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BOOKS129870I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, new series, volume 25
BOOKS231013I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Somerset Archaeoogy and Natural History: the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society for 1998 [Vol.142]
BOOKS218513I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, new series, volume 25
BOOKS087371I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL - The book of Marston Bigot: the story of Marston House and the Earls of Cork and Orrery
BOOKS150864I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL - Frome through the ages: an anthology in prose and verse
BOOKS129867I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, new series, volume 24
BOOKS231090I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History: the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society for 1997 [vol.141]
BOOKS129794I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, new series, volume 27
BOOKS231100I: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL (ED) - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History: the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society for 1996 incormporating Ecology in Somerset (vol.140)
BOOKS195360I: MCGAVIN, GEORGE C. - The pocket guide to insects of the Northern Hemisphere
BOOKS186494I: MCGEE, EDDIE AND LOWEN, DAVID - Fighting back: a woman's guide to self-defence
BOOKS203225I: MCGEE, TIMOTHY J. - Mediaeval and Renaissance music: A performer's guide
BOOKS178722I: MCGEOCH, IAN - An affair of chances: a submariner's odyssey, 1939-44
BOOKS189162I: MCGEOCH, IAN AND OTHERS - Journal of Naval Engineering, vol. 31, no.2, December 1988
BOOKS190406I: MCGIFFERT, MICHAEL (ED) - The character of Americans: a book of readings
BOOKS044844I: MCGILL, ARNOLD R. - Australian warblers
BOOKS196190I: MCGILL, RALPH - The fleas come with the dog
BOOKS111847I: MCGINLEY, PHYLLIS - Saint-watching
BOOKS002797I: MCGINNISS, JOE - Cruel doubt
BOOKS226225I: MCGIRR, EDMUND - No better fiend
BOOKS224420I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM - The big heat
BOOKS008357I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM - Night extra
BOOKS004347I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM - The caper of the golden bulls
BOOKS096393I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM - Odds against tomorrow
BOOKS149173I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM P. - Rogue cop
BOOKS224517I: MCGIVERN, WILLIAM - Odds against tomorrow
BOOKS208420I: MCGLASHAN, CHARLES F. - History of the Donner party; a tragedy of the Sierra
BOOKS020539I: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall
BOOKS106648I: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - More poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall
BOOKS106650I: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Last poetic gems selected from the works of William McGonagall
BOOKS213518I: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - McGonagall: a library omnibus
BOOKS010865I: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Last poetic gems
BOOKS204493I: MCGOO, DIGBY - British Rail apologizes...
BOOKS036341I: MCGOUGH, ROGER - Watchwords
BOOKS059032I: MCGOUGH, ROGER - Defying gravity
BOOKS079170I: MCGOVERN, ANN - Nicholas Bentley Stoningpot III
BOOKS223629I: MCGOVERN, JAMES & AMBLER SCOTT W. & STEVENS, MICHAEL E. & LINN, JAMES & SHARAN, VIKAS & JO, ELIAS K. - A practical guide to enterprise architecture
BOOKS025648I: MCGOVREN, JOHN - The world's fastest cars
BOOKS025302I: MCGOVREN, JOHN - Glamorous cars
BOOKS204682I: MCGOWAN, A.P. (ED) - The Jacobean Commissions of Enquiry, 1608 and 1618
BOOKS075596I: MCGOWN, JOYCE - The searching eye in Venice
BOOKS218246I: MCGOWN, JILL - A perfect match
BOOKS142568I: MCGRAIL, SEAN - Ancient boats
BOOKS213555I: MCGRAIL, SEAN (ED) - The archaeology of Mediaeval ships and harbours in Northern Europe: International Symposium Papers
BOOKS220357I: MCGRAIL, SEAN & KENTLEY, ERIC (EDS) - Sewn plank boats: archaeological and ethnographic papers based on those presented to a conference at Greenwich in November 1984
BOOKS124321I: MCGRANAHAN, DONALD AND OTHERS - Measurement and analysis of socio-economic development
BOOKS064040I: MCGRATH, PAUL - Ooh Aah Paul McGrath: the black pearl of Inchicore
BOOKS108675I: MCGRATH, PATRICK (ED) - Records relating to the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol in the seventeenth century
BOOKS001875I: MCGRATH, PAT - People in the crowd
BOOKS229015I: MCGRATH, MANDA - The girl from Scotland Yard
BOOKS045554I: MCGRATH, PATRICK AND CANNON, JOHN (EDS) - Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire history: the centenary volume of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.
