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272646: --- - The Oriental Voyager; or Descriptive Sketches and Cursory Remarks on a Voyage to India and China in his Majesty's Ship Caroline, Performed in The Years 1803-4-5-6…
272647: --- - Curialia: or, An Historical Account of some Branches of The Royal Household…
272649: --- - Memoirs of William Paley. By George Wilson Meadley.
272650: --- - Lectures on The Four Last Books of The Pentateuch, Designed to shew The Divine Origin of The Jewish Religion, Chiefly From Internal Evidence…
272651: --- - Memoirs of The Life of Peter Daniel Huet, Bishop of Avranches, Written by Himself.
272652: --- - The Select Works of Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, Containing his Microscopical Discoveries in Many of The Works of Nature.
272653: --- - Notes on The Viceroyalty of La Plata, in South America; with a Sketch of The Manners and Characters of The Inhabitants…
272654: --- - History of Brazil, Comprising a Geographical Account of that Country, together with a Narrative of the Most Remarkable Events which have Occurred there since its Discovery…
272655: --- - A Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, Knight, on The Revision of The Bankrupt Law. By William David Evans.
272656: --- - The Epistolary Correspondence of Sir Richard Steele; including his Familiar Letters to his Wife and Daughters, to which are prefixed…
272610: --- - An Authentic Narrative of The Proceedings of The Expedition under The Command of Brigadier-General Cranford, under its Arrival at Monte Video…
272611: --- - Memoirs of John Lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, Written by Himself…
272613: --- - The Works of Sallust; to which are Prefixed Two Essays on The Life, Literary Character, and Writings of The Historian; with Notes Historical, Biographical, and Critical. By Henry Steuart.
272614: --- - The Works of Sallust; Translated into English by The Late Arthur Murphy.
272615: --- - Richmond Hill; a Descriptive and Historical Poem; Illustrative of The Principal Objects Viewed from that Beautiful Eminence. Decorated with Engravings. By The Author of Indian Antiquities.
272616: --- - Memoirs of The Rise and Progress of The Royal Navy. By Charles Derrick.
272617: --- - The Rise, Fall, and Future Restoration of The Jews. To which are Annexed, Six Sermons, Addressed to The Seed of Abraham by Several Evangelical Ministers…
272618: --- - Transactions of The Parisian Sanbedrim, or Acts of The Assembly of Israelitish Deputies of France and Italy, Convoked at Paris by an Imperial and Royal Decree, Dated May 30, 1806…
272619: --- - General View of The Agriculture of The County of Essex. Drawn up for The Consideration of The Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement. By The Secretary of The Board.
272620: --- - Mr. Coxe's History of The House of Austria.
272621: --- - The Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of Crural and Unbilical Hernia. By Astley Cooper.
272623: --- - Considerations on The Course, Objects, and Consequences of The Present War, and on The Expediency, or The Danger of Peace with France. By William Ruscoe.
272624: --- - The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth Among which are Interspersed other Solemnities, Public Expenditures and Remarkable Events, During The Reign of that Illustrious Princess…
272625: --- - Picturesque Tour through Spain. By Henry Swinburne.
272626: --- - Captain Burney's Chronological History of The Voyages and Discoveries in The South Sea, Vol. II.
272628: --- - An Essay on The Nature of Fever, being an Attempt to Ascertain The Principles of its Treatment By A. Philips Wilson.
272629: --- - The Satires of Juvenal; Translated and Illustrated by Francis Hodgson.
272630: --- - Struggles through Life, Exemplified in The Various Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, of Lieutenant John Harriott.
272631: --- - Edwy and Elgiva, and Sir Everard; Two Tales, by The Rev. Robert Bland.
272633: --- - Modern Geography. A Description of The Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Colonies; with The Oceans, Seas, and Isles; in all Parts of The World…
272634: --- - Hints to The Public, and The Legislature, on The Nature and Effect of Evangelical Preaching. By a Barrister. Part I.
272635: --- - Orders in Council, or an Examination of The Justice, Legality, and Policy of The New System of Commercial Regulations; with an Appendix of State Papers, Statutes, and Authorities.
272636: --- - Mr Coxe's History of The House of Austria. Concluded.
272637: --- - Prize Essays and Transactions of The Highland Society of Scotland. To which is Prefixed an Account of The Principal Proceedings of The Society, from 1799 to 1803, and from 1803 to 1807, By Henry Mackenzie.
272879: --- - Posthumous Works of Frederic II. King of Prussia. By Thomas Holcroft.
271869: --- - Remarks upon The History of The Landed and Commercial Policy of England, From The Invasion of The Romans to The Accession of James I.
271870: --- - A Review of some Interesting Periods of Irish History.
271871: --- - Florio; a Tale For Fine Gentlemen and Fine Ladies; and, The Bas Bleu; or, Conversation. Two Poems.
271872: --- - Poems, By Helen Maria Williams.
271873: --- - An Ode to Superstition; with some other Poems.
271874: --- - Sunday Schools Recommended, in a Sermon Preached at St. Alphage, Canterbury, December 18, 1785. By George Horne.
271875: --- - The Persian Heroine; a Tragedy. By Richard Paul Jondrell.
271876: --- - A Political Index to The Histories of Great Britain and Ireland; or, A Complete Register of The Hereditary Honours, Public Offices, and Persons in Office, from The Earliest Periods to The Present Time. By Robert Beatson.
271877: --- - The Plays of William Shakespeare. With The Corrections and Ilustrations of Various Commentators; to which are Added Notes by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens.
272663: --- - The History of Cleveland, in The North Riding of The County of York; Comprehending an Historical and Descriptive View of The Ancient and Present State of each Parish within The Wapontake of Langbargh; The Soil, Produce, and Natural Curiosities…
272455: --- - The Henriade of Voltaire, Translated. Part II
272456: --- - Dr. Gillies's Translation of Aristotle's Ethics and Politics.
272457: --- - The Life of William Late Earl of Mansfield. By John Holliday of Lincoln's Inn.
272458: --- - Naucratia; or Naval Dominion. A Poem. By Henry James Pye.
272459: --- - Critical, Poetical and Dramatic Works. By John Penn.
272496: --- - Proceedings of The Association for Promoting The Discovery of The Interior Parts of Africa…
272497: --- - Walsingham; or, The Pupil of Nature; a Domestic Story. By Mary Robinson.
272499: --- - The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, knt. Late President of The Royal Academy; Containing His Discourses, Idlers, a Journey to Flanders and Holland…
272500: --- - Antient Metaphysics. Vol. V. Containing The History of Man, in The Civilized State.
272501: --- - The History of Rome, By Titus Livius. Translated from The Original, with Notes and Illustrations by George Baker.
272502: --- - A Guide from Glasgow, to some of The Most Remarkable Scenes in The Highlands of Scotland, and to The Falls of The Clyde. By James McNayr.
079219: ---. - Dignities, Disasters, and Pursuits of James Bruce, Esq. in Abyssinia. From Mr. Murray's Account of his life and writings. With an account of the Character and Writings of James Bruce, from the same.
079220: ---. - Loss of the American Brig Commerce, wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa, Aug.1815; with an Account of Tombuctoo, and of the Hitherto undiscovered Great City of Wassanah; by James Riley, late Master and Supercargo. An excerpt.
079222: ---. - Report from the Select Committee on the Poor Laws.
079223: ---. - Sketches of America; by H.B. Fearon. A Visit undertaken on behalf of 39 English families to ascertain the suitability or otherwise of United States for their residence.
079224: ---. - The President's Message to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the First Session of the 25th Congress. With, The President's Message to the 26th Congress, 1st Session, Dec.2, 1839.
079226: ---. - State Trials. An account of an appeal by John Martin against his conviction for his part in the Irish Rebellion.
079229: ---. - Papers Relating to the Insurrection in Jamaica. Despatches between Governor Eyre and Edward Cardwell, M.P.
079231: ---. - The Irish Land Law. The Land Law (Ireland) Bill, 1881 and the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881 as passed August 22, 1881.
160372: ---. - The History of Europe.
160373: ---. - Chronicle. (for 1770)
160374: ---. - Appendix to the Chronicle. Two Protests to the House of Lords. (for 1770)
160375: ---. - State Papers. (for 1770)
160376: ---. - Characters.
160378: ---. - Antiquities.
160381: ---. - Useful Projects. - Of Potatoes, and the amazing Crops which they produce by a proper Culture.
160382: ---. - Useful Projects. - Of Cabbages.
272505: --- - The History of The Poor; their Rights, Duties and The Laws Respecting them: In a Series of Letters…
272492: --- - A Compendions System of Astronomy, In a Course of Familiar Lectures…
272493: --- - A Journal of Occurences at The Temple, During The Confinement of Louis XVI. King of France. By M. Clery.
272494: --- - Essays on The Picturesque, as Compared with The Sublime and The Beautiful; and, on The Use of Studying Pictures…
272934: --- - Historical Account of Charter-House; Compiled from The Works of Hearne, Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian, and Private MSS, and from other Authentic Sources. By a Carthusian.
272935: --- - A Cursory View of Prussia, from The Death of Frederick II to The Peace of Tilsit; Containing an Authentic Account of The Battles of Jena, Auerstadt, Eylau, and Friedland…
272936: --- - Annals of Great Britain from The Ascension of George III to The Peace of Amiens.
272937: --- - An Exposition of The Historical Writings of The New Testament, with Reflections Subjoined to each Section. By The Late Rev. Timothy Kenrick.
272480: --- - Mr. Johnston's Translation of Professor Beckmann's History of Inventions and Discoveries.
272481: --- - Dr. Gillies's Translation of Aristotle's Ethics and Politics. Concluded.
272482: --- - Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting. Selected from The Correspondence of The Bath and West of England Society…
272483: --- - Commentaries on The Law of Scotland. By David Hume.
272484: --- - The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford.
272485: --- - Emily de Varmont; or Divorce Dictated by Necessity; to which are Added The Amours of Father Sevin.
272486: --- - Count Benyowsky, or The Conspiracy of Kamtschatka. A Tragi-Comedy, in Five Acts, Translated from The German, by The Rev. W. Render.
272488: --- - An Essay on The Manufactures of Ireland; in which is Considered, to what Manufactures her Natural Advantages are best Suited…
272489: --- - Observations on The Manners and Customs of Italy…
272490: --- - The Works of The British Poets, with Prefaces Biographical and Critical. By Robert Anderson.
