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090718: ---. - Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing. A review and summary of Scrope's work. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
160603: ---. - Further Strictures on Gravitation.
247759: --- - The Colt Automatic Machine Gun. Recent American Invention Introduced into Great Britain.
257876: --- - Happy and Glorious. Coronation Souvenir. Daily Mirror. Wednesday, June 3rd, 1953.
234248: --- - The Monopoly of Money.
234252: --- - Social Legislation. Mr Forbes Mackenzie's Act.
234253: --- - The Overland Trip from Bombay to London.
234259: --- - Macauay's History of England. Second Notice.
234260: --- - Melbourne Before and after The Golden Era. Australian Sketches.
234261: --- - Alexander Dumas.
234262: --- - The Life of a Publisher.
028117: ---. - Antiquities of Egypt.
028125: ---. - The Valley of the Mississippi.
263271: --- - The Man of Business; a Comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. By George Colman.
256919: --- - The Prince's Derby: As Told by Lightning Photography.
228226: ---. - Promotion and Discipline in The French Army.
228227: ---. - English Premiers: Pitt and Addington.
089889: ---. - On the Ascent of the Peter Botte Mountain in Mauritius. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
027870: ---. - Military Memoirs, Ancient and Modern.
027872: ---. - Observations on the Residence of the Clergy.
228646: ---. - The Ancient Guild Hall of The Company of Merchant Adventurers of The City of York.
228647: --- - Newman Conference, 6-12 August, 1995, Oriel College, Oxford Programme.
228638: ---. - Oulton Abbey.
027216: ---. - Persecution in the East.
263417: --- - Lectures on the Constitution and Laws of England: With a Commentary on Magna Charta. By the late Francis Stoughton.
237312: ---. - New Process of Vinegar Making.
256881: --- - The Identity of Mr. Push.
234277: --- - The Government of The United States.
234278: --- - The Cardinal De Retz.
234341: --- - The Outbreak of Enteric Fever at Muller's Orphanage, Ashley Down, Bristol.
028058: ---. - Our Foreign Policy Who is to Blame ?
028061: ---. - The Mystics and Reformers.
248894: --- - Parliamentary Deliberations And Debates Upon The Drink Traffic.
248895: --- - Sudden Dangers; Or, Accidents And Emergencies.
248823: --- - Prize Essays on the Peace peace Congress.
165144: ---. - The Counter-Revolutionary Forces in the October Events in Hungary, vol 2.
165136: ---. - Labour Party Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Party Organisation.
165128: ---. - George IV and the Arts of France. The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, 1966. Catalogue of Art.
165188: ---. - Cuba. U.S. Statement on Events in Cuba Under the Castro Regime.
165169: ---. - The British Film Institute. Report of the Conference on Films for Children
145057: ---. - The Manitoba School Question; Encyclical Letter from Pope Leo XIII.
041146: ---. - The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Its aims, work, etc.
041149: ---. - Fifty Versions of the Dies Irae. The Modern Translations, with examples.
041160: ---. - The First Sisters of Charity; the story of Mademoiselle Le Gras (Louise de Marillac), foundress of the Sisters.
041164: ---. - The Patriarch of the Active Orders; the life and work of the Blessed Peter Fourier, born at Lorraine in 1565.
041172: ---. - Pope Leo XIII and the Freemasons. The contents of his Encyclical and the Freemasons' response.
041174: ---. - The Greville Memoirs; a Journal of the Reigns of King George IV, King William IV, and Queen Victoria. A summary.
041175: ---. - The Quarterly Review and the Church in England. Roman Catholics in England, etc.
041181: ---. - The Pope and Catholic Philosophy in England. The revival of scholastic philosophy.
271200: --- - Introductory Lectures to The Sacred Books of The New Testament. By John David Michaelis.
244869: --- - Photographs That Have Made Fortunes.
244871: --- - Marie Antoinette. With Some Account of Her Personal Belongings, Now The Most Coveted and Valuable Treasures in The Art World.
248384: --- - Parson's Patent Machinery For Producing And Revivifying Animal Charcoal; Mr. W.G. Armstrong On Water Pressure Machinery; Coal Burning Locomotives; Johnson And Stableford's Patent Break Levers For Railway Wagons; Lyne's Patent Harrow; Centrifugal Pumps; The War Office And Woolwich Secrets,2 etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1832.
248552: --- - Pyrotechny, Or The Art Of Making Fire-Works; Autography; Chemical Tests (Detection Of Metallic Poisons), etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 83.
248553: --- - Professor Olmstead's Patent Stove; Painting Transparencies; On The Cause Of The Increase Of Colour By The Inversion Of The Head, By Sir David Brewster; Preparation Of Pigments, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 84.
248555: --- - Galvanic apparatus - Batteries; Gold And Silver Fish; Electricity Of High Pressure Steam; Composition Ornament Making; Application Of The Physico-Chemical Sciences To Arts And Manufactures, By M. Becquerel, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 86.
248556: --- - Accumulated Electricity; Marsh's Apparatus For Detecting Arsenic; New Sun Dial; Application Of The Physico_Chemical Sciences To Arts And Manufactures, By M. Becquerel; Preparation Of Pigments, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 87.
265216: --- - Marsupialia: Pouched Animals. Phascogale flavipes. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
249025: --- - Place Des Gendarmes, and French Church, Berlin. Some Account of Berlin. Issue No. 208. Supplement. September, 1835.
245380: --- - A Century of Painting. Notes Descriptive and Critical. German Art of The Past Cornelius, Kaulbach, and Schnorr. Influence of Piloty as a Result of Study in France. Typical German Painters: Knaus, Menzel and Bocklin. The Secessioniss A Forecast of The Future.
270772: --- - Deformity: An Essay. By William Hay.
262973: --- - A Chronological History of The Weather and Seasons, and of The Prevailing Diseases in Dublin. By John Rutty.
249119: --- - History of the Coltivation, Manufacture and Use of Tea; The Severe Frost of 1684; Drunkenness; Origin of Property; The Surinam Toad, etc. Issue No. 32, January 12th, 1833.
009242: A.E. - The Renewal of Youth. The Orpheus Series No. VII.
245475: [TRIAL] - Case of The Privileges of Embassadors, Being The Proceedings Against Don Pantaleon Sa, Brother of The Embassador From The King of Portugal to England, For Murder in a Riot in The New Exchange. A.D. 1654.
F234-1108: ---. - Bhagavadgita. by
271886: --- - Observations on Live Stock; Containing Hints for Choosing and Improving The Best Breeds of The Most Useful Kinds of Domestic Animals. By George Culley.
271885: --- - Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting. Selected From The Correspondence-Book of The Society Instituted at Bath for The Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures…
271884: --- - Remarkable Ruins, and Romantic Prospects in The north of Scotland, Accompanied with Singular Subjects of Natural History, and Ancient Monuments, Hitherto Undelineated and Undescribed…
271857: --- - The Rudiments of Anciennt Architecture; Containing an Historical Account of The Five Orders, with Their Proportions, and Examples of each, From The Antiques…
040262: ---. - Godwin and Malthus on Population; their respective arguments.
040263: ---. - Dalzel Lectures on the Ancient Greeks; including Athens and the Athenians.
040264: ---. - Morellet Memoirs of the French Revolution; a biographical summary and review of his works.
010109: ---. - The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths of the City of London.
245470: [TRIAL] - The Case of David Jenkins, esq. A Welsh Judge, For Publishing Seditious Books, and For Passing Sentence of Death on Persons for not Assisting Against The Parliament. A.D. 1647.
031824: ---. - Dealtry's Principles of Fluxions.
262714: --- - The Anatomical and Medical History of Diseases, exhibiting The Dissections of a great Variety of Morbid Bodies, and thence more clearly tracing out the Seat, Causes, and Effects of Diseases: Diseases of The Abdomen, Breast, Brain and External. By Jos. Lieutaud.
234499: --- - Report of The Lancet Special Commission on Public Hygiene in Paris.
234503: --- - Report of The Lancet Commission on Lunatic Asylums. Peckham House and Grove Hall Bow.
234507: --- - Report on The Lancet Special Commission on Public Hygiene in Paris. No. II.
234512: --- - Impressment.
234580: --- - Thomas Telford. A One Page Article with a Portrait.
234452: --- - Report of The Lancet Commission on Watering Places. Ramsgate.
234455: --- - Report of The Lancet Commission on Lunatic Asylums. Camberwell House.
159356: ---. - On the adulteration of Milk.
159357: ---. - On the Food and Habits of the Common Rook.
159358: ---. - On Oleaginous Plants.
159359: ---. - On the Habits of the Domestic Rat, and on a Method of Destroying it.
262059: --- - The Potato Disease.
252078: --- - Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
090670: ---. - The Voice of Jacob. A little known fortnightly sheet, recently begun publication, for the British Jews with details of institutions, etc. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
265423: ---. - Birds of Great Britain & Ireland. Scops Eared Owl. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
237403: ---. - Marine Aquarium: with Tidal Arrangements.
112238: ---. - Mauritius. Report for the year 1965.
029297: ---. - The Chemistry of Ordinary Life.
029300: ---. - The Irish Church Establishment.
029304: ---. - What is Science ?
029305: ---. - University Education in Ireland.
234400: --- - Sanitary Condition of Our Public Schools. Royal Medical College, Epsom. Report of the Lancet Commission.
249031: --- - Dunrobin Castle, Sutherlandshire; Sketches of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Caithness; Wick; Berrydale, etc. Issue No. 214. Supplement. October, 1835.
249032: --- - Patmos or Patino. The Greek Islands No. II.; Halley's Comet; The Fly in Turnips; On the Aquirment of Knowlede; Flight of the Eagle and Her Young; The Logan Rock, Cornwall, etc. Issue No. 215, November 7th, 1835.
249036: --- - Iron Wire Suspension Bridge, Fribourg in Switzerland. Some Account of Suspension Bridges. The Menai Bridge; the Suspension-Pier at Brighton; Suspension Bridge at Hammersmith, Designed and erected by William T. Clark. Issue No. 219. Supplement. November, 1835.
243361: --- - Trial Excavation at South Lodge Camp 1977.
243362: --- - Attribution of Function: A Cautionary Tale.
243363: --- - Camels at Persepolis.
265303: ---. - Deer, Antelopes, Camels &c. The Rusa of Timor: Native of The Island of Timor. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
249066: --- - Constantinople; The Labourers of Europe - No. 2, Maremma Italy; Art of Writing; Witchcraft; Ancient Paintings, etc. Issue No. 24, August 18th, 1832.
249067: --- - Constantinople - No. 2; Christ Church; Pigtails and politics; Zeuxis, etc. Issue No. 25, August 25th, 1832.
249079: --- - Biographical Sketch of Sir Walter Scott. Issue No. 37. Monthly Suppliment. September 29th to October 31st, 1832.
249081: --- - The Laocoon; St. Petersburgh; The Old Church at Chelsea; a Wasp's Nest; The Catacombs of Paris, etc. issue No. 39, November 10th, 1832.
257891: --- - Radio Times. 10th June 1977. Souvenir Issue. The Queen's Jubilee, 1952-1977.
230884: ---. - Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia (Lord Strafford).
042931: ---. - Lambeth Palace; the history and antiquities of the Archiepiscopal Palace.
042933: ---. - Empress Catherine of Russia; her Eastern policy and ambitions.
138110: ---. - Elementary education; our position, prospects and policy
239373: ---. - A Brief Summary of The Smithsonian Institution's Part in World War II.
228390: ---. - A Modern Foundress.
242356: --- - Loam-Terrains.
F188-1097: ---. - Careers with a Science Degree (Lifetime Careers) by
F172-1033: ---. - Egalitarian Politics in the Age of Globalization (International Political Eco.
136534: ---. - Lord Mulgrave and the Protestants of Ireland
136542: ---. - Dr. Meyler on Irish tranquillity
219088: C.O.B. - Storage and Handling of Truss-bars for The Island Span, Blackwell Island Bridge.
265729: --- - Description of a Steam or Fire Engine; Leghorn Straw Plat; The Origin of The Bat's Wing Gas Burner; Colds and Coughs, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 4.
041002: ---. - Correspondence of the Committee of Public Safety. With extracts and copies of various letters.
041003: ---. - Recollections of a Staff Surgeon during Twenty Nine Years Military Service in India and elsewhere. A review with extracts.
041004: ---. - Joanna Baillie's Fugitive Verses. The Scottish poet and dramatist, a friend of Sir Walter Scott.
077013: ---. - The Visible and Invisible. The mystical theology of Sister Emmerich, an Augustinian nun.
077014: ---. - Irish Election Committees. Voting Reforms. With details of petitions presented.
263284: --- - The History of English Poetry, from the Close of the Eleventh to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century: Romantic Fiction in Europe, and The Introduction of Learning into England. By Thomas Warton.
194606: ---. - Memoirs of Lady Hamilton; with Illustrative Anecdotes of many of her most particular Friends and distinguished Contemporaries.
