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50465: SAMUEL LOVER: - Legends and Stories of Ireland, second series.
52974: LOW, WITH INTERPRETATIONS BY LYNX: - Lions and Lambs.
54330: JOHN L LOW: - Concerning Golf.
54333: JOHN L LOW: - Concerning Golf.
43373: SIDNEY LOW: - Egypt in Transition.
30996: J A LOWE: - Records of the Portsmouth Division of Marines 1764 - 1800 (Portsmouth Record Series, volume 7).
42540: GUY LOWELL: - More Small Italian Villas & Farmhouses.
7480: LOWNDES, WILLIAM: - The Royal crescent in Bath; a fragment of English life.
37986: G LOWSON: - The Modern Farrier; containing the causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of preventing and curing the various diseases of horses, cows, oxen, sheep, swine and dogs.
31069: LEWIS R W LOYD: - The Birds of South-East Devon, being a list of those species known to visit that part of the county including and lying to the East of the Exe Valley.
43689: SAM LUBELL: - Paris 2000 + : New Architecture.
14970: REGINALD LUCAS: - George II and his ministers.
51901: F L LUCAS: - Ariadne.
41643: EDGAR LUCAS [EDITOR]: - Modern House Building [3 volumes].
54229: E V LUCAS: - The open road; a book for wayfarers.
49696: SIR RICHARD LUCE: - The history of the Abbey and town of Malmesbury.
6750: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD: - Borrowed Emblems.
27273: NIGEL LUCKHURST: - A Photographer at the Aldeburgh Festival.
51957: J H LUCKING: - Railways of Dorset : an Outline of their Establishment, Development and Progress from 1825.
28643: W C LUCY: - The Origin of the Cotteswold Ckub, and an epitome of its proceedings from its formation to May 1887.
43626: JAMES A DRAKE & KRISTIN BEALL LUDECKE [EDITORS]: - Lily Pons - a centennial portrait.
4994: LUDLOW-HEWITT, A: - Breeding cows for milk.
52894: CAPTAIN W R LUDLOW: - Zululand and Cetewayo, containing an account of Zulu Customs, Manners and Habits, after a short residence in their Kraals.
31391: CARLYLE A LUER: - The Native Orchids of the United States and Canada, excluding Florida.
15144: LUIS DE CAMOES, PRODUCED BY MORGADO DE MATEUS: - 4o. centenario da 1a edicao de "Os Lusiadas", 1572 - 1972.
32139: LUIS G DE CANDAMO, TRANSLATED BY ROGER MORTIMORE: - R Lopez de Heredia; biography of the Supreme Rioja, vina Tondonia.
52767: ARIEL LUKE: - Garden Painters : Contemporary Artists.
52822: REV JOSEPH RAWSON LUMBY [EDITOR]: - Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis, together with the English Translations of John Trevisa and of an Unknown Writer of the Fifteenth Century, volume VII.
31315: HARRY LUMSDEN: - The Records of the Trades House of Glasgow, A.D. 1713-1777, with historical introduction "The Trades House 1605 to 1777".
43783: K A LUND, ILLUSTRATED BY GORDON ROBINSON: - Mrs Dusty-Fusser, how she swept into society.
41779: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, part I.
41780: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, parts I and II.
41778: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, part II, Coal-Tar.
41375: GEORGE LUNGE: - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali, with the collateral branches, volume I part I.
41376: GEORGE LUNGE: - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali, with the collateral branches, volume I part II.
51077: BARBARA TEPA LUPACK: - Illustrating Camelot.
34588: RICHARD LURIE: - Under the Great Barrier Reef.
27464: LEWIS LUSK [WALTER DELAPLAINE SCULL]: - Sussex Iron; a romance of the Forest Ridge, and of the man who started Shakespeare.
39960: ALBERT LUTZ: - Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries.
42305: H E LUXMOORE: - Eton from a Backwater.
33421: JOHN LYCETT: - The Cotteswold Hills hand-book.
7891: LYGO-BAKER, HAROLD: - Reflections of a village schoolmaster.
53623: OLIVER LYLE: - The efficient use of steam.
45507: EDWARD LYNAM: - The Map of the British Isles of 1546.
29906: BOHUN LYNCH: - Max Beerbohm in Perspective.
48107: MICHAEL LYNE: - A Parson's Son : Sporting Artist.
48889: MARTHA DREXLER LYNN: - The Clay Art of Adrian Saxe.
48672: ELWYN LYNN: - The Australian Landscape and its Artists.
28395: ROBIN CAMPBELL & NORBERT LYNTON [PREFACE]: - Pioneers of Modern Sculpture.
52147: MAJOR W E LYON: - In My Opinion : being a book of Dissertations on Horses and Horsemanship.
33432: REV SAMUEL LYSONS: - The Model Merchant of the Middle Ages, exemplified in the story of Whittington and his cat.
38668: DANIEL AND SAMUEL LYSONS: - Magna Britannia; Berkshire.
52192: DANIEL & SAMUEL LYSONS: - Magna Britannia : Bedfordshire.
54325: ANNETTE LYSTER: - Footprints : a story of the snow.
48377: FRANCIS MAUDE & BLANCHE LYSTER: - The Maude Family : a Genealogical Table based on the information collected by the Late Hon Francis Maude.
34092: HON AND REV EDWARD LYTTELTON (PREFACE): - The Old Public school-boys (schoolboys) who's who series: Eton.
53546: RICHARD MABEY: - The Frampton Flora.
52740: RICHARD MABEY: - Flora Britannica; the definitive new guide to wild flowers, plants and trees.
52641: RICHARD MABEY: - Flora Britannica; the definitive new guide to wild flowers, plants and trees.
21788: A C MABY: - Venezuela; economic and commercial conditions in Venezuela [Overseas Economic Surveys].
