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BOOKS186681I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Japanese screens, paintings and works of art (Oct.1984)
BOOKS186682I: CHRISTIE'S - Important Japanese swords, fittings and armor (Oct.1984)
BOOKS186669I: CHRISTIE'S - Chinese and Japanese hardstones and ivories (Nov.1981)
BOOKS186672I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ceramics, lacquer, furniture, wood sculpture, bronzes and other metal work, swords and sword-fittings (Dec.1981)
BOOKS186673I: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's at the Hotel Okura, Tokyo, part II: Japanese ceramics and works of art, contemporary pottery by Bernard Leach, antiquities, clocks Korean ceramics, Chinese ceramics and bronzes (Feb.1980)
BOOKS186627I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese netsuke, wood and ivory carvings, lacquer, bronzes, swords and other metalwork (July 1978)
BOOKS186628I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ceramics, lacquer, wood sculptures, bronzes and other metalwork and an interesting group of contemporary potter and other works of art (Dec.1978)
BOOKS187005I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ceramics, lacquer, sculpture, bronzes and other metalwork
BOOKS187052I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese swords, sword-fittings, armour, prints and paintings (March 1978)
BOOKS205892I: CHRISTIE'S - Victorian & British Impressionist art (15 Dec 2011)
BOOKS207168I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA / SIMENON, GEORGES - Suspense, vol.2, no.2, February 1959
BOOKS240751I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mirror crack'd from side to side
BOOKS194859I: CHRISTIE'S - Moorcroft Pottery
BOOKS264064I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine jewels (14 Sept.1982)
BOOKS240487I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory dickory dock
BOOKS045186I: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID - Reincarnation: ancient beliefs and modern evidence
BOOKS024774I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Destination unknown
BOOKS193835I: CHRISTIE'S - Important continental furniture, objects of art, Eastern rugs and carpets
BOOKS192078I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The man in the brown suit
BOOKS240249I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Postern of Fate
BOOKS175515I: CHRISTIE, ARCHIBALD H.(MRS) - Embroidery and tapestry weaving: a practical text-book of design and workmanship
BOOKS163923I: CHRISTIE, ARCHIBALD M. (MRS) - Embroidery and tapestry weaving: a practical text-book of design and workmanship
BOOKS259715I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mysterious affair at Styles
BOOKS245112I: CHRISTIE, WILLIAM (ED) - The letters of Francis Jeffrey to Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle
BOOKS207331I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA AND OTHERS - Best mystery stories
BOOKS240858I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They came to Baghdad
BOOKS221949I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The secret adversary
BOOKS018539I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - A murder is announced
BOOKS021668I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Agatha Christie hour
BOOKS129345I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The moving finger
BOOKS020988I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Appointment with death
BOOKS020985I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory dickory dock
BOOKS013047I: SPINK / CHRISTIE'S - The Byron Reed collection of important American coins and manuscripts
BOOKS020979I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Seven Dials mystery
BOOKS017902I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Lord Edgware dies
BOOKS019730I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory dickory dock
BOOKS018738I: CHRISTIE, J.T. - J.T. Christie: a great teacher
BOOKS019556I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Death comes as the end
BOOKS018670I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Sleeping murder: Miss Marple's last case
BOOKS018567I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Passenger to Frankfurt
BOOKS020744I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mysterious affair at Styles
BOOKS021258I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They came to Baghdad
BOOKS199464I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff
BOOKS020762I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They do it with mirrors
BOOKS240914I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - A pocket full of rye
BOOKS020715I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Five little pigs
BOOKS053333I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The seven dials mystery
BOOKS053363I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Evil under the sun
BOOKS021653I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They do it with mirrors
BOOKS071580I: CHRISTIE, IRENE - Birds: keeping a mixed collection
BOOKS072168I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Stories from Poirot Investigates
BOOKS085990I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - By the pricking of my thumbs (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS130903I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder in the mews
BOOKS199468I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper and Gray's Pottery
BOOKS195392I: CHRISTIE'S - Furniture (19 April 2000)
BOOKS215564I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder in the Mews and other stories
BOOKS113898I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine silver
BOOKS226780I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine costume and needlework (27 October 1987)
BOOKS197079I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Lord Edgware dies
BOOKS214507I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - A murder is announced
