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BC12990: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Breath of Country Air. Part One.
ARC90155: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - As the Sun Shines. (The US edition of 'The Labouring Life').
BC16077: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Clear Water Stream.
19447: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Lone Swallows.
BC15913: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Wet Flanders Plain.
CW90063: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Green Fields and Pavements. A Norfolk Farmer in Wartime. With illustrations by Michael Loates.
BC14737: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Tarka the Otter. His Joyful Water-Life and Death in the County of the Two Rivers. With an introduction by the Hon. Sir John Fortescue.
BC14427: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Scandaroon. With illustrations by Ken Lilly. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14414: HENRY WILLIAMSON. ANNE WILLIAMSON - A Patriot's Progress. Henry Williamson and the First World War. (INSCRIBED)
BC12576: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Labouring Life.
BC11076: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - A Test to Destruction. Volume 8 of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'. (UNCORRECTED PROOF)
BC16092: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Three original colour photographs of Henry Williamson.
BC15741: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Stumberleap: A Story Taken from The Old Stag.
BC12107: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Golden Virgin. Volume six of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
19411: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Devon Holiday.
BC12671: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Solitary War. The thirteenth volume of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
JUL181109004: HENRY WILLIAMSON. ANNE WILLIAMSON. - A Patriot's Progress. Henry Williamson and the First World War.
BC12685: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Green Fields and Pavements. A Norfolk Farmer in Wartime. With illustrations by Michael Loates.
BC14781: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Lucifer Before Sunrise. Volume fourteen of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
BC16093: HENRY WILLIAMSON. ANNE WILLIAMSON - Henry Williamson. Tarka and the Last Romantic.
20058: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Devon Holiday
BC13157: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Dandelion Days. The second volume of 'The Flax of Dream' sequence.
BC15780: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Lucifer Before Sunrise. Volume 14 of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'. (UNCORRECTED PROOF).
20063: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Innocent Moon. Volume nine of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
BC14838: HENRY WILLIAMSON - contributes 'Words on the West Wind: Crossing the Alps' to an issue of the periodical 'The Adelphi', Vol. 26, No. 2. January-March 1950.
BC16083: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Fox Under my Cloak. Volume Five of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
BC16084: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Peregrine's Saga and Other Stories of the Country Green.
BC14326: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Scribbling Lark.
BC14756: HENRY WILLIAMSON - It Was The Nightingale. The tenth volume of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
20045: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Linhay on the Downs and Other Adventures in the Old and the New World. With photographs, mostly taken by the author.
20046: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Linhay on the Downs and Other Adventures in the Old and the New World. With photographs, mostly taken by the author.
BC16076: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Threnos for T.E.Lawrence and Other Writings. Together with A Criticism of Henry Williamson's Tarka the Otter by T.E.Lawrence. Edited by John Gregory and with an introduction by J.W.Blench
BC15912: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Village Book.
20014: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Gale of the World. The fifteenth and final volume of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
BC12121: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Sun Brothers.
16971: TED WILLIS - Buster. A play.
BUL91069: TED WILLIS - People Like Us. A novel. (UNPUBLISHED)
BC13537: KEITH WILSON - The Rasp of War. The Letters of H.A.Gwynne to The Countess Bathurst 1914-1918. Selected and edited by Keith Wilson and with a foreword by William Deedes.
18030: MONA WILSON - These Were Muses. With illustrations.
16980: EDMUND WILSON - I Thought of Daisy. A novel.
BUL90972: T.E.LAWRENCE. JEREMY WILSON - T.E.Lawrence. Lawrence of Arabia. The catalogue of the 1988-89 T.E.Lawrence exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.
ARC91368: EDWARD A.WILSON - Deep Sea Chanties. Old Sea Songs. Edited by Frank Shay, and with an introduction by William McFee and decorations and woodcuts by Edward Arthur Wilson.
BC15150: EDMUND WILSON - Note-Books of Night. Poems.
