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BOOKS071658I: JACOB, MARK - What's the story? Boring glory: Spurs fans experience mixed emotions
BOOKS090810I: JACOB, NAOMI - Susan Crowther
BOOKS103902I: JACOB, JOSEPH - Celtic fairy tales
BOOKS000254I: JACOB, NAOMI - Strange beginning
BOOKS011455I: JACOB, NAOMI - Me- and the stags
BOOKS128881I: JACOB, NAOMI - Great black oxen
BOOKS140298I: JACOB, NAOMI - The Irish boy
BOOKS129282I: JACOB, NAOMI - Gollantz: London... Paris... Milan
BOOKS042334I: JACOB, NAOMI - Mary of delight
BOOKS194499I: JACOB, NAOMI - Me - thinking things over
BOOKS238266I: JACOB, NAOMI - Our Marie (Marie Lloyd): a biography
BOOKS129299I: JACOB, NAOMI - Rock and sand
BOOKS004488I: JACOB, NAOMI - Four generations
BOOKS128126I: JACOB, NAOMI - The morning will come
BOOKS087111I: JACOB, HENRY W. - Seven lectures
BOOKS001082I: JACOB, NAOMI - Time piece
BOOKS010415I: JACOB, NAOMI - Every other gift
BOOKS062625I: JACOB, VIOLET - The good child's year book
BOOKS238846I: JACOB, NAOMI - Second harvest
BOOKS203682I: JACOB, NAOMI - Wind on the heath
BOOKS210089I: JACOB, NAOMI - Private Gollantz
BOOKS187795I: JACOB, NAOMI - Flavia
BOOKS220725I: JACOB, E.F. - Essays in later Mediaeval history
BOOKS041180I: JACOBI, STEVEN - Going naked is the best disguise
BOOKS052613I: JACOBI, STEPHEN - Going naked is the best disguise
BOOKS189372I: JACOBS, HELEN HULL - Beyond the game: an autobiography
BOOKS234068I: JACOBS, W.W. - Ship's company
BOOKS074297I: JACOBS, RODERICK A. & ROSENBAUM, PETER S. - English transformational grammar
BOOKS211876I: JACOBS, W.W. - Many cargoes
BOOKS018996I: JACOBS, W.W. - Deep waters
BOOKS103609I: JACOBS, A.C . - Collected poems & selected translations
BOOKS025173I: JACOBS, W.W. - Ship's company
BOOKS136691I: JACOBS, W.W. - The skipper's wooing and The brown man's servant
BOOKS054017I: JACOBS, JOSEPH (ED) - Celtic fairy tales
BOOKS074427I: JACOBS, JOSEPH (ED) - English fairy tales
BOOKS095981I: JACOBS, BYRON & BROCK, SALLY - How to win at poker and bridge
BOOKS119015I: JACOBS, LOUIS - Principles of the Jewish faith: an analytical study
BOOKS182750I: JACOBS, W.W. - Sea urchins
BOOKS231445I: JACOBS, MICHAEL - The painted voyage: art, travel and exploration, 1564-1875
BOOKS211969I: JACOBS, W.W. - The Skipper's wooing
BOOKS211970I: JACOBS, W.W. - Salthaven
BOOKS166280I: JACOBS, W.W. - Dialstone Lane
BOOKS237590I: JACOBS, FRANK - Mad: cover to cover
BOOKS040624I: JACOBS, W.W. - Odd craft
BOOKS239792I: JACOBS, FLORA GILL - A history of doll houses: four centuries of the domestic world in miniature
BOOKS211877I: JACOBS, W.W. - Captains all
BOOKS211865I: JACOBS, W.W. - Light freights.
BOOKS239442I: JACOBS, FLORA GILL - A history of dolls' houses: four centuries of the domestic world in miniature
BOOKS012783I: JACOBS, W.W. - A master of craft
BOOKS240503I: JACOBS, MICHAEL - The good and simple life: artist colonies in Europe and America
BOOKS149315I: JACOBS, W.W. - Short cruises
BOOKS160205I: JACOBS, NORMAN - Vivian Woodward: football's gentleman
BOOKS145464I: JACOBS, W.W. - Dialstone Lane
BOOKS208513I: JACOBS, MORRIS B. - The chemical analysis of air pollutants
BOOKS235500I: JACOBS, BYRON & OTHERS - How to win at chess & backgammon
BOOKS235430I: JACOBS, W.W. - Short cruises
BOOKS136129I: JACOBS, W.W. - Ship's company.
