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BOOKS251406I: MUNCASTER, MARTIN - Wind in the oak: the life, work and philosophy of the marine and landscape artist Claude Muncaster
BOOKS226034I: MUNCH, EDVARD - Munch-Museet - Katalog 3 (1964)
BOOKS201798I: MUNDAIR, RAMAN - Lovers, liars, conjurers and thieves
BOOKS158873I: MUNDELL, FRANK - Stories of balloon adventure
BOOKS267685I: MUNDELL, FRANK - Stories of the coal mine
BOOKS160042I: MUNDEN, ALAN - A history of St Luke's Church, Cheltenham 1854 to 2004
BOOKS159731I: MUNDEN, ALAN - A history of St Luke's Church, Cheltenham 1854 to 2004
BOOKS246208I: MUNDEN, ALAN (EDITOR) - The religious census of Bristol and Gloucestershire, 1851
BOOKS262660I: MUNDEN, ALAN - Wearing the giant's armour: Edward Walker (1823-1872), the first rector of Cheltenham
BOOKS024244I: MUNDLE, C.W.K. - Game fishing:methods and memories
BOOKS119586I: MUNDY, PERCY D. (ED) - Memorials of old Sussex.
BOOKS039058I: MUNDY, TALBOT - Tros of Samothrace
BOOKS011555I: MUNDY, TALBOT - I say sunrise
BOOKS183907I: MUNDY, ANTHONY - Chruso-Thriambos: the triumphs of gold
BOOKS141678I: MUNDY, LINUS - Benedict and Bernard: seeking God alone--together
BOOKS172175I: MUNDY, TALBOT - Ramsden
BOOKS168498I: MUNDY, JENNIFER (ED) - Surrealism : Desire unbound
BOOKS218377I: MUNDY, TALBOT - When trails were new
BOOKS047868I: MUNFORD, TONY - Victorian Rotherham
BOOKS068131I: MUNGOSHI, CHARLES - The setting sun and the rolling world: selected stories
BOOKS197356I: MUNGOSHI, CHARLES - The setting sun and the rolling world
BOOKS140552I: MUNK, FRANK - The legacy of Nazism: the economic and social consequences of totalitarianism
BOOKS092675I: MUNNIK, G.G. - Major Greville, V.C.: a tale of the great Boer war
BOOKS174216I: MUNNINGS, A.J. - Pictures of horses and English life
BOOKS212178I: MUNNINGS, ALFRED - An artist's life
BOOKS214024I: MUNNINGS, A.J. - Pictures of horses and English life
BOOKS009663I: MUNRO, D.J. (ED) - Writings on British history 1946-1948
BOOKS040808I: MUNRO, NEIL - Doom Castle
BOOKS054552I: MUNRO, MICHAEL - The patter: a guide to current Glasgow usage
BOOKS058703I: MUNRO, R.W. - Scotland: land of kin and clan
BOOKS071601I: MUNRO, NEIL - The looker-on
BOOKS078900I: MUNRO, KIRK - The white conquerors: a tale of Toltec and Aztec
BOOKS135498I: MUNRO, MICHAEL - The patter: a guide to current Glasgow usage
BOOKS105264I: MUNRO, H.H. ("SAKI") - Beasts and super beasts
BOOKS032085I: MUNRO, SHEILA - Overcome bullying for parents
BOOKS149204I: MUNRO, J.W. - British bark-beetles
BOOKS004915I: MUNRO, NEIL - The daft days
BOOKS164012I: MUNRO, ROBERT - Archaeology and false antiquities
BOOKS203513I: MUNRO, C.K. - The fountains in Trafalgar Square: some reflections on the Civil Service
BOOKS200632I: MUNRO, NEIL - Doom Castle: a romance
BOOKS092937I: MUNRO, NEIL - Neil Munro's Jimmy Swan
BOOKS193741I: MUNRO, ALICE - Selected stories
BOOKS179590I: MUNRO, JOHN - The story of electricity
BOOKS235175I: MUNRO, NEIL - John Splendid: the tale of a poor gentleman, and the little wars of Lorn
BOOKS219629I: MUNRO, GEORGE M. - Art in ten minutes: a lightning sketch lecture
BOOKS238582I: MUNRO, ANNE BLYTHE & OTHERS - The book of home decoration
BOOKS228720I: MUNROE, JOHN A. - History of Delaware
BOOKS073651I: MUNROE, KIRK - At war with Pontiac or, the totem of the bear: a tale of Redcoat and Redskin
BOOKS219247I: MUNROE, DAVID HOADLEY - The Grand National 1839-1931
BOOKS238277I: MUNSHI, KANAIYALAL MANEKLAL - Gujarat and its literature: from early times to 1852
BOOKS014041I: MUNSHOWER, SUZANNE - The John Travolta scrapbook
BOOKS062218I: MUNSHOWER, SUZANNE - Warren Beatty
BOOKS153588I: MUNSLOW, B.J. - Deep sand.
