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BOOKS244975I: PATTERSON, HARRY - The Valhalla Exchange
BOOKS245466I: PATTERSON, A. TEMPLE - Portsmouth Nineteen-century literary figures
BOOKS229427I: PATTERSON, J.H. - The man-eaters of Tsavo and other East African adventures
BOOKS193376I: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Tibetan journey
BOOKS220970I: PATTERSON, G.D. - The tariff in the Australian Colonies 1856-1900
BOOKS254353I: PATTERSON, HARRY - Dillinger
BOOKS056070I: PATTERSON, SHEILA - Immigrants in industry
BOOKS244927I: PATTERSON, HARRY - The Valhalla Exchange
BOOKS251119I: PATTERSON, J.H - In the grip of the Nykia: further adventures In British East Africa
BOOKS208591I: PATTERSON, SAM H. ET AL. - World Bauxite resources
BOOKS230515I: PATTERSON, W - The game of Draughts: with the laws, advice to young players, analysis of games, games played throughout, &c., &c.
BOOKS253859I: PATTERSON, RHODES - ZYX: 26 poetic portraits
BOOKS040421I: PATTINSON, JAMES - Devil under the skin
BOOKS099309I: PATTINSON, JAMES - Soldier, sail north
BOOKS135554I: PATTINSON, JAMES - The angry island
BOOKS063950I: PATTINSON, JAMES - The no-risk operation
BOOKS201764I: PATTINSON, JAMES - Across the narrow seas
BOOKS204145I: PATTISON, ANGELA & CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Shoes: A century of style
BOOKS247231I: PATTON, ROBERT H. - Patriot pirates: the privateer war for freedom and fortune in the American Revolution
BOOKS137632I: PATTOU, ALBERT BRACE & VAUGHN, CLARENCE LEE - Furniture: furniture finishing, decoration and patching
BOOKS137197I: PATTULLO, NAN - Castles, houses and gardens of Scotland (Books I and II)
BOOKS231947I: PATTY, BUDGE. - Tennis my way
BOOKS000078I: PATURI, FELIX R. - Prehistoric heritage
BOOKS232888I: PATWARDHAN, PRABHA - Trees from two continents: a beginner's guyide to the plants in Holland Park, London and some areas of Melbourne, Australia
BOOKS202079I: PAUCHET, VICTOR - Practical surgery illustrated, volume one
BOOKS135738I: PAUL, LESLIE - The Bulgarian horse
BOOKS038910I: GALLICO.PAUL - Three stories
BOOKS046707I: PAUL, T. - Aunt Mildred's treasure or Repaid a thousand
BOOKS063207I: PAUL, W. NORMAN - Essex fonts and font covers (Norman to nineteenth century)
BOOKS031658I: PAUL, ALBERT - Hard work and no consideration: 51 years as a carpenter-joiner 1917-1968
BOOKS237460I: PAUL, BARBARA - Kill fee
BOOKS119121I: PAUL, TESSA - Tiles for a beautiful home
BOOKS226598I: JOHN PAUL (POPE) [WOJTYLA, KAROL] - Poezje - Poems
BOOKS233195I: PAUL, P.F.M. & OTHERS (EDS) - Synthetic fuels from coal: status of the technology
BOOKS122562I: ROSENFIELD. PAUL - Contemporary issues in financial reporting: a user-orientated approach
BOOKS165941I: PAUL, TESSA - The art of Louis Comfort Tiffany
BOOKS151283I: KEGAN PAUL C. (TRANSLATOR) - The thoughts of Blaise Pascal
BOOKS201896I: PAUL, HERBERT W. - Matthew Arnold
BOOKS193317I: PAUL, ROLAND W. - Vanishing London: a series of drawings illustrating some of the old houses, etc., in London and Westminster
BOOKS207714I: PAUL, EDEN & PAUL, CEDAR (TRANSLATORS) - A young girl's diary: prefaced with a letter by Sigmund Freud
BOOKS252721I: PAUL, CHRISTOPHER - Coventry Cathedral: a guide for young people
BOOKS213536I: PAUL, ELLIOT - The mysterious Mickey Finn, or, murder at the Cafe du Dome
BOOKS213538I: PAUL, ELLIOT - The black and the red: a Homer Evans mystery
BOOKS252240I: PAULI, HERTHA - The secret of Sarajevo: the story of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie
BOOKS164156I: PAULI, G.A. - Gleanings in Bee Culture; vol. 72, no. 3, March 1944
BOOKS106191I: PAULIN, TOM - Thomas Hardy: the poetry of perception
BOOKS212235I: PAULIN, TOM - Thomas Hardy: the poetry of perception
BOOKS118177I: PAULIN, TOM - The Hillsborough script: a dramatic satire
BOOKS062537I: PAULL, HENRY B. (MRS) - The lost half sovereign: a story
BOOKS248647I: PAULL, HENRY B. (MRS) - Oakfield lodge: a story
BOOKS220691I: PAULL, RAYMOND - Retreat from Kokoda
BOOKS248260I: PAULL-RIPLEY, M. A. - The flower of the grassmarket
BOOKS129121I: PAUMGARTNER, G. - Bile acid biology and iIts therapeutic implications: proceedings of the Falk symposium 141 (Xviii internationale bile acid meeting) held in Stockholm, Sweden, June 18 - 19, 2004 (Falk symposium)
BOOKS216406I: PAUSEBACK, MICHAEL - Richard Hamilton studies 1937-1977
