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ARC92585: ANTHOLOGY. E.G.H.KEMPSON AND G.W.MURRAY - Marlborough. Town and Countryside. [An Anthology from 1439 to the Present Day]. Edited by E.G.H.Kempson and G.W.Murray, with an introduction by Lord Brooke of Cumnor and with illustrations by Richard Kennedy. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14062: FRANK KENDON - Arguments and Emblems. Poems.
BC13223: THOMAS KENEALLY - The Place Where Souls are Born. A Journey to the Southwest [of America]. With an introduction by Jan Morris. (INSCRIBED)
SPE90139: THOMAS KENEALLY - The Office of Innocence. (SIGNED)
13183: THOMAS KENEALLY - A Family Madness.
BC14386: JAMES KENNAWAY - Household Ghosts. A novel.
ARC92895: WILLIAM KENNEDY - The Ink Truck. A novel.
ARC92810: WILLIAM KENNEDY - The Ink Truck. A novel.
BC12952: DAVID KENNEDY - The Devil's Bookshop. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC14902: WYNDHAM LEWIS. HUGH KENNER - Wyndham Lewis. A study.
18090: WILLIAM KENT - London for Heretics.
BC16088: HENRY WILLIAMSON. WILLIAM KERMODE. - The Patriot's Progress. With 125 lino-cuts by William Kermode.
ARC91063: JACK KEROUAC (WRITING AS 'JOHN KEROUAC'). - The Town and the City.
BC11994: KEN KESEY WITH KEN BABBS. - Last Go Round.
ARC92893: KEN KESEY. - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. A novel.
18446: HERMANN KESTEN. - Children of Guernica. A novel. Translated from the German by Geoffrey Dunlop.
19734: WILLIAM CONGREVE. JOHN KETTLEWELL - The Way of the World [and] Love for Love. Two Comedies. With illustrations and decorations by John Kettlewell.
BUL90815: SIDNEY KEYES - Minos of Crete. Plays and Stories. Edited by Michael Meyer with selections from Keyes notebook and letters, and with some early hitherto unpublished poems.
99268: SIDNEY KEYES - The Iron Laurel. Poems.
17297: JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES - Lydia and Maynard. The Letters of Lydia Lopokova and John Maynard Keynes. Edited by Polly Hill & Richard Keynes.
9922790: ISMITH KHAN - The Jumbie Bird. A novel.
ARC92380: JESSIE M.KING - Dwellings of an Old World Town. A Book of Drawings in Black and White [of Culross, Fifeshire].
BC15216: PAUL NASH. JAMES KING. - Interior Landscapes. A Life of Paul Nash.
FP90006: FRANCIS KING - contributes his short story 'The Accompanist' to an issue of the periodical 'The Oxford Viewpoint. A Review of Oxford Writing'. Vol. 2, no. 5. February 1949. Edited by Russell Enoch.
991762: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Plays and Puritans and Other Historical Essays. With a frontispiece.
18397: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Tutor's Story. An Unpublished Novel. Revised and Completed by his daughter, Lucas Malet.
BC13242: THOMAS KINSELLA - Her Vertical Smile. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC13558: THOMAS KINSELLA - Blood and Family. Poems.
BC13559: THOMAS KINSELLA - New Poems 1973.
CAS0133: THOMAS KINSELLA. - The Pen Shop. Two poems. (SIGNED)
BC13557: THOMAS KINSELLA - Selected Poems 1956-1968.
BUL90588: DARIUS KINSEY - This Was Logging! Selected Photographs of Darius Kinsey. With text by Ralph W.Andrews. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
13840: RUDYARD KIPLING - A Collection of First Editions of the Works of Rudyard Kipling. The Property of Solton Engel. Catalogue of a sale.
19118: RUDYARD KIPLING, SHAMSUL ISLAM - Kipling's 'Law'. A Study of his Philosophy of Life.
KP90203: RUDYARD KIPLING. - The Kipling Journal. Published quarterly by the Kipling Society.
SPE90156: RUDYARD KIPLING - Sea Warfare.
RB90112: W.B.YEATS. SHEELAH KIRBY - The Yeats Country. A Guide to Places in the West of Ireland associated with the Life and Writings of William Butler Yeats. Compiled by Sheelah Kirby. Edited by Patrick Gallagher and with drawings and maps by Ruth Brandt. (INSCRIBED)
19497: EDWARD THOMAS. MICHAEL KIRKHAM - The Imagination of Edward Thomas.
9922313: ERSKINE CALDWELL. JACK KIRKLAND - Tobacco Road. A play based on Caldwell's novel by Jack Kirkland. With a Note by Erskine Caldwell.
KP90499: JAMES KIRKUP - Tropic Temper. A Memoir of Malaya.
BC10048: JAMES KIRKUP - contributes his poem 'Two Graves in Japan' to an issue of the periodical 'The Poetry Review'. Vol. LVIII, no. 1, spring 1967.
ARC92899: HANS HELLMUT KIRST - The Gunner Asch sequence, complete in four volumes comprising 'Zero Eight Fifteen. The Strange Munity of Gunner Asch', 'Gunner Asch Goes to War. Zero Eight Fifteen II', 'The Return of Gunner Asch. Zero Eight Fifteen III' [and] 'What Became of Gunner Asch'
BC15989: C.H.B.KITCHIN - A Short Walk in Williams Park. A novel. With a seven-page introduction by L.P.Hartley.
17150: CHARLES DICKENS. FREDERIC G.KITTON - Charles Dickens. His Life, Writings and Personality.
ARC90794: PIET KLAASSE - Jam Session. Portraits of Jazz and Blues Musicians drawn on the Scene. Edited and with text by J.Bernlef and additional text by Mark Gardner.
BC14387: AUGUST KLEINZAHLER - The Strange Hours Travelers Keep. Poems.
BC14004: AUGUST KLEINZAHLER - Green Sees Things in Waves. Poems.
18732: WILLIAM KNIGHT - Nineteenth Century Artists, English and French. Lectures. With 50 plates.
BC14995: ALFRED A.KNOPF - Sixty Photographs.
BC15033: ALFRED A.KNOPF - Alfred A.Knopf. Quarter Century.
ARC92017: R.A.KNOX. - Juxta Salices.
BC12902: MARIUS KOCIEJOWSKI - The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool. A Syrian Journey.
BUL90717: DEAN R.KOONTZ - A Darkness in My Soul.
ARC92543: DEAN R.KOONTZ - Shadowfires. With illustrations by Phil Parks (created specially for this casebound issue). (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
HAM90003: ERIC KORN - Remainders. From the Times Literary Supplement 1980-1989. (SIGNED)
ARC92612: ANTHOLOGY. ALFRED KREYMBORG. - Others for 1919. An Anthology of The New Verse. Edited by Alfred Kreymborg.
18182: G.KRISHNAMURTI. - The Eighteen-Nineties: A Literary Exhibition.
BC13518: MILAN KUNDERA - Identity. Translated from the French of "L'identité" by Linda Asger.
14532: HANIF KUREISHI - The Black Album. (SIGNED)
19036: WILHELM KURTH - Die Raumkunst. I, Kupferstich des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts.
JUL90221: WOLFGANG LAIB - The catalogue of a 1992 exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery.
BC11388: WILLIAM SANSOM. LYNTON LAMB. - Lord Love Us. With drawings by Lynton Lamb.
BC16019: LYNTON LAMB. - Lynton Lamb. Illustrator. A Selection of his Work. Arranged and introduced by George Mackie.
