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BOOKS107227I: HARE, DAVID - Strapless
BOOKS183798I: HARE, CYRIL - The magic bottle
BOOKS235706I: HARE, CYRIL - An English murder
BOOKS246602I: HARE, WILLIAM - Early Film Noir: greed, lust and murder Hollywood style
BOOKS193201I: HARE, CHRIS - Historic Worthing: the untold story
BOOKS234243I: HARE, CYRIL - Tenant for death
BOOKS209616I: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - Railway design since 1830, volume 1: 1830-1914
BOOKS207345I: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - Stanier locomotives: a pictorial history
BOOKS051726I: HAREWOOD, GEORGE - Kobbe's illustrated opera book: thirty-two of the world's best-loved operas
BOOKS183801I: HAREWOOD (EARL OF) & RICKETS, P.E. (EDS) - Flat racing
BOOKS211730I: HAREWOOD, GEORGE HENRY HUBERT LASCELLES - The tongs and the bones. the memoirs of Lord Harewood
BOOKS197107I: HARFIELD, ALAN - Pigeon to packhorse: the illustrated story of animals in Army Communications
BOOKS222928I: HARFORD-BATTERSBY, C.F. - Pilkington of Uganda
BOOKS148684I: HARFORD, VIOLET - Panda in Toyland
BOOKS034772I: HARGEAVES, JACK - Out of town: a life relived on television
BOOKS056885I: HARGRAVE, ANDREA MILLWOOD (ED) - A matter of manners? the limits of broadcast language
BOOKS186247I: HARGREAVES, CYRIL - Father's Derbyshire: through the eye of the camera
BOOKS181257I: HARGREAVES, JOHN - Harvests and harvesters: fruit and vegetable growing in Britain
BOOKS139817I: HARGREAVES, ROGER - The Mr. Men No. 1
BOOKS208136I: HARGREAVES, ALAN - Skills and strategies for coaching soccer
BOOKS073216I: HARGREAVES, DAVID H. - Interpersonal relations and education
BOOKS159271I: HARGREAVES, HARRY & DRINKWATER, PETER - Cotswold rambles: 136 miles of rambling in the North Cotswolds
BOOKS209969I: HARGREAVES, JOHN - Sport, power and culture: a social and historical analysis of popular sports in Britain
BOOKS242057I: HARGREAVES-MAWDSLEY, W. N. - Spain under the Bourbons, 1700-1833: a collection of documents
BOOKS086368I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & BOB - Tropical blossoms of the Caribbean
BOOKS137954I: HARGREAVES, JENNIFER - Heroines of sport: the politics of difference and identity
BOOKS048778I: HARGREAVES, JACK - Out of town: a life relived on television
BOOKS239805I: HARGREAVES, ROGER - Being there: Harry Benson's fifty years of photojournalism
BOOKS086367I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & BOB - Tropical trees found in the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico
BOOKS125093I: HARGREAVES, JACK - Out of town: a life relived on television.
BOOKS235441I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & HARGREAVES, BOB - Tropical trees of the Pacific.
BOOKS235151I: HARGREAVES, JENNIFER - Sporting females: critical issues in the history and sociology of women's sport
BOOKS214285I: HARHOIU, RADU - Fifth Century A.D. treasure from Pietroasa, Romania, in the light of recent research
BOOKS102169I: HARING, C.H. - The buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century
BOOKS213420I: HARKE, HEINRICH - Settlement types and settlement patterns in the West Hallstatt Province: an evaluation of evidence from excavated sites
BOOKS255254I: HARKEL, LETTY TEN (ED) - Medieval Settlement Research no.33 (2018)
BOOKS185430I: HARKER, MARGARET F. - Victorian and Edwardian photographs
BOOKS197282I: HARKER,L. ALLEN - Children of the dear Cotswolds
BOOKS173826I: HARKER, L.A. - Mr. Wycherly's wards
BOOKS051687I: HARKER, DIANA - The secret of the Saxon summer
BOOKS170692I: HARKER, J.H. & BACKHURST, J.R. - Fuel and energy
BOOKS159534I: HARKER, J. ALLEN - Children of the dear Cotswolds
BOOKS229924I: HARKER, L. ALLEN - The Ffolliots of Redmarley
BOOKS140965I: HARKER, MARGARET F. - Victorian and Edwardian photographs
BOOKS177194I: HARKER, L. ALLEN - Montagu Wycherly: a revised edition of "His first leave"
BOOKS241725I: HARKER, JACK S - Well done Leander
BOOKS221036I: HARKNESS, STANLEY B. - The career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902): a bibliography
BOOKS174075I: HARKNESS, PETER - Modern roses
BOOKS252948I: HARKWAY, C. KENT - Dog tails from Cambridge
BOOKS181089I: HARLAND, W.B. & JONES, O.T. (EDS) - The geology of sea and ocean floors
BOOKS198561I: HARLAND, HENRY - My friend Prospero
BOOKS218652I: HARLAND, OSWALD - Treasure-trail
BOOKS239405I: HARLAND, JOHN & WILKINSON, T.T. - Lancashire legends, traditions, pageants, sports, &c.: with an appendix containing a rare tract on the Lancashire Witches, &c. &c.
