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BOOKS209547I: PEUGEOT - Musee Peugeot: museum catalogue
BOOKS143627I: DE PEVERELLI, MARIA (ED) - Masterworks from the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
BOOKS019720I: PEVERILL, SUE - Make your own rugs: a guide to design and technique
BOOKS039487I: PEVERILL, SUE - The fabric decorator
BOOKS236537I: PEVITT, CHRISTINE - The man who would be King: the life of Philippe D'Orleans, Regent of France
BOOKS158553I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Pioneers of modern design: from William Morris to Walter Gropius
BOOKS012740I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The sources of modern architecture and design
BOOKS181982I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Buckinghamshire
BOOKS143820I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Lancashire 2: the rural north
BOOKS143815I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Northumberland
BOOKS216555I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - South and West Somerset (The Buildings of England Series No. 14)
BOOKS142975I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Berkshire
BOOKS157540I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Studies in art, architecture and design: Victorian and after
BOOKS203601I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Suffolk
BOOKS142990I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Derbyshire
BOOKS176993I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Hertfordshire
BOOKS245627I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS & CHERRY, BRIDGET - London, volume One (The Buildings of England)
BOOKS180054I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The buildings of England: Essex
BOOKS260503I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS & RICHMOND, IAN - The buildings of England: Northumberland
BOOKS267833I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS & RADCLLIFFE, ENID - Essex (The Buildings of England)
BOOKS225857I: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Middlesex. The buildings of England. (BE 3)
BOOKS163259I: PEYER, RUDOLF - Abende mit Engelhardt: Geschichten
BOOKS166208I: "PEYO" - The Smurfette
BOOKS024384I: PEYRE, JOSEPH - The triumph of the bull
BOOKS002258I: PEYSER, JOAN - Boulez: composer, conductor, enigma
BOOKS188456I: PEYTON, K.M. - Skylark
BOOKS031745I: PEYTON, K.M. - Darkling
BOOKS009377I: PEYTON, RICHARD (ED) / FRANCIS, DICK - Deadly odds: crime and mystery stories of the turf
BOOKS058258I: PEYTON, K.M. - Skylark
BOOKS097348I: PEYTON, K.M. - Going home
BOOKS142217I: PEYTON, K.M. - The plan for Birdsmarsh
BOOKS143515I: PEYTON, R. WAGNER - The organ through the music of the service
BOOKS262578I: PEYTON-JONES, JULIA & OBRIST, HANS-ULRICH - Adrian Villar Rojas: Today we reboot the planet
BOOKS064612I: PEYTON, K.M. - The right-hand man
BOOKS033405I: PEYTON, K.M. - Flambards in summer
BOOKS238248I: PEYTON, HARRISON - Wildman: the fast and funny times of legendary top-fuel drag racer R.L. Peyton (a rebel with a cause)
BOOKS031512I: PEYTON, K.M. - Prove yourself a hero
BOOKS087099I: PEYTON, K.M. - The wild boy and Queen Moon
BOOKS266337I: PEYTON, K. M. - The edge of the cloud
BOOKS259598I: PEZARD, STEPHANIE & ANDERS, HOLGER (EDS) - Targeting ammunition: a primer
BOOKS124988I: PEZERIL, DANIEL - Rue Notre Dame
BOOKS129552I: PFEIFFER, ANDREW - Creating style
BOOKS208789I: PFEIFFER, JOHN - The changing universe: the story of the new astronomy
BOOKS216355I: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright: treasures of Taliesin: seventy-six unbuilt designs
BOOKS066163I: PFEIFFER, LEE & WORRALL, DAVE - The essential Bond: the authorized guide to the world of 007
BOOKS147745I: PFISTER, OSKAR - Love in children and its aberrations: a book for parents and teachers
BOOKS265582I: PFISTER, MARCUS - Der regenbogenfisch entdeckt die tiefsee
BOOKS100345I: PHAIR, E.M. - The history of the Tuckwell Theatre 1926-1998
BOOKS192844I: PHATHANOTHAI, SIRIN - The dragon's pearl
BOOKS036912I: PHATHANOTHAI, SIRIN - The dragon's pearl
BOOKS098997I: PHELAN, KIEREN & BRICE, MARTIN H. - Fast attack craft: the evolution of design and tactics
BOOKS066578I: PHELAN, JIM - Turf-fire tales
BOOKS268057I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - A Gloucestershire notebook
BOOKS258326I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Southwold to Aldeburgh in old photographs
BOOKS061923I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just where we belong
BOOKS217780I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just around the corner
BOOKS161607I: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Just around the corner (English country tales)
BOOKS099051I: PHIBBS, BRENDAN - The other side of time: a combat surgeon in World War II
BOOKS040994I: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHILATELY - The American Journal of Philately: Second series, Volume III
BOOKS040995I: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHILATELY. - The American Journal of Philately: Second series, Volume VI
BOOKS164395I: PHILBIN, J.H. - Parliamentary representation 1832, England and Wales
BOOKS200785I: PHILIP, ALEX J. - A Dickens dictionary: the characters and scenes of the novels and miscellaneous works alphabetically arranged
BOOKS189862I: PHILIP (PRINCE) - The environmental revolution: speeches on conservation 1962-1977
BOOKS189574I: PHILIP, GEORGE (ED) - Selfridge's handy atlas guide to the British Empire and foreign countries
BOOKS187170I: PHILIP, ALEX J. & GADD, LAURENCE W. - A Dickens dictionary
BOOKS226795I: PHILIP, JIM (ED) - The best of Granta 1889-1966
BOOKS263569I: PHILIP, GEORGE (ED) - Philip's Handy administrative atlas of England and Wales: a series of detailed county maps showing local government and parliamentary divisions.
