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39458: JOHN LOUGH & ELIZABETH MERSON: - John Graham Lough 1798-1876; a Northumbrian Sculptor.
58354: MERVYN PEAKE, J G BALLARD & BRIAN W ALDISS: - The Inner Landscape.
62495: J F A MERVYN: - Looking Back 250 Years at Lye Forge : a short history of a pioneer firm of iron and steel forgers 1699 - 1949.
64648: SAVA MAKSIC & PAUL MESKIL: - Primitive Art of New Guinea : Sepik River Basin.
44140: J MESQUI: - Repertoire de Ponts Routiers anterieurs a 1750 [2 tomes].
65382: GUY MESSENGER: - A Guide to the Ordnance Survey One-Inch Map of Scotland, Third Edition in Colour.
17003: G S MESSITER: - Records and reminiscences of Repton.
5303: MESTRE, LE P: - Principes de litterature; style, composition, poetique; histoire litteraire des genres.
65360: LAWRIE METCALF: - Hebes : a guide to species, hybrids and allied genera.
50523: J STANLEY METCALFE: - Suggestions to Managing Owners of Steamers and their Captains [North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association].
26529: WALTER C METCALFE: - A book of Knights Banneret, Knights of the Bath and Knights Bachelor made between the 4th year of King Henry VI and the Restoration of King Charles II, and Knights made in Ireland between the years 1566 and 1698, together with an index of names.
52633: RICHARD METCALFE: - Davies & Metcalfe Ltd : Railway Engineers to the World.
57542: ELIZA METEYARD: - The life of Josiah Wedgwood [2 volumes].
25475: L M METHUEN: - Account of the last short illness of John Andrew Methuen, who entered into rest June 15, 1869, aged 74.
61923: DAVID METZ: - Pine Creek Grist Mill : its history, technology and restoration.
13161: MEYER, PETER: - Schweizerische Munster und Kathedralen des Mittelalters.
64578: MEYER BERGER, ILLUSTRATED BY FRITZ BUSSE: - New York: City on Many Waters.
61110: HERBERT E MEYER: - Real World Intelligence : organized information for Executives.
47849: DAVID W PACKARD & TANIA MEYERS: - A Bibliography of Homeric Scholarship : preliminary edition 1930 - 1970.
42387: DIRK MEYHOFER [EDITOR]: - Contemporary Japanese Architects.
15739: FRANCIS MEYNELL: - Poems & Pieces, 1911 to 1961.
6746: MEYNELL, FRANCIS: - Poems & Pieces, 1911 to 1961.
60663: MICHAEL BRYAN, REVISED AND ENLARGED BY ROBERT EDMUND GRAVES & WALTER ARMSTRONG: - [Bryan's] Dictionary of painters and engravers, biographical and critical [complete in 2 volumes].
25877: MICHAEL LANSDOWN, MICHAEL MARSHMAN & KENNETH ROGERS: - Trowbridge in pictures, 1812-1914.
32414: MICHAEL ESTORICK, ALEXANDRA NOBLE, LIVIA VELANI & HILARY CANAVAN: - Estorick Collection of modern Italian Art.
36686: MICHAEL BRACEWELL, ILLUSTRATED BY GILBERT & GEORGE: - The Postcard Art of Gilbert & George 1972 - 1989.
36685: MICHAEL BRACEWELL, ILLUSTRATED BY GILBERT & GEORGE: - The Urethra Postcard Art of Gilbert & George, 2009.
61978: JANINA MICHALKOWA: - Foreign Paintings in Polish Collections.
45297: MARIANNE ROLAND MICHEL: - Watteau : an artist of the Eighteenth Century.
53352: MARIANNE ROLAND MICHEL: - Watteau : an artist of the Eighteenth Century.
9057: MICHENER, JAMES A: - The modern Japanese print; an appreciation.
55317: BRIGID PEPPIN & LUCY MICKLETHWAIT: - Dictionary of British book illustrators; the Twentieth Century.
61943: ULRICH MIDDELDORF: - Sculptures from the Samuel H Kress Collection, European Schools XIV - XIX Century.
63929: MARTIN MIDDLEBROOK: - The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission : American Raids on 17 August 1943.
48252: MARTIN MIDDLEBROOK: - Your Country Needs You : Expansion of the British Army Infantry Divisions 1914 - 1918.
17992: EDGAR C MIDDLETON: - The kingdom of the air.
50500: THE EARL OF MIDLETON: - Ireland : Dupe or Heroine.
13510: MIDORI KOBAYAGAWA, EDITED BY DR WARREN E BURGESS: - The world of catfishes.
23369: AMOS MIDWINTER: - An old morality for a new revolution, through liberty, leadership, love.
58490: BEYER & MIELKE: - Baroque Architecture in Germany.
33691: H C DE MIERRE: - Clipper Ships to Ocean Greyhounds.
38376: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, ILUSTRACIONES DE RICARDO BALACA Y JOSE LUIS PELLICER: - El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, tomo primero.
65097: F MIHALIC: - The Jacaranda Dictionary and Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin.
40112: NICK AND HELMA MIKA: - Canada's First Railway; the Champlain and St Lawrence.
37594: PAL MIKLOS [EDITOR]: - The Collections of the Budapest Mueum of Applied Arts.
23669: DEREK MILES: - A future that works.
59182: BARRY CUNLIFFE & DAVID MILES [EDITORS]: - Aspects of the Iron Age in Central Southern Britain.
64741: JOHN STUART MILL: - Principles of Political Economy, with some of their applications to social philosophy, volume II.
55448: ERIC G MILLAR: - The Parisian Miniaturist, Honore.
49336: JOYCE MILLARD: - Mayday ... Calling Mayday : A Story of Rescue.