BOOKS173093I: PAUST, GILBERT - Here's how to fly
BOOKS077238I: PAVAN-LANGSTON, DEBORAH AND DUNKEL, EDMUND C. - Handbook of ocular drug therapy and ocular side effects of systemic drugs
BOOKS225056I: PAVEL, THOMAS - The feud of language: a history of Structuralist thought
BOOKS145643I: PAVELLA, M. & MURTHY, P.G. - Transient stability of power systems: theory and practice
BOOKS245838I: PAVER, MICHELLE - Dark matter: a ghost story
BOOKS128920I: PAVESE, CESARE - The moon and the bonfire
BOOKS223590I: PAVIC, MILORAD - Dizionario dei Chazari
BOOKS248799I: PAVLENKO, ANETA & BLACKLEDGE, ADRIAN (EDITORS) - Negotiation of identities in multilingual contexts
BOOKS035133I: PAVORD, TONY AND FISHER, ROD - The equine veterinary manual
BOOKS216215I: PAWLAS, KARL RUDOLF - Deutsche Flugzeuge, 1914-1918: eine Dokumentation
BOOKS145569I: PAWLOWSKA, LUDMILA - Mixed techniques (acrylic, gouache,watercolors,Indian ink and pastels) on paper 1994-1997
BOOKS238650I: PAWLOWSKA, YOI - A year of strangers
BOOKS135170I: PAWSON, TONY - 100 years of the F.A.Cup: the official centenary history
BOOKS030392I: PAWSON, TONY - Runs and catches
BOOKS211018I: PAWSON, TONY - 100 years of the F.A.Cup: The official centenary history
BOOKS170781I: PAXSON, FREDERIC L - American democracy and the world war (3 volumes)
BOOKS170647I: PAXTON, JOHN (ED) - The statesman's year-book: statistical and historical annual of the states of the world for the year 1986-1987
BOOKS178556I: PAYEN-APPENZELLER, PASCAL - Images de Paris du moyen age a nos jours
BOOKS062277I: PAYNE, LAURENCE - The nose on my face
BOOKS038327I: PAYNE, ROBERT - Schweitzer: hero of Africa
BOOKS143009I: PAYNE, JOHN - Catalonia: portrait of a nation
BOOKS058459I: PAYNE, CHRISTINA AND CUTTS, PADDY - Creative techniques in animal photography
BOOKS001365I: PAYNE, ROBERT - General Marshall: a study in loyalties
BOOKS135097I: PAYNE, JOHN - The poetical works of John Payne (2 volumes)
BOOKS037632I: PAYNE, SELMA AND PAYNE, W.J.A. - Cooking with exotic fruit
BOOKS081252I: PAYNE, LAURENCE - Vienna blood
BOOKS083752I: PAYNE, GORDON A. - Surrey industrial archaeology: a field guide
BOOKS018813I: PAYNE, JOHN HOWARD - Indian justice: a Cherokee murder trial at Tahlequah in 1840
BOOKS118734I: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Holy sword: the story of Islam from Muhammad to the present
BOOKS147432I: PAYNE, EDWARD JOHN (ED) - Voyages of Drake & select narratives from the 'Principal Navigations' of Hakluyt
BOOKS246859I: PAYNE, DIANNE - The story of Bushey in the age of the steam train
BOOKS252585I: PAYNE, A.G - Cassell's shilling cookery
BOOKS058446I: PAYNE, STEPHEN - Across the dead line
BOOKS058447I: PAYNE, STEPHEN - Diamond 'H'
BOOKS124551I: PAYNE, SIMON D.W. (ED) - Medicine, sport and the law
BOOKS212079I: PAYNE, GORDON A. - Managing energy in commerce and industry
BOOKS248502I: PAYNE, A. G. (ED) - Cassell's shilling cookery
BOOKS214089I: PAYNE, CHARLES - the secret of Josiah Black
BOOKS191156I: PAYNE, RICHARD J. - Getting beyond race: the changing American culture
BOOKS233359I: PAYNE, JOHN C. - The marine electrical and electronics bible
BOOKS128345I: PAYNE, ROBERT - By me, William Shakespeare
BOOKS158908I: PAYNE, L.G.S.. - Air dates
BOOKS209618I: PAYNE, F AND OTHERS - Fire and explosion hazards: energy utilization
BOOKS015924I: PAYNE, JOHN - Nature and her lover
BOOKS194329I: PAYNE,ROBERT - The great Charlie
BOOKS202641I: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Great Charlie
BOOKS230869I: PAYNE, ROBERT - Journey to Persia
BOOKS204677I: PAYNE, L.G.S. - Air dates
BOOKS096207I: PAYNTER, BARBARA - The grass widow and her cow
BOOKS170505I: PAYNTER, EDDIE - Cricket all the way with Eddie Paynter as told to Alan Buckley
BOOKS242694I: PAYTON, PHILIP - Cornwall
BOOKS111533I: PAYTON, PHILIP - The making of modern Cornwall: historical experience and the persistence of "Difference"
BOOKS058628I: PAYTON, MARY AND PAYTON, GEOFFREY - The Observer's book of pottery and porcelain
BOOKS243844I: PAYTON, CHARLES - Days of a Knight: an octogenarian's medley of memories (Life, travel, sport, adventure)
BOOKS224997I: PAYTON, MARY & PAYTON, GEOFFREY - The Observer's book of pottery and porcelain
BOOKS253304I: PAYZANT, GEOFFREY - Glenn Gould: Music and mind
BOOKS101258I: PAZ, UZI AND OTHERS - Galilee flowers: thirty wild flowers / Fleurs de Galilee: trente fleurs de champs
