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113512: KRASILOV V.A. - Paleoecology of Terestrial Plants: Basic Principles and Techniques
119591: CHAPLIN J.P. & KRAWIEC T.S. - Systems and Theories of Psychology
113717: KREGEL J.A. - Rate of Profit, Distribution and Growth: Two Views
115298: KREGEL J.A. - The Reconstruction of Political Economy: An Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics
117533: GANTMACHER F.R. & KREIN M.G. - Oszillationsmatrizen, Oszillationskerne und Kleine Schwingungen Mechanischer Systeme
141686: KRETOVICH V.L. - Principles of Plant Biochemistry. Translated from the Russian by T.Z. Nowakowski and A.J. Clarke. Translation edited by Margaret Holden
129623: KUMAR KRISHAN (ED) - Revolution: Theory and Practice of a European Idea
119376: JAIN KRISHNA - Description in Philosophy. With a particular reference to Wittgenstein and Husserl
138086: MATILAL BIMAL KRISHNA (ED: GANERI) - Epistemology, Logic and Grammar In Indian Philosophical Analysis. Edited by Jonardon Ganeri
102202: KRISHNAMURTI J. - Tradition and Revolution. Edited by Pupul Jakayar and Sunanda Patwardhan
132029: HVEEM HELGE & NORDHAUG KRISTEN (EDS) - Public Policy in the Age of Globalization: Responses to environmental and economic crises
113698: ANDERSEN KRISTI - The Creation of a Democratic Majority, 1928-1936
109983: SMIDT KRISTIAN - Unconformities in Shakespeare's Tragedies
138272: SHRADER-FRECHETTE KRISTIN - What Will Work: Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Energy, not Nuclear Power
138704: ÁRNASON KRISTJÁN - Quantity in Historical Phonology: Icelandic and related cases
138092: SHARMA KRITI - Interdependence: Biology and Beyond
113684: KROGER F.A. - Some Aspects of the Luminescence of Solids
123524: KRONBY M.C. - Divorce Practice Manual. Revised and edited by G.R. Davis and S.M. Grant
134105: KROPOTKIN P. - Fields, Factories and Workshops; or, Industry combined with agriculture and brain work with manual work
126916: KROTO H.W. - Molecular Rotation Spectra
135884: PAMORSKA KRYSTYNA - Language, Poetry and Poetics: The Generation of the 1890's - Jakobson, Trubetzkoy, Majakovskij
119555: HUNG-MING KU - Chinas Verteidigung gegen europaisiche Ideen. Herausgegeben mit einem Vorwort von Alfons Paquet
134256: THOMASSON KUNO - Amazonian Algae
130530: MITTELSTÄDT KUNO - Paul Gauguin: Self-portraits
121840: FISCHER KUNO - Goethes Tasso
103022: TUCHOLSKY KURT - Briefe aus dem Schweigen, 1932-1935
111229: DANZIGER KURT - Socialization
123147: TUCHOLSKY KURT - Rheinsberg: Ein Bilderbuch für Verliebte
122805: MÜHSAM KURT - Wie wir belogen wurden: Die amtliche Irreführung des deutschen Volkes
116817: KOSZYK KURT - Deutsche Presse, 1914-1945: Geschichte der deutschen Presse, Teil III
140475: RUDOLPH KURT - Gnosis: The Nature and History of Gnosticism
114517: WAIS KURT - An den Grenzen der Nationalliteraturen
119073: BALDINGER KURT - Etudes autour de Rabelais
117020: BIRKE ADOLF M. & KLUXEN KURT (EDS) - Church, State and Society in the 19th Century: An Anglo-German Comparison
120500: NEUMANN KURT - Die Internationalitat Marokkos
139380: SCHWITTERS KURT - Das literarische Werk (5 vols). Herausgegeben von Friehelm Lach
137425: KURTHEN HERMANN, BERGMAN WERNER & ERB RAINEY (EDS) - Antisemitism and Xenophobia in Germany after Unification
130502: KWON H.J. - Barrier Islands of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast: Sediment Source and Development
139811: GANN KYLE - No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage's 4 33
133769: BANKOFF GREG & ELSTON KYLIE - Environmental Regulation in Malaysia and Singapore
116811: BELAN KYRA - Madonnas: From Medieval to Modern
137391: HABACHI LABIB - Obelisks of Egypt: Skyscrapers of the past
114018: KAYE C.W.C. & LABY T.H. - Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants
137857: LACEY W.K. - Cicero and the End of the Roman Republic
139087: LACEY W.K. - Cicero and the End of the Roman Republic
136668: SHAW LACHLAN (ED: GORDON) - The History of the Province of Moray. Enlarged and brought down to the Present Time by J.F.S. Gordon (3 vols)
130460: BUDAY LADISLAS - La Hongrie après le Traité de Trianon
124091: BOROS LADISLAUS - Meditations (Reflections on the Incarnation)
134431: LINDSAY LADY - The Apostle of the Ardennes
121605: CHARNWOOD LADY - An Autograph Collection and the making of it
137515: LAGERKVIST PÄR - Evening Land aftonland. Translated by W.H. Auden and Leif Sjöberg. With an introduction by Leif Sjöberg
111578: LAIDLER D.E.W. - (2nd copy) Essays on Money and Inflation
111577: LAIDLER D.E.W. - Essays on Money and Inflation
111590: LAIDLER D.E.W. - (4th copy) Essays on Money and Inflation
111589: LAIDLER D.E.W. - (3rd copy) Essays on Money and Inflation
125518: LAING N.F. - Technological Uncertainty and the Pure Theory of Allocation: An Essay
122742: CLOWES W. LAIRD - All about the Royal Navy
124502: BERTRAND JULES ET LALIÉRE A. - Annuaire pratique des industries textiles belges et du vêtement
104371: TIFFIN JOHN AND RAJASINGHAM LALITA - In search of the virtual class: Education in an information society
133634: MARKMANN CHARLES LAM - The Noblest Cry: A History of the American Civil Liberties Union