BOOKS190966I: JACOBS, PAUL & LANDAU, SAUL - The new radicals: a report with documents
BOOKS182817I: JACOBS, W.W. - A master of craft
BOOKS209442I: JACOBS, W.W. - The lady of the barge
BOOKS190373I: JACOBS, W.W. - Night watches
BOOKS196924I: JACOBS, W.W. - Odd craft
BOOKS166490I: JACOBS, HARRIET - Incidents in the life of a slave girl
BOOKS074777I: JACOBSEN, HELGE SEIDELIN - An outline history of Denmark
BOOKS138355I: JACOBSEN, KNUT A. (ED) - South Asian religions on display: religious processions in South Asia and in the diaspora
BOOKS200500I: JACOBSEN, FRODE F. - Hadrami Arabs in present-day Indonesia: An Indonesia-oriented group with an Arab signature
BOOKS137697I: JACOBSON, H.P. - Fungous diseases: a clinico-mycological text
BOOKS094115I: JACOBSON, BOBBIE - Beating the ladykillers: women and smoking
BOOKS159213I: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Roots Schmoots: journeys among Jews
BOOKS232769I: JACOBSON, REGINALD R.E. & OTHERS - Ring-complexes in the younger granite province of Northern Nigeria
BOOKS173927I: JACOBSON, DAN - The rape of Tamar
BOOKS190831I: JACOBSON, NORMAN - Pride and solace: the functions and limits of political theory
BOOKS200407I: JACOBSON, ROBERT (ED) - Ballet news, Volume 4 No 4, October 1982
BOOKS186193I: JACOBSON, JAKE - Heart & hands: musical instrument makers of America
BOOKS011046I: JACOBSON, DAN - The confessions of Josef Baisz
BOOKS067280I: JACOBY, OSWALD & CRAWFORD, JOHN R. - The backgammon book
BOOKS009886I: JACOBY, ARNOLD - Senor Kon-Tiki
BOOKS240862I: JACOPINI, PIETRO - Medjugorje: light for the world
BOOKS033852I: JACOT, B.L. - Villa Mar
BOOKS179663I: JACOT, ARTHUR - Schweizerische Verkehrs-Karte mit Orts-Lexikon. Berge-, Pässe- und Gemeindeverzeichnis sowie Angaben über den Güterverkehr.
BOOKS156895I: JACQUELIN, LOUIS & POULAIN, RENE - Vignes et vins de France
BOOKS229405I: LAFONTAINE-DOSOGNE; JACQUELINE - Textiles Coptes Des musees Royaux D'art et D'histoire
BOOKS191708I: JACQUEMARD, Y. & SENECAL, J.N. - The body vanishes
BOOKS055061I: JACQUES, BRIAN - Outcast of Redwall
BOOKS093650I: JACQUES, LAURA (ED) - Romney remembered: the first 75 years of the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
BOOKS233237I: JACQUES, BRIAN - Mattimeo
BOOKS026658I: JACQUES, BRIAN - Redwall
BOOKS188393I: JACQUES, BRIAN - Outcast of Redwall
BOOKS003436I: DE JAEGER, CHARLES - The Linz file: Hitler's plunder of Europe's art
BOOKS205508I: JAEGER, EDMUND C - Desert wild flowers
BOOKS049730I: JAEL / GRANT, JOHN - Perceptualistics
BOOKS054715I: JAFFA, SAM - Maxwell stories
BOOKS168953I: JAFFE, MICHEL (PREFACE) - Cambridge portraits: from Lely to Hockney
BOOKS194061I: JAFFE, BERNARD - Crucibles: the lives and achievements of the great chemists
BOOKS227551I: JAFFE, RONA - The best of everything
BOOKS181736I: JAFFE, H.L.C. - Klee
BOOKS119335I: JAFFIN, DAVID - Dream flow
BOOKS119334I: JAFFIN, DAVID - These time-shifting thoughts
BOOKS132571I: JAFFREY, MADHUR - Madhur Jaffrey's cook book: food for family and friends
BOOKS124485I: JAFFREY,MADHUR - A taste of the Far East
BOOKS126954I: JAFFREY, MADHUR - Eastern vegetarian cooking
BOOKS104412I: JAFFREY, MADHUR - Eastern vegetarian cooking
BOOKS170859I: JAFFREY, MADHUR - Eastern vegetarian cooking
BOOKS176289I: JAGADISAN, T.N. - Fulfilment through leprosy
BOOKS134830I: DE JAGER, C. & JAPPEL, A. (EDS) - Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, volume XIVB: Proceedings of the Fourteenth General Assembly, Brighton, 1970
BOOKS042000I: JAGGARD, W.R. - Plates of building construction
BOOKS203196I: JAGGARD, EDWIN (ED) - Liberalism in West Cornwall: The 1868 election papers of A. Pendarves Vivian, M.P.
