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BOOKS006520I: ALVERSON, CHARLES - Goodey's last stand
BOOKS092112I: ALVERSON, MARIANNE - Under African sun
BOOKS019916I: ALVERSON, CHARLES - Fighting back
BOOKS019914I: ALVERSON, CHARLES - Goodey's last stand
BOOKS022765I: AMALRIK, ANDREI - Involuntary journey to Siberia
BOOKS031060I: AMALRIK, ANDRE - Involuntary journey to Siberia
BOOKS202896I: AMALRIK, ANDREI - Involuntary journey to Siberia
BOOKS057901I: AMALRIK, ANDREI - Involuntary journey to Siberia
BOOKS058314I: AMAND DE MENDIETA, EMMANUEL - Rome and Canterbury: a Biblical and free Catholicism
BOOKS078646I: AMARELLI, FRANCISCUS (ED) - Studia et documenta historiae et Iuris
BOOKS163429I: AMATEDECHA, SOPAPHAN - Sinlapa kantæng phak / The art of vegetable garnish
BOOKS024164I: AMATO, PIETRO - Tesori d'arte dei Musei Diocesani
BOOKS007347I: AMAZING STORIES / SLOANE, T. O'CONNOR (ED) - Amazing Stories, the magazine of scientifiction, volume 6 no.1: April 1931
BOOKS033031I: AMBLER, ERIC - Passage of arms
BOOKS193295I: AMBLER, ERIC - The night-comers
BOOKS069926I: AMBLER, ERIC - Cause for alarm
BOOKS224439I: AMBLER, ERIC - Cause for alarm
BOOKS121314I: AMBLER, TIM AND OTHERS - Doing business in China
BOOKS132631I: AMBLER, ERIC - The ability to kill and other pieces
BOOKS199633I: AMBLER, ERIC - Judgment on Deltchev
BOOKS220401I: AMBLER, ERIC - The ability to kill and other pieces
BOOKS126685I: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Pegasus Bridge: June 6 1944
BOOKS152184I: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Undaunted courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West
BOOKS047018I: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Pegasus Bridge, 6 June 1944
BOOKS117139I: AMBROSINI, MARIA LUISA - The secret archives of the Vatican
BOOKS076481I: D'AMBRUMENIL, PETER L. - What is dispute resolution?
BOOKS186112I: ST JOHN AMBULANCE - Survival! Remote area first aid
BOOKS056485I: AMENKHIENAN, FELIX E. - Accounting in developing countries: framework for standard setting
BOOKS078453I: PHILATELIC JOURNAL OF AMERICA - The Philatelic Journal of America, vol. III
BOOKS029888I: DOLL COLLECTORS OF AMERICA - Doll collectors manual 1983
BOOKS224995I: DOLL COLLECTORS OF AMERICA - Doll Collectors Manual 1983
BOOKS024724I: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Old World archaeology: foundations of civilisation
BOOKS073228I: VAN AMERONGEN, MARTIN - Wagner: a case history
BOOKS182233I: AMERY, CARL AND OTHERS - Zucker und Zimt
BOOKS222096I: AMERY, L.S. - My political life, volume one: England before the storm 1896-1914.
BOOKS205968I: AMERY, L.S. - The framework of the future
BOOKS166214I: AMES, DELANO - Murder begins at home
BOOKS087498I: AMES, DELANO - The man with 3 Jaguars
BOOKS135208I: AMES, JOSEPH / DIBDIN, THOMAS FROGNALL (ED) - Typographical antiquities or the history of printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland (4 volumes)
BOOKS058122I: AMES, JENNIFER - She'll take the high road: a romance
BOOKS108287I: AMES, PERCY W. (ED) - Chaucer Memorial Lectures 1900, read before the Royal Society of Literature
BOOKS193877I: AMES, RUTH M - The fulfillment of the Scriptures: Abraham, Moses, and Piers.
BOOKS205135I: AMES, JENNIFER - Happy Island: a romance
BOOKS223848I: AMES, LESLIE - Close of play
BOOKS178400I: AMES, WINSLOW - Prince Albert and Victorian taste.
