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BOOKS178155I: FADIMAN, CLIFTON (ED) - Cricket & Company, the magazine for children (18 issues)
BOOKS173588I: M'FADYEAN, JOHN - The anatomy of the horse: a dissection guide
BOOKS173531I: M'FADYEAN, J. - The comparative anatomy of the domesticated animals, part I: osteology and arthrology
BOOKS057236I: FAECKE, PETER - The firebugs
BOOKS130550I: THE OLD FAG (ED) - The Captain: a magazine for boys & "old boys", volume XV, April 1906 to September 1906
BOOKS064555I: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The rape of the Nile: tomb robbers, tourists, and archaeologists in Egypt
BOOKS217423I: FAGAN, BRIAN - Floods, famines and Emperors: El Nino and the fate of civilizations
BOOKS145371I: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The journey from Eden: the peopling of our world
BOOKS009895I: FAGAN, BRIAN - Time detectives
BOOKS227144I: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The rape of the Nile: tomb robbers, tourists and archaeologists in Egypt
BOOKS170500I: FAGE, J.D. - A history of Africa
BOOKS191850I: FAGEN, JEFFREY W. & HAYNE, HARLENE (EDS) - Progress in infancy research, volume 2
BOOKS216048I: FAGHIH, NAZRINE - The architecture of the early Iranian factories
BOOKS153289I: FAGUET, EMILE - Drame ancien, drame moderne
BOOKS036779I: FAINLIGHT, RUTH - Dr Clock's last case and other stories
BOOKS171782I: FAIR, JOHN - The mute swan
BOOKS209575I: FAIRBAIRN,JAMES - Fairbairn's book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland
BOOKS156588I: FAIRBAIRN, DOUGLAS - The narrative of a naval nobody, 1907-1924
BOOKS177755I: FAIRBAIRNS, ARNOLD (ED) - The "Dainty" portfolio of English cathedrals, with historical and architectural notes, nos 1 - 18
BOOKS026170I: FAIRBANK, ALFRED - A handwriting manual
BOOKS187960I: FAIRBANKS, DOUGLAS (JR) - A hell of a war
BOOKS169597I: FAIRBANKS, HENRY G - Louise Imogen Guiney
BOOKS153960I: FAIRBRIDGE, KINGSLEY - Kingsley Fairbridge: his life and verse
BOOKS037797I: FAIRBROTHER, NAN - The house
BOOKS096747I: FAIRBROTHER, NAN - The nature of landscape design
BOOKS016226I: FAIRCHILD, TONY - The America's Cup challenge: there is no second
BOOKS133633I: FAIRCHILD, TONY - The America's Cup challenge: there is no second
BOOKS142719I: FAIRCLOUGH, A. - The story of Cornwall"s railways
BOOKS053387I: FAIRCLOUGH, A. - The story of Cornwall's railways
BOOKS081549I: FAIRES, R.A. AND PARKS, B.H. - Radioisotope laboratory techniques
BOOKS030287I: FAIRFAX, JOHN - Laughter in the camp
BOOKS133902I: FAIRFAX, J.F.. - The story of John Fairfax, commemorating the centenary of the Fairfax proprietary of the Sydney Morning Herald 1841-1941
BOOKS042320I: FAIRFAX-LUCY, BRIAN - The cat did it
BOOKS155349I: FAIRFAX-LUCY, BRIAN & PEARCE, PHILIPPA - The children of Charlecote
BOOKS021776I: FAIRFAX, DICK - So soon forgotten
BOOKS209195I: FAIRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH, NOEL (ED) - "J.F-B" : The memoirs of Jack Fairfax-Blakeborough
BOOKS211088I: FAIRFAX, KAY (ED) - Mrs Beeton's household book
BOOKS225337I: FAIRHOLT, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Costume in England. Volume 1
BOOKS108967I: FAIRLEIGH, JOHN (ED) - Sorescu's choice: young Romanian poets
BOOKS041333I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The grey brethren and other fragments in prose and verse
BOOKS068091I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The grey brethren, and other fragments in prose and verse
BOOKS089357I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The roadmender
BOOKS140565I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The roadmender, and other writings
BOOKS150724I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The gathering of Brother Hilarius
BOOKS027050I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The roadmender
BOOKS027051I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The gathering of Brother Hilarius
BOOKS156055I: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The roadmender
BOOKS203362I: FAIRLEY,JOHN ALLAN - Lauriston Castle: the estate and its owners
BOOKS046491I: FAIRLEY, PETER - The conquest of pain
BOOKS114826I: FAIRLEY, PETER - Is there life in outer space?
