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ARC90581: MERVYN PEAKE - Letters from a Lost Uncle. Reproduced from the author's manuscript and copiously illustrated by him throughout.
ARC91300: MERVYN PEAKE - Ride a Cock-Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes. With illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
ARC91009: MERVYN PEAKE - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
BC13357: MERVYN PEAKE - Peake's Progress. Selected Writings and Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Edited by Maeve Peake and with a seventeen-page introduction by John Watney.
BC11476: JOSEPH P.PEARCE. - Lancashire Legends. With illustrations by the author.
BUL90192: SUSAN B.PEARSE. - Ameliaranne Bridesmaid. Told by Ethelberta Morris with illustrations by Susan Beatrice Pearse.
17161: CHARLES DICKENS. HESKETH PEARSON - Dickens. His Character, Comedy and Career. With illustrations.
BC020409003: JOHN BETJEMAN. E.O.PEARSON - contributes to Public School Verse. An Anthology 1924-1925. (PRESENTATION COPY)
BC14963: DAVID P.PEELER - Hope Among Us Yet. Social Criticism and Social Solace in Depression America.
19774: EVELYN PEMBER - Coucou.
15262: JOSEPH PENNELL. - Pictures of War Work in England. Over fifty full-page reproductions of his drawings and lithographs of munitions works. With an introduction by H.G.Wells.
BC15416: STEF PENNEY - Under a Pole Star. A novel.
BC15505: MIKE PENTELOW & MARSHA ROWE - Characters of Fitzrovia
ARC91820: DAVID JONES. HILARY PEPLER - Libellus Lapidum. Tempus Spargendi Lapides et Tempus Colligendi Tempus Amplexandi et Tempus Longe Fieri ab Amplexibus. The First Part of a collection of verses and wood-engravings made by H.P. and D.J. who having no windows left in their own dwelling take
ARC90457: ERIC GILL. DOUGLAS PEPLER. - The Devil's Devices or Control Verses Service. With woodcuts by Eric Gill.
RB90015: S.J.PERELMAN. - The Ill-Tempered Clavichord.
ARC92092: GEORGE HERBERT PERRIS - The Battle of the Marne.
19846: EUPHEMIA MCNAUGHT. ISABEL PERRY - Euphemia McNaught. Pioneer Artist of the Peace. By Isabel Perry and the Beaverlodge & District Historical Association. With a preface by Annora Brown and an introduction by Robert Guest.
BUL90550: JACQUES PERRY - The Black Sheep. A novel. Translated from the French of 'Le Mouton Noir' by Emma Craufurd.
991583: W.H.AUDEN. ST.-JOHN PERSE - On Poetry. Speech of Acceptance upon the Award of the Nobel Prize for Literature, delivered in Stockholm December 10, 1960. Translated into English by W.H.Auden, and also retaining the French text.
BC13308: JOSEPH E.PERSICO - 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour. Armistice Day 1918, World War 1 and its Violent Climax.
ARC92431: ELLIS PETERS - Saint Peter's Fair. The Fourth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael.
BC14776: ELLIS PETERS - The Raven in the Foregate. The Twelfth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
JH011209032: GEORGIA O'KEEFFE. SARAH WHITAKER PETERS. - Becoming O'Keeffe. The Early Years
BC14778: ELLIS PETERS - The Confessions of Brother Haluin. The Fifteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
BC14779: ELLIS PETERS - The Heretic's Apprentice. The Sixteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
ARC91908: ELLIS PETERS - The Hermit of Eyton Forest. The Fourteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (SIGNED)
BC14777: ELLIS PETERS - The Hermit of Eyton Forest. The Fourteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
19960: J.R.ACKERLEY. DIANA PETRE - The Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley.
19903: HERBERT READ. MARIA PETRIE. - Art and Regeneration. With a foreword by Herbert Read
12075: CARYL PHILLIPS - A State of Independence.
14622: CARYL PHILLIPS - Cambridge. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC13132: CARYL PHILLIPS - Higher Ground. A novel in three parts. (SIGNED)
BC13218: EDEN PHILLPOTTS - Up-Along and Down-Along. Poems. With eight original lithographs by Claude Shepperson. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
991816: EDEN PHILLPOTTS - Eudocia. A Comedy Royal. [Fantasy].
17477: DR.JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS. FELLOW OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS. - The Principles of Beauty. With eight plates.
BC15139: PABLO PICASSO - contributes his drawing 'The Bullfight' to an issue of the monthly periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. lxxv. No. 3
BC15344: PABLO PICASSO - contributes a pencil drawing and his etching 'Le Ménage des Pauvres' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 76, No. 2, February 1924.
BUL90197: D.B.C.PIERRE. - Vernon God Little. A 21st Century Comedy in the Presence of Death. (PLUS UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY)
19931: ALUN LEWIS. JOHN PIKOULIS - Alun Lewis. A Miscellany of His Writings. Edited by John Pikoulis.
SPE90151: ARTHUR W.PINERO - His House in Order. A comedy in four acts.
FP90015: A.W.PINERO. - The programme for a 1949 production of Pinero's 'The Magistrate' performed by Oxford University Experimental Theatre Club.
BC14979: HAROLD PINTER - contributes his poems 'New Year in the Midlands' and 'Chandeliers and Shadows' to an issue of the periodical Poetry (London), no. 19 (i.e. vol. 5, no. 19).
ARC91856: HAROLD PINTER - Landscape.
BC11774: HAROLD PINTER. - Poems and Prose 1949-1977.
ARC91587: HAROLD PINTER - The Birthday Party. A play in three acts.
BC10176: HAROLD PINTER - contributes his short story 'The Examination' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
BC13462: JOHN PIPER - Books from the Library of John and Myfanwy Piper. Part One.
WA90010: JOHN PIPER. - John Piper. The catalogue of a 1983 Tate Gallery exhibition of works by Piper, mounted to celebrate the artists eightieth birthday. With an introduction by John Russell.
BC14954: JOHN PIPER - Buildings and Prospects.
ARC91978: REYNOLDS STONE. MYFANWY PIPER. - Reynolds Stone [The Wood-Engravings of Reynolds Stone
ARC92444: ANTHOLOGY. JOHN PIPER, JOHN CRAXTON, MONA MOORE, MICHAEL AYRTON, WILLIAMS SCOTT, EDWARD BAWDEN AND ROBERT COLQUHOUN. - New Excursions into English Poetry. The complete seven volume series comprising, 'English Scottish and Welsh Landscape', 'The Poet's Eye', 'Sea Poems', 'Poems of Death', 'Soldiers' Verse', 'Travellers' Verse' and 'Poems of Sleep and Dream'. (ONE VOLUME IN
GAM00041: JOHN PIPER AND RICHARD INGRAMS. - Piper's Places. John Piper in England and Wales.
ARC92403: JOHN PIPER. - Catalogue to an Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Illustrated Books by John Piper. With an introduction and notes by Rigby Graham.
BC14153: JOHN PIPER. - John Piper's Stowe. With a foreword by the artist and commentary by Mark Girouard.
BUL90944: JOHN PIPER. - Lithographs. Etchings. Screenprints. A Goldmark Gallery sale catalogue.
BC14592: JOHN PIPER - Stones and Bones. Screenprints 1978. An undated Goldmark Gallery catalogue.
BC14591: JOHN PIPER - Stones and Bones. Screenprints 1978. / The Seasons. Etchings 1981. A December 2012 Goldmark Gallery catalogue.
BC11045: JOHN PIPER - contributes a superb double-spread wrapper design to The Great Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford.
ARC91120: JOHN PIPER - Oxon. [A Shell Guide].
ARC92020: JOHN BETJEMAN. JOHN PIPER - Cornwall. A Shell Guide. With photographs by John Piper.
ARC91462: JOHN PIPER, GRAHAM SUTHERLAND, PAUL NASH, HENRY MOORE &C. - The Painter's Object. Edited and with an introduction by Myfanwy Evans.
14737: EVELYN WAUGH. JOHN PIPER. - Scott-King's Modern Europe. With a frontispiece by John Piper (re-worked for the jacket).
BC15412: B.B. / D.J.WATKINS-PITCHFORD. - The Little Grey Men. A Story for the Young at Heart. With illustrations by the author.
BC15413: B.B. / D.J.WATKINS-PITCHFORD. - The Forest of Boland Light Railway. With illustrations by the author.
BC15496: D.J.WATKINS-PITCHFORD (WRITING AS 'B.B.'). - The White Road Westwards. With engravings by the author.
ARC92432: RUTH PITTER. - First Poems.
KP90466: RUTH PITTER - The Ermine. Poems 1942-1952. With a small title page vignette by Joan Hassall, repeated on the dust wrapper.
KP90467: RUTH PITTER - Still by Choice. Poems.
KP90462: RUTH PITTER - The Spirit Watches. Poems.
KP90464: RUTH PITTER - The Bridge. Poems 1939-1944.
