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BOOKS148443I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Autobiography
BOOKS061640I: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Earth memories: essays
BOOKS189491I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Dostoievsky
BOOKS209710I: POWYS,JOHN COWPER - A Glastonbury romance
BOOKS218495I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Letters to Nicholas Ross
BOOKS149782I: POWYS, A.R. - The English parish church.
BOOKS202567I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Maiden Castle
BOOKS218313I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Weymouth Sands, a novel
BOOKS212757I: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Damnable opinions
BOOKS157141I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Wolf Solent
BOOKS160528I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Letters from John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts
BOOKS197073I: POWYS, THEODORE FRANCIS - Soliloquies of a hermit
BOOKS031019I: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Thirteen worthies
BOOKS160268I: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Letters to Clifford Tolchard from John Cowper Powys with a memoir by Clifford Tolchard
BOOKS156737I: POWYS, T.F. - Mockery Gap.
BOOKS199062I: POWYS, LITTLETON C. - Still the joy of it
BOOKS186205I: POWYS, A.R. - The English parish church.
BOOKS076530I: POYNOR, RICK - Nigel Coates: the city in motion
BOOKS064176I: POYNTER, H. MAY - A fair Jacobite: a tale of the exiled Stuarts
BOOKS180400I: POYNTER, DAN - Hang gliding: the basic handbook of skysurfing
BOOKS230332I: VAN PRAAGH, JAMES - Heaven and earth: making the psychic connection
BOOKS243374I: PRABHU, N.S. - Second language pedagogy
BOOKS154566I: PRACHE, ANNE - Cathedrals of Europe
BOOKS196939I: PRAED, CAMPBELL (MRS) - Soul of Nyria: the memory of a past life in ancient Rome in three books
BOOKS207892I: PRAEGER, ROSAMOND - Old fashioned verses and sketches
BOOKS165255I: PRAEGER, S.R. - How they went to school
BOOKS165223I: PRAEGER, S.R. - How they came back from school
BOOKS063268I: PRAEGER, S.ROSAMOND - How they went to school
BOOKS243585I: PRALJAK, NIKOLA BABIC (ED) - Slobodan Praljak
BOOKS226478I: PRANCE, GHILLEAN TOLMIE. & SANDVED, KJELL B. - Leaves: the formation, characteristics and uses of hundreds of leaves found in all parts of the world
BOOKS160631I: PRANGE, GORDON W. - Target Tokyo: the story of the Sorge spy ring
BOOKS048426I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Only you can save mankind
BOOKS127264I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Equal rites
BOOKS217570I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Terry Pratchett's Discworld's collectors' edition 2002 calendar (Gollancz S.F.)
BOOKS168333I: PRATCHETT, TERRY & JOLIFFE, GRAY - The unadulterated cat: a campaign for real cats
BOOKS127262I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The light fantastic
BOOKS127364I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Terry Pratchett's Discworld collector's edition 2003 calendar
BOOKS127366I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Terry Pratchett's Discworld collector's edition 1999 calendar
BOOKS224866I: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Going postal
BOOKS214264I: PRATER, S.H, - The book of Indian animals
BOOKS123905I: PRATER, GENE - Snowshoeing
BOOKS227291I: PRATESI, LUDOVICI AND OTHERS - Gianni Caravaggio: gia 39 anni su questo pianeta
BOOKS003288I: PRATHER, HUGH - I touch the earth, the earth touches me
BOOKS167723I: PRATHER, RICHARD S - The Cheim manuscript
BOOKS167722I: PRATHER, RICHARD S - The Kubla Khan caper
BOOKS172047I: PRATHER, RICHARD S. - The sweet ride
BOOKS172934I: PRATLEY, FRANK W - All about budgerigars: a concise but comprehensive treatise on housing, management, breeding and exhibiting, with notes on colour varieties and their reproduction
BOOKS041575I: PRATT, E.J. - Brebeuf and his brethren
BOOKS137547I: PRATT, ANNE - The flowering plants and ferns of Great Britain (3 volumes)
BOOKS087285I: PRATT, FRANCES - Canal architecture in Britain : an introduction to the fascinating buildings and structures of our waterways
BOOKS095269I: PRATT, A. - Wild flowers of the year
BOOKS107188I: PRATT, VERNON - The philosophy of the social sciences
BOOKS119730I: PRATT, OLIVER AND PRATT, IANTHE - Let liturgy live: a handbook of practical worship
BOOKS228004I: PRATT, E.J. - The collected poems of E. J. Pratt
BOOKS214192I: PRATT, FRANCES - Canal architecture in Britain: An introduction to the fascinating buildings and structures of our waterways
BOOKS235181I: PRATT, AMBROSE - Vigorous Daunt: billionaire
BOOKS185127I: PRATT, GEOFFREY (ED) - Woodworker: the magazine for the craftsman in wood, April 1980; vol. 84 no. 1037
BOOKS182963I: PRATT, JAMES BISSETT - The religious consciousness: a psychological study
BOOKS172824I: PRATT, ARTHUR D - Principles of combustion in the steam boiler furnace
BOOKS135959I: PRATT, ANNIS - Archetypal patterns in women's fiction
BOOKS176768I: PRATT, FLETCHER - The Navy has wings
BOOKS243475I: PRATT, ANDREW - O for a thousand tongues: the 1933 Methodist Hymn Book in context
BOOKS025618I: PRATT, TERRY - BBC football yearbook 2003/2004
BOOKS076664I: PRATTEN, ALBRA - Winkle the grey squirrel