272491: --- - Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting. Selected from The Correspondence of The Bath and West of England Society…
272460: --- - The History of Cumberland…
272461: --- - Prospectus, with Specimens, of a New Polyglott Bible in Quarto, for The Use of English Students. By Josiah Pratt.
272462: --- - Asiatic Researches, or Transactions of The Society Instituted in Bengal, For Inquiring into The History and Antiquities, The Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia. Vol. IV.
272876: --- - Memoirs of The Court of France, During The Reign of Lewis XIV and The Regency of The Duke of Orleans. By M. Anquetil.
272877: --- - The Antiquities of Scotland. By Francis Grose.
272878: --- - Original Letters by The Re. John Wesley and his Friends, Illustrative of his Early History; with other Curious Papers, Communicated by The Late Rev. S. Badcock.
272424: --- - Mr. Leslie's Inquiry into The Nature and Propogation of Heat.
272425: --- - A Brief Inquiry into The Present Condition of The Navy of Great Britain, and its Resources…
272431: --- - Communications to The Board of Agriculture, on Subjects Relative to The Husbandry and Internal Improvement of The Country.
272432: --- - Poesie del Magnifico Lorenzo de Medici. Poes of Lorenzo de Medici The Magnificent, and of some of his Friends and Contemporaries, Divided into Two Parts.
272433: --- - A Description of The Genus Pinus, Illustrated with Figures, Directions Relative to The Cultivation, and Remarks on The Uses of The Several Species. By Aylmer Bourke Lambert.
272434: --- - The Year of Sorrow. Written in The Spring of 1803, by W. R. Spencer.
272435: --- - The Costume of The Hereditary States of The House of Austria, Displayed in Fifty Coloured Engravings; with Descriptions and an Introduction by M. Bertrand De Moleville.
272436: --- - A Picturesque Representation of The Manners, Customs, and Amusements of The Russians…
272437: --- - Sermons by William Laurence Brown.
272438: --- - Asiatic Researches: or Transactions of The Society Intituted in Bengal, for Inquiring into The History and Antiquities, The Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia.
272441: --- - The Life of a Lover. In a Series of Letters. By Sophia Lee.
272442: --- - Antiquities, Historical, Architectural, Chorographical and Itinerary, in Nottinghamshire, and The Adjacent Counties, Interspersed with Biographical Sketches. By William Dickinson.
272443: --- - Remarks on Michaelis's Introduction to The New Testament…
272444: --- - The Evidence for The Authenticity and Divine Inspiration of The Apocalypse, Stated and Vindicated from The Objections of The Late Professor F. D. Michaelis; in Letters Addressed to The Rev. Herbert Marsh.
273588: --- - Lord Curzon - An Impression and a Forecast.
272675: --- - The Formation and Management of Floated-Meadows; with Corrections of Errors Found in The Treatises of Messrs. Davis, Marshall, Boswell, Young and Smith, on The Subject of Floatings; By The Rev. T. Wright.
272676: --- - Dramatic and Narrative Poems. By John Joshua.
272677: --- - Bidcombe Hill; with other Rural Poems. By The Reverend Francis Skurray.
272679: --- - Remarks on Various Texts of Scripture. By Edward Popham.
272681: --- - An Inquiry into The Impolicy of The Continuance of The Prohibitation of Distillation from Grain, in Great Britain…
272684: --- - Epistles on Women, Exempifying their Characters and Conditions in Various Ages and Nations. By Lucy Aikin.
272685: --- - Practical Piety; or The Influence of The Religion of The Heart on The Conduct of The Life. By Hannah More.
239904: --- - Law and Common Sense by Victoria C. Woodhull, TOGETHER WITH The Duty of the Community and the Church to Habitual Drunkards by Dr. Norman Kerr
239902: --- - Review. The Kingdom of God is Within You. By Count Leo Tolstoi.
239895: --- - Hypnotism and Some of its Opponents by George C. Kingsbury, TOGETHER WITH The Vivisection Controversy. By the Right Rev. Bishop Barry.
239889: --- - The Progress of Pharmacy by T. Lauder Brunton, TOGETHER WITH Woman in Clubland by the Hon. Coralie Glyn.
273363: --- - The War in South Africa (Part IV).
273364: --- - The Army and The Administration.
272065: --- - Letters of Lady Rachel Russel; from The Manuscript in The Library of Woburn Abbey…
272066: --- - Letters From Italy, in The Year 1754 and 1755, by The Late Right Honourable John, Earl of Cork and Orrery.
272067: --- - A Treatise on Education.
272068: --- - Two Letters, Addressed to The Right Rev. Prelates, who a Second Time Rejected The Dissenter's Bill.
272069: --- - Noorthouck's History of London Concluded.
272070: --- - Cato; or, an Essay on Old Age. By Marcus Tullius Cicero.
272071: --- - Brydone's Tour Through Sicily and Malta, Concluded.
272072: --- - The Love of Order; a Poetical Essay, in Three Cantos.
272073: --- - Medical Essays. By John Armstrong.
272074: --- - The Monument in Arcadia: A Dramatic Poem in Two Acts. By George Keate.
272077: --- - Dialogues of Lucian from The Greek.
272078: --- - Of The Origin and Progress of Language. Vol. I.
272079: --- - Observations on The Diseases in Long Voyages to Hot Countries, and Particularly on Those which Prevail in The East-Indies. By John Clark.
272081: --- - The History of The University of Oxford, From The Death of William The Conqueror to The Demise of Queen Elizabeth.
272082: --- - An Introduction to The Study of The History and Antiquities of Ireland: In which The Assertations of Mr. Hume and other Writers are Occasionally Considered.
273264: --- - Russia's Great Naval Enterprise (Part II, Conclusion).
273286: --- - Criminal Appeal and The Prerogative of Mercy.
273291: --- - The Rennes Verdit and The Dreyfus Case: Its Military Aspect.
273300: --- - The True Meaning of The Crisis in The Church.
273305: --- - A South African Settlement.
273317: --- - The War in South Africa (Part I).
273348: --- - The War in South Africa (Part III).
273356: --- - Russia and Morocco.
272086: --- - Illustrations of Natural History: wherein are Exhibited upwards of 220 Figures of Exotic Insects, According to their Different Genera…
272087: --- - Miscellaneous Poems. By John Byrom.
272445: --- - An Historical and Political View of The Disorganization of Europe; wherein The Laws and Characters of Nations, and The Maritime…
272446: --- - Testacea Britannica, or Natural History of British Shells, Marine, Land, and Fresh-Water, Including The Most Minute: Systematically Arranged and Embellished with Figures. By George Montagu.
272447: --- - The Progress of Maritime Discovery, from The Earliest Period to The Close of The Eighteenth Century, Forming an Extensive System of Hydrography. By James Stanier Clarke.
272476: --- - The Voyage of Nearchus from The Indus to The Euphrates…
272477: --- - Life of Catharine II. Empress of Russia…
272478: --- - Elements of Algebra By Leonard Euler.
272479: --- - Bishop Horsley on The Prosodies of The Greek and Latin Languages.
273419: --- - Lord Rosebery and a National Cabinet.
273404: --- - The Invasion of The Orange Free State.
249111: --- - General Observations on Rivers. Issue No. 26. Supplement. November, 1832.
272990: --- - Literary History of Sicily.
272989: --- - A Memoir of The Life of The Right Honourable George Canning (Prefixed to an Edition of his Speeches). By R. Therry.
272988: --- - Von Hanmer's History of The Ottoman Empire.
272987: --- - The Fairy Mythology and Legends of Ireland.
272986: --- - The Pacification of Greece.
272984: --- - Remarks on The Character and Writings of John Milton, Occasioned by The Publication of his Late-Discovered Treatise on Christian Doctrine. By The Late Rev. Doctor Channing.
272985: --- - Proceedings of The Expedition to Explore The Northern Coast of Africa, from Tripoli Eastward, in 1821 and 1822; Comprehending an Account of The Greater Syrtis and Cyrenaica; and of The Ancient Cities Composing The Pentapolis. By Captain F. W. Beechey.
272983: --- - Celebrated French Political and Criminal Trials.
272982: --- - The Americans as they are: Described in a Tour Through The Valley of The Mississippi. By The Author of "Austria as it is".
272981: --- - Analysis of The Character of Napoleon Buonaparte, Occasioned by The Publication of Scott's Life of Napoleon. By W. E. Channing.
272978: --- - Narrative of an Attempt to Reach The North Pole, in Boats Fitted for The Purpose, and Attached to his Majesty's Ship Hecla, in The Year 1827…by Captain William Edward Parry.
272979: --- - A History of The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. By Washington Irving.
272980: --- - Religious Symbols of Antiquity…
272977: --- - Reminiscences of Henry Angelo, with Memoirs of his Late Father and Friends, Including Numerous Original Anecdotes, and Curious Traits of The Most Celebrated Characters that have Flourished During The Last Eighty Years.
272976: --- - Punch and Judy, with Illustrations, Designed and Engraved by George Cruikshank, Accompanied by The Dialogue of The Puppet Show, an Account of its Origin, and of Puppet Plays in England.
272975: --- - Journal of a Residence and Tour in The Republic of Mexico, in The Year 1826; with some Account of The Mines in that Country By Capt. G. F. Lyon.
272974: --- - The United States of America Compared with some European Countries, Particularly England; in a Discourse Delivered in Trinity Church, in The City of New York, October, 1825… by John Henry Hobart.
272973: --- - Hans Holbein der Jungere von Ulrich Hegner Mit des Meisters Bildnisse.
272972: --- - Histoire de la Revolution Francaise. Par M. A. Thiers, Tomes 5eme et 6eme.
272971: --- - The Process of Historical Proof, Exemplified and Explained. By Isaac Taylor.
272970: --- - Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries; with Recollections of The Author's Life, and of his Visit to Italy. By Leigh Hunt.
272969: --- - A Selection from The Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood, Interspersed with Memoirs of his Life. By G. L. Newnham Collingwood.
272968: --- - Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Italy, 1819-1822; with Illustrations of The Present State of Religion in that Country.
272967: --- - A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, Leading to The Discovery of The Sources of The Mississippi and Bloody River, with a Description of The Whole Course of The Former and The Ohio. By J. C. Beltrami.
272966: --- - Refutation des Accusations Injurieuses Hasardees par son Altesse Serenissime le Duc Regnant de Brunswick Contre son Auguste Tuteur et Contre les Personnes Chargees de l'Administration de ses Etnts et de l'Education du Duc Durant sa Minorite.