BOOKS014097I: AMES, DELANO - Corpse Diplomatique
BOOKS168621I: AMES-LEWIS, FRANCIS - Isabella and Leonardo: the artistic relationship between Isabella D'Este and Leonardo Da Vinci, 1500-1506
BOOKS187673I: AMICK, CHARLES L. - Fluorescent lighting manual
BOOKS217582I: AMICK, DABIEL S. & MAUDLIN, RAYMOND P. (EDS) - Experiments in lithic technology
BOOKS223721I: D'AMICO, FORTUNATO (ED) - Mustica: Pittura solida / Solid painting
BOOKS162942I: AMIN, MOHAMED AND OTHERS - The roof of the world
BOOKS159255I: AMIN, MOHAMED AND OTHERS - Journey through Kenya
BOOKS228141I: AMIN, MOHAMED & OTHERS - Railway across the Equator: the story of the East Africa Line
BOOKS160752I: AMIN, MOHAMED AND OTHERS - Journey through Kenya
BOOKS049046I: AMIR, M.K. ZEPHYR - Supreme Persian carpets
BOOKS156225I: AMIRSADEGHI, HOSSEIN (ED) - The security of the Persian Gulf
BOOKS185083I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Riverside Villas murder
BOOKS203996I: AMIS, KINGSLEY & CONQUEST, ROBERT (EDS) - Spectrum: No. 4: A science fiction anthology
BOOKS011394I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Stanley and the women
BOOKS032109I: AMIS, MARTIN - Night train
BOOKS043847I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Riverside Villas murder
BOOKS162906I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Lucky Jim.
BOOKS042788I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - One fat Englishman
BOOKS066855I: AMIS, P. - Some domestic vessels of southern Britain: a social and technical analysis
BOOKS071920I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - I want it now
BOOKS078997I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The biographer's moustache
BOOKS095453I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - We are all guilty
BOOKS100639I: AMIS, MARTIN - Experience
BOOKS137919I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Russian hide-and-seek: a melodrama
BOOKS123758I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Crime of the century
BOOKS193715I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Collected short stories
BOOKS216590I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Russian hide-and-seek: a melodrama
BOOKS219641I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Memoirs
BOOKS225405I: AMIS, KINGSLEY - I want it now
BOOKS203998I: AMIS, KINGSLEY & CONQUEST, ROBERT (EDS) - Spectrum 11; a second science fiction anthology
BOOKS176488I: AMMAN, X AND OTHERS - The book of hunting
BOOKS099792I: AMMANN, KARI - Maasai Mara: Kenya's great game reserve
BOOKS129123I: AMMANN, R. - Pancreatitis: advances in pathobiology, diagnosis and treatment (Falk symposium 143)
BOOKS216241I: AMOROSI, THOMAS - A postcranial guide to domestic, neo-natal and juvenile mammals: the identification and aging og Old World species
BOOKS145712I: AMOS, ANDREW - The great oyer of poisoning: the trial of the Earl of Somerset for the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury
BOOKS046929I: AMOS, JON / GROVES, DEREK - The roof of Africa on wheels
BOOKS047147I: AMOS, ROGER - Complete book of model railway electronics
BOOKS077667I: AMOS, ROGER - Complete book of model railway electronics
BOOKS116807I: AMOS, DIANA - Bermudian cookery
BOOKS173550I: AMOS, WILLIAM - Tales of old Cumbria
BOOKS141035I: AMOS, WILLIAM - The originals: who's really who in fiction
BOOKS125388I: AMOSOFF, N.M. - The open heart
BOOKS078255I: AMOTT, TERESA & MATTHAEI, JULIE - Race, gender and work: a multicultural economic history of women in the United States
BOOKS095217I: AMSDEN, THOMAS W. AND BOUCOT, ARTHUR J. - Stratigraphy and paleontology of the Hunton group in the Arbuckle Mountain region, Parts II, II & IV
BOOKS113182I: AMTSBERG, H. AND OTHERS - Schiffstechnik: forschungshefte fur schiffbau - schiffmaschinenbau, 5 Band (1958
BOOKS190584I: AMUNDSEN, ROALD - The South Pole: an account of the Norwegian Antartctic Expedition in the "Fram", 1910-12
BOOKS104778I: AMYAND, ARTHUR (ARTHUR HAGGARD) - Comrades in arms: a military romance
BOOKS020314I: AMYNTOR - Victors in chains: Greek resistance 1942-3
BOOKS199698I: ANACREON - Odes, with Sappho and Alcaeus
BOOKS021291I: ANAND, MULK RAJ - Kama Kala: some notes on the philosophical basis of Hindu erotic sculpture
BOOKS035261I: ANAND, MULK RAJ - The barber's trade union and other stories
BOOKS084209I: ANAYA, RUDOLFO - Rio Grande Fall
BOOKS046872I: ANCKARSVARD, KARIN - Aunt Vinnie's victorious six
BOOKS166810I: ANCKORN, GORDON - Sevenoaks memories: Sevenoaks, Westerham and surrounding villages in old photographs, volume 2
BOOKS021280I: D'ANCONA, P. & AESCHLIMANN, E. - The art of illumination: an anthology of manuscripts fom the sixth to the sixteenth century
BOOKS225015I: ANDERE, MARY - Old needlework boxes and tools: their story and how to collect them
BOOKS218310I: ANDERE, MARY - Herefordshire: The enchanted land
BOOKS059935I: ANDERS, LIZZIE AND HAYES, KATIE - Hijack: our story of survival
BOOKS144836I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy tales and stories
BOOKS228837I: ANDERSEN, HANS - The little mermaid
BOOKS228162I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Ardizzone's Hans Andersen: fourteen classic tales
BOOKS057047I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Andersen's fairy stories
BOOKS012257I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy tales and stories
BOOKS209779I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Andersen's Tales for children
BOOKS109235I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Stories from Hans Andersen with illustrations by Edmund Dulac
BOOKS175446I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy tales and stories
BOOKS215317I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN / TEGNER, HANS (ILLUS) - Fairy tales: 2nd series
BOOKS185973I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Hans Andersen's fairy tales.
