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17130: CHARLES DICKENS - A December Vision. His Social Journalism. Edited by Neil Philip & Victor Nueburg. With numerous illustrations.
17129: CHARLES DICKENS - Gone Astray. With an introduction by B.W.Matz and illustrations.
17127: CHARLES DICKENS - "Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dickens. His letters to Her. Edited with notes by Walter Dexter. With a foreword by their daughter, Kate Perugini."
19866: CHARLES DICKENS. - Essays and Studies.
19327: CHARLES DICKENS. - Charles Dickens. The catalogue of an exhibition to commemorate the centenary of his death. Victoria and Albert Museum June-September 1970
BC12420: JOHN AUSTEN. CHARLES DICKENS - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With an introduction by G.K.Chesterton and illustrations by John Austen. Complete in two volumes. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BUL90608: PATRIC DICKINSON - Winter Hostages. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC14025: PATRIC DICKINSON - A Wintering Tree. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC12368: PATRIC DICKINSON - This Cold Universe. Poems.
BUL90432: "CAPTAIN E.G.DIGGLE, R.D., R.N.R." - The Romance of the Modern Liner. With a foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Earl Jellicoe of Scapa. (SIGNED)
ARC91119: S.S.VAN DINE - The Benson Murder Case.
ARC91297: ISAK DINESEN (WRITING AS 'PIERRE ANDREZEL'). - The Angelic Avengers. Translated from the Danish of 'Gengaeldelsens Veje'.
BC13328: ISAK DINESEN - contributes the first printing of her fifty-one page story 'A Country Tale' to an issue of the literary journal Botteghe Oscure XIX.
ARC91470: THOMAS M.DISCH - Under Compulsion.
17210: M.WILLSON DISHER - Clown. [A novel].
15475: M.WILLSON DISHER - The Last Romantic. The Authorised Biography of Sir John Martin-Harvey. With a foreword by D.L.Murray.
15473: MAURICE WILLSON DISHER - "Mad Genius. A Biography of Edmund Kean, with particular reference to the women who made and unmade him. With 40 illustrations. (WITH ALS)"
15469: M.WILLSON DISHER - Pleasures of London. With numerous illustrations.
ARC90716: JOHN LYLE DONAGHY - Selected Poems. Being number six of the Tower Press booklets. Third series.
BC14154: STEPHEN DONALDSON - "The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Complete in four volumes comprising 'The Runes of the Earth', 'Fatal Revenant', 'Against All Things Ending' and 'The Last Dark'. (ONE VOLUME SIGNED)"
BUL90434: H.ST.J.K.DONISTHORPE. - British Ants. Their Life-History and Classification.
17213: J.P.DONLEAVY - Fairy Tales of New York. A play.
BUL90433: TERENCE DONOVAN. - The Cameras and Photographic Equipment. The catalogue of a Christie's sale held on Thursday 12 June 1997.
BC13617: H.D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE] - Hermetic Definitions. Poems.
14433: H.D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE] - Hedylus.
ARC90483: H.D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE]. - Choruses from the Iphigeneia in Aulis and the Hippolytus of Euripides. Translated by H.D.
ARC90194: H.D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE]. - Hymen. Poems.
ARC90474: H.D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE]. - Hedylus.
19789: MICHAEL DOSTER - Reflections
EVES9085: FEODOR DOSTOEVSKY - "A Christmas Story - Dostoevsky's seven-page short story, here translated from the Russian by C.M.Grand, appears in an issue of the periodical The Dial."
BC13799: NORMAN DOUGLAS - Three of Them.
BC13226: KEITH DOUGLAS - The Complete Poems of Keith Douglas. Edited by Desmond Graham.
BC12389: KEITH DOUGLAS - "Valentine Cunningham contributes a six-page review, illustrated with three drawings, of 'Keith Douglas, a Prose Miscellany' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Review."
18269: NORMAN DOUGLAS - They Went.
BC13800: NORMAN DOUGLAS - In the Beginning. A novel. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC91433: NORMAN DOUGLAS - "How About Europe? Some Footnotes on East and West. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION, ADDITIONALLY INSCRIBED)"
ARC91432: NORMAN DOUGLAS - London Street Games.
19910: CEDRIC DOVER. - American Negro Art
18272: ERNEST DOWSON - The Stories of Ernest Dowson. Editedand with an introdution by Mark Longaker.
ADAMS007: LEN DEIGHTON. ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. - "The Adventure of the Priory School. A facsimile of the original Sherlock Holmes manuscript, with a six-page introduction by Len Deighton. (SIGNED)"
ARC90516: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. - The Last Galley. Impressions and Tales.
ARC90323: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - contributes the first printing of his sixteen line poem 'By the North Sea' (including a reproduction of part of his holograph manuscript) to the beautifully produced charity anthology The Press Album. Published in Aid of the Journalists' Orphan Fund. Edit
ARC90386: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - contributes a ten-page essay entitled 'Juvenilia' to the anthology My First Book. An account of literary debuts with an introduction by Jerome K.Jerome.
BC13954: RODDY DOYLE - "The Last Roundup. Complete in three volumes comprising 'A Star Called Henry', 'Ah, Play That Thing' [and] 'The Dead Republic'. (TWO VOLUMES SIGNED)."
BC14114: RODDY DOYLE - A Star Called Henry. (INSCRIBED)
KP90348: RODDY DOYLE - "Paddy Clarke Ha, Ha, Ha."
BC11608: PETER DOYLE. - The British Soldier of the First World War. (SIGNED)
19675: MARGARET DRABBLE - The Middle Ground.
ARC90605: MERVYN PEAKE. BURGESS DRAKE. - The Book of Lyonne. With line drawings and eight colour plates by Mervyn Peake.
DZY191009004: MICHAEL DRAYTON. - Nimphidia. The Court of Fayrie.
19065: THEODORE DREISER - Plays of the Natural and the Supernatural.
16637: T.E.BROWN. [JOHN DRINKWATER] - "Fo'c's'le Yarns, including Betsy Lee and Other Poems."
ARC91360: JOHN NASH. JOHN DRINKWATER - Cotswold Characters. With five wood engravings by John Nash.
BC13694: HARRY DRINKWATER - Harry's War. The Great War Diary of Harry Drinkwater. Edited by Jon Cooksey and David Griffiths.
9922609: C.H.DRUMMOND - A Message to Burgos. A novel.
14441: "JOHN DRYDEN, KENNETH YOUNG" - John Dryden. A Critical Biography.
BC12894: CAROL ANN DUFFY - edits and provides a brief introduction to the anthology Home and Away. New Poetry from the South
BC13113: CAROL ANN DUFFY - New Selected Poems 1984-2004. (INSCRIBED)
BC12084: PETER DUFFY - "Brothers in Arms. The True Story of Three Men who Dified the Nazis, Saved 1,200 Jews, and Built a Village in the Forest."
BC12279: CAROL ANN DUFFY - contributes her poem 'Politico' to an issue of the periodical Stand Magazine.
BC14186: RAOUL DUFY - Raoul Dufy. The catalogue of a 1954 Tate Gallery exhibition.
BC13538: JOHN PIPER. RONALD DUNCAN - Judas. A poem. With illustrations by John Piper.
BC14030: RONALD DUNCAN - Man. Parts One to Five. Complete in four volumes
BC13116: RONALD DUNCAN - The Solitudes. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC12792: RONALD DUNCAN - A special Tribute to Ronald Duncan double-issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC12868: HELEN DUNMORE - The Apple Fall [and] The Sea Skater [and] The Raw Garden [and] Recovering the Body.
99159: DOUGLAS DUNN - Backwaters.
BC12963: DOUGLAS DUNN - Terry Street. Poems
KP90372: NELL DUNN. - Up the Junction. With drawings by Susan Benson.
KP90368: DOUGLAS DUNN - Northlight. Poems.
KP90578: DOUGLAS DUNN - Boyfriends and Girlfriends. Stories
BC14009: DOUGLAS DUNN - Northlight. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC11400: DOUGLAS DUNN. - The Happier Life. Poems.
BC14018: PAUL DURCAN - A Snail in my Prime. New and Selected Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC11354: LAWRENCE DURRELL. - A Private Country. Poems.
BC13090: LAWRENCE DURRELL - Proems. An anthology.
BC13496: LAWRENCE DURRELL. - Art and Outrage. A Correspondence about Henry Miller between Alfred PerlŮs and Lawrence Durrell (with an intermission by Henry Miller).
BC13291: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The Big Supposer. A Dialogue with Marc Alyn. Translated from the French by Francine Barker and illustrated with paintings by Durrell.
99834: LAWRENCE DURRELL - An Irish Faustus. A Morality in nine scenes.
18276: LAWRENCE DURRELL - Cities Plains and People. Poems.
ARC91506: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The Red Limbo Lingo. A Poetry Notebook.
BC11037: LAWRENCE DURRELL. - Frying the Flag. With two full-page line drawings by John R.Smith.
ARC90951: LAWRENCE DURRELL - An Irish Faustus. A Modern Morality in Nine Scenes. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
991090: "LAWRENCE DURRELL, EMMANUEL ROYIDIS" - Pope Joan. A Romantic Biography. Translated from the Greek by Lawrence Durrell.
991091: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The Fifth Antiquarian Book Fair. Handlist of Exhibitors. With an introduction by Lawrence Durrell.
