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BOOKS134921I: FERRER, MIQUEL - Gregorio Iglesias Mayo
BOOKS091328I: FERRERO, G.L. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Biomass energy: from harvesting to storage
BOOKS104410I: FERRERS-NICHOLSON, N. AND HEDGES, SID G. - The art of badminton
BOOKS232107I: FERRETTI, PATRIZIA & GERAUDIE, JACQUELINE - Cellular and molecular basis of regeneration: From invertebrates to humans
BOOKS230533I: FERREZ, MARC - O album da Avenida Central: um documento fotografico da Avenida Rio Branco, Rio De Janeiro, 1903-1906
BOOKS005985I: FERRIDAY, PETER (ED) - Victorian architecture.
BOOKS066554I: FERRIER, BOB - Soccer partnership: Billy Wright and Walter Winterbottom
BOOKS160333I: FERRIER, JOHN TODD - Guide and index-glossary to the writings of the Rev. John Todd Ferrier
BOOKS059928I: FERRIGNO, URSULA - Real fast vegetarian food
BOOKS204932I: FERRIS, PAUL - Dylan Thomas
BOOKS045011I: FERRIS, PAUL - The Church of England
BOOKS083266I: FERRIS, CHRIS - Out of the darkness: the revelations of a badger watcher
BOOKS064666I: FERRIS, STEWART AND BASSETT, PAUL - Don't mention the war! a shameful European rail adventure
BOOKS005069I: FERRIS, PAUL - The city
BOOKS112836I: FERRIS, PAUL - The doctors
BOOKS160087I: FERRIS, GEORGE - The trout are rising: a comprehensive work on fly fishing in New Zealand
BOOKS158149I: FERRIS, RICHARD - How to fly: or, the conquest of the air: the story of man's endeavours to fly and of the inventions by which he has succeeded
BOOKS009595I: FERRO, MARC - The Great War 1914-1918
BOOKS030825I: FERRY, R.H. - Where the river ran
BOOKS137855I: FERSEN, NICHOLAS - Corridor of honour
BOOKS219740I: FETSCH, HEN - Milk pitcher magic
BOOKS110987I: DU FEU, CHRIS - Nestboxes
BOOKS034145I: FEUCHTWANGER, LION - Little tales
BOOKS206596I: FEUERSTEIN, GEORG - The yoga tradition: its history, literature, philosophy and tradition
BOOKS008860I: FEUERSTEIN, G. & MILLER, J. - A reappraisal of yoga: essays in Indian philosophy
BOOKS096228I: FEUERSTEIN, GUNTER - Wien, heute und gestern: architektur - stadtbild - unraum
BOOKS134128I: FEUERSTEIN, GEORG & MILLER, JEANINE - A reappraisal of Yoga: essays in Indian philosophy
BOOKS220879I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Oliver and the Twins
BOOKS011830I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - 'Me and Nobbles'
BOOKS128745I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Teddy's button!
BOOKS034018I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Legend-led
BOOKS061626I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Dwell deep, or Hilda Thorne's life story
BOOKS084654I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Teddy's button
BOOKS180728I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Teddy's button
BOOKS089406I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - 'Probable sons'
BOOKS169390I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - Us, and our donkey
BOOKS089312I: LE FEUVRE, AMY - A puzzling pair
BOOKS208766I: LE FEVRE, R.J.W. - Dipole moments: Their measurement and application in chemistry
BOOKS223672I: FEVRE, R. N. - Domestic utilization of gas
BOOKS230226I: LE FEVRE, GEORGES - An Eastern odyssey: the third expedition of Haardt and Audouin-Dubreuil
BOOKS200498I: FEWKES, JACQUELINE H. - Trade and contemporary society along the Silk Road: An ethno-history of Ladakh
BOOKS156077I: FEWSTER, RICHARD - The adventurous journey: the 20 year history of South Australian Co-Operative Bulk Handling Limited
BOOKS207071I: FEYNMAN, RICHARD P. - Six not-so-easy pieces: Einstein's relativity, symmetry, and space-time
BOOKS186924I: FFARINGTON, N - Sons of the brave: the Victorian school: a sesquicentennial survey and a salute to some bold Cheltonians 1841-1919, parts I & II
BOOKS121054I: FFINCH, MICHAEL - Selected poems
BOOKS165153I: FFINCH, MICHAEL - G.K.Chesterton
BOOKS223003I: FFOLKES, MICHAEL - Cartoon companion to classical mythology
BOOKS172121I: FFOLKES, MICHAEL - Ffanfare!