BOOKS231606I: MCGRATH, ALISTER - In the Beginning: the story of the King James Bible and how it changesd a nation, a language and a culture
BOOKS148516I: MCGRATH, PATRICK & CANNON, JOHN (EDS) - Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire history: the centenary volume of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
BOOKS018125I: MCGRATH, PATRICK AND CANNON, JOHN (EDS) - Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire history: the centenary volume of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.
BOOKS215104I: MCGRATH, RAYMOND & FROST, A.C. - Glass in architecture and decoration
BOOKS066322I: MCGRATH, JIM - The Channel Four Racing guide to form and betting
BOOKS019049I: MCGREDY, SAM AND JENNETT, SEAN - A family of roses
BOOKS229367I: MCGREEVY, LINDA F. - The life and works of Otto Dix, German Critical Realist
BOOKS009665I: MCGREGOR, ROBERT & MEIERS, MARION - Telling the whole story: assessing achievement in English
BOOKS206617I: MCGREGOR, PEDRO - The moon and the two mountains: The myths, ritual and magic of Brazilian spiritism
BOOKS193531I: MCGREGOR, SHEILA - A shared vision: the Garman Ryan collection at the New Art Gallery Walsall
BOOKS224130I: MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER - McCallum: fishy tales of a West Coast boat-hirer
BOOKS042574I: MCGREGOR, TOM - The people detective: discovering your family roots
BOOKS221484I: MCGREGOR, PETER K. (ED) - Bioacoustics: the international journal of animal sound and its recording, volume 17 Nos 1-3 (2008)
BOOKS188112I: MCGREGOR-ROBERTSON, J. - The household physician: a family guide to the preservation of health and to the domestic treatment of ailments and disease
BOOKS223875I: MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER - McCullum: fishy tales of a West coast boat-hirer
BOOKS210530I: MCGREGOR-ROBERTSON, JOSEPH - The household physician: A family guide to the preservation of health and the domestic treatment of illness
BOOKS086745I: MCGUIGAN, DERMOT - Burning wood
BOOKS195177I: MCGUIGAN, DERMOT - Small scale water power
BOOKS195176I: MCGUIGAN, DERMOT - Small scale wind power
BOOKS059967I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Westward the course
BOOKS118775I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Westward the course; the new world of Oceania
BOOKS127737I: MCGUIRE, WILLIAM P. & ROWINSKY, ERIC K. (EDS) - Paclitaxel in cancer treatment
BOOKS216205I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Enter three witches
BOOKS217803I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Murder at high noon (aka daylight murder)
BOOKS217804I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Daylight Murder (aka Murder at high noon)
BOOKS218142I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - A funeral in Eden
BOOKS156666I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Australian journey
BOOKS220988I: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Australian journey
BOOKS227084I: MCGUIRK, DAL - Rommel's Army in Africa
BOOKS219667I: MCHALE, JOHN - R. Buckminster Fuller
BOOKS102980I: MCHARDY, A.K. - The church in London, 1375-1392
BOOKS221922I: MCHATTIE,T. - St Albans pen pictures
BOOKS045133I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Red skies at Eventide
BOOKS060203I: MCHUGH, PATRICK & HANNON, PAUL - The chain imperative: the story of how a British comany (sic) re-engineered itself for the future
BOOKS089295I: MCHUGH, STUART DICKENS - Knock on the nursery door: tales of the Dickens children
BOOKS045206I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Love... life... and laughter: in verse
BOOKS110280I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Love... life... and laughter: in verse
BOOKS045205I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Poems of a countryman
BOOKS110281I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Red skies at Eventide
BOOKS110274I: MCHUGH, TERENCE - Poems of a countryman