BOOKS173934I: PAZARKAYA, YUKSEL - Sudturkei, Antalya
BOOKS208612I: PAZMAN, ANDREJ ET AL (EDS) - Probastat '06
BOOKS119724I: PEACE, RICHARD - Small group evangelism
BOOKS041310I: PEACEY, SETON - Crutch
BOOKS006369I: PEACEY, SETON - Crutch
BOOKS248337I: PEACEY, SETON - The Chronicle of Caroline Quellen, centenarian
BOOKS114079I: PEACH, CONSTANCE IRENE - 'O valiant heart '
BOOKS170102I: PEACH, LINDEN (ED) - Toni Morrison
BOOKS252907I: PEACH, L.DU GARDE - Cleopatra and ancient Egypt
BOOKS148363I: PEACH, R.E. - Historic houses in Bath and their associations, II
BOOKS202683I: DU GARDE PEACH.L. - The castles of England: Plays for stage and classroom, second series
BOOKS254040I: PEACHEY, COLIN G & PEARSON, GEORGE R - Slogan postmarks of the United Kingdom: 1974-75: an illustrated reference catalogue of slogan postmarks first issued or re-introduced in the UK during 1974-75
BOOKS193008I: PEACOCK, IAN - Airbrushing and spray painting manual
BOOKS185423I: PEACOCK, RONALD - The poet in the theatre
BOOKS188203I: PEACOCK, W. (ED) - Selected English essays
BOOKS197863I: PEACOCK (LADY) - The story of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth Duchess of Edinburgh
BOOKS166604I: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - The misfortunes of Elphin
BOOKS184340I: PEACOCK, W. (ED) - Selected English essays
BOOKS172097I: PEACOCK, W. (ED) - Selected English essays
BOOKS143058I: PEACOCK, JOHN - Lansimainen puku antiikista nykyaikaan
BOOKS036764I: PEACOCK, RONALD - The poet in the theatre
BOOKS190944I: PEACOCK, DAVID / MONTGOMERY, JOHN - David Peacock's Brighton sketchbook, described by John Montgomery
BOOKS193001I: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Nightmare Abbey and Crotchet Castle
BOOKS235853I: PEACOCK, PAUL - Keeping bees: a complete practical guide
BOOKS125033I: PEACOCK, ALAN - The enigmatic sailor
BOOKS241859I: PEACOCK, ALAN - The enigmatic sailor: memoirs of a seagoing intelligence officer
BOOKS151855I: PEACOCK, T.L. - The genius of the Thames, Palmyra and other poems
BOOKS161912I: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey
BOOKS222055I: PEACOCK, A.J. & JOY, DAVID - George Hudson of York
BOOKS131902I: PEACOCK, EDWARD (ED) - The Army Lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers, containing the names of the Officers in the Royal and Parliamentary Armies of 1642
BOOKS182285I: PEACOCK, LINDSAY T. - Mighty Hercules: the first four decades
BOOKS209257I: PEACOCKE, T,A.H. - Mountaineering
BOOKS028308I: PEACOCKE, MARGUERITE D. - A pictorial record of the Royal Family from the time of Victoria to the birth of H.R.H. Prince Charles of Edinburgh
BOOKS010340I: PEAK, STEVE - Troops in strikes: military intervention in industrial disputes
BOOKS069719I: PEAK, DAVID - The cotoneaster factor
BOOKS252788I: PEAK, STEVE - Fishermen of Hastings: 200 years of the Hastings fishing community
BOOKS249414I: PEAK, STEVE - Fishermen of Hastings: 200 years of the Hastings fishing community
BOOKS181075I: PEAKE, EDWIN H. - Parliament House: record of the proceedings and ceremonies in connection with the opening of the new Legislative Council Building
BOOKS252797I: PEAKE, MALCOLM & OTHERS - A natural course for golf
BOOKS057074I: PEAKE, STEPHEN - Transport in transition: lessons from the history of energy
BOOKS030760I: PEAKE, PAMELA - The complete book of soft dolls
BOOKS171826I: PEAKE, HAROLD & FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Hunters and artists
BOOKS138905I: PEAKE, MERVYN - Mister Pye
BOOKS036229I: PEAKE, NAOMI / PEPPER, M.C. (ED). - The teaching of housewifery
BOOKS247244I: PEAKE, HAROLD & FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Peasants & potters
BOOKS171828I: PEAKE, HAROLD & FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - Peasants and potters
BOOKS225646I: PEAKE, MERVYN - Selected poems
BOOKS169936I: PEAKE, FELICITY - Pure chance
BOOKS117858I: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus alone
BOOKS246983I: PEAKE, HAROLD & FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - The way of the sea
BOOKS214706I: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Groan
BOOKS225121I: PEAKE, HAROLD - The archeology of Berkshire
BOOKS214618I: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Groan
BOOKS214082I: PEAL, CHRISTOPHER ARTHUR - British pewter and britannia metal (Pleasure & Investment S.)
