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5958: PALMER, GEORGE HERBERT. - Formative Types in English Poetry. The Earl Lectures of 1917.
8582: PALMER, ROSE A. (COLLECTABLE BINDING). - The North American Indians. An Account of the American Indians North of Mexico, Compiled from the Original Sources.
9473: PALMER, H. P. - Old Somerset. The Somerset Folk Series No. . 20.
4347: PALMER, ROY. - The Sound of History. Songs and Social Comment.
9372: PALMER, STEVE AND TURNER, BRIAN. - Blackpool by Tram. Isbn 0903839326.
10255: PALMER, WILLIAM T. - Odd Corners of English Lakeland. Rambles, Scrambles, Climbs and Sport. With Fifteen Illustrations.
9158: PALTER, ROBERT M. EDITED BY. G. SARTON, P. DUHEM, W. PAGEL, ET AL. - Toward Modern Science. Volume II, 2. Studies in Renaissance Science.
3685: PAMPALLIS, JOHN. - Foundations of the New South Africa.
8102: PANKHURST, E. SYLVIA. - Delphos. The Future of International Language. Today and Tomorrow Series.
9550: PARE, AMBROISE. EDITED AND INTRODUCTION BY GEOFFREY KEYNES. - The Apologie and Treatise of Ambroise Pare. Containing the Voyages Made Into Divers Places with Many of His Writings Upon Surgery.
10235: PARK, JAMES. PLUS GORDON, H.A., ET A.L - The Geology and Veins of the Hauraki Goldfields, New Zealand. . with Discussion on, and with Presidential Addresses, Etc. Minutes of the Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute of Mining Engineers. Vol 1.
9941: PARK, JAMES. - A Text-Book of Geology. For Use in Universities, Colleges, and Engineering Schools with Frontispiece, 71 Plates, and 2666 Other Illustrations.
5770: PARK, CHARLES F. IN COLLABORATION WITH MARGARET FREEMAN. - Affluence in Jeopardy. Minerals and the Political Economy.
6365: PARKE, VICTOR E. - Billingham - the First Ten Years.
7158: PARKER, HARRY. LIMITED ED'N. INSCRIBED BY CUST, AND SIGNED BY PARKER. - Naval Battles from the Collection of Prints Formed and Owned by Commander Sir Charles Leopold Cust. The Chronological Arrangement of the Prints with Descriptive and Historical Notes.
5628: PARKER, JOHN HENRY. - An Introduction to the Study of Gothic Architecture.
7614: PARKINSON, THOMAS. (ASSOCIATION COPY). - Lays and Leaves of the Forest: A Collection of Poems, and Historical, Genealogical, and Biographical Essays and Sketches, Relating Chiefly to Men and Things Connected with the Royal Forest of Knaresborough.
9822: PARKYN, MAJOR H.G. COMPILED AND EDITED BY. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1929. (Fortieth Year).
6860: PARRINDER, PATRICK. - Authors and Authority. English and American Criticism 1750-1990.
4955: PARROTT, BOB W. - Earth, Moon and Beyond.
10456: PARRY, J. H. - The Discovery of South America. Isbn 0236176757.
7968: PARRY, J.H. - The Establishment of European Hegemony: 1415 - 1715. Trade and Exploration in the Age of Renaissance. A Harper Torchbook - the Academy Library - Tb 1045.
9707: PARSONS, R.H. - History of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1847 - 1947. Centenary Memorial Volume.
9085: PASCAL, BLAISE. - Lettres Provinciales. 2 Volumes in 1. (Bibliothèque Nationale Collection Des Meilleurs Auteurs Anciens Et Modernes).
4750: PASIERBSKA, HALINA. - Dolls' Houses.
3704: PASTERNACK, BRUCE A. AND VISCIO, ALBERT J. - The Centerless Corporation. A New Model for Transforming Your Organisation... .
7821: PATERSON, A.B., "BANJO". TEXT ILLUSTRATIONS BY BRUCE GOOLD. - Banjo Paterson's Poems of the Bush.
9516: PATERSON, H. SINCLAIR. - The Human Body and Its Functions. A Second Course of Lectures Delivered in the Lecture Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association,...... . January--March, 1880.
4083: PATON, JAMES. EDITOR. - Scottish History and Life.
4993: PATRIDES, C.A., EDITOR. C. HILL, J. CAREY, C. RICKS, AND OTHERS. - Approaches to Marvell. The York Tercentenary Lectures.
11147: PATTERSON, EDWARD M. - The Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway. A History of the Narrow-Gauge Railways of North-West Irelandisbn 0715391674.
