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35012: HORACE, EDITED BY PHILIP FRANCIS: - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical notes collected from his best Latin and French commentators, volume 1.
38085: HORACE NEWCOMB, CARY O'DELL & NOELLE WATSON [EDITORS]: - Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Television [3 volumes].
20403: HORACE WALPOLE, EARL OF ORFORD: - Memoires of the last ten years of the reign of George the Second [volume 1].
29145: J HORACE ROUND & REV F W RAGG, EDITED BY WILLIAM PAGE: - Victoria History of the County of Buckingham (Buckinghamshire), part 8, The Buckinghamshire Domesday.
49192: BILL HORAN: - Military Model Showcase.
46699: SYDNEY HORLER: - On the Ball! : a Football Story.
53876: A H (CHUBB) HORLOCK, EDITED BY R J HORLOCK: - Mistleyman's Log : chronicles of a barging life.
16613: HOLLOWAY HORN: - Round the Mulberry Bush.
18481: W O VON HORN [W OERTEL]: - The Rhine; history and legends of its castles, abbeys, monasteries and towns.
37511: DAN MEINERTZHAGEN & R P HORNBY: - Bird Life in an Arctic Spring; the diaries of Dan Meinertzhagen and R P Hornby.
48433: ALAN HORNE: - The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators.
38347: PETER R G HORNSBY: - Decorated Biscuit Tins.
33912: SIDNEY HORROCKS [EDITOR]: - A contribution towards a Lancashire Bibliography 6; Lancashire history and topography, historical periods pre-Roman; Roman; pre-Norman.
52201: ROSEMARY HORROX [EDITOR]: - Beverley Minster : an illustrated history.
13551: HORSFALL, MAGDALENE: - London Again, again.
5756: HORSNELL, HORACE: - The Tyro's Vade Mecum, or, how to take the stage.
4368: HORST, GREGOR [HORSTI, GREGORI; HORSTII, GREGORII; HORSTIO, GREGORIO]: - Observationum Medicarum Singularium; de re Medica Varia consultationum et epistolarum medicinalium.
10181: HORSTING, L H C: - Pawiro zwerftochten door Indie.
11048: HORSWELL, MAUD: - An unusual romance.
50072: MALCOLM HORTON: - Artists' Oxford.
52821: ALFRED J HORWOOD [EDITOR]: - Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the First, Years XX and XXI.
43405: CATHERINE HORWOOD: - Potted History: The Story of Plants in the Home.
10515: HOSKING, KENNETH J: - Weather we like it or not; sixty years of weather at Ryde.
45752: LESLEY HOSKINS [EDITOR]: - The Papered Wall : history, pattern, technique.
19080: W G HOSKINS [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Leicester (Leicestershire), volume Two (II).
17256: H D HOSKOLD: - A practical treatise on mining, land and railway surveying, engineering etc, containing the errors of the magnetic needle, practical geometry and trigonometry, with description, use and adjustments of the miners' new transit theodolite.
5783: HOSPITALII, MICHAELIS [MICHEL DE L'HOPITAL]: - Michaelis Hospitalii Galliarum Cancelarii, Carmina; editio a prioribus diverse & auctior.
50804: DAVID HOTHAM: - The Turks.
24379: R P VINCENTII HOUDRY: - Bibliotheca Concionatoria, ethices Christianae praecipua continens argumenta, ordine Alphabetico digesta, e Gallico sermone in Latinum translata [5 volumes].
53560: SIMON HOUFE [INTRODUCTION]: - The Birth of The Studio 1893 - 1895.
21205: ROBERT LORD HOUGHTON: - Stray Verses 1889-1890.
21198: ROBERT LORD HOUGHTON: - Stray Verses 1889-1890.
32411: CERI HOUSE: - Ceri House; a Self Portrait.
40922: GEOFFREY HOUSEHOLD: - Fellow Passenger.
34234: LAURENCE HOUSMAN: - The Comments of Juniper; six plays from the life and legend of St Francis of Assisi.
43178: ARSENE HOUSSAYE: - La Comedie Francaise 1680 - 1880.
43180: ARSENE HOUSSAYE: - Moliere - sa Femme et sa Fille.
23315: GEORGE HOUSTON [EDITOR]: - The County of Dumfries [the third statistical account of Scotland].
41023: MARY G HOUSTON: - Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian & Persian Costume.
48639: L A J R HOUWEN [EDITOR]: - The Deidis of Armorie : A Heraldic Treatise and Bestiary [volume 2].
48638: L A J R HOUWEN [EDITOR]: - The Deidis of Armorie : A Heraldic Treatise and Bestiary [2 volumes].
22806: A HOUZE: - Atlas Historique de l'Angleterre, compose de dix cartes geographiques, donnant les differentes divisions et modifications territoriales de l'Angleterre.
40237: RIGHT REV W WALSHAM HOW: - Plain Words, Third Series - forty meditations with a view to the deepening of the religious life.
50315: LUKE HOWARD: - Translations from the Vulgar Latin of Four Books of the Apocrypha : Liber Ecclesiasticus, the Book of the Church : Liber Sapientiae, the Book of Wisdom of Solomon : The Book of Tobias (Tobit) : and part of the Book of Daniel.
46641: DAVID HOWARTH: - Panama : Four Hundred (400) Years of Dreams and Cruelty.
32776: FREDERIC W HOWAY [EDITOR]: - Voyages of the Columbia to the Northwest Coast, 1787-1790 and 1790-1793 [Bibliotheca Australiana Extra Series].
40831: W J HOWCROFT: - Swimming and Water Polo [The Sportsman's Library].
53469: ELLIC HOWE [EDITOR]: - The Trade : Passages from the literature of the Printing Craft 1550 - 1935.
51553: DAVID W HOWELL: - Taking Stock; the Centenary History of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.
