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BOOKS127195I: O'DONNELL, PETER - Pieces of Modesty
BOOKS050812I: O'DONNELL, MABEL AND MUNRO, RONA - Out and about (Janet and John Books)
BOOKS254692I: O'DONNELL, PETER - Pieces of Modesty
BOOKS257308I: O'DONNELL, IAN & MILNER, CLAIRE - Child pornography: crime, computers and society
BOOKS221328I: O'DONNELL, PETER - Sabre-tooth: a Modesty Blaise adventure
BOOKS154490I: O'DONNELL, PEADAR - Islanders,
BOOKS028088I: O'DONNELL, ELLIOT - Twenty years experience as a ghost hunter
BOOKS089100I: DONNELLAN, CRAIG (ED) - Racism (Issues, volume 6)
BOOKS131173I: DONNELLY, IGNATIUS - The cipher in the plays, and on the tombstone
BOOKS040195I: DONNELLY, DESMOND - Gadarene '68: the crimes, follies and misfortunes of the Wilson Government.
BOOKS231813I: DONNELLY, RALPH & OTHERS - A chronology of the United States Marine Corps, 1947-1964, volume III
BOOKS235981I: DONNELLY, FAYE - Securitization and the Iraq War: the rules of engagement in world politics
BOOKS256348I: DONNELLY, PETER & TAVARE, SIMON (EDS) - Progress in population genetics and human evolution
BOOKS210797I: DONNISON, DAVID & MACLENNAN,DUNCAN (EDS) - The housing service of the future
BOOKS235733I: DONOGHE, JANE - Transforming criminal justice?: problem-solving and court specialisation
BOOKS026203I: O'DONOGHUE, JOHN - Sergeant Horn's murder trap
BOOKS170841I: O'DONOGHUE, MICHAEL (ED) - The encyclopaedia of minerals and gemstones
BOOKS247362I: O'DONOGHUE, JO - Brian Moore: a critical study
BOOKS242957I: O'DONOGHUE, SONYA - Out of the smoke: a new life in the Devon countryside
BOOKS115500I: DONOHUE, JOSEPH - Theatre in the age of Kean
BOOKS264301I: DONOVAN, J.B - Meet Bill Speed, C.I.D
BOOKS049123I: DONOVAN, DICK - The trap
BOOKS056697I: O'DONOVAN, DONAL - Dreamers of dreams: portraits of the Irish in America
BOOKS142987I: DONOVAN, DANIEL - What are they saying about the ministerial priesthood?
BOOKS162428I: DONOVAN, DICK - Caught at last! leaves from the note-book of a detective
BOOKS085302I: DONOVAN, PETER AND MACLEOD, IAIN - Bridge is still an easy game
BOOKS044095I: DONOVAN, MARK - Cactus hurts my toes
BOOKS166252I: O'DONOVAN, GERALD - The Holy Tree
BOOKS233154I: DONOVAN, JOSEPH G. - Galento the Great: the authentic and authorized story of the life and ring battles of Tony (Two-Ton) Galento.
BOOKS176679I: DONOVAN, ROBERT J. - The war-time adventures of President John F.Kennedy
BOOKS166589I: DONOVAN, JASON - Between the lines: my story uncut
BOOKS166590I: DONOVAN, JASON - Between the lines: my story uncut
BOOKS184588I: DONOVAN, DICK - The mystery of Jamaica Terrace
BOOKS248227I: O'DONOVAN, ORLA & GLAVANIS-GRANTHAM, KATHY - Power, politics and pharmaceuticals: drug regulation in Ireland in a global context
BOOKS238091I: DONOVAN, MICHAEL - Domestic economy, vol.II: human food
BOOKS217637I: DONY, JOHN G. - Bedfordshire plant atlas
BOOKS173054I: DONY, JOHN G - Bedfordshire plant atlas
BOOKS179882I: DONY, JOHN GEORGE - Flora of Hertfordshire: the wild plants of the country of Hertford and the adjoining areas included in Watsonian vice-county 20
BOOKS062353I: DOODY, MARGARET - Aristotle detective
BOOKS150269I: DOOLEY, ANNE - Every wall a door: exploring psychic surgery and healing
BOOKS073809I: DOON, E.L. - Joan's green year: letters from the Manor Farm to her brother in India
BOOKS013479I: DOONICAN, VAL - The special years: an autobiography
BOOKS045110I: DOONICAN, VAL - Walking tall
BOOKS245008I: DOONICAN, VAL - Walking tall
BOOKS233114I: DORE, GUSTAVE - The Dore Bible gallery containing one hundred superb illustrations...
