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202589: ---., --- - The Coming Land Tyranny.
202573: ---., --- - Social - Democracy in Germany.
202575: ---., --- - The Home Rule Issue.
202568: ---., --- - The Bicentenary of Laurence Sterne.
202561: ---., --- - The French and German Army Bills.
202562: ---., --- - The Lloyd Georgian Land Taxes.
202563: ---., --- - The Problem of Democracy and The Swiss Solution.
202537: ---., --- - The Naval Problem.
202539: ---., --- - Greek Democracy.
202548: ---., --- - The Demand for Compulsion.
202550: ---., --- - National Insurance and National Character.
202533: ---., --- - European Reconstruction and British Policy.
202534: ---., --- - The Englishman's Dilemma.
202535: ---., --- - The European Unrest.
202519: ---., --- - The Presidential Election in The United States.
202520: ---., --- - Politics and Prices. Monetary Economics, The Standard of Value etc.
202522: ---., --- - Marriage, Divorce and The Divorce Commission.
202513: ---., --- - A Seventeenth Century Admiral and Diplomat. The Life of Edward Mountagu.
202516: ---., --- - The Church Militant.
202503: ---., --- - On Safety of Life at Sea.
202505: ---., --- - The New Renaissance in France.
202507: ---., --- - Home Rule Economics.
202508: ---., --- - Contemporary Politics. Debates in Parliament.
202496: ---., --- - India and Her Sovereign.
202286: ---. - Sancta Sanctorum.
202276: ---. - The State of Russia.
250419: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Class Mammalia. Order Ruminantia. Featuring Antelope, Goats, Chamois.
248581: --- - Turning The Elizabethian Twist; Gaseous Exhalations From The Earth; Manilla Hemp; How To Make Balloons; Menai Suspension Bridge; Electric Properties Of Silk, etc. Magazine Of Science And School Of Arts. Issue No. 164.
236826: --- - Haynes' Observations on The State of Ireland in 1600. Part II and Part III.
199614: ---. - Original Documents. - Roll of the Thirteenth Century containing various Legal Forms.
198523: ---. - Roman Colonnade uncovered in Bailgate, Lincoln.
198504: ---. - A Sixteenth Century Mathematical Instrument Case.
198482: ---. - On a Late-Celtic Dagger Sheath found in Oxfordshire.
198391: ---. - Appendix. Two Ivory Panels of Early Date.
198211: ---. - A Notice of some remarkable Inscriptions on Leaves of Lead, preserved in the Manuscript Department of the British Museum. Communicated by Walter De Gray Birch, Esq.
198212: ---. - On Mediaeval Representations of the Months and Seasons. Communicated by James Fowler, Esq., F.S.A.
198217: ---. - On an Early French Deed, A.D. 1397, relating to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Exhibited by Edward Peacock, Esq.; with Remarks by C. Knight Watson, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.
197957: ---. - Letters from a Subaltern Officer of the Earl of Essex's Army, written in the Summer and Autumn of 1642; detailing the early movements of that portion of the Parliament Forces which was formed by the Volunteers of the Metropolis; and their further...
197933: ---. - Report of the Committee appointed by the Council of the Society of Antiquaries to investigate the circumstances attending the recent Discovery of a Body in St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster.
197914: ---. - Communication from William Chaffers, Jun., Esq., F.S.A., addressed to J.Y. Akerman, Esq., Secretary, accompanying the Exhibition of numerous Glass Vessels, and other Antiquities of the Roman Period, found at Nismes.
197900: ---. - Note from J. Payne Collier, Esq., V.P. to the Resident Secretary, on the ancient Crosier of the Bishops of Waterford and Lismore, the property of the Duke of Devonshire, and sent by his Grace for exhibition before the Society.
197678: ---. - Ordo Ad Benedicendam Seu Dedicandam Basilicam.
197636: ---. - Copy of a Manuscript Tract, entitled A Brief Discovery of the great Purpresture of New Buildings nere to the Cittie, written in the time of King James the First.
197472: H. - The Confessions of a Catholic Socialist.
197462: ---. - Queen Elizabeth and the Foreign Ambassadors.
197361: ---. - Religion in the North. The current state of religion in Cumberland and Westmoreland.
197354: J.C.H. - Mr. Henry George and the Land; a review in letter form of George's work, Progress and Poverty, along with other works on the subject.
197342: ---. - The childhood of religions
197337: ---. - Ireland
197317: ---. - The Channel Islands.
197318: ---. - Christian Charity and Political Economy. Part I & II.
197305: ---. - Father Coleridge, S.J. on the Gospels; the Public Life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Vol.1. A summary and review.
197314: ---. - Turkey and Russia.
197304: ---. - Bishop Pecock, His Character and Fortunes.
197286: ---. - Pius IX and the Revolution. The effect of Victor Emmanuel's sizure of Rome on the temporal powers of the Papacy, etc.
197285: ---. - The International Society. An article on French civil war inspired by the society's ideals.
197270: ---. - The Education Bill
197274: ---. - Dogmatic constitution of the Catholic faith
197261: ---. - Dr. Gillow of Ushaw's Letter on Catholic Higher Education in England.
197267: ---. - The authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews
197269: ---. - Dr. Lee on Anglican orders
197255: ---. - Foreign events of Catholic interest
197256: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. The Recent Italian Elections, Belgium, etc.
197240: ---. - The Christian Schools of Alexandria. Clement of Alexandria and other Christian teachers.
197241: ---. - Reformatory Schools. An article based on the Inspector's Reports on Reformatory Schools in Great Britain & Ireland.
197242: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. A quarterly summary. Neapolitan States; France; Germany.
197248: ---. - The Celtic Language and Dialects. A review of The College Irish Grammar, by Rev. Ulick Bourke and The Gaelic Language; its Classical Affinities, etc. by Stuart Blackie.
197249: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. Franco -Italian Convention, GermanyBaden, etc.
197251: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. Recent Papal Encyclical and its reception abroad.
197252: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. The Recent Italian Revolution and its Implications.
197236: ---. - Foreign Events of Catholic Interest. A quarterly summary. Including a summary of the Piedmontese Fausti, etc.
197239: ---. - Outlines of the Gospel History; the findings of the Harmonists and their problems.
197201: ---. - The Irish in England.
197183: ---. - Ireland Review of the Session. The various Parliamentary Acts and Bills on Ireland and her needs, etc. A summary with excerpts.
197134: ---. - Irish Archaeological Society ; Statute of Kilkenny. A summary of the implications of this 14th century Statute.
197139: ---. - Book keeping. Its principles, with explanations of terms such as double entry, historical origins, etc.
197140: ---. - O'Connor's Military History of Ireland.A summary and review of the work, with reference to the Irish Brigade in the service of France.
197126: ---. - Edinburgh Review ; Borrow's Bible in Spain. A highly critical review of the work and its AntiCatholicism found in the favourable review of the book in the Edinburgh Review.
197133: ---. - Statute of Kilkenny.
197102: ---. - Switzerland the Convents of Argau and their Accusers; the attempt to suppress them and the resultant insurrection, etc.
197103: ---. - Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of the Rt. Hon. Henry Flood, M.P.Colonel of the Volunteers; with reminiscences of the Irish Commons and an account of the Grand National Convention of 1783; by Warden Flood.
197081: ---. - General Order, Horse Guards, 20th October, 1840. Court Martial on Captain Richard Anthony Reynolds, 11th Hussars. A summary with excerpts from the evidence.
197082: ---. - The Horse Guards. The Court Martial of Captain Reynolds, 11th Hussars for Conduct Unbecoming, etc. An account with numerous excerpts from the trial.
197070: ---. - Remains of the late Reverend Richard H. Froude, M.A. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Vol.2. A review with excerpts.
197074: ---. - Staudenmaier's Spirit of Christianity as exhibited in sacred Seasons, in sacred Actions, and sacred Art.
197063: ---. - The Roman article From the Dublin Review, Ireland 1838.
197064: ---. - article on the Duke of Friedland.
197065: ---. - Irish Novels and Irish Novelists. Beginning with the works of Maria Edgeworth, etc. Numerous textual excerpts.
197048: ---. - The Dublin Society. A review and summary of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Royal Dublin Society, with its recommendations and criticisms.
197054: ---. - Fallacious Evidence of the Senses.The phenomenon of mirage, optical illusion, etc.
195542: ---. - The Salmon Fisheries of the United Kingdom; their importance, alleged decline, history, etc.
195515: ---. - Financial State of the Public Roads; the Commissioners' Report on Turnpike Roads.
195516: ---. - Reuschlin; History of Port Royal. The Struggle of the Reformed and the Jesuitical Catholicism; to the Death of Angelique Arnauld. A review.
195499: ---. - Lewis on the Romance language.
195511: ---. - London's British Trees and Shrubs.
195494: ---. - Mrs. Radcliffe's Poetical Works.
195472: ---. - Napoleon's 1813 Campaign in Saxony and the Battle of Leipzig.
195473: ---. - An Introduction to Entomology, or Elements of the Natural History of Insects, by William Kirby & William Spence. A review with excerpts.
195476: ---. - Spirit of West Indian Society; Outrage at Barbados. The attack on Methodist property in Barbadoes and the Expulsion of a Methodist Missionary, Mr Shrewsbury. Based on the Report of the Debate in the House of Commons.