BOOKS226714I: FAIRLEY, HELEN - A heritage of dust
BOOKS133623I: FAIRLEY, GORDEN - Minute by minute: the story of the Royal Yachting Association (1875-1982)
BOOKS222919I: FAIRLEY, ALISTAIR - De La Warr Pavilion: the Modernist masterpiece
BOOKS197261I: FAIRLEY, JOHN - Racing in art
BOOKS221946I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Birds of prey
BOOKS213521I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Shot in the dark
BOOKS222072I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Stone blunts scissors
BOOKS026371I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - Winner takes all
BOOKS092572I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Captain Bulldog Drummond
BOOKS092571I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Captain Bulldog Drummond
BOOKS036257I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Hands off Bulldog Drummond
BOOKS055132I: FAIRLIE, GERARD FOLLOWING SAPPER - Hands off Bulldog Drummond!
BOOKS055141I: FAIRLIE, GERARD FOLLOWING SAPPER - Bulldog Drummond stands fast
BOOKS073646I: FAIRLIE, GERARD / SAPPER - Hands off Bulldog Drummond!
BOOKS092500I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Shot in the dark
BOOKS092589I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Bulldog Drummond stands fast
BOOKS196444I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Double the bluff
BOOKS155817I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - Captain Bulldog Drummond.
BOOKS176445I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - Please kill my cousin
BOOKS222070I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - Bulldog Drummond on Dartmoor
BOOKS226342I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Flight without wings: the biography of Hannes Schneider
BOOKS222071I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Copper at sea
BOOKS229066I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - The man who laughed
BOOKS158154I: FAIRLIE, GERALD & CAYLEY, ELIZABETH - The life of a genius
BOOKS186413I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - The man who laughed
BOOKS046066I: FAIRLIE, GERARD (FOLLOWING SAPPER) - Bulldog Drummond stands fast
BOOKS153552I: FAIRLIE, GERALD - No sleep for Macall
BOOKS190268I: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Captain Bulldog Drummond
BOOKS142892I: FAIRMAN, J.R. - Steam returns: Salisbury to Yeovil Junction
BOOKS098995I: FAITH, NICHOLAS - Classic trucks: power on the move
BOOKS146190I: FAITH, NICHOLAS - Black box: the aircrash detectives - why air safety is no accident (A Channel Four Book)
BOOKS006032I: FAITH, NICHOLAS - The winemasters
BOOKS166850I: FAITH, JULIET - The Knights Templar in Somerset
BOOKS152483I: FAKHRY, MAJID - Averroes (Ibn Rushd): his life, works and influence
BOOKS146824I: FALCOCCHIO, JOHN C. & CANTILLI, EDMUND J - Transportation and the disadvantaged: the poor, the young, the elderly, the handicapped
BOOKS074361I: FALCON, C.H. - Sally goes to sea
BOOKS130265I: FALCONER, WILLIAM - The Shipwreck
BOOKS080942I: FALCONER, ALAN - Rambler's Riding: the moorlands of North Yorkshire
BOOKS128329I: FALCONER, LANOE - Cecilia de Noel
BOOKS226974I: FALGRIM, DON - The black book
BOOKS160195I: LE FALHER, JULES - Josselin: son pelerinage et son chateau
BOOKS045382I: FALK, BERNARD - "Old Q.'s" daughter: the history of a strange family
BOOKS048881I: FALK, BERNARD - The Berkeleys of Berkeley Square & some of their kinsfolk
BOOKS227209I: FALK, QUENTIN & PRINCE, DOMINIC - Last of a kind: the sinking of Lew Grade
BOOKS138838I: FALK, BERNARD - Old Q's daughter: the history of a strange family
BOOKS205662I: FALK, BERNARD - "Old Q's" daughter: the history of a strange family
BOOKS163526I: FALK, BERNARD - Thomas Rowlandson: his life and art, a documentary record.