BC13493: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The World of Lawrence Durrell. Edited by Harry T.Moore.
ARC90384: LAWRENCE DURRELL. - "The Alexandria Quartet. Compromising Justine', 'Balthazar', 'Mountolive' and 'Cleo'. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)'"
BC13491: LAWRENCE DURRELL - "The inaugural issue of the multi-lingual literary magazine Two Cities, which opens with a special 'Hommage a Lawrence Durrell' section containing five critical essays. No. 1 April 1959. Edited by Jean Fanchette."
13516: LAWRENCE DURRELL - Pen as Pencil. Drawings and Paintings by British Authors. Catalogue of an exhibition. With a preface by Lawrence Durrell.
SPE90169: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The transcript of a six-page interview with Lawrence Durrell conducted by Kenneth Young is contributed to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Vol
BUL90049: LAWENCE DURRELL. - Pope Joan. A Romantic Biography by Emmanuel Royids. Translated from the Greek and with a preface by Lawrence Durrell.
ARC90769: LAWRENCE DURRELL - The Black Book.
BUL90279: PAUL DURST. - Backlash
BC11539: JOHN SMITH. STEPHEN DWOSKIN - Songs for Simpletons. Poems. With drawings by Stephen Dwoskin. (SIGNED)
BC11412: GEOFF DYER. - The Search.
BC12594: JAMES HART DYKE - The High Atlas. The catalogue of a 2005 exhibition.
BC12595: JAMES HART DYKE - Hidden Himalaya. The catalogue of a 2006 exhibition.
9922357: CLIFFORD DYMENT - The Railway Game. An Early Autobiography.
KP90231: CLIFFORD DYMENT. - Straight or Curly? Poems.
KP90234: CLIFFORD DYMENT. - Collected Poems. With an introduction by C.Day Lewis and a portrait frontispiece of the author by Victor Pasmore.
BUL90170: HERBERT FERN?E. - The Narrow House.
BC12860: PAT EARNSHAW - The Golden Hinde. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
16434: MALCOLM EASTON - "Artists and Writers in Paris. The Bohemian Idea, 1803-1867. With illustrations."
16133: LEON EDEL - Bloomsbury - A House of Lions. With illustrations.
ARC140910030: MONTAGUE SUMMERS [EDITOR]. - "Covent Garden Drollery. A collection of prologues, epilogues and songs, originally published in 1672. (WITH TLS)"
BC13264: ROBERT EDRIC - "The Song Cycle. Complete in three volumes comprising 'Cradle Song', 'Siren Song' and 'Swan Song'."
BC13409: ROBERT EDRIC - The Sword Cabinet.
BC13410: ROBERT EDRIC - Gathering the Water.
BC12890: WYNDHAM LEWIS. PAUL EDWARDS. - Wyndham Lewis's Narrative of Origins: 'The Death of the Ankou'.
BC12465: WYNDHAM LEWIS. PAUL EDWARDS - Wyndham Lewis Portraits
BC13904: MICHAEL EDWARDS (GEOFFREY HILL INTEREST). - Poetry and Possibility.
BC13663: SIEGFRIED SASSOON. MAX EGREMONT - Siegfried Sassoon. A Biography. (SIGNED)
19853: MARTIN SCORSESE. DAVID EHRENSTEIN - The Scorsese Picture. The Art and Life of Martin Scorsese
BC12329: FR?D?RIC CHOPIN. BENITA EISLER. - Chopin's Funeral.
BC12452: LORD BYRON. BENITA EISLER. - "Byron. Child of Passion, Fool of Fame."
BUL90030: ROBERT EKVALL. - Tents Against the Sky. A novel of Tibet.
BC11216: T.S.ELIOT - contributes the first appearance of his essay 'Gordon Craig's Socratic Dialogues' to an issue of the periodical Drama. The Quarterly Theatre Review. Edited by E.Martin Browne (director of the first production of all of Eliot's plays).
18279: T.S.ELIOT - The Sacred Wood. Essays on Poetry and Criticism.
ARC90753: T.S.ELIOT. - The Rock. A pageant play.
ARC91632: T.S.ELIOT. - Collected Poems 1909-1935.
ARC90710: T.S.ELIOT - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.
ARC070110009: T.S.ELIOT - "An Address to the Members of the London Library, delivered on the occasion of Eliot's assuming the office of President of the Library. Delivered at the Annual General Meeting of Members in the Reading Room, 22 July 1952"
18281: T.S.ELIOT - The Sacred Wood. Essays on Poetry and Criticism.
ARC90983: T.S.ELIOT - The Aims of Poetic Drama. The Presidential Address to the Poets' Theatre Guild.
12410: "T.S.ELIOT, JOHN DRYDEN" - "Of Dramatick Poesie. An essay (1668). Preceded by a ""Dialogue on Poetic Drama"" by T.S.Eliot."
14892: GEORGE ELIOT - Adam Bede.
ARC91418: T.S.ELIOT. - T.S.Eliot. The Man and His Work. Edited by Allan Tate.
KP90629: T.S.ELIOT. - Stephen Spender contributes his twelve-page celebratory essay 'Remembering T.S.Eliot' to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
BC13939: T.S.ELIOT - "The Four Quartets. Complete in four volumes comprising 'East Coker', 'Burnt Norton', 'The Dry Salvages' and 'Little Gidding'."
ARC90326: "T.S.ELIOT, JOHN DRYDEN." - "Of Dramatick Poesie. An essay (1668). Preceded by a ""Dialogue on Poetic Drama"" by T.S.Eliot."
ARC90076: T.S.ELIOT. - Andrew Marvell 1621-1678. Tercentenary Tributes. Edited with an official record of the tercentenary celebrations at Kingston-upon-Hull and in London by W.H.Bagguley.
ARC90788: T.S.ELIOT. - T.S.Eliot - A Symposium. Compiled by Richard March and Tambimuttu.
19878: ALLEN ELLENZWEIG. - The Homoerotic Photograph. Male Images from Durieu / Delacrois to Mapplethorpe. With a foreword by George Stambolian.
BC13987: JASON ELLIOT - An Unexpected Light. Travels in Afghanistan. (INSCRIBED)
BC13819: BRET EASTON ELLIS - The Rules of Attraction.
19813: JOSEPH OPPENHEIMER. DR. CURT ELWENSPOEK. - "Jew Suss Oppenheimer. The Great Financier, Gallant, and Adventurer of the 18th Century. A Study based on Various Documents, Private Papers and Traditions. Translated by Edward Cattle."
BC13735: RICHARD VAN EMDEN - Meeting the Enemy. The Human Face of the Great War.
17221: R.W.EMERSON & A.H.CLOUGH - Emerson - Clough Letters. Edited by Howard Foster Lowry & Ralph Leslie Rusk.
BC11240: TRACEY EMIN. - Borrowed Light. The catalogue of a 2007 exhibition at the Venice Biennale.
BC12670: TRACEY EMIN - Works 1963-2006. Edited by Honey Luard and Peter Miles.
BC12939: PIERRE EMMANUEL - The Universal Singular. The Autobiography of Pierre Emmanuel. Translated from the French by Erik de Mauny.
11951: WILLIAM EMPSON - Collected Poems.
BC13879: PAUL ENGLE - "West of Midnight. Poems. (SIGNED, WITH CARD)"
BUL90542: JORGE IBARG?ENGOITIA - The Dead Girls. Translated from the Spanish of 'Las Muertas' by Asa Zatz.
19661: D.J.ENRIGHT - The Alluring Problem. An Essay on Irony.
ARC90717: D.J.ENRIGHT - Season Ticket. Poems. (SIGNED)
99174: D.J.ENRIGHT - Unlawful Assembly.
ARC90807: D.J.ENRIGHT - In the Basilica of the Annunciation.
ARC91429: D.J.ENRIGHT - The Laughing Hyena and other poems.
19211: HANS MAGNUS ENZENSBERGER - Poems. Translated from the German by Michael Hamburger.
9899: JACOB EPSTEIN - Drawings. With notes by Lady Epstein and an introduction by Richard Buckle.
ARC140910008: JACOB EPSTEIN & LAURIE LEE - Epstein 1956. A Camera Study of the Sculptor at Work. With an introduction by Laurie Lee. (SIGNED)
BC13973: JACOB EPSTEIN - Rebel Angel. Sculpture and Watercolours. The catalogue of a 1980 Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery exhibition.
15489: MAX ERNST - Catalogue of an exhibition. With an introduction by William S.Lieberman and many plates.
BC13951: MAX ERNST - "Max Ernst. A monograph issued upon the occasion of a 2006 exhibition of the artist's work at The Helly Nahmad Gallery, London."
RB90004: CHARLES ESDAILE - Napoleon's Wars. An International History 1803-1815. (SIGNED)
BUL90380: ERT?. ERIC ESTORICK. - Ert┌ the Last Works. Graphics and Sculpture. With additional text by Ray Perman and David Rogath and photographs by Daniel Kramer.
19386: "PRINCE EUGEN, DUKE OF N?RKE" - Svenska Landskap [Swedish Landscape]
KP90659: CARADOC EVANS - Nothing to Pay. A novel.
KP90658: CARADOC EVANS - Capel Sion.
10896: IFOR EVANS - English Poetry in the Later Nineteenth Century.
