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19732: APPLIED PHOTOGRAPHY NO.10 - Applied Photography 10: Photography at the Fair
BUL90500: EX-LEGIONNAIRE 1384. - The Arab Patrol.
18113: EUGENE ATGET. BERNICE ABBOTT, - The World of Atget. 176 of Atget's photographs, selected by Berenice Abbott, with an introduction.
BC13195: REX WHISTLER. CHRISTABEL ABERCONWAY - The Story of Mr Korah. With illustrations by Rex Whistler.
ARC91638: LASCELLES ABERCROMBIE. (HENRY MOORE). - contributes his poem 'Ceremonial Ode' and a holograph facsimile of a hitherto unprinted address to the Leeds University publication Verse Anthology 1924-1948. Complied by the editorial staff of the Gryphon and with a dust wrapper design by Henry Moore. .
JUL90419: MARINE ABRAMOVIC, ART IN RUINS, JAMES CASEBERE, BILL CULBERT, KEN LUM, THOMAS RUFF, KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO &C. - Art Cliché. The catalogue of a 1986-87 exhibition at Victoria Miro Gallery, London.
16570: DANNIE ABSE - Three Questor Plays. (SIGNED)
KP90481: DANNIE ABSE - Funland and Other Poems.
KP90482: DANNIE ABSE - Way Out in the Centre. Poems.
KP90484: DANNIE ABSE - Remembrance of Crimes Past. Poems 1986-1989.
KP90485: DANNIE ABSE - Welsh Retrospective. Poems.
ARC92007: DANNIE ABSE - edits and introduces the first (and only) issue of the periodical 'Verse'. No. 1.
19557: DANNIE ABSE - Walking Under Water. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC14011: DANNIE ABSE - Collected Poems 1948-1976. (SIGNED)
19556: DANNIE ABSE - Way Out in the Centre. Poems. (SIGNED)
KP90483: DANNIE ABSE - Ask the Bloody Horse. Poems.
BC13877: DANNIE ABSE - A Strong Does of Myself. (INSCRIBED)
16571: J.R.ACKERLEY - E.M.Forster. A Portrait.
ARC90293: J.R.ACKERLEY. - Hindoo Holiday. An Indian Journal.
BC15472: NORMAN ACKROYD - The Stratton Street Series. (SIGNED)
ARC91117: PETER ACKROYD - Country Life. Poems
19923: PETER ACKROYD. - First Light
ARC91916: PETER ACKROYD - The Great Fire of London. A novel.
17035: NANCY MITFORD. HAROLD ACTON - Nancy Mitford. A Memoir by Harold Acton (largely based upon her letters to the author). With illustrations.
15311: NANCY MITFORD. HAROLD ACTON - Nancy Mitford. A Memoir by Harold Acton (largely based upon her letters to the author). With illustrations.
ARC91662: HAROLD ACTON - Tuscan Villas. Lavishly illustrated with photographs by Alexander Zielcke.
19924: ANTOINE ADAM. - Grandeur and Illusion. French Literature and Society 1600-1715. Translated from the French by Herbert Tint.
BC13298: RICHARD ADAMS AND RONALD LOCKLEY - Voyage Through the Antarctic. With photographs by Peter Hirst-Smith.
ARC90425: GERRY ADAMS. - Cage Eleven. (SIGNED)
BC13802: DOUGLAS ADAMS - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 4.
BC12604: IAIN ADAMSON - The Forgotten Men
BC14034: FLEUR ADCOCK - Tigers. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC15512: ST. JOHN ADCOCK - Collected Poems of St. John Adcock.
BUL90422: CHARLES ADDAMS - Creature Comforts.
JT9022: JEAN-ANTOINE WATTEAU. HELENE ADHEMAR. - Embarkation for Cythera. With an essay by Helene Adhemar.
BUL90538: ARAVIND ADIGA - Between the Assassinations
19691: MARK ADKIN - The Charge. The Real Reason why the Light Brigade was Lost.
BUL90802: TED HUGHES. AESCHYLUS. - The Oresteia. A new translation.
18480: JAMES AGATE - Their Hour Upon the Stage. (SIGNED)
ARC91562: CAPTAIN JAMES E.AGATE - Buzz, Buzz! Essays of the Theatre.
BC15093: JAMES AGEE - A Death in the Family. A novel.
991553: JAMES AGEE - The Morning Watch.
BC15134: CONRAD AIKEN. - A special Conrad Aiken issue of the quarterly periodical 'Wake' (formally 'The Harvard Wake'). No. 11.
BC15133: CONRAD AIKEN - contributes his poem 'The Four Appearances' (the first appearance in print of this four-part poem) to a special American double-issue of the periodical 'Twentieth Century Verse'. No. 12-13.
BC15318: CONRAD AIKEN - contributes his poems 'Four Preludes' to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'The Hound & Horn'. Vol. 4, No. 3, April-June 1931.
ARC90136: CONRAD AIKEN. - Landscape West of Eden.
18117: CONRAD AIKEN - Great Circle. A novel.
99067: CONRAD AIKEN - The Soldier. A poem.
BC13131: CONRAD AIKEN - The Soldier. A poem. (INSCRIBED)
BC14668: CARRY AKROYD. (JOHN CLARE INTEREST). - Found in the Fields (and other places). (SIGNED)
ARC92086: WALTER PATER. ALASTAIR. - Sebastian Van Storck. With eight illustrations by Alastair and an introduction, 'The Artistry of Alastair', by P.G.Konody.
15315: JEAN ALAZARD - The Florentine Portrait. Translated from the French by Barbara Whelpton. With 32 pages of plates.
19768: EDWARD ALBEE - A Delicate Balance. A play
BC12463: JOSEF ALBERS AND LÁSZLÓ MOHOLY-NAGY. ACHIM BORCHARDT-HUME. - Albers and Moholy-Nagy. From the Bauhaus to the New World. Edited by Achim Borchardt-Hume.
BC14481: RICHARD ALDINGTON - Fifty Romance Lyric Poems. Chosen and translated by Richard Aldington.
BC14365: T.E.LAWRENCE. RICHARD ALDINGTON - Lawrence of Arabia. A Biographical Enquiry.
BC11096: RICHARD ALDINGTON. - Roads to Glory.
991566: RICHARD ALDINGTON - Death of a Hero. (VOLUME I ONLY)
BC15327: RICHARD ALDINGTON - contributes his essay 'An Approach to M.Marcel Proust' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 69, No. 4, October 1920.
BC15395: RICHARD ALDINGTON - contributes his poem 'Dancers' to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. V, No. 5, February 1915. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
BC11267: RICHARD ALDINGTON AND H.D. - Richard Aldington and H.D. The Early Years in Letters. Edited with an introduction and commentary by Caroline Zilboorg.
BC11095: RICHARD ALDINGTON. - Death of a Hero. A novel.
ARC91876: RICHARD ALDINGTON - War and Love (1915-1918).
991560: RICHARD ALDINGTON - Medallions. Selected translations.
991564: RICHARD ALDINGTON - Soft Answers.
18120: BRIAN W.ALDISS & HARRY HARRISON (WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY ALFRED BESTER, DAMON KNIGHT, FREDERIK POHL & ROBERT SILVERBERG) - Hell's Cartographers. Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers. Edited and with an introduction by Brian Aldiss and Harry Harrison,
SPE90108: JAMES ALDRIDGE - Heroes on the Empty View.
RB90065: BEVIN ALEXANDER - Inside the Nazi War Machine. How Three Generals Unleashed Hitler's Blitzkrieg upon the World.
12964: NELSON ALGREN - A Walk on the Wild Side. A novel.
19935: CAPTAIN E.H.LYNN-ALLEN. - Rough Shoot. Some Thoughts for the Owner-Keeper. Illustrated by The Master of Elphinstone [i.e. John Elphinstone].
BC14643: ISABEL ALLENDE - Paula. Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. (SIGNED)
BC13355: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. RONALD ALLEY - Graham Sutherland. The catalogue of a 1982 Tate Gallery exhibition.
BC12395: P.S.ALLFREE - Hawks of the Hadhramaut.
ARC91122: JOHN ALLIN AND ARNOLD WESKER - Say Goodbye: You May Never See them Again. Scenes from two East-End Background. Paintings by John Allin and text by Arnold Wesker.
16161: HELEN ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM ALLINGHAM. [ROBERT GRAVES INTEREST] - By the Way. (INSCRIBED). Verses, Fragments and Notes. Arranged by his wife, Helen Allingham.
19854: JOHN M.S.ALLISON - Concerning the Education of a Prince. Correspondence of the Princess of Nassau-Saarbruck 13 June - 15 November 1758. Edited and with an Introductory Essay by John M.S.Allison
BC14036: DRUMMOND ALLISON - The Yellow Night. Poems 1940 41 42 43. With a portrait of the author and decorations by David Haughton.
ARC91850: KENNETH ALLOTT - The Ventriloquist's Doll. Poems.
BC14962: JEFF ALLRED - American Modernism and Depression Documentary.
ARC93012: CRICKET. H.S.ALTHAM, JOHN ARLOTT, E.D.B.EAGAR AND ROY WEBBER. - Hampshire County Cricket. The Official History of the Hampshire County Cricket Club. (EXTENSIVELY SIGNED)
BC15417: MARTIN AMIS - Visiting Mrs. Nabokov and Other Excursions.
FP90021: KINGSLEY AMIS. - Bright November. Poems
16581: KINGSLEY AMIS - A Case of Samples. Poems 1946-1956.
EVES9023: FANTASY PRESS. KINGSLEY AMIS - [Poems]. The Fantasy Poets Number Twenty-Two
BC11965: KINGSLEY AMIS - Difficulties With Girls. A novel.
BC11967: MARTIN AMIS - Einstein's Monsters. Stories.
ARC291110009: KINGSLEY AMIS. - The Evans Country. Poems.
KP90579: MARTIN AMIS - The Second Plane. September 11: 2001-2007.
ARC90416: MARTIN AMIS. - Other People: A Mystery Story.
KP90051: MARTIN AMIS. - Yellow Dog.
KP90050: MARTIN AMIS. - Night Train.
ARC91327: KINGSLEY AMIS - contributes his two early poems 'Retrospect' and 'Poem for Hilary' to an issue of the periodical Mandrake. Edited by Arthur Boyars and John Wain.
ARC91328: KINGSLEY AMIS - Socialism and the Intellectuals.
KP90714: MARTIN AMIS. - London Fields.
BC10153: KINGSLEY AMIS - contributes his essay 'No More Parades. On Leaving Cambridge' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
18123: KINGSLEY AMIS - Lucky Jim's Politics.
BUL90783: MARTIN AMIS - The War Against Cliché. Essays and Reviews 1971-2000.
BUL90606: KINGSLEY AMIS - I Like it Here. A novel.
JH301109024: P.D'ANCONA AND E.AESCHLIMANN - The Art of Illumination. An Anthology of Manuscripts from the Sixth to the Sixteenth Century. Translated from the Italian by Alison M.Brown and with additional notes on the plates by Alison Stones.
BC15186: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - Tar. A Midwest Childhood.
19797: MAXWELL ANDERSON - The Eve of St Mark. A play
19810: M.D.ANDERSON - Design for a Journey
BC15183: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - Winesburg Ohio. Intimate Histories of Every-day People.
BC15187: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - Hello Towns!
19939: MAXWELL ANDERSON. - The Star-Wagon. A Play in Three Acts
19796: MAXWELL ANDERSON - Joan of Lorraine. A play
BC15391: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - contributes 'Mid-American Songs', a sequence of six poems all of which were subsequently included in his collection 'Mid-American Chants' (1918), to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. X, No. 6, September 1917. Edited by Harriet
BC15184: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - Horses and Men. Tales, Long and Short, from Our American Life.