BOOKS208081I: CHRISTIE'S - Imperial and post-revolutionary Russian art and icons, auction catalogue, London, Wednesday 18 December 1996
BOOKS199673I: CHRISTIE'S - The collection of the Barons Nathaniel & Albert Von Rothschild, Thursday 8 July 1999
BOOKS209009I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA & OTHERS - Suspense, vol.2, no.4, April 1959
BOOKS187224I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ivory carvings, netsuke, lacquet, ceramics, bronzes, swords, sword-fittings and other metalwork (July 1977)
BOOKS187225I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese prints, paintings, screens and Chinese paintings (July 1977)
BOOKS187227I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ceramics, lacquer, bronzes and other metalwork (June 1977)
BOOKS187229I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine netsuke and inro (June 1978)
BOOKS187231I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese porcelain, pottery, lacquer shibayama-style wares, sculpture, bronzes and other metalwork (March 1980)
BOOKS187235I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese works of art (May 1978)
BOOKS187236I: CHRISTIE'S - Japanese ceramics, lacquer, theatrical masks, bronzes and other metalwork (April 1978)
BOOKS187237I: CHRISTIE'S - Inro, ojime and netsuke (from a private collection, part II) (April 1978)
BOOKS245721I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Death in the clouds
BOOKS234882I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Appointment with death
BOOKS020977I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The moving finger
BOOKS189234I: CHRISTIE'S - The Helmut N. Friedlander Library, parts1 & 2
BOOKS264884I: CHRISTIE'S - An important private collection of Ottoman and Orientalist paintings (15 June 2005)
BOOKS221608I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine tinplate toys, teddy bears, dolls and automata (Sale 22-23 May 1997)
BOOKS199600I: CHRISTIE'S - The modern movement: to include Art Nouveau and Art Deco: Thursday 8 November 1984
BOOKS199471I: CHRISTIE'S - 20th century bronzes and sculpture
BOOKS199470I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff
BOOKS199472I: CHRISTIE'S - 20th century bronzes and sculpture
BOOKS194861I: CHRISTIE'S - Chinese and Japanese ceramics, furniture and works of art
BOOKS250449I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Peril at end house
BOOKS186806I: CHRISTIE, A.H. (ED) - Embroidery, part VI
BOOKS223256I: CHRISTIE'S - Exploration and travel with the Polar sale [23 September 2004]
BOOKS018829I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Elephants can remember
BOOKS199461I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff; Moorcroft
BOOKS020974I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory dickory dock
BOOKS020941I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - After the funeral
BOOKS253459I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Sparkling cyanide
BOOKS199552I: CHRISTIE'S - British decorative arts from 1880 to the present day
BOOKS199553I: CHRISTIE'S - British decorative arts from 1880 to the present day
BOOKS199543I: CHRISTIE'S - British decorative arts 1850 to the present day
BOOKS265551I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine jewels (18 September 1984)
BOOKS246753I: CHRISTIE MALLOWAN, AGATHA - Come, tell me how you live: an archaeological memoir
BOOKS192543I: CHRISTIE'S - Nineteen printed books 1459-1501 and two illuminated manuscripts from the Chatsworth Library
BOOKS123960I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The moving finger
BOOKS199469I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff
BOOKS189499I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Passenger to Frankfurt
BOOKS209914I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine jewels (11 October 1984)
BOOKS209915I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine European silver (17 November 1980)
BOOKS241760I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Elephants can remember
BOOKS240190I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They do it with mirrors
BOOKS251298I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - A pocketful of rye
BOOKS215414I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Postern of fate
BOOKS259010I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The big four
BOOKS011833I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Endless night
BOOKS199355I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper
BOOKS115258I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The clocks
BOOKS020709I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cards on the table
BOOKS020712I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The big four
BOOKS151223I: CHRISTIE'S - Antique and period jewels (12th February, 1981)
BOOKS127069I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Sleeping murder
BOOKS021272I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mysterious Mr Quin
BOOKS096031I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - They came to Baghdad
BOOKS066569I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Lord Edgware dies
BOOKS263917I: CHRISTIE'S - Important jewels (15 Dece.1982)
BOOKS085991I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - And then there were none
BOOKS262366I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Detective writers in England
BOOKS085992I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Elephants can remember
BOOKS113852I: CHRISTIE'S - British and Continental glass
BOOKS127457I: CHRISTIE'S - The Gerald Godfrey private collection of fine Chinese jades
BOOKS170795I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Crooked house
BOOKS223962I: CHRISTIE'S - Oriental ceramics and works of art (24 June 1999)
BOOKS111415I: CHRISTIE, SALLY - Mo's meadow
BOOKS250776I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder in the Mews and three other Poirot stories.
