BAKER, MARGARET - Wedding customs and folklore
BOOKS204756I: BAKER, MARGARET - Discovering topiary
BOOKS218360I: BAKER, E.C. STUART - Indian ducks and their allies
BOOKS218372I: BAKER, MARGARET - A good inheritance: my family history
BOOKS202148I: BAKER, ALFRED - The life of Sir Isaac Pitman (inventor of phonography)
BOOKS087747I: BAKER, KENNETH - The turbulent years: my life in politics
BOOKS189893I: BAKER, IVAN - The meatless menu book
BOOKS215567I: BAKER, DEREK - Partnership In Excellence
BOOKS208823I: BAKER, GEORGE SHERSTON - A handy book on the law of railway companies, for the use of railway travellers, consignors and consignees of goods, and railway officials
BOOKS224330I: BAKER, WILLIAM VINCENT / BELLOC, HILAIRE - New Maryland: a way to economic freedom by means of Catholic land settlements
BOOKS206943I: BAKER, JOANNE - 50 physics ideas you really need to know
BOOKS223834I: BAKHRIEV, KARIM - A speech on freedom of speech
BOOKS152500I: BAKKEN, GORDON MORRIS (ED) - The world of the American West
BOOKS206322I: BAKKER, CORNELIUS & BAKKER-RABDAU, MARIANNE. - No trespassing! Explorations in human terratoriality
BOOKS063138I: BAKST, AARON - Mathematical puzzles and pastimes
BOOKS070815I: BALADO, J.L.G. - The story of Taize
BOOKS116339I: BALASUNDRAM, FRANKLYN J. - Contemporary Asian Christian theology
BOOKS124288I: BALCHIN, PAUL & KIEVE, JEFFREY L. - Urban land economics
BOOKS229149I: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Last recollections of my Uncle Charles
BOOKS223399I: BALCHIN, DR PAUL & BALCHIN, PAUL - Housing policy: An introduction
BOOKS196245I: BALCON, MICHAEL AND OTHERS - English language and literature
BOOKS159444I: BALDASSARI, ANNE - Picasso working on paper
BOOKS214330I: BALDI, SERGIO - Sir Thomas Wyatt; writers and their work: No. 139
BOOKS229858I: BALDICK, JULIAN - Black God: Afroasiatic roots of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions
BOOKS001688I: BALDICK, ROBERT - The siege of Paris
BOOKS033847I: BALDICK, ROBERT - The siege of Paris
BOOKS024670I: BALDICK, ROBERT - The siege of Paris
BOOKS180403I: BALDOCK, CECIL R. - Demon Island
BOOKS049759I: BALDOCK, JOHN - The elements of Christian symbolism
BOOKS013872I: BALDRY, P.E. - Acupuncture, trigger pointsand musculoskeletal pain
BOOKS223836I: BALDRY, H.C. - Ancient Greek literature in its living context
BOOKS164888I: BALDRY, A. LYS - Leighton
BOOKS171773I: BALDWIN, NICK - Lorries & vans
BOOKS183789I: BALDWIN, FAITH - The rest of my life with you
BOOKS181649I: BALDWIN, MAY - That awful little brother
BOOKS032676I: BALDWIN, HANSON W. - Battles lost and won: great campaigns of World War II
BOOKS164705I: BALDWIN, FAITH - Give love the air
BOOKS058969I: BALDWIN, STANLEY - Service of our lives: last speeches as Prime Minister.