BOOKS241282I: JAGGARD, EDWIN (ED) - Liberalism in West Cornwall: the 1868 election papers of A. Pendarves Vivian, M.P.
BOOKS098557I: JAGGARD, GEOFFREY - Blandings the blest and the blue blood: a companion to the Blandings Castle saga of P.G. Wodehouse, LL.D. with a complete Wodehouse Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage
BOOKS221429I: JAGGER, MANSELL (ED) - Hampshire's heritage and a policy for its future
BOOKS028838I: JAGO, JILL AND EVANS, JACQUE - Classic knitting for country living
BOOKS170519I: JAGO, WILLIAM - A text-book of the science and art of bread-making, including the chemistry and analytic and practical testing of wheat, flour and other materials employed in baking
BOOKS054456I: JAHANBEGLOO, RAMIN - Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
BOOKS155658I: JAHN, WOLF - The art of Gilbert & George or an aesthetic of existence
BOOKS232158I: JAHN, ALFRED - Problems of the Periglacial Zone (Zagadnienia strefy peryglacjalnej). Translated from Polish
BOOKS167974I: JAHNS, HANS MARTIN - Farne, moose, flechten: Mittel-, Nord- und Westeuropas
BOOKS077840I: JAIN, S.K. & RIZVI, S. TARIQ (EDS) - Advances in ring theory
BOOKS091347I: JAIN, C.K. - Constitution of India in precept and practice
BOOKS234517I: JAIN, KYOTINDRA - The master weavers
BOOKS181259I: JAISWAL, N.K. - Priority queues
BOOKS041952I: JAKEMAN, JANE - Let there be blood
BOOKS044128I: JAKENS, BETTY - Mixer and blender cooking
BOOKS184560I: JAKES, JOHN - The lawless
BOOKS091202I: JAKOBSON, MAX - Finland in the New Europe
BOOKS147659I: JAKOBSSON, EJLER (ED) - Galaxy Science Fiction, vol.129, no.2, October 1969
BOOKS112861I: JAKOBY, WILLIAM B.,AND OTHERS (EDS) - Metabolic basis of detoxication: metabolism of functional groups
BOOKS041182I: JAKUBOWSKI, MAXIM - The rock album, volume two: a good rock guide
BOOKS156151I: JALAL, FERHANG - The role of government in the industrialization of Iraq 1950-1965
BOOKS168356I: JALAS, JAAKKO & SUOMINEN, JUHA (EDS) - Atlas florae europaeae: distribution of vascular plants in Europe, 2: Gymnospermae (Pinaceae to Ephedraceae)
BOOKS168355I: JALAS, JAAAKKO & SUOMINEN, JUHA (EDS) - Atlas florae europaeae: disctribution of vascualr plants in Europe, 4: Polygonaceae
BOOKS168732I: JALAS, JAAKKO & SUOMINEN, JUHA (EDITS). - Atlas florae Europaeae, distribution of vascular plants in Europe, 3: Salicaceae to Balanophoraceae
BOOKS063193I: JALES, MARK - In his own image
BOOKS176203I: JAMAL, SALAH - Arabian flavours: recipes and tales of Arab life
BOOKS233705I: JAMER, PETER - The future of coal
BOOKS194615I: JAMES, HENRY - Roderick Hudson
BOOKS188490I: JAMES, HENRY - The ambassadors
BOOKS086068I: JAMES, P.D. - Unnatural causes
BOOKS000348I: JAMES, HENRY AND WHARTON, EDITH / POWERS, LYALL H. (ED) - Henry James and Edith Wharton: letters 1900-1915
BOOKS167190I: JAMES, P.D. - A mind to murder
BOOKS230774I: JAMES, HENRY - The sense of the past
BOOKS230775I: JAMES, HENRY - English hours
BOOKS089166I: JAMES, ALAN G. - Sikh children in Britain
BOOKS232818I: JAMES, HENRY /AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Spoils of Poynton and other stories
BOOKS143035I: JAMES, IAN (ED) - Photography year book 1965
BOOKS166960I: JAMES, J.T.L. - A living tradition: penitentiary Chaplaincy
BOOKS145264I: JAMES, WILL - Sand
BOOKS033019I: JAMES, HENRY - Within the rim and other essays 1914-15
BOOKS223789I: JAMES, KENNETH & MULLEN,LLOYD - Inspector Thackeray investigates
BOOKS166352I: JAMES, D.G. - The life of reason: Hobbes, Locke, Bolingbroke.