BOOKS244733I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The man in the brown suit
BOOKS127741I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The body in the library
BOOKS163700I: CHRISTIE'S - Moorcroft pottery
BOOKS181582I: CHRISTIE'S - The Mildred C. Esty collection of original manuscripts, autograph letters, printed books and relics of Robert Burns
BOOKS191803I: CHRISTIE'S - Islamic art and Indian miniatures and rugs and carpets (Oct.1992)
BOOKS230705I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Taken at the flood
BOOKS240946I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mirror crack'd from side to side
BOOKS196381I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder is easy
BOOKS018274I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Appointment with death
BOOKS244599I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - One, two, buckle my shoe
BOOKS202189I: CHRISTIE'S - The Royal Sun & Alliance Collection
BOOKS186208I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Sparkling cyanide
BOOKS256182I: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID - Voices from the Gods: speaking with tongues
BOOKS199475I: CHRISTIE'S - 20th century British decorative arts
BOOKS194340I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Moorcroft
BOOKS219382I: CHRISTIE'S - The secret courtyard: the Seago collection (9 June 1999)
BOOKS248891I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The murder of Roger Ackroyd: a detective novel
BOOKS103872I: CHRISTIE, GUY - Crieff Hydro 1868 - 1986
BOOKS240579I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The hollow
BOOKS222589I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The moving finger
BOOKS263888I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder is easy
BOOKS213941I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mysterious affair at Styles
BOOKS192755I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA AND OTHERS - Suspense, vol.3, no.3, March 1960
BOOKS267386I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - One, two, buckle my shoe
BOOKS229701I: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's South Kensington. M.C.C. bicentenary auction . Monday 13 April 1987 At Lord's cricket ground.
BOOKS013271I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cards on the table
BOOKS021662I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Une memoire d'elephant (Elephants can remember).
BOOKS035047I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Passenger to Frankfurt
BOOKS199354I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff centenary auction
BOOKS201206I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine jewels, New York, Tuesday March 1, 1983
BOOKS201208I: CHRISTIE'S - Important jewels, New York, Tuesday December 14, 1982
BOOKS253506I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Dead man's folly
BOOKS267965I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Agatha Christie omnibus of crime
BOOKS204202I: CHRISTIE'S - Valuable natural-history and travel books, atlases and maps
BOOKS253232I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Jewels (December 7 & 8, 1981)
BOOKS262613I: CHRISTIE'S - The Nicholas Falletta collection of Lewis Carroll books and manuscripts (30 Nov.2005)
BOOKS264036I: CHRISTIE'S - Printed books and documents (9 Dec, 1998)
BOOKS258588I: CHRISTIE'S - Important 20th Century decorative arts, including Arts & Crafts and architectural designs (New York, 11 June 1994)
BOOKS265201I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 104, nos. 2725-2726, September 20, 1958-September 27, 1958 (2 issues)
BOOKS265202I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - John Bull, vol. 102, nos. 2675-2679, October 5, 1957-November 2, 1957 (5 issues)
BOOKS265209I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 100, nos. 2615-2620, August 11, 1956-September 15, 1956 (6 issues)
BOOKS182721I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Towards zero
BOOKS201281I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - After the funeral
BOOKS258910I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The hollow
BOOKS162440I: CHRISTIE'S - The Moorcroft centenary auction
BOOKS257424I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Go back for murder, a play
BOOKS192542I: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Two important paintings by Joseph Mallord William Turner, R.A. from a private collection
BOOKS199473I: CHRISTIE'S - Decorative arts 1850 to the present day
BOOKS169677I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The mystery of the blue train
BOOKS225933I: CHRISTIE'S - Arts of the carver: Chinese works of art from an important European collection
BOOKS199359I: CHRISTIE'S - Clarice Cliff
BOOKS184475I: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Japanese porcelain, pottery, lacquet, bronzes and other metalwork (19 April 1977)
BOOKS194339I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Moorcroft
BOOKS241997I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Peril at End House
BOOKS193484I: CHRISTIE'S - Fine jewels from various sources (4th May, 1983)
BOOKS195414I: CHRISTIE'S - Dresses from the collection of Diana, Princess of Wales
BOOKS191969I: CHRISTIE'S - An important collection of fine Meiji period metalwork (Nov.1989)
BOOKS266005I: CHRISTIE'S AMSTERDAM - Dutch and foreign silver, jewellery and 'objects of vertu', Wednesday 5 September 1984
BOOKS264439I: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Antique and fine jewelry (26 May 1983)
BOOKS018704I: CHRISTMAS, LINDA - The ribbon and the ragged square: an Australian journey
BOOKS094243I: CHRISTMAS, LINDA - The ribbon and the ragged square: an Australian journey
BOOKS036914I: CHRISTMAS, LINDA - Chopping down the cherry trees: a portrait of Britain in the Eighties.