BC15303: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - contributes his nineteen-page story 'From Chicago' to the seventh issue of the short-lived monthly periodical 'The Seven Arts'. Vol. 2, No. 7, May 1917.
BC15324: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - contributes his story 'The Triumph of Egg' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 68, No. 3, March 1920.
BC15185: SHERWOOD ANDERSON - A Teller's Story.
BC13845: GEOFF ANDREW - Stranger Than Paradise. Maverick Film-Makers in Recent American Cinema. With a foreword by Gary Oldman.
BUL90957: JOHN R.ANGOLIA - For Führer and Fatherland. Military Awards if the Third Reich.
19890: ANONYMOUS - Old English Easances. A Text Book
14791: ANONYMOUS - Common Conditions. From the copy in the Library of the Elizabethan Club of Yale University. Compared with the Chatsworth copy. Edited by Tucker Brooke.
19953: ANONYMOUS - Picturesque Montreal. With thirty photogravures plates.
15235: ANONYMOUS, (GREAT WAR) - The Absolute Truth. 30 photographs (many "U.S.Official").
ARC92376: ISABELLE ANSCOMBE - Omega and After. Bloomsbury and the Decorative Arts. With photographs by Howard Grey and a two-page foreword by John Lehmann.
19618: HENRY FUSELI. FREDERICK ANTAL - Fuseli Studies. With sixty-four plates.
9922244: ANTHOLOGY. (NICHOLAS MOORE &C.) - The Threshold: 1935. An Anthology of Verse and Prose from the Public & Secondary Schools of England. Edited by R.W.Moore.
ARC90694: ANTHOLOGY - A Volunteer Haversack. Containing contributions of certain writers to the Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade: The Royal Scots. Edited by Archibald Stodart Walker.
BC15103: ANTHOLOGY - New Road 1944 [and] New Road 1945 [and] New Road 4 [and] New Road 5. Four of the five issues of this important 1940 anthology series, missing only the uncommon first issue.
17394: ANTHOLOGY. (FRANK PREWETT, ROBERT GRAVES, EDMUND BLUNDEN AND RICHARD HUGHES &C.) - Oxford Poetry 1921. Edited by Alan Porter, Richard Hughes & Robert Graves.
9922245: ANTHOLOGY. (NICHOLAS MOORE, ALEXANDER COMFORT, J.C.HALL, JOHN HEATH-STUBBS &C.) - The Threshold: 1937. Verse and Prose from the Public & Secondary Schools of England.
ARC91845: ANTHOLOGY. - Whips and Scorpions. Specimens of Modern Satiric Verse 1914-1931. Edited by Sherard Vines.
BC15050: ANTHOLOGY. - New Directions in Prose and Poetry 1937
ARC92387: ANTHOLOGY. - Wayfarer's Love. Contributions From Living Poets. Edited by The Duchess of Sutherland.
BC15049: ANTHOLOGY. - New Directions in Prose and Poetry.
19867: ANTHOLOGY. - Gems from American Poets. Selected and Arranged by the Author of the "Sentiment of Flowers"
18128: ANTHOLOGY - Sunshine and Shadow. A Book of Cambridge Women's Verse. Edited under the initials "M.S."
BC15051: ANTHOLOGY. - New Directions in Prose and Poetry 1942
BC15052: ANTHOLOGY. - New Directions of Prose and Poetry 1936. New Directions Books 1936-1986. A Retrospective Selection. Edited by J.Laughlin.
EVES9086: ANTHOLOGY - Art and Action. 10th Anniversary Issue 1938-1948. A Book of Literature, the Arts and Civil Liberties. Edited by Dorothy Norman.
BC15067: MICHEL ANTHONIOZ - Verve. The Ultimate Review of Art and Literature (1937-1960). Harry
KP90162: GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE. - The Poet Assassinated. Translated from the French by Ron Padgett and with illustrations by Jim Dine.
ARC91780: H.E.BATES. EDWARD ARDIZZONE. - My Uncle Silas. With drawings by Edward Ardizzone.
BUL90164: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. - Tim All Alone.
BC11484: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - provides dust wrapper and endpaper designs to Henry Cecil's quirky consideration of the British legal system 'Not Such An Ass'. With a foreword by The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Devlin.
ARC91839: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - Baggage to the Enemy.
WA90004: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - The Diary of a War Artist.
ARC91355: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - Tim to the Rescue. With an Ardizzone title page decoration, twenty colour drawings, predominantly double-spread, and a further twenty-five black and white line drawings.
ARC90906: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - Nicholas and the Fast Moving Diesel.
ARC91885: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - Wine List Decorations 1961-1963. With illustrations by Edward Ardizzone, wood-engravings by David Gentleman, decorations by Asgeir Scott and maps by Sheila Waters.
ARC91890: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - The 1929 Christmas Tree Annual.
18133: MICHAEL ARLEN - Babes in the Wood.
BC13076: JOHN ARLOTT - The Snuff Shop. With illustrations by Ray Evans and a foreword by Kingsley Amis. (SIGNED)
BC12392: SIMON ARMITAGE - contributes his poem 'Abstracting Electricity' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Review.
BC13246: SIMON ARMITAGE - Five Eleven Ninety Nine. A Poem for the Millenium. With drawings by Toni Goffe. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC13227: SIMON ARMITAGE - Seeing Stars. Poems.
ARC91868: PAUL NASH. MARTIN ARMSTRONG - Saint Hercules and Other Stories. With drawings by Paul Nash.
18135: MATTHEW ARNOLD - Irish Essays and Others.
BC15115: ABSTRACT ART. - Abstraction: Toward a New Art. Painting 1910-20. Issued to accompany a 1980 Tate Gallery exhibition.
18477: SOLDIER ART - Soldier Art. Over 200 plates, several in colour.
BUL90518: INDIAN ART. - Contemporary Indian Art Post Independence.
13423: ORIENTAL ART - Ancient Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints. Over 140 mostly full-colour plates, with an introduction by Wang Shucun.
BC14163: ROYAL ARTILLERY - An undated Royal Artillery Christmas greetings card
BC13783: GREAT WAR ARTISTS - War Pictures. Issued by Authority of the Imperial War Museum. (cover title: Pictures & Sculpture in the Imperial War Museum).
BC13895: BARBARA JONES. RUTH ARTMONSKY - A Snapper Up of Unconsidered Trifles. A Tribute to Barbara Jones.
18912: HENRY PURCELL. DENNIS ARUNDELL - Henry Purcell. With illustrations and musical examples.
14799: BRIAN ASH - Who's Who in Science Fiction.
ARC91554: C.R.ASHBEE. - Peckover. The Abbotscourt Papers 1904-1931. Edited by C.R.Ashebb and with five handsome full-page coloured illustrations by Reginald Savage.
BUL90488: RALPH STEADMAN. DAISY ASHFORD - Where Love Lies Deepest. With a title-page illustration, sixteen line drawings, mostly full-page or double spread, and a dust wrapper design by Ralph Steadman.
BC15422: HAROLD ASHTON - First From the Front.
ARC91077: ISAAC ASIMOV - Foundation.
BC12989: ANTHONY ASTBURY - Just to Two of Us. Verse and Prose Poems. Selected by Geoffrey Godbert. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91511: GERTRUDE ATHERTON - A Whirl Asunder.
ARC91417: HAROLD JONES. M.E.ATKINSON. - August Adventure. A Novel for Boys & Girls. With endpapers, title pages, seventeen full-page drawings (three of which have been quite carefully coloured), head and tail pieces and a dust wrapper design by Harold Jones.
WA90006: MARGARET ATWOOD - Cat's Eye.
WA90005: MARGARET ATWOOD - Life Before Man. A novel.
BC15463: MARGARET ATWOOD - Oryx and Crake. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC14799: EDWARD ST. AUBYN - At Last. The fifth and final volume of the Patrick Melrose series. (SIGNED)
ARC91236: W.H.AUDEN - Sue. A poem.
ARC90083: W.H.AUDEN AND CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD. - On the Frontier. A Melodrama in three acts.
16593: W.H.AUDEN - Academic Graffiti. Clerihews. With drawings by Filippo Sanjust.
BC10120: W.H.AUDEN - contributes a tribute to Dag Hammarskjöld, the Swedish economist and author and the only posthumous winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
BC10151: W.H.AUDEN - contributes his poem 'The Cave of Nakedness' (hitherto unprinted) to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
18136: W.H.AUDEN - The Quarry. A poem. Musical setting by W.D.Bennett.
BC15275: W.H.AUDEN - contributes 'Paid on Both Sides. A Charade' to an issue of the periodical 'The Criterion. A Quarterly Review'. Vol. 9, No. 35, January 1930. Edited by T.S.Eliot.
BUL90614: W.H.AUDEN - Thank you, Fog. Last Poems.
BC10152: W.H.AUDEN - contributes his poem 'Iceland Revisited' (the first British appearance of this poem) to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
18137: W.H.AUDEN - Night Covers Up the Rigid Land. A poem. Musical setting by Lennox Berkeley.
18138: THOMAS CAMPION. W.H.AUDEN - Selected Songs. Selected by W.H.Auden, with introductions by himself and John Hollander.
BC12208: JANE AUSTEN - Edgar & Emma
KP90281: PAUL AUSTER. - The Brooklyn Follies.
KP90282: PAUL AUSTER. - Travels in the Scriptorium.
KP90279: PAUL AUSTER. - Timbuktu.
KP90280: PAUL AUSTER. - Oracle Night.
BC14541: PAUL AUSTER - Man in the Dark. (SIGNED)
BUL90226: HUGH CASSON. DIANA AVEBURY. - Zelda and the Corgis. With illustrations by Hugh Casson.
18048: GILLIAN AVERY - The Hole in the Wall and Other Stories. An anthology of stories for children written between 1796 and 1886. Edited by Gillian Avery. (SIGNED)
BUL90556: TOM AVERY - Pole Dance. The Story of a Record-Breaking British Expedition to the Bottom of the World. (INSCRIBED)
99580: F.C.AVIS - Type Face Manual.
19038: ERJE AYDEN - Seven Years of Winter. Autobiography.
BC11702: MICHAEL AYRTON. - Archilochos. Introduced, translated and illustrated by Michael Ayrton.
KP90705: MICHAEL AYRTON. - The Testament of Daedalus. With a foreword by Rex Warner.
BC13187: MICHAEL AYRTON AND JOHN ARLOTT - Clausentum. Sonnets by John Arlott accompanied with drawings by Michael Ayrton.
BC13640: WYNDHAM LEWIS. MICHAEL AYRTON. - The Human Age. Complete in three parts (over two volumes) comprising 'Childermass', 'Monstre Gai' and 'Malign Fiesta'. With illustrations and dust wrapper designs by Michael Ayrton.
ARC91566: MICHAEL AYRTON - A Distraction of Wits Nurtured in Elizabethan Cambridge. An anthology selected and introduced by George Rylands, and with drawings by Michael Ayrton.
BC11590: MICHAEL AYRTON. - The Midas Consequence. A novel.
BC14647: RICCARDO BACCHELLI - The Mill on the Po. Complete in two volumes. Translated from the Italian by Frances Frenaye (volume one) and Stuart Hood (volume two).
16596: FRANCIS BACON - Francis Bacon in Conversation with Michel Archimbaud. With numerous illustrations, many in colour.
19877: ENID BAGNOLD - Lottie Dundass. A Play in Three Acts
9696: ENID BAGNOLD - Autobiography (from 1889). With illustrations.
BUL90021: PEARL BAILEY. - The Raw Pearl. (SIGNED)
BC12690: F.M.BAILEY - Mission to Tashkent. With an introduction and epilogue by Peter Hopkirk.