194607: ---. - Report together with the Minutes of Evidence, and an Appendix of Papers, from the Committee appointed to consider of Provision being made for the better Regulation of Madhouses in England.
194610: ---. - Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk.
194611: ---. - Headlong Hall.
194587: ---. - The Battle of Waterloo.
194588: ---. - The First Report of a Society for preventing Accidents in Coal Mines.
194589: ---. - Practical and Familiar Sermons, designed for Parochial and Domestic Instruction.
194577: ---. - An Historical Account of the Episcopal See, and Cathedral Church, of Sarum, or Salisbury.
194578: ---. - Memoirs of the French War in Spain.
194579: ---. - The Claims of the Established Church considered as an Apostolical Institution, and especially as an Authorized Interpreter of Holy Scripture.
194580: ---. - Tragedies. The Death of Darnley Ivan. Zamorin and Zama. The Confession.
227348: ---. - New Theories and Facts of Heat.
228260: ---. - Rome beneath The Ground.
169263: ---. - The Cost of the Mediaeval Church in England; a chapter of historical economics.
156312: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of Mr John Udall, a Puritan Minister, at Croydon Assizes, for Felony, 24 July 1590.
083571: ---. - M. de Humboldt's Personal Narrative of his Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, 1799 1804. A review.
083572: ---. - Murray's Historical Account of Asiatic Discoveries and Travels; a review with excerpts of the accounts of various travellers in the work.
083573: ---. - Rise and Progress of Horticulture; a very brief history of European gardening through the ages, ending with details of the London and Caledonian Horticultural Societies.
083574: ---. - Views, Visits, and Tours in North America ; a review of various publications.
083575: ---. - Waddington's Visit to Ethiopia; a colourful account of the travels, the inhabitants and their customs, as well as the antiquities seen in the various areas.
083577: ---. - Quin's Visit to Spain; detailing the Transactions which occurred during a Residence in 1822 and 1823, with an account of the Removal of the Court from Madrid to Seville; and general Notices of the Manners, Customs, Costume and Music of the Country.
083578: ---. - W. Faux; Memorable Days in America, being a Journal of a Tour to the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain by positive evidence, the Condition and probable Prospects of British Emigrants, etc.
083579: ---. - W. Faux; Memorable Days in America, being a Journal of a Tour to the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain by positive evidence, the Condition and probable Prospects of British Emigrants, etc.
083582: ---. - Condition of the Negroes in our Colonies; African and West Indian Slavery.
272240: --- - Free and Candid Reflections, Occasioned by The Late Additional Duties on Sugars and on Rum, Submitted to The Consideration of The British Ministry, The Members of both Houses of Parliament, The Proprietors of Sugar Estates in The West India Colonies. By John Gardner Kemeys, esq, of Plantain Garden River Plantation, in Jamaica.
234827: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - SOMALIA. Correspondence relating to Affairs in Somaliland. Somaliland. Cd. 5000.
234828: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - BETTING. Report from the Select Committee of The House of Lords on Betting; with the Proceedings of The Committee. Session 1902. Brought from the Lords, 8 December, 1902.
272220: --- - Lucius Junius Brutus; or, The Expulsion of The Tarquins; an Historical Play. By Hugh Downman.
031724: ---. - Reform of the War Departments; based on Commissioners' Reports and Army Estimates.
031725: ---. - The Management and Disposal of our Criminal Population; an in depth investigation of the treatment of prisoners throughout Britain.
027509: ---. - Christian Theology and the Modern Spirit.
027510: ---. - The Ethics of Urban Leaseholds.
027511: E.A.F. - The Normans at Palermo.
027514: ---. - The True Character of the Pilgrim Fathers.
272859: --- - Travels in Italy, or, Remarks on Italy. By The Late M. Duclos, Historiographer of France, and Perpetual Secretary to The French Academy.
272866: --- - Petrarch's View of Human Life. By Mrs Dobson.
272867: --- - Six Letters on Intolerance; Including Ancient and Modern Nations, and Different Religions and Sects.
248886: --- - Benefit Societies: Their Names, Habits, and Failures.
265192: --- - Birds of Great Britain and Ireland. Turnstone. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
009219: [NATIONAL COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SERVICE] - Discovering The Past.
065771: ---. - Conspiracy Against Europe. The Paris Agreements a War Plot.
260848: --- - An Account Of St. Sebastians, In Relation To Its Situation, Fortifications, Government, Customs, And Trade. By One Lately Come From Thence.
218954: --- - Obituary: John Bennett.
218955: --- - Obituary: Benjamin Shaw Brundell.
218956: --- - Obituary: Henry Charles Forde.
218957: --- - Obituary: Henry George Clopper Ketchum.
218958: --- - Obituary: David Kirkaldy.
218959: --- - Obituary: Alfred Rumball.
218960: --- - Obituary: David Leonard Barnes.
218965: D.G. - The Konig Albert Harbour and New Railway Marshalling Yard at Dresden.
218966: D.G. - The New Harbour on The Rhine at Dusseldorf.
218968: A.W.B. - The Nira Irrigation Canal.
218975: A.W.B. - The Glasgow District Railway.
218976: M.A.E. - Improvements on The New York Central Railway.
218977: J.A.T. - Dynamometrical Tests on Express Compound Locomotives of The Paris-Lyons-Mediterranean Railway Company.
218980: J.A.T. - The Rail-Joint.
218984: R.W.W. - A 600-Kilowatt Hudin-Leblanc Flywheel Alternator.
218986: E.R.D. - The Electricity Works at Jever in The Grand Duchy of Oldenburg.
218989: E.R.D. - Electric Power and Light Installation in The Workshops and Stations at Gleiwitz.
219000: A.P.H. - The Russian Volunteer Steamship, Kherson.
219002: A.P.H. - Canet's Quick-firing Field-Guns.
207445: ---. - Fortnight. An Independent Review for Northern Ireland. Issue No. 85. Friday 21st June 1974.
270716: --- - Several Discourses Preached at The Temple-Church. By Thomas Sherlock.
241820: --- - Mediaeval English Songs in Honor of Our Lady.
248351: --- - Siemans' Patent Regenerative Furnace; The Purification Of Water, By Desmond G. Fitzgerald; Guerin And Newall's Railway Breaks; On The Mechanical Knowledge Of Animals, By Gen. T Perronet Thompson; Iron Land Defences, By M. Conybeare; Ships' Rudders, Monster Guns; Brake's Improvements In Cannon, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No.1799.
249103: --- - The Pyramids of Egypt; The Bible; St. Mary-Le-Bow, London; Planting; The Rein-Deer; Liberia, No. 1.; On the Instinct of Animals, etc. Issue No. 18, October 13th, 1832.
168767: ---. - Turkish Facts and British Fallacies.
159740: ---. - Shall Fortunes be Limited by Law?
156103: ---. - Agricultural Statistics of France and Great Britain.
156107: ---. - The Farmer's Note-Book. - No. XLIII. - The Book of the Garden.
156116: ---. - The Farmer's Note-Book. - No. XLIV. - On the Cultivation of the Oleaginous Plants.
156117: ---. - The Farmer's Note-Book. - No. XLIV. - Experiments in Feeding Sheep.
156118: ---. - Artificial Breeding of Fishes belonging to the Salmon Family.
156120: ---. - Rural Economy of Scotland.
156123: ---. - The Farmer's Note-Book. - No. XLV. - Competition of Reaping Machines at Stirling in 1854.
156124: ---. - The Farmer's Note-Book. - No. XLV. - Trout-Feeding at Wolf's Brunnen, &c.
242270: --- - Salmonsbury Camp, Gloucestershire.
262441: --- - Remarks on Dr. Lowth's Letter to The Bishop of Gloucester. With The Bishop's Appendix, and The Second Epistolary Correspondence between his Lordship and The Doctor, Annexed.
090197: ---. - Odd Characters of London in Former Times. Thomas Britton, the coal dealer whose remarkable intelligence was recognised and who became known as a significant book collector. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
145552: ---. - Analecta.
145564: ---. - Analecta.
145579: ---. - Analecta.
145583: A.B. - Malaria.
145586: W.M. - On Defective Hearing dependent on Deficient Secretion of Wax.
145591: ---. - Analecta.
160383: ---. - Useful Projects. - Of Carrots
237615: ---. - A Lover of The Spiritual Exercises.
076907: ---. - The Irish Church Question.Ministerial Measures; Appropriation Debate; Conservative Prospects.
076909: ---. - A Narrative of the Afghan War. In a series of Letters of the late Colonel Dennie, C.B. H.M. 13th Light Infantry Regiment, Aid de- Camp to the Queen. In 2 parts.
076910: ---. - A Narrative of the Afghan War. In a series of Letters of the late Colonel Dennie, C.B. H.M. 13th Light Infantry Regiment, Aid de- Camp to the Queen. In 2 parts.
076911: ---. - Lives and Times of the United Irishmen. A review of Madden's 2 volume work.
076912: ---. - Lives and Times of the United Irishmen. A review of Madden's 2 volume work.
076914: ---. - Twaddling Tourists in Ireland. A review of various travel books on the country.
076915: ---. - Unanswered Arguments and Unnoticed Phenomena of the Repeal Agitation.
076916: ---. - Australia Present and Future. The Australian colonies and what is on offer.
076918: M.E.M. - The Commeragh Mountains, their Lakes and Legends. In 2 parts.
042986: ---. - Clarke's Travels ; Vols. 3 and 4, covering Egypt, Macedonia, etc. and the remains of the classical world.
042987: ---. - Clarke's Travels ; Vols. 3 and 4, covering Egypt, Macedonia, etc. and the remains of the classical world.
042988: ---. - Peron Voyage de Decouvertes, Tome II. The Zoologist's voyage to Australia and some of his discoveries.
263391: --- - The Primitive World analysed and compared with the Modern World, with respect to the Civil, religious, and allegorical History of the Kalendar, or Almanac. By M. Court De Gebelin.
136216: ---. - The Congregational view of religious communion
136217: ---. - The universities and the Renaissance
271052: --- - An Introduction to The Doctrine of Fluxions. By John Row.
234219: --- - The World of London.
135218: ---. - Sanitary reform
035665: ---. - Ginguene and Sismondi's Literary History of Italy, etc.
035666: ---. - Malus, Biot, and Brewster on Light; brief summary of various experiments.
035669: ---. - Lacretelle's Histoire de France; the causes which produced the French Revolution.
035677: ---. - Robert Grant on the Expediency of continuing the Indian System of Trade and Government.
035678: ---. - Tracts on the British Fisheries; the importance of the fish stocks, etc. as part of the Food Supply.
035679: ---. - Correspondence of Mr. Wakefield and M. Fox, 1796 to 1801, mainly on the Subjects of Classical Literature.
035680: ---. - D'Oyly's Letters to Sir W. Drummond on the latter's commentary on Hebrew Scripture, namely Oedipus Judaicus.
035681: ---. - Montgalliard sur La Paissance Russe, etc.A French account of the country.
035682: ---. - Hutton's Mathematical and Philosophical Tracts.
035683: ---. - Villani's Istorie Fiorentine; Florentine Histories by this citizen of Florence to the year 1348.
028586: ---. - The Verdict of History Reversed.
248128: --- - Johnson's Patent Improvements In Locomotive Engines; The Character & Properties Of Gutta Percha; Propulsion Of The Water-Jet; First Report On The Coals Suited To The Steam Navy; Bush's Patent Compass; On The Identity Of Motion And Caloric, By M. Seguin, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1288.
248846: --- - Freaks of Fashion. Causes of Fashion.
159996: ---. - George Washington and Memorial Day.
159997: ---. - The New Movement in Education.
159998: ---. - The Lingering Duello.
159999: ---. - The Churches and the Poor.
265269: ---. - Walrus & Seals: Amphibious Carnivora. Phoca Barbata or Great Bearded Seal. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
263263: --- - The Lives of those eminent Antiquaries, Elias Ashmole, and Mr. William Lilly. Written by themselves. With Lilly's Life and Death of Charles the First; and several occasional Letters. By Charles Burman.
263256: --- - Henry the Second; or, the Fall of Rosamond: A Tragedy; as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. By Thomas Hull.
263231: --- - A General Essay on the Principles of Tactics: To which is prefixed a Discourse on the Present State of Politics, and of Military Art in Europe; together with the Plan of Work, intitled, The Political and Military State of France.
194434: ---. - An Appeal to the Imperial Parliament upon the Claims of the ceded Colony of Trinidad, to be governed by a Legislature and Judicature; founded on Principles sanctioned by Colonial Precedents and long Usage, with Observations thereon, intimately
194424: ---. - Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century; comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, and many of his learned Friends; and incidental View of the Progress and Advancement of Literature in this Kingdom, during the last Century;
227382: ---. - Moonlight and Colour.
248116: --- - Sanitary Reform - Ellerman's Deodorising Fluid - Dean, Dray, And Dean's Air-Tight Removal Cart; Coathupe's Glass Pipes; The Construction And Ventilation Of Sewers; Spiral Veneering Machine; Anti-Logarithmic Table, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1279.