KP90657: CARADOC EVANS - My People. Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales.
JH00050: MARGIAD EVANS - contributes the story 'All Through the Night' to an issue of the periodical The Welsh Review. Edited by Gwyn Jones.
BC12102: MERLYN EVANS - The Political Paintings of Merlyn Evans 1930-1950. The catalogue of a 1985 Tate Gallery exhibition.
19940: G.W.EVE - Decorative Heraldry. A Practical Handbook of its Artistic Treatment
BC13466: NONESUCH PRESS. JOHN EVELYN. - Directions for the Gardiner at Says-Court. But which may be of Use for Other Gardens. Edited and with a foreword by Geoffrey Keynes.
99175: GAVIN EWART - The Gavin Ewart Show. Poems by Gavin Ewart. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91205: GAVIN EWART - Poems and Songs.
ARC90808: GAVIN EWART - Venus.
BC10125: GAVIN EWART - contributes his poem 'The Dirtypot Decider' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Melvin J.Lasky and Frank Kermode
BC10126: GAVIN EWART - contributes his poem 'Lepidoptera' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
19252: GAVIN EWART. - The Gavin Ewart Show. Poems by Gavin Ewart.
10897: GAVIN EWART - Poems and Songs. (SIGNED)
17751: RICHARD FABER - Proper Stations. Class in Victorian Fiction.
KP90096: RUTH FAINLIGHT. - Sibyls and Others. Poems.
BC14046: RUTH FAINLIGHT - To See the Matter Clearly and Other Poems. (SIGNED)
KP90341: RUTH FAINLIGHT - Twenty One Poems.
BC12330: GERMAINE DE STA?L. MARIA FAIRWEATHER. - Madame de Sta┘l. A biography.
ARC91633: JOHN MEADE FALKNER - Temenos. Seven Poems. Selected and introduced by David Burnett and with a wood engraving by Angela Lemaire. (INSCRIBED BY THE EDITOR)
BC13588: PADRAIC FALLON - "Collected Poems. Edited with an afterword and notes by Brian Fallon, and with an introduction by Seamus Heaney."
BC13736: CYRIL FALLS - Caporetto 1917.
BUL90599: LIONEL FANTHORPE - "Earth, Sea and Sky. The Collected Poems of Lionel Fanthorpe. (INSCRIBED)"
ARC91013: JOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU. - Madam Crowl's Ghost and other Tales of Mystery. Collected and edited by M.R.James.
RB90096: SEAN O'FAOLAIN. - The Collected Stories of Sean O'Faolain. Complete in three volumes.
12064: SEAN O'FAOLAIN - The Stories of Sean O'Faolain. With an introduction by the author.
ARC060110005: "EDITH PARGETER. [""ELLIS PETERS""]. JOHN FARLEIGH" - Hortensius Friend of a Hero. With illustrations by John Farleigh.
BC14133: JOHN FARLEIGH - Graven Image. An Autobiographical Textbook.
BC13101: JOHN KING-FARLOW - The Dead Ship. Apoem. (SIGNED)
BC13684: GENERAL HENRY SINCLAIR HORNE. DON FARR. - The Silent General. Horne of the First Army. A Biography of Haig's Trusted Great War Comrade-in-Arms.
BC11763: JAMES FARRAR. - Christopher Palmer contributes a nine-page essay on Farrar to an issue of The Delius Society Journal.
BC11505: J.G.FARRELL. - J.G.Farrell: The Critical Grip. Edited by Ralph J.Crane.
KP90654: J.G.FARRELL - The Hill Station. An unfinished novel. And an Indian Diary. Edited by John Spurling.
ARC91398: J.G.FARRELL - The Siege of Krishnapur. A novel
KP90583: J.G.FARRELL - The Siege of Krishnapur. A novel.
GAM00202: J.G.FARRELL - is the subject of Margaret Drabble's six page portrait contributed to the anthology 'People. Essays and Poems'. Edited by Susan Hill.
BC13781: FRED A.FARRELL - The 51st (Highland) Division. War Sketches. With an introduction by Neil Munro.
BC11736: HENRY WILLIAMSON. DANIEL FARSON. - Henry Williamson. A Portrait.
BC11735: HENRY WILLIAMSON. DANIEL FARSON. - Henry. An Appreciation of Henry Williamson.
BC13310: WILLIAM FAULKNER - contributes a brief celebration of Albert Camus to an issue of the periodical The Transatlantic Review.
ARC91191: WILLIAM FAULKNER - Knight's Gambit. Six stories.
14450: WILLIAM FAULKNER - "Speech of Acceptance upon the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature, delivered in Stockholm 10th December 1950."
ARC90985: WILLIAM FAULKNER - Sanctuary.
ARC140910010: WILLIAM FAULKNER - Intruder in the Dust.
19370: WILLIAM FAULKNER - Early Prose and Poetry. Edited and with an introduction by Carvel Collins. With illustrations.
BC11768: WILLIAM FAULKNER. - Requiem for a Nun. A play. Adapted to the stage by Ruth Ford. With photographs by Tony Armstrong Jones.
ARC90373: SEBASTIAN FAULKS. - The Girl at the Lion D'or.
ARC90182: SEBASTIAN FAULKS. - Birdsong.
16272: SEBASTIAN FAULKS - La Guerra di Charlotte. [Charlotte Gray]. Translated into Italian by Lidia Perria.
BC180810002: SEBASTIAN FAULKS - Human Traces.
BC11981: SEBASTIAN FAULKS - The Fatal Englishman. Three Short Lives. Illustrated with photographs.
17754: ANDREAS FEININGER - "Experimental Work. Over 100 photographs, with a selection of smaller examples, all reproduced in duotone. With a text by Feininger."
BC12326: ELAINE FEINSTEIN - Mother's Girl. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90574: SHEILA FELL - The catalogue of a 1990-91 touring exhibition.
19798: MAX BEERBOHM. JOHN FELSTINER - The Lies of Art. Max Beerbohm's Parody and Caricature. With illustrations
19619: JAMES FENTON - Children in Exile. Poems.
BC14052: JAMES FENTON - A Vacant Possession. Poems.
BC12386: JAMES FENTON - contributes 'The Manifesto Against Manifestoes' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Review.
BC13599: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - Between the Woods and the Water. On Foot to Constantinople from The Hook of Holland: The Middle Danube to the Iron Gates. (SIGNED)
ARC91390: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - A Time to Keep Silence.
ARC91039: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - Between the Woods and the Water. On Foot to Constantinople from The Hook of Holland: The Middle Danube to the Iron Gates.
ARC91490: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - Abducting a General. The Kreipe Operation and SOE in Crete.
SPE90170: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - contributes the first printing of his poem 'On Two Marble Feet' to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
ARC90936: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR. - In Tearing Haste. Letters between Deborah Devonshire. Edited by Charlotte Mosley. (TRIPLE SIGNED)
ARC91036: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - The Traveller's Tree. A Journey through the Caribbean Islands.
ARC91037: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - The Traveller's Tree. A Journey through the Caribbean Islands.
BC13370: LION FEUCHTWANGER - The False Nero. Translated from the German of 'Der Falsche Nero' by Edwin and Willa Muir.
ARC90493: JAMES JOYCE. SAUL FIELD AND MORTON LEVITT. - Bloomsday. An Interpretation of James Joyce's 'Ulysses'. A suite of colour engravings by Saul Field with accompanying essays by Morton Levitt.
BC13920: HELEN FIELDING - "The Bridget Jones Trilogy. Complete in three volumes comprising Bridget Jones's Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. (TWO VOLUMES SIGNED)"
BC14053: GABRIEL FIELDING (WRITING AS 'ALAN BARNSLEY'). - The Frog Prince and Other Poems. (SIGNED)
BC14108: RANULPH FIENNES - To the Ends of the Earth. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90437: RANULPH FIENNES - Beyond the Limits. The Lessons Learned from a Lifetime's Adventures. (INSCRIBED)
HAM90005: ROGER FINCH - The Pierhead Painters. Na┤ve Ship-Portrait Painters 1750-1950.
BC14109: TIMOTHY FINDLEY - Not Wanted on the Voyage. (INSCRIBED)
BC13984: TIMOTHY FINDLEY - The Butterfly Plague. A novel.
ARC90529: RONALD FIRBANK - Odette. A Fairy Tale for Weary People. With four illustrations by Albert Buhrer.
18286: RONALD FIRBANK - The Artificial Princess. With an introduction by Sir Coleridge Kennard.
BC11982: MARTIN FIRRELL - The Beautiful and the Grave. With an introduction by Langham Bailey and an afterword by Jan Heron. (SIGNED)
SPE90123: TIBOR FISCHER - The Collector Collector. (SIGNED)
BC12740: ROY FISHER - Collected Poems 1968. (INSCRIBED)
KP90437: ROY FISHER - Nineteen Poems and an Interview.
ARC91291: PENELOPE FITZGERALD - Edward Burne-Jones. A Biography.
BC13967: C.F.TUNNICLIFFE. BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD. - Rivermouth. With illustrations by C.F.Tunnicliffe.
991099: CONSTANTINE FITZGIBBON - Through the Minefield. An autobiography.
19799: ROBERT FLAHERTY - The Captain's Chair
19693: LIAM O'FLAHERTY - Insurrection
19692: LIAM O'FLAHERTY - The Assassin.