12607: HOWELL, BEN: - Law and Disorder in Tudor Monmouthshire.
54178: GEORGINA HOWELL: - Daughter of the Desert : the remarkable life of Gertrude Bell.
25716: WILLIAM D HOWELLS: - Minor Dramas (Comedies and Farces), volume I.
5455: HOWLAND, WALDO: - A life in boats; the years before the war.
3707: HOWSON, J S & RIMMER, ALFRED: - Chester as it was.
50204: GERALD HOWSON: - Burgoyne of Saratoga : a biography.
36317: TOM HUBBARD [EDITOR]: - The New Makars; the Mercat Anthology of Contemporary Poetry in Scots.
8785: HUBERT, GERARD: - Gothic France [countries of the world #16].
45391: G HUDDLESTON: - History of the East Indian Railway.
52074: SISLEY HUDDLESTON: - Bohemian Literary and Social Life in Paris : Salons, Cafes, Studios.
46791: C ROY HUDLESTON [EDITOR]: - Durham Recusants' Estates 1717 - 1778.
9039: HUDSON, E F: - Hudson's road atlas of England and Wales, south-west section.
48430: T P HUDSON [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Sussex, volume VI (6), part 2, Bramber Rape (North-western part) including Horsham.
16128: PETER HUDSON: - The French Scholar's Guide; or, an easy help for translating French into English.
53002: FORD MADOX HUEFFER: - The Cinque Ports : a historical and descriptive record.
48977: CHRISTIANE HUET: - Bayeux au Siecle des Lumieres : Embellissements, urbanisme et architecture au XVIIIe siecle.
53841: SAMUEL HUGGINS: - The Course and Current of Architecture : being an historical account of the origin, successive and simultaneous developments, relations, periods and characteristics of its various known styles.
52850: R S O DIREAIN & F MC HUGH [MCHUGH]: - Islandmagee & Templecorran : a Postcard History.
44357: LT COLONEL HENRY HUGHES: - Through Mighty Seas, or the romance of a little Wind-jammer.
53011: PETER HUGHES: - The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Furniture [3 volumes].
42164: LT COLONEL HENRY HUGHES: - Through Mighty Seas, or the romance of a little Wind-jammer.
43370: T M HUGHES: - An Overland Journey to Lisbon at the close of 1846, with a picture of the actual state of Spain and Portugal, volume I.
29184: M W HUGHES [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of the Feet of Fines for the County of Buckingham, 7 Richard I to 44 Henry III.
52224: PAT HUGHES [EDITOR]: - Blackfriars [Worcester Streets].
49732: HENRY FRASER & RONNIE HUGHES: - Historic Houses of Barbados.
29685: P G HUGHES: - Ramblers' Guide to Eastbourne district.
32867: GLYN HUGHES: - Presence.
51011: GRAHAM HUGHES: - Marit Guinness Aschan : Enamellist of our time.
47305: JOHN HUGHES: - Port in a Storm : the air attacks on Liverpool and its shipping in the Second World War.
50002: ANNABELLE HUGHES [EDITOR]: - Sussex Clergy Inventories 1600 - 1750.
53276: GRAHAM HUGHES: - Barns of Rural Britain.
14479: THOMAS HUGO: - An illustrated itinerary of the ward of Bishopsgate, in the City of London.
51220: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Pioneer Roads and Experiences of of Travelers volume II [Historic Highways of America, volume 12].
51221: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Military Roads of the Mississippi Basin : the Conquest of the Old Northwest [Historic Highways of America, volume 8].
51224: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Pioneer Roads and Experiences of of Travelers volume I [Historic Highways of America, volume 11].
51219: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Indian Thoroughfares [Historic Highways of America, volume 2].
51227: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Portage Paths : the Keys of the Continent [Historic Highways of America, volume 7].
51222: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Waterways of Westward Expansion : the Ohio River and its Tributaries [Historic Highways of America, volume 9].
51229: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT: - Boone's Wilderness Road [Historic Highways of America, volume 6].
37653: CHARLES C HULING: - American Candy Maker.
42670: A EAGLEFIELD HULL: - Organ Playing - its technique and expression.
43902: E M HULL: - Camping in the Sahara.
22084: E M HULL: - The Sheik; a novel.
48721: M R HULL: - The Roman Potters' Kilns of Colchester.
24772: F HULL [EDITOR]: - A Kentish Miscellany.
49900: F EDWARD HULME: - Proverb Lore : many sayings, wise or otherwise, on many subjects, gleaned from many sources.
14168: HUMBER, WILLIAM: - A complete treatise on cast and wrought iron bridge construction, including iron foundations, volume 2 (plates).
14060: WILLIAM HUMBER: - A Practical Treatise of Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges.
20484: ARTHUR L HUMPHREYS: - Old Decorative Maps and Charts.
5712: HUMPHREYS, H NOEL: - Coin collector's manual (complete in two volumes).
45088: A L HUMPHREYS: - Antique Maps and Charts [Old Decorative Maps and Charts]
38102: SYDNEY HUMPHRIES: - Oriental carpets, runners and rugs, and some Jacquard reproductions.
44923: MRS HUMPHRY [MADGE OF TRUTH]: - Manners for Men.
5722: HUMPHRYS, L G, ILLUSTRATED BY RENE CLOKE: - Weather in Britain.
45367: DAVID HUNN: - Aiming High : the story of Margaret Price.
50897: BASIL HUNNISETT: - Steel-engraved book illustration in England.
38890: WILLIAM HUNT: - The Victorian Elver Wars; time of trial.
10360: HUNT, LEIGH, ILLUSTRATED BY HORACE J KNOWLES: - The months, descriptive of the successive beauties of the year.
47491: DAVID ADDEY & SHALLY HUNT: - The Medway : sketches along the river, based on Samuel Ireland's Picturesque Views on the River Medway (1793).
3871: HUNTER, GEOFFREY: - Twenty-Six poems.