BOOKS251792I: DORE, RONALD - Shinohata: a portrait of a Japanese village
BOOKS022626I: DORELL, VICTOR - Behind needles
BOOKS022830I: DORELL, VICTOR - Hungry light
BOOKS185468I: DOREN, DAVID MACNEIL - Winds of Crete
BOOKS255226I: DORF, RICHARD C. - Modern control systems
BOOKS267077I: DORFFEL, ALFRED & PETERS, C. F. - Thematisches verzeichnis der instrumentalwerke von Johann Sebastian Bach
BOOKS254042I: DORI, FABRIZIO - Gauguin: the other world
BOOKS182954I: DORIAN, A.F & OSENTON, JAMES - Elsevier's dictionary of aeronautics in six languages: English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German
BOOKS083892I: DORIEN, RAY - Venturing to Canada
BOOKS266806I: DORIGATO, ATTILIA - Le verre de Murano
BOOKS223729I: DORIGO, WLADIMIRO - Late Roman painting: a study of pictorial records 30BC - AD 500
BOOKS263955I: DORLING, H. TAPRELL & DORLING, E.E - Ribbons, medals and regimental badges
BOOKS178368I: DORLING, E.E. (ED) - A history of the County of Lancaster, part 16: sport
BOOKS033570I: DORMAN, C.C. (COMP) - Birmingham railway scene
BOOKS140921I: DORMAN, GERALD R. - Book Auction Records, 67, August 1969- July 1970
BOOKS138776I: DORMAN, SEAN - My Uncle Lennox
BOOKS161834I: DORMAN, GEOFFREY - Fifty years fly past: from Wright brothers to Comet
BOOKS031710I: DORMAN, GEOFFREY - Fifty years fly-past: from Wright brothers to Comet
BOOKS267929I: DORMER, PETER - The Art of the Maker
BOOKS090933I: DORN, NICHOLAS AND OTHERS (EDS) - AIDS: women, drugs and social care
BOOKS064637I: DORNER, MARJORIE - Blood kin
BOOKS256729I: DORNHOFF, LARRY L. & HOHN, FRANZ E. - Applied modern algebra
BOOKS245140I: DOROSHENKO, PETER & OTHERS - Joseph Havel: a decade of sculpture 1996-2006
BOOKS037420I: DORR, ROBERT F. - Vietnam: combat from the cockpit
BOOKS181715I: DORRA, HENRI - The American muse
BOOKS192891I: DORRELL, MIKE - Dick Barton - Special Agent, no.2: The mystery of the missing formula
BOOKS099516I: DORRELL, JOHN (ED) - Elusive ambitions
BOOKS185689I: DORRELL, DAVID (ED) - Air Pictorial, vol.28, no.4, April 1966
BOOKS122384I: DORRIAN, MIKE - Stick 'em up
BOOKS202386I: DORRIE, HEINRICH - 100 great problems of elementary mathematics: their history and solution (Dover Books on Mathematics)
BOOKS064315I: DORRIL, STEPHEN - MI6: fifty years of special operations
BOOKS245725I: DORSET, GERALD - Tales of two worlds
BOOKS085821I: DORSETT, LYLE M. - The Pendergast machine
BOOKS172954I: DORST, JEAN - The migrations of birds
BOOKS259580I: DORWARD, DAVID - The Sidlaw Hills
BOOKS250615I: DOS PASSON, JOHN - Number One
BOOKS189477I: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Adventures of a young man
BOOKS136032I: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Number one
BOOKS164058I: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - The ground we stand on: some examples from the history of a political creed
BOOKS262877I: DOSCH, LEZA - Kunst und Landschaft in Graubunden: Bilder und Bauten seit 1780
BOOKS145274I: DOSHI, TILAK - Houston of Asia: the Singapore petroleum industry
BOOKS131781I: DOSSA, ANADJI - Cricket ties: India-Pakistan
BOOKS220743I: DOSSAL, MARIAM & MALONI, RUBY (EDS) - State intervention and popular response: western India in the nineeteenth century
BOOKS256310I: DOSTER, MICHAEL / KRAWEHL, IRENE & OTHERS - Michael Doster: Reflections
BOOKS132365I: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - Crime and punishment
BOOKS188245I: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - The brothers Karamazov, in two volumes
BOOKS161938I: DOTTER, PAM - Miniature desserts
BOOKS238879I: DOTTIN, PAUL - Samuel Richardson, 1689-1761, imprimeur de Londres, auteur de Pamela, Clarisse et Grandison.
