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BOOKS236275I: LEEMING, GLENDA - Christopher Fry
BOOKS190461I: LEEMING, DAVID - Stephen Spender: a life in Modernism
BOOKS211205I: LEEPER, REGINALD - When Greek meets Greek
BOOKS157544I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Earls of creation: five great patrons of eighteenth-century art
BOOKS146999I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The enigmatic Edwardian: the life of Reginald, 2nd Viscount Esher
BOOKS238507I: LEES-DODD, MATILDA - Golden Shred recipes -
BOOKS147043I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Venetian evenings
BOOKS218115I: LEES, DAN - The rainbow conspiracy
BOOKS129008I: LEES, DAN - Mayhem in Morton Episcopi
BOOKS147394I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Harold Nicolson: a biography, volumes I & II
BOOKS141329I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Round the clock
BOOKS017935I: LEES, R.H. - Death for an emerald
BOOKS141330I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - William Beckford
BOOKS146989I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ancestral voices
BOOKS141319I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Earls of creation: five great patrons of eighteenth-century art
BOOKS147035I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Some Cotswold country houses
BOOKS147041I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The last Stuarts
BOOKS147042I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The country house
BOOKS147045I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Midway on the waves
BOOKS111993I: LEES, SUE - Carnal knowledge: rape on trial
BOOKS151467I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES (ED) - The National Trust: a record of fifty years' achievement
BOOKS146987I: LEES-MILNE,JAMES - Heretics in love
BOOKS146988I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Round the clock
BOOKS147040I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Prophesying peace
BOOKS236116I: LEES, A & OTHERS (EDS) - Science and racket sports IV
BOOKS226337I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Another Self
BOOKS235657I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Worcestershire: a Shell guide
BOOKS233919I: LEES, HILARY - Porch and pew: Small churches of the Cotswolds
BOOKS146995I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Earls of creation: five great patrons of eighteenth-century art
BOOKS146991I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The fool of love
BOOKS146998I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ruthenshaw: a ghost story
BOOKS127997I: LEES, DAN - Mayhem in Morton Episcopi
BOOKS147036I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - English country houses: Baroque, 1685-1715
BOOKS227468I: LEES, GENE - Oscar Peterson: the will to swing
BOOKS188193I: LEES, EDWIN - The botany of the Malvern Hills in the counties of Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester
BOOKS141321I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The milk of paradise: diaries 1993 - 1997
BOOKS141320I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Tudor Renaissance
BOOKS154828I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ancestral voices.
BOOKS222680I: LEES, CAROLINE - Caroline Lees' Watercolours of Shropshire
BOOKS080181I: LEES, FREDERIC ARNOLD - The flora of West Yorkshire with a sketch of the climatology and lithology in connection therewith
BOOKS169182I: LEES, MARGUERITE - Still waters
BOOKS242352I: LEES, DAN - Zodiac
BOOKS184597I: LEES, A.B. - Farming machinery
BOOKS170992I: LEES, JOHN D - The President and the Supreme Court: New Deal to Watergate
BOOKS189097I: LEES, HOWARD - Biochemistry of autotrophic bacteria
BOOKS141290I: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Heretics in love
BOOKS221280I: LEESON, FRANCIS - Kama Shilpa: a study of Indian sculpture depicting love in action.
BOOKS045324I: LEESON, JOHN RUDD - Lister as I knew him
BOOKS064151I: LEESON, ROBERT - The song of Arthur
BOOKS122111I: LEESON, ROBERT - The white horse
BOOKS005712I: LEETE-HODGE, LORNIE - Dangerous guest
BOOKS151551I: LEETE-HODGE, LORNIE - Moonraker County: a Wiltshire guide
BOOKS231879I: LEEUW, CHARLES VAN DER - Storm over the Caucasus: In the wake of independence (Caucasus Languages)
BOOKS240730I: LEFANU, W.R. - A bio-bibliography of Edward Jenner, 1749-1823
BOOKS017529I: LEFANU, WILLIAM - A catalogue of the portraits and other paintings, drawings and sculpture in the Royal College of Surgeons of England
BOOKS163814I: LEFCOWITTZ, ERIC - The Monkees tale
BOOKS075569I: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Cumberland heritage
BOOKS101309I: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Cumberland heritage
BOOKS198013I: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Murder with a difference: studies of Haigh and Christie
BOOKS041027I: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - The illustrated Lake poets
BOOKS174970I: LEFEBURE, FRANCIS - Le nom naturel de Dieu: Om et les mantras
BOOKS128268I: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Cumberland heritage
BOOKS229965I: LEFEBVRE, ALEXANDRE - Human rights as a way of life: on Bergson's political philosophy
BOOKS105300I: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Classic farm tractors: history of the farm tractor
BOOKS105292I: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Tractors: icons of the American landscape
BOOKS186965I: LEGARD, JANE (ED) - The Middleton Hunt cookbook II
BOOKS137476I: LEGAT, A.W. AND OTHERS - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS086574I: LEGAT, A.W. - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS111130I: LEGAT, A.W. AND OTHERS - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS152815I: LEGAT, MICHAEL - An author's guide to publishing
BOOKS217874I: LEGEND, HENRY - Those who come after.