26265: FRANK HURLBUTT: - Bristol Porcelain.
46036: PAMELA HURLE: - Hanley Castle; heart of Malvern Chase.
48674: PAMELA HURLE: - Castlemorton Farmer; John Rayer Lane 1798-1871.
52372: JOHN HURST: - Watercolour Words.
48271: STEVE HURST: - Famous Faces of the Spanish Civil War : Writers and Artists in the Conflict 1936 - 1939.
33500: HERBERT HURST: - Oxford Topography: an essay.
52357: GEOFFREY HURST: - Register of Closed Railways 1948 - 1991.
52015: J S HURT: - Elementary Schooling and the Working Classes 1860 - 1918.
52295: TIMOTHY B HUSBAND: - The Luminous Image : Painted Glass Roundels in the Lowlands, 1480 - 1560.
6101: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER: - The old homes of Britain; the southern counties; Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Middlesex.
50625: H CLIFFORD SMITH & CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY: - [The Complete History of] Buckingham Palace; its furniture, decoration & history.
43923: H AVRAY TIPPING & CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY: - English Homes, period IV vol II; the work of Sir John Vanbrugh and his school, 1699-1736.
43621: H AVRAY TIPPING & CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY: - English Homes, period IV vol II; the work of Sir John Vanbrugh and his school, 1699-1736.
54109: JOHN HUSTON: - Hydraulic Dredging : theoretical and applied.
9997: HUTCHINGS, RICHARD: - Isle of Wight literary haunts.
48575: WALTER J HUTCHINGS: - Out of the Blue; history of the Devon Constabulary.
50648: CLIVE D HUTCHINSON: - Birds in Ireland.
51895: LESTER HUTCHINSON: - The Conspiracy of Catiline.
6632: HUTCHINSON, A S M: - The year that the locust -.
32198: VERE HUTCHINSON: - Great Waters.
48286: PETER CO & PETER HUTCHISON: - Seeds of Adventure : In Search of Plants.
20826: KENNETH HUTCHISON: - One Cap over the Windmill.
51510: JANE CAMPBELL HUTCHISON [HUTCHINSON]: - Albrecht Durer : a biography.
34790: RAY HUTTON [EDITOR]: - Silverstone: Fifty Golden Years.
17186: EDWARD HUTTON: - The Pageant of Venice.
50514: EDWARD HUTTON: - Florence and the cities of Northern Tuscany, with Genoa.
45262: EDWARD HUTTON: - Country Walks about Florence.
51466: J F HUXFORD: - Honour and Arms : the story of some augmentations of honour.
49914: ALDOUS HUXLEY: - Those Barren Leaves.
51503: ALDOUS HUXLEY: - After many a Summer.
52730: JULIAN HUXLEY: - The Uniqueness of Man.
36767: RENE HUYGHE: - Delacroix.
19230: RENE HUYGHE: - La Peinture Francaise, XVIIIme et XIXme siecles (figures et portraits); les chefs-d'oeuvre de l'art Francais a l'exposition internationale de 1937.
46201: RALPH HYDE: - Ward Maps of the City of London.
12388: HYDE, RALPH [EDITOR]: - Stanford's library map of London and its suburbs, 24 sheets on the scale of six inches to a mile.
31792: F A HYETT: - County Bibliographies: A Paper Read Before the Bibliographical Society, March 18th, 1895, by F. A.Hyett. with the Suggestions and Recommendations Approved by the Society, January, 1896.
17790: FLORENCE B HYETT [EDITOR]: - Fifty London Rhymes for Children.
53675: STUART HYLTON: - A History of Reading.
29670: CAROLINE HYMAN: - Portrait of a Valley; the Hambleden Valley in photographs.
35881: CUTCLIFFE HYNE: - Further Adventures of Captain Kettle.
36711: IAN A C DEJARDIN, DESMOND SHAWE-TAYLOR & GILES WATERFIELD: - Rembrandt to Gainsborough; masterpieces from Dulwich Picture Gallery.
52458: THE EARL OF IDDESLEIGH: - The Pleasures, Dangers and Uses of Desultory Reading.
14580: IGNACE MARIETAN, PREFACE DE PIERRE GRELLET: - Ame et visages du Valais.
43588: IGNASI DE SOLA-MORALES, CHRISTIAN CIRICI & FERNANDO RAMOS: - Mies van der Rohe - Barcelona Pavilion.
44819: CHARLES A RILEY II: - The Saints of Modern Art : The Ascetic Ideal in Contemporary Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music Dance, Literature and Philosophy.
51530: COLONEL ROY M STANLEY II: - Looking down on War : The Normandy Invasion - Imagery from WWII Intelligence Files.
21068: EARL A POWELL III [PREFACE]: - The James A Michener Collection; twentieth century American painting.
52119: DAISAKU IKEDA: - The Snow Country Prince.
46713: BRIAN CLIFFORD & NEIL ILLINGWORTH: - The Voyage of the Golden Lotus.
14528: PETER INCHBALD: - The sweet short grass.
19900: CHARLES THWAITES & JOHN INDERMAUR: - The student's guide to constitutional law and legal history.
11660: INGAMELLS, JOHN: - The Wallace Collection catalogue of pictures volume 1 - British, German, Italian, Spanish.
25242: ALFRED INGHAM: - Cheshire: its traditions and history, including a record of the rise and progress of Freemasonry in this ancient province.
38183: ALFRED INGHAM: - Cheshire, its traditions and history, including a record of the rise and progress of Freemasonry in this ancient province.
34641: HOLCOMBE INGLEBY: - Poems and Plays.
34300: ROY INGLETON: - Policing Kent 1800 - 2000: guarding the Garden of England.
16325: SIMON INGLIS [EDITOR]: - The best of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly.