BOOKS130646I: JAMES, HENRY AND OTHERS - Harper's Monthly Magazine, European edition, Vol. XV, December, 1887, to May, 1888
BOOKS228604I: JAMES, BURNETT - Billie Holiday
BOOKS129665I: JAMES, DAVID - Boxing: an advanced coaching handbook
BOOKS113269I: JAMES, HAROLD - A German Identity, 1770-1990
BOOKS053122I: JAMES, PETER - Biggles - the storybook
BOOKS196328I: JAMES, G.P.R. - Henry Masterton; or, the adventures of a young Cavalier
BOOKS228718I: JAMES, IAN - A Passion for Change: Two - Impressions
BOOKS179174I: JAMES, HENRY AND OTHERS - The English Illustrated Magazine, October 1884- September1885
BOOKS001515I: JAMES, A.G. TREVENEN - The Royal Air Force: the past 30 years
BOOKS012230I: JAMES, T.G.H. - An introduction to Ancient Egypt
BOOKS015091I: JAMES, HENRY - The sacred fount
BOOKS018398I: JAMES, A.G. TREVENEN - The Royal Air Force: the past 30 years
BOOKS153705I: JAMES, BARBARA - Beauty that must die
BOOKS060331I: JAMES, P.D. - Time to be in earnest: a fragment of autobiography
BOOKS026083I: JAMES, CLIVE - Fan-mail: seven verse-letters
BOOKS035852I: JAMES, BILL - Pay days
BOOKS039988I: JAMES, CLIVE - Charles Charming's challenges on the pathway to the throne: a royal poem in rhyming couplets
BOOKS040631I: JAMES, W.M. (ADMIRAL SIR) - The Portsmouth letters
BOOKS042138I: JAMES, CLIVE - Poem of the year
BOOKS103692I: JAMES, P.D. - Original sin (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS055787I: JAMES, WILL - Smoky the cow horse
BOOKS058696I: JAMES, S.T. - The whip of Allah
BOOKS061515I: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary at Riverton
BOOKS062404I: JAMES, MARQUIS - Andrew Jackson: the border captain
BOOKS062546I: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary's Japanese fairy tales
BOOKS063787I: JAMES, S.T. - Son of the trail
BOOKS064520I: JAMES, W.M. (SIR) - The durable monument: Horatio Nelson
BOOKS065456I: JAMES, BILL - Lovely mover
BOOKS067426I: JAMES, BRIAN - England v Scotland
BOOKS070237I: JAMES, P.D. - Death in Holy Orders
BOOKS070699I: JAMES, CAROLINA - The really useful bunny guide
BOOKS076967I: JAMES, WILLIAM (ED) - Advances in modeling the management of stormwater impacts
BOOKS100419I: JAMES, ALWYN - Other men's heroes: Scots honoured on the world's stamps
BOOKS102271I: JAMES, NIGEL N. (ED) - A list of Ordnance Survey catalogues, publication reports & other publications: maplist no.2.