BOOKS178928I: LEGENDRE,MAURICE - Domenico Theotocopuli gennant El Greco
BOOKS184857I: LEGG, BETH - Jewellery from natural materials
BOOKS238949I: LEGG, RODNEY - Dorset families
BOOKS209855I: LEGG, RODNEY - Steep Holm: legends and history
BOOKS065537I: LEGG, A.K. - Citroen diesel engine owners workshop manual (1984 to 1990 1.9 litre; 1985 to 1990 1.7 litre)
BOOKS066757I: LEGG, A.K. - Peugeot Talbot diesel engine owners workshop manual
BOOKS070702I: LEGG, A.K. - Volkswagen Golf & Jetta: service and repair manual
BOOKS097928I: LEGG, RODNEY - Stonehenge antiquaries
BOOKS100869I: LEGG, A.K. - Volkswagen Polo 1982-88 owners workshop manual
BOOKS119157I: LEGG, A. - Escort owner's handbook/servicing guide
BOOKS234822I: LEGG, RODNEY - Dorset at war: diary of World War Two
BOOKS122653I: LEGGE, D.C. - The education of adults in Britain
BOOKS066874I: LEGGE, GORDON - In between talking about the football
BOOKS071520I: LEGGE, SYLVIA - Affectionate cousins: T. Sturge Moore and Marie Appia
BOOKS073056I: LEGGE, GORDON - Near neighbours
BOOKS086051I: LEGGE, DEREK - The education of adults in Britain
BOOKS105750I: LEGGE, JAMES (ED) - The sacred books of China: the texts of Taoism, part VI
BOOKS061545I: LEGGE, ALLAN H. & KRUPA, SAGAR V.(EDS) - Air pollutants and their effects on the terrestrial ecosystem
BOOKS061220I: LEGGE, SYLVIA - Affectionate cousins: T.Sturge Moore and Marie Appia
BOOKS153801I: LEGGE, J.G. - The rising tide: an epic in education
BOOKS227243I: LEGGE, MARGARET - The price of Stephen Bonynge
BOOKS016723I: LEGGET, ROBERT - Rideau waterway
BOOKS160214I: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Railways of Canada
BOOKS135351I: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Rideau Waterway
BOOKS239121I: LEGGETT, JEREMY K - Trench-forearc geology: sedimentation and tectonics on modern and ancient active plate margins
BOOKS206961I: LEGGETT, TREVOR - Shogi: Japan's game of strategy
BOOKS230147I: LEGGETT, JEREMY - The energy of nations: risk blindness and the road to renaissance
BOOKS242380I: LEGOOD, GILES (ED) - Veterinary ethics: an introduction
BOOKS054887I: LEGRAND, IGNACE - The land within
BOOKS224024I: LEGUIN, URSULA K . - Lavinia
BOOKS097277I: LEGUM, COLIN (ED) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1974-75
BOOKS097278I: LEGUM, COLIN (ED) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1973-74
BOOKS097276I: LEGUM, COLIN (ED) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1975-76
BOOKS097274I: LEGUM, COLIN (ED) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1976-77
BOOKS167107I: LEHANE, BRENDAN - The power of plants
BOOKS148177I: LEHAR, FRANZ & ROSS, ADRIAN - The merry widow: new musical play (vocal score)
BOOKS021223I: LEHMAN, ERNEST - North by Northwest
BOOKS162022I: LEHMAN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin new writing no. 30
BOOKS054845I: LEHMAN, CHARLES A - Desert survival handbook
BOOKS158702I: LEHMANN, ROSAMUN AND OTHERS (EDS) - Orion: a miscellany
BOOKS178571I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 8, no.2, February 1961
BOOKS177235I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, nos.1-12, January - December 1956
BOOKS177409I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 4, nos. 1-12, January-December 1957 + index
BOOKS208738I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin New Writing, number 23
BOOKS178563I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 4, 1957 (10 of 12 issues)
BOOKS178564I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine a monthly review of literature, volume 4, 1957 (7 issues)
BOOKS172007I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The gipsy's baby
BOOKS178575I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, vol.5, 1958 (3 issues only)
BOOKS220831I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: volume 6, no.11, Novermber 1959
BOOKS220875I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, Volume 4, No 5, May 1957
BOOKS220876I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, Volume 5, No 4, April 1958
BOOKS178574I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, 1958 (4 issues only)
BOOKS040878I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing and Daylight 1946
BOOKS178578I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.12, December 1958
BOOKS043865I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - English stories fron New Writing
BOOKS038809I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing and Daylight: Autumn 1944
BOOKS039389I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New writing, IV: Autumn 1937
BOOKS043211I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The gipsy's baby and other stories