195481: ---. - Gothic architecture.
195437: ---. - Sir Joseph Banks on the Causes of Blight in Corn.
195456: ---. - Linnaeus -Lachesis Lapponica. An article on his tour in Lapland.
195428: ---. - Barrow's Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa. An account of the land, its inhabitants,etc.
195429: ---. - Lord Lauderdale's Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth, and into the Means and Causes of its Increase; a critique of his views on political economy.
195433: ---. - Winterbottom's Account of African Medicine.
195088: ---. - Sur la maniere dont les Eaux des rivieres se melent a celles de la mer.
195065: ---. - Sur le nouveau Systeme d'eclairage des phares adopte en France. Examen d'une Reclamation que le Dr Brewster vient de faire a ce sujet.
195060: ---. - Sur les Empreintes de pieds d'animaux trouvees a la surface de diverses couches de gres rouge (Sandstone), dans la carriere de Corncockle-Muir, dans le Dumfries-Shire.
195051: ---. - Sur un Changement qui s'opere a la longue dans la position du zero de tous les thermometres a mercure.
195039: ---. - Sur la non-existence du sacre dans le sang des personnes affectees du diabetes, et le passage du prussiate de potasse de l'estomac dans la vessie.
194987: ---. - Analyse des Seances de l'Academie royale des Sciences. Seance du lundi 27 juin 1825.
194774: ---. - A Voyage to Terra Australis.
194446: ---. - An Inquiry into the Changes induced on Atmospheric Air, by the Germination of Seeds, the Vegetation of Plants, and the Respiration of Animals.
194432: ---. - The Principles of Physiological and Physical Science; comprehending the ends for which Animated Beings were created: and an examination of the Unnatural and Artificial Systems of Philosophy which now prevail.
194417: ---. - Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
194376: ---. - The History of the Rise, Progress, and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave-trade by the British Parliament.
194371: ---. - A History of the early Part of the Reign of James the Second; with an introductory Chapter.
194373: ---. - Lives of British Statesmen.
194345: ---. - A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm; in a Letter to the King.
194339: ---. - The History of the World from the Reign of Alexander to that of Augustus, comprehending the latter Ages of European Greece and the History of the Greek Kingdoms in Asia and Africa, from their Foundation to their Destruction; with a preliminary Survey
194303: ---. - Memoirs of the Life and Writings on the Hon. Henry Home, of Kames; one of the Senators of the College of Justice, and one of the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in Scotland; containing Sketches of the Progress of Literature and general Improvement
194292: ---. - The Independent Man; or an Essay on the Formation and Development of those Principles and Faculties of the HUman Mind which constitute Moral and Intellectual Excellence.
194296: ---. - Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, from the year 1792 to 1798.
194280: ---. - The Principles of Moral Science.
194287: ---. - Magna Britannia; being a concise topographical Account of the several Counties of Great Britain.
194265: ---. - The Principles of Moral Science.
194272: ---. - Magna Britannia; being a concise topographical Account of the several Counties of Great Britain.
194273: ---. - An Account of the Life and Writings of James Beattie, L.L.D. late Professor of Moral Philosophy and Logic, in the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen; including many of his Original Letters.
194258: ---. - An Account of the Life and Writings of James Beattie, L.L.D. late Professor of Moral Philosophy and Logic, in the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen; including many of his Original Letters.
194237: ---. - Communication to the Board of Agriculture; on Subjects relative to the Husbandry and internal Improvement of the Country.
194243: ---. - A Voyage to Cochin China in the Years 1792 and 1793; containing a general view of the valuable productions, and the political importance of this flourishing kingdom; and also of such European Settlements, as were visited on the voyage; with sketches
194246: ---. - The Stranger in Ireland, or a Tour in the Southern and Western Parts of that Country, in the Year 1805.
194228: ---. - A Dictionary Persian, Arabic and English; with a Dissertation on the Languages, Literature, and Manners of Eastern Nations.
194221: ---. - The Works of Sallust, to which are prefixed two Essays on the Life, Literary Character, and Writings of the Historian; with Notes Historical, Biographical and Critical.
194207: ---. - An Inquiry into the permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations, Illustrated by Four engraved Charts. Designed to show how the Prosperity of the British Empire may be prolonged.
194191: ---. - The History of Egypt, from the earliest Accounts of that Country, till the Expulsion of the French from Alexandria, in the year 1801.
194197: ---. - An Experimental Inquiry into the Nature and Propagation of Heat.
194202: ---. - ...The Diversions of Purley.
194130: ---. - An Account of the Cape of Good Hope;containing an Historical View of its original Settlement by the Dutch, its Capture by the British in 1795, and the different policy pursued there by the Dutch and British Governments...
194142: ---. - Travels in China; containing descriptions, observations and comparisons, made and collected during the course of a short residence at the Imperial Palace of Yuen-min-yuen, and on a subsequent Journey through the country from Pekin to Canton...
194146: ---. - The Life of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Forces during the war which established the independence of his Country, and First President of the United States...
194149: ---. - A System of Chemistry.
194184: ---. - Notes on all the Books of Scripture, for the Use of the Pulpit and Private Families.
194185: ---. - The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth.
193931: ---. - Florentine Tales: with Modern Illustrations.
193934: ---. - The Mission of German Catholics.
193935: ---. - The Works of Frederick Schiller. Historical History of the Thirty Years War, complete. History of the Revolt of the Netherlands to the Confederacy of the Gueux.
193936: ---. - The Pleasures of Home; or Domestic Scenes and Affections of the Circle around the Hearth.
193937: ---. - Stray Leaves from a Freemason's Note-Book.
193938: ---. - The History, Manners, and Mythology of Ancient Greece.
193939: ---. - Poetry and Criticism.
193940: ---. - The Castle of Ehrenstein; its Lords Spiritual and Temporal; its Inhabitants, earthly and unearthly. Azeth, the Egyptian. Cleveland; a Tale of the Catholic Church.
193941: ---. - The Works of Ariosto.
193942: ---. - The Life of Henry the Fourth, King of France and Navarre.
193946: ---. - Correspondence relating to the Measures adopted for the Relief of the Distress in Ireland.
193920: ---. - Memoirs of the Life and Times of Sir Christopher Hatton, Vice-Chamberlain and Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth, including his Correspondence with the Queen and other distinguished Persons.
193921: ---. - Sixty Years Hence. A Tale of the Future.
193924: ---. - The Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets: translated from the original Hebrew; with a Commentary Critical, Philological, and Exegetical.
193925: ---. - A New Universal Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language; embracing all the Terms used in Art, Science, and Literature.
193926: ---. - Nozrani in Egypt and Syria.
193927: ---. - Essay on the Construction of Fugue.
193928: ---. - The Supremacy Question, or Justice to the Church of England.
193929: ---. - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson. Written by his Widow Lady. To which is prefixed the Life of Mrs Hutchinson, written by herself.
193930: ---. - The Trapper's Bride; a Tale of the Rocky Mountains, with the Rose of Ouisconsin.
193913: ---. - A History of the Life and Works of John De la Fontaine.
193914: ---. - Lucretia; The Children of Night.
193916: ---. - Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conquest, with Anecdotes of their Courts.
193917: ---. - The Last Days of a Polish Exile.
193919: ---. - A Catholic History of England.
193825: ---. - St Saviour's Southwark.
175720: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of George Fletcher, for High Treason, at the Court-house, St. Margaret's-Hill, Southwark, Wednesday, July 16: 20 George II. A.D. 1746.
F209-1061: ---. - Crete by
F233-1010: ---. - 50 Miles Around London (Road Map) by
F234-1025: ---. - Aube/Haute-Marne 2003 (Michelin Local Maps) by
185466: ---. - J.F.W. Herschel and Fresnel on Light. Theories of Light. A summary.
184519: ---. - Improvements on Pickering's Steam Boiler; Air-Weighing Machine; Extraordinary Bed-Ridden Mechanic (James Sandy), Stingless Bees etc. Featured in Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No.39.
183002: ---. - Discussion on Outlets for Labour after the War.
176742: ---. - Second Report of The British Association for The Advancement of Science 1832.
176613: ---. - Report of the Committee consisting of Sir John Herschell, Dr. Lloyd and Colonel Sabine, appointed to conduct the co-operation of the British Association in the system of Simultaneous Magnetical and Meteorological Observations.
237550: ---. - Dr. Littledale's Theory of The Disappearance of The Papacy.
237552: ---. - Mrs. Craven and her Works.
237560: H.T. - Lent.
237561: ---. - The Idea of Catholic Literature.
237562: J.M.S. - The Bible and The Recent Assyrian Discoveries.
173453: ---. - Directions for Young Students in Divinity, with Regard to those Attainments, which are necessary to qualify them for Holy Orders.
173462: ---. - An Earnest and Affectionate Address to the Common People of England, concerning their usual Recreations on Shrove Tuesday.
238182: --- - Dollinger's Church History (A Review).