118864: PENFIELD WILDER & ROBERTS LAMAR (EDS) - Speech and Brain Mechanisms
128830: LAMARTINE A. DE - Raphael: Pages de la vingtième année
121828: ORTIZ ELISABETH LAMBERT - The Book of Latin American Cooking
125480: LAMBERT J.D. - Vibrational and Rotational Relaxation in Gases
135888: LANCASTER N. - The Namib Sand Sea: Dune forms, processes and sediments
134554: BENNETT W. LANCE - The Political Mind and the Political Environment: An Investigation of Public Opinion and Political Consciousness
113862: BENNETT W. LANCE - The Governing Crisis: Media, Money, and Marketing in American Elections
139752: LANCELOT J.B. - Francis James Chavasse, Bishop of Liverpool
127293: LANDER ERNEST MCPHERSON, JR. - The Textile Industry in Antebellum South Carolina
134082: LANDER J.R. - Conflict and Stability in Fifteenth-century England
127039: FREEMAN A.J. & LANDER G.H. (EDS) - Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides, Volume 1
127040: FREEMAN A.J. & LANDER G.H. (EDS) - Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides, Volume 2
127037: FREEMAN A.J. & LANDER G.H. (EDS) - Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides, Volume 5
137267: ROBBINS LANDON H.C. - Beethoven: His Life, Work and World
139204: ROBBINS LANDON H.C. (ED) - The Mozart Compendium: A Guide to Mozart's Life and Music
125776: ROBBINS LANDON H.C. - Mozart and Vienna, including selections from Johann Pezel's 'Sketch of Vienna' (1786-1790)
125597: LANDSBERG P.T. - Problems in Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
122073: CRAIG WILLIAM LANE - Assessing the New Testament Evidence for the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus
122384: CRAIG WILLIAM LANE - The Historical Argument for the Resuurrection of Jesus
102101: POOLE REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
140862: KENWORTHY LANE - In Search of National Economic Success: Balancing Competition and Cooperation
131126: LANG G.H. - The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Select Studies
126156: LANG L (ED) - Absorption Spectra in the Ultraviolet and Visible Region, Volume IV
134928: GARRAD LARCH S. - The Naturalist in the Isle of Man
131788: LAROUSSE - Larousse Treasury of Country Cooking around the World
131787: LAROUSSE - Larousse Treasury of Country Cooking around the World
116002: LAROUSSE - De la Conjugaison
118714: SQUIRE LARRY R. - Memory and Brain
124445: WILDE LARRY (ED) - Complete Book of Ethnic Humor
114067: VANDECREEK LARRY (ED) - Scientific and Pastoral Perspectives on Intercessory Prayer: An Exchange between Larry Dossey, M.D. and Health Care Chaplains
138084: TØNDER LARS - Tolerance: A Sensorial Orientation to Politics
124061: SUNDSTROM LARS - The Exchange Economy of Pre-Colonial Tropical Africa. With an Introduction by A.G. Hopkins
117056: LOFGREN LARS - Ocean Birds
136693: TUMMERS LARS - Policy Alienation and the Power of Professionals: Confronting New Policies
137635: ZIFF LARZER - The American 1890s: Life and Times of a Lost Generation
138692: LASKI HAROLD J., JENNINGS W. IVOR & ROBSON WILLIAM A. (EDS) - A Century of Municipal Progress: The Last Hundred Years
139174: AUGÉ DE LASSUS L. - Voyage aux Sept Merveilles du Monde
116855: SHARP ROBERT LATHROP - Fom Donne to Dryden: The Revolt against Metaphysical Poetry
122162: LAUBSCHER B.J.F. - Where Mystery Dwells: A Psychiatrist studies Psychical Phenomena
124402: LAUBSCHER B.J.F. - Where Mystery Dwells: A Psychiatrist studies Psychical Phenomena
120931: FINLEY LAURA L. - Hawking Hits on the Information Highway: The Challenge of Online Drug Sales for Law Enforcement
118339: BENÍTEZ LAURA (COORDINADORA) - Homenaje a Descartes
120697: CARRUTHERS BRUCE G. & ARIOVICH LAURA - Money and Credit: A Sociological Approach
104004: BRADLEY LAURA M. (ED) - The Gate-way Poets: Anthology of the Poets of the Authors' Club of Pittsburgh
112073: LEARMONTH JAMES & MAIDMENT LAUREN (EDS) - Teaching and Learning in Cities
121592: ASSOUN PAUL-LAUREN - Freud and Nietzsche
141071: PAYNE LAURENCE - The Nose on my Face
138332: LAMPERT LAURENCE - The Enduring Importance of Leo Strauss
116581: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Great Men of Staffordshire
130191: MOUNT LAURENCE E. - Energy Metabolism: Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on Energy Metabolism held at Churchill College, Cambridge, September 1979
118382: WATERS LAURENCE - GWR Then & Now
129297: PAYNE PHOEBE D. & BENDIT LAURENCE J. - The Psychic Sense. With a foreword by L.A.G. Strong
123183: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - The Comments of Juniper: Six Plays from the Life and Legend of St. Francis of Assisi
139407: SENELICK LAURENCE - Anton Chekhov
121969: BENDIT LAURENCE J. - The Mysteries Today - and other essays
111034: OLIPHANT LAURENCE (TRANS: GUIZOT) - La Chine et le Japon: Mission du Comte d'Elgin pendant les annees 1857, 1858 et 1859
141907: STERNE LAURENCE - The Shakespeare Head Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne (7 vols)
130013: VAN DER POST LAURENS - The Night of the New Moon
128743: VAN DER POST LAURENS - A Portrait of Japan (A SIGNED COPY)
139978: POTTER STEPHEN & SARGENT LAURENS - Pedigree: Essays on the Etymology of Words from Nature