BOOKS040924I: LEHMANN, JOHN - New Writing and Daylight, Winter 1943-44
BOOKS040781I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - French stories from New Writing
BOOKS044216I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing and Daylight: Autumn 1944
BOOKS044281I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing and Daylight: 1945
BOOKS041155I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing IV: Autumn 1937
BOOKS197891I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no.11, November 1955
BOOKS000613I: LEHMANN, JOHN - Christopher Isherwood: a personal memoir
BOOKS051061I: LEHMANN, JOHN - The whispering gallery: autobiography I
BOOKS026748I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - A note in music
BOOKS102917I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The weather in the streets
BOOKS177229I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, nos.1-12, January - December 1956, + index
BOOKS177386I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 6, nos.1-12, January-December 1959
BOOKS178577I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 5, May 1955: Spring reading number
BOOKS189185I: LEHMANN, W.P. & MALKIEL, Y. - Directions for historical linguistics: a symposium
BOOKS113229I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND AND OTHERS (EDS) - Orion: a miscellany
BOOKS178565I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 4, 1957 (11 issues).
BOOKS178566I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 4, 1957 (5 issues only)
BOOKS005313I: LEHMANN, JOHN - The whispering gallery: autobiography 1
BOOKS178361I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: volume 3, no. 12, December 1956
BOOKS178362I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature. volume 2, no. 12, December 1955
BOOKS234951I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine a monthly review of literature, volume 7 no.3, March 1960
BOOKS178378I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.2 (5 issues)
BOOKS177237I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, Volume 3, No.8, August 1956
BOOKS178576I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.8, September 1954
BOOKS178568I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.8, no.3, March 1961
BOOKS178569I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 8, no.1, January 1961
BOOKS178474I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, vol.5, 1958 (9 issues)
BOOKS177233I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, nos.1-12, January - December 1955
BOOKS177425I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine. volume 5, no. 8, August 1958
BOOKS224138I: LEHMANN, R.C. - His final arrow: a further adventure of Picklock Holes
BOOKS178573I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.8, October 1954
BOOKS177423I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 5, May 1958
BOOKS177422I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 4, April 1958
BOOKS177239I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, Volume 3, No. 9, September 1956
BOOKS177240I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, No. 5, May 1956
BOOKS177241I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, No. 2, February 1956
BOOKS162021I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin new writing No. 29
BOOKS177251I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no.6, June 1955
BOOKS183978I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The weather in the streets
BOOKS188562I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, vol.6, nos.1-11, January - November 1959 (11 issues)
BOOKS201643I: LEHMANN, JOHN - The whispering gallery: autobiography, vol 1
BOOKS214464I: LEHMANN, R.C. - Crumbs of Pity, and other verses. to which are added six lives of great men
BOOKS178397I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, vol.7, 1960 (11 issues)
BOOKS178389I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.7 (8 issues), 1960
BOOKS196920I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine August 1957
BOOKS166494I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin new writing, 33
BOOKS166495I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin new writing, 31
BOOKS219177I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, Volume 2, No.1, January 1955
BOOKS220832I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 6, no.1, January 1959
BOOKS177245I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, no. 10, October 1956
BOOKS177227I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 7, nos.1-12, January - December 1960, + index
BOOKS177428I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.10, October 1958