4536: PATTISON, F.L.M. - Granville Sharp Pattison. Anatomist and Antagonist. 1791-1851.
11089: PATTREIOUEX, J. ALLEN. - The "Meliart" Recioe Book.
6714: PAWLEY, EDWARD. - Bbc Engineering 1922-1972.
3827: PAYNE, ARTHUR F. - Art Metalwork, with Inexpensive Equipment. For the Public Schools and for the Craftsman.
11327: PAYNE, ROBERT. - Marx. A Biography. Ibsn 0491002211.
9121: PAYNTER, THOMAS - The Ski and the Mountain. With 20 Photographs.
6292: PAYTON, MARY AND GEOFFREY. - The Observer's Book of Pottery and Porcelain.
7628: PEACH, R.E. - Historic Houses in Bath, and Their Associations. Volume 1. With Index.
10116: PEACOCKE, A. R. - Creation and the World of Science. The Bampton Lectures, 1978. Isbn 0198266502.
8856: PEARCE, DAVID. - London's Mansions. The Palatial Houses of the Nobility.
9118: PEARCE, ROBERT D. - Mary Kingsley. Light at the Heart of Darkness.
7098: PEARSON, LESTER. - Peace in the Family of Man. 1968 Reith Lectures.
7014: PEARSON, EDWIN. NEW FOREWORD BY VICTOR NEUBURG. - Banbury Chap Books and Nursery Toy Book Literature, (of the Eighteenth, (18th), and Early Nineteenth, (19th), Centuries), with Impressions from Several Hundred Original Wood-Cut Blocks, by... .
6762: PEARSON, A. - Robert Hunt,.F. R.S. (1807 - 1887).
5484: PEARSON, JOHN. (BINDING AND SCARCE PUBLISHER). - An Exposition of the Creed. With an Appendix Containing the Principal Greek and Latin Creeds.
4359: PEARSON, GEORGE. - Towards One World. An Outline of World History from 1600 to 1960.
11087: PEAT BOARD. BORD NA MONA, IRELAND. - Peat Development in Ireland. Bord Na Mona, a Statutory Organisation for the Development of the Peat Resources of Ireland.
5821: PELLANT, CHRIS. PHOTO'S BY PELLANT AND ROGER PHILLIPS. - Rocks, Minerals & Fossils of the World.
5445: PENDERILL-CHURCH, JOHN. - William Cookworthy 1705-1780. A Study of the Pioneer of True Porcelain Manufacture in England.
2357: PENDRED, LOUGHNAN ST. L. - British Engineering Societies.
2359: PENN, COLIN. - Houses of Today. A Practical Guide.
10586: PENNICK, NIGEL. - The Ancient Science of Geomancy. Man in Harmony with the Earth. Isbn 0500050325.
3711: PENROSE, HARALD. - British Aviation. Widening Horizons. 1930-1934.
9789: PENROSE, VALENTINE. TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY ALEXANDER TROCCHI. - The Bloody Countess. (the True Story of the Beast...... ). Isbn 0450010392.
7290: PEPPER, STEPHEN C. - The Sources of Value.
7956: PEREIRA, MICHAEL. - East of Trebizond.
6825: PERKS, J. CLIFFORD. - The Architectural History of Chepstow Castle During the Middle Ages. From Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society. Vol. 67. 1946-7-8.
3627: PERMAN, DAVID. - Scott of Amwell. Dr. Johnson's Quaker Critic.
6813: PERRY, DULCIE M. - The Place of Waters. A Story of Glenelg's First Fifty Years.
8779: PERRY, T.M. - The Discovery of Australia: The Charts and Maps of the Navigators and Explorers. Isbn 0241108632.
4704: PETERSON, JAMES L. - Computer Programs for Spelling Corrections. An Experiment in Program Design.
5195: PETRINOVICH, LEWIS AND MCGAUGH, JAMES L. EDITED BY. - Knowing, Thinking, and Believing. Festschrift for Professor David Krech.
6451: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Invention by Design. How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing.
7707: PHILIP, J.C. - The Wonders of Modern Chemistry. With Twelve Illustrations and Diagrams.
7224: PHILLIPPS, K. C. - Westcountry Words and Ways.
7364: PHILLIPS, JOHN. SUBSCRIBERS EDITION. - The Rivers, Mountains and Sea-Coast of Yorkshire. With Essays on the Climate, Scenery and Ancient Inhabitants of the County.
7363: PHILLIPS, JOHN. (BOTH AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION AND ASSOCIATION COPY). - The Rivers, Mountains and Sea-Coast of Yorkshire. With Essays on the Climate, Scenery and Ancient Inhabitants of the County.
