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BOOKS141002I: NOFFKE, SUZANNE - Catherine of Siena: vision through a distant eye
BOOKS002075I: NOFI, ALBERT A. (ED) - Eyewitnesses to the Civil War, volume I: The opening guns: Fort Sumter to Bull Run, 1861
BOOKS242656I: NOGUCHI, ISAMU & FULLER, BUCKMINSTER (FOREWORD) - Isamu Noguchi: a sculptor's world
BOOKS167012I: NOHAIN, JEAN & CARADEC, F - Le Petomane,1857-1945: a tribute to the unique act which shook and shattered the Moulin Rouge
BOOKS213798I: NOLA, ROBERT & SANKEY, HOWARD - Theories of scientific method: an introduction
BOOKS017882I: NOLAN, CHRISTOPHER - Under the eye of the clock
BOOKS129605I: NOLAN, ALAN T. - The Iron Brigade: a military history
BOOKS223676I: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - 3 for space
BOOKS218662I: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. (ED) - A wilderness of stars
BOOKS034963I: NOLAN, CHRISTOPHER - Under the eye of the clock
BOOKS108597I: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - Dashiell Hammett: a casebook
BOOKS187433I: NOLAN, FREDERICK - The sound of their music: the story of Rodgers & Hammerstein
BOOKS108378I: NOLAN, ALBERT - God in South Africa: the challenge of the gospel
BOOKS188088I: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - Hammett: a life at the edge
BOOKS156945I: NOLAN, KENNETH J. - Mastering masonry: how to work with bricks, blolcks, concrete and stone
BOOKS224657I: NOLAN, WILLIAM F - Helle on wheels: a Nick Challis detective thriller
BOOKS055600I: NOLDE, EMIL - Graphik
BOOKS179114I: NOLDE, EMIL - Emil Nolde: watercolours from the Nolde Foundation, Seebull
BOOKS055332I: NOLL, AUGUSTUS - How to wire buildings: a manual on the art of interior wiring.
BOOKS158483I: NOLLAU, GUNTHER - International Communism and world revolution: history & methods
BOOKS192839I: NOLLING, CHRISTA & STEMPELL, KYRA - Make your own jewellery
BOOKS182323I: NOLT, STEVEN - A history of the Amish
BOOKS227015I: HAUSWELL & NOLTE - Moderne Kunst: Auktion 254, am 8 und 9 Juni 1984
BOOKS221292I: NOMAD, MAX - Political heretics
BOOKS226328I: NOMAD, ZIPPY - Wizzing round Britain; celebrating fellowship amid jam and Jerusalem
BOOKS243231I: NOMURA, YUSHI - Desert wisdom: sayings from the Desert fathers
BOOKS145196I: NOMURA, TARO (ED) - Art now 3: the expressive image of man
BOOKS008385I: NONIS, U - Mushrooms and toadstools: a colour field guide
BOOKS223463I: NOONE, JOHN - The man behind the iron mask
BOOKS157807I: NOONE, EDWINA - The Victorian crown
BOOKS174955I: NOONE, JOHN - The man behind the iron mask
BOOKS061937I: NOONE, JOHN - The man behind the iron mask
BOOKS242983I: VAN DE NOORT, ROBERT & ELLIS, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Wetland heritage of the Vale of York: an archaelogical survey
BOOKS217862I: NOOTEBOOM, CEES - Unbuilt Netherlands: visionary profects by Berlage, Oud, Duiker, Van den Broek, Van Eyck, Hertsberger and others
BOOKS241930I: NOPANY, NANDINI & LAL, P - The Bhagavata Purana; Book X, Volumes 1 and 2
BOOKS016457I: VAN NOPPEN, INA WOESTEMEYER AND VAN NOPPEN, JOHN J. - Western North Carolina since the Civil War
BOOKS177835I: NORA, ELIZABETH AND OTHERS - Netherlands now: L'ecole du Nord
BOOKS012145I: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME & TURNBULL, COLIN M. - Tibet: its history, religion and people
BOOKS013640I: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME & TURNBULL, COLIN - Tibet: its history, religion and people
BOOKS234831I: NORBURY, IAN - "Wood sculptures 88"
BOOKS182938I: NORBURY, IAN - Techniques of creative woodcarving
BOOKS165525I: NORBURY, IAN - Techniques of creative woodcarving
BOOKS014983I: NORBURY, JAMES - Counted thread embroidery on linens and canvas
BOOKS232682I: NORBYE, JAN P. - BMW: Bavaria's driving machines
BOOKS150414I: NORCOTT, KEITH T. - Chalk on my shoes: memoirs of a Chilterns childhood
BOOKS126682I: NORDEEN, LON - Fighters over Israel
BOOKS010499I: NORDEN, PETER - Madame Kitty
BOOKS037014I: NORDEN, DENIS - Coming to you live! Behind-the-screen memories of forties and fifties television.