BOOKS077779I: BALDWIN, FRANCES B. (COMP) - From Pequonette Plantation to the town of Belmont, Massachusetts 1630-1953
BOOKS088351I: BALDWIN, NICK - The Observer's book of commercial vehicles
BOOKS196338I: BALDWIN, OLIVER - Unborn son
BOOKS222709I: BALDWIN, TREVOR - The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club 2014 yearbook: Celebrating 110 years of Rolls-Royce motor cars
BOOKS211464I: BALDWIN, ARTHUR WINDHAM - My father: The true story
BOOKS196819I: BALDWIN, STANLEY - On England and other addresses
BOOKS130610I: BALDWIN, MICHAEL - Underneath and other situations
BOOKS217133I: BALDWIN, MARK & BURTON, ANTHONY (EDS) - Canals: a new look: studies in honour of Charles Hadfield
BOOKS198778I: BALDWIN, JAMES - Blues for Mister Charlie
BOOKS168305I: BALDWIN, LOUISA & GALBRAITH, LETTICE - The shadow on the blind and other stories
BOOKS127082I: BALDWIN, GAY & ANKER, RAY - Ghosts of the Isle of Wight
BOOKS198321I: BALDWIN, GORDON - Looking at photographs: a guide to technical terms
BOOKS180681I: BALDWIN, MAY - Rooni: a story of schoolgirls in Nice
BOOKS024614I: BALDWIN, HANSON - Battles lost and won: great campaigns of World War II
BOOKS221623I: BALDWIN, PATRICIA - Susan Kendall student nurse
BOOKS173101I: BALDWIN, FAITH - Self-made woman
BOOKS211351I: BALDWIN, ERNEST - Dynamic aspects of biochemistry
BOOKS078010I: BALE, BERNARD - Villa in the blood
BOOKS143277I: BALE, JIMAIMA TUNIDAU AND OTHERS - Preparation of Pacific Island foods
BOOKS192361I: BALE, BERNARD - Villa in the blood
BOOKS171070I: BALFOUR-BROWNE, FRANK - Water beetles and other things, half a century's work
BOOKS000899I: BALFOUR, GRAHAM - The life of Robert Louis Stevenson (volumes I and II)
BOOKS137812I: BALFOUR-BROWNE, F. - British water beetles, volume II
BOOKS167606I: BALFOUR, JOHN HUTTON - Flora of Edinburgh, being a list of plants found in the vicinity of Edinburgh
BOOKS137809I: BALFOUR-BROWNE, FRANK - British water-beetles, volume III
BOOKS080512I: BALFOUR-MELVILLE, E.W.M. - Edward III and David II
BOOKS087065I: BALFOUR, GRAHAM - The life of Robert Louis Stevenson (2 vols)
BOOKS114923I: BALFOUR, JOHN HUTTON - Manual of botany; being an introduction to the study of the structure, physiology, and classification of plants
BOOKS178889I: BALFOUR, FRANCES (LADY) - Life and letters of the Reverend James Mac Gregor, D.D., Minister of St Cuthberts Parish, Edinburgh
BOOKS122323I: BALFOUR, GEOFF (ED) - The two millimetre handbook
BOOKS217986I: BALFOUR, HEARNDEN - The paper chase
BOOKS033075I: BALFOUR, A.P. - Annual and biennial flowers
BOOKS213922I: BALFOUR, HEARNDEN - Anything might happen
BOOKS216021I: BALFOUR, ARTHUR JAMES - Theism and thought: a study in familiar beliefs, being the second course of Gifford lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1922-23
BOOKS174916I: BALFOUR, MICHAEL - Stonehenge and its mysteries
BOOKS208339I: BALFOUR, K. JANIE / ELLICE, EDWARD C. (ED) - Diary of Miss K. Janie Balfour 1831-32
BOOKS187108I: BALGARNIE, W.H. & MELLOR, J.E. (EDS) - Handbook and directory of the Leys School, fourteenth edition brought generally up to July 1948
BOOKS020067I: BALHAM, JOE - Regan and the human pipeline
BOOKS020088I: BALHAM, JOE - Regan and the human pipeline
BOOKS020048I: BALHAM, JOE - The Sweeney No.5: Regan and the human pipeline
BOOKS207188I: BALHAM, JOE - Regan and the snout who cried wolf
BOOKS228752I: BALIFF, NOEL - Dancers of God
BOOKS215770I: BALJEU, JOOST - Theo Van Doesburg
BOOKS175641I: BALK, J. TH. - Een kruiwagen vol bomen: verleden en heden van hetamsterdamse bos
BOOKS221621I: BALKIR, CANAN & WILLIAMS, ALLAN M. (EDS) - Turkey and Europe
BOOKS021430I: BALL, ROBERT E. - The crown, the sages and supreme morality
BOOKS117529I: BALL, DAVID FRANVIS - The soils and land use of the district around Bangor & Beaumaris, [sheets 94 and 106]
BOOKS188224I: BALL, BRIAN N - Timepiece
BOOKS230146I: BALL, KIRSTIE & SNIDER, LAUREEN (ED) - The surveillance-industrial complex: a political economy of surveillance
BOOKS206545I: BALL, W. W. ROUSE - A short account of the history of mathematics
BOOKS147544I: BALL, ROBERT - In the high heavens
BOOKS038004I: BALL, DONALD K. - The time of my life
BOOKS038369I: BALL, RICHARD - Penny Farthing
BOOKS045606I: BALL, WILFRED - Wet watercolour
BOOKS153232I: BALL, ROBERT S. - The story of the heavens
BOOKS045381I: BALL, KENNETH - Hillman Hunter 1966-73 Autobook
BOOKS176161I: BALL, KENNETH - Golf, Scirocco, Rabbit 1974-79 autobook
BOOKS064694I: BALL, F.C. - A breath of fresh air: an idyll
BOOKS073266I: BALL, WILFRED - Wet watercolour
BOOKS085130I: BALL, ADRIAN - Yesterday in Bath: a camera record 1849-1949
BOOKS098191I: BALL, KAZZ AND JANITCH, VALERIE - Hand painted textiles for the home
BOOKS063526I: BALL, RICHARD - Hounds will meet...
