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BOOKS186192I: MATHIESON, THEODORE / WILSON, GILLIAN (ED) - Letters from the Oxford Mission in India, 1946-1993
BOOKS209354I: MATISSE, HENRI - The sculpture of Henri Matisse
BOOKS193095I: MATISSE, HENRI - Henri Matisse dessins
BOOKS129302I: MATOFF, THEO - Don Quixote's Dance: La Danza de Don Quijote
BOOKS102908I: MATRAT, JEAN - Robespierre or the tyranny of the majority
BOOKS129705I: MATRAU, HENRY - Letters home: Henry Matrau of the Iron Brigade
BOOKS191983I: MATSON,JOHN - Dear Osborne: Queen Victoria's life in the Isle of Wight
BOOKS214426I: MATSON, GEOFFREY J. (ED) - Stories for speakers: a wonderful collection of after-dinner stories contributed by a host of well-known personalities
BOOKS207981I: MATSON, G.J. - Stamps with a story
BOOKS052383I: MATSUI, YAYORI - Women in the new Asia: from pain to power
BOOKS142332I: MATSUKAS, ARISTARHOS - Greek: a complete course for beginners
BOOKS160531I: MATSUMOTO, KENICHI & HIRAI, KENATO - C62 Hudson for limited express
BOOKS229746I: MATSUMURA, FUMIO & OTHERS (EDS) - Environmental toxicology of pesticides
BOOKS140051I: MATSUYAMA, AKIRA - Traditional dietary culture of Southeast Asia: its formation and pedigree
BOOKS197453I: MATTAM, DONALD - Standing stone
BOOKS224326I: MATTELART, ARMAND - The invention of communication
BOOKS222362I: MATTHAY, JESSIE HENDERSON - The life and works of Tobias Matthay
BOOKS174715I: MATTHAY, TOBIAS - Musical interpretation, its laws and principles, and their application in teaching and performing
BOOKS138647I: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - Rachmaninov: his life and times
BOOKS227292I: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - Elvis Presley: a study in music
BOOKS164508I: MATTHEW, W.H. - Mazes and labyrinths: a general account of their history and developments
BOOKS128163I: MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER - Loosely engaged
BOOKS196259I: MATTHEW, W.P. - Home maintenance
BOOKS151697I: MATTHEW, MARCUS AND OTHERS - A short course in geology for civil engineers
BOOKS221526I: MATTHEW, ROBERT AND OTHERS (EDS) - The conservation of Georgian Edinburgh
BOOKS061081I: MATTHEWMAN, PHYLLIS - Chloe takes control
BOOKS074491I: MATTHEWMAN, PHYLLIS - Because of Vivian
BOOKS184863I: MATTHEWS, TONY - Midlands soccer at war, 1939-46
BOOKS221062I: MATTHEWS, R.C.O. - A study in trade-cycle history: economic fluctuations in Great Britain 1833-1842
BOOKS018854I: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Amos: Rev. Amos B. Matthews, Victorian Methodist traveller
BOOKS153977I: MATTHEWS, IKE - Full revelations of a professional rat-catcher after 25 years' experience
BOOKS218027I: MATTHEWS, PETER & MAHALLIWELL, MARK - Cheltenham Town: the rise of the Robins
BOOKS228693I: MATTHEWS, VICTORIA AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - The Kew Magazine, and, Curtis's Botanical Magazine (114 issues)
BOOKS199847I: ELKIN MATTHEWS - Fifty of the best (catalogue 123, October 1951).
BOOKS195794I: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON - Baleen whales
BOOKS187389I: MATTHEWS, JESSIE & BURGESS,MURIEL - Over my shoulder: an autobiography
BOOKS158236I: MATTHEWS, C.H.S. - A parson in the Australian bush
BOOKS192457I: MATTHEWS, A.L.J. - "Alf's memories" being further memories of A.L.J. Matthews, part three
BOOKS000891I: MATTHEWS, T.S. - Great Tom: notes towards the definition of T.S.Eliot
BOOKS023733I: MATTHEWS, RICHARD - Nightmares of nature
BOOKS019732I: MATTHEWS, JOHN - The elements of the Arthurian tradition
BOOKS024558I: MATTHEWS, JOHN (ED) - At the table of the Grail: magic and the use of imagination.