BOOKS264488I: PHILIP, GEORGE (ED) - Philips' Record atlas: a series of 128 pages of coloured political maps of the world, embodying the changes resulting from various peace treaties
BOOKS182704I: PHILIP, NEIL (ED) - Between earth and sky: poetry and prose of English rural life and work between the Enclosures and the Great War
BOOKS262736I: PHILIP, PERCRY J. - France in defeat
BOOKS099630I: PHILIPPS, RACHAEL - Stir-fry: simple and delicious easy-to-make recipes
BOOKS254848I: PHILIPPS, ROLAND E - The Patrol system
BOOKS181199I: PHILIPS, KATHERINE ('ORINDA') - Selected poems
BOOKS038113I: PHILIPS, JUDSON - A murder arranged
BOOKS126946I: PHILIPS, JUDSON - Murder clear, track fast
BOOKS246606I: PHILIPS, ALASTAIR - Rififi: French film guide
BOOKS156074I: PHILIPS, KEITH B. - Barossa Valley
BOOKS139771I: PHILIPSON, JOHN - Harness: as it has been, as it is, and as it should be
BOOKS086957I: PHILIPSON,JOHN (ED) - Archaeologia Aeliana or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, fifth series, volume VI
BOOKS261498I: PHILLIMORE, W.R.W & BLAGG, THOMAS M (EDS) - Gloucestershire parish registers: marriages, volume XVII
BOOKS237583I: PHILLIMORE, W.R.W. & ROSS, D.M. (EDS) - Somerset Parish registers: Marriages, vol.III
BOOKS261125I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W (ED) - Gloucestershire parish registers: marriages, vol.XVI
BOOKS237346I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) / BLAGG, THOS, M. (ED) - Somersetshire Parish Registers: Marriages, vol.XIV
BOOKS261258I: PHILLIMORE, W. P. W. (ED) - Gloucestershire parish registers: marriages, vol. XIV
BOOKS201998I: PHILLIMORE, CATHERINE MARY - Pictures from the early history of Venice. A.D. 403-1205
BOOKS261343I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W (ED) - Gloucestershire parish registers: marriages, vol.XV
BOOKS237349I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. & HAYWARD, DOUGLAS LL. (EDS) - Somerset Parish Registers: Marriages, vol. II
BOOKS234143I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) - Gloucestershire Notes and Queries: an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to the history and antiquities of Gloucestershire, vol.VI, Part VI, number 66, April-June 1895
BOOKS234144I: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED) - Gloucestershire Notes and Queries: an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to the history and antiquities of Gloucestershire, vol.VI, Part V, number 65, Jan.-March 1895
BOOKS142570I: PHILLIP, ALBAN M. - The prison-breakers: a book of escapes from captivity
BOOKS003797I: B, PHILLIPE - The jockey
BOOKS049907I: PHILLIPPS, K.C. - The language of Thackeray
BOOKS260908I: PHILLIPS, E. G. - Functions of a complex variable
BOOKS244803I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Brush up your Bridge
BOOKS230588I: PHILLIPS, DEREK L. - Wittgenstein and scientific knowledge: a sociological perspective
BOOKS189002I: PHILLIPS, RACHEL - The poetic modes of Octavio Paz
BOOKS119613I: PHILLIPS, STANLEY - The stamps of Great Britain (1911-14)
BOOKS242323I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - The week-end problems book
BOOKS001187I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Spanish pimpernel
BOOKS231609I: PHILLIPS, JULIE - Ludlow in the Great War
BOOKS243759I: PHILLIPS, ADAM - The beast in the nursery
BOOKS045776I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Party games
BOOKS038415I: PHILLIPS, GORDON - Best foot forward: Chas. A Blatchford & Sons Ltd (artificial limb specialists) 1890-1990
BOOKS248236I: PHILLIPS, RUTH (ED) - Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 39, 1998
BOOKS211762I: PHILLIPS, SAM - Frieze London catalogue 2013
BOOKS006454I: PHILLIPS, CARYL - Higher ground
BOOKS083149I: PHILLIPS, ALASTAIR - My Uncle George: the respectful recollections of a backslider in a Highland manse
BOOKS247953I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - Fisheries research bulletin no.27: the nutrition of trout (Courtland Hatchery report no.32 for the year 1963)
BOOKS258886I: PHILLIPS, CHARLES - Aztec & Maya: the definitive chronicle of the ancient peoples of Central America & Mexico - including the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Mixtec, Toltec & Zapotec
BOOKS015823I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Dear Parrot: pertaining to the care, nurture & befriending of man's oldest pet
BOOKS029726I: PHILLIPS, SIMON AND AYRES, TONY - Original origami
BOOKS037256I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT (COMP). - Who wrote that?
BOOKS038189I: PHILLIPS, JULIA - You'll never eat lunch in this town again
BOOKS266462I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - The Sphinx problem book
BOOKS045471I: PHILLIPS, SUE - More than meets the eye: a new look at flower arranging
BOOKS049828I: PHILLIPS, JIM - Techniques of routing
BOOKS002996I: PHILLIPS, RANDAL - The house improved
BOOKS051681I: PHILLIPS, JIM AND PERKINS, JOHN - Modern routing techniques
BOOKS140073I: PHILLIPS, E. - Security for the householder: fitting locks and other devices
BOOKS135196I: PHILLIPS, MICHAEL & PELLA, JUDITH - The Stonewycke trilogy: The heather hills of Stonewycke; Flight from Stonewycke; The lady of Stonewycke
BOOKS070614I: PHILLIPS, CARYL - Crossing the river
BOOKS072997I: PHILLIPS, JIM AND PERKINS, JOHN - Modern routing techniques
BOOKS080098I: PHILLIPS, C. HENRY - The singing church: an outline history of the music sung by choir and people
BOOKS081260I: PHILLIPS, BARTY - Christopher Wray's guide to decorative lighting
BOOKS081865I: PHILLIPS, GRAHAM - The Moses legacy: in search of the origins of God
BOOKS082456I: PHILLIPS, ADAM - Houdini's box: on the arts of escape
BOOKS100437I: PHILLIPS, SUE - More than meets the eye: a new look at flower arranging
BOOKS144068I: PHILLIPS, MARY E. - Tommy Tregennis
BOOKS052866I: PHILLIPS, ANNE - Divided loyalties: dilemmas of sex and class