BOOKS226547I: BALL, KENNETH - Land Rover 2, 2A, 3 1959-76 Autobook
BOOKS157524I: BALL, J.N. - Merchants and merchandise: the expansion of trade in Europe 1500-1630
BOOKS224291I: BALL, RACHEL (ED) - David Blackburn: new work 2006-2008
BOOKS126377I: BALL, A. & MARTIN, M. - The price guide to Baxter prints
BOOKS227205I: BALL, KENNETH - Triumph 2000 Mk.I and 2.5 P.I. 1963-69 Autobook
BOOKS164260I: BALL, SIMON - The bitter sea: the struggle for mastery in the Mediterranean 1935-1949
BOOKS033277I: BALL, JAMES B. - A handbook of diseases of the nose and pharynx
BOOKS200942I: BALL, ALAN - Playing extra time
BOOKS100452I: BALL, KENNETH - Alfasud 1972-76 autobook
BOOKS148804I: BALL, ALAN W. - The countryside lies sleeping, 1685-1950: paintings, prints and drawings of Pinner, Stanmore and other former villages now in the London Borough of Harrow
BOOKS149195I: BALL, ALAN W. - Paintings prints and drawings of Harrow on the Hill 1562 - 1899
BOOKS180423I: BALL,KENNETH - Mini 1959-74 autobook
BOOKS210019I: BALL, DESMOND - A suitable piece of real estate: American installations in Australia
BOOKS210304I: BALL, ROBERT STAWELL - The story of the heavens
BOOKS101562I: BALL, KENNETH - Hillman New Minx 1966-70 autobook
BOOKS067062I: BALLANTINE, BILL - Marine reserves for New Zealand
BOOKS057701I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Wrecked but not ruined
BOOKS114509I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The world of ice
BOOKS203147I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - My Doggie and I
BOOKS166347I: BALLANTYNE,ANDREW (ED) - Architectures: modernism and after
BOOKS231840I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The coral island: a tale of the Pacific Ocean
BOOKS055953I: BALLANTYNE, IAN AND POVAH, NIGEL - Assessment and development centres
BOOKS057555I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The iron horse
BOOKS086130I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Red Rooney or the last of the crew
BOOKS089107I: BALLANTYNE, D.W.G. & LOVETT, D.R. - A dictionary of named effects and laws in chemistry, physics and mathematics
BOOKS102676I: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT MICHAEL - Martin Rattler or a boy's adventures in the forests of Brazil
BOOKS086148I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Ungava: a tale of Esquimau land
BOOKS010911I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Red Eric or the whaler's last cruise
BOOKS137486I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Slave of the moors
BOOKS209511I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The young trawler: a story of life and death and rescue on the North Sea
BOOKS128775I: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT MICHAEL - Ungava: a tale of Esquimaux-land
BOOKS126786I: BALLANTYNE, A.M. AND BRADBROOKE, JOAN (EDS) - The Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, vol. LV, 1951
BOOKS067101I: BALLANTYNE, BRYAN AND OTHERS (EDS) - General and applied toxicology vols 1-2
BOOKS002259I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Freaks on the fells and Why I did not become a sailor
BOOKS212574I: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT M.ICHAEL - Ungava: a tale of Esquimau Land
BOOKS045224I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Chasing the sun
BOOKS035307I: BALLANTYNE, HUGH - Great Western revival
BOOKS180272I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Wild Man of the West: a tale of the Rocky Mountains