BOOKS108862I: DOTY, MARK - My Alexandria
BOOKS202790I: DOUBLE, ANNE FLORENCE - The story so far: The first fifty years of the West Country Writers' Association
BOOKS251480I: DOUBLEDAY, RUSSELL - Stories of inventors: the adventures of inventors and engineers - true incidents and personal experiences
BOOKS227096I: DOUBTFIRE, DIANNE - The flesh is strong
BOOKS224270I: DOUBTFIRE, DIANNE - Reason for violence
BOOKS138253I: DOUCET, JEROME - Chaussures d'Antan
BOOKS242471I: DOUCH, H.L. & PENHALLURICK, R.D. (EDS) - Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, new series, volume IX, part 3, 1984 - volume X, part 4, 1990 (4 issues)
BOOKS253865I: DOUCH, JOHN - Rough rude men: a history of old-time Kentish smuggling
BOOKS025624I: DOUGALL, BERNARD - The singing corpse
BOOKS011484I: DOUGALL, ROBERT AND AXELL, HERBERT - Bird watch round Britain: a personal selection of Britain's bird reserves
BOOKS134400I: DOUGAN, DEREK - The sash he never wore
BOOKS228964I: DOUGAN, OLIVE C. - The schoolgirl refugee
BOOKS183841I: DOUGANS, INGE - The complete illustrated guide to reflexology: therapeutic foot massage for health and well-being
BOOKS218125I: DOUGHTY, OSWALD - Early diamond days: the opening of the diamond fields of South Africa
BOOKS233653I: DOUGHTY, JACK - The Rochdale Thunderbolt
BOOKS223373I: DOUGHTY, CHARLES M. - Wanderings in Arabia, in two volumes
BOOKS248071I: DOUGHTY, ROBERT - The notebook of Robert Doughty, 1662-1665 (Norfolk)
BOOKS248215I: DOUGILL, JOHN - Oxford in English literature: the making, and undoing, of 'The English Athens'
BOOKS081931I: DOUGILL, PETER - The Primary language book
BOOKS266760I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Siren land
BOOKS229627I: DOUGLAS, JAMES; CHESTERTON, G. K. AND OTHERS - The Tribute, tenderd by artists, authors and advertisers of the Empire on the anniversary of His Majesty's recovery
BOOKS180495I: DOUGLAS, JAKE - Too many sundowns
BOOKS187773I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the beginning
BOOKS186485I: DOUGLAS, TORIN (ED) - Creative Review, vol.2, no.2 -no.15, October 1981 - December 1982
BOOKS212523I: DOUGLAS, O. - Olivia
BOOKS229071I: DOUGLAS, GEORGE (SIR) - The new Border tales
BOOKS149606I: DOUGLAS, GEORGE - The house with the green shutters
BOOKS105671I: DOUGLAS, MARY - Food in the social order: studies of food and festivities in three American communities
BOOKS135212I: DOUGLAS, ALTON AND OTHERS - Birmingham at war: a pictorial account (2 volumes)
BOOKS148640I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the beginning
BOOKS015891I: DOUGLAS, PETER - Clint Eastwood: movin' on
BOOKS017961I: DOUGLAS, O. - Olivia
BOOKS010174I: DOUGLAS, JOHN - Creative techniques in travel photography
BOOKS023555I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the beginning
BOOKS043448I: DOUGLAS, HUGH - Robert Burns - a life
BOOKS046178I: DOUGLAS, JOHN / MACFARLANE, W.V. (ED) - South Australia from space
BOOKS055089I: DOUGLAS, O. - The Setons
BOOKS058721I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN (ED) - Venus in the kitchen or love's cookery book
BOOKS255487I: DOUGLAS, ARCHBALD C - Life of Admiral Sir Archibald Lucius Douglas, GCB, GCVO, Commander of the Legion of Honour, Order of the Rising Sun of Japan, Spanish Naval Order of Merit
BOOKS232595I: DOUGLAS, ALTON - Memories of Birmingham
BOOKS121069I: DOUGLAS, J.D. AND OTHERS - The concise dictionary of the Christian tradition: doctrine, liturgy, history
BOOKS230964I: DOUGLAS, ALTON & THOMPSON, SHIRLEY - The original Alton Douglas: a biography
BOOKS234857I: DOUGLAS, JOHN SCOTT - Summits of adventure: the story of famous mountain climbs and mountain climbers.