BOOKS187157I: NORDEN, DENIS - Coming to you live! behind-the-screen memories of forties and fifties television
BOOKS228067I: NORDENFALK, CARL - Celtic and Anglo-Saxon painting: Book illumination in the British Isles, 600-800
BOOKS112347I: NORDENHOLT, GEORGE F. AND OTHERS - Handbook of mechanical design
BOOKS147961I: NORDHOLT, JAN WILLEM SCHULTE AND OTHERS - William & Mary and their House
BOOKS085960I: NORDLUND, WILLIS J. - The quest for a living wage: the history of the Federal Minimum Wage Program
BOOKS204331I: NORDON, PIERRE - Conan Doyle
BOOKS164745I: NORDSTROM, ELMER - A winning team: the story of Everett, Elmer & Lloyd Nordstrom
BOOKS076103I: NORFOLK, DONALD - Executive stress - strategies for survival
BOOKS065054I: NORLING, WINIFRED - St. Ann's on the anvil
BOOKS064323I: NORLING, WINIFRED - Petronella Pan
BOOKS116978I: NORLING, WINIFRED - Cousins at St.Kilda's
BOOKS126054I: NORLING, WINIFRED AND OTHERS - Schoolgirls album 1950
BOOKS169507I: NORLING, WINIFRED AND OTHERS - The splendid book for girls
BOOKS149920I: NORLING, WINIFRED AND OTHERS - The splendid book for girls
BOOKS149921I: NORLING, WINIFRED AND OTHERS - Leisure hour stories
BOOKS185000I: NORLING, WINIFRED AND OTHERS - The book for girls
BOOKS188758I: NORMAN, MARY - Doubtful path
BOOKS201577I: NORMAN, W.H. - Legends and folklore of Watchet
BOOKS158655I: NORMAN, JAMES - Juniper and the General
BOOKS024387I: NORMAN, DIANA - The stately ghosts of England
BOOKS012117I: NORMAN, JILL - Down to the pond
BOOKS025540I: NORMAN, BRUCE - Secret warfare: the battle of codes and ciphers
BOOKS032326I: NORMAN, PHILIP - Your walrus hurt the one you love
BOOKS029730I: NORMAN, CECILIA - Microwave menus
BOOKS045620I: NORMAN, URSEL - Breads and Salads
BOOKS046613I: NORMAN, BARBARA - The Spanish cookbook
BOOKS098638I: NORMAN, TERRY - The hell they called High Wood: the Somme 1916
BOOKS102244I: NORMAN, BRUCE - Footsteps: nine archaeological journeys of romance and discovery
BOOKS229778I: NORMAN, EDWARD R - Anti-Catholicism in Victorian England
BOOKS047427I: NORMAN, FRANK - Why fings went west
BOOKS011177I: NORMAN, BRUCE - Here's looking at you: the story of British television 1908-1939
BOOKS172967I: NORMAN, DAVID & TUCKER, VIC - Where to watch birds in Devon & Cornwall; including the Isles of Scilly & Lundy
BOOKS125828I: NORMAN, SYLVA (ED) - Contemporary essays 1933
BOOKS153688I: NORMAN, BARBARA - Glass engraving
BOOKS241179I: NORMAN, BRIAN - The influence of Switzerland on the life and writings of Edward Gibbon
BOOKS130889I: NORMAN, PHILIP - The road goes on forever: portraits from a journey through contemporary music
BOOKS133986I: NORMAN, BARBARA - Glass engraving
BOOKS130524I: TATTERSALL NORMAN - As I live and breathe: a singer's story
BOOKS189297I: NORMAN, CHARLES - Mr. Oddity: Samuel Johnson, LL.D
BOOKS200475I: NORMAN, E. - Odyssey of an unknown man.
BOOKS173546I: NORMAN, RICHARD - A year in Silverdale: observations of natural life in and around this Lancashire village
BOOKS128465I: NORMAN, BARRY - Barry Norman's book of cricket
BOOKS198033I: NORMAN, P. EDWARD - Sculpture in wood
BOOKS186567I: NORMAN, JAMES - The nightwalkers
BOOKS159224I: NORMAN, BARRY - The birddog tape
BOOKS137453I: NORMAN, GEORGE - The golden dagger
BOOKS173033I: NORMAN, DAVID & TUCKER, VIC - Where to watch birds in Devon & Cornwall;
BOOKS037453I: DE NORMANN, RODERICK - For Fuhrer and Fatherland: SS murder and mayhem in wartime Britain
BOOKS194746I: NORMANSELL, ANDREW - The man who would be king
BOOKS201094I: NORONHA, LIGIA & SUDARSHAN, ANANT (EDS) - India's energy security
BOOKS128464I: NORRIDGE, JULIAN - Can we have our balls back, please?: how the British invented sport (and then almost forgot how to play it)
BOOKS227692I: NORRIE, MAVIS & NORRIE, IAN (EDS) - The book of Hampstead,
BOOKS185833I: NORRIE, IAN (ED) - Writers and Hampstead: observations on the place and the people
BOOKS158298I: NORRIE, IAN - Next time round in the Dordogne
BOOKS142920I: NORRIS, JOHN - The Bristol and South Wales Union Railway
BOOKS204457I: NORRIS, PHYLLIS I. - The Harlands go hunting (Apex series)
BOOKS041747I: NORRIS, LESLIE - Mountains polecats pheasants
BOOKS055883I: NORRIS, PHYLLIS I. - The Harlands go hunting
BOOKS067820I: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - My best girl
BOOKS072460I: NORRIS, PHYLLIS I. - The Harlands go hunting
BOOKS183850I: NORRIS, FRANK - A deal in wheat and other stories of the new and old West
BOOKS204065I: NORRIS, JILL - The last handloom weavers, Paradise Mill, Macclesfield
BOOKS125110I: NORRIS, WILLIAM - Modern steam road wagons 1906
BOOKS008087I: NORRIS, KENNETH S. - The porpoise watcher
BOOKS001395I: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The lucky Lawrences
BOOKS237582I: NORRIS, HUGH & MAYO, CHARLES HERBERT (EDS) - Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset, vol.I
BOOKS183295I: NORRIS, JOHN - A collection of miscellanies: consisting of poems, essays, discourses and letters, occasionally written.