130628: DE SAINT-LAURENT R. - Memory: The nature of the Memory, the laws that govern it, and the conditions needed for its full development. How to apply the Rules of psychology to the improvement of the Memory. The use of mnemonic technique
115676: LESAGE LAURENT - The Rhumb Line of Symbolism: French Poets from Sainte-Beuve to Valéry. Presentation and Selected Texts
117950: KELLER LAURENT (ED) - Levels of Selection in Evolution
129096: LAURIE A.P. - Greek and Roman Methods of Painting: Some Comments on the Statements made by Pliny and Vitruvius about Wall and Panel Painting
93631: DENNETT LAURIE - The Charterhouse Group, 1925-1979: A History
119786: KEMENY JOHN G. & SNELL J. LAURIE - Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences
125607: WYATT A.F.G. & LAUTER H.J. (EDS) - Excitations in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Quantum Fluids
129469: WYATT A.F.G. & LAUTER H.J. (EDS) - Excitations in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Quantum Fluids
125759: WYATT A.F.G. & LAUTER H.J. (EDS) - Excitations in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Quantum Fluids
125450: LAVISSE ERNEST, DURKHEIM EMILE - AND OTHERS - Lettres à tous les Français. "Patience, Effort et Confiance"
117304: LAVRENTIEV M.M. - Some Improperly Posed Problems of Mathematical Physics. Translation revised by Robert J. Sacker
129204: BADHAM MOLLY & EVANS NATHALIE - WITH MAUREEN LAWLESS - Molly's Zoo: Monkey Mischief at Twycross Zoo
134560: GOWING LAWRENCE - Cezanne: The Early Years, 1859-1872
129327: FRIEDMAN LAWRENCE S. - The Cinema of Martin Scorsese
121289: HARDY MELISSA & HAZELRIGG LAWRENCE - Pension Puzzles: Social Security and the Great Debate
137543: GOLDBERG LEO & ALLER LAWRENCE H. - Atoms, Stars, and Nebulae
110571: LAWRENCE T.E. - Revolt in the Desert. Introduction by Raleigh Trevelyan
85375: SAIL LAWRENCE - The Kingdom of Atlas
137949: DUGGAN LAWRENCE G. - Bishop and Chapter: The Governance of the Bishopric of Speyer to 1552
92377: VAN VLACK LAWRENCE H - Materials for Engineering: Concepts and Applications
91447: GARNER LAWRENCE - The Buildings of Shropshire. Volume 2: The Tudor and Stuart Legacy, 1530-1730
137080: HYMAN LAWRENCE W. - The Quarrel Within: Art and Morality in Milton's Poetry
128579: BOURNE LAWRENCE R. - The Lawrence R. Bourne Omnibus, containing The Channel Pirate, The Treasures of the Hebrides, The Adventures of John Carfax
93819: BABB LAWRENCE A - Alchemies of Violence: Myths of Identity and the Life of Trade in Western India
119491: WEISKRANTZ LAWRENCE (ED) - Analysis of Behavioral Change
118478: OFFICER LAWRENCE H. - Supply Relationships in the Canadian Economy: An Industry Comparison
127671: STONE LAWRENCE - Broken Lives: Separation and Divorce in England, 1660-1857
127669: STONE LAWRENCE - Broken Lives: Separation and Divorce in England, 1660-1857
127621: STONE LAWRENCE - Uncertain Unions: Marriage in England, 1660-1753
124865: ROTHFIELD LAWRENCE - Vital Signs: Medical Realism in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
124356: HILLS LAWRENCE D. - Grow your own Fruit and Vegetables
121290: RARICK G. LAWRENCE (ED) - Physical Activity: Human Growth and Development
112142: BARTON JOHN H. & WEILER LAWRENCE D. (EDS) - International Arms Control: Issues and Agreements
119235: LEWIS MICHAEL & TAFT LAWRENCE T. (EDS) - Developmental Disabilities: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention
126958: ABBOTT LAWRENCE - Quality and Competition: An Essay in Economic Theory
121997: LESHAN LAWRENCE - Cancer as a Turning Point: A handbook for people with cancer, their families, and health professionals
115204: KEPPIE LAWRENCE - The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire
130549: NORA PIERRE & KRITZMAN LAWRENCE D. (EDS) - Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past. Volume II: Traditions
141130: PATERSON LAWRENCE - Donitz's Last Gamble: The Inshore U-Boat Campaign, 1944-45
123744: DURRELL LAWRENCE - Monsieur; or, The Prince of Darkness: A novel
124989: ALDERSON LAWRENCE - The Chance to Survive: Rare Breeds in a Changing World
137541: MILLER LAWRENCE - Samuel Beckett: The Expressive Dilemma
137186: MILLER LAWRENCE - Samuel Beckett: The Expressive Dilemma
140954: KLEIN LAWRENCE R. - The Economics of Supply and Demand
140841: KLEIN LAWRENCE R. (ED) - Comparative Performance of U.S. Econometric Models
123516: LAWRENCE W.J.C. - Soil Sterilization
139395: GOODWYN LAWRENCE - Democratic Promise: The Populist Movement in America
93616: ADUBRA AYÉLÉ LÉA - Non-Traditional Occupations, Empowerment and Women: A Case of Togolese Women
127956: LEACH E.R. - Political Systems of Highland Burma: A Study of Kachin Social Structure. With a new introductory note by the author
136794: LEADBEATER C.W. - The Science of the Sacraments
136796: LEADBEATER C.W. - The Science of the Sacraments
124361: LEONARD LEAH W. - Jewish Cookery - in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws
118096: LEAKEY L.S.B. (ED) - Fossil Vertebrates of Africa, Volume 1
104128: LEAVIS F. R. - English Literature in our Time and the University: The Clark Lectures 1967