BOOKS152653I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Ib et Christine avec d'autres contes d'Andersen
BOOKS175080I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The illustrated tales, with his travels, life and times
BOOKS214217I: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Hans Andersen's fairy tales
BOOKS185910I: ANDERSEN, HANS / GIRAUD, S. LOUIS (ED) - Hans Andersen's fairy stories, with pictures that spring up in model form
BOOKS187853I: ANDERSON, JANICE - Thrifty tips from the war years
BOOKS210826I: ANDERSON, PATRICK - The smile of Apollo: a literary companion to Greek travel
BOOKS183224I: ANDERSON, M. D. - The imagery of British churches
BOOKS088589I: ANDERSON, BONNIE S. & ZINSSER, JUDITH P. - A history of their own: women in Europe from prehistory to the present, volume one
BOOKS193256I: ANDERSON, DOUGLAS - All about cribbage
BOOKS100050I: ANDERSON, NORMAN - Issues of life and death
BOOKS133285I: ANDERSON, JANICE & SCHULTZ. REINHARD - Victorian Britain & Ireland in colour
BOOKS029694I: ANDERSON, POUL - The merman's children
BOOKS003773I: ANDERSON, ROY C. - Devils, not men: the history of the French Foreign Legion
BOOKS110045I: ANDERSON, MARTIN - The Hoplite journals I-XXIX
BOOKS009110I: ANDERSON, MARK - On the big hill: a non-climber's Everest
BOOKS016912I: ANDERSON, V.R. AND OTHERS - Portrait of the LMS
BOOKS154572I: ANDERSON, PATRICK - Dolphin days: a writer's notebook of Mediterranean pleasures
BOOKS164647I: ANDERSON, POUL AND OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. V (5), no.11 (British edition), August 1947
BOOKS217800I: ANDERSON, A.C. & ANDERSON, A.S. (EDS) - Roman pottery research in Britain and North-west Europe: papers presented to Graham Webster
BOOKS033011I: ANDERSON, E.B. - Rock gardens
BOOKS034892I: ANDERSON, PATRICK - Foxed! or Life in the country.
