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5413: THOMSON, SPENCER. - Wandering Among the Wild Flowers; How to See and How to Gather Them... Medicinal Uses...
5187: THOMSON, ELIHU. ABRAHAMS, H.J. AND SAVINS, M.B. EDITORS. - Selections from the Scientific Correspondence of Elihu Thomson.
7875: THOMSON, JAMES. - The Seasons. ( with 'a Hymn'. ).
5045: THOMSON, DAVID WITH MCGUSTY, MOYRA. - The Irish Journals of Elizabeth Smith, 1840-1850.
229: THOMSON, SPENCER. - Wanderings Among the Wild Flowers; How to See and How to Gather Them. With 2 Chapters... Economical and Medicinal Uses...
4634: THOMSON, JUDITH JARVIS. - Acts and Other Events.
3151: THOMSON, SIR GEORGE. - The Inspiration of Science.
9206: THOMSON, SIR GEORGE. - The Inspiration of Science.
9214: SCHREIBER HERMANN. TRANSLATED BY STEWART THOMSON. - The History of Roads. From Amber Route to Motorway.
7102: THORN, CAROLINE AND FRANK, EDITORS. - Domesday Book. 6. Wiltshire. (a Survey of the Counties of England).
4316: THORNDIKE, RUSSELL. - A Wanderer with Shakespeare.
2123: THORNTON, JOHN L. - Jan Van Rymsdyk. Medical Artist of the Eighteenth Century. Isbn 0906672023.
5259: THURRELL, R. G., WORSSAM, B.C. AND EDMONDS. E.A. - Geology of the Country Around Haslemere. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 301, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
3789: THURSTON, HAZEL. - The Travellers' Guide to the the Balearics. : Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera.
9215: THURSTON, TEMPLE E. ILLUSTRATED` BY W. R. DAKIN. - The Flower of Gloster.
10917: TIBBALLS, GEOFF. - The Titanic. The Extraordinary Story of the 'Unsinkable' Ship. Isbn 1858682916.
11126: TICKNER, JOHN. - Tickner's Rough Shooting. Isbn 0904602028.
9874: TILLMANNS, MARTIN. - Bridge Hall Mills. Three Centuries of Paper & Cellulose Film Manufacture. Isbn 0900193662.
7205: TILLYARD, A.I. - A History of University Reform from 1800 A.D. To the Present Time. With Suggestions Towards a Complete Scheme for the University of Cambridge.
8221: TIMASHEFF, NICHOLAS S. - Sociological Theory. Its Nature and Growth.
6439: TINN, ARNOLD B. - This Weather of Ours.
6463: TINN, ARNOLD B. - This Weather of Ours.
249: TITE, G.E. & DICKSON, C.G.C. - The Genus Aloeides and Allied Genera (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae).
5154: TOCHER, J.F. - What Is "Probable Error". A Lecture.
10758: TODES, CHARLOTTE. - Labor, (Labour), and Lumber.
6517: TOMLINSON, I. - Notes and Exercises on Coordinate Geometry.
4657: TORQUAY. - The Land of Sunshine. "Gems of Torquay". A Collection of Sepia Photographs.
3170: TOULMIN, STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD, JUNE. - The Architecture of Matter.
7493: TOURTEL, MARY. - Rupert Little Bear. More Stories.
10187: TOURTEL, MARY, - Rupert Pictures and Stories with Coloured Cut-Outs; Stories Are Rupert, the Manikin; Rupert and the Black Knight; Rupert and the Christmas Tree). .
7207: TOURVILLE, HENRI DE. TRANSLATED BY M.G. LOCH. - The Growth of Modern Nations. A History of the Particularist Form of Society.
9339: TOWNSIN, ALAN. - Blue Triangle. Alan Townsin Takes a Nostalgic Look at Aec Buses. Isbn 0903839342.
8802: TRACEY, HERBERT, EDITED BY. - The Book of the Labour Party. Its History, Growth Policy and Leaders. 3 Volume Set.