17302: CHARLES LAMB - The Letters of Charles Lamb. Edited with and introduction and notes by George Woodcock.
KP90601: CHARLES LAMB - Mrs. Battle's Opinions on Whist. With illustrations by Roberta F.C.Waudby.
ARC92359: FLORA THOMPSON. LYNTON LAMB - Lark Rise. With drawings by Lynton Lamb.
BC14708: HENRY WILLIAMSON. LOIS LAMPLUGH. - A Shadowed Man: Henry Williamson 1895 1977. With a foreword by Richard Williamson.
BC12689: HENRY WILLIAMSON. LOIS LAMPLUGH - A Shadowed Man: Henry Williamson 1895 1977. With a foreword by Richard Williamson.
BC14447: HENRY WILLIAMSON. LOIS LAMPLUGH - A Shadowed Man: Henry Williamson 1895 1977. With a foreword by Richard Williamson. (SIGNED WITH ALS)
GAM00336: OSBERT LANCASTER. - All Done From Memory. A memoir. With illustrations by the author. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
GAM00321: OSBERT LANCASTER - Sailing to Byzantium. An Architectural Companion. With illustrations by the author.
GAM00332: OSBERT LANCASTER. - Homes Sweet Homes. With thirty-four predominantly full-page drawings by the author. (SIGNED)
GAM00335: OSBERT LANCASTER. - Kunsthistorie met een Glimlach. Translated from the English by Cor Jongens and with a foreword by Professor W.S.van Thienen. (INSCRIBED)
GAM00323: OSBERT LANCASTER - Here of All Places. The Pocket Lamp of Architecture. With illustrations by the author.
ARC92624: OSBERT LANCASTER - With an Eye to the Future. With illustrations by the author. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
GAM00338: OSBERT LANCASTER. - Sailing to Byzantium. An Architectural Companion. With illustrations by the author. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
SPE90191: ALAN VILLIERS. KATE LANCE - Alan Villiers. Voyager of the Winds. With a foreword by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
BC15260: JOHN LANCHESTER. - The Debt to Pleasure.
BC12482: JOHN LANCHESTER - Mr. Phillips
BC12483: JOHN LANCHESTER - Fragrant Harbour
19708: CHARLES LANE - British Racing Prints 1700-1940.
16982: GEORGE WOODCOCK. WILFRED LANG - Imagine the South. Poems. With a cover-design and illustrations by Wilfred Lang.
19824: DOROTHEA LANGE. - Dorothea Lange. With text by Christopher Cox.
BUL90206: EDWIN LANHAM. - No Hiding Place.
BC13331: JOE R.LANSDALE - Mucho Mojo. A Hap and Leonard novel. (INSCRIBED)
BC13335: JOE R.LANSDALE - Act of Love. (INSCRIBED)
BC13337: JOE R.LANSDALE - By Bizarre Hands. Stories. With an introduction by Lewis Shiner and illustrations by Mark A.Nelson. (INSCRIBED)
BC13332: JOE R.LANSDALE - The Two-Bear Mambo. A Hap and Leonard novel. (INSCRIBED)
BC13333: JOE R.LANSDALE - Bad Chili. Hap and Leonard novel. (SIGNED)
KP90349: RING LARDNER - You Know Me Al. A Busher's Letters. Edited and designed by Karen M. (Bloom) Elder and with a foreword by William P.Fuller III.
BC11579: PHILIP LARKIN - John Wain contributes his eleven-page essay 'Engagement or Withdrawal? Some Notes on the Work to Philip Larkin' to an issue of the periodical 'Critical Quarterly'. Vol. 6, No. 2 summer 1964.
ARC91382: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes ten poems to the anthology Poetry from Oxford in Wartime. Edited by William Bell.
ARC92850: PHILIP LARKIN - High Windows. Poems.
BC15225: PHILIP LARKIN - Further Requirements. Interviews, Broadcasts, Statements and Book Reviews. Edited with an introduction by Anthony Thwaite.
ARC91383: PHILIP LARKIN - Femmes Damnées. A poem.
ARC91621: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes ten poems - all here making their first appearance in print - to the anthology Poetry from Oxford in Wartime. Edited by William Bell.
BC10154: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes his poem 'Modesties' to an issue of the periodical 'Encounter'. Vol. XXII, no. 3, March 1964. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
ARC92410: PHILIP LARKIN - An Enormous Yes. In Memoriam Philip Larkin (1922-1985). Edited by Harry Chambers.
KP90640: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes the first printing of his poem 'Sympathy in White Major' to an issue of the periodical 'London Magazine'. New Series. Vol. 7, No. 9, December 1967.
ARC91314: PHILIP LARKIN - Further Requirements. Interviews, Broadcasts, Statements and Book Reviews. Edited and with an introduction by Anthony Thwaite. (INSCRIBED BY THE EDITOR)
BC15409: PHILIP LARKIN - Early Poems and Juvenilia. Edited and introduced by A.T.Tolley.
BC11197: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes his poem 'Naturally the Foundation will Bear Your Expenses' to an issue of the periodical 'The Twentieth Century'. Vol. 170, No. 1010 July 1961.
ARC90846: PHILIP LARKIN - The Less Deceived. Poems.
ARC92012: PHILIP LARKIN - The North Ship. Poems.
BUL90639: PHILIP LARKIN. - Philip Larkin 1922-1985. A Tribute. Edited by George Hartley.
BC15930: PHILIP LARKIN. - A Girl in Winter. A novel.
BC14869: PHILIP LARKIN - Hohe Fenster / High Windows. Translated from the English by Richard Glabotki.
ARC91656: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes the first printing of his poem 'High Windows' to a special tenth anniversary double issue of the periodical 'Critical Quarterly'. Vol. 10, Nos. 1 and 2 spring and summer 1968.
BC13243: PHILIP LARKIN - contributes nine poems from his collection 'The Less Deceived' to the first issue of the anthology New Lines. Edited and with an eight page introduction by Robert Conquest.
JUL90422: BERNARD LASSUS - The Landscape Approach of Bernard Lassus: 2. Six essays. Translated from the French and with an introduction by Stephen Bann.
JUL90421: BERNARD LASSUS - La Main Verte. The catalogue of a 1985 exhibition of works by Bernard Lassus at Coracle Gallery, London.
ARC92884: JAMES LAUGHLIN - In Another Country. Poems 1935-1975. Selected by Robert Fitzgerald. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90925: DYLAN THOMAS. HILARY LAURIE. - Dylan Thomas's Wales.
BC11888: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC - Lautrec. A monograph. With text by Gilles de la Tourette.
ARC92859: JAMES LAVER - His Last Sebastian and Other Poems. (INSCRIBED)
16762: JANKO LAVRIN - Ibsen and his Creation. A Psycho-Critical Study.
BC13303: PHILLIP LAW & JOHN BÉCHERVAISE - Anare. Australia's Antarctic Outposts.
BC13381: MARGARET LAWRENCE - Blood Red Roses. (SIGNED)
17310: T.E.LAWRENCE - The Mint. Notes made in the RAF Depot 1922 and at Cadet College in 1925. Regrouped and copied in 1927 and 1928 at Karachi.
ARC92701: T.E.LAWRENCE. - Revolt in the Desert.
BC14994: D.H.LAWRENCE. - D.H.Lawrence After Thirty Years 1930-1960. The catalogue of a 1960 exhibition at the University of Nottingham Art Gallery. Edited by Vivian de Sola Pinto.
ARC91894: D.H.LAWRENCE - Sons and Lovers. A novel.