243352: --- - A New Date For Goat's Hole Cave.
B203-1063: ---. - Violent Conflicts in Indonesia: Analysis, Representation, Resolution (Routled.
035895: ---. - Account of the Rev. John Flamsteed, the First Astronomer Royal, by Francis Baily. A review. With Notes on Whewell's Pamphlet , Newton and Flamsteed.
160606: ---. - A Description of Glamorganshire.
262782: --- - Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Sciences, des Arts......
271799: --- - An Historical Treatise on The Feudal Law, and on The Constitution and Laws of England…
159702: ---. - The Real Nature of Politics.
159703: ---. - Honesty at Elections.
159704: ---. - Open Letters. - About Mr. Irving.
239879: --- - Review: Theosophy, or Psychological Religion. By Max Muller.
253653: --- - What is The Finest View in The Kingdom? Great Artist's Opinions.
155395: ---. - Specification of the Patent ... Louis Lambert, of No. 10, Rue de la Gout, ... Paris...but now residing at No. 29, Cannon-street, ... for a secret, or invention, of certain improvements in the Material and Manufacture of Paper. Dated Nov. 23, 1824.
202293: ---. - Local Taxation.
263049: --- - A Letter to The Monthly Reviewers in Reply to their Critique on his Beauties of Nature displayed, etc. By W. Jackson.
156321: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Bar. at the King's Bench for High Treason, the 11th of February 1679.
233752: ---. - A Romanesque Head From Feakle, Co. Clare.
171427: ---. - The Bury of St. Edmund's Church Covenants. An article from The Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Transactions.
270237: --- - John Collinson's Observations on The Propagation of The Gospel.
260744: --- - A Second And Most Exact Relation of Those Sad And Lamentable Accidents, Which happened in and about the Parish Church of Wydecombe, near the Dartmoors, in Devonshire, On Sunday The 21st Of October Last, 1638. Come, behold the works of the Lord, what desolations he hath made in the earth.
260745: --- - The Marquis Of Huntley's Reply To Certain Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Ministers, Covenanters of Scotland: Sent from their Associates, to signify unto him, that it behoved him either to assist their designs, or to be carried to Prison in the Castle of Edinburgh, the 20th of April, 1639.
085086: ---. - Dr. Bastwick's Letany. An attack on the church hierarchy, etc. by this Puritan writer. With textual excerpts.
085088: ---. - Travels of Tom Coriat, Junior. A review, with excerpts of the account of a journey through part of the Netherlands in 1766 by the adopted son of Tom Coriat, the noted traveller.
085089: ---. - Memorials of the Civil War in the County of Devon. A brief summary and review, with excerpts.
085090: ---. - Scarron. Roman Comique. A brief summary and literary critique of the French fiction genre.
085091: ---. - Life of George Fox. A brief summary and review of the autobiography of the Founder of the Society of Friends.
085092: ---. - Honour of the Gout. A brief summary and review of this humorous work on the illness, with excerpts.
085093: ---. - Popular Superstitions of the Welsh.A summary and review with excerpts of the work on the subject by Rev. Edmund Jones, a Preacher from Monmouth.
085102: ---. - John Clieveland's Poetical Works. A brief summary and review of the work of this 17th century English poet with textual excerpts.
085104: ---. - Patten's History of the Rebellion in 1715. A review of the work by Rev. Mr. Patten , originally a Stuart supporter, who changed sides to support the House of Hanover.
085105: ---. - Life of Rice ap Thomas, Knight, Constable, and Lieutenant of Brecknock, etc. A review and summary of the life of this 15th century Welshman, with excerpts from the mss.
085110: ---. - Dr. Martin Lister's Journey to Paris in the year 1698. A brief summary of this account with textual excerpts.
085111: ---. - Howell's Instructions for Foreign Travel. A brief summary of this 17th century treatise with textual excerpts.
085115: ---. - Parliamentary Writs, etc. A review with excerpts from various recently issued historical works by the Record Commission.
085118: ---. - Haynes's Burghley Papers. Transcribed from original Letters and other authentic Memorials from 1542 to 1570. A review and summary with excerpts.
270108: --- - H. J. Todd, of Confession and Absolution.
047170: ---. - De Humboldt's Travels; a personal narrative of travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, during the years 1799 1804. translated by Helen Maria Williams.
047171: ---. - Beckmann's History of Inventions and Discoveries; translated from the German. Street lighting, Kniting stockings, Juggling, Secret poisons are among the topics summarised.
047172: ---. - Beckmann's History of Inventions and Discoveries; translated from the German. Street lighting, Kniting stockings, Juggling, Secret poisons are among the topics summarised.
047176: ---. - De Pradt's Congres de Vienne; a summary and review of the book.
272375: --- - Annals of The French Revolution; or a Chronological Account of The Principal Events; with a Variety of Anecdotes and Characters Hitherto Unpublished. By A. F. Bertrand de Moleville.
047204: ---. - Abel's Journey in China, and a Voyage to and from that Country in the years 1816 and 1817, with an account of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the Court of Pekin, etc. A review with textual excerpts.
047206: ---. - Fearon's Sketches of America; a five thousand mile journey through the Eastern and Western States of America, etc. A summary.
047207: ---. - Fearon's Sketches of America; a five thousand mile journey through the Eastern and Western States of America, etc. A summary.
047208: ---. - The Travels of Marco Polo, a Venetian, in the Thirteenth Century; translated by William Marsden. A review with textual excerpts.
047209: ---. - The Travels of Marco Polo, a Venetian, in the Thirteenth Century; translated by William Marsden. A review with textual excerpts.
047210: ---. - Ross's Voyage of Discovery; the exploration of Baffin's Bay and inquiring into the probability of a North West passage. A summary.
047211: ---. - Ross's Voyage of Discovery; the exploration of Baffin's Bay and inquiring into the probability of a North West passage. A summary.
047213: ---. - View of Grecian Philosophy; the Clouds, etc. From the writings of Frederick Schlegel.
047214: ---. - View of Grecian Philosophy; the Clouds, etc. From the writings of Frederick Schlegel.
047217: ---. - De Humboldt's Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, during the years 1799 1804. Vol.4. Excerpts from his travels in South America.
047218: ---. - De Humboldt's Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, during the years 1799 1804. Vol.4. Excerpts from his travels in South America.
047222: ---. - Narrative and Romantic Poems of the Italians. A literary review with numerous excerpts.
047223: ---. - Narrative and Romantic Poems of the Italians. A literary review with numerous excerpts.
047224: ---. - Narrative and Romantic Poems of the Italians. A literary review with numerous excerpts.
047225: ---. - Abernethy, Lawrence, etc. on the Theories of Life; a review of the various ideas.
047227: ---. - Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke; British Monachism, or Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England; the origins of monachism, its growth and the proposal for Anglican nunneries.
047228: ---. - M. Cottu Criminal Law in England ; a French view of English jurisprudence.
047229: ---. - M. Cottu Criminal Law in England ; a French view of English jurisprudence.
047230: ---. - The Cape of Good Hope; its importance, possibilities for immigrants, employment, etc. A summary of various works.
047231: ---. - The State of Female Society in Ancient Greece; from Hill's Essays on the Institutions, Government, and Manners of the Various States.
047232: ---. - Woodhouse Physical Astronomy. With reference to methods used by D'Alembert, Simpson, Laplace, etc.
047234: ---. - William Coxe; Life of John, Duke of Marlborough, with his Original Correspondence. A review, with details of his military campaigns.
224241: ---. - Unveiling of The Livingstone Statute.
047253: ---. - Dupin; Military Force of Great Britain. A critical review with textual excerpts.
047254: ---. - Normandy Architecture of the Middle Ages.
047255: ---. - William Mitford's History of Greece. Vol.V. Covering the period of Alexander the Great, etc. A review.
047256: ---. - Parry's Voyage of Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1819 20 in the ships Hecla and Griper. A summary with excerpts.
047257: ---. - Fergusson; Reports of Decisions by the Consistorial Court in Actions of Divorce, concluding for Dissolution of Marriages under English Law. A summary.
047260: ---. - M. de Humboldt's Personal Narrative of his Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, 1799 1804. A review.
047263: ---. - C.J. Blomfield; Aeschyli Agamemnon. Classical Drama.
047264: ---. - England and France; a review of the constitutions and customs of both countries.
237178: F., J. - Priests and Temperance Propaganda.
168897: ---. - The high Price of Bullion, a Proof of the Depreciation of Bank Notes.
270110: --- - John Thomas Becher on Paupersim.
170900: ---. - Local Taxation.
170901: ---. - Fenelon and his Critics.
170902: ---. - Indian Famines And Their Remedies.
170903: ---. - The Future Of Greek History.
170904: ---. - A British Academy Of Learning.
170905: ---. - Sienkiewicz And His Contemporaries.
170906: ---. - Andrea Mantegna.
170907: ---. - Solitude And Genius.
170908: ---. - Anthropology- A Science.
170952: ---. - Welsh Romance And Folklore.
170953: ---. - The Roman Index.
170954: ---. - Modern Pessimism.
170955: ---. - The Marquis Of Salisbury.
170956: ---. - Ireland From Within.
170957: ---. - South American Animals And Their Origin.
170958: ---. - The Queen Of The 'Blue-Stockings'.
170959: ---. - The Game Of Speculation.
170960: ---. - Emile Zola: His Life And Work.
170961: ---. - A Conspectus Of Science.
170962: ---. - Recent Sport And Travel.
170963: ---. - Diarists Of The Last Century.
170964: ---. - The Early Art Of The Netherlands.
170965: ---. - University Reform In India.
170966: ---. - The Port Of London.
170967: ---. - New Testament Criticism.
170968: ---. - The Political Life Of Queen Victoria.
170971: ---. - Leprosy.
170973: ---. - John Gower, Poet.
170974: ---. - The Macedonian Maze.
170975: ---. - A Miltonian Romance.
170977: ---. - The Provincial Mind.
170978: ---. - The Needs Of Rural England.
170979: ---. - The Irish University Question.
170980: ---. - The Consular Service.
170981: ---. - London Education And The Act Of 1902.
170982: ---. - The Sagas And Songs Of The Gael.
170984: ---. - The Second Afghan War.
170990: ---. - The Royal Academy And Reform.
170993: ---. - Mr Chamberlain's Fiscal Policy.
170994: ---. - Pope Leo XIII.
170998: ---. - Our Orchards And Fruit-Gardens.
171000: ---. - Pope Leo X111 And His Successor.
171002: ---. - Macedonia And The Powers.
171006: ---. - Retaliation And Reciprocity.
171007: ---. - The New Socialism.
171009: ---. - The Metric System Of Weights And Measures.
171012: ---. - Some Tendencies Of Modern Sport.
171026: ---. - The Peninsular War.
171029: ---. - Chinese Labour For South Africa.
171030: ---. - The Political Situation.
171032: ---. - Giotto And Early Italian Art.
171033: ---. - Ancient Egypt.
171055: ---. - Higher Education In Wales.
171056: ---. - Case Of The Scottish Churches.
171057: ---. - Bishop Stubbs.
171059: ---. - Profit-Sharing And Co-partnership.
171060: ---. - The Making Of The United States.
171083: ---. - Historical Ethics.
171087: ---. - The National Coal-Supply.
171088: ---. - Preference In New Zealand.
171090: ---. - The Rifle And Its Use.
171091: ---. - Sweden And Norway.
171093: ---. - The Battle Of The Sea Of Japan.
171094: ---. - The Price Of Peace.
171098: ---. - Rights And Limits Of Theology.
171100: ---. - Mr Swinburne. The Poetry And Criticism.
171103: ---. - Great Britain , Russia, And Japan.
171105: ---. - The Cost Of Government.
171376: ---. - Chatham. Lord Rosebery's.
171377: ---. - The General Election.
171378: ---. - Co-Operative Credit Societies.
171381: ---. - Exodus Of Our Art Treasures.
171384: ---. - Oxford Reform.
233253: ---. - The Irish Rebellion.
233249: ---. - Political Philosophy Of Treitschke.
233247: ---. - Soldiers And Sailors On The Land.
233245: ---. - India Under Lord Hardinge.
172485: ---. - The Declaration Of London.
172486: ---. - Compulsory Service.
172487: ---. - Lords And Commons.
172490: ---. - English Prosody.
172495: ---. - National Health Insurance.
172499: ---. - The Duty Of The Lords.
172500: ---. - The Australian Commonwealth.
172538: ---. - The Church In Wales.
172559: ---. - The Classical Drama Of Japan.
172560: ---. - Organised Labour And The War.
172562: ---. - The Home Rule Truce.
172567: ---. - The German Spirit.
172570: ---. - The Attitude Of Italy.
172572: ---. - Recruiting, And The Censorship.
172586: ---. - The Balkan States And The War.
172594: ---. - The War And Domestic Politics.
263330: --- - Cicero's Brutus, or The History of the famous Orators: also his Orator, or accomplished Speaker.