BOOKS220952I: FALK, QUENTIN - Anthony Hopkins: too good to waste
BOOKS186705I: FALK, TOBY & DIGBY, SIMON - Paintings from Mughal India
BOOKS206997I: FALKENER, EDWARD - Games ancient and Oriental and how to play them
BOOKS095062I: VON FALKENSEE, MARGARETE - Blue angel days
BOOKS216528I: FALKINER, SUZANNE & OLDFIELD, ALAN - Lizard Island: the journey of Mary Watson
BOOKS226864I: FALKINER, RICHARD - Investing in antique jewellery
BOOKS043901I: FALKIRK, RICHARD - Blackstone
BOOKS035152I: FALKIRK, RICHARD - Blackstone
BOOKS135032I: FALKNER, JULIA - Keith Falkner: 'Ich Habe Genug'
BOOKS218143I: FALKNER, LEONARD - Murder off Broadway
BOOKS225558I: FALKUS, HUGH & KERR, JOAN - From Sydney Cove to Duntroon: a family album of early life in Australia
BOOKS129520I: FALKUS, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - The private lives of the Tudor monarchs
BOOKS039364I: FALKUS, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - The private lives of the Tudor monarchs
BOOKS026462I: FALKUS, CHRISTOPHER - The life and times of Charles II
BOOKS226017I: FALLA, R.A AND OTHERS - A field guide to the birds of New Zealand and outlying islands
BOOKS040253I: FALLA, ROGER - The sisters of Emergency Ward 10
BOOKS090567I: FALLER, KATHLEEN (ED) - Simplified procedures for water examination
BOOKS056637I: FALLERS, LLOYD A. - Bantu bureaucracy: a century of political evolution among the Basoga of Uganda
BOOKS216614I: GREY OF FALLODON - Fly Fishing
BOOKS039719I: FALLON, STEVE - Home with Alice: a journey in Gaelic Ireland
BOOKS174320I: FALLON, IVAN & SRODES, JAMES - Delorean: the rise and fall of a dream maker
BOOKS178743I: FALLON, PADRAIC - A hymn of the dawn
BOOKS077503I: FALLOUX, FRANCOIS AND TALBOT, LEE M. - Crisis and opportunity: environment and development in Africa
BOOKS109278I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1998
BOOKS109279I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2003
BOOKS109280I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1999
BOOKS109283I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2005
BOOKS109284I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2001
BOOKS109285I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2002
BOOKS109286I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2004
BOOKS109287I: FALLOW, G.D. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 2000
BOOKS054355I: FALLOWELL, DUNCAN - To Noto, or London to Sicily in a Ford
BOOKS155376I: FALLOWES, JOHN PRINCE - The King's fountain: a series of sermons
BOOKS039108I: FALLOWS, W.G. - Mandell Creighton and the English Church
BOOKS220894I: FALLOWS, W.G. - Mandell Creighton and the English Church
BOOKS209491I: FALLOWS, W.G. - Mandell Creighton and the English Church
BOOKS061192I: FALLS, CYRIL - The man for the job
BOOKS032942I: FALLS, CYRIL (ED) - Great miltary battles
BOOKS129366I: FALLS, CYRIL - The man for the job: a story of commissars
BOOKS007722I: FALLS, CYRIL - Ordeal by battle
BOOKS144101I: FALLS, CYRIL - Tales of Hoffmann, retold from Offenbach's opera
BOOKS044796I: FALLS, CYRIL - Marshal Foch
BOOKS121167I: FALOLA, TOYIN AND AFOLABI, NIYI (EDS) - Trans-Atlantic migration: the paradoxes of exile
BOOKS056963I: FALSTAFF, JAKE - The book of Rabelais
BOOKS189026I: FANCHETTE, JEAN (ED) - Two Cities: la revue bilingue de paris, 15 Avril 1959: Homage a Lawrence Durrell
BOOKS134777I: FANCIULLI, GUISSEPPE - The little blue man
BOOKS047311I: FANE, JULIAN - Tug-of-war
BOOKS067663I: FANE, JULIAN - Morning
BOOKS052467I: FANE, JULIAN - Poems
BOOKS174379I: FANE, JULIAN - Morning
BOOKS133616I: FANE, BRON - Somewhere out there
BOOKS088676I: LIAW YOCK FANG - Speak Indonesian: a beginner's guide
BOOKS166551I: FANSHAWE, D.E. - The chicken book: forty recipes for young chicken
BOOKS001240I: FANTASTIC - Fantastic, Volume 1, Number 2
BOOKS007390I: FANTHORPE, R.L. - The watching world
BOOKS223134I: FANTHORPE, U.A. - Queueing for the sun
BOOKS169231I: FANTHORPE, U.A. - Neck-verse
BOOKS200806I: FANTHORPE, U.A. - In a Highland giftshop
BOOKS178740I: FANTHORPE, U.A. - A watching brief
BOOKS179059I: O'FAOLAIN, SEAN - The story of Ireland
BOOKS166348I: O'FAOLAIN,SEAN - The talking trees and other stories