BOOKS261528I: CHRISTMAS, JOYCE - A stunning way to die
BOOKS229211I: CHRISTOFFEL, ULRICH - La Montagne dans la pienture
BOOKS267025I: CHRISTOPHE, ROBERT - Napoleon on Elba
BOOKS115668I: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN - The caves of night
BOOKS265371I: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN & OTHERS - 'The caves of night' in John Bull, vol. 103, nos. 2700-2702, March 29, 1958-April 12, 1958 (3 issues)
BOOKS167871I: CHRISTOPHER, MARTIN - Logistics and supply chain management: strategies for reducing cost and improving service
BOOKS008947I: CHRISTOPHER, MILBOURNE - Seers, psychics and ESP
BOOKS056554I: CHRISTOPHER, ROBERT C. - The Japanese mind: the Goliath explained
BOOKS228127I: CHRISTOPHER, F.J. - Artificial flowers
BOOKS254361I: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN - Balloons at war: gasbags, flying bombs and Cold War secrets
BOOKS241855I: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN - Paddington Station through time
BOOKS127720I: CHRISTOPHER, MILBOURNE - Houdini: the untold story
BOOKS180402I: CHRISTOPHER, ROBERT C. - The Japanese mind: the Goliath explained
BOOKS207302I: CHRISTOPHER, F.J. - Home decorating
BOOKS157434I: CHRISTOPHERS, RICHARD A - George Abbot, Archbishp of Canterbury 1562-1633: a bibliography
BOOKS158265I: CHRISTOU, SOTIRIOS - The unsearchable riches of Christ - & Paul
BOOKS193418I: CHRISTOU, SOTIRIOS - Evangelism & collaborative ministry in the local church
BOOKS010679I: CHRISTY, E.V.A. - Cross-saddle & side-saddle: modern riding for men & women
BOOKS173141I: SPORTING CHRONICLE - The Sporting Chronicle: racing up-to-date, Saturday, October 20, 1934
BOOKS247354I: NEWS CHRONICLE - Knitting leaflet no.298: French designed sweater
BOOKS002841I: CHRYSANTHIS, KYPROS - The wanderer ballad
BOOKS150961I: JOHN CHRYSOSTOM (SAINT) - The homilies of S.John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople on the Epistles of S.Paul the Apostle to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians
BOOKS124121I: JOHN OF CHRYSOSTOM (SAINT) - The Homilies of S. John of Chrysostom on the Acts of the Apostles,Part II: Hom. XXIX-LV
BOOKS168746I: JOHN CHRYSOSTOM (ST) - The homilies of S.John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, on the Second Epistle of St.Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians
BOOKS082078I: CHRYSSA - Chryssa: Cityscapes
BOOKS265574I: CHUA, DAVE - The beating and other stories
BOOKS044114I: CHUA, CATHY - Maud Jean Franc: a feminist response to the novels
BOOKS157193I: CHUBIN, SHAHRAM AND OTHERS - Security in the Gulf (Parts 1-4)
BOOKS245792I: CHUDLEY, R. & GREENO, R. (EDS) - Building construction handbook
BOOKS229861I: CHUDLEY, RON - The incredible Brother Thomas Dunckerley
BOOKS254662I: CHUI, MARJORIE - Justice without fear or favour: reflections of a Chinese magistrate in colonial Hong Kong
BOOKS205525I: KUANG KO-ZEN & LI PEI-CHUN (EDS) - Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae, tomus 21: Angiospermae: Dicotyledoneae: Myricaceae, Juglandaceae, Betulaceae
BOOKS244950I: CHUNG, PAUL S. - Postcolonial public theology: faith, scientific rationality, and prophetic dialogue
BOOKS161242I: CHUNG, YOUNG YANG - The art of Oriental embroidery: history, aesthetics, and techniques
BOOKS231257I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The Sampler
BOOKS210350I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Plato's Mistake
BOOKS228898I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Mary Shelley
BOOKS116145I: CHURCH, F.J. (ED) - The trial and death of Socrates: being the Euthyphron, Apology, Crito, an dPhaedo of Plato
BOOKS219310I: CHURCH, BOB & GATHERCOLE, PETER - Imitations of the trout's world
BOOKS001873I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Speaking aloud
BOOKS033091I: CHURCH, A.H. - English porcelain of the eighteenth century
BOOKS016483I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Calm October: essays
BOOKS038089I: CHURCH, RICHARD - North of Rome
BOOKS039241I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The lamp
BOOKS049767I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The nightingale
BOOKS053344I: CHURCH, RICHARD - North of Rome
BOOKS114917I: CHURCH, RICHARD - A country window: a round of essays
BOOKS028139I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The growth of the English novel
BOOKS239212I: CHURCH, BOB & GATHERCOLE, PETER - Imitations of the trout's world
BOOKS059752I: CHURCH, RICHARD - A window on a hill