BOOKS180427I: MCHUGH, STUART - Running wild
BOOKS095490I: MCHUGH, STUART DICKENS - Knock on the nursery door: tales of the Dickens children
BOOKS151503I: MCILVANNEY, HUGH (ED) - World Cup '66
BOOKS041512I: MCILVANNEY, WILLIAM - Strange loyalties
BOOKS140256I: MCILWRAITH, A.K. (ED) - Five Stuart tragedies
BOOKS058173I: MCINERNEY, JAY - Story of my life
BOOKS167696I: MCINERNY, RALPH - Lying three
BOOKS064937I: MCINNES, GRAHAM - Humping my Bluey
BOOKS190789I: MCINNES, GRAHAM - The road to Gundagai
BOOKS222199I: MCINNES, ROBIN - The Garden Isle: landscape paintings of the Isle of Wight 1790 - 1920
BOOKS190464I: MCINNES, GRAHAM - Humping my bluey
BOOKS229536I: MCINTOSH, KINN AND OTHERS (EDS) - Fordwich: the lost port
BOOKS210972I: MCINTOSH, J.T. - Six gates from limbo
BOOKS163709I: MCINTOSH, J.D. - Concrete mix design (and Concrete mix design data)
BOOKS215821I: MCINTOSH, HAMISH - Robert Laws: servant of Africa
BOOKS214465I: MCINTOSH, J.T. - Born leader
BOOKS195972I: MCINTYRE, BARBARA AND OTHERS - Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil [Book Only]
BOOKS194189I: MCINTYRE, VONDA N. - Fireflood and other stories
BOOKS112896I: MCINTYRE, JOHN T. - The museum murder
BOOKS149840I: MCINTYRE, WILLIE (COMPILER) - Sons of the Desert: a souvenir of the movie
BOOKS149844I: MCINTYRE, WILLIAM A. - Bowler Dessert: the early years
BOOKS036626I: MCINTYRE, KENNETH GORDON - The Rebello transcripts: Governor Phillip's Portugese prelude.
BOOKS072116I: MCKAY, GEORGE L. - A bibliography of the writings of Sir Rider Haggard
BOOKS091536I: MCKAY, JENNY - The magazines handbook
BOOKS163489I: MCKAY, W.B. - Building construction: volumes one and two together (metric edition)
BOOKS172895I: MCKAY, W.B. - Building construction, volume two
BOOKS143172I: MCKAY, JAMES B. & ANDERSON, DOUGLAS N. - The Highland Light Infantry: the uniforms of the regiment, 1881-1914
BOOKS072355I: MCKAY, GEORGE L. - A bibliography of the writings of Sir Rider Haggard
BOOKS182478I: MCKAY, SINCLAIR - The secret life of Bletchley Park: the WWII codebreaking centre and the men and women who worked there
BOOKS169552I: MCKAY, DAVID - American politics and society
BOOKS223537I: MCKAY, G.L. AND SCOTT, J.E. - Additions and corrections to the Haggard bibliography
BOOKS213691I: MCKAY, MALCOLM - The origins of hereditary social stratification: a study focusing on early prehistoric Europe and modern ethnographic accounts
BOOKS210804I: MCKEAG, ERNEST L. - The man from the gallows, and, Criminal gratitude
BOOKS210095I: MCKEAG, ERNEST L. - Serat the Sheik
BOOKS196587I: MCKEAN, G.B. - Scouting thrills
BOOKS161806I: MCKEAN, G.B. - Scouting thrills
BOOKS199360I: MCKEAN, JOHN - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: architect, artist, icon
BOOKS123682I: MCKEAN, G.B. - Scouting thrills
BOOKS115870I: MCKEATING, HENRY - Studying the Old Testament
BOOKS009080I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - The friendless sky
BOOKS012175I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - From merciless invaders: the defeat of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS013193I: MCKEE (MRS) - The royal cookery book in colour
BOOKS011182I: MCKEE (MRS) - The royal cookery book in colour
BOOKS071230I: MCKEE (MRS) - Mrs McKee's royal cookery book
BOOKS230837I: MCKEE, BARRY & MOSS, GRAHAM - Spitfires and polished metal: restoring the classic fighter
BOOKS003726I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Into the blue: great mysteries of aviation
BOOKS189969I: MCKEE, ALMA - Mrs McKee's royal cookbook
BOOKS130731I: MCKEE, GWEN AND MOSELEY, BARBARA (EDS) - Best of the best from Alabama: selected recipes from Alabama's favorite cookbooks
BOOKS216931I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Strike from the sky: The story of the Battle of Britain
BOOKS088607I: MCKEE (MRS) - Mrs McKee's royal cookery book
BOOKS094004I: MCKEE, J. ROY - The preparation of an urban structure plan for the City of Worcester, report of survey, vol.9: Conservation