BOOKS048051I: ANDERSON, BARRIE - The Blue-Pirate mystery flyer
BOOKS052501I: ANDERSON, J. REDWOOD - Babel: a dramatic poem
BOOKS055203I: ANDERSON, ELISABETH M. & SPAIN,BERNIE - The child with Spina Bifida
BOOKS056462I: ANDERSON, CARL & ISAAC - Dusty: the story of a dog and his adopted boy
BOOKS069069I: ANDERSON, J. CORBET - The Roman City of Uriconium at Wroxeter, Salop: illustrative of the history and social life of our Romano-British forebears
BOOKS133376I: ANDERSON, E.B. - Hardy bulbs, volume 1: bulbs for the outdoor garden except the larger hybrids of hyacinths, narcissus, and tulip
BOOKS048315I: ANDERSON, J.R.L. - The upper Thames
BOOKS077891I: ANDERSON, ROBERT (ED) - The Cairngorm Club Journal, vol.IX, no.53, July 1919
BOOKS078081I: ANDERSON, ELIZABETH M. & SPAIN, BERNIE - The child with spina bifida
BOOKS080128I: ANDERSON, JAMES AND RICCI, MARILYN (EDS) - Society and social science: a reader
BOOKS089009I: ANDERSON, JERVIS - Harlem: the great black way 1900-1950
BOOKS094308I: ANDERSON, G. REID - The abbeys of Scotland
BOOKS164644I: ANDERSON, POUL AND OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XIV (14), no.11, November 1958
BOOKS097904I: ANDERSON, FLAVIA - Jezebel and the dayspring
BOOKS085188I: ANDERSON, DIGBY - The Spectator book of imperative cooking
BOOKS109569I: ANDERSON, J.R.L - Vinland voyage
BOOKS118677I: ANDERSON, B.W. - Gem testing
BOOKS120589I: ANDERSON, MARY DESIREE - Looking for history in British churches
BOOKS121098I: ANDERSON, M.S. - Europe in the Eighteenth Century, 1713-1783
BOOKS121246I: ANDERSON, DIGBY & MULLEN, PETER (EDS) - Faking it: the sentimentalization of modern society
BOOKS180435I: ANDERSON, JEAN (ED) - Late Joys at the Players' Theatre
BOOKS188607I: ANDERSON, B.W. - Gem testing
BOOKS164851I: ANDERSON, POUL ABD OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XIII (13), no.5 (British edition), May 1957
BOOKS186446I: ANDERSON, GERRY - Thunderbirds Annual 1992
BOOKS222526I: ANDERSON, MICHAEL (ED) - British population history: From the Black Death to the present day
BOOKS052268I: ANDERSON, GERRY - The official Thunderbirds annual (1992)
BOOKS207739I: ANDERSON, MONA - The good logs of Algidus
BOOKS004091I: ANDERSON, FAY - Tie dyeing & batik
BOOKS211369I: ANDERSON, ROY - Violent kingdom: Early history of Northumbria
BOOKS211749I: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - The rise of the Gothic
BOOKS157398I: ANDERSON, ETHEL - Adventures in Appleshire
BOOKS126026I: ANDERSON, GERRY - Space 1999 annual
BOOKS155054I: ANDERSON, J. E. - Thirty-six outline sermons for country parishes
BOOKS117877I: ANDERSON, POUL AND OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XII, no.12 (British edition), December 1957 - British edition.
BOOKS148092I: ANDERSON, JOHN - The art of being human: introducing the mandala of human consciousness and the life process
BOOKS163732I: ANDERSON, J.H. - Grant's campaign in Virginia, May 1 - June 30, 1864, including the operations in the Shenandoah valley and on the River James
BOOKS216686I: ANDERSON, NORMAN - Law reform in the Muslim world (University London Legal)
BOOKS168022I: ANDERSON, MONA - Over the river
BOOKS186759I: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD AND OTHERS - The Seven Arts, vol.II, no.11, September 1917
BOOKS173181I: ANDERSON, POUL AND OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XIV, no.6 (British edition) June 1958
BOOKS048346I: ANDERSON, BONNIE S. AND ZINSSER, JUDITH P. - A history of their own: women in Europe from prehistory to the present (2 volumes)
BOOKS053611I: ANDERSON, R.C. - Great Orme tramway: the first 75 years
BOOKS217453I: ANDERSON, FREDERICK - Mark Twain (Collected Critical Heritage)
BOOKS173027I: ANDERSON, A.W. - The coming of the flowers
BOOKS221577I: ANDERSON, CLARENCE E. & HAMELIN, JOSEPH P. - To fly and fight: memoirs of a Triple Ace
BOOKS150100I: ANDERSON, DOUG - One field at a time: life on a Teesdale farm
BOOKS173202I: ANDERSON, E. B. AND OTHERS - The Oxford book of garden flowers
BOOKS041104I: ANDERSON, J.R.L. - Death in a high latitude
BOOKS071394I: ANDERSON, OLOF W. - The treasure vault of Atlantis
BOOKS183210I: ANDERSON, B,W. - Gem testing
BOOKS111178I: ANDERSON, E.W. - Animals as navigators
BOOKS161383I: ANDERSON, LIAM & STANSFIELD, GARETH - The future of Iraq: dictatorship, democracy, or division?
BOOKS173233I: ANDERSON, E. B. AND OTHERS - The Oxford book of garden flowers
BOOKS079893I: ANDERSON, JAMES AND RICCI, MARILYN - Society and social science: a reader
BOOKS150478I: ANDERSON, IAIN F. - Scottish quest
BOOKS182793I: ANDERSON, A.B. - Vanishing spas
BOOKS132271I: ANDERSON, R.C. - Seventeenth-century rigging: a handbook for model-makers
BOOKS218763I: ANDERSON, DAVID - Before the knight's tale: Imitation of classic Boccaccio's "Teseida" (The Middle Ages Series)al epic in
BOOKS146584I: ANDERSON, POUL - After Doomsday.