272965: --- - The Clubs of London; with Anecdotes of their Members, Sketches of Character, and Conversations.
272964: --- - Elements of Rhetoric. By Richard Whately.
272963: --- - Memoirs of The Life, Writings and Opinions of The Rev. Samuel Parr. By The Rev. William Field.
272962: --- - The United States of North America as they are.
272961: --- - A. W. von Schlegel's Vorlesungen uber Theorie und Geschichte der Bildenden Kunste (Gehalten in Berlin, im Sommer, 1827).
272960: --- - A Tour in France, Savoy, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. By Seth William Stevenson.
272959: --- - The British Almanac for The Year 1828; Containing The Calendar of Remarkable Days and Terms; Anniversaries of Great Events…
272958: --- - Details of The Munster Festivals; Containing Card Drawing; The Half Sir; and Suil Dhu, The Coiner. By The Author of "Holland Tide".
272957: --- - Memoires d'une Contemporaine, ou Souvenirs d'une Femme sur les Principaux Personnages de la Republique du Consulat et de l'Empire.
272956: --- - The Correspondences of Henry Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, and of his Brother, Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester; with The Diary of Lord Clarendon, from 1687 to 1690…
272955: --- - Austria as it is; or Sketches of Continental Courts. By an eye-witness.
272954: --- - The History of Painting in Italy, from The Period of The Revival of The Fine Arts, to The End of The Eighteenth Century. By Thomas Roscoe.
272953: --- - Practical, Moral and Political Economy; or, The Government, Religion, and Institutions most Conductive to Individual Happiness and to National Power. By T. R. Edmonds.
272952: --- - The Keepsake for 1828.
272951: --- - Les Derniers des Beaumanoir. Par M'Keratry.
272950: --- - Rambles in Madeira and in Portugal, in The Early Part of 1826; with an Appendix of Details, Illustrative of The Health, Climate, Produce, and Civil History of The Island.
272949: --- - The Three Heavenly Witnesses. A Vindication of I John, V. 7 from The Objections of Griesbach. By The Right Reverend Benjamin Thomas Burgess.
272948: --- - De la Sicile et de ses Rapports avec l' Angleterre, a l'Epoque de la Constitution de 1812; Par un Membre des Differens Parlemens de Sicile.
272947: --- - Report Addressed to The Marquess Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. By Elizabeth Fry and John Joseph Gurney.
272946: --- - The Romance of History - England. By Henry Neele.
272945: --- - Chronicles of Wesleyan Methodism. By Samuel Warren.
272944: --- - Clerical Elocution; or an Essay on The Delivery of Sermons and The Performance of Public Prayer…
273370: --- - Wanted: Statesmen.
239772: --- - Poetry. For the Year 1759.
272506: --- - Medical Reports on The Effect of Water, Cold and Warm, as a Remedy in Febrile Diseases; Whether Applied to The Surface of The Body, or used as a Drink…
272507: --- - The Art of Poetry, According to The Latest Improvements. A Poem. By Sir Simon Swan.
272508: --- - Ecclesiastical Law. By Richard Buru.
273431: --- - The Far Eastern Crisis (No. I): Why Not a Treaty with Russia?
273437: --- - England and Belgium.
160392: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - An Account of a Debauch at the present King (then Prince of Prussia's Court, at Rheinsberg. From Baron Bielfeld's Letters.
160393: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - Extracts from the Abbe Millot's Elements of the History of England.
160394: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - The Adventures of Scarmentado; a Satirical Novel by Voltaire.
160384: ---. - Useful Projects. - Of Lucerne.
160385: ---. - Useful Projects. - Of Sainfoine.
160386: ---. - Useful Projects. - On the Number of Draught Cattle used in Tillage.
160387: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - Anecdotes of the Court of Petersburg, in the Reign of the Empress Anne; from General Manstein's Memoirs of Russia.
160388: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - Three Letters supposed to have been written by the celebrated M. Montesquieu.
160389: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - Letter from Voltaire to the Duke of Valiere; from Voltaire's Letters lately translated by Dr. Franklin.
160390: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - An Account of the noble Aqueduct of Alcantara, by which Lisbon is supplied. From Barretti's Journey.
160391: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - An Account of the Manner in which the Punishment of the Knout was inflicted on the celebtated Madam Lapouchin, at Petersburgh; with some Observations on the Russian Punishments...
272531: --- - General View of The Agriculture of The County of Somerset, with Observations on The Means of its Improvement…
273442: --- - The General Election (No. II): The Vindication of Democracy.
272535: --- - A New Abridgment of The Law, by Mathew Bacon, of The Middle Temple.
272536: --- - Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all The Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in The Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies.
272537: --- - A Reply to some Parts of The Bishop of Landoff's Address to The People of Great Britain. By Gilbert Wakefield.
272520: --- - Pyrology; or, The Connexion Between Natural and Moral Philosophy; with a Short Disquisition on The Origin of Christianity. By William Okely.
272521: --- - Biographical, Literary, and Political Anecdotes, of Several of The Most Eminent Persons of The Present Age. Never Before Printed…
239770: --- - Extract from a piece written in Pennsylvania in 1751, intituled, Observations concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, &c.
272538: --- - An Examination of Mr. Wakefield's Reply to The Bishop of Landaff's Address. By John Ranby.
160396: ---. - Miscellaneous Essays. - An original Letter which was written by the celebrated Sir Walter Raleigh, to Prince Henry, eldest Son of James the First.
271539: --- - A Restitation of The Work Intitled, Remarks on The King of Prussia's Manifestoes of War, Circular Letters, and other Memoirs Published since The Commencement of The War to The Present Time.
271540: --- - A Letter to Mr Mason; on The Marks of Imitation.
271541: --- - Ovid's Fasti; or, The Romans Sacred Calendar. Translated into English Verse. With Explanatory Notes. By William Massey.
271542: --- - A Vindication of The Histories of The Old and New Testament. Part III…
271543: --- - The Call of Aristippus, Epistle IV. To Mark Akenside.
271545: --- - An Oration Pronounced Before a Numerous Body of The Nobility and Gentry, Assembled at The Music-Hall, in Fishamble-Street, on Tuesday The 6th December, 1757.
271547: --- - New Tables of Interest; Designed to Answer, in The Most Correct and Expeditious Manner, The Common Purposes of Business, Particularly The Business of The Public Funds. By John Payne.
271548: --- - Some Letters, which Passed Between a Young Gentleman, Designed For Holy Orders, and his Uncle, a Clergyman; Concerning Conformity to The Church of England.
271549: --- - Gleanings of Natural History, Exhibiting Figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants…
271551: --- - The Evangelical History of our Lord Jesus Christ Harmonized, Explained, and Illustrated with Variety of Notes Practical, Historical and Critical…
271553: --- - The Christianity of The New Testament; or, A Scholastic Defence of The Scripture Doctrines of Redemption, Propitiatiation, Satisfaction, and Salvation, by The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ…
271554: --- - Indifference for Religion Inexcuseable; or, a Serious Impartial and Practical Review of The Certainty, Importance and Harmony of Religion, Both natural and Revealed. By Samuel Squire.
271555: --- - Cases and Practical Remarks in Surgery. With Sketches of Machines of Simple Construction, Easy Application, and Approved Use. By Benjamin Gooch.
271556: --- - Poems on Several Occasions; to which is Added, Gondibert and Birtha, a Tragedy. By William Thompson.
271557: --- - The Protestant System; Containing Discourses on The Principal Doctrines of Natural and Revealed Religion…
271558: --- - The British Herbal; an History of Plants and Trees, Natives of Britain, Cultivated for Use, or Raised for Beauty. By John Hill.
271559: --- - Verses to The People of England. 1758. By William Whitehead.
271560: --- - An Ode to The Country Gentlemen of England. By Dr. Akenside.
271531: --- - An Enquiry into The Nature and Causes of our Saviour's Agony in The Garden. By The Late Thomas Moore.
271532: --- - The Principles of Negotiations; or, an Introduction to The Public Law of Europe Founded on Treaties.
271533: --- - The Works of Horace in English Verse. By Several Hands.
271535: --- - The Ruins of Balbec, otherwise Heliopolis, in Coelosyria.
271536: --- - Epistles to The Great, From an Aristippus in Retirement.
271537: --- - Conjugal Love and Duty; a Discourse upon Hebrews…
271538: --- - Abubeker to Zelim. Occasioned by a Late Defence of The Earl of Shaftesbury's Writings.
273448: --- - The Future of The Liberal Party.
273444: --- - Disillusioned Daughters.
272512: --- - A Third Letter to a Member of The Present Parliament, on The Proposals for Peace with The Regicide Directory of France. By The Late Right Hon. Edmund Burke.
272511: --- - Two Letters on The Conduct of our Domestick Parties, with Regard to French Politicks; Including Observations on The Conduct of The Minority, in The Session of 1793. By The Right Hon. Edmund Burke.
272542: --- - Communications to The Board of Agriculture, on Subjects Relative to The Husbandry and Internal Improvement of The Country. Vol. I. Parts I. and II.
273445: --- - Problems and Playwrights.
272543: --- - The Old English Gentleman, a Poem, by Mr. Polwhele. Vol. I.
272544: --- - The Oriental Collections for April, May and June, 1797.
272545: --- - A Specimen of a Commentary on Shakspeare; Containing, 1st Notes on As You Like It; 2dly, an Attempt to Explain and Illustrate Various Passages, on a New Principle of Criticism, Derived from Mr. Locke's Doctrine of The Association of Ideas.
272546: --- - The Holy Bible, or The Books Accounted Sacred by Jew and Christians; Otherwise Called The Books of The Old and New Covenants; Faithfully Translated from Corrected Texts of The Originals…
272547: --- - Metronariston, or a New Pleasure Recommended; in a Dissertation upon a Part of Greek and Latin Prosody.
272548: --- - An Account of The Campaign in The West Indies, in 1794, under The Command of Lieutenant General Sir Charles Grey…
272549: --- - Posthumous Works of Edward Gibbon.
272550: --- - The Gentleman's and Connoisseur's Dictionary of Painters…
272551: --- - A Sketch of Modern France. In a Series of Letters to a Lady of Fashion. Written in The Years 1796 and 1797. During a Tour Through France. By a Lady.
272552: --- - An Essay on The Different Models of Communication by Signals; Containing an History of The Progressive Improvements in this Art, From The First Account of Beacons to The Most Approved Methods of Telegraphic Correspondence. By J. Gamble.