BOOKS230789I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Strike from the sky: the story of the Battle of Britain
BOOKS232667I: MCKELVEY, KENNETH K. - Drawing for the structural concrete engineer, including a study of the general philosophy of civil and structural engineering
BOOKS207564I: MCKELWAY, ALEXANDER J. - Freedom of God and human liberation
BOOKS155369I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - The confessions of a well-meaning woman
BOOKS114693I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Sonia married
BOOKS133513I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Midas and son
BOOKS219849I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - By intervention of Providence
BOOKS145443I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - That dumb loving
BOOKS170900I: MCKENNA, GEORGE (ED) - American populism
BOOKS204601I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Lady Lilith: a novel, being the first part of The Sensationalists
BOOKS175145I: MCKENNA, JOSEPH - Central Birmingham pubs, volume II
BOOKS193701I: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - The reluctant lover
BOOKS181367I: MCKENNEY, RUTH & BRANSTEN, RICHARD - Here's England: a highly informal guide
BOOKS224019I: MCKENZIE, FREDERICK ARTHUR - From Tokyo To Tiflis: Uncensored letters from the war
BOOKS230655I: MCKENZIE, J. HEWAT - Spirit intercourse: its theory and practice
BOOKS201100I: MCKENZIE-MOHR, SUZANNE & LAFRANCE, MICHELLE N. (EDS) - Women voicing resistance: discursive and narrative explorations
BOOKS072977I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - The end of nature
BOOKS139182I: MCKIE, DAVID - McKie's gazetteer: a local history of Britain
BOOKS214086I: MCKIE, SIMON - Making craft cider - A ciderist's guide (Shire Library)
BOOKS167692I: MCKIMMEY, JAMES - Blue mascara tears
BOOKS076186I: MCKINLAY, MORAG - The apple picker
BOOKS064938I: MCKINLEY, ROBIN (ED) - Imaginary lands
BOOKS126096I: MCKINLEY, WILLIAM LAIRD - Karluk: a great untold story of Arctic exploration
BOOKS188324I: MCKINNEY, DONALD - Walking the mist: Celtic spirituality for the 21st century
BOOKS091404I: MCKINNON, CATRIONA - Toleration: a critical introduction
BOOKS223241I: MCKINNON, WILLIAM T. - Apollo's blended dream: a study of the poetry of Louis Macneice
BOOKS166903I: MCKINSTRY, ROBERT AND OTHERS - The buildings of Armagh
BOOKS011576I: MCKINTY, ALEC - The father of British airships: a biography of E.T. Willows
BOOKS169639I: MCKITRICK, ERIC L (ED) - Slavery defended: the views of the Old South
BOOKS176197I: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - Waterways postcards, 1900-30
BOOKS211249I: MCKUEN,ROD - Caught in the Quiet
BOOKS209790I: MCKUEN, ROD - The sea around me ... the hills above.
BOOKS009864I: MCKUEN, ROD - We touch the sky
BOOKS208531I: MCKUEN, ROD - Listen to the warm
BOOKS034812I: MCKUEN, ROD - The sea around me... the hills above.
BOOKS139940I: MCLACHLAN, IAEN (ED) - Putting tips from the top
BOOKS009424I: MCLACHLAN, G.W.P. - Famous liners of the Eastern Oceans
BOOKS170482I: MCLACHLAN, IAN & ZORN, RUSSELL J - Eighth Air Force bomber stories: eye-witness accounts from American airmen and British civilians of the perils of war
BOOKS221421I: MCLACHLAN, N. D. (ED) - Historical studies, volume 15 No 57: R.M. Crawfod special issue
BOOKS032594I: MCLANE, DAISANN - Terence Trent D'Arby
BOOKS165483I: MCLANE-ILES, BETTY M. - Dieppe crossing
BOOKS161560I: MCLAREN, MORAY - Scotland in colour
BOOKS084469I: MCLAREN, MORAY - The unpossessed
BOOKS113811I: MCLAREN, DONALD S. - The control of Xerophthalmia: a century of contributions and lessons
BOOKS225937I: MCLAREN ,MORAY - Corsica Boswell: Paoli, Johnson and freedom
BOOKS208903I: MCLAREN, FERGUS B.. - The Auckland Islands: their eventful history
BOOKS168271I: MCLAREN, DUNCAN - Looking for Enid: the mysterious and inventive life of Enid Blyton
BOOKS225719I: MCLAREN, MORAY - Stern and wild. A new Scottish journey.