65251: STEVE MILLER: - A Gloucestershire Village in the Great War : the story of Apperley and Deerhurst 1914 - 1918.
65467: LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER JOHN MILLER: - Saints and Parachutes : two aspects of an adventure.
24759: MARVIN MILLER: - The American Dream; shadow & substance.
37336: HENRY MILLER: - Aller Retour New York.
58985: AMY BESS MILLER: - Shaker Medicinal Herbs : a compendium of history, lore and uses.
65465: J R MILLER: - In His Steps : a Book for Young Christians.
17385: ERIC MILLER: - The history of Leckhampton Church and its parish.
60150: E B FRYDE & EDWARD MILLER [EDITORS]: - Historical Studies of the English Parliament, volume 2, 1399 to 1603.
13807: MILLER, DAVID: - Bibliography of New Zealand Entomology, 1775-1952 with annotations.
18622: ERIC MILLER: - Leckhampton Court; manor house to hospice.
30729: W J C MILLER, EDITED BY H KIRKE SWANN: - Essays and Nature Studies, with lectures.
58030: HENRY MILLER: - Of, By and About Henry Miller.
53160: DREW MILLER: - Seen from a Windmill : a Norfolk Broads Revue.
30125: G A MILLER: - Historical Introduction to Mathematical Literature.
64054: SIMON JAMES & MARTIN MILLETT [EDITORS]: - Britons and Romans : Advancing an Archaeological Agenda.
38998: SPIKE MILLIGAN: - The Family Album; an illustrated autobiography [signed copy].
39364: CHARLES MILLMAN: - Stand Easy; or, the Rear Rank Remembers.
22415: STEPHEN MILLS: - Gloucestershire at work [Britain in old photographs].
16765: MICHAEL TURNER AND DENNIS MILLS: - Land and Property; The English Land Tax 1692 - 1832.
56113: JOHN W MILLS: - The Technique of Sculpture.
56666: D A C MILLS: - Geology of the country around Barnard Castle (explanation of one-inch geological sheet 32, new series).
27984: W MILLS: - Going-Going, Almost Gone!!, but not forgotten, or, architecture on wheels: a backward glance at the almost departed tramcar
17446: A E MILLWARD: - Guide to the Advanced Mining Examinations (coal and other stratified minerals) of the Science and Art Department.
56585: MIRIAM MILMAN: - Trompe-L'Oeil Painted Architecture.
34235: REV HENRY HART MILMAN: - Life of Quintus Horatius Flaccus [bound with] Quinti Horatii Flacci, Opera.
65538: LOLA MILNE: - Take one Tin : 80 delicious meals from the storecupboard.
58656: JAMES LEES-MILNE: - Baroque in Italy.
56926: A A MILNE, ILLUSTRATED BY E H SHEPARD, WITH MUSIC BY H FRASER-SIMSON: - Teddy Bear and other Songs from When We Were Very Young.
14981: ALEXANDER TAYLOR MILNE: - Writings on British History 1934; a b ibliography of books and articles on the history of Great Britain from about 450 AD to 1914, published during the year 1934.
56030: JAMES LEES-MILNE: - Saint Peter's : the story of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.
65316: A A MILNE, ILLUSTRATED BY ERNEST H SHEPARD: - The house at Pooh Corner [first edition].
65066: J G MILNE: - Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins.
41613: THORSTEN MILSE: - Little Polar Bears.
59963: W ALLAN MILTON: - Historic places around Buxton.
62609: RICHARD MILWARD: - The Rectory : Wimbledon's Oldest House.
38710: W E MINCHINTON [EDITOR]: - The Trade of Bristol in the Eighteenth Century.
62175: MURRAY MINDLIN: - Dead Reckoning and other Poems.
63437: CAROLYN MINER: - In Pursuit of Caravaggio.
63205: DOROTHY MINER: - Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages and Renaissance : An Exhibition held at the Baltimore Museum of Art, organised by the Walters Art Gallery.
33355: VERNON HYDE MINOR: - Baroque & Rococo: Art & Culture.
45192: DAVIDE C MINTER: - Modern Home Crafts.
18340: COMTE DE MIRABEAU (HONORÉ GABRIEL DE RIQUETTI): - The Secret History of the Court of Berlin; or, The Character of the Present King of Prussia, his Ministers, Mistresses, Generals, Courtiers, Favourites, and The Royal Family of Prussia, with numerous Anecdotes of the Potentates of Europe.
28149: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome sixieme.
28146: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome second.
28145: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome premiere.
28152: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome neuvieme.
28150: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome septieme.
28148: C F BRISSEAU-MIRBEL: - Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere des plantes, tome cinquieme.
35982: JOAN MIRO: - Miro.
59476: MAHMOOD MIRZAIE: - Poetry Painting Dance : Tanz der Buchstaben in der Farbe der Poesie.
65281: H SARKAR & B N MISRA: - Nagarjunakonda : Archaeological Survey of India.
50183: MISS H C FOXWELL, G C MOORE SMITH, MRS S C LOMAS & HUBERT HALL: - The Camden Miscellany, volume the Eleventh : letters of Gilbert Burnet, Papers of Thomas Woodcock, Memoirs of Sir George Courthop, Charter of the City of Salisbury September 1656.
61451: JONKVROUW AUGUSTA UITENHAGE DE MIST: - Diary of a Journey to the Cape of Good Hope and the Interior of Africa in 1802 and 1803.
14513: GILROY MITCHAM: - Uncertain Judgement.
65459: REV THOMAS MITCHELL: - Christian Beneficence, with special reference to systematic and proportionate giving [The Hartley Lecture, 1905].