BOOKS254302I: PEARCE, W. T. & OTHERS - Bristol Football Club: Jubilee Book 1888-1938
BOOKS137010I: PEARCE, MARY E. - The two farms
BOOKS175484I: PEARCE, JAMES J. - Everybody's polo
BOOKS224833I: PEARCE, CAROL ANN - St. Kelvern's launches out
BOOKS232009I: PEARCE, ROBIN T. - Operation Wasservogel: the story of the South Buckham Farm bomber crash in Dorset and the final raid on Swansea
BOOKS003984I: PEARCE, CYRIL - Toys & models
BOOKS031187I: PEARCE, HILDA - The sky apple and other stories
BOOKS057690I: PEARCE, MARY E. - Apple tree lean down
BOOKS057693I: PEARCE, MARY E. - Seedtime and harvest
BOOKS058270I: PEARCE, MARY E. - The two farms
BOOKS253418I: PEARCE, ROBIN T. - Operation Wasservogel: The story of the South Buckham Farm Bomber crash in Dorset and the final raid on Swansea
BOOKS119250I: PEARCE, CUNLIFFE R. - The confident fly fisher
BOOKS058240I: PEARCE, MARY E. - Polsinney Harbour
BOOKS057644I: PEARCE, MARY E. - The two farms
BOOKS207681I: PEARCE, GILBERT LLEWELYN - The story of the Maori People
BOOKS233607I: PEARCE, TIM - Then and now: an anniversary celebration of Cheltenham College 1841-1991
BOOKS233748I: PEARCE, G.L. - The story of the Maori people
BOOKS124517I: PEARCE, FRED - Watershed: the water crisis in Britain
BOOKS160495I: PEARCE, THOMAS - The locomotive: its failures and remedies
BOOKS153189I: PEARCE-GERVIS, LESLIE - Complete poultry keeper and farmer
BOOKS241397I: PEARCE, EVELYN - A general textbook of nursing: a comprehensive guide
BOOKS088626I: PEARCE, A.H. - Porpoise Bay
BOOKS192132I: PEARCE, CHARLES E. - Sims Reeves: fifty years of music in England
BOOKS224795I: PEARCE,TIM - Then and now: an anniversary celebration of Cheltenham College 1841-1991
BOOKS008179I: PEARCE, CHARLES E - Sims Reeves: fifty years of music in England
BOOKS127172I: PEARCY, ARTHUR - Fifty glorious years: a pictorial celebration of the Douglas DC-3, 1935-85
BOOKS231844I: PEARL, RICHARD M - An introduction to the mineral kingdom
BOOKS254536I: PEARL, CORA - The memoirs of Cora Pearl: the erotic reminiscences of a flamboyant 19th century courtesan
BOOKS023873I: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - In the footsteps of Moses
BOOKS142623I: PEARLSTEIN, ELINOR - Asian art in the Art Institute of Chicago
BOOKS219424I: PEARMAN, HUGH - 61/11 BDP Continuous Collective
BOOKS234752I: PEARN, ALISON M. - A voyage round the world: Charles Darwin and the Beagle Collections in the University of Cambridge
BOOKS199201I: PEARN, B.R. - Burma Pamphlets No.1: Burma background
BOOKS247007I: PEARS, DAVID - Wittgenstein
BOOKS247127I: PEARS, DAVID F. - Bertrand Russell and the British tradition in philosophy
BOOKS018314I: PEARSALL, RONALD - Sherlock Holmes investigates the murder in Euston Square
BOOKS013272I: PEARSALL, RONALD - Tell me, pretty maiden: the Victorian and Edwardian nude
BOOKS222451I: PEARSALL, RONALD - The table-rappers
BOOKS170467I: PEARSALL, A.W.H. - North Irish channel services
BOOKS053579I: PEARSALL, RONALD - Tell me, pretty maiden: the Victorian and Edwardian nude
BOOKS139418I: PEARSALL, RONALD - Collecting mechanical antiques
BOOKS242834I: PEARSALL, DEREK - Arthurian Romance: a short introduction
BOOKS140922I: PEARSALL, RONALD - Collecting mechanical antiques
BOOKS251651I: PEARSALL, DEREK & SALTER, ELIZABETH - Landscapes and seasons of the Mediaeval World
BOOKS206815I: PEARSALL, W.H. - Mountains and moorlands (Collins New Naturalist Series)
BOOKS221278I: PEARSE,R.O. - Joseph Baynes - Pioneer
BOOKS237335I: PEARSE, CECILIA MARIA - The kitchen garden and the cook: an alphabetical guide to the cultivation of vegetables with recipes for cooking them
BOOKS179334I: PEARSE, MARK GUY - West Country songs
BOOKS225320I: PEARSE, FRANCIS ELING - Africa on the hilltops
BOOKS198210I: PEARSON, HUGH - Memorials of the church and parish of Sonning: reprinted from the parish magazine and revised together with a memoir of the writer by W.R.W Stephens
BOOKS138367I: PEARSON, MICHAEL - Pearson's canal comanion: Four Counties Ring
BOOKS250562I: PEARSON, LEONARD T, - Through the land of Babylonia: a fascinating tour in Bible lands
BOOKS050047I: PEARSON, HESKETH - Walter Scott: his life and personality
BOOKS179041I: PEARSON, HESKETH - Johnson and Boswell: the story of their lives
BOOKS000621I: PEARSON, JOHN - Facades: Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell
BOOKS232731I: PEARSON, C.ANDREW - Front-line hospital: the story of Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha, Nigeria
BOOKS190523I: PEARSON, EDWARD - The valley
BOOKS038403I: PEARSON, HESKETH - Dizzy: the life and nature of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
BOOKS063318I: PEARSON, JOHN - The profession of violence: the rise and fall of the Kray twins
BOOKS084336I: PEARSON, P. DAVID & IRAN-NEJAD, ASHGAR (EDS) - Review of research in education 1998: 23
BOOKS086402I: PEARSON, ROBERT - Asthma: management in primary care
BOOKS087941I: PEARSON, KEVIN - The character jug collectors handbook
BOOKS247957I: PEARSON, A.M. & DUTSON, T.R (EDS) - Advances in meat research: meat and poultry microbiology
BOOKS059584I: PEARSON, HESKETH AND KINGSMILL, HUGH - Talking of Dick Whittington
BOOKS191379I: PEARSON, HESKETH - The life of Oscar Wilde
BOOKS250570I: PEARSON, JOHN - The life of Ian Fleming
BOOKS241543I: PEARSON, HESKETH - Hesketh Pearson, by himself
BOOKS238528I: PEARSON, HESKETH - Conan Doyle: his life and art
BOOKS163355I: PEARSON, S. VERE - Men, medicine and myself
BOOKS124378I: PEARSON, JOHN - An exposition of the Creed, in two volumes
BOOKS002532I: PEARSON, EDMUND - Queer books.