BOOKS169655I: HARLAND, JOHN (ED) - Ballads and songs of Lancashire (part 2, modern)
BOOKS053325I: HARLE, LESLEY AND CONDER, SUSAN - Designer china: hand-painting ceramics to decorate your home
BOOKS048387I: HARLE, LESLEY AND WILLIS, SIMON - Painting ceramics
BOOKS032955I: HARLECH (LORD) - Northern England
BOOKS017808I: HARLECH (LORD) - Ancient momuments in the care of the Ministry of Works: East Anglia and the Midlands
BOOKS089452I: HARLEN, WYNNE - Teaching and learning primary science
BOOKS179043I: HARLEY, J.B. - Reprint of the 1st edition Ordnance Survey Sheet No. 59, Hereford (Gloucester, Monmouth)
BOOKS167554I: HARLEY, D.G. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Weather: a monthly magazine for all interested in meteorology, vol.VII, no.2, February 1953
BOOKS216158I: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Dover's tramways
BOOKS247051I: HARLEY, A.B. (ED) - Character sketches and encores
BOOKS251248I: HARLEY, DON & HAMPSON, FRANK - Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Rogue Planet
BOOKS247456I: HARLEY, J.B. - Maps for the local historian: a guide to the British sources
BOOKS155842I: HARLEY, BRIAN - Chess for the fun of it
BOOKS158595I: HARLING, ROBERT (ED) - House & Garden, vol.17, no.6, whole number 160, June 1962
BOOKS245441I: HARLING, ROBERT (ED) - House & Garden incorporating Wine & Food Magazine, vol.29, no.1, whole number 286, February 1974
BOOKS004469I: HARLOW, EVE (ED) - The book of handicrafts for all the family: with instructions and patterns for new and traditional crafts
BOOKS208114I: HARMAN, ALEC - Man and his music: Mediaeval and early Renaissance music Pt. 1: story of musical experience in the west
BOOKS071431I: HARMAN, ALEC / MILNER, ANTHONY - Man and his music: the story of musical experience in the west, volume two: Late Renaissance and Baroque music (c.1525-c.1750)
BOOKS243809I: HARMAN, PETER & MITTON, SIMON (EDS) - Cambridge scientific minds
BOOKS156669I: HARMAN, ELEANOR (ED) - The University as publisher.
BOOKS166533I: HARMAN, RICHARD (ED) - Country company
BOOKS163421I: HARMAN, JOHN - The green crunch: why we need a new economics for Britain's environmental challenge
BOOKS221015I: HARMAR, ROSEMARY - Growing up at Government House
BOOKS162684I: HARMAR, HILARY - Showing and judging dogs
BOOKS148568I: HARMER, FREDERIC WILLIAM - The distribution of erratics and drift: a paper and contoured map
BOOKS245116I: HARMER, J.B. - Victory in limbo: Imagism, 1908-17
BOOKS166707I: HARMERS - The "Sir Henry Tucker" collection of Bermuda, part two
BOOKS230739I: HARMON, TOM - Pilots also pray
BOOKS189812I: HARMSEN, DOROTHY - American Western art, vol.2
BOOKS195885I: HARMSWORTH, ALFRED C. - Motors and motor-driving (The Badminton library of sports and pastimes)
BOOKS170473I: HARMSWORTH, TONY - Boats from the Basingstoke past
BOOKS243253I: HARNACK, ADOLF - What Is Christianity? sixteen lectures delivered in the University of Berlin during the winter term, 1899-1900
BOOKS219107I: HARNER, STEPHEN M. - Japan's financial revolution and how American firms are profiting
BOOKS252378I: HARNESS, A.A. - The story of plastics
BOOKS084446I: HARNETT, CYNTHIA - Ring out Bow Bells!