271347: --- - Odes Descriptive and Allegorical.
270323: --- - Travels of an Irish Gentleman in Search of a Religion by Thomas Moore.
043942: ---. - Spanish Affairs. The Campaign of the British Army in Spain.
043944: ---. - Spanish Affairs. The Campaign of the British Army in Spain.
043945: ---. - Rose's Observations on the Historical Work of the late Rt. Hon. Charles James Fox. A review.
043947: ---. - De Guignes Voyages to Peking, Manilla, and the Isle of France, from 1784 to 1801.
252289: --- - A Critical Move and a Cup of Coffee.
252284: --- - Miss Vivien Travis Cook, Miss Winifred Emery, Miss Marjorie Field-Fisher, Miss Gilpin, Miss Lily Hamilton, Miss Frances Ivor, Miss Gertrude Lovel, Miss Margaret Macintyre, Miss Tyrrell.
234299: --- - The Coming Reform Bill.
272147: --- - Original Papers; Containing The Secret History of Great Britain, From The Restoration to The Accession of The House of Hanover…
251289: ---. - Letters from Sir Henry Wotton to King James I. and others.
271783: --- - Letters Concerning The Present State of England, Particularly Respecting The Politics, Arts, Manners, and Literature of The Times.
234785: [BLUE BOOK]. - Tramway, Gas & Water Orders. Session 1879. Report by the Board of Trade of their Proceedings under the 'Tramways Act, 1870' and 'The Gas and Water Works Facilities Act, 1870' during the Session of 1879.
234786: [BLUE BOOK]. - Declaration between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Government of the French Republic with reference to the Disposal of the Proceeds of Wrecks on their respective Coasts. C.5909.
236572: O'D., E. T. - The Church's Infallible Magisterium.
F136-1216: W.L.D [WILLIAM LEESON DICKINSON] - Lives of the Saints or Notes Ecclesiological and Historical on the Holy Days of the English Church
010101: ---. - Cathedrals of England.
245544: [TRIAL] - The Magistracy and Government of England Vindicated In Three Parts. Containing I. A Justification of The English Method of Proceedings Against Criminals. II. An Answer to Several Replies. III. Several Reasons For a General Act of Indemnity. By Sir Bartholomew Shower.
238159: --- - M. De Quelen, Archbishop of Paris.
238160: --- - Change in The Public Liturgy.
245509: [TRIAL] - The Trial of Charles Kerne, at Hereford Assizes, For High Treason, Being a Romish Priest. A.D. 1679.
251328: ---. - On an Anglo-Saxon Fibula in the Museum of the Society.
234788: [BLUE BOOK]. - BULGARIA. Correspondence respecting a Provisional Commercial Agreement with Bulgaria.
071875: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of Sir John Freind, Knight, at the Old Bailey, for High Treason, March 23, 1695.
227625: ---. - Progress of Invention: Improvement in The Process for Obtaining Carbonate of Soda.
227626: ---. - West Riding of Yorkshire.
227630: ---. - Owen on The Vertebrates.
227635: ---. - Progress of Invention: Petroleum.
227636: ---. - Early Tumuli near Malton in Yorkshire.
253813: --- - Humour by Post. Postcarditis.
138208: ---. - The patriarch of the Active Orders [Peter Fourier]
138212: ---. - Symposium on Home Rule (No. II): the probable consequences of Home Rule
113283: ---. - Earl Mulgrave In Ireland. A defence of his administration.
080897: [ANON.] - The Foundation of Scott's Guy Mannering. An article on the real life foundation for the work, the case of James Annesley, the rightful heir to the title of Baron Altham. FEATURED in Chambers Edinburgh Journal.
237476: ---. - The Earthquake of October, 1863.
245499: [TRIAL] - Mr Samuel Atkins's Account of His Examination Before The Committee of Lords, Appointed to Examine into The Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.
271336: --- - The History of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sweden, with an Introductory History of Sweden, from The Middle of The Twelfth Century. By Henry-Augustus Raymond.
137583: ---. - Father Perez and Mr. Longfellow's Dante
249016: --- - The City of Hamburg; The Paper Mulberry Tree; Insignificance of this World; Organs of Sense, No. I. Touch; The Great Bird of Paradise (Paradisea major). Issue No. 199, August 8th, 1835.
256840: --- - Miss Taylor, Miss Hope Temple, Miss Heaton, Miss Rose Murray, Miss Norah Williamson, Mrs Webb, Miss Marion Hood, Miss Ethel Matthews, Miss Ansell, Miss Reynolds. Types of English Beauty.
252375: --- - Major Microbe.
252381: --- - Actor's Make Up.
252363: --- - Sir Henry Loch. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252366: --- - Lord Wantage. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252367: --- - Sir Richard Temple M. P. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
020772: ---. - National Service for Heath, The Labour Party's Post-war Policy.
029954: ---. - Voyage aux Indes Orientales. An account of a missionary journey.
159689: ---. - Manual Training in Common Schools.
159690: ---. - A Southern Man Ahead of his Time.
251648: ---. - A Sixteenth Century Mathematical Instrument Case.
228393: ---. - Some Notes on The French Conscript.
227281: ---. - Quetelet on The Electricity of The Air.
260750: --- - Rome For Canterbury: Or, A true Relation of the Birth and Life of William Laud, Archbishop Of Canterbury. Together with the whole Manner of his Proceeding, both in the Star-Chamber, High-commission Court, in his own House; and some Observations of him in the Tower. Dedicated to all the Arminian Tribe, or Canterburian Faction, in the Year of Grace 1641. Whereunto is annexed a Postscript in Verse.
153180: W.S.W. - On Cross-legged Effigies commonly Appropriated to Templars.
153186: J.I. - Iconography and Iconoclasm.
233625: ---. - Bovill's Patent Mills For Grinding Grain; Siemen's Regenerative Steam Engine; Meeting Of The Royal Agricultural Society; Penn's Wood Bearings; Jones's Railway Chairs, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1720.
245453: [TRIAL] - Proceedings Against John Felton, For The Murder of The Duke of Buckingham. A.D. 1628.
245451: [TRIAL] - Proceedings Against Roger Manwaring, D. D. For Preaching and Publishing Two Sermons, Maintaining Doctrines Tending to The Subversion of The Laws and Liberties of The Kingdom. A.D. 1628.
250418: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Class Mammalia. Order Ruminantia. Featuring Tibet Musk, Spotted Axis, Reindeer, Giraffe.
262664: --- - Considerations on The Effects which The Bounties granted on Exported Corn, Malt and Flour, have on The Manufactures of The Kingdom, and The True Interests of The State.
251070: ---. - Direction for the Receiving of the Corpse of Elizabeth Queen of Henry VII. by the Lord Mayor and Commonalty of London.
207097: ---. - The Leeds Steam Carriage Company: Manuscripts presented by Mrs. George Denison.
216257: ---. - Mysteries of Administration in Turkey.
243372: --- - The Horses of The Ancient Persian Empire at Persepolis.
243373: --- - Flour or Bread in a Roman Military Ditch at Bearsden, Scotland.
243374: --- - The Controversial Lintels From Great Zimbabwe.
260852: --- - The Apparent Danger Of An Invasion, Briefly Represented In A Letter To A Minister Of State.
260853: --- - Proposals For Carrying On An Effectual War In America, Against The French And Spaniards. Humbly offered to the Consideration of the King's most Excellent Majesty, the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Honourable the House of Commons.
244029: --- - Town Defences in Roman Britain.
171044: ---. - The Panama Canal.
171051: ---. - The Presidential Election.
171052: ---. - British Rule In Egypt.
171016: ---. - The Homeric Question.
171017: ---. - The Abbe Loisy.
171018: ---. - Lord Salisbury.
171019: ---. - The British Mercantile Marine.
171023: ---. - Retaliation And Scientiii Taxaton.
171024: ---. - Leslie Stephen And His Works.
244651: --- - Playing at Grown-Ups. Extracts From Little Mollie's Guide to The Game.
170942: ---. - The Colonial Conference.
170944: ---. - National Sobriety.
170945: ---. - The Novel Of Misery.
170946: ---. - The Game-Laws Of Other Countries.
170947: ---. - The Elizabethan Lyric.
170948: ---. - The Evolution Of Harlequin.
170949: ---. - Giordano Bruno In England.
170950: ---. - The Early Hanoverians.
170951: ---. - The Commerce And Industry Of Japan.
270074: --- - Edward Bather's Practical Sermons.
124124: ---. - Lunatic Asylums. Numbers of insane, medical treatment and housing, etc. in Britain.
252321: --- - A Heroic Daughter.
263371: --- - The Spirit of Athens. Being a Political and Philosophical Investigation of the History of that Republic. By William Young.
261414: H.M. - Litchfield's History of Furniture.
036963: ---. - Recent History, Present State, and External Relations of Portugal.
037006: ---. - Commutation of Taxes Proposed Tax on Property and Income.
219510: I.C.B. - Port of Constanza (Rumania).
229492: S.F.S. - The First Clause of Magna Carta.
265359: ---. - Whales. Delphinus Superciliosus. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
262925: --- - The Laws of Plato.
147950: ---. - Reviews:- Index Numbers of the Prices of Commodities in 1898.
147951: ---. - Reviews:- The Winter of 1898 - 99.
147952: ---. - Reviews:- Insect Pests of Fruit Trees.
146891: ---. - Research Work by the Society in 1923.
146897: ---. - Agricultural Education Exhibit, Newcastle-on-Tyne,1923.
146921: ---. - Agricultural Education Exhibition.
146930: ---. - The Woburn Field Experiments, 1910.
146932: ---. - Statistics affecting British Agricultural Interests.
146954: ---. - The Woburn Field Experiments, 1915.
146979: ---. - Agricultural Education Exhibit, Derby, 1921.
146986: ---. - The Woburn Field Experiments,1921
265172: --- - Entomology, Ctenophora pectinicornis; Tabanus tropicus; Diopsis Ichneumonia. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
147010: G.J.S. - The Spring Dropught of 1893.
147018: ---. - Professor Simond's Report to the Committee of Governors of the Royal Veterinary College.
147032: ---. - Results of the Experiments carried out on Manor Farm, near Rochester, by the Rochester Farmers' Club, to ascertain the relative Value of Soluble and Insoluble Phosphates.
147518: ---. - Report of the Consulting Botanist on Laying down Land to Permanent Pasture.
147530: ---. - The Society's Gold Medal.
147531: P.S.B. - Professor J.R. Ainsworth-Davis, M.A.
147541: ---. - The London Quarantine Station.
147648: ---. - Quarterly Report of the Chemical Committee, June, 1874.
147679: ---. - Quarterly Report of the Chemical Committee for December, 1873, and subsequent correspondence relating thereto.
012405: [L'ENQUETE, GENERAL DE] - Enquete Agricole... An article about The Land Question in France From the Quarterly Review.
012408: [NAPIER, GEORGE G.] - The Homes and Haunts of Sir Walter Scott... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012409: [WHARNCLIFFE, LORD]. - The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012410: [BLANFORD, W.T.] - The Fauna of British India... An article about Monkeys From the Quarterly Review.
012411: [KIPLING, RUDYARD]. - The Seven Seas... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012413: ---. - Report of the Record Commission, with Minutes of Evidence... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012416: [UPCOTT, W.] - Original Letters... An article about Manners of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries From the Quarterly Review.
012422: [SIDNEY, SAMUEL]. - The Three Colonies of Australia... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012426: ---. - Socratis Scholastici Ecclesiasticae... An article about Constantinople in the Fourth Century From the Quarterly Review.
012427: ---. - Du Projet de fortifier Paris... An article about Fortifications of Paris From the Quarterly Review.
012430: ---. - Speeches of Mr. Corry, Lord H Lennox... An article about the Efficiency of the Navy From the Quarterly Review.
012435: ---. - The Reports from the Select Committees of the House of Commons on Public Business... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012437: [ERSKINE, SIR THOMAS]. - Democracy in Europe... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012439: [ADDINGTON, JOHN]. - Renaissance in Italy... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012441: ---. - Reports of the Royal Commission on Friendly and Benefit Building Societies... An article From the Quarterly Review.
012442: [FORSYTH, WILLIAM]. - Hortensius... An article about The English Bar and the Inns of Court From the Quarterly Review.
233616: ---. - Chesterman's Patent Improvements In Tempering, Grinding, ETC., Steel And Other Metals; The Mechanical Principles Of Ship-Launching; A New Smoke-Consuming Fireplace; Billing's New System Of Ventilation; Method Of Preventing Incrustations In Steam Generators, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1606.
040900: ---. - Patten's Natural Defence of an Insular Empire, from a Naval point of view. A review.
040901: ---. - Gifford's Life of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt. [Pitt the Younger.
040902: ---. - Gifford's Life of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt. [Pitt the Younger.
040903: ---. - Dr. Clarke's Travels in Russia, Tartary and Turkey. A review.
