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BOOKS144538I: - Who killed Cock Robin?
BOOKS195848I: - Dod's Parliamentary Companion 1979: new parliament edition
BOOKS119702I: - The first prayer-book as issued by the authority of the parliament of the second year of King Edward VI
BOOKS203167I: - Punch, volume CCXXV ( 235), nos.6150-6177, 2 July - 31 December 1958
BOOKS180908I: - The Navy year book and diary 1957
BOOKS119837I: W.O.H. - Hymns we will always cherish
BOOKS119862I: - Great thoughts from master minds, vol. X, July to December 1888
BOOKS119863I: - Great thoughts from master minds, vol. XV111, October 1892 to Marc 1893
BOOKS119864I: - Great thoughts from master minds, vol. XXXII, October 1899 to March 1900
BOOKS152476I: - Wonderful Australia in pictures
BOOKS189640I: J.H.G. (JULIANA HORATIO GATTY EWING) - Melchior's dream and other tales
BOOKS228085I: - Souvenir of Scotland: its cities, lakes and mountains.
BOOKS107540I: - Graphis, volume 51, issues no.293-300, 1995
BOOKS149742I: F.M.S. - King Jack of Haylands: a tale of school life
BOOKS149801I: - 'English Electric' cooker book
BOOKS149818I: - Regional policy in EFTA: an examination of the growth centre idea
BOOKS149819I: - National settlement strategies: a framework for regional development
BOOKS196079I: - Dod's peerage and baronetage (1953): Coronation year
BOOKS182671I: - The wonder book of the R.A.F.
BOOKS208192I: - New Zealand
BOOKS186474I: - The Whitehall Gazette and St. James's review, September-October 1931
BOOKS120004I: - The Psalms: a new translation
BOOKS120363I: - Scottish country dance books XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV, (the pocket edition)
BOOKS181655I: - The Scottish nation, divis IX: Smith - Zet
BOOKS181656I: - The Scottish nation, diivis II: Barc - Burn
BOOKS057868I: - Reparing and restoring antiques
BOOKS171535I: - Quiggin's illustrated guide and visitors' companion through the Isle of Man
BOOKS203294I: - Rupert story puzzle: Rupert and the little river
BOOKS186481I: - Official catalogue of the exhibition and parades of ancient and historic vehicles and description of the old-tile Meet of the Royal Buck Hounds
BOOKS159294I: - The Royal Academy illustrated 1948: a selection from the 180th exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts
BOOKS181489I: - 'Illustrated' souvenir issue: the coronation in wonderful pictures: overseas enlarged number, 13 June 1953
BOOKS207385I: - The Railway Magazine, volume 97 January to December 1951.
BOOKS062636I: - Oilpull: the new 1928 Super Powered Oilpulls
BOOKS183794I: - Dewar Cup 1974: international lawn tennis: official programme
BOOKS191574I: - Weighted Words
BOOKS123076I: - A brief history of The King's Royal Rifle Corps 1755 to 1948
BOOKS186159I: - The hay and cattle measurer: a series of tables, showing by measurement the wight of hay & corn in round or oblong stacks and the live and dead weight of cattle, sheep, and swine
BOOKS204832I: - The minstration of publick baptism of infants to be used in St. Mary's Frampton
BOOKS156802I: - Baily's hunting directory 2003-2004
BOOKS129816I: - Who's who in Show Biz
BOOKS120305I: - Songs of worship
BOOKS120343I: - Melanges de science religieuse: revue trimestrielle, XXXIXe annee No.1, Mars 1972
BOOKS113485I: - Fab208 1976
BOOKS179772I: - Meccano Magazine, vol XXXIV, nos 1-12, January-December 1949
BOOKS181515I: - Erziehungskunst: monatsschrift zur Pädagogik Rudolf Steiners, 1978 (4 issues)
BOOKS181516I: - Erziehungskunst: monatsschrift zur Pädagogik Rudolf Steiners, 4, April 1973