BOOKS231308I: DOUGLAS, ALTON, & MOORE, DENNIS - Memories of Coventry
BOOKS037417I: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, JAMES - The air battle for Malta: the diaries of a fighter pilot
BOOKS003163I: DOUGLAS, PETER - Down the village street
BOOKS174750I: DOUGLAS, ALTON - Birmingham at war
BOOKS223284I: DOUGLAS, O. - The day of small things
BOOKS106024I: DOUGLAS, MARY - The Lele of the Kasai
BOOKS184093I: DOUGLAS, A.C. - Gliding and advanced soaring
BOOKS112419I: DOUGLAS, M.A. AND ASH, C.R. (EDS) - The Godolphin School 172-1926
BOOKS232637I: DOUGLAS, ALTON - Memories of the Black Country: 100 years of photographs
BOOKS161874I: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, JAMES - The air battle for Malta: the diaries of a Spitfire pilot
BOOKS203112I: DOUGLAS,J AMES - The sporting gun
BOOKS244372I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Three of them
BOOKS003329I: DOUGLAS, PETER - About this village
BOOKS126793I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Experiments
BOOKS166000I: DOUGLAS, MARY - Implicit meanings: essays in anthropology
BOOKS191538I: DOUGLAS-HOME, ROBIN - The faint aroma of performing seals
BOOKS243710I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - They went
BOOKS206321I: DOUGLAS, LLOYD C. - Magnificent obsession
BOOKS260209I: DOUGLAS, I. J. & CRICHTON, J. D. G. - S. I. engineering mechanics
BOOKS147364I: DOUGLAS, ALTON & MOORE, DENNIS - Memories of Shrewsbury
BOOKS264674I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN. - In the beginning
BOOKS267380I: DOUGLAS, GEORGE - The House with the green shutters
BOOKS159587I: DOUGLAS-HOME, HENRY - The birdman: memories of birds
BOOKS065042I: DOUGLAS, ALFRED (LORD) - The pongo papers and the Duke of Berwick
BOOKS155555I: DOUGLAS, SHOLTO - Liberation of Europe (Operation Overlord): operations of Coastal Command, Royal Air Force, from May to August, 1944
BOOKS238465I: DOUGLAS, ELIZABETH - The pudding and pastry book
BOOKS253890I: DOUGLAS, ALTON & DOUGLAS, JO - Coventry: a century of news
BOOKS161283I: DOUGLAS, LLOYD C - The robe
BOOKS244215I: DOUGLAS, HUGH - Crossing the Forth
BOOKS200013I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the beginning
BOOKS243711I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - How about Europe? Some footnotes on East and West
BOOKS186090I: DOUGLAS, ALTON AND OTHERS - Birmingham at war
BOOKS264039I: DOUGLAS, ROY & OTHERS - Drawing conclusions: a cartoon history of Anglo-Irish relations, 1798-1998
BOOKS234315I: DOUGLAS, G.A.H - Further adventures of Rab Hewison: humorous Scotch readings
BOOKS253735I: DOUGLAS, ALTON & DOUGLAS, JO - Birmingham at work
BOOKS259975I: DOUGLAS, O. - Penny Plain
BOOKS250070I: DOUGLAS, JAMES - The Bunch book
BOOKS265126I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Summer islands: Ischia and Ponzo
BOOKS243658I: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - South wind
BOOKS238962I: DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, CHRISTINE - The challenge of modernizing Islam: reformers speak out and the obstacles they face
BOOKS000676I: DOUGLASS, SARA - The nameless day (The Crucible, book One)
BOOKS045075I: DOUSSY, MICHEL - Antiques: professional secrets for the amateur
BOOKS064861I: DOUSSY, MICHEL - Antiques: professional secrets for the amateur
BOOKS147605I: DOUST, LEN,A. - The art of caricature and cartoon
BOOKS063364I: DOUTHWAITE, L. CHARLES - Murder goes west
BOOKS116908I: DOUTHWAITE, L.C. - "Seconds out!": a public school story
BOOKS223832I: DOUTHWAITE, L.CHARLES - Wardens of the wilds
BOOKS248331I: DOUTHWAITE,L.C. - Mass murder
BOOKS155044I: DOVE, RICHARD - Journey of no return: five German-speaking literary exiles in Britain, 1933-1945
BOOKS116290I: DOVE, W. AND RUSCH, H.P. (EDS) - Growth and differentiation in Physarum polycephalum
BOOKS191478I: DOVE, SAMUEL - Samuel Dove's Debenham: his nineteenth-century notes towards a history of Debenham
BOOKS245110I: DOVE, RICHARD & WALLACE, IAN (EDS) - Vision and reality: Central Europe after Hitler
BOOKS253218I: DOVER, JOHN W (ED) - Fragmentation in agricultural landscapes: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of IALE(UK), the UK Region of the International Association for Bilsborrow, Preston, 13-14 September 1994
BOOKS131448I: DOVERS, ROBERT - Huskies
BOOKS001821I: DOVEY, JON (ED) - Fractal dreams: new media in a social context
BOOKS144972I: DOWD, GEOFFREY - Whiffs from the briny
BOOKS233973I: DOWD, J.H. & SPOONER, BRENDA E - People of importance
BOOKS242949I: DOWD, J.H. & SPENDER, B.E. - Serious business
BOOKS241669I: DOWD, J.H. & SPOONER, BRENDA E. - People of importance
BOOKS190597I: O'DOWD, CATHY - Just for the love of it: the first woman to climb Mount Everest from both sides
BOOKS239067I: DOWDALL, MARY FRANCES - The book of Martha
BOOKS103627I: DOWDEN, EDWARD - The life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
BOOKS185772I: DOWDEN, MAVIS BACCA - Spy-jacked!
BOOKS094551I: DOWDY, MAC - The monastic setting of Ely
BOOKS187788I: DOWER, KENNETH CECIL & RIDDELL, JAMES - Outside Britain: a guide to this grave new world.