BOOKS034120I: MATTHEWS, C.M. - Your family history and how to discover it
BOOKS037872I: MATTHEWS, G.V.T. AND OGILVIE, M.A. (EDS) - Wildfowl 24
BOOKS215909I: MATTHEWS, DAVID - On the spot: Derek Shackleton - A biography
BOOKS063059I: MATTHEWS, RUPERT - The age of the gladiators: savagery & spectacle in Ancient Rome
BOOKS065079I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - The Stanley Matthews story
BOOKS071435I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - The Stanley Matthews story
BOOKS072157I: MATTHEWS, W.B. AND MILLER, HENRY - Diseases of the nervous system
BOOKS082485I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - The way it was: my autobiography
BOOKS094385I: MATTHEWS, C.H.S. - A parson in the Australian bush
BOOKS137651I: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON - Mammals in the British Isles
BOOKS101207I: MATTHEWS, C. M. - Place names of the English speaking world
BOOKS104977I: MATTHEWS, TONY - Birmingham City: a complete record 1875-1989
BOOKS108320I: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Amos: Rev. Amos B. Matthews, Victorian Methodist traveller
BOOKS160325I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - Feet first again
BOOKS170280I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - Feet first
BOOKS226013I: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON - British mammals (New Naturalist)
BOOKS201612I: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Present day U.S.A. wood carvers, whittlers and sculptors and how to become one
BOOKS125854I: MATTHEWS, TONY & ALLMAN, GEOFF - The history of Walsall Football Club 1888 to 1992
BOOKS225398I: MATTHEWS, DOUG - Special event production: the process
BOOKS000527I: MATTHEWS, W.R. - The adventures of Gabriel in his search for Mr.Shaw: a modest companion for Mr. Shaw's black girl
BOOKS161987I: MATTHEWS, C.M. - Haileybury since Roman times: a study of a square mile of England.
BOOKS208082I: MATTHEWS, H.J. - Old Marylebone and some of its famous people
BOOKS124852I: MATTHEWS, STANLEY - Feet first
BOOKS229449I: MATTHEWS, BETTY - The organs and organists of Salisbury Cathedral
BOOKS151649I: MATTHEWS, A.E. - Matty': an autobiography.
BOOKS164404I: MATTHEWS, J.R. - Origin and distribution of the British flora.
BOOKS006015I: MATTHEWS, J. MERRITT - Application of dyestuffs to textiles, paper, leather and other materials
BOOKS133770I: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON. - British mammals
BOOKS199335I: MATTHEWS, J.H.D. & THOMPSON, VINCENT - The register of the Leeds Grammar School 1820-96
BOOKS181463I: MATTHEWS, G.V.T. & OGILVIE, M.A. (EDS) - Wildfowl 19-34 + 37
BOOKS167202I: MATTHEWS, CLAYTON - The corrupter
BOOKS175267I: MATTHEWS, PATRICK - Cannabis culture
BOOKS190726I: MATTHEWS, ALFRED L.J. - "Alf's memories" being further memories of A.L.J. Matthews, part three
BOOKS192721I: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON - The New Naturalist: British mammals
BOOKS214328I: MATTHEWS, JESSIE & BURGESS,MURIEL - Over my shoulder - An autobiography
BOOKS220547I: MATTHEWS, E.C. - Lavender at the High School
BOOKS063855I: MATTHEWS, PATRICK - The bells of Richmond Hill
BOOKS197229I: MATTHEWS, RONALD - Red sky at night
BOOKS184309I: MATTHEWS, LEW - Unseen witness
BOOKS186879I: MATTHEWS, P (ED) - Uppingham School roll 1900-1972
BOOKS229436I: MATTHEWS, BETTY - The organs and organists of Exeter Cathedral
BOOKS148051I: MATTHEWSON, G. - Constructing an astronomical telescope
BOOKS196740I: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - African silences
BOOKS185309I: MATTIESSEN, PETER & PORTER, ELIOT - The tree where man was born / The African experience
BOOKS105326I: MATTINGLEY, CHRISTOBEL - Battle Order 204: a bomber pilot's story
BOOKS050328I: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The defeat of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS220950I: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The defeat of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS130316I: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The defeat of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS173057I: MATTISON, CHRIS - Frogs & toads of the world
BOOKS129447I: MATTISON, CHRIS - Rattler!: a natural history of rattlesnakes
BOOKS146334I: MATTISON, CHRISTOPHER - Frogs and toads of the world
BOOKS162043I: MATTISON, CHRISTOPHER - Frogs and toads of the world
BOOKS091909I: MATTOCK, JAMES - Memories of a Cotswold childhood
BOOKS172459I: MATTSON, GREGORY L. - SS-Das Reich: the history of the Second SS Division 1939-45