040904: ---. - Dr. Clarke's Travels in Russia, Tartary and Turkey. A review.
040905: ---. - Dr. Clarke's Travels in Russia, Tartary and Turkey. A review.
040906: ---. - Leslie's Elements of Geometry, Geometrical Analysis, and plane Trigonometry.
040908: ---. - The Portugueze Observer; an account of the various events suppressed by the Boards of Censure under Junot.
040909: ---. - Replies to the Calumnies by the Edinburgh Review against the University of Oxford.
270076: --- - Heber and Robinson's Sermons, Reginald Heber and Thomas Robinson.
245706: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of John Matthews, Printer for High Treason, for Printing Libel, Entitled, Ex Ore Tuo Te Judico, Vox Po Puli Vox Dei at The Sessions House, in The Old Bailey, Before The Lord Chief Justice King, Lord Chief Baron Bury, The Judges Powis, Blencow, Price, Tracy, Eyre, Montagu, Fortescue, Page and Dormer. A.D. 1719.
272360: --- - Sermons on Practica Subjects, by The Late William Enfield.
044615: ---. - Thomas Carew's Poems. A seventeenth century English courtier's poetry reviewed with textual excerpts.
262867: --- - The American Traveller: or Observations on The Present State, Culture, and Commerce, of The British Colonies in America; and The Farther Improvements of which they are Capable.
172991: ---. - The Jews: A Reply.
172992: ---. - Economics Of The Peace.
172993: ---. - The Vorarlberg.
038340: ---. - The Life and Philosophy of Bishop Berkeley of Cloyne.
038342: ---. - Trade with China; travel and commerce.
038328: ---. - Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, Founder of the United Irish Society and Adjutant General and Chef de Brigade in the French and Batavian Republics; a review.
038329: ---. - Bibliotheque Chretienne pour l'Edification de la Jeunesse; strongly antiCatholic in tone, with comment on the Apocalypse of Sister Nativite and details of Marie Angelique de la Providence, also known as Claude Petit.
038330: ---. - Sketches in Persia, from the Journals of a Traveller in the East; a review.
038334: ---. - Phillips's State Trials; a collection of the most interesting Trials prior to the Revolution of 1688; including comments on Judge Jefferies and the case of Titus Oates, etc.
038335: ---. - Forster's Life of Dickens, Vol.1, 1812 1842. The biographer had a very close association with Dickens for over thirty years and he made use of this knowledge in his account.
038336: ---. - Sir Henry Holland's Recollections; memoirs of his life as President of the Royal Institute of Great Britain and Physician in Ordinary to the Queen.
038338: ---. - The Life and Writings of John Hookham Frere, classical scholar, Parliamentarian, poet, etc. With examples of his verse, etc.
037698: ---. - An Essay on the Life and Character of Petrarch; a critical review.
037699: ---. - Monk's Euripidis Hippolytus; a critical review.
037700: ---. - Monk's Euripidis Hippolytus; a critical review.
037703: ---. - Last Years of the Reign of Gustavus IV, late King of Sweden; an historical sketch.
037704: ---. - Last Years of the Reign of Gustavus IV, late King of Sweden; an historical sketch.
037708: ---. - Lichtenstein's Travels in Southern Africa; its natural history, tribes including Hottentots and Kaffirs, etc. A review.
037709: ---. - The Campaign of the French in Russia from June to December, 1812; with details of army numbers, losses, etc. A summary.
037710: ---. - The Campaign of the French in Russia from June to December, 1812; with details of army numbers, losses, etc. A summary.
037715: ---. - The Cape of Good Hope; its importance, possibilities for immigrants, employment, etc. A summary of various works.
037716: ---. - State of Public Affairs; the substance of Parliamentary speeches by Rt. Hon. W.C. Plunket, George Canning, Lord Grenville; with special reference to the manufacturing distresses and meetings associated with them.
037717: ---. - Pering and Money on Shipbuilding.
037718: ---. - Sir Humphrey Davy's Elements of Chemical Philosophy.
037719: ---. - Sir Humphrey Davy's Elements of Chemical Philosophy.
037720: ---. - [John Playfair's Outlines of Natural Philosophy.
037721: ---. - [John Playfair's Outlines of Natural Philosophy.
037722: ---. - Abernethy, Lawrence, etc. on the Theories of Life; a review of the various ideas.
037723: ---. - Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke; British Monachism, or Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England; the origins of monachism, its growth and the proposal for Anglican nunneries.
037724: ---. - Woodhouse Physical Astronomy. With reference to methods used by D'Alembert, Simpson, Laplace, etc.
037725: ---. - The State of Female Society in Ancient Greece; from Hill's Essays on the Institutions, Government, and Manners of the Various States.
037726: ---. - M. Cottu Criminal Law in England ; a French view of English jurisprudence.
037727: ---. - M. Cottu Criminal Law in England ; a French view of English jurisprudence.
270060: --- - R. B. Cooper's Vindication.
032936: ---. - The Germanic Confederation and the Austrian Empire.
032937: ---. - Mr. MacFarlane's Glance at Revolutionized Italy ; with comments on the Events of 1848.
032938: ---. - Popular Science; a review of modern scientific thought, from Newton onwards.
032939: ---. - Macaulay's History of England from the Accession of James II.
090699: [CALDERON DE LA BARCA, MADAME.] - Life in Mexico. Excerpts from an account of a Mexican Revolution by an English woman.FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
247758: --- - The Thermoscopic Steam Loop and Radiator.
090705: ---. - Why Sugar is so Dear. The increase in labour costs in the West Indies, etc. and the need to take action to bring down prices. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090720: ---. - The Late Expedition to the Niger. Sent out to assist in the abolition of Negre slavery, it was beset with fever, which led to its abandonment. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090721: ---. - Lord George Sackville. A biographical sketch of the Duke of Dorset, the last of the line, who died in 1785.Thought by many to be the satirist, Junius, whose letters appeared regularly in the press. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090722: ---. - Discoveries of the North Coast of America. With excerpts from Simpson's book on the subject. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090723: ---. - Floating the Person. Various means of increasing the natural buoyancy of the body to keep the head above water, in cases of accidents at sea. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090729: ---. - Gossip about Paris. Recent improvements to the buildings, streets, hospitals, etc. Summer Loiterings in France. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090730: ---. - Voisin on Idiocy. Excerpts from the French doctor's investigations into this mental state or defect. FEATURED in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
096562: ---. - A View of English Nonconformity in 1773. A 3 part article listing the counties in aphabetical order.
096627: ---. - The London Itinerant Society. A 2 part article on this society founded in 1797 to spread the Gospel , visit the sick, relieve the poor within twenty miles of London.
090218: ---. - The Proposed Monument to Sir Walter Scott. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090216: ---. - The Proposed Monument to Sir Walter Scott. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
272337: --- - The History and Antiquities of The County of Leicester. By John Nichols.
170075: ---. - Sunny Stories. New Series. Issue 1, 7th July 1958 to Issue 482, 11th November 1967.
228341: ---. - A Modern Student of The Ancient Fathers.
038429: ---. - Agricultural Gangs; a system of field work in which child labour is exploited; details from the Commissioners' Report on Children's Employment Commission.
038431: ---. - Reform Essays; views on the Franchise, Popular Constituencies, Free Trade, etc.
038434: ---. - Character of George the Third; excerpts from Jesse's work, Memoirs of the Life and Reign; a review.
038435: ---. - Charles Lamb and some of his Companions; extracts from memoirs.
038436: ---. - Sea Fish and Fisheries; the importance of the Fishing Trade in Ireland and Great Britain; types of fish, catches, etc.
032065: ---. - History and Prospects of English Industry; a picture of England for the French people.
032066: ---. - History and Prospects of English Industry; a picture of England for the French people.
032069: ---. - Dr. Sayers's Works; his poetic output.
032072: ---. - United Kingdom Taxation and Expenditure for the Year 1825, ending 5th January 1826; with fold out tables, etc.
265362: ---. - Whales. The Inia. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
032947: ---. - Escape of Louis Philippe, the French Revolution of February; an account of his escape and eventual embarkation at Honfleur and thence to England.
032949: ---. - Scotland before the Reformation ; with details of various bishopric incumbents, etc.
032950: ---. - Recent Travellers in North America ; Annexation, Free Trade, Slavery.
032951: ---. - Rubric versus Usage; the Anglican doctrinal dispute over various liturgical practices, etc.
032955: ---. - Puritanism in the Highlands the Men, a group who protested against the Established Church of Scotland. With details of various murders and trials by professed Christians.
032961: ---. - Meteors, Aerolites, Shooting Stars.
032962: ---. - Cloister Life of Emperor Charles V. The final chapter in the life of the Spanish King after his abdication.
032963: ---. - Catholic Interests in the Nineteenth Century, by Count Montalembert, lay leader of French Roman Catholicism.
032964: ---. - Memoirs of Wordsworth, the original Lake Poet.
032966: ---. - Education, Secularism, and Nonconformity.
032967: ---. - The Duke of Somerset ;Christian Theology and Modern Scepticism.
228673: ---. - Fabian Tract No. 134. Small Holdings, Allotments, and Common Pastures: and how to get them by the Act of 1907.
248323: --- - Morrison's Steam Pile Driver; Captain Kynaston's Methods For Lowering Boats At Sea; Rifled Ordnance, Concluded; Chadwick And Frost's New Piston Water Meter, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1771.
243426: --- - Horse Sense, or Nonsense?
219573: --- - Obituary: William John Hardcastle.
219574: --- - Obituary: Hubert Laws.
219572: --- - Obituary: Lionel Philip Payne Gallwey.
040920: ---. - Burges's Euripides. A review.
043137: ---. - The Origin and Development of Religious Belief; by S. Baring Gould. The Philosophy of Subjective Religion.
263262: --- - British Biography; or, an accurate and impartial Account of the Lives and Writings of eminent Persons, in Great Britain and Ireland.
153823: ---. - Original Documents. - Survey of the Abbey of St. Mary de Pratis, Nigh Leicester, Tempore Henry VIII.
153817: ---. - Original Documents. - Indenture under which the Silver Mines of Byrland were worked Temp. Edward I.
271091: --- - Discourses Touching The Antiquity of The Hebrew Tongue and Character. By Thomas Sharp.
265138: --- - Entomology. External Anatomy. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
265139: --- - Entomology. Digestive Organs. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
232969: W.R.C. - The Ripon Episode.
252210: --- - Sims Reeves. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
157238: ---. - Roman Colonnade uncovered in Bailgate, Lincoln.
263368: --- - A Letter to the Directors of the East India Company. By Keane Fitzgerald.
145931: ---. - Laws. Revised 22 May, 1904
145914: ---. - Old Houses in Cambridge.
265737: --- - Description of a Regulator For a Water-Wheel Constructed With a Leather Shuttle; Constructing Valves, Like Those of The Blood Vessels; Secret Escutcheons For Locks, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 12.
245529: [TRIAL] - A Narrative, Being a True Relation of what Discourse Passed Between Dr. Hawkins and Edward Fitzharris, esq. Late Prisoner in The Tower; with The Manner of Taking His Confession.
245495: [TRIAL] - Case of Privilege of Parliament: Being Proceedings in Parliament, on an Appeal Brought in The House of Lords, By Dr. Shirley, Against Sir John Fagg, and Other Members of The House of Commons. A.D. 1675.
265743: --- - Apparatus For Procuring Light by Spongy Platinum; Captain De Renzy's Apparatus For Persons Who Have Lost a Hand (part 2); Mr. Saul's Sliding Sash For Windows; Lamp Wicks and Wax Lamps, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 18.
113090: ---. - Appeal to the citizens of the GDR to prepare for the 30th Anniversary of the GDR.. [Documents on Policies of the GDR].
233217: ---. - The Encroaching Bureaucracy.
265738: --- - Machine For Cutting Ornamental Fenders; Manufacture of Enamelled Dial Plates in France; Mr. Speer's Centrifugal Check Hooks; Lemaire's Portable Vapour Bath; Calculating The Strength of Cast Iron Beams, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 13.
265739: --- - Hawkin's Scotograph; Russian Manner of Preparing Leather; Engraving on Steel Plates; Mr. Harris's Syringes For Oil Colours; Mr. Kerr's Bent Tubes For Experiments on Gases, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 14.
265732: --- - Description of an Orrery; The Common Mode of Ascertaining The Power of Steam Engines; Measuring The Tonnage of Barges; Evan's Screw Mills, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 7.
265304: ---. - Deer, Antelopes, Camels &c. The Spotted Axis: Native of Bengal. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
265731: --- - Hawkin's Patent Polygraph; Dyeing Cotton of a Turkey Red; Baker's Regulating Screw For The Main-Spring of Fire-Arms; Tuscan Millstones, and Their Mode of Grinding Wheat, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 6.
265741: --- - Description of a Stove or Grate Adapted to Consume its Own Smoke; Mr. Whitehurst's Machine For Raising Water; Water Mills With Horizontal Wheels, etc. Mechanic's Weekly Journal; or, Artisan's Miscellany of Inventions, Experiments, Projects and Improvements, in The Useful Arts. Issue No. 16.