ARC92450: T.E.LAWRENCE. - The Odyssey of Homer. Translated by T.E.Shaw (Colonel T.E.Lawrence).
BC16091: HENRY WILLIAMSON. T.E.LAWRENCE. - Genius of Friendship. T.E.Lawrence
BUL90847: T.E.LAWRENCE - A handbill for the Lawrence of Arabia Memorial, issued circa 1935-6 to raise construction funds.
ARC92661: D.H.LAWRENCE. ADA LAWRENCE AND G.STUART GELDER. - Young Lorenzo. Early Life of D.H.Lawrence. With hitherto unpublished Letters, Articles and Reproductions.
BUL90967: T.E.LAWRENCE. - Lawrence of Arabia. The Simple Facts. Compiled by Harry Broughton (sometime Mayor of Wareham).
ARC92013: D.H.LAWRENCE. - The Prussian Officer and Other Stories.
BC15761: D.H.LAWRENCE - Lady Chatterley's Lover. Including 'My Skirmish with Jolly Roger', written "Especially and Exclusively as an Introduction to this Popular Edition".
20021: T.E.LAWRENCE. - Aufstand in der Wuste. Translated into German and introduced by Dagobert von Mikusch. With a preface by Bernard Shaw (taken from a contribution to 'The Spectator'), and illustrated with four plates and a folding map.
17311: T.E.LAWRENCE - Lettres de T.E.Lawrence. (Text in French). A series of letters printed in the periodical 'Les Temps Modernes'. No 32. May 1948.
IMM90041: D.H.LAWRENCE. - The Way of the Dandelion. A tributary essay by Michael Adam with some recollections by Frieda Lawrence and twenty woodcuts by Barbara Whitehead.
BUL90714: T.E.LAWRENCE - Minorities. Edited by J.M.Wilson and with a preface by C.Day Lewis.
ARC90018: T.E.LAWRENCE - Men in Print. Essays in Literary Criticism. With an introduction by A.W.Lawrence.
RW0007: T.E.LAWRENCE - The Odyssey of Homer. Translated by T.E.Shaw (i.e. T.E.Lawrence).
ARC91636: T.E.LAWRENCE - A Brief Record of the Advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under the Command of General Sir Edmund H.H.Allenby, G.C.B., G.C.M.G. July 1917 to October 1918. Compiled from Official Sources.
ARC91366: D.H.LAWRENCE - The Paintings of D.H.Lawrence.
ARC90299: T.E.LAWRENCE. - Letters to T.E.Lawrence. Edited and with a preface by A.W.Lawrence.
ARC92644: T.E.LAWRENCE. - The Mint. A Day-book of the R.A.F. Depot between August and December 1922. With later notes by 352087 A/c Ross (i.e. T.E.Lawrence).
ARC91938: D.H.LAWRENCE - Love Among the Haystacks and Other Pieces. With a reminiscence by David Garnett.
19251: HENRY LAWSON. - Vignettes of the Western Front. Reflections of an Infantry Subaltern in France and Belgium 1917-1918.
BUL90302: EDWARD LEAR. - The New Vestments. With drawings by Arnold Lobel.
19261: EDWARD LEAR - Edward Lear 1812-1888. The catalogue of a 1985 exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. With text by Vivian Noakes, an essay by Jeremy Maas and an introduction by Sir Steve Runciman.
16093: VIRGINIA WOOLF. MITCHELL A.LEASKA - Virginia Woolf's Lighthouse. A Study in Critical Method.
BUL90169: LAURIE LEE. - I Can't Stay Long.
19558: LAURIE LEE - The Bloom of Candles. Verse from a Poet's Year.
BC12134: LAURIE LEE - Two Women. A Book of Words and Pictures. (SIGNED)
19201: SHERMAN E.LEE. - Japanese Decorative Style. Published to coincide with an exhibition of the same name at the Cleveland Museum of Art
RW0003: LAURIE LEE - The Firstborn. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91320: CHRISTOPHER LEE - Under the Sun. Poems.
BC12904: HARPER LEE - Go Set a Watchman
ARC92347: LAURIE LEE - I Can't Stay Long. (INSCRIBED)
BC12455: STEPHEN SPENDER. DAVID LEEMING - Stephen Spender. A Life in Modernism.
BC13039: FERNAND LÉGER - Fernand Léger: The Later Years. The catalogue of a 1987-88 exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
BC13623: FERNAND LÉGER - Fernand Léger. Paris-New York. A monograph published in conjunction with the 2008 Fondation Beyeler exhibition.
BC14490: PEAR TREE PRESS. JANIE LEGGE. - A Little Book of Legends for Children. With drawings by John Guthrie (son of the printer, James Guthrie).
18652: JOHN LEHMANN - John Lehmann. A Tribute. Edited by A.T.Tolley. (DELUXE ISSUE)
14211: JOHN LEHMANN - The Age of the Dragon. Poems 1930-1951. (INSCRIBED)
BC11252: RUPERT BROOKE. JOHN LEHMANN. - Rupert Brooke. His Life and His Legend.
BC13074: JOHN LEHMANN. - The Reader at Night and Other Poems. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC90818: JOHN LEHMANN - Photograph.
16771: JOHN LEHMANN - Ancestors and Friends.
BUL90873: JOHN LEHMANN - The Age of the Dragon. Poems 1930-1951.
ARC90632: EDWARD BAWDEN. DELL LEIGH. - East Coasting. With a magnificent colour title-page design by Edward Bawden, plus eight colour headpiece drawings, several colour headpiece decorations and numerous black and white decorations (headpieces and tailpieces) also by Bawden.
BC14480: MICHAEL LEIGH - Men Die Alone.
BUL90452: HAROLD LEIGHTON - From Salon to Celebrity. The British Hairdressing Story. Lavishly illustrated with photographs. (SIGNED)
BC13750: EDWARD G.LENGEL - To Conquer Hell. The Battle of Meuse-Argonne, 1918.
18654: HENRY F.LENNING - The Art Nouveau.
BUL90970: JOHN LENNON - A Spaniard in the Works. With various drawings by the author
99512: GIACOMO DA LENTINO - The Poetry of Giacomo da Lentino, Sicilian Poet of the Thirteenth Century. Edited by Ernest F.Langley.
ARC91467: ELMORE LEONARD - Unknown Man No. 89.
ARC91466: ELMORE LEONARD - Fifty-Two Pick Up.
BC15562: DORIS LESSING - contributes her story 'The New Man' to the short fiction anthology Voices. Edited and introduced by Robert Rubens.
13212: DORIS LESSING - A special Doris Lessing issue of the periodical 'Contemporary Literature'. Vol 4 No 4. Autumn 1973.
BUL90646: DORIS LESSING - The Grass is Singing.
SPE90175: DORIS LESSING - contributes a four-page essay on sufism, 'In the World, Not of it', to an issue of the periodical 'Encounter'. Vol. XXIX, No. 2, August 1972.
ARC91341: DORIS LESSING - This Was the Old Chief's Country. Stories.
BC14681: DORIS LESSING - The Good Terrorist.
JUL90333: JOHN PIPER. ORDE LEVINSON. - Quality and Experiment. The Prints of John Piper. A Catalogue Raisonné 1923-91. With a preface by Myfanwy Piper.
BUL90366: MICHAEL BENNETT-LEVY. - Historic Televisions and Video Recorders.
BC13501: ANDREA LEVY - Small Island.