6146: PHILLIPS, C.J. - Glass. The Miracle Maker. Its History, Technology and Applications.
4970: PHILLIPS, P. LEE. - Virginia Cartography. A Bibliographical Description.
10407: PHILLIPS, F.C. - The Use of Stereographic Projection in Structural Geology.
9029: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS. - Reflections on Yachts.
9769: PHILLIPS, R. RANDALL. - Small Family Houses.
8179: PIAGET, JEAN. - The Child's Conception of Number.
8328: PIAGET, JEAN. TRANSLATED BY G.N. SEAGRIM. - The Mechanisms of Perception.
11028: PICK, W. H. - A Short Course in Elementary Meteorology.
11029: PICK, W. H. - A Short Course in Elementary Meteorology.
6918: PICKETT, DOUGLAS. - Early Persian Tilework. The Medieval Flowering of Kashi.
6324: PICKETT, JOHN AND TOWNSON, SIMON, (EDITORS). P. SUR,. D. BUTTLE, ET AL. - British Herpetological Society. Bulletin No. 20, Summer 1987.
6325: PICKETT, JOHN AND TOWNSON, SIMON, (EDITORS). HOLMAN, J.A., MURTHY, T.S.N. ET AL. - British Herpetological Society. Bulletin Nos. 21 and 22. Autumn and Winter 1987. Includes "Middle Pleistocene Records from Interglacial Deposits at Sugworth, Near Oxford".
3811: PIERCE, CHARLES S. EDITED VINCENT TOMAS. - Essays in the Philosophy of Science.
8725: PIGOU, A.C. - Lapses from Full Employment.
5152: PILCHER, RICHARD B. - A Century of Chemistry: "from Boyle to Priestley". A Lecture. .
5155: PILCHER, RICHARD B. - Alchemists in Art and Literature. A Lecture.
10881: PILCHER, DONALD. - The Regency Style 1800 to 1830. With 150 Illustrations from Prints, Plans and Photographs.
464: PILKINGTON, R. - Robert Boyle. Father of Chemistry.
4130: PINE, L.G. - Tradition and Custom in Modern Britain.
8108: PINK, M. ALDERTON. - Procrustes. Or the Future of English Education. Today and Tomorrow Series.
6855: PIPER, ROGER. - The Story of Jodrell Bank.
8490: PIPER, JOHN. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - British Romantic Artists. . No. 34 in Series.
9654: BETJEMAN J. AND PIPER J (EDITORS). - Murray's Berkshire Architectural Guide.
6305: PITMAN. - Manual of Business Training.
3886: PITMAN, MRS E.R. ( EMMA RAYMOND ). - Lady Missionaries in Foreign Lands.
5884: PLATT, WILLIAM. - This Land of Ours. A Simple Explanation of the Basis of Scenery.
10760: IMPERIAL TOBACCO COMPANY. JOHN PLAYER. - Tobacco. From Plantation to "Players". : A Breif History of Tobacco, Its Cultivation and Manufacture.
2401: PLIMSOLL, SAMUEL, M.P. - Our Seamen. An Appeal. Isbn 0859371565.
7838: PLUMB, J.H. - Men and Places. (Essays on the 18th Century Scene. Essays on African Exploration. Men and Books).
9293: PLUMMER, ALFRED AND EARLY, RICHARD E. - The Blanket Makers, 1669-1969. A History of Charles Early and Marriott, (Whitney) Ltd. Isbn 0710063008.
9241: PLUMPTRE, CONSTANCE E. - Studies in Little-Known Subjects.
9775: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE. - The Garden Makers. The Great Tradition of Garden Design from 1600 to the Present Day. Isbn 0679430148.
5815: POCOCK, T.I.. PRINGLE J., ET AL. (REVISED AND EXPANDED BY PRINGLE). - The Geology of the Country Around Oxford. Explanation of the Special Oxford Sheet. Memoirs of the Geological Survey, England.
11051: POINTON, A. C. - Wallace Brothers. With Compliment Slip.
2407: POISSON,S.D. - Traite de Mecanique. (Text in French).
6164: POLDERVAART, ARIE, EDITOR. VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Crust of the Earth. (a Symposium). Held October 14, 15 and 16, 1954, Organized by the Dept. Of Geology of Columbia University, to Mark Bicential of the University.
6229: POLE, DAVID. - Aesthetics Form & Emotion.
11238: POLE, WILLIAM. (EDITED/COMPLETED). FAIRBURN, WILLIAM. INTRO BY A.E. MUSSON. - The Life of Sir William Fairbairn; Bart. Partly Written by Himself. Isbn 0715348906.