BOOKS057640I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Mary Shelley
BOOKS117191I: CHURCH, R.W - Village sermons preached at Whatley, second series
BOOKS267234I: CHURCH, R. W. - The Oxford movement, Twelve years 1833-1845
BOOKS205808I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The Royal parks of London
BOOKS164794I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The lamp
BOOKS110282I: CHURCH, RICHARD - A window on a hill
BOOKS106458I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The growth of the English novel
BOOKS165621I: CHURCH, ALFRED J - The burning of Rome: a story of Nero's days
BOOKS064713I: TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Trinity Presbyterian Church: Our Jubilee, 1884-1934
BOOKS168390I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The solitary man and other poems
BOOKS030335I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Kent's contribution
BOOKS168374I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Twentieth-century psalter
BOOKS088480I: CHURCH, RICHARD - Calm October: essays
BOOKS212039I: CHURCH, R.J. HARRISON - Modern colonization
BOOKS252649I: THE COUNCIL FOR THE CARE OF CHURCHES - Church extensions and adaptations
BOOKS004331I: CENTRAL COUNCIL FOR THE CARE OF CHURCHES - The care of churches: their upkeep and protection
BOOKS252681I: COUNCIL FOR THE CARE OF CHURCHES - The Conservation and Repair of Bells and Bellframes
BOOKS267730I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S / EADE, CHARLES (COMPILER) - The war speeches of the Rt. Hon. Winston S Churchill (3 Volume Set)
BOOKS205823I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S.Churchill, volume I companion, part 2: 1896-1900
BOOKS188235I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - War speeches (Volumes 1 and 2, of 3)
BOOKS205822I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill, volume I companion, part I: 1874-1896
BOOKS260089I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - The world crisis 1916-1918, Part I
BOOKS243942I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Richard Carvel
BOOKS213310I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Painting as a pastime
BOOKS027383I: CHURCHILL, RHONA - White man's god
BOOKS058735I: CHURCHILL, ELSE (COMP). - Census copies and indexes in the library of the Society of Genealogists
BOOKS184552I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S - Winston S. Churchill, Volume II companion parts I, II & III
BOOKS267695I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Second World War, complete in six volumes
BOOKS182982I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The world crisis, volumes I - V
BOOKS219442I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill, volume I Companion, Part 2: 1896 - 1900
BOOKS235012I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The celebrity: an episode
BOOKS260584I: CHURCHILL, JEREMY - Honda MBX/MTX125 and MTX200 125cc, 194cc 1983-85 Owner's Workshop Manual
BOOKS230919I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill Volume 1 companion, Part 2 1896-1900
BOOKS207651I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The world crisis 1916-18, part I
BOOKS257907I: CHURCHILL, RUEL V. & BROWN, JAMES WARD - Complex variables and applications
BOOKS233962I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - A history of the English speaking peoples, volumes I - IV
BOOKS008954I: CHURCHILL, PEREGRINE AND MITCHELL, JULIAN - Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill: a portrait with letters
BOOKS061913I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill, volume I: Youth 1874-1900
BOOKS124171I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S.Churchill, Volume I companion, part I: 1874-1896
BOOKS184553I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S - Winston S. Churchill, Volume I companion, parts I & II
BOOKS177764I: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S - Winston S Churchill: volume I companion, Parts 1 & 2
BOOKS162948I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. AND OTHERS - Illustrated, November 24th 1951
BOOKS166714I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - The world crisis, vols 1-5
BOOKS234361I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - The world crisis, 1911-1914
BOOKS208888I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Great speeches of the 20th Century: We shall fight on the beaches. Winston churchill June 4 1940
BOOKS266887I: CHURCHILL, T. O. - The life of Lord Viscount Nelson, Duke of Bronte, &c.