BOOKS143391I: HARNETT, CYNTHIA - Stars of fortune
BOOKS221999I: HARNETT, ADRIAN - Case studies in urological cancer
BOOKS203060I: HARNONCOURT, NIKOLAUS - The musical dialogue: Thoughts on Monteverdi, Bach and Mozart
BOOKS178684I: HAROKOPOS, GEORGE EFTH - The fortress Crete: the secret war 1941-1944
BOOKS182768I: HAROON, S.A. (ED) - The Punjab Educational Journal, volume LX, no. 4, October 1966
BOOKS182769I: HAROON, S.A. (ED) - The Punjab Educational Journal, volume LX, no.7, January 1966
BOOKS182770I: HAROON, S.A. (ED) - The Punjab Educational Journal, volume LX, no.10, April 1966
BOOKS223148I: DER HAROUTUNIAN, ARTO - Middle Eastern cookery
BOOKS192097I: DER HAROUTUNIAN, ARTO - Middle Eastern cookery
BOOKS205299I: DER HAROUTUNIAN, ARTO - North African cookery
BOOKS119719I: HARP, JERRY - Creature
BOOKS016535I: HARPER, HARRY - Ace air reporter
BOOKS158103I: HARPER, HARRY - Riders of the sky: the saga of the flying men
BOOKS043895I: HARPER, HARRY - My fifty years in flying
BOOKS087564I: HARPER, HENRY A. - An artist's walks in Bible lands
BOOKS130057I: HARPER, CHARLES G. - Half-hours with the highwaymen: picturesque biographes and traditions of the "Knights of the Road": volumes I & II
BOOKS214514I: HARPER, HUGH - Breckland Portraits: Recollections of a Norfolk Parson
BOOKS111697I: HARPER, PETER AND PERUTZ, MAX (EDS) - Glutamine repeats and neurodegenerative diseases: molecular aspects
BOOKS159675I: HARPER, DAVID - The hanged men
BOOKS240653I: HARPER, KENN - Suffixes of the Eskimo dialects of Cumberland Peninsula and North Baffin Island
BOOKS002959I: HARPER, CHARLES G. - Haunted houses.
BOOKS140395I: HARPER, HARRY - The aeroplane in war
BOOKS012009I: HARPER, CHARLES G. - Mr.Pickwick's second time on earth
BOOKS164122I: HARPER, CHARLES.G. - Mansions of old romance
BOOKS194289I: HARPER, EDITH K. - Stead: the man: personal reminiscences
BOOKS143774I: HARPER, STEPHEN - Capturing Enigma: how HMS Petard seized the German Naval codes
BOOKS171115I: HARPER, HARRY - My fifty years in flying
BOOKS182207I: HARPER, HARRY - Ace air reporter
BOOKS199389I: HARPER, DANIEL / ROSS, COLIN - The wrong turn / Season of love
BOOKS001582I: HARPER, HARRY - The aeroplane in war
BOOKS231267I: HARPER, ROGER H. - Victorian architectural competitions: an index to British and Irish architectural competitions in "The Builder", 1843-1900
BOOKS157943I: HARPER, HARRY & BRENARD, ROBERT - The romance of the flying mail: a pageant of aerial progress
BOOKS228772I: HARPER, GRAEME WITH RIGELSFORD, ADRIAN - Calling the shots: directing the new series of Doctor Who
BOOKS181626I: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Everyman's Canada: paintings and drawings from the McCord Museum of McGill University
BOOKS048812I: HARPER'S BAZAAR - Harper's Bazaar, volume LXIV, no.5, August 1961
BOOKS242325I: HARPIN, FRED L - Winning play in Contract Bridge: strategy at trick one
BOOKS074615I: HARPOLE, JAMES - Leaves from a surgeon's case-book
BOOKS007859I: HARPUR, BRIAN - The impossible victory: a personal account of the battle for the River Po
BOOKS009443I: HARPUR, BRIAN - The impossible victory: a personal account of the battle for the River Po
BOOKS005434I: HARPUR, BRIAN - The official Halley's Comet book
BOOKS173965I: HARPUR, JAMES - The atlas of sacred places: meeting points of Heaven and earth (Henry Holt Reference Book)
BOOKS245777I: HARPUR, MERRILY - Mystery big cats
BOOKS248781I: HARPVIKEN, KRISTIAN BERG & TADJBAKHSH, SHAHRBANOU - A rock between hard places: Afghanistan as an arena of regional insecurity
BOOKS079052I: HARRAP, GEORGE G. - Some memories 1901-1935: a publisher's contribution to the history of publishing
BOOKS116684I: HARRAP, GEORGE G. - Some memories, 1901-1935: a publisher's contribution to the history of publishing
BOOKS093610I: HARRE, ROM (ED) - The physical sciences since antiquity
BOOKS104469I: HARRER, HEINRICH - Return to Tibet
BOOKS238731I: HARRER, GUDRUN - Dismantling the Iraqi nuclear programme: the inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 1991–1998
BOOKS246778I: HARRER, HEINRICH - Seven years in Tibet
BOOKS243333I: HARRER, HEINRICH - Return to Tibet
BOOKS002979I: HARRIES, JOHN - The ghost hunter's road book
BOOKS155214I: HARRIES, JOHN - A handbook of theology: a homiletical manual of Christian doctrine, with an exhav=ustive list of questions for examination, and index of subjects