BC14539: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress.
ARC90747: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - Another Part of the Wood.
BC14740: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - Injury Time. A novel.
19382: ABRAHAM TREMBLEY. JOHN R.BAKER - Abraham Trembley of Geneva. Scientist and Philosopher 1710-1784. Edward
13749: GEORGE BALANCHINE - Portrait of Mr. B. Photographs of George Balanchine with an essay by Lincoln Kirstein and a memoir by Peter Martins. Over 70 photographs, some double-spread.
BC15131: BALLADS - A special ballads number of the periodical 'Twentieth Century Verse'. No. 4.
BC11514: J.G.BALLARD - contributes the first printing of 'Zodiac 2000', his updating of the signs of the zodiac, to an issue of the quarterly periodical Ambit
BC250310001: J.G.BALLARD - The Empire of the Sun. (SIGNED UNCORRECTED TYPESCRIPT).
BC11462: J.G.BALLARD - contributes his short story 'The Subliminal Man', its first UK book-fork appearance, to the science fiction anthology Window on the Future. Edited by Douglas Hill.
BUL90204: J.G.BALLARD. - War Fever.
SPE90163: J.G.BALLARD - contributes the first printing of his twelve-page story 'Tolerances of the Human Face' to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
ARC92427: J.G.BALLARD. - Low-Flying Aircraft and Other Stories.
BUL90938: HONORÉ DE BALZAC - Epigrams on Men, Women and Love. Selected and translated by Jacques Le Clercq and with thirteen wood-engravings by Derrick Harris.
BC14141: IAIN BANKS - The Crow Road.
ARC91960: PHILIP TOYNBEE. JOHN BANTING. - The Garden to the Sea. A novel. With a handsome dust wrapper designed by John Banting.
BC13908: JOHN BANVILLE. - The Infinities. A novel. (SIGNED)
ARC92368: JOHN BANVILLE - Doctor Copernicus. A novel.
BC13906: JOHN BANVILLE. - The Untouchable. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC13909: JOHN BANVILLE. - The Blue Guitar. A novel. (SIGNED)
18145: MOSHE BARASCH - Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land. Twelfth Century Examples from Acre, Nazareth and Belvoir Castle. With fifty plates of photographs.
KP90028: EDDIE LINDEN. SEBASTIAN BARKER. - Who is Eddie Linden.
BC13083: GEORGE BARKER - Three Poems. Number thirteen of the Mir Poets pamphlets. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
KP90211: GEORGE BARKER. - Villa Stellar. Poems.
BC13141: GEORGE BARKER - In Memory of David Archer. (SIGNED)
BC15132: GEORGE BARKER - contributes a two-page 'Note on Narrative Poetry' to a special 'The Poet and the Public' issue of the periodical 'Twentieth Century Verse'. No. 18.
ARC91709: GEORGE BARKER - Janus. [Two Tales].
SPE90110: NICOLA BARKER - Behindlings. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
BC14044: GEORGE BARKER - The True Confession of George Barker.
ARC92317: PAT BARKER - The Regeneration Trilogy. Complete in three volumes comprising 'Regeneration', 'The Eye in the Door' and 'The Ghost Road'.
9330: A.L.BARKER - No Word of Love. Stories.
19918: ARTHUR BARKER. - Songs of Suffolk.
BC11666: GEORGE BARKER - In Memory of David Archer. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC14409: SIEGFRIED SASSOON. PETER BARKWORTH. - Siegfried Sassoon. The Story of a Young Soldier Poet. A programme for the 1987 Apollo Theatre run of a one-man play, written by and starring peter Barkworth.
18146: JULIAN BARNARD - The Decorative Tradition. A study of applied ornament in Victorian building, with numerous illustrations and photographs.
ARC91190: JULIAN BARNES - Arthur & George. (SIGNED)
ARC90966: JULIAN BARNES - Metroland. (SIGNED)
BC190910008: DJUNA BARNES - Spillway. Stories
BC13812: JULIAN BARNES (WRITING AS 'DAN KAVANAGH'). - Going to the Dogs.
BC13808: JULIAN BARNES - England, England.
ARC91217: JULIAN BARNES (WRITING AS 'DAN KAVANAGH'). - Putting the Boot In. A novel. (SIGNED)
ARC91034: WILLIAM BARNES - Poems of Rural Life in Common English.
BC15339: NATALIE CLIFFORD BARNEY - contributes her poem 'To Travel or Not to Travel' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 74, No. 4, April 1923.
BUL90876: PABLO PICASSO. ALFRED H.BARR JR. - Picasso. Fifty Years of His Art.
BC14533: SEBASTIAN BARRY - On Canaan's Side. A novel. (SIGNED)
19779: LEONARD BASKIN - Iconologia.
BC15491: TED HUGHES. LEONARD BASKIN. - Flowers and Insects. Some Birds and a Pair of Spiders. Poems, with drawings by Leonard Baskin.
BC14765: H.E.BATES. - The Yellow Meads of Asphodel. A story. With drawings by John Ward.
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18505: MAX BEERBOHM - Heroes and Heroines of "Bitter Sweet". Five tipped-in colour-plates of the cast of Noel Coward's 1929 play and a Max "Note" in facsimile.
19335: MAX BEERBOHM. - Lytton Strachey. A lecture.
GAM00210: MAX BEERBOHM. - Zuleika Dobson, or an Oxford Love Story.
GAM00211: MAX BEERBOHM. - Zuleika Dobson, or an Oxford Love Story. With a preface by Douglas Cleverdon and illustrations by George Him.
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19844: CLIVE BELL - Enjoying Pictures. Meditations in the National Gallery and Elsewhere.
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BC10080: SAUL BELLOW - is the subject of two essays: 'Saul Bellow and the Naturalist Tradition' by Malcolm Bradbury and 'The Novels of Saul Bellow' by Geoffrey Rans contributed to an American Literature special issue of the periodical A Review of English Literature. Edited by A
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ARC221009011: LORD BERNERS - Count Omega.
IMM90008: LORD BERNERS - A Distant Prospect. Further autobiography. With a frontispiece by the author and three photographs.
18514: LORD BERNERS - A Distant Prospect. Further autobiography. With a frontispiece by the author and three photographs.
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BC13216: LOUIS DE BERNIÈRES - The Latin America Trilogy. A signed first edition set of de Bernières' trilogy, complete in three volumes comprising 'The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts', 'Señor Vivo and the Coca Lord' and 'The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman'. (SIGNED)
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BC10239: LOUIS DE BERNIERES - The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman. The third and final volume of the Latin America Trilogy.
ARC90752: LOUIS DE BERNIÈRES - Labels. With vignettes and a cover design by Christopher Wormell. (SIGNED)
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ARC91592: JOHN BETJEMAN (READS). - 'The Dear Old Village', 'Our Padre', 'Indoor Games Near Newbury' and 'Now to Get On in Society'. A 7-inch 45 r.p.m. extended play record.
ARC91790: JOHN BETJEMAN - Continual Dew. A Little Book of Bourgeois Verse. With drawings and an elaborate gilt cover-design by Osbert Lancaster.
ARC91253: JOHN BETJEMAN - Ode on the Marriage of HRH Prince Charles to the Lady Diana Spender in St. Pauls Cathedral on 29 July 1981. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION PLUS TYPESCRIPT)
18183: JOHN BETJEMAN - The Book Collectors Fair 1966
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18186: JULIAN FANE. JOHN BETJEMAN. - A Letter. With a brief foreword by John Betjeman.
16616: JOHN BETJEMAN, ANDREW WHEATCROFT - The Tennyson Album. A Biography in Original Photographs. With an introduction by John Betjeman.
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9342: JOHN BETJEMAN - Uncollected Poems. With a foreword by Bevis Hillier.
ARC90843: RUTH PITTER. [JOHN BETJEMAN, THOM GUNN, L.P.HARTLEY, KATHLEEN RAINE, ROBERT CONQUEST, ROY FULLER, JOHN ARLOTT, JOHN WAIN &C]. - Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet. Edited by Arthur Russell and with an introduction by David Cecil.
BUL90721: JOHN BETJEMAN - contributes his poem 'Cricket Master. An Incident' to an issue of the periodical The London Magazine. Edited by John Lehmann.
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17669: JOHN BETJEMAN - Continual Dew. A Little Book of Bourgeois Verse. With drawings and an elaborate cover-design by Osbert Lancaster.
ARC92399: JULIAN FANE. JOHN BETJEMAN. - A Letter. With a brief foreword by John Betjeman. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC91561: JOHN BETJEMAN - Ghastly Good Taste. Or a Depressing Story of the Rise and Fall of English Architecture. (SIGNED)
ARC91528: JOHN BETJEMAN - Uncollected Poems. With a foreword by Bevis Hillier. (SIGNED)
ARC291110012: JOHN BETJEMAN - contributes a chapter on architecture to Studies in the History of Swindon by L.V.Grinsell, H.B.Wells and H.S.Tallamy. With an introduction by David Douglas.
9361: JOHN BETJEMAN - Points of View. A Selection from the Spectator. Edited by Brian Inglis.
BC11291: JOHN BETJEMAN AND JOHN PIPER. - Poems in the Porch. With illustrations by John Piper.
ARC92040: JOHN BETJEMAN - contributes his poem 'The Song of a Cold World' to Public School Verse. An Anthology. Volume V 1924-1925.
ARC91601: JOHN BETJEMAN (WRITING AS 'RICHARD M.FARRAN'). - Ground Plan to Skyline.
ARC91791: JOHN BETJEMAN - Slick But Not Streamlined. Poems & Short Pieces. Selected and introduced by W.H.Auden.
ARC91583: JOHN BETJEMAN - A catalogue of works by John Betjeman from the collection of Ray Carter. With an unpublished poem and illustrations by John Piper, Phillida Gili and Glynn Boyd Harte and an introduction by Philip Larkin. The catalogue of a 1983 exhibition at St Paul's Sch
ARC90576: JOHN BETJEMAN - A Garland for the Laureate. Poems presented to Sir John Betjeman on his 75th Birthday.
18181: JOHN BETJEMAN - An Anthology of the Home Counties. Edited by J.D.Mortimer, with an introduction by John Betjeman.
18184: JOHN BETJEMAN - Twelve Jews. An anthology. Edited by Hector Bolitho.
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BC10185: MICHAEL AYRTON. HENRY BETT - English Myths and Traditions. With illustrations and a dust wrapper design by Michael Ayrton.
BC12873: SUJATA BHATT - Point No Point. Selected Poems. (SIGNED)
BC14710: MARC CHAGALL. IZIS BIDERMANAS. - The World of Marc Chagall. Photographed by Izis Bidermanas and with text by Roy McMullen.
19733: JOHN R.BIGGS - An Approach to Type
BUL90237: JULIAN W.BILBY. - Nanook of the North.
BC15035: J.E.SPINGARN. [LAURENCE BINYON]. - The New Criticism. A lecture delivered at Columbia University March 9, 1910. (INSCRIBED)
17674: EDITH BIRKHEAD - The Tale of Terror. A Study of the Gothic Romance.
BC12553: JACK KEROUAC. JAMES BIRMINGHAM - The Last Days of Jack Kerouac.
99114: EARLE BIRNEY - Near False Creek Mouth.
99113: EARLE BIRNEY - The Bear on the Delhi Road. Selected poems.
BC12977: JOHN BIRTWHISTLE - The Conversion to Oil of the Lots Road London Transport Power Station and Other Poems.
BUL90296: JULIUS BISSIER. - Julius Bissier 1893-1965. The catalogue of a 1977 touring exhibition.
BC13846: PIERS BIZONY - 2001. Filming the Future. With a foreword by Arthur C.Clarke.
