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50030: RICHARD WATJEN: - Die Dressur des Reitpferdes fur Turnier und hohe Schule.
36200: HUGH R WATKIN: - The History of Totnes Priory & Medieval Town, Devonshire, together with the sister priory of Tywardreath, Cornwall, compiled from original records (3 volumes).
44618: WATKIN, DAVID; RATCLIFF, ANTONY; THOMPSON, NICHOLAS & MILLS, JOHN, EDITED BY PETER CAMPBELL: - A house in town - 22 Arlington Street ; its owners and builders.
50430: JANE IANDOLA WATKINS [EDITOR]: - Masters of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Painting.
9667: WATKINS, JOHN: - A biographical, historical and chronological dictionary: containing a faithful account of the lives, characters and actions of the most eminent persons of all ages and all countries.
39973: NICHOLAS WATKINS: - Behind the Mirror: Aime Maeght and his Artists, Bonnard, Matisse, Miro, Calder, Giacometti, Braque.
49699: GRAHAM WATLING: - Discovering Lacock - an illustrated guide and personal tribute.
45240: REV THOMAS WATSON: - Hill of Zion ; or, the first and last-things illustrative of the present dispensation.
33168: WILLIAM WATSON: - Glimpses o' Auld Lang Syne.
2203: WATSON, NIGEL: - The story of Airsprung 1870s to 1990s.
45387: COLONEL SIR CHARLES M WATSON: - The Life of Major-General Sir Charles William Wilson, Royal Engineers.
34372: J A WATSON: - Introduction to Real Property Law.
43640: DAVID WATSON: - The Heritage of Youth.
50203: REV C ERNEST WATSON: - The Minchinhampton Costumal and its Place in the Story of the Manor.
33508: DR DAVID WATT [EDITOR]: - Journal of Architectural Conservation: historic buildings, monuments, places and landscapes, volume 3 [3 issues].
33509: DR DAVID WATT [EDITOR]: - Journal of Architectural Conservation: historic buildings, monuments, places and landscapes, volume 4 [3 issues].
33507: DR DAVID WATT [EDITOR]: - Journal of Architectural Conservation: historic buildings, monuments, places and landscapes, volume 2 [3 issues].
33506: DR DAVID WATT [EDITOR]: - Journal of Architectural Conservation: historic buildings, monuments, places and landscapes, volume 1 [3 issues].
36619: LAUCHLAN MCLEAN WATT: - The Royal Scots.
22031: MRS M WATTS: - Finer than Gold; personal reminiscences by Mrs M Watts.
16881: ALARIC A WATTS: - Poetical sketches: the Profession, the Broken Heart etc, with stanzas for music, and other poems.
17773: GERDA MARIE SCHEIDL & BERNADETTE WATTS: - Matthew's Miracle; a Christmas story.
5909: WATTS, ARTHUR: - A Painter's anthology.
45859: W W WATTS [INTRODUCTION]: - Catalogue of English Silversmiths' Work (with Scottish and Irish), Civil and Domestic [Victoria and Albert Museum, Department of Metalwork].
50459: ALFRED J COULTHARD & MARTIN WATTS: - Windmills of Somerset and the men who worked them.
51284: ISAAC WATTS: - The World to Come; or, discourses on the joys and sorrows of departed souls at death, and the glory or terror of the resurrection.
50504: M S WATTS: - George Frederic Watts [3 volumes].
32772: W W WATTS: - Old English Silver.
31191: ALEC WAUGH: - Guy Renton; a London story.
38306: R BARNARD WAY: - The Story of British Locomotives.
37519: WILLIAM BRINDLEY & W SAMUEL WEATHERLEY: - Ancient Sepulchral Monuments, containing illustrations of over six hundred examples from various countries, and from the earliest periods down to the end of the Eighteenth century.
22775: PETER WEAVER: - The Birdwatcher's Dictionary.
19901: CLARENCE A WEBB & NORMAN A WEBB: - Valuation of Real Property; a guide to the principles of valuation of land and buildings etc, for various purposes.
40679: MRS MARY WEBB: - Seven for a Secret; a love story.
23240: CLIFF WEBB [EDITOR]: - Union Index of Surrey Probate Records which survive from before the year 1650.
23039: GEOFFREY WEBB: - Architecture in Britain; the Middle Ages.
49968: D A WEBB: - An Irish Flora.
34138: BERESFORD WEBB: - Scouting Achievements; a record of thirty fortunate years for the youth of the world.
21656: WILHELM WEBER: - Saxa Loquunter I & II (2 Bande), Steine Reden, Geschichte der Lithographie von den Anfangen bis 1900 & von 1900 bis zur Gegenwart.
51099: HERBERT CESCINSKY & MALCOLM R WEBSTER: - English Domestic Clocks.
10069: WEBSTER, JAMES BERTIN: - The African churches among the Yoruba, 1888-1922.
37071: SYDNEY WEBSTER: - Plumbing Materials & Techniques.
49888: [SAMUEL] MERWIN-WEBSTER: - The Short Line War.
49644: HERBERT CESCINSKY & MALCOLM R WEBSTER: - English Domestic Clocks.
9931: WEDECK, H E: - Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs.
30802: FREDERICK WEDMORE: - Etchings.
50540: FREDERICK WEDMORE: - Whistler and others.
14086: WEEDON, L L: - Dorry and the Surrender of Uncle James.
48438: BRIAN WEEKES: - The Herefordshire Football league : the first 100 Years.
25201: CHEN WEN WEI [EDITOR]: - The Ancient Ritual Jade Chamber.