54060: HARRY R G INGLIS: - The Contour Road Book of Ireland; a series of elevation plans of the roads, with measurements and descriptive letterpress.
52350: EINAR FALUR INGOLFSSON: - Urvalid : The Selection - Islenskar Ijosmyndir (Icelandic Photographs) 1866 - 2009.
48010: ROGER INGPEN: - The Glory of Belgium.
29230: REV H T INMAN: - Near Oxford; a popular historical and architectural handbook to over a hundred places of interest within a radius of about fifteen miles.
33870: IRINA DANILOVA [OBERLEITUNG], ILLUSTRATED BY HEINRICH SCHLIEMANN: - Der Schatz aus Troja: die Ausgrabungen von Heinrich Schliemann.
50678: CHIPPY IRVINE: - The English Room.
41733: CHIPPY IRVINE: - The English Room.
46918: MAJOR GUY PAGET & LIONEL IRVINE: - The Flying Parson and Dick Christian [limited edition].
54177: JAMES W IRVINE: - Lerwick : the birth and growth of an island town.
12008: IRVING, WASHINGTON: - A chronicle of the conquest of Granada, from the Mss of Fray Antonio Agapida [volume 2 only].
25314: MARGARET IRWIN: - Fire Down Below.
41393: MICHAEL D J IRWIN: - The Nuffield Album.
32719: ISAAC WILLIAMS, EDITED BY THE VEN SIR GEORGE PREVOST: - The Autobiography of Isaac Williams, B.D., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford.
30534: ISHBEL CURRIER, TRANSLATED BY CLAUDE AUBRY: - Evergreen Island, or how Growley-Wowley made Friends (L'Ile Verte, ou comment Grognon se fit des amis).
16222: GRACE ISHERWOOD: - Monumental Brasses in the Bedfordshire churches.
20331: D'ISRAELI [DISRAELI]: - Miscellanies of Literature, by D'Israeli [2 volumes].
26495: I D'ISRAELI: - Romances; consisting of a Persian, a Roman and an Arcadian Romance.
52064: MIROSLAV IVANOV: - The Assassination of Heydrich, 27 May 1942.
44409: JAMES IZETT: - Maori Lore : the traditions of the Maori People with the more important of their legends.
27352: JACINTO BENAVENTE, TRANSLATED BY JOHN GARRETT UNDERHILL: - Plays by Jacinto Benavente, third series.
21335: JACK RUSSELL, WITH A FOREWORD BY ALAN KNOTT: - A cricketer's art; sketches by Jack Russell.
53811: L P JACKS: - The Heroes of Smokeover.
30764: JOANNA JACKSON: - A year in the life of Wimbledon.
52566: PETER WARD-JACKSON: - English Furniture Designs of the Eighteenth Century.
42718: FLORENCE E JACKSON: - A Portrait of Prestbury.
25010: WILLIAM HOLT-JACKSON: - The Handbook of Camping Out; a manual for every camper.
47650: JONATHAN BATE & RUSSELL JACKSON [EDITORS]: - Shakespeare : an illustrated stage history.
53790: ALAN A JACKSON: - London's Termini.
51037: F HAMILTON JACKSON: - Intarsia and Marquetry [Handbook for the Designer and Craftsman].
51882: CAROL MAXWELL & PETER JACKSON: - Painswick and the Great War.
23482: SIR CHARLES JAMES JACKSON: - English Goldsmiths and their marks: a history of the Goldsmiths and plate workers (plateworkers) of England, Scotland and Ireland.
969: JACKSON, J A; NOYCE, C W F; TILLY, T H; WHITTLE, G: - A Climber's guide to Sonamarg, Kashmir.
47614: LUCIE E JACKSON: - Daisy Ralston, or a Regular Tomboy.
46466: T STURGES JACKSON [EDITOR]: - Logs of the Great Sea Fights 1794 - 1805, volume II.
20398: JAMES JACKSON: - A treatise on Agriculture and Dairy Husbandry.
51474: F HAMILTON JACKSON: - Rambles in the Pyrenees and the adjacent districts, Gascony, Pays de Foix & Roussillon.
23566: G G JACKSON, ILLUSTRATED BY A CHIDLEY (ETC): - All Out [Dean's Gold Medal Books, no. 2].
32769: SIR CHARLES JAMES JACKSON: - English Goldsmiths and their marks: a history of the Goldsmiths and plate workers (plateworkers) of England, Scotland and Ireland.
27579: JOANNA JACKSON: - A year in the life of Windsor and Eton.
53497: HOLBROOK JACKSON: - The Anatomy of Bibliomania.
36835: MARK TULLY & SATISH JACOB: - Amritsar; Mrs Gandhi's Last Battle.
45289: NAOMI JACOB: - Impressions from Italy.
26499: P L JACOB: - Paris Ridicule et Burlesque au dix-septieme siecle, par Claude le Petit, Berthod, Scarron, Francois Colletet, Boileau etc.
53470: CHARLES T JACOBI: - Some Notes on Books and Printing : a guide for authors, publishers & others.
1684: JACOBS, CHARLES: - A truce to obedience.
54073: MICHAEL JACOBS: - The Painted Voyage : Art, Travel and Exploration 1564 - 1875.
53334: JOSEPH JACOBS: - More Celtic Fairy Tales.
53332: JOSEPH JACOBS: - The Book of Wonder Voyages.
53333: JOSEPH JACOBS: - Celtic Fairy Tales.
47679: JACQUES CANETTI, RENE BARTHELEMY & JEAN CHAUVEAU: - Cahiers d'Histoire de la Radiodiffusion, numero 54, l'annee radiophonique 1947, Septembre-Novembre 1997.
33897: HANS L C JAFFE: - Vordemberge-Gildewart; Mensch und Werk.
39740: LESLIE JAMES: - A Chronology of the Construction of Britain's Railways 1778-1855.
