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24408: DR H GAMZU: - 10 Israel Painters.
56203: KATHLEEN ADLER & TAMAR GARB: - Berthe Morisot.
10539: GARDEN, J F: - The Selkirks; Nelson's Mountains.
19783: GORDON GARDINER: - Notes of a prison visitor.
39985: J STANLEY GARDINER [EDITOR]: - The Fauna and Geography of the Maldive and Laccadive Archipelagoes, being the account of the work carried on and of the collections made by an Expedition during the years 1899 and 1900 [complete in two volumes].
57894: J STANLEY GARDINER: - Coral reefs and atolls.
10891: GARDNER, PERCY: - Sculptured tombs of Hellas.
42844: EDMUND G GARDNER: - The Story of Florence [Mediaeval Towns series].
18764: PERCY GARDNER: - Oxford at the Cross roads; a criticism of the course of Litterae Humaniores in the University.
44072: AUGUSTUS KINSLEY GARDNER: - Old Wine in New Bottles : or, spare hours of a student in Paris.
56825: SIR JAMES AGG-GARDNER: - Some Parliamentary recollections.
54658: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER: - The Case of the Careless Cupid : a Perry Mason Mystery.
44208: DON GARDNER: - Don Gardner's Vagabond Book of the Coast of Cardigan Bay, from Cardigan to Aberaeron.
57031: LEON GARFIELD: - Jack Holborn.
54755: SIR HARRY GARNER: - Chinese Lacquer.
51446: DAVID S GARNETT: - Time in Eclipse.
27760: MORRIS GARRATT: - Samuel Bamford; portrait of a radical.
53045: VIC MITCHELL & ALLAN GARRAWAY: - Return to Blaenau 1970-82 [Great Railway Eras number 10].
46056: ERIC GARRETT: - Bradford Abbas : the history of a Dorset Village.
35280: JOHN HENRY GARRETT: - From a Cotswold height; a description of country scenes in Gloucestershire.
40375: ANN GARROULD: - Henry Moore Complete Drawings, volume 1, 1916-29
47403: BERNARD GARSIDE: - The Manor Lordship and Great Parks of Hampton Court during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, with a description of Hampton Wick Fields and the Thames Islands.
47400: BERNARD GARSIDE: - The History of Hampton School from 1556 to 1700, with a brief account of the years between 1700 and the present day.
45558: ANDREW GARVE: - The Narrow Search.
55307: GARY ARMSTRONG, WITH JOHN GARRETT: - Sheffield United FC : the biography.
8972: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER: - Murgatreud's Empire.
46196: DAVID GASCOYNE: - Extracts from "A Kind of Declaration" & Prelude to a new Fin-de-siecle.
43782: HARVEY GASKELL: - All about Teeny Weeny Feet - a doll from Japan.
14850: LADY C MILNES GASKELL: - Friends round the Wrekin.
58751: PHILIP GASKELL: - A Bibliography of the Foulis Press.
47854: PHILIP GASKELL: - A Bibliography of the Foulis Press.
58098: ERNEST GASKELL: - South Wales Leaders; social and political.
34508: JOSEP GASSET: - Cartografia de Catalunya, segles XVII-XVIII.
46366: PIERRE GASSIER: - Goya : a witness of his times.
58406: GASTON MASPERO, EDITED BY A H SAYCE, TRANSLATED BY M L MCCLURE: - The dawn of Civilization; Egypt and Chaldaea.
47793: CHARLES NEILSON GATTEY: - Queens of Song.
47794: CHARLES NEILSON GATTEY: - Foie Gras and Trumpets.
58921: CARLO GATTI: - Il Teatro alla Scala : nella storia e nell'arte (1778 - 1963), 2 volumes, including the Cronologia dalle origini al 1963.
23503: ALFRED SCOTT GATTY: - Little Songs for Little Voices, Book I.
18175: J GAUDET: - Elements et Theorie de l'Architecture [4 tomes].
39217: GAUFRIDUS DE COLDINGHAM, ROBERTUS DE GRAYSTANES ET WILLIELMUS DE CHAMBRE: - Historiae Dunelmensis, scriptores tres, Gaufridus de Coldingham, Robertus de Graystanes et Willielmus de Chambre [Dunelm Scriptores].
52988: PAUL GAUGUIN: - Noa Noa.
52317: RICHARD GAUNT: - In and Around Cambridge in the 1960s.
58725: J GAUTHIER: - Le Mobilier Auvergnat [Collection de l'art regional en France].
58724: J GAUTHIER: - Le Mobilier Bas-Breton [Collection de l'art regional en France].
58730: J GAUTHIER: - Le Mobilier Vendeen [Collection de l'art regional en France].
44373: EDWARD GAVEY: - A Picturesque History of Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey.
17241: I E GRAY AND A T GAYDON: - Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions Archives 1660 - 1889, and other official records.
51883: PHOEBE FENWICK GAYE: - Treen and Wild Horses.
38810: JOHN GAYLOR: - The Regimental Capbadge Collection.
41825: CLARA EGLI LE GEAR: - United States Atlases : a list of national, state, county, city and regional atlases in the Library of Congress [and cooperating libraries], 2 volumes bound in one.
19183: J B GEARING: - It's time for a story; a book for Cubmasters.
6353: GEDDES-BROWN, LESLIE: - The Floral Home.
46745: C A GEDGE: - David Delbridge.
13945: MARC BOSSAERTS & CATHERINE VAN GEEL: - Cinema d'en Francophonie.
34006: FOX GEEN: - The A B C (ABC) of Gliding.
52689: BARRIE GEENS: - From King's Heath to the Country, including Maypole, Yardley Wood and Happy Valley.
57342: N GELDHOF: - 70 Jaar Marineluchtvaartdienst.