ARC90731: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. MARGARET BLACK - Three Brothers and a Lady. With thirty-nine colour illustrations by Edward Ardizzone.
BC13517: ELIZABETH BLACKADDER - The catalogue of a touring 1981-82 Scottish Arts Council exhibition.
BC12807: THOMAS BLACKBURN - contributes his poems 'Legion' and 'Casa Montini' to an issue of the periodical Agenda.
GAM00113: THOMAS BLACKBURN. - The Price of an Eye.
18521: R.D.BLACKMORE - Slain by the Doones and Other Stories. Attractive pictorial title-page.
14362: R.P.BLACKMUR - Dirty Hands, or The True-Born Censor.
14555: R.P.BLACKMUR. (T.E.LAWRENCE INTEREST) - The Lion and the Honeycomb. Essays.
14444: R.P.BLACKMUR. - T.S.Eliot. An essay.
16065: VIRGINIA WOOLF. BERNARD BLACKSTONE - Virginia Woolf. A Commentary.
BC14702: PETER BLAKE - Paris Escapades. With an interview by Marco Livingstone and commentaries by the artist. (SIGNED)
BUL90548: QUENTIN BLAKE - Ten Frogs. Dix Gvenouilles
BC13975: HENRY BLOFELD - The Packer Affair. (INSCRIBED)
18194: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - Poems. With thirteen illustrations by T.S.Cooper, J.C.Horsley &c., engraved by Thurston Thompson.
BC11105: EDMUND BLUNDEN. - Undertones of War.
BC13160: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Retreat.
15392: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Poems of Many Years.
11880: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Votive Tablets.
ARC91934: EDMUND BLUNDEN - To Nature. New Poems.
19841: FELX MENDELSSOHN. WILFRED BLUNT - On Wings of Song. A Biography of Felix Mendelssohn
ARC91869: ANTHONY BLUNT - co-edits and contributes to the second issue of the fugitive undergraduate magazine 'The Venture'. February 1929. Edited by Anthony Blunt, H.Romilly Fedden and Michael Redgrave.
BUL90896: RONALD BLYTHE - First Friends. Paul and Bunty, John and Christine - and Carrington.
BC14894: RONALD BLYTHE - The View in Winter. Reflections on Old Age.
BUL90480: ENID BLYTON - Good Old Secret Seven. With illustrations by Burgess Sharrocks.
19780: THOMAS BODLEY - Pietas Oxoniensis. In Memory of Sir Thomas Bodley and the Foundation of the Bodleian Library
14831: JOHN SIBERCH. ROBERT BOES & G.J.GRAY. - John Siberch. Bibliographical Notes of the first Cambridge Printer, 1886-1905. With facsimiles of title-pages, colophons &c.
BC13542: EAVAN BOLAND - Selected Poems.
BC13541: EAVAN BOLAND - In a Time of Violence. Poems
BC13543: EAVAN BOLAND - Outside History. Poems
17571: HECTOR BOLITHO - A Penguin in the Eyrie. An R.A.F. Diary 1939-1945.
18528: MELVIN BOLTON - Ethiopian Wildlands. With photographs.
BC15502: EDWARD BOND - The Woman. Scenes from War and Freedom. A play.
ARC91431: SHELL GUIDE. STEPHEN BONE - The West Coast of Scotland. Skye to Oban.
BC15516: CHRIS BONINGTON - Kongur. China's Elusive Summit. With an introduction by Michael Ward and a foreword by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh. (SIGNED)
BC11067: PIERRE BONNARD. - Pierre Bonnard 1867-1947. The catalogue of a 1966 Royal Academy of Arts exhibition.
BUL90541: ELISABETH MANN BORGESE - To Whom it May Concern.
18460: JACQUES LIPCHITZ. BERT VAN BORK. - Jacques Lipchitz. The Artist at Work. A photographic monograph, with with dozens of photographs of the sculptor and his work and a critical evaluation of Lipchitz by Dr.Alfred Werner.
ARC92071: BARNETT FREEDMAN. GEORGE BORROW. - Lavengro. The Scholar. The Gipsy. The Priest. With an introduction by Hugh Walpole and sixteen delightful colour lithographs Barnett Freedman, plus eighteen pen drawings. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
9922699: JAMES BOSWELL - On the Profession of a Player. Three essays now first printed from "The London Magazine" 1770.
15721: JAMES BOSWELL, CHAUNCEY BREWSTER TINKER - Young Boswell. Chapters on James Boswell the Biographer, based largely on New material. With many illustrations.
19920: JAMES BOSWELL. - Letters of James Boswell Addressed to the Rev. W.J.Temple. With an Introduction and Notes.
BC13128: RONALD BOTTRALL - Farewell and Welcome. Poems.
99118: RONALD BOTTRALL - The Loosening and Other Poems
ARC91804: VERVE. JEAN BOURDICHON - Les Heures D'Anne De Bretagne. A special double-issue of Verve.
BC11546: ELIZABETH BOWEN - contributes 'Notes on Writing a Novel' to the second volume of the miscellany Orion. Edited by Rosamond Lehmann, D.Kilham Roberts, C.Day-Lewis and Edwin Muir.
ARC91846: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Last September. A novel
BC12978: ARNOLD VINCENT BOWEN - Brief Matchlight. Poems.
ARC91759: PAUL BOWLES - Yallah. Over eighty superb photographs of the peoples of the Western Sahara by Peter W.Haeberlin, predominantly full-page or double-spread and with an introductory essay and captions by Paul Bowles.
KP90647: PAUL BOWLES - his story 'Tapiama' to an issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
SPE90167: PAUL BOWLES - contributes his six-page story 'Friend of the World' to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
BUL90923: PAUL BOWLES - contributes his twenty-seven page story 'The Time of Friendship' to an issue of the periodical 'The London Magazine'. Vol. 2, No. 9.
19209: THOMAS HARDY. C.M.BOWRA - The Lyrical Poetry of Thomas Hardy. A transcript of the 23rd Bryon Foundation Lecture.
19912: ELIZABETH FRENCH BOYD - Bloomsbury Heritage. Their Mothers and their Aunts. With illustrations
BC13213: WILLIAM BOYD - Brazzaville Beach. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC10266: KAY BOYLE. - Wedding Day and Other Stories
BC15053: KAY BOYLE - co-edits and contributes to 365 Days. A collection of one-page short stories by over 100 authors, inspired by newspaper headlines - one for each day of the year. Edited by Kay Boyle, Laurence Vail and Nina Conarain.
BC10274: KAY BOYLE. - Gentlemen I Address You Privately.
BC10275: KAY BOYLE. - Primer for Combat.
BC10277: KAY BOYLE. - Nothing Ever Breaks Except the Heart. Short Stories.
ARC91540: T.CORAGHESSAN BOYLE - Descent of Man. Stories.
ARC90315: JOHN BOYNE. - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. A fable.
BC14659: GLASGOW BOYS - Pioneering Painters. The Glasgow Boys. The catalogue of a 2010-11 exhibition at Kelvin Grove Gallery and Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
16270: E.H.KNATCHBULL-HUGESSEN [LORD BRABOURNE] - Tales at Tea-Time. Fairy Stories. With illustrations by William Brunton.
15676: SAMUEL JOHNSON. ROBERT BRACEY - Eighteenth Century Studies and Other Papers. With a Foreword by The Bishop of Clifton.
19662: MALCOLM BRADBURY - The Modern American Novel.
9922305: MALCOLM BRADBURY - Unsent Letters.
9922303: MALCOLM BRADBURY - Doctor Criminale. (SIGNED).
19232: RAY BRADBURY. - The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and Other Plays for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond Tomorrow. With an introduction by the author.
19361: MALCOLM BRADBURY - Cuts. With drawings by Tom Phillips.
BC10097: MALCOLM BRADBURY - contributes his 10-page analysis 'Saul Bellow's "Herzog"' to an issue of the periodical Critical Quarterly.
BUL90773: RAY BRADBURY - A Graveyard for Lunatics. Another Tale of Two Cities.
ARC91962: RAY BRADBURY - The Silver Locusts.
GM90002: JOHN BRAINE. - The Vodi.
BC14586: JOHN BRAINE - The Jealous God.
RB90066: RODRIC BRAITHWAITE - Moscow 1941. A City and its People at War.
10002: ALDOUS HUXLEY. LAURENCE BRANDER - Aldous Huxley. A Critical Study.
ARC90586: BILL BRANDT - The English at Home. Sixty-three photographs. With an introduction by Raymond Mortimer.
19262: BILL BRANDT - Portraits. Over 100 photographs. With an introduction by Alan Ross.
BC120110011: GEOGRES BRAQUE - A catalogue of a 1956 exhibition of paintings at the Tate Gallery. With an introduction by Douglas Cooper.
BC11787: GEORGES BRAQUE - Sculptures. The catalogue of a 1985 exhibition at Galerie Adrien Maeght, Paris.
ARC91014: BRASSAÏ, ROBERT DOISNEAU, IZIS BIDERMANAS AND WILLY RONIS - contribute typically splendid photographs of the French capital to Paris, an album of photographs.
BC15428: EDWARD BRATHWAITE - Rights of Passage. Poems.
BC15429: EDWARD BRATHWAITE - Islands. Poems. (SIGNED)
SPE90116: RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - The Hawkline Monster. A Gothic Western.
KP90487: RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - An Unfortunate Woman. A Journey.
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BC14237: JOHN COWPER POWYS. RICHARD BRECKON. - John Cowper Powys: The Solitary Giant.
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WA90007: GERALD BRENAN - A Life of One's Own. Childhood and Youth.
15142: SHERLOCK HOLMES. GAVIN BREND - My Dear Holmes. A Study in Sherlock.
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BC13182: SIMON BRETT AND MICHAEL JUSTIN DAVIS - The Way to the Tree of Live. With wood engravings by Simon Brett. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14354: SIMON BRETT - What Bloody Man is That? A Crime Novel. (SIGNED)
ARC91339: SIMON BRETT - So Much Blood. A Crime Novel.
BC11331: QUEEN MARY. JEANIE ROSE BREWER. - The Life-Story of Our Gracious Queen Mary.
BC13831: PATRICK O'BRIAN - The Fortune of War. A Jack Aubrey novel.
ARC92326: PATRICK O'BRIAN - A Book of Voyages. Edited, introduced and with comments by Patrick O'Brian and with decorations by Joan Burton.
ARC90086: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - The Last Pool and Other Stories.
BC15510: PATRICK O'BRIAN - The Commodore. An Aubrey-Maturin novel. (SIGNED)
BC12862: VALERIA BRIDGE - Air Dumplings and Paper Cutlets. A Collection of Poems.
18218: ROBERT BRIDGES - Verses Written for Mrs.Daniel. With an introduction by George Gordon and a facsimile of the manuscript verses.
BC14900: WYNDHAM LEWIS. D.G.BRIDSON - The Filibuster. A Study of the Political Ideas of Wyndham Lewis.
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KP90523: EDNA O'BRIEN - The High Road. A novel.
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19749: ANDRE BRINK - The Wall of the Plague. A novel.
BC13520: ANDRÉ BRINK - The Other Side of Silence. (SIGNED)
BC12625: ANDRÉ BRINK - Before I Forget. (SIGNED)
FP90020: BENJAMIN BRITTEN AND SIDNEY NOLAN. - Children's Crusade. A Ballad for Children's voices and orchestra. A limited facsimile edition of the composer's manuscript with music by Benjamin Britten, words by Bertold Brecht and illustrations by Sidney Nolan.
8848: HAROLD BRODKEY - Profane Friendship.
BC13871: WILLIAM BRONK - Careless Love and Its Apostrophes. Poems. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC13870: WILLIAM BRONK - Living Instead. Poems. (SIGNED)
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BUL90653: RUPERT BROOKE - Twenty Poems. [Selected by Frank Sidgwick].