4925: RIVAROSSI. GREAT NAME TRAINS. - The Great Name Trains. Scale Model Electric Trains; Treni Elettrici; Electrische Modellbahen; Trains Electriques En Miniature.
2508: TRAVERS, MORRIS W. - A Life of Sir William Ramsay.
10042: TREACY, ERIC. - Portrait of Steam. Isbn 1856480100.
10043: TREACY, ERIC. COMPILED BY G.F. ALLEN. INTRO BY J.A. COILEY. - Great Railway Photographs by Eric Treacy. A Classic Collection of the Finest Railway Photographs in the British Isles. Isbn 185052095x.
9574: TREFUSIS, VIOLET. DECORATIONS BY PHILLIPPE JULLIAN. - Don't Look Round. Her Reminiscences.
10313: TREGONNING, K, G. - Straits Tin. A Brief Account of the First Seventy-Five Years of the Straits Trading Company, Limited. 1887-1962.
5736: TRENAMAN, J.M. - Communication and Comprehension. The Report of an Investigation,... (Statistical)... . of the Effective Communication of Educative Material and an Assessment of... . . Such Communication with... . Reference to Broadcasting.
3743: TRENCH, CHARLES CHEVENIX. - The Poacher and the Squire. A History of Poaching and Game Preservation in England.
9198: TRENEER, ANNE. - The Mercurial Chemist. A Life of Sir Humphrey Davy.
9318: TRENGOVE, ALAN. - Adventure in Iron. Hamersley's First Decade. Isbn 0909316031.
6261: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER. - Motoring on Regional Byways. Devon & Cornwall.
9048: TRESTMAN, A.G. (TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN BY Y. PRUSHANSKY). - New Aspects of River Runoff Calculations.
4585: TREVITHICK, FRANCIS. - Life of Richard Trevithick, with an Account of His Inventions. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood by W.J. Welch. 2 Volumes in 1.
4586: TREVITHICK, FRANCIS. - Life of Richard Trevithick, with an Account of His Inventions. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood by W.J. Welch. 2 Volumes in 1.
2480: TRICKER, R.A.R. - The Assessment of Scientific Speculation. A Survey of Certain Current Views.
3185: TRIGGS, H. & TANNER, H. - Some Architectural Works of Inigo Jones; a Series of Measured Drawings & Other Illustrations Together with Sescriptive Notes, a Biographical Sketch and List of His Authentic Works.
8347: TRINDER, BARRIE. - The Darbys of Coalbrookdale.
6071: TRIPP, BASIL H. - Renold Chains. A History of the Company and the Rise of the Precision Chain Industry 1879-1955.
11007: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM. ILLUSTRATED. HERBERT RAILTON AND HUGH THOMSON. - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson. Large Paper Edition.
11006: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM. ILLUSTRATED. HERBERT RAILTON AND HUGH THOMSON. - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson. Large Paper Edition.
9047: TRIVICK, HENRY. - Autolithography. The Technique.
9053: TROWBRIDGE, W.R.H. - In the Sun with a Passport.
8481: TRUSSLER, SIMON. - The Plays of John Osborne. An Assessment.
11329: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST. - The Bournville Village Trust, 1900-1955.
6154: TRYPANIS, GEORGE A. - Notes on Translating Idiomatic Modern Greek.
7857: TSCHIFFELY, A.F. - Bohemia Junction.
11141: TUBBY, PAMELA. EDITOR. - The Book of Shooting for Sport and Skill. Isbn 0584970641.
7626: TUNSTALL. JAMES, (AFTER). - Rambles About Bath and Its Neighbourhood. Based on Dr Tunstall’S Work. Illustrated Edition.
10343: TUNZELMANN, G. W. DE, (VON). - Wireless Telegraphy. A Popular Exposition.
5907: TUREK, V., MAREK, J., BENES, J. EDITOR BROWN, JULIAN. - Fossils of the World. A Comprehensive, Practical Guide to Collecting and Studying Fossils.
10246: TURNBULL, E.L. AND, (2 CHAPTERS BY), CHARLTON, L.E.O. ILL'D BY H.P. BROWNE. - Happy Voyage. With Chapters of Air Adventure.