BC11565: SILVANO LEVY. - Surrealism. Surrealist Visuality. Edited and with an introduction by Silvano Levy.
BUL91027: JULIETTE DE BAÏRACLI LEVY. - A Gypsy in New York.
19895: A.J.LEWERY - Popular Art Past and Present
ARC91411: MICHAEL Z.LEWIN - Ask the Right Question.
GAM00312: ANTHOLOGY. D.B.WYNDHAM LEWIS (EDITOR) - I Couldn't Help Laughing! An Anthology of War-Time Humour. Edited by D.B.Wyndham Lewis.
BC15828: WYNDHAM LEWIS - The Apes of God. With illustrations by the author.
BC12996: C.DAY-LEWIS - Selected Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC15879: NORMAN LEWIS - The Tomb in Seville
15664: C.S.LEWIS. - Essays on the Eighteenth Century. Presented to David Nichol Smith in honour of his Birthday.
GAM00098: C.DAY-LEWIS. - Collected Poems 1929-1936.
15780: OSCAR LEWIS - The Children of Sanchez. Autobiography of a Mexican Family.
ARC91752: C.DAY-LEWIS (WRITING AS CECIL DAY-LEWIS) - contributes his poems 'Dream Maker', 'Sanctuary', 'Once in Arcady' and 'A Forest Piece' to the anthology Ten Singers.
20052: NORMAN LEWIS - Every Man's Brother. A novel.
ARC91589: ALUN LEWIS AND JOHN PETTS - Caseg Broadsheet No. 1.
19387: ALUN LEWIS - In the Green Tree. Hitherto uncollected stories and a selection from his letters. With drawings by John Petts (including a splendid portrait frontispiece), a preface by A.L.Rowse, a postscript by Gwyn Jones and a sonnet by Vernon Watkins.
15717: JAMES BOSWELL. D.B.WYNDHAM LEWIS - The Hooded Hawk, or The Case of Mr. Boswell. With illustrations.
15779: OSCAR LEWIS - A Death in the Sanchez Family.
BC14460: HENRY WILLIAMSON. PETER LEWIS - The Henry Williamson Society. The First Thirty Years May 1980 May 2010. A Condensed History. [Compiled by Peter Lewis].
BUL90748: WYNDHAM LEWIS - An Anthology of his Prose. Edited with an introduction by E.W.F.Tomlin.
ARC90196: C.DAY-LEWIS. - Beechen Vigil and Other Poems.
BC14050: ARTHUR LEWIS - Thirty Rhymes.
BC14049: ARTHUR LEWIS - Days of Old Rome. Poems. With illustrations by Edith Calvert.
ARC92816: C.DAY LEWIS. - The Friendly Tree. A novel.
BC14924: WYNDHAM LEWIS - Wyndham Lewis the Artist. From 'Blast' to Burlington House.
ARC91558: C.S.LEWIS - Essays on Malory. Edited by J.A.W.Bennett.
BC13997: WYNDHAM LEWIS - Unlucky for Pringle. Unpublished and Other Stories. Edited and introduced by C.J.Fox and Robert T.Chapman.
ARC91724: C.DAY-LEWIS - Transitional Poem.
BC15109: WYNDHAM LEWIS. - Abstract Art in England 1913-1915. The catalogue of a 1969 exhibition at d'Offay Couper Gallery.
BC15110: WYNDHAM LEWIS. - Mrs. Dukes' Million. A novel.
BC15931: WYNDHAM LEWIS AND DAVID BOMBERG - Important English Drawings Relating to Cubism and Vorticism. The catalogue of a 1986 Anthony d'Offay Gallery exhibition.
BC13247: C.DAY-LEWIS - The Graveyard by the Sea. Translated by Day-Lewis from the French of Paul Valéry's 'Le Cimetière Marin'. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC15704: SINCLAIR LEWIS - Novels by Sinclair Lewis.
ARC91669: MYLES BIRKET FOSTER. FRANK LEWIS. - Myles Birket Foster 1825-1899. A monograph. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91670: FRANK LEWIS. - To Fertile Vales and Dewy Meads. An illustrated anthology compiled by F.Lewis. (INSCRIBED)
BC13252: ARTHUR LEWIS - Ways of Verse [and] The Pursuit of Beauty. Poems.
14078: SINCLAIR LEWIS - Work of Art. A novel.
ARC92794: JULIAN SYMONS. WYNDHAM LEWIS. - Confusions About X. Poems. With a portrait frontispiece drawing of the author by Wyndham Lewis.
BC16125: C.S.LEWIS. - The Four Loves.
KP90566: ISAAC ROSENBERG. JEAN LIDDIARD - Isaac Rosenberg: The Half Used Life.
JUL90396: HENRY MOORE. WILLIAM S.LIEBERMAN. - Henry Moore. Sixty Years of his Art. Published to accompany a major retrospective exhibition at the Metropolis Museum.
BC12949: GREVEL LINDOP - Fools' Paradise. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC12855: GREVEL LINDOP - Tourists. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC15386: JOHN AJVIDE LINDQVISY - Let the Right One In. Translated from the Swedish of 'Låt Rätte Komma In' by Ebba Segerberg.
BC15732: MARTIN LINDSAY - Those Greenland Days 1930-31. (SIGNED)
ARC91872: THE LONDON APHRODITE. JACK LINDSAY & PERCY REGINALD STEPHENSON (EDITORS). - The London Aphrodite. Complete in six volumes.
15029: JACK LINDSAY - The Roaring Twenties. Literary Life in Sydney New South Wales in the Years 1921-6.
13567: PHILIP LINDSAY - Ruffians Hall. With illustrations.
ARC92097: JOAN LINDSAY (WRITING AS 'SERENA LIVINGSTONE-STANLEY'). - Through Darkest Pondelayo. An Account of the Adventures of Two English Ladies on a Cannibal Island. Edited by Rev. Barnaby Whitecorn D.D.
ARC92718: VACHEL LINDSAY - The Congo and Other Poems. With an introduction by Harriet Monroe. (INSCRIBED)
991192: MAURICE LINDSAY - Thank You for Having Me. [An autobiography].
19862: JEAN LIPMAN, HELEN M.FRANC - Bright Stars. American Painting and Sculpture since 1776. With an introduction by John I.H.Baur.
BC12130: ALBERT COUSINS. RAYMOND LISTER. - The Illuminator. A Tribute to Albert Cousins. (INSCRIBED)
15782: PENELOPE LIVELY - Passing On.
9922498: ADAM LIVELY - Blue Fruit. A novel.
BC13913: PENELOPE LIVELY. - Spiderweb. A novel. (SIGNED)
BUL90810: PENELOPE LIVELY - Passing On. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC13709: THOMAS LIVINGSTONE - Tommy's War. A First World War Diary 1913-1918. Edited by Ronnie Scott and with a foreword by Andrew Marr.
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JUL90423: DAVID NASH - An extensive printed archive of the noted wood sculptor.
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19719: Y.OLESHA [AND] V.KAVERIN - Envy [and] Unknown Artist. Translated by P.Ross.
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17934: SAMUEL PALMER, DAVID CECIL - Visionary & Dreamer. Two Poetic Painters: Samuel Palmer & Edward Burne-Jones. With nearly 70 illustrations
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15864: EDITH PARGETER. - The Marriage of Meggotta.
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15892: PRE-RAPHAELITES. LESLIE PARRIS (EDITOR) - Pre-Raphaelite Papers. Edited by Leslie Parris. With many illustrations.
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ARC92854: ERIC PARTRIDGE - Pirates, Highwaymen and Adventurers. An anthology, edited with an introduction by Eric Partridge.