42485: BERNHARD WOLF WEINBERGER: - An Introduction to the History of Dentistry, with medical & dental chronology & bibliographic data, volume two.
49949: MAUREEN WEINSTOCK: - Studies in Dorset History.
49747: MAUREEN WEINSTOCK: - More Dorset Studies.
12974: WEIR, WILLIAM: - Sixty years in Canada.
48346: FELIX WEISS: - Johnny Miller : or, Truth and Perseverance.
50269: HELLMUTH WEISSENBORN: - Gnomes Elves Fairies.
51290: DAVID WELANDER: - The history, art and architecture of Gloucester Cathedral.
6244: WELBOURN, NIGEL: - Lost lines: Eastern.
29824: T EARLE WELBY: - Arthur Symons; a critical study.
29823: T EARLE WELBY: - Arthur Symons; a critical study.
44899: HUMPHREY J WELCH: - Manual of Dwarf Conifers.
30994: EDWIN WELCH: - Records of University Adult Education 1886 - 1939 (Portsmouth Record Series, volume 5).
48439: EVELYN WELCH: - Art and Society in Italy 1350 - 1500.
50721: MICHAEL S WELCH: - Rails to Sheffield Park.
4549: WELLS, GEORGE: - The educational advantages of Bedford as a place of residence; the schools, the town and neighbourhood.
1562: WELLS, H G: - Christina Alberta's father.
46711: WALTER J WELLS: - Souvenir of Sir Arthur Sullivan.
49441: MATTHEW WELLS: - 30 Bridges.
20070: SUSAN WELS [EDITOR]: - Jasper Ridge; a Stanford Sanctuary.
49682: A E WELSFORD: - John Greenway 1460 - 1529 : Merchant of Tiverton and London, a Devon Worthy.
46299: BEATRICE W WELSH: - An African Girl : the story of Ma Eno.
40597: JOHN WELSH: - Modern House.
47220: WENDY JAMES, GERD BAUMANN & DOUGLAS H JOHNSON [EDITORS]: - Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North East Africa 1880 - 1883.
40004: LESLIE P WENHAM: - The Romano-British Cemetery at Trentholme Drive, York.
29445: DOROTHY WENTWORTH: - Settlement and Growth of Duxbury 1628 - 1870.
39618: ALISON WENTWORTH: - Prelude to Rapture.
45932: LADY WENTWORTH: - The World's Best Horse.
43734: JONATHAN BINNS WERE: - A Voyage from Plymouth to Melbourne in 1839 - the Shipboard and Early Melbourne Diary of Jonathan Binns Were.
8963: WERKMAN, CASPER J: - Trademarks; their creation, psychology and perception.
41350: V SACKVILLE-WEST: - The Land.
48453: MICHAEL DOWN & DEREK WEST: - Sketches at Lord's : the Cricket Lithographs of John Corbet Anderson.
16759: ANDREW FLEMING WEST: - Alcuin and the rise of the Christian Schools [The Great Educators].
10714: WEST, GEORGE: - The practical principles of plain photo-micrography.
11738: WEST, SHEARER [EDITOR]: - The Bloomsbury guide to art.
9233: WEST, W J: - The maritime photographs of Francis Frith.
50102: A R WEST: - A History of Easthorpe, Essex.
35847: V SACKVILLE-WEST: - Grand Canyon.
34720: GEORGE WESTALL: - Inland Cruising on the Rivers and Canals of England and Wales.
42362: WILLIAM BURY WESTALL: - As Luck Would Have It.
30080: W PERCIVAL WESTELL: - Historic Hertfordshire.
16009: PERCY F WESTERMAN: - Sinclair's luck; a story of adventure in East Africa.
16006: PERCY F WESTERMAN: - Sleuths of the air.
47134: PERCY F WESTERMAN: - Leslie Dexter, cadet.
50187: R A WESTLAKE: - A Register of Territorial Force Cadet Units 1910 - 1922.
9896: WESTLAKE, H F: - The palace of Westminster: a descriptive and historical guide.
25248: HERBERT FRANCIS WESTLAKE: - Westminster Abbey: the church, convent, cathedral and college of St Peter, Westminster (volume 2).
49851: RAY WESTLAKE: - Military Metal Shoulder Titles, volume one, Infantry.
48734: PAUL WESTON [EDITOR]: - Lesslie Newbigin, Missionary Theologian : a reader.
11227: WESTON, CAROLYN: - Susannah screaming.
12750: E LUPTON & N WESTRUP: - Untearable sunshine picture book.
36617: MAJOR JOSEPH WETHERALL: - An Historical Account of His Majesty's First, or the Royal Regiment of Foot.
43401: JOHN WETHERELL: - Lex Orandi Lex Credendi : an examination of the ethos of the Tridentine Mass and that of the Novus Ordo of Pope Paul VI.
28006: ERIC WETTERGREN: - The Modern Decorative Arts of Sweden.
20905: JOHANN JACOB WETZEL: - Vedute del Lago di Lugano; vues du lac de Lugano.
23010: JOHANN JACOB WETZEL: - Il Lago Maggiore e il Lago di Lugano; voyage pittoresque aux lacs Majeur et de Lugano.
50938: EDITH WHARTON: - The House of Mirth.
50961: SIR EDWARD I M THURN & LEONARD C WHARTON [EDITORS]: - The Journal of William Lockerby, Sandalwood Trader in the Fijian Islands during the years 1808 - 1809.
42230: R E M WHEELER: - Prehistoric & Roman Wales.
28904: HAZEL WHEELER: - Crackers at Christmas; the festive trials of a Yorkshire Housewife.
25480: W A WHEELER: - Supplemental Sarum Chronology, 1881-1900.