1700: TURNER, A. J.; ICKE, V.; DEKKER, E.; BIENFAIT, H.F.; - Images of Time. Catalogue of Exhibition at 'Nieuwe Kerk' Amsterdam, 1960.
3320: TURNER, HELEN. - Henry Wellcome; the Man, His Collection and His Legacy.
10197: TURNER, HERBERT HALL. - Modern Astronomy. Being Some Account of the Revolution of the Last Quarter of a Century.
3224: TURNER, H.W. - The Rocks of the Sierra Nevada, Bound with Further Contributions to the Geology of the Sierra Nevada.
9200: TURNER, A. LOGAN, (EDITOR). BEATSON, G.T., (BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH) AND OTHERS. - Joseph, Baron Lister. Centenary Volume 1827 - 1927. Edited for the Lister Centenary Committee of the British Medical Association.
9757: TURNOR, REGINALD. - The Smaller English House 1500 - 1939.
10973: TURRILL, W. B. - Joseph Dalton Hooker: Botanist, Explorer, and Administrator.
10974: TURRILL, W. B. - Joseph Dalton Hooker: Botanist, Explorer, and Administrator.
9764: TURRILL, W.B. - The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Past and Present.
11317: TUTE, WARREN. GILES, (ILLUSTRATED BY). - The Grey Top Hat. The Story Pf Moss Bros of Covent Garden. .
10941: TWAIN, MARK. (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS). - A Tramp Abroad. Illustrated by W. Fr. Brown, Drue Williams, E. Day and Other Artists - with Also Three or Four Pictures Made by the Author of This Book without Outside Help; in All Thtee Hundred and Fourteen Illustrations.
8469: TWEEDSMUIR, LADY. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - Canada. No. 9 in Series.
11097: TWIDALE, C. R. - Glacial Overflow Channels in North Lincolnshire.
3202: TWISS, TRAVERS. - Two Lectures on Machinery, Delivered Before the University of Oxford in Lent Term 1844.
10652: TWITE, M. L. - The World's Racing Cars.
3939: US TWO. (WARNER, RICHARD AND HUNTER, JOSEPH. EDITORS AND MAIN CONTRIBUTORS). - The Omnium Gatherum or Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham Literary Repository by Us Two.
10487: TYLOR, SIR EDWARD B. INTRODUCTION BY A. C. HADDON. - Anthropology: An Introduction to the Study of Man and Civilization. With Illustrations. 2 Volumes. No. 15 in "Thinker's Lirary".
4602: TYNDALL, JOHN, F.R.S. - Fragments of Science; a Series of Detached Essays, Addresses, and Reviews. 2 Volumes.
10245: TYSON, WILLIAM. - Rope. A History of the Hard Fibre Cordage Industry in the United Kingdom,
6097: TYTLER, ALEX. FRASER. - Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To Which Are Added a Table of Chronology, and a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography. Illustrated by Maps. In Two Volumes.
862: TYTLER, PATRICK FRASER. - Life of James Crichton of Cluny, Commonly Called the Admirable Crichton with an Appendix of Original Papers.
7715: TYTLER, SARAH. - Six Royal Ladies of the House of Hanover. With Portraits.
8542: ULLYETT, KENNETH. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - British Clocks and Clockmakers. No. 111 in Series.
3215: ULLYETT, KENNETH. - The Vauxhall Companion.
4531: UNDERWOOD, E. ASHWORTH. (EDITOR). - Science, Medicine, and History. Essays on the Evolution of Scientific Thought and Medical Practice Written in Honour of Charles Singer. 2 Volumes.
10869: UNDERWOOD, JOHN. - The Will to Win. John Egan and Jaguar. Isbn 185227185x.
7240: UNION BANK OF SCOTLAND. BILSLAND, A.S. - The Arms Granted to the Union Bank of Scotland Limited
6575: OXFORD UNIVERSITY. - Statuta Universitatis Oxoniensis.