ARC91219: LIAM O'FLAHERTY - The Fairy Goose and two other stories. (SIGNED)
BC13580: JAMES ELROY FLECKER - Poems by James Elroy Flecker. Selected by Anthony Astbury.
ARC90456: PETER FLEMING - "Variety. Essays, Sketches and Stories. With illustrations by Roger Pettiward."
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JUL90209: JULIO GONZALEZ. - Les Mat┌riaux de son Expression. [The Materials of his Expression]. The catalogue of a 1969-70 touring exhibition of GonzalezĂs bronzes. With a preface by Josephine Withers and a brief note by GonzalezĂ daughter.
BUL90527: TABITHA SALMON. SIMON GOOCH - Tabitha Salmon. A monograph. (SIGNED)
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JUL90233: PAUL GOUGH - A collection of Paul Gough's Great War-inspired exhibition catalogues and flyers.
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BC14023: W.S.GRAHAM - Malcolm Mooney's Land. Poems.
BC13603: W.S.GRAHAM - The White Threshold. Poems
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ARC91451: W.S.GRAHAM - "contributes his poem 'The Day and Night Craftsmen' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Quarterly. Vol. 7, No. 2."
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ARC91631: DUNCAN GRANT - "The Receipt Book of Elizabeth Raper. And a Portion of her Cipher Journal. Written 1756-1770 and never before printed. Edited by Bartle Grant who provides a forty-one page essay and notes, and with a portrait and decorations by Duncan Grant."
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BC10157: GUNTER GRASS - contributes five poems (four of which are translated by Michael Hamburger) to a special Germany issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
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ARC90372: ROBERT GRAVES. - Country Sentiment. Poems.
19737: ROBERT GRAVES - Occupation: Writer
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991403: ROBERT GRAVES - Poetic Craft and Principle. Lectures and Talks.
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991388: ROBERT GRAVES - An Ancient Castle. With illustrations by Elizabeth Graves.
991385: ROBERT GRAVES - The Siege and Fall of Troy. Retold for Young People. With illustrations by Walter Hodges.
99199: ROBERT GRAVES - Poems 1953
99198: ROBERT GRAVES - Oxford Addresses on Poetry.
18311: ALFRED PERCIVAL GRAVES (SHERIDAN LE FANU INTEREST) - Irish Literary and Musical Studies.
16338: ROBERT GRAVES - Poems. Abridged for Dolls and Princes.
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ARC070110002: ROBERT GRAVES. - "My Head! My Head! Being the History of Elisha and the Shunamite Woman; with the History of Moses as Elisha related it, and her Questions put to him."
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JUL90063: ROBERT GRAVES AND ALAN HODGE. - The Long Week-end. A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939.
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BC13914: ALASDAIR GRAY. - The Ends of Our Tethers. Thirteen Sorry Stories. With decorations by the author. (SIGNED)
BC10309: ALASDAIR GRAY - A History Maker.
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19896: JOHN GRAY. - Park. A Fantastic Story. With an introduction by Bernard Bergonzi
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BC10307: ALASDAIR GRAY - Something Leather. With illustrations and a dust wrapper design by the author.
13532: SIMON GRAY - Wise Child. A play.
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BC14188: HENRY GREEN - Nothing. A novel.
BC13932: GARY GREENBERG - The Pop-Up Book of Phobias. With illustrations by Balvis Rubess and pop-ups by Matthew Reinhart.
ARC90375: GRAHAM GREENE. - The Little Horse Bus. With illustrations by Dorothy Craigie.
BC13095: GRAHAM GREENE - contributes his poems 'Paint and Wood' and 'Childishness' to the anthology Oxford Poetry 1924
ARC90674: GRAHAM GREENE - contributes his poems 'Paint and Wood' and 'Childishness' to Oxford Poetry 1924. Edited by Harold Acton and Peter Quennell.
13816: GRAHAM GREENE - La Piccola Diligenza. (The Little Horse Bus). Illustrato da Dorothy Craigie.
BC13094: GRAHAM GREENE (WRITING AS 'GRAHAM H.GREENE') - contributes his poems 'Stepping Stones' and 'Apologia' to the anthology Oxford Poetry 1923.
BC10111: GRAHAM GREENE - is the subject of Laurence Lerner's lengthy 15-page critical assessment contributed to an issue of the periodical Critical Quarterly.
KP90247: GRAHAM GREENE. - May We Borrow Your Husband? And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life.
BC14146: GRAHAM GREENE - The Lawless Roads. A Mexican Journey.
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19246: W.E.GREENWOOD. - The Villa Madama Rome. A Reconstruction. A monograph of the finest decorated villa of the Italian Renaissance.
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19028: JOSEPH GRELIER - To the Source of the Orinoco. Translated from the French by H.A.G.Schmuckler. With photographs.
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JUL040310011: F.L.GRIGGS. - F.L.Griggs. A monograph. . With an introduction by Malcolm C.Salaman.
JUL040310012: F.L.GRIGGS. - "The Work of F.L.Griggs, R.A., R.E. With particular reference to his Etchings. A Memorial Lecture by Harold J.L.Wright, delivered at Cheltenham Art Gallery on Thursday, February 9th, 1939."
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19465: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - The Fiesta and other poems.
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19463: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - Discoveries of Bones and Stones and other poems.
19466: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - History of Him. Poems
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19381: L.V.GRINSELL - The Blowing Stone.
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19203: CHARLES GROSBOIS. - Shunga. Images of Spring. An Essay on Erotic Elements in Japanese Art.
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KP90400: GEORGE GROSZ. - A Small Yes and a Big No. The Autobiography of George Grosz. Translated by Arnold J.Pomerans.
GAM00256: MAX BEERBOHM. IRA GRUSHOW. - The Imaginary Reminiscences of Sir Max Beerbohm.
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19336: GREAT WAR BATTLEFIELD GUIDE. - Rheims and the Battle for its Possession.
BC13073: THOM GUNN AND ANDER GUNN. - Positives. Verses by Thom Gunn and photographs by Ander Gunn.
19738: THOM GUNN - contributes his poem 'Two Ghosts' to an issue of the periodical Oasis.
ARC90207: THOM GUNN - contributes his poem 'Two Ghosts' to a special Prize Winning Poetry issue of the Trinity College periodical Oasis.
ARC90866: FANTASY POETS. THOM GUNN - [Poems]. The Fantasy Poets Number Sixteen.
BC10134: THOM GUNN - contributes his poem 'Misanthropos' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
BC10113: THOM GUNN - contributes his poems 'Berlin in Ruins' and 'Tending Bar' to an issue of the periodical Critical Quarterly.
BC12961: THOM GUNN - Boss Cupid. Poems.
ARC90141: THOM GUNN. - Fighting Terms. Poems.
ARC90745: THOM GUNN - The Sense of Movement. Poems.
BC12958: THOM GUNN - Fighting Terms. Poems.
BC12820: IVOR GURNEY - Humphrey Clucas contributes an eight-page essay on 'The Poetry of Ivor Gurney' to an issue of the periodical Agenda.
ARC91491: IVOR GURNEY - War Letters. A selection edited and introduced by R.K.R.Thornton.
ARC91254: HAROLD MONRO. JAMES GUTHRIE - The Rebellious Vine. With decorations by James Guthrie.
BC13321: MARK HADDON - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. (SIGNED)
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ARC90768: DOUGLAS HAIG - A special Douglas Haig memorial issue of the British Legion Journal
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19218: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - "contributes his poem' Orpheus Street, S.E.5' to an English Poetry Today issue of the periodical Agenda. Edited by William Cookson"
KP90381: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - A special Tribute to Michael Hamburger issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC10147: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - contributes his Rainer Maria Rilke essay 'An Anatomy of Orpheus. Rilke Among the Critics' to an issue of the periodical Encounter. Edited by Stephen Spender & Melvin J.Lasky.
19219: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - "contributes an analysis of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and translations of poems by Gunter Grass, Georg Trakl and Peter Huchel poems to a double-issue of the periodical Agenda devoted to translations. Edited by William Cookson."
BC10105: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - "contributes his four poems 'Grey Heart', 'Woodland Lake', 'The House Martins' and 'Removed' to an issue of the periodical Critical Quarterly."
BC12419: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - Collected Poems 1941-1994.
BC14007: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - Ownerless Earth. New and Selected Poems. (SIGNED)
19217: MICHAEL HAMBURGER - "contributes his poems 'Travelling' and 'October' to an issue of the periodical Agenda, Edited by William Cookson"
ARC90813: IAN HAMILTON - Anniversary and Vigil. Two poems.
14942: WALTER HAMILTON - A Sketch of the Drama in England during the Last Three Centuries. A lecture.
BUL90075: ERNEST W.HAMILTON - The First Seven Divisions. Being a detailed Account of the Fighting from Mons to Ypres.
19739: JOHN HAMPSON - Man About the House. Edited by John Hackney and with an illustration by Joy Lloyd. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION).
BC11989: TONY HANANIA. - Unreal City.
15561: JAMES HANLEY - Plays One. (The Inner Journey and A Stone Flower).
16731: TIMOTHY HANLEY - A Flight of Birds. With drawings by John Morton Sale.