ARC91539: JOCELYN BROOKE - The Scapegoat. A novella.
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ARC90495: JOCELYN BROOKE - The Elements of Death and Other Poems.
16219: RUPERT BROOKE, ARTHUR WAUGH - Tradition and Change. Studies in Contemporary Literature.
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ARC92029: RUPERT BROOKE. - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke. With a memoir [by Edward Marsh].
ARC91387: RUPERT BROOKE - The Complete Poems
ARC91449: RUPERT BROOKE - Grantchester. A Poem.
ARC92339: RUPERT BROOKE - "1914". Five Sonnets.
ARC91688: NEW NUMBERS. RUPERT BROOKE, LASCELLES ABERCROMBIE, WILFRID WILSON GIBSON AND JOHN DRINKWATER. - New Numbers. A Quarterly Publication of the Poems of Rupert Brooke, Lascelles Abercrombie, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson and John Drinkwater. Complete in four issues.
BC14635: ANITA BROOKNER - The Latecomers.
KP90715: ANITA BROOKNER - A Closed Eye. A novel.
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15596: HENRY JAMES. VAN WYCK BROOKS - The Pilgrimage of Henry James.
BC13711: JOHN BROPHY AND ERIC PARTRIDGE - The Long Trail. What the British Soldier Sung and Said in 1914-1918.
BC13565: GEORGE MACKAY BROWN - Fishermen with Ploughs. A Poem Cycle.
BC13566: GEORGE MACKAY BROWN - Water. A five-part poem by Mackay Brown accompanied with a painting and a drawing by György Gordon.
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18541: CHRISTY BROWN - Background Music. Poems.
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BC13564: GEORGE MACKAY BROWN - Poems. New and Selected.
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BC14653: T.E.LAWRENCE. MALCOLM BROWN. - Lawrence of Arabia. The Life, the Legend.
18227: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING - The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets. Reprinted from 'The Athenaeum'.
16638: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING - The Earlier Poems 1826-1833. Edited by R.H.Shepherd.
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BC13108: ALAN BROWNJOHN - Nineteen Poems. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90804: ALAN BROWNJOHN - Transformation Scene.
16639: KEVIN BROWNLOW - 9 Dalmuir West. [cover-title]. With photographs by Kevin Brownlow, Prince Marshall & Dennis Gill. (Published in association with the Kevin Brownlow documentary).
BC12641: GEORGES BRUYER, GEORGES LEROUX, GEORGES SCOTT AND LUCIEN JONAS - contribute Great War drawings and paintings (some in colour) to an August 1915 issue of the weekly French newspaper L'illustration.
ARC93011: BRYHER - Development. A novel.
ARC92340: JOHN BUCHAN - contributes his seventeen-verse poem 'The Song of the Sea Captain' (later included in his 1917 collection 'Poems in Scots and English') to the anthology A Beggar's Wallet. Containing Contributions in Prose, Verse and Pictorial Illustration, Gathered from
ARC91936: ROBERT BUCHANAN - David Gray, and other Essays, Chiefly on Poetry.
99555: TOBIAS SMOLLETT. HOWARD SWAZEY BUCK - A Study in Smollett, chiefly "Peregrine Pickle". With a complete collation of the first and second editions.
10052: ARTHUR MACHEN. MITCHELL S.BUCK - Afterglow. Pastels of Greek Egypt 69 B.C. With a preface by Arthur Machen.
15865: HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE - Essays. With a biographical sketch of the author. With an original photographic portrait of the author as frontispiece.
19483: E.A.WALLIS BUDGE - The Book of the Dead. The Papyrus of Ani. A Reproduction in Facsimile. Edited, with hieroglyphic transcript, translation and an introduction by Sir E.A.Wallis Budge. (COMPLETE IN TWO VOLUMES)
BC14379: CHARLES BUKOWSKI - contributes his poem 'The Hollywood Hustle' to an issue of the periodical The Transatlantic Review. No. 52
BC13109: GERALD BULLETT - Winter Solstice. Poems. (SIGNED)
ARC91251: BASIL BUNTING - Loquitur. Poems.
19811: GEORGE BURCE - Sea Talk. Poems
ARC92429: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Enemy in the Blanket.
BC15484: ANTHONY BURGESS - Devil of a State. A novel.
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19928: ANTHONY BURGESS - Little Wilson and Big God. Confessions I [and] You've Had Your Time. Confessions II. Burgess' autobiography, complete in two volumes.
ARC90987: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Novel Now. A Student's Guide to Contemporary Fiction.
BC11972: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Kingdom of the Wicked.
ARC91476: ANTHONY BURGESS - Beds in the East. Volume three of 'The Malayan Trilogy'.
ARC120309002: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Right to an Answer.
BUL90430: ERIC BURGOYNE - The Tattered Remnants.
ARC90625: THOMAS BURKE - The Flower of Life. A London Tragedy. A novel.
BC13110: DAVID BURNETT AND JOAN HASSALL - The Heart's Undesign. Poems. With two wood engravings by Joan Hassall.
99128: DAVID BURNETT - Fescennines.
BC12824: STANLEY BURNSHAW - A special Stanley Burnshaw double-issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC12871: JANET BURROWAY - But to the Season. Poems.
11661: ANTHONY BURTON - The Past at Work. (SIGNED) Published in conjunction with a BBC tv series.
BUL90512: JEFF BURTON - Dreamland. Edited by Neville Wakefield and with an essay by Dave Hickey.
ARC91124: E.MCKNIGHT KAUFFER. ROBERT BURTON (UNDER THE NAME 'DEMOCRITUS JUNIOR'). - The Anatomy of Melancholy. What is it, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostickes, & several cures of it. In Three Partitions Philosophically, Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically, opened and cut up. Complete in two volumes.
BC15002: STEPHEN BURY - Breaking the Rules. The Printed Face of European Avant Garde 1900-1937. Edited by Stephen Bury.
19927: ALEXANDER POPE. JOHN BUTT - Pope's Poetical Manuscripts - Warton Lecture on English Poetry, British Academy 1954
991064: MARY BUTTS - Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra.
BC11281: MARY BUTTS - The Macedonian.
ARC90427: A.S.BYATT. - Wordsworth and Coleridge in their Time. With photographs.
ARC92044: A.S.BYATT. - Angels and Insects. Two novellas. (SIGNED)
IMM90053: DOUGLAS BYNG AND CLARKE HUTTON - Byng Ballads. With delightful colour and line illustrations by Clarke Hutton.
18237: WITTER BYNNER - Tiger.
ARC91229: CATHAL O'BYRNE - The Grey Feet of the Wind. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90992: SHELL GUIDE. ROBERT BYRON - Shell Guide to Wiltshire. A Series of Views of Castles, Seats of the Nobility, Mines, Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Public Buildings, Churches, Antiques &c. Edited by Robert Byron.
ARC92447: ROBERT BYRON - The Byzantine Achievement. An Historical Perspective A.D. 330-1453.
ARC91998: ROBERT BYRON. - First Russia Then Tibet.
ARC91997: ROBERT BYRON. - The Station. Athos: Treasures and Men.
ARC91011: ROBERT BYRON - How we Celebrate the Coronation. A Word to London's Visitors.
19544: CLIVE BELL. WILLIAM G.BYWATER JR. - Clive Bell's Eye.
BUL90486: TERRY PRATCHETT. CRAIG CABELL - Terry Pratchett. The Spirit of Fantasy. The Life and Work of the Man Behind the Magic.
JUL90344: GEORGES BRAQUE. ROBERT C.CAFRITZ. - George Braque. A monograph. Edited by Jan Lancester and with an essay by Duncan Phillips
BUL90262: JAMES CAGNEY - Cagney by Cagney. An autobiography.
ARC90428: JAMES M.CAIN. - Three of a Kind. Three novellas.
ARC100310011: EDGAR WALLACE. SCOTT CALDER - Tam o' the Scouts. With illustrations by Scott Calder.
15416: ALEXANDER CALDER - Sculpture of the 1970s. Catalogue of an exhibition. With many plates.
16647: ERSKINE CALDWELL - A House in the Uplands.
BC14585: ERSKINE CALDWELL - Jackpot. Collected Short Stories.
BC11586: ERSKINE CALDWELL. - Tragic Ground. A novel.
16197: JOHN BETJEMAN. ANN CALLENDER - Godly Mayfair. With an introduction by John Betjeman.
9922417: NORMAN CAMERON - The Collected Poems of Norman Cameron 1905-1953. With a lengthy introduction by Robert Graves.
BC12396: DONALD CAMERON. - Sons of El Dorado. Venezuelan Adventure. With drawings by Peter Edwards.
ARC91945: KATHARINE CAMERON - Na Daoine Sidhe / Gaelic Fairy Tales. Edited by Winifred M.Parker and with illustrations by Katharine Cameron and Rachel Ainslie Grant Duff.
ARC90877: EDWARD THOMAS. KATHERINE CAMERON - The Flowers I Love. An anthology of flower poems selected by Edward Thomas and accompanied by a series of twenty-four drawings in colour by Katherine Cameron
BC11544: ROY CAMPBELL. - The Selected Poems of Roy Campbell. Chosen and with an introduction by Peter Alexander. .
ARC90978: ROY CAMPBELL - The Wayzgoose. A South African Satire.
BC13075: ROY CAMPBELL - Collected Poems. (INSCRIBED)
99131: ROY CAMPBELL - Mithraic Emblems. Poems.
BUL90868: ALAN CAMPBELL - Colditz Cameo. Being a Collection of Verse Written by a Prisoner of War in Germany 1940-1945.
BC13532: CHRISTY CAMPBELL - Band of Brigands. The First Men in Tanks.
19990: ROY CAMPBELL. (WYNDHAM LEWIS, RICHARD ALDINGTON, LAWRENCE DURRELL &C.) - Hommage a Roy Campbell. Choix de poemes, traduits par Armand Guibert. (Text in French). With illustrations.
BUL90936: RONALD SEARLE. PATRICK CAMPBELL - A Long Drink of Cold Water. With fifty-six drawings by Ronald Searle. The
14385: ROY CAMPBELL - The Flaming Terrapin. A poem. With a frontispiece by John Austen.
ARC92318: R.W.CAMPBELL - The Mixed Division (T). A novel.
EVES9059: ALBERT CAMUS - contributes the first English appearance of his fourteen-page essay 'Art and Revolt' to an issue of the literary periodical Partisan Review.
BC14515: TRUMAN CAPOTE - Music for Chameleons. New Writing.
13068: TRUMAN CAPOTE - Conversations with Capote. Edited by Lawrence Grobel, with a foreword by James A.Michener.
19812: ROSA NOUCHETTE CAREY - The Old, Old Story.
BC10354: PETER CAREY. - Illywhacker. (INSCRIBED)
BC170610003: PETER CAREY - The Tax Inspector. (SIGNED)
BUL90688: T.E.CARHART - The Piano Shop on the Left Bank. The Hidden World of the Paris Atelier. (SIGNED)
BC11391: ANTHONY CARO. - New Sculptures. A survey. The catalogue of an exhibition.
BC10284: ANTHONY CARO - Sculpture Towards Architecture. The catalogue of a 1991-2 exhibition at the Tate Gallery. With a lengthy essay A Sense of Architecture: The Sculpture of Anthony Caro by Paul Moorhouse.
BC14426: HENRY WILLIAMSON. SUE CARON. - A Glimpse of Ancient Sunlight. Memories of Henry Williamson. With a foreword and notes by Brocard Sewell. (DELUXE SIGNED ISSUE)
19418: HENRY WILLIAMSON. SUE CARON. - A Glimpse of Ancient Sunlight. Memories of Henry Williamson. With a foreword and notes by Brocard Sewell.