BOOKS251756I: HARRIES, SUSIE - Nikolaus Pevsner: the life
BOOKS160387I: HARRIES, MEIRION & HARRIES, SUSIE - Sheathing the sword: the demilitarization of Japan
BOOKS038240I: HARRINGTON, PETER - Archaeology of the English Civil War
BOOKS102560I: HARRINGTON, PETER - Archaeology of the English Civil War
BOOKS070520I: HARRINGTON, WILLIAM - The gospel of death
BOOKS138835I: HARRINGTON, DANIEL - Light of all nations: essays on the Church in New Testament research
BOOKS237904I: HARRINGTON, JACINE - The beauty of Yoga
BOOKS183543I: HARRINGTON, WILLIAM & YOUNG, PETER - The 1945 revolution
BOOKS073324I: HARRIOTT, ROSEMARY M. - Aristophanes, poet & dramatist
BOOKS174077I: HARRIS, R. A. & HOUBEN, A. (EDS) - Richmond in 1892: history, trade, & attractions
BOOKS133386I: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde: his life and confessions
BOOKS238956I: HARRIS, HENRY - The claims of the Priesthood considered
BOOKS181331I: HARRIS, R. COLE - Two societies: life in mid-nineteenth century Quebec
BOOKS188636I: HARRIS, HENRY - Model soldiers
BOOKS179549I: HARRIS, R. COLE & WARKENTIN, JOHN - Canada before Confederation: a study in historical geography
BOOKS064845I: HARRIS, FRANK - Montes the matador and other stories
BOOKS247830I: HARRIS, AUDREY - Eastern visas
BOOKS130937I: HARRIS, EDWIN - The siege of Leeds Castle
BOOKS018101I: HARRIS, MARK - Something about a soldier
BOOKS055440I: HARRIS, W. GREGORY - Down along o' we
BOOKS030020I: HARRIS, JOHN - Army of shadows: a novel of the Resistance
BOOKS009994I: HARRIS, JOHN - The cross of Lazzaro
BOOKS090586I: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Perfect pasta
BOOKS250386I: HARRIS, MICHAEL - A field guide to the birds of Galapagos.
BOOKS224065I: HARRIS, JONATHAN - Constantinople: capital of Byzantium
BOOKS251753I: HARRIS, REX & RUST, BRIAN - Recorded jazz: a critical guide
BOOKS006212I: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - Porcelain figurines
BOOKS168836I: HARRIS, CLARE - Minimise stress, maximise success
BOOKS009297I: HARRIS, JOHN - Without trace: the last voyages of eight ships
BOOKS012217I: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Elite steam
BOOKS169619I: HARRIS, RICHARD (ED) - The reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins, Baron Brampton
BOOKS031085I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's Crime Collection 1979
BOOKS032821I: HARRIS, ALAN - The open fields of East Yorkshire
BOOKS034978I: HARRIS, JOHN - The claws of mercy
BOOKS020258I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - From Acre End: portrait of a village
BOOKS038227I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Another kind of magic
BOOKS037475I: HARRIS, FRANK - Bernard Shaw
BOOKS040629I: HARRIS, ROSEMARY - Voyage to Cythera
BOOKS041718I: HARRIS, JOHN - Lost at sea: true stories of disaster
BOOKS042772I: HARRIS, REX - Enjoying jazz
BOOKS152095I: HARRIS, DAVID A. - In the trenches: selected speeches and writings of an American Jewish activist, 1979-1999
BOOKS043027I: HARRIS, FRANK - Bernard Shaw
BOOKS046645I: HARRIS, GERTRUDE - Pots and pans
BOOKS043991I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Cotswold privies
BOOKS050850I: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Italia! Italia! a passion for the real food of Italy
BOOKS065519I: HARRIS, JOHN P. - An Englishman in the Midi
BOOKS055188I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Another kind of magic
BOOKS055926I: HARRIS, JOHN P. - An Englishman in the Midi
BOOKS059904I: HARRIS, JOHN P. - An Englishman in the Midi
BOOKS060802I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) / CRIME WRITERS' ASSOCIATION - John Creasey's crime collection 1989: an anthology by members of the Crime Writers' Association
BOOKS066599I: HARRIS, ROSEMARY - Summers of the wild rose
BOOKS067656I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - The magic of the Cotswold Way
BOOKS071600I: HARRIS, RICHARD - Discovering timber-framed buildings
BOOKS071664I: HARRIS, NICK (ED) - Rothmans Grand Prix motor cycle year book
BOOKS074670I: HARRIS, JOANNE - Gentlemen & players
BOOKS076081I: HARRIS, SUSAN E. - Grooming to win: how to groom, trim, braid, and prepare your horse for show.