BOOKS184774I: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The iron horse, or Life on the line: a tale of the Grand National Trunk Railway
BOOKS193831I: BALLANTYNE, BRYAN AND OTHERS (EDS) - General and applied toxicology (three volume set)
BOOKS219349I: BALLARD, J.G. AND OTHERS - Science Fiction Adventures, volume 4 No. 24, January 1962
BOOKS016585I: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - The discovery of the Titanic
BOOKS219321I: BALLARD, J.G. AND OTHERS - New Worlds Science Fiction, volume 42, no.126, January 1963
BOOKS016565I: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - The discovery of the Bismarck
BOOKS021353I: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - The discovery of the Titanic
BOOKS027889I: BALLARD, J.G. - Rushing to paradise
BOOKS048390I: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - The lost wreck of the Isis
BOOKS154753I: BALLARD. J.G. - Empire of the sun
BOOKS119465I: BALLARD, MICAH - Evangeline Downs
BOOKS229022I: BALLARD, J.G. AND OTHERS - New Worlds Science Fiction, volume 32, no.95, June 1960.
BOOKS128858I: BALLARD, J.G. - Hello, America
BOOKS219348I: BALLARD, J.G. AND OTHERS - New Worlds Science Fiction, volume 36 No. 106, May 1961
BOOKS180182I: BALLARD, FRANK H. - The undying wisdom: studies in the teaching of Jesus
BOOKS141353I: BALLARD, PAUL & JONES, ERASTUS (EDS) - The valleys call: a self-examination by people of the South Wales Valleys during the 'Year of the Valleys 1974'
BOOKS202632I: BALLARD, J.G. - The kindness of women
BOOKS160632I: BALLARD, J.G. - Empire of the sun
BOOKS205161I: BALLARD, J.G. - Empire of the Sun
BOOKS197244I: BALLARD, ERNEST - Thoughts of a clodhopper
BOOKS205608I: BALLARD, ELISE - Epiphany: True stories of sudden insight to inspire, encourage, and transform
BOOKS187639I: BALLARD, PHILLADA - An oasis of delight: the history of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens
BOOKS203740I: BALLARD, A.A. & OGBORN, E - Maxwell Armfield 1881-1972
BOOKS155389I: BALLEINE, G.R. - Lesson on the Acts of the Apostles for the Sundays of the Church's year for the school or home
BOOKS037811I: BALLEINE, G.R. - The tragedy of Philippe d'Auvergne, Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and last Duke of Bouillon
BOOKS075686I: BALLEW, CHARLES - Valley of tumbling waters
BOOKS058490I: BALLEW, CHARLES - Mystery of Limestone Mountain
BOOKS228413I: BALLIETT, WHITNEY - Such sweet thunder: jazz today
BOOKS139551I: BALLIF ,MICHELLE AND OTHERS - Women's ways of making it in rhetoric and composition
BOOKS028770I: BALLIF, NOEL - Dancers of God
BOOKS179442I: BALLINGER, W.A. - The Hangman
BOOKS179449I: BALLINGER, W.A. - The strange face of murder
BOOKS112982I: BALLINGER, W.A. - Sexton Blake Library no.522: Murder in camera
BOOKS177629I: BALLINGER, W.A . & MCNEILLY, WILFRED - The ninth Sexton Blake omnibus: The hangman & The muckrakers
BOOKS186765I: BALLINGER, JOHN (ED) - Bibliotheca Celtica: a register of the publications relating to Wales and the Celtic peoples & languages for the years 1919-23
BOOKS112973I: BALLINGER, W.A. - Sexton Blake Library no.479: The television murders
BOOKS179712I: BALLINGER, W.A. - The Witches of Notting Hill
BOOKS177625I: BALLINGER, W.A. AND MACLEAN, ARTHUR - The third Sexton Blake omnibus: The witches of Notting Hill and Slaying on the sixteenth floor
BOOKS179525I: BALLINGER, W.A. - Down among the ad men
BOOKS199388I: BALLINGER, W.A. - The Exterminator
BOOKS070104I: BALLO, GUIDO - The critical eye: a new approach to art appreciation