BOOKS168815I: PHILLIPS, PATRICIA & PHILLIPS, JACK J. - The human resources scorecard: measuring the return on investment
BOOKS081298I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Cockleshell heroes
BOOKS175345I: PHILLIPS, ROGER & RIX,MARTYN - Perfect plants
BOOKS247980I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - Fisheries Research Bulletin no.26: Courtland Hatchery report no.31 for the year 1962
BOOKS024793I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Cockleshell heroes
BOOKS212004I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT & WESTALL, B.C. - The complete book of card games
BOOKS196810I: PHILLIPS, PHILIP LEE - A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress with bibliographical notes; Volume III, Titles 3266-4087
BOOKS068046I: PHILLIPS, V.I. - From moors and windy hills
BOOKS111695I: PHILLIPS, LYNN DIANNE - Manual of I.V. therapeutics
BOOKS267108I: PHILLIPS, O. HOOD - Shakespeare and the lawyers
BOOKS246559I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - Could you die a little louder? an actor remembers
BOOKS238839I: PHILLIPS, ROBERT (ED) - Aspects of Alice: Lewis Carroll's dream child as seen through the critics' looking-glasses, 1865-1971
BOOKS125022I: PHILLIPS,JAYNE ANNE - Black tickets
BOOKS170432I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Phillips' Inland navigation
BOOKS243706I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT & REESE, TERENCE - The elements of contract
BOOKS153109I: PHILLIPS, PAMELA - The chestnut pony
BOOKS163591I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M. - Grand Canyon wildflowers
BOOKS262073I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Escape of the 'Amethyst'
BOOKS267711I: PHILLIPS, A. H.(ED) - Georgian scrapbook
BOOKS260494I: PHILLIPS, MORRIS - Abroad and at home: practical hints for tourists
BOOKS267665I: PHILLIPS, DAVID; & WILLIAMS, ALAN - Rural Britain: A social geography
BOOKS120531I: PHILLIPS, CLAUDE - The picture gallery of Charles I
BOOKS204800I: PHILLIPS,JOHN - The rivers, mountains and sea-coast of Yorkshire, with essays on the climate, scenery, and ancient inhabitants of the county
BOOKS206956I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Profitable poker
BOOKS114655I: PHILLIPS, H.LAWRENCE - The detective's dilemma
BOOKS228616I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE - Berkshire: a county history
BOOKS162073I: PHILLIPS, C.E.LUCAS - The vision splendid: the future of the Central African Federation
BOOKS201490I: PHILLIPS, TOM - The postcard century: 2000 cards and their messages
BOOKS240402I: PHILLIPS, MIKE - The late candidate
BOOKS127050I: PHILLIPS, T.J. - Woman in the dark
BOOKS127165I: PHILLIPS, DAVID GRAHAM - Susan Lenox: her fall and rise, volume I
BOOKS096803I: FAUDEL-PHILLIPS. H. - Breaking and schooling and other horse knowledge practised and proved
BOOKS088733I: PHILLIPS, JOHN MICHAEL - Simpkin and the tailor of Gloucester: a musical play
BOOKS255559I: PHILLIPS, PETER - The tragedy of Nazi Germany
BOOKS171521I: PHILLIPS, JIM - Techniques of routing
BOOKS141062I: PHILLIPS, JOHN - The development of agriculture and forestry in the tropics: patterns, problems, and promise
BOOKS180273I: PHILLIPS, ROGER - Herbs and medicinal plants
BOOKS144429I: PHILLIPS, REGINALD JOHN - Bulldog to matador, 1915-80: an autobiography
BOOKS210243I: PHILLIPS,JOHN - The rivers, mountains and sea-coast of Yorkshire, with essays on the climate, scenery, and ancient inhabitants of the county
BOOKS170893I: PHILLIPS, HARLAN B - Felix Frankfurter reminisces: recorded in talks
BOOKS247962I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - The nutrition of trout: Cortland Hatchery report number 24 for the year 1955 (Fisheries Research Bulletin no.19)
BOOKS244821I: PHILLIPS, DAVID - Churches and cathedrals
BOOKS185875I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - Walk in the dark
BOOKS263372I: PHILLIPS, DAVID H - Bristol Channel pilot cutters
BOOKS250959I: PHILLIPS, MIKE - Point of darkness
BOOKS253987I: PHILLIPS, STANLEY - The splendid book of postage stamps
BOOKS253983I: PHILLIPS, J.R.S (ED) - The Justices of the Peace in Wales and Monmouthshire, 1514-1689
BOOKS076127I: PHILLIPS, DUNCAN (ED) / MUSIC MASTER - Music Master: Folk music of the British Isles catalogue
BOOKS236904I: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - The empty cot
BOOKS158349I: PHILLIPS, E.W. - Fifteen months among the Kaffirs
BOOKS255067I: PHILLIPS, JAMES A - The case of the shivering chorus girls
BOOKS243467I: PHILLIPS, JOHN RICHARDSON - Remarkable cases of conversion and other experiences showing the value of faith in the Faithful Promiser: a study for the saved and the unsaved
BOOKS248003I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - Fisheries research bulletin no.24: Cortland Hatchery report no.29 for the year 1960
BOOKS167799I: PHILLIPS, JUDSON - Whisper town
BOOKS068201I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - The week-end problems book
BOOKS101937I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE - The story of Reading, including Caversham, Tilehurst, Calcot, Earley and Woodley
BOOKS216208I: PHILLIPS, MIKE - An image to die for
BOOKS248646I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M AND OTHERS - The nutrition of trout: Courtland Hatchery Report number 26 for the year 1957
BOOKS201904I: PHILLIPS - Leonard Smithers & The 1890's: the Booth collection of books published by Leonard Smithers, part II
BOOKS191125I: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Paolo & Francesca: a tragedy in four acts
BOOKS158606I: PHILLIPS - Modernism & Post-War design
BOOKS190776I: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS - Sailing yacht design
BOOKS266344I: PHILLIPS, THOMAS HAL - Kangaroo Hollow
BOOKS035820I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE - The story of Reading including Caversham, Tilehurst, Calcot, Earley and Woodley.