ARC91145: REDMOND O'HANLON - Into the Heart of Borneo. An Account of a journey made in 1983 to the mountains of Batu Tiban with James Fenton.
BUL90336: NEIL HANSON. - First Blitz. The Secret German Plan to Raze London to the Ground in 1918.
12850: JOHN O'HARA - Pal Joey.
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EVES9073: THOMAS HARDY - Late Lyrics and Earlier. With Many Other Verses.
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99223: ROLAND HARRIS - A Sequence of Little Sonnets.
16347: WILSON HARRIS - Da Silva da Silva's Cultivated Winderness [and] Genesis of the Clowns.
ARC90052: THOMAS HARRIS. . - The Silence of the Lambs
BUL90492: GEORGE FREDERIC HANDEL. ELLEN T.HARRIS. - Handel and the Pastoral Tradition.
BC13199: TONY HARRISON - A Cold Coming. Gulf War Poems. (SIGNED)
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BC13822: JIM HARRISON - Warlock. A novel.
BC11425: CANON F.HARRISON. - Stained Glass of York Minster.
BC13823: JIM HARRISON - Julip. Three novellas.
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18120: "BRIAN W.ALDISS & HARRY HARRISON, (WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY ALFRED BESTER, DAMON KNIGHT, FREDERIK POHL & ROBERT SILVERBERG)" - "Hell's Cartographers. Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers. Edited and with an introduction by Brian Aldiss and Harry Harrison,"
BC13821: JIM HARRISON - Legends of the Fall. Three novellas.
BC12858: DAVID HARSENT - In Secret. Versions of Yannis Ritsos. Poems.
BUL90371: HERBERT M.HART. - "Tour Guide to Old Western Forts. The Posts and Camps of the Army, Navy and Marines on the Western Frontier, 1804-1916."
BC12837: KEVIN HART - New and Selected Poems.
19653: FRANCIS RUSSELL HART - The Scottish Novel. From Smollett to Spark.
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ARC90932: L.P.HARTLEY - Eustace and Hilda.
KP90641: L.P.HARTLEY - contributes his sixteen-page story 'The Pylons' to an issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
KP90642: L.P.HARTLEY - contributes his nineteen-page story 'The Ghost-Writers' to an issue of the periodical The London Magazine.
ARC90327: L.P.HARTLEY. - Simonetta Perkins.
KP90344: PHILIP LARKIN. JEAN HARTLEY - Philip Larkin The Marvell Press and Me.
ARC90264: L.P.HARTLEY. - Night Fears and other stories.
BC13842: ERICH HARTMANN - In the Camps.
17841: ANDREW HARVEY - A Journey in Ladakh.
BC13383: JOHN HARVEY - The Plate Shop
BC13547: ROBERT HASS - Field Guide [and] Praise [and] Human Wishes [and] Time and Materials. Poems 1997-2005.
17843: "JOAN HASSALL, MARY RUSSELL MITFORD" - Our Village. With wood engravings by Joan Hassall.
19946: MARGARET LANE. JOAN HASSALL. - The Drug-Like Bronte Dream. With illustration by Joan Hassall. (SIGNED)
LEV90001: JOAN HASSALL - Dearest Joana. A Selection of Joan HassallĂs Lifetime Letters and Art. Edited by Brian North Lee and with an introduction by John Dreyfus.
BC14085: JACQUES HAUMONT - L'art du Livre et la Typographie / Typography and the Art of the Book.
17269: MARIANNE HAUSER - Prince Ishmael.
BC13288: LADY CLEMENTINA HAWARDEN - Clementina Lady Hawarden. A monograph. Edited by Graham Ovenden.
19288: BESSY HAWKER. - Overlooked. A Story of North Devon.
19917: ARTHUR HAYDEN - Chats on Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. With a frontispiece and 56 full-page illustrations
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19207: JOHN HAYWARD. - Prose Literature since 1939. With photographs.
ARC91165: JOHN HAYWARD (EDITS). - "English Poetry. An illustrated catalogue of first and early editions exhibited in 1947 at 7 Albemarle Street, London. Compiled and revised by John Hayward."
KP90624: SEAMUS HEANEY - "contributes the first printing of his three poems 'Father of the Bride', 'Mother of the Groom' and 'In Devon' to a special Irish issue of the periodical Aquarius."
BC13824: SEAMUS HEANEY - The Spirit Level. Poems.
BC12812: SEAMUS HEANEY - "contributes 'The Walk' (the first printing of this poem), and is also the subject of three lengthy critical essays appearing in a special 'Irish Poetry' double-issue of the periodical Agenda."
BC12823: SEAMUS HEANEY - William Bedford and Michael Kinsella contribute reviews of Seamus Heaney's collection 'District and Circle' to an issue of the periodical Agenda.
KP90380: SEAMUS HEANEY - A special issue of the periodical Agenda celebrating Heaney's fiftieth birthday.
19460: SEAMUS HEANEY - contributes his poems 'The Fields of Light' and 'Loughanure' to the second issue of the occasional literary journal Archipelago
EVES9031: SEAMUS HEANEY - Crediting Poetry. The Nobel Lecture.
BC12372: SEAMUS HEANEY - "contributes the first printing of his poem 'Servant Boy' to Responses, an anthology of poetry published to coincide with the 1971 Bedford Square Book Bang."
19624: SEAMUS HEANEY - contributes his poem 'A Sofa in the Forties' to the anthology Poems for Alan Hancox.
BC12811: SEAMUS HEANEY - Michael Alexander contributes a four-page review of Seamus Heaney's 'Beowulf' to an issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC14017: SEAMUS HEANEY - Sweeney Astray. Poems.
BC14015: SEAMUS HEANEY - North. Poems.
BC13611: SEAMUS HEANEY - Sweeney Astray. A version from the Irish. (SIGNED)
ARC91139: SEAMUS HEANEY - Door into the Dark. Poems.
BC12356: SEAMUS HEANEY - Diary of One who Vanished. A song cycle by Leo▄ Jan▀cek in a new version by Seamus Heaney.
ARC91531: "SEAMUS HEANEY, LAURIE LEE, JENNY JOSEPH AND LAWRENCE SAIL." - The Four Elements. Four broadsheet poems especially written and printed for the Friends of the Cheltenham Festival of Literature. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC91504: SEAMUS HEANEY - contributes his eighteen-page essay 'Envies and Identifications: Dante and the Modern Poet' to the anthology Dante Readings. Edited by Eric Haywood.
BC12383: SEAMUS HEANEY - contributes his poem 'In Memoriam: Sean O'Riada' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Review.
9922760: JOHN HEARNE - The Autumn Equinox.
15573: "WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST, JOHN K.WINKLER" - W.R.Hearst. An American Phenomenon. With an introduction by Wickham Steed.
13541: ROY A.K.HEATH - "Kwaku, or The Man who could not Keep his Mouth Shut."
BC12175: ROBERT A.HEINLEIN - Friday.
8919: JOSEPH HELLER - God Knows.
8917: JOSEPH HELLER - Good as Gold.
BUL90524: CHRIS HELLIER & FRANCESCO VENTURI. - Splendours of the Bosphorus. Houses and Palaces of Istanbul. Text by Chris Hellier and photographs by Francesco Venturi and Hellier. Tauris
ARC91544: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - The Old Man and the Sea.
11748: SALLY HENDERSON & ROBERT LANDAU - "Billboard Art. Edited by Michelle Feldman, with an introduction from a conversation with David Hockney. Illustrated with dozens of photographs, many in colour."
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BC13784: KEITH HENDERSON - Letters to Helen. Impressions of an Artist on the Western Front.
19913: MATTHEW SMITH. PHILIP HENDY - Matthew Smith - The Penguin Modern Painters. Edited by Kenneth Clark
18353: FRITZ HENLE - Fritz Henle's Rollei. Over 80 photographs. With text by Vivienne Tallal Winterry.
BC11517: W.B.YEATS. T.R.HENN. - W.B.Yeats and the Poetry of War. The 1965 Warton Lecture on English Poetry. (INSCRIBED)
BC12150: T.R.HENN. - Last Essays.
15875: JOHN POPE-HENNESSY - The Study and Criticism of Italian Sculpture. Essays. With nearly 250 illustrations.
19319: ?MILE HENRIOT. - La Bataille de la Marne. 1. Les Combats sur l'Ourcq.
99121: DR.JOHN BULL. LEIGH HENRY - Dr. John Bull 1562-1628. A Biography by Leigh Henry.
DAN90007: BARBARA HEPWORTH - The Complete Sculpture of Barbara Hepworth 1960-69. Edited by Alan Bowness. (SIGNED BY THE EDITOR)
BUL90044: BARBARA HEPWORTH. - "The Family of Man ű Nine Bronzes and Recent Carvings. The catalogue of a 1972 exhibition at Marlborough Fine Art, London."
ARC90146: BARBARA HEPWORTH. - A Pictorial Autobiography. Lavishly illustrated throughout with nearly 350 reproductions.
ARC90225: JAMES HERBERT. - The Dark.
991733: JAMES LEO HERLIHY - The Sleep of Baby Filbertson and Other Stories. With illustrations by Tom Keogh.
15575: JAMES LEO HERLIHY - The Sleep of Baby Filbertson and Other Stories. With illustrations by Tom Keogh.