20753: R A STEWART MACALISTER [EDITOR]: - Lebor Gabala Erenn: the book of the Taking of Ireland, part III.
14362: PAUL MACALISTER: - Display; home furnishings display techniques.
52996: TED MACAULAY: - Mike the Bike again : the story of Mike Hailwood's return to the TT.
55072: THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY: - Lays of Ancient Rome.
10895: MACBEAN, LACHLAN: - Guide to Gaelic conversation and pronunciation, with vocabularies, dialogues, phrases and letter forms.
32670: GEORGE MACBETH: - A Farewell.
5266: MACCARTHY, B G: - The Female Pen: The later women novelists, 1744 - 1818.
54870: FIONA MACCARTHY: - The Simple Life; C R Ashbee in the Cotswolds.
49738: EDWARD T MACDERMOT: - The History of the Forest of Exmoor.
50371: EDWARD T MACDERMOT: - The History of the Forest of Exmoor.
47930: GEORGE MACDONALD: - The History of Gutta-percha Willie, the working genius.
47844: HUGH MACDONALD: - John Dryden : a bibliography of early editions and of Drydeniana.
7408: MACDONALD, DUNCAN GEORGE FORBES: - Hints on Farming and Estate Management.
25471: REV JAMES MACDONALD: - Practical Socialism without Communism: Poverty, Wealth and Taxation: a political conversation by the Rev James Macdonald, with two unspoken addresses on "Jesus, a Socialist" and "Rational Religion".
52402: PHILIP MACDOUGALL: - The Story of Chichester.
45083: GEORGE B TATUM & ELISABETH BLAIR MACDOUGALL [EDITORS]: - Prophet with Honor (honour) : the career of Andrew Jackson Downing 1815 - 1852.
40359: J R MACDUFF: - Clefts of the Rock; or, the Believer's Grounds of Confidence in Christ.
50598: HALDANE MACFALL: - The Renaissance in the North and the Flemish Genius.
5441: MACFALL, HALDANE: - Songs of the immortals; madrigals and songs of praise.
52529: ALLAN MACFARLANE: - A Pictorial Tribute to the Bristol Omnibus Company and Associated Fleets 1936 - 1983.
42746: ALAN MACFARLANE: - Marriage and Love in England - modes of reproduction 1300 - 1840.
21387: ANGUS MACFARQUHARSON: - A Scot in Cornwall.
50192: MIRIAM MACGREGOR: - Cat Cuts : a collection of engravers' cats.
31293: GEORGE MACGREGOR: - The History of Glasgow. from the earliest period to the present time.
15567: NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI: - Opere di Niccolo Machiavelli, scelte da Giuseppe Zirardini.
31529: JOHN MACINTOSH: - Life of Robert Burns.
31526: REV W MACINTOSH: - Burns in Germany; Scoto-German studies.
54194: JOHN MACINTOSH: - Ayrshire Nights' Entertainments : a descriptive guide to the history, traditions, antiquities etc of the County of Ayr.
39672: ALLAN MACINTYRE: - Recent Events.
43011: JAMES MACKAY: - The Animaliers - the Animal Sculptors of the 19th & 20th Centuries.
4577: MACKAY, CHARLES: - A glossary of obscure words and ohrases in the writings of Shakspeare [Shakespeare] and his contemporaries, traced etymologically to the ancient language of the British people as spoken before the irruption of the Danes and Saxons.
50215: MAJOR GENERAL HUGH MACKAY: - Memoirs of the War carried on in Scotland and Ireland MDCLXXXIX - MDCXCI.
36975: ALLAN CUNNINGHAM & CHARLES MACKAY [EDITORS]: - Ramsay and the earlier poets of Scotland, to which is added ancient ballads and songs.
20744: REV JOHN MACKECHNIE (TRANSLATOR): - Instructio pie Vivendi et Superna Meditandi.
53834: F SEVERNE MACKENNA: - 18th Century English Porcelain (Notes on various aspects of collecting).
47613: K R H MACKENZIE: - Master Tyll Owlglass : his marvellous adventures and rare conceits.
44970: COMPTON MACKENZIE: - The East Wind of Love, being book one of "The Four Winds of Love".
54915: JOHN M MACKENZIE [EDITOR]: - The Victorian Vision: inventing New Britain.
53835: SIR HAROLD MACKINTOSH: - Early English Figure Pottery : a collection of Ralph Wood and contemporary pottery.
3793: MACKINTOSH, SIR JAMES: - History of the revolution in England in 1688, comprising a view of the reign of James II from his accession, to the enterprise of the Prince of Orange.
53837: SIR HAROLD MACKINTOSH: - Early English Figure Pottery : a collection of Ralph Wood and contemporary pottery.
45751: ALICE MACKRELL: - An Illustrated History of Fashion : 500 years of fashion illustration.
52452: CECILY MACKWORTH: - Guillaume Apollinaire and the Cubist Life.
54969: IAN MACLAREN [JOHN WATSON]: - The Days of Auld Langsyne.
32735: SIR JOHN MACLEAN [EDITOR]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1886-87 (volume 11, XI).
6156: MACLEANE, DOUGLAS, WITH A NOTE ON THE BINDING BY CYRIL DAVENPORT: - The great solemnity of the Coronation of the King and Wueen of England, according to the use of the Church of Westminster, with liturgical, ceremonial, and historical notes.
51117: DOUGLAS MACLEANE: - A history of Pembroke College, Oxford, anciently Broadgates Hall.
45348: ANNA MACLEOD: - Coming Home : Haig Housing Trust, a hundred years of housing heroes.
50445: DANIEL MACLISE: - Story of the Norman Conquest.
35621: ELLA MACMAHON: - The Other Son; a novel.
48335: HUGH MACMILLAN: - Roman Mosaics : or, studies in Rome and its neighbourhood.