BOOKS161574I: PEARSON, YOLANDA - Yolanda's kitchen: recipes with a flavour of Italy
BOOKS054169I: PEARSON, LYNN F. - Discovering famous graves
BOOKS171517I: PEARSON, EDNA - Two churches: two communties: St Peter's, Bromyard and St James's, Stanford Bishop, Bromyard parish registers (revised edition)
BOOKS108978I: PEARSON, TED - Evidence 1975-1989
BOOKS193848I: PEARSON, GEORGE R. - Special event postmarks of the United Kingdom
BOOKS171420I: PEARSON, VIDA - Women and power: gaining back control
BOOKS144460I: PEARSON, LYNN F. - Discovering famous graves
BOOKS236276I: PEARSON, OWEN - Albania in the Twentieth Century, a history, Volume II: Albania in occupation and war, 1939-45: 2
BOOKS190939I: PEARSON, IAN - Four wheels to a fortune
BOOKS224237I: PEARSON, EDMUND LESTER - The adventure of the lost manuscripts & one other
BOOKS021529I: PEARSON, MICHAEL - The store
BOOKS242501I: PEARSON, HESKETH - The whispering gallery: being leaves from a diplomat's diary
BOOKS252603I: PEARSON, SALLY & ASHWELL, MALCOLM - Professional floristry techniques
BOOKS004194I: PEARSON'S MAGAZINE - Pearson's magazine, Vol I, January to June 1896
BOOKS122489I: PEART-BINNS, JOHN S. - Eric Treacy
BOOKS230810I: PEASE, EDWARD R - The history of the Fabian Society
BOOKS227066I: PEASE, JOHN - The history of J. & H. McLaren of Leeds: steam & diesel engine makers
BOOKS245580I: PEAT, F. DAVID - The black-winged night: creativity in nature and mind
BOOKS060931I: PEATTIE, ANTONY (ED) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni
BOOKS189252I: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - Green laurels: the lives and achievments of the great naturalists.
BOOKS236437I: PEBERDY, DUNCAN - Out of control
BOOKS134561I: PEBERDY, DUNCAN - Out of control
BOOKS203792I: PEBERDY, PENNY - Beautiful bags: 18 designs for crocheted bags and purses
BOOKS246419I: PECHAR, PETER & OTHERS - Mitre shells from the Pacific and Indian Oceans
BOOKS052597I: PECK,M. SCOTT - Further along the road less travelled: the unending journey toward spiritual growth - the edited lectures.
BOOKS006195I: PECK, M. SCOTT - In search of stones: a pilgrimage of faith, reason, and discovery
BOOKS180820I: PECK, W.D. - Pig keeping
BOOKS231366I: PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - A day no pigs would die
BOOKS174454I: PECK, M. SCOTT - People of the lie: the hope for healing human evil
BOOKS245794I: PECK, DANNELE E. & PETERSON, JEFFREY M. (EDS) - Climate variability and water dependent sectors: impacts and potential adaptations
BOOKS213613I: PECKHAM, RICHARD - Murder in strange houses
BOOKS252939I: PECO - Peco Setrack 00/HO planbook
BOOKS179569I: PEDDIE, JOHN - The Roman war machine
BOOKS054287I: PEDDIE, JOHN - Invasion: the Roman invasion of Britain in the year AD43 and the events leading to the occupation of the West Country
BOOKS233840I: PEDDIE, JOHN - The Roman war machine
BOOKS185654I: PEDDIE, JOHN - The Roman war machine
BOOKS254139I: PEDELTY, MARK - War stories: the culture of foreign correspondents
BOOKS121682I: PEDERSEN, B. MARTIN (ED) - Graphis advertising annual 2001
BOOKS101830I: PEDERSEN, B. MARTIN (ED) - Graphis, Volume 43: No. 247, January/February 1987 - no.252, November/December 1987
BOOKS251240I: PEDICORD, HARRY WILLIAM - "By Their Majesties' Command": the House of Hanover at the London Theatres, 1714-1800
BOOKS214102I: PEDLER,MARGARET - The Barbarian lover
BOOKS060887I: PEDLER, MARGARET - The barbarian lover
BOOKS045515I: PEDLER, MARGARET - Kindled flame
BOOKS039023I: PEDLER, MARGARET - Not heaven itself
BOOKS058089I: PEDLER, FREDERICK - Main currents of West African history 1940-1978
BOOKS044865I: PEDLER, KIT - Mind over matter: a scientist's view of the paranormal
BOOKS059828I: PEDLER, MARGARET - The moon out of reach
BOOKS196875I: PEDLER, MARGARET - The moon out of reach
BOOKS222692I: PEDLER, MARGARET - Desert sand
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BOOKS035836I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Keep it crisp
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BOOKS132627I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Keep it crisp
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BOOKS255079I: PETERS, ELLIS - Black is the colour of my true love's heart
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BOOKS012551I: PETERSON, IVARS - Islands of truth