BOOKS169427I: MUNSLOW, ALUN & ASHTON, OWEN (EDS) - Henry Demarest Lloyd's critiques of American capitalism, 1881-1903
BOOKS054277I: MUNSON, JAMES - Maria Fitzherbert: the secret wife of George IV
BOOKS181432I: MUNSON, KENNETH - Kampfflugzeuge: Jagd- und Trainingsflugzeuge 1914-1919
BOOKS037665I: MUNSON, KENNETH - Airliners from 1919 to the present day
BOOKS260337I: MUNSON, BRUCE R. & OTHERS - Fundamentals of fluid mechanics
BOOKS162822I: MUNSON, KENNETH - German war birds from World War I to NATO ally
BOOKS127412I: MUNSTERBURG, HUGO - The Japanese print: a historical guide
BOOKS240303I: MUNTHE, AXEL - The story of San Michele
BOOKS183377I: MUNTHE, AXEL - Memories and vagaries
BOOKS195782I: MUNTHE, AXEL - Memories and vagaries
BOOKS124789I: MUNTON, RICHARD - London's green belt: containment in practice
BOOKS082785I: MURAKAMI, FUMINOBU - Ideology and narrative in modern Japanese literature
BOOKS086111I: MURAOKA, KAGEO & OKAMURA, KICHIEMON - Folk arts and crafts of Japan
BOOKS065051I: MURASAKI (LADY) - The tale of Genji: a novel in six parts
BOOKS127807I: MURCH, EDWARD - The trials of Captain Savage
BOOKS234997I: MURCH, GERALD M., - Visual and auditory perception
BOOKS181915I: MURCH, EDWARD - The trials of Captain Savage: a comedy in three acts
BOOKS256520I: O MURCHU, PáDRAIG - Mission in an era of change: the Columbans 1963-2014
BOOKS013705I: MURCIAUX, CHRISTIAN - The unforsaken
BOOKS131500I: MURDOCH, IRIS - Nuns and soldiers
BOOKS136614I: MURDOCH, IRIS - A message to the planet
BOOKS029590I: MURDOCH, RONALD AND OTHERS - Notes from a printed circuit: poems by Ronald Murdoch, Robert Richardson, Griff Stevens
BOOKS043799I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The nice and the good
BOOKS047281I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The good apprentice
BOOKS054166I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The good apprentice
BOOKS095377I: MURDOCH, IRIS - An unofficial rose
BOOKS118954I: MURDOCH, BRIAN (ED) - The Dedalus book of Medieval literature: the grin of the gargoyle
BOOKS060208I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The flight from the enchanter
BOOKS231408I: MURDOCH, IRIS - Nuns and Soldiers
BOOKS216101I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The good apprentice
BOOKS190287I: MURDOCH, IRIS - Under the net
BOOKS233304I: MURDOCH, JOHN - Queueing theory: worked examples and problems
BOOKS262828I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The sandcastle
BOOKS136162I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The good apprentice
BOOKS219878I: MURDOCH, IRIS - The sandcastle
BOOKS092912I: MURDOCH, JOHN & TWITCHETT, JOHN - Painters and the Derby china works
BOOKS257307I: MURE, DAVID - The last temptation
BOOKS024900I: MURFIN, ROBERT (ED) - Miller's collectors cars price guide 1997/98
BOOKS146846I: MURFITT, JANICE - The ultimate cake decorator
BOOKS046203I: MURFITT, JANICE - A passion for chocolate: 75 easy recipes for chocoholics
BOOKS257981I: MURGER, HENRI - The bohemians of the Latin quarter
BOOKS202172I: MURGETT, FRANK - How to fish the Lower Thames
BOOKS203937I: MURIE, ADOLPH - Mammals of Denali
BOOKS056643I: MURISON, DAVID - Scots saws: from the folk-wisdom of Scotland
BOOKS180689I: MURISON, DAVID - Scots saws, from the folk wisdom of Scotland