ARC92412: J.L.CARR. - A Month in the Country.
ARC91131: J.L.CARR. - A Month in the Country.
19907: J.L.CARR - The Battle of Pollocks Crossing.
BC14923: HELEN CARR. - The Verse Revolutionaries: Ezra Pound, H.D. and The Imagists.
KP90255: J.L.CARR. - A Season in Sinji. A novel.
ARC91386: J.L.CARR - A Month in the Country. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC90561: J.L.CARR. - The First Saturday in May. An Echo of A Shropshire Lad. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BUL90764: JOHN LE CARRÉ - Sarratt and the Draper of Watford and Other Unlikely Stories about Sarratt.
BUL90872: JOHN LE CARRÉ - Call for the Dead.
ADAMS015: JOHN LE CARRÉ. - The Honourable Schoolboy. With illustrations by Ben F.Wohlberg.
ADAMS021: JOHN LE CARRÉ. - The Clandestine Muse. The G.Harry Prouder Memorial Lecture delivered by John Le Carré at Johns Hopkins University on May 20, 1986. (SIGNED)
ARC91580: NOEL CARRINGTON - Design in Modern Life.
16235: LEWIS CARROLL - Novelty and Romancement. A story originally printed in 'The Train' in 1856 and hitherto unpublished in bookform. With an introduction by Randolph Edgar.
KP90158: LEWIS CARROLL. - The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits. With nine illustrations by Henry Holiday.
BUL90737: DAVID R.SLAVITT. [LEWIS CARROLL]. - Alice at 80. A novel.
ARC91099: LEWIS CARROLL - The Lewis Carroll Picture Book. A Selection from the Unpublished Writings and Drawings of Lewis Carroll, Together with Reprints from Scarce and Unacknowledged Work. Edited by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood (Carroll's nephew).
12258: ADAM CARSE - The Orchestra in the XVIIIth Century.
ARC92413: ANGELA CARTER - Black Venus. Stories.
19769: SEBASTIAN CARTER - Twentieth Century Type Designers.
BC12283: ANGELA CARTER - contributes excerpts from a work-in-progress entitled 'The Fall River Axe Murders' to an issue of the periodical Stand Magazine.
BC13817: RAYMOND CARVER - Call If You Need Me. The Uncollected Fiction and Prose. Edited by William L.Stull and with a foreword by Tess Gallagher
KP90183: JOYCE CARY. - A special Joyce Cary issue of the periodical Modern Fiction Studies. A Critical Quarterly. Edited by James B.Meriwether.
ARC93005: JOYCE CARY - Marching Soldier. A poem.
9551: SEAN O'CASEY - Rose and Crown. Autobiography.
BC13406: CARLOS CASTANEDA - Journey to Ixtlan. The Lessons of Don Juan.
ARC90583: WILLA SIBERT CATHER - Alexander's Bridges.
15353: MICHAEL AYRTON. CECIL & MARGERY GRAY - The Bed, or The Clinophile's Vade Mecum. With full-page drawings, colour-endpapers and a title-page illustration by Michael Ayrton. Edited by Cecil and Margery Gray.
19753: JANE AUSTEN. DAVID CECIL - A Portrait of Jane Austen.
GAM00248: MAX BEERBOHM. DAVID CECIL. - Max. A biography.
BC11532: MICHAEL CHABON. - The Yiddish Policemen's Union.
BC12916: MARC CHAGALL. - Chagall by Chagall. With an introduction by the artist, edited by Charles Sorlier and translated from the French by John Shepley.
99145: SOMERSET DE CHAIR - The Millennium and Other Poems.
KP90384: RAYMOND CHANDLER - Raymond Chandler Speaking. Edited by Dorothy Gardiner and Katherine Sorley Walker.
ARC90099: RAYMOND CHANDLER. - Playback.
ARC91811: RAYMOND CHANDLER - Killer in the Rain. With an introduction by Paul Durham.
ARC91538: JUNG CHANG - Wild Swans. Three Daughters of China. (INSCRIBED)
11564: J.A.CHAPMAN - Papers on Shelley, Wordsworth & Others.
BUL90389: FRANK M.CHAPMAN. - The Distribution of Bird-Life in Ecuador. A Contribution to a Study of the Origin of Andean Bird Life. Issued as volume LV of the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History.
BC12861: TONY CHARLES - The Bear and Ragged Staff. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
ARC92323: HENRI CHARRIÈRE - Papillon. Translated from the French by Patrick O'Brian.
BC13732: PETER CHASSEAUD AND PETER DOYLE - Grasping Gallipoli. Terrain, Maps and Failure at the Dardanelles, 1915.
14390: THOMAS CHATTERTON, BERTRAND BRONSON - Thomas Chatterton. An essay. Reprinted from 'The Age of Johnson. Essays Presented to Chauncey Brewster Tinker'.
KP90390: BRUCE CHATWIN - Under the Sun. The Letters of Bruce Chatwin. Selected and edited by Elizabeth Chatwin and Nicholas Shakespeare, who also provides a thirteen-page introduction.
ARC91134: BRUCE CHATWIN - The Viceroy of Ouidah.
BC12230: BRUCE CHATWIN - contributes his essay 'The Perils of Israeli Settlement' to an April 1978 issue of the arts and current affairs weekly Spectator.
BC14645: BRUCE CHATWIN - On the Black Hill.
ARC91967: BRUCE CHATWIN - On the Black Hill. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90662: BRUCE CHATWIN - Photographs and Notebooks. With an introduction by Francis Wyndham.
BC15425: JOHN CHEEVER - The World of Apples. Stories.
BC11975: KELLY CHERRY - Lovers and Agnostics. (SIGNED)
ARC91851: G.K.CHESTERTON. - Robert Browning.
991680: G.K.CHESTERTON - [Selected Essays].
19932: G.K.CHESTERTON - Wine, Water and Song. Poems
ARC91713: G.K.CHESTERTON - Tales of the Long Bow.
13785: G.K.CHESTERTON - The Secret of Father Brown.
BUL90828: G.K.CHESTERTON - G.K.Chesterton 1874-1936. The catalogue of a 1971 exhibition of books, manuscripts and other material.
ARC92357: TRACY CHEVALIER - Girl with a Pearl Earring. (SIGNED)
BC14623: TRACY CHEVALIER - Girl with a Pearl Earring.
19899: CURWEN PRESS. SANDRO CHIA - The Draught of Dr Jekyll. An Essay on the Work of Sandro Chia. Published on the occasion of the Italian artist's first exhibition in London.
19849: R.J.CHILDERHOSE AND MARJ TRIM. - Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Trout
BC14711: GWEN JOHN. SUSAN CHITTY - Gwen John 1876-1939.
ARC90482: RICHARD CHOPPING. - Mister Postlethwaite's Reindeer and Other Stories. With illustrations by the author.
19161: RUPERT CHRISTIANSEN - Romantic Affinities. Portraits from an Age: 1780-1830. With illustrations.
ARC90963: JOHN CHRISTOPHER - The Death of Grass.
BC15457: JOHN CHRISTOPHER - The World in Winter.
ARC91166: RICHARD CHURCH - Philip and Other Poems.
19886: RICHARD CHURCH AND MICHAEL AYRTON - North of Rome. Poems. With decorations by Michael Ayrton.
99136: RICHARD CHURCH - The Dream and Other Poems.
99137: RICHARD CHURCH - Theme with Variation.
18249: ALLEN CHURCHILL - The Literary Decade. [A Panarama of the Writers, Publishers, and Litterateurs of the 1920's].
BC14238: R.C.CHURCHILL - The Powys Brothers.
ARC91415: TOM CLANCY - The Hunt for Red October.
BC15485: JOHN CLARE - The Journals, Essays, and the Journey from Essex. Edited with an introduction by Anne Tibble.
BC15237: JOHN CLARE. - This Happy Spirit. Poems of John Clare. Selected and edited by R.K.R.Thornton (and also provides an introduction) and Carry Akroyd (who also provides quite splendid illustrations).
DZY201009001: BARRETT H.CLARK - The Blush of Shame. A few Considerations on verbal Obscenity in the Theatre. (INSCRIBED)
BC13084: LEONARD CLARK - The Mirror and Other Poems. With an introduction by Walter de la Mare. (INSCRIBED)
19897: RONALD W.CLARK - A Biography of the Nuffield Foundation
BC11916: LEONARD CLARK - Selected Poems 1940-1957. (INSCRIBED)
BC15447: EUGENE O'NEILL. BARRETT H.CLARK - Eugene O'Neill. The Man and His Plays. (INSCRIBED)
19729: AUSTIN CLARKE - The Sword of the West. Poems.
BUL90626: LINDSAY CLARKE - The Chymical Wedding. A Romance.
BUL90004: ARTHUR C.CLARKE - Prelude to Space.
BC13563: AUSTIN CLARKE - Old-Fashioned Pilgrimage and Other Poems.
RB90070: AUSTIN CLARKE - Flight to Africa and Other Poems.
RB90071: AUSTIN CLARKE - Old-Fashioned Pilgrimage and Other Poems.
BUL90505: GRAHAM CLARKE - Graham Clarke's Kent. (INSCRIBED)
BC15504: ARTHUR C.CLARKE - 2001. A Space Odyssey. A novel based on the screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C.Clarke.
BUL90617: ARTHUR C.CLARKE - The Making of a Moon.
ARC90751: TUBBY CLAYTON - Happy Returns. A Tribute in Pictures to 'Tubby' on his Seventieth Birthday. 12 December, 1955.
BUL90493: J.M.G.LE CLÉZIO. - Fever. Translated from the French of 'La Fièvre' by Daphne Woodward.
15518: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. EDWARD BOOTH-CLIBBORN - My Father and Edward Ardizzone. A Lasting Friendship. A series of over thirty original Christmas cards designed and sent by Edward Ardizzone to Augustine Booth, reproduced in two colours.
19880: EDWARD BOOTH-CLIBBORN. - European Photography 1982. The second annual of European editorial, book, poster, advertising and unpublished photography. Edited by Edward Booth-Clibborn.
15656: SAMUEL JOHNSON. JAMES L.CLIFFORD - Johnsonian Studies 1887-1950. A Survey and Bibliography.
BUL90347: BILL CLINTON. - President Clinton's Legacy to Africa. Written by Sharolyn Rosier Hyson in collaboration with Alhaji Bamanga and Dr. Erieka Bennett. (SIGNED AND INSCRIBED)
BUL90253: CLOCKS. - Time Measuring Instruments from The Time Museum. The catalogue of a 1988 Christie's sale auction. With an introduction by Anthony Turner.
991071: EDWARD CLODD - Memories.
ARC91847: SAVAGE CLUB. - The Savage Club Papers. Edited by J.E.Muddock.
BUL90081: SHELAGH CLUETT. - Sculpture. The catalogue on a 1982 exhibition at the Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London.
BUL90301: ALICE M.COATS. - The Travels of Maurice. Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout by the author.
EVES9109: ALVIN LANGDON COBURN - Photographer. An Autobiography. Edited by Helmut and Alison Gernsheim.
BUL90338: C.COCHRANE. - The Lost Roads of Wessex.
14999: EDWARD JOHNSTON. SYDNEY COCKERELL - Edward Johnston. A Tribute. One of six short papers read at a Memorial Meeting convened by The Society of Scribes and Illuminators.
16656: JEAN COCTEAU - The Infernal Machine. A play. Translated, with an introductory essay, by Carl Wildman.
BC14908: JEAN COCTEAU - A Call to Order. Essays. Translated from the French by Rollo H.Myers.
19814: JEAN COCTEAU. - Les Enfants Terribles.
SPE90003: J.M.COETZEE. - Disgrace.