10967: POLITEYAN, J. - Biblical Archaeology and the Hebrew Vocation.
4886: POLKA, BRAYTON, AND ZELECHOW, BERNARD.,EDITED BY. - Readings in Western Civilisation. 2 Volumes I/ Intellectual Adventure of Man to 1600. 2/ Intellectual Adventure of Modern Man.
9790: POLKINGHORNE, JOYHN. - The Way the World Is - the Christian Perspective of a Scientist. Isbn 0281040311.
10221: POLLARD, SIDNEY. - The Idea of Progress. (the New Thinker's Library).
8074: POMERAL, R. DE. - Aphrodite, or the Future of Sexual Relationships. Today and Tomorrow Series.
2409: PONTING, KENNETH G. - The Woollen Industry of South-West England.
9137: PONTING, KENNETH G. - The Woollen Industry of South-West England.
4478: POOLE, GEO. AYLIFFE AND HUGALL, J.W. - An Historical and Descriptive Guide to York Cathedral and Its Antiquities. With a History and Description of the Minster Organ.
10565: POOLE, W. H. EDITED BY. - Continental Margins and Island Arcs. Report of a Symposium Held in Ottawa 6-8 Sept. 1965, Under the Sponsorship of the International Upper Mantle Committee, with Financial Assistance from Unesco.
5287: POOLE. E.G., WILLIAMS, B.J., ET AL. - Geology of the Country Around Market Harborough. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 170, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
5227: POOLE, E.G. AND WHITEMAN, A.J. - Geology of the Country Around Nantwich and Whitchurch. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 122, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
8671: POOLEY, SIR ERNEST. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES SERIES). - The Guilds of the City of London. (No. 82 in Series).
9729: POPE, P.C., (EDITOR). A.C. MARIES; J.A.S. RITSON; ET AL. - Coal. Production, Distribution, Utilisation.
10294: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES. - Anthony Trollope. Isbn 1842124579.
7244: POPPER, K.R. - The Open Society and Its Enemies. 2 Volumes. Vol 1, Plato. Vol 2 Hegel and Marx.
5833: WORCESTER ROYAL PORCELAIN. - A Guide Through the Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester. Worcester China.
6247: PORPHYRY. ALICE ZIMMERN, (TRANSLATED BY). PREFACE BY RICHARD GARNETT. - Porphyry the Philosopher to His Wife Marcella. The Letter of Porphyry the Neo-Platonist.
6781: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE. - Flowering Judas and Other Stories.
5069: PORTER, C.L. DRAWINGS BY EVAN L. GILLESPIE. - Taxonomy of Flowering Plants.
9738: HISTORIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE CLUB. SPONSORED BY THE YORKSHIRE EVENING POST. - The Fourteenth Annual Trans-Pennine Run for Historic Commercial Vehicles from Manchester to Harrogate. Sunday 1st August 1982. Rally Guide, with "Flyers".
2416: POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN. - The Geology of the English Lake District, with Notes on the Minerals.
6077: POTTER, STEPHEN. ILLUSTRATIONS BY DAVID KNIGHT. - The Magic Number. The Story of "57".
10942: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Fairy Caravan.
4890: POTTER, STEPHEN. ILLUSTRATIONS BY LT-COL FRANK WILSON. - Anti-Woo. Gambits for Non-Lovers. The First Lifemanship Guide. The Lifeman's Mproved Primer for Non-Lovers, with Special Chapters on Who Not to Love, Falling out of Love, Avoidance Gambits, and Coad-Sanderson's Scale of Progressive Rifts.
9201: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tale of Pickles and Ginger. No. 18 in Series.
6971: RIDGWAY POTTERIES. (NO AUTHOR NAME GIVEN). - Potters Progress. A Short Historical Survey of the Art of Pottery Making from the Earliest Times.
10889: POTTINGER, GEORGE. - The Winning Counter. Hugh Fraser and Harrods. Isbn 0091062209.
4568: POTTS, PATRICIA, + ARMSTRONG, FELICITY, + MASTERTON, MARY. - Equality and Diversity in Education. 2: National and International Contexts.
9173: POUCHER, W.A. - A Camera in the Cairngorms.
11301: POUND, REGINALD. - Selfridge. A Biography.
11072: POUND, REGINALD. - Selfridge. A Biography.
9879: POWELL, C. G. - An Economic History of the British Building Industry 1815-1979. Isbn 085139194x.
4804: POWELL, GILLIAN AND DAVEY, JULIA. - The Quantocks. Photographs by Davey.