BOOKS225394I: BALM, ROGER - Archaeology's visual culture: digging and desire
BOOKS222193I: BALME, MAURICE & LAWALL, GILBERT - Athenaze: an introductiion to Ancient Greek, books 1 & 2
BOOKS027322I: BALME, ELSIE - Seagull morning: the Cornwall of my childhood
BOOKS074181I: BALMER, EDWIN AND WYLIE,PHILIP - When worlds collide
BOOKS213959I: BALMER, EDWIN ; WYLIE, PHILIP - The shield of silence
BOOKS051112I: BALMFORTH, BILL - The story of Kents Green Chapel
BOOKS231959I: BALNEAVES, ELLIZABETH - Mountains of the Murgha Zerin: between the Hindu Khush and the Karakoram
BOOKS221716I: BALNEAVES, ELIZABETH - Mountains of the Murgha Zerin: between the Hindu Khush and the Karakoram.
BOOKS023524I: BALNIEL (LORD) AND CLARK, KENNETH (EDS) - S commemorative catalogue of the exhibition of Italian art held in the galleries of the Royal Academy, January-March, 1930 (2 volumes)
BOOKS153901I: BALON, EUGENE K. - Fishes of Lake Kariba, Africa: length-weight relationship - a pictorial guide
BOOKS203964I: BALSAN, CONSUELO VANDERBILT - The glitter and the gold
BOOKS222238I: BALSDON, J.P.V.D. - Romans and aliens
BOOKS080966I: BALSTON, THOMAS - Wood-engraving in modern English books
BOOKS207842I: BALTA, P. & BALTA, E. - Introduction to the physical chemistry of the vitreous state
BOOKS024130I: BALTAKE, JOE - The films of Jack Lemmon
BOOKS115470I: BALTENSPERGER, ERNST AND OTHERS - Funfzig jahre Deutsche mark: notenbank und wahrung in Deutschland seit 1948
BOOKS038649I: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Lost illusions
BOOKS140037I: DE BALZAC, HONORE - The Chouans (Les Chouans)
BOOKS045858I: BALZAC, HONORE DE - About Catherine de Medici
BOOKS214302I: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Balzac's rare stories-Volume 1
BOOKS046038I: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The country doctor (Le medecin de campagne)
BOOKS141169I: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Pere Goriot
BOOKS149339I: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Gondreville mystery (Une ténébreuse affaire)
BOOKS188498I: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Pere Goriot
BOOKS204826I: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Droll stories, collected in the monasteries of Touraine and given to the light by Honore De Balzac
BOOKS182503I: BALZAC, HILAIRE - Grandeur et decadence de Cesar Birotteau
BOOKS107436I: BALZANI, MARZIA AND OTHERS (EDS) - Talus, number 5/6, Spring 1991
BOOKS006566I: BAMBOROUGH, PHILIP - Antique oriental rugs and carpets
BOOKS074195I: BAMBRIDGE, VICKY - The Weimaraner today
BOOKS194913I: BAMFIELD, H.J.K. & PALMER, S.E. - The art of sailing: a practical handbook on the equipment, handling and upkeep of open, half-decked and small decked boats
BOOKS021554I: BAMFORD, FRANCIS - A question of taste
BOOKS228118I: BAMFORD, T.W. - Thomas Arnold
BOOKS050319I: BAMFORD, T.W. - Thomas Arnold
BOOKS066067I: BAMFORD, T.W. - Thomas Arnold
BOOKS172182I: BAMFORD, MAURICE - Memoirs of a blood and thunder coach
BOOKS215559I: BAMFORD, ROBERT & JARVIS, JOHN - Speedway in Bristol 1928-1949
BOOKS145923I: BAMFORTH, NICK - M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) and the healer within:
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BOOKS046353I: BARTIMEUS - Naval occasions and some traits of the sailor-man
BOOKS191470I: BARTIMEUS - The long trick
BOOKS129110I: BARTIMEUS - Under sealed orders: a tale of yesterday
BOOKS002275I: BARTIMEUS - Naval occasions and some traits of the sailor-man
BOOKS227180I: BARTIMEUS - Action Stations!