BOOKS081135I: HARRIS, JOHN - A peck of pepper
BOOKS082758I: HARRIS, JOHN P. - An Englishman in the Midi
BOOKS086731I: HARRIS, JOE - Paupers progress: from Poor Relief to old age pension
BOOKS086922I: HARRIS, ESMOND & HARRIS, JEANETTE - The Guinness book of trees
BOOKS089001I: HARRIS, D.D. AND LEA, D.A.M. - A geography of South Australia
BOOKS089029I: HARRIS, GEOFFREY AND SPARK, DAVID - Practical newspaper reporting
BOOKS089265I: HARRIS, GERTRUDE - Pots and pans
BOOKS090466I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's crime collection 1979
BOOKS024398I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's crime collection 1978
BOOKS023948I: HARRIS, DAVID - Our war: what we did in Vietnam and what it did to us
BOOKS222971I: HARRIS, EDWIN - John Jasper's gatehouse: a sequel to the unfinished novel 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' by Charles Dickens
BOOKS097849I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Cotswold privies
BOOKS139354I: HARRIS, BRUCE - Ashes triumphant: Australia versus England,1954-5
BOOKS103835I: HARRIS, RADIE - Radie's world
BOOKS105850I: HARRIS, JANE - Bullying online - managing online behaviour in schools and colleges: a practical resource pack
BOOKS025671I: HARRIS, FRANK - Bernard Shaw: an unauthorized biography based on firsthand information with a postscript by Mr. Shaw.
BOOKS140288I: HARRIS, ROSEMARY - The nice girl's story
BOOKS034868I: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Brer Rabbit stories for the children
BOOKS216647I: HARRIS, PAUL - The right to demonstrate
BOOKS110862I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's crime collection 1979
BOOKS210676I: HARRIS, BRUCE - Jardine justified: the truth about the Ashes
BOOKS159285I: HARRIS, JOHN - Vardy
BOOKS000473I: HARRIS, FRANK - Frank Harris on Bernard Shaw
BOOKS070519I: HARRIS, JOHN - Getaway
BOOKS039034I: HARRIS, JOHN - The cross of Lazzaro
BOOKS068113I: HARRIS, ARTHUR - Songs of Shakespeare's shires (Kingly Kenilworth and other Warwickshire poems)
BOOKS090168I: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS211979I: HARRIS, J. HENRY - My Devonshire book: "In the land of junket and cream"
BOOKS111715I: HARRIS, CYNTHIA J. (ED) - Occupational health nursing practice
BOOKS247021I: HARRIS, RACHEL & OTHERS (EDS) - British Journal of Ethnomusicology, volume 11/i, 2002: Red ritual: ritual music and Communism
BOOKS135869I: HARRIS, HENRY - Model soldiers
BOOKS007624I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Cotswold privies
BOOKS239112I: HARRIS, MICHAEL - A field guide to the birds of Galapagos.
BOOKS033594I: HARRIS, TIMOTHY - Kronski / McSmash
BOOKS148265I: HARRIS, ED - Twickenham: a history of the cathedral of rugby
BOOKS183342I: HARRIS, C.J. - Otters: a study of the recent Lutrinae
BOOKS176173I: HARRIS, DAVID R. (ED) - The origins and spread of agriculture and pastoralism in Eurasia: crops, fields, flocks and herds
BOOKS140112I: HARRIS, JOHN - The old trade of killing
BOOKS033948I: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Recipes from an Italian farmhouse
BOOKS010374I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Cotswold privies
BOOKS010957I: HARRIS, WILSON - Caroline Fox
BOOKS150706I: HARRIS, JOHN (ED) - The Garden: a celebration of one thousand years of British gardening
BOOKS154134I: HARRIS, BRIAN L. - Harris's guide to churches and cathedrals: discovering the unique and unusual in over 500 churches and cathedrals
BOOKS186805I: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - Porcelain figurines
BOOKS085206I: HARRIS, JULES E. & SINKOVICS, JOSEPH G. - The immunology of malignant disease
BOOKS172134I: HARRIS, D.D. & SCHUBERT, S.A. - Explore South Australia
BOOKS183967I: HARRIS, HARRY AND TREVILLION, PAUL - World Cup masterpieces
BOOKS239149I: HARRIS, NICK (ED) - Winfield Williams F1 1999 Formula One Media Guide
BOOKS198107I: HARRIS, VICTOR & OGASAWARA, NOBUO - Swords of the Samurai
BOOKS027844I: HARRIS, BRIAN - The art of flyfishing
BOOKS250896I: HARRIS, MAX - The angry eye
BOOKS209908I: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus: his songs and his sayings
BOOKS250664I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's Crime collection 1990: an anthology by members of the Crime Writers' Association
BOOKS189756I: HARRIS, JOHN - The fox from his lair: a novel of D-day
BOOKS189102I: HARRIS, FRANK - Shakespeare and his love: a play in four acts and an epilogue
BOOKS244665I: HARRIS, RICHARD - Before trial: what should be done by client, solicitor & counsel from a barrister's point of view: together with a treatise on the defence of insanity.