170336: ---. - The Irish Church and her Prospects. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170337: ---. - Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's My Novel. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170338: ---. - Life of Thomas a Becket, or, Thomas Becket. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170275: ---. - Bishop Jewel's Works. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170253: ---. - The Gorham Case. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170237: ---. - The Emerson Mania. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170200: ---. - The Jesuits. History of the Fall of the Jesuits in the Eighteenth Century. By Count Alexis De Saint-Priest. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170205: ---. - The Restoration of Corrective Discipline. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170154: ---. - Joan of Arc. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170150: ---. - Becket. The Life and Letters of Thomas a Becket, now first gathered from the Contemporary Historians. By the Rev. J. A. Giles. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170146: ---. - Frauds and Boasts of Romish Controversialists. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
170101: ---. - Churchyards, Public Cemeteries, and National Interment. An article from The English Review or Quarterly Journal of Ecclesiastical and General Literature.
169796: ---. - Roman Colonnade uncovered in Bailgate, Lincoln.
169260: ---. - The war in South Africa. With a fold-out sketch map of the country round Ladysmith.
168891: ---. - Etat Politique, Civil, et Militaire de l'Empire de Russie; suivi de Lettres sur le Gouvernement, les Moeurs, le Commerce, les Colonies et les Etablissements Academiques de la Russie.
168775: ---. - The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, including an Autobiographical Chapter; edited by his son, Francis Darwin. A summary and review.
163737: ---. - Freyburg Cathedral, and Magic, Persian Magi. FEATURED in The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction.
163373: ---. - Extracts in Prose and Verse from an Old English Medical Manuscript, Preserved in the Royal Library at Stockholm. Communicated by George Stephens through Sir Henry Ellis.
256825: --- - In The Park.
160655: ---. - Account of the British Plantations in America. (appendix.)
265098: --- - British Moths, Drinker Moth, male & female; Lappet Moth; Caterpillar of D. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
157955: ---. - Ordo Ad Benedicendam Seu Dedicandam Basilicam.
157872: ---. - Letters from a Subaltern Officer of the Earl of Essex's Army, written in the Summer and Autumn of 1642; detailing the early movements of that portion of the Parliament Forces which was formed by the Volunteers of the Metropolis; and their further...
157811: ---. - Copy of a short Memoir on the Means considered fit for putting the Forces of England in Order at the time of the Invasion from the Spaniards was expected in 1587; preserved in Harleian MS. 168, fol. 110.
234126: --- - MILITARY ROADS OF SCOTLAND, 1798. An attractive hand coloured map, showing the 600 remaining miles of General Wade and Major Caulfeild roads at 17th November 1798. Together with 13 pages of Treasury Reports on the Roads, the cost of their upkeep, and historical detail.
234124: --- - VICTUALLING OFFICE. Further Proceedings of the Lords Commissioners of The Admiralty, respecting the matters stated in the Reports of the Committee of Finance, so far as they relate to The Naval Departments. 1800.
234123: --- - THE OFFICE OF ADMIRALTY. Proceedings of the Lords Commissioners of The Admiralty, respecting the matters stated in the Reports of the Committee of Finance, so far as they relate to The Office of Admiralty. 1799.
234808: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - CATTLE PLAGUE [FOOT & MOUTH]. Order in Council, dated the 24th day of March 1866. Cattle Plague.
234120: --- - STAMP OFFICE. A detailed finance account of the Proposed Plan of a new Establishment for the Officers of the Stamp Revenue. 1798.
234118: --- - ARMY RATIONS DURING THE AMERICAN WAR. An interesting printed account of the Number of Rations allowed from the Public Stores Abroad, to all Descriptions of Persons attending the Army in the Field, in Garrison, and in Quarters; and the Nature of such Rations.1801.
236874: M., C. J. - Fidelis Servus Et Prudens.
237804: J.U. - The Granddaughter of St. Chantal.
237713: S.F.S. - The Atonement Theologically Explained.
237707: S.F.S. - The Atonement.
237698: S.F.S. - Catholicism and The Future.
237695: S.F.S. - The Teaching Office of The Anglican Church.
237689: J.K. - Anti-Monasticism.
237680: J.K. - Loyalty to The Church.
237670: J.G. - Giants and Pigmies.
237669: S.F.S. - Our First Catholic Congress.
237665: J.K. - Catholicism and Civil Disabilities.
237656: S.F.S. - The Life of Cardinal Vaughan (2 part article).
237657: J.G. - Seasons and Days and Years.
237650: ---. - The Rise of The Anglo-Benedictine Congregation.
237648: J.R. - Last Years of Dr. Pusey.
237643: ---. - Sidelights on The Educational Scramble.
237642: ---. - The Archconfraternity for The Conversion of England.
237633: ---. - The Variability of The Moral Standard.
237629: ---. - The Opportunity of Wealth.
237627: ---. - The Folkschauspiel at Brixlegg.
237625: S.F.S. - Our English Catholic Bible.
237620: ---. - Perkin Warbeck.
237618: J.N.S. - The Cuneiform Inscriptions recently discovered in Upper Egypt.
237617: R.F.C. - Some Recent Miracles of Lourdes.
238146: --- - A Chapter in The History of Pius VI: Rome Taken. - Pius VI. Cruelly Persecuted by The French Revolutionists.
237616: S.F.S. - Anglicans on Church Authority.
237614: ---. - Origen: A Sketch.
237613: R.F.C. - A Medical Estimate of Lourdes.
237611: ---. - A Winter in Teneriffe.
237608: ---. - The South African Languages.
237606: ---. - Walled-up Alive.
237605: ---. - Oxford as seen by a Frenchman.
237604: ---. - Christian Art and English Art in 1892.
237603: ---. - The Early History of The True Cross.
237601: ---. - Thomas Cranmer (2 part article).
237602: ---. - Lessons from German Catholics.
237600: ---. - The Roman Decree on Cremation.
237599: ---. - Rudolph, Eighth Earl of Denbigh.
237598: ---. - The Measures of Catholic Progress.
237597: ---. - Harvey and his Times.
237595: H.J.C. - The Fortunes of Virgil.
237593: ---. - Convent Education.
237591: H.W.L. - Dr. Bain and Free Will.
237590: ---. - The Heart of Africa.
237589: ---. - Experiences in The Prussian Ambulances (3 part article).
237588: ---. - Drummond of Hawthornden.
237587: ---. - On True Education.
237585: T.B.P. - Sir Amias Poulet and Mary Queen of Scots (3 part article).
237586: ---. - Chapters of Contemporary history: The Piedmontese at Rome.
237583: ---. - Chapters of Contemporary History: Difficulties of The Government of National Defence.
237582: H.B. - Shortcomings of Modern Gothic Architecture.
237580: J.M.S. - The Early Roman Christians (2 part article).
237581: W.G.T. - Unstable as Water.
237579: ---. - Conservatives and Liberals.
237578: E.B. - Some Early Spanish Poetry.
237577: J.M. - The Martyrdom of William Harrington.
237575: R.C. - The Letters of St. Bernard (2 part article).
218577: W.J.W. - The O'Keeffe Cases (6 part article).
238149: --- - Biographical Sketch of The Celebrated German Theologian, John Adam Mohler (from The Roman Annals of M. De Luca).
237572: G.L. - The Three Ambrosian Sepulchres.
237571: ---. - Government by Party.
237570: R.C. - The Church and The Trial by Ordeal.
237569: ---. - Chapters of Contemporary History: How The Third French Republic was Made.
260837: --- - The Pretences Of The French Invasion Examined, For The Information Of The People Of England.
260836: --- - A Diary Of The Siege And Surrender Of Limerick, With The Articles At Large, Both Civil And Military.
237253: ---. - The Shell of The Cuttle Fish.
185461: ---. - Botany Bay. Statistics, History and Politics of the South Wales Colony, and the advantages it offers to Emigrants.
185462: ---. - Collins' Account of the English Colony of New South Wales. Aborigines, Settlers, Trade, etc.
234114: --- - POST OFFICE. Printed correspondence regarding the Packet Service, the Mail Coaches, the Conveyance of Mails by Horse and Cart, and Buildings and Premises. Proceedings on the Seventh Report of the Select Committee on Finance. 1797.
251372: ---. - On Ancient Bronze Helmets found in 1818 at Ogmore Down, Glamorganshire.
251373: ---. - On Antiquities from the neighbourhood of Abergele, North Wales.
251374: ---. - On a Gold Armlet of uncertain origin.
251375: ---. - On a Bronze Vessel from the province of Huelva, Spain.
251376: ---. - On an object of Bronze, of Archaic workmanship.
030944: ---. - Medieval Sources for Anglo-Jewish History: the Problem of Publication.
270729: --- - The Pernicious Effects of The Christian Religion Considered; and its Nature Proved to be Subversive of The Common Good. To which is Added, in The Conclusion, a Brief, but Clear Vindication of Free-Thinking.
270443: --- - Dr. Hampden and The University of Oxford.
270705: --- - The Rational Amusement: Comprehending a Collection of Letters on a Great Variety of Subjects, Serious, Entertaining, Moral, Diverting, and Instructive…
270724: --- - The First Five Books of Virgil's Aeneid.
270779: --- - Barbarossa, a Tragedy, as it is Performed at The Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
246020: --- - The Mount Everest Expedition and The Mount Everest Flight.
159860: ---. - The American Volunteer.
159861: ---. - Philip H. Sheridan
159862: ---. - The Amenities of Politics.
159863: ---. - Who is the Genuine Party Man?
159864: R.D.M. - Open Letters. - Lincoln as a Military Man.
194713: ---. - Pastoral Letters on Nonconformity.