272553: --- - Marmion; a Tale of Flodden-Field. By Walter Scott.
272554: --- - Travels in Scotland, by an Unusual Route; with a Trip to The Orkneys and Hebrides. Containing Hints for Improvements in Agriculture and Commerce. With Characters and Anecdotes…
272556: --- - Memorials of Nature and Art, Collected on a Journey in Great Britain During The Years 1802 and 1803, By Christian Augustus Gottlieb Goede.
272557: --- - Prize Essays and Transactions of The Highland Society of Scotland.
272558: --- - An Elementary Course of The Sciences and Philosophy; Contained in a Series of Lectures Delivered by The Author to his Own Pupils, Upon The Principle Branches of Elementary Mathematics, Mechanics, Astronomy and Cosmography. By J. B. Florian-Jolly.
272559: --- - Practical Observations on Urinary Gravel and Stone; on Diseases of The Bladder and Prostate Gland; and on Strictures of The Urethra. By Henry Johnston.
272560: --- - A System of Operative Surgery, Founded on The Basis of Anatomy. By Charles Bell.
272562: --- - A Supplement to The Practical Seamanship…
272563: --- - Curiosities of Literature.
272564: --- - Memoir on The National Defence. By J. F. Birch.
272565: --- - Scotch Reform; Considered with Reference to The Plan Proposed in The Late Parliament, for The Regulation of The Courts, and The Administration of Justice, in Scotland…
272566: --- - The Poetical Works of Sir David Lyndsay of The Mount, Lion King at Arms, Under James V.
272567: --- - State of France, During The Years 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806: Containing a Description of The Customs and Manners of that Country; Together with Observations on its Government, Finances, Population, Agriculture, Religion, Public Schools, Conduct towards English Prisoners, and Internal Commerce...
272568: --- - A Reply to a Monthly Reviewer, in which is Inserted Euler's Demonstration of The Binomial Theorem. By Abram Robertson.
273464: --- - Lord Rosebery and The Liberal Imperialists. A Rejoinder.
272569: --- - The Code of Health and Longevity, or a Concise View of The Principles Calculated for The Preservation of Health, and The Attainment of Long Life… by Sir John Sinclair.
272570: --- - Poems, by The Rev. George Crabbe.
272571: --- - Letters and Sonnets, on Moral and other Interesting Subjects. Addressed to Lord John Russel. By Edmund Cartwright.
273472: --- - The Concept in China.
272572: --- - A History of The Early Part of The Reign of James The Second; with an Introductory Chapter. By The Right Hon. Charles James Fox.
272573: --- - A History of The Penal Laws Against The Irish Catholics; From The Treaty of Limerick to The Union. By Henry Parnell.
272574: --- - Memoirs of The Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, with a New Edition of Her Poems, some of Which have Never Appeared Before; to Which are Added some Miscellaneous Essays in Prose, together with her Notes on The Bible…
272575: --- - The Posthumous Works of Mrs Chapone. Containing Her Correspondence with Mr. Richardson, a Series of Letters to Mrs Elizabeth Carter, and some Fugitive Pieces Never Before Published…
272576: --- - Hora Biblicae; Being a Connected Series of Notes on The Text and Literary History of The Bibles, or Sacred Books of The Jews and Christians; and on The Bibles or Books Accounted Sacred by The Mahometans, Hindus, Parsces, Chinese and Scandinavians.
272577: --- - The Exaliad. A Poem. By The Authors of Calvary and Richard The First.
272578: --- - Construction of Several Systems of Fortification; For The Use of The Royal Military Academy. By I. Landmann.
272579: --- - The Costume of Great Britain. Designed, Engraved and Written by W. H. Pyne.
272580: --- - An Apology for Dr. Michael Servetus; Including an Account of His Life, Persecution, Writings and Opinions; Being Designed to Eradicate Bigotry and Uncharitableness; and to Promote Liberality of Setiment among Christians. By Richard Wright.
272581: --- - Christian Politics. By Ely Bates.
272582: --- - Poems Written at Lanchester, By John Hodgson.
272509: --- - A Lecture Introductory to a Course of Popular Instruction on The Constitution and Management of The Human Body. By Thomas Beddoes.
272588: --- - Some Account of The Public Life, and a Selection from The Unpublished Writings, of The Earl of Macartney…
272591: --- - Memoirs of The Life of The Late George Morland, with Critical and Descriptive Observations on The Whole of his Works Hitherto Before The Public. By J. Hassell.
272592: --- - Lectures on Systematic Theology and Pulpit Eloquence. By The Late George Campbell.
272593: --- - Metrical Legends, and Other Poems. By Charles Kirk-Patrick Sharpe.
272518: --- - The History and Antiquities of The Hundred of Desborough, and Deanery of Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire; Including The Borough Towns of Wycombe and Marlow, and Sixteen Parishes. By Thomas Langley.
272594: --- - Researches, Anatomical and Practical, Concerning Fever, as Connected with Inflammation. By Thomas Beddoes.
272602: --- - History of The House of Austria, From The Foundation of The Monarchy, By Rudolph of Hapsburgh.
272606: --- - An Account of The Opthalmia which has Appeared in England since The Return of The British Army from Egypt. By John Vetch.
272607: --- - Specimens of English Prose Writers, from The Earliest Times, to The Close of The Seventeenth Century; with Sketches Biographical and Literary…
272515: --- - Precedents of Proceedings in The House of Commons; Under Separate Titles. With Observations.
272514: --- - Constantinople, Antient and Modern; with Excursions to The Shores and Islands of The Archipelago, and to The Troad. By James Dallaway.
272595: --- - Additional Cases of Gout, in Farther Proof of The Salutary Efficacy of The Cooling Treatment of that Afflicting Disease…
272596: --- - A Selection of Views in The County of Lincoln; Comprising The Original Towns and Churches, The Remains of Castles and Religious Houses, and Seats of The Nobility and Gentry…
272598: --- - A Summary View of The Evidence and Practical Importance of The Christian Revelation, in a Series of Discourses Addressed to Young Persons. By Thomas Belsham.
272599: --- - A Letter to a Country Gentleman, on The Education of The Lower Orders, and on The Best Means of Attaining all that is Practicable or Desirable of that Important Objects. By John Weyland.
272510: --- - Three Memorials on French Affairs. Written in The Years 1791, 1792, and 1793. By The Late Right Hon. Edmund Burke.
272516: --- - Considerations on The Original and Proper Objects of The Royal Hospital of Bridewell. By William Waddington.
272517: --- - Mr. Malone's Edition of Sir Joshua Reynold's Works. Concluded.
272600: --- - A Topographical Dictionary of England; Exhibiting The Names of The Several Cities, Towns, Parishes, Tythings, Townships and Hamlets…
272601: --- - Review of The Affairs of India, From The Year 1798 to The Year 1806; Comprehending a Summary Account of The Principal Transactions During that Eventful Period.
272664: --- - Lectures on Scripture-Prophecy. By William Bengo Collyer.
272665: --- - The Mythology and Rites of The British Druids, Ascertained by National Documents, and Compared with The General Traditions and Customs of Heathenism, as Illustrated by The Most Eminent Antiquities of our Age…
263579: B., T. - On Spinning Among The Poor.
272697: --- - A Short Review of The Political State of Great Britain at The Commencement of The Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Seven.
271497: --- - The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom.
271498: --- - Conclusion of The Account of The Parliamentary History of England.
271499: --- - The Earl of Essex, a Tragedy, as it is Acted at The Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden. Written by Mr Henry Jones.
271500: --- - The State of The Printed Hebrew Text of The Old Testament Considered. A Dissertation in Two Parts…
271504: --- - An Essay on The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting; with Proper Rules For The Exercise of That Pleasant Art…
271505: --- - The Protestant Englishman Guarded Against The Arts and Arguments of Romish Priests and Emissaries…
271510: --- - The Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero to Several of his Friends, with Remarks by William Melmoth.
271511: --- - Moralities; or, Essays, Letters, Fables and Translations. By Sir Harry Beaumont.
271512: --- - A Delineation of The Nature and Obligation of Morality.
271513: --- - A Letter to Dr. Lobb, Concerning His Writings in Physic. Containing Remarks on some of his Peculiar Notions about Bleeding, Purging…
271516: --- - Memoirs of The Court of Augustus. By Thomas Blackwell.
271519: --- - Observations upon The Antiquities of The Town of Herculaneum, Discovered at The Foot of Mount Vesuvius…
271520: --- - A Dissertation Upon The Italian Poetry, in Which are Interspersed, some Remarks on Mr. Voltaire's Essay on The Epic Poets. By Guiseppe Baretti.
271527: --- - Continuation of The Account of The Compleat Body of Husbandry; with Remarks.
271528: --- - Bengelius's Introduction to his Exposition of The Apocalypse; with his Preface, and The Greatest Part of The Conclusion of it…
271491: --- - The Lives of The Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, From Chaucer to The Present Time…
271492: --- - The Works of Virgil, in Latin and English. The Original Text Correctly Printed From The Most Authentic Editions, Collated For This Purpose…
271493: --- - The History of The Peloponnesian War, Translated From The Greek of Thucydides. By William Smith.
271494: --- - Memoirs of Sir Charles Goodville, and His Family: In a Series of Letters to a Friend.
271316: --- - Remarks on The Life and Writings of Plato. With Answers to The Principal Objections Against Him; and a General View of His Dialogues.
271317: --- - A Plan For Discipline for The Use of The Militia of The County of Norfolk. Part III.
271318: --- - Two Discourses, in The First of Which is Pointed out The Danger and Mischief of Self-Confidence, Being Intended as an Introduction to The Second, in which The Scripture Doctrine of Justification is Slated and Explained…
271319: --- - Human Nature Delineated, or The Limits of Human Knowledge Defined. By J. Stephens.
271321: --- - Shakespear; an Epistle to Mr Garrick; with an Ode to Genius.
271326: --- - London and its Environs Described. Containing an Account of Whatever its Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity, or Use, in The City and in The Country Twenty Miles Round it…
271330: --- - The Conduct of The Ministry Impartially Examined, and The Pamphlet Entitled Considerations on The Present German War, Refuted From its Own Principles.
271331: --- - The History of The Roman Emperors, From Augustus to Constantine. By Mr Crevier.
271332: --- - The Genuine Letters of Baron Fabricius, Envoy from his Serene Highness The Duke Administrator of Holstein, to Charles XII of Sweden…
271333: --- - The Life of John Cartaret Pilkington, son to The Rev. Mr Matthew, and The Celebrated Mrs Loetitia Pilkington…
272700: --- - Ancient Scottish Poems, Never Before in Print; but now Published from The Manuscript Collections of Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington.