16443: JULIA STRACHEY. FRANCES PARTRIDGE. - Julia. A Portrait by Herself.
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BC15023: JOHN DOS PASSOS - The Big Money. Volume three of the 'U.S.A. Trilogy'.
BC15024: JOHN DOS PASSOS - State of the Nation. With illustrations by F.Strobel.
BC11622: JOHN DOS PASSOS. - Mr. Wilson's War.
BC15025: JOHN DOS PASSOS - Brazil on the Move.
BUL90116: BORIS PASTERNAK. - Poems. Translated from the Russian by L.Slater [i.e. Pasternak's sister] and with a foreword by Hugh MacDiarmid.
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SPE90181: ANN PATCHETT - The Patron Saint of Liars. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
KP90350: JANET PATE - The Book of Spies and Secret Agents.
ARC92853: WALTER PATER - Marius the Epicurean. His Sensations and Ideas. A novel. Complete in two volumes.
BC13049: DON PATERSON - Nil Nil. Poems.
BC13050: DON PATERSON - God's Gift to Women. Poems. (SIGNED)
ARC92353: COVENTRY PATMORE (PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY). - The Angel in the House. Complete in two volumes comprising 'The Betrothal' and 'The Espousals'.
BC11456: DEREK PATMORE. - Private History. An autobiography.
991226: DEREK PATMORE - Portrait of My Family. (INSCRIBED)
BC15794: ALAN PATON. - Debbie Go Home and Other Stories. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
KP90365: BRIAN PATTEN - Mr Moon's Last Case. With illustrations by Mary Moore.
11040: ELLIOT PAUL - Springtime in Paris.
BC14792: ANNA PAVORD - The Tulip.
BC14793: ANNA PAVORD - The Naming of Names. The Search for Order in the World of Plants.
BC15806: FRANK KAFKA. ERNST PAWEL - The Nightmare of Reason. A Life of Franz Kafka.
17938: OCTAVIO PAZ - Alternating Current. Essays and texts. Translated from the Spanish by Helen R.Lane.
17939: OCTAVIO PAZ - Claude Levi-Strauss. An Introduction. Translated from the Spanish by J.S. & Maxine Bernstein.
DZY201009009: EDWARD PEACOCK - The Army Lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers. Containing the Names of the Officers in the Royal and Parliamentary Armies of 1642. Edited by Edward Peacock.
ARC91300: MERVYN PEAKE - Ride a Cock-Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes. With illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
GAM00302: MERVYN PEAKE - The Craft of the Lead Pencil.
ARC91009: MERVYN PEAKE - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
BC13357: MERVYN PEAKE - Peake's Progress. Selected Writings and Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Edited by Maeve Peake and with a seventeen-page introduction by John Watney.
BC11476: JOSEPH P.PEARCE. - Lancashire Legends. With illustrations by the author.
BUL90192: SUSAN B.PEARSE. - Ameliaranne Bridesmaid. Told by Ethelberta Morris with illustrations by Susan Beatrice Pearse.
17161: CHARLES DICKENS. HESKETH PEARSON - Dickens. His Character, Comedy and Career. With illustrations.
BUL90995: J.H.B.PEEL - Latest Country Talk. With illustrations by B.S.Biro.
BUL90994: J.H.B.PEEL - More Country Talk. With illustrations by B.S.Biro.
BC14963: DAVID P.PEELER - Hope Among Us Yet. Social Criticism and Social Solace in Depression America.
19774: EVELYN PEMBER - Coucou.
15262: JOSEPH PENNELL. - Pictures of War Work in England. Over fifty full-page reproductions of his drawings and lithographs of munitions works. With an introduction by H.G.Wells.
BC15416: STEF PENNEY - Under a Pole Star. A novel.
ARC91820: DAVID JONES. HILARY PEPLER - Libellus Lapidum. Tempus Spargendi Lapides et Tempus Colligendi Tempus Amplexandi et Tempus Longe Fieri ab Amplexibus. The First Part of a collection of verses and wood-engravings made by H.P. and D.J. who having no windows left in their own dwelling take
ARC90457: ERIC GILL. DOUGLAS PEPLER. - The Devil's Devices or Control Verses Service. With woodcuts by Eric Gill.
ARC92889: WALKER PERCY - The Movie-Goer. A novel.
RB90015: S.J.PERELMAN. - The Ill-Tempered Clavichord.
ARC92699: PERIODICAL. - The Penguin Film Review. Complete in nine issues.
ARC92092: GEORGE HERBERT PERRIS - The Battle of the Marne.
19846: EUPHEMIA MCNAUGHT. ISABEL PERRY - Euphemia McNaught. Pioneer Artist of the Peace. By Isabel Perry and the Beaverlodge & District Historical Association. With a preface by Annora Brown and an introduction by Robert Guest.
BUL90550: JACQUES PERRY - The Black Sheep. A novel. Translated from the French of 'Le Mouton Noir' by Emma Craufurd.
991583: W.H.AUDEN. ST.-JOHN PERSE - On Poetry. Speech of Acceptance upon the Award of the Nobel Prize for Literature, delivered in Stockholm December 10, 1960. Translated into English by W.H.Auden, and also retaining the French text.
BC13308: JOSEPH E.PERSICO - 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour. Armistice Day 1918, World War 1 and its Violent Climax.
ARC92431: ELLIS PETERS - Saint Peter's Fair. The Fourth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael.
JH011209032: GEORGIA O'KEEFFE. SARAH WHITAKER PETERS. - Becoming O'Keeffe. The Early Years
BC14778: ELLIS PETERS - The Confessions of Brother Haluin. The Fifteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
BC14779: ELLIS PETERS - The Heretic's Apprentice. The Sixteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
CAS0062: ELLIS PETERS. - The Devil's Novice. The Eighth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (SIGNED)
ARC91908: ELLIS PETERS - The Hermit of Eyton Forest. The Fourteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (SIGNED)
BC14777: ELLIS PETERS - The Hermit of Eyton Forest. The Fourteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (PRESENTATION COPY)
CAS0061: ELLIS PETERS. - The Virgin in the Ice. The Seventh Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (SIGNED)
CAS0063: ELLIS PETERS. - The Rose Rent. The Thirteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. (SIGNED)
19960: J.R.ACKERLEY. DIANA PETRE - The Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley.
19903: HERBERT READ. MARIA PETRIE. - Art and Regeneration. With a foreword by Herbert Read
BC16029: BARBARA HEPWORTH. MIRANDA PHILLIPS AND CHRIS STEPHENS. - Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, St Ives.
12075: CARYL PHILLIPS - A State of Independence.
14622: CARYL PHILLIPS - Cambridge. A novel. (SIGNED)
BC15897: CARYL PHILLIPS. - A New World Order. Selected Essays.
BC13218: EDEN PHILLPOTTS - Up-Along and Down-Along. Poems. With eight original lithographs by Claude Shepperson. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
991816: EDEN PHILLPOTTS - Eudocia. A Comedy Royal. [Fantasy].
RW0011: JUSTINE PICARDIE - Coco Chanel. The Legend and the Life.
BC15139: PABLO PICASSO - contributes his drawing 'The Bullfight' to an issue of the monthly periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. lxxv. No. 3. September 1923.
BC15344: PABLO PICASSO - contributes a pencil drawing and his etching 'Le Ménage des Pauvres' to an issue of the periodical 'The Dial'. Vol. 76, No. 2, February 1924.