47940: CAPTAIN NORMAN MACMILLAN: - The Royal Air Force in the World War, volume III, 1940 - 1945.
49478: IAN MACMILLAN: - Yorkshire Stridings.
13639: MACPHERSON, NORMAN: - Notes on the chapel, crown and other ancient buildings of King's College, Aberdeen.
23397: BETTIE MACPHERSON: - Aston Sandford only; an anthology of the village.
46047: HECTOR L MACQUEEN [EDITOR]: - Miscellany Four (of the Stair Society).
46045: HECTOR L MACQUEEN [EDITOR]: - Miscellany Five (of the Stair Society).
46421: PERCY MACQUOID: - A history of English Furniture, including The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany, The Age of Satinwood.
41580: PATRICK MOORE & ANGUS MACVICAR: - Adventure in Space [Captives of the Moon & Peril on the Lost Planet].
27911: JOHN MACWHIRTER: - Landscape Painting in Water-colour.
27928: JOHN MACWHIRTER: - Sketches from Nature.
25120: JOHN MACWHIRTER: - Sketches from Nature.
28389: MADAME DE SEVIGNE, EDITED BY M ADOLPHE REGNIER: - Lettres choisies de Madame de Sevigne.
17009: MADEMOISELLE DES ECHEROLLES, TRANSLATED BY MARIE CLOTHILDE BALFOUR: - Side lights on the reign of terror; being the memoirs of Mademoiselle des Echerolles.
51160: CANON F T MADGE [EDITOR]: - Hampshire Inductions.
39169: SIDNEY J MADGE [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem for Gloucestershire, returned into the Court of Chancery during the Plantagenet Period, part IV, 20 Henry III to 29 Edward I, 1236 - 1300 [The Index Library, volume 30].
47653: MARIO MORETTI & GUGLIELMO MAETZKE: - The Art of the Etruscans.
53868: MAGDA JOICEY, WITH NOTES BY ANGELA CARTER: - The Cookbook Notebook.
54450: DAVID MAGEE: - Infinite Riches : the Adventures of a Rare Book Dealer.
45414: MAGGIE ANDREWS, ADRIAN GREGSON & JOHN PETERS: - Worcestershire's War [Voices of the First World War].
52998: COLIN G MAGGS: - The Minehead Branch and the West Somerset Railway.
53789: COLIN MAGGS: - The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway.
41409: CHRISTOPHER MAGNER: - South Shropshire Railway Memories.
52816: EIRIKR MAGNUSSON [EDITOR]: - Thomas Saga Erkibyskups : A Life of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Icelandic, with English Translation, Notes and Glossary, volume I.
21159: FRANCOISE MAGNY: - The Musee de Cambrai.
51131: JOHN RICHARD MAGRATH [EDITOR]: - The Flemings in Oxford, being documents selected from the Rydal papers in illustration of the lives and ways of Oxford Men 1650-1700: volume III, 1691 - 1700.
51138: JOHN RICHARD MAGRATH [EDITOR]: - The Flemings in Oxford, being documents selected from the Rydal papers in illustration of the lives and ways of Oxford Men 1650-1700: volume I, 1650 - 1680.
13567: D H MAHAN, EDITED BY PETER BARLOW: - An elementary course of civil engineering.
36281: MAHATMA GANDHI, EDITED BY RONALD DUNCAN: - Selected writings of Mahatma Gandhi.
20370: VISCOUNT MAIDSTONE [GEORGE WILLIAM WINCHILSEA]: - Abd-el-Kader; a poem in six cantos.
15528: FRIEDRICH MAIER: - Zur Kulturgeschichte der Völker, historische Untersuchungen von Friedrich Maier, Erster Band.
5263: MAILLY, ED: - Les origines du Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles.
49018: RODNEY MAINGOT: - The Relationship of Art and Medicine.
53949: S P B MAIS: - A Book of Food : how it grows and what it does for you.
54193: S P B MAIS: - The High Lands [Highlands] of Britain.
45017: MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ARCHIBALD MONTGOMERY, WITH A FOREWORD BY GENERAL LORD RAWLINSON: - The story of the Fourth Army in the battles of the hundred days, August 8th to November 11th 1918 [text volume].
39029: RENE MAJOR [ETC]: - Contretemps no. 1, Hiver 1995, Rene Major (etc).
50520: MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ARCHIBALD MONTGOMERY, WITH A FOREWORD BY GENERAL LORD RAWLINSON: - The story of the Fourth Army in the battles of the hundred days, August 8th to November 11th 1918 [text volume].
27204: MICHAEL MAKARIUS: - Chagall; the masterworks.
44407: WILLIAM J MAKIN: - Two Moons.
5289: MALAHER, LOUIS: - Poesies Diverses: containing selections from the most celebrated French Poets, from Malherbe to Lamartine and Victor Hugo; and the drama of Esther by Racine.
34519: FRANZ MALCHER: - Tramping in Tyrol.
44702: MALCOLM C SALAMAN, EDITED BY GEOFFREY HOME: - Londoners then and now, as pictured by their contemporaries [hardback edition].
43914: MALCOLM C SALAMAN, EDITED BY GEOFFREY HOME: - Londoners then and now, as pictured by their contemporaries [hardback edition].
43999: MALCOLM SALAMAN, EDITED BY CHARLES HOLME: - The Great Painter-Etchers from Rembrandt to Whistler.
6116: MALDEN, H E: - A school history of Surrey.
50569: EMILE MALE: - Religious Art in France, XIII Century : a study in mediaeval iconography and its sources of inspiration.
52104: EDWARD E MALEFAKIS: - Agrarian Reform and Peasant Revolution in Spain : Origins of the Civil War.
39804: RAWDON MALET [MARTIN STEPHENS]: - Unforgiving Minutes.