153373: W.S.W. - Some Remarks on Seals.
153374: A.W. - Examples of Medieval Seals.
153375: R.H. - Remarks on the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford.
153376: ---. - On the Belgic Ditches, and the probable Date of Stonehenge.
153310: I.W. - Berkshire Antiquities.
153313: I.H.P. - Domestic Architecture of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.
153356: W.S.W. - On some marks of Cadency borne by the Sons of King Edward III, and by others of the Family of Plantagenet.
238797: ---. - On The Means Which Will be Available for Correcting The Measure of The Sun's Distance in The Next Twenty-Five Years.
035619: ---. - Sir Thomas Browne on Hydriotaphia, Urn Burial; or, a Discourse of the Sepulchral Urns lately found in Norfolk, printed in 1686. The themes of death and the grave, a philosophical examination.
035620: ---. - Love's Victory; a TragiComedy, by William Chamberlayne, of Shaftesbury in the County of Dorset, printed in 1658. A review, with extracts from the text of the play.
035621: ---. - Jerome Cardan's Life, by himself; a sixteenth century astrologer, mathematician and physician, who wrote over 100 treatises. A brief account of his life.
035622: ---. - Jerome Cardan's Life, by himself; a sixteenth century astrologer, mathematician and physician, who wrote over 100 treatises. A brief account of his life.
035623: ---. - Jerome Cardan's Life, by himself; a sixteenth century astrologer, mathematician and physician, who wrote over 100 treatises. A brief account of his life.
035624: ---. - John Dryden's Dramatic Works. A review.
035625: ---. - Colley Cibber's Apology for His Life; with an Historical View of the Stage in His Own Time; the second edition published in 1740. A review, with excerpts.
035626: ---. - Colley Cibber's Apology for His Life; with an Historical View of the Stage in His Own Time; the second edition published in 1740. A review, with excerpts.
035627: ---. - The Works of Ben Jonson. A critical review of two dramas, Every Man in His Humour and Every Man out of His Humour.
035628: ---. - The Works of Ben Jonson. A critical review of two dramas, Every Man in His Humour and Every Man out of His Humour.
035633: ---. - John Dennis's Works; the views of Dennis as critic of his times, wit, politician and poet. Literary criticism excerpts.
035634: ---. - John Dennis's Works; the views of Dennis as critic of his times, wit, politician and poet. Literary criticism excerpts.
035635: ---. - Mysteries, Moralities, and Other Early Dramas; including a brief history and excerpts of various plays, including the Chester Mysteries, Coventry Plays, Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Plays, etc.
035636: ---. - Mysteries, Moralities, and Other Early Dramas; including a brief history and excerpts of various plays, including the Chester Mysteries, Coventry Plays, Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Plays, etc.
035637: ---. - Mysteries, Moralities, and Other Early Dramas; including a brief history and excerpts of various plays, including the Chester Mysteries, Coventry Plays, Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Plays, etc.
035638: ---. - Mysteries, Moralities, and Other Early Dramas; including a brief history and excerpts of various plays, including the Chester Mysteries, Coventry Plays, Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Plays, etc.
035640: ---. - Sir Philip Sydney, the Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia, a Pastorale Romance. A review of his prose romance, seen by many as the forerunner of the English novel.
234280: --- - Imperialism.
265247: --- - Mammalia. Halmaturus Rutilans. Licht. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
270038: --- - Memoirs of The Emperor Baber.
270014: --- - Edward Berens's Sermon.
270011: --- - A Charge to The Clergy of London by William Howley, Bishop of London.
245455: [TRIAL] - Proceedings in The Star-Chamber Against Dr. Alexander Leighton, For a Libel. A.D. 1630.
270030: --- - Lux Renata by Edward Smedley.
270035: --- - Law Proceedings Relative to The Church: Lord Sondes v. Fletcher, Consisting almost Entirely of The Arguments by The Judges.
271226: --- - Of The Ends of Society. By Fettiplace Bellers.
270043: --- - Friendly Societies.
270045: --- - The Catholic Question Against Catholic Emancipation.
270046: --- - Mortimer, J. C. L. de Sismondi on The Unity of The Church.
137572: ---. - The Jesuits in Canada [by Francis Parkman]
137582: ---. - The convent case
079337: ---. - An 18th Century Kirkcudbright murder of a young woman, whose murderer was proved guilty on the evidence found in his bloody footwear. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
272829: --- - A Treatise on The Digestion of Food. By G. Fordyce.
272830: --- - The History of Derby; from The Remote Ages of Antiquiy to The Year MDCCXCI. Describing its Situation, Air, Soil, Water, Streets, Buildings, and Government…
272831: --- - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Exposititor of The English Language…
272832: --- - A Collection of Treaties Between Great Britain and other Powers. By George Chalmers.
272834: --- - Moral and Philosophical Suggestions on Various Subjects, Relative to Human Perfecion and Happiness. Didactic Lectures.
272835: --- - Hints on Producing Genius. By J. W. Parsons.
272836: --- - The Oeconomy of Nature.
272837: --- - An Account of The Life and Writings of Thomas Day. By James Keir.
272838: --- - Sermons Preached before The University of Oxford, at St. Mary's in The Year 1790, at The Lecture Founded by The Late Rev. John Bampton.
272839: --- - Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries. By William Coxe.
272840: --- - The Civil and The Ecclesiastical Systems of England Defended and Fortified.
272841: --- - Travels of Anacharsis The Younger in Greece, During The Middle of The Fourth Century before The Christain Era. By The Abbe Barthe'lemy.
272842: --- - The Natural History of The Mineral Kingdom. In Three Parts…
272843: --- - Seventeen Hundred and Ninety-One: A Poem, In Imitation of The Thirteenth Satire of Juvenal. By Arthur Murphy.
272844: --- - Poems; Consisting of a Tour Through Parts of North and South Wales, Sonnes, Odes and an Epistle to a Friend on Physiognomy. By W. Sotheby.
272845: --- - The Crimes of The Kings of France, from Clovis to Lewis XVI. By J. Trapp.
272846: --- - A View of Ancient History; Including The Progress of Literature and The Fine Arts. By William Rutherford.
272847: --- - Three Sermons; Preached at The Norfolk Assizes, in The Spring and Summer 1788, and in The Spring 1789, on The Necessity of Government, and The Usefulness of Magistrates…
272823: --- - Two Sketches of France, Belgium and Spa, in Two Tours, During The Summers of 1771 and 1816; with a Portrait of Napoleon's Guide at Waterloo.
272824: --- - The Second Report of The Select Committee on The State of The Police of The Metropolis; to which are Added, The Minutes of Evidence, Ordered by The House of Commons to be Printed, July 8, 1817.
272825: --- - Twelve Lectures on The Prophecies Relating to The Christian Church, and Especially to The Apostacy of Papal Rome, Preached in The Chapel of Lincoln's Inn…
272826: --- - A Historical Survey of The Customs, Habits, and Present State of The Gypsies; Designed to Develop The Origin of This Singular People, and to Promote The Amelioration of Their Condition. By John Hoyland.
272827: --- - Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with their Application to Heights and Distances, Projections of The Sphere, Dialing, Astronomy, The Solution of Equations, and Geodesic Operations. By Olinthus Gregory.
272828: --- - An Historical Disquisition Concerning The Knowledge which The Ancients had of India; and The Progress of Trade with that Country, Prior to The Discovery of the Passage to it by The Cape of Good Hope… by William Robertson.
272821: --- - A Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells, Arranged According to The Linnaean Method; with Particular Attention to The Synonymy. By Lewis Weston Dillwyn.
272822: --- - Memorandums of a Residence in France, in The Winter of 1815-1816, Including Remarks on French Manners and Society, wih a Description of The Catacombs…
273582: --- - British Statesmanship.
272813: --- - Philosophic Elymology, or Rational Grammar. By James Gilchrist.
272814: --- - A Treatise on The Coal-Mines of Durham and Northumberland; with Information Relative to The Stratifications of The Two Counties…
272815: --- - Sermons, on Various Subjects. By The Late Richard Price.
272816: --- - Narrative of a Journey in Egypt and The Country Beyond The Cataracts. By Thomas Legh.
272817: --- - The Civil and Military History of Germany, from The Landing of Gustavus to The Conclusion of The Treaty of Westphalia. By The Late Francis Hare Naylor.
272818: --- - The Poetic Mirror; or The Living Bards of Britain.
272819: --- - Idwal, and other Portions of a Poem. To which is Added, Gryphiadaea, Carmen Venatorium. By P. Bayley.
272820: --- - Christian Essays, By The Rev. S. C. Wilks.
272880: --- - Report of The Lords of The Committee of Council Appointed for The Consideration of all Matters Relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations…
272881: --- - The Philosophy of Ancient Greece Investigated, in its Origin and Progress, to The Eras of its Greatest Celebrity, in The Ionian, Italic, and Athenian Schools…
272811: --- - A Treatise on The Nature and Cure of Gout, Comprehending a General View of a Morbid State of The Digestive Organs; and of Regimen; with some Observations on Rheumatism. By C. Scudamore.
272812: --- - An Essay on The Variation of The Compass, Showing how Far it may be Influenced by The Direction of The Ship's Head; with an Exposition of The Dangers Arising to Navigators from not Allowing for this Change in Variation. Interspersed with Practical Observations and Remarks. By William Bain.
273575: --- - Two Presidents and The Limits of American Supremacy.
272810: --- - Narrative of a Residence in Belgium During The Campaign of 1815; and a Visit to The Field of Waterloo. By an Englishwoman.
272805: --- - France, By Lady Morgan. Concluded.
272806: --- - Adelaide; a Tragedy, in Five Acts. Performed at The Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden. By Richard Sheil.
272807: --- - The Connection Between The Sacred Writings and The Literature of Jewish and Heathen Authors, Particularly that of The Classical Ages…
272808: --- - An Introduction to Entomology; or Elements of The Natural History of Insects; with Plates. By William Kirby.
272809: --- - A Tour Through Belgium, Holland, along The Rhine, and Through The North of France, in The Summer of 1816. In which is Given an Account of The Civil and Ecclesiastical Polity…
272795: --- - France, By Lady Morgan.
272796: --- - Loss of The American Brig Commerce, Wrecked on The Coast of Africa in The Month of August, 1815. With an Account of Tombuctoo, and of The Hitherto Undiscovered Great City of Wassanah. By James Riley.
272797: --- - The History of The Propagation of Christianity among The Heathen, Since The Reformation. By The Rev. William Brown.
272798: --- - The Elements of Experimental Chemistry. By W. Henry.
272799: --- - Cursory Remarks on The Physical and Moral History of The Human Species, and its Connections with Surrounding Agency. By L. S. Boyne.
272802: --- - Des Colonies. On The Colonies and The Present American Revolution. By M. de Pradt.
272803: --- - Police Report of May, 1817, Relative to Public-House Licences…
272804: --- - Fazio, a Tragedy. By H. H. Milman.
272930: --- - Nubilia in Search of a Husband; Including Sketches of Modern Society, and Interesting Moral and Literary Disquisitions.
272931: --- - American Encroachments on British Rights; or Observations on The Importance of The British North American Colonies, and on The Late Treaties with The United States… by Nathaniel Atcheson.
272463: --- - A History of Inventions and Discoveries, By John Beckmann.
272464: --- - Memoirs of The Life and Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Oxford. With Original Correspondence and Authentic Papers, Never Before Published. By William Coxe.
272469: --- - The Stranger; A Comedy, Freely Translated from Kotzebue's German Comedy of Mitanthropy and Repentance.
272470: --- - The Four Ages; Together with Essays on Various Subjects. By William Jackson.
272792: --- - Nine Sermons, on The Nature of The Evidence by which The Fact of our Lord's Resurrection is Established; and on Various other Subjects…
272793: --- - The Florist's Manual, or Hints for The Construction of a Gay Flower-Garden. With Observations on The Best Methods of Preventing The Depredations of Insects.
272794: --- - Flora Tonbridgensis; or a Catalogue of Plants Growing Wild in The Neighbourhood of Tonbridge Wells, Arranged According to The Linnaean System, From Sir J. E. Smith's Flora Britannica.
272473: --- - Promenade d'un Francais dans I' Ireland. The Rambles of a Frenchman in Ireland. By De Latocnaye.
272474: --- - Poems, by William Cowper, of The Inner Temple.
272475: --- - Memoirs of The House of Medici, from its Origin to The Death of Francesco, The Second Grand Duke of Tuscany, and of The Great Men who Flourished in Tuscany within That Period…
273562: --- - The Verdict of History.
272790: --- - A Series of Discourses on The Christian Revelation, Viewed in Connection with The Modern Astronomy. By Thomas Chalmers.
272791: --- - History of The Isle of Man, with a Comparative View of The Past and Present State of Society and Manners; Containing also Biographical Anecdotes of Eminent Persons Connected with that Island. By H. A. Bullock.