58727: PAUL GELIS: - Le Mobilier Alsacien [Collection de l'art regional en France].
22387: ROY GENDERS: - Pigs for profit.
47252: LESLIE GENT: - Bolton Past.
54420: DAVID GENTLEMAN: - David Gentleman's London.
56101: DAVID GENTLEMAN: - David Gentleman's Britain.
47088: THE AUTHOR OF JOHN HALIFAX GENTLEMAN [DINAH MARIA MULOCK, AKA MRS CRAIK]: - Bread upon the Waters ; a family in love; a low marriage; the double house.
51915: THE AUTHOR OF JOHN HALIFAX GENTLEMAN [DINAH MARIA MULOCK, MRS CRAIK]: - Agatha's Husband & The Head of the Family.
49378: DAVID GENTLEMAN: - David Gentleman's Britain.
58845: GEOFFREY CHAUCER, EDITED BY F N ROBINSON: - The Canterbury Tales.
32826: GEOFFREY CHAUCER, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WALTER W SKEAT: - The works of Geoffrey Chaucer and others, being a reproduction in facsimile of the first collected edition 1532, from the copy in the British Museum.
57308: GEOFFREY MARTIN, REVISED BY WILFRID FRANCIS: - Industrial & Manufacturing Chemistry, part II, Inorganic, volume I.
42761: GEORG FRIEDRICH (GEORGE FREDERICK) HANDEL, EDITED BY JOS CORFE: - The Beauties of Handel, in three volumes, consisting of upwards of one hundred & fifty of his most favourite songs, duetts & trios, selected from the various works of this great Master, arranged with separate accompaniment for Piano Forte, 3 volumes.
15179: GEORG HIRTH, NEU BEARBEITET UND ERGANZT VON MAN VON BOEHN: - Kulturgeschichtliches bilderbuch aus vier jahrhunderten [2 bande]
58805: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, EDITED BY RICHARD A VOGLER: - Graphic Works of George Cruikshank.
56749: GEORGE MEREDITH, ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM HYDE: - The Nature Poems of George Meredith.
58536: GEORGE WITHER, EDITED BY JOHN HORDEN: - A Collection of Emblemes 1635.
48357: G M GEORGE: - Plain Jane.
39230: GEORGE TAYLOR, WITH ADDITIONS BY THE REV JAMES RAINE: - A Memoir of Robert Surtees esq, MA, FSA, author of the history of the County Palatine of Durham.
57647: ROSEMARY GEORGE: - The Wines of Chablis.
36236: GEORGE RACE, EDITED BY A W MOORING: - Seventy Years a Master: a Huntsman's Reminiscences.
57003: GILBERT & GEORGE: - Gilbert & George : the Naked Shit Pictures.
54721: GEORGE ORWELL, EDITED BY W J WEST: - Orwell : the War Commentaries.
51240: MR GEORGE VERTUE, EDITED BY HORACE WALPOLE: - Anecdotes of Painting in England, with some account of the principal artists, and incidental notes on other arts, volume I.
57265: GEORGE BRUNER PARKS, EDITED BY JAMES A WILLIAMSON: - Richard Hakluyt and the English Voyages.
58308: GEORGE VANCOUVER, EDITED BY W KAYE LAMB: - The Voyage of George Vancouver : a Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and Round the World, 1791 - 1795 [4 volumes].
37251: GEORGE MATEI CANTACUZINO, EDITAT DE DAN S STOICA: - Moldavie - tout ce que j'aime.
53410: JOHANNES GEORGI: - Mid-Ice : the Story of the Wegener Expedition to Greenland.
43157: HANIF KARA & ANDREAS GEORGOULIAS [EDITORS]: - Interdisciplinary Design - new lessons from Architecture and Engineering.
51618: GERARD PERIOT, TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD: - Night of the Tall Trees : an account of a journey of 1500 miles on foot through the Liberian Jungle.
48206: GERARD BEAUR, PHILLIPP R SCHOFIELD, JEAN-MICHEL CHEVET & MARIA TERESA PEREZ PICAZO [EDITORS]: - Property Rights, Land Markets and Economic Growth in the European Countryside (Thirteenth - Twentieth Centuries).
52664: GERARD D'ARCY: - Portrait of the Grand Canal.
56155: GERARD L'E TURNER: - Collecting Microscopes.
24203: WILLIAM H GERDTS: - The East and the Mid-Atlantic [Art Across America, two centuries of regional painting 1710-1920].
53213: CHARLOTTE GERE: - Victorian Jewellery Design
53501: ANTON GERITS: - Books, Friends and Bibliophilia : Reminiscences of an Antiquarian Bookseller.
58728: ALPHONSE GERMAIN: - Le Mobilier Bressan [Collection de l'art regional en France].
28480: GERTRUDE H HAMILTON [TRANSCRIBER], WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ELINOR R AUBREY: - Books of Examinations and Depositions 1570 - 1594, transcribed from the mss in the Audit House.
35408: LESLEY GERVAISE: - That Ancient River.
5994: GESNERO [GESNERI, GESNER], IO MATTHIA: - Scriptores Rei Rusticae veteres Latini Cato, Varro, Columella, Palladius quibus nunc accredit vegetius de Mulo-medicina et gargilii martialis fragmentum [2 volumes in one].
56855: FRANK GETLEIN: - Jack Levine.
36946: AAMIR GHAURI: - A Divine Destruction.
50356: F GHOZLAND: - Perfume Fantasies.
57339: PAUL LOUIS DE GIAFFERRI: - L'Histoire Du Costume Feminin Francais: Les Modes Du Moyen Age De L'an 1037 - 1870 [10 facsicules].
48992: AUGUSTO GIANNINI: - Le Cere del Museo dell'Istituto Fiorentino de Anatomia Patologica.