BOOKS107949I: PRAWER, S.S. (ED) - The Penguin book of lieder
BOOKS241755I: DU PRE, PIERS & DU PRE, HILARY - A genius in the family: an intimate memoir of Jacqueline du Pre
BOOKS222454I: PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden & Glencoe: the story of the massacre (2 volumes)
BOOKS015373I: PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden
BOOKS047131I: PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden
BOOKS089469I: PREBBLE, JOHN - The King's jaunt: George IV in Scotland, August 1822: 'One and twenty daft days'
BOOKS013210I: PREBBLE, JOHN - The lion in the North: a personal view of Scotland's history
BOOKS012875I: PREBBLE, JOHN - Glencoe: the story of the massacre
BOOKS015375I: PREBBLE, JOHN - Mutiny: Highland Regiments in revolt 743-1804
BOOKS066241I: PREEDY, GEORGE - This shining woman: Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin 1759-1797
BOOKS083348I: PREEDY, MARGARET (ED) - Teachers' case studies in educational management
BOOKS214459I: PREEDY, GEORGE R. - This shining woman: Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, 1759-1797
BOOKS168671I: PREGADIO, FABRIZIO (ED) - The Routledge encyclopedia of Taoism, volume One: A-L
BOOKS170093I: PREISS, BYRON (ED) - Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe: a celebration
BOOKS061132I: PREJEAN, ALBERT - The sky and the stars
BOOKS241804I: PRELLER, PATRICA - A partial reconstruction of the New Hall pattern book, Supplement No1
BOOKS241826I: PRELLER, PATRICIA - A partial reconstruction of the New Hall pattern book
BOOKS203350I: KUTOWAROO PREM - In search of love
BOOKS146370I: PREMAZZI, G. - Scientific assessment of EC standards for drinking water quality
BOOKS205140I: PRENDERGAST, E.D.V. - The dragonflies of Dorset
BOOKS212228I: PRENDERGAST, E.D. V. & BOYS, J.V. - The birds of Dorset
BOOKS043538I: PRENTICE, WALTER J. - My adventures with the coalies' baby
BOOKS130379I: PRENTICE,RINA - A celebration of the sea: the decorative art collection of the National Maritime Museum
BOOKS122604I: PRENTISS, ELIZABETH - Stepping heavenward
BOOKS188225I: PRENTISS, E. - Aunt Jane's hero
BOOKS180567I: PRESCOTT, J.R.V. - The geography of state policies
BOOKS161661I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain, Vol. III
BOOKS161662I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain, volume II
BOOKS004773I: PRESCOTT, DANA G - Rough passage: true tales of ships and men
BOOKS152417I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - Biographical and critical miscellanies
BOOKS034767I: PRESCOTT, E. LIVINGSTON - The rip's redemption: a trooper's story
BOOKS152363I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the conquest of Peru, with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas, volumes I & II
BOOKS181825I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the conquest of Mexico
BOOKS161663I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - The history of the conquest of Mexico with a preliminary view of the ancient Mexican civilization and the life of Hermando Cortes, vol.II
BOOKS213081I: PRESCOTT, CHRISTOPHER - From Stone Age to Iron Age: a study from Sogn, Western Norway
BOOKS183372I: PRESCOTT, W.H. - The Conquest of Mexico, volume I
BOOKS192293I: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H - History of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain, vols.I - III
BOOKS194319I: PRESCOTT, PETER S. - Never in doubt: critical essays on American books 1972-1985
BOOKS123688I: PRESCOTT, H.F.M. - Flamenca, translated from the thirteenth-century Provencal of Bernardet the Troubadour
BOOKS218784I: PRESCOTT, DOROTHY M. (ED) - The Golden book of the year
BOOKS021767I: PRESENCER, ALAIN - The complete love, delight and sorrow
BOOKS034955I: PRESLAND, JOHN - Lynton and Lynmouth: a pageant of cliff & moorland
BOOKS095522I: PRESLAND, JOHN - Lynton and Lynmouth: a pageant of cliff & moorland
BOOKS070197I: PRESLEY, ELVIS - It's now or never (O sole mio)
BOOKS010754I: PRESLEY, DEE AND OTHERS - Elvis - we love you tender
BOOKS189318I: PRESNELL, FRANK G. - No mourners present
BOOKS042818I: PRESS, J.R. - Bob Press's field guide to the trees of Britain and Europe
BOOKS067995I: NONESUCH PRESS - Bodkin permitting: being the prospectus and retrospectus for 1929 of the Nonesuch Press
BOOKS085550I: PRESS, BOB AND OTHERS - Photographic field guide: Wild flowers of Britain and Europe
BOOKS133161I: ARIEL PRESS - The Ariel Press catalogue of fine art prints
BOOKS099421I: PRESS, JOHN - The lengthening shadows
BOOKS118334I: PRESS, JOHN - The fire and the fountain
BOOKS199826I: DOLMEN PRESS - Dolmen Press books, Spring 1962
BOOKS191248I: EASTERN DAILY PRESS - Images of Norfolk
BOOKS028054I: PRESS, BOB - Trees of Britain and Europe (Photographic field guide)
BOOKS125811I: PRESS, J. - Guy Fawkes Night and other poems
BOOKS147018I: PRESS, JOHN - Uncertainties, and other poems
BOOKS227418I: MELLIFONT PRESS - Reach! Mellifont Western picture and story album, no.6
BOOKS214828I: KYNOCH PRESS - The Kynoch Press Notebook & Diary 1963
BOOKS240913I: DE PRESSENSE, ELISE (MADAME) - Two years of school life
BOOKS157480I: PRESSNELL, L.S. - Studies in the Industrial Revolution: presented to T.S. Ashton
BOOKS002212I: PRESTON, ANTONY - Aircraft carriers
BOOKS228726I: PRESTON, VALERIE - A handbook for modern educational dance