BUL90327: JOSEF HERMAN. - "Warsaw, Brussels, Glasgow, London 1938-44. A monograph."
BC11538: PAULINE STAINER. JOSEPH HEWES - Salt over Skara Brae. A poem by Pauline Stainer with five delightful drawings by Joseph Hewes. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION).
ARC91169: GEORGETTE HEYER - Devil's Club.
18595: THOR HEYERDAHL - The Tigris Expedition. With numerous photographs.
BC13656: WILFRED OWEN. DOMINIC HIBBERD - Wilfred Owen. The Last Year 1917-1918.
BC11833: PETER H¤EG. - Tales of the Night. Translated from the Danish by Barbara Haveland.
BC14077: HENRY WILLIAMSON. MELVYN DAVID HIGGINBOTTOM. - Intellectuals and British Fascism. A Study of Henry Williamson.
BC12943: BRIAN HIGGINS - The Northern Fiddler. Poems.
BC12942: BRIAN HIGGINS - Notes While Travelling. Poems.
GAM00152: F.R.HIGGINS. - The Gap of Brightness. Lyrical Poems.
19822: A.HENRY HIGGINSON - British and American Sporting Authors. Their Writings and Biographies. With a Bibliography by Sydney R.Smith and Foreword by Ernest R.Gee
19830: PATRICIA HIGHSMITH - A Dog's Ransom.
BC12758: GEOFFREY HILL. - Clavics. The Daybooks IV.
BC13102: GEOFFREY HILL - The Mystery of the Charity of Charles P┌guy.
ARC90727: GEOFFREY HILL - King Log. Poems
9922433: REGINALD HILL - The Collaborators.
BC11829: GEOFFREY HILL - "The Enemy's Country. Words, Contexture, and other Circumstances of Language."
BC11827: GEOFFREY HILL - The Lords of Limit. Essays on Literature and Ideas.
ARC91141: REGINALD HILL - A Pinch of Snuff. A Dalziel & Pascoe novel.
ARC91607: SUSAN HILL. - The Enclosure.
14498: REGINALD HILL (WRITING AT CHARLES UNDERHILL) - "Captain Fantom. By ""Charles Underhill"""
BUL90207: SUSAN HILL. - The Woman in Black. A Ghost Story. With illustrations by John Lawrence.
KP90266: SUSAN HILL. - The Bird of Night.
14497: REGINALD HILL - No Man's Land. A novel of the Great War.
18596: CHESTER HIMES - If he Hollers Let him Go.
19275: UNIT HISTORY. - Short History of the London Rifle Brigade. Compiled Regimentally. With drawings and photographs.
10304: DOROTHY M.HOARE. (W.B.YEATS AND WILLIAM MORRIS) - The Works of Morris and of Yeats in Relation to Early Saga Literature.
17273: RUSSELL HOBAN - A Baby Sister for Frances. (INSCRIBED). With illustrations by Lillian Hoban.
9464: RUSSELL HOBAN - Pilgermann.
14965: RUSSELL HOBAN - The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz.
BC12893: CHARLES HOBDAY - How Goes the Enemy? Poems. (INSCRIBED)
CW90027: J.R.A.HOCKIN. - On Foot in Berkshire. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90444: DAVID HOCKNEY - "Paintings, Prints and Drawings 1960-1970. The catalogue of a 1970 exhibition, the artists' first major retrospective."
19930: JACK HODGES - The Heart of the Writer. Private and Public Lives of English Writers
15578: J.L.HODGKINSON & REX POGSON - The Early Manchester Theatre.
BC13634: RALPH HODGSON - Collected Poems.
ARC90989: REYNOLDS STONE. RALPH HODGSON - The Skylark and other poems. Edited by Colin Fenton and with wood engravings by Reynolds Stone. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC13644: PAT HODGSON - The War Illustrators.
BC14058: RALPH HODGSON - The Last Blackbird and Other Lines.
19836: HENRY MOORE. J.P.HODIN - Moore.
19752: PETER HOEG - Smilla's Sense of Snow. Translated from the Danish by Tina Nunnally.
BC14022: MICHAEL HOFMANN - Acrimony. Poems. (SIGNED)
DAN90005: PAUL HOGARTH - Drawing on Life. The Autobiography of Paul Hogarth. With an introduction by Richard Ingrams.
BC13743: I.V.HOGG AND L.F.THURSTON - British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914-1918.
9922438: DAVID HOLBROOK - The Secret Places. Essays on Imaginative Work in English Teaching and on the Culture of the Child.
9922439: DAVID HOLBROOK - English for the Rejected. Training Literacy in the Lower Streams of the Secondary School.
BC11286: DYLAN THOMAS. DAVID HOLBROOK. - Llareggub Revisited. Dylan Thomas and the State of Modern Poetry.
BC13079: KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND - East Anglian Poems. With illustrations by James Dodds. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC11631: BRIAN EDWARD HOLLEY. - They Went Away to War.
BC12646: ALAN HOLLINGHURST - The Folding Star. (SIGNED)
ARC91157: ALAN HOLLINGHURST - The Swimming-Pool Library.
IMM90018: EDWARD THOMAS. MATTHEW HOLLIS - Now All Roads Lead to France. The Last Years of Edward Thomas.
13543: CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS - Lenin. Portrait of a Professional Revolutionary. With illustrations.
10001: ALDOUS HUXLEY. CHARLES M.HOLMES - Aldous Huxley and the Way to Reality.
BC12554: JACK KEROUAC. JOHN CLELLON HOLMES - Remembering Jack Kerouac
BC11718: AUGUSTUS JOHN. MICHAEL HOLROYD - Augustus John: The Years of Innocence [and] The Years of Experience. Complete in two volumes. (SIGNED)
19580: JEREMY HOOKER - Poetry of Place. Essays and Reviews 1970-1981. (INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HIS PARENTS)
19565: JEREMY HOOKER - A View from the Source. Selected Poems. (SIGNED)
19572: JEREMY HOOKER - The Elements. (SIGNED)
19573: JEREMY HOOKER - Scattered Light. Poems. (SIGNED)
19576: JEREMY HOOKER (WRITING AS P.J.HOOKER) - edits and contributes four poems and several reviews (including one of Thom Gunn's debut collection 'Fighting Terms') to Second Wessex. The Journal of the University of Southampton. (SIGNED)
19585: JEREMY HOOKER - Poems '71. Edited by Jeremy Hooker. (SIGNED)
19578: JEREMY HOOKER - "Arnolds Wood. A verse sequence followed by a five-page essay, both written in tribute to poet and teacher Les Arnold. (SIGNED)"
19577: JEREMY HOOKER - Reflection on Ground and Seventeen Poems. (SIGNED)
19566: JEREMY HOOKER - Master of the Leaping Figures. Poems. (SIGNED)
19562: JEREMY HOOKER - Moments of Earth. Poems and Essays in Honour of Jeremy Hooker. Edited by Christopher Meredith. (SIGNED)
19593: JEREMY HOOKER - In Praise of Windmills. A poem by Hooker accompanied by six geometric monochrome silkscreen images by Tony Nesbit. (SIGNED)
19567: JEREMY HOOKER - "Welsh Journal, Upstate: A North American Journal [and] Openings: A European Journal. (SIGNED)"
19563: JEREMY HOOKER - Our Lady of Europe. Poems. (SIGNED)
19574: JEREMY HOOKER - Adamah. Poems. (SIGNED)
19581: JEREMY HOOKER - Landscape of the Daylight Moon. Poems. (SIGNED)
19589: JEREMY HOOKER AND LEE GRANDJEAN. - Their Silence a Language. (SIGNED)
19583: FRANCES BELLERBY. JEREMY HOOKER. - Selected Stories. Edited and with an introduction by Jeremy Hooker. (SIGNED BY THE EDITOR)
19551: JEREMY HOOKER AND NORMAN ACKROYD - Itchen Water. Poems by Jeremy Hooker and etchings by Norman Ackroyd. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
19569: D.H.LAWRENCE. JEREMY HOOKER. - "Look! We Have Come Through! [and] Birds, Beasts and Flowers. Both with an introduction by Jeremy Hooker. (SIGNED)"
19588: DAVID JONES. JEREMY HOOKER - David Jones. An Exploratory Study of the Writings. (SIGNED)
19575: JEREMY HOOKER - Three Poems. (SIGNED)
19586: JEREMY HOOKER - Soliloquies of a Chalk Giant. Poems. (SIGNED)
99633: A.D.HOPE - A Bibliography.
ARC91029: A.D.HOPE. - Poems.
99494: GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS - Immortal Diamond. Studies in Gerard Manley Hopkins. Edited by Norman Weyand & Raymond Schoder and with an introduction by John Pick.
19803: JULES ROMAINS. GERARD HOPKINS - Tussles With Time. Translated fro the French by Gerard Hopkins.
KP90191: LLEWELYN POWYS. KENNETH HOPKINS. - Llewelyn Powys. An essay.
15579: TOM HOPKINSON - "In the Fiery Continent. (Memoirs by the celebrated editor of ""Picture Post"", mostly centred around his somewhat stormy years on the African picture paper ""Drum"")."
ARC90512: ST. JOHN ADCOCK. E.O.HOPP┌ - The Glory That Was Grub Street. Impressions of Contemporary Authors. With thirty-two camera studies by E.O.Hopp┌ on tipped-in leaves.