BOOKS238628I: MURPHY, HUGH (ED) - The Mariner's Mirror: the international quarterly journal of the Society for Nautical Research (4 issues)
BOOKS201818I: MURPHY, J.J. - Children's handkerchiefs: a two hundred year history
BOOKS168599I: MURPHY, BRIAN - Rostov in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920: the key to victory (Cass Military Studies Series)
BOOKS168136I: MURPHY, JAMES A. (ED) - Nos Autem: Castleknock College and its contribution
BOOKS032467I: MURPHY, GRACE E BARSTOW - There's always adventure
BOOKS002858I: MURPHY, JILL - The worst witch all at sea
BOOKS158418I: MURPHY, JILL - The worst witch saves the day
BOOKS027385I: MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER - Dance for a diamond
BOOKS132255I: MURPHY, BEVERLEY A. - Bastard Prince: Henry VIII's lost son
BOOKS154504I: MURPHY, J.B.C. - The mills of God, and other sermons
BOOKS264228I: MURPHY, BRIAN - The Enigma Variations
BOOKS074586I: MURPHY, ROBERT - The pond
BOOKS116059I: MURPHY, SHEILA E. - The indelible occasion
BOOKS239445I: MURPHY, HUGH (ED) - The Mariner's Mirror: the international journal of the Society for Nautical Research, vol.96, no.2, May 2010
BOOKS123361I: MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER - Scream at the sea
BOOKS152767I: MURPHY, EDWARD F. - Angel of the Delta
BOOKS155165I: MURPHY, DERVLA - The Ukimwi Road: from Kenya to Zimbabwe
BOOKS126951I: MURPHY, DERVLA - In Ethiopia with a mule
BOOKS203944I: MURPHY, BERNICE & DEVAPRIAN, EMMA (EDS) - USSR: Old Master paintings
BOOKS221934I: MURPHY, JOHN NICHOLAS - Terra incognita; or, The convents of the United Kingdom
BOOKS023981I: MURPHY, JILL - The worst witch all at sea
BOOKS024104I: MURPHY, BRIAN (COMP) - The angler's companion: the lore of fishing
BOOKS256133I: MURPHY, PAT - Noritake for Europe
BOOKS009185I: MURPHY, RICHARD / SILKIN, JON / TARN, NATHANIEL - Penguin Modern Poets 7: Richard Murphy; Jon Silkin; Naathaniel Tarn
BOOKS157750I: MURPHY, JILL - The worst witch saves the day
BOOKS061553I: MURPHY, JILL - Geoffrey Strangeways
BOOKS257349I: MURPHY, ARTHUR - The works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. with an essay on his life and genius, vol. XI
BOOKS231245I: MURRAY, HUGH - Heraldry from its historic origins
BOOKS212948I: MURRAY, PETER - The architecture of the Italian Renaissance
BOOKS207456I: MURRAY, ROBERT (ED) - The church of Sweden, past and present
BOOKS198495I: MURRAY, EDWARD - The four liars
BOOKS207705I: MURRAY, E. C. GRENVILLE - Spendthrifts, and other social photographs
BOOKS196945I: MURRAY, ALISON D. - The Cotswolds
BOOKS166362I: MURRAY,JOHN FISHER - A picturesque tour of the River Thames in its western course; including particular descriptions of Richmond, Windsor, and Hampton Court.
BOOKS163053I: MURRAY, D.L. - Trumpeter, sound!
BOOKS091690I: MURRAY, WILLIAM - The wrong horse: an odyssey through the American racing scene
BOOKS004400I: MURRAY, KATHERINE MIDDLETON - Beloved quixote: the unknown life of John Middleton Murray
BOOKS017683I: MURRAY, D.L. - Enter three witches
BOOKS009879I: MURRAY, VENETIA (ED) - Wessex memories: 'Where have all the cowslips gone?'
BOOKS037774I: MURRAY, LES - Dog fox field
BOOKS143705I: MURRAY, G.G. - Euripides
BOOKS055031I: MURRAY, JOHN A. (ED) - The islands and the sea: five centuries of nature writing from the Caribbean.