26593: DEREK J WHEELHOUSE: - Biddulph [The Archive Photographs series].
25413: CLIVE WHICHELOW: - Pubs of Wimbledon Village (past & present).
23132: MARAGRET WHINNEY: - Sculpture in Britain, 1530-1830.
46719: ANTHONY WHISHAW: - Anthony Whishaw : Trees.
43174: KATE HEARD & LUCY WHITAKER: - Northern Renaissance - Durer to Holbein.
46610: HAROLD WHITAKER: - The Harold Whitaker Collection of County Atlases, Road-books and maps presented to the University of Leeds.
46596: HAROLD WHITAKER: - A Descriptive List of the Printed Maps of Northamptonshire AD 1576 - 1900.
46314: HAROLD WHITAKER: - A Descriptive List of the Maps of Northumberland 1576 - 1900.
35039: BEATRICE WHITBY: - One Reason Why.
47195: GRAHAM KIBBLE-WHITE: - The Ultimate Book of British Comics : 70 years of mischief, mayhem and cow pies.
43841: MRS E G WHITE: - Patriarchs and Prophets; or, the great conflict between Good and Evil, as illustrated in the Lives of Holy Men of Old.
22175: ANDREW WHITE: - Lancaster; a pictorial history.
50679: DAVID MORE & JOHN WHITE: - Cassell's Trees of Britain & Northern Europe : over 1800 species and cultivars.
47820: WILLIAM WHITE: - White's 1853 Leeds and the Clothing Districts of Yorkshire.
13511: W HALE WHITE [EDITOR]: - A Description Of The Wordsworth & Coleridge Manuscripts In The Possession Of Mr T. Norton Longman. With 3 Facsimile Reproductions.
6294: WHITE, DAN: - A century of banking; the life and times of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland, 1898 - 1998.
35894: LIONEL WHITE: - Flight into Terror.
36896: JAMES DILLON WHITE: - Captain of Marine.
40418: REV G CECIL WHITE: - Glimpses of King William IV and Queen Adelaide, in letters of the late Miss Clitherow, of Boston House, Middlesex, with a brief account of Boston House and the Clitherow family.
49316: JOHN MANCHIP WHITE: - The Rout of San Romano and other Poems [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 V].
37141: PETER ELLIS & ROGER WHITE [EDITORS]: - Wroxeter Archaeology; excavation and research on the defences and in the town, 1968 - 1992.
30518: PATRICK WHITE: - Memoirs of Many in One, by Alex Xenophon Demirjian Gray.
15536: E WHITEFIELD: - The homes of our forefathers, being a collection of the oldest and most interesting buildings in Massachusetts.
12845: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD [EDITOR]: - Ruskin centenary addresses, 8 February 1919.
24487: JANE CLARK & BRIDGET WHITELAW: - Golden Summers: Heidelberg and beyond.
43562: MARTIN SONNABEND & JON WHITELEY: - Claude Lorrain - Die verzauberte Landschaft.
30006: RALPH J WHITEMAN: - Hexton; a Parish Survey.
36056: E V M WHITEWAY: - Whiteway's Cyder: a company history.
44207: CHRISTOPHER WHITFIELD: - A History of Chipping Campden and Captain Robert Dover's Olympick Games.
51298: SARAH WHITFIELD (CURATOR): - Bonnard.
47965: CHRISTOPHER WHITFIELD: - Robert Dover and the Cotswold Games & Annalia Dubrensia.
48180: CHARLES WHITING: - Battleground Korea : The British in Korea.
50290: PENELOPE WHITING: - New Single-storey Houses.
46783: C E WHITING [EDITOR]: - Durham Civic Memorials.
36199: H MICHELL WHITLEY: - Totnes Castle and Walled Town.
31010: ALFRED WHITMAN: - Samuel Cousins, Engraver (Nineteenth Century Mezzotinters).
49918: W E B WHITTAKER: - The Glynnes of Hawarden.
50103: WILFRED WHITTEN: - A Londoner's London.
50291: ARNOLD WHITTICK: - The Small House; today and tomorrow.
21819: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER: - The Writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, 7 volumes.
51311: ANN BARROTT WICKS: - Children in Chinese Art.
42397: WILLIAM J WIDDER: - Master Storyteller - an illustrated tour of the Fiction of L Ron Hubbard.
50596: RICHARD WIDMORE: - An History of the Church of St Peter, Westminster, commonly called Westminster Abbey [bound with] An Enquiry into the time of the First Foundation of Westminster Abbey, to which is added an account of the writers of the history of the church.
36788: MARTIN WIEGAND: - Vasen; eine Vorlagensammlung aus aller Zeit.
42828: ALETHEA WIEL: - The Story of Verona [Mediaeval Towns series].
48292: HUGO SOLY & JOHAN VAN DE WIELE: - Carolus : Charles Quint 1500 - 1558.
28305: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN: - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
18793: V S WIGMORE & A M W: - Adventures underground.
51125: REV SPENCER ROBERT WIGRAM [EDITOR]: - The Cartulary of the Monastery of St Frideswide, volume II, The Chantry and Country Parish Charters.
15181: REV JOSEPH C WIGRAM: - The geography of the Holy Land; with references which serve as a key to the map of Palestine.
51119: REV SPENCER ROBERT WIGRAM [EDITOR]: - The Cartulary of the Monastery of St Frideswide, volume I, General and City Charters.
48790: TIM WILCOX: - The Triumph of Watercolour : the early years of the Royal Watercolour Society 1805-55.