BOOKS147878I: NORSWORTHY, KENT & BARRY, TOM - Inside Honduras
BOOKS185273I: NORTH, RICHARD - The death of British agriculture: the wanton destruction of a key industry
BOOKS230735I: NORTH, SARAH - English country interiors: inside Cotswold homes
BOOKS034122I: NORTH, CHARLES - Out of the dog house
BOOKS047040I: NORTH, MAURICE - The secular priests
BOOKS058965I: NORTH, F.J. AND OTHERS - The New Naturalist: Snowdonia: the national park of Wales
BOOKS037643I: NORTH, PETER - Eagles high
BOOKS214898I: NORTH, MARIANNE - Recollections of a happy life, being the autobiographyof Marianne North, vol.II
BOOKS126247I: NORTH, JULIA - Against all the odds
BOOKS056194I: NORTH, ROBERT - Elenchus of Biblica 1993 (Elenchus of Biblical bibliography 9)
BOOKS166588I: NORTH, F.C., AND OTHERS - The new naturalist: Snowdonia, the national park of North Wales:
BOOKS126933I: NORTH, ANTHONY & HOGG, IAN V. - The book of guns & gunsmiths
BOOKS191507I: NORTH, F.J., AND OTHERS - Snowdonia: the national park of North Wales.
BOOKS137622I: NORTH, F.J. AND OTHERS - Snowdonia: the National Park of North Wales
BOOKS167242I: NORTH, F.J. - The New Naturalist: Snowdonia, the national park of North Wales
BOOKS238118I: NORTH, RICHARD D - Stuart Luke Gatherer (Albemarle Gallery Catalogue 2002.)
BOOKS005101I: NORTH, ESCOTT - The saga of the cowboy
BOOKS186332I: NORTH, F.J. & OTHERS - Snowdonia: the National Park of North Wales (New Naturalist)
BOOKS137194I: NORTH, MYLES AND SIMMS, ERIC - Witherby's sound-guide to British birds
BOOKS220111I: NORTH, CHRISTINE - Royal Institution of Cornwall Journals 1995 - 2004
BOOKS101997I: NORTH, RICHARD D. - Fur and freedom: in defence of the fur trade
BOOKS161385I: NORTH, RICHARD - The Ministry of defeat: the British war in Iraq 2003-2009
BOOKS242129I: NORTH, CHRISTINE (ED) - Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall New series II, volume I part 2, 1992 - New series II, volume II, part 1, 1994 (3 issues)
BOOKS148077I: NORTHAM, REGINALD - "Conservatism the only way"
BOOKS001415I: NORTHCLIFFE (LORD) - At the war
BOOKS117507I: NORTHCOTT, CECIL AND OTHERS - Eagle omnibus, number nine
BOOKS034282I: NORTHCOTT, C.H. - Personnel management: its scope and practice
BOOKS041111I: NORTHCROFT, L.G. & BARBER, W.M. - Steam trapping and air venting
BOOKS226636I: NORTHCROFT, L.G. & BARBER, W.M. - Steam trapping and air venting
BOOKS227698I: NORTHCUTT, STEPHEN - Networking intrusion detection: an analyst's handbook
BOOKS181625I: NORTHEAST, PETER - This venerable village: some notes on Blewbury
BOOKS060051I: NORTHEDGE, F.S. - The international political system
BOOKS127678I: NORTHEY, G.R. AND OTHERS - Aeroplane tales
BOOKS240441I: NORTHOVER, BEN - Exhibitionism
BOOKS120672I: NORTHRIDGE, WILLIAM LOVELL - Disorders of the emotional and spiritual life
BOOKS013327I: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and his loves
BOOKS009054I: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: the story of the British Airborne Forces
BOOKS018277I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers afield
BOOKS012568I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers afloat
BOOKS176069I: NORTON, P.H. - Handbook on book repairing
BOOKS038815I: NORTON, ANDRE - Star born
BOOKS151715I: HILL-NORTON (LORD) - Sea power
BOOKS045399I: NORTON, ANDRE - Steel magic
BOOKS063172I: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and his loves
BOOKS065469I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers afloat
BOOKS239392I: NORTON, PETER - Ships' figureheads
BOOKS086271I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers
BOOKS099283I: NORTON, JOHN - Old red sandstone fishes of South Shropshire
BOOKS114963I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers
BOOKS158459I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers aloft
BOOKS158455I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers afield
BOOKS180753I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers
BOOKS158458I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers afloat
BOOKS204598I: NORTON, ANDRE - The X factor
BOOKS191011I: NORTON, MARY BETH AND OTHERS - A people and a nation: a history of the United States, volume I: to 1877
BOOKS232884I: NORTON, CHRISTOPHER - The Microjazz Collection 1: Piano or keyboard
BOOKS029266I: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: the story of the British airborne forces
BOOKS129514I: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and his loves
BOOKS170596I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers aloft
BOOKS065464I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers aloft
BOOKS170593I: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers aloft
BOOKS223562I: NORTON, CHARLES A - Melville Davisson Post: man of many mysteries
BOOKS044070I: NORWAK, MARY - Freezer and fridge cookery
BOOKS025958I: NORWAK, MARY - The pie book
BOOKS044067I: NORWAK, MARY - Buying and cooking vegetables
BOOKS046168I: NORWAK, MARY - The complete book of home baking
BOOKS062838I: NORWAK, MARY - Breads, buns and yeastcakes
BOOKS124431I: NORWAK, MARY (ED) - The everyday cook book
BOOKS132189I: NORWAY, G. - Ralph Denham's adventures in Burma
BOOKS211786I: NORWAY, ARTHUR H. - Highways and byways in Devon and Cornwall
BOOKS216229I: NORWAY, ARTHUR - Highways and byways in Devon and Cornwall
BOOKS150265I: NORWAY, KATE - Waterfront Hospital
BOOKS212373I: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - The architecture of Southern England
BOOKS032825I: NORWICH (BISHOP OF) - Marriage
BOOKS133159I: NORWICH,JOHN JULIUS - Paradise of cities: nineteenth-century Venice seen through foreign eyes
BOOKS102334I: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Shakespeare's kings
BOOKS136914I: NORWOOD, BEV (ED) - The Open Championship 1988
BOOKS153741I: NORWOOD, CYRIL & HOPE, ARTHUR H. - The higher education of boys in England
BOOKS183468I: NORWOOD, GILBERT - Essays on Euripidean drama
BOOKS167038I: NORWOOD, WILLIAM - Traveller in a vanished landscape: the life and times of David Douglas
BOOKS160800I: NORWOOD, BEV (ED) - The Open Championship 1988
BOOKS238290I: NOSSOV, KONSTANTIN S - Indian Castles 1206-1526: the rise and fall of the Delhi Sultanate (Fortress)
BOOKS138507I: NOTCUTT, R.C. - A handbook of flowering trees and shrubs for gardeners
BOOKS234078I: NOTOVITCH, NICOLAS - The unknown life of Jesus: the original text of Nicolas Notovich's 1887 discovery
BOOKS094853I: NOTT, KATHLEEN - Elegies and other poems
BOOKS216785I: NOTTIDGE, W. R. AND OTHERS - Education in Kent during the five years 1933 to 1938
BOOKS224883I: CORPORATION OF NOTTINGHAM - Records of the Borough of Nottingham, being a series of extracts from the archives of the Corporation of Nottingham, Volume IX: 1836-1900
BOOKS242651I: NOTTINGHAM, PAMELA - The technique of bobbin lace
BOOKS205974I: CORPORATION OF NOTTINGHAM - Royal Charters granted to the Burgesses of Nottingham AD 1155-1712
BOOKS224910I: CORPORATION OF NOTTINGHAM - Records of the Borough of Nottingham, being a series of extracts from the archives of the Corporation of Nottingham, Vol. VII: 1760-1800
BOOKS224929I: CORPORATION OF NOTTINGHAM - Royal Charters granted to the Burgesses of Nottingham AD 1155-1712
BOOKS112440I: NOU, JEAN-LOUIS - Hindu temples