BOOKS236787I: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS136048I: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS227162I: HARRIS, CATHERINE - They rescued a pony
BOOKS026681I: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Italian regional cookery
BOOKS213324I: HARRIS, THISTLE Y. - Wild flowers of Australia
BOOKS207355I: HARRIS, HERBERT (ED) - John Creasey's crime collection 1981
BOOKS006327I: HARRIS, CAROLYN - Knitting patterns from nature
BOOKS200502I: HARRIS, ELIZABETH - Theravada Buddhism and the British encounter: Religious, missionary and colonial experience in nineteenth century Sri Lanka
BOOKS199978I: HARRIS-BURLAND, J.B. - The builder
BOOKS245629I: HARRIS, W. GREGORY - Trengwith: a chronicle of social and clerical llife in West Cornwall
BOOKS148016I: HARRIS, CHRIS & SIMPSON, JOHN - Euromodels 75
BOOKS254174I: HARRIS, RICHARD - I, in the membership of my days
BOOKS018173I: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Cotswold privies
BOOKS207549I: HARRIS, LILLIAN CRAIG - In joy and in sorrow
BOOKS180638I: HARRIS, R.W. - Science, mind and method
BOOKS164908I: HARRIS, S. HUTCHINSON - El arte de H Anglada-Camarasa; reproducion de las 48 laminas fotograbadas en "The Art of Anglada" que representan 57 cuadros y 3 retratos del artista, con una introducion por S. Hutchinson Harris
BOOKS168817I: HARRIS, PHILIP R. & STRIPP, WILLIAM G. - Developing the global organization: strategies for human resource professionals
BOOKS156711I: HARRIS, FRANK - Unpath'd waters
BOOKS129186I: HARRIS, JACK SUTHERLAND AND OTHERS - Old houses in the Parish of Shere
BOOKS129187I: HARRIS, JACK SUTHERLAND AND OTHERS - Shere, Gomshall and Peaslake: a short history
BOOKS141348I: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER ("UNCLE REMUS") - Daddy Jake, the runaway and short stories told after dark
BOOKS153022I: HARRIS, ROSEMARY - Three candles for the dark
BOOKS152373I: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus, or Mr.Fox, Mr.Rabbit, and Mr.Terrapin
BOOKS040214I: HARRIS, JOHN NORMAN - The weird world of Wes Beattie
BOOKS165381I: HARRIS, ETHEL A. C. - Portrait medals of a generation, modelled by Ethel A.C. Harris
BOOKS151915I: HARRIS, COLIN R - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch), volume 77, 1976
BOOKS037029I: HARRIS, CATHERINE - Riding for ransom
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BOOKS206193I: HAWLEY, PAUL R. - New discoveries in medicine: their effect on the public health
BOOKS061250I: HAWORTH, MARTIN C. - Smoking the mango trees
BOOKS125041I: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MICHAEL - The hydrangeas
BOOKS123511I: HAWORTH, F.M. - Pond dwellers
BOOKS225813I: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant fleets in profile - Vol 1: Ships of the P&O, Orient & Blue Anchor lines
BOOKS169409I: HAWS, ROBERT (ED) - The age of segregation: race relations in the South, 1890-1945
BOOKS253041I: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant fleets in profile 1
BOOKS106702I: HAWTHORN, JEREMY (ED) - Criticism and critical theory
BOOKS188525I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIAL - The scarlet letter: a romance
BOOKS206536I: HAWTHORNE,NATHANIEL - Transformation (The marble faun), and, The Blithedale romance
BOOKS039016I: HAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Straight face
BOOKS145453I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood tales
BOOKS130395I: HAWTHORNE, ROSEMARY - Knickers: an intimate appraisal
BOOKS058933I: HAWTHORNE, ROSEMARY - Knickers: an intimate appraisal
BOOKS063682I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The house of the seven gables
BOOKS241057I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood tales
BOOKS159870I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood tales: a wonder-book for boys and girls
BOOKS180884I: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIAL - A wonder book and Tanglewood tales
BOOKS103024I: HAWTHORNE, ROSEMARY - Stockings & suspenders: a quick flash
BOOKS199060I: HAWTHORNE LATHROP, ROSE - Memories of Hawthorne
BOOKS200518I: HAWTON, HECTOR - The men who fly
BOOKS210885I: HAXEY, SIMON - Tory M.P.