34643: CHARLES WILD: - Twelve Etched Outlines, selected from the architectural sketches made in Belgium, Germany and France, first series and second series.
47571: PETER WILDBUR [EDITOR]: - Irish Silver 1630 - 1820.
26365: OSCAR WILDE: - Salome.
26368: OSCAR WILDE: - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and other prose pieces.
26366: OSCAR WILDE: - Lady Windermere's Fan.
26370: OSCAR WILDE: - A Woman of no Importance.
37322: EM DE WILDEMAN: - Etudes sur la Flore du Katanga, fascicule 1.
37323: EM DE WILDEMAN: - Etudes sur la Flore du Katanga, fascicule 3.
23548: OTTILIE WILDERMUTH: - Von Berg und Thal.
50106: W B WILDMAN: - A Short History of Sherborne.
51233: J P WILEMAN [EDITOR]: - The Brazilian Year Book, issued under the Patronage of the Brazilian Government, Second Issue, 1909.
18477: DR WILHELM LUBKE, TRANSLATED BY F E BUNNETT: - History of Sculpture, from the earliest ages to the present time [2 volumes].
42699: PETER WILKES: - The Great Nottingham Goose Fair.
48683: GEOFF WILKES: - East Midlands Airport in Wartime.
25219: ROGER WILKES: - Blood Relations: Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm Murders.
41719: MARY E WILKINS: - A Humble Romance and other stories [bound with] A Far-away Melody and other stories.
21804: CHARLES WILKINS: - Wales, past and present.
43805: MARY E WILKINS: - Cinnamon Roses.
38929: W H WILKINS: - Our King and Queen; the story of their life.
44081: T J WILKINSON: - Town and Country in Southeastern Anatolia, volume I, Settlement and Land Use at Kurban Hoyuk and other sites in the Lower Karababa Basin.
48808: WALTER WILKINSON: - Puppets in Yorkshire.
26116: TIM WILKS [INTRODUCTION]: - A Cornucopia of Collections; Fine Arts Valuation Lecturers as Collectors.
34485: WILL OGILVIE, ILLUSTRATED BY TOM SCOTT: - Whaup o' the Rede; a ballad of the Border Raiders [limited edition].
43572: RONALD K WILL [EDITOR]: - Register of The Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet.
42375: WILLEM JANSZ BLAEU & JODOCUS HONDIUS, EDITED BY GUNTER SCHILDER: - The World Map of 1624, by Willem Jansz Blaeu & Jodocus Hondius.
50833: PETER WILLETT: - The Thoroughbred.
44362: WILLIAM SIMPSON, EDITED BY G A THRUPP: - Hand Book for Coach Painters.
50142: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY M R RIDLEY: - Antony and Cleopatra [The Arden Shakespeare].
50141: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY E A J HONIGMANN: - King John [The Arden Shakespeare].
43162: WILLIAM R SMITH & SCOTT J TILDEN, WITH LYNNE LAVELLE: - Creating CityCenter [City Center] - World-class Architecture and the new Las Vegas.
43784: WILLIAM LEYBOURNE, IMPROVED BY DANIEL FENNING, REVISED BY T CROSBY: - The Ready Reckoner; or, Trader's Sure Guide, containing tables ready cast up.
34031: WILLIAM FRIBBLE, EDITED BY EDMUND GOLDSMID: - The Pretty Gentleman; or, softness of manners vindicated, from the false ridicule exhibited under the character of William Fribble Esq [Bibliotheca Curiosa].
43361: WILLIAM, LORD BISHOP OF ST ASAPH: - The Church Catechism explained : for the use of the Diocese of St Asaph.
50137: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY A R HUMPHREYS: - The First Part of King Henry IV [The Arden Shakespeare].
22181: WILLIAM YOUATT, ENLARGED AND RE-WRITTEN BY WILLIAM FREAM: - The Complete Grazier and farmers' and cattle-breeders' assistant, forming a compendium of husbandry [4 volumes].
16349: WILLIAM LANGLAND, EDITED BY REV WALTER W SKEAT: - The visions of William concerning Piers the Plowman, Dowel, Dobet and Dobest [2 volumes].
13584: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, PRINTED FROM THE TEXT OF SAMUEL JOHNSON AND GEORGE STEEVENS, AS LAST REVISED BY ISAAC REED: - Macbeth; a tragedy, by William Shakespeare, printed from the text of Samuel Johnson and George Steevens, as last revised by Isaac Reed, with selected and original anecdotes and annotations, biographical, explanatory, critical and dramatic.
49762: WILLIAM DOWSING, EDITED BY REV C H EVELYN WHITE: - The Journal of William Dowsing, of Stratford, Parliamentary Visitor, appointed under a Warrant from the Earl of Manchester.
39599: WILLIAM MAGINN, EDITED BY R W MONTAGU: - Miscellanies; prose and verse [2 volumes].
45717: WILLIAM Z CLARK JR, ARNOLD C ZISA & RICHARD C JONES: - Georgia : a view from space, an atlas of Landsat-1 imagery.
45774: WILLIAM CHAFFERS, REVISED AND EDITED BY H M CUNDALL: - The Keramic Gallery, containing several hundred illustrations of rare, curious and choice examples of pottery and porcelain, from the earliest times to the beginning of the XIXth Century.
50139: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY ANDREW S CAIRNCROSS: - The Second Part of King Henry VI [The Arden Shakespeare].
22679: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY CHARLES AND MARY COWDEN CLARKE: - Cassell's Illustrated Shakespeare; the plays of Shakespeare [3 volumes].
22675: WILLIAM CHAFFERS, EDITED BY FREDERICK LITCHFIELD: - Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, with historical notices on each manufactory, over 5000 potters' marks and illustrations.