BOOKS163490I: PRESTON, HUBERT (EDITOR) - Wisden cricketers' almanack 1951
BOOKS046915I: PRESTON, ANTHONY - Warships of the world
BOOKS153314I: PRESTON, FRANK (ED) - Homemaker, vol.5, no.51, June 1963
BOOKS094401I: PRESTON, JAMES - Jeedarra Country
BOOKS105323I: PRESTON, ARTHUR E. - The church and parish of St.Nicholas, Abingdon and other papers
BOOKS119062I: PRESTON, PAUL - The triumph of democracy in Spain
BOOKS150871I: PRESTON, ANTONY - Sea combat off the Falklands
BOOKS160852I: PRESTON, HUBERT (ED) - Wisden Cricketer's almanack 1949
BOOKS220596I: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1970
BOOKS124834I: PRESTON, THOMAS AUSTIN & COX, BILL G. - Play poker to win
BOOKS175268I: PRESTON, BRIAN - Pot planet: adventures in global marijuana culture
BOOKS105927I: PRESTON, DAVID (ED) - Latin American development: geographical perspectives
BOOKS223483I: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1959 [96th edition]
BOOKS126551I: PRESTON, RUPERT - Seventeenth century marine painters of the Netherlands
BOOKS243213I: PRESTON, WHYATT - "Oklahoma Western"
BOOKS164077I: PRESTON, ADRIAN & DENNIS, PETER (EDS) - Swords and covenants
BOOKS162354I: PRESTON, OLIVER - Shall we join the men?
BOOKS116893I: PRESTON, RONALD H. (ED) - Industrial conflicts and their place in modern society: an international symposium Proceedings
BOOKS118534I: PRESTON, T.G. AND WILLIAMSON, G.W. - The aircraft servicing manual,
BOOKS242408I: PRESTON, PAUL (ED) - Revolution and war in Spain, 1931-1939
BOOKS138800I: PRESTON, HUGH - A time to lose
BOOKS178003I: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED) - Wisden cricketers' almanack 1952
BOOKS237794I: PRESTON, HUBERT (ED) - Wisden cricketers' almanack 1946
BOOKS180811I: PRESTON, BRIAN - Occupations of father and son in mid-Victorian England
BOOKS222565I: PRESTON, A.W. - Life, love & laughter in the reign of Louis XIV: A new translation of Robert Challe's novel Les Illustres Francaises
BOOKS184401I: PRESTON, ANTONY - Pictorial history of South Africa
BOOKS230321I: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED) - Wisden cricketers' almanack 1952, 89th edition
BOOKS230266I: PRESTON, HUBERT - Wisden cricketer's handbook 1950
BOOKS230268I: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED) - Wisden cricketer's almanack 1976, 113th year
BOOKS188968I: PRESTT, IAN - British birds: lifestyles and habitats
BOOKS008319I: PRESTT, IAN - British birds: lifestyles and habitats
BOOKS079090I: PRESTWICH, EDMUND - Through the window
BOOKS092320I: PREVAUX, AUDE YUNG-DE - Jacques and Lotka: a Resistance story
BOOKS124056I: PREVITE-ORTON, C.W. - The shorter Cambridge Medieval history in two volumes
BOOKS202161I: PREVITE-ORTON, CHARLES WILLIAM - A history of Europe from 1198 to 1378
BOOKS002173I: PREVOST (ABBE) - Manon Lescaut
BOOKS188642I: PRICE, VICTOR J. - Harborne remembered
BOOKS199723I: PRICE, WILLARD - African adventure
BOOKS087103I: PRICE, NANCY - The gull's way
BOOKS206627I: PRICE, GEORGE - The narrow pass: a study of Kierkegaard's concept of man
BOOKS239827I: PRICE, MERLIN - Folk tales and legends of Gloucestershire
BOOKS178635I: PRICE, NANCY - Tails and tales
BOOKS231717I: PRICE, MICHAEL - Introducing groundwater
BOOKS219242I: PRICE, PETER - The magic airman
BOOKS190910I: PRICE, ANTHONY - For the good of the state
BOOKS232733I: PRICE, ROBERT JOHN - Glacial and fluvioglacial landforms
BOOKS000140I: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire: a documentary history
BOOKS001361I: PRICE, BOB - What did you do in the war, Grandpa? memories of a young Gunner: two week's Territorial camp which lasted seven years 1939-1946
BOOKS004740I: PRICE, ALFRED - Battle of Britain: the hardest day: 18th August 1940
BOOKS016163I: PRICE, K. ARNOLD - The Captain's paramours
BOOKS009216I: PRICE, SHIRLEY - Practical aromatherapy: how to use essential oils to restore vitality
BOOKS140103I: PRICE, DAVID - Security categorisation in the English prison system
BOOKS037662I: PRICE, ALFRED AND SPICK, MIKE - Handbook of great aircraft of WWII
BOOKS040581I: PRICE, ROBERT T. - Grievous
BOOKS151661I: PRICE, W.R. (ED) - Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club, 1939
BOOKS188017I: PRICE, NANCY - Shadows on the hills
BOOKS052239I: PRICE, ANTHONY - Here be monsters
BOOKS053583I: PRICE, NANCY - Nettles and docks
BOOKS060640I: PRICE, NANCY - The heart of a vagabond
BOOKS068874I: PRICE, ANTHONY - The old Vengeful: a novel
BOOKS069039I: PRICE, ANTHONY - For the good of the state
BOOKS072333I: PRICE, ANTHONY - The old Vengeful: a novel
BOOKS077089I: PRICE, ANTHONY - A new kind of war
BOOKS197265I: PRICE, ANTHONY - The eyes of the Fleet: a popular history of frigates and frigate Captains, 1793-1815
BOOKS081858I: PRICE, ROBERT T. - Nickers
BOOKS091499I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Wines of the Graves
BOOKS097094I: PRICE, ROLLO - After Desert Storm
BOOKS099025I: PRICE, JOYCE & PRICE, DICK - Everybody's different
BOOKS102544I: PRICE, ALFRED - The Spitfire story
BOOKS102546I: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire: a documentary history
BOOKS104498I: PRICE, MARY - A modern geography of Wales
BOOKS146825I: PRICE, MARY & HAL - Castles of Cornwall
BOOKS240845I: PRICE, DENIS - The Normans in Gloucestershire and Bristol
BOOKS162630I: PRICE, ALFRED - The legendary Spitfire Mk.1/11 1939 - 41.