BOOKS189825I: MATTSSON, JAN O - Geografiska Annaler, volume 81 A, number 4, 1999: series A: Physical geography: methods of mass balance measurements and modelling
BOOKS149337I: MATTUCK, ISRAEL I - The essentials of liberal Judaism
BOOKS147225I: MATTUCK, ISRAEL - Aspects of progressive Jewish thought
BOOKS179227I: MATUSSEK, MATTHIAS - Fifth Avenue: Zehn Stories und ein Dramolett
BOOKS156139I: MATYSZAK, PHILIP - The enemies of Rome: from Hannibal to Attila the Hun
BOOKS228750I: MATZ, ROBERT - Defending literature in early modern England: Renaissance literary theory in social context
BOOKS170142I: MAUBLANC, ANDRE - Le champignons de France I & II
BOOKS050258I: MAUDE, PAMELA - Worlds away
BOOKS159059I: MAUDE, FRANCIS CORNWALLIS - Five years in Madagascar: with notes on the military situation
BOOKS087682I: MAUDE, PAMELA - Worlds away
BOOKS008522I: MAUDE, PAMELA - Worlds away
BOOKS204094I: MAUDE, AYLMER - Tolstoy on art
BOOKS144177I: MAUDE, PAMELA - Worlds away
BOOKS146156I: MAUDE, CYRIL - Behind the scenes with Cyril Maude by himself
BOOKS187277I: MAUDE, ALAN H & ARCHER, ALLAN (EDS) - Rugby School register 1911-1946
BOOKS017799I: MAUGER, PAUL - Buildings in the country: a mid-century assessment.
BOOKS196773I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - First person singular
BOOKS183304I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The vagrant mood: six essays
BOOKS161790I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Behind the mirror
BOOKS151066I: MAUGHAM, W.SOMERSET - The selected novels of W. Somerset Maugham, vol.II
BOOKS068471I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The green shade
BOOKS080276I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET / MARTIN, C.M. (ED) - The tenth man
BOOKS216549I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Up at the villa
BOOKS099599I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The mixture as before
BOOKS115361I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Cakes and ale or the skeleton in the cupboard
BOOKS137874I: MAUGHAM (LORD) - The Tichborne case
BOOKS208813I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Then and now
BOOKS214407I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The selected novels of W. Somerset Maugham Vol 1
BOOKS202756I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Points of view
BOOKS173928I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Behind the mirror
BOOKS009457I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The barrier
BOOKS113837I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Sheppey: a play in three acts
BOOKS226916I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant
BOOKS229854I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The summing up
BOOKS200443I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - November reef: a novel of the south seas
BOOKS150549I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The sign
BOOKS202318I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Cosmopolitans
BOOKS128165I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The mixture as before
BOOKS128179I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Christmas holiday
BOOKS128185I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The vagrant mood: six essays
BOOKS200336I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The green shade
BOOKS099598I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The razor's edge
BOOKS221706I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Liza of Lambeth
BOOKS136128I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The vagrant mood: six essays
BOOKS106083I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The judgement seat
BOOKS145401I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The vagrant mood: six essays
BOOKS224318I: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Ashenden or: the British Agent
BOOKS182890I: MAUGHAM, W.S. - The moon and sixpence
BOOKS030902I: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Knock on teak
BOOKS170775I: MAULDIN, BILL - This damn tree leaks: a collection of war cartoons
BOOKS095409I: MAULDON, E. & LAYSON, J. - Teaching gymnastics
BOOKS146310I: MAUNDER, MICHAEL & MOORE, PATRICK - The sun in eclipse
BOOKS211964I: MAUNDER, WALTER - The astronomy of the Bible: an elementary commentary on the astronomical references of Holy Scripture
BOOKS205647I: MAUNDER, SAMUEL - The biographical treasury: a dictionary of universal biography
BOOKS087645I: MAUNDEVILE, JOHN (SIR) - The voiage and travaile of Sir John Maundevile, Kt.