42737: DAVID MITCHELL: - Queen Christabel - a biography of Christabel Pankhurst.
58605: J L MITCHELL [EDITOR]: - Computers in the Humanities.
48538: PETER MITCHELL: - European Flower Painters.
53152: BRIAN MITCHELL: - On the Banks of the Foyle : Historic Photographs of Victorian and Edwardian Derry.
56050: JULIAN MITCHELL: - The Wye Tour and its Artists.
41567: A H MITCHELL: - The Warden of Duke's [Dukes].
55467: W R MITCHELL: - Wainwright : his life from Milltown to Mountain.
59524: PETER MITCHELL: - Pick of the Bunch : a loan exhibition of flower and still life paintings from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, including works from the Broughton bequest.
54562: G H MITCHELL, R W POCOCK & J H TAYLOR: - Geology of The Country around Droitwich, Abberley and Kidderminster.
60886: PETER MITCHELL: - Great Flower Painters : Four Centuries of Floral Art.
53054: VIC MITCHELL: - Talyllyn 60 : sixty years of enterprise [Great Railway Eras number 9 revised].
56652: G H MITCHELL, J V STEPHENS, C E N BROMEHEAD & D A WRAY: - Geology of the Country around Barnsley.
57899: SIR ARTHUR MITCHELL: - Archaeological materials.
61083: MARY R MITFORD: - Village Life and Character.
37285: MARY RUSSELL MITFORD [EDITOR]: - American Stories for Little Boys and Girls, intended for children under ten years of age [volume II].
58559: CRISTINA GOETTSCH MITTERMEIER [FOREWORD]: - Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 16.
62563: G E MITTON, ILLUSTRATED BY SUTTON PALMER: - Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.
50360: ISAAC MIZRAHI: - The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel, or Yvesaac's Model Diaries : 3-issue collector's set.
9535: MOCTEZUMA, EDUARDO MATOS: - Obras maestras del Templo Mayor.
55442: EMILE A VAN MOE: - Illuminated Initials in Mediaeval [medieval] Manuscripts.
35655: CAROLINE CLIFTON-MOGG: - The Neoclassical Source Book.
30656: CAROLINE CLIFTON-MOGG: - A Book for Chelsea Design Week, March 1991, with a design report by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and illustrations of Somewhere to Sit.
65439: STEPHEN MOGRIDGE: - Barry and the Hurricane Squadron.
65438: STEPHEN MOGRIDGE: - Barry and the V. Weapons.
65437: STEPHEN MOGRIDGE: - The Forger of Zurich.
55437: JEAN-PIERRE MOHEN: - Prehistoric Art : the Mythical Birth of Humanity.
46590: D G MOIR: - The early maps of Scotland to 1850 [2 volumes].
64136: LEEN MOLENDIJK: - Dutch Windmills.
60752: FRANCIS GABRESKI & C MOLESWORTH: - Gabby : zivot stihace.
57045: MOLLIE HARRIS, ILLUSTRATED BY GARY WOODLEY: - Wychwood : the Secret Cotswold Forest.
57044: MOLLIE HARRIS, ILLUSTRATED BY GARY WOODLEY: - Where the Windrush flows, and will forever flow.
60651: PHILIP H BUSS & ANDREW MOLLO: - Hitler's Germanic Legions : an illustrated history of the Western European Legions with the SS, 1941 - 1943.
52264: CIAN MOLLOY: - The Story of the Irish Pub.
56771: E MOLLOY [EDITOR]: - Packaging and Display Encyclopaedia.
55507: HERCULES MOLLOY: - Oedipus in Disneyland : Queen Victoria's reincarnation as Superman.
47733: MOLLY STRAFFORD, DUNCAN THOMAS & BRUCE JONES: - The Marshall Collection of Labels for Wines, Spirits, Sauces & Toilet Waters.
63494: JEAN-LOUIS BOITHIAS & CORINNE MONDIN: - La Maison Rurale en Normandie, 2: la basse normandie.
10739: DE MONGEX, CHANTAL FERNEX & RICHARD, DOMINIQUE: - Peintures medievales de Cruet.
44397: WILLIAM J MONK: - Tales that are told on the Cotswolds, with other subjects chiefly biographical.
60858: W J MONK: - History of Burford.
59189: C MONKHOUSE: - The Art Annuals : The Life and Work of Sir John Tenniel.
39076: FINDLAY MUIRHEAD & MARCEL MONMARCHE [EDITORS]: - Muirhead's Belgium [the Blue Guides].
24036: REV E MONRO: - Edwin's Fairing.
48801: VIOLETTE MONTAGU: - Sophie Dawes, Queen of Chantilly.
9745: MONTAGUE, C E, WITH AN INTRODUCTORY ESSAY BY H M TOMLINSON: - A writer's notes on his trade [limited edition signed by Tomlinson]
58617: L DUSSIEUX & A DE MONTAIGLON [EUSTACHE LE SUEUR]: - Nouvelles recherches sur la vie et les ouvrages d'Eustache le Sueur.
63543: COMMANDANT Z & H MONTECHANT: - Essai de Strategie Navale.
52039: JANET MONTEFIORE: - Men and Women Writers of the 1930s : the dangerous flood of history.
36379: ARTHUR MONTFORD: - The Scotsport Book.
64210: L M MONTGOMERY: - Anne of Green Gables.
64209: L M MONTGOMERY: - Chronicles of Avonlea.
58145: PEGGY C MOODY: - Come-from-heaven and Cousins from China.
5578: MOODY, A W: - Robinson's quarterly; issues 1 to 28 inclusive.
57737: JOHN MOONEY [EDITOR]: - Charters and Other Records of the City and Royal Burgh of Kirkwall, with the Treaty of 1468 between Denmark and Scotland.