BOOKS046503I: MURRAY, VENETIA (ED) - 'Where have all the cowslips gone?': Wessex memories
BOOKS073197I: MURRAY, KEVIN / BARRY, TOM - Inside El Salvador
BOOKS073996I: MURRAY, ANDREW - The Tolkien quiz book
BOOKS074838I: MURRAY, AILEEN - Design in fabric and thread
BOOKS082940I: MURRAY, GEOFFREY - Vietnam: dawn of a new market
BOOKS031932I: MURRAY, ARTHUR C. - Master and brother: Murrays of Elibank
BOOKS093998I: MURRAY, CATHERINE - Exploring England's heritage: Oxfordshire to Buckinghamshire
BOOKS094467I: MURRAY, LES A. - The daylight moon
BOOKS028367I: MURRAY, D.L. - Tale of three cities
BOOKS131800I: MURRAY, D.L. - Outrageous fortune: an Edwardian adventure
BOOKS199637I: MURRAY, MARGARET A. - The splendour that was Egypt: a general survey of Egyptian culture and civilisation
BOOKS068072I: MURRAY, CHARLOTTE - Coral: a sea-waif and her friends
BOOKS212007I: MURRAY, LES - Conscious and verbal
BOOKS154561I: MURRAY, D.L. - Regency: a quadruple portrait
BOOKS235803I: MURRAY, PETER - Piranesi and the grandeur of Ancient Rome
BOOKS166612I: FIELDHOUSE. MURRAY (ED) - Pottery Quarterly: a review of ceramic art, vol 8, 1964
BOOKS124770I: MURRAY, FRANCES - Castaway
BOOKS198468I: MURRAY, YXTA MAYA - The conquest
BOOKS267204I: MURRAY, KEITH A. - The Modocs and their war
BOOKS055350I: MURRAY, C.W. (COMP) - The botanist in Skye: checklist of the plants of the islands of Skye and Raasay as known to the end of 1979
BOOKS121782I: MURRAY, J.A.H. - Thirteenth address of the President to the Philogical Society
BOOKS119883I: MURRAY, A.V. - The State and the Church in a free society
BOOKS207276I: MURRAY, JOHN - Handbook for Shropshire and Cheshire, with map
BOOKS054595I: MURRAY, PAUL - Free agent
BOOKS241819I: MURRAY, GILBERT, - The rise of the Greek epic: being a course of lectures delivered at Harvard University
BOOKS128787I: MURRAY, D.L. - Roman cavalier: a romance
BOOKS189697I: MURRAY, JOHN & BENNETT, T.GORDON - A colour atlas of acid etch technique
BOOKS236833I: MURRAY, STEPHEN - A cool killing
BOOKS172102I: MURRAY, GEOFFREY - Let's discover Shakespeare
BOOKS211790I: MURRAY, GILBERT - Greek studies
BOOKS006625I: MURRAY, THOS. BOYLES (REV) - Pitcairn: the island, the people, and the pastor, to which is added a short notice of .....Norfolk Island
BOOKS051161I: MURRAY, MARGARET - The splendour that was Egypt: a general survey of Egyptian culture and civilisation
BOOKS259066I: MURRAY, GILBERT - Euripides and his age
BOOKS168310I: MURRAY, ALEXANDER - The northern flora; or, a description of the wild plants belonging to the north and east of Scotland with an account of their places of growth and properties, pasrt I
BOOKS041112I: MURRAY, PATRICIA - Margaret Thatcher
BOOKS069738I: MURRAY, GILBERT - The rape of the locks: the Perikeiromene of Menander
BOOKS246682I: MURRAY, ALAN V (ED) - International Medieval Bibliography, 400-1500, volume 31 Part 2 covering the publications of July - December 1997
BOOKS147267I: MURRAY, H.A. - More golf secrets
BOOKS018300I: MURRAY, STEWART (LIEUTENANT) - Fire discipline: its foundation and application
BOOKS194590I: MURRAY, D.L. - Folly Bridge: a romantic tale
BOOKS148302I: MURRAY, D.L. - Leading lady
BOOKS263685I: MURRAY, BRIAN & MURRAY, ROWENA - Interrogation of silence: the writings of George Mackay Brown
BOOKS249249I: MURRAY, JOHN W. & OTHERS - The Cotswolds: a new study
BOOKS144394I: MURRAY, VENETIA (ED) - Where have all the cowslips gone?: Wessex memories
BOOKS201480I: MURRAY, ANDREW - Andrew Murray's London 1996 calendar
BOOKS036024I: MURRAY, D.L. - Outrageous fortune
BOOKS266146I: MURRAY, STEPHEN - Salty Waters
BOOKS159879I: MURRAY, JAMES - Millwall: lions of the south
BOOKS101064I: MURRAY, PETER (ED) - A village in Wiltshire
BOOKS157676I: MURRAY, D.L. - Enter three witches
BOOKS219663I: MURRAY, STEWART - Magic with Stewart
BOOKS176659I: MURRAY,W.H. - The companion guide to the West Highlands of Scotland: the seaboard from Kintyre to Cape Wrath
BOOKS182761I: MURRAY (LORD) - Final report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Governance of the University of London
BOOKS260676I: MURRAY, SPENCE (EDITOR) - Complete book of Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler
BOOKS257974I: MURRAY, DANIEL A - Introductory course in differential equations for students in classical and engineering colleges
BOOKS056596I: MURRAY, MICHAEL L. - "... and economic justice for all": welfare reform for the 21st century
BOOKS214461I: MURRAY'S - A handbook for travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon ..