BOOKS252079I: DOWLER, GRAHAM - Gloucestershire clock and watchmakers
BOOKS073887I: DOWLING, MARION AND DAUNCEY, ELIZABETH - Teaching 3-9 year olds: theory into practice
BOOKS230940I: DOWLING, BRIAN (ED) - Wild flowers of the Cotswolds: a Millenium celebration of our local wild flowers by the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration
BOOKS260928I: DOWLING, EDWARD - Schaum's outline: introduction to mathematical economics
BOOKS047731I: DOWLING, MARION AND DAUNCEY, ELIZABETH - Teaching 3 - 9 year olds: theory into practice
BOOKS251450I: DOWLING, WILLIAM C. - The epistolary moment: the poetics of the Eighteenth-Century verse epistle
BOOKS013584I: DOWMAN, ELIZABETH A. - Conservation in field archaeology
BOOKS203125I: DOWMAN, ELIZABETH A. - Conservation in field archaeology
BOOKS087561I: DOWMAN, ELIZABETH A. - Conservation in field archaeology
BOOKS194804I: DOWN, ALEC & RULE, MARGARET - Chichester excavations 1
BOOKS258912I: DOWN, MAURICE G. - Pen lettering for beginners
BOOKS247142I: DOWN, BILL - On course together
BOOKS162283I: DOWN, MICHAEL - Archie: a biography of A C MacLaren
BOOKS091650I: DOWNER, LESLEY - Madame Sadayakko: the geisha who seduced the West
BOOKS095101I: DOWNES, JAYNE - Out of evil
BOOKS046013I: DOWNES, STEPHEN - Bridge of sighs: Chelsea's 1996-97 season
BOOKS092985I: DOWNES, QUENTIN (MICHAEL HARRISON) - No smoke no flame: a tale of detection
BOOKS149190I: DOWNES, ALAN - The bibliographic dinosaurs of Georgian geography (1740-1830)
BOOKS004248I: DOWNES, GERRY - How to use paper and card
BOOKS231218I: DOWNES, JOHN - A dictionary of Devon dialect
BOOKS207799I: DOWNES, DAVID & ROCK,PAUL - Understanding deviance: A guide to the sociology of crime and rule breaking
BOOKS111930I: DOWNEY, JAMES PATTON & POJMAN, JOHN A. (EDS) - Polymer research in microgravity: polymerization and processing (
BOOKS032131I: DOWNING, M.F. - Landscape construction
BOOKS113816I: DOWNING, GRAHAM - The fields in winter:
BOOKS016387I: DOWNING, DAVID - The best of enemies: England v Germany. a century of football rivalry
BOOKS054117I: DOWNING, ELIZABETH - Guide to owning a Yorkshire terrier
BOOKS199784I: DOWNING,JOHN - The I.T.A. Symposium
BOOKS265462I: DOWNING, TAYLOR - Breakdown: the crisis of shell shock on the Somme
BOOKS157101I: MINES OF DOWNLEY - Mines of Downley, makers of traditional furniture: trade catalogue
BOOKS162973I: DOWNMAN, EDWARD A. - English pottery and porcelain: being a concise account of the development of the potter's art in England
BOOKS116521I: DOWNS, BRIAN W. - Modern Norwegian literature 1860-1918
BOOKS165188I: DOWNS, BRIAN W. - Modern Norwegian literature. 1860-1918.
BOOKS197124I: DOWRICK, STEPHANIE - Running backwards over sand
BOOKS264698I: DOWSETT, J. MOREWOOD - The romance of England's forests
BOOKS182161I: DOWSETT, J. MOREWOOD - The romance of England's forests
BOOKS114508I: DOWSON, JOHN - A classical dictionary of Hindu mythology and religion: geography, history and literature
BOOKS172697I: DOWSON, W.J. - Plant diseases due to bacteria
BOOKS232695I: DOWSON, JOHN - Old Fremantle childhood: a tribute to the photography and fatherhood of Arnold Beste - the Fremantle Period, 1905-1916
BOOKS267527I: DOY, GEN - Drapery: Classicism and Barbarism in Visual Culture
BOOKS080169I: DOYAL, LESLEY / PENNELL, IMOGEN - The political economy of health
BOOKS240680I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The original illustrated 'Strand' Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS258889I: DOYLE, G.R - Twenty-five years of film: reminiscences and reflections of a critic
BOOKS250681I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The case-book of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS251242I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Waterloo: a drama in one act
BOOKS195259I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS188511I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS222724I: DOYLE, STANTON - Speed kings
BOOKS161734I: DOYLE, LYNN - Lobster salad
BOOKS266183I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - His last bow: some reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS266554I: DOYLE, ADRIAN CONAN; & CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The exploits of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS195332I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The last galley: impressions and tales
BOOKS231109I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The celebrated cases of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS247837I: DOYLE, GINETTE - Cheltonian inspirations
BOOKS163242I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN (SIR) - The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS124936I: DOYLE, RODDY - Paula Spencer
BOOKS184222I: DOYLE, J.E. AND OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.5, no.3, September 1937
BOOKS206567I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Rodney Stone
BOOKS109384I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN / NEWNES, GEORGE (ED) - The Strand Magazine, vol.11, no.62, February 1896
BOOKS109385I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN / NEWNES, GEORGE (ED) - The Strand Magazine, vol.14, no. 62, October 1897
BOOKS109387I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN / NEWNES, GEORGE (ED) - The Strand Magazine, vol.12, no.70, October 1896
BOOKS031734I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN (SIR) - Great stories
BOOKS232280I: DOYLE, PETER & OTHERS - The key to earth history: an introduction to stratigraphy
BOOKS143126I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Sherlock Holmes: collector's edition (9 volumes)
BOOKS046412I: DOYLE, RICHARD - A journal kept by Richard Doyle in the year 1840
BOOKS139699I: DOYLE, FRANCIS HASTINGS - Reminiscences and opinions of Sir Francis Hastings Doyle 1813-1885.