40274: JAMES BEATTIE, EDITED BY RALPH S WALKER: - James Beattie's Day-Book 1773 - 1798.
32228: JAMES L CAW, ILLUSTRATED BY SIR HENRY RAEBURN: - Portraits by Sir Henry Raeburn.
49963: JAMES STUART, REVISED BY REV AMBROSE COLEMAN: - Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh.
49712: REV C S JAMES [EDITOR]: - The Registers of Edgbaston Parish Church 1636 - 1812, volume II, Marriages 1754 - 1812.
20224: JAMES W R ADAMS, EDITED BY PETER LAWS: - Homes in the Countryside; problems of conservation.
39541: JOHN COMINO-JAMES: - A Few Streets; A Few People (pocas calles, pocas personas); photographs from Cayo Hueso, Havana (fotografias de Cayo Hueso, La Habana), 2002 - 2005.
40508: DAVID H JAMES: - The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire.
13988: JAMES RUSBY, EDITED BY JAMES GILLILAND SIMPSON: - St Peter's at Leeds, being an account historical and descriptive of the parish church.
13447: JAMES THOMSON, MR MURDOCH & J AIKEN: - The Seasons by James Thomson, with his life, by Mr Murdoch, an essay on the plan and manner of the poem by J Aiken M.D., and a complete glossary and index.
13760: JAMES, ARTHUR C: - A lay of Norwich shavings from the shelf Aschamica.
2652: JAMES, WINIFRED: - A man for empire.
14931: JOHN H JAMES: - A history and survey of the cathedral church of ss Peter, Paul, Dubritius, Teilo and Oudoceus, Llandaff.
14818: JOHN H JAMES: - A history and survey of the Cathedral Church of SS. Dubritius, Teilo and Oudeceus, and afterwards SS. Peter and Paul, Llandaff.
24478: RALPH N JAMES: - Painters and their works: a dictionary of great artists who are not now alive, giving their names, lives and the prices paid for their works at auctions, volumes I, II & III: Aalst to Hyre, Ibbetson to Rysbregts, Sabbatini to Zyl, and appendices.
48463: JAMES I ROBERTSON JR, ILLUSTRATED BY MORT KUNSTLER: - Gods and Generals : the paintings of Mort Kunstler.
52621: HENRY JAMES: - Italian Hours.
53382: HENRY JAMES: - The Portrait of a Lady.
46786: M E JAMES [EDITOR]: - Estate Accounts of the Earls of Northumberland 1562 - 1637.
52005: PAUL JAMES [EDITOR]: - Birds of Sussex.
50382: JAMES MAGGS, EDITED BY ALAN BOTTOMLEY: - The Southwold Diary of James Maggs 1818-1876, volume II, 1848 - 1876.
31300: JAMES M'NAYR (MCNAYR): - A Guide from Glasgow, to some of the most remarkable scenes in the Highlands of Scotland and to the Falls of the Clyde.
44348: STORM JAMESON: - The Other Side.
42659: STORM JAMESON: - The Intruder.
26464: MRS JAMESON: - Memoirs of the early Italian painters.
43235: JAN HAMER & NADINE WEILAND, WITH ESSAYS BY ALAIN DE BOTTON, GERHARD MATZIG & ERICH PRODL: - Urlaubs-architektur 2 - Ferienhauser und kleine Hotels in Europa, a guide to architectural retreats in Europe.
13848: JAN VERCRUYSSE, WITH AN ESSAY BY PIER LUIGI TAZZI: - Portraits of the artist.
52397: JANE PUGIN, EDITED BY CAROLINE STANFORD: - Dearest Augustus and I : the Journal of Jane Pugin.
48539: JANE SHADEL SPILLMAN, SUSAN S HERMANOS & GREGORY A KUHARIC: - The Elegant Epergne from the Bunny and Charles Koppelman Collection.
18701: ALBERT CHRIST-JANER: - George Caleb Bingham; frontier painter of Missouri.
2166: JANOSCH: - Just one apple.
41826: YORCK ALEXANDER HAASE & HAROLD JANTZ [EDITORS]: - The New World in the Treasures of an Old European Library : Die Neue Welt in den Schatzen einer alten europaischen Bibliothek.
6460: JARVIS, ROBIN: - The fatal strand [first edition].
45253: DAVID JASPER [EDITOR]: - Images of Belief in Literature.
43976: MORRIS JASTROW JR: - The War and the Bagdad Railway; the story of Asia Minor and its relation to the present conflict.
37881: WLADYSLAWA JAWORSKA: - Paul Gauguin et l'ecole de Pont-Aven.
43910: JEAN DE LA FONTAINE, ILLUSTRATED BY GUSTAVE DORE: - Jean de la Fontaine - the Fables; a selection rendered into the English Language by Elizur Wright, and adorned throughout with illustrations and decorations after Gustave Dore.
44455: JEAN BACHES [EDITOR], ILLUSTRATED BY ROLAND CARRE: - Chi-Chi, 4 numeros, (2, 3, 4, 5), Paris-Tabou.
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1987: LENNOX, GILBERT & ASHLEY, GISELA: - Third Party Risk: a play in three acts.
50735: FRANCIS LENYGON: - The decoration and furniture of English Mansions during the Seventeenth & Eighteenth centuries.
51602: M PAUL LEON: - Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925 [12 tomes].
44715: HARRY C BENTLEY & RUTH S LEONARD: - Bibliography of Works on Accounting by American Authors, volume I, 1796 - 1900.
46133: ELMORE LEONARD: - Bandits.
51963: M LERMONTOV: - A Hero of Our Time.
21782: JEAN DE LERY: - Viagem a Terra do Brasil (Biblioteca Historica Brasileira VII).
52646: LESLEY TIMINGS, WITH GEOFFREY COVELL: - An Teallach : The Forge.
42674: GEORGE D LESLIE: - Riverside Letters - a continuation of "Letters to Marco".