BOOKS200434I: NOURMAND, TONY - Gil Elvgren's Private Stock
BOOKS055330I: NOURSE, DUDLEY - Cricket in the blood
BOOKS143497I: NOVAK, BARBARA - Nature and culture: American landscape and painting, 1825-1875
BOOKS170975I: BANCA POPOLARE DI NOVARA - la moneta Italiana: Appendice
BOOKS022062I: NOVE, ALEC - Stalinism and after
BOOKS107716I: NOVE, ALEC - Stalinism and after
BOOKS150781I: NOVOTNY, FRITZ - Paul Cezanne
BOOKS176795I: NOVOUSPENSKY, N. - The Russian Museum: painting
BOOKS006775I: NOWARRA, HEINZ J (COMP) - The Focke-Wulf 190: a famous German fighter
BOOKS043976I: NOWELL, ROGER & MILLS, JEREMY - The skipper: a fisherman's tale
BOOKS045417I: NOWN, GRAHAM (ED) - Coronation Street: 25 years 1960-1985
BOOKS048000I: NOWN, GRAHAM - Elementary my dear Watson: Sherlock Holmes centenary: his life and times
BOOKS024764I: NOWN, GRAHAM - The green wellie guide
BOOKS013602I: NOWN, GRAHAM (ED) - Coronation Street: 25 Years 1960-1985
BOOKS227998I: NOWN, GRAHAM - Watching the detectives: Life and times of the Private Eye
BOOKS171466I: DE-LA-NOY, MICHAEL - The Church of England: a portrait
BOOKS144439I: DE-LA-NOY, MICHAEL - Elgar: the man
BOOKS241138I: NOY, ILSE - The art of the Weya Women
BOOKS089654I: NOYCE, WILFRID - South Col: one man's adventure on the ascent of Everest, 1953
BOOKS160669I: NOYCE, WILFRID - South Col: one man's adventure on the ascent of Everest, 1953
BOOKS034005I: NOYES, ALFRED - The opalescent parrot: essays
BOOKS066261I: NOYES, RALPH (ED) - The crop circle enigma: grounding the phenomenon in science, culture and metaphysics
BOOKS080540I: NOYES, BEPPIE - Mosby, the Kennedy Center cat
BOOKS156508I: NOYES, ALFRED - A salute from the Fleet and other poems
BOOKS224819I: NOYES, ALFRED - A salute from the fleet and other poems
BOOKS189468I: NOYES, ALFRED - The return of the scare-crow
BOOKS156590I: NOYES, ALFRED - Rada: a Belgian Christmas Eve
BOOKS198571I: NUGENT, ANDREW - The four courts murder
BOOKS131547I: NUGENT, THOMAS - Travels through Germany, containing observations on customs, manners, religion, government, commerce, arts, and antiquities, volume I
BOOKS141899I: NUGENT, MADELINE PECORA - Praying with Anthony of Padua
BOOKS135127I: NUNEZ, DOLORES - De caballos, guerreros y armaduras
BOOKS163508I: NUNLIST, HUGO - Spitsbergen: the story of the 1962 Swiss-Spitsbergen Expedition
BOOKS208130I: NUNN,P. J. & WOOLCOCK, O.J. - Borrowdale
BOOKS115857I: NUNN, H.P.V. - A short syntax of New Testament Greek
BOOKS050332I: NUNN, E. WESTBY - The house in Siemenstrasse
BOOKS166581I: NUNN, PAUL - Rock climbs in the Peak: the southern limestone area
BOOKS144615I: NUNN, J.W. - Royal Leamington Spa and district: official guidebook
BOOKS236798I: NUNNELEY, JOHN - Tales from the King's African Rifles: a last flourish of Empire
BOOKS038500I: TYBURN NUNS - Tyburn in war-time
BOOKS235350I: NUREYEV, RUDOLF - Nureyev: an autobiography with pictures
BOOKS194736I: NURGE, ETHEL - Life in a Leyte village
BOOKS155123I: NURSE, KEITH - Torments ancient and modern: an Anglo-Welsh experience
BOOKS156271I: NUSEIBEH, HASEM ZAKI - Palestine and the United Nations
BOOKS149979I: NUTLEY, STEPHEN D. - Transport appraisal & personal accessibility in rural Wales
BOOKS189145I: NUTMAN, P.S. & MOSSE, BARBARA (EDS) - Symbiotic sssociations: thirteenth symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
BOOKS239503I: NUTT, ALFRED - Celtic and Mediaeval Romance
BOOKS145397I: NUTT, A.R. - Toxic hazards of rubber chemicals
BOOKS233738I: NUTTALL, A.D. - A new mimesis: Shakespeare and the representation of reality
BOOKS222407I: NUTTALL, GEOFF - Who was Lord Conyers?