BOOKS163213I: PHILLIPS, STANLEY & RANG, C.P. - How to arrange and write-up a stamp collection
BOOKS086652I: PHILLIPS, DAPHNE (ED) - Reminiscences of Reading
BOOKS215456I: PHILLIPS, PATRICIA - The Middle Neolithic in Southern France: Chasseen farming and culture process
BOOKS247819I: PHILLIPS, ANDREW - Living law
BOOKS194949I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT & WESTALL, B.C. - The complete book of card games
BOOKS195932I: PHILLIPS, SIBYL - Glorious hope: women and evangelical religion in Kent and Northamptonshire, 1800-1850
BOOKS248478I: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR M & OTHERS - The nutrition of trout: Cortland Hatchery report number 28 for the year 1959
BOOKS103005I: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Spanish Pimpernel
BOOKS246766I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Party games
BOOKS213992I: PHILLIPS, EDWARD - Where there's a will
BOOKS244760I: PHILLIPS, HUBERT P - Bridge with Goren: fifty illustrative deals devised and analysed by Charles H. Goren
BOOKS086734I: PHILLIPSON, JOHN (ED) - Archaeologia Aeliana or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, fifth series,volume IV
BOOKS086736I: PHILLIPSON, JOHN (ED) - Archaeologia Aeliana or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, fifth series, volume III
BOOKS243570I: PHILLIPSON, JOHN - Ecological energetics
BOOKS044485I: PHILLOTT, H.W. (REV) - Diocesan histories: Hereford
BOOKS132016I: PHILLPOTT, H.R.S. - The Right Hon. J.H. Thomas (impressions of a remarkable career)
BOOKS009584I: PHILLPOTT, H.R.S. - The Right Hon. J.H. Thomas (impressions of a remarkable career)
BOOKS003258I: PHILLPOTT, PAT - The craft of embroidery
BOOKS247734I: PHILLPOTTS, BEATRICE - Fairy paintings
BOOKS183051I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The torch and other tales
BOOKS257378I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The human body and the war
BOOKS254190I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The human boy.
BOOKS193773I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Children of the mist
BOOKS111822I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Dark horses
BOOKS257492I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The end of Count Rollo and other stories
BOOKS265117I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Chorus of clowns
BOOKS194578I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The changeling
BOOKS262369I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Knock at a venture
BOOKS262375I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Once upon a time, a volume of stories
BOOKS193774I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The thief of virtue
BOOKS257741I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The fun of the fair
BOOKS193775I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The river
BOOKS112105I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Faith Tresilion
BOOKS128788I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - There was an old woman
BOOKS235689I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The torch and other tales
BOOKS192715I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The whirlwind
BOOKS265071I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The farmer's wife: a comedy in three acts
BOOKS247343I: PHILLPOTTS, BEATRICE - Fairy paintings
BOOKS212509I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - My Devon year
BOOKS155507I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - A hundred lyrics
BOOKS235123I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - It happened like that: A new volume of short stories
BOOKS260702I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - There was on old woman
BOOKS193772I: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Demeter's daughter
BOOKS237480I: PHILOMENE DE LOS REYES, MARIE (ED) - The New Year's Poetry Party at the Imperial Court: two decades in postwar years, 1960-1979
BOOKS171987I: PHILP, PETER - Furniture of the world
BOOKS047388I: PHILP, BRIAN - The excavation of the Roman forts of the Classis Britannica at Dover, 1970-1977
BOOKS256226I: PHILP, BRIAN - Excavations in West Kent, 1960-1970
BOOKS016038I: PHILPOT, JOSEPH CHARLES AND TIPTAFT, WILLIAM - The seceders (1829-1869): the story of a spiriitual awakening as told in the letters
BOOKS136685I: PHILPOT-CROWTHER, ETHEL - Reaping the harvest
BOOKS014777I: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - The real aviation enthusiast
BOOKS098223I: PHILPOTT, PETER - Textual possessions: three sequences
BOOKS219129I: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - World War II Photo album 2: German Bombers over England
BOOKS122787I: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - History of the German Air Force
BOOKS131762I: PHILPOTT, HENRY CHARLES - From Worcestershire to North Wales in a gig: a parson's journal 1835
BOOKS180233I: PHILPOTT, DON - The campfire cookbook: recipes for hungry campers and hikers
BOOKS121815I: PHILPOTTS, EDEN - A Cornish droll
BOOKS183504I: PHILPOTTS, EDEN - Knock at a venture
BOOKS261710I: PHIPP, MIKE - A history of Hurn Airport 1941 - 1991
BOOKS037941I: PHIPPS, SANDI - Calico Christmas cross-stitch
BOOKS199253I: PHIPPS, POWNOLL - Chalfont St Giles past and present
BOOKS264189I: PHLLIPS, E. G. - Functions of a complex variable, with applications
BOOKS030547I: THE PHOTOGRAM / WHITE, GLEESON - Photograms of '97
BOOKS176262I: ASSOCIATION OF PHOTOGRAPHERS - The AOP photographers awards book 2009
BOOKS200433I: MAGNUM PHOTOS - A Year in photography: Magnum archive
BOOKS191445I: PHRAILE, LORIMER - I am being poisoned
BOOKS201256I: PHTIAKA, HELEN - Special kids for special treatment? or How special do you need to be to find yourself in a special school?
BOOKS069575I: ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS - The nomenclature of disease
BOOKS220745I: ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS - Smoking and health: a report of the Royal College of Physicians of London on smoking in relation to cancer of the lung and other diseases
BOOKS256300I: PHYSICK, JOHN / VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Designs for English sculpture, 1680-1860
BOOKS125087I: PIA, NAURIN & MARTIN, HANSSON - A passionate affair: the story of Neeme Jarvi and Goteborgs Symfoniker - the National Orchestra of Sweden
BOOKS267203I: PIÈGE, JEAN-FRANçOIS & COLLECTIF - Grand livre de cuisine d'Alain Ducasse
BOOKS257054I: PIACENTINI, LAURA - Surviving Russian prisons: punishment, economy and politics in transition
BOOKS243245I: PIAGET, JEAN - Child's construction of reality
BOOKS264184I: PIAGGIO, H. T. H. - An elementary treatise on differential equations and their applications
BOOKS091040I: PIATGORSKY, ALEXANDER - Who's afraid of Freemasons? the phenomenon of Freemasonry
BOOKS209858I: PIAZZESI, ELISABETTA - Tuscan cookery
BOOKS217842I: PICA, AGNOLDOMENICO - Nuova architectura Italiana
BOOKS248053I: PICARD, JEAN- LOUIS. - Trains jouets Trains de collection, premiere vente (first sale) 3 Decembre 1993
BOOKS248033I: PICARD, JEAN-LOUIS - Trains jouets modeles de collection, deuxieme sale / Toys trains models, second sale
BOOKS261724I: PICARDIE, JUSTINE & WADE, DOROTHY - Atlantic and the Godfathers of Rock and Roll
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BOOKS133631I: PICKTHALL, BARRY - The ultimate challenge: single-handed round the world
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BOOKS203811I: PIGRAM, RON C. - Around the historic Chilterns
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BOOKS265511I: PIKO - Piko ... always on the right track!