8009: UPCOTT, WILLIAM. NEW INTRODUCTION BY JACK SIMMONS. - A Bibliographical Account of the Principal Works Relating to English Topography. 3 Volumes in 1
6678: UPWARD, EDWARD. - The Railway Accident and Other Stories. With Relevant Item Ref. Upward Inserted.
4680: URE, PETER. (ED'T C.J. RAWSON AND MEMOIR OF URE BY FRANK KERMODE). - Yeats and Anglo-Irish Literature. Critical Essays.
9928: URE, PETER. EDITED BY J.C. MAXWELL. - Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama. Critical Essays. Isbn 0853231427.
11022: URQUHART, ELIZABETH. - The Canadian Nonferrous Metals Industry. An Industrial Organization Study. Isbn 0887570054.
10975: URWICK, L. - The Meaning of Rationalisation.
3229: UZANNE, OCTAVE. (ILL'S BY A. LYNCH, ENGRAVED IN COLOURS BY E. GAUJEAN). - The Frenchwoman of the Century. Fashions - Manners - Usages.
10718: VAILE, P.A. ILLUSTRATIONS BY F. AND W. WRIGHT. - New Zealand. Peeps at Many Lands. With Twelve Full-Page Illustrations in Colour by F. & W. Wright.
8781: ROBINSON E.S. AND A. INTRO. BY MICHAEL TURNER AND DAVID VAISEY. - Art for Commerce;Illustrations and Designs in Stock at E.S. & A. Robinsons, Printers, Bristol in the L880's.
7882: VAIZEY, WINIFRED. - Creatures That Swim. Peeps at Nature for Little People. Containing 12 Full-Page Illustrations, 8 of Them in Colour.
6326: VALE, EDMUND. - The World of Cotton.
6263: VALE, EDMUND. - The Way of Ships.
6114: VALE, EDMUND. - Straw Into Gold. An Account of the Doings of a Worker in Ideas from the Armistice of' '18 to the Crisis of '38.
9490: VALLANCE, AYMER. - Old Crosses and Lychgates.
1106: VANDERBILT, B.M. - Thomas Edison, Chemist. Isbn 0841201293.
7350: VANDERPLANK, JOHN. - Passion Flowers and Passion Fruit.
5175: VANE-WRIGHT, R.I. - The Butterflies Named by J.F. Gmelin (Lepidoptera : Rhopalocers).
5173: VANE- WRIGHT, R.I. - The Coloration, Identification and Phylogeny of Nessaea Butterflies (Lepidoptera : Nymphalidae).
8273: VARIAN, H.F. - Some African Milestones. Rhodesiana Reprint Library. Volume No 31.
5882: VAUGHAN, BENJAMIN. (1751-1835). - Letters on the Subject of the Concert of Princes, and the Dismemberment of Poland and France. (First Published in the Morning Chronicle between July 20, 1792, and June 25, 1793). With Corrections and Additions. By a Calm Observer.
4438: VAUGHAN, JOHN. - The Wild-Flowers of Selborne, and Other Poems.
6663: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. JAYA RAM; SEN; BALAH RAO; RAMA RAO; VENUGOPAL. - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XXII-1923. Parts I and II.
6662: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. JAYA RAM; SEN; BALAH RAO; RAMA RAO; VENUGOPAL. - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XXI-1922. Part II.
6660: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. JAYA RAM; SEN; RAMA RAO; VENUGOPAL. - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XIX-1920. Parts I and II.
4574: VENZMER, GERHARD. TRANSLATED BY MARION KOENIG. - 5000, (Five Thousand), Years of Medicine.
5728: VERILL, A. HYATT. - The Home Radio. How to Make and Use It.
9558: VERNAL, JOSHUA. - Recollections of a Tradesman.
10634: VERNE, JULES. TRANSLATED BY W.H.G. KINGSTON. - The Secret of the Island.
3703: VERNON, M.D. - Human Motivation.
4298: VESEY, GODFREY. EDITED BY. - Communication and Understanding.