272883: --- - Letters to The Right Hon. Edmund Burke, on Politics. By Edward Tatham.
272884: --- - Memoirs of The Late Rev. John Wesley, A. M. with a Review of his Life and Writings, and a History of Methodism, from its Commencement in 1729 to The Present Time. By John Hampson.
272667: --- - Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts Respecting The County of Gloucester; Formed into a History, Correcting The Very Erroneous Accounts, and Supplying Numerous Deficiencies, in Sir Rob. Atkins and Subsequent Writers. By Thomas Dudley.
272668: --- - An Immediate and Effectual Mode of Raising The Rental of The Landed Property of England; and Rendering Great Britain Independent of other Nations…
272669: --- - The Mercurial Disease. An Inquiry into The History and Nature of The Disease Produced in The Human Constitution by The Use of Mercury, with Observations on its Connections with The Lues Venerea. By Andrew Mathias.
272686: --- - Elements of Arts, a Poem, in Six Cantos; with Notes and a Preface; Including Strictures on The State of The Arts, Criticism, Patronage, and Public Taste. By Martin Archer Shee.
272770: --- - Comic Dramas, in Three Acts. By Maria Edgeworth.
272771: --- - Beauties of Massinger.
272772: --- - An Account of The Natives of The Tonga Islands, in The South Pacific Ocean; with an Original Grammar and Vocabulary of their Language; Compiled and Arranged from The Extensive Communications of Mr William Mariner, Several Years Resident in those Islands. By John Martin.
272773: --- - The Second Part of Armata.
272774: --- - Ilderim; a Syrian Tale. In Four Cantos.
272775: --- - Supplement to The Ornithological Dictionary, or Synopsis of British Birds. By George Montagu.
272776: --- - Manuel; a Tragedy, in Five Acts; as Performed at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By The Author of Betram.
272777: --- - The Morbid Anatomy of The Brain, in Mania and Hydrophobia; with The Pathology of these Two Diseases, as Collected from The Papers of The Late Andrew Marshal…
272778: --- - Dr. Nott's Edition of The Works of The Earl of Surrey and Sir T. Wyatt. Concluded.
272779: --- - A Practical Treatise on Finding The Latitude and Longitude at Sea; with Tables Designed to Facilitate The Calculations. By M. De Rossel.
272780: --- - The History of The University of Edinburgh; Chiefly Compiled from Original Papers and Records Never Before Published. By Alexander Bower.
272781: --- - The Lament of Tasso. By Lord Byron.
272782: --- - An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy; or an Easy Introduction to a Knowledge of The Heavens; Intended for The Use of Those who are not much Conversant in Mathematical Studies. By The Rev. A. Mylne.
272785: --- - Modern Judaism; or a Brief Account of The Opinions, Traditions, Rites and Ceremonies of The Jews, in Modern Times. By John Allen.
272786: --- - Modern Greece. A Poem.
272787: --- - Commentaries on some of The Most Important Diseases of Children. By John Clarke.
272788: --- - View of The System of Education at Present Pursued in The Schools and Universities of Scotland; with an Appendix… by Rev. M. Russel.
272789: --- - Travels in some Parts of North America, in The Years 1804, 1805, and 1806. By Robert Sutcliff.
272756: --- - The Works of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt The Elder. Edited by George Fred.
272758: --- - Useful Knowledge; or a Familiar and Explanatory Account of The Various Productions of Nature, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, which are Chiefly Employed for The Use of Man…
272759: --- - Lectures on The Philosophy of Modern History, Delivered in The University of Dublin by George Miller.
272760: --- - The Study and Practice of The Law Considered, in their Various Relations to Society. In a Series of Letters. By John Raithby.
272761: --- - Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance. By Thomas Moore.
272762: --- - On The Supply of Employment and Subsistence for The Labouring Classes, in Fisheries, Manufactures, and The Cultivation of Waste Lands; with Remarks on The Operation of The Salt Duties, and a Proposal for their Repeal. Addressed to The Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart. By Sir Thomas Bernard.
272763: --- - Symbolic Illustrations of The History of England, from The Roman Invasion to The Present Time: Accompanied with a Narrative of The Principal Events…
272765: --- - Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde; Accompanied by a Geological and Historical Account of those Countries; with a Map. By Lieutenant Henry Pottinger.
272766: --- - A History of The Jesuits; to which is Prefixed a Reply to Mr Dallas's Defence of that Order.
272767: --- - Mr Moore's Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance. Concluded.
272768: --- - Manfred, a Dramatic Poem. By Lord Byron.
272769: --- - A Voyage Round The World, from 1806 to 1812, in which Japan, Kamschatka, The Aleutian Islands, and The Sandwich Islands, were Visited… by Archibald Campbell.
272736: --- - A Collection of Theological Tracts. By Richard Watson.
272737: --- - Asiatic Miscellany, No. II. For The Account of No. I.
272738: --- - Tracts, Mathematical and Philosophical. By Charles Hutton.
272739: --- - Sermons. By Samuel Charters.
272740: --- - The Elements of The Science of Ethics, on The Principles of Natural Philosophy. By John Bruce.
272741: --- - The Anatomy of The Absorbing Vessels of The Human Body. By William Cruikshank.
272742: --- - Poems on Various Subjects. By Henry James Pye.
272743: --- - The Poems of Mr. Gray; with Notes by Gilbert Wakefield.
272744: --- - A Letter to a Friend on The Reported Marriages of his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. By Mr Horne Tooke.
272745: --- - Seduction; a Comedy. As it is Performed at The Theatre Royal In Drury Lane. By Thomas Holcroft.
272746: --- - An American Tale of The Chaste Loves of Peter The Longand of his most Honoured Dame Blanche Bazu, his feal Friend Blaize Bazu, and The History of The Lover's Well. By Thomas Holcroft.
272747: --- - An Account of The Kingdom of Kabul, and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartay, and India: Comprising a View of The Afghaun Nation, and a History of The Dooraunce Monarchy. By the Hon. Mounstuart Elphinstone.
272750: --- - Redemption; a Poem in Twenty Books. By George Woodley.
272751: --- - The Rise and Progress of Sunday Schools; a Poem, in Three Cantos; in which is shown, The Moral Condition of The Poor Previous to their Establishment; The Origin of those Institutions, and their Present Flourishing State…
257865: --- - South Wales At War. Special Edition of South Wales Yesterday. Saturday, August 19th, 1989.
272753: --- - Memoirs of The Life of The Rev. Richard Price.
272754: --- - Enclytica, Being The Outlines of a Course of Instruction on The Principles of Universal Grammar, as Deduced in an Analysis of The Vernacular Tongue.
272755: --- - The Agricultural State of The Kingdom, in February, March and April, 1816; Being The Substance of The Replies of Many of The most Opulent and Iltelligent Landholders to a Circular Letter sent by The Board of Agriculture to Agriculture to every Part of England, Wales and Scotland.
272733: --- - The Miscellaneous Works of Charles Colignon.
272734: --- - A New Literal Translation, From The Original, of The Apostle Paul's First and Second Epistles to The Thessalonians; with a Commentary and Notes. By James Macknight.
272735: --- - A System of Divinity, in a Course of Sermons, on The Being, Nature, and Attributes of God; on some of The most Important Articles of The Christian Religion, in Connection; and on The Several Virtues and Vices of Mankind. By The Rev. William Davy.
273534: --- - Eros in French Fiction and Fact.
273540: --- - Kang Yu Wei's Open Letters to The Powers.
273541: --- - The Empire and The Army.
272731: --- - A Treatise Concerning The New Jerusalem, and its Heavenly Doctrine, as Revealed from Heaven…
272732: --- - The History of Athens Politically and Philosophically Considered, with The View to an Investigation of The Immediate Causes of Elevation and Decline, Operative in a Free and Commercial State. By William Young.
272724: --- - Sermons on The Christian Doctrine, as Received by The Different Denominations of Christians; to which are Added, Sermons on The Security and Happiness of a Virtuous Course, on The Goodness of God, and on The Resurrection of Lazarus. By Richard Price.
272725: --- - Observations on Certain Parts of The Animal Oeconomy. By John Hunter.
272726: --- - Poems and Essays. By a Lady Lately Deceased.
272727: --- - Remarks on The Bishop of Exeter's and also on Dr. Heberden's Interpretation of The Prophecy of Haggai.
272728: --- - The Asiatic Miscellany; Consisting of Original Productions, Translations, Fugitive Pieces, Imitations, and Extracts from Curious Publications.
272729: --- - The Rape of Helen; From The Greek of Cluthus; with Miscellaneous Notes.
272730: --- - Parochialia; or Observations on The Discharge of Parochial Duties; in which Defects and Errors are Pointed out, and Improvements suggested and Recommended to The Parochial Clergy…
271419: --- - The History of our Customs, Aids, Subsidies, National Debts, and Taxes, From William The Conqueror to The Present Year 1761. Part III.
271420: --- - Letters and Tracts on The Choice of Company, and Other Subjects…
271422: --- - A New Estimate of Manners and Principles: or, a Comparison Between Antient and Modern Times…
271423: --- - An Historical Memorial of The Negociation of France and England, From The 26th March 1761, to The 20th of September of The Same Year; with The Vouchers…
272722: --- - Memorial or Brief for The Count de Cagliostro, Defendant, Against The Kings Attorney General, Plaintiff, in the Cause of The Cardinal de Rohan…
272719: --- - A Treatise on The Asthma. To which are Added, ,Cases and Observations, in which The Asthma is Complicated with other Diseases. By Thomas Withers.
272720: --- - Historia Succincta Hospitalis S. Elizebethae, Extra Muros Imperialis Monasterii . Maximi, Ordinis S. Benedicti, Prope Treviros. A Short Account of The Hospital of St. Elizabeth.
272716: --- - Idees sur la Meteorologie. Thoughts on Meteorology. By J. A. de Lue.
272717: --- - The Fair Syrian, a Novel. By The Author of Mount Henneth and Barham Downs.
272718: --- - An Excursion from Paris to Fontainebleau. To which is Added, an Adventure in The Champs Elisees near Paris…
272701: --- - Filices Britannicae: An History of The British Proper Ferns, with Plain and Accurate Descriptions, and New Figures of all The Species and Varieties. By James Bolton.
272702: --- - The History and Antiquities of The County Palatine of Durham. By William Hutchinson.
272703: --- - The Carse of Stirling; an Elergy.
272704: --- - The Structure and Physiology of Fishes Explained, and Compared with those of Man and other Animals; Illustrated with Figures. By Alexander Monro.
272706: --- - A New General Biographical Dictionary; Containing an Historical and Critical Account of The Lives and Writings of The Most Eminent Persons in every Nation, Particularly The British and Irish; From The Earliest Account of Time to The Present Period.
272707: --- - An Estimate of The Comparative Strength of Great Britain, During The Present, and Four Proceeding Reigns and of The Losses of Her Trade From Every War Since The Revolution. By George Chalmers.
272708: --- - A Treatise upon Gout, in which The Primitive Cause of that Disease and Likewise of Gravel, is Clearly Ascertained; and an Easy Method Recommended by which both may be with Certainty Prevented or Radically Cured.
272709: --- - Advice to The Clergy of Every Denomination and Degree; with The Evulgation of The Resolutions of a Late Congress Held in Germany, for The Purpose of Abolishing Christianity Throughout Europe.
272710: --- - Discourses on Prophecy; Read in The Chapel of Lincoln's-Inn, at The Lecture Founded by The Right Reverend William Warburton. By East Apthorp.
272711: --- - Letters to The Jews; Inviting them to an Amicable Discussion of The Evidences of Christianity. By Joseph Priestley.
272712: --- - Sylva; or a Discourse on Forest Trees, and The Propagation of Timber in his Majesty's Dominions. By John Evelyn.
272715: --- - Thoughts on The Mechanism of Societies. By The Marquis de Casaux.
272670: --- - A Scientific and Popular View of The Fever of Walcheren, and its Consequences, as they Appeared in The British Troops Returned from The Late Expedition…
272671: --- - A View of The State of The Nation, and of The Measures of The Five Last Years; Suggested by Earl Grey's Speech in The House of Lords, 13th June, 1810. By Thomas Peregrine Courtenay.
205124: ---. - Organic Bases.
272913: --- - General Zoology, or Systematic Natural History, by George Shaw.
272914: --- - Lectures on The Truly Eminent English Poets. By Percival Stockdale.
272915: --- - The Two First Books of Ovid's Metamorphases. Attempted in English Verse. By W. Mills.
272916: --- - Essays, Scriptural, Moral, and Logical, Designed to Promote an Attention to Clearness of Ideas, Precision of Expression, and Accuracy of Reasoning, Upon these Important Subjects. By W. and T. Ludlam.
272917: --- - The Eloquence of The British Senate; Being a Selection of The Best Speeches of The Most Distinguished Parliamentary Speakers, from The Beginning of The Reign of Charles I to The Present Time…
272918: --- - The Resurrection, a Poem. By John Stewart.