32540: WILLIAM ANGUS, HENRY M PATON & GORDON DONALDSON [EDITORS]: - Protocol Book of Sir Robert Rollok, 1534 - 1552, [bound with] Protocol Book of James Young, 1485 - 1515 [Scottish Record Society].
50528: WILLIAM COTTON, EDITED BY JOHN BURNET: - Sir Joshua Reynolds and his Works : gleanings from his diary, unpublished manuscripts, and from other sources.
23671: WILLIAM COLLINS, EDITED BY J S CUNNINGHAM: - Drafts & Fragments of Verse.
50145: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, EDITED BY H J OLIVER: - Timon of Athens [The Arden Shakespeare].
46838: WILLIAM STUKELEY, ROGER & SAMUEL GALE: - The family memoirs of the Rev William Stukeley, M.D. and the antiquarian and other correspondence of William Stukeley, Roger & Samuel Gale [3 volumes].
45842: WILLIAM CHAFFERS, EDITED BY FREDERICK LITCHFIELD: - Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, with historical notices on each manufactory, over 5000 potters' marks and illustrations.
45109: JUDITH WILLIAMS: - Leigh-on-Sea : a history.
47121: IOLO WILLIAMS: - Early English Watercolours and some cognate drawings by artists born not later than 1785.
43287: C B WILLIAMS: - Insect Migration.
50297: BENJAMIN SAMUEL WILLIAMS: - Choice Stove and Greenhouse Ornamental-leaved Plants.
24747: W P WILLIAMS: - A monograph of the Windsor Family, with a full account of the rejoicings of the coming of age of Robert George Windsor-Clive, Lord Windsor, 27th August 1878.
32721: ADIN WILLIAMS: - Lays and Legends of Gloucestershire.
20463: OSCAR WILLIAMS: - The Man coming toward you; a book of poems.
35308: WILLIAM BARR & GLYNDWR WILLIAMS [EDITORS]: - Voyages in search of a Northwest Passage, 1741-1747 (2 volumes: voyage of Christopher Middleton 1741-1742, voyage of William Moor & Francis Smith 1746-1747).
39358: W ALISTER WILLIAMS: - The VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments.
47218: WILLIAM BARR & GLYNDWR WILLIAMS [EDITORS]: - Voyages in search of a Northwest Passage, 1741-1747, volume 1, voyage of Christopher Middleton 1741-1742.
48564: PETER WILLIAMS: - Beacon on the Rock : the dramatic history of lighthouses from Ancient Greece to the present day.
15677: EDITH E WILLIAMS: - The chantries of William Canynges in St Mary Redcliffe Bristol, with a survey of Chantries in general and some events in the lives of the Canynges.
14773: G PERRIE WILLIAMS: - Welsh education in sunlight and shadow.
13562: WILLIAM ANDREWES FEARON & JOHN FOSTER WILLIAMS: - The parish registers and parochial documents in the Archdeaconry of Winchester.
12405: WILLIAMS, FREDERICK LAKE: - An historical and topographical description of the municipium of ancient Verulam [complete in two parts].
4626: WILLIAMS, J FISCHER: - Harrow (Handbooks to the great public schools).
3587: WILLIAMS, J G: - A short account of the British Encampments lying between the rivers Rheidol and Llyfnant, in the county of Cardigan, and their connection with the mines.
12597: WILLIAMS, N J: - Tradesmen in early-Stuart Wiltshire; a miscellany.
6062: WILLIAMS, T B COOMBE [EDITOR]: - Savigear's guide to horsemanship and horse training.
3025: WILLIAMS, W H [EDITOR]: - Jacke Jugeler.
51159: WILLIAM ANDREWES FEARON & JOHN FOSTER WILLIAMS [EDITORS]: - The Parish Registers and Parochial Documents in the Archdeaconry of Winchester.
49694: TOBY CHANCE & PETER WILLIAMS: - Lighthouses : the Race to Illuminate the World.
48283: DAVID H WILLIAMS: - The Welsh Cistercians [2 volumes].
32722: ADIN WILLIAMS: - Lays and Legends of Gloucestershire.
39774: DORIAN WILLIAMS: - Wendy wins her Spurs.
38712: ELIZABETH RALPH & MARY E WILLIAMS [EDITORS]: - The Inhabitants of Bristol in 1696.
25377: JOHN H WILLIAMS [EDITOR]: - St Peter's Street, Northampton: excavations 1973-1976.
35044: NED WILLIAMS: - A Century of Wolverhampton; events, people and places over the last 100 years.
45618: BUTLER WILLIAMS: - Practical Geodesy : comprising chain surveying and the use of surveying instruments, together with trigonometrical, colonial, mining and maritime surveying, also levelling and hill drawing, and a description of determining latitudes and longitudes.
34915: BRUCE BEYER WILLIAMS: - Excavations between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier, part 8, Meroitic Remains from Qustul Cemetery Q, Ballana Cemetery B, and a Ballana Settlement, part I, text & figures.
45321: IOLO A WILLIAMS: - Early English Watercolours and some cognate drawings by artists born not later than 1785.
44955: PAUL WILLIAMS: - Fast Electric Powerboats.
31162: JAMES WILLIAMS: - The story of Chester.
49639: SYDNEY B WILLIAMS: - Antique Blue & White Spode.
47219: WILLIAM BARR & GLYNDWR WILLIAMS [EDITORS]: - Voyages in search of a Northwest Passage, 1741-1747, volume 2, voyage of William Moor & Francis Smith 1746-1747).