BOOKS202569I: PRICE, EVADNE - Her stolen life
BOOKS204819I: PRICE, ALFRED (DR) - Blitz on Britain
BOOKS157534I: PRICE, ROGER (ED) - 1848 in France
BOOKS120982I: PRICE, CRAWFURD - A Tangier visit,
BOOKS123333I: PRICE, ANTHONY - A new kind of war
BOOKS123336I: PRICE, ANTHONY - Other paths to glory
BOOKS123443I: PRICE, ANTHONY - For the good of the State
BOOKS086549I: PRICE, RICHARD - Your body heals itself
BOOKS124522I: PRICE, COLIN - Landscape economics
BOOKS225841I: PRICE A J - An angler's lines
BOOKS125433I: PRICE, CHARLES EDWIN - Haunted Tennessee
BOOKS125480I: PRICE, ANTHONY - Gundog training made easy
BOOKS151470I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Guide to the wines of Bordeaux
BOOKS128741I: PRICE, ANTHONY - A new kind of war
BOOKS242613I: PRICE, GRAHAM & GODWIN, TERRY - Price of Wales
BOOKS226192I: PRICE, ROBERT JOHN - Highland landforms
BOOKS192496I: PRICE, NANCY - Ta-Mera
BOOKS212825I: PRICE, N.P.STANLEY - Early Prehistoric settlement in Cyprus: a review and gazetteer of sites, c.6500-3000 B.C. (British archaeological reports)
BOOKS174237I: PRICE, NANCY - Tails and tales
BOOKS163912I: PRICE, JOHN - The cutlers tale
BOOKS154347I: PRICE, PAMELA VABDYKE - Eating and drinking in France today
BOOKS161757I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Enjoying wine - a taster's companion
BOOKS021455I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - The taste of wine
BOOKS189223I: PRICE, ANTHONY - Colonel Butler's wolf
BOOKS183050I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Guide to the wines of Champagne
BOOKS028177I: PRICE, ALAN / SYNGE, J.M. - Emerald Apex: a selection from J.M. Synge's studies of Irish people and places.
BOOKS180952I: PRICE, JOHN - An historical account of the City of Hereford
BOOKS236315I: PRICE, DOROTHEA - Market Deeping & Deeping St. James
BOOKS199334I: PRICE, A.C. - A history of Leeds Grammar School from its foundation to the end of 1918
BOOKS236151I: PRICE, ANTHONY - Soldier no more
BOOKS135920I: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane the unlucky
BOOKS224179I: PRICE, E. HOFFMANN - Ordeal by nitro: the collected adventures of Don Cragston
BOOKS200368I: PRICE, W. F. & UREN,J. - Laser Surveying
BOOKS243092I: PRICE, NANCY - Where the skies unfold
BOOKS114320I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Wines of the Graves
BOOKS177176I: PRICE, MERLIN - The Witch of Rollright
BOOKS155035I: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire: a documentary history
BOOKS143999I: PRICE, ROBERT J. - Highland landforms
BOOKS174977I: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYKE - Cooking with wine, spirits, beer and cider
BOOKS196224I: PRICE,NANCY - Tails and tales.
BOOKS158625I: PRICE, NANCY - A vagabond's way: haphazard wanderings on the fells
BOOKS171352I: PRICE, MARY & GLENDAY, NONITA - Reluctant revolutionaries: a century of head mistresses 1874-1974
BOOKS220168I: PRICE, ANTHONY - The eyes of the Fleet: a popular history of frigates and frigate captains, 1793-1815
BOOKS221365I: PRICE, NORMAN - The Derbyshire Dales
BOOKS242990I: PRICE, CAROL & MARLAND, DREW - Understanding the rescue dog: all you need to know about re-homing a dog with a past
BOOKS224464I: PRICE, JOHN - Postman's Park: G. F. Watt's memorial to heroic self-sacrifice
BOOKS238447I: PRICE, MARTIN (ED) - Dickens: a collection of critical essays
BOOKS235559I: PRICE, DENIS - The Normans in Gloucestershire and Bristol
BOOKS089658I: PRICE, COLIN - They came to a country
BOOKS221766I: PRICE, DR ALFRED & SPICK,MIKE - Great aircraft of WWII Handbook
BOOKS100264I: PRICHARD, MICHAEL - A sporting angler: places, people and happenings that form the 'stuff of fishing'.