139943: LEBOW RICHARD NED, KANSTEINER WULF & FOGU CLAUDIO (EDS) - The Politics of Memory in Postwar Europe
111031: BOUCHÉ-LECLERC A. - Histoire des Lagides (4 vols complete): I: Les cinq premiers Ptolemées. II: Décadence et fin de la dynastie. III & IV: Les institutions de l'égypte ptolemaique
134275: LECOMPTE M. - Les Tabulés du Dévonien Moyen et Supérieur du Bord Sud du Bassin de Dinant
127514: BIRD W.H.B. & LEDWARD K.H. (EDS) - Calendar of the Close Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office: Edward IV, Vol. I: A.D. 1461-1468
124442: LEE J.S. - The Geology of China
131083: MILLER LEE N. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Ecological Monographs: Official Publication of the Ecological Society of America, 1983-1990: An unbroken run of 8 volumes, comprising 32 numbers
119610: GREGG LEE W. (ED) - Cognition in Learning and Memory
135993: GRIEVESON LEE - Policing Cinema: Movies and Censorship in Early-Twentieth-Century America
131084: MILLER LEE N. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Ecological Monographs: Official Publication of the Ecological Society of America. Vol. 23, no.2 and Vol. 26 numbers 1, 2 and 3
137225: MILLER DAVID LEE - The Poem's Two Bodies: The Poetics of the 1590 'Faerie Queene'
118016: LEVINE LEE I. - Caesarea under Roman Rule
127577: HUDSON PAT & LEE W.R. (EDS) - Women's work and the family economy in historical perspective
104730: SEGEL LEE A. (ED) - Mathematical models in molecular and cellular biology
127070: LEE R.W. - An Introduction to Roman-Dutch Law
133232: LEE M. & LEE C. - The Oak Staircase; or, the Stories of Lord and Lady Desmond: A Narrative of the Times of James II
140926: LEE TONG HUN, MOORE JOHN R. & LEWIS DAVID P. - Regional and Interregional Intersectoral Flow Analysis: The Method and an Application to the Tennessee Economy
114456: CLARKE LEE - Worst Cases: Terror and Catastrophe in the Popular Imagination
129890: LEEDER S.H. - The Desert Gateway: Biskra and thereabouts
135073: LEEMAN A.D. (ED) - Bibliographia Latina Selecta: Operam praebentibus G. Bouma, H. Pinkster
137858: MCHENRY LEEMON B. - The Event Universe: The Revisionary Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead
125656: RESIBOIS P. & DE LEENER M. - Classic Kinetic Theory of Fluids
122910: VAN LEEUWEN J. - Prolegomena ad Aristophanem
119607: LACAMBRA LUIS LEGAZ (DIRECTOR) - World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
111195: LEGRAND E. (ED) - Bucoliques grecs. Tome II: Pseudo-Theocrite: Moschos, Bion, Divers. Texte Établi et traduit par E. Legrand
111194: LEGRAND E. (ED) - Bucoliques grecs. Tome I: Theocrite. Texte Établi et traduit par E. Legrand
123209: LEHMANN R.C. - The Complete Oarsman
119213: LEHRMAN DANIEL S., HINDE ROBERT A. & SHAW EVELYN (EDS) - Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 3
129381: LEIBNIZ (ED: WOOLHOUSE & FRANKS) - Philosophical Texts. Translated and edited by R.S. Woolhouse and R. Francks
123753: ERIKSSON LEIF (ED) - IKEA's Real Swedish Food Book
118666: THOMAS R. LEIGHTON - Introductory Econometrics: Theory and Applications
119332: AHMED LEILA - Edward W. Lane: A study of his life and works and of British ideas of the Middle East in the nineteenth century
125807: LEISHMAN J.B. - The Monarch of Wit: An analytical and comparative study of the poetry of John Donne
125806: LEISHMAN J.B. - Milton's Minor Poems. Edited, with a Preface, by Geoffrey Tillotson
134178: LEISHMAN J.B. - The Art of Marvell's Poetry. With a Preface by John Butt
133983: LEISHMAN J.B. - The Art of Marvell's Poetry. With a Preface by John Butt
125805: LEISHMAN J.B. - Milton's Minor Poems. Edited, with a Preface, by Geoffrey Tillotson
127639: ZALOGA STEVEN J. & NESS LELAND S. - Red Army Handbook, 1939-45
134229: ADAM W. & LELOUP E. - Prosobranchia et Opisthobranchia (Résultats Scientifiques du Voyage aux Indes Orientales Néerlandaises...Volume II, Fascicule 19)
136689: LEMAIRE JEAN, DE BELGES - Oeuvres publiées par J. Stécher (4 vols). Tomes I & II: Les Illustrations de Gaule et Singularitez de Troye. Tomes III & IV: Oeuvres diverses
123382: DE NEUVILLE LEMERCIER - Nouveau Théatre de Guignol - Première Série
133905: LEMPRIÈRE J. - Classical Dictionary of Proper Names mentioned in Ancient Authors. With a chronological table. A New Edition, revised with Additions, and a short Notice of Dr. J. Lemprière by F.A. Wright
135713: DEIGHTON LEN - Battle of Britain
116884: DEIGHTON LEN - Blitzkrieg: From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk
138453: MOORE ALAN & WEIN LEN - Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book Two
113219: WALKER STEPHEN & BARTON LEN (EDS) - Gender, Class and Education
140013: DEIGHTON LEN - Berlin Game
129609: BERLANSTEIN LENARD R. - The Barristers of Toulouse in the Eighteenth Century (1740-1793)
132529: BERLANSTEIN LENARD R. - The Barristers of Toulouse in the Eighteenth Century (1740-1793)
138956: LENDON J.E. - Empire of Honour: The Art of Government in the Roman World
130909: GROTEGUT E.K. & LENEAUX G.F. - Das Zeitalter der Aufklärung
119499: LENIN V.I. - What is to be done? Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by S.V. Utechin