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BOOKS158150I: PILATRE, EMMANUEL - Aventures et exploits en Montgolfières
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BOOKS252861I: PILBEAM, ALAN - The landscape of Gloucestershire
BOOKS149053I: PILBEAM, ALAN S. - The landscape of Gloucestershire
BOOKS216009I: PILCH, JOHN J. - The Triduum and Easter Sunday: breaking open the Scriptures (Cultural World of Jesus)
BOOKS241106I: PILCHER, JANE - Women of their time: generation, gender issues and feminism
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BOOKS254091I: PILGRIM, JANE - Postman Joe
BOOKS199129I: PILGRIM, DAVID - The grand design
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BOOKS034476I: PILKINGTON, ROGER - Small boat to Luxembourg
BOOKS252662I: PILKINGTON, ROGER - Small boat on the Moselle
BOOKS215838I: PILKINGTON, ROGER - Small boat down the years
BOOKS225593I: PILKINGTON, ROGER - Small boat to Bavaria
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BOOKS217822I: PILLA, GIORGIO - Contemporary fine Aboriginal art from Mornington Island Arts & Craft Centre
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BOOKS135236I: PILLER, NORMAN - Instead of the butler's apron
BOOKS088904I: PILLINER, SARAH - Care of the competition horse
BOOKS062212I: PILLINER, SARAH - Horse nutrition and feeding
BOOKS195675I: PILLING, ANN - On the lion's side
BOOKS073598I: PILLING, ANN - On the lion's side
BOOKS237847I: PILLING, ANN - On the lion's side
BOOKS176847I: "AN AIR PILOT" - Aircraft
BOOKS183321I: PILS, INGEBORG - Cooking for your dog
BOOKS099488I: PILTON, BARRY - The town with no twin
BOOKS223610I: PILTON, BARRY - One man and his log
BOOKS037459I: PIMLOTT, JOHN - Strategic bombing
BOOKS189512I: PIMM, ELLA G - Home-made chocolates
BOOKS259979I: DE LA TOUR DU PIN (LA MARQUISE) - Recollections of the Revolution and the Empire
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BOOKS000888I: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - A web of deception: the Spycatcher affair
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BOOKS036890I: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Contamination
BOOKS124909I: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Too secret too long
BOOKS133676I: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Sleep: how to get more of it
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BOOKS182556I: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Dirty tricks
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BOOKS263505I: PINDAR, PETER - The works of Peter Pindar, Esq. with a copious index to which is prefixed some account of his life, vol.II
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BOOKS188572I: PINE, L.G. - The Middle Sea: a tour of the Mediterranean
BOOKS192529I: PINE, L.G. - The story of titles
BOOKS013741I: PINE, L.G. (ED) - The author's & writer's who's who
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BOOKS009555I: PINFOLD, MIKE - Louis Armstrong: his life & times
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BOOKS080769I: PINION, F.B. - A Wordsworth chronology
BOOKS169921I: PINK, JOHN - Excise Officers and their duties in an English market town: Kingston upon Thames, 1643-1973
BOOKS123360I: PINKERTON, ALLAN - The rail-road forger and the detectives
BOOKS055674I: PINKERTON, THOMAS - Blizzard and another fantasy
BOOKS246971I: PINKHAM, RICHARD & DARLOW, STEVE - On wings of fortune: a bomber pilot's war from the Battle of Britain, to the air offfensive against Germany, bombing in North Africa, and accident investigation in the Far East
BOOKS152035I: PINKY - Burmese girls
BOOKS092968I: PINNELL (MISS) - Village heritage
BOOKS005150I: PINNELL (MISS) - Village heritage
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BOOKS059672I: PINNOCK, W.H. (REV) - An analysis of scripture history
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BOOKS153107I: PINTER, HAROLD - Various voices: prose, poetry, politics
BOOKS032830I: PINTER, HAROLD - Tea Party and other plays
BOOKS031513I: PINTO, EDWARD H. - The craftsman in wood
BOOKS206564I: PINTO, EDWARD H. - The craftsman in wood
BOOKS159556I: PINTO, EDWARD H. & PINTO, EVA - The care of woodwork in the home
BOOKS175907I: PINTO, EDWARD H. - The care of woodwork in the home: cleaning, de-worming, repair and surface maintenance of furniture and other movables as well as the protection and treatment of the timber of the structure
BOOKS133411I: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - Crisis in English poetry 1880 - 1940.
BOOKS069736I: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - Crisis in English poetry, 1880-1940
BOOKS251582I: PIODI, FRANCO - Towards a single parliament: the influence of the ECSC common assembly on the Treaty of Rome
BOOKS118854I: PIORO, TADEUSZ - Infinite neighbourhood
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BOOKS238717I: PIOTUKH, VOLHA - Biopolitics, governmentality and humanitarianism: 'Caring' for the population in Afghanistan and Belarus
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BOOKS147470I: PIPER, JOHN & BETJEMAN, JOHN - Poems in the porch.