BOOKS132505I: FFOULKES, ANNIE - Telyn y dydd sef Detholiad o delynegion a sonedau o waith rhai o feirdd Cymraaeg y chwarter canrif diweddaf
BOOKS109150I: FFRENCH BLAKE, R.L.V. - The early training of the horse
BOOKS132672I: FIALA, JIRI - The complete encyclopedia of four-wheel drive vehicles
BOOKS141943I: FICHTNER, JOSEPH - The characters of the Crucifixion
BOOKS222607I: FICHTNER, HANS & GARFF, MICHAEL - How to build sailboards: step-by-step custom-made designs
BOOKS181676I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Lanterns over the Lune
BOOKS196670I: FIDLER, JOHN - Discovering Saints in Britain
BOOKS222217I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - The boy with the bronze axe
BOOKS037567I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Escape in darkness
BOOKS052366I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Diggers of lost treasure
BOOKS051764I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Mr. Simister appears again
BOOKS052838I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Pablos and the bull
BOOKS067084I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Stories of old inns
BOOKS069838I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Brydons in summer
BOOKS187973I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - St. Jonathan's in the country
BOOKS213279I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Pablos and the bull
BOOKS181966I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - The gold of Fast Castle
BOOKS159492I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - More adventures of the Brydons
BOOKS135664I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - The Deans' Dutch adventure
BOOKS201767I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Escape in darkness
BOOKS188004I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Treasure of Ebba
BOOKS223593I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Brydons stick at nothing
BOOKS036623I: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - Tales of London
BOOKS002429I: FIDO, MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: an illustrated biography
BOOKS048803I: FIDO, MARTIN - Rudyard Kipling
BOOKS234408I: FIDO, MARTIN - Rudyard Kipling
BOOKS047814I: FIDO, MARTIN - The world's worst medical mistakes
BOOKS221077I: FIELD, XENIA - Indoor plants
BOOKS019770I: FIELD, WILLIAM B. OSGOOD - John Leech on my shelves
BOOKS208950I: FIELD, MICHAEL J. - Mau: Samoa's struggle against New Zealand oppression
BOOKS199603I: FIELD, XENIA - Window-box and indoor gardening
BOOKS040218I: FIELD, RACHEL - All this, and heaven too
BOOKS144098I: FIELD, EUGENE - Christmas tales and Christmas verse
BOOKS034268I: FIELD, JOHN - Place names of Great Britain and Ireland
BOOKS035953I: FIELD, XENIA - Town and roof gardens
BOOKS064401I: FIELD, RACHEL - And now tomorrow
BOOKS074522I: FIELD, EUGENE - Lullaby-land: songs of childhood
BOOKS087016I: FIELD, RACHEL - All this and heaven too
BOOKS107557I: FIELD, MARTIN AND WHYTE, ALISON (EDS) - Spring into action: a handbook of local fundraising
BOOKS028889I: FIELD, HILL - This generous earth: essays and memoirs
BOOKS118514I: FIELD, FRANK - Losing out: the emergence of Britain's underclass
BOOKS108261I: FIELD, GARY G. - Tone and color correction
BOOKS203030I: FIELD, RACHEL - Time out of mind
BOOKS181360I: FIELD, JUNE - The ordinary man's guide to collecting antiques
BOOKS133096I: FIELD, MICHAEL - Michael Field's cooking school
BOOKS208079I: FIELD, JOHN - The King's nurseries: The story of Westminster School
BOOKS133177I: FIELD, DICK & NEWICK, JOHN (EDS) - The study of education and art
BOOKS216289I: FIELD, CLAUD - With the Afghans
BOOKS187483I: FIELD, AUDREY - Picture palace: a social history of the cinema
BOOKS216141I: FIELD, OLIVER - Honey days
BOOKS144463I: FIELD, C.R. (ED) - Life in bygone Derby
BOOKS201721I: FIELD, T. (ED) - The Radley district: it's history, botany, entomology and geology.