BOOKS177429I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.7, July 1958
BOOKS177430I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 6, June 1958
BOOKS186098I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - New Writing and Daylight 1946
BOOKS178387I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 7 (7 issues)
BOOKS205880I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, July 1955, volume 2 no 7
BOOKS177222I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, nos.1-12, January - December 1958, + index
BOOKS177421I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 1, January 1958
BOOKS178345I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.I, nos. 1-11, February - December 1954
BOOKS232528I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The swan in the evening: fragments of an inner life
BOOKS224140I: LEHMANN, R. C - The return of Picklock Holes
BOOKS205407I: LEHMANN, JOHN - The year's work in literature 1950
BOOKS178572I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.7, August 1954
BOOKS166493I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The Penguin new writing; 29
BOOKS177238I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 5, No. 11, November 1958
BOOKS178473I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, vol.5, 1958 (12 issues Jan-Dec)
BOOKS004527I: LEHMANN, JOHN - Christopher Isherwood: a personal memoir
BOOKS195184I: LEHMANN, JOHN - The ample proposition: autobiography III
BOOKS162740I: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The ballad and the source
BOOKS239020I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 4, April 1955
BOOKS177247I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 3, March 1955
BOOKS177248I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 7, July 1955
BOOKS177249I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no.8, August 1955
BOOKS230874I: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - The London Magazine, volume 3, no.11, November 1956
BOOKS194954I: LEHMBRUCK, WILHELM - Wilhelm Lehmbruck: 21 March - 11 May 2013
BOOKS095268I: LEHNDORFF, G. - Horse breeding recollections
BOOKS174986I: LEHRIAN, PAUL - The restaurant
BOOKS226556I: LEHRKE, JESSE PAUL - The transition to National Armies in the former Soviet Republics, 1988-2005
BOOKS234151I: LEHTO, OLLI & OTHERS (EDS) - Topics in analysis: Colloquium on Mathematical Analysis, Jyvasjyla 1970
BOOKS206185I: LEHWALD, EDWARD A. (ED) - Chevelle SS: A source book
BOOKS166349I: LEIBER, FRITZ AND OTHERS - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, vol.37, no.1, July 1969
BOOKS008749I: LEIBER, FRITZ - The secret songs
BOOKS061528I: LEIBER, FRITZ - The big time
BOOKS105960I: LEICESTER, MAL AND OTHERS (EDS) - Education, culture and values, volume I: Systems of education: theories, policies and implicit values
BOOKS226446I: LEICESTER, L.ANTHONY - Flights into the Night: Reminiscences of a World War Two, RAF Wellington Pilot
BOOKS051789I: LEICESTER, HUBERT A - Forgotten Worcester
BOOKS122187I: LEICHER, SILKE & SCHREINER, MANUEL - Bands on the road: the tour sketchbook
BOOKS014066I: LEICHT, HERMANN - Pre-Inca art and culture
BOOKS050443I: LEIFER, WALTER - Himalaya: mountains of destiny
BOOKS211884I: LEIFER, MICHAEL - Dictionary of the modern politics of South-East Asia
BOOKS192287I: LEIGH, CHRIS (ED) - Model Rail: for Britain's sharpest railway modellers, June 2006 - June 2007 (12 issues)
BOOKS209357I: LEIGH-BENNETT, E.P. - On this evidence
BOOKS000815I: LEIGH, DAVID - The Wilson plot: the intelligence services and the discrediting of a prime minister
BOOKS157514I: LEIGH, DAVID & LINKLATER, MAGNUS - Not with honour: the inside story of the Westland scandal
BOOKS221434I: LEIGH, ROBERTA - Beloved Ballerina
BOOKS174636I: LEIGH, CHRIS - "Model Railway Constructor" special, 4: buildings
BOOKS064583I: LEIGH, PERCIVAL - The comic English grammar: a new and facetious introduction to the English tongue
BOOKS001567I: LEIGH, EDWARD - A diatribe of mony or coyn
BOOKS235256I: LEIGH, HENRY S - Carols of Cockayne
BOOKS199913I: LEIGH, ROBERT - The cheap dream
BOOKS223157I: LEIGH-BENNETT, E.P. - Cunard White Star Launch of the "Queen Mary" in the presence of Their Majesties the King & Queen at the Yard of John Brown & Co. Ltd. Clydebank Wednesday September 26, 1934. Naming Ceremony performed by Her Majesty the Queen
BOOKS135680I: LEIGH, W.R. - Frontiers of enchantment: an artist's adventures in Africa
BOOKS127041I: LEIGH, JAMES - The Ludi victor
BOOKS150628I: LEIGH, JAMES - Prediction, vol.I, no.6 - no.11. July - December 1936
BOOKS150463I: LEIGH, JAMES (ED) - Prediction, vol.3, no.12 - vol.4, no.11, January - December, 1939.