BOOKS048391I: DOYLE, ARTHUR (SIR) - Adventures of Gerard
BOOKS053147I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS058565I: DOYLE, RODDY - The woman who walked into doors
BOOKS064312I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Sherlock Holmes: adventures & memoirs
BOOKS006806I: DOYLE, BRIAN (ED) - The who's who of children's literature
BOOKS088756I: DOYLE, BRIAN - Disability, discrimination and equal opportunities: a comparative study of the employment rights of disabled persons.
BOOKS070438I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Tales of unease
BOOKS252809I: DOYLE, A. CONAN - A study in scarlet
BOOKS210771I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Round the fire stories
BOOKS224441I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Mr.Sherlock Holmes, and, The adventure of the blue carbuncle
BOOKS223830I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The blood-stone tragedy: a Druidical story
BOOKS136679I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The exploits of Brigadier Gerard
BOOKS193555I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN (SIR) - The case book of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS184727I: DOYLE, J.E. AND OTHERS - Air Stories: aerial adventure in fact and fiction, vol.6, no.5, May 1938
BOOKS222819I: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The return of Sherlock Holmes
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BOOKS258267I: DUNCAN, J - The elements of complex analysis
BOOKS216439I: DUNCAN, JANE - My friends the hungry generation
BOOKS190779I: DUNCAN, JANE - My friend Annie
BOOKS191043I: DUNCAN, JANE - My friend Flora
BOOKS245734I: DUNCAN, JANE - My friends the Miss Boyds
BOOKS056419I: DUNCAN-JONES, A.S. - The story of Chichester Cathedral
BOOKS240905I: DUNCAN, BRETT - Progressive rock guitar licks
BOOKS208599I: DUNCAN,JANE - My friends the Misses Kindness
BOOKS240469I: DUNCAN, JOSEEN - Six happy weeks
BOOKS248499I: DUNCAN, F.M & DUNCAN, L.T. - Butterflies and moths
BOOKS047349I: DUNCKER, PATRICIA - James Miranda Barry
BOOKS060596I: DUNCUMB, JOHN - Collections towards the history and antiquities of the county of Hereford, volume I Part I: general introduction
BOOKS267990I: DUNDAS, HUGH - Flying start: A fighter pilot's war years
BOOKS266338I: DUNDAS, ZITA - Pewter relief modelling
BOOKS200366I: DUNDAS, PAUL - History, scripture and controversy in a medieval Jain Sect
BOOKS267071I: DUNDONALD, THOMAS (TENTH EARL OF) - The autobiography of a seaman, volumes I & II
BOOKS150691I: DUNER, BERTIL (ED) - An end to torture: strategies for its eradication
BOOKS256308I: DUNFEE, THOMAS W & NAGAYASU, YUKIMASA (EDS) - Business ethics: Japan and the global economy
BOOKS253221I: DUNGAN, PETER - Rock solid: the impact if the mining and primary metals industries on the Canadian economu
BOOKS029721I: DUNHAM, DONALD - Zone of violence
BOOKS115114I: DUNHILL, THOMAS F. - Sullivan's comic operas: a critical appreciation
BOOKS254074I: DUNICLIFF, JOY - Traveller on the hill-top: Mary Howitt - The famous Victorian authoress
BOOKS131114I: DUNK, PETER & FRANCIS, LIONEL (EDS) - Playfair football annual 1976-77
BOOKS133265I: DUNK, PETER (ED) - Panini's football year book
BOOKS210711I: DUNK, PETER & FRANCIS, LIONEL (EDS) - Playfair football annual 1978-79
BOOKS133932I: DUNKERLEY, JILL - Stepping stones: v. 12
BOOKS170791I: DUNKERLEY, JAMES - Dreaming of freedom in the Americas: four minds and a name
BOOKS180099I: DUNKLEY, JACK (ILLUSTRATOR) - The evacuees in the forest
BOOKS188307I: DUNKLING, LESLIE - The Guinness book of names
BOOKS056405I: DUNKLING, LESLIE ALAN - Scottish christian names: an A-Z of first names
BOOKS057658I: DUNLEAVY, PATRICK - Urban political analysis: the politics of collective consumption
BOOKS249407I: DUNLOP, DERRICK - Medicines in our time (The Rock Carling Fellowship 1973)
BOOKS257342I: DUNLOP, R. O. - Painting for pleasure: a student painter's handbook
BOOKS256142I: DUNLOP, E. E. - The war diaries of Weary Dunlop: Java and the Burma-Thailand Railway, 1942-45
BOOKS265674I: DUNLOP, E.E - The war diaries of Weary Dunlop: Java and the Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-1945
BOOKS241482I: DUNLOP, JOHN - A precarious belonging: Presbyterians and the conflict in Ireland