BOOKS216821I: FIELD, RICHARD S. - Jasper Johns prints: 1970-1977
BOOKS215394I: FIELD, HORACE & BUNNEY ,MICHAEL - English domestic architecture of the XVII and XVIII centuries. a section of examples of smaller buildings
BOOKS051377I: FIELDEN, THOMAS - Marks and remarks: musical examinations and their problems
BOOKS177449I: FIELDEN, GREG - Charlotte Motor Speedway
BOOKS229411I: FIELDER, ARKADY & GARLINSKI, JAREK - 303 Squadron: The legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron
BOOKS183239I: FIELDHOUSE, MURRAY (ED) - Pottery Quarterly: a review of ceramic art, vol.IV, 1957
BOOKS225330I: FIELDHOUSE, MURRAY (ED) - Pottery Quarterly. Volume 4: Winter 1955
BOOKS225321I: FIELDHOUSE, MURRAY (ED) - Pottery Quarterly, Volume 3: Autumn 1954
BOOKS175927I: FIELDING, XAN - Corsair Country: the diary of a journey along the Barbary Coast
BOOKS168405I: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones
BOOKS227929I: FIELDING, XAN - Corsair Country: the diary of a journey along the Barbary Coast
BOOKS007118I: FIELDING, HENRY - A journey from this world to the next
BOOKS029078I: FIELDING, HENRY - Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend Mr. Abraham Adams
BOOKS029082I: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of the life of the late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great and A journey from this world to the next
BOOKS052902I: FIELDING, SARAH - The Governess, or Little female academy
BOOKS060587I: FIELDING, HENRY - Tom Thumb the great
BOOKS236803I: FIELDING, SARAH - The adventures of David Simple
BOOKS131340I: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of the life of the late Mr Jonathan Wild the Great and a Journey from this world to the next, &c., &c.
BOOKS023481I: FIELDING, HENRY - Amelia (in three volumes)
BOOKS026490I: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of Amelia (2 volumes)
BOOKS152189I: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of the life of the late Mr.Jonathan Wild the great
BOOKS140832I: FIELDING, XAN - Hide and seek
BOOKS168424I: FIELDING, HENRY - Jonathan Wild
BOOKS170378I: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of Tom Jones
BOOKS221712I: FIELDING, EDWINA - Courage to build anew: the story of the rebuilding of The Friars, Aylesford, taken from the Newsletters of Malachy Lynch
BOOKS230752I: FIELDING, SEAN / WAR OFFICE - The sought out Rommel: a diary of the Libyan Campaign, from November 16th to December 31st, 1941
BOOKS139223I: FIELDING, DAVID - The macroeconomics of monetary union: an analysis of the CFA Franc zone
BOOKS206148I: FIELDING, WILLIAM J. - Strange customs of courtship and marriage,
BOOKS204905I: FIELDING, K.J. - Charles Dickens: a critical introduction
BOOKS181591I: FIELDING, XAN - Corsair country: the diary of a journey along the Barbary Coast
BOOKS228480I: FIELDING, LESLIE - Mentioned in Despatches - Phnom Penh, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels: Is Diplomacy Dead?