16553: EMMA LESLIE: - Esther's Regret.
3742: LESLIE, EMMA: - Hidden seed, or a year in a girl's life.
4350: LESLIE, HENRY: - Leslie's songs for little folks.
46105: EMMA LESLIE: - The Ferryman's Family ; or, Daisy Hope's Fortune.
46721: LESLIE JUDD AHLANDER (ETC), ILLUSTRATED BY TREVOR BELL: - Trevor Bell : a British Painter in America.
45444: ALBERT LETCHFORD: - A Series of Seventy Original Illustrations to Captain Sir R F Burton's Arabian Nights, and a Portrait of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton [Choice Edition de Luxe].
20615: DAVID LEVINSON: - Most of us are here against our will.
43344: EMILE LEVY [EDITEUR]: - Art et Decoration, revue mensuelle d'art moderne, tomes XV & XVI (Janvier-Juin 1904, Juillet-Decembre 1904).
29720: EVELYN LEWES: - Out with the Cambrians.
47848: JOHN LEWIS: - Three into One : The Three Counties Agricultural Society 1797 - 1997.
44084: A P M WRIGHT & C P LEWIS [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume nine (IX), Chesterton, Northstowe and Papworth Hundreds (North and North-west of Cambridge).
46210: M GWYNETH LEWIS: - The Printed Maps of Radnorshire 1578 - 1900.
54061: J M LEWIS: - The Medieval Tiles of Wales [Census of Mediaeval Tiles in Britain].
54055: DAVID LEWIS: - We, the Navigators : the ancient art of Landfinding in the Pacific.
48386: JIM LEWIS: - London's Lea Valley; more secrets revealed.
47460: C DAY LEWIS: - Overtures to Death and other poems.
33239: DAVID LEWIS: - Walks through history: Liverpool.
23187: LEON LEWIS: - Andree at the North Pole, with details of his fate.
48429: A P M WRIGHT & C P LEWIS [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume nine (IX), Chesterton, Northstowe and Papworth Hundreds (North and North-west of Cambridge).
28108: REV ARTHUR LEWIS: - The life and work of the Rev E J Peck among the Eskimos.
27484: ROY LEWIS: - Nothing but Foxes.
53426: JEAN LEYMARIE: - Balthus.
47540: J S LGILMOUR [EDITOR]: - Thomas Johnson; botanical journeys in Kent & Hampstead - a facsimile reprint with introduction and translation of his Iter Plantarum 1629 & Descriptio Itineris Plantarum 1632.
48984: MICHEL LHEURE: - Le Rayonnement de Notre-Dame de Paris dans ses paroisses 1170 - 1300.
49984: LIAM O'FLAHERTY: - Spring Sowing.
42915: ROBERT LIDDELL: - The Last Enchantments.
36449: H P LIDDON: - Easter in St Paul's: sermons bearing chiefly on the resurrection of Our Lord [2 volumes].
47296: LIEUTENANT GEORGE PEARD, EDITED BY BARRY M GOUGH: - To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey : the journal of Lieutenant George Peard of HMS Blossom 1825 - 1828.
6165: LIEVRE, EDOUARD [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Les collections celebres d'oeuvres d'art, dessinees et gravees d'apres les originaux par Edouard Lievre.
43041: EDOUARD LIEVRE: - Les Collections celebres d'Oeuvres d'Art, dessinees et gravees d'apres les originalaux, par Edouard Lievre.
46730: VIVIENNE LIGHT: - Colours of the Moment : paintings by Hilary Goddard.
37514: REV E LIGHTWOOD: - Ancient Egypt; its monuments, worship and people.
30779: FRED LILLEY: - Beyond the Call of Duty; a lifetime of looking for trouble and tempting fate.
46948: DAVID LILLINGTON: - Leo de Goede, Peter Koole & Jos van Merendonk.
18491: WILLIAM SAMUEL LILLY: - On right and wrong.
39547: HAK-TAE LIM: - Hidden Landscape; Photographs by Hak-Tae Lim, 2000.
31816: LINDA PARRY, TRANSLATED BY JUTTA FANURAKIS: - Milliam Morris, Textilkunst.
53429: E S LINDLEY: - Wotton under Edge; men and affairs of a Cotswold wool town.
53084: JON A LINDSETH: - Yours Very Sincerely C L Dodgson (alias Lewis Carroll) : an exhibition from the Jon A Lindseth Collection of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Lewis Carroll.
920: LINEHAM, WILFRID J: - A treatise on hand lettering.
53965: JOHN LINGARD: - The History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church [2 volumes].
26571: JOHN LINGARD: - A history of England from the first Invasion by the Romans, volume VIII (Eight).
3902: LINGARD, AUDREY: - The river awakening.
46115: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in America
46004: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in China.
46010: ERIC LINKLATER: - Private Angelo.
46179: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in China.
46176: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in America.
53977: KATHARINE BAETJER & J G LINKS: - Canaletto.
54001: LIONEL WILLIS, WITH NOTES BY BASIL GREENHILL: - The Coastal Trade : Sailing Craft of British Waters 900 - 1900.
32639: REVEREND ROBERT LIPPE [EDITOR]: - Selections from Wodrow's Biographical Collections.
38885: LISA DENNISON, NANCY SPECTOR & JOAN YOUNG: - Moving Pictures; contemporary photography and video from the Guggenheim Museum Collections.
39449: LISA HEIGHWAY, ILLUSTRATED BY MARCUS ADAMS: - Marcus Adams, Royal Photographer.
26586: RAYMOND LISTER: - Old Maps and Globes. with a list of cartographers, engravers, publishers and printers concerned with printed maps and globes from c. 1500 to c. 1850.
45086: RAYMOND LISTER: - Old Maps and Globes. with a list of cartographers, engravers, publishers and printers concerned with printed maps and globes from c. 1500 to c. 1850.