ARC090310013: NICK HORNBY - Fever Pitch. A Fan's Life. (INSCRIBED)
BC12277: FRANCES HOROVITZ - "A short tribute by Anthony Rudolf accompanied by 'Evening' and 'Cancer Ward', the recently deceased poets final two poems, appear in an issue of the periodical Stand Magazine."
ARC90855: SHELL GUIDE. W.G.HOSKINS. - Rutland. A Shell Guide.
19782: LESLIE HOTSON - Shakespeare's Wooden O
BUL90502: RICHARD HOUGH - The Great War at Sea 1914-1918.
19740: LAURENCE HOUSMAN - The New Hangman. A Play in One Act. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
99243: LAURENCE HOUSMAN - Cynthia. A poem. (SIGNED)
BC14174: A.E.HOUSMAN - "The Confines of Criticism. The Cambridge Inaugural 1911. The complete text, with a preface and notes by John Carter."
ARC90027: LAURENCE HOUSMAN (TRANSLATES). - Of Aucassin and Nicolette. (SIGNED). A Translation in Prose and Verse from the old French together with Amabel and Amoris. With drawings by Paul Woodroffe engraved on the wood by Clemence Housman.
BC13991: CLAUD LOVAT FRASER. A.E.HOUSMAN - A Shropshire Lad. With illustrations by Claud Lovat Fraser and an introduction by Kelsey Thornton. (INSCRIBED BY THE PUBLISHER)
BC14190: A.E.HOUSMAN - A Shropshire Lad. With illustrations by William Hyde.
BC121009009: J.A.HAMMERTON. HESKETH HUBBARD - Memories of Books and Places. With original illustrations by Hesketh Hubbard. (INSCRIBED)
BC14134: L.RON HUBBARD - Have You Lived Before This Life? A Scientific Study.
KP90201: W.H.HUDSON. - A Crystal Age.
99495: HOYT HOPEWELL HUDSON - The Epigram in the English Renaissance.
19106: DEREK HUDSON - The Forgotten King and Other Essays.
BC12933: W.H.HUDSON. - Nature in Downland.
991742: "VIOLET HUDSON, JEAN-LOUIS CURTIS" - The Silken Ladder. Translated by Violet Hudson & E.B.Behrens. (INSCRIBED)
19951: W.H.HUDSON - A Hind in Richmond Park.
ARC90571: HELEN THOMAS. W.H.HUDSON. - A Memory of W.H.Hudson. With an introduction by Myfanwy Thomas and illustrations by Michael Renton.
BC230510004: "W.H.HUDSON, ERIC FITCH DAGLISH" - "Far Away and Long Ago. A History of my Early Life. With wood engravings by Eric Fitch Daglish, and an introduction by R.B.Cunninghame Graham. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)."
19722: JOHN HUET. - Soul of the Game. Images and Voices of Street Basketball. With an introduction by Pee Wee Kirkland. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
JH900032: FRANK E.HUGGETT - Cartoonists at War.
BC12834: TED HUGHES - Leslie Norris contributes a four-page review of Ted Hughes' collection 'Crow' to an issue of the periodical Poetry Wales.
BC12857: IAN HUGHES - Slate. Poems.
99244: GLYN HUGHES - Towards the Sun. Poems and photographs.
17276: THOMAS HUGHES - "A Journal by Thos. Hughes for his Amusement, & Designed only for his Perusal by the time he attains the Age of 50 if he lives so long (1778-1789). Edited by E.A.Benians."
99245: GLYN HUGHES - Almost-Love Poems.
IMM90016: TED HUGHES - What is the Truth? A Farmyard Fable for the Young. With scores of drawings by R.J.Lloyd.
BC12801: TED HUGHES - Peter Dale contributes a five-page review of Ted Hughes' book 'Crow' to an issue of the periodical Agenda.
BC12772: HENRY WILLIAMSON. TED HUGHES - "Henry Williamson. A Tribute. The text of a tribute by Ted Hughes given at the Service of Thanksgiving at the Royal Parish Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, 1 December 1977. (SIGNED LETTERED COPY)"
14501: RICHARD HUGHES - The Wooden Shepherdess. Volume two of The Human Predicament trilogy.
19657: TED HUGHES - The Iron Woman. With drawings by Andrew Davis.
KP90627: TED HUGHES - "contributes his poems 'On the Slope' and 'Beech Tree' to an issue of the periodical The Poetry Review,"
KP90621: TED HUGHES - contributes his poem 'Coming Down Through Somerset' to an issue of the periodical Southwest Review
BC10106: TED HUGHES - contributes his poem 'O White ?lite' Lotus to an issue of the periodical Critical Quarterly.
ARC90216: TED HUGHES. - Meet My Folks! With illustrations by George Adamson.
ARC90815: GLYN HUGHES - Presence.
ARC91625: TED HUGHES - The Hawk in the Rain. Poems.
BC12951: GLYN HUGHES - Neighbours. Poems 1965-69.
SPE90172: TED HUGHES - contributes his poem 'Historian' (the second appearance of this verse in print) to an issue of the periodical Encounter.
99879: LANGSTON HUGHES - Simple Stakes a Claim.
ARC91221: RICHARD HUGHES (EDITS) - "co-edits Public School Verse. An Anthology Vol. VI 1925-1926. Edited and with a brief preface by Martin Gilkes, Richard Hughes and P.H.B.Lyon. (THE EDITOR'S COPY)"
BC13894: TED HUGHES AND LEONARD BASKIN - Cave Birds. An Alchemical Cave Drama. Poems by Ted Hughes With drawings by Leonard Baskin.
16746: ERIC TRAVISS HULL - Murder Lays a Golden Egg. A Detective Story.
19871: ARTHUR L.HUMPHREYS - "The House, the Garden, and the Steeple. A collection of Old Mottoes"
JW050910001: NIGEL HUMPHREYS - "The Flavour of Parallel. Poems. Edited, with an introduction by Jonathan Wood."
16362: LEIGH HUNT - "The Old Court Suburb, or Memorials of Kensington, Regal, Critical, and Anecdotical. Complete in two volumes."
16361: LEIGH HUNT - "Prefaces by Leigh Hunt, Mainly to his Periodicals. Edited by R.Brimley Johnson."
BC13801: LESLIE C.HUNT. - The Prisoners' Progress. An Illustrated Diary of the March into Captivity of the Last of the British Army in France - June 1940.
19855: "EILEEN HUNTER, PAULINE BAYNES" - "Tales of Waybeyond, With illustrations by Pauline Baynes"
19845: BETTINA HURLIMANN - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe. Translated from the German and edited by Brian W.Alderson.
BC13745: STEVE HURST - The Public School Battalion in the Great War. A History of the 16th (Public Schools) Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own). August 1914 to July 1916.
19889: MONICA M.HUTCHINGS - The Chronicles of Church Farm
19724: ALDOUS HUXLEY - "contributes his poems 'Mole', 'The Picture Shop' and 'The Wheel' to the anthology Oxford Poetry 1916"
10959: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Rotunda. A Selection from the Works of Aldous Huxley.
13830: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Little Mexican & Other Stories.
14972: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Ape and Essence.
18606: ELSPETH HUXLEY - Their Shining Eldorado. A Journey through Australia.
18605: ALDOUS HUXLEY - The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems.
99258: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Leda.
19887: ALDOUS HUXLEY - On the Margin. Notes and Essays
9922456: ALDOUS HUXLEY - "Science, Liberty and Peace."
14983: "ALDOUS HUXLEY, ALEXANDER HENDERSON" - Aldous Huxley. A study.
14981: ALDOUS HUXLEY - "Aldous Huxley at UCLA. Catalogue of manuscripts, with texts of three hitherto unpublished letters. Edited by George Wickes."
14978: ALDOUS HUXLEY - An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism. Edited by Aldous Huxley.
9470: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Adonis and the Alphabet and Other Essays.
99528: MARY HYDE - The Impossible Friendship: Boswell and Mrs.Thrale. With illustrations.
KP90602: WILLIAM GOLDING. SAMUEL HYNES - William Golding. An essay.
17277: RACHEL INGALLS - Mrs Caliban.
ARC170208051: V.E.INGLEFIELD - The History of the Twentieth (Light) Division. With an Introduction by Lieut.-General the Earl of Cavan.
ARC90361: RICHARD INGRAMS. - Goldenballs. (SIGNED)
19915: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND - A Concise Catalogue of the Oil Paintings [held in The National Gallery of Ireland]
BUL90525: ALBERT IRVIN - "Four Score. The catalogue of a 2002 exhibition at Gimpel Fils, London."
ARC90664: JOHN IRVING - The Hotel New Hampshire.
18369: "CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD, BRIAN FINNEY" - Christopher Isherwood. A Critical Biography. With illustrations. (PROOF)
BC10989: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD. - Goodbye to Berlin.
14506: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - A Meeting by the River.
BC14071: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - A Meeting by the River. A novel.
ARC91278: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - Lions and Shadows. An Education in the Twenties
ARC210109007: KAZUO ISHIGURO - An Artist of the Floating World
ARC91292: KAZUO ISHIGURO - The Remains of the Day.
19746: LYTTON STRACHEY. K.R.SRINIVASA IYENGAR - Lytton Strachey. A Critical Study.