10765: VESPER, KARL H. - Engineers at Work. A Casebook. Isbn 039518407x.
9004: BATES' LIBRARY. PHOTO VIEWS. - Buxton and District.
10836: VIGNAUD, HENRY. - Toscanelli and Columbus. The Letter and Chart of Toscanelli on the Route to the Indies by Way of the West, Sent in 1474 to the Portuguese Fernam Martins, and Later on to Christopher Columbus. A Critical Stu... . Cont'd.
5053: VIGNOLES, K.H. - Charles Blacker Vignoles: Romantic Engineer.
5689: VINCENT, KEITH. - Nailsea Glass.
10073: VINCENT, MIKE. - British Railway Steam in Colour.
4622: VINE, P.A.L. - London's Lost Route to the Sea: An Historical Account of the Inland Navigation Which Linked the Thames to the English Channel.
9927: VINER, J; ANGELL, J W; ELLIS, H S; HARRIS, S.E; AND OTHERS. - Explorations in Economics. Notes and Essays Contributed in Honor of F W Taussig.
10610: VIVANTE, LEONE. TRANSLATED BY ARTURO VIVANTE. - Essays on Art and Ontology. Isbn 0874801001.
5750: VORZIMMER, PETER J. - Charles Darwin, the Years of Controversy. The Origin of the Species and Its Critics 1859-82.
4112: VULLIAMY, C.E. - The Proud Walkers.
4566: WADDELL, JAMES. - History of the Edinburgh Choral Union.
10276: WADDELL, J. A. L. - Bridge Engineering, 2 Volumes.
4541: WADDINGTON, IVAN. - The Medical Profession in the Industrial Revolution.
10997: WADDINGTON, C. H. - The Nature of Life.
3231: VAN DER WAERDEN, B.L. TRANSLATED BY DRESDEN, ARNOLD. - Science Awakening. With Additions of the Author. (This the !St Edition in English Language, with New and Better Illustrations Added Also).
10446: WAESER, BRUNO, DR.-ING. - Die Luftstickstoff-Industrie Mit Berücksichtigung Der Chilenischen Industrie Und Des Kokereistickstoffs.
4499: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD. - The Personality of Milton.
9886: WAGNER, SUSAN. - Cigarette Country. Tobacco in American History and Politics, Isbn 1199199818.
11297: WAGNER, RICHARD. ARTHUR RACKHAM (ILLUS.). TRANSLATED BY MARGARET ARMOUR. - The Ring of the Niblung, the Rhinegold & the Valkyrie. With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Isbn 0434619817.
8445: WAINWRIGHT, ARTHUR. - Pennine Way Companion. A Pictoral Guide
10177: WAINWRIGHT, NICHOLAS B. - History of the Philadelphia Electric Company, 1881-1961.
7335: WAKEFIELD, JULIA. - Sketches of St Albans.
7334: WAKEFIELD, JULIA. - Sketches of St Albans.
11117: WAKEFIELD, KENNETH. - Luftwaffe Encore. A Study of Two Attacks in September 1940. Isbn 0718300777.
4273: WAKEFIELD, HUGH. - English Prehistoric Pottery. Victoria and Albert Museum.
9016: WALDEN, H.A. - Operation Textiles. A City Warehouse in Wartime. A Short History of the Firm of Hitchcock, Williams and Co. , St. . Paul's Churchyard, in the City of London, and the Activities of Their Staff During the War Years 1939/45.
9017: WALDEN, H.A. - Operation Textiles. A City Warehouse in Wartime. A Short History of the Firm of Hitchcock, Williams and Co. , St. . Paul's Churchyard, in the City of London, and the Activities of Their Staff During the War Years 1939/45.
6359: WALDO, FRANK. - Modern Meteorology. An Outline of the Growth and Present Condition of Some of Its Phases.
10497: WALDSTEIN, LOUIS. PREFACE OTTO VERAGUTH. INTRO. BY CHARLES WALSTON, (WALSTEIN). - The Subconscious Self and Its Relation to Education and Health.
10097: WALKER, J. HUBERT. - Walking in the Alps. With Photographs and Maos by the Author.