58971: GERALD GIBBENS: - Sidmouth in old picture postcards.
33869: MISS M L GIBBENS [EDITOR]: - Bibliography of Newport Borough.
53171: ROBERT GIBBINGS: - John Graham, Convict 1824.
18933: ERIC GIBBINS: - Scania [trucks today].
34350: JOHN GIBBON: - Introductio ad Latinam Blasoniam; an essay to a more correct Blason in Latine than formerly hath been used.
22975: FREDERICK P GIBBON: - The Lawrences of the Pubjab.
45016: STELLA GIBBONS: - My American : a romance.
57846: STELLA GIBBONS: - Cold Comfort Farm.
20197: WILLIAM GIBBS [ILLUSTRATOR]: - The Universal Decorator; a complete guide to ornamental design, including designs for cabinet makers, wood carvers, metal workers, Birmingham, Sheffield and the Potteries, scrolls, panels and general ornament, alphabets, initials and monograms.
6982: GIBBS, HENRY HUCKS: - A colloquy on currency.
52211: TOOTY GIBBS: - More Country Folk, Country Ways : Reflections of the Cotswolds.
34533: DAVID BOERI & JAMES GIBSON: - Tell it Good-bye, Kiddo; the decline of the New England Offshore Fishery.
56659: AUBREY STRAHAN & WALCOT GIBSON: - The Geology of The South Wales Coalfield, part V : the Country around Merthyr Tydfil.
52429: BRUCE GIBSON: - All Navigators is Bastards ! - the Autobiography of Wing Commander Bruce Gibson.
18142: WILLIAM SIDNEY GIBSON: - The history of the monastery founded at Tynemouth, in the diocese of Durham, to the honour of God, under the invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and S. Oswin, king & martyr [2 volumes].
52477: P J GIBSON: - Heritage Landscapes of the Irish Midlands and selected itineraries.
22476: WILLIAM GIBSON: - Recollections of other lands; Switzerland, Italy, Palestine etc.
51633: ALEX GIBSON: - Stonehenge & Timber Circles.
48917: ROBIN STAYT & PATRICIA GIBSON: - Royal Lamprey Pie of Gloucester : the history of a custom.
53162: CHARLES R GIBSON: - The Wonders of Coal : interesting descriptions of the origin of coal and its uses in modern life.
41355: CHARLES R GIBSON: - How Telegraphs and Telephones work, explained in non-technical language.
56658: AUBREY STRAHAN & WALCOT GIBSON: - The Geology of The South Wales Coalfield, part II, Abergavenny.
56645: WLACOT GIBSON: - The Geology of the Country around Stoke-uponTrent.
11654: GIELLY, LOUIS: - Jacopo della Quercia.
10706: GIFKINS, R C: - Aim-Imma; 50 years, records and recollections.
21902: W GILBERT: - The Inquisitor, or, the struggle in Ferrara; an historical romance (volumes 1 and 3).
58911: MARTIN GILBERT: - Winston S Churchill, volume V, 1922 - 1939.
58897: MARTIN GILBERT: - Winston S Churchill, volume VI, Finest Hour, 1939 - 1941.
58896: MARTIN GILBERT: - Winston S Churchill, volume VIII, Never Despair, 1945 - 1965.
52300: SIR W S GILBERT: - The Story of the Mikado.
13982: [LEICESTER, CAROLINE], ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN GILBERT: - Fanny and her mamma; or, easy reading lessons, in which it is attempted to bring scriptural principles into daily practice, with hints ofr nursery discipline.
55454: JOHN HAMILL & ROBERT GILBERT [EDITORS]: - Freemasonry; a celebration of the craft.
52454: SIR W S GILBERT: - The Yeomen of the Guard or, the Merryman and his Maid.
53627: ED GILBERT: - US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1965-70 [Osprey Warrior Series 90].
52819: J T GILBERT [EDITOR]: - Historic and Municipal Documents of Ireland, AD 1172 - 1320, from the Archives of the City of Dublin etc.
58735: CHRISTOPHER GILBERT: - The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale [2 volumes].
17541: SIR WALTER GILBEY: - Poultry-keeping on farms and small holdings.
21801: SIR WALTER GILBEY: - George Morland; his life and works [signed, limited edition].
17470: GILCRAFT: - Preparing the way: Pioneering.
58467: JOHN GILES: - The Western Front Then and Now : from Mons to the Marne and back.
58128: GILES: - Giles, Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons, Sixth series.
22925: MICHAEL GILKES: - On the Water; the Yachting Muse.
16532: H.D.C.P. [DOUGLAS PEPPER] ILLUSTRATED BY A.E.R.G. {ERIC GILL]: - God and the Dragon; rhymes by H.D.C.P., engravings by A.E.R.G.
51483: A H WEATHERLEY & H S GILL: - The Biology of Fish Growth.
50328: A E GILL: - Croquet : the Complete Guide.
54027: MARY E GILLHAM: - Sea Cliffs : Cwm Mawr to Gileston
55522: A D GILLIES: - Wigan : through Wickham's Window.
58412: CAPTAIN STAIR GILLON: - The Story of the 29th Division : a record of gallant deeds.
56032: WERNER GILLON: - Collecting African Art.
58372: MAEVE GILMORE: - A World Away : a memoir of Mervyn Peake.
48462: CHARLES GILSON: - The Red Trail.
33887: JEAN-PIERRE GILSON: - Territoires de France (territories, territorien, territorios).
46448: MADELEINE GINSBURG: - Paris Fashions : The Art Deco Style of the 1920s.
27561: MADELEINE GINSBURG [EDITOR]: - The illustrated history of Textiles.