BOOKS150459I: LEIGH, JAMES (ED) - Prediction, vol.4, no.12 - vol.5, no.6, January - July 1940
BOOKS217255I: LEIGH, DAVID - High time: the life and times of Howard Marks
BOOKS150462I: LEIGH, JAMES (ED) - Prediction: vol.2, no.12 - vol.3, no.11, January - December 1938.
BOOKS219755I: LEIGH, WILLIAM R. - Frontiers of enchantmen: an artist's adventures in Africa
BOOKS212488I: LEIGH-LYE, TERRY - Fight reporter
BOOKS238155I: LEIGH, LORMA - The Roadmender country
BOOKS207962I: LEIGHTON, RACHEL (ED) - Correspondence of Charlotte Grenville, Lady Williams Wynn, A correspondence of Charlotte Grenville, Lady Williams Wynn, and her three sons
BOOKS176068I: LEIGHTON, DOUGLAS - Modern bookbinding: a survey and a prospect (the fifth Dent Memorial Lecture)
BOOKS054764I: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - Sergeant Silk, the prairie scout
BOOKS064593I: LEIGHTON, MARGARET - The secret of the closed gate
BOOKS200989I: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - The bravest boy in the camp: a story of adventure on the Western prairies
BOOKS035880I: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - Sea-scout and savage: adventures among the cannibals of the Solomon Islands.
BOOKS206218I: LEIGHTON-HARDMAN, ANN CATHARINE - Amateur horse breeder
BOOKS002578I: LEIGHTON, PETER - Moon travellers: a dream that is becoming a reality
BOOKS232130I: LEIGHTON, BRIAN - A short history of Tyneham
BOOKS203500I: LEIGHTON, ALBERT C. - Transport and communication in early Mediaeval Europe, AD500-1100
BOOKS187948I: LEIGHTON, MARIE CONNOR - The story of a great sin
BOOKS238536I: LEIMDORFER, VALERIE - Quakers at Sidcot 1690-1990
BOOKS224135I: LEINSTER, MURRAY - The seventh bullet
BOOKS227679I: LEINSTER, RAFAELLE (DUCHESS OF) - So brief a dream
BOOKS220999I: LEINSTER, DEREK - Hannah's shame: A true life story
BOOKS224134I: LEINSTER, MURRAY - Malay Collins - Master Thief of the East: The Eye of Black A'Wang; The Emerald Buddha; The Black Stone of Agharti
BOOKS243579I: LEINSTER, MURRAY - Land of the giants: the hot spot
BOOKS031665I: LEINSTER, MURRAY (ED) - Great stories of science fiction
BOOKS136619I: LEISER, WILLIE - I'm a road runner baby
BOOKS095782I: LEISER, ERWIN - A pictorial history of Nazi Germany
BOOKS037462I: LEISHMAN, J.B. - The monarch of wit: an analytical and comparative study of the poetry of John Donne
BOOKS077444I: LEISHMAN, THOMAS LINTON - The continuity of the Bible: the Gospels
BOOKS183673I: LEIST, MONIKA & LEIST, ALBERT - Festliches Formgebäck
BOOKS048735I: LEISTNER, G.M.E. & BREYTENBACH, W.J. - The black worker of South Africa
BOOKS190876I: LEITCH, VINCENT B. - Deconstructive criticism: an advanced introduction
BOOKS121500I: LEITCH, DAVID - Deadline
BOOKS207466I: LEITCH, ELIZABETH - The family at Kilmory
BOOKS037139I: LEITH, ALEX - Over the moon, Brian: the language of football
BOOKS046699I: LEITH, PRUE - Prue Leith's dinner parties
BOOKS060912I: LEITH, PRUE - Cooking for friends
BOOKS125162I: LEITH, PRUE AND OTHERS - Leith's contemporary cooking
BOOKS099017I: LEITH, PRUE - Prue Leith's dinner parties
BOOKS073757I: LEITH, PRUE - Prue Leith's dinner parties
BOOKS045622I: LEITH, PRUE - The cook's handbook
BOOKS090677I: LEITH, PRUE - Prue Leith's dinner parties
BOOKS176438I: LEITH, PRUE & WALDEGRAVE, CAROLINE - Leith's cookery school