ARC90192: COLIN WILSON. - Religion and the Rebel. (INSCRIBED)
19541: AVICE R.WILSON - Cocklebury. A Farming Area and its People in the Vale of Wiltshire. With drawings by Tobie Wallis and Henry Pedersen and maps by Janice Limb. (SIGNED)
ARC92595: JACQUELINE WILSON - Let's Pretend.
BC15458: ROBERT WILSON - Helmand. With an introduction by Brigadier Andrew Mackay and an introductory essay, 'War Through a Lens', by Mark Holborn.
EVES9068: EDMUND WILSON - Devil Take the Hindmost. A Year of the Slump.
ARC92596: JACQUELINE WILSON - Making Hate.
BC15286: ROMER WILSON - contributes her six-page story 'Intimations of Immorality' to the second issue of the new series of the periodical 'The Adelphi'. Vol. 1, No. 2, November 1930. Edited by Max Plowman and Richard Rees.
ARC92594: JACQUELINE WILSON - Truth or Dare.
BUL90837: ROBERT MCLACHLAN WILSON (WRITING AS 'R.MCL WILSON'). - The Gnostic Problem. A Study of the Relations between Hellenistic Judaism and the Gnostic Heresy.
BC14181: J.R.R.TOLKIEN. COLIN WILSON. - Tree by Tolkien.
KP90430: COLIN WILSON - A Casebook of Murder.
BUL90554: RUDYARD KIPLING. ANGUS WILSON - The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Works.
BC12318: ANGUS WILSON - The Old Men at the Zoo. A novel.
BC12456: SIMON WINCHESTER - The Alice Behind Wonderland.
RM90004: R.D.WINGFIELD - Hard Frost.
ARC91472: R.D.WINGFIELD - Frost at Christmas. (SIGNED)
19850: NIGEL WINSER. - The Sea of Sands and Mists. Desertification: Seeking Solutions in the Wahiba Sanda
ARC92391: JOHN BETJEMAN. REECE WINSTONE - Bristol Fashion. With photographs by the author and a one-page preface by John Betjeman.
BC15046: YVOR WINTERS. - Primitivism and Decadence. A Study of American Experimental Poetry.
ARC92088: YVOR WINTERS - The Proof. Poems.
ARC91578: YVOR WINTERS - The Brink of Darkness.
BC15020: YVOR WINTERS - Maule's Curse. Seven Studies in the History of American Obscurantism. Hawthorne - Cooper - Melville - Poe - Emerson - Jones Very - Emily Dickinson - Henry James.
BC12522: TIM WINTON - Tim Winton. A Celebration. Compiled and edited by Hilary McPhee for the Friends of the National Library of Australia.
ARC92038: P.G.WODEHOUSE. - Ice in the Bedroom. A novel.
ARC91068: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Galahad at Blandings.
ARC92541: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Jeeves in the Offing.
ARC92314: P.G.WODEHOUSE - The Coming of Bill. A novel.
JUL90180: KLAUS WOLBERT (EDITOR) - That's Jazz. Der Sound des 20 Jahrhunderts [The Sound of the Twentieth Century].
BC14322: TOBIAS WOLFF - In Pharaoh's Army. Memories of a Lost War. (SIGNED)
BC14321: TOBIAS WOLFF - The Barracks Thief. (SIGNED)
BC12520: TOBIAS WOLFF - Our Story Begins. New and Selected Stories.
BC11182: LEON WOLFF. - In Flanders Fields. The 1917 Campaign. Illustrated with photographs and maps and with an introduction by Major-General J.F.C.Fuller.
BUL90932: BERTHOLD WOLPE - Berthold Wolpe. A Retrospective Survey.
ARC92815: JACK WOMACK - Terraplane.
15090: GWEN RAVERAT. JULIA REEVE WOOD - Bestowal. A poem. With a frontispiece engraving ('The Travellers') by Gwendolen Raverat.