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BOOKS181423I: PIPER, DAVID - The joy of art
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BOOKS255039I: PIPER, ANNE - Sweet and plenty, or Mother Goose
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BOOKS260872I: PIPES, L.A. - Operational methods in nonlinear mechanics
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BOOKS065119I: PIPSON, JOAN - Helping horse
BOOKS108495I: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Novelle per un anno: Scialle Nero
BOOKS108496I: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Maschere nude: La signora Morli una e due
BOOKS115610I: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - The naked truth and eleven other stories
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BOOKS108984I: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Maschere nude: Il berretto a sonagli; La giara; Il piacere dell'onesta
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BOOKS180093I: PIROUE, GEORGES - Proust's way. an essay in descriptive criticism
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BOOKS118425I: PIROVANO, CARLO (DIREZIONE EDITORIALE) - Europa moderna; la disgregazione dell'ancien regime
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BOOKS139650I: PIRTLE, KATHRYNE - Performance without pain: a step by step nutritional program for healing pain
BOOKS026747I: PISANO, BEVERLEY - Siberian Huskies
BOOKS167491I: PISCHEL GINA & LLOYD, NORMAN - The golden history of art & The golden encyclopedia of music; 2 vols
BOOKS140974I: PISPATI, PRAKASH K. (ED) - Manual of rheumatology
BOOKS230211I: PITAKDUMRONGKIT, KAEWKAMOL KAREN - Negotiating financial agreement in East Asia: Surviving the turbulence (Routledge Studies in the growth economies of Asia)
BOOKS200868I: PITCHER, BEN - Consuming race
BOOKS246250I: PITCHER, HARVEY - When Miss Emmie was in Russia: English governesses before, during and after the October Revolution
BOOKS243698I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The men behind the medals
BOOKS268099I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - Shot down and on the run: the RAF and Commonwealth aircrews who got home from behind enemy lines, 1940-1945
BOOKS236317I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The men behind the medals: actions of 21 aviators during World War Two
BOOKS268101I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The Sowreys: a unique and remarkable record of one family's Ssixty-five years of distinguished RAF service
BOOKS266831I: PITHER, TONY - Boeing 707, 727 and KC-135
BOOKS247739I: PITKINS - Princess Elizabeth's wedding day
BOOKS233233I: PITLUK, ADAM - Standing Eight: the inspiring story of Jesus "El Matador" Chavez, who became Lightweight Champion of the World
BOOKS173062I: PITMAN, ROY - A naturalist at home
BOOKS203957I: PITMAN, RICHARD - Good horses make good jockeys
BOOKS230154I: PITMAN, WALTER & RYAN, WILLIAM - Noah's Flood: the new scientific discoveries about the event that changed history
BOOKS159295I: PITMAN, IAN - And clouds flying: a book of wild fowl
BOOKS233683I: PITMAN, JENNY - On the edge
BOOKS165667I: PITMAN, ISAAC - The manual of phonography (being part I of Pitman's Shorthand Instructor'
BOOKS127220I: PITMAN, RICHARD - Good horses make good jockeys
BOOKS205941I: PITMAN, IAN - And clouds flying: a book of wild fowl
BOOKS183475I: PITMAN, EMMA RAYMOND - My governess life: or, using my one talent
BOOKS034108I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
BOOKS011683I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
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BOOKS072658I: PITT, FRANCES - Tiny, my terrier: being the story of Tiny and her friends, including Timothy the fox
BOOKS043885I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Journeys to the underworld
BOOKS083054I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - The tower of glass
BOOKS084821I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Sky ray lolly
BOOKS139518I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
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BOOKS267627I: PITT, W. - General view of the agriculture of the County of Worcester
BOOKS266074I: PITT RIVERS, AUGUSTUS HENRY LANE-FOX (LIEUT.GENERAL) - Address to the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland on the occasion of its visit to Dorchester, August 3, 1897
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BOOKS062976I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Private parts
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BOOKS191298I: PITT, WILLIAM - Orations on the French war
BOOKS209056I: PITTMAN, J. & BROWN, COLIN - The songs of Scotland: a collection of one hundred and ninety songs
BOOKS225879I: PITTOCK, JAMIE (ED) - Lessons for climate change adaptation from better management of rivers
BOOKS241979I: PITTS, TERENCE & HEITING, MANFRED & WESTON, EDWARD - Edward Weston (Photographic Study)
BOOKS247506I: PITTS, HUBERT - Robert Fitzhamon's new church: the founding of Tewkesbury Abbey
BOOKS095417I: PITTY, ALISTAIR F. - Introduction to geomorphology
BOOKS216698I: PIZER, N.H. - A survey of the soils of Berkshire.
BOOKS158931I: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - Field guide to the birds of Australia
BOOKS067923I: PIZZEY, ERIN - The watershed
BOOKS191304I: PIZZEY, ERIN - The wicked world of women
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BOOKS007522I: POLLOCK, DALE - Skywalking: the life and films of George Lucas
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BOOKS004317I: POLLOCK, J.C. - Moody without Sankey: a new biographical portrait
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BOOKS054546I: POLLOCK, MARY (ENID BLYTON) - Three boys and a circus
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BOOKS243278I: POLLOCK, N.C. - Africa
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BOOKS259728I: ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION - Biomass as a renewable energy source
BOOKS124449I: ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION - Agriculture and Pollution: 7th Report (Command 7644)
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BOOKS175306I: DE POLNAY, PETER - A door ajar
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BOOKS253147I: DE POLNAY, PETER - The fat of the land
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BOOKS049152I: BROWN & POLSON - Light fare recipes for corn flour, "Raisley" and custard powder cookery
BOOKS158000I: POLUNIN, NICHOLAS - Arctic unfolding: experiences and observations during a Canadian airborne expedition in Northern Ungava, the Northwest Territories, and the Arctic archipelago
BOOKS099132I: POLUNIN, OLEG - The concise flowers of Europe
BOOKS253706I: POLUNIN, OLEG & STAINTON, ADAM - Flowers of the Himalaya
BOOKS209371I: POLYBIUS / STRACHAN-DAVIDSON, JAMES LEIGH (ED) - Selections from Polybius.