42435: J ROOSE WILLIAMS: - Quarryman's Champion - the life and activities of William John Parry of Coetmor.
50279: GLANMOR WILLIAMS: - Wales and the Reformation.
34014: G A WILLIAMS: - A new guide to Cheltenham : being a complete history and description of that celebrated watering place; embracing a minute account of the virtues and qualities of its mineral waters, and a summary of the disorders in which they are recommended.
32580: BASIL WILLIAMS [INTRODUCTION]: - The Selborne Memorandum; a review of the mutual relations of the British South African Colonies in 1907.
51213: SIR FRANCIS MEYNELL & HUGH WILLIAMSON [INTRODUCTIONS]: - Folio 25 : a bibliography of the Folio Society 1947 - 1971.
44420: C N AND A M WILLIAMSON: - The Car of Destiny and its errand in Spain.
49238: H J WILLIAMSON: - The Roll of Honour : Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force for the Great War 1914-18.
40874: HENRY WILLIAMSON: - The Patriot's Progress, being the vicissitudes of Pte John Bullock.
26693: GEORGE C WILLIAMSON: - The History of Portrait Miniatures [2 volumes].
45199: PAUL WILLIAMSON [EDITOR]: - European Sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
30739: DR G C WILLIAMSON: - Daniel Gardner; painter in pastel and gouache, a brief account of his life and works.
24505: DR WILLIAMSON: - The Portraits, Prints and Writings of John Milton [Milton Tercentenary].
43764: WING COMMANDER H NELSON & WING COMMANDER G W WILLIAMSON [EDITORS]: - Aeronautics, a complete guide to civil and military flying, 4 volumes [principles & practice, instruments & accessories, navigation inspection & tests, routine and special applications].
23080: WING COMMANDER H NELSON & WING COMMANDER G W WILLIAMSON [EDITORS]: - Aeronautics; a complete guide to civil and military flying, volume 1, principles and practice.
31338: PETER WILLIAMSON: - Williamson's Directory for the city of Edinburgh, Canongate, Leith and suburbs, from the 25th May 1773 to the 24th May 1774.
28419: DAVID WILLIAMSON [EDITOR]: - William Ewart Gladstone; statesman and scholar.
45531: EDWARD P WILLINGHAM: - From Construction to Destruction: an authentic history of the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway.
51264: SAM WILLIS: - In the Hour of Victory : the Royal Navy at War in the Age of Nelson.
51258: SAM WILLIS: - Fighting Ships 1750 - 1850.
51259: SAM WILLIS: - Fighting Ships 1850 - 1950.
19934: REV ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT: - Summer time in the country.
49579: LADY WILLOUGHBY [HANNAH MARY RATHBONE]: - So Much of the The Diary of Lady Willoughby as relates to her Domestic History, & to the Eventful Period of the Reign of Charles the First, the Protectorate and the Restoration.
48418: DAVID WILLS: - The Cinematic Legacy of Frank Sinatra.
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33497: DONALD WINDHAM: - As If ... A personal view of Tennessee Williams.
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30608: LEWIS WINGFIELD: - Notes on civil costume in England from the Conquest to the Regency, as exemplified in the International Health Exhibition, South Kensington.
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47524: REECE WINSTONE: - Bath as it was.
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33232: C W R WINTER: - Tales of the Isle of Wight.
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40536: F V MONK & H T WINTER: - How an Aeroplane Flies.
26209: JAMES B WINTERBOTHAM: - Moretum Alterum.
35522: ROY WINTON: - For Sovereign and Country: a military review of Tenbury Wells & district.
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23173: JOHN WISE: - How to build & fly hydrogen & hot air balloons.
46284: B R WISE: - The Commonwealth of Australia.
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41363: W WITHERING, REVISED BY WILLIAM MACGILLIVRAY: - A Systemic Arrangement of British Plants.
41365: W WITHERING, REVISED BY WILLIAM MACGILLIVRAY: - A Systemic Arrangement of British Plants.
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24530: RUDOLF WITTKOWER: - Art and Architecture in Italy, 1600-1750.
50230: CHRIS WITTS: - The Severn Bore : an Illustrated Guide.
30872: CHRIS WITTS: - The Mighty Severn Bore.
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36965: CASEY A WOOD: - An Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology, based chiefly on the titles in the Blacker Library of Zoology, The Emma Shearer Wood Library of Ornithology, the Bibliotheca Osleriana, and other libraries of McGill University, Montreal.
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37533: CYRIL WILLIAMS-WOOD: - Staffordshire Pot Lids and their Potters.
50307: URSULA WOOD: - No other Choice.
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51283: REV J G WOOD: - Homes without Hands, being a description of the habitations of animals, classed according to their principle of construction.
30822: CHRISTOPHER WOOD: - The dictionary of Victorian painters.
47397: FRED F WOOD: - Round about a Sussex Village.
41124: MARA-HELEN WOOD [FOREWORD]: - Munch and the Workers.
41983: CHRISTOPHER WOOD: - Victorian Painters 2, Historical Survey and Plates [Dictionary of Bitish Art volume IV].
34140: CHRISTOPHER WOOD: - The dictionary of Victorian painters.
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51332: HUBERT CHESSHYRE & THOMAS WOODCOCK: - Dictionary of British Arms, Medieval Ordinary, volume one.
35313: CONSTANCE WOODHEAD: - Just one more Story.
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28660: JOANNA WOODS: - The Commissioner's Daughter; the story of Elizabeth Proby & Admiral Chichagov.
45123: MARILYN LEWIS & DAVID WOODS: - The Book of Walsall.