58679: ANDREW MOOR: - Architectural Glass Art : form and technique in contemporary glass.
41478: JOHN MOORE: - Jungle Girl.
41480: JOHN MOORE: - The Elizabethans: a Dramatic Anthology.
45053: A W MOORE: - The Story of the Isle of Man.
63017: JOHN S MOORE [EDITOR]: - The Goods and Chattels of our Forefathers : Frampton Cotterell and District Probate Inventories 1539 - 1804.
64035: JOHN C MOORE: - Tramping through Wales, in search of the red dragon.
45383: JOHN N MOORE: - The Maps of Glasgow : a history and cartobibliography to 1865.
44922: DOROTHEA MOORE: - Cecily's Highwayman.
14090: MOORE, DOROTHEA: - In the Reign of the Red Cap; A story of the French Revolution.
13998: MOORE, JOHN: - Overture, Beginners!
12672: MOORE, THOMAS: - Memoirs of the life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan [quarto edition].
48916: JOHN MOORE: - Fishing : a Reader's Guide.
40050: NORMAN MOORE: - The History of St Bartholomew's Hospital [2 volumes].
48316: JOHN C MOORE: - Dixon's Cubs.
64523: JOHN MOORE: - The Elizabethans: a Dramatic Anthology.
64524: JOHN MOORE: - The Elizabethans; a dramatic anthology.
18906: J E S MOORE: - The Tanganyika Problem; an account of the researches undertaken concerning the existence of marine animals in Central Africa.
58180: JOHN C MOORE: - English Comedy.
64021: JOHN C MOORE: - Dixon's Cubs.
51613: JAMES MOORE: - A List of the Principal Castles and Monasteries in Great Britain.
25879: ALTON DOUGLAS & DENNIS MOORE: - Memories of the Wrekin and beyond.
58179: MOORE, JOHN: - Overture, Beginners!
64114: JOHN MOORE: - The collected poems of John Moore.
54536: JOHN MOORE: - The Elizabethans; a dramatic anthology.
54541: JOHN MOORE: - Jungle Girl.
54542: JOHN MOORE: - Country Men.
54543: JOHN MOORE: - Tiger, Tiger and other stories.
54545: JOHN C MOORE: - Tramping through Wales, in search of the red dragon.
49880: BERNARD MOORE: - Cornish Corners and other verses.
61015: JOHN C MOORE: - Dear Lovers.
64036: JOHN C MOORE: - The Welsh Marches.
64262: JOHN MOORE: - Portrait of Elmbury; the biography of a Market Town.
64264: JOHN MOORE: - Country Men.
64265: JOHN MOORE: - The Countryman's England [The English Scene, vol. VI].
55349: HUMPHREY MOORE: - Collected Poems.
59055: SYDNEY MOORHOUSE: - Holiday Lancashire [Regional Books series].
60414: F W MOORMAN [EDITOR]: - Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673 - 1915) and Traditional Poems.
22246: NORMAN MOORSOM: - Touching the past; an experience of history.
50557: E THORNTON COOK & CATHERINE MORAN: - Royal Daughters.
62776: ROLAN W MORANT: - The Monastic Gatehouse and other types of Portal of Medieval Religious Houses.
61145: BEATRICE MORAY: - Madge : the Rovers' Mascot.
53725: MORDILLO: - Mordillo : Cartoons Opus 2.
21597: HESTON MORE: - A Catalogue of Fur, or Furry Fancies.
34408: DR EMILE MOREAU: - Histoire Naturelle des Poissons de la France [3 tomes].
63338: E DE MOREAU: - L'Abbaye de Villers-en-Brabant aux XIIe et XIIIe Siecles : etude d'histoire religieuse et economique.
59384: J MORFITT: - An Abstract of all the Acts of Parliament that relate to the Town of Birmingham, and Hamlet of Deritend.
59835: SARAH MORGAN: - Art Deco : the European Style.
25348: KATHLEEN E MORGAN: - Evergreen Tales of Wilsher Volk.
57457: PETER MORGAN: - Ismail Kadare : the Writer and the Dictatorship 1957 - 1990.
59281: REV J VYRNWY MORGAN: - Welsh Religious Leaders in the Victorian Era.
65451: KENNETH O MORGAN: - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain [leatherbound edition].
34398: J D MORGAN: - Principles of Ignition; a description of the main facts and theories relating to the ignition of inflammable gas mixtures by sparks, flames, incandescent solids, and other sources.
64982: MARGERY M MORGAN: - A Drama of Political Man : a study in the plays of Harley Granville Barker.
63513: N J MORGAN: - The Medieval Painted Glass of Lincoln Cathedral.
63704: D FRANCIS MORGAN: - Standing Camps : a manual of camping for scout troops.
59282: REV J VYRNWY MORGAN: - Welsh Politican and Educational Leaders in the Victorian Era.
56233: DIANE MORGAN: - The Granite Mile : the Story of Aberdeen's Union Street.
23662: JO MORINI [JEAN MORIN]: - Antiquitates Ecclesiae Orientalis, Clarrisimorum Virorum, Dissertationibus Epistolicis Enucleatae.
64125: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON: - Operations in North African Waters October 1942 - June 1943 [History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, volume II].
57263: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON: - Admiral of the Ocean Sea : a life of Christopher Columbus.
47626: J COTTER MORISON: - Madame de Maintenon : an etude.
11216: MORISON, STANLEY: - Ichabod Dawks and his news-letter, with an account of the Dawks family of booksellers and stationers 1635-1731.
64130: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON: - The Atlantic Battle Won May 1943 - May 1945 [History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, volume X].