BOOKS225611I: MCLAREN, MORAY - A singing reel
BOOKS201648I: MCLARTY, RON - The memory of running
BOOKS033256I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - Papier mache work
BOOKS014245I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - The coward's weapon
BOOKS011161I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Costume doll making
BOOKS081139I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE AND MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - Cost-effective self-sufficiency or the middle-class peasant
BOOKS092891I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Family history from newspapers
BOOKS102263I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Somerset House wills from 1858
BOOKS063077I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Further steps in family history
BOOKS046369I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - A diet of tripe: the chequered history of food reform
BOOKS232131I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Annal of the poor (McLaughlin Guide)
BOOKS102262I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Making the most of the I.G.I. (International Geneological Index)
BOOKS191715I: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Annals of the poor
BOOKS212341I: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE P. - Coward's weapon
BOOKS141075I: MCLAURIN, JOHN J. - Sketches in crude oil: some accidents and incidents of the petroleum development in all parts of the globe
BOOKS217277I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Joseph Cundall: a Victorian editor, designer, publisher
BOOKS232565I: MCLEAN, IAN & BENNETT, GORDON - The art of Gordon Bennett
BOOKS206924I: MCLEAN, PETER D. & WOODY, SHEILA R. - Anxiety disorders in adults: an evidence-based approach to psychological treatment
BOOKS160557I: MCLEAN, JOHN - Tartan dragon: a historical saga of Hong Kong
BOOKS041770I: MCLEAN, JACK - The sporting urban Voltaire
BOOKS205816I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Pictorial alphabets
BOOKS176227I: MCLEAN, ALLAN CAMPBELL - The hill of the red fox
BOOKS119847I: MCLEAN, MICHAEL - The perfectest herald of joy
BOOKS199816I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Joseph Cundall, a Victorian publisher: notes on his life and a check-list of his books
BOOKS181733I: MCLEAN, ERIC - The living past of Montreal
BOOKS199292I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Nicolas Bentley drew the pcitures
BOOKS179750I: MCLEAN, AUSTIN - The Hess Collection
BOOKS195401I: MCLEAN, RUARI - Victorian book design & colour printing
BOOKS128603I: MCLEAVE, HUGH - Only gentlemen can play.
BOOKS212899I: MCLEAVE, HUGH - The damned die hard: The story of the French Foreign Legion
BOOKS023910I: MCLEAVY, ROY (ED) - Jane's surface skimmers: hovercraft & hydrofoils 1981
BOOKS225677I: MCLEAY, ALISON - The Tobermory treasure: the true story of a fabulous Armada galleon
BOOKS156195I: MCLEISH, MINNIE - Beginnings: teaching art to children
BOOKS110459I: MCLEISH,KENNETH AND MCLEISH, VALERIE - The listener's guide to classical music: an introduction ot the great classical composers and their works.
BOOKS143961I: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Karl Marx: the legacy
BOOKS190384I: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Marx before Marxism
BOOKS195650I: MCLELLAND, TIM - TSR.2: Britain's lost Cold War strike aircraft
BOOKS021089I: MCLEOD, ENID - Charles of Orleans: prince and poet
BOOKS195982I: MCLEOD, DAVID - Many a glorious morning
BOOKS056762I: MCLEOD, KIRSTY - The last summer: May to September 1914
BOOKS181693I: MCLEOD, CHARLES CAMPBELL & KIRKALDY, ADAM W. - The trade, commerce and shipping of the Empire
BOOKS025649I: MCLINTOCK, DEWAR - Prototype and dream cars
BOOKS100785I: MCLINTOCK, A.H. (ED) - A descriptive atlas of New Zealand
BOOKS025370I: MCLOUGHLIN, ROY - Living with the enemy
BOOKS146781I: MCLOUGHLIN, MAURICE - Toad in the hole
BOOKS199438I: MCLOWERY, FRANK - Missouri Man
BOOKS130216I: MCMAHON, L. (ED) - Royal Porthcawl Golf Club 1891-1991
BOOKS053052I: MCMAHON, THOMAS PATRICK - The issue of the Bishop's blood
BOOKS187376I: MCMANAWAY, JAMES G. (ED) - Dick of Devonshire
BOOKS222269I: MCMANNERS, ROBERT - Zurbarans at Auckland Castle
BOOKS064124I: MCMANNERS, HUGH - Crowning the dragon: adventures in the Chinese Karakoram
BOOKS114495I: MCMANUS, CHRIS - Whisky Johnny
BOOKS066904I: MCMANUS, ANNE - Terse verse
BOOKS076163I: MCMANUS, VIRGINIA - Not for love
BOOKS081498I: MCMANUS, ANNE - They said I was dead: the complete alternative cure for addiction
BOOKS073128I: MCMASTER, GARY J. - The international trout and salmon cookbook
BOOKS218119I: MCMASTER, JULIET (ED) - Jane Austen's achievement
BOOKS211410I: MCMENEMEY, WILLIAM H. - A history of the Worcester Royal Infirmary
BOOKS001331I: MCMILLAN, RICHARD - Twenty angels over Rome: the story of Fascist Italy's fall.