BOOKS000967I: LEITH, PRUE - Prue Leith's dinner parties
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BOOKS230732I: LEYSON, BURR W - American wings: modern aviation for everyone,
BOOKS233082I: LHOTE, GILLES - Jeans des heros: 1850 les Pionniers - 1950 Aux rebelles
BOOKS083251I: LI, K.T. - On the absolute intensities of the strong b(beta)-ray lines of RA ( B+ C), Th ( B + C), and Ac (B + C)
BOOKS114366I: LI, LIN-NEI AND OTHERS (EDS) - English-Chinese dictionary of new economic terms used in contemporary China
BOOKS162311I: LI, HANS - The ancient ones: sacred monuments of the Inka, Maya & Cliffdweller
BOOKS122638I: YANG LIAN (ED) - Sailor's Home
BOOKS239968I: LIAN, PANG CHENG (EDITORIAL CONSULTANT) - Tanjong Pagar; a pictorial journey (1819 - 1989)
BOOKS156172I: LIANG, CECILIA (TRANSLATOR) - Chinese folk poetry
BOOKS151343I: LIANG, SHOU-YU & WU, WEN-CHING - Tai Chi Chuan / 24 & 48 houdingen met toepassingen in de krijgskunst
BOOKS049625I: LIAS, GODFREY - Glubb's legion
BOOKS163658I: LIAS, ANTHONY - Place names of the Welsh borderlands
BOOKS144672I: LIBBEY, LAURA JEAN - 'Twixt love and honour
BOOKS182723I: NATIONAL CONVENTION OF LIBERALS - Liberal Enquiry Committee: interim report, presented to the Right Hon. H.H. Asquith, K.C., January 21st 1925
BOOKS023264I: LIBERKIND, INGVALD - The little foal
BOOKS046620I: LIBERMAN, CY AND LIBERMAN, PAT - The crab book: how to catch, cook and eat crabs
BOOKS039009I: WANDSWORTH PUBLIC LIBRARIES - The Wandsworth collection of early children's books
BOOKS221171I: WIENER LIBRARY - Persecution and resistance under the Nazis: Part I: reprint of Catalogue no. 1 (second edition), Part II: new material and amendments
BOOKS038355I: LABOUR PARTY LIBRARY - The Labour Party: a select reading list excluding Labour Party publications
BOOKS080825I: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE LIBRARY - Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & ASEAN: humanities & social sciences, Supplement 1991
BOOKS064716I: WIMBLEDON PULIC LIBRARY - Description of paintings in Juvenile Library
BOOKS124952I: STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY LIBRARY - Royalty & Staffordshire: historical notes, documents and books
BOOKS216637I: WIENER LIBRARY - German Jewry: part II: Additions and amendments to Catalogue no. 3, 1959-1972 (Catalogue series)
BOOKS015290I: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Queen Mother: the Lichfield selection
BOOKS216530I: LICHFIELD, PATRICK & COOPER, JILLY - Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point
BOOKS090572I: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Lichfield on travel photography: making the most of a world of pictures
BOOKS178524I: LICHIE, DAVID - The black & white of a colourful lfe: a biography of Derrick Braham
BOOKS006432I: LICHINE, ALEXIS - Alexis Lichine's encyclopaedia of wines and spirits
BOOKS196068I: LICHINE, ALEXIS - Wines of France
BOOKS006033I: LICHINE, ALEXIS - Wines of France
BOOKS218188I: LICHT, HANS - Sexual life in Ancient Greece (History and Politics)
BOOKS012134I: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE - Europe in the Twentieth Century
BOOKS243338I: LICHTHEIM, MIRIAM - Ancient Egyptian literature: a book of readings, volume II: New Kingdom
BOOKS234809I: 'LICINUS' - Vote Labour? why?