194690: ---. - Gumal and Lina; or the Afican Children. An instructive and entertaining History, designed chiefly for the use of Young People. Translated from the French.
194691: ---. - Remains of William Reed, late of Thornbury; including Rambles in Ireland, with other Compositions in Prose, his Correspondence, and Poetical Productions. To which is prefixed, a Memoir of his Life.
157950: ---. - Survey of the Manor and Forest of Clarendon, Wiltshire, in 1272.
188447: ---. - Oxford and Dr. Hampden.
040817: [PRINT]. - Antique Print Porch, Montacute. Somerset.
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265334: ---. - Horses. English Draught Horse. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
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194741: ---. - The Elements of Experimental Chemistry.
194742: ---. - Short Discourses, to be read in Families.
194725: ---. - An Essay on the Commutation of Tithes, to which was adjudged the Bedfordean Gold Medal.
194726: ---. - Poems. By John Keats.
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089784: ---. - The Biographic Sketch of Nicholas Saunderson, the Englih mathematician, blind from birth. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
245433: [TRIAL] - Proceedings Against Mary Countess of Shrewsbury, Before a Select Council, for a Contempt, in Refusing to Answer Fully Before The Privy Council, or to Subscribe her Examination. A.D. 1612.
215775: ---. - From the Journal a Hundred Years Ago: Extract.
194770: ---. - Curialia Miscellanea, or Anecdotes of Old Times; Regal, Noble, Gentilitial, and Miscellaneous: including authentic Anecdotes of the Royal Household, and the Manners and Customs of the Court, at an early Perod of the English History.
194771: ---. - Asiatic Researches; or, Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia.
194772: ---. - Reflections concerning the Expediency of a Council of the Church of England and the Church of Rome being holden, with a View to accommodate Religious Differences, and to promote the Unity of Religion in the Bond of Peace.
194773: ---. - Commentaries and Annotations on the Holy Scriptures.
234792: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - AFRICA. Correspondence respecting Contract Labour in Portuguese West Africa. WITH Further Correspondence... Cd. 6322 & 6607.
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153859: ---. - Original Documents. - Selections from the Muniments of Lord Scarsdale.
153867: ---. - Original Documents. - Indenture opf Apprenticeship, Temp. Ric. II.
090145: ---. - On recent discoveries in Petra, the City of Tombs. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
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252470: --- - Sir Donald Currie. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252471: --- - The Late President Carnot. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252472: --- - Lord Davey. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252473: --- - Robert Abel. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257528: --- - The Chronicles of The Strand Club - 20.
215814: ---. - James Russell Lowell
228595: ---. - Slavery in British Colonies.
089753: ---. - The Lanarkshire Sculptor, Robert Forrest of Carluke. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
257749: --- - The Ogres of Ojejame. A Story For Children From The Japanese.
257736: --- - Stupider and Stupider. A Story For Children From The Slavonic.
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047847: ---. - Conciliation with Ireland.
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271132: --- - A Parallel; in The Manner of Plutarch: Between a Most Celebrated Man of Florence; and One, Scarce Ever Heard of in England. By The Rev. Mr Spence.
263377: --- - The History of America, to be continued... By William Robertson.
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257636: --- - New Zealand Through the Eyes of Its Premier, Sir Joseph G. Ward.
226808: ---. - Specification of the Patent granted to Messrs. Richard and Frederick Coupland, of Leeds in the County of York, Manufacturers; for a Manufacture of Shawls, Cords, Brunswicks, ribbed and plain, Kerseymeres and milled Cloths, from a mixture of animal and vegetable Wool, prepared and spun into Yarn without Oil.
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031582: ---. - Luther's Correspondence and Character; his Entire Correspondence, edited by Dr. Wilhelm De Wette.
031622: ---. - Agriculture and Science; the Improvements brought about by the application of chemistry and geology.
031623: ---. - Agriculture and Science; the Improvements brought about by the application of chemistry and geology.
B196-1064: ---. - A Matter of Discourse: Community and Communication in Contemporary Philosophi.
B196-1151: ---. - The Economic Evaluation of Mental Health Care (In Association with PSSRU (Per.
252661: --- - Lord Hawke. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252662: --- - Mr Herbert Gladstone. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
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162529: ---. - M. Jaures and M. Clemenceau. A Contrast of Temperaments. By a French Contributor.
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252499: --- - Snap-Shots on a Yacht.
252500: --- - Miss Janotha. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252501: --- - The Duke of Rutland. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252502: --- - Bishop of Bedford. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
271165: --- - Caractacus, a Dramatic Poem: Written on The Model of The Antient Greek Tragedy.
236815: --- - Bossuet and Claude.
135322: ---. - The Papel Index of Prohibited Books
089999: ---. - On The Sword Players of the Last Century. British gladiators of the 18th century who performed for money. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090000: ---. - A Biographic Sketch of Owen Glendower, the Welsh Patriot. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
252113: --- - Babies.
252128: --- - The State of The Law Courts.
252129: --- - Playwrights' Manuscripts. Facsimiles.
027324: ---. - The Gallican Assembly of 1682.
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263006: --- - A Treatise concerning The Prerogatives of Genius; in which it is inquired, if The Knowledge of Truth is advantageous to Mankind, or attainable by The Philosopher.
263340: --- - Essays, Commercial and Political, on the real and relative Interests of Imperial and Dependent States, particularly those of Great Britain and her Dependencies: displaying the probable Causes of, and a Mode of compromising, the present Disputes between this Country and her American Colonies.
043004: ---. - Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff, by himself. A review.
043005: ---. - On the Means of Improving the People; the need for radical improvement in the Poor Laws.
043007: ---. - Brown's Northern Courts ; containing Original Memoirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark, since 1766. A review.
043008: ---. - Antiquities of Egypt; Observations from the Papers of the late Mr. Davison. A review.
263061: --- - A Letter to Sir Richard Aston, Knight, one of The Judges of his Majesty's Court of King's Bench, and late Chief Justice of The Common Pleas in Ireland; containing a Reply to his Scandalous abuse, and some Thoughts on The Modern Doctrine of Libels. By Robert Morris.
255001: --- - The Secret of The Great Handcuff Trick.
255004: --- - A Phonograph School For Parrots. Some Wonders From The West.
226806: ---. - Specification of the Patent granted to David Thomas, of the Parish of St. Mary Radcliffe, in the City of Bristol, Brightsmith and Ivory-black Manufacturer; for a new and improved Method of burning Animal Bones, for the Purpose of extracting the greasy or fat Property therefrom, and for reducing the remaining or dry Parts of the Bones into a Substance sufficiently prepared for being ground into Ivory-black.
233470: ---. - Distance-Register For Carriages; Proofs That Wages on The Continent Are Not Lower Than In England; Comparative Intensity of Different Lights; Notes on The Manufacture of Chinese Paper; Poisoned Harpoons, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 559.
263074: --- - Considerations on The Physical and Moral Causes of The Diversity of The Genius, The Manners, and The Government of Nations. By M.L. Castilhon.
137735: ---. - Rousseau [by John Morley]
137736: ---. - Usury (No. I)
137498: ---. - S. Pius V., the father of Christendom
137499: ---. - Protestant proselytism in eastern lands
137503: ---. - Cromwell's conquest and settlement of Ireland (Part II)
137505: ---. - Dr. Whately
137509: ---. - Joan of Arc and her mission
137510: ---. - The Directorium Anglicanum
237341: ---. - The Origin of Infusoria.
044595: ---. - Epistolae Obscurum Vivorum; written principally by Ulrich Von Hutten, it was known to and enjoyed by Erasmus and Sir Thomas More, who appreciated his use of satire in his letters as a defence and when necessary a weapon.
272048: --- - The Present State of Music in Germany, The Netherlands, and United Provinces; or, The Journal of a Tour through those Countries, Undertaken to Collect Materials for a General History of Music. By Charles Burney.
263407: --- - A Letter to Richard Price, D.D. And F.R.S. Containing an Entire Refutation of his celebrated Treatise of Observations on Reversionary Payments, etc. By Samuel Clark.
262918: --- - Letters from Count Algarotti to Lord Harvey and The Marquis Scipio Maffei: The State of The Trade, Marine, Revenues and Forces of The Russian Empire; with The History of The Late War between The Russians and Turks.
173121: ---. - The Political Situation.
173120: ---. - Ireland: Hopes And Fears.
173130: ---. - The Burden Of Taxation.
173128: ---. - The 'Times'; Delane To Northcliffe.
125254: ---. - Charles Wilkes' Exploring Expedition.
236583: W., W. J. - On A Question in Probabilism. Part I and Part II and Part III.
262342: --- - An Essay on The Constitution of England.
117566: WANG HSIU-CH'U. - The sack of Yangchow in 1644. A Chinese narrative.
040812: [PRINT]. - Antique Engraved Print Kynance Rocks, Cornwall.
144293: M.F.S. - Aubrey de Vere's Poems.
144294: J.D.S. - The Recent Ministerial Change in England.
250442: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Genus Bulla lignaria. Featuring 12 mollusc and shells.
250443: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Accipitres. Featuring 5 Vulture, Falcon, Golden Eagle, Horned Owl, Small Owl.
250438: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Class Aves. Order Palmipedes, Grallae, etc. Featuring 7 Spotted Shag, Horned Grebe, Tufted Umbre, Crested Boat Bill, Horned Screamer.