BOOKS173182I: ANDERSON, POUL AND OTHERS - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XV, no.2, British edition, February 1959
BOOKS140412I: ANDERSON, JANICE & SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - The Victorian and Edwardian seaside
BOOKS180661I: ANDERSON, DOROTHY - The Balkan volunteers
BOOKS085457I: ANDERSON, IAIN F. - To introduce the Hebrides
BOOKS214520I: ANDERSON, GARY - Gary Anderson
BOOKS214519I: ANDERSON, GARY - Gary Anderson
BOOKS224689I: ANDERSON, R.M.C. - The roads of England
BOOKS172301I: ANDERSON, POUL - Guardians of time
BOOKS167179I: ANDERSON, JAMES - Murder she wrote: The murder of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS063875I: ANDERSON, LYN - Golden retrievers: an owner's companion
BOOKS104193I: ANDERSON,JEAN (ED) - Late Joys at the Player's Theatre
BOOKS198433I: ANDERSON, E.B. AND OTHERS / NICHOLSON, B.E. - The Oxford book of garden flowers
BOOKS210943I: ANDERSON, POUL - The corridors of time
BOOKS210949I: ANDERSON, JOHN RICHARD LANE - Death in the desert
BOOKS191876I: ANDERSON, JOHN EUSTACE - A history of the Parish of Mortlake in the County of Surrey, from the earliest times to the present, with extracts from the parish registers from 1578 to 1886
BOOKS195451I: ANDERSON, JOHN P. - The book of British topography: a classified catalogue of the topographical works in the Library of the British Museum relating to Great Britain and Ireland
BOOKS193438I: ANDERSON, EMILY (ED) - The Dairy book of home cookery: the classic cookbook updated for today's cook
BOOKS187430I: ANDERSON, JEAN (ED) - Late Joys at the Players' Theatre
BOOKS223170I: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - The rise of the Gothic
BOOKS010347I: ANDERSON, R.G. - Seventeenth century rigging: a handbook for model-makers
BOOKS124035I: ANDERSSON, THOMAS (ED) - Japan: a European perspective
BOOKS135618I: ANDERTON, BILL - Life cycles: the astrology of inner space and its applications to the rhythms of life
BOOKS221519I: ANDERTON, R. AND OTHERS - A dynamic stratigraphy of the British Isles: a study in crustal evolution
BOOKS182287I: ANDERTON, DAVID A. - B-29 Superfortress at war
BOOKS117572I: D'ANDILLY, ARNAUD - Life story of a French courtier: (Robert Arnauld d'Amdilly)
BOOKS085007I: R. ANDOM - Out and about with Troddles
BOOKS223021I: ANDRADE, WALTER AND OTHERS - Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology, vol.X, no.38, June 1936
BOOKS120406I: ANDRADE, E.N. DA C. - Sir Isaac Newton
BOOKS214852I: ANDRADE, JOHN M. (ED) - United States military aircraft designations and serials since 1909
BOOKS227102I: ANDRADE, E N DA C - The mechanism of nature: being a simple approach to modern views on the structure of matter and radiation
BOOKS195925I: ANDRADE, E. N. DA C. & HUXLEY,JULIAN - An introduction to science, book I: things around us.