BOOKS253072I: MURRAY, STEPHEN - The noose of time
BOOKS240857I: MURRAY, STEPHEN - Fetch out no shroud
BOOKS205571I: MURRELL, OLIVE AND OTHERS - The Iris Year Book 1946-1949
BOOKS189082I: MURRELLS, JOSEPH (COMPILER) - Book of golden discs
BOOKS006926I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Things to come: essays
BOOKS217568I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.I, no. 9, February 1924
BOOKS185156I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi: vol.III, no.11, April 1926
BOOKS185141I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.III, no.6, November 1925
BOOKS185144I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.II, no.8, January 1925
BOOKS185146I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.III, no.10, March 1926
BOOKS185147I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.IV, no.3, September 1926
BOOKS185148I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.IV, no.2, August 1926
BOOKS185149I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.IV, no.5, November 1926
BOOKS185151I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.IV, no.7, January 1927
BOOKS185137I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.II, no.5, October 1924
BOOKS185139I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.II, no.6, November 1924
BOOKS185140I: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED) - The Adelphi, vol.II, no.7, December 1924
BOOKS237474I: MURSELL, NORMAN - Come dawn, come dusk: fifty years a gamekeeper
BOOKS124858I: MURTHA, KATHLEEN - Dawn dusk
BOOKS267512I: MURTHA, KATHLEEN - Dawn dusk
BOOKS040423I: MURTY, K. SATCHIDANANDA (ED) - Readings in Indian history, politics and philosophy
BOOKS065473I: MUSCHENHEIM, WILLIAM - Elements of the art of architecture
BOOKS129978I: MUSCIANO, WALTER A. - Die beruhmten Me 109 und ihre piloten 1939-1945
BOOKS219813I: MODERNA MUSEET - Claes Oldenburg: Teckningar, akvareller och grafik/ Drawings, watercolours and prints
BOOKS240585I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Dolls and dolls' houses
BOOKS204057I: BRITISH MUSEUM - A short guide to the sculptures of the Parthenon in the British Museum (Elgin Collection)
BOOKS010927I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Catalogue of an exhibition of Anglo-Jewish art and history
BOOKS022965I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Regency domestic silver
BOOKS037153I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Teapots in pottery and porcelain
BOOKS251031I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Late antique and Byzantine art
BOOKS004459I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Glass table-ware
BOOKS004933I: BRITISH MUSEUM - A guide to the Department of Coins and Medals in the British Museum
BOOKS185705I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Brief guide to Persian woven fabrics
BOOKS193126I: J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM - The J Paul Getty Museum handbook of the collections
BOOKS112255I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Indian painting : The lady of the palace, Kangra c.1790
BOOKS112256I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Indian painting: The Jilted Lady, Jammu c.1760.
BOOKS184423I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Brief guide to Persian woven fabrics
BOOKS158838I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Medieval Near Eastern pottery
BOOKS164473I: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY) - Plants (Instructions for collectors no.10)
BOOKS029132I: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - Instructions for collectors No 12: worms
BOOKS243045I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Brief guide to the Chinese woven fabrics
BOOKS112257I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Indian painting : Krishna and the Milkmaids, Basohli (dated 1730)
BOOKS112258I: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Indian painting : Dancing-girls at Night, Punch c.1750
BOOKS042682I: ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM - Eastern ceramics and other works of art from the collection of Gerald Reitlinger
BOOKS137577I: BRITISH MUSEUM - Index to the catalogue of additions to the manuscripts in the British Museum in the years MDCCCLIV-MDCCLXXV (1854-1875) (2 volumes)
BOOKS158837I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Turkish pottery
BOOKS153930I: BRITISH MUSEUM - Reproductions from illuminated manuscripts, Series V
BOOKS177524I: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Notes on quilting
BOOKS197272I: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM - War pictures
BOOKS071242I: NORWICH MUSEUMS - Norwich - the growth of a city
BOOKS151426I: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - The Impstone
BOOKS212682I: MUSGRAVE (MRS) - A little hero
BOOKS250743I: MUSGROVE, FRANK - Ecstasy and holiness: counter culture and the open society
BOOKS266502I: MUSGROVE, GORDON - Operation Gomorrah: the Hamburg firestorm raids
BOOKS042313I: EARLY MUSIC - Early Music, Volume I No I January 1973
BOOKS120880I: KINGSWAY MUSIC - New songs for praise and worship: the 1988/89 music book
BOOKS088335I: MUSICK, RUTH ANN - Green hills of magic: West Virginia folktales from Europe.