250439: --- - [HAND COLOURED PRINT]. Zoology. Class Aves. Order Palmipedes, Grallae, etc. Featuring 6 Purple Gallinale, American Avocat, Indian Crane, White Sheath Bill, Tufted Auk.
040897: ---. - Chalmers's Caledonia, or an Historical and Topographical Account of North Britain from the Earliest times to the Present.
040898: ---. - Patten's Natural Defence of an Insular Empire, from a Naval point of view. A review.
040899: ---. - Patten's Natural Defence of an Insular Empire, from a Naval point of view. A review.
262865: --- - Essays on Several Subjects: On The Late Act to Prevent Clandestine Marriages; Guilt and Danger of Contracting Debts; Prison, and The Price of Provisions.
263463: --- - A Treatise concerning the method of Electrifying, or of producing Electricity in the most effectual manner, together with the description and representation of a newly-invented Electrical Machine, and some new experiments, etc. By M. Martinus Van Marum, A.M. and M.D.
153113: ---. - The Crisis and the Currency.
215501: ---. - Justin McCarthy. Contemporary Portraits. No. 20.
215504: ---. - William Black. Contemporary Portraits. No. 21.
273243: --- - The Transvaal Crisis: A Voice From The Rand.
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224977: ---. - Post-War University Education.
224982: ---. - Mineral Resources and The Atlantic Charter.
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273223: --- - The Lessons of The Irish County Councils Elections.
273217: --- - Bonapartism.
273213: --- - Lawlessness in The Church.
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090094: ---. - On Epitaphs with various examples. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
273190: --- - France of To-Day.
265701: --- - Parkin's Patent Carriage For Descending Hills; Moody's Method of Preparing Hides For Military Accoutrements; Improved Shop-Shutter Case; French Patents; Notice of a Dioptric Light Erected at Kirkcaldy Harbour; Manby's Patent Mode of making Gas From Anthracite, etc. Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 852.
243465: --- - Trefignath Burial Chambers, Anglesey.
028156: ---. - Julian's Letters.
236608: W., W. J. - Theological Questions Regarding The Lenten Fast.
236605: H., W. - The Principles of '89. The Declaration of the Rights of Man.
262970: --- - A Discourse delivered to The Students of The Royal Academy, on The Distribution of Prizes, Dec. 11, 1769. By The President.
272356: --- - Elements of Christian Theology; Containing Proofs of The Authenticity and Inspiration of The Holy Scriptures…
272333: --- - Britain Preserved. A Poem; in Seven Books.
271042: --- - An Account of Russia, as it was in The Year 1710. By Charles Lord Whitworth.
271655: --- - British Zoology.
273151: --- - Mr. Chamberlain as Foreign Minister.
245439: [TRIAL] - The Case of John Owen, Otherwise Collins, For Treason. B. R. Easter. A.D. 1615.
243303: --- - A Technical Aid to Pottery Drawing.
243291: --- - Callis Wold Round Barrow, Humberside.
243295: --- - The Station Stones at Stonehenge.
248327: --- - Penny And Booth's Patent Machinery For Washing, Cleaning And Drying Grain; The Circumlocution Office; Cast Iron Pillars: Experimental Researches On The Strength, By Eaton Hodgkinson; Heald's Patent Pickers For Looms; The Atlantic Telegraph; William's Apparatus For Charging Furnaces; Improved Medical Induction Coil; Paving Public Roads; The Wellington Monument, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 1775.
270503: --- - Miss Martineau's Society in America.
249206: --- - Historical and Descriptive Notice of christ's Hospital, London; The Syrian Coast; The Doormouse; Colchester, etc. Issue No. 538, November 21st, 1840.
263335: --- - Philosophical, Medical, and Experimental Essays. By Thomas Percival.
F245-1251: ---. - THE CATASTROPHIST by
194568: ---. - American Unitarianism, or a Brief History of the Progress and Present State of the Unitarian Churches in America.
194569: ---. - Epistles and Miscellaneous Poems.
194661: ---. - Monastic and Baronial Remains; with other interesting Fragments of Antiquity, in England, Wales and Scotland.
042528: ---. - Pepys' Memoirs. His diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev. John Smith, from the original MS in the Pepysian Library and a selection from his Private Correspondence.
042529: ---. - Pepys' Memoirs. His diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev. John Smith, from the original MS in the Pepysian Library and a selection from his Private Correspondence.
042530: ---. - Political Importance of our American Colonies.
042531: ---. - Irish Absentees; the place of the landlord in Irish life.
042532: ---. - Six Months in the West Indies.Slavery in the Caribbean.
042534: ---. - Memoirs of Sheridan, by Dr. Watkins and Mr. Moore. His marriage, his theatrical career, and his life as a Whig politician.
042535: ---. - The Apocalypse of the Sister Nativite; visionary revelations of a French nun.
265227: --- - Mammalia. Cynictis Steedmanni. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
136152: ---. - The [liberal] revolution in Catholicism
136154: ---. - Drunkenness and proposed remedies
136155: ---. - Cycles in trade
194683: ---. - A Sermon preached in Great St. Mary's Church in the University of Cambridge, on Sunday, the 30th June, 1816, being Commencement Sunday.
194727: ---. - Sermons on the Leading Doctrines of the Gospel.
194711: ---. - On the Rule of Faith: in Reply to Mr. Joeseph Fletcher, Minister of the Independents at Blackburn.
194712: ---. - Manfred; a Dramatic Poem.
089665: ---. - Life in the immortal Poosie Nancy's Hostelry in Mauchline, as described by Burns in the 'Jolly Beggars' Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
194740: ---. - Lady Morgan's France.
239793: --- - An account of the trial of Patrick Ogilvy, and Catharine Nairne, for incest between them, and the murder of Thomas Ogilvy, brother of the said Patrick, husband of the said Nairne.
160476: ---. - On the Frequent Accidents at Races.
160477: ---. - The Fox, the Heron, and the Eel. - An Etching by Mr. Howitt.
160478: ---. - John Beard's Diary.
160479: ---. - Fatal Duel.
160480: ---. - Action for Crim. Con. - Court of King's Bench, Westminster, July 19.
160481: ---. - Spaniels, The Property of John Cotes, Esq. M.P. of Woodcote, Shropshire. - Painted by W. Smith, and engraved by Mr. J. Scott.
160482: ---. - Turkish Game of Djerid.
160483: ---. - Measures recommended for the Prevention of Accidents at Races.
160484: ---. - Pugilism.
160485: ---. - Law Cases, interesting to the Sporting World.
160486: ---. - An Old Hebrew Tradition from Whitechapel.
160487: ---. - Fatal Duelling. - A Trial at the late Hampshire Assizes.
160488: ---. - Wolves. - An Etching.
160489: ---. - The Chariot Race.
262432: --- - Letters of M. Voltaire to his Friends or Parnaffus, with Historical and Critical Notes.
249160: --- - Some Account of the Tower of London. Issue No. 75. Supplement. August, 1833.
254757: --- - A Forced Exchange. Animal Actualities.
254738: --- - Misunderstood. Animal Actualities.
254721: --- - Mr Marcus Stone. Illustrated Interview.
254702: --- - A Chip of The Old Block. Animal Actualities.
254322: --- - Penmanship.
254324: --- - M. Worth. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
254325: --- - Prince Adolphus of Teck. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
254658: --- - The Puppy's Amazement. Animal Actualities.
273142: --- - The Dynastic Crisis in Spain.
136047: ---. - The Emporer Alexander and the policy of Russia
257121: --- - W. W. Jacobs. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257133: --- - Mrs Craigie. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257134: --- - Lord Lansdowne. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257135: --- - Miss Annie Hughes. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
254485: --- - Mr Commissioner Kerr. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
090072: ---. - Day Fatality. Superstitions attached to certain days throughout the ages. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
257149: --- - President Roosevelt. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257166: --- - Sir John Aird. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257167: --- - Miss Alice Roosevelt. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257168: --- - Mr Rufus Isaacs. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257169: --- - An American Girl Who Will Marry an India Chief. Miss Cora Marie Arnold and Chief Albino Chavarria.
257170: --- - The Oxen Cavalry of Madagascar. Wonders of The World.
257171: --- - Animals of Fortune. Wonders of The World.
257207: --- - Henrik Ibsen. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
257213: --- - New Art in Daily Life. An Interview with M. Victor Sillard.
257215: --- - Surgery as a Beautifier. Wonders of The World.
257216: --- - A Man Who Has Not Slept For Ten Years. Albert Herpin of Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
257377: --- - Riding Upstairs on an Automobile. Some Wonders From The West.
257511: --- - Clubs For Jilted Lovers. Wonders of The World.
254421: --- - The Parrot, The Cards and The Beak. Fables.
236813: --- - Nationalization of The Land.
238498: ---. - On Patrol in Southern Arabia.
F233-1015: ---. - Ireland Reference Map (Philip's Wall Maps) by
F233-1019: ---. - Weston Super Mare Street Atlas by
F233-1021: ---. - Wrexham (Local Red Book) by
F233-1022: ---. - Cotswolds Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides) by
262430: --- - A Sermon Preached before The University of Oxford, May 19, 1765. By Benjamin Kennicott.
254347: --- - The Cock and The Jewels. Fables.
256886: --- - The Black Virgin.