BOOKS135218I: PRICHARD, JOHN A. - A history of Erith (4 volumes)
BOOKS110473I: PRICHARD, H A - Duty and Interest: an inaugural lecture, delivered before the University of Oxford on 29 October 1928
BOOKS192488I: PRICHARD, MICHAEL - Gone fishing
BOOKS165510I: PRICHARD, H. HESKETH - Hunting camps in wood and wilderness
BOOKS146421I: PRICKETT, R.J. - Treetops: story of a world famous hotel
BOOKS114432I: PRIDDEN, W. - Australia: its history and present condition containing an account both of the bush and of the colonies with their respective inhabitants
BOOKS056216I: PRIDE, KITTY - Bread is not enough
BOOKS116284I: PRIDEAUX, GARY D. - Psycholinguistics: the experimental study of language
BOOKS150905I: PRIDEAUX, HUMPHREY - Directions to churchwardens, also, Instructions for select vestries, overseers and constables to which is appended the new Poor Law Act
BOOKS165842I: PRIDEAUX, HUMPHREY - The Old and New Testament connected in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of Christ, vols.1-4
BOOKS065832I: PRIDHAM, C.H.B. - The charm of cricket past and present
BOOKS028329I: PRIDHAM, LLEWELLYN - The Dorset coastline, from a personal and photographic point of view
BOOKS234492I: PRIDHAM, HAROLD - Heard this one, Dad? Collected by H. Pridham
BOOKS212353I: PRIDHAM, LLEWELLYN - The Dorset coastline from a personal and photographic point of view
BOOKS150070I: PRIEST, ANTHONY - Tales of Wedge Meadow
BOOKS218803I: PRIEST, SIMON & GASS,MICHAEL A. - The effective leadership of adventure programming
BOOKS223770I: PRIEST, GRAHAM AND OTHERS - The Aristotelian Society: Proceedings 1985/6 new seties - vol.LXXXVI, unbound part II
BOOKS148423I: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - America: the changing nation
BOOKS151385I: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - The dilemmas of journalism
BOOKS008478I: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Something understood: an autobiography
BOOKS012469I: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Priestland: right and wrong
BOOKS239354I: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Theatre outlook
BOOKS156191I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The English comic characters
BOOKS115397I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The shapes of sleep: a topical tale
BOOKS228603I: PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - Charlie Parker
BOOKS205750I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. & HAMPDEN, JOHN - Charles Dickens & Enter Mr. Pickwick
BOOKS134151I: PRIESTLEY, HERMIA - Family fortunes
BOOKS029349I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Bright day
BOOKS114430I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Talking:
BOOKS055334I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The Doomsday men: an adventure
BOOKS238488I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Charles Dickens: a pictorial biography
BOOKS075975I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Different inside
BOOKS172619I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Salt is leaving
BOOKS008943I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Midnight on the desert: a chapter of autobiography
BOOKS120163I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The Good Companions
BOOKS115452I: PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - Charles Mingus: a critical biography
BOOKS118380I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Albert goes through
BOOKS180371I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Three men in new suits
BOOKS011404I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Three men in new suits
BOOKS237536I: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Victoria's heyday
BOOKS041397I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Sir Michael and Sir George
BOOKS148050I: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - The roundabout: a comedy in three acts
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BOOKS200136I: PRINCE, ROSE - The new English table: over 200 recipes that will not cost the earth
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BOOKS198374I: WESTWARD MODEL PRODUCTS - Westward model kits: catalogue
BOOKS242964I: NESTLE MILK PRODUCTS - Magic in the kitchen
BOOKS001977I: PROFFITT, NICHOLAS - The embassy house
BOOKS191947I: UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME - Green energy: biomass fuels and the environment
BOOKS224299I: UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME - Global mercury assessment 2013: sources, emissions, releases and environmental transport
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BOOKS102511I: WINCHCOMBE PROJECT - Winchcombe: our home - our heritage
BOOKS151520I: CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL CLASSICS PROJECT - Cambridge Latin course Unit IVA (4A)
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BOOKS082843I: PROKES, S.M. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Control of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces
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BOOKS167819I: PRONZINI, BILL - The vanished
BOOKS229113I: PRONZINI, BILL - Blowback
BOOKS128725I: PRONZINI, BILL - Snowbound
BOOKS181684I: PRONZINI, BILL - Scattershot
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BOOKS180013I: PROUD, JUDITH K. - Children and propaganda: il etait une fois...fiction and fairy tale in Vichy France
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BOOKS198471I: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Accordion crimes
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BOOKS126661I: PROUST, MARCEL - Remembrance of things past (3 volumes)
BOOKS222366I: PROUST,MARCEL - Time regained (Remembrance of things past, volume XII)