BOOKS175153I: BARTIMEUS - Naval occasions and some traits of the sailor-man
BOOKS230916I: BARTKE, WOLFGANG & SCHIER, PETER - China's new Party leadership: biographies and analysis of the Twelfth Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
BOOKS032476I: BARTLES, BILL - Match angling
BOOKS163302I: BARTLETT, RICHARD D. - In search of reptiles and amphibians
BOOKS155300I: BARTLETT, NORMAN - 1776-1976: Australia and America through 200 years
BOOKS175937I: BARTLETT, ROGER - Introduction to sports biomechanics: analysing human movement patterns
BOOKS046331I: BARTLETT, W.H. - Footsteps of Our Lord and His Apostles in Syria, Greece, and Italy
BOOKS048883I: BARTLETT, E.G. - The case of the thirteenth coach
BOOKS056040I: BARTLETT, VERNON - Tomorrow always comes
BOOKS060272I: BARTLETT, VERNON - And now, tomorrow
BOOKS064452I: BARTLETT, WILLIAM A. - The history and antiquities of the parish of Wimbledon, Surrey; with sketches of the earlier inhabitants
BOOKS074859I: BARTLETT, TIM - The RYA book of diesel engines
BOOKS094379I: BARTLETT, R.D. & BARTLETT, PATRICIA P. - Green iguanas (Reptile Keeper's Guides)
BOOKS161021I: BARTLETT, VERNON - The colour of their skin
BOOKS077728I: BARTLETT, J. NEVILLE - Davidsons of Mugiemoss
BOOKS203714I: BARTLETT, JANE - Juggling with apples
BOOKS046326I: BARTLETT, W.H. - Jerusalem revisited
BOOKS207284I: BARTLETT, ALICE HUNT (ED) - The sea anthology including one hundred original sonnets on the sea.
BOOKS002581I: BARTLETT, GERALD - Stock control in bookselling.
BOOKS012328I: BARTLETT, E.G. - Master of Kung Fu
BOOKS055943I: BARTLETT, MOLLY - Pasties and cream: a proper Cornish mixture.
BOOKS198099I: BARTLETT, JOHN - A new and complete concordance or verbal index to words, phrases, and passages in the dramatic works of Shakespeare, with a supplementary concordance to the poems
BOOKS179531I: BARTLETT, RICHARD A. - The new country: a social history of the American frontier 1776-1890
BOOKS064511I: BARTLETT, WILLIAM A - The history and antiquities of the parish of Wimbledon, Surrey
BOOKS188732I: BARTLETT, MARY - Gentians
BOOKS168695I: BARTLETT,MAUREEN MCCARTHY - Loving the Tasmanian Devil: reflections on marriage and Asperger syndrome
BOOKS096839I: BARTLETT, ADRIAN - Drawing and painting the landscape
BOOKS019726I: BARTLEY, G.C.T. (TRANS) - The Rhine from its source to the sea
BOOKS198027I: BARTLEY, W. AND OTHERS - The biochemistry of the tissues
BOOKS127717I: BARTLEY, NUMAN V, - From Thurmond to Wallace: political tendencies in Georgia, 1948-68
BOOKS227543I: BARTOLINI, MASSIMO - Massimo Bartolini
BOOKS125777I: DE BARTOLO, DICK - A Mad look at old movies
BOOKS154897I: BARTON, BILL - In and out of Africa
BOOKS041067I: BARTON, JOHN - Hidden Hampshire
BOOKS051354I: BARTON, JOHN - The hollow crown: the follies, foibles and faces of the kings and queens of England
BOOKS106034I: BARTON, RUTH - Acting Irish in Hollywood: from Fitzgerald to Farrell
BOOKS137052I: BARTON, DEREK - An Englishman's breakfast
BOOKS207642I: BARTON, F. R. (ED) - Edward Fitzgerald & Bernard Barton Lette
BOOKS183760I: BARTON, DERRICK (ED) - A collection of (mostly) modern poetry and other matter the reading of which gave Joan Barton special pleasure from earliest schooldays throught her life
BOOKS192231I: BARTON, LUCY - Historic costume for the stage
BOOKS134341I: BARTON, JOAN - Mushroom wife
BOOKS160294I: BARTON, MARGARET - Tunbridge Wells.