BOOKS185666I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CCXXX, no.6026, February 29th 1956
BOOKS185667I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CCXXX, no.6018, January 4th 1956
BOOKS003270I: - Newnes complete needlecraft
BOOKS034399I: - Common farm weeds illustrated
BOOKS127449I: - On zoomorphic forms in antiquities: Neolithic Age
BOOKS185213I: - Milk recipes
BOOKS132195I: - Tornado annual 1980
BOOKS218601I: - BBC. Handbook 1970
BOOKS190809I: - Ho Model Miniatures Minitanks manual: purpose - statistics - history
BOOKS233201I: - National Vegetable Research Station: twentieth annual report, 1969
BOOKS043952I: - Nickel-molybdenum acicular cast iron
BOOKS190932I: - Complete home cookery
BOOKS127384I: - Chinese jades: archaic and modern, from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
BOOKS127390I: - Ancient jade of Hangzhou
BOOKS199257I: - Pioneering: the story of the colour design and style centre of the cotton industry 1940-1946
BOOKS202952I: - The golden string: a new collection of fairy stories
BOOKS182756I: - Longman's Magazine, vol.XIV, May to October 1889
BOOKS201123I: - "The Studio" yearbook of decorative art: a review of the latest developments in the artistic construction, decoration and furnishing of the house, 1916
BOOKS201120I: - Annuaire d'art decoratif du "Studio": revue des plus recents progres dans l'art de construire de decorer et de meubler les maisons, 1912
BOOKS201119I: - Annuaire d'art decoratif du "Studio" (8e annee), 1913
BOOKS201111I: - "The Studio" yearbook of decorative art 1914
BOOKS201139I: - Burrow's guide to the Thames Valley
BOOKS182775I: - Motor Sport, vol.LXI, no.9, September 1983
BOOKS182776I: - Motor Sport, vol.XLIX, no.5, May 1973
BOOKS182777I: - Motor Sport, vol.LVI, no.2, February 1980
BOOKS120718I: - Songs of Fellowship for praise and worship, book three
BOOKS120647I: - Songs of Fellowship for praise and worship, book two
BOOKS150708I: - Bus Stop: the story of the film starring Marilyn Monroe
BOOKS197730I: - International bibliography of the social sciences (IBS), 2007: International bibliography of sociology, volume LVII (57)
BOOKS155435I: - Nelson's concordance to the Bible: dictionary of proper names and subject index
BOOKS132585I: - The Hungarian chemical industry
BOOKS145015I: G.B. - Family prayers, for cottagers
BOOKS120879I: - New songs for praise & worship: the 1986/7 music book
BOOKS195022I: - Who's Who 1953
BOOKS121025I: - The New Testament in four versions: King James, Revised Standard, Phillips Modern English, New English Bible
BOOKS130239I: - Photograms of the year 1959
BOOKS121559I: - A Chinese-English dictionary
BOOKS114528I: - A Chinese-English dictionary of international trade and finance
BOOKS115061I: - The Stage year book 1963
BOOKS205512I: - Blackwood's Magazine, number 1543, May 1944
BOOKS182920I: - Arte Veneta: rivista trimestrale di storia dell'arte, anno I, numbero 2, Aprile-Giugno 1947
BOOKS199003I: - Watford school of printing, eighth year book 1937-38
BOOKS206328I: - Etiquette for gentlemen: a guide to the observances of good society
BOOKS186322I: - Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy, volume II: wireless telegraphy theory (B.R.230)
BOOKS216487I: [LABOUCHERE, HENRY] - Diary of the besieged resident in Paris, reprinted from "The daily news", with several new letters and preface, in one volume
BOOKS191927I: - Figaro Exposition (English edition) 1889
BOOKS183045I: - Cries of the heart: poems of Africa
BOOKS008298I: - Have ye never read?