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BOOKS052347I: PETTIGREW, JANE - The festive table: celebrating the seasons with traditional recipes
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BOOKS029267I: PETTIT, JAYNE - A time to fight back
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BOOKS241472I: PETTIT, MORLEY - The wintering of bees in Ontario
BOOKS185375I: PETTITT, VICTOR & PETTITT, MARGARET - Len Deighton's continental dossier: a collection of cultural, culinary, historical, spooky, grim and preposterous fact
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BOOKS119207I: PETTITT, VICTOR AND PETTITT, MARGARET - Len Deighton's continental dossier
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BOOKS130157I: PETTMAN, GRACE - The house on the island
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BOOKS062084I: PETTY, THOMAS L. - Pulmonary diagnostic techniques
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BOOKS061125I: GIPSY PETULENGRO - Romany love
BOOKS209547I: PEUGEOT - Musee Peugeot: museum catalogue
BOOKS143627I: DE PEVERELLI, MARIA (ED) - Masterworks from the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
BOOKS019720I: PEVERILL, SUE - Make your own rugs: a guide to design and technique
BOOKS039487I: PEVERILL, SUE - The fabric decorator
BOOKS236537I: PEVITT, CHRISTINE - The man who would be King: the life of Philippe D'Orleans, Regent of France
BOOKS232013I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Pioneers of modern design from William Morris to Walter Gropius
BOOKS158553I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Pioneers of modern design: from William Morris to Walter Gropius
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BOOKS012740I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The sources of modern architecture and design
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BOOKS180054I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Essex
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BOOKS163259I: PEYER, RUDOLF - Abende mit Engelhardt: Geschichten
BOOKS166208I: "PEYO" - The Smurfette
BOOKS024384I: PEYRE, JOSEPH - The triumph of the bull
BOOKS240889I: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - Diplomatic conclusions
BOOKS002258I: PEYSER, JOAN - Boulez: composer, conductor, enigma
BOOKS188456I: PEYTON, K.M. - Skylark
BOOKS031745I: PEYTON, K.M. - Darkling
BOOKS009377I: PEYTON, RICHARD (ED) / FRANCIS, DICK - Deadly odds: crime and mystery stories of the turf
BOOKS058258I: PEYTON, K.M. - Skylark
BOOKS097348I: PEYTON, K.M. - Going home
BOOKS142217I: PEYTON, K.M. - The plan for Birdsmarsh
BOOKS190522I: PEYTON, K.M. - The hard way home
BOOKS143515I: PEYTON, R. WAGNER - The organ through the music of the service
BOOKS064612I: PEYTON, K.M. - The right-hand man
BOOKS033405I: PEYTON, K.M. - Flambards in summer
BOOKS238248I: PEYTON, HARRISON - Wildman: the fast and funny times of legendary top-fuel drag racer R.L. Peyton (a rebel with a cause)
BOOKS031512I: PEYTON, K.M. - Prove yourself a hero
BOOKS087099I: PEYTON, K.M. - The wild boy and Queen Moon
BOOKS124988I: PEZERIL, DANIEL - Rue Notre Dame
BOOKS129552I: PFEIFFER, ANDREW - Creating style
BOOKS208789I: PFEIFFER, JOHN - The changing universe: the story of the new astronomy
BOOKS216355I: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright: treasures of Taliesin: seventy-six unbuilt designs
BOOKS066163I: PFEIFFER, LEE & WORRALL, DAVE - The essential Bond: the authorized guide to the world of 007
BOOKS186053I: PFEIFFER, IDA - A visit to Iceland and the Scandinavian North
BOOKS147745I: PFISTER, OSKAR - Love in children and its aberrations: a book for parents and teachers
BOOKS100345I: PHAIR, E.M. - The history of the Tuckwell Theatre 1926-1998
BOOKS247938I: PHATAK, S.R. - A concise repertory of homeopathic medicines (arranged alphabetically)
BOOKS192844I: PHATHANOTHAI, SIRIN - The dragon's pearl
BOOKS036912I: PHATHANOTHAI, SIRIN - The dragon's pearl
BOOKS098997I: PHELAN, KIEREN & BRICE, MARTIN H. - Fast attack craft: the evolution of design and tactics
BOOKS196897I: PHELAN, JIM - Turf-fire tales
BOOKS066578I: PHELAN, JIM - Turf-fire tales
BOOKS251599I: PHELAN, WILLIAM - In place of inter-state retaliation: the European Union's rejection of WTO-style Trade sanctions and trade remedies
BOOKS040830I: PHELPS, G.H. (ED) - Living writers: being critical studies broadcast in the BBC Third Programme.