BOOKS103932I: JAMES, HENRY - Collected stories, volume I (1866-91)
BOOKS065373I: JAMES, M.R. - Collected ghost stories
BOOKS065817I: JAMES, C.L.R. / GRIMSHAW, ANNA (ED) - Cricket
BOOKS066187I: JAMES, HENRY - The other house
BOOKS000847I: JAMES, W.D. (ED) - Hamptonians at war: some war experiences of Old Boys of hampton Grammar School
BOOKS113160I: JAMES, P.D. - A certain justice:
BOOKS208767I: JAMES, HENRY - In the cage
BOOKS128509I: JAMES, ELOISA - An affair before Christmas
BOOKS064667I: JAMES, M.R. - Collected ghost stories
BOOKS208276I: JAMES, HENRY - Notes on novelists: with some other notes
BOOKS217881I: JAMES, THEODORE - The Empire State Building
BOOKS025171I: JAMES, P.D. AND CRITCHLEY, T.A. - The maul and the pear tree
BOOKS191378I: JAMES, HENRY - Daisy Miller: a study; An international episode; Four meetings
BOOKS170234I: JAMES, OLIVER - Affluenza: how to be successful and stay sane
BOOKS229792I: JAMES, CLIVE - Falling towards England
BOOKS181335I: JAMES, HENRY - The turn of the screw / The Aspern papers
BOOKS196200I: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE R. - Richelieu: a tale of France,
BOOKS232371I: JAMES, WILLIAM - Old Oak: the life of John Jervis, Earl of St.Vincent
BOOKS224623I: JAMES, THOMAS - Aesop's Fables: a new version chiefly from original sources
BOOKS234853I: JAMES, MARY E - Alice Ottley: first Head-Mistrress of the Worcester High School for Girls, 1883-1912
BOOKS236037I: JAMES, BILL - Gospel
BOOKS159775I: JAMES, A. LLOYD - The broadcast word
BOOKS002337I: JAMES, NAOMI - At one with the sea
BOOKS124638I: JAMES, NORAH CORDNER - Pay the piper
BOOKS124745I: JAMES, EDWARD - The heart and the word
BOOKS154364I: JAMES, LIONEL - Songs of Zion: a new approach to the Psalms in the Prayer Book wording, arranged in groups, with other lyrics of the Old Testament
BOOKS196560I: JAMES, LEONARD - Heroes of the RAF: No. 43 Squadron
BOOKS208980I: JAMES, T.M. - Longmans' complete course of needlework, knitting and cutting out;
BOOKS141381I: JAMES, NORAH C. - Man without honour
BOOKS232846I: JAMES, HENRY - The Golden Bowl
BOOKS159147I: JAMES, P.D. - The lighthouse
BOOKS077495I: JAMES, WILLIAM (ED) - Advances in modeling the management of stormwater impacts
BOOKS239760I: JAMES, E.O. (ED) - Folk-Lore: transactions of the Folk-Lore Society vol.LXV, nos 3 and 4, December 1954
BOOKS187875I: JAMES, LIONEL - A forgotten genius: Sewell of St. Columba's and Radley
BOOKS215920I: JAMES, P. D. - Death of an expert witness
BOOKS240095I: JAMES, WILLIAM (ED) - The order of release: the story of John Ruskin, Effie Gray and John Everett Millais told for the first time in their unpublished letters
BOOKS085839I: JAMES, P.D. - The skull beneath the skin
BOOKS176611I: JAMES, S.T. - Aircraft carrier
BOOKS233935I: JAMES, MAUREEN - Lincolnshire folk tales
BOOKS218111I: JAMES, P. D. - Death of an expert witness
BOOKS147150I: JAMES, M.R. - Lists of manuscripts fornerly in Peterborough Abbey Library, with preface and identifications
BOOKS165247I: JAMES, GRACE - The Blakes and the Blacketts
BOOKS127005I: JAMES, HENRY - London Stories and other writings
BOOKS196434I: JAMES, G.P.R. - The brigand; or, Corse de Leon: a romance
BOOKS199895I: JAMES, HENRY - Tuscan places, as seen by Henry James: with 32 coloured plates and original extracts from Henry James
BOOKS226812I: JAMES, P.D. - The Murder Room
BOOKS145940I: JAMES, GRACE - More about John and Mary
BOOKS179181I: JAMES, HENRY AND OTHERS - The English Illustrated Magazine, October 1887 - September 1888
BOOKS219414I: JAMES, DEREK N. - Schneider Trophy aircraft, 1913-1931
BOOKS218546I: JAMES, EDWARD - The Merovingian archaeology of South-west Gaul
BOOKS200140I: JAMES, PETER & THORPE, NICK - Ancient inventions
BOOKS028407I: JAMES, HENRY - The Lesson of the Master and other stories
BOOKS238603I: JAMES, MICHAEL - The second quiltmaker's handbook: creative approaches to contemporary quilt design
BOOKS012576I: JAMES, P.D. - The maul and the pear tree
BOOKS148344I: JAMES, HENRY - The soft side.