ARC91760: DAVID PLANTE - The Ghost of Henry James. A novel.
17941: VICTOR PLARR - contributes nine poems to the anthology 'The Garland of New Poetry by Various Writers'. [Edited by Laurence Binyon, who also contributes the design for the cover and two poems].
BUL90660: SYLVIA PLATH - Ariel. The Restored Edition. A Facsimile of Plaths Manuscript, Reinstating her Original Selection and Arrangement. With a foreword by Frieda Hughes.
ARC91233: SYLVIA PLATH - Two Uncollected Poems.
ARC92433: SYLVIA PLATH - Uncollected Poems.
BC10063: SYLVIA PLATH. - Sylvia Plath's collection 'Colossus' is the subject of a lengthy 18-page analysis "Architectonics: Sylvia Plath's Colossus" by Pamela Smith contributed to an issue of the periodical Ariel. A Review of International English Literature.
19989: SYLVIA PLATH. - American Poetry Now. A Selection of the Best Poems by Modern American Writers. Edited and with an introduction by Sylvia Plath.
ARC93026: SYLVIA PLATH - A special 'womanly issue' of the periodical 'Tri-Quarterly'. No. 7. Edited by Charles Newman.
BC10047: WILLIAM PLOMER - contributes his poem 'In a Cathedral Town' to an issue of the periodical The Poetry Review.
GAM0005: WILLIAM PLOMER. - Selected Poems.
ARC91541: WILLIAM PLOMER - The Case is Altered. A novel.
BC10046: WILLIAM PLOMER - contributes his poem Death of a Hedge Sparrow to an issue of the periodical The Poetry Review.
19879: JOHN PLUNKETT AND BRAD WIENERS. - Burning Man. Edited by Brad Wiener.
RB90077: JAMES PLUNKETT - Strumpet City. A novel.
9922550: FREDERICK POHL - The Way the Future Was. A Memoir.
BC15074: FORD MADOX FORD. BERNARD J.POLI. - Ford Madox Ford and the Transatlantic Review.
18423: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Breaking the Silence. A play.
BC13918: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Remember This. A play. (SIGNED)
BC13917: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Sweet Panic. A play. (SIGNED)
16075: VIRGINIA WOOLF. ROGER POOLE - The Unknown Virginia Woolf.
9922619: LYTTON STRACHEY. [ALEXANDER POPE] - Pope. A lecture.
9922618: LYTTON STRACHEY. [ALEXANDER POPE] - Pope. The Leslie Stephen Lecture for 1925.
BC11779: HUGH POPHAM. - Three Cantos from 'To the Unborn - Greetings'.
BC12394: PETER PORTER - A special Peter Porter issue of the periodical Poetry Review.
BC10042: PETER PORTER. - Once Bitten, Twice Bitten. Poems.
16854: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - Hacienda. A story.
9019: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - The Leaning Tower and Other Stories.
BC13123: PETER PORTER - A Porter Folio. New Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC13098: PETER PORTER - Living in a Calm Country. Poems. (SIGNED)
EVES9026: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - Flowering Judas and Other Stories.
15191: LAURENS VAN DER POST - The Hunter and the Whale.
BUL90446: JAPANESE POSTERS - Kieri - Posters from Japan. 1978-1993.
19018: GREAT WAR POSTERS - Chiffons de Papier. Proclamations Allemandes Affices en Belgique et en France. With a preface by Ian Malcolm, Chambre des Communes, a Londres.
BC12466: JOSHUA REYNOLDS. MARTIN POSTLE. - Joshua Reynolds. The Creation of Celebrity. Edited by Martin Postle.
9922553: DENNIS POTTER - Blackeyes. A novel.
ARC92354: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
AA90026: ERIC GILL. DONALD POTTER - My Time with Eric Gill: A Memoir.
KP90442: DENNIS POTTER - Ticket to Ride.
BUL90848: PAUL POTTS - ontributes his poem 'Credo' to the first issue of the literary periodical 'Bag o Darkness'. No. 1. Edited by Donald Grant and Mair & Kenneth Lang.
BC15269: EZRA POUND - contributes six poems (at least four of them hitherto unprinted) to the second issue of the periodical 'The Poetry Review'. No. 2, February 1912.
BC15036: EZRA POUND. - A Quinzaine for this Yule. Being Selected from a Venetian Sketch-book San Trovaso.
15082: EZRA POUND - Pavannes and Divagations.
BC12903: EZRA POUND - Pound / The Little Review. The Letters of Ezra Pound to Margaret Anderson: 'The Little Review' Correspondence. Edited by Thomas L.Scott, Melvin J.Friedman and Jackson R.Bryer.
ARC92060: EZRA POUND - contributes the first printing of his prose piece 'The Curse' to the first issue of the uncommon periodical 'The Apple (of Beauty and Discord)'. First Quarter - Vol. 1, No. 1 1920.
BC15392: EZRA POUND - contributes the second part of his sequence 'Three Cantos' (here differing radically from the final version) to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. X, No. 4, July 1917. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
BC15094: EZRA POUND - Homage to Sextus Propertius.
BC15095: EZRA POUND - A Lume Spento and Other Early Poems.
BC15393: EZRA POUND - contributes the first part of his sequence 'Three Cantos' (here differing radically from the final version) to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. X, No. 4, June 1917. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
BC15277: EZRA POUND - contributes 'In the Wounds (Memoriam A.R.Orage)' to an issue of the periodical 'The Criterion. A Quarterly Review'. Vol. 14, No. 56, April 1935. Edited by T.S.Eliot.
BC14989: EZRA POUND. - The catalogue of a March 1967 exhibition at the University of Texas. Illustrated with photographs.
ARC91584: EZRA POUND - Women of Trachis. A Version of Sophekles.
BC14881: EZRA POUND - Make it New. Essays.
ARC91581: ANTHONY POWELL - contributes a five stanza poem entitled 'Building Society Drinking Song' to the anthology Poems for Roy Fuller on his Seventieth Birthday.
9922557: ANTHONY POWELL - Novels of High Society from the Victorian Era. Selected and with an introduction by Anthony Powell.
IMM90055: ANTHONY POWELL - Brief Lives and Other Selected Writings by John Aubrey. Edited with an introduction and notes by Anthony Powell.
ARC92448: ANTHONY POWELL - At Lady Molly's. A novel. Volume four of 'A Dance to the Music of Time'
KP90682: ANTHONY POWELL - Brief Lives and Other Selected Writings by John Aubrey. Edited with an introduction and notes by Anthony Powell.
15880: ANTHONY POWELL - Mr.Zouche: Superman.
BC10159: ANTHONY POWELL. - Francis Wyndham contributes a review of Anthony Powell's novel 'The Kindly Ones' (the sixth volume of his masterly A Dance to the Music of Time sequence) to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
BUL90813: MICHAEL POWELL - A Waiting Game. A novel.
BC14742: ANTHONY POWELL - Two Plays. The Garden God [and] The Rest I'll Whistle. With four set designs by Osbert Lancaster.
19778: J.F.POWERS - The Presence of Grace. Stories.
ARC91783: JOHN COWPER POWYS - A Glastonbury Romance. (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
13615: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Essays on De Maupassant, Anatole France, William Blake.
BC11245: JOHN COWPER POWYS AND DAVID JONES. JEREMY HOOKER. [ROLAND MATHIAS] - John Cowper Powys and David Jones. A Comparative Study. (INSCRIBED)
14644: LLEWELYN POWYS - Ebony and Ivory. With a preface by Edward Shanks.
19726: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Samphire. Poems
ARC90626: LLEWELYN POWYS - Dorset Essays.
BC14356: T.F.POWYS - Kindness in a Corner. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14230: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - William Blake.
BC14234: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - An Englishman Up-State. With an introduction by R.L.Blackmore.
ARC91842: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Ducdame.
13621: T.F.POWYS, PETER RILEY - A Bibliography of T.F.Powys.
14652: T.F.POWYS - Fables. Stories. With four drawings by Gilbert Spencer. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
14655: T.F.POWYS - Bottle's Path and Other Stories.
15885: T.F.POWYS - Black Bryony. With five woodcuts by R.A.Garnett.
BC15160: T.F.POWYS - contributes 'The Baked Mole' (the first appearance in print of this story, which was subsequently collected in 'The White Paternoster' three years later) to an issue of the monthly periodical 'The Calendar of Modern Letters'. Vol. 3, no. 4.
BUL90849: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Wolf Solent. A novel.
ARC91858: JOHN COWPER POWYS - The Owl, The Duck and - Miss Rowe! Miss Rowe! (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
19537: LLEWELYN POWYS - Love and Death. An Imaginary Autobiography. (PLUS A LETTER AND POSTCARD)
BC12167: T.F.POWYS - Rosie Plum and Other Stories. With drawings and a handsome dust wrapper design by John Ward.