BOOKS126419I: FIELDS, LESLIE - Bendor: the golden Duke of Westminster
BOOKS199952I: FIELDS, KEITH - Magic tricks
BOOKS168617I: FIELDS, JILL (ED) - Entering the picture: Judy Chicago, the Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the collective visions of women artists
BOOKS189948I: FIELDS, GRACIE (ED) - The film stars' song book
BOOKS222917I: FIELL, CHARLOTTE & FIELL, PETER - Scandinavian design
BOOKS213789I: FIELLER, N.R.J. & OTHERS (EDS) - Palaeobiological investigations: research design, methods and data analysis
BOOKS217572I: FIELLER, N.R.J. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Palaeoenvironmental investigations: research design, methods and data analysis
BOOKS200570I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Cold: extreme adventures at the lowest temperatures on earth
BOOKS052684I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mind over matter: the epic crossing of the Antarctic continent
BOOKS101880I: FIENNES, RICHARD AND ALICE - The natural history of the dog
BOOKS118427I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Captain Scott
BOOKS187316I: FIENNES, RANULPH - The headless valley
BOOKS160218I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mind over matter: the epic crossing of the Antarctic continent
BOOKS045484I: FIENNES, RANULPH - The headless valley
BOOKS190592I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Hell on ice
BOOKS233118I: FIENNES, RANULPH - Cold: extreme adventures at the lowest temperatures on earth
BOOKS061585I: FIENNES, RANULPH (ED) - Report on scientific work of the Transglobe Expedition 1979-1982
BOOKS088295I: FIFE, GRAEME - Tour de France: the history, the legend, the riders
BOOKS088858I: FIFE, DUNCAN - This huntin' business
BOOKS078398I: FIFE, GRAEME - Tour de France: the history, the legend, the riders
BOOKS003893I: FIFE, GEORGE BUCHANAN - Lindberg: the lone eagle: his life & achievements
BOOKS219441I: FIFE, GRAEME - The Terror: the shadow of the guillotine: France 1792-1794: The Shadow of the Guillotine - France 1793-1794
BOOKS108001I: FIFE, DUNCAN - Children of the chase: being leaves from the diary of Tramp, a hunt terrier
BOOKS157946I: FIFE, G.B. - Lindbergh, the lone eagle: his life and achievements
BOOKS015252I: FIFER, J.V. - The master builders: structures of empire in the New World: Spanish initiatives and United States intervention
BOOKS095556I: FIFIELD, CHRISTOPHER - Max Bruch: his life and works
BOOKS127734I: FIFIELD, WILLIAM - The devil's marchioness: a novel
BOOKS163716I: FIGGIS, DARRELL - The paintings of William Blake
BOOKS136597I: FIGGIS, E. LENOX - Challenge to chance
BOOKS041595I: FIGGIS, DARRELL - Shakespeare: a study
BOOKS213686I: FIGGIS, JOHN NEVEILLE - The will to freedom, or the Gospel of Nietzsche and the Gospel of Christ
BOOKS099478I: FIGUEROA, JOHN J. (ED) - An anthology of African and Caribbean writing in English
BOOKS221702I: FIGUIER, LOUIS - The vegetable world: being a history of plants with their structure and peculiar properties
BOOKS137539I: FIJNAUT, CYRILLE AND OTHERS (EDS) - Changes in society, crime and criminal justice in Europe / Changement de societe, crime et justice penal en Europe
BOOKS031743I: FILBEE, MARJORIE - Cottage industries
BOOKS118146I: FILBEY, JOHN AND FILBEY PETER - The astrologer's companion
BOOKS153274I: FILBY, JAMES - Credit Valley Railway,"the third giant"
BOOKS056185I: FILBY, RAY - The sun and the moon of Alexandria
BOOKS230905I: FILBY, PETER J. - T.V.R: success against the odds
BOOKS226262I: FILEP, SEBASTIAN & PEARCE, PHILIP (EDS) - Tourist experience and fulfilment: Insights from positive psychology
BOOKS135722I: FILGATE, MACARTNEY - Delta November
BOOKS218161I: FILGUEIRAS, OCTAVIO LIXA (ED) - Local Boats, Fourth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Porto 1985
BOOKS216779I: FILIPPINI, ALESSANDRO - The international cook book: over 3,300 recipes gathered from all over the world, including many never before published in Englilsh
BOOKS022494I: FILIPPINI - One hundred ways of cooking eggs