31970: KATHERINE WOODS: - The Other Chateau Country; the Feudal Land of the Dordogne.
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35241: REV G R WOODWARD: - Tart and Homely Gibes of Greek Epigrammatists.
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46613: CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD [EDITOR]: - Inspired by Soane : MacCormac, Meier, Moneo, Navarro.
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35252: REV G R WOODWARD: - Five & Forty examples of the Epigram Sepulchral, turned out of Greek into English verse.
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35253: REV G R WOODWARD: - Greek Epigrams, religious & dedicatory, part II, turned into English verse.
35243: REV G R WOODWARD: - Epigrams on Sappho and other famous Greek Lyric Poetesses.
35244: REV G R WOODWARD: - Greek Epigrams on Timon, Diogenes & others, turned into English Verse.
44852: BELLA SIDNEY WOOLF [MRS ROBERT HEATH LOCK]: - More about the Twins in Ceylon.
47455: LEONARD WOOLF: - Sowing : an autobiography of the years 1880 to 1904.
47459: LEONARD WOOLF: - The Journey not the Arrival Matters : an autobiography of the years 1939 to 1969.
47457: LEONARD WOOLF: - Beginning Again : an autobiography of the years 1911 to 1918.
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48360: WILFRED WOOLLER: - The History of County Cricket : Glamorgan.
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51145: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH [EDITOR]: - The Ancient Kalendar of the University of Oxford, from documents of the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century, together with Computus Manualis.
44725: CHR. WORDSWORTH: - Journal of a Tour in Italy, with reflections on the present condition and prospects of religion in that country [Volume II].
49467: ALAN WORKMAN: - Singing my Way to Somewhere Land : a Journey from Shipyard Apprentice to Opera Singer.
32737: JOHN WORKMAN [FOREWORD]: - Cranham: the history of a Cotswold village.
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37859: PETER WORSLEY: - Tales of the Red Triangle; a social and pictorial history of Cheltenham YMCA 1855 - 2005.
45756: GILES WORSLEY: - Architectural Drawings of the Regency Period, 1790-1837.
36096: R N WORTH: - A History of Devonshire, with sketches of its leading worthies.
30065: R N WORTH: - A History of Devonshire, with sketches of its leading worthies.
32913: R N WORTH: - A History of Devonshire, with sketches of its leading worthies.
36247: R N WORTH: - Touist's Guide to North Devon and the Exmoor District.
41352: JAMES A MOYER & JOHN F WOSTREL: - Practical Radio, including the testing of radio receiving sets.
41407: J PHILIP WRAGGE: - George Fox.
15818: A H WRATISLAW: - Stilfrid & Brunswik; two chivalrous romances of the 14th century, translated from the original Bohemian by A H Wratislaw.
49742: PENNY MELLOR & MARY WRIGHT: - Kingsdown : Bristol's Vertical Suburb.
41608: SID WRIGHT: - Holidays in Herefordshire : a guide to the principal places of interest and how to reach them.
50441: DAVID K WRIGHT: - The Harley-Davidson Motor Company ; an official ninety-year history.
13702: S FOWLER WRIGHT [EDITOR]: - The county series of contemporary poetry; volume II, Devonshire and Cornwall.
16576: THOMAS WRIGHT: - Womankind in Western Europe, from the earliest times to the Seventeenth century.
48663: HARRY CORY WRIGHT: - Calm : photographs of the Coast.
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27271: DAVID MELLOR; GILL SAUNDERS & PATRICK WRIGHT: - Recording Britain; a pictorial Domesday of pre-war Britain.
12624: WRIGLEY, AMMON: - At the sign of the three bonnie lasses.
49930: JOHN WROUGHTON: - Stuart Bath : life in the forgotten city 1603 - 1714.
27654: JACK WUN: - The Stone Angle; an answer to the Stonehenge and Maya mysteries, crop circle phenomenon and the extra-terrestials.
47910: LIEUT-COLONEL ERNEST F WURTELE: - Proceedings of the Royal Military College Club of Canada. no 24, 1927.
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41429: CHRISTOPHER AGGS & JOHN WYATT: - The Wall Paintings at Hardham.
19750: G E WYATT: - Lionel Harcourt the Etonian; or, like other fellows.
38677: IRENE WYATT [EDITOR]: - Transportees from Gloucestershire to Australia, 1783 - 1842.
17217: OLD WYKEHAMISTS: - Winchester College 1393-1893.
44066: ON KAWARA & CHARLES WYLIE: - On Kawara: 10 Tableaux and 16,952 Pages.
19006: WILLIAM MICHAEL WYLIE: - Fairford Graves; a record of researches in an Anglo-Saxon burial place in Gloucestershire.
38831: W J WYLLIE: - The old Portsmouth and the new Southsea.
44176: HENRY PENRUDDOCKE WYNDHAM: - Wiltshire, extracted from the Domesday Book, to which is added a translation of the original Latin into English, with an index, and a plan for a general history of the county.
49789: JOHANN WYSS: - The Swiss Family Robinson.
48043: XENOPHON, TRANSLATED BY REV J S WATSON: - The Anabasis, or Expedition of Cyrus and the Memorabilia of Socrates.
31721: LI XUEQIN [EDITOR]: - The Great Treasury of Chinese Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts 4, Bronzes (I).
48857: YANG GEN, ZHANG XIQIU & SHAO WENGU: - The Ceramics of China : the Yangshao Culture - the Song Dynasty.
32437: YANG SHUWEN, ZHANG JIAYEN, AN XU & LUO DAN: - The Biographical Paintings of 'Phags-Pa (Buddhist Thang-Ka Art of Tibet).