53509: GIOVANNI RICCI-NOVARA, WITH TEXT BY EIKE SCHMIDT & RICHARD CORK: - Mitoraj in Pompeii : Archaeological Site of Pompeii (Scavi Archeologici di Pompei).
58095: GIROLAMO FRACASTORO, TRAZUZIONE DI FABRIZIO WINSPEARE: - Sifilide ossia del mal Francese, libri III, traduzione introduzione e note do Fabrizio Winspeare, col testo Latino del poema separatamente impresso.
16760: AIME GIRON: - Les Trois Rois Mages; les cigognes de Noel, les etrennes de M le recteur, sa majeste le roi de la feve.
45843: GERALDINE GIRVAN: - Geraldine Girvan 1997.
42313: GISELE D'ASSAILLY: - Ages of Elegance - five thousand years of fashion and frivolity.
37652: A C GISSING: - William Holman Hunt; a biography.
39545: TOBY GLANVILLE: - Actual Life.
58155: DULCIMA GLASBY: - Tim, the Traveller.
57645: JACQUELINE GLASS: - Encyclopaedia of Architectural Technology.
56205: F J GLASS: - The Lino Cut in Elementary, Secondary, Art and Technical Schools.
56140: FREDERICK J GLASS: - Drawing Design and Craft-work (craftwork) for teachers, students etc.
17311: W CUNNINGHAM GLEN: - The act for the better management of highways in England (25 & 26 Vict Cap 61).
17370: S H GLENISTER, EDITED BY I R VESSOLO: - The new builder's handbook on carpentry & joinery.
51739: GLENN M ANDRES, JOHN M HUNISAK & A RICHARD TURNER: - The Art of Florence [2 volumes].
58401: NELSON GLUECK: - Deities and Dolphins : the story of the Nabataeans.
58601: LT-COL G J R GLUNICKE: - The Campaign in Bohemia 1866.
50902: ROBERT GODDARD: - The Ends of the Earth.
33915: CANON ED H GODDARD: - Wiltshire Bibliography, part I, Wiltshire as a whole & part II, individual parishes arranged alphabetically.
24227: WILLIAM CUNNINGTON & REV E H GODDARD: - Catalogue of the antiquities in the Museum of the Wiltshire Archaeolgical & Natural History Society at Devizes, part II.
49066: GEOFFREY A GODDEN: - Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788 - 1852.
56172: GEOFFREY GODDEN: - Eighteenth-Century English Porcelain.
56158: GEOFFREY A GODDEN: - English China.
57495: GEOFFREY A GODDEN: - Godden's Guide to Mason's China and the Ironstone Wares.
43657: JON AND RUMER GODDEN: - Shiva's Pigeons; an experience of India.
52213: GEOFFREY A GODDEN: - Minton Pottery and Porcelain of the First Period, 1793-1850.
39334: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE GODET: - Carnet de reves; photographies et textes de Jean-Christophe Godet.
54035: BERNARD S GODFREY: - Castle Hill Meeting : a brief history of Doddridge Church, Northampton.
58670: WALTER H GODFREY: - A History of Architecture in and around London.
10720: GODFREY, JOHN T: - Manuscripts relating to the county of Nottingham in the possession of Mr James Ward.
50719: WALTER H GODFREY: - The English Staircase : an historical account of its characteristic types to the end of the XVIIIth Century.
22585: WALTER H GODFREY: - The Church of Saint Bride, Fleet Street, by Walter H Godfrey F.S.A., Architect, being the fifteenth monograph of the London survey committee and the thirty-fifth publication of the Survey of London.
57233: H GODWIN: - The history of the British Flora; a factual basis for phytogeography.
58077: PARKE GODWIN: - Vala - a mythological tale.
16225: NIKOLAI GOGOL: - Das Bildnis; eine novelle.
51992: DEAN LATIMER & JEFF GOLDBERG: - Flowers in the Blood : the Story of Opium.
56002: F A GOLDER: - John Paul Jones in Russia.
56065: GRACE WYNDHAM GOLDIE: - The Liverpool Repertory Theatre 1911 - 1934.
55630: WILLIAM GOLDING: - The Brass Butterfly : a play in three acts.
46243: HETTY GOLDMAN [EDITOR]: - Excavations at Gozlu Kule : Tarsus, the Iron Age, volume III (in two parts, text & plates).
20201: ADOLPH GOLDSCHMIDT: - Das Evangeliar im Rathaus zu Goslar.
8587: GOLDSMID, EDMUND [EDITOR]: - Collectanea Adamantaea XII; a collection of epitaphs and inscriptions, interesting either from historical associations or quaintness of wording, volume 2.
43811: LIONEL F GOLDSMID: - First Fruits.
57152: DR GOLDSMITH: - The Citizen of the World, or Letters from a Chinese Philosopher residing in London to his friends in the country, vol II.
45009: MARGARET GOLDSMITH: - Soho Square.
23739: DR GOLDSMITH: - An abridgement of Dr Goldsmith's history of England; from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of George the second, and continued to the meeting of the congress at Verona in the year 1822.
55745: OLIVER GOLDSMITH: - The Vicar of Wakefield.
22004: OLIVER GOLDSMITH: - The Deserted Village.
5296: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER: - The traveller, the deserted village and other poems.
44829: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY: - Midsummer Snowballs.
58558: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY: - Time.
55207: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY: - Time.
50411: SUSAN GOLE [EDITOR]: - A Series of Early Printed Maps of India in facsimile.
27534: GEOFFREY GOLLIN: - Bygone Ashtead.
42153: GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME: - Dialect, Proverbs and Word-lore - a classified collection of the chief contents of "The Gentleman's Magazine" from 1731 - 1868.
47680: GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME [EDITOR]: - The Gentleman's Magazine Library, Archaeology [2 volumes, large paper edition].