BOOKS129527I: FILLEUL, M. - Pendower: a story of Cornwall in the time of Henry the Eighth
BOOKS203755I: FILLEY, DOROTHY M. - Recapturing Wisdom's Valley: the Watervliet Shaker heritage, 1775-1975
BOOKS044162I: FILLOUX, JEAN - The crossing of the Copula
BOOKS040490I: FILMER, ALISON J. & GOLAY, ANDRE - Harrap's book of film directors and their films: a comprehensive guide from 1924 to the present day
BOOKS221220I: FILSON, FLOYD V. - The gospel according to St. Matthew
BOOKS027729I: FINBERG, ALEXANDER J. & TAYLOR, E.A. / HOLME, CHARLES (ED) - The development of British landscape painting in water-colours
BOOKS226449I: FINBERG,, H.P.R. - Gloucestershire: an illustrated essay on the history of the landscape
BOOKS142659I: FINBERG, JOSCELYNE - The Cotswolds
BOOKS134484I: FINBERG, A.J. (ED) - The ninth volume of the Walpole Society, 1920-1921
BOOKS214399I: FINBERT, ELIAN J. - Dogs of all ages
BOOKS180097I: FINCH, PETER - Zen Cymru
BOOKS197071I: FINCH, C.F. (MRS) - Chedworth: a short guide
BOOKS186437I: FINCH, PHILIP - Storm front
BOOKS193054I: FINCH, PETER - The house of Black Nigel
BOOKS171747I: FINCH, JOHN (ED) - Granada Television: the first generation
BOOKS195576I: FINDLATER, EVELYN - The natural entertainer: the healthy way to delicious food
BOOKS073034I: FINDLATER, FRANCESCA - The Sloane Rover's handbook
BOOKS086411I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS189165I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.CLXX, no.1010: Comedy issue
BOOKS013362I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Michael Redgrave: actor
BOOKS033649I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS218647I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.170, no.1010, July 1961 ('Comedy' issue)
BOOKS218810I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - 20th Century, vol.172, no.1019, Autumn 1963: Special issue on learners
BOOKS132533I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS000644I: FINDLATER, JANE H. - Seven Scots stories
BOOKS153031I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - 20th Century: Volume 172, no.1017, Spring 1963
BOOKS153394I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.170, no.1011, August 1958: the Gods
BOOKS235063I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, Summer 1962, vol.172, no.1014: Rebuilding Britain.
BOOKS235064I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - 20th Century, Autumn 1964, vol.173, no.1023
BOOKS157501I: FINDLAY, ALLAN & ANNE - Population and development in the Third World
BOOKS094370I: FINDLAY, W.P.K. - The preservation of timber
BOOKS158867I: FINDLAY, RICHARD - Quest and other stories
BOOKS121991I: FINDLAY, CHRISTOPHER AND SOEASTRO, HADI (EDS) - Reshaping the Asia Pacific economic order
BOOKS208976I: FINDLAY, MARY - Tooth and nail: the story of a daughter of the Depression
BOOKS154768I: FINDLAY, WILLIAM M. - Oats: their cultivation and use from ancient times to the present day
BOOKS148517I: FINDLAY, D.C. - Soils of the Southern Cotswolds and surrounding County [sheets 251 and 265]
BOOKS133060I: FINDLAY, J. ALEXANDER - Jesus and His parables
BOOKS182471I: FINDLAY, ALEXANDER - Chemistry in the service of man
BOOKS184534I: FINDON, F.J. (ED) - The Light Car: the motorist's magazine, no.1567, vol.LXVII, October 1951
BOOKS143286I: FINE, ROBERT & RAI, SHIRIN - Civil society: democratic pressures
BOOKS113275I: FINE, ANNE - Notso Hotso
BOOKS073859I: FINE, ANNE - Step by wicked step
BOOKS163798I: FINE, BENJAMIN - 1,000,000 delinquents: a study of crime
BOOKS232704I: FINE, MORRIS (ED) - American Jewish year book, volume 57, 1956
BOOKS169491I: FINE, SIDNEY AND OTHERS (EDS) - Labor History, volume 19, number 3, Summer 1978
BOOKS195679I: FINER, S.E. - The man on horseback: the role of the military in politics
BOOKS045164I: FINGLETON, JACK - Batting from memory
BOOKS063282I: FINGLETON, J.H. - The Ashes crown the year: a coronation cricket diary
BOOKS224731I: FINGLETON, JOHN HENRY WEBB - Brightly fades the Don.