BOOKS025535I: MCMILLAN, RICHARD - Miracle before Berlin
BOOKS046529I: MCMILLAN, ALEX - Your ticket to success: the definitive guide to NLP in selling
BOOKS200994I: MCMILLAN, ELIZABETH - Complexity, organizations and change
BOOKS077073I: MCMILLAN, ALAN D. - Native peoples and culture of Canada: an anthropological overview
BOOKS014685I: MCMINNIES, MARY - The visitors
BOOKS151872I: MCMINNIES, W.G. - Signpost: an independent guide to pleasant ports of call in Britain, Ireland and the Channel Isles
BOOKS193230I: MCMINNIES, MARY - The visitors
BOOKS124262I: MCMULLAN, J.T. AND OTHERS - Energy resources
BOOKS195173I: MCMULLAN, RANDALL - Environmental science in building
BOOKS155749I: MCMULLIN, ALISTER - Observations on the permanent Parliament house
BOOKS194514I: MCMURRAY, PETE AND OTHERS - Barbel: Barbel catchers and friends
BOOKS150143I: MCMURRAY, PETE AND OTHERS - Barbel: barbel catchers and friends
BOOKS144680I: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E, - The world's warships 1948
BOOKS204717I: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E. (ED) - Jane's fighting ships 1939 (issued November, 1939)
BOOKS217479I: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E. - Ships of the Royal Navy with forces of British Dominions overseas
BOOKS218411I: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E. - Jane's fighting ships 1943-44
BOOKS150050I: MCMURTRY, STAN - Mac's year 1993: cartoons from the Daily Mail
BOOKS051590I: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Some can whistle
BOOKS211270I: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Texasville
BOOKS069308I: MCNAIR, MALCOLM P. AND OTHERS - Cases in food distribution
BOOKS063563I: MCNALLY, WARD - Smithy: the Kingsford-Smith story
BOOKS208883I: MCNALLY, WARD - New Zealand: the which-way country
BOOKS103162I: MCNAMARA, PAUL - Current fleets of major operators from London & the South-East
BOOKS164059I: MCNAMARA, ROBERT - Blundering into disaster
BOOKS042113I: MCNAMARA, SHEILA & SONG XUAN KE - Traditional Chinese medicine
BOOKS185335I: MCNAUGHT, W (ED) - Novello's biographies of great musicians (18 issues)
BOOKS032138I: MCNAY, IAN AND OZGA, JENNY (EDS) - Policy-making in education: the breakdown of consensus: a reader
BOOKS211954I: MCNEE, GERRY - In the footsteps of The Quiet Man
BOOKS124207I: MCNEE, DAVID - McNee's law
BOOKS063155I: MCNEIL, ALEX - Total television: a comprehensive guide to programming from 1848 to the present
BOOKS029356I: MCNEIL, JOHN - Spy game
BOOKS050957I: MCNEILE, R.F. - A history of Dean Close School
BOOKS085170I: MCNEILE, R.F. - Christianity in Southern Fenland
BOOKS159898I: MCNEILE, H.C. - Bulldog Drummond
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BOOKS231447I: MEYERS, AMY R. W - The art of natural history: illustrated treatises and botanical paintings, 1400-1850
BOOKS160989I: MEYERS, JEFFREY - Disease and the novel, 1880-1960
BOOKS034573I: MEYERSTEIN, E.H.W. - The boy: a modern poem
BOOKS048970I: MEYERSTEIN, E.H.W. - Cockadoodledont for a little girl
BOOKS069774I: MEYERSTEIN, E.H.W. - Verse letters to five friends
BOOKS161975I: MEYLER, EILEEN - Adventure on ponies
BOOKS033437I: MEYNELL, ALICE - The school of poetry
BOOKS033439I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays of to-day and yesterday
BOOKS010038I: MEYNELL, EVERARD - The life of Francis Thompson
BOOKS000426I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Alice Meynell: a memoir
BOOKS004796I: MEYNELL, MARY - Week-end at Green Trees
BOOKS015020I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Ceres' runaway & other essays
BOOKS015230I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Give me the knife
BOOKS092272I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Hooky catches a Tartar: a Hooky Hefferman mystery
BOOKS020305I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Selected poems of Alice Meynell
BOOKS015366I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Grave fairytale
BOOKS040449I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Alice Meynell: a memoir
BOOKS041319I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Childhood
BOOKS047088I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Death's eye
BOOKS047092I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE E. - Bluefeather
BOOKS008992I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Camouflage