ARC91687: T.F.POWYS - Uriah on the Hill. A story. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14325: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Essays on Emily Bronte and Henry James
BC14229: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - John Cowper Powys: Letters to Glyn Hughes. Edited and with an introduction by Dr. Bernard Jones.
BC14248: A.R.POWYS. - Repair of Ancient Buildings. With a new introduction and additional notes and appendices.
BC14262: JOHN COWPER POWYS - The Meaning of Culture.
BC14263: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Jobber Skald. A novel.
BC14265: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Mortal Strife.
BC14268: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Visions and Revisions. A Book of Literary Devotions.
BC13653: JOHN MCCRAE. JOHN F.PRESCOTT - In Flanders Fields. The Story of John McCrae.
15088: RAMPANT LIONS PRESS - The First 10. Some Ground Covered by Will Carter 1949-58. A well-illustrated catalogue of the first decade.
17562: HOGARTH PRESS, J.H.WILLIS, JR. - Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers. The Hogarth Press, 1917-1941. With illustrations.
19631: STARWHEEL PRESS - The Transparent Room. Poems. (PLUS A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR)
19711: STARWHEEL PRESS - Spring Offensive. Poems. (INCOMPLETE SET)
19594: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS - The catalogue of an exhibition of Cambridge Books and Printing held in the Old Court House, Marylebone Lane September-October 1931.
BC14922: THOMAS WOLFE. GEORGE R.PRESTON JR. - Thomas Wolfe. A Bibliography.
ARC90214: FRANK PREWETT. - The Collected Poems of Frank Prewett. With an introduction by Robert Graves.
BUL90374: M.P.PRICE - The Diplomatic History of the War, including a Diary of Negotiations and Events in the different Capitals, the texts of the Official Documents of the various Governments, the Public Speeches in the European Parliaments, an account of the Military Preparat
BC14100: CHRISTOPHER PRIEST - Inverted World. A novel.
17944: J.B.PRIESTLEY - Particular Pleasures. Being a Personal Record of Some Varied Arts and Many Different Artists. Profusely illustrated.
BC13302: SIR RAYMOND PRIESTLEY, RAYMOND J.ADIE AND G. DE Q.ROBIN (EDIT). - Antarctic Research. A Review of British Scientific Achievement in Antarctica. Edited by Sir Raymond Priestley, Raymond J.Adie and G. de Q.Robin, and with a foreword by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh.
17138: CHARLES DICKENS. J.B.PRIESTLEY, IVOR BROWN, NICOLAS BENTLEY, CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT &C. - Charles Dickens 1812-1870. A Centenary Volume. Edited by E.W.F.Tomlin.
ARC91702: J.B.PRIESTLEY - An Inspector Calls. A Play in Three Acts.
SPE90153: J.B.PRIESTLEY. - Sir Michael and Sir George. A Tale of COMSA and DISCUS and the New Elizabethans. (INSCRIBED)
17943: J.B.PRIESTLEY - Midnight on the Desert. A Chapter of Autobiography.
ARC91974: J.B.PRIESTLEY. - Papers from Lilliput. Essays.
19785: GARCIA LORCA. GREGORIO PRIETO - Garcia Lorca as a Painter. Translated from the Spanish by J.McLachlan and J.D.Beazley and with Lorca's poetry translated by Stephen Spender and J.L.Gili.
BC14999: SUE ANN PRINCE - The Old Guard and the Avant-Garde. Modernism in Chicago, 1910-1940. Edited by Sue Ann Prince.
BC12458: HEATHER PRINGLE - The Master Plan. Himmler's Scholars and the Holocaust.
11063: V.S.PRITCHETT - The Camberwell Beauty. Stories.
16463: V.S.PRITCHETT - Midnight Oil. Further autobiography.
BC12160: BOOKER PRIZE - The Man Booker Prize. Thirty-Five years of the Best in Contemporary Fiction 1969-2003.
WA90029: PATRICK PROCKTOR - Prints 1959-1985. The catalogue of a 1985-86 touring exhibition.
18476: JOHN PUDNEY - Beyond this Disregard. R.A.F. Poems.
ARC91843: JOHN PUDNEY - Spring Encounter. Poems.
BC12602: JOHN PUDNEY - Beyond this Disregard. Poems
992129: MANUEL PUIG - Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages.
9350: S.BARING-GOULD. WILLIAM PURCELL, JOHN BETJEMAN - Onward Christian Soldier. A Life of S.Baring-Gould. With an introduction by John Betjeman.
19602: JAMES PURDY - Cabot Wright Begins. A novel.
19608: JAMES PURDY - Garments the Living Wear. A novel.
19609: JAMES PURDY - Gertrude of Stony Island Avenue. A novel.
BUL90640: MARIO PUZO - The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions.
BC12851: RODNEY PYBUS - The Loveless Letters. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
SPE90128: BARBARA PYM - Quartet in Autumn.
ANN90006: ZHANG QIKAI. - Zhang Qikai. First London Exhibition. The catalogue of a 2008 exhibition.
ARC91942: BERNARD QUARITCH - A Short Sketch of Liturgical History and Literature. Illustrated by Examples Manuscript and Printed.
15899: PETER QUENNELL - Romantic England. Writing and Painting 1717-1851. With 181 illustrations, including 16 pages of colour-plates.
BC13896: PETER QUENNELL - Autobiography. Complete in two volumes comprising 'The Marble Foot. An Autobiography from 1905-1938' [and] 'The Wanton Chase. An Autobiography from 1939'.
19326: THOMAS DE QUINCEY - A Diary of Thomas De Quincey, 1803. Reproduced in facsimile, with introduction & notes by Horace A.Eaton.
15463: THOMAS DE QUINCEY - New Essays by De Quincey. His Contributions to the 'Edinburgh Saturday Post' and the 'Edinburgh Evening Post' 1827-28. Edited by Stuart M.Tave.
991261: SPANISH CIVIL WAR. LUIS QUINTANILLA AND ERNEST HEMINGWAY - All the Brave. Drawings of the Spanish Civil War. With text by Elliot Paul & Jay Allen and a preface by Ernest Hemingway.
19659: JONATHAN RABAN - The Society of the Poem
KP90533: JONATHAN RABAN - Old Glory. An American Voyage. (INSCRIBED)
9030: JONATHAN RABAN - For Love & Money. Writing, Reading, Travelling 1969-1987.
BC14407: AUBREY BEARDSLEY. PETER RABY - Aubrey Beardsley and the Nineties.
14664: EINO RAILO - The Haunted Castle. A Study of the Elements of English Romanticism.
BC12919: KATHLEEN RAINE - The Oval Portrait and Other Poems.
19727: KATHLEEN RAINE (WRITING AS 'KATHLEEN MADGE') - The World of Living Green. With illustrations by Stanley Herbert.
ARC92404: KATHLEEN RAINE - Blake and Tradition. Complete in two volumes.
9034: KATHLEEN RAINE - What is Man? (Originally a contribution to a Dartington Hall conference). (INSCRIBED)
BC12920: KATHLEEN RAINE - The Hollow Hill and Other Poems 1960-1964.
JUL90424: KATHLEEN RAINE - contributes her poem 'New Year 1943' to an issue of the periodical 'Horizon. A Review of Literature and Art'. Edited by Cyril Connolly. Vol. 7, No. 38, February 1943.
BC14743: KATHLEEN RAINE - contributes her poems 'Before the Accuser' and 'Wind', plus a review of Peter Russell's 'The Elegies of Quintilius' translation to an issue of the periodical 'Littack', Vol. 4, No. 1.
BUL90920: KATHLEEN RAINE - Poet's Choice. A Programme Anthology of the Poems Read by their Authors. Edited and introduced by Dorothy Dudley Short, who organised the September 14th 1943 readings at Wigmore Hall on behalf of The National Council of Women.
ARC92046: JACKDAW. MICHAEL RAND, HOWARD LOXTON AND LEN DEIGHTON. - The Assassination of President Kennedy. Compiled and designed by Michael Rand, Howard Loxton and Len Deighton.
BUL90605: RICHARD JOHN RANDALL. - The Randall Art Gallery and School of Painting, South Brisbane. Catalogue of Works in Oils, Water Colours, Pastels, Black and White &c. &c. [INSCRIBED TO THE ARTISTS' COUSIN]
BUL90504: BILL RANDLE - Kondor. (SIGNED)
BC13346: IAN RANKIN - The Naming of the Dead. A Rebus novel. (SIGNED)
BUL90286: IAN RANKIN - The Flood. (SIGNED)
BUL90461: KENNETH RANKIN - Top-Hats in Tobruk. (INSCRIBED)
BC15043: JOHN CROWE RANSOM - The New Criticism. [An Examination of the Critical Theories of I.A.Richards, T.S.Eliot, Yvor Winters and William Empson].
ARC91703: ARTHUR RANSOME - Missee Lee. A Swallows and Amazons story.