BUL90515: SAM TAYLOR-WOOD - Contact.
9922460: ALDOUS HUXLEY. GEORGE WOODCOCK - Dawn and the Darkest Hour. A Study of Aldous Huxley.
DZY211009033: FRANCES WOODWRIGHT - Sunshine and Colour. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC11820: LEONARD WOOLF - Downhill all the Way. An Autobiography of the Years 1919-1939.
ARC91108: VIRGINIA WOOLF - A Cockney's Farming Experiences [and The Experiences of a Pater-familias]. With an eleven-page introduction by Suzanne Henig.
ARC91993: VIRGINIA WOOLF. - Brev Til en Ung Digter. [A Letter to a Young Poet].
ARC92590: VIRGINIA WOOLF - Reviewing. With a five-page note by Leonard Wolfe.
ARC91263: VIRGINIA WOOLF - Roger Fry. A Biography.
BUL90930: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The London Scene. Essays. With illustrations by Suzanne Barton.
19291: VIRGINIA WOOLF. - Contemporary Writers. Edited and with a preface by Jean Guiguet.
12686: VIRGINIA WOOLF, & LYTTON STRACHEY - Roger Fry. A biography. With a foreword by Margery Fry.
20040: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Common Reader [and] The Second Common Reader.
20068: HENRY WILLIAMSON. CHRISTOPHER WORMELL. - The Story of a Norfolk Farm. With wood engravings by Christopher Wormell.
ARC92530: T.C.WORSLEY - Fellow Travellers. A Memoir of the Thirties.
19807: T.C.WORSLEY - Five Minutes, Sir Matthew. A novel.
ARC91066: JOHN BETJEMAN. THEODORE WRATISLAW - Oscar Wilde: A Memoir. With a foreword by John Betjeman and an introduction and notes by Karl Beckson. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC16073: PATRICK WRIGHT - The Village that Died for England. The Strange Story of Tyneham. (SIGNED)
BUL90224: JOHN CHRISTOPHER AND JOHN WYNDHAM. JOHN CARNELL [LIONEL 'LAN' WRIGHT, J.T.MCINTOSH, E.C.TUBB &C] - contribute stories to Gateway to the Stars. A Science Fiction Anthology. Edited and introduced by John Carnell. (SIGNED BY THE EDITOR)
KP90160: HUGH MACDIARMID. GORDON WRIGHT. - MacDiarmid. An Illustrated Biography.
ARC91329: JOHN BUCKLAND WRIGHT - An original Christmas card with a two-colour abstract design of a female figure followed by a brief printed quotation from Eliot's 'Ash Wednesday' and the following further printed text: "All Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Mary and John B
ARC91424: RICHARD WRIGHT - Uncle Tom's Children. Four Novellas. With a foreword by Paul Robeson.
ARC92797: RICHARD WRIGHT - Pagan Spain.
ARC92651: JOHN WYNDHAM - Trouble with Lichen.
ARC90567: JACK B.YEATS. - In Sand. A play in four acts, with The Green Wave, a one-act conversation piece. Edited and with a preface by Jack MacGowran (director of the original Abbey Experimental Theatre production) and with a drawing by the author.
BC15347: W.B.YEATS - contributes 'The Cat and the Moon. A Play for Dancers' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 77, No. 1, July 1924.
11601: W.B.YEATS - A special W.B.Yeats issue of the periodical 'A Review of English Literature'. Vol. IV No. 3. July 1963.
BC10066: W.B.YEATS. - A special W.B.Yeats issue of the periodical 'Ariel. A Review of International English Literature'. Vol. 3, no. 3, July 1972.
BC15358: W.B.YEATS - contributes 'Estrangement' (a series of fifty diary entries made between 1900-09) to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 81, No. 5, November 1926.
ARC92454: W.B.YEATS. - Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry. Edited and selected by W.B.Yeats.
RB90099: JACK B.YEATS - Sligo.