64128: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON: - Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls June 1942 - April 1944 [History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, volume VII].
49969: JOHN MORLEY: - On Compromise.
40492: H T MORLEY: - Monumental Brasses of Berkshire (14th to 17th Century).
53403: J B MORRELL: - York Monuments : the Arts and Crafts in York.
25525: RUPERT H MORRIS: - Chester in the Plantagenet and Tudor reigns.
25353: RUPERT H MORRIS: - Chester in the Plantagenet and Tudor reigns.
34913: MARIANNE MORRIS: - Whitchurch to Market Drayton in old photographs.
64420: COLIN MORRIS: - Southdown, volume two (2), the details.
42663: T B MORRIS: - The Song of the Morning.
58428: GORDON GARDINER & ALISTAIR MORRIS: - Automobilia of Europe : Reference and Price Guide.
64846: DAVE MORRIS: - Dragon Warriors, book four (4), Out of the Shadows.
25462: SIR DANIEL MORRIS [EDITOR]: - A natural history of Bournemouth and district, including archaeology, topography, municipal government, climate, education, fauna, flora and geology.
64847: DAVE MORRIS: - Dragon Warriors, book six (6), The Lands of Legend.
32546: W B COOK & DAVID B MORRIS [EDITORS]: - The Stirling Guildry Book: extracts of the records of the Merchant Guild of Stirling, A.D. 1592 - 1846.
43339: ANNE MORRIS: - Four-score Chicken Dishes [how to make them series].
57575: EVELYN MORRIS: - Little Thumbelina [A Father Tuck Bigger Little Book]
46768: CHRIS MORRIS: - On Tour with Thomas Telford.
64845: DAVE MORRIS: - Dragon Warriors, book three (3), the Elven Crystals.
52772: MICHAEL G MORRIS: - Grandfather's Belper.
41984: SIDNEY MORRIS & KATHLEEN MORRIS: - A Catalogue of Birmingham & West Midlands Painters of the Nineteenth Century.
61325: LESLIE MORRISH: - Good Night Irene.
39734: GAVIN MORRISON: - Vintage Railtours: Railway Correspondence and Travel Society - A pictorial record 1954-69.
35678: G JAMES MORRISON: - Maps, their uses and construction; a short popular treatise on the advantages and defects of maps on verious projections followed by an outline of the principles involved in their construction.
43691: MORAG MORRISON [EDITOR]: - Salt Bridges : Changing Perceptions of Art / Architecture and Science, new Biochemistry / Oxford, Hawkins Brown.
48472: FRANCIS MORRONE: - New York : Memories of Times Past.
45977: H K MORSE: - Elizabethan Pageantry : a pictorial survey of Costume and its Commentators from c. 1560 - 1620.
64364: CHARLES MORTIMER: - With Hindsight : a lifetime in harmony with cars, bikes and motorsport.
42920: JOHN MORTIMER: - Like Men Betrayed.
59649: LUCY MORTON [EDITOR]: - Silver Studies : the Journal of the Silver Society, number 32, 2015.
59648: LUCY MORTON [EDITOR]: - Silver Studies : the Journal of the Silver Society, number 27, 2011.
44793: LISA LE FEUVRE & TOM MORTON: - British Art Show 7 : In the Days of the Comet.
59089: LUCY MORTON [EDITOR]: - Silver Studies : the Journal of the Silver Society, number 29, 2013.
62014: VITTORIO MOSCHINI: - Disegni di Jacopo Bellini.
61003: ANITA FIDERER MOSKOWITZ: - The Sculpture of Andrea and Nino Pisano.
46162: WALTER MOSLEY: - Always outnumbered, always outgunned.
45122: ROY MOSORIAK: - The Curious History of Music Boxes.
54725: WALTER H HOGAN & DR TREVOR S MOSS: - Cryogenics and Infrared Detection.
59810: PETER W MOSS: - Impressments Log, volume IV, Middle East and India.
44255: ARTHUR DODD & PHILIP MOSS: - Gloucester Alehouses; a light-hearted look at the Inns and Taverns of 18th century Gloucester.
57091: ELAINE MOSS: - Twirly.
37666: A MOTHER [MARIA ELIZABETH BUDDEN]: - Claudine, or Humility the basis of all virtues, a Swiss tale.
5309: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP: - The rise of the Dutch Republic; a history.
11529: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP, EDITED BY GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS: - The correspondence of John Lothrop Motley [2 volumes].
62467: THE EDITOR OF THE MOTOR: - How to Drive a Car : a complete guide and handbook to the subtleties of motoring under present day road traffic conditions.
26791: MOTOR [B F H, BERTHA FORTESCUE HARRISON]: - By the by-ways around Bristol.
59598: HARRIET MOTT: - The Year of the Fire.
51579: DE LA MOTTE FOUQUE, ILLUSTRATED BY HEYWOOD SUMNER: - Sintram and his Companions.
59060: R H MOTTRAM: - The Broads [The Regional Books series].
37564: GABRIEL MOUREY: - Albert Besnard.
64131: STEPHEN MOURTON: - Steam Routes around Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, Winchcombe, Andoversford.
10833: MOWAT, R B & DAVIES, J D GRIFFITH: - A chronicle of Kingship 1066-1937.
27473: R B MOWAT: - The Later Middle Ages; a history of Western Europe, 1254-1494.
53912: TIMOTHY MOWL: - Historic Gardens of Worcestershire.
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64521: JACQUES PECNARD: - Bouquets d'Artiste et Fleurs Sauvages.
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49715: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 3, III [The Index Library, volume 6].
39147: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index to Wills proved and administrations granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652 [The Index Library, volume 8].