ARC91996: REMY DE GOURMONT. ARTHUR RANSOME - A Night in the Luxembourg. Translated from the French of 'Une Nuit au Luxembourg' by Arthur Ransome, who also provides a preface and a biographical appendix.
AA90023: ARTHUR RANSOME. - Racundra's First Cruise.
ARC92300: ARTHUR RANSOME - The Big Six.
ARC92301: ARTHUR RANSOME - The Picts and the Martyrs: or, Not Welcome at All.
19656: FREDERIC RAPHAEL - Who Were You With Last Night?
BUL90786: SARAH RAPHAEL - Drawings. Illustrated with scores of examples. With appreciations by Frederic Raphael, Clive James and William Boyd.
19835: PRE-RAPHAELITES, W.M.ROSSETTI - Ruskin. Rossetti. PreRaphaelitism. Papers 1854 to 1862. Edited with notes by W.M.Rossetti. Illustrations.
261106WE: WALKER EVANS. BELIJDA RATHBONE - Walker Evans. A Biography.
BC15511: SIMON RAVEN - The Old School. A Study in the Oddities of the English Public School System.
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BC10156: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE. - The full text of Sartre's 'La Monde' interview given just after the publication of his first volume of autobiography is reprinted in an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
FP90009: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE. - A programme of a 1948 production of Jean-Paul Sartre's play 'The Flies', produced by the Magdalen Players and staring Robert Hardy
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ARC91374: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - contributes ten poems to the anthology Georgian Poetry 1918-1919.
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EVES9098: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - contributes his poem 'A Post-Elizabethan Tragedy' to the inaugural issue of the periodical 'The Calendar of Modern Letters'.
BC14620: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Letters to a Critic. With an introduction and notes by the recipient, Michael Thorpe.
BUL90928: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Poems from Italy. Verses Written by Members of the Eighth Army in Sicily and Italy July 1943-March 1944. With a foreword by Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver Leese and an introduction by Siegfried Sassoon.
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19725: DOROTHY L.SAYERS - edits and contributes three poems to the anthology Oxford Poetry 1919
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ARC90658: DOROTHY L.SAYERS (PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY). - The Recipe Book of the Mustard Club. A Treasury of Delectable Dishes both New and Old, in the right tradition of good English Cookery, edited by "Gourmet". With illustrations by J.Gilroy.
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19667: VERNON SCANNELL - A Proper Gentleman
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19396: FRIEDRICH SCHILLING - Flieger an allen Fronten. [A Fligher on all Fronts].
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BC12850: MYRA SCHNEIDER - Multiplying the Moon. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
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BC15338: ARTHUR SCHNITZLER - contributes an instalment of his story 'Doctor Graesler', translated from the German by Paul Bloomfield Zeisler, to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 73, No. 4, October 1922.
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BC15090: DELMORE SCHWARTZ. - The Ego is Always at the Wheel. Bagatelles. Edited by Robert Phillips.
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BC13940: LEONARDO SCIASCIA - The Council of Egypt. Translated from the Italian of 'Il Consiglio d'Egitto' by Adrienne Foulke.
19852: MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - Notes on the Authentic Portraits of Mary Queen of Scots. Based on the Researches of the Late Sir George Scharf, K.C.B., Rewritten in the light of New Information by Lionel Cust.
99549: JEFFERSON HOGG. WINIFRED SCOTT. - Jefferson Hogg.
99803: G.K.CHESTERTON. REV. WILLIAM T.SCOTT - Chesterton and Other Essays.
ARC92418: PERIODICAL. PAUL SCOTT. - Poets Now in the Services. No. 1 and 2. Edited by A.E.Lowy.
BC12642: GEORGES SCOTT - contributes two full-page colour Great War watercolours to an August 1915 issue of the weekly French newspaper L'illustration.
ARC91348: ROBERT FALCON SCOTT. - Captain Scott's Own Story: Told From His Journals. The first two (of a total of four) consecutive issues of The Strand Magazine featuring extracts from Scott's journals, and illustrated with Herbert Ponting's photographs and with a facsimile reproduction
BC13035: JEREMY SCOTT - Dancing on Ice. (SIGNED)
19981: PAUL SCOTT - The Birds of Paradise. A novel.
ARC91635: PAUL SCOTT - The Jewel in the Crown. A novel. Volume one of 'The Raj Quartet'.
18375: JAPANESE SCREENS - Japanese Screen Paintings. Landscapes and Figures. Catalogue of an exhibition. Complete as 58 loose plates, preserved within printed folder, as issued, with 30pp booklet of descriptions and introduction.
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BUL90760: MAURICE JOHN SEXTON - Sexton's Pocket-Book on Boiler-Making, Ship-Building and the Steel and Iron Trades in General. Comprising a Variety of Useful Information for Employers and Workmen, Government Inspectors, Board of Trade Surveyors, Engineers in Charge of Works and Ships, F
19178: JONATHAN SWIFT. WILLIAM KEAN SEYMOUR - Jonathan Swift. The Enigma of a Genius. A Biographical Outline. (INSCRIBED)
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BC10081: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. - A special Shakespeare issue of the periodical A Review of English Literature. Edited by A.Norman Jeffares with guest editor Kenneth Muir.
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DZY161009019: ANTON SHAMMAS - Arabesques. Translated from the Herbew by Vivian Eden. (UNCORRECTED RPOOF)
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BC12011: JO SHAPCOTT - Of Mutability. Poems
BC12619: JO SHAPCOTT - Of Mutability. Poems. (SIGNED)
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14679: SAM SHEPARD - Seduced. A play.
19285: JOHN PITTS. LESLIE SHEPARD. - John Pitts. Ballad Printer of Seven Dials, London 1765-1844. With a short account of his predecessors in the Ballad and Chapbook trade.
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JUL90203: ALAN SMITH. - The catalogue of a 1977 Verona exhibition. With text by Michael Haggerty.
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BUL90881: STEVIE SMITH. - The Frog Prince and Other Poems. With drawings by the author.
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BC10049: STEVIE SMITH - contributes her poem 'Oblivion' to an issue of the periodical The Poetry Review.
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17452: SNOWDON, (ANTHONY ARMSTRONG JONES) - Snowdon. A Photographic Autobiography. Lavishly illustrated with his photographs, mostly black-and-white.
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RB90042: PEARL BUCK. HILARY SPURLING - Burying the Bones. Pearl Buck in China.
SPE90026: NICK STAFFORD. - Battle Royal. (INSCRIBED)
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BC13249: JON STALLWORTHY - The Guest from the Future. A Poem Presented to Sir Isaiah Berlin on his 80th Birthday. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
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12611: LARRY STANTON - Larry Stanton. Painting and Drawing. With text by David Hockney, Henry Geldzahler, Tim Dlugos, Julia Mayo and Arthur Lambert Jr.
BUL90632: FREYA STARK. - The Zodiac Arch.
ARC92355: FREYA STARK. - Seen in the Hadhramaut.
BC13487: FREYA STARK - contributes her ten-page essay 'Assassins of Syria', illustrated with photographs, to issue number 972 of The Cornhill Magazine. Edited by Peter Quennell.
BC13865: RALPH STEADMAN - Cherrywood Cannon. Based on a Story Told to him by Dimitri Sidjanski.
ARC90608: KATHERINE CAMERON. AMY STEEDMAN. - Legends and Stories of Italy for Children. With twelve tipped-in colour plates by Katherine Cameron.
BC11944: A.G.STEEL AND HON. R.H.LYLLELTON. - Cricket. The tenth volume of The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes. With contributions from A.Lang, W.G.Grace, R.A.H.Mitchell and F.Gale and numerous engravings after Lucien Davis and from photographs.
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19900: PHILIP WILSON STEER - P.Wilson Steer 1860-1942. A catalogue of a 1960 exhibition
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19745: GERTRUDE STEIN - In Savoy; or Yes is For a Very Young Man. A play of the Resistance in France.
ARC91722: GERTRUDE STEIN - Three Lives. Stories of the Good Anna, Melanctha and The Gentle Lena.
BC15047: GERTRUDE STEIN - Geography and Plays. With an introduction, 'The Work of Gertrude Stein', by Sherwood Anderson.
BC190910010: GERTRUDE STEIN - Dear Sammy: Letters from Gertrude Stein and Alice B.Toklas. Edited with a memoir by Samuel M.Steward. Illustrated with photographs.
BC15091: JOHN STEINBECK. - Cannery Row. A novel.
BUL90255: RUDOLF STEINER. - The Kingdom of Childhood. Seven lectures given in Torquay, August 1923. Translated from the German by Helen Fox.
BC10132: GEORGE STEINER - contributes the scholarly essay "Schoenberg's Moses and Aaron" to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
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BC14897: WALLACE STEVENS - The Necessary Angel. Essays on Reality and the Imagination.