BOOKS196496I: MAUNDRELL, JAMES - Knight takes gipsy's pawn
BOOKS137841I: MAUNSELL, G.W. - The fisherman's vade mecum: a compendium of precepts, counsel, knowledge and experience in most metters pertainaing to fishing for trout, sea trout, salmon and pike
BOOKS168030I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Short stories by Guy de Maupassant
BOOKS050282I: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Short stories
BOOKS016185I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Notre coeur
BOOKS200542I: MAUPASSANT, GUY - Bed 29 and other stories
BOOKS168433I: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Short stories by Guy de Maupassant
BOOKS140598I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Short stories by Guy de Maupassant
BOOKS177061I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Bed 29 and other stories
BOOKS205076I: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Short stories
BOOKS144781I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Contes de la Becasse
BOOKS189938I: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Boule de suif
BOOKS063206I: MAURAT, CHARLOTTE - The Brontes' secret
BOOKS077064I: MAURAT, CHARLOTTE - The Brontes' secret
BOOKS096285I: MAURAT, CHARLOTTE - The Brontes' secret
BOOKS161978I: MAUREL, ANT. - Le Mystere de la Naissance de N-S Jesus Christ: Pastorale en cinq actes, vers Provencaux
BOOKS225005I: MAURELLO, S. RALPH - The complete airbrush book
BOOKS028871I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Memories interieurs
BOOKS041607I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - A woman of the Pharisees (La Pharisienne)
BOOKS044300I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Memoires interieurs
BOOKS049529I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS / HOPKINS, GERARD - Lines of life (Destins)
BOOKS083384I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - The lamb (L'agneau)
BOOKS220698I: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Lines of life (Destins)
BOOKS194679I: MAURIAC, CLAUDE - The other De Gaulle: diaries, 1944-54
BOOKS192295I: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Kingdom of Christ or hints to a Quaker: respecting the principles, constitution and ordinances of the Catholic Church: in two volumes
BOOKS059494I: MAURICE-JONES, K.W. - The Shop story, 1900-1939
BOOKS163692I: MAURICE, FREDERICK BARTON - Governments and war: a study of the conduct of war
BOOKS137542I: MAURICE, F. (SIR) - The history of the Scots Guards, from the creation of the Regiment to the eve of the Great War (2 volumes)
BOOKS211667I: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - The Martian
BOOKS037263I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The glass-blowers
BOOKS161589I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Vanishing Cornwall
BOOKS087784I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The flight of the falcon
BOOKS204324I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Rebecca notebook & other memories
BOOKS138005I: DU MAURIER, ANGELA - It's only the sister: an autobiography
BOOKS033907I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The rendezvous and other stories
BOOKS167168I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE / FOREMAN, MICHAEL - Daphne du Maurier's Classics of the macabre
BOOKS063037I: DU MAURIER, ANGELA - It's only the sister: an autobiography
BOOKS112308I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - My cousin Rachel
BOOKS137243I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The flight of the falcon
BOOKS127842I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The glass-blowers
BOOKS004498I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The King's general
BOOKS196502I: DU MAURIER, ANGELA - Pilgrims by the way
BOOKS004516I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The parasites
BOOKS135235I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Du Mauriers
BOOKS134375I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The loving spirit
BOOKS189576I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The King's General