BOOKS136114I: O'FAOLAIN, JULIA - Women in the wall
BOOKS176552I: O'FAOLAIN, SEAN - The Irish
BOOKS225856I: O' FAOLAIN, EILEEN - The shadowy man
BOOKS176339I: O'FAOLAIN, EILEEN (ED) - Children of the salmon, and other Irish folktales
BOOKS027510I: FAR, ISABELLA - De Chirico
BOOKS179498I: FARB, PETER - Face of North America: the natural history of a continent
BOOKS003273I: FARBER, THOMAS - Tales for the son of my unborn child: Berkeley, 1966-1969
BOOKS152315I: FARE, FLORENCE - Album of famous marches by Sousa and other composers (continental fingering)
BOOKS228265I: VISCOUNT LEE OF FAREHAM - A good innings: The private papers of Viscount Lee of Fareham
BOOKS158393I: FAREJEON, ELEANOR - The glass slipper
BOOKS088790I: FARELY, ALISON - High treason
BOOKS164780I: FAREWELL, NINA - The unfair sex: an espose of the human male for young women of most ages
BOOKS047397I: LA FARGE, JOHN - An artist's letters from Japan
BOOKS074996I: LA FARGE, JOHN - An artist's letters from Japan
BOOKS055934I: FARINTO, SOLOMON-SOUL & JIBOWU,MUYIWA - Practical solutions to U.K. immigration & nationality matters
BOOKS052815I: FARJEON, ANNABEL - The lucky ones
BOOKS056655I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The little bookroom
BOOKS145072I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - And I dance mine own child
BOOKS089070I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Tales from Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales done into prose
BOOKS052581I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Cherrystones
BOOKS202935I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Miss Granby's secret
BOOKS055236I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Golden Coney
BOOKS112446I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The two bouquets
BOOKS095961I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Perkin the pedlar
BOOKS035160I: FARJEON, J. JEFFERSON - Detective Ben
BOOKS171719I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Dark world of animals
BOOKS182493I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The old nurse's stocking basket
BOOKS227566I: FARJEON, J. JEFFERSON - Mystery in white: a Christmas crime story
BOOKS052572I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The mulberry bush
BOOKS223480I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Love affair
BOOKS196715I: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Martin Pippin in the apple orchard
BOOKS004291I: FARKAS, EMIL AND CORCORAN, JOHN - The Overlook martial arts dictionary
BOOKS211502I: FARKAS, A. & MELVILLE, H.W. - Experimental methods in gas reactions
BOOKS180472I: FARLEIGH, JOHN - It never dies: a collection of notes and essays, 1940-1946
BOOKS191765I: FARLEIGH, JOHN - It never dies: a collection of notes and essays 1940-1946
BOOKS058295I: FARLEY, WALTER - Son of the black stallion
BOOKS002540I: FARLEY-HILLS, DAVID - The benevolence of laughter: comic poetry of the Comonwealth and Restoration.
BOOKS052570I: FARLEY, WALTER - The black stallion and the girl
BOOKS127704I: FARLEY, WALTER - Son of the black stallion
BOOKS094968I: FARMAN, CHRISTOPHER - The General Strike, May 1926
BOOKS216847I: FARMANFARMAIAN, MANOUCHER & FARMANFARMAIAN, ROXANE - Blood and oil: memoirs of a Persian Prince
BOOKS217705I: FARMER, OSCAR G. - Fairford Church and its stained glass windows
BOOKS207362I: FARMER, OSCAR G. - Fairford Church and its stained glass windows,
BOOKS188033I: FARMER, D.H. (ED) - Benedict's disciples
BOOKS023056I: FARMER, PENELOPE - A castle of bone
BOOKS017321I: FARMER, PENELOPE - Away from home: a novel in ten episodes
BOOKS035853I: FARMER, DAVID HUGH - The Oxford dictionary of saints
BOOKS056614I: FARMER, B.H. - Agricultural colonization in India since independence
BOOKS083523I: FARMER, PENELOPE - Away from home: a novel in ten episodes
BOOKS116162I: FARMER, HERBERT H. - Towards belief In God
BOOKS189896I: FARMER, FANNIE MERRITT - The Boston cooking-school cook book
BOOKS202484I: FARMER, LESLIE GEORGE - The Putney story. A history of Putney Methodism
BOOKS131021I: FARMER, J. BRETLAND - The book of nature studies, volumes I - VI.