BOOKS053295I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Death's eye
BOOKS053645I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Virgin luck
BOOKS055004I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Death's eye
BOOKS146158I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Alice Meynell: a memoir
BOOKS065704I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Death's eye
BOOKS068556I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Ceres' runaway & other essays
BOOKS069479I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Bluefeather
BOOKS078328I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Time's door
BOOKS092262I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - The house in the hills
BOOKS092265I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Camouflage
BOOKS092266I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Hooky goes to blazes
BOOKS092271I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Bluefeather
BOOKS092275I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The secret of the pit
BOOKS092280I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Strange landing: a tale of adventure
BOOKS092282I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The thirteen trumpeters: a Hooky Hefferman story
BOOKS092284I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Mockbeggar
BOOKS092286I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Odds on Bluefeather: being the further adventures of Mr George Berkley
BOOKS092301I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Watch the wall: being an exciting interlude in the life of a young man
BOOKS092302I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE W. - Paid in full
BOOKS092306I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The echo in the cave
BOOKS092313I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The imperfect aunt
BOOKS119634I: MEYNELL, E. - Sussex
BOOKS011670I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Prose and poetry
BOOKS189028I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Famous cricket grounds: a brief history of some of the famous grounds in England: together with an account of their more notable games and incidents and the celebrated personalities connected with them
BOOKS013769I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Time's door
BOOKS149784I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Grave fairytale: a romantic novel
BOOKS134414I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Ophelia
BOOKS113760I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Hooky and the prancing horse
BOOKS219799I: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - English printed books
BOOKS112320I: MEYNELL, ALICE - The last poems of Alice Meynell.
BOOKS113573I: MEYNELL, ALICE. - Prose and poetry: centenary volume
BOOKS124591I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The hunted king
BOOKS196546I: MEYNELL, WILFRED - Aunt Sarah & the war: a tale of transformations
BOOKS125813I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Wayfaring
BOOKS154705I: MEYNELL,HUGH - Only a rabbit's island
BOOKS199433I: MEYNELL, FRANCIS & MEYNELL, VERA (EDS) - The week-end book, in two volumes: 2
BOOKS215485I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Mary, the mother of Jesus
BOOKS169192I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Small talk in Sussex
BOOKS128774I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Alice Meynell : prose and poetry: centenary volume
BOOKS166443I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - First men to fly: the Wright Brothers
BOOKS127022I: MEYNELL, MARY - Week-end at Green Trees
BOOKS204901I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Later poems
BOOKS148906I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - First love and other stories
BOOKS147261I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Ceres' runaway & other essays
BOOKS111513I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The thirteen trumpeters: a Hooky Hefferman story
BOOKS208428I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - A girl adoring
BOOKS195235I: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Bandaberry
BOOKS208490I: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Grave fairytale: a romantic novel
BOOKS205617I: MEYNELL, ALICE - The poems of Alice Meynell