BOOKS120556I: - The Magnet companion: a collective biography, index and directory
BOOKS121369I: - Film Fun annual 1949
BOOKS121370I: - Film Fun annual 1950
BOOKS046784I: - Ardnamurchan: annals of the parish
BOOKS197126I: - Daily Mail 1950-51 football guide
BOOKS120881I: - New songs for praise and worship: the 1987/88 music book
BOOKS120882I: - New songs for praise and worship: the 1989/90 music book
BOOKS120883I: - New songs for praise and worship: the 1990/91 music book
BOOKS160832I: - Cart Navigation Act 1885
BOOKS023361I: - Roma e le vie consolari: paesaggi storici e artistici
BOOKS121328I: - Traces and Omens 2005: Noorderlicht
BOOKS209028I: - Train detection for two-rail
BOOKS209023I: - Calvert's Mechanics' year book 1942
BOOKS209008I: - Notes on the old glass of the Cathedral Church of Christ Canterbury
BOOKS167167I: - The adventures of Rupert
BOOKS201759I: - Belhagen & Klasing's Monatshefte XXVIII, jahrgang 1913/1914 (parts 1-4, Sept.-Dec.1913)
BOOKS228172I: - Australian painters of the Heidelberg School: the Jack Manton Collection
BOOKS164490I: - Hand-list of coniferae, cycadaceae and gnetaceae in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the National Pinetum, Bedgebury
BOOKS196605I: - Modern British aircraft: typical British military and civil machines in service today: a pictorial record
BOOKS160930I: - Index to Records of Bucks, vols I to X
BOOKS187370I: - Anno quadragesimo tertio Georgii III Regis, Cao.III: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand eight hundred and three [17th December 1802]
BOOKS190201I: - "Sporting Life" Flat results in full 1990
BOOKS178808I: - Motor Sport, vol.XLVIII (48), no. 11, November 1982
BOOKS232961I: - The Needlewoman: a magazine of exclusive fashions in dress and in the home, no.90, Feb.1930
BOOKS179956I: - Punch, volume CCXVIII (218), 4 January to 28 June 1950
BOOKS176280I: - Quatuor Sermones
BOOKS160045I: - Holy Bible: English Standard Version
BOOKS138627I: - My pop-up book of nursery rhymes.
BOOKS121721I: - Lynn Chadwick
BOOKS232265I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, December 2013 issue
BOOKS232268I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, August 2013 (The handmade issue)
BOOKS232266I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, October 2013 issue
BOOKS232267I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, September 2013 issue
BOOKS188863I: - The "Kodak" magazine for amateur photographers, vol.IV, nos.1-12, January - December 1926
BOOKS211991I: - Showell's Housekeeper's account book for one year with complete tables of expenditure, hints on household economy, etc., etc. (1906)
BOOKS199659I: - Autograph ABP
BOOKS021040I: - Woman's Own book of cake decorating and cake making
BOOKS121649I: - "Life": the first decade, 1939-45
BOOKS170299I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, vol. 126, 1962 (12 issues)
BOOKS120871I: - Rupert and the Cloudmobile
BOOKS185153I: - Needlework Illustrated (7 issues)
BOOKS004840I: - Our Royal family: the record of a happy marriage
BOOKS231851I: - Tottenham Hotspur handbook 1923-24
BOOKS053503I: - Rupert and the wild goose chase
BOOKS182635I: - Pitman's book of synonms and antonyms
BOOKS191293I: H.W. (HEREWARD WAKE) - Laugh again with me
BOOKS161931I: - Handbook of the Royal Naval Sick Berth Staff
BOOKS196305I: - Handbook to the University of Oxford
BOOKS159039I: - State of the countryside 2008
BOOKS079126I: - Craftsmen of quality
BOOKS188205I: - Punch or the London charivari, vol. 2
BOOKS186461I: - Anno duodecimo Georgii III Regis, Cap.VI: an Act for continuining and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy two
BOOKS229668I: - Diana, the paper for girls who love good stories; 1968-1971
BOOKS131121I: - Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), House of Commons: session- 1999-2000
BOOKS119996I: - The State Academic Great Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus
BOOKS170084I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, vol. 121, no.3036, 17 September 1959
BOOKS180858I: - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons under the United Grand Lodge of England, containing the general charges, laws and regulations, etc., etc.