246043: --- - The New Road Map of Great Britain.
271489: --- - Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain, who have been Celebrated for their Writings, or Skill in The Learned Language, Arts or Sciences. By George Ballard.
271490: --- - The Present State of The British Customs…
271439: --- - The Rudiments of English Grammar, Adapted to The Use of Schools; with Observations on Style. By Joseph Priestley.
271440: --- - Fingal. An Ancient Epic Poem, in Six Books. Together with Several Other Poems, Composed by Ossian, The Son of Fingal…
271441: --- - Elegies of Tyrtaeus, Translated into English Verse, with Notes, and The Original Text.
271442: --- - The Nuptials. A Didactic Poem, in Three Books.
271443: --- - Fables for Grown Gentlemen: or, a Fable For Every Day in The Week.
271444: --- - The History of England, From The Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Accession of Henry VII. Vol. II…
271446: --- - Poems on Several Occasions.
271447: --- - The Death of Abel. In Five Books.
271448: --- - The History of The Travels and Adventures of The Chevalier John Taylor, Opthalmiater Pontifical, Imperial and Royal. Written by Himself.
271449: --- - The Scripture Doctrine of Remission. Which Sheweth that The Death of Christ is no Proper Sacrifice nor Satisfaction for Sin but That Pardon is Dispensed Solely on Account of Repentance, or a Personal Reformation of The Sinner.
271450: --- - A New System of Geography: In which is given a General Account of The Situation and Limits, The Manners, History, and Constitution, of The Several Kingdoms and States in the Known World…
271451: --- - The Theory and Practice of Brewing. By Michael Combrune, Brewer.
271452: --- - Observations on The Present State of The Widows and Orphans of The Protestant Clergy, of all Denominations, in Great Britain and Ireland…
271453: --- - Fingal. An Ancient Epic Poem, Concluded.
271455: --- - Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions. By George Fothergill.
271456: --- - Universal Restitution, a Scripture Doctrine. This Proved in Several Letters Wrote on The Nature and Extent of Christ's Kingdom…
271458: --- - The Banquet. A Dialogue of Plato Concerning Love. The First Part.
271460: --- - A Review of The History of The Man After God's Own Heart. In Which The Falshoods and Misrepresentations of The Historian are Exposed and Corrected. By Samuel Chandler.
271461: --- - A Charge to The Poets. By William Whitehead.
271462: --- - Epistle from Lady Jane Grey to Lord Guilford Dudley.
271463: --- - Papers Relative to The Rupture with Spain. In French and English…
271464: --- - Anecdotes of Painting in England, with some Account of The Principal Artists, and Incidental Notes on other Arts. Collected by The Late Mr George Vertue, and New Digested and Published From His Original MSS. By Mr Horace Walpole.
271467: --- - Naval Evolutions: Or, a System of Sea-Discipline… by P. L'Hoste.
271468: --- - Remarks on The Beauties of Poetry. By Daniel Webb.
271469: --- - The Works of James Thomson, with his Last Corrections and Improvements…
271470: --- - A Second Argument in Defence of Christianity, Taken From The Antient Prophecies, Applied to The Most Remarkable Events in The Life and Character of Jesus Christ…
271471: --- - The Ghost. By C. Churchill.
271473: --- - A Treatise on The Art of Dancing. By Giovanni-Andrea Gallini.
271474: --- - An Elegy, Written Among The Tombs in Westminster Abbey.
271475: --- - The Nunnery. An Elegy, in Imitation of The Elegy in a Church-Yard.
271476: --- - Poems on Several Occasions. By David Mallet.
271478: --- - The Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion Occassionally Opened and Explained; in a Course of Sermons Preached Before The Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn…
271479: --- - Conclusion of The Account of Dr. Hill's General Natural History.
271480: --- - Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Time. From The Restoration of King Charles II, to The Conclusion of The Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in The Reign of Queen Anne…
271481: --- - The Works of Christina Queen of Sweden. Containing Maxims and Sentences, in Twelve Centuries…
271482: --- - A Critical Commentary upon The Books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch, The History of Susanna, and Bel and The Dragon…
271483: --- - The Letters of Madam de Maintenon; and Other Eminent Persons in The Age of Lewis XIV. To Which are Added some Characters.
271484: --- - Continuation of The Account of The Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England.
271485: --- - The Commentaries of Caesar, Translated into English. To which is Prefixed, a Discourse Concerning The Roman Art of War. By William Duncan.
271486: --- - Reflections on The Late Lord Bolingbroke's Letters on The Study and Use of History; Especially so far as they Relate to Christianity, and The Holy Scriptures…
271487: --- - A Vindication of The Evidences and Authenticity of The Gospels, From The Objections of The Late Lord Bolingbroke, in His Letters on The Study of History. By Peter Whalley.
265747: --- - Horizontal Water Wheels, With Concave or Spiral Float-Boards; The Making of Foot-Balls and Ballons; How to Measure English Miles on Maps; Samuel's Regulator For Horse-Mills, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 22.
265748: --- - Mr. William Wigston's Patent Steam Engine; Mr. Smith's Patent Evaporating Pan; Messrs. Vere and Crane's Gas Apparatus, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 23.
265749: --- - Mr. J. Evan's Method of Equalizing The Strain on Tackles; Method of Describing Large Parabolic Segments; M. Baup's Drying Stove; Mr. Dupe's Dowl and Axletree For Wheels, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 24.
271288: --- - An Essay on Billious Fevers; or, The History of a Bilious Epidemic Fever at Lausanne, in The Year 1755. By S. A. D. Tissot.
272404: --- - The Prospectus, Charter, Ordimances, and Bye-Laws, of The Royal Institution of Great Britain.
272405: --- - An Inquiry into The Life, Writings, and Character of The Reverend Dr William Guild…
272407: --- - Poems, from The Portuguese of Luis de Camoens: with Remarks on his Life and Writings, Notes. By Lord Viscount Strangford.
272409: --- - The Works of The Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Including her Correspondence, Poems, and Essays.
272412: --- - Scenes of Infancy; Descriptive of Teviotdale. By John Leyden.
272413: --- - Elements of Science and Art; Being a Familiar Introduction to Natural Philosophy and Chemistry…
272414: --- - Senilities; or, Solitary Amusements: in Prose and Verse; with a Cursory Disquisition on The Future Condition of The Sexes. By The Rev. William Graves.
239910: --- - The Woes of the Washer-woman
271424: --- - The History of England, From The Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Accession of Henry VII…
271425: --- - Sermons on Various Subjects. By The Late Rev. Mr John Downes.
271426: --- - An Humble, Earnest, and Affectionate Address to The Clergy. By William Law.
271427: --- - The Practical Preacher; Consisting of Select Discourses From The Works of The Most Eminent Protestant Writers: With Forms of Devotion for The Use of Families.
271430: --- - Night. An Epistle to Robert Lloyd.
271431: --- - The Perspective of Architecture. In Two Parts…
271433: --- - Medea: A Tragedy. By Mr Glover.
271434: --- - Purity of Heart, a Moral Epistle. By Mr Scott.
271166: --- - Mr. Harte's History of The Life of Gustavus Adolphus Concluded.
228266: ---. - Catholics and The Oxford Examinations.
070232: ---. - A Version of the Psalms, originally written by the late Rev. James Merrick. Divided into Stanzas & adapted to the Purposes of Public or Private Devotion, by Rev. Wm.Dechair Tattersall, 1797. A Review.
070237: ---. - Observations on the Dispute between the United States and France, addressed by Robert Goodloe Harper, May 1797. A Review.
070240: ---. - The System of Nature, or the Laws of the Moral and Physical World. Translated from the French of M. Mirabeau, Vols 1 & 2, 1797. A Review.
070241: ---. - A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Portland, being a Defence of the Conduct of his Majesty's Ministers, in sending an Ambassador to treat with the French Directory, James Workman,1797. A Review.
070244: ---. - Medical Reports on the Effects of Water, cold and warm, as a Remedy in Fever and Febrile Diseases, whether applied to the Body, or Used as a Dr.James Currie, 1798. A review.
070245: ---. - The History of Scotland, from the Accession of the House of Stuart, to that of Mary.With Appendixes of original Papers, by John Pinkerton, 2 Vols. 1797. A review.
070246: ---. - Letters written during a short Residence in Spain and Portugal. With some Account of Spanish and Portuguese Poetry, by Robert Southey, 1797. A review.
070248: ---. - Memoirs of the House of Medici, from its Origin to the Death of Francesco the Second,Grand Duke of Tuscany, from the French of Mr. Tenhove. With Notes, Sir Richard Clayton, 2 vols. 1797. A review.
070249: ---. - Annals of Medicine for the Year 1797 : exhibiting a concise View of the latest and most important Discoveries in Medicine and Medical Philosophy, by Andrew Duncan. A review.
070251: ---. - A Guide to the Church in several Discourses; to which are added Two Postscripts; the First, to Members of the Church...Second, to the Clergy, addressed to William Wilberforce, by Rev. Charles Daubeny, 1798. A review.
070252: ---. - The History of the Reign of Shah Aulum, the present Emperor of Hindostaun; contianing the Transactions of the Court of Delhi & the neighbouring States... by William Francklin, 1798. A review.
070254: ---. - An Essay on the Medicinal Properties of Factitious Airs. With an Appendix on the Nature of Blood, by Tiberius Cavallo, 1798. A review.
070258: ---. - The State of the Poor; or, an History of the Labouring Classes in England, from the Conquest to the Present Period; ... their domestic Economy with regard to Diet, Dress, Fuel and Habitation, Sir Frederick Eden, 3 vols. 1797. A review.
070259: ---. - A Treatise on Chirurgical Diseases, and on the Operations required in their Treatment, translated from the French.. 2 Vols by Dr. William Turnbull, 1797. A review.
070261: ---. - A System of Dissections, explaining the Anatomy of the Human Body, the Manner of Displaying the Parts, and their Varieties of Diseases...part 1, by Charles Bell, 1798. A review.
F138-1697: ---. - Globalization and Welfare: A Critical Reader (International Political Economy.
228231: ---. - Memoirs of an Emigre Officer.
245459: [TRIAL] - Proceedings Against Sir George Ratcliff, knt. On an Impeachment For High Treason. A.D. 1640.
043213: EDITOR. - The Map of British India; aspects of British rule and native opinion, etc.