BC15389: WALLACE STEVENS - contributes 'Letters d'un Soldat', poems on a French soldier's letters from the front, to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. XII, No. 2, May 1918. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
19293: SINCLAIR STEVENSON. - The Rites of the Twice-Born. With a foreword by A.A.MacDonell.
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19110: RUDYARD KIPLING. J.I.M.STEWART - Rudyard Kipling. A biographical and critical study.
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JH021209012: HENRI STIERLIN - Islamic Art and Architecture. From Isfahan to the Taj Mahal.
ARC91502: JOHN PIPER. ADRIAN STOKES - Venice. Designed and with illustrations by John Piper. (DELUXE NUMBERED ISSUE)
ARC92337: JOHN PIPER. ADRIAN STOKES. - Venice. With illustrations by John Piper.
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BC160909002: ERIC LINKLATER. REYNOLDS STONE - A Sociable Plover and Other Stories and Conceits. With wood-engravings by Reynolds Stone
ARC91738: THOMAS BEWICK. REYNOLDS STONE. - Wood Engravings of Thomas Bewick. Selected, with a biographical introduction by Reynolds Stone. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC13208: ROBERT STONE - Outerbridge Reach. (SIGNED)
BC120809002: REYNOLDS STONE - contributes a cover vignette to an issue of 'The Periodical'
BC12503: LLOYD STONE - In this Hawaiian Net. Stories and poems. With illustrations by the author.
ARC90355: TOM STOPPARD. - Voyage. The Coast of Utopia Part One. (SIGNED)
ARC90413: TOM STOPPARD. - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. (SIGNED)
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ADAMS009: TOM STOPPARD. - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. (SIGNED)
ARC90527: TOM STOPPARD - Jumpers.
SPE90045: TOM STOPPARD. - Hapgood. (SIGNED)
SPE90040: TOM STOPPARD. - Night and Day. (SIGNED)
SPE90043: TOM STOPPARD. - Squaring the Circle. With Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Professional Foul. With a lengthy introduction by the author. (SIGNED)
SPE90039: TOM STOPPARD. - Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land. (SIGNED)
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9064: DAVID STOREY - Edward. With drawings by Donald Parker.
15954: DAVID STOREY - Radcliffe. A novel
14699: DAVID STOREY - The Restoration of Arnold Middleton. A play.
KP90277: DAVID STOREY. - A Temporary Life. A novel.
BC11689: EDWARD STOREY. - The Dark Music. Poems. With a frontispiece and four full-page illustrations by Adella Chapman. (SIGNED)
99657: W.SOMERSET MAUGHAM. RAYMOND TOOLE STOTT - Maughamiana. The Writings of W.Somerset Maugham. A Handlist of his Works and Contributions to Certain Selected Periodicals. Compiled by Raymond Toole Stott.
BC14964: WILLIAM STOTT. - Documentary Expression and Thirties America.
19766: ALIX STRACHEY - The Unconscious Motives of War. A Psycho-Analytical Contribution.
17465: JAMES & ALIX STRACHEY - Bloomsbury/Freud. The Letters of James and Alix Strachey 1924-1925. Edited by Perry Meisel & Walter Kendrick.
15166: LYTTON STRACHEY - Portraits in Miniature and Other Essays.
BC15060: PAUL STRAND - Time in New England. Photographs by Paul Strand, with text edited and selected by Nancy Newhall.
17979: PAUL STRAND - Land der Graser. Die Ausseren Hebriden. (Tir A'mhurain. Outer Hebrides). 105 photographs. Commentary by Basil Davidson.
BC15056: PAUL STRAND. - Sixty Years of Photographs.
19281: PAUL STRAND. - Paul Strand. Essays on his Life and Work. Edited by Maren Stange and with an introduction by Alan Trachtenberg.
BC15057: PAUL STRAND. - Paul Strand. Circa 1916. With text by Maria Morris Hambourg.
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17175: CHARLES DICKENS. RALPH STRAUS - Dickens. A Portrait in Pencil. With illustrations.
BUL90622: CYRIL ANTHONY STRAUSS - A Soldier Looks Back. The Journals of Cyril Anthony Strauss. Edited and with an introduction by Derek Patmore. (WITH A SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH +)
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BC15515: L.A.G.STRONG. - The Last Enemy. A Study of Youth. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
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12616: L.A.G.STRONG - Dublin Days. Poems.
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17851: JOHN HEATH-STUBBS - Sweetapple Earth. Poems.
KP90540: JOHN HEATH-STUBBS - Aphrodite's Garland. Five Ancient Love Poems. Translated by John Heath Stubbs
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99230: JOHN HEATH-STUBBS - Wounded Thammuz. An Elegy.
ARC90352: MICHAEL FIELD. MARY STURGEON. - Michael Field. A study.
ARC93008: ERIC RAVILIOUS. SIR JOHN SUCKLING. - A Ballad Upon a Wedding. With engravings by Eric Ravilious.
JH011209030: JANE AUSTEN. ALISON G.SULLOWAY - Jane Austen and the Province of Womanhood.
BC11499: DAVID SUMMERS. - Settled Terms. Poems 1965-1989. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
15169: MONTAGUE SUMMERS - A Bibliography of the Restoration Drama.
99672: PETER SUTCLIFFE - Oxford University Press: An Informal History. By Peter Sutcliffe. With illustrations.
ARC91045: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. - Henry the Sixth Part I. With lithographs by Graham Sutherland.
JUL90188: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. - Graham Sutherland. With a lengthy analysis by Edward Sackville-West.
16905: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings. With an introduction by Kenneth Clark and another by Herbert Read.
JUL90384: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. - The Work of Graham Sutherland. With text by Douglas Cooper.
ARC90790: DAVID GASCOYNE. GRAHAM SUTHERLAND - Poems 1937-1942. With five superb original colour plates, a title page design, and upper and lower board decorations by Graham Sutherland.
BC14080: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND - Sutherland in Wales / Sutherland yng Nghymru. The catalogue of the collection at the Graham Sutherland Gallery, Haverfordwest.
ARC91657: DAVID GASCOYNE. GRAHAM SUTHERLAND - Poems 1937-1942. With five superb original colour plates, a title page design, and upper and lower board decorations by Graham Sutherland.
YP0003: NORMAN SWALLOW AND GRIGORI ALEKSANDROV (ALSO SERGEI YUTKEVICH). - A collection of Soviet cinema books from the library of the celebrated documentary film maker Norman Swallow, best remembered for his 1967 documentary 'Ten Days that Shook the World'. Five of the books are inscribed to Swallow by celebrated Soviet filmmak
BUL90882: JOHN SWANNELL - Twenty Years On. With a foreword by Bob Geldof. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90878: REX WHISTLER. SIR FRANK SWETTENHAM. - Arabella in Africa. With drawings by Rex Whistler - his first book illustrations - and Mary Forster-Knight.
19170: JONATHAN SWIFT, R.WYSE JACKSON - Swift and his Circle. Essays. Edited by R.Wyse Jackson and with a foreword by Seumas O'Sullivan.
19176: JONATHAN SWIFT - Jonathan Swift. A Dublin Tercentenary Tribute. Edited by Roger McHugh & Philip Edwards.
ARC90648: GRAHAM SWIFT - Learning to Swim and Other Stories.
BC220410002: GRAHAM SWIFT - contributes his short story 'Hotel' to a double-issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
BC080910002: GRAHAM SWIFT - Tomorrow. A novel.
14701: GRAHAM SWIFT - Ever After. A novel.
BC10943: GRAHAM SWIFT. - Waterland. (SIGNED)
ARC90998: ARTHUR RACKHAM. JONATHAN SWIFT - Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. With illustrations by Arthur Rackham. The signed limited edition, number 206 of 750 large paper copies signed by Rackham and with an additional colour plate ('The Yahoos') which is not present i
BC10076: JONATHAN SWIFT - A special Jonathan Swift issue of the periodical A Review of English Literature. Edited by A.Norman Jeffares.
BC10944: GRAHAM SWIFT. - Out of this World.
19179: JONATHAN SWIFT - A Catalogue of Works by Dr. Jonathan Swift. Compiled and annotated by Percy J.Dobell.
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BUL90391: ERIC SYKES. - If I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will. An autobiography. (SIGNED)
ARC91848: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - Our Life in the Swiss Highlands.
17476: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - A Problem in Greek Ethics. Being an Enquiry into the Phenomenon of Sexual Inversion.
14702: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - Giovanni Boccaccio as Man and Author.
9066: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - Gabriel. A Poem. Now first edited from the original manuscript by Robert L.Peters & Timothy d'Arch-Smith.
ARC90559: ALEISTER CROWLEY. JOHN SYMONDS. - The Great Beast. The Life of Aleister Crowley.
BC14903: ARTHUR SYMONS - Cities.
18812: ARTHUR SYMONS - Tristan and Iseult. A play.
17986: ARTHUR SYMONS, T.EARLE WELBY - Arthur Symons. A Critical Study.