BOOKS062140I: MUSKETT, NETTA - The patchwork quilt
BOOKS219769I: MUSKETT, NETTA - No May in October
BOOKS061723I: MUSKETT, NETTA - The Clency tradition
BOOKS125045I: MUSKETT, NETTA - The Clency tradition
BOOKS215831I: MUSKETT, NETTA - The fettered past
BOOKS215987I: MUSKETT, NETTA - The gilded hoop
BOOKS169142I: MUSKETT, NETTA - Alley cat
BOOKS166802I: MUSSELL, JOHN (ED) - London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition: official catalogue
BOOKS042798I: MUSSON, A.E. - The Typographical Association: origins and history up to 1949
BOOKS214978I: MUSSON, M.R. (ED) - Musson's airmail catalogue, part 1: Europe [1946 edition]
BOOKS073504I: MUSSON, MARGARET - Mr Popplecorn & four little hens
BOOKS060575I: MUSTO, WALTER / MCCULLOCH, ART - The war and Uncle Walter: the diary of an eccentric
BOOKS054002I: MUSTO, WALTER / MCCULLOCH, ART (COMP) - The war and Uncle Walter: the diary of an eccentric
BOOKS041518I: MUSTOE, WINIFRED J. - Pilgrimage of discovery: a centenary essay on John Middleton Murray 1889-1957
BOOKS238051I: MUTHESIUS, ANGELIKA - Man Ray 1890-1976
BOOKS235292I: MUTIE, JEREMIAH - Death in Second-Century Christian thought: the meaning of death in earliest Christianity
BOOKS117155I: MUTUKUMARANA, LALITHRAJA - Total destruction
BOOKS183502I: MUYBRIDGE, EADWEARD - Animals in motion: an electro-photographic investigation of consecutive phases of muscular actions,
BOOKS082184I: MUZUMDAR, S. - Yogic exercises for the fit and the ailing
BOOKS234122I: MWANIKI, H.S.K. - Embu historical texts
BOOKS157278I: M'MWERERIA, GODFREY K. - The African global initiative on the new environmental economic order: an action programme for the post development Africa
BOOKS062357I: MY GARDEN / STEPHENS, THEO (ED) / JOHNS, W.E. - My Garden, November 1936 (no.35)
BOOKS061057I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOM - My Garden: June 1951, No.210
BOOKS061059I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOM - My Garden, August 1951, No.212
BOOKS061061I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOLM - My Garden, September 1951, No.213
BOOKS061063I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOLM - My Garden, October 1951, no.214
BOOKS061064I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOLM - My Garden, July 1950, No. 199
BOOKS061065I: MY GARDEN / SAVILLE, MALCOLM - My Garden, May 1951, No 209
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BOOKS173119I: NAYLER, J.L. & OWER, E. - Flight to-day
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BOOKS219754I: NEWMAN, JOHN - Scamping tricks and odd knowledge occasionally practised upon public works chronicled from the confessions of some old practitioners
BOOKS183322I: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English Church, with a brief autobiography, volume I
BOOKS021525I: NEWMAN, TERENCE - Along for the ride
BOOKS171370I: NEWMAN, KENNETH - Roadside birds of South Africa: a travellers guide to the birds of the highways illustrated by the author
BOOKS052761I: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Dead man murder
BOOKS234370I: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Siegfried spy
BOOKS266999I: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (CARDINAL) - Apologia Pro Vita Sua: being a history of his religious opinions
BOOKS184576I: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (CARDINAL) - The dream of Gerontius.