ARC91507: L.P.JACKS - All Men are Ghosts. Stories.
13831: SHEILA JACKSON - "Music Time. With lithographic illustrations by Sheila Jackson, several in colour."
ARC90977: W.W.JACOBS - The Lady of the Barge
BUL90445: HOWARD JACOBSON - The Making of Henry. (SIGNED)
17866: DAN JACOBSON - The Evidence of Love.
14509: "ROBIN JACQUES, CHARLES DICKENS" - Doctor Marigold. A story. With drawings by Robin Jacques and bibliographical notes by Percy H.Muir.
ARC90613: T.S.ELIOT. ALICE JAHIER - Inoubliable France / France Remembered. Translated from the French by J.G.Weightman. With an introduction by T.S.Eliot and a brief foreword by the photographer (in exile in London).
BC12517: GILBERT & GEORGE. WOLF JAHN. - "The Art of Gilbert & George, or An Aesthetic of Existence. (SIGNED)"
19721: "WINIFRED STEPHENS. HENRY JAMES, THOMAS HARDY, H G WELLS, RUDYARD KIPLING, &C." - The Book of France. In Aid of the French Parliamentary Committees Fund for the Relief of the Invaded Departments. Edited by Winifred Stephens.
SPE90138: P.D.JAMES - Original Sin. An Adam Dalgliesh mystery. (SIGNED)
BC12819: CLIVE JAMES - contributes his poem 'Literary Lunch' to a special Australian double-issue of periodical Agenda
ARC91083: P.D.JAMES - An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. (SIGNED)
ARC90504: HENRY JAMES - The Question of Henry James. A Collection of Critical Essays. Edited and with an introduction by F.W.Dupee.
BC10170: NORAH C.JAMES - Sleeveless Errand. A novel. With a preface by Edward Garnett.
19872: ANDREW LANG. GILBERT JAMES. - Aucassin and Nicolete. Translated from the French by Andrew Lang and with twelve photogravures after drawings by Gilbert James.
BC14144: JOHN JAMES - Collected Poems.
BC14105: P.D.JAMES - The Children of Men. (SIGNED)
ARC91188: C.L.R.JAMES - Beyond a Boundary.
19908: M.R.JAMES - "The Manuscripts of St.George's Chapel, Windsor. A paper."
991157: HENRY JAMES - "contributes ""An Autumn Journey: Leaves from a Note-book"" to an issue of the periodical The Galaxy."
BUL90407: LIONEL JAMES. - With the Conquered Turk. The Story of a Latter-Day Adventurer.
ARC91007: P.D.JAMES - The Black Tower. (plus signed photograph)
BC12899: KATHLEEN JAMIE AND SEAN MAYNE SMITH - The Autonomous Region. Poems and Photographs from Tibet.
JH301109033: LISA JARDINE AND JERRY BROTTON - Global Interests. Renaissance Art Between East and West. With illustrations
BC13560: ROBERT DUNCAN. LISA JARNOT - Robert Duncan. The Ambassador from Venus. A biography.
BUL90546: ROBERT DEMACHY. BILL JAY. - Robert Demachy 1859-1936. Photographs and Essays.
BC13456: HENRY WILLIAMSON. RICHARD JEFFERIES - Hodge and His Masters. Edited and with an introduction by Henry Williamson.
ARC90726: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Thoughts on the Migration of Birds. With illustrations by Nicholas Parry. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC14191: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Richard Jefferies. A Tribute by Various Writers. Edited by Samuel Looker.
BC070608001: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Landscape and Labour. A New Collection of Essays. Edited by John Pearson and with twenty full-page drawings by Ursula Sieger.
18377: RICHARD JEFFERIES - contributes his essay 'The Makers of Summer' to the 28 May issue of the periodical Chamber's Journal.
ARC90884: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Dewy Morn. A novel.
ARC90898: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Wood Magic. A fable. Complete in two volumes.
ARC91570: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Story of my Heart. My Autobiography.
ARC91569: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Scarlet Shawl. A novel.
GM90060: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Dewy Morn.
GM90061: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - contributes the first printing of his celebrated essay 'Wild Flowers' to the July 1885 issue of the periodical Longman's Magazine.
ARC90875: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Meadow Thoughts. With five wood-engravings by Nicholas Perry. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC10018: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Life of the Fields.
ARC250510001: "RICHARD JEFFERIES, HENRY WILLIAMSON" - "Hodge and his Masters. Edited, with revisions and a foreword by Henry Williamson, with illustrations and photographs."
BC10025: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Amaryllis at the Fair.
19438: RICHARD JEFFERIES - "Hodge and his Masters. Edited, with revisions and a six-page foreword by Henry Williamson."
BC10013: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Wood Magic. With an introduction by D.Colville Fraser and illustrations by Lorna Steele.
BC10027: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Toilers of the Field.
BC10030: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Pageant of Summer. With a preface by Thomas Coke Watkins.
BC11305: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Richard Jefferies. An Anthology. Edited and with an introduction by Hugoe Matthews and Rebecca Welshman.
ARC91375: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life.
14517: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Open Air. Essays.
19278: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Field and Hedgerow. Last Essays. Collected by his widow.
ARC90919: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Bevis. The Story of a Boy. With an introduction by E.V.Lucas.
19429: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Red Deer. With illustrations by Neil McReddie.
BC14089: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Story of My Heart. [An autobiography]. Edited with an introduction and notes by Samuel J.Looker.
GM90006: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - "Field and Hedgerow. Being the Last Essays of Richard Jefferies, collected by his widow."
GM90008: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Amateur Poacher.
GM90010: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Nature Near London.
GM90012: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Wood Magic. A Fable.
GM90019: RICHARD JEFFERIES (PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY). - Wild Life in a Southern County.
GM90022: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Toilers of the Field.
GM90024: RICHARD JEFFERIES - Toilers of the Field.
GM90030: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Pageant of Summer. With a preface by Thomas Coke Watkins.
GM90034: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Selections from Richard Jefferies. With an introduction and notes by F.W.Tickner.
GM90038: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Bevis. With a short introduction by Herbert Strang.
GM90039: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Bevis. With a short introduction by Herbert Strang.
GM90043: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Life of the Fields.
GM90048: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life. With illustrations by Charles Whymper.
GM90049: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life. With illustrations by Charles Whymper.
GM90062: RICHARD JEFFERIES - The Open Air.
JH301109020: GERTRUDE JEKYLL - Gertrude Jekyll. Essays on the Lifeof a Working Amateur. Edited by Michael Tooley & Primrose Arnander.
BC13978: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN-JENKINS - The Complete Who's Who of Test Cricketers. (INSCRIBED)
BC13977: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN-JENKINS - Ball by Ball. The Story of Cricket Broadcasting. (INSCRIBED)
BC13976: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN-JENKINS - Twenty Years On. Cricket's Years of Change 1963-1983. (SIGNED)
KP90210: ELIZABETH JENNINGS. - The Animal's Arrival. Poems.
KP90209: ELIZABETH JENNINGS. - Consequently I Rejoice. Poems.
BC13241: ELIZABETH JENNINGS - contributes her poems 'The Quarrell' and 'The Age of Innocence' to the first issue of the periodical Poetry London-New York. Edited by Tambimuttu.
ARC91047: ELIZABETH JENNINGS - contributes her poem 'Cave Dwellers' to an issue of the Fantasy Press periodical New Poems. Edited by Donald Hall.
ARC91049: ELIZABETH JENNINGS - Every Changing Shape.
BC14042: ELIZABETH JENNINGS - Collected Poems 1953-1985.
ARC90134: ELIZABETH JENNINGS. - Poems. With an introduction by Anne Ridler.
KP90401: ELIZABETH JENNINGS - Song for a Birth or a Death and other poems.
BUL90148: JEROME K.JEROME. - The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.
BC13746: DOUGLAS JERROLD - The Lie About the War.
9483: DOUGLAS JERROLD - The Truth about Quex. A novel.
19856: EDWARD JESSE. - Favourite Haunts and Rural Studies; including Visits to Spots of Interest in the vicinity of Windsor and Eton. With numerous illustrations.
12007: RUTH PRAWER JHABVALA - The Householder.
BC13382: RUTH PRAWER JHABVALA - Out of India. Selected Stories.
BC11720: AUGUSTUS JOHN - Autobiography. With an introduction by Michael Holroyd.
BC100211007: AUGUSTUS JOHN. - The catalogue of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. With text by Malcolm Easton and Romilly John.
9414: "AUGUSTUS JOHN, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY A[NTHONY]. B[ERTRAM]." - A monograph. With 35 plates.
19772: JASPER JOHNS - A Calendar for 1991
BC12488: JASPER JOHNS - The Sculptures. Published to accompany a 1996 exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute.
ARC91156: CAPTAIN W.E.JOHNS - Biggles of the Interpol. Some adventures of Air Decective-Inspector Bigglesworth of the International Police Commission. With illustrations by Leslie Stead.
17279: LIONEL JOHNSON - Some Winchester Letters.
17280: SAMUEL JOHNSON - "Some Unpublished Letters to and from Dr.Johnston. Edited by J.D.Wright from the originals. Reprinted with considerable additions from ""The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library"""
99503: "SAMUEL JOHNSON, JEAN H.HAGSTRUM" - Samuel Johnson's Literary Criticism.

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