9170: POWYS, T.F. - Kindness in a Corner.
4520: POYNTER, F.N.L. AND KEELE, K.D. - A Short History of Medicine.
4072: COMMITTEE OF ADVERTISING PRACTICE. - The British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion. ( Earlier As Code of Advertising Practice ), ( Issn 13568388 )
5597: PRATT, EDWIN A. - American Railways.
5427: PRATTEN, C.F. - A Comparison of the Performance of Swedish and U.K. Companies.
8265: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic of Spain. New and Revised Edition with the Author's Latest Corrections and Additions
7816: PRESS, JOHN. - Rule and Energy. Trends in British Poetry Since the Second World War.
5178: PENTLAND PRESS. - The Pentland Press. Book List, 1998.
1302: PRESTON, J.M. - Industrial Medway, an Historical Survey.
5112: PRESTON-MAFHAM, KEN AND ROD. - The Natural History of Spiders.
2428: PRICE, ALFRED. - Aircraft Versus Submarine the Evolution of the Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1912 to 1972. Isbn 0718304128,
10742: PRICE, R.G.G. - A History of Punch.
7431: PRIDDLE, ROD. (EDITED BY). ILLUSTRATED BY OSSIE JONES. INTRO. BY VERA LYNN. - One Step to Heaven. An Anthology Selected by Rod Priddle of World War II Poetry.
2429: PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH. INTRO. BY CHARLES HADFIELD. - Priestley's Navigable Rivers and Canals. A Reprint of the Historical Account of the Navigable Rivers, Canals, and Railways Throughout Great Britain.
6955: PRINGLE, ANDREW. - Practical Photo-Micrography.
11129: PRIOR, RICHARD. DRAWINGS BY JEPPE EDRUP. - Trees & Deer. How to Cope with Deer in Forest, Field and Garden. Isbn 1853104329.
7229: PROCHNOW, HERBERT V., EDITOR. - American Financial Institutions.
3728: PROUDFOOT, W.B. - The Origin of Stencil Duplicating.
3729: PROUDFOOT, W.B. ASSOCIATION COPY. - The Origin of Stencil Duplicating.
8323: PROUT, SAMUEL. - Prout's Microcosm. The Artist's Sketch-Book of Groups of Figures, Shipping, and Other Picturesque Objects.
8412: PRYDE, GEORGE S. - Social Life in Scotland Since 1707. Historical Association, Pamphlet No. 98.
6243: SERVICE PUBLICATIONS. - Jersey Guide Map. Three Colours.
6134: PARLIAMENTARY PUBLICATIONS. - The Truth About German Atrocities. Founded on the Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages.
4731: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL. PUBLISHED BY. - The Art of the Map-Maker in Essex. 1566-1860.
2435: PUDNEY, J. - Suez, de Lesseps' Canal.
6610: PUGH, R.B. - How to Write a Parish History.
4626: PUGH, ANTHONY R. - Balzac's Recurring Characters.
9644: PURCELL, JOHN. - Good Industrial Relations. Theory and Practice. Isbn 0333261143.
4849: PURSEGLOVE, JEREMY. FOREWORD BY TONY SOPER. - Taming the Flood. A History and Natural History of Rivers and Wetlands.
6588: PUTNAM, J.J. PREFACE BY SIGMUND FREUD. - Addresses on Psycho-Analysis. The International Psycho-Analytical Library No. 1.
7531: PUZO, MARIO. - The Fortunate Pilgrim.
10085: PYATT, EDWARD C. AND NOYCE, WILFRID, (EDITORS). - British Crags and Climbers. An Anthology Chosen by Edward C. Pyatt and Wilfrid Noyce.
10568: PYKE, FRANK & WATSON, GEOFFREY. - Focus on Running, an Introduction to Human Movement. Isbn 0720711320.
7785: QUEEN VICTORIA. EDITED BY HELPS, ARTHUR. - Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861. To Which Are Prefixed and Added Extracts from the Same Journal... An... Account of Earlier Visits to Scotland, and Tours in England and Ireland, and Yachting Excursions.
7752: QUILLER-COUCH, A.T.; WALLIS, ALFRED; AND OTHERS. - A Book of the South West. Printed. For the 75th. Annual Meeting of the British Medical Association Held at Exeter in 1907.
10468: QUILLER-COUCH, SIR ARTHER.. ILLUSTRATED BY EDMUND DULAC. - The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales. Isbn 1850070717.
4447: QUINEY, ANTHONY. - The Traditional Buildings of England.
3884: QUINION, MICHAEL B. - Cidermaking. Shire Album No. 95.