140940: PETERSSON LENNART (ED) - Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: Economic Challenges and policies for the future
125546: VAN LENNEP J. - Elizabeth Musch
125594: VAN LENNEP J. - De Roos van Dekama
117656: ROBINSON LENNOX - More Plays ('All's over, then?' [and] 'Church Street')
128036: KERR J. LENNOX (ED) - Touching the Adventures...of Merchantmen in the Second World War
111502: JOYCE-COWEN LENORE - A Million Menus - for dining and entertaining at home
119108: INSEL PAUL M. & JACOBSON LENORE F. (EDS) - What do You Expect? An Inquiry into Self-fulfilling Prophecies
137540: MCCARTHY LEO - Justice, the State and International Relations
135930: TOLSTOY LEO (ED: MANDELKER) - War and Peace. Translated with Notes by Louise and Aylmer Maude. Revised and edited with an Introduction by Amy Mandelker
124223: STRAUSS LEO (ED: YAFFE) - Leo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn. Translated, edited, and with an interpretative essay, by Martin D.Yaffe
130833: BAGROW LEO - Die Geschichte der Kartographie
136137: POLLMAN LEO - Chrétien de Troyes und der Conte del Graal
118889: KUPER LEO - Race, Class and Power: Ideology and Revolutionary Change in Plural Societies
104379: FILE JON & GOEDEGEBUURE LEO (EDS) - Real-Time Systems: Reflections on Higher Education in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia
91429: DEUEL LEO - Flights into Yesterday: The Story of Aerial Archaeology. Preface by Glyn Daniel
141305: LEDERMAN LEON - The God Particle
125324: DE PAEUW LEON - La rééducation professionelle des soldats mutilés et estropiés . Avec une lettre-préface de Mme. Henry Carton de Wiart
137690: STEINBERG DANNY D. & JAKOBOVITS LEON A. (EDS) - Semantics: An interdisciplinary reader in philosophy, linguistics and psychology
111149: PIERRE-QUINT LEON - Andre Gide: L'homme, sa vie, son oeuvre. Entretiens avec Gide et ses contemporains
110318: LEVY S LEON - Nassau W.Senior, 1790-1864: Critical Essayist, Classical Economist, and Adviser of Governments
120133: BOPP LEON - H.-F.Amiel: Essai sur sa Pensee et son Caractere - d'apres des documents inedits
137691: STEINBERG DANNY D. & JAKOBOVITS LEON A. (EDS) - Semantics: An interdisciplinary reader in philosophy, linguistics and psychology
135082: BARANGER LÉON - Les Contes arabes de Monsieur Laroze
122537: BLOY LEON - Constantinople et Byzance
127894: GARFIELD LEON - Jack Holborn
125933: VALLAS LEON - Claude Debussy: His Life and Works. Translated from the French by Maire and Grace O'Brien
117209: CELLIER LÉON - L'épopée romantique
116132: ROTH LEON - Descartes' Discourse on Method
116130: ROTH LEON - Descartes' Discourse on Method
116129: ROTH LEON - Descartes' Discourse on Method
122846: HOMO LEON - Alexandre le Grand
138234: LEDERMAN LEON - The God Particle
138569: LEVY S. LEON - Nassau W. Senior, 1790-1864: Critical Essayist, Classical Economist, and Adviser of Governments
141877: CROIZAT LEON - Manual of Phytogeography; or, An Account of Plant-Dispersal throughout the World
120286: GUICHARD LEON - La musique et les lettres au temps de romantisme
114007: MCEWAN MURRAY J. & PHILLIPS LEON F. - Chemistry of the Atmosphere
141285: LEDERMAN LEON - The God Particle
121607: BLUM LÉON - L'Oeuvre de Léon Blum (9 vols)
126530: RADZINOWICZ LEON - A History of English Criminal Law and its Administration from 1750. Volume 1: The Movement for Reform
121287: TYLER LEONA E. - The Psychology of Human Differences
137906: LAWLOR LEONARD - Phenomenology: Responses and Developments
125804: COWIE LEONARD W. - Henry Newman: An American in London, 1708-43
137184: DEEN LEONARD W. - Conversing in Paradise: Poetic Genius and Identity-as-Community in Blake's Los
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124130: TOVAR-RESTREPO MARCELA - Castoriadis, Foucault, and Autonomy: New Approaches to Subjectivity, Society, and Social Change
141517: MARCELLE R., CLIJSTERS H. & VAN POUCKE M. (EDS) - Photosynthesis and Plant Development: Proceedings of a Conference ...Diepenbeek, Belgium, 23-29 July 1978
125344: MARCH N.H. - Self-Consistent Fields in Atoms: Hartree and Thomas-Fermi atoms
125493: MARCH N.H. - Self-Consistent Fields in Atoms: Hartree and Thomas-Fermi atoms
120804: INHORN MARCIA C.(ED) - Reproductive Disruptions: Gender, Technology, and Biopolitics in the New Millenium
109977: RUIZ MARCO (AND OTHERS) - One Hundred Years of the Motor Car, 1886 to 1986
122533: POLO MARCO - Le Livre de Marco Polo, citoyen de Venise, conseiller privé et commissaire impérial de Khoubilaî-Khaân. Publié par M.G. Pauthier
140232: LINEBAUGH PETER & REDUIKER MARCUS - The Many-Headed Hydra: The Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic
110601: HARTOG MARCUS - Problems of Life and Reproduction
138857: WHIFFEN MARCUS - Thomas Archer, Architect of the English Baroque
131389: WHEELER MARCUS - The Oxford Russian-English Dictionary
92898: MAXWELL MARCUS - Ephesians to Colossians and Philemon: A Bible Commentary for Every Day
130405: REYNOLDS MARCUS T. - The Housing of the Poor in American Cities. The Prize Essay of the American Economic Association for 1892
141846: CLARKE MARCUS - For the Term of his Natural Life
110765: LANDAU MARCUS - Die Quellen des Dekameron