BOOKS231759I: FINGLETON, DAVID - Kiri Te Kanawa: a biography
BOOKS202946I: FINK,JON STEPHEN - Cluck!: The true story of chickens in the cinema
BOOKS224340I: FINKE, RONALD A. AND OTHERS - Creative cognition: theory, research, and applications
BOOKS182071I: FINKEL, ALVIN AND OTHERS - History of the Canadian peoples, volume II: 1867 to the present
BOOKS084348I: FINKELSTEIN, MARTIN J. AND OTHERS - The new academic generation: a profession in transformation
BOOKS195630I: FINKELSTEIN, DAVE & LONDON, JACK - Greater nowheres: a journey through the Australian Bush
BOOKS153673I: FINLASON, C.E. - Nobody in Mashonaland
BOOKS008696I: FINLAY, IAN - The Highlands
BOOKS026643I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Alison in Provence
BOOKS103311I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Beadbonny ash
BOOKS030693I: FINLAY, IAN - The Highlands
BOOKS040775I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Beadbonny ash
BOOKS180245I: FINLAY, RIC - Alan Kippax
BOOKS121941I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Alison in Provence
BOOKS161329I: FINLAY, IAN - Scottish crafts
BOOKS225642I: FINLAY, CAMPBELL K. - Mull: of the Isles the fairest
BOOKS100561I: FINLAYSON, JOHN (ED) - Morte Arthure
BOOKS116884I: FINLEY, M.I. - The ancient economy
BOOKS090392I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets, volume sixteen: Ezekiel (II)
BOOKS092374I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets, 15: Ezekiel (I)
BOOKS092375I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets,17: Ezekiel (III)
BOOKS236979I: FINN, FRANK - Ornithological & other oddities
BOOKS183753I: FINN, FRANK - Fancy waterfowl
BOOKS049194I: FINN, RALPH L. - Time remembered: the tale of an East End Jewish boyhood
BOOKS053950I: FINN, R. WELLDON - The pups I bought
BOOKS063649I: FINN, RALPH - A history of Chelsea Football Club
BOOKS069157I: FINN, FRANK - How to know the Indian waders
BOOKS140147I: FINN, F.E.S. (ED) - Poets of our time: an anthology
BOOKS024055I: FINN, REX WELLDON - The English heritage
BOOKS140133I: FINN, F.E.S. (ED) - Contact one: short stories of the 1960s
BOOKS124459I: FINNEGAN, CHRIS - Finnegan: self-portrait of a fighting man
BOOKS233743I: FINNEGAN, CHRIS - Finnegan: self-portrait of a fighting man
BOOKS233087I: FINNEGAN, CHRIS - Finnegan: self-portrait of a fighting man
BOOKS014263I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The renegade
BOOKS027067I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The renegade
BOOKS208621I: FINNEMORE,JOHN - His first term
BOOKS142350I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - Three school chums
BOOKS231258I: FINNERAN, NIALL - The archaeology of Christianity in Africa
BOOKS186955I: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - Memoirs of Rev. Charles G. Finney written by himself
BOOKS229014I: FINNEY, R C - Meet Inspector Bourne
BOOKS189307I: FINNEY, JACK - House of numbers
BOOKS028065I: FINNEY, PATRICIA - Firedrake's eye
BOOKS227202I: FINNIN, MARTIN - Martin Finnin, 49 ox hides and a lump of faith
BOOKS135634I: FINNIS, MALCOLM - The Six Eighty First comes back
BOOKS047179I: FINNIS, H.J. - The Great Eastern Road (from Adelaide to the River Murray)
BOOKS228606I: FINNIS, ROB - The Phil Spector story