5186: QUINN, DAVID B, AND QUINN, ALISON M. (HAKLUYT). - Virginia Voyages from Hakluyt.
7270: RADFORD, JEAN, - EDITOR. M. WILLIAMSON, A. CLARK, D. PRICE, ET AL. - The Progress of Romance. The Politics of Popular Fiction.
4523: RAE, ISOBEL - Knox: The Anatomist.
6223: RAEBURN, C. - The Nigerian Sudan. Some Notes on Water Supply and Cognate Subjects.
5281: RAGG, J.M., FUTTY, D.W., ET AL. - The Soils of the Country Round Haddington and Eyemouth. Sheets 33, 34 and Part 41. With Extra Map, Sheet 26. Memoirs of the Soil Survey of Great Britain.
8509: RAGG, LAURA M. - Things Seen on the Italian Lakes.
3639: RAHTZ, PHILIP AND OTHERS. - Medieval Sites in the Mendip, Cotswold, Wye Valley, and Bristol Region.
6317: BRITISH RAIL. - Gwr. 150 Years of Progress 1835-1985.
6316: BRITISH RAIL. - Gwr. 150 Years of Progress 1835-1985.
7162: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. - Cathedrals. With Seventy-Four Illustrations by Photograohic Reproduction and Seventy-Four Drawings.
6249: BRITISH RAILWAYS. - Holiday Haunts by British Railways 1959. North West England and North Wales. No. 2.
5495: RAISBECK, GORDON. - Information Theory: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers.
1885: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR. - Two Centuries of Industrial Welfare. The London (Quaker) Lead Company, 1692-1905. Isbn 0946571139.
4941: RAKUSEN, PHILIPPA. ILLUSTRATED BY BARBARA N. SHAW. - Foliage and Form Throughout the Year. A Handbook of Trees, Shrubs and Plants That Give Interest to the Garden, Apart from the Beauty of Their Flowers.
6639: RALEIGH, WALTER. - English Voyages of the Sixteenth Century.
8194: RAMSAY, DEAN. ILLUSTRATED BY HENRY W KERR. - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
5786: RAMSAY, G.D. EDITED BY. - Two Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists, 1545 and 1576. Impression of 300 Copies.
2502: RAMSAY, A.C. - The Physical Geology and Geography of Great Britain.
5031: RANCE, ADRIAN B., EDIT. WITH J.A. BAGLEY. D.E. BENNETT, M.H. GOODALL, ET AL. - Sea Planes and Flying Boats of the Solent.
10119: RAND, BENJAMIN. LOCKE, JOHN. - The Correspondence of John Locke and Edward Clarke. Edited with a Biographical Study by Benjamin Rand. Isbn 0836971167.
10571: RANDOLPH, VANCE. NOTES BY E. W. BAUGHMAN. ILL'S BY GLEN ROUNDS. - Sticks in the Knapsack and Other Ozark Folk Tales.
4248: RANKIN, H. A. AND BROWN, F. H. - Simple Art Applied to Handwork. II. ( Vol 2 ).
10507: RANSFORD, OLIVER. - The Great Trek.
10753: RANSOME-WALLIS, P. - Train Ferries of Western Europe.
6661: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. JAYA RAM; IVENGAR; SEN; BALAJI RAO; RAMA RAO; - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XX-1921, Parts I and II.
6659: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. JAYARAM; IVENGAR; BALAJI RAO; RAMA RAO; ET AL. - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XVIII-1919. Parts I and II.
6656: MYSORE GEOL. DEPT. LAKSHMANA; KRISHNACHAR; RAO; ET AL. - Mysore Geological Department Records. Vol XXXII-1933.
3898: RAO, AMBAR G. - Quantitative Theories in Advertising.
4562: RAPSON, HELEN. - The Circulation of Blood. A History.
10641: RASETTI, FRANCO. - Upper Cambrian Trilobite Faunas of Northeastern Tennessee.
7210: RASMUSSEN, O.D. - The Reconquest of Asia.
9659: RASSOW, PROF. DR. B. - Geschichte Des Vereins Deutscher Chemiker 1887 - 1912, in Den Ersten Fünfundzwanzig Jahren Seines Bestehens.
7509: RASTALL, R.H., REVISED BY. - Textbook of Geology, (Lake and Rastall's).
5309: RAT, P., COUREL, L; ET AL. - Bourgogne Morvan. Guides Geologiques Regionaux.
10423: RATCLIFFE, J.A. FOREWORD BY E.V. APPLETON. - The Physical Principles of Wireless. With 42 Diagrams. .