140990: MERRIMAN MARCUS - The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1551
115695: MARCUS Y. - Introduction to Liquid State Chemistry
117243: HOROWITZ MARDI J. (ED) - Psychodynamics and Cognition
132402: HOROWITZ MARDI J. (ED) - Psychodynamics and Cognition
131851: HOROWITZ MARDI J. (ED) - Psychodynamics and Cognition
138821: RICHARDSON MARGARET - Architects of the Arts and Crafts Movement
129421: COOLING MARGARET - Assemblies for Primary Schools: Autumn Term
128773: WOOD MARGARET - The English Mediaeval House
131711: WILSON MARGARET - Daughters of India
137180: DARROW MARGARET H. - Revolution in the House: Family, Class, and Inheritance in Southern France, 1775-1825
115773: LANE MARGARET - A Smell of Burning
90357: WILLY MARGARET (ED) - The Metaphysical Poets
93249: BATES MARGARET - The Scottish and Irish Baking Book
135771: MILES MARGARET R. - The Image and Practice of Holiness: The Spirituality of the Classic Manuals of Devotion
92984: BARKER MARGARET - Temple Theology: An Introduction
134187: NEWLIN MARGARET - The Fragile Immigrants
126122: ARENT A. MARGARET (TRANS.) - The Laxdoela Saga. Translated from the Old Icelandic with introduction and notes by A. Margaret Arent
139136: IRWIN MARGARET - The Stranger Prince: The Story of Rupert of the Rhine
129360: SIMEY MARGARET - Democracy Rediscovered: A Study in Police Accountability (SIGNED)
124457: STEWART MARGARET (LADY WILSON) - English Singer: The Life of Steuart Wilson
121246: BLAYNEY MARGARET S. (ED) - Fifteenth-Century English Translations of Alain Chartier's Le Traite de l'Esperance AND Le Quadrilogue Invectif. Volume II: Introduction, Notes and Glossary
119885: ARNDT MARGARET - From across the German Ocean
131800: GELLING MARGARET - Signposts to the Past: Place-names and the history of England
129302: CUSHION JOHN & CUSHION MARGARET - A Collector's History of British Porcelain
137119: RUDD MARGARET - Organiz'd Innocence: The Story of Blake's Prophetic Books
127749: BATTIN MARGARET P. - Ethics in the Sanctuary: Examining the Practices of Organized Religion
114623: MORAN MARGARET - Pastoral Counselling for the Deviant Girl
141679: STOVE MARGARET - Creating Original Hand-knitted Lace
118695: VENABLES PETER H. & CHRISTIE MARGARET J. (EDS) - Research in Psychophysiology
118541: VENABLES PETER H. & CHRISTIE MARGARET J. (EDS) - Research in Psychophysiology
107523: MEAD MARGARET - Culture and Commitment: A Study of the Generation Gap
118558: BODEN MARGARET - Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man
118999: WYNN MARGARET - Fatherless Families: A study of families deprived of a father by death, divorce, separation or desertion - before or after marriage
136064: REEKS MARGARET - The Mother of Goethe: "Frau Aja"
121094: WETHERELL MARGARET (ED) - Theorizing Identities and Social Action
127627: HANNAY MARGARET P. (ED.) - Silent but for the Word: Tudor Women as Patrons, Translators, and Writers of Religious Works
129612: LOUGH JOHN & LOUGH MARGARET - An Introduction to Nineteenth Century France
137508: BLACKIE MARGERY G. - The patient, not the cure: The challenge of homeopathy
120399: ALLINGHAM MARGERY - The Mysterious Mr Campion: An Allingham Omnibus
133568: KEMPE MARGERY (ED: BUTLER-BOWDON) - The Book of Margery Kempe. A modern version by W. Butler-Bowdon. With an introduction by R.W. Chambers
133200: ALBERTSON PETER & BARNETT MARGERY (EDS) - Managing the Planet
136870: MILNE LORUS & MILNE MARGERY - Paths across the Earth
116540: LASKI MARGHANITA - Ectasy: A Study of some Secular and Religious Experiences
141593: PETERS MARGOT - Norine Niedecker: A Poet's Life
132508: SEIDEL MARGOT - Novalis: Eine Biographie
104399: HEINEMANN MARGOT - Puritanism and Theatre: Thomas Middleton and Opposition Drama under the Early Stuarts
117491: BOVERI MARGRET - Mediterranean Cross-Currents
129423: BOVERI MARGRET - Mediterranean Cross-Currents
119660: BOVERI MARGRET - Mediterranean Cross-Currents
138962: ROSSI MARGUERITE - Huon de Bordeaux et l'Evolution du Genre épique au XIIIe Siècle
130589: BOUVARD MARGUERITE - Labor Movements in the Common Market Countries: The Growth of a European Pressure Group. Foreword by Stanley Hoffmann
119670: FAWDRY KENNETH & FAWDRY MARGUERITE - Pollock's History of English Dolls and Toys
112614: BATTYE MARGUERITE - Stage Movement
141845: BONNET MARGUERITE (ED) - Adhérer au Parti communiste? Septembre - décembre 1926. Presenté et annoté par Marguerite Bonnet
121413: HEREDIA JOSE-MARIA DE (ED: INCE) - Jose-Maria de Heredia: Les Trophées. Edited by W.N. Ince
140626: DE HEREDIA JOSE-MARIA - Les Trophées. Edited by W.N. Ince
139517: DRAGOTTA ANNA MARIA - Sicily: Archaeological and Artistic Museum of Europe
140719: BROUWER MARIA - Schumpeterian Puzzles: Technological Competition and Economic Evolution
130354: RILKE RAINER MARIA - La Dernière Amitié de Rainer Maria Rilke: Lettres inédites de Rilke a Madame Eloui Bey, avec une étude par Edmond Jaloux. Avant-propos de Marcel Raval
127351: PERRY MARIA - Elizabeth I: The Word of a Prince - A Life from Contemporary Documents
123028: RILKE RAINER MARIA - Stories of God. With an Introduction by William Rose
120802: NOWICKA MAGDELENA & ROVISCO MARIA - Cosmopolitanism in Practice