9081: MALHERBE, PAUL N: - Multistan; a way out of the South African dilemma.
54594: PETER B MALING: - Historic Charts & Maps of New Zealand 1642 - 1875.
53967: H L MALLALIEU: - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists up to 1920, volume II - the plates.
45320: H L MALLALIEU: - The dictionary of British Watercolour artists up to 1920 (complete in two volumes).
46417: H L MALLALIEU: - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists up to 1920, volume III [A Wider Perspective].
49423: H L MALLALIEU: - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists up to 1920, volume I (Text).
16826: DANIEL TROWBRIDGE MALLETT: - Mallett's Index of Artists; International - Biographical, including painters, sculptors, illustrators, engravers and etchers of the past and the present.
52279: CAROLINE MALONE: - English Heritage Book of Avebury.
49290: SIR THOMAS MALORY: - The Book of Sir Galahad and the achievement of the Adventure of the Sancgreal.
10112: MALTBY, EDVARDUS: - Catologus Librorum Impressorum quos legavit Universitati Dunelmensi.
12314: AN OLD MAN [HEAD, SIR FRANCIS BOND]: - Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nassau, by an old man.
13903: MANARCHY, DENNIS: - En Passant.
53616: F J MANASEK: - Uncommon Value : a rare book dealer's world.
10282: MANBY, GEORGE W: - The history and antiquities of the parish of Saint David, South-Wales.
49080: HEINZ KAHLER & CYRIL MANGO: - Hagia Sophia.
55096: MARGARET MANION [EDITOR]: - The Wharncliffe Hours; a fifteenth-century illuminated prayerbook in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.
53984: WOLF MANKOWITZ: - Wedgwood.
48341: THOMAS MANN: - The Holy Sinner.
54950: MARCUS BINNEY & DAVID MANN: - Boodle's : Celebrating 250 Years 1762 - 2012.
43004: KATHLEEN MANN: - Peasant Costume in Europe.
4578: MANN, JAMES A: - The cotton trade of Great Britain: its rise, progress & present extent, based upon the most carefully digested statistics, furnished by the several government departments and most eminent commercial firms.
48494: JILLIAN R MANN: - A School in the Country : Didbrook School in the Parish of Stanway, in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.
55091: THOMAS MANN: - Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man, Memoirs Part I.
43016: LADY VICTORIA MANNERS: - Matthew William Peters, R.A., his life and work.
42099: E F MANNING, ENGRAVED BY J D COOPER: - Delightful Thames.
19529: H C MANNING: - Shakespeares Speache; echoes of Elizabethan and Stuart pronunciation.
8741: MANNING, PAUL & ROSENFIELD, RICHARD: - [Gloucestershire]: One hundred years in words and pictures.
5169: MANNING, REV SAMUEL: - The land of the Pharaohs; Egypt and Sinai: illustrated by pen and pencil.
19630: EDNA MANNING: - Memories of Christine.
50293: T D MANNING: - The British Destroyer.
45492: ROGER J MANNION: - The Duchess : Stanier's Masterpiece.
48531: LAURENT MANOEUVRE: - Louis Garneray 1783 - 1857 : Peintre, Ecrivain, Aventurier.
51390: PAMELA MANSBRIDGE: - The Seventh Summer.
18348: T MANSON: - Gardening in Rhodesia.
54618: DAVID MANSON: - Jacob Kramer : Creativity and Loss.
39387: J B MANSON, EDITED BY GEOFFREY HOLME: - The Life and Work of Edgar Degas.
38522: JONATHAN MANTLE: - C&G: the story of Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society.
31392: MANTLE FIELDING, EDITED BY GLENN B OPITZ: - Mantle Fielding's Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers.
14541: G E MANWARING: - The flower of England's garland.
3894: MANWARING, RANDLE: - Posies once mine.
28942: MATTEO MARANGONI: - Giotto; La Cappella degli Scrovegni (Gli Affreschi di Giotto).
3873: MARCH, RICHARD: - The darkening meridian.
54191: DANIEL MARCHESSAU [PREFACE]: - Hungarian Photographs : Romanticism to Avant-Garde [Photographies Hongroises : des romantismes aux avant-gardes].
38385: JOHN MARCHINGTON: - The Natural History of Game.
41824: JULES MARCOU & JOHN BELKNAP MARCOU: - Mapoteca Geologica Americana : A Catalogue of Geological Maps of America (North and South) in Geographic and Chronologic Order.
35324: PENELOPE MARCUS [EDITOR]: - Burne-Jones: the paintings, graphic and decorative work of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 1833-98.
52981: WALTER DE LA MARE: - Ghost Stories.
49150: WARWICK PAUL MARETT: - A Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield, Bishop of Worcester 1375-95.
33974: MARIA TERESA BENEDETTI, GIANNA PIANTONI, MARIA GRAZIA TOLOMEO & MARISA VOLPI: - Dei ed Eroi: Classicita e mito fra 800 e 900.
34701: MARIA DOLORES VILA JATO, TRANSLATED BY R GIMENO & S CEDAR: - Echoes of a Thousand Year Voyage.
46330: ISIDRO BANGO TORVISO & FERNANDO MARIAS: - Bosch : reality, symbol & fantasy.
50680: MARIE-CLAIRE BLANCKAERT, BARBARA BOURGOIS & SYLVIE ELOY-RIDEL, EDITED BY JEAN DEMACHY: - Le Best of Elle Deco No 2 : Gardens & Bouquets [Jardins & Bouquets].
46568: MARIE BASHKIRTSEFF, TRANSLATED BY MATHILDE BLIND: - The Journal of Marie Bashkirtseff.
4693: MARIETTI, PIETRO, INTRODUZIONE E TESTI DI ADA PEYROT: - Album Piemontese; 32 tavole in nero e 8 a colori riprodotte in fotolito dagli originali editi da Pietro Marietti nel 1835 - 1838.