BOOKS166177I: FARMER, RICHARD & MILLER, DAVID - Lecture notes on epidemiology and public health medicine
BOOKS122688I: FARMER, FANNIE MERRITT - The Boston Cooking-School cook book
BOOKS223725I: FARMER, ALAN - Hampstead Heath
BOOKS137555I: FARMER, J. BRETLAND - The book of nature study (6 volumes)
BOOKS148674I: FARMER, OSCAR G. - Fairford Church and its stained glass windows,
BOOKS223647I: FARMER, ALAN - Hampstead Heath
BOOKS220865I: FARMER, ALAN - Hampstead Heath
BOOKS026764I: FARMILOE, JILL - Clear round: four years in the show-ring
BOOKS219917I: FARNDALE, MARTIN - History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: the Far East Theatre, 1941-1946
BOOKS187171I: FARNDON, JOHN (ED) - Understanding photography
BOOKS050621I: FARNELL, KIM AND OTHERS - New illustrated astrology
BOOKS223496I: FARNER, OSKAR - Zwingli the reformer: his life and work
BOOKS172297I: FARNES, ELEANOR - The mist of the morning
BOOKS199160I: FARNETH, DAVID - Lenya the legend: a pictorial autobiography
BOOKS229000I: FARNIE, D.A. - The Manchester Ship Canal and the rise of the Port of Manchester 1894-1975
BOOKS162333I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Over the hills: a romance of the Fifteen
BOOKS100129I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The glad summer: being a truly sentimental idyll
BOOKS100125I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Heritage perilous
BOOKS221980I: FARNOL, JEFFREY - Another day
BOOKS012269I: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The fool beloved
BOOKS099956I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The quest of youth
BOOKS099948I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The high adventure
BOOKS099908I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Beltane the Smith: a romance
BOOKS099931I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The Jade of Destiny
BOOKS099950I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The broad highway
BOOKS100128I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The King liveth: a romance of Alfred the Great based on the old chronicles
BOOKS100135I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - A pageant of victory
BOOKS100153I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The fool beloved
BOOKS100947I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The money moon
BOOKS113212I: FARNOL, JEFFERY: - The amateur gentleman: a romance
BOOKS185384I: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Loring mystery
BOOKS201879I: FARNOL, JEFFREY - Black Bartlemy's treasure
BOOKS185436I: FARNOL, JEFFREY - Over the hills: a romance of the Fifteen
BOOKS224175I: FARNOL, JEFFERY / BRYAN, PAT (ED) - The Privilege of the Sex and other stories
BOOKS209913I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The definite object
BOOKS169223I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - A pageant of victory
BOOKS208021I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The jade of destiny
BOOKS099942I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Peregrine's progress
BOOKS186048I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Justice by midnight
BOOKS132119I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Gyfford of Weare
BOOKS189796I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The money moon
BOOKS172690I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Gyfford of Weare
BOOKS100174I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The Honourable Mr Tawnish: a romance
BOOKS214571I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The quest of youth
BOOKS100097I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Waif of the river
BOOKS100101I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Chronicles of the Imp: a romance
BOOKS100109I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Over the hills: a romance of the fifteen