BOOKS130056I: PROUST, MARCEL - Cities of the plain, volumes One and Two
BOOKS175860I: PROUST, MARCEL - Jean Santeuil
BOOKS180113I: PROUST, MARCEL - Swann's Way, part two
BOOKS173540I: PROUT, GEOFFREY - Knowledge for yacht cruising: a handbook on simple coastwise navigation for the small cruising yacht
BOOKS208947I: PROUT, GEOFFREY - Knowledge for yacht cruising: a handbook on simple coastwise navigation for the small cruising yacht
BOOKS191716I: PROUT, GEOFFREY - Mystery Marsh
BOOKS103908I: PROUT, EBENEZER - Musical form
BOOKS221746I: PROUT, GEOFFREY - Mystery Marsh
BOOKS175365I: PROUT, DENTON & FEELY, FRED - 50 years hard
BOOKS155900I: PROWSE, KEITH - Keith Prowse' 11th song and dance album
BOOKS095114I: PROYSEN, ALF - Mrs Pepperpot's outing and other stories
BOOKS167975I: PROZESKY, O.P.M. - A field guide to the birds of Southern Africa
BOOKS225845I: PRUNET, ANTOINE - Ferrari: The road cars
BOOKS210266I: PRUNIERES, HENRY - A new history of music: the Middle Ages to Mozart
BOOKS239895I: PRYCE, WILL - Big Shed
BOOKS168117I: PRYCE-JONES, ALAN (ED) - The Pocket Poets: New voices
BOOKS214337I: PRYCE-JONES, ALAN - Prose literature, 1945-1950
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BOOKS093053I: PRYOR, FRANCIS - Farmers in prehistoric Britain
BOOKS170520I: PRYOR, ADEL - Tangled paths
BOOKS154366I: NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY - The foreman: a study of supervision in British industry
BOOKS239012I: PU YI, AISIN-GIORO - From Emperor to citizen: the autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi
BOOKS078167I: ROCKPORT PUBLISHERS - Designer posters
BOOKS121843I: STEIDL PUBLISHERS - Steidl Fall/Winter 08/09
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BOOKS221052I: PUCCINI, GIACOMO / PARENTI, MARIO (ED) - The Cloak / Il Tabarro: an opera in one act [complete opera for voice and piano]
BOOKS238390I: PUCKETT, ANDREW - Desolation Point
BOOKS063292I: PUCKETT, ANDREW - Shadows behind a screen
BOOKS069078I: PUCKETT, ANDREW - Bloodhound
BOOKS108456I: VON PUCKLER-MUSKAU, HERMANN - Reifebriefe aus Irland
BOOKS234436I: PUCKRIN, ARTHUR - Racing through life
BOOKS228707I: PUDDEFOOT, GEOFF - No sea too rough: the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Falklands War: the untold story
BOOKS166203I: PUDENZ, PHILIP & MESSMER, KARL - Windsurfing racing technique
BOOKS224757I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spring adventure
BOOKS170264I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The smallest room
BOOKS056308I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spandrels: poems and ballads
BOOKS166324I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spring adventure
BOOKS017261I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Hero of a summer's day
BOOKS050401I: PUDNEY, JOHN - World still there
BOOKS073581I: PUDNEY, JOHN (ED) - The book of leisure
BOOKS094999I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spring encounter
BOOKS103552I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Hero of a summer's day
BOOKS110600I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Hero of a summer's day
BOOKS124787I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Thin air
BOOKS173110I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Selected poems
BOOKS227123I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The Hartwarp explosion
BOOKS227751I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The Hartwarp circus (Reindeer books)
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BOOKS210367I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spring adventure
BOOKS106883I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The Hartwarp bakehouse
BOOKS199415I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The accomplice.
BOOKS210458I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spring adventure
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BOOKS190342I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Trespass in the sun
BOOKS197254I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Spill out
BOOKS192765I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The long time growing up: a romance
BOOKS194940I: PUDNEY, JOHN - The smallest room
BOOKS230742I: PUDNEY, JOHN - Ten summers: poems [1933 - 1945]
BOOKS161968I: PUGH, ARTHUR - Men of steel, by one of them: a chronicle of eighty-eight years of trade unionism in the British iron and steel industry
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BOOKS069760I: PUGH, P.D. GORDON - Heraldic China mementoes of the First World War
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BOOKS125543I: PUGH, PETER - A clear and simple vision
BOOKS235266I: PUGH, PETER - Rolls-Royce: the magic of a name: the first forty years of Britain's most prestigious company, 1904-1944
BOOKS153809I: PUGH, MARTIN - The making of modern British politics, 1867-1939
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BOOKS154624I: PUGH, R.K. (ED) - The letter-books of Samuel Wiberforce 1843-68
BOOKS157721I: PUGH, JOHN - Bromsgrove and the Housmans
BOOKS164929I: PUGH, PETER - Williamson Magor stuck to tea
BOOKS192797I: PUGH, D .L. & WATTS, D.C.V. - Athletics for women
BOOKS141857I: PUGIN, A.WELBY - An apology for the revival of Christian architecture in England
BOOKS240117I: PUGLIESE, PETER - Physiology of the skin II: an expanded scientific guide for the skin care professional
BOOKS105244I: PUIG-JONOY, JAUME (ED) - The public financing of pharmaceuticals: an economic approach
BOOKS019270I: PULBROOK, ERNEST C. - English country life and work: an account of some past aspects and present
BOOKS242952I: PULFORD, A.O. - World wide oddities
BOOKS184161I: PULITZER, RALPH - Over the front in an aeroplane, and scenes inside the French and Flemish trenches