BOOKS239038I: NUTTALL, JEFF & CARMICHAEL, RODICK - Common factors / vulgar factions
BOOKS179778I: NUTTER, JOHN & JUDD, TONY (EDS) - The Bentley Drivers Club Review, nos.147 & 148, February & May 1983
BOOKS179396I: NUTTER, JOHN & JUDD, TONY (EDS) - The Bentley Drivers Club Review, nos.143-146, 1982 (4 issues)
BOOKS012519I: NUTTING, ANTHONY - Lawrence of Arabia: the man & the motive
BOOKS229203I: NWEPORT, O.WILLIAM & WHITNEY, J.T. - French Islands: a priced catalogue to the postal history of the Islands of the North and West Coasts of France
BOOKS143366I: NYAZAI, MAUREEN - The best days of their lives: a history of Busbridge School Godalming founded 1 March 1868
BOOKS035398I: NYE, SIMON - The best of Men Behaving Badly
BOOKS051287I: NYE, ROBERT - A collection of poems 1955-1988
BOOKS149149I: NYE, THELMA M. - An introduction to parish church architecture, AD 600-1965
BOOKS143212I: NYE, THELMA MARY - An introduction to parish church architecture, A.D. 600-1965
BOOKS204706I: NYE, DOUG AND OTHERS - Goodwood: year 2012
BOOKS096517I: NYSTEN, P. AND OTHERS - Dictionnaire de medecine. de chirurgie, de pharmacie, des sciences accessoires ed de l'art veterinaire
BOOKS156843I: OAKES, ALMA & HILL, MARGOT HAMILTON - Rural costume: its origin and development in Western Europe and the British Isles
BOOKS005178I: OAKES, PHILIP - Tony Hancock
BOOKS187982I: OAKES, DOUGIE (ED) - Illustrated history of South Africa: the real story
BOOKS233831I: OAKES, PHILIP - At the Jazz Band Ball: a memory of the 1950's
BOOKS137359I: OAKES, CLIFFORD - The birds of Lancashire
BOOKS074714I: OAKES, PHILLIP - Tony Hancock
BOOKS243378I: OAKES, LEIGH - Language and national identity: comparing France and Sweden
BOOKS017495I: OAKESHOTT, WALTER - The Queen and the poet
BOOKS095932I: OAKESHOTT, WALTER - Winchester College Library before 1750
BOOKS074555I: OAKLAND, JOHN S. - Total quality management
BOOKS238972I: OAKLEY, C.A. - The second city
BOOKS196516I: OAKLEY, GILBERT - Sex change and dress deviation
BOOKS192490I: OAKLEY, JOHN - Paintings of Canterbury 1840-1890
BOOKS239923I: OAKLEY, DEREK - Fiddler on the march: a biography of Lt.Col.Sir Vivian Dunn, KCVO OBE FRAM RM
BOOKS226469I: OAKLEY, JOHN - Reminscences of Winchcombe
BOOKS008457I: OAKLEY, KENNETH - Frameworks for dating fossil man
BOOKS165074I: OAKLEY, MICHAEL - Verses & versions
BOOKS218663I: OAKLEY, BARRY - Let's hear it for Prendergast
BOOKS181406I: OAKLEY, G.R. - The children's heritage: talks to the Church's children on the Church's faith
BOOKS202385I: OAKLEY, ANNE M. - Malling Abbey: a history ot celebrate nine hundred years 1090-1990
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BOOKS097803I: OLIVOVA, VERA - Sports and games in the ancient world
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BOOKS054019I: OLLARD, RICHARD - The image of the King: Charles I and Charles II
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BOOKS053091I: OMAN, CAROLA - Over the water
BOOKS053092I: OMAN, CAROLA - King Heart
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BOOKS024369I: OSBORNE, MABEL - Hors-d'oeuvres for Hay dieters: light luncheon and supper dishes
BOOKS031677I: OSBORNE, C.H.C AND OTHERS - A history of Rendcomb College
BOOKS047586I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - How to enjoy opera
BOOKS041592I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Luther
BOOKS047509I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - Rigoletto: a guide to the opera
BOOKS053672I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Watch it come down
BOOKS065655I: OSBORNE, CHARLES (ED) - The dictionary of composers
BOOKS068062I: OSBORNE, HELENA - The joker
BOOKS069332I: OSBORNE, DOROTHY / PARRY, EDWARD ABBOTT (ED) - Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple 1652-54
BOOKS077543I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The complete operas of Strauss
BOOKS187606I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The life and crimes of Agatha Christie
BOOKS091938I: OSBORNE, E. AND OTHERS - Church fasts and festivals: short papers for young children
BOOKS095664I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - Verdi: a life in the theatre
BOOKS100381I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - Verdi: a life in the theatre
BOOKS108831I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Inadmissible evidence
BOOKS108832I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Luther
BOOKS144179I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The complete operas of Wagner: a critical guide
BOOKS170714I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Radio head: up and down the dial of British radio
BOOKS005397I: OSBORNE, MILTON - River road to China: the Mekong River expedition 1866-73
BOOKS034763I: OSBORNE, CHARLES (ED) - Opera 66
BOOKS148033I: OSBORNE,CHARLES - Opera House album: a collection of turn-of-the-century postcards
BOOKS129430I: OSBORNE, IRENE - Mascot: the story of a Shetland pony
BOOKS132487I: OSBORNE, JOHN - Luther: a play
BOOKS050640I: OSBORNE, JOHN - A better class of person: an autobiography 1929-1956
BOOKS202077I: OSBORNE, PEGGY ANN - Fun buttons (with price guide)
BOOKS003612I: OSBORNE, PAUL - Pilgrimage: an artist's journey from Mount Athos to Tibet.