BOOKS222111I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Black Bartlemy's treasure
BOOKS099896I: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Our admirable Betty: a romance
BOOKS038116I: FARNUM, DOROTHY - The Dutch divinity: a biography of Madame de Charriere 1740-1895
BOOKS128266I: FARON, FAY - Missing persons: a writer's guide to finding the lost, the abducted and the escaped
BOOKS138749I: FARQHARSON, BARBARA & TORRANCE, JOHN - The shooting at Branscombe Old Pits: a nineteenth-century Devon mystery
BOOKS127881I: FARQUHAR, JOHN D. - Four wheeling
BOOKS133944I: FARQUHAR, GEORGE / EWALD, ALEX. CHARLES (ED) - The dramatics works of George Farquhar (2 volumes)
BOOKS133830I: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P. - History of the Sierra Nevada
BOOKS197004I: FARQUHAR, GEORGE - The beaux- stratagem
BOOKS167728I: FARQUHARSON, JOHN - The Bell House book
BOOKS196737I: FARR, FINIS - Frank Lloyd Wright
BOOKS083306I: FARR, GRAHAME - Wreck and rescue on the coast of Devon: the story of the South Devon lifeboats
BOOKS211140I: FARR, GRAHAME - Somerset harbours, including the Port of Bristol
BOOKS225197I: FARR, DENNIS - Lynn Chadwick
BOOKS149346I: FARR, GRAHAME - The steamship Great Britain
BOOKS205232I: FARR, GRAHAME - West Country passenger steamers
BOOKS220965I: FARR, BRENDA (ED) - The Rolls of Highworth Hundred 1275-1287, parts one and two
BOOKS223095I: FARRAN, ROY - Winged Dagger: adventures on Special Service
BOOKS160487I: FARRAN, ROY - Jungle chase
BOOKS165797I: FARRANCE, SHEILA M. & BENNETT, JACQUELINE A. - Memories of a village rectory
BOOKS168043I: FARRAR-HOCKLEY, ANTHONY - The edge of the sword
BOOKS001766I: FARRAR-HOCKLEY, ANTHONY - Opening rounds: lessons of military history 1918-1988
BOOKS003965I: FARRAR-HOCKLEY, ANTHONY - The edge of the sword
BOOKS052818I: FARRAR, FREDERIC W. - Julian Home: a tale of college life
BOOKS052830I: FARRAR, F.W. - Julian Home: a tale of college life
BOOKS042871I: FARRAR, F.W. - The passion play at Oberammergau 1890
BOOKS188935I: FARRAR, CYNTHIA - The origins of democratic thinking: the invention of politics in classical Athems
BOOKS023480I: FARRAR-HOCKLEY, ANTHONY - The edge of the sword
BOOKS192196I: FARRAR, F.W. - Darkness and dawn or scenes in the days of Nero: an historic tale
BOOKS224671I: FARRAR, STEWART - Death in the wrong bed
BOOKS161431I: FARRE, ROWENA - Seal morning
BOOKS175725I: FARRELL ,J.A. & BRAYNARD, F.O. - A descriptive catalogue of the marine collection to be found at India House
BOOKS131302I: O'FARRELL, GERALD - The ruined gardens
BOOKS121748I: FARRELL, MICHAEL - Key issues in special education: raising standards of pupils' attainment and achievement
BOOKS039262I: O'FARRELL, PADRAIC - Superstitions of the Irish country people
BOOKS118134I: FARRELL, J.G. - The Siege of Krishnapur
BOOKS162063I: FARRELL, JOHNNY - The week-end golfer
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BOOKS189021I: FERBER, EDNA - Cimarron
BOOKS114146I: FERBER, GENE - Cassell English-Japanese business dictionary
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BOOKS168291I: FERBER, EDNA - Buttered side down
BOOKS200015I: FERBER, EDNA - Saratoga trunk
BOOKS222197I: FERDINAND, CHRISTINE - An accidental masterpiece: Magdalen College's new building and the people who built it
BOOKS043796I: DE LA FERE, NATALA - Italian bouquet
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BOOKS216779I: FILIPPINI, ALESSANDRO - The international cook book: over 3,300 recipes gathered from all over the world, including many never before published in Englilsh
BOOKS022494I: FILIPPINI - One hundred ways of cooking eggs
BOOKS129527I: FILLEUL, M. - Pendower: a story of Cornwall in the time of Henry the Eighth