BOOKS203109I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The infernal world of Branwell Bronte
BOOKS226632I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - My cousin Rachel
BOOKS213725I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Du Mauriers
BOOKS196775I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - My cousin Rachel
BOOKS208269I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The scapegoat
BOOKS107339I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Gerald: a portrait
BOOKS193925I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Frenchman's Creek
BOOKS129822I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Vanishing Cornwall
BOOKS209224I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The flight of the falcon
BOOKS222729I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The loving spirit
BOOKS013614I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The glass-blowers
BOOKS035108I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The rendezvous and other stories
BOOKS210155I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The house on the strand
BOOKS188228I: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby: a novel
BOOKS007771I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - I'll never be young again
BOOKS210477I: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The flight of the falcon
BOOKS218480I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The world of Marcel Proust
BOOKS188568I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - 3 letters on the English
BOOKS043548I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS057959I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - King Edward and his times
BOOKS000259I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Dickens
BOOKS229843I: MAUROIS, ANDRĂ©; CARRICK, EDWARD; GARNETT, DAVID - A Voyage to the Island of the Articoles
BOOKS177851I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS193159I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Les silences du Colonel Bramble
BOOKS135638I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS175026I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The art of being happily married
BOOKS023172I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS212780I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS198274I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - An illustrated history of England
BOOKS214450I: MAUROIS, ANDRE AND OTHERS - Oxford, number 3, volume I, Spring 1935
BOOKS175104I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS055923I: MAURYA, VIBHA (ED) - Postmodernism: a discussion
BOOKS049618I: MAVERICK - Maverick comic album No 1
BOOKS099788I: MAVITY, NANCY BARR - The Tule Marsh murder
BOOKS226882I: MAVITY, NANCY BARR - The other bullet
BOOKS008399I: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - The white solitaire
BOOKS039372I: MAVOR, JAMES W. - Voyage to Atlantis
BOOKS227881I: MAWBY, R.I. - Policing across the world: issues for the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS170258I: MAWE, J - Wodarch's Introduction to the study of conchology describing the orders, genera and species or shells
BOOKS177848I: MAWE, THOMAS & ABERCROMBIE, JOHN - Every man his own gardener; being a new and much more complete gardener's calendar and general directory than any hitherto published
BOOKS034354I: MAWER, IRENE - The art of mime: its history and technique in education and the theatre
BOOKS014735I: MAWER, RONNIE KNOX - Tales from a palm court
BOOKS039998I: MAWER, RONNIE KNOX - Tales from a palm court
BOOKS224218I: MAWER, A. & STENTON, F.M. - The place-names of Buckinghamshire
BOOKS083681I: MAWHINNEY, BRIAN - In the firing line: politics, faith, power and forgiveness
BOOKS022989I: MAWSON, MONICA - Cooking with herbs and spices
BOOKS042157I: MAWSON, THOMAS H. - An imperial obligation: industrial villages for partially disabled soldiers & sailors
BOOKS075546I: MAXTON, J.P. (ED) - Regional types of British agriculture
BOOKS195747I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Scottish gardens being a representative selection of different types, old and new