BOOKS231740I: PULL, BOB - Child witches and trafficking. Safeguarding Black African children in the UK
BOOKS240704I: PULLAN, BRIAN - Rich and poor in Renaissance Venice: the social institutions of a Catholic state to 1620
BOOKS230221I: PULLAN, LEIGHTON - From Justinian to Luther, A.D. 518-1517
BOOKS000337I: PULLAR, PHILIPPA - Frank Harris
BOOKS128586I: PULLAR, PHILIPPA - Gilded butterflies
BOOKS222751I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - Janet must ride
BOOKS052412I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - A pony for sale
BOOKS134999I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - Horses at home & Friends must part
BOOKS231734I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - A pony for sale
BOOKS039408I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - Dear Pup: letters to a young dog
BOOKS055633I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, CHRISTINE - Bandits in the hills
BOOKS157148I: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA - Janet must ride
BOOKS052364I: PULLEN, GODREY F. - Jerry smashes through
BOOKS233614I: PULLEN, DORIS E. - Forest Hill
BOOKS100830I: PULLEN, H.W. - The fight at Dame Europa's school
BOOKS208697I: PULLEN, W.W.F. - The combustion of fuel, with special reference to smoke prevention
BOOKS125525I: PULLIN, JOHN (ED) - The innovative engineer: 125 years of The Engineer
BOOKS128959I: PULLING, NORAH T. - A quiet time for Molly
BOOKS009701I: PULLINGER, KATE - When the monster dies
BOOKS097480I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The scarecrow and his servant
BOOKS118883I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The amber spyglass (His Dark Materials III)
BOOKS103382I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Northern lights
BOOKS103383I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The amber spyglass
BOOKS010651I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Count Karlstein
BOOKS183307I: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The scarecrow and his servant
BOOKS022951I: VAN PULVEDYE, LEO - The Flemish drawings in the collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle
BOOKS056866I: PUNCH / DAVIS, WILLIAM (ED) - The Punch book of golf
BOOKS033459I: PUNCH - Punch or the London Charivari, Volume CCXI: July - December 1946
BOOKS240662I: PUNCH - The pick of 'Punch': an annual selection (1948)
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BOOKS143032I: QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR - On the art of writing
BOOKS014874I: QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR (SIR) - Paternity in Shakespeare
BOOKS002535I: QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR (SIR) - Studies in literature.
BOOKS145960I: QUILLER, PETER & DAVIS, COURTNEY - Merlin the Immortal
BOOKS198090I: QUILLER-COUCH, A.T. - Historical tales from Shakespeare
BOOKS185824I: QUILLER-COUCH, A.T. - The splendid spur
BOOKS210519I: QUILLER-COUCH, A.T. - The Westcotes, and, Tom Tiddler's Ground
BOOKS233981I: QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR - From a Cornish window
BOOKS211488I: QUILLER-COUCH, A. T. - Shorter stories
BOOKS023434I: QUILTERS' GUILD - 4th National Exhibition, 15-22 June 1991 at Bath: catalogue
BOOKS056393I: QUIN, TARELLA - Gum Tree Brownie and other faerie folk of the Never-Never
BOOKS154921I: QUIN, B.G. - The death-box
BOOKS139476I: QUINCY, JOSIAH - Essays on the soiling of cattle, illustrated from experience; and an address containing suggestions which may be useful to farmers
BOOKS237676I: QUINE, JOHN - Isle of Man
BOOKS210168I: QUINE, JOHN - York illustrated:.a literary, historical and scenic souvenir. .
BOOKS205545I: QUINE, DAVID A. - St. Kilda portraits
BOOKS144710I: QUINEY, ANTHONY - The English country town
BOOKS192905I: QUINEY, ANTHONY - House and home: a history of the small English house
BOOKS217031I: QUINEY, ANTHONY - Period houses: a guide to authentic archtectural features
BOOKS187304I: QUINLAN, DAVID - British sound films: the studio years, 1928-59
BOOKS218738I: QUINLAN, DAVID - Quinlan's illustrated directory of film comedy stars
BOOKS158976I: QUINLAN, P.M. H. & COMPTON, W.V. - Espanol Rapido
BOOKS232207I: O'QUINLIVAN, D. MICHAEL & FRANK, BENIS M - The Lauchheimer Trophy
BOOKS235896I: O'QUINLIVAN, MICHAEL - An annotated bibliography of the United States Marines in the Civil War
BOOKS236698I: QUINLIVAN, PATRICK & ROSE, PAUL - The Fenians in England, 1865-1872: a sense of insecurity
BOOKS202602I: QUINN,P. J. & CHERRY, R.J. (EDS) - Structural and dynamic properties of lipids and membranes
BOOKS158049I: QUINN, JAMES L. (ED) - IF: worlds of science fiction, vol.1, no.8
BOOKS140429I: QUINN, SHEILA (ED) - Nursing in the European Community
BOOKS070859I: QUINN, DENNIS J. (ED) - Peace support operations and the U.S. Military
BOOKS239820I: QUINN, BRADLEY - Textile designers at the cutting edge
BOOKS138453I: QUINN, ARTHUR - Broken shore: the Marin Peninsula in California history
BOOKS019667I: QUINN, JAMES L. (ED) - IF: Worlds of science fiction; Volume I, No I
BOOKS240460I: QUINN, DERRY - The fear of God
BOOKS167746I: QUINN, DERRY - The solstice man
BOOKS010715I: QUINN, DERRY - The fear of God
BOOKS127564I: QUINN, TOM - Tales of the old railwaymen
BOOKS158053I: QUINN, JAMES L. (ED) - If: worlds of science fiction, vol.1 , no.3
BOOKS158052I: QUINN, JAMES L. (ED) / BLISH, JAMES - If: worlds of science fiction, vol.1, no.4
BOOKS130860I: QUINNELL, A.J. - Snap shot
BOOKS206440I: QUINTESSENTIALLY - Quintessentially Reserve 2011: a handpicked collection of the best travel destinations
BOOKS127135I: QUINTON, ANN - The Ragusa theme
BOOKS004544I: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - Totally uninhibited: the life and wild times of Cher
BOOKS199520I: QUIRK, RANDOLPH & SMITH, ALBERT HUGH - The teaching of English. Papers by Randolph Quirk and others ...