BOOKS061923I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just where we belong
BOOKS157012I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just around the corner
BOOKS217780I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just around the corner
BOOKS161607I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just around the corner (English country tales)
BOOKS099051I: PHIBBS, BRENDAN - The other side of time: a combat surgeon in World War II
BOOKS040994I: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHILATELY - The American Journal of Philately: Second series, Volume III
BOOKS040995I: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHILATELY. - The American Journal of Philately: Second series, Volume VI
BOOKS164395I: PHILBIN, J.H. - Parliamentary representation 1832, England and Wales
BOOKS200785I: PHILIP, ALEX J. - A Dickens dictionary: the characters and scenes of the novels and miscellaneous works alphabetically arranged
BOOKS189862I: PHILIP (PRINCE) - The environmental revolution: speeches on conservation 1962-1977
BOOKS189574I: PHILIP, GEORGE (ED) - Selfridge's handy atlas guide to the British Empire and foreign countries
BOOKS187170I: PHILIP, ALEX J. & GADD, LAURENCE W. - A Dickens dictionary
BOOKS226795I: PHILIP, JIM (ED) - The best of Granta 1889-1966
BOOKS182704I: PHILIP, NEIL (ED) - Between earth and sky: poetry and prose of English rural life and work between the Enclosures and the Great War
BOOKS254369I: PHILIP, MAGNUS - Kitchener: portrait of an imperialist
BOOKS099630I: PHILIPPS, RACHAEL - Stir-fry: simple and delicious easy-to-make recipes
BOOKS254848I: PHILIPPS, ROLAND E - The Patrol system
BOOKS181199I: PHILIPS, KATHERINE ('ORINDA') - Selected poems
BOOKS253843I: PHILIPS, ROGER & GRANT, SHEILA - Grasses, ferns, mosses and lichens of Great Britain and Ireland
BOOKS038113I: PHILIPS, JUDSON - A murder arranged
BOOKS126946I: PHILIPS, JUDSON - Murder clear, track fast
BOOKS246606I: PHILIPS, ALASTAIR - Rififi: French film guide
BOOKS156074I: PHILIPS, KEITH B. - Barossa Valley
BOOKS139771I: PHILIPSON, JOHN - Harness: as it has been, as it is, and as it should be
BOOKS086957I: PHILIPSON,JOHN (ED) - Archaeologia Aeliana or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, fifth series, volume VI
BOOKS237583I: PHILLIMORE, W.R.W. & ROSS, D.M. (EDS) - Somerset Parish registers: Marriages, vol.III
BOOKS237346I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) / BLAGG, THOS, M. (ED) - Somersetshire Parish Registers: Marriages, vol.XIV
BOOKS201998I: PHILLIMORE, CATHERINE MARY - Pictures from the early history of Venice. A.D. 403-1205
BOOKS237349I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. & HAYWARD, DOUGLAS LL. (EDS) - Somerset Parish Registers: Marriages, vol. II
BOOKS234143I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) - Gloucestershire Notes and Queries: an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to the history and antiquities of Gloucestershire, vol.VI, Part VI, number 66, April-June 1895
BOOKS234144I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) - Gloucestershire Notes and Queries: an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to the history and antiquities of Gloucestershire, vol.VI, Part V, number 65, Jan.-March 1895
BOOKS142570I: PHILLIP, ALBAN M. - The prison-breakers: a book of escapes from captivity
BOOKS003797I: B, PHILLIPE - The jockey
BOOKS049907I: PHILLIPPS, K.C. - The language of Thackeray
BOOKS186758I: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM & RAHV, WILLIAM (EDS) - Partisan Review, volume XIV, number 6, November-December 1947
BOOKS189002I: PHILLIPS, RACHEL - The poetic modes of Octavio Paz
BOOKS119613I: PHILLIPS, STANLEY - The stamps of Great Britain (1911-14)
BOOKS242323I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - The week-end problems book
BOOKS001187I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Spanish pimpernel
BOOKS231609I: PHILLIPS, JULIE - Ludlow in the Great War
BOOKS243759I: PHILLIPS, ADAM - The beast in the nursery
BOOKS045776I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Party games
BOOKS038415I: PHILLIPS, GORDON - Best foot forward: Chas. A Blatchford & Sons Ltd (artificial limb specialists) 1890-1990
BOOKS248236I: PHILLIPS, RUTH (ED) - Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 39, 1998
BOOKS211762I: PHILLIPS, SAM - Frieze London catalogue 2013
BOOKS006454I: PHILLIPS, CARYL - Higher ground
BOOKS083149I: PHILLIPS, ALASTAIR - My Uncle George: the respectful recollections of a backslider in a Highland manse
BOOKS247953I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - Fisheries research bulletin no.27: the nutrition of trout (Courtland Hatchery report no.32 for the year 1963)
BOOKS015823I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Dear Parrot: pertaining to the care, nurture & befriending of man's oldest pet
BOOKS029726I: PHILLIPS, SIMON AND AYRES, TONY - Original origami
BOOKS037256I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT (COMP). - Who wrote that?