BOOKS203755I: FILLEY, DOROTHY M. - Recapturing Wisdom's Valley: the Watervliet Shaker heritage, 1775-1975
BOOKS044162I: FILLOUX, JEAN - The crossing of the Copula
BOOKS040490I: FILMER, ALISON J. & GOLAY, ANDRE - Harrap's book of film directors and their films: a comprehensive guide from 1924 to the present day
BOOKS221220I: FILSON, FLOYD V. - The gospel according to St. Matthew
BOOKS027729I: FINBERG, ALEXANDER J. & TAYLOR, E.A. / HOLME, CHARLES (ED) - The development of British landscape painting in water-colours
BOOKS226449I: FINBERG,, H.P.R. - Gloucestershire: an illustrated essay on the history of the landscape
BOOKS142659I: FINBERG, JOSCELYNE - The Cotswolds
BOOKS134484I: FINBERG, A.J. (ED) - The ninth volume of the Walpole Society, 1920-1921
BOOKS192799I: FINBERG, H.P.R. - West-Country historical studies
BOOKS214399I: FINBERT, ELIAN J. - Dogs of all ages
BOOKS180097I: FINCH, PETER - Zen Cymru
BOOKS197071I: FINCH, C.F. (MRS) - Chedworth: a short guide
BOOKS186437I: FINCH, PHILIP - Storm front
BOOKS193054I: FINCH, PETER - The house of Black Nigel
BOOKS171747I: FINCH, JOHN (ED) - Granada Television: the first generation
BOOKS195576I: FINDLATER, EVELYN - The natural entertainer: the healthy way to delicious food
BOOKS073034I: FINDLATER, FRANCESCA - The Sloane Rover's handbook
BOOKS086411I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS189165I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.CLXX, no.1010: Comedy issue
BOOKS013362I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Michael Redgrave: actor
BOOKS033649I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS218647I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.170, no.1010, July 1961 ('Comedy' issue)
BOOKS218810I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - 20th Century, vol.172, no.1019, Autumn 1963: Special issue on learners
BOOKS132533I: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis: the lady of the Old Vic
BOOKS208379I: FINDLATER, ANDREW (ED) - Chambers's etymological dictionary of the English language: pronouncing, explanatory, etymological
BOOKS000644I: FINDLATER, JANE H. - Seven Scots stories
BOOKS153031I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - 20th Century: Volume 172, no.1017, Spring 1963
BOOKS153394I: FINDLATER, RICHARD (ED) - The Twentieth Century, vol.170, no.1011, August 1958: the Gods
BOOKS157501I: FINDLAY, ALLAN & ANNE - Population and development in the Third World
BOOKS094370I: FINDLAY, W.P.K. - The preservation of timber
BOOKS158867I: FINDLAY, RICHARD - Quest and other stories
BOOKS121991I: FINDLAY, CHRISTOPHER AND SOEASTRO, HADI (EDS) - Reshaping the Asia Pacific economic order
BOOKS208976I: FINDLAY, MARY - Tooth and nail: the story of a daughter of the Depression
BOOKS154768I: FINDLAY, WILLIAM M. - Oats: their cultivation and use from ancient times to the present day
BOOKS148517I: FINDLAY, D.C. - Soils of the Southern Cotswolds and surrounding County [sheets 251 and 265]
BOOKS133060I: FINDLAY, J. ALEXANDER - Jesus and His parables
BOOKS222135I: FINDLAY, ALLAN M. - The Arab world
BOOKS182471I: FINDLAY, ALEXANDER - Chemistry in the service of man
BOOKS184534I: FINDON, F.J. (ED) - The Light Car: the motorist's magazine, no.1567, vol.LXVII, October 1951
BOOKS143286I: FINE, ROBERT & RAI, SHIRIN - Civil society: democratic pressures
BOOKS113275I: FINE, ANNE - Notso Hotso
BOOKS073859I: FINE, ANNE - Step by wicked step
BOOKS163798I: FINE, BENJAMIN - 1,000,000 delinquents: a study of crime
BOOKS169491I: FINE, SIDNEY AND OTHERS (EDS) - Labor History, volume 19, number 3, Summer 1978
BOOKS195679I: FINER, S.E. - The man on horseback: the role of the military in politics
BOOKS045164I: FINGLETON, JACK - Batting from memory
BOOKS063282I: FINGLETON, J.H. - The Ashes crown the year: a coronation cricket diary
BOOKS224731I: FINGLETON, JOHN HENRY WEBB - Brightly fades the Don.