BC12518: J.M.COETZEE - Inner Workings. Literary Essays 2000-2005. With an introduction by Derek Armitage.
BC14704: J.M.COETZEE. - Elizabeth Costello. Eight Lessons
ARC92341: BRIAN COFFEY - [Poems].
JH900004: ISAAC ROSENBERG. JOSEPH COHEN. - Journey to the Trenches. The Life of Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918.
BC14093: LEONARD COHEN - The Favorite Game. A novel.
ARC90913: ISAAC ROSENBERG. JOSEPH COHEN - Journey to the Trenches. The Life of Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918.
BC14782: S.F.A.COLES. - Cities of Troy. Memorials of Peace-Time Travel in Greece, Magna Graecia and Asia Minor. With a preface and a foreword by J.A.Venn.
BC10374: COLETTE. - Letters from Colette. Selected and translated by Robert Phelps.
19863: SOTHEBY. THE MAJOR J.R.ABBEY COLLECTION. - A catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and Fine Bindings from the celebrated collection. The property of Major J.R.Abbey.
10865: WILLIAM COLLINS - Drafts & Fragments of Verse. Edited from the manuscripts by J.S.Cunningham.
ARC91634: CECIL COLLINS - The Vision of the Fool.
IMM90017: THOMAS HARDY. VERE H.COLLINS - Talks with Thomas Hardy at Max Gate 1920-1922.
BC14061: WREY GARDINER. CECIL COLLINS. - The Gates of Silence. Poems. With two splendid drawings by Cecil Collins.
BC13936: CECIL COLLINS. JUDITH COLLINS - Cecil Collins. The catalogue of a 1989 Tate Gallery retrospective exhibition.
19949: JOHN STEWART COLLIS - The Carlyles. A Biography of Thomas and John Carlyle. (WITH ALs)
16661: PADRAIC COLUM - Three Men. A story. (SIGNED)
BC13129: PADRAIC COLUM - Images of Departure. Poems.
16662: ALEX COMFORT - On This Side Nothing.
BC11688: ALEX COMFORT - Elegies
19298: PIERRE COMMOY AND GILLES BLANCHARD. - Pierre et Gilles. Published to accompany an exhibition at the New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art. With a foreword by Lisa Phillips and a lengthy introductory essay by Dan Cameron.
BC12076: MARC CHAGALL. SUSAN COMPTON - Chagall. The catalogue of a 1985 exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts.
BC15501: BARBARA COMYNS - The House of Dolls. A novel.
ARC91979: BARBARA COMYNS - Our Spoons Came from Woolworths. A novel.
BC13693: BILLY CONGREVE - Armageddon Road. A VC's Diary 1914-1916. Edited by Terry Norman.
FP90008: WILLIAM CONGREVE. - A programme for John Gielgud's 1944 production of William Congreve's 'Love for Love' produced at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.
BC12447: FRANCISCO GOYA. EVAN S.CONNELL. - Francisco Goya. A Life.
19198: BRIAN CONNELL - The Plains of Abraham.
BC15079: CYRIL CONNOLLY. - A special Cyril Connolly issue of the periodical 'Adam International Review'. Edited by Miron Grindea. Nos. 385-390
BC15010: CYRIL CONNOLLY - Enemies of Promise.
ARC90172: CYRIL CONNOLLY. - The Rock Pool.
KP90184: CYRIL CONNOLLY - contributes his eighteen-page article 'England My Not My England' to an issue of the periodical Life and Letters. Edited by Desmond MacCarthy
KP90185: CYRIL CONNOLLY - contributes his seven-page story 'Conversations in Berlin' to an issue of the periodical Life and Letters. Edited by Desmond MacCarthy.
ARC90739: CYRIL CONNOLLY - The Modern Movement. One Hundred Key Books from England, France and America 1880-1950. With a bibliography of English and French editions by G.D.E.Soar.
BC15077: CYRIL CONNOLLY. - Previous Convictions.
BC15078: CYRIL CONNOLLY. - The Evening Colonnade. Essays.
ARC91748: CYRIL CONNOLLY - contributes 'The New Medici', a three-page review of the Shell Posters exhibition at The New Burlington Gallery, illustrated with splendid colour and monochrome reproductions to an issue of the periodical The Architectural Review. A Magazine of Architectu
BC14631: JOSEPH CONNOLLY - Boys and Girls. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
BC14630: JOHN CONNOLLY - The Wraths of Angels. A Charlie Parker thriller. (SIGNED)
BUL90953: T.P.O'CONNOR. - Epic War Stories of the Mercantile Navy.
15843: FRANK O'CONNOR - More Stories.
BC14968: ALFRED STIEGLITZ. CELESTE CONNOR - Democratic Visions. Art and Theory of the Stieglitz Circle, 1924-1934.
RB90094: FRANK O'CONNOR - The Road to Stratford.
ARC92052: JOHN O'CONNOR - Canals, Barges and People. With superb colour engravings by the author.
ARC91187: FLANNERY O'CONNOR - Mystery and Manners. Occasional Prose. Selected and edited by Sally and Robert Fitzgerald.
BC14853: EZRA POUND. ANNE CONOVER. - Olga Rudge and Ezra Pound. "What Thou Lovest Well"
ARC92011: JOSEPH CONRAD - Youth and Two Other Stories (including 'Heart of Darkness').
17113: JOSEPH CONRAD - Letters to William Blackwood and David S.Meldrum. Edited by William Blackburn.
19933: JOSEPH CONRAD. - Tales of Hearsay. With a foreword by R.B.Cunninghame Graham.
ARC92392: JOSEPH CONRAD - The Mirror of the Sea. Memories and Impressions.
BC13428: ANTHONY CONRAN - Stelae and Other Poems.
ARC91711: ANGELA CONSTANTINI - The Birth, Life and Death of Scaramouch. Translated from the first edition published in Paris, 1695 by Cyril W.Beaumont, together with Mezzetins dedicatory Poems and Lorets rhymed News-letters cornering Scaramouch, now first rendered into English Verse by
19545: OLD CONTEMPTIBLES - Honours and Awards of the Old Contemptibles. The Officers and Men of the British Army and Navy Mentioned in Despatches 1914-1915.
14873: RUPERT CROFT-COOKE - The Numbers Came.
10873: RUPERT CROFT-COOKE - The White Mountain.
BUL90315: P.G.COOLE AND E.NAUMANN. - The Orpheus Clocks.
99095: A.J.COOMBES - Some Australian Poets.
ARC91747: ROSE E.B.COOMBS - Before Endeavours Fade. A Guide to the Battlefields of the First World War.
16671: WILLIAM COOPER - The Ever-Interesting Topic.
17155: CHARLES DICKENS. LETTICE COOPER - A Hand upon the Time. A Life of Charles Dickens.
BC12617: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR. ARTEMIS COOPER - Patrick Leigh Fermor. An Adventure. (SIGNED)
ARC92430: ROBERT COOVER - The Origin of the Brunists. A novel.
BC13106: WENDY COPE - Serious Concerns. (INSCRIBED)
BC13112: WENDY COPE - The River Girl. With illustrations by Nicholas Garland. (INSCRIBED)
BC15335: A.E.COPPARD - contributes his story 'Broadsheet Ballad' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 72, No. 3, March 1922.
ARC91758: A.E.COPPARD - Nixey's Harlequin. Tales
ARC92378: A.E.COPPARD - Easter Day. A poem. (SIGNED)
BC13944: A.E.COPPARD - Pink Furniture. A Tale for Lovely Children with Nobel Natures. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC13614: A.E.COPPARD. - The Collected Poems of A.E.Coppard.
19954: A.E.COPPARD. - Dunky Fitlow. Stories.
ARC91886: A.E.COPPARD - Crotty Shinkwin. A Tale of the Strange Adventure that Befell a Butcher of County Clare [and] The Beauty Spot. A Tale Concerning the Chilterns. Two stories, with engravings by Robert Gibbings. (SIGNED)
BC13130: HERBERT CORBY - Time in a Blue Prison. (INSCRIBED)
99141: HERBERT CORBY - Hampdens Going Over. (INSCRIBED)
KP90729: ALEXANDER CORDELL. - The Hosts of Rebecca.
KP90731: ALEXANDER CORDELL. - The Song of the Earth.
KP90728: ALEXANDER CORDELL. - A Thought of Honour. A novel
KP90730: ALEXANDER CORDELL. - The Bright Cantonese. A novel.
19792: PHILIP CORE - Paintings 1975-1985. With an introduction by George Melly
BC15432: FRANCES CORNFORD - Travelling Home and Other Poems. With illustrations by Christopher Cornford.
ARC91725: FRANCES CORNFORD - Different Days. Poems.
BC15475: BERNARD CORNWELL - Sharpe's Company. Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Badajoz, January to April 1812. (DOUBLE INSCRIBED)
BC14655: BERNARD CORNWELL (WRITING UNDER HIS ADOPTIVE NAME 'BERNARD WIGGINS') - is one of three contributors to the anthology 'Poems'.
ARC91603: BERNARD CORNWELL - Sharpe's Regiment. Richard Sharpe and the Invasion of France, June to November 1813.
ARC91604: BERNARD CORNWELL - Sharpe's Siege. Richard Sharpe and the Winter Campaign, 1814.
BC14768: BERNARD CORNWELL - Sharpe's Gold. Richard Sharpe and the Destruction of Almeida, August 1810. (SIGNED)
BC14165: CORONATION - Official Programme of the Coronation Tattoo, Aldershot in aid of Military Charitable Funds. Held at Rushmoor, Aldershot June 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th 1937. Produced by the Officers of the Aldershot and Eastern Commands under the G
BC14179: COUNT EGON CAESAR CORTI - A History of Smoking. Translated from the German by Paul England.
17116: FREDERICK ROLFE [BARON CORVO]. - 'Without Prejudice'. One Hundred Letters to John Lane. Edited and introduced by Cecil Woolf.
BC100810002: H.E.BATES. ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH. - The Oxford Book of English Prose. Chosen and Edited by Arthur Quiller-Couch
BC12030: ANTHONY J.COULSON - A Bibliography of Design in Britain 1851-1970. (SIGNED)
BC15474: ARTS COUNCIL (JOHN MINTON, GRAHAM SUTHERLAND, CERI RICHARDS &C). - British Painting 40-49. The catalogue of a 1966 Arts Council exhibition.
19848: EDOUARD MANET. PIERRE COURTHION - Edouard Manet. A monograph.
15667: SAMUEL JOHNSON. WILLIAM PRIDEAUX COURTNEY - A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson. Revised and seen through the press by David Nichol Smith.
18958: ADRIAN COWELL - The Heart of the Forest. (Through innermost Brazil). With photographs.
BC15098: MALCOLM COWLEY - A Second Flowering. Works and Days of the Lost Generation.
BC15099: MALCOLM COWLEY - The View From 80.
BC14949: MALCOLM COWLEY - Exile's Return. A Literary Odyssey of the 1920s. With an introduction by Leon Edel and illustrated with contemporary photographs. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14987: MALCOLM COWLEY - The Dry Season. Poems.
BC14950: MALCOLM COWLEY - The Long Voyage. Selected Letters of Malcolm Cowley, 1915-1987. Edited by Hans Bak, with a foreword by Robert Cowley.
BC15018: MALCOLM COWLEY - Exile's Return. A Narrative of Ideas.
ARC91546: MORRIS COX - The Whirligig and Other Poems. With a handsome unaccredited dust wrapper design by the author.
ARC91665: E.A.COX. - The Sayings of Confucius. Reproduced from an 1861 translation by Dr. James Legge, and with illustrations and decorations by E.A.Cox.
ARC91666: E.A.COX. - Aucassin and Nicolette. With illustrations by E.A.Cox, R.B.A.