BOOKS077210I: MAXWELL, LESLIE F. AND MAXWELL, HAROLD W. - Sweet and Maxwell's legal bibliography of the British Commonwealth of Nations, volume 5: Scottish law to 1956
BOOKS202166I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Life and times of the Right. Honourable William Henry Smith , M.P., vol.I
BOOKS190657I: MAXWELL, GORDON S. - A battle lost: Romans and Caledonians at Mons Graupius
BOOKS147871I: MAXWELL DAVIES, PETER - The Martyrdom of St Magnus: a chamber opera in nine scenes
BOOKS130031I: MAXWELL, JOHN - The greatest Billy Cotton Bandshow
BOOKS038926I: MAXWELL, STUART AND HUTCHISON, ROBIN - Scottish costume 1550-1850
BOOKS045052I: GRANT. MAXWELL - Blood red rose
BOOKS046626I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - The making of Scotland: lectures on the war of independence delivered in the University of Glasgow
BOOKS056943I: MAXWELL, A. E. - Experimental design in psychology and the medical sciences
BOOKS077211I: MAXWELL, LESLIE F. - Sweet and Maxwell's legal bibliography of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 7: the British Commonwealth
BOOKS090584I: MAXWELL, SARAH - The ultimate bagel cookbook
BOOKS096557I: MAXWELL, GLYN - Out of the rain
BOOKS097894I: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories (thirteenth series)
BOOKS139998I: MAXWELL, WILLIAM D - An outline of Christian worship: its development and forms
BOOKS144213I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Memories of the months, being the pages from the notebook of a field naturalist and antiquary, first series
BOOKS146019I: MAXWELL,CONSTANTIA - Dublin under the Georges 1714-1830
BOOKS096713I: MAXWELL, CONSTANTIA - The stranger in Ireland from the reign of Elizabeth to the Great Famine
BOOKS186488I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Sixty years a Queen: the story of Her Majesty's reign
BOOKS006279I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - The House of Elrig
BOOKS195534I: MAXWELL-ARNOT, E. (ED) - The young wife's cookery book,
BOOKS150953I: MAXWELL-DAVIES, PETER - Naxos Quartet No.2 for string quartet: full score
BOOKS123884I: MAXWELL, GORDON S. - Highwayman's heath: the story in fact and fiction of Hounslow Heath in Middlesex
BOOKS225852I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - A reed shaken by the wind
BOOKS205786I: MAXWELL, BALDWIN (ED) - Philogical quarterly. Volume 26, no. 3
BOOKS196801I: MAXWELL, W.H. - History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798; with Memoirs of the Union, and Emmet's Insurrection in 1803
BOOKS222190I: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Uncle Arthur's Bible Stories (2 vols)
BOOKS226560I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: fourth series
BOOKS096477I: MAXWELL, GLYN - Tale of the Mayor's son
BOOKS174864I: MAXWELL-STUART, P.G. - Witch-hunters: professional prickers, unwitchers & witch-finders of the Renaissance
BOOKS112471I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Lords of the Atlas: the rise and fall of the House of Glaoua, 1893-1956 (Traveller's)
BOOKS038536I: MAXWELL, MARION - A little book of Scottish baking
BOOKS005079I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the month: being pages from the notebook of a field-naturalist & antiquary: first series
BOOKS009711I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Raven seek thy brother
BOOKS230027I: MAXWELL, LEONARD - Memories of my village: Solihull in the thirties
BOOKS167790I: MAXWELL, K.L. - Through the wire
BOOKS226580I: MAXWELL,GAVIN: - The rocks remain
BOOKS226340I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: first series
BOOKS226830I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: third series
BOOKS201864I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - The rocks remain
BOOKS223200I: MAXWELL, JOHN STIRLING - Shrines and Homes of Scotland
BOOKS168240I: MAXWELL, CONSTANTIA - The stranger in Ireland., from the reign of Elizabeth to the great famine
BOOKS108012I: MAXWELL, BRIGID - The case of the six mistresses: a detective story