BC14904: ARTHUR SYMONS - Cities and Sea-Coasts and Islands.
11105: ARTHUR SYMONS - From Toulouse-Lautrec to Rodin. With Some Personal Impressions. With illustrations.
ARC91710: ARTHUR SYMONS. - The Café Royal and Other Essays.
99391: ARTHUR SYMONS - A Book of Twenty Songs.
99393: JULIAN SYMONS - The Object of an Affair and Other Poems.
12142: ARTHUR SYMONS - The Toy Cart. A play.
RB90097: JOHN M.SYNGE - Deirdre of the Sorrows. A play in three acts. With a preface by W.B.Yeats (who completed the work alongside Synge's fiancée Molly Allgood after Synge left it incomplete upon his death in 1909).
RB90098: JOHN M.SYNGE - Some Letters of John M.Synge to Lady Gregory and W.B.Yeats. Selected and with an introduction by Ann Saddlemyer.
ARC92386: J.M.SYNGE. - The Autobiography of J.M.Synge. Constructed from the manuscripts and with an introduction by Alan Price, plus fourteen photographs taken by Synge and an essay, 'Synge and the Photography of his Time', by O.J.Pocock.
BC13176: ANA MARIA PACHECO. GEORGE SZIRTES - Exercise of Power: The Art of Ana Maria Pacheco.
BC12005: OTTÓ ORBÁN. GEORGE SZIRTES - The Blood of the Walsungs. Selected Poems. Edited and with an introduction by George Szirtes. (INSCRIBED BY THE EDITOR)
BUL90963: UNDERGROUND PRESS. I.T. - I.T. (International Times). Issue 64, September 12-25 1969.
BUL90962: UNDERGROUND PRESS. I.T. - I.T. (International Times). Issue 56, May 9-22 1969.
BUL90604: RABINDRANATH TAGORE - The Golden Boat. Translated from the Bengali by Bhabani Bhattacharya.
JT9013: AUGUSTE RODIN. YVON TAILLANDIER - Rodin. A monograph. Translated from the French by Anne Ross.
KP90726: TAMBIMUTTU. - Tambimuttu: Bridge Between Two Worlds. Edited by Jane Williams, with Kathleen Raine.
BC13207: DONNA TARTT - The Goldfinch
BC13343: DONNA TARTT - The Little Friend. (INSCRIBED)
BC14935: WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS. DICKRAN TASHJIAN - William Carlos Williams and the American Scene 1920-1940.
BC14971: DICKRAN TASHJIAN - Skyscraper Primitives. Dada and the American Avant-Garde 1910-1925.
BC14966: DICKRAN TASHJIAN - A Boatload of Madmen. Surrealism and the American Avant-Garde, 1920-1950.
JUL90089: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. ROBERTO TASSI - The prospectus for Tassi's celebrated study 'Sutherland: The Wartime Drawings' which documents the period the artist spent as an Official War Artist.
BC15316: ALLEN TATE - contributes his poem 'Aeneas at Washington' to an issue of the quarterly periodical 'Hound & Horn'. Vol. 6, No. 3, April-June 1933.
BC14905: ALLEN TATE - Reactionary Essays on Poetry and Ideas.
BC15141: ALLAN TATE. - A special Homage to Allan Tate issue of the quarterly periodical 'The Sewanee Review'. Vol. lxvii, no. 4
BC15427: NIGEL TATTERSFIELD - The Forgotten Trade. Comprising the Log of the Daniel and Henry of 1700 and Accounts of the Slave Trade from the Minor Ports of England, 1698-1725. With a foreword by John Fowles. (SIGNED)
17028: GLADYS TAYLOR - Saints and their Flowers. With drawings and plates.
19919: NICOLAS GRANGER-TAYLOR - The catalogue of a 1999 exhibition at Offer Waterman Fine Art. (INSCRIBED)
BC220410003: ELIZABETH TAYLOR - contributes her short story 'The Wrong Order' to an issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
ARC92310: ELIZABETH TAYLOR - Blaming. A novel.
19938: JOHN RUSSELL TAYLOR. - Anger and After. A Guide to the New British Drama. (INSCRIBED)
BC10325: G.P.TAYLOR. - Shadowmancer.
KP90633: ELIZABETH TAYLOR - contributes her ten-page short story 'Hare Park' to an issue of the periodical The Cornhill.
BC13648: FOUGASSE. JAMES TAYLOR - Careless Talk Costs Lives. Fougasse and the Art of Public Information.
11574: PETER TAYLOR - The Oracle at Stoneleigh Court. Stories.
BUL90052: G.P.TAYLOR. - Mariah Mundi. The Midas Box. (INSCRIBED).
BC12843: SUSAN TAYLOR - The Complete Bearded Stranger. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90071: G.P.TAYLOR. - Tersias. (SIGNED)
BC14750: ELIZABETH TAYLOR - Angel. A novel.
19654: PETER TAYLOR - In the Miro District and Other Stories
BC14973: JOSHUA C.TAYLOR - Futurism.
ARC90435: PETER TAYLOR. - A Woman of Means.
BC12847: BARRY TEBB - The Lights of Leeds. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
11772: EMMA TENNANT - Woman Beware Woman.
16917: EMMA TENNANT - Wild Nights.
16916: EMMA TENNANT - An Unequal Marriage. 'Pride and Prejudice' Continued.
19747: EMMA TENNANT - The Last of the Country House Murders.
BC14587: EMMA TENNANT - Heathcliffe's Tale. (SIGNED)
ARC91742: STEPHEN TENNANT - Leaves from a Missionary's Notebook.
BC15481: ALFRED LORD TENNYSON - The Revenge. A Ballad of the Fleet.
KP90546: ALFRED LORD TENNYSON - Selected Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Selected and with an introduction by John Heath-Stubbs.
BC14405: JOHN TERRAINE - The First World War 1914-18. (INSCRIBED)
BC14054: A.D.J.TESSIMOND. - The Walls of Glass. Poems.
ARC91364: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY - The Newcomes. Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family. With an introduction by Angela Thirkell and sixty illustrations by Edward Ardizzone, including many full-page colour drawings, hand-coloured through stencils by Maud Johnson. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
16919: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY - The Students' Quarter, or Paris Five-and-Thirty Years Since. "With original coloured illustrations" [by the author].
16920: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY - A Shabby Genteel Story and Other Tales.
BUL90913: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. W.M.THACKERAY. - The Rose and the Ring; or The History of Prince Giglio and Prince Bulbo. A Fire-side Pantomime for Great and Small Children. With a colour title page decoration and a dust wrapper design by Edward Ardizzone.
15969: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY - Sultan Stork and Other Stories and Sketches. Now First Collected. [Edited] with a bibliography of Thackeray, revised and considerably enlarged [by R.H.Shepherd].
DZY201009003: B.VAN THAL - The Old Lady Makes a Cup of Tea. (SIGNED)
16921: PAUL THEROUX - The Family Arsenal.
ARC91548: PAUL THEROUX - London Snow. A Christmas Story. With wood engravings by John Lawrence. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
KP90518: PAUL THEROUX - Hotel Honolulu. A novel.
12144: PAUL THEROUX - The London Embassy.
BUL90780: PAUL THEROUX - Fresh-Air Fiend. Travel Writings 1985-2000.
BC10972: PAUL THEROUX. - Waldo. A novel. (SIGNED).
ARC90742: PAUL THEROUX - Sinning with Annie and Other Stories.
BC12760: R.S.THOMAS. - Words and the Poet. The W.D.Thomas Memorial lecture, delivered at the University College of Swansea on November 19, 1963.
BC12828: EDWARD THOMAS - The Journal of the Friends of the Dymock Poets. No. 7
19525: EDWARD THOMAS - Richard Jefferies. His Life and Work.
BC13306: DYLAN THOMAS - The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas. Edited by Paul Ferris.
BC14991: DYLAN THOMAS - posthumously contributes two un-titled poems (which begin "Last night I dived my beggar arm" and "Your breath was shed") to the inaugural issue of the Tambimuttu-edited periodical 'Poetry London-New York'. Vol. 1, no. 1.
ARC90678: EDWARD THOMAS - The Icknield Way. With illustrations by A.L.Collins.
ARC91774: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes his poem 'Light' (thus making his very first appearance in bookform) to the anthology The Year's Poetry 1934. A Representative Selection. Compiled by Gerald Gould, John Lehmann and Denys Kilham Roberts.
ARC92305: R.S.THOMAS. - Tares. Poems.
BC10051: D.M.THOMAS - contributes his poem 'Daniel Lombard, D.D. (c.1750)' to an issue of the periodical The Cornish Review.
BC10052: D.M.THOMAS - contributes his poem 'The Nestling' to an issue of the periodical The Cornish Review.
BC10053: D.M.THOMAS - contributes his poem 'The Lost Forest' to an issue of the periodical The Cornish Review.