RB90103: W.B.YEATS. - The Shadowy Waters.
RB90116: W.B.YEATS. - The Death of Synge and Other Passages from an Old Diary.
RB90120: W.B.YEATS. - Some Passages from the Letters of A.E. to W.B.Yeats.
RB90122: W.B.YEATS. - Stories of Red Hanrahan.
BC15710: W.B.YEATS - contributes his poem 'Thoughts Upon the Present State of the World' (the first appearance in print of this six-part poem) to an issue of the monthly periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. lxxi, no. 3, September 1921.
BC16015: W.B.YEATS - contributes 'Aodh to Dectora. Three Songs' to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'The Dome'. No. 5
19808: W.B.YEATS. - Yeats and the Theatre. Edited by Robert O'Driscoll & Lorna Reynolds
ARC92717: JOHN BUTLER YEATS. W.B.YEATS. - Early Memories. Some Chapters of Autobiography. With a three-page preface by W.B.Yeats.
BC15763: W.B.YEATS. - A Full Moon in March.
BC15622: W.B.YEATS - contributes his poem 'The Song of Mongan' to the first issue of the periodical 'The Dome. An Illustrated Monthly Magazine and Review of Literature, Music, Architecture and the Graphic Arts'. New series, Vol. 1, No. 1. October 1898.
BC10082: W.B.YEATS. - A special W.B.Yeats issue of the periodical 'A Review of English Literature'. Vol. IV, no. 3, July 1963.
RB90115: W.B.YEATS. - Reflections. Transcribed from Yeats' Journal of 1908-14 and edited by Curtis Bradford.
BC15325: W.B.YEATS - contributes 'A People's Theatre (A Letter to Lady Gregory)' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 68, No. 4, April 1920.
16537: W.B.YEATS - A Classified Bibliography of Criticism. Including additions to Wade's "Bibliography of W.B.Yeats" and a Section on the Irish Literary and Dramatic Revival. Edited by K.P.S.Jochum.
BC15459: JOHN YEOMAN AND QUENTIN BLAKE - Our Village. Poems [for children] by John Yeoman with colour pictures by Quentin Blake.
16986: M.YEULETT - The Graven Image. West African Stories.
9156: ANDREW YOUNG - The New Shepherd. Poems.
BC12388: ANDREW YOUNG - John Arlott contributes a two-page memoir of Andrew Young to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry Review'. Vol. 74. No. 4. January 1985.
10307: ANDREW YOUNG - The New Shepherd. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
19809: GAVIN YOUNG - From Sea to Shining Sea. A Present-Day Journey into America's Past. With illustrations by Jack McCarthy.
ARC90986: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Marching on Tanga. (With General Smuts in East Africa).
10306: ANDREW YOUNG - Thirty-One Poems.
14441: JOHN DRYDEN. KENNETH YOUNG - John Dryden. A Critical Biography.
16123: ANDREW YOUNG - Nicodemus. A Mystery [play]. (INSCRIBED). With music by Imogen Holst.
20034: ANDREW YOUNG - Winter Harvest. Poems.
19921: JOHN BETJEMAN. ANDREW YOUNG. - Andrew Young. Prospect of a Poet. Essays and Tributes by Fourteen Writers (including John Betjeman), edited and introduced by Leonard Clark, and with a preface by John Masefield.
16124: ANDREW YOUNG - The Poet and the Landscape. (The English pastoral poets and their setting).
13969: ANDREW YOUNG - The New Poly-Olbion. Topographical Excursions. With an introductory account of the Poet's Early Days.
19767: LESLIE STEPHEN. DAVID D.ZINK - Leslie Stephen.
BC11071: JOHANN ZOFFANY. - The catalogue of a 1960-61 Arts Council exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Zoffany's arrival in Great Britain.
BUL91067: ÉMILE ZOLA. - The Fat and the Thin. Translated from the French of 'Le Ventre de Paris' and with an introduction by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly.

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