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BOOKS141431I: CLEVELEY, K.G. (ED) - The war record book of the Gloucestershire Special Constabulary
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BOOKS050833I: CLIFFORD, MARTIN (FRANK RICHARDS) - The man from the past
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BOOKS128468I: CLOUGH, BRYAN & MUNGO, PAUL - Approaching Zero
BOOKS263755I: CLOUGH, ROBERT - A treatise on the exploitation of mines: Antoine Grimoald Monnet, a forgotten French chemist and metallurgist 1734-1817
BOOKS238781I: CLOUGH, VALERIE - Sir Ralph Richardson: a life in the theatre
BOOKS116544I: CLOUGH, E.A. - A short-title catalogue arranged geographically of books printed and distributed by printers, publishers and booksellers in the English provincial towns and in Scotland and Ireland up to and including the year 1700
BOOKS060150I: CLOUGH, ARTHUR HUGH / BEER, JOHN (ED) - Arthur Hugh Clough
BOOKS085896I: CLOUGH, ROBERT T. - The lead smelting mills of the Yorkshire Dales: their architectural character, construction and place in European tradition
BOOKS256070I: CLOUGH, E. A. (COMPLIED) - A short-title catalogue arranged geographically of books printed and distributed by printers, publishers and booksellers in the English provincial towns...and Ireland up to and including the year 1700
BOOKS222158I: CLOUGH, BRIAN - Clough: the autobiography
BOOKS145988I: CLOUSTON, D. - From the Orcades to Ind
BOOKS250248I: CLOUSTON, J. STORER - After the deed
BOOKS165882I: CLOUSTON, D. - From the Orcades to Ind
BOOKS024304I: CLOUSTON, J. STORER - Count Bunker
BOOKS264217I: CLOUSTON, HARRY - The happy hobo
BOOKS095418I: CLOUT, HUGH D. - Rural geography: an introductory survey
BOOKS102784I: CLOUT, HUGH (ED) - Europe's cities in the late twentienth century
BOOKS155115I: CLOW, W.M. (ED) - The Bible readers encyclopaedia and concordance
BOOKS231812I: CLOWES, G.S. LAIRD - Sailing ships: their history & development as illustrated by the colection of ship-models in the Science Museum, part 1: Historical notes
BOOKS054317I: CLOWNEY, PAUL AND CLOWNEY, TESSA - Exploring churches
BOOKS247148I: ALCUIN CLUB - A directory of ceremonial, part I
BOOKS060718I: ROYAL CALCUTTA TURF CLUB - The racing calendar from 1st April 1917 to 31st March 1918, Vol XXX
BOOKS013063I: JOCKEY CLUB - Compendium of international classifications 1977-1991
BOOKS039803I: KENNEL CLUB - The Kennel Club Stud Book for the year 1965: vol. XCIII
BOOKS038191I: KENNEL CLUB - The Kennel Club Stud Book for the year 1967: Vol.XCV
BOOKS152381I: RICHMOND RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB - The Richmond Record, season 63/64
BOOKS049690I: PORTLAND CLUB - Laws of duplicate contract bridge 1963: the international code
BOOKS267948I: ROYAL AIR FORCE MANSTON HISTORY CLUB - RAF Manston in old photographs
BOOKS230513I: KENT COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Kent County Cricket Club, 1922: rules, list of subscribers, matches played in 1922, balance sheet, report, list of pictures & ornaments, &c.
BOOKS204305I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Summary of papers read before the Shakespeare Club 1909-10
BOOKS204304I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Annual report of the Shakespeare Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, for the session 1931-32 together with a summary of papers read before the Club, and the Shakespeare Sermon
BOOKS199339I: CLARICE CLIFF COLLECTORS CLUB - Clarice Cliff Collectors Club Review, edition 2 1990
BOOKS242563I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.X (10) [1867-1868]
BOOKS263092I: DETECTION CLUB - The floating Admiral
BOOKS247229I: BRITISH CALL DUCK CLUB - Call Duck standard & non standard colours
BOOKS266733I: ROLLS-ROYCE ENTHUSIASTS CLUB - Rolls-Royce enthusiasts club technical manual 1966
BOOKS168349I: ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Marlboro British Grand Prix , Sunday July 18th 1982, Brands Hatch
BOOKS263303I: BARBARIAN FOOTBALL CLUB - Barbarians v South Africa, Cardiff Arms Park, Saturday 4th February 1961: official programme
BOOKS151708I: ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Programme of the Royal Automobile Club British Grand Prix and "500"c.c. National race at the R.A.C. Silverstone Circuit, 14th May, 1949