BOOKS051872I: ANDRE, R. - Up stream: a journey from the present to the past
BOOKS196445I: ANDRE, EUGENE - A naturalist in the Guianas
BOOKS206094I: ANDRE, RAE - Take back the sky: the community quest for environmentally sustainable aviation
BOOKS224369I: ANDRE, PETER - My world: in pictures and words
BOOKS160563I: ANDREAE, BERNARD AND OTHERS - Princeps urbium: cultura e vita sociale dell'Italia romana
BOOKS006158I: ANDREAE, BRIAN - Stolen thunder
BOOKS120183I: ANDREAS, JAMES - Hear the meadowlark sing
BOOKS031049I: RAVELLE & ANDREE - Magic a la mode
BOOKS132199I: DE ANDRES, ARTURO - Mondeo: the story of the global car
BOOKS200544I: ANDRESEN, MARTIN A - Environmental criminology: evolution, theory and practice
BOOKS211727I: ANDRESS,MICHAEL - Model railway guide: Layout planning No. 2
BOOKS211728I: ANDRESS,MICHAEL - Model railway guide: Baseboards, track and electrification No. 1
BOOKS073493I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - Baseboards, track and electrification and Layout planning
BOOKS028602I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - Structure modelling and scenery
BOOKS069283I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - PSL model railway guides 3 & 4 combined: structure modelling and scenery
BOOKS087399I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - PSL model railway guides, 3 & 4 combined: Structure modelling & Scenery
BOOKS164278I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - PSL model railway guide 1: baseboards, track and electrification
BOOKS211931I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - PSL model railway guide, 5: operating your layout
BOOKS087398I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - PSL model railway guide 1: Baseboards, track and electrification & layout planning
BOOKS172677I: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - Model railway guides, no.3 & 4 in 1 vol: Structure modelling & scenery
BOOKS146899I: ANDREW, EVE & BREWIN, ERIC - Leckhampton through the ages
BOOKS035903I: ANDREW, KEITH - Coaching cricket
BOOKS050949I: ANDREW, K.M. AND THRIPPLETON, A.A. - The Southern Uplands (Scottish Mountaineering Club district guide books)
BOOKS076035I: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - The other side of the park
BOOKS076036I: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - Mister O'Brien
BOOKS048438I: ANDREW, H.E. LAYE - The Batsford encyclopaedia of crafts
BOOKS180897I: ANDREW, W.J. & CARLYON-BRITTON, P.W.P. (EDS) - The British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1911, first series, volume VIII
BOOKS180899I: ANDREW, W.J. (ED) - The British Numismatic Journal 1915 including the Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society for the year 1914; volume XI, second series volume I
BOOKS180898I: ANDREW, W.J. & CARLYON-BRITTON, P.W.P. (EDS) - The British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1912, first series, volume IX
BOOKS149345I: ANDREW, EVE & BREWIN, ERIC - Leckhampton through the ages
BOOKS166022I: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - The hooded falcon
BOOKS029791I: ANDREW, EVE AND BREWIN, ERIC - Leckhampton through the ages
BOOKS159163I: ANDREWES, LANCELOT & DORMAN, MARIANNE (ED) - The liturgical sermons of Lancelot Andrewes, volume One: Nativity, Lenten & Passion
BOOKS192886I: ANDREWES, LANCELOT - The preces privatae of Lancelot Andrewes
BOOKS171122I: ANDREWES, LANCELOT / DORMAN, MARIANNE (ED) - The liturgical sermons of Lancelot Andrewes, volumes I & 2
BOOKS209691I: ANDREWS, LAURIE W - The patrol
BOOKS205115I: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (ED) - Bygone Derbyshire
BOOKS157798I: ANDREWS, WENDY - Supergirl
BOOKS184585I: ROYAL & ANCIENT GOLF CLUB OF ST.ANDREWS - The Walker Cup: Great Britain v. United States of America, 19th-20th May 1967: official programme
BOOKS230068I: ANDREWS, GAVIN & HARRIS,MARY - The syndrome of stuttering
BOOKS011278I: ANDREWS, EMMA - The films of Sean Connery
BOOKS213788I: ANDREWS, DAVID & OTHERS - Mediaeval Lazio: studies in architecture, painting and ceramics (Papers in Italian archaeology III)
BOOKS001532I: ANDREWS, ALLEN - Back to the drawing board: the evolution of flying machines
BOOKS010423I: ANDREWS, ALLEN - Back to the drawing board: the evolution of flying machines
BOOKS088121I: ANDREWS, JOHN - The price guide to British antique furniture
BOOKS145212I: ANDREWS, KEITH - Adam Elsheimer: paintings, drawings, prints
BOOKS027008I: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The perfect tribute
BOOKS027460I: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (ED) - Bygone Yorkshire
BOOKS038130I: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (ED) - Antiquities and curiosities of the church
BOOKS071490I: ANDREWS, CHRIS AND OTHERS - The Interpet manual of fish health
BOOKS082563I: ANDREWS, WILLIAM & GUTTERIDGE, JOSEPH / CHANCELLOR, VALERIE E. (ED) - Master and artisan in Victorian England
BOOKS210590I: ANDREWS, CYRIL BRUYN - The Railway age
BOOKS096024I: ANDREWS, JIM - Twelve ships a-sailing: thirty-five years of home-water cruising
BOOKS100282I: ANDREWS, JIM - Twelve ships a-sailing: thirty-five years of home-water cruising
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BOOKS144410I: ARMFIELD, JIMMY (ED) - The all stars football book no 7.
BOOKS221331I: ARMISTEAD, J. J - Piloted, being a series of notes and experiences from the author's life
BOOKS194382I: ARMITAGE, FLORA - The desert and the stars: a portrait of T.E Lawrence
BOOKS206472I: ARMITAGE, ELLA S. - A key to English antiquities, with special reference to the Sheffield and Rotherham District
BOOKS027995I: ARMITAGE, JOHN - Man at play: nine centuries of pleasure making.