BC15431: EDWARD THOMAS - Claude A.Prance contributes a five-page critical essay on Edward Thomas' early collection of essays 'Horae Solitariae' to an issue of the periodical The Private Library. Second series, Vol. 10, No. 3, autumn 1977.
20006: DYLAN THOMAS - Quite Early One Morning. Broadcasts.
BC15276: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes his short story 'The Visitor' to an issue of the periodical 'The Criterion. A Quarterly Review'. Vol. 15, No. 55, January 1935. Edited by T.S.Eliot.
19815: EDWARD THOMAS - The Country.
18827: GWYN THOMAS - Where Did I Put My Pity? Folk Tales from the Modern Welsh.
18819: EDWARD THOMAS - Rose Acre Papers, including essays from "Horae Solitariae".
ARC92074: DYLAN THOMAS - Collected Poems 1934-1952.
ARC90901: EDWARD THOMAS - Richard Jefferies. His Life and Work.
ARC91505: EDWARD THOMAS - The Chessplayer and Other Essays. With an introduction by R.George Thomas and two wood engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn.
BC12374: EDWARD THOMAS - Poems by Edward Thomas ("Edward Eastaway").
KP90474: R.S.THOMAS. - Autobiographies. Former Paths, The Creative Writer's Suicide, No-One [and] A Year in Llyn. Translated from the Welsh with an introduction and notes by Jason Walford Davies.
ARC92375: DYLAN THOMAS AND CERI RICHARDS - Richard Burns. Ceri Richards and Dylan Thomas: Keys to Transformation. A monograph.
ARC90475: EDWARD THOMAS - contributes ten poems to Twelve Poets. A Miscellany of New Verse.
BUL90652: HELEN THOMAS. - Time and Again. Memoirs and Letters. Edited by Myfanwy Thomas.
MA90010: EDWARD THOMAS - In Pursuit of Spring. With six tipped-in colour plates by Ernest Hazelhust with captioned tissue protectors.
BC14621: DYLAN THOMAS - The Dylan Thomas memorial issue of the periodical 'Adam International Review. A Literary Monthly in English and French'. Edited by Miron Grindea.
BC080910008: D.M.THOMAS. - Ararat. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90677: EDWARD THOMAS - George Borrow. The Man and his Books.
BC12681: R.S.THOMAS - The Bread of Truth. Poems
BC15294: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes his short story 'The School for Witches' to a double-issue of the short-lived monthly periodical 'Contemporary Poetry and Prose'. No. 4&5. August-September 1936. Edited by Roger Roughton.
BC14351: EDWARD THOMAS - Cloud Castle and Other Papers. With a two-page foreword by W.H.Hudson.
19966: EDWARD THOMAS - Cloud Castle and Other Papers. With a foreword by W.H.Hudson.
BC14691: EDWARD THOMAS. - Rupert Brooke 1887-1915.
ARC91803: EDWARD THOMAS - Poems by Edward Thomas ("Edward Eastaway").
KP90471: R.S.THOMAS. - Frequencies. Poems.
BC14801: DYLAN THOMAS - A special Dylan Thomas number of the periodical Dock Leaves. A National Review in English of Welsh Arts and Letters. Edited by Raymond Garlick. Vol. 5, No. 13, Spring 1954.
BC15143: DYLAN THOMAS. - F.W.Dupee contributes a thirty-one line review of Thomas' book 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog' to an issue of the American liberal periodical 'The New Republic'. Vol. 103, no. 27
KP90600: DYLAN THOMAS - Dylans Swansea. ("A brief insight into the relationship between Dylan Thomas and Swansea the town he loved, but sometimes described in unflattering terms - his 'ugly, lovely town'").
KP90635: DYLAN THOMAS - Louis MacNeice contributes the first printing of his poem 'Canto In Memoriam Dylan Thomas' to the inaugural issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
BC10054: DYLAN THOMAS - Dylan Thomas' poem "Over Sir John's Hill" is the subject of an 8-page analysis by Brian John, contributed to an issue of the periodical The Anglo-Welsh Review.
ARC91052: EDWARD THOMAS - The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge. Edited and with an eight-page introduction and a memoir of Jesse Berridge by Anthony Berridge.
ARC92307: R.S.THOMAS. - Experimenting with an Amen. Poems.
BUL90844: EDWARD THOMAS - C.Day Lewis contributes his Giff Edmonds Memorial Lecture 'The Poetry of Edward Thomas' to Essays by Divers Hands. Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature. New series, Vol. xxvii. Edited with an introduction by Angela Thirkell.
BC15125: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes 'January 1939' (the first appearance in print of this twenty-five line poem) to a double-issue of the periodical 'Twentieth Century Verse'. No. 15-16.
18833: R.S.THOMAS - The Batsford Book of Country Verse. Edited and with a preface by R.S.Thomas.
BC14714: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes his poems 'Fern Hill' and 'In My Craft or Sullen Art' to Presenting Welsh Poetry. An Anthology of Welsh Verse in Translation and of English Verse by Welsh Poets. Edited by Gwyn Williams.
BC11298: D.M.THOMAS. - Selected Poems. (SIGNED)
BC11920: EDWARD THOMAS - The Woodland Life.
BC13077: D.M.THOMAS - The Honeymoon Voyage. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
KP90134: DYLAN THOMAS AND JOHN DAVENPORT. - The Death of the King's Canary. With an introduction by Constantine Fitzgibbon.
BC15221: EDWARD THOMAS (INTEREST). MYFANWY THOMAS. - One of These Fine Days. Memoirs. With drawings by Henry Croly and various photographs.
19520: EDWARD THOMAS - The Tenth Muse.
BC14906: DYLAN THOMAS - Twenty-Five Poems.
KP90698: R.S.THOMAS. - The Echoes Return Slow. Poems.
ARC91430: W.BEACH THOMAS - With the British on the Somme. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91577: EDWARD THOMAS - Bright Clouds. A poem.
BC12765: R.S.THOMAS - Miraculous Simplicity. Essays on R.S.Thomas. Edited by William V.Davis.
BC15298: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes his story 'The Holy Six' to an issue of the short-lived monthly (now quarterly) periodical 'Contemporary Poetry and Prose'. No. 9. Spring 1937. Edited by Roger Roughton.
BC14151: DYLAN THOMAS (READS). - Poem on His Birthday and other poems. A 7-inch 45 r.p.m. extended play record.
BC12059: EDWARD THOMAS. - Letters to America 1914-1917. With an introduction and notes by R.George Thomas. (DELUXE ISSUE)
BC12189: DYLAN THOMAS - The programme for a 1954 Dylan Thomas Memorial Recital at the Royal Festival Hall. With readings from Thomas' works and from various tributes by Peggy Ashcroft, Sybil Thorndike, Lewis Casson, Christopher Hassall, Michael Hordern, C.Day-Lewis and Emlyn Wil
16925: EDWARD THOMAS - Cloud Castle and Other Papers. With a foreword by W.H.Hudson.
19527: EDWARD THOMAS - Rain.
ARC91882: EDWARD THOMAS - contributes a review of Richard Curle's 'Shadows Out of the Crowd' to a special double issue of the periodical The Bookman. Vol. XLIII, No. 253.
ARC91883: EDWARD THOMAS - contributes a review of S.Baring Gould's 'The Church Revival: Thoughts Thereon and Reminiscences' to an issue of the periodical The Bookman. Vol. XLVI, No. 272
ARC91884: EDWARD THOMAS - contributes a review of volumes XXI and XXII of 'The Collected Works of William Morris' to an issue of the periodical The Bookman. Vol. VII, No. 281.
19507: EDWARD THOMAS. R.GEORGE THOMAS. - Edward Thomas. A Portrait.
ARC92306: R.S.THOMAS. - Poetry for Supper. Poems.
BC15242: EDWARD THOMAS - Edward Thomas on the Georgians. Selected, edited and introduced by Richard Emeny.
ARC92407: DYLAN THOMAS - Under Milk Wood. A play for voices. With a preface and musical settings by Daniel Jones.
19648: EDWARD THOMAS. R.GEORGE THOMAS - Edward Thomas.
19529: EDWARD THOMAS - The Woodland Life.
ARC91455: EDWARD THOMAS AND HELEN THOMAS - Personal Letters. Selected by R.George Thomas, with a foreword by Myfanwy Thomas and wood engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn.
19521: EDWARD THOMAS - The Childhood of Edward Thomas. A Fragment of Autobiography. With a preface by Julian Thomas, the author's younger brother.
BC15293: DYLAN THOMAS - contributes two untitled poems and a short story to the inaugural issue of the short-lived monthly periodical 'Contemporary Poetry and Prose'. No. 1. May 1936. Edited by Roger Roughton.
BC14169: EDWARD THOMAS - contributes his short story 'Crowbit' to an issue of the periodical The English Review. Edited by Austin Harrison.
ARC90263: EDWARD THOMAS. - The Tenth Muse.