BOOKS232354I: NEWMAN, MARJORIE W. - Sybil makes good
BOOKS239997I: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Spain revisited
BOOKS220313I: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Cup Final murder
BOOKS256571I: NEWMAN, JAMES R (ED) - The world of mathematics, volumes 1-4
BOOKS267147I: NEWMAN, J.H (REV) - Tract XC. on certain passages in the XXXIX articles, with historical preface by the Rev. E. B. Pusey and Catholic subscription to the XXXIX articles considered in reference to tract XC by the Rev. John Kemble
BOOKS051625I: NEWMARCH, ROSA - The concert-goers library of descriptive notes, Volume II
BOOKS202273I: NEWMARCH, C..H. - Recollections of Rugby, by an old Rugbaen
BOOKS139141I: NEWMYER, STEPHEN T. - Animals, rights and reason in Plutarch and modern ethics
BOOKS093960I: NEWNAM, W.E. - The story of Farnham
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BOOKS210603I: NEWNES, GEORGE (ED) / DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Strand Magazine: an illustrated monthly, vol. XIV: July to December,1897
BOOKS263012I: NEWNHAM, ANTHONY - A checklist of Kenneth Hopkins
BOOKS229203I: NEWPORT, O.WILLIAM & WHITNEY, J.T. - French Islands: a priced catalogue to the postal history of the Islands of the North and West Coasts of France
BOOKS221266I: NEWQUIST, ROY - Showcase
BOOKS117045I: "KEIGHLEY NEWS" - Images of Keighley
BOOKS210271I: MODEL RAILWAY NEWS - Model railways handbook
BOOKS160772I: NEWSHAM, BRAD - All the right places
BOOKS248674I: NEWSHAM, J.C. - Crops and tillage
BOOKS257821I: NEWSOM, JASON T. - Longitudinal structural equation modeling
BOOKS243939I: NEWSOM, JOHN - Out of the pit: a challenge to the comfortable
BOOKS191749I: NEWSOME, DAVID - The parting of friends: the Wilberforces and Henry Manning
BOOKS072875I: NEWSOME, JOAN - A companion to Wainwright's Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells
BOOKS228432I: NEWSOME, DAVID - The parting of friends: the Wilberforces and Henry Manning
BOOKS143630I: NEWSOME, DAVID - The Victorian world picture
BOOKS164192I: NEWSOME, DAVID - The Victorian world picture: perceptions and introspections in an age of change
BOOKS156320I: NEWSON-SMITH, SUE (ED) - Quest: the story of Stanley and Livingstone told in their own words
BOOKS251586I: NEWSON, LINDA A. - Aboriginal and Spanish Colonial Trinidad: study in culture contact
BOOKS151725I: THE AGE NEWSPAPER - Ash Wednesday: Wednesday, February 16, 1983
BOOKS261824I: NEWSTEAD, MICHAEL J - Cumulative index to the Quekett Journals of Microscopy, volumes 1 to 36, 1868-1992
BOOKS115968I: NEWTON, JOHN A. - Search for a Saint: Edward King
BOOKS160920I: NEWTON, ARTHUR PERCIVAL (ED) - Select documents relating to the unification of South Africa, volumes I & II
BOOKS207503I: NEWTON, K. & STEEDS, W. - The motor vehicle: a descriptive text-book of chassis construction for students, draughtsmen and the owner-driver
BOOKS252100I: NEWTON, JOHN & REEVE, JENNIFER (EDS) - A living history of the Kenya Police written by those who served
BOOKS251508I: NEWTON, RICHARD - The king's highway: or, illustrations of the Commandments
BOOKS239998I: NEWTON, J.D. (ED) - Racehorses of 1978
BOOKS216589I: NEWTON, LORD - Lord Lyons, a record of British diplomacy, volumes I & II
BOOKS036371I: NEWTON, JILL - The Lizard
BOOKS263713I: NEWTON, RICHARD - The Light of the World: lessons from the Life of Our Lord
BOOKS199439I: NEWTON, D.B. - Stagecoach guard
BOOKS057815I: NEWTON, K. AND KARRAN, T.J. - The politics of local expenditure
BOOKS221773I: NEWTON, A, EDWARD - This book-collecting game
BOOKS013535I: NEWTON, D.B. - Stagecoach guard
BOOKS257801I: NEWTON, ISAAC - The Principia: Mathematical principles of natural philosophy
BOOKS248252I: NEWTON, D.B. - Triple trouble (Rainbow Rider; Panhandle Beef; and, Guns Buy this Grass)
BOOKS176455I: NEWTON-SMITH, W.H. - Logic: an introductory course
BOOKS240879I: NEWTON, A.P. - A hundred years of the British Empire
BOOKS175876I: NEWTON, H. CHANCE - Cues and curtain calls: being the theatrical reminiscences of H Chance Newton ("Carados" of The Referee)
BOOKS175877I: NEWTON, H. CHANCE - Crime and the drama or dark deeds dramatized