BOOKS128002I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Underground
BOOKS128003I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Daylight
BOOKS235049I: JAMES, LOUIS (ED) - Print and the people, 1819-51
BOOKS064142I: JAMES, DIANA - The tunes of flutes
BOOKS129434I: JAMES, STEVE - Third man to fatty's leg: an autobiography
BOOKS220695I: JAMES, HENRY - In the cage and other tales
BOOKS141592I: JAMES, NORAH C. - Pedigree of honey
BOOKS233965I: JAMES, P.D. AND OTHERS - Verdict of Thirteen: a Detection Club anthology
BOOKS145898I: JAMES, GRACE - John & Mary's secret society
BOOKS088527I: JAMES, DAN L. - Cwrs Cymraeg Llafar: conversational Welsh course
BOOKS218262I: JAMES, BILL - Come clean
BOOKS149069I: JAMES, HENRY - The wings of the dove
BOOKS154602I: JAMES, P.D. - A taste for death
BOOKS238556I: JAMES, BILL - Roses, roses
BOOKS102326I: JAMES, NIGEL N. (ED) - A list of Ordnance Survey District Special and Tourist maps 1861-1939: maplist no.1.
BOOKS107125I: JAMES, HENRY - The finer grain
BOOKS190303I: JAMES, IAN - The story of R.A.F. Lulsgate Bottom
BOOKS236206I: JAMES, WILLIAM - Admiral Sir William Fisher
BOOKS157652I: JAMES, VAN - Ancient sites of Hawai'i: archaeological places of interest on the Big Island
BOOKS198747I: JAMES, P.D. - A taste for death
BOOKS210091I: JAMES, N. D.G. - The Bicton Woodland Railway, East Budleigh, Devon
BOOKS240661I: JAMES, CHARLES WARBURTON - Chief Justice Coke, his family & descendants at Holkham
BOOKS160133I: JAMES, P.D. - Shroud for a nightingale
BOOKS239831I: JAMES, STANLIE M & ROBERTSON, CLAIRE C (EDS_ - Genital cutting and transnational sisterhood: disputing U.S polemics
BOOKS224234I: JAMES, DAVID - Sherlock Holmes and the midnight bell
BOOKS062533I: JAMES, P.D. - Time to be in earnest: a fragment of autobiography
BOOKS190641I: JAMES, W - Famous buildings from the air: a series of pen-drawings
BOOKS237372I: JAMES, N.D.G. - A history of English forestry
BOOKS217721I: JAMES, M.R. - Abbeys
BOOKS176867I: JAMES, OLIVER - Britain on the couch: why we're unhappier compared with 1950, despite being richer - a treatment for the low-serotonin society
BOOKS167433I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Underground
BOOKS167420I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Payback
BOOKS232259I: JAMES, HENRY - The portrait of a lady
BOOKS223790I: JAMES, KENNETH & MULLEN,LLOYD - Inspector Thackeray calls
BOOKS234258I: JAMES, ALAN - A view from the Lodge
BOOKS225277I: JAMES, SUSAN E. - The feminine dynamic in English art, 1485-1603: women as consumers, patrons and painters
BOOKS216033I: JAMES, CLIVE - Flying visits: postcards from the Observer 1976-83
BOOKS050188I: JAMES, H.R. - Education and statesmanship in India, 1797 to 1910
BOOKS201257I: JAMES, H. (DIRECTOR) - Domesday book or the great survey of England of William the Conqueror, A.D. MLXXXI, fac-similie of the part relating to Sussex
BOOKS219262I: JAMES, T.B. (ED) - The third book of remembrance of Southampton 1514-1602: Volume IV 1590-1602
BOOKS231497I: JAMES, A. T. S. - A Cotswold Minister
BOOKS115427I: JAMESON, STORM - Lady Susan and life; an indiscretion
BOOKS221210I: JAMESON, STORM - Morley Roberts: the last eminent Victorian
BOOKS032507I: JAMESON, STORM - The other side
BOOKS238629I: JAMESON, STORM - Journey from the North: autobiography of Storm Jameson, volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS056353I: JAMESON, STORM - The journal of Mary Hervey Russell
BOOKS011210I: JAMESON, STORM - The intruder
BOOKS048816I: JAMESON, STORM - The intruder
BOOKS146858I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS210085I: JAMESON, STORM - Before the crossing
BOOKS050341I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS126011I: JAMESON, JILL - Leadership in post-compulsory education: inspiring leaders of the future
BOOKS202237I: JAMESON, ANNA - Shakespeare's heroines: characteristics of women, moral, poetical, and historical