BOOKS038866I: OSBORNE, ROGER - The Deprat affair: ambition, revenge and deceit in French Indo-China
BOOKS144178I: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The complete operas of Verdi
BOOKS173269I: OSBORNE, ROY - Books on colour 1500-2000: 2,500 titles in English & other European languages
BOOKS139732I: OSBORNE, MAUREEN - Twice upon a time
BOOKS235381I: OSBORNE, BRIAN D. - The Ingenious Mr.Bell: a life of Henry Bell (1767-1830), pioneeer of steam navigation
BOOKS172467I: OSBORNE, PAUL - Pilgrimage: an artist's journey from Mount Athos to Tibet
BOOKS186983I: OSBORNE, DOROTHY - Trouble at Keemaha Falls
BOOKS187504I: OSBORNE, HELENA AND OTHERS - Woman's Own: fiction for leisure, vol.2, no.15, 1978
BOOKS156037I: OSBORNE, JOHN - A patriot for me and A sense of detachment
BOOKS224490I: OSBORNE-MARTIN, ERIN (ED) - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Volume 137 (2007)
BOOKS171275I: OSBORNE, JOHN - The entertainer: a play
BOOKS190300I: OSBORNE, ROGER - The Deprat affair: ambition, revenge and deceit in French Indo-China
BOOKS235095I: OSELLA, FILIPPO - Social mobility in Kerala: modernity and identity in conflict
BOOKS220726I: OSIPOV, G.V. (ED) - Industry and labour in the U.S.S.R
BOOKS143718I: OSLEAR, DON & BANNISTER, JACK - Tampering with cricket
BOOKS003808I: OSLER, DOROTHY - Machine patchwork: technique & design
BOOKS210991I: OSLER, WILLIAM - Aequanimitas: With other addresses to medical students, nurses and practitioners of medicine
BOOKS045466I: OSLER, DOROTHY - Machine patchwork: technique and design.
BOOKS209306I: DE OSMA, GUILLERMO - Mariano Fortuny: His life and work
BOOKS198843I: OSMAN, COLIN (ED) - The widowhood book: a complete guide to the best methods of racing pigeons on the widowhood system as described by the foremost experts in Britain, Belgium and U.S.A
BOOKS019488I: OSMAN, A.H. - Pigeons and how to keep them
BOOKS239494I: OSMAN, A.H. - Pigeons and how to keep them.
BOOKS021989I: OSMASTON, F.P.B. - The Paradise of Tintoretto: an essay
BOOKS232349I: OSMASTON, F.P.B. - A new presentation of Greek art and thought: the handwork of a Hellenist [Original transcripts with text from Hellenic drama, illuminated]
BOOKS006132I: OSMOND, JOHN AND GRAHAM, ANGELA - Alternatives: new approaches to health, education, energy, the family and the Aquarian age
BOOKS225460I: OSMOND, EDWARD - Animals of Britain, series 1
BOOKS188491I: OSMOND, ANDREW - Saladin!
BOOKS230829I: OSSENDOWSKI, F.A. - Lenin: God of the Godless
BOOKS140183I: OSSIAN - The poems of Ossian
BOOKS217129I: OSTBERG, RAGNAR - The Stockholm Town Hall
BOOKS163614I: VON DER OSTEN, GERT & VEY, HORST - Painting and sculpture in Germany and the Netherlands: 1500-1600
BOOKS167646I: OSTENFELD, C.H. & GRONTVED, JOHS. - The flora of Iceland and the Færoes,
BOOKS144539I: OSTER, MAGGIE - Japanese garden style: Eastern traditions in Western garden design
BOOKS144545I: OSTER, MAGGIE - Reflections of the spirit: Japanese gardens in America
BOOKS138649I: OSTICK. E. - The draper's encyclopaedia
BOOKS193825I: OSTLER, GEORGE - Little Oxford dictionary of current English
BOOKS230138I: OSTOJIC, MLADEN - Between justice and stability: the politics of war crimes prosecutions in post-Milosevic Serbia
BOOKS150448I: OSTRACH, SIMON & SCANLAN, ROBERT H. (EDS) - Developments in mechanics, volume 2, parts 1 and 2
BOOKS169028I: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - The neglected clue
BOOKS216107I: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - The black joker
BOOKS169029I: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - The clue in the air: a detective story
BOOKS220158I: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - Ashes to Ashes
BOOKS227061I: OSTROW, ALBERT A. - The bridge player's bedside companion
BOOKS219175I: OSTRUP, J - Tusen och en natt (Thousand and one nights)
BOOKS216432I: OSWALD, WERNER & WALTON, JEREMY - B.M.W.: the complete story from 1928
BOOKS190390I: OSWALD, IAN - Sleep
BOOKS197078I: OSWALD, FELIX - Alone in the sleeping-sickness country.
BOOKS185296I: SILKIN JOHN & OTHERS (EDS) - Stand Magazine, Autumn 1986
BOOKS179173I: HARDY THOMAS AND OTHERS - The English Illustrated Magazine, October 1883- September 1884;
BOOKS033631I: SAPPER AND OTHERS - My best detective story: an anthology of stories chosen by their own authors
BOOKS188791I: TAFFRAIL AND OTHERS - Navy Year Book and Diary 1955: Diamond Jubilee number
BOOKS151845I: DUERRING ERIK AND OTHERS - Leadership success in China: an expatriate's guide
BOOKS090111I: BERNERS (LORD) AND OTHERS - Lilliput October 1945: 100th issue.