140627: HEREDIA JOSE-MARIA DE - Les Trophées. Edited by W.N. Ince
123819: HEREDIA JOSE-MARIA DE - Les Trophees. Introduction by F.W. Stokoe
111035: FOWLER MARIAN - Redney: A Life of Sara Jeannette Duncan
129725: BIEDERMANN MARIANNE - Das politische Theater von Max Frisch
136967: VIVIEZ MARIANNE - La fête des mères: roman
131206: KALINKE MARIANNE E. (ED) - Norse Romance. Volume I: The Tristan Legend
131207: KALINKE MARIANNE E. (ED) - Norse Romance. Volume II: The Knights of the Round Table
137413: CONTE-HELM MARIE - The Japanese and Europe: Economic and Cultural Encounters
117394: GERBAULT JEAN-MARIE - Andre Chenier
137971: BERCE YVES-MARIE - Revolt and revolution in early modern Europe: An essay on the history of political violence
136051: JAHODA MARIE - Employment and Unemployment: A Social-Psychological Analysis
127528: GILLESPIE MARIE - Television, Ethnicity and Cultural Change
130859: CULOT JEAN-MARIE - Bibliographie des Écrivains Français de Belgique (1881-1950). I
126412: BERCE YVES-MARIE - Revolt and revolution in early modern Europe: An essay on the history of political violence
120626: CROLL MARIE C. - Following Sexual Abuse: A Sociological Interpretation of Identity Re/Formation in Reflexive Therapy
139489: STRANGE JULIE-MARIE - Death, Grief and Poverty in Britain, 1870-1914
130969: BOTTU FRANÇOIS MARIE - La liberté générale; ou, les colons à Paris. Pièce de théâtre présentée, annotée et commentée par Jean-Charles Benzaken. Première édition depuis 1796
130773: LAMB JANE MARIE (ED) - Bittersweet...hellogoodbye
111423: STITZLEIN SARAH MARIE - Breaking Bad Habits of Race and Gender: Transforming Identity in Schools
127564: PORTER MARILYN - Home, work and class consciousness
126914: MERSENNE F. MARIN - La Vérité des Sciences. Contre les Sceptiques ou Pyrrhoniens
139963: WARNER MARINA - From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and their Tellers
127486: PEI MARIO - Voices of Man: The Meaning and Function of Language
117893: BUNGE MARIO - Causality: The Place of the Causal Principle in Modern Science
111300: CARTER IAN & RICCIARDI MARIO (EDS) - Freedom, Power and Political Morality: Essays for Felix Oppenheim
140315: KACPRZYK JANUSC & FEDRIZZI MARIO (EDS) - Combining Fuzzy Imprecision with Probabilistic Uncertainty in Decision Making
135201: MARCH MARION - Creative Typography
138156: HOURDEQUIN MARION - Environmental Ethics: From Theory to Practice
131212: GLASSCOE MARION (ED) - The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England: Exeter Symposium IV. Papers read at Dartington Hall, July 1987
93568: LEDWIG MARION - God's Rational Warriors: The Rationality of Faith Considered
131650: IRELAND MARION P. - Textile Art in the Church: Vestments, paraments, and hangings in contemporary worship, art, and architecture
127896: WYNN MARITN (ED) - Housing in Europe
135577: JANSEN MARIUS B. (ED) - The Cambridge History of Japan, Volume 5: The Nineteenth Century
116552: WAREHIME MARJA - 0
133208: BLATCHER MARJORIE (ED) - Report on the Manuscripts of the Most Honourable the Marquess of Bath, preserved at Longleat. Volume IV: Seymour Papers, 1532-1686. Edited, with an Introduction, by Marjorie Blatcher
117964: GRENE MARJORIE (ED) - Spinoza: A Collection of Critical Essays
117919: LANDIS CARNEY & BOLLES M. MARJORIE - Textbook of Abnormal Psychology
118156: PROCTER-SMITH MARJORIE - In Her Own Rite: Constructing Feminist Liturgical Tradition
118451: PILGRIM MARK - Dive into Python
135198: CHATFIELD MARK - Churches the Victorians Forgot
131041: GIROUARD MARK - The Victorian Country House (Revised and Enlarged Edition)
138664: LOVERIDGE MARK - Laurence Sterne and the Argument about Design
128021: CLARK MARK W. - From the Danube to the Yalu
127616: STOYLE MARK - Loyalty and Locality: Popular Allegiance in Devon during the English Civil War
122032: COBB MARK - The Hospital Chaplain's Handbook: A Guide for Good Practice
116848: JEFFERY ROBERT & GONNELLA MARK - Pictoral History of English Football
120920: KJÆRNES UNNI & HARVEY MARK - Trust in Food: A Comparative and Institutional Analysis
138432: STOREY MARK - Byron and the Eye of Appetite
138185: TIETJEN MARK A. - Kierkegaard, Communication, and Virtue: Authorship as Edification
91453: HEPWORTH MARK - Geography of the Information Economy
93136: WATER MARK (COMPILED BY) - The New Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs
91194: HARRISON RICHARD T & HART MARK (EDS) - Spatial Policy in a Divided Nation
137364: MILLMORE MARK - Imagining Egypt: A Living Portrait of the Time of the Pharaohs
133678: WATER MARK (ED) - Parallel Classic Commentary on the New Testament
129307: HAWORTH-BOOTH MARK - E. McKnight Kauffer: A Designer and his Public
120780: SOBEL MICHAEL E. & BECKER MARK P. (EDS) - Sociological Methodology 2001: Volume 31
127620: SANDLE MARK - Communism
127103: THOMSON MARK A. - A Constitutional History of England, 1642 to 1801
118625: COHEN JOHN & HANSEL MARK - Risk and Gambling: The Study of Subjective Probability
121136: DANSKIN DAVID G. & CROW MARK A. - Biofeedback: An Introduction and Guide
128415: POLLAN STEPHEN M. & LEVINE MARK - Turning No into Yes: Six steps to solving your financial problems (so you can stop worrying)