4527: RATHER, L.J. - Addison and the White Corpuscles: An Aspect of Nineteenth Century Biology.
2450: RATHER, L.J. - Mind and Body in Eighteenth Century Medicine. Study Based on J. Gaub's "de Regimine Mentis".
10611: RAUMER, FRIEDRICH VON TRANSLATED BY AUSTIN, SARAH. - England in 1835. A Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany During a Residence in London and Excursions Into the Provinces. 3 Volume Set. Isbn 0716517809.
10532: RAVEN, JOHN C. - Human Nature, Its Development, Variations and Assessment. A Concise Psychology for Those Concerned with the Welfare of Others.
7611: RAVEN, CHARLES E. - Bird Haunts and Bird Behaviour. Illustrated with Photographs by the Author.
7177: RAWNSLEY, C. F. AND WRIGHT, ROBERT. - Night Fighter.
7152: RAWNSLEY, H.D. - A Book of Bristol Sonnets.
8790: RAYMOND, WALTER. WITH MEMOIR BY EVELYN V. CLARK. - The Works. Somerset Folk Movement; Gentleman Upcott's Daughter + Smoke of War; Young Sam and Sabina + Tryphena/Love; Two Men O' Mendip; Simple Delights; Crafts / Characters; English Country Life; Gossip Corner; Wayfaring Soul; Love / Quiet.
4561: RAYNS, A. W. - Europe, Including the Soviet Union.
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249: TITE, G.E. & DICKSON, C.G.C. - The Genus Aloeides and Allied Genera (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae).
5154: TOCHER, J.F. - What Is "Probable Error". A Lecture.
10758: TODES, CHARLOTTE. - Labor, (Labour), and Lumber.
6517: TOMLINSON, I. - Notes and Exercises on Coordinate Geometry.
4657: TORQUAY. - The Land of Sunshine. "Gems of Torquay". A Collection of Sepia Photographs.
3170: TOULMIN, STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD, JUNE. - The Architecture of Matter.
7493: TOURTEL, MARY. - Rupert Little Bear. More Stories.
10187: TOURTEL, MARY, - Rupert Pictures and Stories with Coloured Cut-Outs; Stories Are Rupert, the Manikin; Rupert and the Black Knight; Rupert and the Christmas Tree). .
7207: TOURVILLE, HENRI DE. TRANSLATED BY M.G. LOCH. - The Growth of Modern Nations. A History of the Particularist Form of Society.
9339: TOWNSIN, ALAN. - Blue Triangle. Alan Townsin Takes a Nostalgic Look at Aec Buses. Isbn 0903839342.
8802: TRACEY, HERBERT, EDITED BY. - The Book of the Labour Party. Its History, Growth Policy and Leaders. 3 Volume Set.
4925: RIVAROSSI. GREAT NAME TRAINS. - The Great Name Trains. Scale Model Electric Trains; Treni Elettrici; Electrische Modellbahen; Trains Electriques En Miniature.
2508: TRAVERS, MORRIS W. - A Life of Sir William Ramsay.
10042: TREACY, ERIC. - Portrait of Steam. Isbn 1856480100.
10043: TREACY, ERIC. COMPILED BY G.F. ALLEN. INTRO BY J.A. COILEY. - Great Railway Photographs by Eric Treacy. A Classic Collection of the Finest Railway Photographs in the British Isles. Isbn 185052095x.
9574: TREFUSIS, VIOLET. DECORATIONS BY PHILLIPPE JULLIAN. - Don't Look Round. Her Reminiscences.
10313: TREGONNING, K, G. - Straits Tin. A Brief Account of the First Seventy-Five Years of the Straits Trading Company, Limited. 1887-1962.
5736: TRENAMAN, J.M. - Communication and Comprehension. The Report of an Investigation,... (Statistical)... . of the Effective Communication of Educative Material and an Assessment of... . . Such Communication with... . Reference to Broadcasting.
3743: TRENCH, CHARLES CHEVENIX. - The Poacher and the Squire. A History of Poaching and Game Preservation in England.
9198: TRENEER, ANNE. - The Mercurial Chemist. A Life of Sir Humphrey Davy.
9318: TRENGOVE, ALAN. - Adventure in Iron. Hamersley's First Decade. Isbn 0909316031.
6261: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER. - Motoring on Regional Byways. Devon & Cornwall.
9048: TRESTMAN, A.G. (TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN BY Y. PRUSHANSKY). - New Aspects of River Runoff Calculations.
4585: TREVITHICK, FRANCIS. - Life of Richard Trevithick, with an Account of His Inventions. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood by W.J. Welch. 2 Volumes in 1.