47919: GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME [EDITOR]: - The Gentleman's Magazine Library, Archaeology [part I].
58673: JEAN-FRANCOIS GONTHIER [EDITOR]: - American Contemporary Houses.
49943: DON GOODACRE: - Exploring Surrey: Farnham to Guildford.
52032: JOHN S GOODALL: - Above and Below Stairs.
45565: GEORGE GOODCHILD: - Double Acrostic : an Inspector McLean mystery.
45557: GEORGE GOODCHILD: - Stout Cortez.
56983: C T GOODE: - The Birmingham and Gloucester Loop.
53779: EILEEN GOODER: - Temple Balsall : The Warwickshire Preceptory of the Templars and their Fate.
43507: NICHOLAS GOODISON: - Furniture History : forty years on, lecture delivered to the Furniture History Society on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary.
47839: REV P J GOODRICH: - Great Faringdon past and present.
31011: GORDON GOODWIN: - British Mezzotinters; Thomas Watson, James Watson & Elizabeth Judkins.
19667: FRANCES GOODWIN: - Seven Romantic Days.
29758: GORDON GOODWIN: - British Mezzotinters; Thomas Watson, James Watson & Elizabeth Judkins.
30663: STEPHEN GOODWIN [EDITOR]: - The Alpine Journal, 2006 (volume 111).
54259: R A H GOODYEAR: - His Brother at St Concord's.
56668: E G SMITH & R F GOOSSENS: - Geology of the country around East Retford, Worksop and Gainsborough (explanation of one-inch geological sheet 101, new series).
47677: KEN GORBEY: - Stories of an Exhibition : Two Millennia of German Jewish History.
58446: ST CLAIR BADDELEY AND LINA DUFF GORDON: - Rome and its story [limited edition].
55766: KENNETH G GORDON: - Pewter : The Candlestick Maker's Bawle - A Family Portrait.
51624: JAN GORDON & CORA J GORDON: - On Wandering Wheels : through Roadside Camps from Maine to Georgia in an old Sedan Car.
26857: DR GORDON WYATT, EDITED BY CLIVE BIRCH: - Maps of Bucks (The Barracuda map collection)
56133: DILLIAN GORDON [INTRODUCTION]: - Early Italian Paintings and Works of Art 1300 - 1480, in aid of the Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum.
48276: IAN FELLOWES-GORDON: - The Battle for Naw Seng's Kingdom : General Stilwell's North Burma Campaign and its aftermath.
53155: GORDON D'ARCY: - The Burren Wall.
40152: EDWARD GOREY: - The Awdrey-Gore Legacy.
57684: JAN-ALBERT GORIS [INTRODUCTION]: - Flores Artis Belgicae.
37821: W GORN [EDITOR]: - The Classics of Confucius, Book of History, Shu King [Wisdom of the East].
8703: GOSLING, TED & MARSHALL, LYN: - Lyme Regis [Towns and villages of England].
25226: P A G CLACK & P F GOSLING: - Archaeology in the North: report of the Northern Archaeological Survey.
44976: JOHN GOSS: - Braun & Hogenberg's The City Maps of Europe; a selection of 16th century town plans and views.
44148: CHRIS GOSS: - Brothers in Arms - the story of a British and a German Fighter Unit, August to December 1940.
57822: MARY GOSTELOW: - Art of Embroidery : Geat Needlework Collections of Britain and the United States.
50919: PHILIP GOTLOP: - The Feminine Figure.
13574: GOTTMAN, GOSBERT: - Modern Sufferings.
53176: LILLIAN GOTTSCHALK: - American Motortoys : American Toy Cars & Trucks 1894 - 1942.
54429: PAUL GOUGH [EDITOR]: - Back from the Front : Art, Memory and the Aftermath of War.
52261: RONALD COX & MICHAEL GOULD: - Ireland's Bridges.
53140: S BARING-GOULD: - Cornwall.
27139: ROBERT FREKE GOULD: - The history of Freemasonry, its antiquities symbols, constitutions, customs etc [volume 1 of 3].
21480: F R GOULDING: - Robert and Harold; or the Young Marooners on the Florida Coast.
10872: GOUVION SAINT-CYR, LE MARECHAL: - Memoires sur les campagnes des Armees du Rhin et de Rhin-et-Moselle, de 1792 jusqu'a la paix de Campo-Formio [volumes 1, 2 and 4].
52399: JON GOWER [EDITOR]: - I Know Another Way : from Tintern to Saint Davids.
16077: LAWRENCE GOWING: - Cezanne; the early years, 1859-1872.
40489: R CAGNAT & GEORGES GOYAU: - Chronologie de l'Empire Romain [Nouvelle Collection a l'usage des Classes XVII].
10858: GOYDER, GEORGE & GOYDER, ROSEMARY: - Signs of Grace.
46254: FREDERICK R GRACE: - Archaic Sculpture in Boeotia.
58352: GRACE JAMES, ILLUSTRATED BY WARWICK GOBLE: - Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales.
27818: KEVIN GRADY: - The Georgian Public Buildings of Leeds and the West Riding.
51404: ELISABETH HARDOUIS-FUGIER & ETIENNE GRAFE: - French Flower Painters of the 19th Century : a dictionary.
37552: ELISABETH HARDOUIN-FUGIER & ETIENNE GRAFE: - The Lyon School of Flower Painting.
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57382: IVY PINCHBECK & MARGARET HEWITT: - Children in English Society, volume II, from the Eighteenth Century to the Children Act 1948.
58287: ROSE HEWLETT: - Frampton Remembers World War I.
38470: HENRY G HEWLETT: - Post-Norman Britain; foreign influences upon the history of England from the accession of Henry III to the revolution of 1688 [Early Britain].