31793: W P W PHILLIMORE: - Gloucestershire Parish Registers, marriages, volume VIII; Painswick, Kingscote & Cam.
39143: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - An Index to Bills of Privy Signet, commonly called Signet Bills, 1584 to 1596 and 1603 to 1624, with a calendar of Writs of Privy Seal, 1601 to 1603. [The Index Library, volume 4].
51134: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index to Wills proved and administrations granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652 [The Index Library, volume 8].
64954: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index Nominum to the Royalist Composition Papers, first and second series, volume 1, A to F. [The Index Library, volume 3].
39144: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 2, II [The Index Library, volume 5].
64956: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index to Wills proved and administrations granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652 [The Index Library, volume 8].
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39141: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 1, I [The Index Library, volume 2].
49714: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 2, II [The Index Library, volume 5].
39145: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 3, III [The Index Library, volume 6].
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50189: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Shropshire Parish Register Society, Indexes March 1900: Albrighton, Cressage, Ford, Hanwood, More, Moreton Corbet, Pitchford, Sheinton.
22026: JOHN PHILLIPS: - Agriculture and Ecology in Africa; a study of actual and potential development south of the Sahara.
46578: H E HURST & P PHILLIPS: - The Nile Basin, volume 1; general description of the basin, meteorology, topography of the White Nile basin.
17660: MR PHILLIPS: - Speech of Mr Phillips, delivered in the Court of Common-Pleas, Dublin, in the case of Guthrie versus Sterne.
12106: PHILLIPS, HELEN & PHILLIPS, F EMILY, WITH A PREFACE BY KATHARINE PHILLIPS: - The grammar of painting: or, first studies in painting, arranged in a course of brush-work for young students [volume 2 only].
12482: PHILLIPS, THOMAS & HULBERT, CHARLES: - The history and antiquities of Shrewsbury, including also the history and description of the county of Salop [2 volumes].
29744: CLAUDE PHILLIPS: - Frederick Waller and his works.
59059: OLIVE PHILLIPS: - Gower [The Regional Books series].
42450: JOHN PHILLIPS: - Free Spirit in a Troubled World [A Photo-reporter for LIFE 1936 - 1959].
65369: ROBERT PHILLIPS [EDITOR]: - Aspects of Alice : Lewis Carroll's Dreamchild as seen through the Critics' Looking-Glasses 1865 - 1971.
55634: G M PHILLIPS: - You ... and the Horse.
45499: GILES PHILLIPS: - On Fenner's Sward : a history of Cambridge University Cricket Club.
56838: R RANDAL PHILLIPS: - The Modern English Interior.
41832: P LEE PHILLIPS: - Virginia Cartography : a Bibliographical Description.
49929: BRIAN PHILP: - Excavations in West Kent, 1960-1970; the discovery and excavation of 30 prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval sites, mainly in the Bromley area and in the Darent valley.
59205: BRIAN PHILP: - Excavations in the Darent Valley, Kent.
24742: BRIAN PHILP: - Archaeology in the Front Line; 50 years of Kent Rescue, 1952-2002.
59168: BRIAN PHILP: - The Excavation of the Roman Forts of the Classis Britannica at Dover 1970 - 1977.
44378: POWNOLL W PHIPPS: - Chalfont St Files past and present, with the parish church, Milton's Cottage and Jordans, the Quakers' Burial Ground.
55998: DOCTOR ROSEN : "FOREIGN PHYSICIAN": - The Reformed Practice of Medicine : a practical treatise on the prevention and cure of disease, without the use of mineral or vegetable poisons.
31834: JEAN DANIEL PICARD: - Voyage vers le Apothicaireries Francaises.
34353: B PICKERING PICK [EDITOR]: - The Sherborne Register, 1550-1950.
52776: DOUG PICKFORD: - Lost Peakland : Historic Views in and around the Peak District.
56518: MARY PIERCE: - Coming of Age in Anna Valley.
39010: PIERRE ROSENBERG, TRANSLATED BY CATHERINE JOHNSTON: - French Master Drawings of the 17th & 18th centuries in North American collections (Dessins francais du 17eme & du 18eme siecles des collections americaines).
60249: PIERRE LOTI, EDITED BY FRANCOIS DUHOURCAU: - Pays Basque : recueil d'impressions sur l'Euskalleria.
16543: J H BERNARDIN DE SAINT PIERRE: - Paul and Virginia, translated from the French.
3765: PIERSON, DONALD: - Survey of the literature on Brazil of Sociological significance, published up to 1940.
44769: GIACINTO DI PIETRANTONIO [PIETR ANTONIO]: - Guerra & Pace [War & Peace].
56499: J PIETRKIEWICZ [EDITOR]: - Polish Prose and Verse.
35384: FRITZ PIETZSCHKE [EDITOR]: - English-Portuguese & Portuguese-Engish: The New Michaelis Illustrated Dictionary, Ingles-Portugues Novo Michaelis Dicionario Ilustrado (Brockhaus Picture Dictionary, 2 volumes).
45961: STUART PIGGOTT: - The earliest wheeled transport from the Atlantic coast to the Caspian Sea.
58447: THEODORE PIGNATORRE: - The Ancient Monuments of Rome.
62188: ]J PIGOT]: - Pigot and Co's National Commercial Directory : Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire.
13209: PIHLENS, HUGH: - The story of Hungerford.
60417: OLIVER G PIKE: - Through Birdland Byways with Pen and Camera.
62570: JOSEPH PIKE: - Cardiff, illustrated throughout from original pencil sketches by Joseph Pike.
64601: ALAN PILBEAM: - Gloucestershire 300 Years Ago.
60823: ALAN PILBEAM: - The Old Paths of Gloucestershire.