BOOKS263323I: BARBARIAN FOOTBALL CLUB - Barbarians v New Zealand, Cardiff Arms Park, Saturday 15th February 1964: official programme
BOOKS113227I: ALLINGTON CLASSIC BOAT CLUB - The classic boats of Allington
BOOKS184641I: BROOKLANDS AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB - Brooklands Automobile Racing Club official race card, Easter Monday, April 6th, 1931
BOOKS242327I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Marylebone Club cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.XI [1869-1870]
BOOKS204303I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Summary of papers read before the Shakespeare Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, during the session 1918-19 together with the Shakespeare Sermon, 1919
BOOKS234522I: DETECTION CLUB - The floating admiral
BOOKS165367I: BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB - The Venetian School: pictures by Titian and his contemporaries
BOOKS232581I: BRITISH RACING & SPORTS CAR CLUB - Racing Car Show, January 22nd - 30th, 1965: souvenir catalogue and guide
BOOKS242339I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Marylebone Club cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.IX [1865-1866]
BOOKS253722I: BATH CRICKET CLUB - Bath Cricket Club centenary 1859-1959
BOOKS047614I: ART DIRECTORS CLUB - Twelfth annual of advertising art
BOOKS178104I: THE VINTAGE MOTOR CYCLE CLUB - 24th annual Banbury Run and Concours d'Elegance, June 18th, 1972: official programme
BOOKS111341I: CAIRNGORM CLUB - The Cairngorm Club Journal, vol.XVI, no.88, 1951-52
BOOKS238323I: PYGMY GOAT CLUB - Pygmy goats
BOOKS266634I: WORCESTERSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Worcestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1964
BOOKS164287I: CLUBB, STACEY - Ready and willing
BOOKS065126I: CLUCAS, HELEN & LINDSAY, ALAN - The real food of China
BOOKS176584I: CLUCAS, PHILIP - Britain: the landscape below
BOOKS104201I: CLUDERAY, TERENCE M. - Under Yorber Scar: a selection of Dales verse
BOOKS234685I: CLUER, ANDREW & WINRAM, RON - Plymouth and Plymothians: photographs and memories
BOOKS257500I: CLUFF, ALGY - By the way
BOOKS260260I: CLUNE, FRANK & STEPHENSON, P.R. - The Pirates of the Brig Cyprus
BOOKS247055I: CLUNE, FRANK - Dig: the tragic story of the Burke and Wills Expedition
BOOKS163452I: CLUNE, FRANK - The incredible outback adventure of Burke & Wills
BOOKS016394I: CLUNN, HAROLD P. - The face of Paris
BOOKS215185I: CLUSTER, DICK - Repulse monkey
BOOKS267934I: CLUTE, JOHN & GRANT, JOHN - The encyclopedia of fantasy
BOOKS175861I: CLUTTERBUCK, IVAN - The pelican in the wilderness: a tale of adventure and theology
BOOKS134732I: CLUTTON-BROCK, A. - The Cathedral Church of York: a description of its fabric and a brief history of the Archi-Episcopal See
BOOKS208731I: CLUTTON, CECIL AND OTHERS - The racing car: development & design
BOOKS244917I: CLUTTON-BROCK, OLIVER - RAF Evaders: the comprehensive story of thousands of escapers and their escape lines, Western Europe, 1940-1945
BOOKS216603I: CLUTTON-BROCK, JULIET & GRIGSON, CAROLINE (EDS) - Animals and archaeology 3: early herders and their flocks
BOOKS187271I: CLYNES, SOLOMON (ED) - A biographical register of Old Mancunians 1914-1965 (including amendments for pre-1914)
BOOKS041727I: CLYNES, MICHAEL - The White Rose murders
BOOKS089066I: CMHC - Canadian wood-frame house construction
BOOKS260236I: SOTHEBY & CO - The magnificent botanical library of the Stiftung fur Botanik Vaduz, Liechtenstein, collected by the late Arpad Plesch (3 volumes)
BOOKS135785I: FREEMAN & CO. - Hinges, locks, ironfoundry, list no.TC/3, 1st May, 1933
BOOKS150894I: L. SMIT & CO. - L Smith & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst, Rotterdam
BOOKS188560I: HOUGHTON & CO. - The Birmingham Post Office directory for 1882
BOOKS187670I: JOHN E. PRITCHARD & CO - Stinchcombe Manor, Stinchcombe, Glos: catalogue of the substantial residue of the superior furniture etc
BOOKS188729I: G.W.BACON & CO - Bacon's county map and guide: Gloucester with parts of adjoining counties
BOOKS103205I: PIGOT & CO. - Pigot & Co's British atlas comprising the counties of England
BOOKS183679I: H.J. GREEN & CO. - Recipes
BOOKS102089I: ED. J. BURROW & CO. - The North Cotswolds: a descriptive guide to the principal places of interest in this charming region