56127: RICHARD HEWLINGS [EDITOR]: - The Georgian Group Journal, volume XV, 2007.
56941: DAVID HEY: - Yorkshire from AD 1000 [A Regional History of England].
58223: GEORGETTE HEYER: - The Nonesuch.
54533: HOWARD HIBBARD: - Michelangelo.
57098: RONALD HICKLING [EDITOR]: - Enjoying Ornithology.
54230: CHARLES HIERONS: - How to Learn Lawn Tennis : a simple instructive treatise.
51255: R A HIGGINS: - Greek Terracottas.
14517: MARGARET HIGGINS: - The Changeling.
57508: R A HIGGINS: - Greek Terracottas.
51428: SUSAN WALKER & PETER HIGGS [EDITORS]: - Cleopatra of Egypt.
11326: HILDITCH, JOHN: - Something about Japanese colour prints, with catalogue of exhibition of Japanese prints at the Manchester Whitworth Institute, March to September 1911.
53905: M O HILL, C D PRESTON & A J E SMITH: - Atlas of the Bryophytes of Britain and Ireland, volume 1 Liverworts (Hepaticae and Anthocerotae).
53907: M O HILL, C D PRESTON & A J E SMITH: - Atlas of the Bryophytes of Britain and Ireland, volume 3 Mosses (Diplolepideae).
58863: ROY E HILL: - Survivor : a true story of one mans war.
33694: J F HILL: - Textbook of Reactor Physica.
31097: W LEONARD HILL: - Making Known; the partnership of Author, Publisher and Bookseller in the advancement of Science and Technology.
40506: RALPH HILL: - Salty Stories from the Chair.
51020: J SPENCER HILL [EDITOR]: - Annals of Shrewsbury School.
39181: R H ERNEST HILL [EDITOR]: - Index of Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1620-9, and now preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London: volume 6, VI [The Index Library, volume 44].
46165: REGINALD HILL: - Recalled to Life : a Dalziel and Pascoe novel.
51078: G F HILL: - Portrait Medals of Italian Artists of the Renaissance.
58193: ADRIAN HILL: - Adventures in Line and Tone.
56281: DAVID HILL: - Cotman in the North : Watercolours of Durham and Yorkshire.
58164: CHRISTOPHER HILL: - The World Turned Upside Down : radical ideas during the English Revolution.
34124: GENERAL LORD HILL [PREFACE]: - The Kings Regulations and Orders for the Army, Adjutant Generals Office, Horse Guards, 1st June 1837.
42187: O M HILLIARD: - The Manuleae - a tribe of Scrophulariaceae.
57000: JACK HILLIER: - Suzuki Harunobu : an exhibition of his colour-prints and illustrated books on the occasion of the bicentenary of his death in 1770.
14516: CHRISTOPHER HILTON: - Dead End.
22500: CHARLES HILTON: - The Cotswolds in old picture postcards.
24908: CHARLES HILTON: - The Cotswolds in old picture postcards.
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50527: ARTHUR M HIND [EDITOR]: - Van Dyck and Portrait Engraving and Etching in the Seventeenth Century [Great Engravers series].
50526: ARTHUR M HIND [EDITOR]: - Andrea Mantegna and the Italian Pre-Raphaelite Engravers [Great Engravers series].
26355: C LEWIS HIND: - Adventures among pictures.
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51268: JOHN HINE: - The Tale of Pershore Mill.
40424: REGINALD L HINE: - Dreams and the way of Dreams.
57487: ERIC W VINCENT & PERCIVAL HINTON: - The University of Birmingham : its history and significance.
57887: REV EDWARD STEANE & REV J HOWARD HINTON: - Notes of a tour in Sweden during the Summer of 1858, including an historical sketch of its religious condition, and the question of religious liberty in it.
56711: FREDERICK R HIORNS: - Town-Building in History : an outline review of conditions, influences, ideas and methods affecting planned towns through five thousand years.
39434: SIR GEORGE GATER & F R HIORNS: - Survey of London volume XX, Trafalgar Square and Neighbourhood (the Parish of St Martin-in-the-Fields, part III).
16940: F C HIPKINS: - Repton and its neighbourhood; a descriptive guide of the archaeology, etc, of the district.
58351: WALTER JOHN HIPPLE JR: - The Beautiful, The Sublime, & the Picturesque in Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetic Theory.
45665: JOE HONDA & HIRO: - Lotus 72 & 76 1973-75 (Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Series by Hiro, no. 18).
56685: OLIVER DOYLE & STEPHEN HIRSCH: - Railways in Ireland 1834 - 1984.
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54113: ALEXANDER HISLOP: - The Proverbs of Scotland.
12693: HISSEY, JAMES JOHN: - Untravelled England.
58675: HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK: - Rococo architecture in southern Germany.
52210: ROSE HITCHINGS: - Hucclecote : a Village Remembered.
43415: STEPHEN HITCHINS (EDITOR): - Sheppard Robson: Architects.
58652: WENDY HITCHMOUGH: - The Arts & Crafts Home.
55301: GIL AND PAT HITCHON: - Sam Bough RSA : the Rivers in Bohemia.
17632: EDWARD N HOARE: - Perils of the Deep, being an account of some of the remarkable shipwrecks and disasters at sea during the last hundred years.
35808: ROBERT J HOARE: - Wings over the Atlantic.
29914: JOHN OLIVER HOBBES (MRS CRAIGIE): - The Vineyard.
46965: SPIKE MILLIGAN & JACK HOBBS: - William McGonagall : the truth at last.
56973: STEVEN HOBBS [EDITOR]: - Gleanings from Wiltshire Parish Registers.
57439: R L HOBSON: - Worcester Porcelain; a description of the Ware from the Wall period to the present day.