BOOKS051641I: DUNMORE, SPENCER - The sound of wings
BOOKS268059I: DUNMORE, SPENCER - Wings for victory: the remarkable story of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada
BOOKS265891I: DUNMORE, SPENCER & CARTER, WILLIAM G. - Reap the whirlwind: the untold story of 6 Group R.A.F. - Canada's Bomber Force of World War II
BOOKS250397I: DUNN, PAUL STUART - Dunn and dusted: Diaries and memories of North Yorkshire farmer Paul Dunn
BOOKS028543I: DUNN, NORMA - Cake decorating ornaments
BOOKS099923I: DUNN, NORMA - Cake decorating ornaments
BOOKS173154I: DUNN, STEPHEN TROYTE - Alien flora of Britain
BOOKS148228I: DUNN, MARY - We go to Belgium and Luxembourg
BOOKS205939I: DUNN, NELL - Different drummers
BOOKS147515I: DUNN, MICHAEL C. AND OTHERS - Rural housing: competition and choice
BOOKS011216I: DUNN, DOUGLAS - Secret villages
BOOKS249146I: DUNN, GWEN - Simon's last year: the story of a Suffolk village school
BOOKS189541I: DUNN, NELL - Up the Junction
BOOKS245524I: DUNN, JAMES D.G - Romans: the people's Bible commentary
BOOKS240083I: DUNN, PETER - The goatkeeper's veterinary book
BOOKS111420I: DUNN, GEOFFREY P. AND JOHNSON, ALAN G. (EDS) - Surgical palliative care
BOOKS204240I: DUNN, MARGARET - Games activities for girls
BOOKS240098I: DUNN, MARY - The memoirs of Mipsie
BOOKS261409I: DUNN, MARY - Lady Addle remembers, being the memoirs of the Lady Addle of Eigg
BOOKS203262I: DUNN, WALDO F. - Froude and Carlyle : A study of controversy
BOOKS204042I: DUNN, JAMES - From coal mine upwards or, seventy years of an eventful life
BOOKS062372I: DUNN, NELL - Grandmothers talking to Nell Dunn
BOOKS110927I: DUNNE, NIGEL - The Redhill story
BOOKS003500I: DUNNE, DESMOND - Yoga made easy
BOOKS256499I: DUNNE, J. HEYWORTH (ED) - Kitab al- awrak (section on contemporary poets) by Abu Bakr Muhammad B. Yahya as Suli
BOOKS002961I: DUNNE, DESMOND - The manual of hypnotism
BOOKS262323I: DUNNE, NICK & PONTIFEX, JOHN - A Parish in wartime - St. Anselm's Church, Tooting Bec: remembering the fallen from two World Wars
BOOKS170592I: DUNNE, PETE - Tales of a low-rent birder
BOOKS012828I: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - The House of Niccolo: Caprice and Rondo
BOOKS061971I: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Queens' play
BOOKS145514I: DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. - How to make war: a comprehensive guide to modern warfare
BOOKS194127I: DUNNILL, TONY & GRAY, MUIR - Rugby injuries
BOOKS165327I: DUNNING, R.W. - Arthur: the king in the West
BOOKS241082I: DUNNING, ROBERT (ED) - Christianity in Somerset
BOOKS124763I: DUNNING, KATHERINE - Whatever the heart appoints.
BOOKS254790I: DUNNING, C.G & OTHERS - Anglo-Saxon pottery: a symposium
BOOKS024056I: DUNNING, ROBERT - Local history for beginners
BOOKS226710I: DUNNING, JOHN - Deadline
BOOKS205857I: DUNNING, ROBERT W. (ED) - Christianity in Somerset
BOOKS248423I: DUNNING, ROBERT - Somerset families
BOOKS214199I: DUNNING, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD - The history of political theories
BOOKS227694I: DUNNING, BEATRIX (ED.) - Graham Street Memories: Francis Holland Church of England School for Girls, Jubilee 1881-1931
BOOKS253896I: DUNNING, GERALD C. - A medieval jug found in London, decorated with human and animal figures
BOOKS239524I: DUNNING, ROBERT (ED.) - Christianity In Somerset
BOOKS184870I: DUNOW, M - The potter's daughter: a tale of the Mellahs
BOOKS225796I: DUNPHY, ANGUS - The West Midlands airfields
BOOKS255884I: DUNRAVEN (THE EARL OF ) - The outlook in Ireland: the case for devolution and concilation
BOOKS135739I: DUNSANY (LORD) - The year
BOOKS057271I: WINDSOR MAGAZINE / DUNSANY (LORD). - The Windsor Magazine, no.532 (April 1939)
BOOKS135734I: DUNSANY (LORD) - Guerrilla
BOOKS017619I: DUNSANY (LORD) - Jorkens borrows another whiskey
BOOKS260081I: DUNSANY (LORD) - My talks with Dean Spanley
BOOKS211558I: DUNSANY (LORD) - A night at an inn
BOOKS009274I: DUNSANY (LORD) - A night at an inn
BOOKS212536I: DUNSANY (LORD) - Unhappy far-off things
BOOKS242906I: DUNSANY (LORD) - The chronicles of Rodriguez
BOOKS243031I: DUNSHEATH, PERCY - Dordogne days
BOOKS158678I: DUNSTAN, DON - Don Dunstan's Australia
BOOKS225889I: DUNSTAN, BERNARD (ED) - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1987: a souvenir of the 219th Summer Exhibition.