BOOKS110156I: BARRETT. VERA AND OTHERS - A history of Melbury Abbas
BOOKS229716I: SAI ON CHEUNG AND OTHERS (EDS) - The soft power of construction contracting organisations
BOOKS113542I: JONES.LESLEY-ANN AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Sony Tape rock review
BOOKS216737I: MAKI & ASSOCIATES AND OTHERS (EDS) - Fumihiko Maki: buildings and projects
BOOKS209001I: BURGOYNE (GENERAL) AND OTHERS - The Heiress, & other plays
BOOKS188793I: BARTIMEUS AND OTHERS - The Navy Year Book and Diary 1954
BOOKS235904I: ANDRIOTES. N.P.& OTHERS - Macedonia past and present
BOOKS238743I: VANFRAECHEM. INGE AND OTHERS (EDS.) - Justice for victims: perspectives on rights, transition and reconciliation
BOOKS164910I: OLIPHANT (MRS) & OTHERS - The National Magazine; vol III
BOOKS127173I: SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIRE (EARL OF) AND OTHERS (EDS) - The encyclopaedia of sport (2 volumes)
BOOKS228673I: BELL A.R. AND OTHERS - Railway mechanical engineering: a practical treatise by engineering experts
BOOKS090523I: GARRAD A.D. AND OTHERS (EDS) - European Community Wind Energy Conference 1993: Proceedings of an International Conference held at Travemunde, Germany, 8-12 March 1993
BOOKS072400I: WILLIAMS. R.B. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Coelenterate biology: recent research on Cnidaria and Ctenophora
BOOKS188792I: BARTIMEUS AND OTHERS - The Navy Year Book and Diary 1953
BOOKS173956I: BROUGHAM (LORD) AND OTHERS - Old England's worthies: a gallery of portraits, from authentic copies, of the most eminent statesmen, lawyers, warriors, men of letters and science, and artists of our country, accompanied by full and original biographies
BOOKS159487I: SAPPER AND OTHERS - My best detective story: an anthology of stories chosen by their own authors
BOOKS161210I: TOKUGAWA NORIKO AND OTHERS - Legacy of the Tokugawa: the glories and treasures of the last samunrai dynasty
BOOKS177713I: ORCZY (BARONESS) AND OTHERS - The Story-Teller, volume 2
BOOKS183910I: WHITELOCK. DOROTHY AND OTHERS - The Norman Conquest: its setting and impact
BOOKS182054I: NG KING KANG AND OTHERS - Feel Singapore
BOOKS097689I: ALLEN E. AND OTHERS - The North-East engineers' strikes of 1871: the Nine Hours' League
BOOKS230255I: FISHER JANET & OTHERS - Bristol on old postcards: volume. 2
BOOKS216705I: OTHMAN ,NORANI AND OTHERS - Sharing the nation: faith, difference, power and the state 50 years after Merdeka
BOOKS061168I: OTIS, JAMES - Toby Tyler
BOOKS208045I: OTOROHANGA, W.B. - Where the white man treads
BOOKS030697I: OTT, EDWARD - Rochemerde: a year in the life of a Burgundian winegrower
BOOKS117684I: OTT, EDWARD - A tread of grapes: the autovinography of a wine lover
BOOKS117690I: OTT, SILVIA - Promenades des Anglais
BOOKS156260I: OTT, DAVID H. - Palestine in perspective: politics, human rights & the West Bank
BOOKS192605I: OTT, FRANK - Air power at sea in the Second World War
BOOKS220119I: OTTE, MARCEL (ED) - De la Loire a L'Oder: les civilisations du Paleolithique final dans le nord-ouest europeen
BOOKS220238I: OTTE, MARCEL (ED) - La significance culturelle des industries lithiques
BOOKS217062I: OTTEN, JOHN - Death of a light bulb
BOOKS193389I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - Gloucestershire countryside: access, exploration, walks, nature and local history
BOOKS030385I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - A Cotswold country diary
BOOKS150418I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - Square peg: memoirs of a misfit miner
BOOKS063960I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - Journey from darkness
BOOKS137178I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - Square peg: memoirs of a misfit miner
BOOKS163115I: OTTEWELL, GORDON - Square peg: memoirs of a misfit miner
BOOKS153023I: OTTLEY, GEORGE (COMP) - A bibliography of British railway history
BOOKS222811I: OTTO, CHARLES A. - A metallurgical study of German and Italian aircraft engine and airframe parts
BOOKS146711I: OTTO, BERTRAM - The world's largest model railway.
BOOKS229324I: OTTOLENGUI, R - Final proof, or the value of evidence
BOOKS120408I: OTWAY, THOMAS - The best plays of the old dramatists: Thomas Otway
BOOKS174334I: OTWAY, THOMAS - The Orphan, or, The unhappy marriage
BOOKS120530I: OTWELL, JOHN H. - Ground to stand on
BOOKS039079I: DEN-OUDEN, HANK AND CHANDLER, BILL - Streetscape design guide for South Australia
BOOKS131663I: DEN OUDEN, P. & BOOM, B.K. - Manual of cultivated conifers hardy in the cold- and warm-temperate zone
BOOKS172136I: DEN-OUDEN, HANK - Low-energy housing in South Australia: discussion paper, document 1
BOOKS117591I: VAN OUDENAREN, JOHN AND OTHERS - Adelphi Papers: Nuclear warfare and deterrence, Volume III
BOOKS201483I: OUELLETTE, WILLIAM - Fantasy postcards
BOOKS036136I: OUGHTON, FREDERICK - The complete manual of wood finishing

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