54248: DAVID HOCKNEY: - 72 Drawings by David Hockney
57451: M A HODDER: - Excavations at Sandwell Priory & Hall 1982-88.
34221: SUSIE HODGE: - The Home Front in World War Two: Keep Calm and Carry On.
48235: H J HODGES: - A Conflict of Interests : the origins of Dauntsey Agricultural School and its early years 1878 - 1899.
44951: GEORGE HODGES: - Fountains Abbey : the story of a mediaeval monastery.
51484: MAN SHEK HAY & J J HODGKISS: - Hong Kong Freshwater Fishes.
57437: MRS WILLOUGHBY HODGSON: - Old English China.
44708: F C HODGSON: - Thames-side in the Past : sketches of its literature & society.
49366: RALPH HODGSON: - Collected Poems.
42719: JAMES HODSDON [EDITOR]: - The Court Books of the Manor of Cheltenham, 1692 - 1803.
38702: JAMES HODSDON [EDITOR]: - The Court Books of the Manor of Cheltenham, 1692 - 1803.
56377: JAMES HODSDON [EDITOR]: - An Historical Gazetteer of Cheltenham.
25540: J HOWARD HODSON: - Cheshire 1660-1780: Restoration to Industrial Revolution.
46437: YOLANDE HODSON [INTRODUCTION]: - Facsimile of the Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings of the London Area 1799–1808.
38499: YOLANDE HODSON: - Map Making in the Tower of London, Ordnance Survey's early years; an exhibition to celebrate the Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey, The Tower of London, 1 May - 30 September 1991.
49512: KARL HOFFACKER: - Kunstgewerbeblatt.
40294: W B COOKE & MRS HOFLAND: - Richmond and its surrounding scenery.
43997: WERNER HOFMANN: - Art in the Nineteenth Century.
20921: HANS H HOFSTATTER: - Jugendstil Druckkunst.
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32145: DAVID HOLBROOK: - Moments in Italy; poems and sketches.
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58357: RAYMOND HOLDEN: - Richard Strauss : a Musical Life.
17285: MARGARET HOLDEN: - Near Neighbours.
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57432: DAVID DRAKARD & PAUL HOLDWAY: - Spode Printed Ware.
55573: M A HOLE: - Sketches of Bovey Travey and District.
58263: KATHRYN BRADLEY-HOLE: - Lost Gardens of England from the Archives of Country Life.
58074: WILLIAM HOLE [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Quasi Cursores; portrait of the high officers and Professors of the University of Edinburgh at its Tercentenary Festival, drawn and etched by William Hole.
57507: DAVID HOLGATE: - New Hall and its imitators.
46665: GILBERT HOLIDAY: - We'll all go a-hunting to-day - a sketchbook from the hunting field.
44928: F W HOLIDAY: - Sea Trout : How to Catch Them.
58814: GILBERT HOLIDAY: - Horses & Soldiers : a collection of pictures by the late Gilbert Holiday.
58597: NICOLE CROSSLEY-HOLLAND: - Living and Dining in Medieval Paris : the Household of a Fourteenth Century Knight.
33431: S C HOLLAND, H M CADDICK & D S DUDLEY-SMITH: - Supplement to the Flora of Gloucestershire.
57262: W J BASSETT-LOWKE & GEORGE HOLLAND: - Ships and Men.
45922: S C HOLLAND, H M CADDICK & D S DUDLEY-SMITH: - Supplement to the Flora of Gloucestershire.
54638: H S HOLLAND: - Good Friday.
39338: I B HOLLEY, JR: - General John M Palmer, Citizen Soldiers, and the Army of a Democracy.
30780: D G HOLLIDAY: - A tale of Three Cities.
54553: I C BURGESS & D W HOLLIDAY: - Geology of The Country around Brough-under-Stainmore.
58970: IAN M C HOLLINGSBEE: - Inside the Wire : the prisoner-of-war camps and hostels of Gloucestershire 1939 - 1948.
27281: BRIAN HOLLINGSWORTH: - The Great Western Collection (The Guild of Railway Artists).
22421: ALAN HOLLINGSWORTH: - Cheltenham (Town County Cameracolour Cameo).
32365: CHRISOPHER HOLLIS: - Histoire des Papes et du Vatican.
53279: JULIE HOLLOBONE: - Propagation Techniques.
48504: GRAHAME HOLLOWAY: - Runway's End : a History of the RAF in Devon and West Somerset.
33902: MERLYN HOLLOWAY: - Steel Engravings in Nineteenth Century British Topographical Books; a bibliography.
25556: J (JOHN) HOLLWAY: - Bath and its vicinity, illustrated by J Hollway, 10 Milsom Street, Bath.
35026: CHARLES HOLME [EDITOR]: - The Gardens of England in the Midland & Eastern Counties.
50549: CHARLES HOLME (EDITOR): - The Genius of J M W Turner, R.A.
20050: CHARLES HOLME (EDITOR): - The Royal Academy from Reynolds to Millais
51790: CHARLES HOLME (EDITOR): - The Genius of J M W Turner, R.A.
55848: GEOFFREY HOLME [EDITOR]: - The Studio Year-Book of Decorative Art, 1913.
56421: CHARLES HOLME: - A Course of Instruction in Wood-carving according to the Japanese Method.
56893: GEOFFREY HOLME [EDITOR]: - The Studio Year-Book of Decorative Art, 1913.
56782: CHARLES HOLME [EDITOR]: - Daumier and Gavarni.
20466: WINIFRED HOLMES: - Variations on a Metaphysic Theme and other poems.
7999: HOLMES, CLIVE: - Twenty Cotswold Towns.
16265: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES: - La Derniere Feuille.
18358: W D HOLMES, REVISED BY G M ZULU: - Bark-hive beekeeping in Zambia.