38123: MARIO SALMI, TRADUCTION DE JEAN CHUZEVILLE: - Paolo Uccello; Andrea del Castagno & Domenico Veneziano [en francais].
51625: MARIO BOTTA, INTERVIEWED BY PIERLUIGI NICOLIN: - Mario Botta : Architectures 1980 - 1990.
50987: CHRISTOPHER A MARKHAM [EDITOR]: - Hand Book to French Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate.
41841: E A MARKHAM: - Love, Politics and Food.
38509: STANISLAW MARKOWSKI: - The Cathedral at Wawel.
45775: JOHN GEORGE MARKS: - Life and Letters of Frederick Walker A.R.A.
32383: ELANA TOWNE-MARKUS: - Capolavori del J Paul Getty Museum.
50580: WILLIAM MARLER: - The Art of Gilbert Holiday (1879 - 1937).
54213: P VERGILI MARONIS [VIRGIL]: - P Vergili Maronis : Opera Omnia.
52613: JOHN P MARQUAND: - It's Loaded Mr Bauer.
46394: JULIET WILSON-BAREAU & MANUELA B MENA MARQUES: - Goya, truth and fantasy: the small paintings.
40994: JULIET WILSON-BAREAU & MANUELA B MENA MARQUES: - Goya, truth and fantasy: the small paintings.
33316: DON MARQUIS: - Her Foot in on the Brass Rail.
26221: R R MARRETT: - Anthropology.
53338: J J MARRIC [JOHN CREASEY]: - The Gideon Omnibus [Gideon's Day, Gideon's Week, Gideon's Night].
27669: PAUL J MARRIOTT: - Red Sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight? Weather Lore of the English Countryside.
29566: H V MARROT: - A Bibliography of the works of John Galsworthy.
54784: BARRY M MARSDEN: - The Early Barrow Diggers.
9932: MARSDEN, J B: - The history of the later Puritans: from the opening of the Civil War in 1642, to the ejection of the non-conforming clergy in 1662.
54764: BARRY M MARSDEN: - The Early Barrow Diggers.
52773: BARRY M MARSDEN: - Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Tramways, including the Matlock Cable Tramway.
41765: J E MARSH: - On the Trail of the Albatross.
53499: ANTHONY MARSHALL: - Trafficking in Old Books.
48837: MRS A B MARSHALL: - Mrs A B Marshall's larger cookery book of extra recipes.
46929: H N MARSHALL: - Elephant Kingdom.
37522: EMMA MARSHALL: - The Two Henriettas.
53695: WILLIAM C MARTEL: - Victory in War : Foundations of Modern Military Policy.
54379: GEORGE MARTELLI: - Agent Extraordinary : the story of Michel Hollard, DSO, Croix de Guerre.
43038: M L'ABBE MARTIGNY: - Dictionnaire des Antiquites Chretiennes.
44814: MARTIN MALONEY, ILLUSTRATED BY IAN DAVENPORT: - Ian Davenport : new paintings.
38282: MARTIN J DESMONI, WITH AN ACKNOLEDGEMENT BY WALTER HEIL: - Exhibition of Renaissance Jewels selected from the Collection of Martin J Desmoni.
49885: E LE BRETON MARTIN: - Sam Sutton's Scouts.
17747: A D MARTIN: - The religion of Wordsworth.
12315: M VIVIEN DE SAINT-MARTIN: - L'annee geographique, douzieme annee (1873).
10472: MARTIN, IVOR: - Ivybridge [The Archive Photographs series].
4485: MARTIN, PETER: - Blake's Fag.
13670: MRS M E RICHARDS & MRS H C MARTIN: - Gloucestershire Record Office Handlist of Genealogical Sources.
38843: MARTIN MARTIN: - A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, circa 1695.
30292: R D MARTIN, G A DOYLE & A C WALKER [EDITORS]: - Prosimian Behaviour.
42752: ARLAN STONE MARTIN: - Vivaldi Violin Concertos - a handbook.
46593: H J MARTIN [INTRODUCTION]: - Automobile Association of Northern India : Handbook.
44652: W C L MARTIN, REVISED BY SAMUEL SIDNEY: - The Pig : how to choose, breed, feed, cut up & cure.
36920: LT-CDR F S W MAJOR & COXSWAIN P D MARTIN: - Skegness Lifeboats; an account of Skegness Lifeboat Station.
42051: GEOFFREY MARTIN: - Industrial and Manufacturing Chemistry, part I, Organic - a practical treatise.
52648: BRIAN MARTIN: - Rutland : landscapes and legends.
28718: THOMAS MARTINDALE: - Sport Indeed.
43993: CLAUDE ROGER-MARX: - Dunoyer de Segonzac.
20458: ERICA MARX: - Some Poems; a small selection written between 1930 & 1953.
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54768: ROSALIND NEELY [EDITOR]: - Making History : Antiquaries in Britain 1707 - 2007.
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53668: SIANNE NGAI: - Discredit.
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51623: BEVERLEY NICHOLS: - Down the Garden Path.
21389: NICHOLS, WALLACE B: - Deputy for Youth.
40780: J SHIELD NICHOLSON: - A Treatise on Money and Essays on Monetary Problems.
10839: NICHOLSON, N L & SEBERT, L M: - The maps of Canada; a guide to official Canadian maps, charts, atlases and gazetteers.
6722: NICHOLSON, W: - The Christian's treasure opened: or, the privileges of the true believer described, with encouragement & advice to assist him in his way to the Heavenly Canaan.
17483: PETER HAIG-THOMAS AND M A NICHOLSON: - The English style of rowing; new light on an old method.