BOOKS151334I: LIDA - Bourru the brown bear
BOOKS234761I: LIDA - Cuckoo
BOOKS234756I: LIDA - Martin the kingfisher
BOOKS227690I: LIDCHI-GRASSI,MAGGI - The battle of Kurukshetra
BOOKS227689I: LIDCHI-GRASSI, MAGGI - The legs of the tortoise
BOOKS129076I: LIDDELL, H.A. - A school history of Oxfordshire
BOOKS238833I: LIDDELL HART, B.H. & OTHERS - Strand Magazine, vol.CVII, no.641, May 1944
BOOKS177549I: LIDDELL HART, B.H. - History of the Second World War
BOOKS168943I: LIDDIARD, DAVID & D'ALTON, JENNIFER - Barley & balloons: David Liddiard remembers.....
BOOKS223697I: LIDGEY, CHARLES A. - Richard Wagner and 'Der Ring Des Nibelungen': a paper rear before Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, January 28th, 1908
BOOKS128455I: LIEBERMAN, LAURENCE - Unassigned frequencies: American poetry in review, 1964-77
BOOKS169587I: LIEBERMAN, ROBERT C - Shifting the colour line: race and the American welfare state
BOOKS142288I: LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. - Painters in Paris, 1895-1950
BOOKS237416I: LIEBERMAN, NELSON A - Twentieth-century art from the Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller collection
BOOKS045310I: LIEBERMANN, MAX / SINGER, HANS W. - Zeichnungen von Max Liebermann (Drawings)
BOOKS077013I: LIEBERS, ARTHUR - How to raise and train a Maltese
BOOKS241759I: LIEBLING, A.J. - The Republic of Silence
BOOKS078125I: LIEBMAN, J. (ED) - Electrocardiology '96: from the cell to the body surface
BOOKS241824I: LIEBMAN, STUART & OTHERS / COPJEC, JOAN & OTHERS (EDS) - October 46, Fall 1988
BOOKS069432I: LIECHTI, ELAINE - Shiatsu: Japanese massage for health and fitness
BOOKS138216I: LIEFELD, WALTER L. - Ephesians
BOOKS172642I: LIENGAARD, ANJA - The adventures of a child in search of the truth
BOOKS211297I: LIETZMANN, HANS - A history of the early church: Volumes I - IV in 2 books.
BOOKS180900I: "FLIGHT-LIEUTENANT" (W.E. JOHNS) - Out of the blue
BOOKS159016I: "FLIGHT-LIEUTENANT" - Flying adventures
BOOKS159018I: "FLIGHT-LIEUTENANT" - Flying stories
BOOKS238942I: MUSEUM OF ENGLISH RURAL LIFE - G.E. Fussell: a bibliography of his writings on agricultural history
BOOKS048232I: LIFE - Life goes to the movies
BOOKS183462I: TIME-LIFE - The reach for Empire
BOOKS042493I: LIGHT, PAUL AND OTHERS (ED) - Learning to think (Child development in social context 2)
BOOKS180083I: LIGHT, PAUL AND OTHERS (EDS) - Learning to think: a reader
BOOKS236169I: LIGHT, MATTHEW - Fragile migration rights: freedom of movement in post-Soviet Russia
BOOKS222551I: LIGHTBOWN, R.W. - Sandro Botticelli: Life and work
BOOKS161027I: LIGUORI-REYNOLDS, ROSALIE - Tales of the Blue Mountains
BOOKS226904I: LIICHTENBERG, GEORG CHRISTOPH - Lichtenberg's Commentaries on Hogarth's engravings
BOOKS135308I: LILEY, JOHN - France - the quiet way
BOOKS135352I: LILEY, JOHN - Journeys of the Swan
BOOKS128467I: LILEYKO, JERZY - Dawne zbiory Zamku Krolewskiego w Warszawie
BOOKS067452I: LILIEN-KIPNIS, H. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Proceedings of the seventh international symposium on flower bulbs, volume I
BOOKS049927I: LILIUS, IRMELIN SANDMAN - The goldmaker's house
BOOKS206030I: LILLARD, RICHARD G. - American life in autobiography, a descriptive guide
BOOKS209430I: LILLARD, CHARLES - Seven shillings a year: the history of Vancouver Island
BOOKS136814I: LILLEE, DENNIS - My life in cricket
BOOKS204059I: LILLEY, ARTHUR - The Atheist: an original poem
BOOKS024256I: LILLEY, A.A. - Twenty-four years of cricket: recalling the most famous cricketers and their methods
BOOKS006539I: LILLEY, A.A. - Twenty-four years of cricket: recalling the most famous cricketers and their methods