BOOKS170952I: BARTON, R.M. - An introduction to the geology of Cornwall
BOOKS225369I: BARTON, BILLY - Past murder imperfect
BOOKS170049I: BARTON, A.W. - A text book on light
BOOKS195175I: BARTON, R.M. - An introduction to the geology of Cornwall
BOOKS142285I: BARTON, FRANK TOWNEND - Horses: their points and management in health and disease
BOOKS214048I: BARTON, C.MICHAEL - Lithic variability and Middle Palaeolithic behaviour: new evidence from the Iberian Peninsula
BOOKS167831I: BARTON, FRANK TOWNEND - Horses and practical horsekeeping
BOOKS101651I: BARTON, LUCY - Historic costume for the stage
BOOKS094012I: BARTON, D.B. - Cornwall's engine houses
BOOKS212953I: BARTOSIEWICZ, LASZLO - Animals in the urban landscape in the wake of the Middle Ages: a case study from Vac, Hungary
BOOKS039897I: BARTOV, HANOCH - An Israeli at the Court of St.James's
BOOKS063228I: BARTRAM, GEORGE (ED) - TV All Stars annual
BOOKS061013I: BARTRUM, DOUGLAS - Rock gardens
BOOKS226175I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - Food for man and beast
BOOKS077033I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - Making provision: a centenary history of the provision trade
BOOKS204497I: BARTY-KING,HUGH - Making provision: a centenary history of the provision trade
BOOKS034221I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - Scratch a surveyor
BOOKS212219I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - Maples Fine Furnishers: a household name for 150 years
BOOKS117849I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - The drum: a Royal Tournament tribute to the military drum
BOOKS006050I: BARTY-KING, HUGH - A taste of English wine
BOOKS143934I: BARTZ, GABRIELE & KONIG, EBERHARD - Art & architecture: The Louvre
BOOKS154289I: BARUCH, BERNARD - The public years
BOOKS004110I: BARWELL, EVE - How to decorate a doll's house
BOOKS159783I: DE BARY, WM. THEODORE - Self and society in Ming thought
BOOKS170604I: BARZANTI, SERGIO - The underdeveloped areas within the Common Market
BOOKS064467I: LE BAS, HEDLEY (ED) - The Lord Kitchener memorial book
BOOKS064246I: BASELEY, GODFREY - The Archers: a slice of my life
BOOKS198562I: BASHAM, W.R. - On dropsy connected with disease of the kidneys (Morbus Brightii) and on some other diseases of those organs, associated with albuminous and purulent urine
BOOKS225768I: BASHFORD, H.H. - Fishermans progress
BOOKS199773I: BASHFORD, H.H. - The corner of Harley Street
BOOKS134602I: BASHIR, MIR - How to read hands
BOOKS231043I: BASHIRI, IRAJ - Persian for beginners: reading texts
BOOKS207134I: BASHKIRTSEFF, MARIE / BLIND, MATHILDE - The journal of Marie Bashkirtseff
BOOKS015342I: BASIE, COUNT / MURRAY, ALBERT - Good morning blues: the autobiography of Count Basie
BOOKS048911I: BASIL, DOUGLAS C. & COOK, CURTIS W. - The management of change
BOOKS034348I: BASILE, GIACINTA AND CALABRESE, GERALDINE - Forever yes: the story of Lucy Filippini
BOOKS228532I: BOROUGH OF BASINGSTOKE - The coronation of Elizabeth II. Souvenir Programme of celebratios in Basingstoke, 2nd June 1953
BOOKS227867I: BASKERVILLE, GEOFFREY - English monks and the suppression of the monasteries
BOOKS163353I: BASKERVILLE, GEOFFREY - English monks and the supression of the monasteries
BOOKS211507I: BASKERVILLE, GEOFFREY - English monks and the suppression of the monasteries
BOOKS222298I: NAVAHO SCHOOL OF INDIAN BASKETRY - Indian basket weaving