BOOKS176637I: POMEROY, EARL - The Pacific slope: a history of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Nevada
BOOKS214569I: POMEROY,LAURENCE & WALKERLEY, RODNEY - The Motor year book 1952
BOOKS003083I: POMIAN, GEORGE - Eagle and tartan
BOOKS228960I: POMPEN, AURELIUS - The English versions of The Ship of Fools: a contribution to the history of the early French Renaissance in England
BOOKS229213I: CATALOGUE D'EXPOSITION CENTRE GEORGES POMPIDOU - Images et imaginaires d'architecture
BOOKS010713I: POND, THOMAS - Mending and restoring china
BOOKS229033I: POND, GRACE & DUNHILL, MARY - Cat shows and successful showing
BOOKS143234I: POND, ELIZABETH - Russia perceived: a Trans-Siberian journey
BOOKS033074I: POND, GRACE AND CALDER, MURIEL - The longhaired cat
BOOKS232499I: POND LIFE PROJECT / BOOTHBY, J (ED) - British pond landscapes: action for protection and enhancement : proceedings of the UK conference of the Pond Life Project held at University College, Chester 7th-9th 1997
BOOKS242052I: POND, CAROLINE M. - The fats of life
BOOKS169171I: POND, GRACE & CALDER, MURIEL - The longhaired cat
BOOKS009449I: PONDER, S.E.G. - A daughter of destiny
BOOKS262969I: PONDER, S.E.G - Seven Cantonments
BOOKS180512I: PONDER, SUSAN E. (ED) - The international who's who of contemporary achievement1984/85
BOOKS118210I: PONSONBY, MONTAGUE VERNON - The preposterous Yankee
BOOKS102840I: PONSONBY, FREDERICK (ED) - Letters of the Express Frederick
BOOKS201651I: PONSONBY, D.A. - Conquesta's caravan
BOOKS208627I: PONSONBY, D.A. - Bow window in Green Street
BOOKS257460I: PONT (GRAHAM LAIDLER) - Most of us are absurd
BOOKS009567I: DU PONT, SOPHIE / LOW, BETTY BRIGHT AND KINSLEY, JACQUELINE - A young lady in America: sketches, diaries & letters 1823-1833
BOOKS216443I: PONTING, K.G. (ED) - Textile history, 1968-70
BOOKS221710I: PONTING, IVAN & JONES, RICHARD - Bristol Rovers greats
BOOKS173867I: PONTING, IVAN - Liverpool: player by player
BOOKS142933I: PONTY, DENI - Intimate angel: paintings & drawings
BOOKS046771I: POOL, PHOEBE - Impressionism
BOOKS267039I: POOL, BERNARD (ED.) - The Crocker papers: 1808-1857.
BOOKS209121I: POOL, P.A.S. (ED) - Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, new series, volume VII, part 3, 1975/6 - volume IX, part 1, 1982 (7 issues)
BOOKS073923I: POOLE, MICHAEL - The captain of Stannards
BOOKS129764I: POOLE, KEITH B. - Britain's haunted heritage
BOOKS238870I: POOLE, E.H.LANE - Damerham and Martin: a study in local history
BOOKS147892I: POOLE, ERNEST - Giants gone: men who made Chicago
BOOKS150902I: POOLE, DAVID - Norfolk Coast sketches
BOOKS146276I: POOLE, MICHAEL - The Wagoner's Halt mystery
BOOKS031135I: POOLE, SHONA CRAWFORD - The new Times cook book
BOOKS033987I: POOLE, KEITH B. - Ghosts of Wessex
BOOKS202761I: POOLE, DAVID - Cambridge seven hundred
BOOKS044890I: POOLE, REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the history of medieval thought in the Departments of Theology and Ecclesiatical Politics
BOOKS045049I: POOLE, SHONA CRAWFORD - The sweets book: home-made sweets, chocolates and candies
BOOKS048666I: POOLE, AUSTIN LANE - Domesday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-1216
BOOKS007488I: POOLE, MICHAEL - Revolution at Redways: a school story
BOOKS052723I: POOLE, JOSEPHINE - When fishes flew
BOOKS145079I: POOLE, PHILIPPA - Of love and war: the letters and diaries of Captain Adrian Curlewis and his family 1939 - 1945
BOOKS107977I: POOLE, HELEN & FLECK, ALAN - Old Hitchin: portrait of an English market town from the camera of T.B. Latchmore and others
BOOKS192481I: POOLE, DAVID - Cambridge seven hundred
BOOKS260689I: POOLE, S.L - The ABC of London Transport railways, part 1
BOOKS138757I: POOLE, E.G. AND OTHERS - Geology of the country around Market Harborough
BOOKS045063I: POOLE, SHARON - Weston-Super-Mare: a pictorial history
BOOKS142641I: POOLE, SCOTT - The new Finnish architecture
BOOKS029428I: POOLE, KEITH B. - Britain's haunted heritage
BOOKS255051I: POOLE, JOSEPHINE - A dream in the house
BOOKS042213I: POOLE, JOSEPHINE - The Country Diary companion
BOOKS190313I: POOLE, CHRISTOPHER & BURHOLT, VALERIE (EDS) - Playfair Racing annual 1988
BOOKS258034I: POOLE, JOHN - Narrow boat venture
BOOKS180541I: POOLE, MICHAEL AND OTHERS - Chums Annual 1937-38
BOOKS195226I: POOLE, AUSTIN LANE - Obligations of society in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
BOOKS234082I: POOLE, BUZZ - Madonna of the Toast: adventures in secular iconography
BOOKS220768I: POOLE, DAVID - Norfolk coast sketches
BOOKS200076I: POOLE, MICHAEL - Browne's £50,000 mystery
BOOKS203862I: POOLE, MICHAEL - The wagoner's halt mystery
BOOKS259588I: POOLE, JOHN - Narrow boat venture
BOOKS048280I: POOLER, H.W. - My life in three counties
BOOKS225657I: POOLEY, ROBERT - Pooleys flight guide to the United Kingdom
BOOKS219648I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The winning edge: naval technology in action, 1939-1945
BOOKS038584I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The sea hunters: escort carriers v. U-boats, 1941-1945
BOOKS016412I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The winning edge: naval technology in action, 1939-1945
BOOKS018010I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The giant killers
BOOKS021163I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Guns off Cape Ann
BOOKS017985I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Zeppelins over England
BOOKS015742I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The Alabama incident
BOOKS001678I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Zeppelins over England
BOOKS267121I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Escort Carrier, 1941-45
BOOKS054826I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The giant killers
BOOKS159335I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Periscope depth: submarines at war
BOOKS197322I: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Focke-Wulf Condor: scourge of the Atlantic
BOOKS200463I: POON, KIT - The political future of Hong Kong: Democracy within communist China
BOOKS033900I: POORE, ALEX - Know your countryside: Hampshire
BOOKS054708I: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage
BOOKS205797I: POPE-HENNESSY,JAMES - The Houses of Parliament
BOOKS050120I: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage and the drum beat
BOOKS142273I: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Raphael: the Wrightsman lectures
BOOKS036481I: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage and the Saracens
BOOKS043992I: POPE, ALEXANDER - An epistle from Mr Pope to Dr Arbuthnot (1734)
BOOKS044263I: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Charles Dickens 1812-1870
BOOKS046960I: POPE, ALEXANDER / QUENNELL, PETER (ED) - The pleasures of Pope
BOOKS049801I: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Three English women in America
BOOKS244922I: POPE, DUDLEY - Convoy
BOOKS146727I: POPE, FRANCIS & OTIS, ARTHUR S - Elements of aeronautics
BOOKS256922I: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Paradiso: the illuminations to Dante's Divine Comedy by Giovanni Di Paolo
BOOKS059831I: POPE, NEIL (ED) - The coarse fisherman's companion
BOOKS255685I: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Essays on Italian sculpture
BOOKS121739I: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Three English women in America
BOOKS149561I: POPE, ALEXANDER - The poetical works of Alexander Pope [selected]
BOOKS154091I: POPE, ALEXANDER - The poetical works of Alexander Pope.