BOOKS062334I: FIORE, EDITH - Abductions: encounters with extraterrestrials
BOOKS235499I: FIRBANK, RONALD - Valmouth; Prancing Nigger; Concerning the eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli
BOOKS169405I: FIRBANK, L.G. AND OTHERS (EDS) - The ecology of temperate cereal fields
BOOKS221814I: FIRKINS, PETER - Strike and return
BOOKS090452I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush finds treasure
BOOKS112545I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush on the trail
BOOKS210803I: FIRMIN, PETER - Tricks and tales
BOOKS046424I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush and a dragon
BOOKS121666I: FIRST, RUTH AND SCOTT, ANN - Olive Schreiner
BOOKS162161I: FIRSTBROOK,PETER - Lost on Everest: the search for Mallory & Irvine
BOOKS175304I: FIRTH, GEOFFREY C. - Comprehensive schools in Coventry and elsewhere
BOOKS195936I: FIRTH, A.E. - Goldsmith's College: a centenary account
BOOKS208127I: FIRTH, ANNIE - Cane basket work: A practical manual on weaving useful and fancy baskets.
BOOKS207698I: FIRTH, C. H. (ED) - The life of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle
BOOKS116264I: FIRTH, J.D'E. - Rendall of Winchester: the life and witness of a teacher
BOOKS228512I: FIRTH, C.H. - The political significance of 'Gulliver's travels'
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BOOKS017583I: FOLEY, CHARLES - Commando extraordinary
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BOOKS000301I: FOLEY, HELEN - A handful of time
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BOOKS139590I: FOLLIOTT-STOKES, A.G. - The Cornish coast and moors
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BOOKS201672I: FONTANE, THEODOR - Entanglements: an everyday Berlin story
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BOOKS087122I: FONTIJN, A. AND CLYNE, M.A.A. (EDS) - Reactions of small transient species: kinetics and energetics
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BOOKS118828I: FOOS, CHARLIE - Bending spoons
BOOKS144252I: FOOT, M.R.D. & LANGLEY, J.D. - MI 9: the British secret service that fostered escape and evasion, 1939-1945 and its American counterpart
BOOKS168454I: FOOT, JOHN - Calcio: a history of Italian football
BOOKS189186I: FOOT, MICHAEL - H.G.: the history of Mr.Wells
BOOKS229555I: FOOT, DAVID - Fragments of idolatry: From Crusoe to Kid Berg
BOOKS221897I: FOOT,MICHAEL - Loyalists and Loners
BOOKS195348I: FOOT, MICHAEL - H.G.: the history of Mr.Wells
BOOKS228918I: FOOTE, GEOFFREY - The Labour Party's political thought: a history
BOOKS211517I: FOOTE, HENRY WILDER - Three centuries of American hymnody
BOOKS205116I: FOOTE, LEONARD E. & JONES, SAMUEL B. - Native shrubs and woody vines of the Southeast: landscaping uses and identification
BOOKS108026I: FOOTMAN, DAVID - Red prelude: a lilfe of A.I. Zhelyabov
BOOKS025403I: FOOTNER, HULBERT - Ramshackle House
BOOKS214908I: FOOTNER, HULBERT - The Underdogs
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BOOKS080535I: FOOTNER, HULBERT - Unneutral murder
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BOOKS136692I: FORES, JOHN - Candidates for glory
BOOKS056285I: DE FOREST, LEE - Television: today and tomorrow

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