BOOKS032368I: ARMITAGE, JOHN - Man at play
BOOKS165888I: ARMITAGE, FLORA - The desert and the stars: a portrait of Lawrence of Arabia
BOOKS078049I: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL (SIR) - The Royal Air Force: today and tomorrow
BOOKS224110I: ARMITAGE, KENNETH - Kenneth Armitage: Drawings for Geoffrey Chaucer's The Reve's Tale
BOOKS155877I: ARMITAGE, ALFRED - Loyal to King Charles
BOOKS131732I: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - Copernicus and the reformation of astronomy
BOOKS150676I: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - Copernicus and the reformation of astronomy
BOOKS169750I: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL - The Royal Air Force: an illustrated history
BOOKS211255I: ARMITAGE, G.E. - A season of peace
BOOKS005742I: ARMOR, MURRAY - Building your own home (1987-88 edition)
BOOKS117367I: ARMOR, MURRAY AND SNELL, DAVID - Building your own home: the essential guide to anyone wanting to build a home for themselves
BOOKS075855I: ARMOUR, GEORGE DENHOLM - Bridle and brush: reminiscences of an artist sportsman
BOOKS207498I: ARMOUR, RICHARD - Golf is a four-letter word: the intimate confessions of a hooked slicer
BOOKS212936I: ARMOUR, GEORGE DENHOLM - Bridle and Brush: Reminiscences of an Artist Sportsman (The Field library)
BOOKS223757I: ARMOUR, GEORGE DENHOLM - Bridle and brush: reminiscences of an artist sportsman
BOOKS106302I: ARMSTONG, NEIL AND OTHERS (EDS) - Children and exercise XIX: promoting health and well-being
BOOKS175003I: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - Thirty new poems
BOOKS218534I: ARMSTRONG, CHARLES K. AND OTHERS - Korea at the center: dynamics of regionalism in Northeast Asia
BOOKS209682I: ARMSTRONG,KAREN - Through the narrow gate: a Nun's story
BOOKS144816I: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - Spanish circus.
BOOKS036412I: ARMSTRONG, ANN - Breath of life
BOOKS032174I: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - The goat and compasses
BOOKS134022I: ARMSTRONG, ANTONY ("A.A.") - Easy warriors
BOOKS182259I: ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR C - Bouverie Street to Bowling Green Lane: fifty-five years of specialized publishing
BOOKS202726I: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - A ring has no end
BOOKS161753I: ARMSTRONG, JOHN AND OTHERS - The poetical works of John Armstrong, Thomas Gray, Williams Collins & John Sheffield
BOOKS131446I: ARMSTRONG, H.C. - Grey steel: J.C. Smuts - a study in arrogance
BOOKS132174I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - Out of the shallows: a story for boys
BOOKS224169I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - Warriors at war
BOOKS047963I: ARMSTRONG, H.C. - Grey steel: J.C. Smuts - a study in arrogance
BOOKS048864I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Beginning the world
BOOKS055446I: ARMSTRONG, EDWARD A. - Bird display: an introduction to the study of bird psychology
BOOKS055502I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (A.A.) - Yesterdailies: being some extracts from the press of the past
BOOKS059071I: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS B. - British and colonial postage stamps
BOOKS060017I: ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR C. - Bouverie Street to Bowling Green Lane: fifty-five years of specialized publishing
BOOKS062062I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (A.A.) - Warriors at war
BOOKS063545I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (A.A.) - The trail of fear (a Jimmie Rezaire story)
BOOKS067610I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - Sabotage at the forge
BOOKS069391I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY ('A.A.') - Nothing to do with the war
BOOKS069519I: ARMSTRONG, EDWARD A. - Discovering bird song
BOOKS209322I: ARMSTRONG,KEITH (ED) - The big meeting: Peoples view of the Durham Miners' gala
BOOKS084581I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (A.A.) - Captain Bayonet and others
BOOKS085506I: ARMSTRONG, ROBIN - Under the bridge
BOOKS096780I: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT - The ghosts of Highgate Hill and other poems
BOOKS096781I: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT - A song for Virginia and other poems
BOOKS167063I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - Island odyssey
BOOKS116124I: ARMSTRONG,PETER - Sedation: a long poem
BOOKS132769I: ARMSTRONG, FRANCES - A girl`s loyalty,
BOOKS023680I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - Prune's progress: the genealogical tree of pilot-officer Percy Prune