BOOKS023887I: JAMESON, KENNETH - You can draw
BOOKS188391I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS199135I: JAMESON, STORM - Journey from the north; volume 2
BOOKS208770I: JAMIESON, ANDREW - Elementary manual on steam and the steam engine
BOOKS070864I: JAMIESON, PETER - Letters on Shetland
BOOKS121672I: JAMIESON, ALICE - Today I'm Alice: the heartbreaking memoir of a woman with multiple personality disorder
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BOOKS166044I: JENKIN, A.K. HAMILTON - The story of Cornwall
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BOOKS165423I: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - In search of love and beauty
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BOOKS142592I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Interpol
BOOKS161039I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the Black Peril
BOOKS240132I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles makes end meet
BOOKS158078I: JOHNS, W.E . - Some milestones in aviation
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BOOKS214172I: JOHNS, W.E. AND OTHERS - The Modern Boy, no.403, vol.16, Oct.26th 1935
BOOKS169659I: JOHNS, ROWLAND - Let dogs delight
BOOKS177411I: JOHNS, W.E. - Wings of rebellion, serialised in 7 volumes of 'Flying, the new air weekly'
BOOKS177919I: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles flies East
BOOKS213815I: JOHNS, W.E - Biggles follows on
BOOKS149627I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Special Air Police
BOOKS149632I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in the Orient
BOOKS212895I: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W.E.. - Biggles hunts big game
BOOKS208961I: JOHNS, W.E. - Gimlet mops up
BOOKS218409I: JOHNS, W.E. (ED) - Popular Flying: the national aviation journal, vol.IV, no.2, May 1935
BOOKS240170I: JOHNS, W.E. - Worrals goes East: a Worrals of the W.A.A.F story
BOOKS114469I: JOHNS, W.E. - Adventure bound
BOOKS232810I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles goes to war
BOOKS203146I: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Arretine and Samian pottery
BOOKS037127I: JOHNS, ERIC AND MAJOR, DAVID - Witness in a pagan world: a study of Mark's gospel
BOOKS238394I: JOHNS, W.E. (ED) - Thrilling flights
BOOKS123183I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles & Co
BOOKS074339I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles goes to war
BOOKS031284I: JOHNS, W.E. - Champion of the main
BOOKS227677I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles' special case
BOOKS227678I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the plane that disappeared: a story of the Air Police
BOOKS170683I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles goes to war
BOOKS227949I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies North
BOOKS240144I: JOHNS, W.E. - The rustlers of Rattlesnake Valley
BOOKS135108I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies west
BOOKS026588I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in The cruise of the Condor: a Biggles strip book
BOOKS038072I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles fails to return
BOOKS240156I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles hunts big game
BOOKS024274I: JOHNS, W.E. - The Modern Boy's annual 1934
BOOKS038070I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies North
BOOKS035814I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the poor rich boy
BOOKS039459I: JOHNS, C.A. (REV) / BLAKELOCK, R.A. (ED) - Flowers of the field
BOOKS042746I: JOHNS, ERIC (ED) - Theatre review '73
BOOKS042851I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles sweeps the desert
BOOKS131849I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the black peril
BOOKS045293I: JOHNS, W.E. - Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D.