45087: RAYMOND LISTER: - Old Maps and Globes. with a list of cartographers, engravers, publishers and printers concerned with printed maps and globes from c. 1500 to c. 1850.
35319: R B LITCHFIELD: - Tom Wedgwood, the first Photographer; an account of his life, his discovery, and his friendship with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, including the letters of Coleridge to the Wedgwoods & an examination of accounts of alleged earlier photographic discoveries
51361: W J KNOX LITTLE: - St Francis of Assisi : his times, life and work.
50553: JAMES STANLEY LITTLE: - The Life and Work of William Q Orchardson R.A. [The Art Annual, 1897].
53569: J P BROOKE-LITTLE: - Boutell's Heraldry.
52217: JOHN LITTLE: - British Empire Civil Censorship Devices, World War II : Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands.
51729: J RAYMOND LITTLE: - Sketches of Georgian Bath.
38682: C J LITZENBERGER: - Tewkesbury Churchwardens' Accounts, 1563 - 1624 [Gloucestershire Record Series, volume 7].
32420: LIU MEI TING [EDITOR-IN-CHIEF], ILLUSTRATED BY LEE SUN-DON: - Totemic Universe: Lee Sun-Don, Totemic Energy Oil Painting.
32340: JINCHENG LIU: - Jincheng Liu.
32430: JINCHENG LIU: - Jincheng Liu.
21619: R K LIVESLEY: - An introduction to automatic digital computers.
20608: R K LIVESLEY: - An introduction to automatic digital computers.
20607: R K LIVESLEY: - An introduction to automatic digital computers.
54199: W P LIVINGSTONE: - Shetland and the Shetlanders.
38711: D M LIVOCK [EDITOR]: - City Chamberlains' Accounts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
10654: LLOYD, C M & FINCH, MARY E [EDITORS]: - Letters from John Wallace to Madam Whichcot & Some correspondence of John Farrell, deputy registrar 1802-1805.
43398: ROGER LLOYD: - The Church of England 1900 - 1965.
48219: MARK LLOYD: - The London Scottish in the Great War.
49578: L E LLOYD: - On the Sheep Track.
19971: HENRY JAMES LOARING: - Epitaphs: quaint, curious and elegant, with remarks on the obsequies of various nations.
53810: KATHARINE LOCHNAN: - TurnerWhistlerMonet [Turner Whistler Monet].
21509: H R LOCK: - Alfred William Rich, water-colour painter 1856-1921 (Walker's Quarterly no. 9, October 1922).
47580: A A EAGLESTONE & T A LOCKETT: - The Rockingham Pottery.
49545: TERENCE A LOCKETT: - Collecting Victorian Tiles.
31916: BERNARD LOCKETT: - Maybe its because I'm a Londoner.
19747: LAURENCE W M LOCKHART: - Mine is thine; a novel.
44429: R H BRUCE LOCKHART: - Return to Malaya.
51906: LEWIS LOCKWOOD: - Music in Renaissance Ferrara 1400 - 1505 : the Creation of a Musical Centre in the Fifteenth Century.
19715: LUKE VINCENT LOCKWOOD: - Colonial furniture in America.
25905: HERBERT HOPE LOCKWOOD: - Barking 100 years ago.
16908: EDMUND LODGE: - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, volumes 1 - 6.
20124: EDMUND LODGE: - Lodge's portraits and memoirs of eminent personages of Great Britain, div. II.
48079: MAX LOEHR: - The Great Painters of China.
52447: W J LOFTIE: - Kensington Palace and Gardens.
30052: W J LOFTIE: - Kensington, Picturesque & Historical.
51479: ERNEST A LOFTUS [COMPILER]: - A History of the Descendants of Maximilian Cole of Oxford, who flourished in the 17th Century [History of a Branch of the Cole Family].
46197: CHRISTOPHER LOGUE: - Lucky Dust.
32347: VITO LOLI: - Vito Loli
53118: ALAN LOMAX: - The Folk Songs of North America in the English Language.
14587: THE MARQUIS OF LONDONDERRY: - Recollections of a tour in the north of Europe in 1836-1837 [2 volumes].
38086: JOAN LONG & MARTIN LONG: - The Pictures that Moved; a picture history of the Australian Cinema 1896 - 1929, with scripts of the films The Pictures That Moved and The Passionate Industry.
52165: M H LONGHURST: - English Ivories.
27027: M H LONGHURST: - English Ivories.
53794: T MORRIS LONGSTRETH: - The Silent Force : scenes from the life of the Mounted Police of Canada.
29398: BRIAN LOOMES: - The concise guide to British Clocks.
51085: BRIAN LOOMES: - White Dial Clocks; the complete guide.
52100: BRIAN LOOMES: - Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, volume 2.
21106: MICHAEL ESSEX-LOPRESTI: - Exploring the new river.
49357: FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA: - Romance de la Guardia Civil Espanola : The Ballad of the Spanish Civil Guard.
25516: LORD DE TABLEY, EDITED BY SPENCER MOORE: - The Flora of Cheshire.
25970: CARLA LORD: - Royal French Patronage of Art in the Fourteenth Century; an annotated bibliography.
17804: JOHN PERCEVAL LORD: - Radium.
3090: LORD, ALFRED: - Luther, or Rome and the reformation.
27405: LORD BYRON, EDITED BY WILLIAM ANDERSON: - The poetical works of Lord Byron, illustrated centenary edition [2 volumes in 6 divisions],
25656: PETER LORD: - Gwenllian; essays on visual culture.
38240: LOREN PARTRIDGE, FABRIZIO MANCINELLI & GIANLUIGI COLALUCCI: - Michelangelo, the Last Judgment (Judgement); a glorious restoration.
48805: MARIE-JEANNE LORENTE: - The Art of Papermaking with Plants.