BOOKS111559I: MAY, HENRY JOHN - Murder by consent: the facts in the tragedy of Baron von Schauroth
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BOOKS195176I: MCGUIGAN, DERMOT - Small scale wind power
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BOOKS217804I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Daylight Murder (aka Murder at high noon)
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BOOKS095490I: MCHUGH, STUART DICKENS - Knock on the nursery door: tales of the Dickens children
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BOOKS071230I: MCKEE (MRS) - Mrs McKee's royal cookery book
BOOKS094004I: MCKEE, J. ROY - The preparation of an urban structure plan for the City of Worcester, report of survey, vol.9: Conservation
BOOKS189969I: MCKEE, ALMA - Mrs McKee's royal cookbook
BOOKS130731I: MCKEE, GWEN AND MOSELEY, BARBARA (EDS) - Best of the best from Alabama: selected recipes from Alabama's favorite cookbooks
BOOKS216931I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Strike from the sky: The story of the Battle of Britain
BOOKS003726I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Into the blue: great mysteries of aviation
BOOKS088607I: MCKEE (MRS) - Mrs McKee's royal cookery book
BOOKS207564I: MCKELWAY, ALEXANDER J. - Freedom of God and human liberation
BOOKS099068I: MCKENDRICK, JAMIE - Sky nails: poems 1979-1997
BOOKS155369I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - The confessions of a well-meaning woman
BOOKS114693I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Sonia married
BOOKS133513I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Midas and son
BOOKS219849I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - By intervention of Providence
BOOKS145443I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - That dumb loving
BOOKS170900I: MCKENNA, GEORGE (ED) - American populism
BOOKS204601I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Lady Lilith: a novel, being the first part of The Sensationalists
BOOKS175145I: MCKENNA, JOSEPH - Central Birmingham pubs, volume II
BOOKS193701I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - The reluctant lover
BOOKS181367I: MCKENNEY, RUTH & BRANSTEN, RICHARD - Here's England: a highly informal guide
BOOKS224019I: MCKENZIE, FREDERICK ARTHUR - From Tokyo To Tiflis: Uncensored letters from the war
BOOKS201100I: MCKENZIE-MOHR, SUZANNE & LAFRANCE, MICHELLE N. (EDS) - Women voicing resistance: discursive and narrative explorations
BOOKS174260I: MCKERROW, RONALD B. - Introduction to bibliography for literary students
BOOKS229006I: MCKERROW, R. B. (ED) - The review of English studies. A quarterly journal of English literature and the English language (broken run)
BOOKS072977I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - The end of nature
BOOKS139182I: MCKIE, DAVID - McKie's gazetteer: a local history of Britain
BOOKS214086I: MCKIE, SIMON - Making craft cider - A ciderist's guide (Shire Library)
BOOKS167692I: MCKIMMEY, JAMES - Blue mascara tears
BOOKS076186I: MCKINLAY, MORAG - The apple picker
BOOKS064938I: MCKINLEY, ROBIN (ED) - Imaginary lands
BOOKS126096I: MCKINLEY, WILLIAM LAIRD - Karluk: a great untold story of Arctic exploration
BOOKS188324I: MCKINNEY, DONALD - Walking the mist: Celtic spirituality for the 21st century
BOOKS091404I: MCKINNON, CATRIONA - Toleration: a critical introduction
BOOKS223241I: MCKINNON, WILLIAM T. - Apollo's blended dream: a study of the poetry of Louis Macneice
BOOKS166903I: MCKINSTRY, ROBERT AND OTHERS - The buildings of Armagh
BOOKS011576I: MCKINTY, ALEC - The father of British airships: a biography of E.T. Willows
BOOKS169639I: MCKITRICK, ERIC L (ED) - Slavery defended: the views of the Old South
BOOKS176197I: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - Waterways postcards, 1900-30
BOOKS211249I: MCKUEN,ROD - Caught in the Quiet
BOOKS209790I: MCKUEN, ROD - The sea around me ... the hills above.
BOOKS009864I: MCKUEN, ROD - We touch the sky
BOOKS208531I: MCKUEN, ROD - Listen to the warm
BOOKS034812I: MCKUEN, ROD - The sea around me... the hills above.