BOOKS131585I: HAY, THOMAS - Plants for the connoisseur
BOOKS181679I: HAY, IAN - Peaceful invasion.
BOOKS206041I: HAY, DAVID - Honest talk and wholesome wine: A history of the St. Albans Club (1789-2004)
BOOKS197245I: HAY, DAVID & HAY, JOAN - Ullswater through the centuries
BOOKS149018I: HAY, IAN - Happy-go-lucky
BOOKS035128I: HAY, IAN - Stand at ease: stories and memories
BOOKS033470I: HAY, JAMES - The winning clue
BOOKS065506I: HAY, DENYS - Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
BOOKS065485I: HAY, IAN - A man's man
BOOKS067727I: HAY, JAMES - The winning clue
BOOKS072535I: HAY, FRANCES - Barbary Kate
BOOKS085395I: HAY, IAN - Paid with thanks
BOOKS135405I: HAY, IAN - The willing horse
BOOKS198019I: HAY, ROY - Garden planning guide
BOOKS061386I: HAY, IAN - David and destiny
BOOKS123072I: HAY, IAN - Half a sovereign: an inprobable romance
BOOKS234972I: HAY, THOMAS - Plants for the connoisseur
BOOKS210661I: HAY, MAN SHEK & HODGKISS, I.J. - Hong Kong freshwater fishes
BOOKS216154I: HAY, GEOFFREY D. & STELL, GEOFFREY P. - Monuments of industry: an illustrated historical record
BOOKS127843I: HAY, DAVID & JOAN - Hilltop villages of the Chilterns: Cholesbury, Hawridge, St.Leonards, Buckland Common
BOOKS219209I: HAY, DAVID & HAY, JOAN - Cruising in strange waters
BOOKS131598I: HAY, THOMAS - Plants for the connoisseur.
BOOKS142357I: HAY, IAN - Stand at ease: stories and memories.
BOOKS212692I: HAY, IAN - The lighter side of school life.
BOOKS150402I: HAY, IAN - The first hundred thousand, being the unofficial chronicle of a unit of "K (I)"
BOOKS246834I: HAY, JOHN - Poems
BOOKS199090I: HAY, ROY - Greenhouse guide
BOOKS169106I: HAY, ROY - Greenhouse guide
BOOKS198037I: HAY, DAVID & JOAN - The trees are full of song: Chiltern Nature Reserve comes into being
BOOKS194501I: HAY, ALEX - Ripening Hay
BOOKS127736I: HAY, IAN - A man's man
BOOKS183902I: HAY, DAVID & HAY, JOAN - The West country from the sea: Lyme Bay to Land's End
BOOKS147295I: HAY, IAN & KING-HALL, STEPHEN - The middle watch
BOOKS202447I: HAY, PETER - Brunel: Engineering giant
BOOKS128181I: HAY, IAN - The willing horse
BOOKS200358I: HAY, IAN - A safety match
BOOKS171446I: HAY, IAN - A safety match
BOOKS237888I: HAY, DAVID & HAY, JOAN - The West Country from the sea: Lyme Bay to Land's End
BOOKS085391I: HAY, JOHN - Pike County ballads and other poems
BOOKS237595I: HAY, ELIZABETH - Sambo Sahib: the story of "Little Black Sambo" and Helen Bannerman
BOOKS182747I: HAY, IAN - The unconquered isle: the story of Malta, G.C.
BOOKS224468I: HAY, JONATHAN - Nicholas Grindley Sales catalogue, October 2010 [Chinese art]
BOOKS238179I: HAY, IAN - The willing horse
BOOKS145218I: HAYAKAWA, YOSHIO AND OTHERS - Annual of advertising art in Japan 1974
BOOKS234090I: HAYASAKA, SHIGEZO - The making of Japanese Prime Minister: how to become no.1 in Japan
BOOKS239755I: AKIO HAYASHI - The English-Japanese dictionary for contemporary business communication
BOOKS252875I: HAYCOCK, LORNA - John Anstie of Devizes, 1743-1830: an Eighteenth-Century Wiltshire clothier
BOOKS164398I: HAYCRAFT, FRANK W. (ED) - The degrees and hoods of the world's universities & colleges
BOOKS138128I: HAYDEN, TOREY L. - Sunflower forest
BOOKS027905I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on English earthenware
BOOKS062176I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on old prints
BOOKS190614I: HAYDEN, JOSEPH - Zehn beruhmte streichquartette / Ten celebrated string quartets / Dix celebres quatuoes a cordes
BOOKS057885I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on old prints
BOOKS168047I: HAYDEN, TOM - Trial
BOOKS244632I: HAYDEN, DOROTHY - Bid better, play better
BOOKS131739I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on cottage and farmhouse furniture
BOOKS235388I: HAYDEN, ROBERT M. & OTHERS - Antagonistic tolerance: competitive sharing of religious sites and spaces
BOOKS145573I: HAYDEN, E.S. - The hovercraft
BOOKS218470I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on old furniture
BOOKS186292I: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on cottage and farmhouse furniture
BOOKS184495I: HAYDEN, ROBERT - Black sunrise
BOOKS045788I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Symphony no. 101 in D (The Clock)
BOOKS080788I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Symphony No.101 in D "The Clock"
BOOKS110020I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Quartet no.27, Eb major for 2 violins, viola and violoncello, Op.17, no.3.