BOOKS247273I: POPE, JESSIE - My picture book of kittens
BOOKS027387I: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES - The Houses of Parliament
BOOKS028298I: POPE, NICK - Open skies, closed minds
BOOKS228374I: POPE, ALEXANDER / SWIFT, JONATHAN - Classics of the Enlightenment: Pope, Swift
BOOKS142268I: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Sienese quattrocento painting
BOOKS263135I: POPE, MICHAEL - Barrels of fun
BOOKS215639I: POPE, HUGH - Sons of the conquerors: The rise of the Turkic world
BOOKS240885I: POPE, ALEXANDER - Pope's Essay on criticism
BOOKS172408I: POPE, DUDLEY - The Battle of the River Plate
BOOKS258933I: POPE, IAN & OTHERS - An illustrated history of the Severn & Wye Railway, volume One: Forest of Dean
BOOKS230427I: POPESCU, NICU - EU foreign policy and Post-Soviet conflicts: Stealth intervention (Routledge Advances in European Politics)
BOOKS110188I: POPHAM, DAPHNE - First stage south: a history of the Armadale Kelmscott district, Western Australia
BOOKS232373I: POPHAM, FLORENCE - The housewives of Edenrise.
BOOKS135040I: POPHAM, A.E. (ED) - The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, compiled, introduced & annotated
BOOKS261578I: POPPE, GUIDO T & GOTO, YOSHIHIRO - European seashells, volume I (Polyplacophora, Caudifoveata, Solenogastra, Gastropoda)
BOOKS179357I: POPPER, KARL R - Alles Leben ist Problemlosen: uber Erkenntnis Geschichte und Politik
BOOKS245928I: POPPLEWELL, OLIVER - Benchmark: life, laughter and the law
BOOKS176215I: PORCELLI (BARON) - The white cockade: the lives and adventures of James Francis Edward Stuart and his sons "Bonnie Prince Charlie" and Cardinal York
BOOKS239287I: PORCELLINO, MICHAEL R - Through the telescope: a guide for the amateur astronomer
BOOKS168153I: PORCHER, JEAN - Chefs-d'oeuvre de l'enluminure Française du 15e Siècle.
BOOKS147307I: POREOUS, ANDREW - Dictionary of environmental science and technology
BOOKS123934I: PORGES, IRWIN - Edgar Rice Burroughs: the man who created Tarzan
BOOKS175429I: PORNAIN, E. - Termes nautiques (sea terms) Anglais-Francais: ouvrage adopte pour l'Ecole navale
BOOKS190783I: POROHOVSHIKOV, PIERRE S. - Shakespeare unmasked.
BOOKS254670I: PORPHYRIOS, DEMITRI (ED.) - Leon Krier: Houses, Palaces, Cities
BOOKS218334I: PORRET, D. - Les AS francais de la Grande Guerre
BOOKS215370I: PORRET, D. - Les "AS francais de la Grande Guerre
BOOKS054678I: PORRITT, JONATHON AND WINNER, DAVID - The coming of the Greens
BOOKS011612I: PORTCHMOUTH, JOHN - Creative crafts for today
BOOKS232313I: PORTE, JOHN F. - Sir Charles Stanford, Mus.Doc., M.A., D.C.L.
BOOKS026719I: DU PORTEAU (MME) - Petits recits
BOOKS162709I: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD P - The German Navy in World War II
BOOKS172112I: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD P. - Pictorial history of the German Navy in World War II
BOOKS111691I: PORTENOY, RUSSELL K. & BRUERA, EDUARDO (EDS) - Topics in palliative care, volume 4
BOOKS111692I: PORTENOY, RUSSELL K. & BRUERA, EDUARDO (EDS) - Topics in palliative care, volume 3
BOOKS227934I: PORTEOUS, ROGER & STOTT, JOHN - Twyford School: an illustrated history
BOOKS012830I: PORTEOUS, CRICHTON - The well-dressing guide
BOOKS051084I: PORTEOUS, CRICHTON - The well-dressing guide
BOOKS239874I: PORTEOUS, ALEXANDER - Forest folklore, mythology, and romance
BOOKS267566I: PORTEOUS, CRICHTON - Caves and Caverns of Peakland
BOOKS260602I: PORTER, LINDSEY - The Ecton copper mines under the Dukes of Devonshire, 1760-1790
BOOKS138903I: PORTER, J.R. - Jesus Christ
BOOKS231494I: PORTER, ROY - England in the Eighteenth Century
BOOKS060398I: PORTER, CECIL - Not without a chaperone: modes and manners from 1897-1914

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