BOOKS139940I: MCLACHLAN, IAEN (ED) - Putting tips from the top
BOOKS009424I: MCLACHLAN, G.W.P. - Famous liners of the Eastern Oceans
BOOKS170482I: MCLACHLAN, IAN & ZORN, RUSSELL J - Eighth Air Force bomber stories: eye-witness accounts from American airmen and British civilians of the perils of war
BOOKS221421I: MCLACHLAN, N. D. (ED) - Historical studies, volume 15 No 57: R.M. Crawfod special issue
BOOKS032594I: MCLANE, DAISANN - Terence Trent D'Arby
BOOKS165483I: MCLANE-ILES, BETTY M. - Dieppe crossing
BOOKS161560I: MCLAREN, MORAY - Scotland in colour
BOOKS084469I: MCLAREN, MORAY - The unpossessed
BOOKS104634I: MCLAREN, MORAY - The Highland jaunt: a study of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson upon their Highland and Hebridean tour of 1773
BOOKS113811I: MCLAREN, DONALD S. - The control of Xerophthalmia: a century of contributions and lessons
BOOKS225937I: MCLAREN ,MORAY - Corsica Boswell: Paoli, Johnson and freedom
BOOKS208903I: MCLAREN, FERGUS B.. - The Auckland Islands: their eventful history
BOOKS168271I: MCLAREN, DUNCAN - Looking for Enid: the mysterious and inventive life of Enid Blyton
BOOKS225719I: MCLAREN, MORAY - Stern and wild. A new Scottish journey.
BOOKS225611I: MCLAREN, MORAY - A singing reel
BOOKS201648I: MCLARTY, RON - The memory of running
BOOKS033256I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - Papier mache work
BOOKS014245I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - The coward's weapon
BOOKS011161I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Costume doll making
BOOKS081139I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE AND MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - Cost-effective self-sufficiency or the middle-class peasant
BOOKS092891I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Family history from newspapers
BOOKS102263I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Somerset House wills from 1858
BOOKS046369I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - A diet of tripe: the chequered history of food reform
BOOKS102262I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Making the most of the I.G.I. (International Geneological Index)
BOOKS191715I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Annals of the poor
BOOKS063077I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Further steps in family history
BOOKS212341I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE P. - Coward's weapon
BOOKS141075I: MCLAURIN, JOHN J. - Sketches in crude oil: some accidents and incidents of the petroleum development in all parts of the globe
BOOKS217277I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Joseph Cundall: a Victorian editor, designer, publisher
BOOKS206924I: MCLEAN, PETER D. & WOODY, SHEILA R. - Anxiety disorders in adults: an evidence-based approach to psychological treatment
BOOKS160557I: MCLEAN, JOHN - Tartan dragon: a historical saga of Hong Kong
BOOKS041770I: MCLEAN, JACK - The sporting urban Voltaire
BOOKS205816I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Pictorial alphabets
BOOKS176227I: MCLEAN, ALLAN CAMPBELL - The hill of the red fox
BOOKS119847I: MCLEAN, MICHAEL - The perfectest herald of joy
BOOKS199816I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Joseph Cundall, a Victorian publisher: notes on his life and a check-list of his books
BOOKS181733I: MCLEAN, ERIC - The living past of Montreal
BOOKS199292I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Nicolas Bentley drew the pcitures
BOOKS179750I: MCLEAN, AUSTIN - The Hess Collection
BOOKS195401I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Victorian book design & colour printing
BOOKS128603I: MCLEAVE, HUGH - Only gentlemen can play.
BOOKS212899I: MCLEAVE, HUGH - The damned die hard: The story of the French Foreign Legion
BOOKS023910I: MCLEAVY, ROY (ED) - Jane's surface skimmers: hovercraft & hydrofoils 1981
BOOKS225677I: MCLEAY, ALISON - The Tobermory treasure: the true story of a fabulous Armada galleon
BOOKS156195I: MCLEISH, MINNIE - Beginnings: teaching art to children
BOOKS110459I: MCLEISH,KENNETH AND MCLEISH, VALERIE - The listener's guide to classical music: an introduction ot the great classical composers and their works.
BOOKS143961I: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Karl Marx: the legacy
BOOKS190384I: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Marx before Marxism
BOOKS195650I: MCLELLAND, TIM - TSR.2: Britain's lost Cold War strike aircraft
BOOKS021089I: MCLEOD, ENID - Charles of Orleans: prince and poet

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