136260: ---. - Mr Gladstone and the nation
135989: ---. - The War of 1870
040804: [HAND COLOURED]. - Antique Print - Hand Coloured Norwich.
040814: [HAND COLOURED]. - Antique Print - Hand Coloured Warwick Castle.
194757: ---. - Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth.
194758: ---. - Discourses on the Millennium.
194756: ---. - Political and Literary Anecdotes of his own Times.
262206: --- - Sermons on various Subjects. By John Brown.
112304: ---. - Report of the Committee of Inquiry on Industrial Democracy.
254336: --- - The Vizier and The Fly.
194629: ---. - The History of the Waldenses: connected with a Sketch of the Christian Church from the Birth of Christ to the Eighteenth Century.
194602: ---. - The History of the Propagation of Christianity among the Heathen, since the Reformation.
194603: ---. - Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, to his Friend in London: containing an Account of the Highlands.
194604: ---. - Chemical Essays, principally relating to the Arts and Manufactures of the British Dominions.
138045: ---. - The Land League and the Land Act
138049: ---. - Minor poets of modern France (Part II)
138051: ---. - Recent evidence of support of 1 John v.7
138052: ---. - Literature for the young (Part II, concl.)
138018: ---. - The [Protestant] religious press
138026: ---. - Mr. Gladstone's second Land Bill
138029: ---. - Literature for the young (Part I): periodical literature
138043: ---. - Simoniacal casuistry in the established Church
118682: ---. - Is England a great European power?
162116: ---. - Millionaire's Zoo.
162122: ---. - Space-Age Fire Engine.
162124: ---. - The Swordfishers of Sicily.
263380: --- - An Essay on the following Question: What are the Requisites that constitute the Art of observing, and how far does that Art contribute to improve the Understanding? By M. Benjamin Carrard.
042854: ---. - Libel and the Freedom of the Press; the legal position.
042856: ---. - Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's Later Novels and Collected Poems; a review.
162521: ---. - The Functions of Prejudice.
162523: ---. - The Letters of St Catherine of Siena.
027954: ---. - Memoirs of Percival Stockdale a writer and would be poet.
027956: ---. - Portuguese Literature.
027959: ---. - Pinkerton on Medals.
035601: ---. - Sir Erskine May's Democracy in Europe; a History. A review.
035602: ---. - The Crown and the Constitution ; historical precedents and contemporary situation.
035603: ---. - The Meeting of Parliament; the Russo Turkish War and the possible implications for Britain.
044066: ---. - Muir's Hindu Infanticide. An Account of the measures adopted for suppressing the Practice of Systematic Murder of Female Infants by their Parents. A review.
254910: --- - Chinese Puzzles, Tricks, and Traps.
027491: ---. - Froude's English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century.
162692: ---. - Edward VII.
173235: ---. - The Task Of The Government.
173246: ---. - The Awakening Of Spain.
081204: ---. - Ireland, Past and Present. An article on the long standing grievances of the Irish people against the English government, past and present.
081201: ---. - The Fisheries of Ireland. With a summary and excerpts from the Parliamentary Report on the State of Irish Fisheries.
081199: ---. - The Irish in America. With details of numbers of Irish Emigrants, etc.
081196: ---. - A Poor Law for Ireland. With details from the Commissioners' Reports for Ireland, etc. with recommendations, etc.
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260195: --- - National Geographic's New Map Shows United States 150,697,000 Strong.
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245547: [TRIAL] - The Lord Russell's Innocency Further Defended; in answer to The Magistracy and Government of England Vindicated.
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272188: --- - A Radical and Expeditious Cure for a Recent Catarrhous Cough…
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144176: X.C.S.P. - How shall We Meet the Scientific Heresies of the Day?
144179: S.J.A. - The Bismarck of the Eighteenth Century.
270206: --- - H. N. Coleridge's Introduction to The Study of The Greek Classic Poets.
263426: --- - The Doctrine of the Sphere: Preliminary Properties of the Cone; Spheric Angles and Triangles; Spheric Trigonometry, and more. Containing the Solution of a Problem, for ascertaining the Latitude and Longitude of a Place, together with the apparent Time. By the Rev. George Walker.
090226: ---. - The Story of the Sloop Peggy, and the horrendous events in which it became involved. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
270931: --- - A Remonstrance Against Lord Viscount Bolingbroke's Philosophical Religion. By G. Anderson.
245702: [TRIAL]. - Proceedings in Parliament Against James Earl of Derwent-Water, William Lord Widdrington, William Earl of Nithisdale, Robert Earl of Carnwath, William Visc. Kenmure, and William Lord Nairn, upon an Impeachment For High Treason. A.D. 1716.
228444: ---. - A Modern Stigmatica.
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090290: ---. - On the Necropolis of Glasgow. With an account of some of the memorials to be seen, including one to John Knox. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090291: ---. - On the Necropolis of Glasgow. With an account of some of the memorials to be seen, including one to John Knox. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090292: ---. - On the Necropolis of Glasgow. With an account of some of the memorials to be seen, including one to John Knox. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090293: ---. - On the Necropolis of Glasgow. With an account of some of the memorials to be seen, including one to John Knox. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090294: ---. - On the Necropolis of Glasgow. With an account of some of the memorials to be seen, including one to John Knox. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090315: ---. - On Asphalte, or Asphalte Cement. The recently advertised material now recommended for building purposes. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090316: ---. - On Asphalte, or Asphalte Cement. The recently advertised material now recommended for building purposes. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090318: ---. - On Asphalte, or Asphalte Cement. The recently advertised material now recommended for building purposes. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090319: ---. - The Narrative of a Prisoner of State. Alexander Andryane, a young Frenchman, a Prisoner in the Fortress of Spielberg. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090320: ---. - The Narrative of a Prisoner of State. Alexander Andryane, a young Frenchman, a Prisoner in the Fortress of Spielberg. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
171453: ---. - The Taunton Communion Plate. An article from The Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Transactions.
114112: ---. - University Work in Great Towns. The useful activities undertaken by Oxford and Cambridge outside the recognised sphere.
107576: ---. - The First Sisters of Charity; the story of Mademoiselle Le Gras (Louise de Marillac), foundress of the Sisters.
A143-1157: --- - Young Folks Annual
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243774: --- - The Prehistoric Society.
243775: --- - Indian Archaeology.
243776: --- - Radio Carbon Dating and Archaeology.
071873: [TRIAL]. - The Trial of Henry Harrison, at the Old Bailey, for the Murder of Andrew Clenche, Doctor of Physick, April 6, 1692.
172842: ---. - The Peace With Germany.
159953: ---. - An Object Lesson in Municipal Government.
263050: --- - The Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury. By Edward Lord Herbert.
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089934: ---. - On The Duches de Berri in La Vendee. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
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F239-1201: ---. - Get That Job: Interviews: How to Keep Your Head and Get Your Ideal Job (Steps.
147856: ---. - The Late Alfred Mansell
148007: ---. - Obituary. The Duke of Devonshire.
032994: ---. - Maurel on the Duke of Wellington; a biography from a French point of view.
032996: ---. - The Ticket of Leave System ; its origins and functions, etc. in dealing with criminals.
032997: ---. - Christopher North; a Memoir of John Wilson, by his Daughter. A review of this wellknown Edinburgh Tory writer.
248520: --- - Cowell's Patent Sash-Suspeder; On A Peculiar Voltaic Condition Of Iron, First Noticed By Prof. Schoenein; Practical Remarks On Keeping Bees, By G.L. Smart; Hints On Aerostation; Messrs. Mackinnon And Baine's Patent Law Amendment Bill; New American Patent Law; Astronomical Rules Wanted; Reply To Mr. Thorne's Geological Arguments In Favour Of The Electrical Theory; Effect Of Highly-Heated Metals On The generation Of Steam - Coloured Water, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 711.
265089: --- - British Moths. Spotted Elephant Hawk-moth. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
238154: --- - Order of Catholic Preachers.
272053: --- - Liberal Thoughts on The Present Dilapidation of Church Houses; or, an Equitable Scheme for its Prevention. By Robert Wilson.
252454: --- - Fridtjof Nansen. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252455: --- - Miss Annie Albu. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252456: --- - The Rt. Hon Fowler. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
144620: M.A.C. - Twenty-four Years in Buenos Ayres.
272051: --- - An Historical View of The Controversy Concerning an Intermediate State, and The Separate Existence of The Soul Between Death and The General Resurrection, Deduced from The Beginning of The Protestant Reformation to The Present Times…
265242: --- - Mammalia. Sciurus Hypoleucus: Duvaucels Squirrel. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
234199: --- - What is Freedom. Pages a little marked.
272044: --- - An Essay on Happiness. In Four Books, By John Duncan.
272049: --- - A General History of Ireland. From The Earliest Accounts to The Present Time. By John Huddlestone.
272280: --- - An Apology for Huntingford's Monostrophics, Continued.
237332: ---. - Plucker on Spectrum Analysis.
272046: --- - Domestic Medicine; or, a Treatise on The Prevention and Cure of Diseases by Regimen and Simple Medicines. By William Buchan.
013503: ---. - The Fermentations of Milk.