043215: ---. - Church and School in France.The effects of Republicanism and the reactions of the Catholic clergy, etc.
043217: ---. - The Work and Wants of the Church in England; a summary of the expansion since the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England.
043218: ---. - The Evangelisation of Africa; the various efforts to bring the Christian Gospel and its ethics to the various peoples.
043219: ---. - Life of Benvenuto Cellini, the Florentine Artist, written by himself; translated from the original by Thomas Nugent. A review.
043220: ---. - Robert Southwell's Works. A brief biography of this martyred English Jesuit with excerpts from his poetical works.
043221: ---. - John Chalkhill's Thealma and Clearchus, a Pastoral History in smooth and easie Verse, written long since and published London, 1683.
043222: ---. - Howell's Familiar Letters, Domestic and Foreign. Excerpts from this correspondence covering the reigns of James the First and Charles the First, some written from the Fleet Prison.
043223: ---. - Wynne's History of the Gwedir Family, London 1773. A brief summary and review of this CambroBriton writer's work.
043224: ---. - The Political Works of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. The first article in this collection printed in 1698 and the last in 1704. A biographical summary of the life and work of this Scottish patriot.
043226: ---. - Memoirs of Gaudentio di Lucca, a traveller in a unknown country in the midst of the African Deserts, etc. This mss. was read by the Italian Inquisition to check out its conformity, etc. A review with textual excerpts.
043227: ---. - Dryden's Prose Works. A literary review of his works, letters, etc.
043229: ---. - The Plays of George Chapman, an Elizabethan dramatist, born 1557 and died 1643, possibly born in Hertfordshire.
043230: ---. - Bacon's Novum Organum; a Latin treatise published originally in 1620. proposing intellectual and scientific reform. A summary with textual examples.
043232: ---. - Howell's Familiar Letters, Domestic and Foreign. Excerpts from this correspondence covering the reigns of James the First and Charles the First, some written from the Fleet Prison.
043233: ---. - The Early English Dramas, including Tamburlaine the Great, Marlowe'sMassacre at Paris, Doctor Faustus, Edward the Second, etc.
043234: ---. - The Political Works of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. The first article in this collection printed in 1698 and the last in 1704. A biographical summary of the life and work of this Scottish patriot.
043235: ---. - Dryden's Prose Works. A literary review of his works, letters, etc.
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219782: C.O.B. - Natal Government Railways.
219783: C.O.B. - Central South African Railways.
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219793: J.M.M. - Common Standard Locomotives in America (Harriman Lines).
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262964: --- - Fourteen Maps of Ancient and Modern Geography, for The Illustration of The Tables of Chronology and History. To which is prefixed, a Dissertation on The Rise and Progress of Geography. By John Blair.
262883: --- - Occasional Remarks upon some late Strictures on The Confessional: Remarks on the First of Three Letters to The Author of that Work, and an Examination of Dr. Maclaine's Defence of Archbishop Wake.
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262734: --- - The Man of Forty Crowns.
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219804: A.W.B. - Large, Steel Vault.
219807: A.W.B. - Dredging-Plant for India.
219811: A.W.B. - Transporter-Cranes at Purfleet.
219815: G.H. - Drying of Beet Slices.
219816: C.O.B. - North-Western Ohio Bottle Company's Factory.
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270937: --- - A Full Consutation of all The Facts Advanced in Mr. Bower's Three Defences. In Which The Charge Brought Against Him is Confirmed, by a Seventh Letter to Father Sheldon…
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B204-1006: ---. - Technological Transformation in the Third World: Latin America v. 3 (Technolo.
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B203-1154: M. - The Free Trade Area of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
B200-1016: . - Law and Society (International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory)
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013489: [VOELCKER, DR. AUGUSTUS]. - On the Composition and Nutritive Value of Palm-nut Kernel Meal and Cake.
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248055: ---, --- - Ladies At The Front. The Woman's Side Of The Boer War.
234974: --- - Lego. Star Wars Heroes Ultimate Sticker Book. 250+ reusable full colour stickers.
234975: --- - Lego. Star Wars Villains Ultimate Sticker Book. 250+ reusable full colour stickers.
234976: --- - Lego. Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Book. 1000+ reusable full colour stickers.
234977: --- - Lego. Harry Potter Sticker Book. 50+ Stickers & Pull Out Poster.
234742: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - London Water Companies. Return of Financial Statement on which the Calculations are based of Payments to be made to London Water Companies under proposed Metropolis Waterworks Purchase Bill....
234743: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - [London]. Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Municipal Representation Bill, together with the Proceedings of the Committee.
256776: --- - The Evolution of The Cycle.
113082: ---. - Directive of the 8th Congress of the Socialist Unity Party ...for the Development of the National Economy of the GDR, 1971 1975. 8th Congress, 15 -19 June, 1971 in Berlin.
113083: ---. - Agreement on Diplomatic Relations between Finland and GDR Initialed.
113084: ---. - Agreement on Diplomatic Relations between Finland and GDR Initialed.
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226551: W.A.P. - Antonio Abetti.
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156348: [TRIAL]. - Proceedings between the King and the City of London on an Information in nature of a Quo Warranto in the King's Bench, 1683.
156350: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of Edward Earl of Warwick and Holland, for the Murder of Richard Coote, Esq; March 28, 1699.
159714: ---. - Bismarck.
159718: ---. - The Growing Independence of American Journalism.
159719: ---. - American Architecture in English Eyes.
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262884: --- - A Treatise on The Cause and Cure of The Gout. By John Caverhill.
262885: --- - A Reply to Mr. Maxwell's Answer to Mr. Kirkland's Essay on Fevers; wherein The Utility of The Practice of Suppressing them is further exemplified, vindicated, and enforced. By Thomas Kirkland.
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135650: ---. - Abortive legislation
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228218: ---. - The Month on Proselytism in Ireland.
228220: ---. - Christian Charity in The Campaign of 1866.
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207824: ---. - The French Bible
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263366: --- - The Light produced by Inflammation.
248933: --- - The Education of Women.
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144242: A. DE G. - The Outlook, Political and Social, in Europe.
272423: --- - Correspondence in a Series of Letters Between a Gentleman in Berlin and a Person of Distinction in London, from August 1803, to June 1804.
237496: ---. - Utilization of The Maize Plant.
229569: ---. - Letters of Cardinal Newman to Lady Georgiana Fullerton.
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263444: --- - The Student's Pocket Dictionary; or Compendium of Universal History, Chronology, and Biography, from the earliest Accounts to the Present Time: with Authorities. Containing a Compendium of Biography and Universal History. By Thomas Mortimer.
272221: --- - The History of Edinburgh. By Hugo Arnott.
226853: ---. - Specification of the Patent granted to Joseph Bramah, of Pimlico, Engineer; for certain Improvements in various Parts of wheeled Carriages; one of which is applicable to other Machinery, where a rotary Motion is necessary.
245398: --- - A Century of Painting. Henri Regnault and Bastien-Lepage. Jules Breton and His Limitation. Meissonier The Accepted Leader of His County. Hebert, Chaplin, and Cabanel. The Portraitists Bonnat and Duran.
236850: D., N. - The Diocese of Dublin in The Year 1697. Part I and Part II.
223636: ---. - The Hearth Taxes for the Town of Cambridge, A.D. 1664 and 1674.
252326: --- - A Haunted Villa. Founded on Fact.
252328: --- - Sir Henry Halford, Bart. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252323: --- - Sailors of a Century.
271361: --- - Eloisa; or a Series of Original Letters, Collected and Published by J. J. Rousseau…
271362: --- - The History of The Popes, From The Foundation of The See of Rome, to The Present Time. Vol. V. By Archibald Bower.
271822: --- - Vindiciae Preistleianae; An Address to The Students of Oxford and Cambridge; Occasioned by a Letter to Dr. Priestley…
133560: ---. - Cambridge University reform
152981: 'B' - Summary of British Sport.
152987: ---. - A Shark Story, by the Late William P. Hawes, Esq.
152988: ---. - Death of the Celebrated Stag High-Flyer.
152992: ---. - How do Poor Men Live?
152993: ---. - Dialogue of the Unborn.
152995: ---. - Lord Durham and the Reformers.
152996: ---. - Mrs. Jameson's Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada.
152997: ---. - War in India. Part 1.
236803: G., L. N. - French Schools and Republican Rulers.
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044227: ---. - Dobrizhoffer;Account of the Abipones, an Equestrian People of Paraguay; the experiences of the author, an Austrian Jesuit, who spent eighteen years as a missionary in the country prior to the Spanish expulsion of the Order from its dominions.
175724: [TRIAL]. - The Whole Proceedings in the House of Peers, upon the Indictments against William Earl of Kilmarnock, George Earl of Cromertie, & Arthur Lord Balmerino, for High Treason, in levying War against his Majesty. AD 1746.
028103: ---. - Ecclesiastical Revenues.
028104: ---. - Faux Memorable Days in America.
028105: ---. - Faux Memorable Days in America.
028106: ---. - Walpole's Memoirs on Turkey.
028107: ---. - Walpole's Memoirs on Turkey.
028112: ---. - On the Means of Improving the People.
028113: ---. - Birkbeck's Notes on America.
028115: ---. - Mr. Brougham Education Committee.
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271308: --- - The Principles and Practices of The Methodists Considered, in some Letters to The Leaders of That Sect…
257783: --- - Description of a Spring-staple, to prevent Horses being cast in the Halter.
204801: ---. - Glendalough.
107590: ---. - The Educational Crisis in Belgium.
107600: ---. - Souvenirs of a Missionary College, the Seminaire des Missions Etrangeres, founded in 1663, and on which Mill Hill is modelled.
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107616: ---. - The Quarterly Review and the Church in England. Roman Catholics in England, etc.
263462: --- - A Description of all the Nations that are subject to the Russian Empire, with an Account of their Manner of Life, their Religion, their Customs, Dress, Habitations, etc.
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033515: ---. - Principles of Catholic Higher Education. A review of an Essay on Education, etc.
033636: ---. - Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton.
033651: [OSBORN, CAPTAIN]. - The Past and Future of British Relations with China.
033667: ---. - Young on Colours not hitherto described.
033740: ---. - Extension of the Franchise; a safe and constitutional plane of Parliamentary Reform.
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028062: ---. - The Philosophy of Kant.
028065: ---. - The American Press.
028066: ---. - Religious Ideas and Modern Thought.
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036922: ---. - Church of England and the State.