BOOKS180859I: - Leonardo da Vinci: das Lebensbild eines Genies
BOOKS179143I: - A handbook for travellers in Algeria
BOOKS196120I: - The Motor manual, compiled by the staff of The Motor
BOOKS153182I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol. CLXXVI (176), January to June 1929
BOOKS169925I: - The British aircraft industry: a directory of aircraft, aero-engines, component parts, accessories and materials, 1939
BOOKS210594I: - Tall stacks, various atmospheric phenomena, and related aspects
BOOKS170078I: - The Model Engineer, Vols. 108 & 109, 1953 (15 issues)
BOOKS112129I: - Who's who in music and musicians international directory
BOOKS112202I: - Souvenirs de la Basse Normandie
BOOKS220574I: - The Bookman, no.269, vol.XLV, February 1914
BOOKS160834I: - The oyster & mussel fisheries orders confirmation act 1869
BOOKS140813I: - The life and rule of Saint Benedict
BOOKS183859I: - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, Vol. I, No. 5., September 1935
BOOKS183860I: - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, Vol. I, No. 6, October 1935
BOOKS186458I: - Anno vicesimo octavo Georgii III Regis, Cap. XLVI: An Act for discontinuing, for a limited time, the several duties payable in Scotland upon low wines and spirits, and upon worts, wash and other liquors there used in the distillation of spirits....
BOOKS185314I: - Buster and Cor, 1975 (6 issues)
BOOKS156807I: - Hunting year book 1995-96 with diary and hunt maps
BOOKS162321I: - Ludlow: the official guide and history
BOOKS161729I: - Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, new series, volume V, Part 2, 1966
BOOKS161727I: - Lake's illustrated guide to Falmouth, with walks in the neighbourhood
BOOKS160917I: - All about pigs: 800 questions and answers
BOOKS163248I: - The wonder book of aircraft
BOOKS229559I: - Eagle Annual 1983
BOOKS195550I: - Mighty Mouse annual
BOOKS188409I: - The Scottish Mountaineering Club journal, vol. XXIX, no.162, May 1971
BOOKS223680I: - Star Trek Annual 1975
BOOKS180045I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, no.4044, volume CLVI (156) - no.4095, volume CLVII (157), 1919 (15 issues)
BOOKS180046I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CLVIII (158), 1920 (4 issues only)
BOOKS188428I: - The Dandy book
BOOKS140874I: - Smitten City: the story of Portsmouth in the air raids 1940-1944
BOOKS173610I: - The Model Engineer, vol.92, no.2278, Jan.4 1945 - vol.93, no.2320, Oct.25 1945 1945 (41 issues)
BOOKS171486I: - Hokusai: the man mad-on-drawing
BOOKS166295I: - Steamboating, issues no 49 - 52, 1993: Steamboater's handbook volume III
BOOKS183067I: - Whitechapel Art Gallery: Spring exhibition, 1905
BOOKS212093I: - Mere: a Wiltshire country town
BOOKS131654I: - 12th Nailsworth festival: travelling along the trail: a collection of stories for the people of Nailsworth
BOOKS121497I: - The Burr McIntosh Monthly. volume XIII, number 49, April 1907
BOOKS210112I: - Love came so lightly: Australian love sonnets and such
BOOKS211265I: - Results in Glover-West vertical retorts
BOOKS211266I: - The proceedings of the International clean air conference 20-23 October 1959
BOOKS218746I: - Atlas of ancient and classical geography
BOOKS201201I: - The National Gallery, Illustrated general catalogue, 1973
BOOKS145948I: - Atlantis past and to come: an examination from legendary, historical, scientific and psychic sources
BOOKS145961I: - The immigrants' guide and settlers handbook (of New Zealand)
BOOKS225933I: - Arts of the carver; Chinese works of art from an important European collection
BOOKS225932I: - Roger Keverne: Summer exhibition 2004
BOOKS225928I: - A-Z- every car sold in the U. K. 1945-1980
BOOKS225919I: - Arte bajo la ciudad / Art beneath the city: Murales cerámicos, cementos, relieves y esculturas de los Subterráneos de Buenos Aires / Ceramic murals, ... System
BOOKS222281I: - The Organ Loft: organ music suitable for church, recital or cinema, Volume 12
BOOKS222712I: - Winchester College songs.