260776: --- - A Great Victory Obtained by the English against the Dutch, And pursuing of the Dutch fleets, by General Blake and Sir George Ayscue, with one hundred and eighty men of war, towards the Downs, and their resolution to engage them, between Dover and Calais. The manner how Sir George Ayscue, with a great policy, obtained the wind; the number sunk and taken; and two gallant ships, suprised by Captain Stoaks, laden with gold and elephants teeth. Also, the number of ships coming up the river of Thames for London, richly laden from the East Indies, the Streights, Virginia, and Barbadoes.
252158: --- - J. L. Toole. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252160: --- - Miss Kate Rorke. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252161: --- - Duke of Clarence and Avondale. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252162: --- - Duchess of Fife. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252163: --- - Prince George. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252164: --- - Madame Albani. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
252165: --- - Miss Agnes Jansen. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
234297: --- - Ras Mala. A Chronicle of the Province of Goozerat.
156241: ---. - The Farmers' Note-Book. - No. XXVI. - Description of Ploughs Improved by the Marquis of Tweedale.
107731: ---. - Ireland. The state of agriculture, agrarian crime, etc. as addressed in the Irish Bishops' Letter recently issued.
107735: ---. - Taine's French Revolution. A summary and review.
262806: --- - The Conquest of Quebec, a Poem. By Middleton Howard.
099957: ---. - Free Trade and Protection. The Morrill Tariff; Protection in America; Free Trade principles, etc.
099956: ---. - Wycliffe and his Relation to the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century.
099955: ---. - The Ethics of Urban Leaseholds. Freeholder's Delusion; Occupant's Illusion; Result of Dirtiness, etc.
249123: --- - The York Column, Carlton Terrace; Hindoo Superstitions; The Came and The Dromedary; Epitaphs; Natural Affection of Animals; Origin of the Materials of Writing; The India Rubber Tree, etc. Issue No. 38, February 2nd, 1833.
089853: ---. - A Biographic Sketch of Captain Cook. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
090158: ---. - A Few Words about Quakers. The Society of Friends, their lifestyle, beliefs, etc. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
272040: --- - The Iliad of Homer. Translated by James Macpherson.
272039: --- - A Lecture on The Importance and Necessity of Rendering The English Language a Peculiar Branch of Female Education; and on The Mode of Instruction by which it may be made Subservient…
228439: E.E. - An Ascent of Mount Blanc in 1885.
234835: [BLUE BOOK REPORT]. - DEATHS FROM STARVATION. Return to an Order of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 27 February 1914; for, RETURN of the number of Deaths in England and Wales in the Year 1913 upon which a Coroner's Jury has returned a Verdict of Death from Starvation or Death Accelerated by Privation, together with any observations furnished to the Local Government Board by Boards of Guardians with reference to cases included in the Return (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No. 216, of Session 1913). Local Government Board 24 August 1914. H.C. Monro, Secretary. (Mr. Herbert Lewis). Deaths from Starvation or Accelerated by Privation (England and Wales).
272037: --- - The Spiritual Quixote: or, The Summer's Ramble of Mr. Geoffry Wildgoose. A Comic Romance.
272032: --- - An Inquiry into The Connexion Between The Present Price of Provisions and The Size of Farms, with Remarks on Population as Affected Thereby. To which are Added, Proposals for Preventing Future Scarcity. By a Farmer.
272030: --- - She Stoops to Conquer; or, The Mistakes of a Night; a Comedy: as it is Acted at The Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden. Written by Dr. Goldsmith.
135508: ---. - The smoke nuisance - its causes and cure
135447: ---. - Our foreign policy [background of the Crimean War] - who is to blame?
243396: --- - A Romano-British Stone Head From Kenchester (Magnis), Herefordshire.
243397: --- - Equids at Persepolis.
243400: --- - Three Radiocarbon Dates For Yorkshire Prehistory.
243401: --- - A Revolution in Radiocarbon Dating.
243402: --- - Archaeological Work and The Growth of Museums in Japan.
243412: --- - An Early Mesolithic Site in The Irish Midlands.
243415: --- - An Experiment in Pottery Firing.
243416: --- - Some New Evidence for Iron Age Glass-Working in Britain.
243425: --- - Caesar's Britain: An Oppidum for Cassivellaunus.
243428: --- - Transhumance, Spain and Ethnoarchaeology.
135441: ---. - The philosophy of Kant
135393: ---. - Electricity and magnetism
165824: ---. - The Effects of Apartheid on Education, Science, Culture and Information in South Africa. Summary of Report by the United Nations Eductaional Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
165811: ---. - Trades Union Congress. Public Ownership. An Interim Report.
165813: ---. - Trades Union Congress. Statistical Statement and Alphabetical List of Delegates appointed to Attend the Ninety-ninth Annual Congress. Brighton, 1967.
135365: ---. - Australia and its wealth
135368: ---. - China - its civilisation and religion
135376: ---. - Rio de la Plata: its latest history
135379: ---. - The industrial college
135380: ---. - The anatomy of despotism
135382: ---. - The study of natural history
254175: --- - Morley Roberts. A Remarkable Dream.
044152: ---. - Mungo Park's Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa; a review.
044154: ---. - Elliott's Life of Wellington, from the time of his first achievements in India down to his invasion of France and the Peace of Paris in 1814.
044155: ---. - John Campbell's Account of Travels in South Africa, undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society.
044156: ---. - Porter's Cruize in the Pacific Ocean in the United States Frigate Essex, in the years 1812, 1813 and 1814; with particular reference to the Galapagos Islands, etc.
044157: ---. - Gentz On the Fall of Prussia.
254174: --- - Stephen Graham. A Remarkable Dream.
254172: --- - The Hon Stephen Coleridge. A Remarkable Dream.
272282: --- - The Antiquities of England and Wales. By Francis Grose. Continued.
065740: ---. - Korea and the United Nations.[A United Nations Bulletin Reprint].
248427: --- - Brendel's Double Expansion Engine; Experiments On The Liverpool & Manchester Railway, To Determine The Correctness Of The Undulating Railway System; The Undulating Railway Mathematically Considered; Extraordinary Phosphorescent Meteor; Repairs To Blackfrairs Bridge; Perspective, Radical And Isometrical; Scott On Parallel Lines, etc. 531.
248428: --- - Rotary Engine Without Valves; Substitute For The Connecting Rod In Steam Engines; The Undulating Railway; Mr. Jopling On The Repairs To Blackfriars Bridge; Mr. Mallet And The Conic Screw; Discovery Of Gold Mines In Malabar; State Of Manufacture On The Continent, As Regards The Risk To British Manufacturers From Foreign Competition, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 532.
248432: --- - Symington's Lifting Steam Engines; The Numbers Of People - Does Population Press On Subsistence, Or Do The Resources Of The Country Only Want Cultivation?; The Undulating Railway; Compact Crank Motion For steam Engines; A New Mode Of Burning Candles Without Snuffing And Without Smoke; State Of Manufactures On The Continent, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 536.
248433: --- - New Fire Engine By Mr Baddeley; The Late Experiments Made On The Liverpool And Manchester Railway To Determine The Accuacy Of The Undulating Railway Theory; The Pennsylvania Locomotive; The Gold Mines In Malabar; Riuuer's New Mode Of Generating Heat; Mr Nutt's System Of Bee Management, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 537.
248434: --- - American Method Of Regulating The Velocity Of Steam-Boat Engines; Mr. Badnall's Explanation Of The Alleged Discrepances In The Reports Of The Recent Experiments On The Liverpool & Manchetser Railway; On Celestial Planispheres And Projections; Resistance Of Water - Canal Navigation; The relation Between A Machine And Its Model, By Mr. Edward Sang; Colonial Almanacs; Mr. Hancock's Autopsy; Peterborough-Court Conversazione, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 538.
248436: --- - Oaks & Son's Sugar Manufacturing Apparatus; The New River Company And Mr. Hancock's Autopsy; Cooper's Patent Stoppers For Bottles, etc.; The Undulating Railway; Error's In Mr. Brande's Table Of The Expansion Of Metals;Ericsson's Caloric Engine, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 540.
248437: --- - Undy's Double Operating Steam-Engine; The Late Undulating Railway Experiments; Improved Flower Pots; Mr. Hancock's steam-Carriage Performance; Messrs. Macerone & Squire's Steam Carriage; New Method Of Preserving Beer; London, Holyhead And Liverpool Steam-Coach And Road Company, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 541.
248438: --- - Teague's Patent Process Of Manufacturing Iron; Mr. Rutter's New Mode Of Generating Heat Vindicated from The Objections Of Trebor Valentine; Improved Suction-Cock For Fire-Engines; The Undulating Railway; Trigonmetrical Solution To Determine The Parallax Of Mars, etc. Mechanics Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette. Issue No. 542.
234093: --- - Female Suffrage. Granting of Votes to Women. 50th Anniversary. 29th May 1968. Royal Mail Special Commemorative Issue First Day Cover. Franked Gloucester, First Day of Issue. 29th May 1968.
171475: ---. - Unpublished Doddridge Correspondence. An article from The Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Transactions.
090246: ---. - Dr. Dibdin's Northern Tour. A review with excerpts from the work. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
272021: --- - Miscellaneous Antiquities; or, a Collection of Curious Papers, Either Republished from Scarce Tracts, or now First Printed from Original MMS…
272020: --- - Comedies of Plautus, Translated into Familiar Blank Verse by The Gentleman who Translated The Captives. Vols. III. And IV.