4586: TREVITHICK, FRANCIS. - Life of Richard Trevithick, with an Account of His Inventions. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood by W.J. Welch. 2 Volumes in 1.
2480: TRICKER, R.A.R. - The Assessment of Scientific Speculation. A Survey of Certain Current Views.
3185: TRIGGS, H. & TANNER, H. - Some Architectural Works of Inigo Jones; a Series of Measured Drawings & Other Illustrations Together with Sescriptive Notes, a Biographical Sketch and List of His Authentic Works.
8347: TRINDER, BARRIE. - The Darbys of Coalbrookdale.
6071: TRIPP, BASIL H. - Renold Chains. A History of the Company and the Rise of the Precision Chain Industry 1879-1955.
11007: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM. ILLUSTRATED. HERBERT RAILTON AND HUGH THOMSON. - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson. Large Paper Edition.
11006: TRISTRAM, W. OUTRAM. ILLUSTRATED. HERBERT RAILTON AND HUGH THOMSON. - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson. Large Paper Edition.
9047: TRIVICK, HENRY. - Autolithography. The Technique.
9053: TROWBRIDGE, W.R.H. - In the Sun with a Passport.
8481: TRUSSLER, SIMON. - The Plays of John Osborne. An Assessment.
11329: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST. - The Bournville Village Trust, 1900-1955.
6154: TRYPANIS, GEORGE A. - Notes on Translating Idiomatic Modern Greek.
7857: TSCHIFFELY, A.F. - Bohemia Junction.
11141: TUBBY, PAMELA. EDITOR. - The Book of Shooting for Sport and Skill. Isbn 0584970641.
7626: TUNSTALL. JAMES, (AFTER). - Rambles About Bath and Its Neighbourhood. Based on Dr Tunstall’S Work. Illustrated Edition.
10343: TUNZELMANN, G. W. DE, (VON). - Wireless Telegraphy. A Popular Exposition.
5907: TUREK, V., MAREK, J., BENES, J. EDITOR BROWN, JULIAN. - Fossils of the World. A Comprehensive, Practical Guide to Collecting and Studying Fossils.
10246: TURNBULL, E.L. AND, (2 CHAPTERS BY), CHARLTON, L.E.O. ILL'D BY H.P. BROWNE. - Happy Voyage. With Chapters of Air Adventure.
1700: TURNER, A. J.; ICKE, V.; DEKKER, E.; BIENFAIT, H.F.; - Images of Time. Catalogue of Exhibition at 'Nieuwe Kerk' Amsterdam, 1960.
3320: TURNER, HELEN. - Henry Wellcome; the Man, His Collection and His Legacy.
10197: TURNER, HERBERT HALL. - Modern Astronomy. Being Some Account of the Revolution of the Last Quarter of a Century.
3224: TURNER, H.W. - The Rocks of the Sierra Nevada, Bound with Further Contributions to the Geology of the Sierra Nevada.
9200: TURNER, A. LOGAN, (EDITOR). BEATSON, G.T., (BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH) AND OTHERS. - Joseph, Baron Lister. Centenary Volume 1827 - 1927. Edited for the Lister Centenary Committee of the British Medical Association.
9757: TURNOR, REGINALD. - The Smaller English House 1500 - 1939.
10973: TURRILL, W. B. - Joseph Dalton Hooker: Botanist, Explorer, and Administrator.
10974: TURRILL, W. B. - Joseph Dalton Hooker: Botanist, Explorer, and Administrator.
9764: TURRILL, W.B. - The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Past and Present.
11317: TUTE, WARREN. GILES, (ILLUSTRATED BY). - The Grey Top Hat. The Story Pf Moss Bros of Covent Garden. .
10941: TWAIN, MARK. (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS). - A Tramp Abroad. Illustrated by W. Fr. Brown, Drue Williams, E. Day and Other Artists - with Also Three or Four Pictures Made by the Author of This Book without Outside Help; in All Thtee Hundred and Fourteen Illustrations.
8469: TWEEDSMUIR, LADY. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - Canada. No. 9 in Series.
11097: TWIDALE, C. R. - Glacial Overflow Channels in North Lincolnshire.
3202: TWISS, TRAVERS. - Two Lectures on Machinery, Delivered Before the University of Oxford in Lent Term 1844.
10652: TWITE, M. L. - The World's Racing Cars.
3939: US TWO. (WARNER, RICHARD AND HUNTER, JOSEPH. EDITORS AND MAIN CONTRIBUTORS). - The Omnium Gatherum or Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham Literary Repository by Us Two.

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