BOOKS212105I: - Double Page: le livre d'or des grands photographes. no. 32: Le Theatre du Soleil: Shakespeare 2e partie
BOOKS213197I: - Meserchmitt Me 163 Komet
BOOKS212767I: - An abstract of the sufferings of people call'd Quakers, volume II: from the year 1660 to the year 1666
BOOKS028314I: - Amerikanische malerei 1930-1980
BOOKS196887I: - Ricordo del Lago Di Garda
BOOKS196885I: - Ricordo Di Firenza
BOOKS208493I: - Selected methods for the measurement of air pollutants
BOOKS196884I: - Fanfrolicana, June 1928, being a statement of the aims of the Fanfrolico Press both typographical and aesthetic with a complete bibliography and specimen passages and illustrations from the books
BOOKS180752I: - Our song birds
BOOKS196858I: R.D. (RANDALL DAVIES) - Less eminent Victorians
BOOKS123898I: - Football funbook No. 1
BOOKS123899I: - Spider-man and the Uncanny X-men
BOOKS223462I: - VIth British Empire and Commonwealth Games, Wales, 18th-26th July 1958: Souvenir book
BOOKS195551I: - Look-in Television annual 1979
BOOKS167815I: - The warbirds
BOOKS168011I: - School Friend annual 1956
BOOKS134432I: - The complete book of golf
BOOKS124072I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol.XV, no.7, July 1959 (British edition)
BOOKS221084I: - Historical and art medals. Numismatic books. Auction catalogue from Tuesday 11 July 2006
BOOKS175453I: - Aunt Daisy's favourite cookery book
BOOKS209923I: - Schoolboys' stories: tales of school life and adventure
BOOKS152649I: - Golden hours of melodies from the overtures, for the piano, book 9
BOOKS224992I: - The Society of Wood Engravers: The 66th annual exhibition 2003-2004 an illustrated catalogue
BOOKS187464I: - The Old Sennockian News, vol. 9 no. 1, April 1958
BOOKS068315I: - Tests on transport packaging for radioactive materials
BOOKS116037I: - An English translation of the Epistles of St. Ignatius
BOOKS167526I: - Commonwealth in focus: 130 years of photographic history
BOOKS065675I: - 1939 gegen England: berichte und bilder, serausgegeben vom Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
BOOKS225835I: - Pilot's notes for Wellington T 10
BOOKS225873I: - Festival De Cannes: Official programme 2013
BOOKS228173I: - Mortimer in the nineteenth century
BOOKS203118I: - Girls' Fun annual 1951
BOOKS188665I: - Luftwaffe
BOOKS124252I: - Town and country planning: the report of a committee of inquiry appointed by the Nuffield Foundation
BOOKS151375I: - Scottish country dance books (XIII, XIV & XV): pocket edition
BOOKS137517I: - Boys' & girls' book for 1938
BOOKS137521I: - The Rover book for boys (1950 annual)
BOOKS230675I: - Profile publications Numbers 31-60 (inc. Sopwith Camel, Messerschmitt, Spitfaire, Curtis Army Hawks etc.)