BOOKS180328I: MEYNELL, ALICE - Hearts of controversy
BOOKS189148I: MEYNELL, G.G. & GOODER, H. (EDS) - Microbial reaction to environment: eleventh symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
BOOKS075009I: MEYNELL, ALICE - The last poems of Alice Meynell
BOOKS088084I: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Follow thy fair sun
BOOKS188142I: MEYNELL, FRANCIS (ED) - The week-end book, volumes I & II
BOOKS175655I: MEYNEN, HENRIETTE - Die Kölner Grünanlagen: Karten
BOOKS175823I: MEYNEN, HENRIETTE - Die Kolner Grunanlagen: die stadtebauliche und gartenarchitektonische Entwicklung des Stadtgruns und das Grunsystem Fritz Schumachers
BOOKS225689I: MEYRICK, F.J. - Life in the bush (1840-1847): a memoir of Henry Howard Meyrick
BOOKS141913I: MEZZADRI, LUIGI - A short life of St. Vincent de Paul
BOOKS187640I: MIAJA, FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ (ED) - Mexico en la Copa Davis 1924-1988
BOOKS010930I: MIALL, AGNES M. - The book of fortune telling
BOOKS209083I: MIALL, AGNES MACKENZIE - Pigeons of Leyden: a story of the siege of Leyden
BOOKS013412I: MIALL, ANTONY - The Victorian nursery book
BOOKS053192I: MICALLEF, JOSEPH - When Malta stood alone (1940-1943)
BOOKS185320I: MICHA, RENE - Helion
BOOKS005205I: MICHAEL, MARJORIE - I married a hunter
BOOKS125552I: MICHAEL, A.C. - An artist in Spain
BOOKS231737I: FITTER. MICHAEL - Old Keynsham in Stone, part two Georgian and Victorian Keynsham, 1714 - 1901
BOOKS232379I: O'QUINLIVAN. MICHAEL - An annotated bibliography of the United States Marines in the Korean War
BOOKS191424I: MICHAEL, JUDITH - A certain smile
BOOKS231757I: FITTER. MICHAEL - Old Keynsham in Stone, part two Georgian and Victorian Keynsham, 1714 - 1901
BOOKS225234I: MICHAELIS, RONALD F. - British pewter
BOOKS031323I: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Into the darkness
BOOKS018132I: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Search the shadows
BOOKS054931I: MICHAELS, MARJORIE - Stay healthy with wine: natural cures and beauty secrets from the vineyards
BOOKS081294I: MICHAELS, JEREMY - You can beat arthritis
BOOKS085733I: MICHALSKI, SUE - The complete book of cocktails & punches: a connoisseur's guide to classic and alcohol-free beverages
BOOKS027249I: MICHEL, HENRI - The shadow war: resistance in Europe 1939-1945
BOOKS166917I: MICHEL, FREDA - Quest for Lord Quayle
BOOKS058404I: MICHELANGELO - Drawings by Michelangelo in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen
BOOKS159941I: MICHELET, JULES - The bird
BOOKS228088I: MICHELET, JULES - The insect
BOOKS045667I: MICHELIN - Guide Michelin pour les chauffeurs et les velocipedistes
BOOKS222337I: MICHELL, GEORGE (ED) - In the image of man: the Indian perception of the universe through 2000 years of painting and sculpture : Hayward Gallery, London 25 March-13 June 1982
BOOKS215440I: MICHELL, JOHN - Megalithomania: artists, antiquarians and archaeologists at the old stone monuments
BOOKS227987I: MICHELL, JOHN - A little history of astro-archaeology: Stages in the transformation of heresy
BOOKS138024I: MICHELSEN, NEIL F. - The American Ephemeris 1941 to 1950
BOOKS206983I: MICHIE, DONALD - On machine intelligence
BOOKS158087I: MICHIE, ALLAN A. - Keep the peace through air power,
BOOKS205699I: MICHINER, JAMES A. - Tales of the South Pacific
BOOKS228047I: MICK, STEVE (ED) - Sniffing' Glue 9, April/May 1977
BOOKS117571I: MICKLETHWAITE, J.T. - The ornaments of the rubric
BOOKS083194I: MICOU, PAUL - The cover artist
BOOKS188338I: MICOU, PAUL - The death of David Debrizzi
BOOKS221518I: MICROSOFT - Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, WWII - Europe series: pilot's manual
BOOKS010817I: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Berlin raids: R.A.F. Bomber Command winter 1943-44
BOOKS165087I: MIDDLECOFF, CARY - Cary Middlecoff's master guide to golf
BOOKS145850I: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH - Antique coloured glass
BOOKS059800I: MIDDLEMAS, K. - Pursuit of pleasure: high society in the 1900s
BOOKS004476I: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH - Continental coloured glass
BOOKS055158I: MIDDLEMASS, KEITH - Antique coloured glass
BOOKS203838I: MIDDLEMASS, BARBARA & HUNT, JOE - John Corbett, pillar of salt 1817-1901
BOOKS184166I: MIDDLETON, EDGAR C. - Glorious exploits of the air

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