9062: WALKER, ALEXANDER. - The Shattered Silents. How the Talkies Came to Stay.
3266: WALKER, R.J.B. - Old Westminster Bridge; the Bridge of Fools.
10090: WALKER, J. HUBERT. - On Hills of the North.
9994: WALKER, J. HUBERT. (DESCRIBED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY). - Walking in the Alps. With Photographs and Maps by the Author.
5922: WALL, ROBERT. - Bristol Channel Pleasure Steamers.
5606: WALL, RACHEL F. - Japan's Century. An Interpretation of Japanese History Since the Eighteen-Fifties.
214: WALL, G.P. & SAWKINS, J.G. - Report on the Geology of Trinidad; or Part 1 of the West Indian Survey
8172: WALLACE, T., AND MARSH, R.W., EDITORS. FOREWORD BY WINSTON S CHURCHILL. - Science and Fruit. Commemorating the Jubilee of the Long Ashton Research Station 1903-1953.
8132: WALLAS, GRAHAM. FOREWORD BY A.L.ROWSE. - Human Nature in Politics.
10488: WALLER, MARGUERITE. - Petrarch. S Poetics and Literary History. Isbn 087023305x.
8260: WALLIS, J.P.R. NEW INTRODUCTION BY L.W.B. - One Man's Hand. Rhodesiana Reprint Library. Volume No 22.
7239: WALMSLEY, LEO. - Invisible Cargo
8699: WALMSLEY, LEO. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - British Ports and Harbours. No. 35 in Series.
9931: WALSH, JOHN HENRY. STONEHENGE, PSUED. - Manual of British Rural Sports: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Boating, Pedestrianism, and the Various Rural Games and Amusements of Great Britain.
7965: WALSH, JUDITH E. - Growing Up in British India. Indian Autobiographers on Childhood and Education Under the Raj. Based on the Author's Ph. D. Thesis.
10324: WALTER, L. EDNA. WRITEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED. - The Fascination of Switzerland. With 24 Illustrations from Photographs.
4039: WALTO, IAN. EDITED BY. - Poetry Now, South West. 1992.
6937: WALTON, THOMAS. - Know Your Own Ship: A Simple Explanation of the Stability, Trim, Construction, Tonnage and Freeboard (with) Worked out Calculations, (from Drawings)... . . For Use of Ships' Officers... . . Etc.
5659: WALTON, IZAAK, AND CHARLES COTTON. ILLUSTATED BY E. FITCH DAGLISH. - The Compleat, (Complete), Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation. Edited by John Major. Illustrated from Engravings on Wood by E. Fitch Daglish.
5333: WALTON, IZAAK AND COTTON, CHARLES. EDITED BY EDWARD JESSE. - The Complete Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation of (Walton + Cotton), with Lives of the Authors, and Various Notes, Historical and Practical. . to Which Are Added Papers on Fishing-Tackle, Fishing-Stations, Etc, by Henry G. Bohn.
4817: WALTON, MRS O.F. (AMY CATHERINE). - Shadows. Scenes and Incidents in the Life of an Old Arm-Chair.
5451: WALTON, IZAAK AND COTTON, CHARLES. - The Complete Angler. (the Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, Being a Discourse on Fish and Fishing, Not Unworthy the Perusal of Most Anglers).
7472: WARBURTON, DIANA. - A-Z of Aphrodisia.
10698: WARBURTON-LEE, JOHN. - Roof of Africa. Isbn 1853103306.
5818: WARD, MASIE. - Young Mr Newman.
7883: WARD, C.S. - North Devon, (Including West Somerset), and North Cornwall, (from Exmoor to the Scilly Isles). With a Description of the Various Approaches. Twenty Maps and Plans by J. Bartholomew. Thorough Guide Series.
3225: WARD, L.F. - Sketch of Paleobotany.
10669: WARD, C S AND BADDELEY, M J B. - South Wales and the Wye District of Monmouthshire. Seventeen Maps and Plans by Bartholomew.