BOOKS038189I: PHILLIPS, JULIA - You'll never eat lunch in this town again
BOOKS045471I: PHILLIPS, SUE - More than meets the eye: a new look at flower arranging
BOOKS049828I: PHILLIPS, JIM - Techniques of routing
BOOKS002996I: PHILLIPS, RANDAL - The house improved
BOOKS051681I: PHILLIPS, JIM AND PERKINS, JOHN - Modern routing techniques
BOOKS140073I: PHILLIPS, E. - Security for the householder: fitting locks and other devices
BOOKS135196I: PHILLIPS, MICHAEL & PELLA, JUDITH - The Stonewycke trilogy: The heather hills of Stonewycke; Flight from Stonewycke; The lady of Stonewycke
BOOKS070614I: PHILLIPS, CARYL - Crossing the river
BOOKS072997I: PHILLIPS, JIM AND PERKINS, JOHN - Modern routing techniques
BOOKS080098I: PHILLIPS, C. HENRY - The singing church: an outline history of the music sung by choir and people
BOOKS081260I: PHILLIPS, BARTY - Christopher Wray's guide to decorative lighting
BOOKS081865I: PHILLIPS, GRAHAM - The Moses legacy: in search of the origins of God
BOOKS082456I: PHILLIPS, ADAM - Houdini's box: on the arts of escape
BOOKS100437I: PHILLIPS, SUE - More than meets the eye: a new look at flower arranging
BOOKS173931I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The design of small gardens
BOOKS144068I: PHILLIPS, MARY E. - Tommy Tregennis
BOOKS052866I: PHILLIPS, ANNE - Divided loyalties: dilemmas of sex and class
BOOKS192009I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE (ED) - Reminiscences of Reading
BOOKS168815I: PHILLIPS, PATRICIA & PHILLIPS, JACK J. - The human resources scorecard: measuring the return on investment
BOOKS081298I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Cockleshell heroes
BOOKS175345I: PHILLIPS, ROGER & RIX,MARTYN - Perfect plants
BOOKS244803I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Brush up your Bridge
BOOKS247980I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - Fisheries Research Bulletin no.26: Courtland Hatchery report no.31 for the year 1962
BOOKS024793I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Cockleshell heroes
BOOKS212004I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT & WESTALL, B.C. - The complete book of card games
BOOKS196810I: PHILLIPS, PHILIP LEE - A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress with bibliographical notes; Volume III, Titles 3266-4087
BOOKS068046I: PHILLIPS, V.I. - From moors and windy hills
BOOKS111695I: PHILLIPS, LYNN DIANNE - Manual of I.V. therapeutics
BOOKS246559I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - Could you die a little louder? an actor remembers
BOOKS062968I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS AND BARBER, PETER N. - The Rothschild rhododendrons: a record of the gardens at Exbury
BOOKS238839I: PHILLIPS, ROBERT (ED) - Aspects of Alice: Lewis Carroll's dream child as seen through the critics' looking-glasses, 1865-1971
BOOKS125022I: PHILLIPS,JAYNE ANNE - Black tickets
BOOKS170432I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Phillips' Inland navigation
BOOKS243706I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT & REESE, TERENCE - The elements of contract
BOOKS198062I: PHILLIPS, ROBERT - Henley and its volunteer forces: the town at the time of the Napoleonic Wars
BOOKS153109I: PHILLIPS, PAMELA - The chestnut pony
BOOKS163591I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M. - Grand Canyon wildflowers
BOOKS175574I: PHILLIPS, ROGER & RIX, MARTYN - Traditional old roses
BOOKS120531I: PHILLIPS, CLAUDE - The picture gallery of Charles I
BOOKS204800I: PHILLIPS,JOHN - The rivers, mountains and sea-coast of Yorkshire, with essays on the climate, scenery, and ancient inhabitants of the county
BOOKS206956I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Profitable poker
BOOKS114655I: PHILLIPS, H.LAWRENCE - The detective's dilemma
BOOKS162073I: PHILLIPS, C.E.LUCAS - The vision splendid: the future of the Central African Federation
BOOKS201490I: PHILLIPS, TOM - The postcard century: 2000 cards and their messages
BOOKS240402I: PHILLIPS, MIKE - The late candidate
BOOKS127050I: PHILLIPS, T.J. - Woman in the dark
BOOKS127165I: PHILLIPS, DAVID GRAHAM - Susan Lenox: her fall and rise, volume I
BOOKS096803I: FAUDEL-PHILLIPS. H. - Breaking and schooling and other horse knowledge practised and proved
BOOKS088733I: PHILLIPS, JOHN MICHAEL - Simpkin and the tailor of Gloucester: a musical play
BOOKS171521I: PHILLIPS, JIM - Techniques of routing
BOOKS141062I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - The development of agriculture and forestry in the tropics: patterns, problems, and promise
BOOKS180273I: PHILLIPS, ROGER - Herbs and medicinal plants
BOOKS144429I: PHILLIPS, REGINALD JOHN - Bulldog to matador, 1915-80: an autobiography
BOOKS210243I: PHILLIPS,JOHN - The rivers, mountains and sea-coast of Yorkshire, with essays on the climate, scenery, and ancient inhabitants of the county
BOOKS170893I: PHILLIPS, HARLAN B - Felix Frankfurter reminisces: recorded in talks
BOOKS247962I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - The nutrition of trout: Cortland Hatchery report number 24 for the year 1955 (Fisheries Research Bulletin no.19)
BOOKS244821I: PHILLIPS, DAVID - Churches and cathedrals
BOOKS185875I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - Walk in the dark
BOOKS250959I: PHILLIPS, MIKE - Point of darkness
BOOKS228616I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE - Berkshire: a county history
BOOKS253987I: PHILLIPS, STANLEY - The splendid book of postage stamps
BOOKS253983I: PHILLIPS, J.R.S (ED) - The Justices of the Peace in Wales and Monmouthshire, 1514-1689
BOOKS076127I: PHILLIPS, DUNCAN (ED) / MUSIC MASTER - Music Master: Folk music of the British Isles catalogue
BOOKS236904I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - The empty cot

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