BUL90197: D.B.C.PIERRE. - Vernon God Little. A 21st Century Comedy in the Presence of Death. (PLUS UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY)
BC16100: THOMAS DAVID PILCHER (PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY). - A General's Letters to his Son on Obtaining His Commission. With a preface by General H.S.Smith-Dorrien.
BC15801: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. C.C.R.PILE. - Cranbrook. A Wealden Town. [Upper board title: 'History of Cranbrook']. With a two-page foreword by V.Sackville-West.
FP90015: A.W.PINERO. - The programme for a 1949 production of Pinero's 'The Magistrate' performed by Oxford University Experimental Theatre Club.
BC14979: HAROLD PINTER - contributes his poems 'New Year in the Midlands' and 'Chandeliers and Shadows' to an issue of the periodical Poetry (London), no. 19 (i.e. vol. 5, no. 19).
ARC91856: HAROLD PINTER - Landscape.
BC15661: HAROLD PINTER - Old Times. A play.
BC11774: HAROLD PINTER. - Poems and Prose 1949-1977.
ARC91587: HAROLD PINTER - The Birthday Party. A play in three acts.
BC10176: HAROLD PINTER - contributes his short story 'The Examination' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Encounter. Vol. XVII, no. 3 September 1961. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
ARC92529: JOHN PIPER AND RICHARD INGRAMS. - Piper's Places. John Piper in England and Wales.
ARC92576: JOHN PIPER - Buildings and Prospects.
BC15680: JOHN PIPER. - Works on Paper by Modern British Artists. The catalogue of an undated [1988] exhibition of works by various artists at Austin/Desmond Fine Arts, Sunninghill
ARC92835: JOHN BETJEMAN. JOHN PIPER. - Old Lights for New Chancels. Verses Topographical and Amatory.
BC15748: MICHAEL SADLEIR. JOHN PIPER. - Forlorn Sunset. A novel. With a splendid colour frontispiece by John Piper, reproduced on the dust wrapper.
ARC91120: JOHN PIPER - Oxon. [A Shell Guide].
ARC92403: JOHN PIPER. - Catalogue to an Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Illustrated Books by John Piper. With an introduction and notes by Rigby Graham.
BC14153: JOHN PIPER. - John Piper's Stowe. With a foreword by the artist and commentary by Mark Girouard. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BUL90944: JOHN PIPER. - Lithographs. Etchings. Screenprints. A Goldmark Gallery sale catalogue.
BC14592: JOHN PIPER - Stones and Bones. Screenprints 1978. An undated Goldmark Gallery catalogue.
BC14591: JOHN PIPER - Stones and Bones. Screenprints 1978. / The Seasons. Etchings 1981. A December 2012 Goldmark Gallery catalogue.
BC11045: JOHN PIPER - contributes a superb double-spread wrapper design to The Great Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford.
BC15702: JOHN PIPER - Georgian Arcadia. The catalogue of a 1987 exhibition to mark the Golden Jubilee of The Georgian Group.
ARC91462: JOHN PIPER, GRAHAM SUTHERLAND, PAUL NASH, HENRY MOORE &C. - The Painter's Object. Edited and with an introduction by Myfanwy Evans.
BC15496: D.J.WATKINS-PITCHFORD (WRITING AS 'B.B.'). - The White Road Westwards. With engravings by the author.
KP90462: RUTH PITTER - The Spirit Watches. Poems.
KP90464: RUTH PITTER - The Bridge. Poems 1939-1944.
KP90467: RUTH PITTER - Still by Choice. Poems.
ARC91760: DAVID PLANTE - The Ghost of Henry James. A novel.
17941: VICTOR PLARR - contributes nine poems to the anthology 'The Garland of New Poetry by Various Writers'. [Edited by Laurence Binyon, who also contributes the design for the cover and two poems].
ARC92433: SYLVIA PLATH - Uncollected Poems.
ARC91233: SYLVIA PLATH - Two Uncollected Poems.
BC10063: SYLVIA PLATH. - Sylvia Plath's collection 'Colossus' is the subject of a lengthy eighteen-page analysis 'Architectonics: Sylvia Plath's Colossus' by Pamela Smith contributed to an issue of the periodical 'Ariel. A Review of International English Literature'. Vol. 4, no.
BC10046: WILLIAM PLOMER - contributes his poem 'Death of a Hedge Sparrow' to an issue of the periodical 'The Poetry Review'. Vol. LVII, no. 2, summer 1966.
BC10047: WILLIAM PLOMER - contributes his poem 'In a Cathedral Town' to an issue of the periodical 'The Poetry Review'. Vol. LX, no. 1, spring 1969.
BC16039: WILLIAM PLOMER - Electric Delights. Selected and introduced by Rupert Hart-Davis.
ARC91541: WILLIAM PLOMER - The Case is Altered. A novel.
19879: JOHN PLUNKETT AND BRAD WIENERS. - Burning Man. Edited by Brad Wiener.
BC15074: FORD MADOX FORD. BERNARD J.POLI. - Ford Madox Ford and the Transatlantic Review.
18423: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Breaking the Silence. A play.
BC13918: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Remember This. A play. (SIGNED)
BC13917: STEPHEN POLIAKOFF - Sweet Panic. A play. (SIGNED)
13702: W.B.YEATS. J.H.POLLOCK ('AN PILIBIN') - William Butler Yeats.
16075: VIRGINIA WOOLF. ROGER POOLE - The Unknown Virginia Woolf.
9922619: LYTTON STRACHEY. [ALEXANDER POPE] - Pope. The Leslie Stephen Lecture for 1925.
9922618: LYTTON STRACHEY. [ALEXANDER POPE] - Pope. The Leslie Stephen Lecture for 1925.
BC11779: HUGH POPHAM. - Three Cantos from 'To the Unborn - Greetings'.
BC12394: PETER PORTER - A special Peter Porter issue of the periodical 'Poetry Review'. Vol. 73, No. 1. March 1983.
BC10042: PETER PORTER. - Once Bitten, Twice Bitten. Poems.
16854: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - Hacienda. A story.
9019: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - The Leaning Tower and Other Stories.
BC13123: PETER PORTER - A Porter Folio. New Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC13098: PETER PORTER - Living in a Calm Country. Poems. (SIGNED)
EVES9026: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - Flowering Judas and Other Stories.
19018: GREAT WAR POSTERS - Chiffons de Papier. Proclamations Allemandes Affichées en Belgique et en France. With a preface by Ian Malcolm, Chambre des Communes, a Londres.
BC12466: JOSHUA REYNOLDS. MARTIN POSTLE. - Joshua Reynolds. The Creation of Celebrity. Edited by Martin Postle.
BC16049: BEATRIX POTTER - The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 1897. Transcribed from her Code Writing by Leslie Linder. With an appreciation by H.L.Cox.
ARC92354: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
BC15982: DENNIS POTTER - Pennies from Heaven.
BC15269: EZRA POUND - contributes six poems (at least four of them hitherto unprinted) to the second issue of the periodical 'The Poetry Review'. No. 2, February 1912.
BC15036: EZRA POUND. - A Quinzaine for this Yule. Being Selected from a Venetian Sketch-book "San Trovaso".
15082: EZRA POUND - Pavannes and Divagations.
ARC92060: EZRA POUND - contributes the first printing of his prose piece 'The Curse' to the first issue of the uncommon periodical 'The Apple (of Beauty and Discord)'. First Quarter - Vol. 1, No. 1 1920.