20870: MALCOLM J HOLMES: - Hampstead to Primrose Hill (Britain in old photographs).
23918: JOHN M HOLMES: - Architectural Shadow Projection.
58172: RICHARD HOLMES: - Tommy : the British Soldier on the Western Front 1914 - 1918 [2 volumes].
28056: SIR RICHARD HOLMES: - Edward VII; his life and times [2 volumes].
39536: CLIVE HOLMES: - Twenty Cotswold Towns.
54554: S C A HOLMES: - Geology of The Country around Faversham.
41635: RICHARD R HOLMES: - Queen Victoria.
58173: RICHARD HOLMES: - Tommy : the British Soldier on the Western Front 1914 - 1918 [2 volumes].
54695: J EDWIN HOLMSTROM: - Railways and Roads in Pioneer Development Overseas.
53883: G O HOLT, REVISED BY GORDON BIDDLE: - The North West [A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, volume X, 10].
54686: G O HOLT, REVISED BY GORDON BIDDLE: - The North West [A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, volume X, 10].
50831: ROBERT HOLTBY: - Bishop William Otter.
15342: MR HOME, MR FARQUHAR & MRS CENTLIVRE: - Douglas; a tragedy; The Beaux Stratagem, a comedy; The Wonder! a woman keeps a secret - marked with the variations in the Manager's Book at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden or Drury-Lane.
45973: JESSICA DOUGLAS HOME: - Violet : the Life & Loves of Violet Gordon oodhouse 1871 - 1948 [limited edition].
51716: GORDON HOME: - York : a sketch-book.
39895: GORDON HOME: - Along the Rivieras of France & Italy.
53888: ELEAZOR B HOMER: - Stereotomy Notes for Students of Architecture.
55874: RONALD F. HOMER: - Five Centuries of Base Metal Spoons.
43732: ERNEST JAMES HOMESHAW: - The Corporation of the Borough and Foreign of Walsall.
32363: MARCEL HONORE [EDITEUR]: - Mobilier et Decoration [bound volume containing 7 issues].
55421: DE BALZAC. HONORE: - Les Contes Drolatiques colligez az Abbayes de Touraine.
18480: JESSIE HOOD: - Bonnie Bessie Lee [The Pettman Popular Stories].
47000: THEODORE HOOK: - Gurney Married : a sequel to Gilbert Gurney.
46275: WILL HOOLEY: - Poultry-Craft.
35292: A R HOPE MONCRIEFF, ILLUSTRATED BY SUTTON PALMER: - Surrey [Beautiful Britain - Royal Candian Edition].
46478: ASCOTT R HOPE: - In Forest and Jungle : or, adventures with Wild Beasts.
20116: THE LATE THOMAS HOPE: - An Analytical Index to an historical essay on Architecture.
51583: LAURA LEE HOPE: - The Bobbsey Twins.
53441: MRS HOPE, EDITED BY KLEIN GRANT: - Memoir of the Late James Hope M.D., Physician to St George's Hospital.
40146: ANDREW HOPKINS: - Baldassare Longhena 1597 - 1682.
56245: J C F HOPKINS: - Tobacco Diseases, with special reference to Africa.
33491: R THURSTON HOPKINS: - Famous Bank Forgeries, Robberies and Swindles.
51605: KENNETH HOPKINS: - The Bent Pin : an anthology of poems about fishing.
48236: CHARLES HOPKINSON: - Herefordshire under Arms : a Military History of the County.
14912: HENRY LENNOX HOPKINSON: - A history of the site of Merchant Taylors' Hall and adjoining properties belonging to the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of Saint John Baptist in the City of London.
52225: JEAN HOPKINSON: - Little Cowarne : a Herefordshire Village.
29972: E O HOPPÉ: - Round the World with a Camera.
54560: P M HOPSON, D T ALDISS & A SMITH: - Geology of The Country around Hitchin.
57989: T L HORABIN [EDITOR]: - Rejoice Greatly : how to organise public ceremonies.
35012: HORACE, EDITED BY PHILIP FRANCIS: - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical notes collected from his best Latin and French commentators, volume 1.
38085: HORACE NEWCOMB, CARY O'DELL & NOELLE WATSON [EDITORS]: - Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Television [3 volumes].
20403: HORACE WALPOLE, EARL OF ORFORD: - Memoires of the last ten years of the reign of George the Second [volume 1].
49192: BILL HORAN: - Military Model Showcase.
16613: HOLLOWAY HORN: - Round the Mulberry Bush.
18481: W O VON HORN [W OERTEL]: - The Rhine; history and legends of its castles, abbeys, monasteries and towns.
37511: DAN MEINERTZHAGEN & R P HORNBY: - Bird Life in an Arctic Spring; the diaries of Dan Meinertzhagen and R P Hornby.
38347: PETER R G HORNSBY: - Decorated Biscuit Tins.
57277: PETER R G HORNSBY: - Pewter of the Western World 1600 - 1850.
33912: SIDNEY HORROCKS [EDITOR]: - A contribution towards a Lancashire Bibliography 6; Lancashire history and topography, historical periods pre-Roman; Roman; pre-Norman.
52201: ROSEMARY HORROX [EDITOR]: - Beverley Minster : an illustrated history.
13551: HORSFALL, MAGDALENE: - London Again, again.
5756: HORSNELL, HORACE: - The Tyro's Vade Mecum, or, how to take the stage.
4368: HORST, GREGOR [HORSTI, GREGORI; HORSTII, GREGORII; HORSTIO, GREGORIO]: - Observationum Medicarum Singularium; de re Medica Varia consultationum et epistolarum medicinalium.
10181: HORSTING, L H C: - Pawiro zwerftochten door Indie.
11048: HORSWELL, MAUD: - An unusual romance.

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