18739: RICHARD NICHOLSON: - Sketches of the remains of the Abbey Church and conventual buildings, formerly belonging to Canons of the order of Saint Augustine, at Worksop, and of the church as restored: with a concise historical and descriptive account, from its foundation.
54886: FLIP NICKLIN [FOREWORD]: - Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 18.
33574: HERRMANN GEORG NICOLAI: - Das Ornament der Italienischen Kunst des XV. Jahrhunderts; eine Sammlung der Hervorragendsten Motive.
10783: NICOLAS , SIR NICHOLAS HARRIS: - History of the most honourable Order of the Bath.
26028: ALLARDYCE NICOLL: - The Development of the Theatre; a study of theatrical art from the beginnings to the present day.
46753: KAY NIELSEN: - East of the Sun and West of the Moon; old tales from the North.
53806: NIENKE BAKKER, LEO JANSEN, HANS LUIJTEN & ANN DUMAS: - The Real Van Gogh : the Artist and his Letters.
39712: KARINA NIMMERFALL: - Cinematic Maps 2004 - 2006.
39896: WILLIAM NIMMO: - The History of Stirlingshire [2 volumes].
39762: NIMROD (CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY), EDITED BY E D CUMING: - My Horses, and other essays.
40902: NIMROD (CHARLES APPERLEY): - Hunting Reminiscences, comprising memoirs of Masters of Hounds, notices of the crack riders and characteristics of the hunting counties of England.
41160: ARON NIMZOWITSCH: - My System : a Chess Treatise.
49937: HUME NISBET: - Children of Hermes : a romance of love and crime.
32468: ISSOTEI NISHIKAWA: - Floral Art of Japan.
32467: ISSOTEI NISHIKAWA: - Floral Art of Japan.
34273: ISSOTEI NISHIKAWA: - Floral Art of Japan.
20862: W NIVEN: - Illustrations of old Warwickshire houses.
54176: ST JOHN C NIXON: - Wolseley : a Saga of the Motor Industry.
54430: MICHAEL & VIVIEN NOAKES: - The Daily Life of The Queen : the Artist's Diary.
48797: AUBREY NOAKES: - William Frith : Extraordinary Victorian Painter.
49675: CYRIL NOALL: - A History of Cornish Mail- and Stage-coaches.
52513: GEORGE NOBBS: - A Prospect of Norwich.
53849: JAMES NOBLE: - The Professional Practice of Architects, and that of Measuring Surveyors, and Reference to Builders etc, from the time of the Celebrated Earl of Burlington.
54447: ARTHUR H NOBLE: - The Chase Family.
52054: O S NOCK: - The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1925-65.
53181: O S NOCK: - The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1925 - 1965.
32455: PROF YONE NOGUCHI: - Hiroshige and Japanese Landscapes.
14526: FREDERICK NOLAN: - Kill Petrosino!
49763: GUNTHER NOLLAU: - International Communism and World Revolution : History & Methods.
45291: NOMA SEIROKU, TRANSLATED BY JOHN ROSENFIELD: - The Arts of Japan, vol I, Ancient and Medieval.
49195: RAUL G NOMALDIA: - The Golden West : a special feature with a captivating view of the West through Dioramic Modelling.
42177: CHARLES NOON: - The Book of Blundell's.
42386: CEES NOOTEBOOM: - Unbuilt Netherlands - visionary projects by Berlage, Oud, Duiker, Van den Broek, Van Eyck, Hertzberger and others.
46705: IAN NORBURY: - Carving Facial Expressions.
54528: IAN NORBURY: - The Art of Ian Norbury : Sculptures in Wood.
34448: SIMON NORFOLK: - Afghanistan Chronotopia [limited edition boxed set of prints].
51826: HILARY BINDING & W H (BEN) NORMAN [EDITORS]: - James Date's Exmoor & West Somerset.
44757: NORMAN ROSENTHAL, WITH MICHAEL ARCHER, MICHAEL BRACEWELL, JAMES HALL & NATHAN KERNAN: - Apocalypse : beauty and horror in contemporary art.
52655: PETER JERROME AND BARRY NORMAN: - In the Feast of St Edmund the King : Petworth Fair 1189 - 1993.
10686: NORRIS, KEITH: - Australia's Heritage sketchbook.
16207: R A NORRIS: - The parish church of Berkhamsted St Peter, Hertfordshire; some notes historical and descriptive of the church and its surroundings, the monuments, memorials and possessions therein.
10475: NORTH, GEOFFREY A: - Rumney and the Wentloodge level [The Archive Photographs series].
49495: W NORTH, H P MOORE & FREDERICK MOORE: - Notes on old Tewkesbury past and present.
49096: W NORTH, H P MOORE & FREDERICK MOORE: - Notes on old Tewkesbury past and present.
47883: GEORGE J H NORTHCROFT [EDITOR]: - The Boy's Own Annual, volume 57, 1934 - 1935.
47850: J E NORTON: - A Bibliography of the Works of Edward Norton.
7421: NORTON, MARY, ILLUSTRATED BY DIANA STANLEY: - The Borrowers afloat [first edition].
20780: JAMES NOTT: - Malvern Priory Church; descriptive accounts of its ancient stained glass, old tombs, tesselated pavements and other antiquities.
28547: M A NOUALS [PREFACE]: - Au Pays des Lacs; arts et traditions des Hautes-Vosges.
15530: P.-J.-B. NOUGARET: - Beautes de l'histoire des Etats-Unis de l'Amerique septentrionale.
41880: MATTHEW H EDNEY & IRWIN D NOVAK [EDITORS]: - Reading the World : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Pieter van den Keere's Map, Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica as Hydrographica Tabula (Amsterdam 1608/36).
51743: VINCENT NOVELLO: - The Celebrated Arrangement of Haydn's Masses by Vincent Novello [16 volumes bound in 3].