BOOKS169460I: - Women's images of men
BOOKS124379I: - Men Only, vol.50, no.197, May 1952
BOOKS124380I: - Men Only, vol.40, no.160, April 1949
BOOKS164629I: - Herbs for health
BOOKS205780I: - Astounding Science Fiction, June 1947
BOOKS162233I: - Chambers's journal, part 20 (8th series), August 1933
BOOKS186482I: - Anno tricesimo Georgii III Regis, Cap.III: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety
BOOKS213747I: - James Reeve portraits (exhibition collection)
BOOKS229952I: - New Zealand facts and figures 1935
BOOKS033682I: - A guide to the Egyptian collections in the British Museum
BOOKS033731I: - In the company of Sir Roger de Coverley
BOOKS160041I: - Fairy tales from the Arabian nights
BOOKS167559I: - Weather: a monthly magazine for all interested in meteorology, vol.XIII, no.3, March 1958
BOOKS028548I: - Silk: how and where it is produced
BOOKS095651I: - British paintings & works on paper, 1890-1990
BOOKS113192I: - Le Musée d'Orsay
BOOKS233364I: - A week's holiday in the Forest of Dean: a series of original sketches with five photographic views, many illustrations and a map
BOOKS196384I: - Kojak Annual 1977
BOOKS211341I: - Let us win through together; a declaration of Labour policy for the consideration of the nation, 1950
BOOKS229951I: - Spell-binder, Feb 84. No 34, Vol 3
BOOKS181483I: - The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol.26, nos.1-3, 1985
BOOKS230541I: - The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine for the year 1827: being a continuation of the Arminian or Methodist Magazine, vol.VI of the Third series (volume L, from the commencement)
BOOKS186736I: - The Illustrated London News, vol.XLIX (49), nos.1379 - 1406, July 7 - December 29 1866
BOOKS131657I: - Cheshire village memories II
BOOKS175315I: - Little Lizzie & her dog Charley
BOOKS124795I: - How to do card tricks: easily manipulated (miscellaneous collection, with illustrations)
BOOKS190219I: - Sportsman's Magazine: official bulletin, Sportsmen's Association, vol.III, no.9, September 1899
BOOKS130426I: - The Motor manual
BOOKS160828I: - North British Railway Act 1882
BOOKS160829I: - Perth General Station Act 1884
BOOKS196836I: - Wolfe: portraiture and genealogy
BOOKS196822I: - Fables de la J. de Fontaine
BOOKS211467I: - Chambercombe Olde Manor Farm
BOOKS196788I: - Map of the rivers & broads of Norfolk & Suffolk
BOOKS187542I: - Anno vicesimo quarto Georgii III Regis, Cap.I: an Act for continuing and granting to His majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four
BOOKS197819I: - IBSS: Anthropology: 2007 Vol.53: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences: Anthropology v. 53
BOOKS209648I: - Flight: first aero weekly in the world, no. 152 (no.47, vol.III), November 25 1911
BOOKS193510I: - Peter Rabbit also Henny Penny and Puss-in-Boots
BOOKS193106I: - The standard catalogue of the postage stamps of the world (1938)
BOOKS196529I: - Lady Penelope annual
BOOKS232164I: - Materials for embedded learning: effective communication for international nurses, modules 3-4 & 5-6 (Teacher reference pack)
BOOKS212112I: - Double Page: le livre d'or d'un grand photographe, numero 21: Le Theatre du Soleil: Shakespeare
BOOKS161128I: - Art treasures from Japan
BOOKS152821I: - Our national Cathedrals (the richest architectural heritage of the British nation): their history and architecture from their foundation to modern times, with special account of modern restorations, volume II
BOOKS229092I: - The organs and organists of Winchester Cathedral
BOOKS163370I: - The aircraft picture book
BOOKS225212I: - Early history of the Forster Family (reprinted from an ancient book)
BOOKS153893I: - Ward and Lock's pictorial and historical handbook to Scotland: its mountains, lakes and rivers
BOOKS206209I: - The prepared mind
BOOKS129021I: - The Boy's Own Paper Volume 81 No 9, June 1959
BOOKS170301I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, vol.126, no.3160,1 February 1962
BOOKS203122I: - The Champion annual for boys for 1936
BOOKS231852I: - The Tottenham Hotspur football handbook 1928-1929
BOOKS231853I: - The Tottenham Hotspur Football Handbook 1932-1933
BOOKS150725I: - Instruments Industrial - Scientific, vol.1, no.2 - vol.1 no.12, January - December 1928
BOOKS141146I: - The herd book of Hereford cattle, vol. LXXXI (1951)
BOOKS220514I: - The Bookman Christmas double number 1912 (no.255, vol.XLIII, December 1912)