BUL90092: JIM CRACE. - Continent.
ARC90520: JIM CRACE. - Continent.
BUL90399: TONY CRAGG. - New Works. Taurus, Ferryman, Turbo.
15693: SAMUEL JOHNSON. W.H.CRAIG - Doctor Johnson and the Fair Sex. A Study of Contrasts. With portraits.
ARC91734: EDWARD GORDON CRAIG - Woodcuts and Some Words. With a seven-page introduction by Campbell Dodgson, C.B.E.
RM90002: ROBERT CRAIS - Stalking the Angel.
BC11506: J.G.FARRELL. RALPH CRANE AND JENNIFER LIVETT. - Troubled Pleasures: The Fiction of J.G.Farrell.
BC15151: HART CRANE - contributes his poems 'At Melville's Tomb, Passage and Praise for an Urn. In Memoriam: E.N'. to an issue of the monthly periodical 'The Calendar' (i.e. 'The Calendar of Modern Letters'). Vol. 3, no. 2.
ARC91947: STEPHEN CRANE - The Little Regiment and Other Episodes of the American Civil War.
ARC90472: STEPHEN CRANE. - Whilomville Stories. With illustrations by Peter Newell.
BC13544: ROBERT CRAWFORD - Talkies. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
WA90035: XAN FIELDING. JOHN CRAXTON. - The Stronghold. An Account of the Four Seasons in The White Mountains of Crete. With photographs by Daphne Bath and a splendid John Craxton dust wrapper design.
15014: R.W.KETTON-CREMER - Norfolk Assembly.
BC13818: MICHAEL CRICHTON - The Great Train Robbery. A novel.
BC12264: EDMUND CRISPIN - Holy Disorders.
ARC92342: EDMUND CRISPIN - The Case of the Gilded Fly.
ARC90785: FREEMAN WILLS CROFTS - Death of a Train. An Inspector French Detective story.
19898: HELEN CROMIE. - Ruth Erford's April Days
18960: VINCENT CRONIN - The Last Migration.
BC15461: JANET TEISSIER DU CROS. - Divided Loyalties. [A Scotswoman in Occupied France]. With a preface by D.W.Brogan.
14404: COLETTE. MARGARET CROSLAND - Madame Colette. A Provincial in Paris. With illustrations.
991764: T.W.H.CROSLAND - The Five Notions. Poems.
ARC92349: TOM CROSS - Painting the Warmth of the Sun. St Ives Artists 1939-1975.
99496: LEIGH HUNT. LAUNCELOT CROSS. - Characteristics of Leigh Hunt. As exhibited in that Typical Literary Periodical "Leigh Hunt's London Journal" 1834-35.
BUL90303: SYLVIA CROWE AND SHEILA HAYWOOD. - The Gardens of Mughul India. A History and a Guide. With text by Sylvia Crowe and Sheila Haywood, photographs and research by Susan Jellice and plans and maps by Gordon Patterson.
BC14184: JAMES CRUMLEY - Dancing Bear. (SIGNED)
BC15323: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes an eleven page essay on the sculptor Gaston Lachaise to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 68, No. 2, February 1920.
BC15353: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes four un-titled and hitherto unprinted poems to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 80, No. 1, January 1926
BC15136: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes his poem 'A Little Girl Named I' to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'Wake' (formally 'The Harvard Wake'). No. 6
BC13905: E.E.CUMMINGS - A special e.e.cummings issue of the periodical Journal of Modern Literature.
BC15320: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes six untitled poems to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'Hound & Horn'. Vol. 7, No. 1, July-September 1934.
BC14942: E.E.CUMMINGS - Eimi.
BC14943: E.E.CUMMINGS - The Enormous Room. A typescript edition with drawings by the author. Edited, with an Afterword, by George James Firmage, and a Foreword by Richard S.Kennedy.
BC15135: E.E.CUMMINGS. - A special E.E.Cummings issue of the quarterly periodical 'The Harvard Wake'. No 5.
BC15351: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes a hitherto un-titled poem which opens "Nobody wears a yellow" and two drawings to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 79, No. 4, October 1925.
BC15137: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes his story 'The House that Ate Mosquito Pie' to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'Wake' (formally 'The Harvard Wake'). No. 9.
BC15354: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes an un-titled and hitherto unprinted poem which begins "supposing that i dreamed this", plus also a three-page article of theatre, to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 80, No. 4, April 1926.
EVES9035: E.E.CUMMINGS - contributes three untitled poems which begin "when hair falls off", "a clown's smirk", and "touching you I say", to an issue of the periodical 'This Quarter'. Edited by Edward W.Titus.
ARC92364: NANCY CUNARD - Sublunary. Poems.
18257: IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM - Imogen! Photographs 1910-1973. 75 full-page photographs, with an introduction by Margery Mann. Published in conjunction with an exhibition.
15280: R.N.CURREY - Poets of the 1939-1945 War.
WA90009: BARBARA HEPWORTH. PENELOPE CURTIS AND ALAN G.WILKINSON. - Barbara Hepworth. A Retrospective. The catalogue of a 1994-95 touring retrospective exhibition.
18049: M.NANCY CUTT - Mrs. Sherwood and her Books for Children. With facsimile reproductions of two of them.
BC15498: PATRICK DACEY - We've Already Gone This Far. Stories.
BC12558: REUVAN DAFNI AND YEHUDIT KLEIMAN (EDIT) - Final Letters from Victims of the Holocaust. Selected by Reuvan Dafni and Yehudit Kleiman and with a foreword by Chaim Herzog.
BC230510004: W.H.HUDSON. ERIC FITCH DAGLISH - Far Away and Long Ago. A History of my Early Life. With wood engravings by Eric Fitch Daglish, and an introduction by R.B.Cunninghame Graham. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION).
ARC92373: ROALD DAHL - Someone Like You. Stories
ADAMS023: ROALD DAHL - Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life. Stories. With illustrations by John Lawrence.
18962: EDWARD DAHLBERG - From Flushing to Calvary.
BC15096: EDWARD DAHLBERG - Samuel Beckett's Wake and Other Uncollected Prose. Edited with an introduction by Steven Moore.
BC12956: PETER DALE - Earth Light.
17149: CHARLES DICKENS. H.M.DALESKI - Dickens and the Art of Analogy.
BC14513: JAN DALLEY. - Diana Mosley. A Life. (SIGNED)
15458: GLYN DANIEL - Writing for Antiquity. Selected editorial essays from 'Antiquity'. With an introduction by Philip Howard and illustrations.
BUL90365: GEORGE DANNETT. - A Lifetime of Art. The catalogue of an exhibition held three months after the St. Ives artist's death.
GAM00247: MAX BEERBOHM. LAWRENCE DANSON. - Max Beerbohm and the Act of Writing.
BUL90648: H.C.DARBY. - The Draining of the Fens. (INSCRIBED)
14154: ADAM DARIUS - Dance Naked in the Sun. A Confessional. With a foreword by Ram Gopal and many illustrations.
16543: GEORGE DARLEY - Sylvia, or The May Queen. A Lyrical Drama. With a lengthy biographical sketch John H.Ingram.
ARC91365: W.A.DWIGGINS. ALPHONSE DAUDET - Tartarin of Tarascon. Designed and with illustrations by W.A.Dwigins, and translated from the French and with an introduction by Jacques le Clercq. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
GAM00158: STEPHEN SPENDER. HUGH DAVID. - Stephen Spender. A Portrait with Background.
ARC91795: JOHN DAVIDSON - Ballads and Songs.
ARC91735: DONALD DAVIE - A Winter Talent and Other Poems.
AA90010: IAN DAVIE. - Aviator Loquitur and other poems including a Christmas Devotion.
BC13236: DONALD DAVIE - Brides of Reason. Poems.
AA90012: IAN DAVIE. - Piers Prodigal and Other Poems. With a two-page foreword by Siegfried Sassoon who arranged for the publication of these verses.
AA90013: IAN DAVIE. - Roman Pentecost. Poems (SIGNED)
BC12965: DONALD DAVIE - In the Stopping Train and Other Poems.
EVES9021: FANTASY PRESS. DONALD DAVIE. - [Poems]. The Fantasy Poets Number Nineteen
BC13085: IAN DAVIE - Angkor Apparent. With illustrations by Rosemary Roberts and a four-page preface by the author. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
AA90014: IAN DAVIE. - Roman Pentecost. Poems
AA90015: IAN DAVIE. - A Theology of Speech. An Essay in Philosophical Theology.
BC12433: RONALD SEARLE. RUSSELL DAVIES - Ronald Searle. A biography.
BC12315: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Cunning Man. (SIGNED)
16676: RHYS DAVIES - The Dark Daughters.
ARC91377: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks. With illustrations by Clair Stewart.
BC13292: ROBERTSON DAVIES - One Half of Robertson Davies.
ARC91857: W.H.DAVIES - New Poems.
ARC91815: ROBERTSON DAVIES - Tempest-Tost. Volume one of 'The Salterton Trilogy'.
BC13290: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks. With illustrations by Clair Stewart and a foreword by Sir Norman Birkett.
17186: CHARLES DICKENS. EARLE DAVIS - The Flint and the Flame. The Artistry of Charles Dickens.
16842: CHRISTIANE PFLUG. ANN DAVIS - Somewhere Waiting. The Life and Art of Christiana Pflug. (INSCRIBED). With illustrations.
JH00048: RHYS DAVIS - contributes the story 'Canute' to an issue of the periodical The Welsh Review. Edited by Gwyn Jones.
BC12940: DAVID DAY - Brass Rubbings. Poems.
BC15252: ROGER DEAKIN - Wildwood. A Journey Through Trees.
BC15251: ROGER DEAKIN - Waterlog. A Swimmers Journey Through Britain. With illustrations by David Holmes. (INSCRIBED)
JH900030: GEOFFREY DEARMER. - A Pilgrim's Song. Selected Poems to mark the Poet's 100th Birthday. Compiled by Laurence Cotterell and with a foreword by Jon Stallworthy.
19299: GEOFFREY DEARMER. - A Pilgrim's Song. Selected Poems to Mark the Poet's 100th Birthday. Compiled by Laurence Cotterell and with a foreword by Jon Stallworthy.
BC13140: PAUL DEHN - The Day's Alarm. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91809: LEN DEIGHTON - An Expensive Place to Die.
ARC90972: LEN DEIGHTON - Pests. A play in three acts.
9922505: OLIVIA MANNING. LEN DEIGHTON. - My Husband Cartwright. With drawings by Len Deighton.
15726: SAMUEL JOHNSON. FRANK DELANEY - A Walk to the Western Isles. After Boswell & Johnson. (INSCRIBED). With illustrations.
ARC91602: RUPERT BROOKE. PAUL DELANY - The Neo-Pagans. Friendship and Love in the Rupert Brooke Circle.
RB90040: GEORGE GISSING. PAUL DELANY - George Gissing. A Life.
19820: BERTIN DENEIRE - A Peace of Flanders. (INSCRIBED). Talbot House 1915 - ?. A Personal Story
39838: GREG DENING. - Mr Bligh's Bad Language. Passion, Power and Theatre on The Bounty
ARC91950: LUCIAN FREUD. NIGEL DENNIS - Cards of Identity. With a dust wrapper design by Lucien Freud.
GAM00237: MAX BEERBOHM. ALAN DENT. - Preludes and Studies. With a two-page prefatory letter from Sir Max Beerbohm.
JUL90417: SUSAN DERGES AND GARRY FABIAN MILLER. - Elective Affinities: Susan Derges and Garry Fabian Miller. With an introduction by Mark Haworth-Booth.
BC12647: ANITA DESAI - Fasting, Feasting. A novel. (SIGNED)

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