121766: SMITH MARK M. (ED) - Stono: Documenting and Interpreting a Southern Slave Revolt
138710: MUNN MARK - The School of History: Athens in the Age of Socrates
120852: WARREN MARK R. - Fire in the Heart: How white activists embrace racial justice
134910: RUSSELL MARK - Modern Economics Workbook
139560: LOVERIDGE MARK - Laurence Sterne and the Argument about Design
122008: MONGER MARK - Husband, Wife and Caseworker
135153: WATER MARK (ED) - Multi New Testament Commentary
134230: SOMMER MARK - Beyond the Bomb: Living without Nuclear Weapons, A Field-Guide for Alternative Strategies for Building a Stable Peace
124123: FRIEDMAN MARK D. - Nozick's Libertarian Project: An Elaboration and Defense
122172: CRAIG WILLIAM LANE & MCLEOD MARK S. (EDS) - The Logic of Rational Theism: Exploratory Essays
129251: LAWSON F.H. & MARKESINIS B.S. - Tortious Liability for Unintentional Harm in the Common Law and The Civil Law. Volume I: Text
119732: PELTONEN MARKKU (ED) - The Cambridge Companion to Bacon
121976: BARTH MARKUS - The People of God
119402: MARLER PETER & HAMILTON WILLIAM J., III - Mechanisms of Animal Behavior
141049: DE RUVIGNY THE MARQUIS - The Roll of Honour: A biographical record of members of His Majesty's naval and military forces who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918 (2 vols)
132567: SAPORTA LE MARQUIS DE - La Famille de Madame de Sèvignè en Provence d'après des documents inèdits
120042: DE QUEUX DE SAINT-HILAIRE MARQUIS (ED) - Le Livre des Cent Ballades, contenant des conseils a un Chevalier pour aimer loialement a les responses aux ballades
136760: CUSTINE MARQUIS DE - Lettres inédites au Marquis de la Grange. Publiées par le Comte de Luppé
122004: SALVIEN DE MARSEILLE (ED: LAGARRIGUE) - Oeuvres, Tome I: Les Lettres. Les Livres de Timothee a l'Eglise. Introduction, texte critique, traduction et notes par Georges Lagarrigue
130636: WALLACE T. & MARSH R.W. (EDS) - Scince and Fruit: Commemorating the Jubilee of the Long Ashton Research Station, 1903-1953
108364: SAHLINS MARSHALL - The Use and Abuse of Biology: An Anthropological Critique of Sociobiology
130646: MARSHALL R.B. - Results of Spirit Leveling in Oregon, 1896 to 1913, inclusive
130663: MARSHALL R.B. - Results of Spirit Leveling in Indiana, 1897 to 1911, inclusive
129486: MONTGOMERY MARSHALL - Studies in the Age of Goethe
114537: MARSHALL J.D. - Diagenesis of Sedimentary Sequences
121727: MARSHALL A.H. - Local Government Finance: 33 national reports and a general report prepared for the 1969 IULA Congress in Vienna
139507: HOLE HUGH MARSHALL - Lobengula
117247: POLSON C.J. & MARSHALL T.K. - The Disposal of the Dead
125780: MARSTON WILLIAM M, KING C.DALY & MARSTON ELIZABETH H. - Integrative Psychology: A Study of Unit Response
92435: SHIPMAN MARTEN (ED) - Educational Research: Principles, Policies and Practices.
132828: VICINUS MARTHA (ED) - A Widening Sphere: Changing Roles of Victorian Women
132151: VICINUS MARTHA - Broadsides of the Industrial North
121932: ISRAEL MARTIN - Precarious Living: The Path to Life
135629: GILBERT MARTIN - The History of the Twentieth Century. Volume One: 1900-1933
85305: LONEY MARTIN (ED) - The State of the Market: Politics and Welfare in contemporary Britain
85350: HERBERT MARTIN - Discipline: A Positive Guide for Parents
85306: LONEY MARTIN (ED) - {2nd copy} The State of the Market: Politics and Welfare in contemporary Britain
128012: BAUER JOSEF MARTIN - As Far as my Feet will Carry Me. Translated from the German by Lawrence Wilson
138577: GREENBERG MARTIN - The Terror of Art: Kafka and Modern Literature
135331: BRIGGS MARTIN S. - The Architect in History
129700: ELTON MARTIN C.J. - Integrated Broadband Networks: The Public Policy Issues
129499: LOUGHLIN MARTIN - Local Government in the Modern State
128561: GILBERT MARTIN - A History of the Twentieth Century, Volume One: !900-1933
128293: GILBERT MARTIN - The Boys: Triumph over Adversity
137694: ESTES JAMES MARTIN - Christian Magistrate and State Church: The Reforming Career of Johannes Brenz
104341: PRICE MARTIN (ED) - Dickens: A Collection of Critical Essays
121962: HARRISON MARTIN - TV News: Whose Bias? A casebook analysis of strikes, television and media studies
111896: TURNELL MARTIN - The Classical Moment: Studies of Corneille, Moliere and Racine
116430: WILLOUGHBY MARTIN - A History of Postcards: A Pictorial Record from the Turn of the Century to the Present Day
103748: ESSLIN MARTIN - Brief Chronicles: Essays on Modern Theatre
137542: DAVIDSON MARTIN - From Atoms to Stars
93266: TIERNEY MARTIN - sundaythoughts.com: Reflections on Every Sunday of the Year
135150: MANSER MARTIN H. - Open Your Bible: The all-in-one Bible guide
133325: WYNN MARTIN (ED) - Housing in Europe
129438: LOUGHLIN MARTIN - Local Government in the Modern State
122567: HOLMES MARTIN - Political Pressure and Economic Policy: British Government, 1970-1974
121949: CERNY PHILIP G. & SCHAIN MARTIN A. (EDS) - Socialism, the State and Public Policy in France
121776: FRANSMAN MARTIN - Japan's Computer and Communications Industry: The Evolution of Industrial Giants and Global Competitiveness

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