BOOKS121699I: DUNSTAN, G.R. AND SELLER, MARY J. (EDS) - The status of the human embryo: perspectives from moral tradition (King Edward's Hospital Fund)
BOOKS132612I: DUNSTAN, G.R. (ED) - Duty and discernment
BOOKS132264I: DUNSTAN, KEITH - A day in the life of Australia
BOOKS236186I: DUNSTAN, VICTOR - Did the Virgin Mary live and die in England?
BOOKS231943I: DUNSTAN, MARTIN - Willunga town and district, 1901-1925
BOOKS258315I: DUNSTAN, RALPH - Novello's musical primers and educational series; basses and melodies, for students of harmony and players from figured basses, selected and adapted from the works of great composers.
BOOKS142815I: DUNSTER, DAVID (ED) - Arups on engineering
BOOKS230895I: DUNSTER, DAVID (ED) - Arups on engineering
BOOKS220508I: DUNSTONE, MAX - Cornet of Dragoons
BOOKS228516I: DUNWOODY, RICHARD WITH ARMYTAGE, MARCUS - Hell for leather: a champion's diary
BOOKS044904I: DUNWOODY, RICHARD - Duel: the champion's defence
BOOKS259530I: DUNWOODY, RICHARD - Obsessed: the autobiography
BOOKS228624I: DUNWOODY, RICHARD WITH ARMYTAGE, MARCUS - Hands & Heels: Richard Dunwoody's favourite horses
BOOKS244778I: DUPEE, F.W. (ED) - The question of Henry James: a collection of critical essays
BOOKS013675I: DUPEYRAT, ANDRE - Festive Papua
BOOKS030777I: DUPLESIS, E. - The cohort of the damned: from 'Bleu' to Capitaine
BOOKS198204I: DUPLESSIS, GEORGES - The wonders of engraving
BOOKS200166I: DUPONT, JACQUES & GNUDI, CESARE - Les grands siecles de la peinture: la peinture Gothique
BOOKS209330I: DUPOUY, ALAIN - Le Musee De L'Artillerie, Du genie eEt des transmisions de Leningrad
BOOKS135741I: DUPRE, CATHARINE - A face full of flowers
BOOKS160705I: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT - Asiatic land battles: expansion of Japan in Asia
BOOKS139917I: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT - The naval war in the west: the raiders
BOOKS073348I: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT AND HAYES, GRACE PERSON - The military history of World War I: naval and overseas war, 1916-1918
BOOKS160047I: DUPUY, TREVOR N. - Options of command
BOOKS159037I: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT - The air war in the West: Sept. 1939 - May 1941
BOOKS159038I: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT - The air war in the Pacific: victory in the air
BOOKS140503I: DURAN, GLORIA - The archetypes of Carlos Fuentes: from witch to androgyne
BOOKS043345I: DURANT, G.M. - Britain, Rome's most northerly province: a history of Roman Britain, AD43-AD450.
BOOKS057903I: DURANT, G.M. - Britain, Rome's most northerly province: a history of Roman Britain, A.D.43-A.D.450
BOOKS136290I: DURANT, JOHN - The heavyweight champions
BOOKS054960I: DURANT, DAVID N. - Raleigh's lost colony
BOOKS225570I: DURANT, STUART - The decorative designs of C. F. A. Voysey
BOOKS179260I: DURANT, G.M. - Landscape with churches
BOOKS215772I: DURANT, STUART - C.F.A. Voysey
BOOKS146697I: DURANTE, GEORGIA - The company she keeps
BOOKS028508I: DURANTI, FRANCESCA - Happy ending
BOOKS263739I: DURAS, MARGUERITE - Ten-thirty on a summer night
BOOKS216527I: DURBAN, ARNE - Paintings from Norway: the 1880's and the years beyond
BOOKS177676I: DURBRIDGE, FRANCIS - The Curzon case: a Paul Temple novel
BOOKS177677I: DURBRIDGE, FRANCIS - A game of murder

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