BOOKS125173I: S.I.G.N.A.L. - Gloucestershire waterways
BOOKS224589I: - The new forget-me-not, a calendar
BOOKS167514I: - Manchester and its region: a survey
BOOKS199018I: - Skin troubles
BOOKS125469I: - Air warfare in the West 1943
BOOKS209641I: - Flight : first aero weekly in the world, no.143 (no.38, vol.III), September 23 1911
BOOKS199338I: - Clarice Cliff Collectors Club, edition one, 1990
BOOKS187195I: - Anno sexto Georgii IV Regis, Cap.CV: an Act to repeal several laws relating to the Customs [5th July 1825]
BOOKS165532I: - Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 1947-48
BOOKS125567I: - Yesterday once more
BOOKS233894I: - Setting up enterprises in Japan [5th edition]
BOOKS185700I: - Robin Hood and his Merry Men
BOOKS133350I: - The Hotspur book for boys 1981
BOOKS199282I: - Contemporary poets of 1973: an anthology of contemporary verse
BOOKS125641I: - Indian Studies, second series
BOOKS125642I: - Indian Studies, second series
BOOKS199605I: - Gloucester Cathedral: a collection of permanent photographs (with descriptive text)
BOOKS209922I: - The jolly book for boys and girls
BOOKS125710I: - Television star book (1964)
BOOKS178804I: - Motor Sport, Vol XXXII (32), no.8, August 1956
BOOKS213313I: - Merchant Taylor s' School; its origin, history and present surroundings
BOOKS163040I: - Woman's Magazine, July 1938
BOOKS125758I: - Blackwood's Magazine, vol. CCXXXVIII, no.MCCCCXLI - vol.CCXXXIX no.MCCCXLVI, November 1935-April 1936
BOOKS196327I: - A new pocket companion for Oxford: or, Guide through the University
BOOKS196468I: - The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland, vol.I, fourth series, 1870-71
BOOKS125903I: - The Railway Magazine, vol.88, nos.535-542, January-December 1942.
BOOKS178466I: - Touches of nature by eminent artists and authors
BOOKS130971I: M.E.L. - Jim Harding's surrender
BOOKS130969I: M.E.L. - Worth winning over
BOOKS192252I: - Biographies of the celestial beings on the flat peach efte
BOOKS197732I: - International bibliography of the social sciences, 2010: international bibliography of economics, volume LIX (59)
BOOKS147603I: - Rothmans test cricket almanack: 1965 England - South Africa
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BOOKS196766I: - My best mystery story
BOOKS093758I: - Memories of Cheltenham
BOOKS170650I: - The story of Palissy the potter
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BOOKS207516I: - Egyptian Museum, Cairo: a brief description of the principal monuments.
BOOKS207517I: - Stoke-on-Trent Historical Pageant and the Josiah Wedgwood bicentenary celebrations, May 19-24 1930: official souvenir
BOOKS185869I: - Cornwall's southern coast: Falmouth - St.Mawes - Mevagissy - Fowey - Polperro - Looe - Rame Head
BOOKS207473I: - Understanding cardiovascular diseases
BOOKS132923I: - The best traditional recipes of Greek cooking
BOOKS042228I: - Illustrated dictionary of archaeology
BOOKS195552I: - Hulk annual 1983
BOOKS184034I: - "Bestway" no.138: jam dishes
BOOKS188116I: - Cassell's family magazine, illustrated 1880
BOOKS128132I: - Anecdotes of the family circle
BOOKS229709I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1972
BOOKS207369I: - The Railway Magazine, volume 90, January to December 1944
BOOKS190542I: - The Sun guide to the Flat 1998
BOOKS077561I: - Revue Mabillon: international review for ecclesiastical history and literature, nouvelle series 8 (tome 69) 1997
BOOKS001458I: - Overlord - 1944
BOOKS187274I: - The Rossall School register, eighth edition: 1881-1954
BOOKS182182I: - The risings on the North West Frontier, 1897-1898
BOOKS199666I: - Arts decoratifs du XXe Siecle, 11 Octobre 1987
BOOKS185511I: - Look and Learn magazine 1975; 14 issues
BOOKS156673I: - Pictures from the Italian telephone directories: glimpses of a nation's art (1996)
BOOKS190555I: - Tote racing annual 1968
BOOKS156682I: - Guide to the manuscripts and printed books exhibited in celebration of the tercentenary of the Authorized Version: British Museum Bible exhibition, 1911
BOOKS130501I: - Celebrated trials of all countries, and remarkable cases of criminal jurisprudence, selected by a member of the Philadelphia Bar
BOOKS130326I: - Chasse-Maree: histoire et ethnologie maritime: revue bimestrielle, no 39 (Janvier 1989)

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