BOOKS185345I: MORRIS MOTOR CO. - Deze wagen is werkelijk een success: Morris Minor 1000
BOOKS185341I: FORD MOTOR CO - Consul 'n wagen uit de 5 sterren serie
BOOKS142845I: RUBERY OWEN & CO. - Handbook on structural steelwork: properties and safe loads
BOOKS092250I: SAALFIELDS PUB. CO. - Three little kittens
BOOKS026271I: FORD MOTOR CO. - The new Anglia instruction book
BOOKS029400I: BRITISH FERROGRAPH RECORDER CO. - The manual of the "Ferrograph"
BOOKS131208I: OFFER WATERMAN & CO. - Modern British art
BOOKS040987I: SINGER MANUFACTURING CO. - Illustrated list of parts for class 16K machines
BOOKS077116I: FORD MOTOR CO. - Anglia Prefect (sales brochure)
BOOKS242334I: CASSELL & CO - Cassell's Book of the household: a work of reference on domestic economy, volume II
BOOKS176049I: GRANGE FIBRE CO - Bob the Binder's progress
BOOKS263339I: SHANKS & CO - Replacement parts for marine fittings (list no.976), May, 1959
BOOKS090179I: STANDARD MOTOR CO. - Instruction book: Standard "Eight" saloon 1954-5
BOOKS183654I: ROWNTREE & CO. - Rowntree's Table Jelly delights and how to make them
BOOKS230960I: BELLING & CO - The "Belling" cookery book
BOOKS231868I: HOOPER & CO - Hooper's Gardening guide: flower gardening, kitchen gardening, calendar og garden operations, &c., &c.
BOOKS084515I: STANDARD MOTOR CO. - Practical hints for the maintenance of the Standard "Atlas" van & pick-up
BOOKS084520I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO. - Austin A90 'Six' & A105 models: running and maintenance instructions
BOOKS035571I: FORD MOTOR CO. - The "De Luxe" Ford instruction book
BOOKS252532I: HILLMAN MOTOR CAR CO - The new Hillman Minx series I, II, III & IIIA: Husky & Comer Cob, series I & II: workshop manual
BOOKS217252I: IRANOL CO. - Iranol products data sheets, April 2007
BOOKS242973I: FENNING & CO - English churchyard and cemetery memorials
BOOKS184989I: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian manuscripts
BOOKS185754I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO - Austin: in front again this year
BOOKS185683I: LATHAM & CO - Recipes for "OMA" food products: Cakeoma, Spongeoma, Queen cakes, Pudding mixture; Corn flour, Custard powder, Jelly crystals, Self-raising flour, Table salt
BOOKS218879I: DECCA RECORD CO. - Jazz on LP's: - a collectors' guide to jazz on Decca, Brunswick, Capitol, London and Felsted long playing records
BOOKS261870I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO - Austin Ten saloon and van series G.S.I & G.V.I service manual
BOOKS092836I: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of valuable atlases, Americana, travel and navigation
BOOKS263125I: JOHN KIDD & CO - "Fleetset" (quick-setting) Letterpress Inks
BOOKS239362I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO - Austin Twelve series H.S.1 and Sixteen series B.S.1 service manual
BOOKS176166I: W. CANNING & CO. - The Canning handbook on electro-plating, polishing, bronzing, lacquering, enamelling
BOOKS123414I: FRANCIS WHITE & CO. - General and commercial directory and topography of the Borough of Birmingham, with Aston, Edgbaston, Handsworth, Smethwick, West Bromwich, Hill Top, &c.
BOOKS121413I: ROCHESTER OPTICAL CO. - The Premo camera, Rochester Optical Co., 1898: cameras, lenses, accessories: illustrated catalog and historical introduction
BOOKS067468I: CASSELL & CO. - Cassell's history of the Boer War 1899-1902 (2 volumes)
BOOKS239931I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO. - The Austin Seven driver's handbook
BOOKS248495I: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW & CO - Bartholomew's new reduced survey sheet 19 Huntingdon, Cambridge, etc., scale 2 miles to an inch: coloured, for tourists and cyclists
BOOKS104100I: EDGAR VAUGHAN & CO - A handbook on leather packings for hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms
BOOKS196964I: HALFORD CYCLE CO - Halford Cycle Co Motorists 1929 catalogue
BOOKS229640I: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO - Ballet, theatre and music-hall material, Sale catalogue Thursday 29th October 1981
BOOKS229641I: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO - Catalogue of opera, ballet and cabarey costumes from the Monte Carlo opera house, Sales catalogue Sunday 16th November 1980
BOOKS112001I: RUSSELL & CO. - Russell's graphic guide to the Isle of Wight

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