BOOKS217072I: LILLEY, DR GEORGE & MARSHALL, DR KEITH C. (ED) - Proceedings of the Anthony Powell Centenary Conference 2005: Third biennial Anthony Powell conference
BOOKS221257I: LILLIE, MALCOLM & ELLIS, STEPHEN (EDS) - Wetland archaeology and environments: regional issues, global perspectives
BOOKS232355I: LILLIE, R.D - H.J. Conn's Biological stains: a handbook on the nature and uses of the dyes employed in the biological laboratory
BOOKS160904I: LILLIE, WILLIAM - Studies in New Testament ethics
BOOKS123087I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.26, no.1, issue no.151, January 1950
BOOKS123092I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.26, no.3, issue no.153, March 1950
BOOKS075791I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, May 1949 (Vo.24 no.5, issue no.143)
BOOKS123080I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.8 no.1, issue 43, January 1941
BOOKS123083I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.27, no.2, issue no.158, August 1950
BOOKS123084I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.23, no. 5, issue no. 137, November 1948
BOOKS118081I: LILLY, WILLIAM - Introduction to astrology
BOOKS209380I: LILLY, TONI - Foul Contagion
BOOKS182679I: LILLY, WILLIAM - An introduction to astrology
BOOKS230297I: LILLYWHITE, FRED - Cricket scores and biographies of celebrated cricketers from 1746 to 1826, vol.I
BOOKS006651I: LIM, JANET - Sold for silver: an autobiography
BOOKS135001I: LIM, KELVIN & LIM, FRANCIS - A guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Singapore
BOOKS113564I: DE LIMA, SIGRID - Carnival by the sea
BOOKS035689I: LIMB, SUE - Love forty
BOOKS079948I: LIMB, SUE - Big trouble
BOOKS094164I: LIMB, SUE - Love forty
BOOKS131014I: LIMB, SUE - More bad housekeeping
BOOKS049733I: LIMBACH, HANS JORG - Cosmocide / Kosmozid / Cosmocidio
BOOKS116244I: METAL AGENCIES COMPANY LIMITED - The Metal Agencies Company Limited Bristol, catalogue No. 76, 1950
BOOKS054905I: DAIMLER COMPANY LIMITED - Handbook for the Daimler Conquest saloon
BOOKS078303I: MORRIS MOTORS LIMITED - The manual of the Morris Major Six
BOOKS227659I: ILFORD LIMITED - Ilford photographic materials: professional catalogue, 1961
BOOKS113177I: WOLSELEY MOTORS LIMITED - The Wolseley "Four Fifty" instruction manual
BOOKS233214I: TELFORD UNITED SUPPORTERS LIMITED - Never Forget: our stories of our Club
BOOKS235975I: EALING TENANTS LIMITED - The Pioneer Co-partnership Suburb: a record of progress
BOOKS189835I: VITRA LIMITED - Vitra sales brochures
BOOKS199855I: KODAK LIMITED - Photographic aspects of radiography
BOOKS123494I: MORRIS MOTORS LIMITED - Operation manual for the G.P.O. Morris Minor: contract no. 82037.P
BOOKS181579I: VAUXHALL MOTORS LIMITED - Instruction book for Bedford Model S
BOOKS152785I: VAUXHALL MOTORS LIMITED - Instruction book for Bedford TA range
BOOKS185694I: BLCARS LIMITED - Austin Morris: great cars for Great Britain (sales brochure)
BOOKS171619I: F. PERKINS LIMITED - Driver's handbook of the Perkins diesel P6 & P4 vehicle engine
BOOKS222562I: ILFORD LIMITED - Panchromatism
BOOKS243093I: QUAKER OATS LIMITED - Meals in a moment and other dishes
BOOKS035861I: LIN, ALICE - Grandmother had no name
BOOKS162849I: LIN, VANCE & JENSSEN, HEINKE (EDS) - Design annual 2001: the international annual of design and illustration
BOOKS175127I: ZHANG LIN (ED) - Awakened: Qin's terra-cotta army
BOOKS237244I: LIN-CHANDLER, IRENE - Grievous angel
BOOKS181005I: LINACRE, EDWARD & HOBBS, JOHN - The Australian climatic environment
BOOKS226491I: LINCOLN, EDWARD FRANK - The heritage of Yorkshire
BOOKS002451I: LINCOLN, E.F. - The medieval legacy

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