BOOKS202946I: FINK,JON STEPHEN - Cluck!: The true story of chickens in the cinema
BOOKS224340I: FINKE, RONALD A. AND OTHERS - Creative cognition: theory, research, and applications
BOOKS182071I: FINKEL, ALVIN AND OTHERS - History of the Canadian peoples, volume II: 1867 to the present
BOOKS084348I: FINKELSTEIN, MARTIN J. AND OTHERS - The new academic generation: a profession in transformation
BOOKS195630I: FINKELSTEIN, DAVE & LONDON, JACK - Greater nowheres: a journey through the Australian Bush
BOOKS227587I: FINKELSTEIN, SIDNEY - Jazz: a people's music
BOOKS153673I: FINLASON, C.E. - Nobody in Mashonaland
BOOKS008696I: FINLAY, IAN - The Highlands
BOOKS026643I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Alison in Provence
BOOKS040775I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Beadbonny ash
BOOKS103311I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Beadbonny ash
BOOKS030693I: FINLAY, IAN - The Highlands
BOOKS180245I: FINLAY, RIC - Alan Kippax
BOOKS121941I: FINLAY, WINIFRED - Alison in Provence
BOOKS161329I: FINLAY, IAN - Scottish crafts
BOOKS225642I: FINLAY, CAMPBELL K. - Mull: of the Isles the fairest
BOOKS100561I: FINLAYSON, JOHN (ED) - Morte Arthure
BOOKS116884I: FINLEY, M.I. - The ancient economy
BOOKS090392I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets, volume sixteen: Ezekiel (II)
BOOKS092374I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets, 15: Ezekiel (I)
BOOKS092375I: FINLEY, THOMAS (ED) - A bilingual concordance to the Targum of the Prophets,17: Ezekiel (III)
BOOKS183753I: FINN, FRANK - Fancy waterfowl
BOOKS049194I: FINN, RALPH L. - Time remembered: the tale of an East End Jewish boyhood
BOOKS053950I: FINN, R. WELLDON - The pups I bought
BOOKS063649I: FINN, RALPH - A history of Chelsea Football Club
BOOKS069157I: FINN, FRANK - How to know the Indian waders
BOOKS140147I: FINN, F.E.S. (ED) - Poets of our time: an anthology
BOOKS024055I: FINN, REX WELLDON - The English heritage
BOOKS140133I: FINN, F.E.S. (ED) - Contact one: short stories of the 1960s
BOOKS196598I: FINN, DAVID - Henry Moore: sculpture and environment
BOOKS124459I: FINNEGAN, CHRIS - Finnegan: self-portrait of a fighting man
BOOKS014263I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The renegade
BOOKS223765I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - Teddy Lester in the Fifth
BOOKS027067I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The renegade
BOOKS208621I: FINNEMORE,JOHN - His first term
BOOKS142350I: FINNEMORE, JOHN - Three school chums
BOOKS186955I: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - Memoirs of Rev. Charles G. Finney written by himself
BOOKS229014I: FINNEY, R C - Meet Inspector Bourne
BOOKS189307I: FINNEY, JACK - House of numbers
BOOKS028065I: FINNEY, PATRICIA - Firedrake's eye
BOOKS227202I: FINNIN, MARTIN - Martin Finnin, 49 ox hides and a lump of faith
BOOKS135634I: FINNIS, MALCOLM - The Six Eighty First comes back
BOOKS047179I: FINNIS, H.J. - The Great Eastern Road (from Adelaide to the River Murray)
BOOKS228606I: FINNIS, ROB - The Phil Spector story
BOOKS062334I: FIORE, EDITH - Abductions: encounters with extraterrestrials
BOOKS169405I: FIRBANK, L.G. AND OTHERS (EDS) - The ecology of temperate cereal fields
BOOKS221814I: FIRKINS, PETER - Strike and return
BOOKS090452I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush finds treasure
BOOKS112545I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush on the trail
BOOKS210803I: FIRMIN, PETER - Tricks and tales
BOOKS046424I: FIRMIN, PETER - Basil Brush and a dragon
BOOKS121666I: FIRST, RUTH AND SCOTT, ANN - Olive Schreiner
BOOKS162161I: FIRSTBROOK,PETER - Lost on Everest: the search for Mallory & Irvine
BOOKS175304I: FIRTH, GEOFFREY C. - Comprehensive schools in Coventry and elsewhere
BOOKS195936I: FIRTH, A.E. - Goldsmith's College: a centenary account
BOOKS208127I: FIRTH, ANNIE - Cane basket work: A practical manual on weaving useful and fancy baskets.
BOOKS207698I: FIRTH, C. H. (ED) - The life of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle
BOOKS116264I: FIRTH, J.D'E. - Rendall of Winchester: the life and witness of a teacher
BOOKS228512I: FIRTH, C.H. - The political significance of 'Gulliver's travels'
BOOKS228022I: FIRTH, PAUL - Four minutes to Hell: The story of the Bradford City fire
BOOKS221160I: FIRTH, CHARLES - Essays historical and literary.
BOOKS222229I: FISCHER, STEVEN ROGER - Island at the end of the world: the turbulent history of Easter Island
BOOKS172854I: FISCHER, PAUL - Variegated foliage plants

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