272919: --- - The Edinburgh Medical and Physical Dictionary…
272920: --- - A Restoration of The Ancient Modes of Bestowing Names on The Rivers, Hills, Vallies, Plains, and Settlements of Britain; Recorded in no Author…
272921: --- - Apxai; or The Evenings of Southill, Book I. By Nicholas Salmon.
272922: --- - The Life and Character of The Late Reverend Cornelius Winter.
272923: --- - Horae Ecclesiasticae. Practical Essays, in a Series of Reflections, on Documents of The United Church. By The Rev. James Harriman Hutton.
272924: --- - Observations on The Historical Work of The Late Right Honourable Charles James Fox. By The Right Honourable George Rose.
272925: --- - Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian Tale. And other Poems. By Thomas Campbell.
272927: --- - An Illustration of The General Evidence Establishing The Reality of Christ's Resurrection. By George Cook.
272928: --- - A Concise View of The Constitution of England. By George Custance.
272699: --- - Sylva, or The Wood: Being a Collection of Anecdotes, Dissertations, Characters, Apophthegms, Original Letters, Bons, Mots, and other Little Things.
272939: --- - Organic Remains of a Former World. An Examination of The Mineralized Remains of The Vegetables and Animals of The Antediluvian World; Generally Termed Extraneous Fossils. By James Parkinson.
272940: --- - Mr. Rose's Observations on The Historical Work of Mr. Fox: with a Narrative of Events. By Sir Patrick Hume. Concluded.
272698: --- - De l'Economie Politique Moderne. Of Modern Political Oeconomy. A Fundamental Discourse on Population.
272691: --- - Solomon's Song Translated from The Hebrew. By The Rev. Bernard Hodgson.
272692: --- - Chemical Essays. By R. Watson.
272693: --- - A System of Surgery. By Benjamin Bell.
272694: --- - Annals of Agriculture, and other Useful Arts. Collected and Published by Arthur Young.
272695: --- - Two Discourses, Delivered at The Public Meetings of The Royal Academy of Sciences and Belles Lettres at Berlin, in The Years 1785 and 1786…
272696: --- - Tales of The Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. From The French of M. Le Grand.
272527: --- - The Elements and Theory of The Hebrew Language. By Edward Dowling.
272528: --- - Thoughts on The Structure of The Globe; and The Scriptual History of The Earth and of Mankind, Compared with The Cosmogonies, Chronologies, and Original Transactions of Ancient Nations…
272529: --- - On The Prosodies of The Greek and Latin Languages.
272885: --- - Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions. By The Late Rev. Fowler Comings…
272886: --- - The Aboriginal Britons; a Poem. By George Richards.
272887: --- - Mr. Beloe's Translation of Herodotus. Concluded.
272888: --- - A Vindication of The Authenticity of The Parian Chronicle, in Answer to a Dissertation Lately Published. By The Rev. John Hewlett.
272889: --- - Answers to some Critical Strictures Relative to The Controversy on The Authenticity of The Parian Chronicle. In a Letter to the Rev. J. Robertson.
272890: --- - Sermons on Practical Subjects. By Andrew Kippis.
272891: --- - Observations on The Diseases, Defects, and Injuries, in all Kinds of Fruit and Forest Trees. Wih an Account of a Particular Method of Cure Invented and Practised by William Forsyth.
272892: --- - Medical Communications. Vol. II.
272894: --- - Salmagundi; a Miscellaneous Combination of Original Poetry; Consisting of Illusions of Fancy; Amatory, Elegiac, Lyrical, Epigrammatical and other Palatable Ingredients.
272895: --- - The History of The Late War in Germany, Between The King of Prussia, and The Empress of Germany and her Allies: Containing The Campaigns of 1758 and 1759…
272896: --- - Letters Written from Different Places in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in The Years 1788, and 1789. By Alexander Bisani.
272897: --- - Poems: By Mrs. Robinson.
272898: --- - Travels in Turkey, Italy and Russia, During The Years 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806, with an Account of some of The Greek Islands. By Thomas Macgill.
272899: --- - Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting. Selected from The Correspondence of The Bath and West of England Society, for The Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.
272900: --- - The Remains of Hesiod The Ascrean, Translated from The Greek into English Verse; with a Preliminary Dissertation and Notes. By Charles Abraham Elton.
272901: --- - The Siller Gun. A Poem, in Four Cantos; with Notes, and a Glossary. By John Mayne.
272902: --- - Letters on Scripture-Facts. By The Rev. William Benge Collyer.
272903: --- - The Works, Literary, Moral, and Philosophical, of Thomas Percival. To which are Prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings, and a Selection from his Literary Correspondence.
272904: --- - Essay on The Morbid Anatomy of The Human Eye. By James Wardrop.
272905: --- - A Treatise on Hernia; Being The Essay which Gained The Prize Offered by The Royal College of Surgeons in The Year 1806. By W. Lawrence.
272906: --- - Memoirs of Captain George Carleton, an English Officer, including Anecdotes of The War in Spain under The Earl of Peterborough, and many Interesting Particulars Relating to The Manners of The Spaniards of The Beginning of The Last Century. Written by Himself.
272907: --- - The Orders in Council, and The American Embargo Beneficial to The Political and Commercial Interests of Great Britain. By Lord Sheffield.
272908: --- - An Attempt to Elucidate The Pernicious Consequences of a Deviation from The Principles of The Orders in Council.
272909: --- - A Treatise on Telegraphic Communication by Day and Night, for Naval, Military and Commercial Purposes… by Joseph Conolly.
272910: --- - An Inquiry into Certain Vulgar Opinions Concerning The Catholic Inhabitants and The Antiquities of Ireland…
272911: --- - The History of Devonshire, Chapter II. By The Rev. Richard Polwhele.
272912: --- - Memoir of The Reign of James II. By John Lord Viscount Lonsdale.
271561: --- - Lettre Familiari e Critiche di Vincenzio Martinelli.
271562: --- - Nine Sermons, Preached in The Parish of St. James's, Westminster, on Occasion of The Late War and Rebellion. By Thomas, Lord Bishop of Oxford.
271564: --- - An Estimate of The Manners and Principles of The Times.
271565: --- - A New Method of Learning with Facility The Latin Tongue, Containing The Rule of Genders, Declensions, Preterites, Syntax, Quantity and Latin Accents…
271566: --- - Account of Dean Swift's History of The Last Four Years of The Queen, Concluded.
271567: --- - The Upholsterer, or What News? A Farce, in Two Acts. As it is Performed at The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane.
271568: --- - Several Discourses Preached at The Temple Church. By Thomas Sherlock.
271569: --- - The Memoirs of a Protestant, Condemned to The Galleyys of France, For his Religion. Written by Himself. Comprehending an Account of The Various Distresses he Suffered in Slavery…
271570: --- - An Historical and Critical Account of The Life and Writings of Charles I. King of Great Britain…
271572: --- - Characteristics of The Present Political State of Great Britain.
271574: --- - The Canto Added by Maphaeus to Virgil's Twelve Books of Aeneas, From The Original Bombastic, done into English Hudibrastic; with Notes Beneath, and Latin Text, iin Every other Page Annext.
271576: --- - Imitations of Horace. By Thomas Neville.
271577: --- - The Last War of The Beasts. A Fable. To Serve for The History of The Eighteenth Century. In Two Parts.
271578: --- - Some Doubts Occasioned by The Second Volume of an Estimate of The Manners and Principles of The Times.
271580: --- - A New Naval History, or Compleat View of The British Marine. In Which The Royal Navy, and The Merchants Service, are Traced Through all Their Periods and Different Branches… by John Entick.
271581: --- - Sketches; or, Essays on Various Subjects. By Lancelot Temple.
271582: --- - All The Works of Epictetus, which are now Extant; Consisting of his Discourses, Preserved by Arrian, in Four Books, The Enchiridion and Fragments.
271583: --- - Fifteen Discourses, Devotional and Practical, Suited to The use of Famillies; with a Proper Hymn Annexed to Each…
271584: --- - Essays on The Principles of Morality and Natural Religion, in Two Parts.
271585: --- - Facts, Records, Authorities, and Arguments, Concerning The Claims of Liberty, and The Obligations of Military Service; and Proving, that Every man in Britain Hath a Personal Interest in This Bill now Depending, for Giving a more Speedy Remedy to The Subject upon The Writ of Habeas Corpus.
271586: --- - An Explanatory Defence of The Estimate of The Manners and Principles of The Times…
271587: --- - Conclusion of Dr. Sharper's Second Argument in Defence of Christianity.
271588: --- - New Dialogues of The Dead.
271589: --- - Christianity True Deism. Addressed to The Younger Clergy of The Church of England. By Misophenax.
271590: --- - A Short Introduction to English Grammar; With Critical Notes.
271593: --- - A Letter to The Rev. Dr. Samuel Chandler, From The Writer of The History of The Man After God's Own Heart.
271595: --- - Letters on Chivalry and Romance.
271599: --- - Rural Poems; Translated From The Original German of M. Gesner.
271600: --- - Occasional Thoughts on The Study and Character of Classical Authors, on The Course Literature, and The Present Plan of a Learned Education with Some Incidental Comparisons Between Homer and Ossian.
271601: --- - A Report of some Proceedings on The Comission of Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery for The Trial of The Rebels in The Year 1746, in The County of Surry, and of other Crown Cases. To which are Added Discourses Upon a Few Branches of The Crown Law.
271604: --- - Xenophon's Memoirs of Socrates. With The Defence of Socrates Before his Judges.
271605: --- - A Vindication of The Exclusive Right of Authors to Their Own Works: A Subject Now Under Consideration Before The Twelve Judges of England.
271606: --- - Conclusion of The Medical Observations and Inquiries.
271607: --- - A Course of Lectures on Elocution: Together with Two Dissertations on Language; and some other Tracts Relative to Those Subjects. By Thomas Sheridan.
271609: --- - Poems on Several Subjects. To which is Prefixed, An Essay on The Lyric Poetry of The Antients, in Two Letters Inscribed to The Right Honourable James Lord Deskfoord. By John Ogilvie.
271610: --- - A Scheme of Scripture Divinity Formed Upon The Plan of The Divine Dispensations, with a Vindication of The Sacred Writings. Bby John Taylor.
271613: --- - Conclusion of The Account of Mr. Sheridan's Lectures.
271616: --- - An Essay on The Different Nature of Accent and Quantity, with Their Use and Application in The Pronunciation of The English, Latin, and Greek Languages; Containing an Account and Explanation of The Ancient Tones…
271617: --- - Medical Commentaries, Part I. Containing a Plain and Direct Answer to Professor Monro, Junior, Interspersed with Remarks on The Structure, Functions and Diseases of Several Parts of The Human Body. By William Hunter.
271619: --- - The Contemplatist. A Night Piece. By J. Cunningham.
271621: --- - Van Swieten's Commentaries Abridged. By Dr. Achomberg of Bath.
271622: --- - The Doctrine of Grace: or, The Office and Operations of The Holy Spirit Vindicated From The Insults of Infidelity, and The Abuses of Fanaticism: Concluding with some Thoughts…
271623: --- - Conclusion of The Account of The Doctrine of Grace. By The Bishop of Gloucester.
271624: --- - An Hymn to Repentance. By Mr. Scott.
271625: --- - The Palladium of Great Britain and Ireland. Or, Historical Strictures of Liberty, From Before The Reformation, Down to The Present Times…
271627: --- - The New Theory of Generation, According to The Best and Latest Discoveries in Anatomy, Further Improved and Fully Displayed. By J. C.
271628: --- - The Vegetable System. Or, The Internal Structure, and The Life of Plants; Their Parts and Nourishment Explained, Their Classes, Orders, Genera, and Species, Ascertained and Described; in a Method Altogether New…
271758: --- - The Rites and Ceremonies of The Greek Church in Russia; Containing an Account of its Doctrine, Worship, and Discipline. By John Glen King.
272638: --- - More Subjects than One; or Cursory Views of Various Objects, Principally Connected with France and The French People; to which are Added Essays and Miscellaneous Reflections on Different Topics. By J. B. Davis.
272639: --- - Richardi Benteii et Doctorum Virorum Epistotle, Partim Mutuae…
272640: --- - Letters from England. By Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella.
272641: --- - Plantarum Guianae Rariorum Icones et Descriptiones, i. e. Figures and Descriptions of some of The Rarer Plants of Guiana Hitherto Unpublished by Edward Rudge.
272642: --- - Letters on Natural History; Exhibiting a View of The Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of The Deity, so Eminently Displayed in The Formation of The Universe…
272643: --- - Thoughts upon that Part of Revelations, which Comprehends The History of The Western Empire of Europe, from The Commencement of Popery to its Overthrow in 1795…
272644: --- - Saul; a Poem. In Two Parts. By William Sotheby.
272645: --- - An Ethical Treatise on The Passions, Founded on The Principles Investigated to The Philosophical Treatise. By T. Cogan.

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