51435: HEINZ J NOWARRA: - The Messerschmitt 109 : a famous German Fighter.
53346: HEINZ J NOWARRA: - The Messerschmitt 109 : a famous German Fighter.
26422: B KIHLMAN & R NUMELIN: - Finnland Reisehandbuch [Touristenverein in Finnland].
41571: MALLA NUNN: - A Beautiful Place to Die.
47545: PATRICK NUTTGENS: - The Landscape of Ideas.
20460: ROBERT NYE: - Juvenilia 2.
10994: NYGREN, EDWARD J: - James Ward's Gordale Scar; an essay in the sublime.
32864: PHILIP OAKES: - Notes by the Provincial Governor.
30313: EWART OAKESHOTT: - European Weapons and Armour from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution.
48891: WALTER OAKESHOTT: - Classical Inspiration in Medieval Art [Rhind Lectures for 1956].
21172: CHARLES OAKLEY: - Lost Illusions; works with romantic and historical associations by Charles Oakley.
39910: E R OAKLEY: - The London County Council Tramways, volume one, South London.
53534: J C T OATES: - A Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the University Library, Cambridge.
33557: CHARLES OBERLEITNER: - Album de fac-simile des regents, capitaines et hommes d'etat depuis l'an 1500 jusqu' en 1576.
40877: E A ST OBYN: - Sowing and Reaping.
30676: REVEL ODDY [INTRODUCTION]: - Modern British Hangings; an exhibition of handwoven and contructed hangings.
52330: ELENI ODESCALCHI: - Charles Dickens at Malvern.
42541: WILLIAM M ODOM: - A History of Italian Furniture from the Fourteenth to the early Nineteenth Centuries [2 volumes].
45190: M A OGILVIE: - Ducks of Britain and Europe.
36740: M A OGILVIE: - Wild Geese.
52170: A OIGAARD: - Fajancefabriken i Store Kongensgade.
21963: AKIRA MIYAWAKI & SHIGETOSHI OKUDA: - Vegetations und Landschaft Japans; Festschrift fur Prof Dr Drs h c Reinhold Tuxen, zum 80. Geburtstag am 21. Mai 1979 [2 Bande].
21393: VIRGINIA OLCOTT: - Dino of the Golden Boxes; a story of Florence.
44735: SUSAN OLDACRE: - The Blacksmith's Daughter : the strange story of Ann Staight.
44117: CEDRIC OLDACRE: - The Last of the Old Squires : a sketch by Cedric Oldacre esq of Sax-Normanbury.
45296: KATE OLDFIELD [EDITOR]: - Agnew's 1982 - 1992.
32153: KATE OLDFIELD [EDITOR]: - Agnew's 1982 - 1992.
8957: OLDFIELD, T H B: - History of the original constitution of parliaments from the time of the Britons to the present day.
25852: GEOFFREY OLDFIELD: - The Wharncliffe Companion to Nottingham; an A to Z of local history.
21814: GEOFFREY OLDFIELD: - The changing face of Nottingham in Old Photographs [Britain in old photographs series].
46735: ALISON OLDHAM: - Everyone was Working : Writers and Artists in Postwar St Ives.
52394: HUGH OLIFF: - On Borrow's Trail : Wild Wales Then and Now.
21900: LAURENCE OLIPHANT: - Altiora Peto [volume 1].
51845: BASIL OLIVER: - Old Houses and Village Buildings in East Anglia : Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex.
49728: MARINA OLIVER: - A Century of Achievement : the History of Queen Mary's High School for Girls, Walsall.
21019: VERE L OLIVER: - The late Rev William Barnes as Engraver.
16289: LAURENCE OLIVER: - Blind; a play in four acts.
46307: CAPTAIN S PASFIELD OLIVER: - The True Story of the French Dispute in Madagscar.
20806: PETER MILLS & JOHN OLIVER: - The survey of building sites in the city of London after the great fire of 1666, volume 1.
20805: PETER MILLS & JOHN OLIVER: - The survey of building sites in the city of London after the great fire of 1666, volume 2.
32480: GEORGE OLIVER: - Monasticon Dioeceis Exoniensis, being a collection of records and instruments illustrating the Ancient conventual, collegiate and eleemosynary foundations, in the counties of Cornwall and Devon.
20009: PETER MILLS & JOHN OLIVER: - The survey of building sites in the city of London after the great fire of 1666, volume 1.
27482: PHILIP MILNER OLIVER: - Genesis to Geneva; an essay.
54574: J B HARLEY & RICHARD OLIVER: - The old series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales; volume VI (6), Wales.
42246: MICHELLE OLLEY: - Homme - Masterpieces of Erotic Photography.
40787: EDMUND OLLIER: - A Popular History of Sacred Art.
51626: DONALD J OLSEN: - The City as a Work of Art - London, Paris, Vienna.
47538: ANDRZEJ K OLSZEWSKI: - An Outline History of Polish 20th Century Art and Architecture.
53219: OMAR KHAYYAM, TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD: - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Astronomer Poet of Persia.
50235: OMAR KHAYYAM, TRANSLATED BY EDARD FITZGERALD: - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Astronomer-poet of Persia.
40740: MICHAEL ONDAATJE: - The English Patient.
29419: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE: - Sindh revisited; a journey in the footsteps of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton.
43539: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE: - Leopard in the Afternoon : an African Tenting Safari.
21271: MR SERJEANT ONSLOW: - Substance of the speech of Mr Serjeant Onslow on Wednesday the 27th of April 1814, on moving for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Statute intituled "An Act containing divers orders for Artificers, Labourers, Servants of Husbandry and Apprentices
48064: RENE DE WIT & CHRISTEL OOMS: - Badpaviljoen Domburg.
26983: GLENN B OPITZ [EDITOR]: - Dictionary of American Sculptors, 18th Century to the Present.