263382: --- - One Christian against Six Jews.
089834: ---. - Traditions of the Old Tolbooth of Edinburgh.(from Reekians, by R. Chambers). Some notorious escapes in history. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
254301: --- - Thieves v. Locks and Safes.
263275: --- - The Italian School of Painting; consisting of Forty-Prints, taken from the Works of all the great Italian Masters; beginning with Michael Angelo, and ending with the Caracci.
A182-1150: ---. - Computer-supported Cooperative Work (UNICOM Applied Information Technology) b.
265261: --- - Quadrupeds (British). The Black Rat. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
265262: --- - Quadrupeds (British). Short Tailed Campagnol. An original hand coloured print from Jardine's 'Naturalist's Library' series.
135841: ---. - Club life and society in london
135842: ---. - Peter the Great
263295: --- - A Review of some of the Articles of the Church of England, to which a Subscription is required of Protestant Dissenting Ministers. By Samuel Wilson.
165860: ---. - Socialist Party of Australia. Why it was established... What it stands for...
165861: ---. - Communaute Economique Europeenne Commission. Expose sur l'evolution de la situation sociale dans la Communaute en 1963.
165859: ---. - Our History. Enclosure and Population Change.
165836: ---. - The Troubles Middle East. For those who want to know.
165838: ---. - 11th World Festival of Youth and Students Havana Cuba 1978.
165839: ---. - Expenditure Committee (Education, Arts and Home OPffice Sub-Committee). Minutes of Evidence. Priorities and decision taking in the Department of Education and Science.
165820: ---. - Statutory Instruments. 1964 No. 388. Prisons. England and Wales. The Prison Rules 1964.
165821: ---. - Consolidated List of Government Publications. With Prices (strictly net) and Postage Affixed.
165822: ---. - The New Programme of Austrian Socialism.
165814: ---. - United States Information Agency. The American Negro Today. Facts and Views of American and British Writers.
165816: ---. - Russian Delegation Report.
165817: ---. - London County Council. Rates Made 1959-1960.
165806: ---. - Trades Union Congress. Trades Councils and Proscribed Organisations. Extract from the Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Trades Councils at Nottingham, 1950.
165807: ---. - Daily Worker 32nd Birthday Celebration. Royal Albert Hall. 1962.
089862: ---. - On Curling. Based on McDiarmid's Sketches of Nature. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
263203: --- - A Collection of curious Discourses written by eminent Antiquaries, upon several Heads in our English Antiquities.
254146: --- - Out of Mischief & The Age of Innocence.
089929: ---. - On a Voyage in a Balloon. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
231904: [TRIAL]. - EL DORADO FAILURE. The bringing [of] Sir Walter Raleigh to Execution. 1618.
090107: ---. - A Few Days in Ireland. Beginning with Dublin. Featured in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal.
243483: --- - Pleistocene Camel Distribution in The Old World.
243485: --- - Archaeoastronomy Symposium, Oxford 1981.
243486: --- - The Xth Congress of The UISPP, Mexico City.
243487: --- - Treasure Trove: Ancient Law to Preserve Archaeological Relics.
272011: --- - Fable of Flowers, for The Female Sex. With Zephyrus and Flora, a Vision: Written for The Amusement of Her Highness The Princess Royal. By John Huddlestone Wynne.
271756: --- - Winter Riches; or, a Miscellany of Rudiments, Directions, and Observations, Necessary for The Laborians Farmer; on a New Vegetable System of Agriculture, on Principles of Fact and Demonstration…
217624: ---. - Mr Robert Brown on Astrophyton Scutatum.
250138: ---. - Williams's Hind and Panther.
262292: --- - Specimens of abbreviated Numbers, or, an Introduction to an Entire New Species of Arithmetic. By William Weston.
272008: --- - A Treatise on The Art of Decyphering, and of Writing in Cypher. With an Harmonic Alphabet.
272009: --- - The Man of Nature. Translated from The French. By James Burne.
272006: --- - A Poetical Epistle to Christopher Anstey on The English Poets, Chiefly those who have Written in Blank Verse.
272005: --- - Lectures on The Materia Medica, as Delivered by William Cullen…
272007: --- - The Antiquities of Herculaneum. Translated from The Italian, by Thomas Martyn and John Lettice…
272004: --- - Ellis's Husbandry, Abridged and Methodized. Comprehending The Most Useful Articles of Practical Agriculture.
272003: --- - Reason Triumphant over Fancy; Exemplified in The Singular Adventure of Don Sylvio de Rosalva. A History in which every Marvellous Event Occurs Naturally.
162551: ---. - Guildford Slingsby and John Morris. Two Servants of Lord Stafford.
162554: ---. - The Church of France and the French People.
162555: ---. - The Lord and the Rambler.
216233: ---. - Mr. Gladstone: Two Studies Suggested by his Gleanings of Past Years (No. II).
192295: ---. - The Weather during The Agricultural Year, 1901-1902.
162538: G.W. - In a Library. Poem.
162540: ---. - Catholic Social Effort in France.
162541: ---. - The Syrian Christians in India.
162544: ---. - Denominationalism and the Education Bill.
162547: ---. - Eneas Sylvius and Nicholas De Cusa. Symbols of the Renaissance.
272142: --- - Conclusion of The Account of Carstares Life and State Papers.
254141: --- - Improving Our Sports. Some Suggestions by Our Artists.
238194: --- - Hearne v Stowell.
271054: --- - Remarks upon The Natural History of Religion. By Mr. Hume.
135726: ---. - The state of Greece
135728: ---. - The ethics of periodical criticism
135729: ---. - Taxation and expenditure: Peto and Northcote
135723: ---. - Mr. Herbert Spencer's First Principles
252711: --- - The Lion and The Hare. Fables.
135717: ---. - Mediaeval preaching
135718: ---. - Illusions and hallucinations
135711: ---. - The Great Exhibition of 1862
F188-1099: ---. - Transversal Enterprises in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: F.
046632: ---. - Vincent Gioberti. Italian politician and philosopher, banished in 1834, returned and joined Victor Emanuel's cabinet in 1849. Some of his work on Ontology was placed on the Index. A summary.
046634: ---. - The Ten Years' Conflict; being the history of the Disruption of the Church of Scotland, by Robert Buchanan. A review.
046635: ---. - Our Slave Trade Policy. Based on the Reports of the Parliamentary Select Committees in 1848 and 1849.
046636: ---. - The Slavonians and Eastern Europe.A summary of the various races and their histories.
173219: ---. - Ireland To-Day.
243265: --- - A Second Affaire Glozel?
243266: --- - Thermoluminescence And Glozel: A Plea For Caution.
243272: --- - The Date of The Gosforth Sculptures.
243273: --- - The Camel in Ancient Arabia.
243281: --- - The Mote of Mark and Celtic Interlace.
243282: --- - Romano-British Pathology.
243284: --- - A Romano-British Pottery Duck.
243285: --- - Quaternary Research at Oxford.
271773: --- - Considerations on Money, Bullion, and Foreign Exchanges; Being an Enquiry into The Present State of The British Coinage, Particularly with Regard to The Scarcity of Silver.
229400: J.K. - Father Gerard's Diaries.
229398: S.F.S. - Presbyterian Union in Scotland.
229393: E.B. - Jottings about Cardinal Newman.
229391: J.K. - Souperism in Ireland.
229388: A.H.A. - The Missions of India.
229385: C.P. - The Place of The Priest in Social Work.
229384: J.S. - Father Peter Gallwey, S.J..
229383: J.K. - Socialism according to Mr. Snowden.
229380: S.F.S. - The Plymouth Congress.
229379: C.C.M. - The Faun.
229375: S.F.S. - The Gospel of The Non-Miraculous.
229372: C.C.M. - Who is Angela, What is She?
229365: S.F.S. - The Peace of Constantine.
229361: S.F.S. - Was there Divorce in The Middle Ages?
229359: C.C.M. - The Palimpsest.
229354: S.F.S. - Are Divorce Laws a Social Necessity?
229352: J.K. - Some Further Notes on our Late Editor.
229348: C.C.M. - The Half of a Broken Hope.
229347: H.T. - The New Breviary.
229346: ---. - Father John Gerard: In Memoriam.
229343: S.F.S. - The Divorce Commission Report.
229336: S.F.S. - An Anglican Critic on Probabilism.
229335: J.F.J.F. - The Story of an African Mission.
229327: J.G. - Catholic Persecution.
229321: S.F.S. - Newman's Relation to Modernism.
229320: H.T. - The Figment of a National Church.
229316: ---. - The Uniats in Galicia.
229317: S.F.S. - The Edinburgh Review on Cardinal Newman.
229314: H.T. - The Lower Deeps of Anticlericalism.
229311: J.K. - The Industrial Upheaval.
229309: S.F.S. - Leo XIII. And Anglican Orders.
229307: S.F.S. - The Reviewers on Newman's Life.
229301: J.G. - Doctor Lingard.
229302: S.F.S. - The Life of Cardinal Newman.
229292: S.F.S. - The Ne Temere Decree.
229291: ---. - Cardinal Bourne.
229288: ---. - The Education of The Domiciled Community in India: Communicated.
229287: ---. - Anglicanism and The Supernatural.
229286: J.G. - Science Maligned?
229285: S.F.S. - The Ideas of a Chief Inspector of Schools.

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