BC15392: EZRA POUND - contributes the second part of his sequence 'Three Cantos' (here differing radically from the final version) to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. X, No. 4, July 1917. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
BC14989: EZRA POUND. - The catalogue of a March 1967 exhibition at the University of Texas. Illustrated with photographs.
ARC91584: EZRA POUND - Women of Trachis. A Version of Sophekles.
BC16097: REGINALD POUND - The Lost Generation.
BC14881: EZRA POUND - Make it New. Essays.
ARC91581: ANTHONY POWELL - contributes a five stanza poem entitled 'Building Society Drinking Song' to the anthology Poems for Roy Fuller on his Seventieth Birthday.
IMM90055: ANTHONY POWELL - Brief Lives and Other Selected Writings by John Aubrey. Edited with an introduction and notes by Anthony Powell.
ARC92525: ANTHONY POWELL - The Acceptance World. A novel. The third volume of his 'A Dance to the Music of Time' sequence.
KP90682: ANTHONY POWELL - Brief Lives and Other Selected Writings by John Aubrey. Edited with an introduction and notes by Anthony Powell.
15880: ANTHONY POWELL - Mr.Zouche: Superman.
BC15923: ANTHONY POWELL - Afternoon Men. A novel.
BC10159: ANTHONY POWELL. - Francis Wyndham contributes a review of Anthony Powell's novel 'The Kindly Ones' (the sixth volume of his masterly 'A Dance to the Music of Time' sequence) to an issue of the periodical 'Encounter'. Vol. XIX, no. 3, September 1962. Edited by Stephen Spend
20024: J.F.POWERS. - The Presence of Grace. Stories.
BC15808: ERIC RAVILIOUS. ALAN POWERS - Eric Ravilious. Imagined Realities. The catalogue of a centenary exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.
ARC91783: JOHN COWPER POWYS - A Glastonbury Romance. (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
13615: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Essays on De Maupassant, Anatole France, William Blake.
ARC92643: T.F.POWYS. - Fables. Stories. With four drawings by Gilbert Spencer. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
14644: LLEWELYN POWYS - Ebony and Ivory. With a preface by Edward Shanks.
19726: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Samphire. Poems
BC14230: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - William Blake.
BC14234: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - An Englishman Up-State. With an introduction by R.L.Blackmore.
ARC92737: LLEWELYN POWYS AND ROBERT GIBBINGS - The Twelve Months. Designed and with wood engravings by Robert Gibbings. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC91842: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Ducdame.
13621: T.F.POWYS, PETER RILEY - A Bibliography of T.F.Powys.
14655: T.F.POWYS - Bottle's Path and Other Stories.
BUL90849: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Wolf Solent. A novel.
ARC91858: JOHN COWPER POWYS - The Owl, The Duck and - Miss Rowe! Miss Rowe! (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
19537: LLEWELYN POWYS - Love and Death. An Imaginary Autobiography. (PLUS A LETTER AND POSTCARD)
BC12167: T.F.POWYS - Rosie Plum and Other Stories. With drawings and a handsome dust wrapper design by John Ward.
BC15856: LLEWELYN POWYS - The Verdict of Bridlegoose.
ARC91687: T.F.POWYS - Uriah on the Hill. A story. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14229: JOHN COWPER POWYS. - John Cowper Powys: Letters to Glyn Hughes. Edited and with an introduction by Dr. Bernard Jones.
BC14248: A.R.POWYS. - Repair of Ancient Buildings. With a new introduction and additional notes and appendices.
BC14262: JOHN COWPER POWYS - The Meaning of Culture.
BC14263: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Jobber Skald. A novel.
15088: RAMPANT LIONS PRESS - The First 10. Some Ground Covered by Will Carter 1949-58. A well-illustrated catalogue of the first decade.
17562: HOGARTH PRESS, J.H.WILLIS JR. - Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers. The Hogarth Press, 1917-1941. With illustrations.
19631: STARWHEEL PRESS - The Transparent Room. Poems. (PLUS A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR)
19711: STARWHEEL PRESS - Spring Offensive. Poems. (INCOMPLETE SET)
19594: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS - The catalogue of an exhibition of Cambridge Books and Printing held in the Old Court House, Marylebone Lane September-October 1931.
BC14922: THOMAS WOLFE. GEORGE R.PRESTON JR. - Thomas Wolfe. A Bibliography.
ARC90214: FRANK PREWETT. - The Collected Poems of Frank Prewett. With an introduction by Robert Graves.
ARC92532: ANTHONY PRICE - Tomorrow's Ghost. A novel.
BUL90374: M.P.PRICE - The Diplomatic History of the War, including a Diary of Negotiations and Events in the different Capitals, the texts of the Official Documents of the various Governments, the Public Speeches in the European Parliaments, an account of the Military Preparat
17944: J.B.PRIESTLEY - Particular Pleasures. Being a Personal Record of Some Varied Arts and Many Different Artists. Profusely illustrated.
BC13302: SIR RAYMOND PRIESTLEY, RAYMOND J.ADIE AND G. DE Q.ROBIN (EDIT). - Antarctic Research. A Review of British Scientific Achievement in Antarctica. Edited by Sir Raymond Priestley, Raymond J.Adie and G. de Q.Robin, and with a foreword by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh.
ARC91974: J.B.PRIESTLEY. - Papers from Lilliput. Essays.
19785: GARCIA LORCA. GREGORIO PRIETO - Garcia Lorca as a Painter. Translated from the Spanish by J.McLachlan and J.D.Beazley and with Lorca's poetry translated by Stephen Spender and J.L.Gili.
BC14999: SUE ANN PRINCE - The Old Guard and the Avant-Garde. Modernism in Chicago, 1910-1940. Edited by Sue Ann Prince.
BC12458: HEATHER PRINGLE - The Master Plan. Himmler's Scholars and the Holocaust.
16463: V.S.PRITCHETT - Midnight Oil. Further autobiography.
11063: V.S.PRITCHETT - The Camberwell Beauty. Stories.
ARC92724: V.S.PRITCHETT - Marching Spain.
BC15872: PATRICK PROCKTOR - Patrick Procktor Prints 1959-1985. The catalogue of a 1985-86 touring exhibition.
18476: JOHN PUDNEY - Beyond this Disregard. R.A.F. Poems.
ARC91843: JOHN PUDNEY - Spring Encounter. Poems.
BC12602: JOHN PUDNEY - Beyond this Disregard. Poems
992129: MANUEL PUIG - Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages. A novel.
CAS0059: PHILIP PULLMAN - Count Karlstein. A novel. With illustrations by Diana Bryan. (SIGNED)
ARC92796: CHARLES WILLIAMS. HENRY PURCELL - The Moon. A Cantata prepared and arranged for treble voices from the airs of Henry Purcell by W.Gilles Whittaker. With words by Charles Williams.
19602: JAMES PURDY - Cabot Wright Begins. A novel.
19608: JAMES PURDY - Garments the Living Wear. A novel.
19609: JAMES PURDY - Gertrude of Stony Island Avenue. A novel.
BUL90640: MARIO PUZO - The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions.
BC12851: RODNEY PYBUS - The Loveless Letters. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
SPE90128: BARBARA PYM - Quartet in Autumn. A novel.
ARC92614: GEORGE PYSCHOUNDAKIS - The Cretan Runner. His Story of the German Occupation. Translated from the Greek and with an introduction by Patrick Leigh Fermor and annotations by Fermor and Xan Fielding (both of whom appear in the text).
ANN90006: ZHANG QIKAI. - Zhang Qikai. First London Exhibition. The catalogue of a 2008 exhibition.