036223: ---. - Thomas Clarkson; A Portrait of Quakerism.
030203: ---. - Nomination of Scottish Juries.
236716: M., C. J. - Conditional Absolution.
226823: ---. - Specification of the Patent granted to William Mitchell, Surgeon, late of Ayr, now in Edinburgh; for an Invention of Articles, of home Growth and Produce, by the Use of which, in the Manufacture of Soap, taking the Quantity of Produce into View, there will be a great Saving in price, the Necessity of going to a foreign Market will ne nearly, perhaps entirely, superseded, and the Quality of the Soap will be equal, if not superior, to that usually manufactured from foreign Materials.
262859: --- - Travels into Siberia, in The Year 1761, by Order of The King of France. By M. Kracheninnikow.
136134: ---. - Modern necromancy
136135: ---. - Isaac Casaubon
136136: ---. - Herbert Spencer's sociology (No. I)
136138: ---. - The Hindu woman, real and ideal
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136143: ---. - Jonathan Swift [Life by John Forster]
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243077: --- - Trigger and Prehistoric Archaeology.
243078: --- - Radiocarbon Dates and South Indian Neolithic Culture.
263056: --- - Tracts concerning Patronage, by some eminent Hands. With a Candid Enquiry into The Constitution of The Church of Scotland, in relation to The Settlement of Ministers: And Remarks upon a late Pamphlet, entitled, Observations on The Overture concerning Patronage, in answer to The Thoughts of a Lay-man concerning Patronage and Presentations. By W. Gray.
260126: ---. - Trawling The China Seas.
260090: ---. - Lapland's Reindeer Roundup.
270952: --- - Reveries, or Memoirs Upon The Art of War, by Field-Marshal Count Saxe…
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219499: J., CH. - New Types of Hand-Brake on The Eastern Railway of France.
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252484: --- - The Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
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036055: ---. - New Reformation in Ireland; the allegation that the Roman Church is losing many adherents in Ireland.
036056: ---. - Lord Cockburn's Life of Lord Jeffrey, with a Selection from his Correspondence; a review, with excerpts from the work.
038701: ---. - New Reformation in Ireland; the allegation that the Roman Church is losing many adherents in Ireland.
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036173: ---. - Essays of Fisher Ames; the views of a former member of the American Congress on Democracy, as found in Britain, etc.
036174: ---. - Essays of Fisher Ames; the views of a former member of the American Congress on Democracy, as found in Britain, etc.
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145124: ---. - The Encyclical The Year of Jubilee. (Latin and English)
238982: C.J.M. - Robert Kock, 1843-1910.
184125: ---. - Towards a New International Economic Order. A Report. TOGETHER WITH Towards a New International Economic Order. A Further Report.
248462: --- - Krupp's Patent Wheel-Tyres; Steam Fire-Engine; Armitage's Lightning Rod; New Appligation Of Photography - Daguerreotypes On Wood; Aerial Navigation; Berdan's Crushing And Amalgamating Machine; On The Manufacture Of Cast Steel, By Dr. Karsten, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1570.
257512: --- - Some Curious Water-Marks. Wonders of The World.
257510: --- - A Chinese Dante. Wonders of The World.
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010554: ---. - The Future of the Labour Party. A Stocktaking.
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248532: --- - Organic Remains; Painting In Crayons; Chalk Drawing; Coffee; Preparation Of Catgut; Patent Gelatine: As Prepared By Mr. Nelson, The Patenter, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 63.
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248534: --- - Galvanic Apparatus; On Madder As A Dye Drug; Specific Gravity; Making Shagreen; Gold-Leaf; Japanning Tunbridge-Ware, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 65.
248535: --- - The Diorama, Illustrations Of The Linnean System, Naming Plants, etc.; Frozen Well [Owego]; Lithography; Assam Tea, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 66.
038427: ---. - Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, by S. Baring Gould. A review of this work, with excerpts.
038428: ---. - The Four Reform Orators; Disraeli, Gladstone, Bright and R. Lowe, with excerpts illustrating their views.
228721: ---. - Irish Worthies of The Sixteenth Century: Father David Woulfe.
249047: --- - London Bridge; Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger; Domestication of Animals; Fragments of Voyages and Travels; Trasit of Mercury; Home Colonies, etc. Monthly Suppliment. March 31st to April 3oth, 1832.
271734: --- - Tracts Concerning Patronage, by some Eminent Hands. With a Condid Enquiry into The Constitution of The Church of Scotland, in Relation to The Settlement of Ministers…
204797: ---. - The Tomb of St. Abercius.
245592: [TRIAL] - Proceedings in The House of Commons, House of Peers, and in The Queen's Bench, in The Great Case of Ashby and White. A.D. 1704, 1705.
249137: --- - The Plague at Milan; Instructions of the Deaf and Dumb; The Bell Rock Lighthouse; Predisposition to Disease from Intemperate Drinking; The Pitcher Plant, etc. Issue No. 52, April 27th, 1833.
270991: --- - St. Justin The Philosopher and Martyr, his Exhortations to The Gentiles.
270992: --- - Sermons on The Most Interesting, Religious, Moral and Practical Subjects.
262539: --- - The Principles of The Law of Nature and Nations. By J.J. Burlamaqui.
262540: --- - A Digest of The Laws of England. By Sir John Comyns.
243840: --- - Archaeology in Bulgaria 1945-1957.
233671: --- - Billing's Electro Magnetic Machine; Explosion Of The Richmond Locomotive Engine; Investigation By Dr. Lardner; The Marquis Of Worcester's Century Of Inventions; The Spiral Spring Candlestick - A Modern Antique; Position Of Water Supply Pipes; The Cambria Steam Ship, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1114.
233672: --- - Pilbrow's Improved System Of Atmospheric Propulsion; The Great Britain Steamer; Memoir On The Influence Of Light, ETC., On Ale And Porter Worts; Mr. Scott's Theory Of Parallel Lines; The Artesian Well Of Grenelle; The Purification Of Coal Gas, And Croll's Process of Separating The Ammonia, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1115.
159838: ---. - Modern Collegiate Education.
159839: ---. - Individuality in Teaching.
159840: ---. - A Just Employer.
263032: --- - Critical Essays.
171474: ---. - Ancient Meeting-House at Walpole, Suffolk. An article from The Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Transactions.
194257: ---. - Gleanings from Zimmerman's Solitude; to which are added, Occasional Observations, and an Ode on Retirement.
194259: ---. - Fifty-three Discourses, containing a connected System of doctrinal and practical Christianity, as professed and maintained by the Church of England, particularly adapted to the use of Families and County Congregations.
194260: ---. - Principles and Practice of Naval and Military Courts Martial, with an Appendix, illustrative of the Subject.
194261: ---. - Recollections of Paris, in the Years 1802, 3, 4, 5.
194263: ---. - Lectures on Natural Philosophy: the Result of many Years practical Experience of the Facts elucidated. With an Appendix; containing a great Number and Variety of Astronomical and Geographical Problems; also some useful Tables, and a comprehensive
194264: ---. - Essays on the Anatomy of Expression in Painting.
136026: ---. - The [liquor] licensing system
136027: ---. - Sir Henry Holland's Recollections
262391: --- - The Philosophical Discourses of Maximus of Tyre. By Mr. Formey.
135852: ---. - Maine de Biran [French philosopher]
260792: --- - The French King Conquered By The English; The King of France and his Son brought Prisoners into England (Besides divers Earls, Lords, and above two Thousand Knights and Esquires) By The Victorious Edward The Black Prince, Son To Edward The Thrid. Wherein is given an Account of several great Battles fought and wonderful Victories obtained over the French, when they had six to one against the English, to the Honour and Renown of England's unparalleled Valour, Conduct, and Resolution.
X127-1078: ---. - Operation Squad World War Two. Skirmish Rules For Miniatures Battles In The Second World War
194522: ---. - Classical English Letter-Writer: or Epistolary Selections; designed to improve Young Persons in the Art of Letter-Writing, and in the Principles of Virtue and Piety.
194492: ---. - Phaedo; a Dialogue on the Immortality of the Soul. Translated from the Greek of Plato.
194493: ---. - An Address to the Rev. Eustace Carey, January 19, 1814, on his designation as a Christian Missionary to India.
194494: ---. - A Treatise on the Defence of Fortifies Places.
194495: ---. - Memoirs of the late Reverend Theophilus Lindsey, A.M. Including a Brief Analysis of his Works; together with Anecdotes and Letters of eminent Persons, his Friends and Correspondents.
194496: ---. - A Brief Memorial of the Repeal of so much of the Stat. 9 & 10 Will III. as relates to Persons deneying the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.
194497: ---. - The Influence of Bible Societies on the Temporal Necessities of the Poor.
194498: ---. - Flowers of Wit, or a Choice Collection of Bon Mots, both Ancient and Modern; with Biographical and Critical Remarks.
194499: ---. - The Fruits of the Spirit, being a Comprehensive View of the Principal Graces which adorn the Christian Character.
194500: ---. - Observations on the late Treaty of Peace with France so far as it relates to the Slave Trade: in a Letter to a friend.
248536: --- - Influence Of Points In Electricity; Preventing The Decay Of Wood; The Single Kaleidoscope, Its Construction And Use; Discovery Of The Mariner's Compass; Animalcules, By Dr. Grant; Improved Method Of Drying Plants, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 67.
248537: --- - Behnes Sculptor's Instrument; Copper In Natural Products, By M.A. Thieullen; Mr. Spencer On The Electrotype; Assaying Of Metallic Ores; Colouring Insects, By M.J.J. Virey; Preparation Of Pure Tellurian, By Berzelius; On The Colours Of Flame, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 68.
248538: --- - Apparatus For Lithographic Printing; On The New Metal Latinium, By James C. Booth & Campbell Morfit; Indian Mode Of Preparing The Perfumed Oils Of Jasmine And Bela; Illustrations Of Botany; Etching On Glass; Preparation Of Pigments, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 69.
248539: --- - Busby's Hydraulic Orrery; Objects For The Kaleidoscope; New Galvanic Battery; Fluid Support - Swimming; Assaying Of Metallic Ores, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 70.
248386: --- - Neville And Dorsett's Patent Boilers And Steam Engines; Mr. W.G. Armstong On Water-Pressure Machinery, Concluded; On The Progress Of Mechanical Science, By W. Faibairn; The Economy Of Water Power, By Joseph Glynn; On An Apparatus For Exhibiting Optical Illusions Illustrating Spectral Phenomena, By H. Dicks; On The Gresham Buoy For Recording The Loss Of Ships At Sea, By J. Oldham; Telegraph Conductors; Horological Improvements; The Revolver; The Uses Of Cross-Cut Stone, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1834.