36776: GEORGES PILLEMENT: - Les pre-Impressionnistes.
36714: JOHN C PILLING: - Oxfordshire Houses.
58426: LYNDA & NICHOLAS PINE: - William Henry Goss : the story of the Staffordshire Family of Potters who invented Heraldic Porcelain.
37507: E C G PINHEY: - Butterflies of Rhodesia, with a short introduction to the insect world [Look Around You series, no. 2].
62969: ROGER PINKHAM: - Catalogue of Pottery by William de Morgan.
40616: WM PINNOCK: - Pinnock's Comprehensive Grammar of Modern Geography and History, for the use of schools and for private tuition.
54236: JOHN PIPER: - A Painter's Camera : Buildings and Landscapes in Britain 1935 - 1985.
36339: JOHN PIPER: - John Piper: September - October 1975.
64635: JOHN BETJEMAN & JOHN PIPER [EDITORS]: - Murray's Buckinghamshire Architectural Guide.
63685: PIPPA MASON, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GERVASE JACKSON-STOPS: - Designs for English Picture Frames : a loan exhibition.
49737: F P PITFIELD: - Purbeck Parish Churches.
62608: F P PITFIELD: - Purbeck Parish Churches.
24476: W HAYWARD PITMAN: - The Worshipful Company of Painters, otherwise Painter-Stainers; its hall, pictures and plate.
48349: ISAAC PITMAN [EDITOR]: - A Plea for Spelling Reform.
61212: OTTO VON PIVKA: - Napoleon's German Allies (2) : Nassau and Oldenburg.
60042: FILIPPO PIZZONI: - The Garden : a History in Landscape and Art.
20233: PAUL PLANAT: - Construction et amenagement des salles d'Asile et des Maisons d'Ecole [3 volumes bound in one].
48342: J R PLANCHE, EDITED BY T F DILLON CROKER & STEPHEN TUCKER: - The Extravaganzas of J R Planche, esq, (Somerset Herald), 1825 - 1871, volume V.
41741: J R PLANCHE: - History of British Costume from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.
9287: PLANTAGENET-HARRISON, MARSHAL-GENERAL: - The history of Yorkshire; Wapentake of Gilling West.
59606: FREERK J VELDMAN & LIEKE VELDMAN-PLANTEN: - Hermannus Collenius 1650 - 1723.
44381: CAPT ERNEST PLATT: - Sark as I found it.
60855: BRIGADIER J R I PLATT: - Three Hundred Years of Foxhunting in South and West Wiltshire : a history of the South and West Wilts and Wylye Valley Hunts.
62889: COLIN PLATT: - Mont Orgueil Castle and the Defence of Jersey 1540 - 1630.
36836: JOHN T PLATTS: - A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English.
60158: GILES PLAYFAIR: - The Flash of Lightning : a Portrait of Edmund Kean.
59885: ARTHUR TWISDEN PLAYNE: - A history of the parishes of Minchinhampton and Avening.
46042: JACQUES ETIENNE DU PLESSIS: - Compulsion and Restitution : a historical and comparative study of the treatment of compulsion in Scottish private law, with particular emphasis on its relevance to the law of restitution or unjustified enrichment.
61598: PLINY: - Pliny : a self-portrait in letters.
62615: HENRY R PLOMER: - A short history of English Printing, 1476-1900.
49535: CHARLES PLUMMER: - Elizabethan Oxford : reprints of rare tracts.
19263: E H PLUMPTRE: - The life of Thomas Ken, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells.
38476: IRENE L PLUNKET: - Princess Natalie's Adventure.
63712: CHRID POCOCK: - Dragon Lady : the History of the U-2 Spyplane.
56638: T I POCOCK: - The Geology of the Country around Macclesfield, Congleton, Crewe and Middlewich.
56654: R W POCOCK, T H WHITEHEAD, C B WEDD & T ROBERTSON: - Geology of Shrewsbury District, including the Hanwood Coalfield.
12866: PODESTA, ATTILIO: - Seventeenth century Dutch painting.
42142: EDGAR ALLAN POE: - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe, with a notice of his life and genius by James Hannay.
57505: EDGAR ALLAN POE: - Tales of Mystery and Imagination.
64180: MARCIA POINTON: - William Dyce 1806 - 1864 : a critical biography.
64217: MARCIA POINTON: - The Bonington Circle : English Watercolour and Anglo-French Landscape 1790 - 1855.
60125: M EUGENE POITOU: - Souvenirs d'Espagne.
27443: WILLIAM POLE: - The Philosophy of Whist; an essay on the scientific and intellectual aspects of the modern game, in two parts, (I) the philosophy of whist play, (II) the philosophy of whist probabilities.
44943: ELIZA F POLLARD: - A Gentleman of England : a romance of the time of Sir Philip Sidney.
59814: JOHN POLLARD: - African Zoo Man : the Life-Story of Raymond Hook.
62827: CAPTAIN A O POLLARD: - Unofficial Spy.
56705: PAOLO POLLEDRI [EDITOR]: - Visionary San Francisco.
27656: JOHN HUNGERFORD POLLEN [EDITOR]: - Universal Catalogue of Books on Art [3 volumes].
65488: ALEX POLLOCK: - British Watercolours : a guide to current auction prices up to £250 (trends from 1984 - 1987).
58547: MARY POLLOCK [ENID BLYTON]: - Three Boys and a Circus.
64594: PETER DE POLNAY: - Not the Defeated.
61334: PHILIP HOOK & MARK POLTIMORE: - Popular 19th Century Painting : a dictionary of European Genre Painters.
15553: NELLO PONENTE: - Moderne Malerei; zeitgenossische stromungen.