8868: WARD, E.M. - Days in Lakeland. Past and Present.
8869: WARD, E.M. - English Coastal Evolution. With Illustrations and Maps and Plans.
4375: WARE, MICHAEL E. - Britain's Lost Waterways. Vol 1.
6046: WARNER, STAFFORD ALLEN. INTRODUCTION BY JANET WHITNEY. - Yardley Warner: The Freedman's Friend. His Life and Times with His Journal and Letters Reproduced in an Appendix. /.
10232: WARNER, OLIVER. - Fighting Sail, Three Hundred Years of Warfare at Sea. Isbn 0304300039.
8524: WARNER, REX. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - English Public Schools. No. 90 in Series.
8525: WARNER, REX. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - English Public Schools. No. 90 in Series.
2888: WARNER, FRANK. - The Silk Industry; Its Origin and Development.
11202: WARNER, AARON W; MORSE, DEAN; EICHNER, ALFRED S. (EDITORS). - The Impact of Science on Technology. Edited for the Columbia University Seminar on Technology and Social Change.
6121: WARREN, SUSANNA. (W. S.). - Cotton.
8103: WARREN, C. HENRY. - Sir Phillip Sidney. A Study in Conflict.
9871: WARREN, C. HENRY. - Happy Countryman.
7458: WARWICK, ALEX, (EDITED BY). FOREWORD BY MARIELLA FROSTRUP. - The Nation's Favourite Poems of Desire.
3226: WASHINGTON, H.S. - The Superior Analyses of Igneous Rocks from Roth's Tabellen, 1869-1884, Arranged According to the Quantitative System of Classification.
4780: WASS, STEPHEN. - The Amateur Archaeologist.
5257: WATERS, A.H.S. CHAIRMAN OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SAND AND GRAVEL. - Report of the Advisory Committee on Sand and Gravel. Part 1: General Survey. Part 2: Greater London.
4101: WATERS, MICHAEL. - The Garden in Victorian Literature. .
10021: WATERS, LAURENCE. - Last Years of Steam Paddington-Wolverhampton. Sbn 0711018057.
11286: WATERSTON, GEORGE & SONS. - George Waterston & Sons Limited 1752-1952. Bi-Centenary History.
8563: WATKINS, M.H. AND FORSTER, D.F. (EDITORS). - Economics: Canada; Recent Readings.
4281: WATKINS, OWEN SPENCER. - Chaplains at the Front. By One of Them. Incidents in the Life of a Chaplain During the Boer War, 1899-1900.
3756: WATKINS, LESLIE. - The Story of Shakespeare's School, 1853-1953.
7467: WATSON, JAMES. - Flowers of the Garden. How to Know and Grow Them. Special Pocket Edition.
6102: WATSON, W - Census Catalogue of British Lichens.
9666: WATSON, W. - The Mosses of Somerset. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society,-Vol. LVIII, 1912, Part II, Pp114-164.
9867: WATSON-WILLIAMS, HELEN. - Andre Gide and the Greek Myth: A Critical Study.
4965: WATSON, JOHN. - British and Foreign Building Stones. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Specimens in the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge.
9592: WATSON, W. - The Classification of Lichens. New Phytologist Reprint, No. 18. From the New Phytologist, Vol. XXVIII, Nos. 1 and 2, 1929.
4540: WATSON, R.I. EDITED BY BROZEK, JOSEF AND EVANS, RAND B. - R.I. Watson's Selected Papers on the History of Psychology.
10870: WATSON, A. J. - A Hundred Years of Sugar Refining. The Story of Love Lane Refinery 1872-1972.
7233: WATT, FRANCIS, AND CARTER, REV. ANDREW. - Picturesque Scotland: Its Romantic Scenes and Historical Associations Described in Lay and Legend Song and Story.
6870: WATT, IAN; RICKS, C.; ET AL. INTRO. BY WALTER ALLEN. - The Novelist As Innovator.
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3739: ZOJZI, RROK. - The Albanian Carpets / Tapis Albanais / Qilima Shqiptare.

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