BOOKS110021I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Quartet, no.26, F Major for 2 violins, viola and violoncello, Op.17, no.2.
BOOKS110022I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Quartet, no.25, E major for 2 violins, viola and violoncello, Op,17 No.1
BOOKS110023I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Quartet, no.2, Eb major for 2 violins, viola and violoncello,Op.1 No.2
BOOKS149351I: HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEPH - Quartett no.78, B-dur fur 2 violinen, viola und violoncell, Op.76, no.4
BOOKS150004I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Haydn String Quartet in G Major, Opus 77, no 1
BOOKS161845I: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Haydn's Oratorio, "The Creation" (composed in the year 1799) in vocal score
BOOKS169913I: HAYDON, BENJAMIN ROBERT - The autobiography and memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846), vols. I & II
BOOKS156605I: HAYDON, A.L. - His Serene Highness: a public school story
BOOKS030465I: HAYDON, A.L. - The trooper police of Australia
BOOKS119200I: HAYDON, A.L. - The riders of the plains: a record of the Royal North-West Mounted Police of Canada 1873-1918
BOOKS180872I: HAYDON, BENJAMIN & BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Autobiography of Benjamin Robert Haydon
BOOKS212612I: HAYE, PAUL (ED) - The Avis register Bulletin; various issues from 1980 - 2010
BOOKS244060I: HAYEK, F.A. - The fatal conceit: the errors of Socialism
BOOKS062535I: HAYENS, HERBERT - 'Play up, Greys!'
BOOKS004208I: HAYENS, HERBERT - A vanished nation
BOOKS064618I: HAYENS, HERBERT - Clevely Sahib: a tale of the Khyber Pass
BOOKS071847I: HAYENS, HERBERT - The Gayton scholarship: a school story
BOOKS246953I: HAYES, DEAN - Gloucestershire cricketing greats
BOOKS186502I: HAYES, DEAN - Gloucestershire cricketing greats: 46 of the best cricketers for Gloucestershire
BOOKS146275I: HAYES, COURTENAY - On the fringe of the cyclone: a tale for adventurous youth
BOOKS018063I: HAYES, NANCY M. - That turbulent term
BOOKS139005I: HAYES, MATTHEW HORACE - Riding and hunting
BOOKS030245I: HAYES, MICHAEL - Broadcast
BOOKS167932I: HAYES, M. HORACE - Veterinary notes for horse owners
BOOKS005608I: HAYES, CLIFF (ED) - The best of old Lancashire in poetry and verse
BOOKS047667I: HAYES, NELSON - The roof of the wind
BOOKS229502I: HAYES, JOHN - Face the music: a sailor's story
BOOKS187565I: HAYES, CHRIS - Melody Maker memories: the pre-war story of the world-famous music paper
BOOKS122071I: HAYES, ANNE - Family in print: Bailey Newspaper Group: a history
BOOKS021817I: HAYES, KATY - Curtains
BOOKS147607I: HAYES, ERNEST HENRY - Yarns on the human quest for workers among young adolescents
BOOKS216768I: HAYES, ELIZABETH S. - Herbs, flavours and spices
BOOKS056631I: HAYES, RAYMOND H. AND HURST, JOSEPH - A history of Hutton le Hole in the Manor of Spaunton
BOOKS237736I: HAYES, M.HORACE - Stable management and exercise: a book for horse-owners and students
BOOKS126497I: HAYES, PATRICIA ANN - The trout cook: 100 ways with trout
BOOKS242073I: HAYES, HANNAH - Rochdale: a press photographers view
BOOKS006689I: HAYES, JOSEPH - The desperate hours
BOOKS158926I: HAYES, MATTHEW HORACE - Points of the horse: a treatise on the conformation, movements, breeds and evolution of the horse
BOOKS212217I: HAYES, JOHN - Catalogue of the oil paintings in the London Museum with an introduction on painters and the London scene from the Fifteenth Century
BOOKS027630I: HAYES, DEAN - The auld enemy: England v.Scotland: the comprehensive history of more than a century of soccer rivalry

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