21227: JOS DE PONT: - de Opening.
51441: KENNETH G PONTING: - The Woollen Industry of South-west England.
64701: HANNAH AZIEB POOL: - Fashion Cities Africa.
56945: HELEN POOLE: - Lewes Past.
47346: REGINALD LANE POOLE: - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought in the Departments of Theology and Ecclesiastical Politics.
51114: MRS REGINALD LANE POOLE [EDITOR]: - Catalogue of Portraits in the University, Colleges, City and County of Oxford, volume II: portraits in the colleges and halls, volume 1.
51116: MRS REGINALD LANE POOLE [EDITOR]: - Catalogue of Portraits in the University, Colleges, City and County of Oxford, volume III: portraits in the colleges and halls, volume 2.
21605: RAY POOLE: - Yesterday's Town; Leek, some aspects of bygone days.
62704: BERTRAM W H POOLE: - The Postage Stamps of Zululand.
20595: REV H POOLE: - A Catalogue of the Library of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire.
24262: BARRY CUNLIFFE & CYNTHIA POOLE: - Danebury, an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire, volume 4, the excavations 1979-1988: the site.
60894: CHARLES POOLEY: - Notes on the old Crosses of Gloucestershire.
58081: EDVARDUS POPHAM: - Illustrium virorum elogia sepulchralia.
56916: ARTHUR M HIND & A E POPHAM: - Catalogue of Drawings by Dutch and Flemish Artists preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum [5 volumes].
65622: DAPHNE POPHAM: - First Stage South : a History of the Armadale-Kelmscott District, Western Australia.
35953: A E POPHAM, ILLUSTRATED BY MICHELANGELO: - Michelangelo [Master Draughtsmen, no. 1].
24909: LT COL A B LLOYD-BAKER EDITED BY JOYCE POPPLEWELL: - A Gloucestershire Diarist; Lt Col A B Lloyd-Baker of Hardwicke Court, the early years 1897 - 1919.
21828: LOUIS PHILIPPE F DE PORQUET: - Abrege de l'histoire de France, depuis Pharamond jusqu'a Louis Philippe I, a l'usage de la jeunesse.
56208: JOHN PORTCHMOUTH: - All Kinds of Papercrafts.
40775: ALEXANDER PORTEOUS: - Annals of St Fillans, including its topography, ecclesiology, botany, place names, legends etc.
59053: CRICHTON PORTEOUS: - Peakland [The Regional Books series].
55602: JOHN PORTER: - Gillingham : the making of a Dorset Town.
57728: ROY PORTER: - England in the Eighteenth Century [A History of England, volume 6].
32856: PETER PORTER: - Epigrams by Martial (English Verse).
3874: PORTER, HERBERT: - Selected poems.
41885: RIGHT REVEREND BEILBY PORTEUS: - Sermons on Several Subjects, volume the second (2).
61959: THE EARL OF PORTSMOUTH: - British Farm Stock [Britain in Pictures, 132].
10485: PORTUGAELS, LILY, ILLUSTRATED BY CHARLES MAHAUX: - Liege at the crossroads of the millenniums.
61625: KENNETH A R KENNEDY & GREGORY L POSSEHL: - Studies in the Archaeology and Paleoanthropology of South Asia.
46984: BEALE POSTE: - Britannic Researches, or new facts and rectifications of ancient British history.
60608: BEATRIX POTTER: - The Pie and the Patty-Pan.
64549: BEATRIX POTTER: - Hanes Meistres Tigi-Dwt.
37128: JOHN K POTTER: - Samuel L Clemens [Mark Twain]: First Editions and Values.
29042: JENNIFER POTTER: - The Rose; a true history.
62597: WILLIAM POTTS: - A history of Banbury; the story of the development of a Country Town.
60631: W A POUCHER: - Escape to the Hills.
58922: W A POUCHER: - Journey into Ireland.
39610: GEORGES POULET: - Georges Poulet: Aurora Argentina, Cyanotypien (Cyanotypes) 1890 - 1894.
62010: A E POPHAM & PHILIP POUNCEY: - Italian Drawings in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum : The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries [2 volumes: Catalogue & Plates].
50112: JOHN POUND [EDITOR]: - The Military Survey of 1522 for Babergh Hundred.
35120: NICOLAS POUSSIN [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Oeuvres completes de Nicolas Poussin [2 tomes en un].
60937: JOHN JOSEPH POWELL: - Gloucestriana, or Papers relating to the City of Gloucester.
62092: MARGARET POWELL: - Albert, My Consort.
44582: ROBERT POWELL: - The Tropical Asian House.
64662: ANTHONY POWELL: - Hearing Secret Harmonies.
56759: KENNETH POWELL: - The Jubilee Line Extension.
23121: PETER BEAUCLERK-DEWAR & ROGER POWELL: - Right Royal Bastards; the fruits of passion.
50260: HUGH POWER: - Carrier Lexington
33044: MISS POWER [EDITOR]: - The Keepsake, 1851.
56023: SIR E DENISON ROSS & EILEEN POWER [EDITORS]: - The Diary of Henry Teonge, Chaplain on board H.M.'s Ships Assistance, Bristol and Royal Oak 1675 - 1679
47949: JOHN COOPER POWYS: - Paddock Calls.
31672: T F POWYS: - What Lack I Yet?
65017: F N L POYNTER: - A Bibliography of Gervase Markham 1568 - 1637.
65176: LAURA DAL PRA: - Bernardo di Chiaravalle nell'arte italiana dal XIV al XVIII secolo.
39055: OCTAVE PRADELS: - Pour Dire Entre Hommes.
63796: ROSAMUND PRAEGER: - Old Fashioned Verses and Sketches.

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