37680: E PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM: - Master of Men.
45069: E PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM: - The Postmaster of Market Deignton.
21518: CIPRIANO E OPPO: - Jean-Baptiste Corot, with 33 reproductions in phototype.
47228: HERMIONE ORAM: - A Village History: Churchdown, 1904 - 1954.
35157: E WERGE-ORAM: - The Pageant of Sussex Saints.
55122: IRIS ORIGO: - The Last Attachment : the story of Byron and Teresa Guiccioli as told in their unpublished letters and other family papers.
51534: DAVID LEPINE & NICHOLAS ORME: - Death and Memory in Medieval Exeter.
54620: NICHOLAS ORME: - The Minor Clergy of Exeter Cathedral : Biographies 1250 - 1548.
48673: NICHOLAS ORME: - The Minor Clergy of Exeter Cathedral : Biographies 1250 - 1548.
38538: GEORGE ORMEROD: - The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester [volume 2 only, extra-illustrated].
46648: ROGER ORMEROD: - Landscape with Corpse : a Philipa Lowe and Oliver Simpson novel of suspense.
36086: ARTHUR ORRMONT: - Diplomat in Warpaint: Chief Alexander McGillivray of the Creeks.
25483: J LEE OSBORN: - Fragments that remain.
38530: ALAN OSBORNE [EDITOR]: - Patron; Industry supports the Arts.
37455: A L OSBORNE: - Electricity in Building.
38337: LT-COL A H OSMAN: - Pigeons, and how to keep them.
50571: F P B OSMASTON: - The Art and genius of Tintoret [Tintoretto], volume II.
53758: W BISCOMBE GARDNER AND OTHERS: - Dickens Country Water-colours [watercolours].
48017: GORDON OTTEWELL: - Warde Fowler of Kingham: Oxford Don and Ornithologist.
32581: GORDON OTTEWELL: - Square Peg; memoirs of a misfit miner.
44003: OTTO BENESCH, EDITED BY EVA BENESCH: - Otto Benesch, collected writings, volume 1: Rembrandt.
47795: OTTO KLEMPERER, EDITED BY CHARLES OSBORNE & KENNETH THOMSON: - Klemperer Stories : anecdotes, sayings and impressions of Otto Klemperer.
33108: ANN OUGHTON: - Thanks for the Memory.
37341: OUIDA: - Views and Opinions.
53017: E A OULD, ILLUSTRATED BY JAMES PARKINSON: - Old Cottages, Farm Houses (farmhouses) and other half-timber buildings in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Cheshire.
53930: IDA RENTOUL OUTHWAITE: - The Road to Fairyland.
54415: MARK OVENDON: - Great Railway Maps of the World.
52351: ROY OWEN: - Norwegian Railways from Stephenson to high-speed.
19531: ELEANOR J OWEN: - Children at the Chantry.
22428: OWEN MEREDITH, FIRST EARL OF LYTTON [IE EDWARD ROBERT BULMER LYTTON]: - Serbski Pesme, or national songs of Serbia.
44491: JOHN OWEN: - Life on the Railway.
34033: CUNLIFFE OWEN: - The Phoenix and the Dove.
13846: PABLO BALBONTIN ARENAS, WITH TEXT BY JOSE IGNACION AGUIRRE, GIOVANNA CALVENZI & ORNELLA SANGIOVANNI: - I Dannati: Iraq, la guerra silenziosa (The Damned: Iraq, the silent war).
46945: ANTONIO BERNI AND MARCELO PACHECO: - Antonio Berni : Obras Graficas.
44832: WILLIAM PACKER [EDITOR]: - Lynn Chadwick 1914 - 2003.
49345: THOMAS PADON: - Contemporary Photography and the Garden : Deceits and Fantasies.
7026: PAGAN, ANNA M: - Our roads and travellers through the centuries.
38778: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Index volume.
24787: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Kent, volume One (I).
20276: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Northampton (Northamptonshire), volume Three (III).
20298: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Durham, volume One (I).
35176: PETER LE PAGE: - A Working Lifetime; from ship's apprentice to digging graves.
18098: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Durham, volume two (II).
38600: THOMAS NELSON PAGE: - Red Rock; a chronicle of reconstruction.
43945: BETTY BENINGFIELD & ROBIN PAGE: - Beningfield's Orchards.
24929: J W PAGE: - Primitive Races of to-day (today).
44085: WILLIAM PAGE [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the County of Nottingham [Nottinghamshire], volume One (I).
54801: MARY PAGET [EDITOR]: - Man of the Valleys : the Recollections of a South Wales Miner.
46919: CORONET [COL WALTER FABER] & MAJOR GUY PAGET: - Wit and Wisdom of the Shires.
43612: KURT PAHLEN: - The World of the Oratorio - oratorio, mass requiem, te deum, stabat mater and large cantatas.
47810: OLIVE M PAIN: - Tewkesbury : the Day before Yesterday.
51755: SHEILA PAINE [EDITOR]: - Six Children Draw.
33149: THOMAS PAINE: - The Last Crisis, no. XIII.
43779: THOMAS PAINE: - The Age of Reason, with an original life of the author [with Shelley on Blasphemy, being his letter to Lord Ellenborough].
49542: MORTON D PALEY: - William Blake.
51747: REV WILLIAM PALEY: - Sermons, on several subjects, bu the Late William Paley D.D., Subdean of Lincoln, Prebendary of St Paul's and Rector of Bishopwearmouth.
9983: PALEY, F A: - Greek Wit; a collection of smart sayings and anecdotes translated from Greek prose writers.
30112: REGINALD F D PALGRAVE: - The House of Commons; illustrations of its history and practice.
26084: ANDREA PALLADIO: - Cztery Ksiegi o Architekturze [I Quattro Libri dell'architettura].

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