112335: ---. - Offences relating to Motor Vehicles.
257864: --- - Torpedo sinks British Liner Athenia (4th Sept 1939). Bristol Evening Post Monday September 4th, 1989. Commemorative Edition.
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248598: --- - The Universal, Or Vertical Cutter; Determining The Longitude; The Binary Theory Of Salts; Coloured Daguerreotypes; On A Gaseous Voltaic Battery, By Mr. Grove; Method Of Fixing Crayons; Pin Manufature; Climate Of Britain; Luting For Bottles, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 195.
248599: --- - Automata And Their Construction; Dictionary Of Trade, Commerce And Navigation; The Binary Theory Of Salt; Protection From Fire, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 196.
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248602: --- - Auger For Making Square Holes; Making And Cutting Of Playing Cards; The Light Of The Sun And Moon; Manufacture Of Paper Hangings; To Make Crucibles; Method Of Reviving Faded Plants, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 199.
248603: --- - Mechanical Contrivances; Warm Baths; Management Of Foreign Wines; Shining Of The Eyes Of The Cat, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 200.
248604: --- - Manufacture And Refinement Of Sugar; On The Preservation Of Wood; Galvanic Reduction Of Zinc, Iron And Tin; The British Mosses, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 201.
248605: --- - Mechanical Contrivances; Cannel Coal As A Working Material; Fuel; Wods Of The Palm Tree; Lightning Conductors, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 202.
248610: --- - Mechanical Contrivances; Tin And Its Uses; The Printing Press; Observations On Stone Used For Buildings, By C.H. Smith; The Upas, Or Poison Tree, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 207.
248611: --- - The Dissolving Views; Hair Pencils, And The Manner Of Choosing Them; Locomotion; Iol Printing In Colour; Life-Buoys And Life Preservers; New Cements, By Colonel Maceroni, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 208.
248613: --- - Steinitz's Improved Circular Staircase; Metallization Of Wood; Loud Beats Of Clocks Used In Observatories;The Penny Post; Price's Machine For Blocking And Pressing Straw Bonnets; Effects Of Camphor On Cut Flowers; Reform Of Railways, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 270.
235079: --- - Contributions To The Geology of The Rhenish Schiefergebirge.
112248: ---. - St. Helena. Report for the years 1966 and 1967.
199177: ---. - Rules for Constructing a Pinnacle. As given by Mathias Roriczer in 1486.
194186: ---. - A Northern Summer; or, Travels round the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, and Part of Germany, in the Year 1804.
194194: ---. - A Treatise on the Constructing and Copying (of) all Kinds of Geographical Maps.
194195: ---. - The Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, displayed in a Series of Select Engravings, representing the most beautiful, curios, and interesting Ancient Edifices of this Country; with an Historical and Descriptive Account of each Subject....
194196: ---. - Tour in America, in 1798, 1799 and 1800 - Exhibiting Sketches of Society and Manners, and a particular Account of the American System of Agriculture, with its recent Improvements.
194200: ---. - Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson, with Observations Critical and Explanatory. Sparsa Coegi.
228232: ---. - A Letter on The Proceedings of Certain Westminster Magistrates.
248889: --- - Dr. Johnson As a Temperance Moralist.
260753: --- - A Speech Spoken In The House Of Commons, By The Reverend Father in God, Robert, Lord Bishop Of Coventry And Litchfield. Being brought to the bar to answer for himself.
146591: ---. - Quarterly Reports of the Chemical Committee.
135407: ---. - Russian progress - who is to blame?
228544: ---. - The League of North and South.
106707: ---. - Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry; edited by two of her Daughters. A review.
243164: --- - The Radiocarbon Calendar Recalibrated.
243166: --- - The Tartaria Tablets.
243174: --- - Archaeology and Metal Analysis.
243176: --- - The Srivijayan Civilization in Southern Thailand.
243178: --- - Estimating The Duration of Cultures.
270482: --- - Biography of The Early Church.
262919: --- - The Seasons. A Poem.
262920: --- - An Enquiry into The General cause of The Heat in Summer, and of The Cold in Winter. By M. De Mairan.
240633: --- - Climbs Old and New.
248338: --- - Wilton And Huggett's Gas Regulators; On Submarine Telegraph Cables, Concluded, By J. Bodie, R.N., Master Of H.M.S., Agamemnon; The Iron Trade; Tonnage Shipping And Registration; Railway Signals Between Passengers And Engine Drivers, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1786.
135637: ---. - Owen's Palaeontology
135638: ---. - Cambridge University reform
135642: ---. - Heinrich von Kleist
135643: ---. - Burton's Lake Regions of Central Africa
135629: ---. - Italian nationality
262741: --- - The Rudiments of English Grammar, adapted to The Use of Schools, for The Use of those who have made some Proficiency in The Language. By Joseph Priestly.
171525: ---. - A Forgotten Congregational Hymn-Writer. An article from The Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Transactions.
248576: --- - Oil Presses; Magnetising Power Of The Solar Rays; British Quadrupeds; Analysis Of The Ashes Of Plants, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 159.
248579: --- - Bramah's Bank-Note Press; Collecting Shells; Chemical And Medical Properties Of Silk; Resistance Of Railways; Terrestrial And Celestial Globes, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 162.
248580: --- - Pocket Camera Obscura; The Kaleidophone; Remarks On Calico Printing, By Thomas Thompson; Feathers Of Birds; The Earl Of Rosse's Telescope; Preserving Egg Shells; Experession In Painting; Thunder, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 163.
248582: --- - Professor Hare's Blow-Pipes; Action Of Water Upon Glass; Rotary Motion Of A Watch Glass; Domestic Dteing; Blue Dyes; Schools Of Art, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 165.
248583: --- - Gooch's Selenarium, An Instrument For Ascertaining The moon's Position, etc.; Removing Paintings From Walls, By Mr. R. Salmon; On The Colur Of flame; Substitute For Glass Paper, By Mr. Larkin; Galvanic Protection To The Copper Sheathing On Vessels; Browning Gun-Barrels, Colour Of Flowers, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 166.
248584: --- - The Circular Slide Rest And Its Tools; Impressions Of Leaves; On The Colour Of Flame; Sensation Of Heat; The Brain And Nerves; Domestic dyeing: Red Dyes; Effects Of Centrifugal Force; Guano, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 167.
248585: --- - Alarms Or Alarums; Electricity Of The Torpedo; Miniature Painting; Fulminates, Fulminating Powders, Persussion Caps, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 168.
248590: --- - Comb Making Machine; Peltier's Electric Hygrometer; Britannia Metal Ware; Gothic Mouldings And Ornaments; Alkalimetry; Bleaching. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 173.
248593: --- - Fire Escapes; Bleaching; Metal And Wooden Springs; Spontaneous Combustion; Wine From Unripe Gooseberries; Removing Grease From Books, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 176.
248595: --- - Curious Boat Used At Nymphenburg; Counterfeit Medals; Perpetual Lamps; Road Making; Nervimotility; Sheet Iron Coffins, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 178
256945: --- - Lt. Hung Chang. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Times of Their Lives.
272138: --- - The Rivals, a Comedy; as it is Acted at The Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
135948: ---. - On Labor [by W. T. Thornton]
135949: ---. - Scepticism in excelsis
135953: ---. - Revision of the Authorized Version of Scripture [mainly on the New Testament]
252640: --- - The Parrot, The Cards and The Beak. Fables.
135517: ---. - Arctic adventures - Dr. Kane
135519: ---. - The new government for the principalities
042561: ---. - Progress of Misgovernment; the anarchy brought about as a result of the acts and omissions of ministers.
262215: --- - The Works in Verse and Prose of William Shenstone. By William Shenstone.
262222: --- - The Semi-Virgilian Husbandry, deduced from various Experiments: or, an Essay towards a new Course of National Farming, formed from The Defects, Losses, and Disappointments, of The Old and New Husbandry, in The Production of Vegetables, and in The Power of every Ploughman, with his own Plough. By Mr. Randall.
262436: --- - The Isle of Wight: a Poem in Three Cantos. By Henry Jones.
262447: --- - Travels Through France and Italy: Observations on Character, Customs, Religion, Government, Police, Commerce, Arts and more. By T. Smollett.
262448: --- - A Large Collection of Ancient Jewish and Heathen Testimonies to The Truth of The Christian Religion. Part 3. By Nathaniel Lardner.
262463: --- - Changes of The French Monarchy. By M. Gautier de Sibert.
169237: ---. - The Gem Theory and Spontaneous Generation. Pasteur - Tyndall - Bastian.
262763: --- - Sermons for The Use of Families. By William Enfield.
096501: ---. - Memorials of Dr. Doddridge. A list of Doddridge relics and autographs presently recognised.
265711: --- - Ernest's Patent Improved Beer Engine; New Postage Stamps-Forging, and Copying; Whitelaw and Stirrat's Wheel; Bucket Wheel for Making The Most of a Fall of Water; Sulphuretted Hydrogen Evolved by Salt Water, etc. Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 918.
096508: ---. - The Ancient Meeting house at Wattisfield, Suffolk.
096541: ---. - The Attercliffe Academy. Early Nonconformity in and around Sheffield.
096544: ---. - John Spenser's Apology, 1641. A transcript of his 1641 work, A Short Treatise Concenring the Lawfullness of every mans exercising his gift as God shall call him there unto.
096546: D.M. - Echoes of Past Pastors in Highgate.
270814: --- - Notes on The Philosophical Writings of Lord Bolingbroke. By Charles Bulkley.
B195-1038: ---. - Multinationals and World Trade: Vertical Integration and the Division of Labo.
263084: --- - Remarks on M. De Voltaire's New Discoveries in Natural History.
263085: --- - Voltaire in The Shades; or Dialogues on The Deistical Controversy.
042541: ---. - Recent Discoveries in Africa, made in the years 1823 and 1824, by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and the late Dr. Oudney; with details of meetings with African tribal chiefs, etc.
042542: ---. - Memoirs of Sheridan, by Dr. Watkins and Mr. Moore. His marriage, his theatrical career, and his life as a Whig politician.
042543: ---. - Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America; the diary of a winter's journey in British America and a summer residence in the woods there.
042554: ---. - The Writings of Bishop Butler; natural theology and ethics.

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