15899: PETER QUENNELL - Romantic England. Writing and Painting 1717-1851. With 181 illustrations, including sixteen pages of colour-plates.
BC13896: PETER QUENNELL - Autobiography. Complete in two volumes comprising 'The Marble Foot. An Autobiography from 1905-1938' [and] 'The Wanton Chase. An Autobiography from 1939'.
15463: THOMAS DE QUINCEY - New Essays by De Quincey. His Contributions to the 'Edinburgh Saturday Post' and the 'Edinburgh Evening Post' 1827-28. Edited by Stuart M.Tave.
19659: JONATHAN RABAN - The Society of the Poem
KP90533: JONATHAN RABAN - Old Glory. An American Voyage. (INSCRIBED)
9030: JONATHAN RABAN - For Love & Money. Writing, Reading, Travelling 1969-1987.
BC14407: AUBREY BEARDSLEY. PETER RABY - Aubrey Beardsley and the Nineties.
14664: EINO RAILO - The Haunted Castle. A Study of the Elements of English Romanticism.
BC15909: KATHLEEN RAINE - An Enitharmon Press 'Christmas Greetings' card.
BC12919: KATHLEEN RAINE - The Oval Portrait and Other Poems.
ARC92890: CRAIG RAINE - A Free Translation. Poems. (SIGNED)
19727: KATHLEEN RAINE (WRITING AS 'KATHLEEN MADGE') - The World of Living Green. With illustrations by Stanley Herbert.
BC12920: KATHLEEN RAINE - The Hollow Hill and Other Poems 1960-1964.
BC15629: KATHLEEN RAINE - edits and contributes her seven-page essay 'Winifred Nicholson's Flowers' (accompanied by eight plates of colour reproductions) to an issue of the periodical 'Temenos. No. 8. A Review Devoted to the Arts of the Imagination'.
JUL90424: KATHLEEN RAINE - contributes her poem 'New Year 1943' to an issue of the periodical 'Horizon. A Review of Literature and Art'. Edited by Cyril Connolly. Vol. 7, No. 38, February 1943.
ARC92046: JACKDAW. MICHAEL RAND, HOWARD LOXTON AND LEN DEIGHTON. - The Assassination of President Kennedy. Compiled and designed by Michael Rand, Howard Loxton and Len Deighton.
BUL90605: RICHARD JOHN RANDALL. - The Randall Art Gallery and School of Painting, South Brisbane. Catalogue of Works in Oils, Water Colours, Pastels, Black and White &c. &c. [INSCRIBED TO THE ARTISTS' COUSIN]
BUL90504: BILL RANDLE - Kondor. (SIGNED)
BUL90286: IAN RANKIN - The Flood. (SIGNED)
BUL90461: KENNETH RANKIN - Top-Hats in Tobruk. (INSCRIBED)
ARC92738: JOHN CROWE RANSOM - Chills and Fever. Poems. (INSCRIBED WITH ALS)
ARC91996: REMY DE GOURMONT. ARTHUR RANSOME - A Night in the Luxembourg. Translated from the French of 'Une Nuit au Luxembourg' by Arthur Ransome, who also provides a preface and a biographical appendix.
19656: FREDERIC RAPHAEL - Who Were You With Last Night?
BUL90786: SARAH RAPHAEL - Drawings. Illustrated with scores of examples. With appreciations by Frederic Raphael, Clive James and William Boyd.
ARC92808: T.E.LAWRENCE. TERENCE RATTIGAN. - Ross. A Dramatic Portrait. An eight-page programme for the first performance of Rattigan's T.E.Lawrence-inspired play at Theatre Royal Haymarket on 12th May 1960.
BC15626: SIMON RAVEN - The Islands of Sorrow. A novella. (SIGNED)
ARC92303: SIMON RAVEN - Brother Cain.
BC11036: GWEN RAVERAT. - The Wood Engravings of Gwen Raverat. Selected and with an introduction by Reynolds Stone.
JUL90303: ERIC RAVILIOUS. - Ravilious and Wedgwood. The Complete Wedgwood Designs of Eric Ravilious. With a memoir by Robert Harling.
ARC91353: ERIC RAVILIOUS - For Shop Use Only. Eric Ravilious Curwen & Dent Stock Blocks and Devices. With contributions by John Lewis, Enid Marx and Robert Harling.
ARC92500: ERIC RAVILIOUS AND L.A.G.STRONG - The Hansom Cab and the Pigeons. Being Random Reflections Upon the Silver Jubilee of King George V. With wood-engravings by Eric Ravilious.
ARC91895: ERIC RAVILIOUS. - The Wood Engravings of Eric Ravilious. With an introduction by J.M.Richards.
ARC92838: BARON CORVO. ERIC RAVILIOUS. - The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole. A Romance of Modern Venice. With an introduction by A.J.A.Symons.
ARC92862: MARTIN ARMSTRONG. ERIC RAVILIOUS - Desert. A Legend. With woodcuts by Eric Ravilious (his first bookform illustrations).
15103: HERBERT READ - The Place of Art in a University. A lecture. (INSCRIBED)
15102: HERBERT READ. - Julien Benda and the New Humanism. (INSCRIBED)
9598: HERBERT READ - The Cult of Sincerity. Essays.
16867: HERBERT READ - Wordsworth. The Clark Lectures 1929-1930.
16871: HERBERT READ - A World Within a War. Poems.
BC14081: HERBERT READ - The Education of Free Men.
JUL90322: HERBERT READ. - Selected Writings. Poetry and Criticism. With a foreword by Allen Tate.
16868: HERBERT READ - Moon's Farm and Poems Mostly Elegiac.
KP90541: HERBERT READ - Form in Modern Poetry.
15105: HERBERT READ. - Herbert Read. An Introduction to his Work by Various Hands. Edited by Henry Treece. With a frontispiece portrait by Gregorio Prieto.
16872: HERBERT READ - Lord Byron at the Opera. A play for broadcasting.
15101: HERBERT READ. - Reason and Romanticism. Essays in Literary Criticism.
15094: HERBERT READ - Nihilism and Renewal in the Art of Our Time. (INSCRIBED)
19909: HERBERT READ. - Phases of English Poetry.
16873: HERBERT READ - The Philosophy of Anarchism.
9607: HERBERT READ - In Defence of Shelley & Other Essays.
14666: JOHN RECHY - This Day's Death. A novel.
ARC92719: TED HUGHES. JOHN REDMOND - Ted Hughes. Poet Laureate 1984-1998. A Memorial Tribute.
14667: JEREMY REED - Isidore. A Novel about the Comte de Lautreamont. (SIGNED).
BC14895: HENRY REED - A Map of Verona. Poems.
BC12543: FOUGASSE. GUY REED. - The Little Less. And How Much It Is!
BC14896: RICHARD REES - A Theory of My Time. An Essay in Didactic Reminiscence.
19937: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. JAMES REEVES - Arcadian Ballads. With many drawings by Edward Ardizzone.
99347: JAMES REEVES - The Password and Other Poems.
99346: JAMES REEVES - The Questioning Tiger. Poems. (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
BUL90859: ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT - Battalion Standing Orders of the 1st Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment. Published under Para. 1674, King's Regulations, 1923
BC14992: JOHN MARIN. SHELDON REICH - John Marin. A Stylistic Analysis and a Catalogue Raisonné. Complete in two volumes.
BC15456: FORREST REID - Private Road. [Memoirs].
12102: V.S.REID - New Day.

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