39413: ROBERT STERLING YARD: - The Book of the National Parks.
5883: YARWOOD, J: - High vacuum technique; theory, practice and properties of materials.
50408: YUKIO YASHIRO: - Sandro Botticelli [volumes 2 & 3, the plates volumes].
41769: ELIZABETH YATES: - Climbing Higher : an Iceland Adventure.
24781: ALEC DETSICAS & NIGEL YATES [EDITORS]: - Studies in Modern Kentish History, presented to Felix Hull and Elizabeth Melling on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kent Archives Office.
49676: BERYL YATES: - North Devon Country in Old Photographs from the Beaford Photographic Archive, part one.
49677: BERYL YATES: - North Devon Country in Old Photographs from the Beaford Photographic Archive, part two.
49126: ONNO YDEMA: - Carpets and their Datings in Netherlandish Paintings 1540 - 1700.
50820: JOHN YEATES: - Michael Lyne; sporting artist.
48699: GEOFFREY YEO: - Images of Bart's : an illustrated history of St Bartholomew's Hospital in the City of London.
43569: STEPHEN T DRISCOLL & PETER A YEOMAN: - Excavations within Edinburgh Castle in 1988-91.
37459: STEPHEN T DRISCOLL & PETER A YEOMAN: - Excavations within Edinburgh Castle in 1988-91.
20058: WEI YEW [EDITOR]: - Pacific Rim Design; the works of 15 Pacific Rim Graphic Designers.
35065: HARIS YIAKOUMIS: - La Grece: Voyage photographique et litteraire au XIXe siecle.
43167: RAFAEL LUNA & DONGWOO YIM: - I want to be Metro Politan [metropolitan] - Boston Case Study.
50205: MITCHELL A YOCKELSON: - Borrowed Soldiers : Americans under British Command, 1918.
13914: YOERI ALBRECHT, MICHIEL VAN NIEUWKERK & AGATA ZWIERZYNSKA: - Underworld: The Barcelona Project - Albrecht, Van Nieuwkerk, Zwierzynska.
1314: YOLLAND, PROF DR ARTHUR [EDITOR-IN-CHIEF]: - View of Trianon's Hungary.
46327: C D YONGE: - The History of the British Navy from the earliest period to the present time [3 volumes].
2465: YORK, ANDREW: - Tallant for democracy.
38482: GERALD YORKE: - China Changes.
46492: TOSHIO YOSHIDA: - Portraits of Himalayan Flowers.
44887: GERALD YOUNG: - The Wild Pigs : a story for little people.
48513: HILARY YOUNG: - Patterns for Textiles [The Victoria and Albert Colour Books].
35118: JOHN YOUNG: - A Catalogue of Pictures by British Artists, in the possession of Sir John Fleming Leicester, Bart, with etchings from the whole collection, including the pictures in his gallery at Tabley House, Cheshire.
42825: NORWOOD YOUNG: - The Story of Rome [Mediaeval Towns series].
48509: HILARY YOUNG: - Designs for Shawls (Victoria and Albert Colour Books).
46390: HILARY YOUNG [EDITOR]: - The Genius of Wedgwood.
17310: FILSON YOUNG: - A Christmas Card.
14347: W YOUNG: - Picturesque Architectural Studies and Practical Designs for gate lodges, cottages, cottage hospitals, villas, vicarages, country residences, schools, village churches etc.
29424: SIMON YOUNG: - Farewell Britannia; a family saga of Roman Britain.
48514: HILARY YOUNG: - Floral Borders [The Victoria and Albert Colour Books].
51256: WAYLAND KENNET & ELIZABETH YOUNG: - Northern Lazio : an unknown Italy.
35144: GERARD YOUNG: - The Cottage in the Fiields.
33852: HILARY YOUNG: - Designs for Shawls (Victoria and Albert Colour Books).
42045: THE REV ARTHUR YOUNG: - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Sussex : a reprint of the work drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
50460: DEIDRE O'SULLIVAN & ROBERT YOUNG.: - Lindisfarne : Holy Island.
48391: ERNEST YOUNG: - Peeps at Many Lands : Siam.
50720: A F YOUNGSON: - The making of classical Edinburgh, 1750-1840.
49251: PRINCE FELIX YOUSSOUPOFF: - Lost Splendour.
16630: CHARLES YRIARTE: - Florence; its history - the Medici, the Humanists, Letters, the Arts.
15012: CHARLES YRIARTE: - La vie d'un patricien de Venise au XVIe siecle, d'apres les papiers d'etat des Frari.
37500: YVES VEQUAUD, VORWORT VON SATYAJIT RAY: - Henri Cartier-Bresson in Indien.
32963: MARCEL ZAHAR: - Yves Brayer, pelerin de la Mediterranee.
48989: ATTILIO ZANCA: - Le Cere e le Terrecotte ostetriche del Museo de Storia della Scienza de Firenze.
16693: ISRAEL ZANGWILL: - Ghetto Comedies.
16691: ISRAEL ZANGWILL: - Italian Fantasies.
44122: HANS ZAPPE: - Die Soldatenstadt Potsdam.
40722: SUSAN ZEVON: - Inside Architecture; interiors by Architects.
45257: STELLA ZILLIACUS: - Phoenix in the Southern Cross.
15624: PETER JUNK & WENDELIN ZIMMER: - Felix Nussbaum, Leben und Werk, unter Mitarbeit von Manfred Meinz.
27436: RUFOLF MIELE & DR PETER ZINKANN: - In the Footsteps of Good Taste (Miele Kitchens).
51068: DORIS ZINKEISEN: - Designing for the Stage.

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