BC12311: EDWARD THOMAS - Rest and Unrest. Essays.
BC12271: DYLAN THOMAS - Miscellany One. Poems, Stories, Broadcasts.
ARC90765: EDWARD THOMAS - Elected Friends. Poems for and about Edward Thomas. Complied by Anne Harvey and with a three-page introduction by Vernon Scannell. (SIGNED)
ARC92384: DYLAN THOMAS - Conversation About Christmas.
14709: EDWARD THOMAS - Four Letters to Frederick Evans.
14710: EDWARD THOMAS - Cloud Castle and Other Papers. With a foreword by W.H.Hudson.
ARC93025: DYLAN THOMAS - From 'In Memory of Anne Jones'.
ARC91667: SIR PERCY THOMAS - Pupil to President. (Memoirs of an Architect).
ARC91923: EDWARD THOMAS - [Selected Essays].
ARC91922: EDWARD THOMAS - Windsor Castle. Described by Edward Thomas and pictured by Ernest Haslehust.
BUL90381: JOHN W.THOMASON. - A Thomason Sketchbook. Edited and with a foreword by Arnold Rosenfeld and with an introduction by John Graves.
17489: FRANCIS THOMPSON - The Letters of Francis Thompson. Edited by John Evangelist Walsh.
BC14453: R.W.THOMPSON - Home in Ham. With drawings by Gay Thomas.
BC14955: GEORGE ORWELL. JOHN THOMPSON - Orwell's London. With photographs by Philippa Scoones.
BC14459: R.W.THOMPSON - Home in Ham. With drawings by Gay Thomas. (INSCRIBED)
19183: CAPTAIN J.H.THOMSON - Guide to the Explosives Act, 1875. with Remarks upon the Explosive Substances Act 1883.
BUL90899: BASIL THOMSON - Queer People.
16464: VIRGIL THOMSON - Virgil Thomson. Memoirs. With 32 pages of photographs.
BC13844: DAVID THOMSON - Rosebud. The Story of Orson Wells.
15982: HENRY D.THOREAU - Summer. Edited from his Journals by H.G.O.Blake. Frontispiece folding map of Concord.
ARC90422: SHELL GUIDE. HENRY THOROLD. - Staffordshire. A Shell Guide.
ARC91158: SHELL GUIDE. HENRY THOROLD - Nottinghamshire. A Shell Guide. Edited by Henry Thorold and with photographs by John Piper &c.
BC12882: DAVID MILLER. MICHAEL THORP - Breaking at the Fountain. A Meditation on the Work of David Miller. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90908: ADAM THORPE - Mornings in the Baltic. Poems
17995: COLIN THUBRON - The God in the Mountain. A novel.
18839: JAMES THURBER - Many Moons. Illustrated throughout in colour by Louis Slobodkin.
BUL90243: JAMES THURBER. - Selected Letters of James Thurber. Edited by Helen Thurber and Edward Weeks.
ARC90824: ANTHONY THWAITE - At Dunkeswell Abbey.
BC14882: ANTHONY THWAITE - Home Truths. Poems.
15186: GEOFFREY TILLOTSON - Augustan Studies.
99560: E.M.W.TILLYARD - The English Epic and its Background.
JT9002: EDVARD MUNCH. WERNER TIMM. - The Graphic Art of Edvard Munch. Translated from the German by Ruth Michaelis-Jena with the collaboration of Patrick Murray.
BC13724: MARGARET TIMMERS - The Power of the Poster. Edited by Margaret Timmers.
ARC92073: L.S.LOWRY. H.W.TIMPERLEY. - A Cotswold Book. With drawings by L.S.Lowry.
16546: CHAUNCEY BREWSTER TINKER - The Salon and English Letters. Chapters on the Interrelations of Literature and Society in the Age of Johnson. With illustrations.
19827: LYNNE TINLEY - Drawn from the Plains. Life in the Wilds of Southern Africa.
ARC90722: MICHAEL TODD - Michael Todd's Around the World in 80 Days Almanac. Edited by Art Cohn.
99400: RUTHVEN TODD - Until Now. Poems
15985: JOHN TODHUNTER - A Riverside Walk. An Easy-Going Essay by a Peripatetic Philosopher. (SIGNED)
BC12413: COLM TÓIBÍN - Mothers and Sons. (SIGNED)
BC12415: COLM TÓIBÍN - The Empty Family. Stories. (SIGNED)
BC14558: COLM TÓIBÍN - The South. (SIGNED)
BC14500: COLM TÓIBÍN. - The Blackwater Lightship. (SIGNED)
BC14501: COLM TÓIBÍN. - Nora Webster. (SIGNED)
17490: ALICE B.TOKLAS - Staying On Alone. The Letters of Alice B.Toklas. Edited by Edward Burns. With an introduction by Gilbert A.Harrison,
19758: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Lord of the Rings. A fotonovel
ARC90976: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - Tree and Leaf.
BUL90691: J.R.R.TOLKIEN. - The Treason of Isengard. Edited by Christopher Tolkien.
ARC92309: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Ancrene Riwle. Rendered into Modern English by M.B.Salu, with a brief one-page preface by J.R.R.Tolkien and an introduction and appendix by Gerard Sitwell.
ARC90309: J.R.R.TOLKIEN. - The Tolkien Calendar 1989.
EVES9049: ERNST TOLLER - Hoppla! A play in a prologue and five acts. (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
18841: LEV NIKOLAYEVICH TOLSTOY - Tolstoy on Art. Edited [and partly written] by Aylmer Maude, with illustrations and Bernard Shaw's letter "Concerning the Proposed Centenary Edition of Tolstoy's Works", originally printed in the press early in 1922.
BC12736: CHARLES TOMLINSON - Some Americans. A Personal Record.
BC13046: CHARLES TOMLINSON - contributes his poem 'The Dead' to an issue of the periodical Poetry London. Edited by Richard March and Nicholas Moore.
BC12793: CHARLES TOMLINSON. - A special Charles Tomlinson issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC14111: H.M.TOMLINSON - Between the Lines
BC12735: CHARLES TOMLINSON - American Scenes and Other Poems.
19331: H.M.TOMLINSON. - The Sea and the Jungle.
WA90012: ROSEMARY TONKS - The Way Out of Berkeley Square.
EVES9045: JEAN TOOMER - contributes his poem 'Storm Ending' and a short vignette 'Nora' (subsequently re-titled 'Calling Jesus'), both of which were subsequently incorporated into his classic Harlem Renaissance novel 'Cane', to an issue of the periodical The Double Dealer.
BC15366: JEAN TOOMER - contributes his story 'Mr. Costyve Duditch' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 85, No. 6, December 1928.
BC15367: JEAN TOOMER - contributes his short poem 'Reflections' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 86, No. 4, April 1929.
FP90014: THE TORCH. - An issue of the periodical 'The Torch. The Magazine of The Student's Union of The University College of Hull'. Edited by Arthur Birt.
10188: RIDGELY TORRENCE - Granny Maumee, The Rider of Dreams, Simon the Cyrenian: Plays for a Negro Theater,
BC15434: PHILIP TOYNBEE. - Pantaloon; or The Valediction. A novel.
SPE90164: PHILIP TOYNBEE - contributes his article 'Newspeak, 1965' (a look at current socialist and capitalist problems) to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
BUL90842: JESSICA MITFORD. PHILIP TOYNBEE. - Faces of Philip. A Memoir of Philip Toynbee.
BC12295: PHILIP TOYNBEE - End of a Journey. An Autobiographical Journal 1979-81. Edited by John Bullimore. (SIGNED BY THE EDITOR)
BC15190: TRANSITION. (JAMES JOYCE, KAY BOYLE, CARL STERNHEIM, GERTRUDE STEIN, MAX ERNST, HART CRANE, ANDRE GIDÉ &C). - Transition 1. April 1927. Edited by Eugene Jolas and Elliot Paul.
WA90001: BARBARA TRAPIDO - The Travelling Hornplayer. (SIGNED)
ARC91373: B.TRAVEN - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Translated from the German of 'Der Schatz der Sierra Madre' by Basil Creighton.
BC14211: B.TRAVEN - The Night Visitor and Other Stories. With an introduction by Charles Miller.
BC15411: ROBERT TRAVER - Anatomy of a Murder.
BC12885: SHAUN TRAYNOR - Still Life. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC12954: SHAUN TRAYNOR - The Hardening Ground [and] Images in Winter. (INSCRIBED)
13337: HENRY TREECE - How I See Apocalypse. ("almost the diary of a poet").
ARC91150: HENRY TREECE - How I See Apocalypse. ("almost the diary of a poet").
ARC93010: HENRY TREECE - Invitation and Warning. Poems.
BUL90201: JOHN TREHERNE. - The Strange History of Bonnie and Clyde.
BC15380: ROSE TREMAIN - Music and Silence. A novel. (SIGNED)

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