BOOKS048708I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies to work: some unusual cases of Biggles and his Air Police
BOOKS051441I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles breaks the silence
BOOKS051729I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in the orient
BOOKS051619I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Interpol
BOOKS051993I: JOHNS, W.E. - The rustlers of Rattlesnake Valley
BOOKS051992I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods: a 'Biggles Squadron' story
BOOKS051901I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles 'fails to return'
BOOKS051906I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles goes to war
BOOKS052727I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles 'fails to return'
BOOKS052801I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods
BOOKS052793I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods
BOOKS052822I: JOHNS, W.E. - Gimlet goes again
BOOKS052899I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles breaks the silence
BOOKS053312I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles works it out
BOOKS053353I: JOHNS, W.E. - Worlds of wonder: more adventures in space
BOOKS053390I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles makes ends meet
BOOKS053434I: JOHNS, W.E. - Champion of the main
BOOKS053491I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles - air detective
BOOKS053514I: JOHNS, W.E. - Adventure bound
BOOKS057899I: JOHNS, W.E - Biggles in the cruise of the Condor
BOOKS057988I: JOHNS, W.E. - Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D.
BOOKS058036I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies south
BOOKS068578I: JOHNS, W.E. - Gimlet's Oriental quest: a "king of the Commandos" adventure
BOOKS069862I: JOHNS, W.E. - Sinister service
BOOKS070017I: JOHNS, W.E. - Gimlet's Oriental quest: a "King of the Commandos" adventure
BOOKS240154I: JOHNS, W.E. - Kings of space: a story of interplanetary exploration
BOOKS182668I: JOHNS, W.E. & OTHERS - Boy's Own Paper, vol. 77, no. 1, October 1954
BOOKS240167I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in the blue
BOOKS182667I: JOHNS, W.E. & OTHERS - Boy's Own Paper, vol.73, no. 5, February 1951
BOOKS182666I: JOHNS, W.E. & OTHERS - Boy's Own Paper, vol. 73, no. 4, January 1951
BOOKS227657I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles hunts big game: a story of Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D. and his Special Air Police
BOOKS084449I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles takes a holiday
BOOKS093709I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Special Air Police
BOOKS054967I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods
BOOKS151274I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies to work: some unusual cases of Biggles and his Air Police
BOOKS167144I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles sees too much
BOOKS167149I: JOHNS, W.E. - Sky fever, and other stories
BOOKS106711I: JOHNS, W.E. AND OTHERS - The Modern Boy's annual 1938
BOOKS112031I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies to work: some unusual cases of Biggles and his Air Police
BOOKS109332I: JOHNS, W.E . - Biggles delivers the goods: a 'Biggles Squadron' story
BOOKS109455I: JOHNS, W E - Worrals of the Islands: a story of the war in the Pacific
BOOKS109482I: JOHNS, W.E. - Sergeant Bigglesworth, C.I.D.
BOOKS004542I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods
BOOKS035787I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles delivers the goods
BOOKS063535I: JOHNS, C.A. / ELLIOTT, CLARENCE (ED) - Flowers of the field
BOOKS227741I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles takes a holiday
BOOKS227742I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles' second case
BOOKS181121I: JOHNS, W.E. (ED) - Popular Flying, vol. II, no. 7, October 1933
BOOKS149804I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles breaks the silence: told in pictures
BOOKS149824I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles & Co
BOOKS240282I: JOHNS, W.E. - King of the Commandos: a story of Combined Operations
BOOKS216416I: JOHNS, JASPER - Working proofs
BOOKS129879I: JOHNS, KEN (ED) - Football champions 70-71
BOOKS034671I: JOHNS, W.E. - The Modern Boys annual 1938
BOOKS111063I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles 'fails to return': a Biggles adventure
BOOKS120799I: JOHNS, W.E . - Gimlet`s Oriental Quest: a "King of the Commandos" adventure
BOOKS240078I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Royal Flying Corps
BOOKS140261I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles of the Special Air Police
BOOKS218811I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in the Orient
BOOKS152771I: JOHNS, W.E. - Worrals carries on
BOOKS152775I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles in the Baltic: a tale of the second great war
BOOKS237462I: JOHNS, W.E. AND OTHERS - Boy's Own Paper, vol.84, no.3. December 1961.
BOOKS113606I: JOHNS, LARRY - Czechmate
BOOKS113609I: JOHNS, RICHARD - Man with a background of flames
BOOKS233821I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles learns to fly
BOOKS240246I: JOHNS, W.E. - Orchids for Biggles: an adventure of Biggles of the Air Police
BOOKS240986I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles sweeps the desert: a "Biggles" Squadron story
BOOKS209602I: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles flies West
BOOKS131031I: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles: pioneer air fighter
BOOKS240967I: JOHNS, W.E. - Another job for Biggles

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