BOOKS177593I: QUIROULE, PIERRE & WILLIAMS, RICHARD - The seventh Sexton Blake omnibus: The case of the Bismarck memoirs and The sniper
BOOKS152175I: QURESHI, SALEEM (ED) - Jinnah: the founder of Pakistan in the eyes of his contemporaries and his documentary records at Lincoln's Inn
BOOKS214109I: RØMER, MIKE - 9006 dage med Design / 9006 Days of Design. Rud Thygesen - Johnny Sörensen
BOOKS049974I: RAAB, LENA - Cooking with asparagus
BOOKS232185I: VAN RAALTE, CHARLES - Brownsea Island
BOOKS016984I: RABAN, JONATHAN - Foreign land
BOOKS138349I: RABAN, JONATHAN - For love and money
BOOKS060527I: RABAN, JONATHAN - Passage to Juneau: a sea and its meaning
BOOKS005757I: RABAN, JONATHAN - Arabia through the looking glass
BOOKS201290I: RABAN, JONATHAN - For love & money: writing, reading, travelling 1969-1987
BOOKS184922I: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old Glory: an American voyage
BOOKS243375I: RABBETTS, MIKE - A century awheel 1889-1989: a histrory of the De Laune Cycling Club
BOOKS224564I: RABE, PETER - Mission for vengeance
BOOKS054835I: RABE, JOHN / WICKERT, ERWIN (ED) - The good German of Nanking: the diaries of John Rabe
BOOKS160520I: RABE, JOHN - The good German of Nanking: the diaries of John Rabe
BOOKS147588I: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel, books I - V (in 3 volumes)
BOOKS186240I: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS. - The works of Francois Rabelais, volumes I - V
BOOKS181812I: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - The life of Gargantua and the heroic deeds of Pantagruel, volume one
BOOKS188337I: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel
BOOKS073990I: RABELAIS, FRANCIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel
BOOKS165650I: RABELAIS, FRANCIS - The works of Mr Francis Rabelais, in two volumes
BOOKS242194I: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - The heroic deeds of Gargantua and Pantagruel
BOOKS208387I: RABIER,BENJAMIN - Gideon in Africa (Picture Story Books)
BOOKS191456I: RABINOVICH, F.N. - Concretes with dispersed reinforcement
BOOKS166881I: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M. - Hasidism and the State of Israel
BOOKS192021I: RABOTEAU, ALBERT J. - Slave religion: the "invisible institution" in the Antebellum South
BOOKS121058I: RAC - 22nd Royal Automobile Club British Grand Prix , Saturday, 19th July, 1969, Silverstone: official programme
BOOKS222587I: RACE, STEVE - Musician at Large
BOOKS194993I: RACEFORM - Raceform Flat annual for 2000: all the 1999 returns
BOOKS194994I: RACEFORM - Raceform Flat annual for 2002: all the 2001 returns
BOOKS190311I: RACEFORM - Chaseform note-book 1987-88
BOOKS190369I: RACEFORM - Horses in training 1990
BOOKS190170I: RACEFORM - Horses in training 1994
BOOKS156773I: DE RACHEWILTZ, BORIS - An introduction to Egyptian art
BOOKS205363I: RACHILDE - La marquise de Sade : roman
BOOKS149416I: RACHMANINOFF, SERGEI - Six etudes-tableaux, opus 33 for the piano
BOOKS240197I: RACINE, J - Oeuvres dramatiques de J. Racine
BOOKS038709I: RACINE, JEAN / ROBERTS, WALTER - Confessions: unpublished sonnets
BOOKS185396I: RACINE, J - Athalie: tragedie en cinq actes, tiree de l'ecriture saint
BOOKS166595I: RACINE, JEAN - Chefs-d'oeuvre de J. Racine, tomes premier & second
BOOKS043072I: RACINE, JEAN / SISSON, C.H. (TRANS) - Britannicus / Phaedra / Athaliah
BOOKS185657I: RACINE, JEAN - Esther: tragedie tiree de l'ecriture sainte et en trois actes
BOOKS191655I: RACKHAM, H. - This way and that: being translations into and out of Greek and Latin verse and prose
BOOKS046807I: RACKHAM, ARTHUR - Mother Goose: the old nursery rhymes
BOOKS059179I: RACKHAM, ARTHUR - The Arthur Rackham fairy book: a book of old favourites with new illustrations
BOOKS060848I: RACKHAM, JOHN - The anything tree
BOOKS061154I: RACKHAM, BERNARD / VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Catalogue of the Herbert Allen collection of English porcelain
BOOKS077186I: RACKHAM, BERNARD / VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - A guide to the collections of stained glass

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