BOOKS007309I: ARMSTRONG, ANN - Breath of life
BOOKS172758I: ARMSTRONG, S.F. - British grasses and their employment in agriculture
BOOKS086387I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY AND ROBINSON, FRED - Good egg! flights of fancy
BOOKS033866I: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT - A song for Virginia and other poems
BOOKS193640I: ARMSTRONG, ANNIE E. - Spark and I: a story told by a cat
BOOKS162548I: ARMSTRONG, TOM - Marvin: a star is born
BOOKS063699I: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - Saint Hercules and other stories
BOOKS149008I: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The turret room
BOOKS224508I: ARMSTRONG, NANCY - A collector's history of fans
BOOKS212107I: ARMSTRONG,NANCY - The book of fans
BOOKS005159I: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Fanny Kemble: a passionate Victorian
BOOKS226635I: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY ("A.A.") - The trail of the Black King (a Jimmie Rezaire story)
BOOKS123012I: ARMSTRONG, ANNIE E. - Spark and I: a story told by a cat
BOOKS207282I: ARMSTRONG,MARTIN - Victorian peep-show
BOOKS194511I: ARMSTRONG, ROBIN - Under the bridge
BOOKS229450I: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Adam Brunskill
BOOKS203979I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - The Northern maid
BOOKS221251I: ARMSTRONG, H.C. - Lord of Arabia
BOOKS204713I: ARMSTRONG, WARREN - Atlantic highway
BOOKS229133I: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS B. (ED) - The Stamp Collector's Annual and Year Book of Philately: 1920
BOOKS186595I: ARMSTRONG, ANNIE E. - Marian and Dorothy or, the Abbey Grange
BOOKS181225I: ARMSTRONG, WARREN - Square-rigger days
BOOKS229088I: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Adam Brunskill
BOOKS229695I: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Sue Crowther's marriage
BOOKS190489I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - The mutineers
BOOKS002121I: AUSTRALIAN ARMY - Jungle warfare: with the Australian Army in the South-West Pacific
BOOKS104357I: ARMYTAGE, W.H.G. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Changing patterns of sexual behaviour
BOOKS172523I: ARMYTAGE, W.H.G. - A social history of engineering
BOOKS126550I: ARNASON, H.H. - The sculptures of Houdon
BOOKS195519I: ARNAU, FRANK - 3,000 years of deception in art and antiques
BOOKS013435I: ARNDT, MARGARET - My fairy friends
BOOKS113183I: ARNDT, B. AND OTHERS - Schiffstechnik: forschungshefte fur schiffbau - schiffmaschinenbau, 7 Band (1960)
BOOKS126845I: ARNEL, JILL - The West Highland White Terrier
BOOKS066153I: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Art and visual perception: a psychology of the creative eye
BOOKS210767I: VON ARNIM, ELIZABETH - The adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen
BOOKS016566I: VON ARNIM, ELIZABETH - The caravaners
BOOKS126244I: VON ARNIM, ELIZABETH - The solitary summer
BOOKS221708I: VON ARNIM, ELIZABETH - The adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen
BOOKS027342I: VON ARNIM, ELIZABETH - The enchanted April
BOOKS196569I: ARNOLD, GUY - Held fast for England: G.A. Henty, imperialist boys' writer
BOOKS221481I: ARNOLD, PATRICK M. - Wildmen, warriors, and Kings: masculine spirituality and the Bible
BOOKS201705I: ARNOLD, RALPH - The Whiston matter: the Reverend Robert Whiston versus the Dean and Chapter of Rochester
BOOKS229903I: ARNOLD, JAMES - Tet Offensive 1968: Turning point in Vietnam (Campaign)
BOOKS033664I: ARNOLD, JULIAN B. - Giants in dressing gowns
BOOKS145859I: ARNOLD, EDWIN (TRANS) - The Song Celestial or Bhagavad-gita (from the Mahabharata)
BOOKS227450I: ARNOLD, EDWIN (TRANS) / POGANY, WILLY (ILLUS) - The Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita (from the Mahabharata)
BOOKS145858I: ARNOLD, EDWIN - The Light of Asia or the great renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana)
BOOKS208155I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold`s notebooks
BOOKS127830I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The Scholar Gipsy & Thyrsis
BOOKS009286I: ARNOLD, EDWIN (SIR) - The light of Asia or The great renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana).
BOOKS012036I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - New poems
BOOKS130927I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Essays in criticism: first series
BOOKS041585I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - On the study of Celtic literature
BOOKS042181I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867

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