39332: ALBERTO LORENZI: - On Gran Milan: album famiglia di una citta (1870 - 1915).
46295: NORMA LORIMER: - By the Waters of Africa : British East Africa, Uganda and the Great Lakes.
42651: DOMINIQUE LORMIER: - La poche de La Rochelle 1939 - 1945.
53577: J P LOSTY: - Calcutta : City of Palaces - a survey of the city in the days of the East India Company 1690 - 1858.
48049: DAVID LOTH: - Lorenzo the Magnificent.
28137: S K LOTHROP, W F FOSHAG & JOY MAHLER: - Pre-Columbian Art (Robert Woods Bliss collection).
50309: K M LOUDON: - Iona and other verses.
40133: VIVIEN LOUGHEED: - Forbidden Mountains.
18246: G-K LOUKOMSKI: - Let Theatres anciens et modernes.
48807: MIKE LOVATT: - The River Isbourne in the Service of Mankind.
28121: JOHN DOUGLAS ERRINGTON LOVELAND: - The Romance of Nice.
50465: SAMUEL LOVER: - Legends and Stories of Ireland, second series.
49810: RICHARD LOVETT: - Pictures from Holland drawn with Pen and Pencil.
53955: LOW: - Low's Political parade, with Colonel Blimp.
52974: LOW, WITH INTERPRETATIONS BY LYNX: - Lions and Lambs.
43373: SIDNEY LOW: - Egypt in Transition.
30996: J A LOWE: - Records of the Portsmouth Division of Marines 1764 - 1800 (Portsmouth Record Series, volume 7).
42540: GUY LOWELL: - More Small Italian Villas & Farmhouses.
7480: LOWNDES, WILLIAM: - The Royal crescent in Bath; a fragment of English life.
37986: G LOWSON: - The Modern Farrier; containing the causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of preventing and curing the various diseases of horses, cows, oxen, sheep, swine and dogs.
31069: LEWIS R W LOYD: - The Birds of South-East Devon, being a list of those species known to visit that part of the county including and lying to the East of the Exe Valley.
43689: SAM LUBELL: - Paris 2000 + : New Architecture.
54019: W E LUCAS: - Eagle Fleet : the story of a Tanker Fleet in Peace and War.
14970: REGINALD LUCAS: - George II and his ministers.
51901: F L LUCAS: - Ariadne.
41643: EDGAR LUCAS [EDITOR]: - Modern House Building [3 volumes].
49696: SIR RICHARD LUCE: - The history of the Abbey and town of Malmesbury.
6750: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD: - Borrowed Emblems.
27273: NIGEL LUCKHURST: - A Photographer at the Aldeburgh Festival.
51957: J H LUCKING: - Railways of Dorset : an Outline of their Establishment, Development and Progress from 1825.
28643: W C LUCY: - The Origin of the Cotteswold Ckub, and an epitome of its proceedings from its formation to May 1887.
43626: JAMES A DRAKE & KRISTIN BEALL LUDECKE [EDITORS]: - Lily Pons - a centennial portrait.
4994: LUDLOW-HEWITT, A: - Breeding cows for milk.
52894: CAPTAIN W R LUDLOW: - Zululand and Cetewayo, containing an account of Zulu Customs, Manners and Habits, after a short residence in their Kraals.
31391: CARLYLE A LUER: - The Native Orchids of the United States and Canada, excluding Florida.
15144: LUIS DE CAMOES, PRODUCED BY MORGADO DE MATEUS: - 4o. centenario da 1a edicao de "Os Lusiadas", 1572 - 1972.
32139: LUIS G DE CANDAMO, TRANSLATED BY ROGER MORTIMORE: - R Lopez de Heredia; biography of the Supreme Rioja, vina Tondonia.
52767: ARIEL LUKE: - Garden Painters : Contemporary Artists.
52822: REV JOSEPH RAWSON LUMBY [EDITOR]: - Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis, together with the English Translations of John Trevisa and of an Unknown Writer of the Fifteenth Century, volume VII.
31315: HARRY LUMSDEN: - The Records of the Trades House of Glasgow, A.D. 1713-1777, with historical introduction "The Trades House 1605 to 1777".
43783: K A LUND, ILLUSTRATED BY GORDON ROBINSON: - Mrs Dusty-Fusser, how she swept into society.
41779: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, part I.
41780: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, parts I and II.
41778: GEORGE LUNGE: - Coal-Tar and Ammonia, part II, Coal-Tar.
41375: GEORGE LUNGE: - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali, with the collateral branches, volume I part I.
41376: GEORGE LUNGE: - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali, with the collateral branches, volume I part II.
51077: BARBARA TEPA LUPACK: - Illustrating Camelot.
34588: RICHARD LURIE: - Under the Great Barrier Reef.
27464: LEWIS LUSK [WALTER DELAPLAINE SCULL]: - Sussex Iron; a romance of the Forest Ridge, and of the man who started Shakespeare.
39960: ALBERT LUTZ: - Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries.
42305: H E LUXMOORE: - Eton from a Backwater.
33421: JOHN LYCETT: - The Cotteswold Hills hand-book.
7891: LYGO-BAKER, HAROLD: - Reflections of a village schoolmaster.
53623: OLIVER LYLE: - The efficient use of steam.
45507: EDWARD LYNAM: - The Map of the British Isles of 1546.
29906: BOHUN LYNCH: - Max Beerbohm in Perspective.
54173: BARRE LYNDON: - Combat : a Motor Racing History.
48107: MICHAEL LYNE: - A Parson's Son : Sporting Artist.
48889: MARTHA DREXLER LYNN: - The Clay Art of Adrian Saxe.
48672: ELWYN LYNN: - The Australian Landscape and its Artists.
28395: ROBIN CAMPBELL & NORBERT LYNTON [PREFACE]: - Pioneers of Modern Sculpture.

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