BOOKS143617I: BASKETT, JOHN - Paul Melon's legacy: a passion for British art: masterpieces from the Yale Centre for British Art
BOOKS188010I: BASKIN, DIANA - Divine memories of Sathya Sai Baba
BOOKS223684I: BASON, PAUL - Lineside buildings (British Railway Modelling)
BOOKS214968I: BASS, MILTON R. - Jory
BOOKS227882I: BASS, ROBERT D. - Gamecock: the life and campaigns of General Thomas Sumter
BOOKS066826I: BASSETT-LOWKE, LTD. - Model Railways (November 1937)
BOOKS119312I: BASSETT, RONALD - The tinfish run
BOOKS196369I: BASSETT-LOWKE, W.J. & DUNN, LAURENCE - Waterways of the world
BOOKS172207I: BASSETT, JOHN (ED) - William Faulkner: the critical heritage
BOOKS109407I: BASSIL, G.T. (ED) - Symposium on bone grafting materials
BOOKS107252I: BASSNETT-MCGUIRE, SUSAN - Luigi Pirandello
BOOKS204877I: BASSO, HAMILTON - The Light Infantry Ball
BOOKS143182I: BASSON, PHILIP W. AND OTHERS - Biotopes of the western Arabian Gulf: marine life and environments of Saudi Arabia
BOOKS095426I: BASTIDE, DEREK - Religious education 5-12
BOOKS109579I: BASTIDE, DEREK - Religious education 5-12
BOOKS206495I: BASTIN, JEREMY - Norfolk yeomanry in peace and war
BOOKS123470I: BASTYRA, JUDY - Caribbean cooking
BOOKS086232I: BASU, JAY - The stars can wait
BOOKS226488I: BASU, RON - Implementing six sigma and lean: A practical guide to tools and techniques
BOOKS000966I: BATCHELDER, SAMUEL F - Bits of Harvard history
BOOKS210321I: BATCHELDER, MARJORIE HOPE - Rod-puppets and the human theatre
BOOKS063903I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL - The game goes on
BOOKS133014I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL (ED) - Best cricket stories
BOOKS003565I: BATCHELOR, VIVIEN - The Observer's book of show jumping & eventing
BOOKS182984I: BATCHELOR, JOHN - In Stanley's footsteps: across Africa from west to east
BOOKS031908I: BATCHELOR, MARY (COMP) - The Lion book of children's prayers
BOOKS029928I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL - The man who loved chocolates
BOOKS229493I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL (ED) - Great cricketers
BOOKS125529I: BATCHELOR, JOHN & CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - Flight: the history of aviation
BOOKS010840I: BATCHELOR, VIVIEN - The Observer's book of show jumping & eventing
BOOKS006786I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL - Babbled of green fields
BOOKS145519I: BATCHELOR, DENZIL - The match I remember
BOOKS063257I: BATCHELOR, MARY - Catherine Bramwell-Booth
BOOKS168908I: BATE, C. SPENCE & WESTWOOD, J.O. - A history of the British sessile-eyed crustacea, vols. I & II
BOOKS207808I: BATE, WESTON - A history of Brighton
BOOKS231481I: BATEMAN, H.M - Burlesques,
BOOKS042563I: BATEMAN, JAMES - Animal traps and trapping
BOOKS091391I: BATEMAN, DAVID - Through the rainbow: a book of poems
BOOKS228466I: BATEMAN, CHARLES - Cheltenham champions of the eighties
BOOKS107882I: BATEMAN, ROBERT - The encyclopedia of sports stamps
BOOKS195522I: BATEMAN, H.M. - A mixture,
BOOKS124444I: BATEMAN, IAN - Using geographical systems to apply the travel cost method: a study of woodland recreation value
BOOKS212098I: BATEMAN, H.M. - Considered trifles: a book of drawings
BOOKS195523I: BATEMAN, H.M. - A book of drawings
BOOKS151624I: BATEMAN, BILL - Guns N' Roses
BOOKS165260I: BATEMAN, H.M. - Burlesques
BOOKS183875I: BATEMAN, MICHAEL & CONRAN, CAROLINE (EDS) - The "Sunday Times" best British meat dishes

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