BOOKS234707I: NEWTON, H. CHANCE - Crime and the drama, or dark deeds dramatized
BOOKS036660I: NEWTON, ERIC - European painting and sculpture
BOOKS217271I: NEWTON, E. SWIFT - The rare books and manuscripts collected by the late A. Edward Newton: public sale
BOOKS147301I: NEWTON, ERIC - The romantic rebellion
BOOKS207692I: NEWTON, PETER - Wayleggo
BOOKS137682I: NEWTON, IAN - Finches
BOOKS245706I: NEWTON, STEVEN H. - McPherson's Ridge
BOOKS203209I: NEWTON, J.D. (ED) - Racehorses of 1985
BOOKS240430I: NEWTON, ERIC - Christopher Wood: his life and work
BOOKS183726I: NEWTON, DAVID (ED) - Racehorses of 1983
BOOKS152675I: NEWTON, ERIC AND OTHERS - The Unnamed book
BOOKS163922I: NEWTON, ISAAC - Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical principles of natural philosophy and his system of the world
BOOKS193791I: NEWTON, GORDON - A peer without equal: memoirs of an editor
BOOKS070527I: NEWTON, DOUGLAS - The red Judas
BOOKS041353I: NEWTON, D.B. - Stagecoach guard
BOOKS219171I: NEWTON, TIM (ED) - The forgotten Gospels: life and teachings of Jesus supplementary to the New Testament : a new translation
BOOKS214348I: NEXT - Next Directory Spring/ Summer 1993
BOOKS234278I: NEYAZI, TABEREZ AHMED & OTHERS (EDS) - Democratic transformation and the vernacular public arena in India
BOOKS200869I: NG, CECILIA AND OTHERS - Feminism and the women's movement in Malaysia: an unsung (r)evolution
BOOKS234087I: TAK-WING NGO - Hong Kong: state and society under colonial rule (China Information, volume XII, nos.1/2, Summer/Autumn 1997)
BOOKS234307I: NI DHEA, EILIS & OTHERS (EDS) - Teangacha Neamhfhorleathana Agus Oiluint Mhuinteoiri - Ag Diuru ar an Ngn Eorpach: Lesser Used Languages and Teacher Education - Towards the Promotion of the European Dimension
BOOKS043380I: NIALL, IAN - The Galloway shepherd: a story of the hills
BOOKS005920I: NIALL, IAN - The forester
BOOKS172550I: NIALL, IAN - Portrait of a country artist: Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901-1979
BOOKS267590I: NIALL, IAN - The boy who saw tomorrow
BOOKS226717I: NIBLETT, H. MORTON - A short history of Redmarley D' Abitot
BOOKS265229I: NICHOL, JOHN - Francis Bacon: his life and philosophy, part II: Bacon's philosophy with a sketch of the history of previous science an method
BOOKS232909I: NICHOL, L.W. & WINZOR, D.J. - Migration of interacting systems (Monographs on Physical Biochemistry)
BOOKS056455I: NICHOL, JOHN - Bites & stings: the world of venomous animals
BOOKS111259I: NICHOLAS, B. MELVILLE - When I hid in the marsh
BOOKS118451I: NICHOLAS, JEROME - The widow's peak
BOOKS200821I: NICHOLAS, HOWARD & STARKS, DONNA - Language education and applied linguistics: bridging the two fields
BOOKS193062I: NICHOLAS, H.G. - Violence in American society: Sarah Tryphena Lecture in American Literature and Society, 7 May 1969
BOOKS166774I: NICHOLAS, ELIZABETH (ED) - The Antiquaries Journal, being the journal of the Society of Antiquaries of London, volume 74, 1994
BOOKS070526I: NICHOLAS, JEROME - The widow's peak
BOOKS242697I: NICHOLAS, DONALD - Portraits of Bonnie Prince Charlie
BOOKS060991I: NICHOLL, DON (ED) - Jack Jackson's record round-up
BOOKS190456I: NICHOLL, THEODORE - Sung before the bridal: a play in eight scenes
BOOKS089189I: NICHOLLS, FRED - Master under God
BOOKS099653I: NICHOLLS, H.G. - Nicholls's Forest of Dean: an historical and descriptive account and Iron making in the olden times
BOOKS182051I: NICHOLLS, ROSEMARY - Maldon cookbook
BOOKS185789I: NICHOLLS, C.S. (ED) - The dictionary of national biography, 1986-1990
BOOKS011318I: NICHOLLS, PETER - The science in science fiction
BOOKS124375I: NICHOLLS, WILLIAM AND OTHERS - The Pelican guide to modern theoogy, volumes 1-3
BOOKS152514I: NICHOLLS, HORATIO - 3rd monster album of Horatio Nicholls' successes (words and music)
BOOKS102706I: NICHOLLS, H.G. - Nicholls's Forest of Dean: an historical and descriptive account and Iron making in the olden times
BOOKS151479I: NICHOLLS, PAUL - Lucky break: the autobiography
BOOKS253112I: NICHOLLS, ROBERT - A history of Stoke Church
BOOKS143272I: NICHOLS, LOURDES - Mexican cookery

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