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116413: OFFENBACH JACQUES - The Grand Duchess: Comic Operetta in Three Acts
123436: BIVORT DE LA SAUDÉE JACQUES DE - Anglicans et Catholiques: Le Problème de L'Union Anglo-Romaine (1833-1933)
131297: LEVRON JACQUES - Chateaux et Vallèe de la Loire
121991: MARITAIN JACQUES - Science and Wisdom
125409: DUBOIS JACQUES - Le roman policier ou la modernité
141614: DERRIDA JACQUES (ED: ATTRIDGE) - Acts in Literature. Edited by Derek Attridge
117183: PIRENNE JACQUES - The Tides of History, Volume II: From the Expansion of Islam to the Treaties of Westphalia
128672: RUEFF JACQUES - Les fondements philosphiques des systèmes economiques. Textes de Jacques Rueff de l'Academie Francaise et essais rédigés en son honneur (Edited by Emil von Claassen)
124871: GODECHOT JACQUES - France and the Atlantic Revolution of the 18th Century, 1770-1799
130623: SUURMOND JEAN-JACQUES - Word and Spirit at Play: Towards a Charismatic Theology
136285: MUNIER-JOLAIN JACQUES - La plaidoirie dans la langue française (3 vols) Tome I: XV, XVI and XVII siècles. Tome II: XVIII siècle. Tome III: XIX siècle
133763: BERTILLON JACQUES - La Statistique humaine de la France (Naissance, Mariage, Mort)
110615: BLOT JACQUES - Les Poissons fossiles du Monte Bolca (2 vols)
141935: HAWKES JACQUETTA - Mortimer Wheeler: Adventurer in Archaeology
120975: GABB JACQUI - Researching Intimacy in Families
140251: JAEGER J.C. - An Introduction to Applied Mathematics
140250: JAEGER J.C. - An Introduction to Applied Mathematics
140254: JAEGER J.C. - An Introduction to Applied Mathematics
127029: MEHRA JAGDISH (ED) - The Physicist's Conception of Nature
119098: MEHRA JAGDISH - The Solvay Conferences on Physics: Aspects of the Development of Physics since 1911. With a Foreword by Werner Heisenberg
121885: JAGER L'ABBE - Histoire de Photius, patriarche de Constantinople, auteur du schisme des grecs...accompagnée d'une introduction, de notes historiques et de pièces justificatives
123380: SEIBERT JAKOB - Untersuchungen zur Geschichte Ptolemaios' I
129230: GRIMM WILHELM & JAKOB (THE BROTHERS GRIMM) - The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Translated and with an Introduction by Jack Zipes
137688: MANDELKER JAKOB - Principles of a New Energy Mechanics
112538: RADULESCU RALUCA & RUSHTON CORY JAMES - A Companion to Medieval Popular Romance
138349: GREENAWAY JAMES - The Differentiaition of Authority: The Medieval Turn toward Existence
141077: MCKIMMEY JAMES - The Long Ride
121628: HEILBRUN JAMES - Real Estate Taxes and Urban Housing
139154: GAINES JAMES F. - Pierre du Ryer and his Tragedies: From Envy to Liberation
124224: FOX RICHARD WIGHTMAN & KLOPPENBERG JAMES T. (EDS) - A Companion to American Thought
141359: ROBINSON JAMES M. (ED) - The Nag Hammadi Library in English. Translated and Introduced by Members of the Coptic Gnostic Library Project of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont, California
119480: DRUCKER-COLIN RENÉ R. & MCGAUGH JAMES L. (EDS) - Neurobiology of Sleep and Memory
138471: HADDOCK BRUCE & WAKEFIELD JAMES (EDS) - Thought Thinking: The Philosophy of Giovanni Gentile
113496: WATT JAMES (ED) - The Church, Medicine and the New Age
134127: MARGACH JAMES - The Anatomy of Power: An Enquiry into the Personality of Leadership
138824: BENTLEY JAMES - Ritualism and Politics in Victorian Britain: The Attempt to Legislate for Belief
130477: URE JAMES M. (ED) - The Benedictine Office: An Old English Text
130181: RESTLE FRANK & GREENO JAMES G. - Introduction to Mathematical Psychology
138508: BENTLEY JAMES - Ritualism and Politics in Victorian Britain: The Attempt to Legislate for Belief
103050: GEORGE JAMES - Asking for the Earth: Waking up to the Spiritual/Ecological Crisis
138255: WAKEFIELD JAMES - Giovanni Gentile and the State of Contemporary Constructivism: A Study of Actual Idealist Moral Theory
137986: GARSON JAMES W. - What Logics Mean: From Proof Theory To Model-Theoretic Semantics
128774: HAMILTON JAMES - Arthur Rackham: A Life with Illustration
127175: DRUMMOND JAMES E. - Plasma Physics
138675: REEVES JAMES - The Reputation and Writings of Alexander Pope
138656: SHELTON WALTER JAMES - English Hunger and Industrial Disorders: A study of social conflict during the first decade of George III's reign
124120: SLACK JAMES D. - Abortion, Execution, and the Consequences of Taking Life
131287: HORNE JAMES - Why We Sleep: The Functions of Sleep in Humans and Other Mammals
111537: LUNT JAMES - The Retreat from Burma, 1941-1942
110385: PARKES JAMES - The Foundations of Judaism and Christianity
110386: PARKES JAMES - The Foundations of Judaism and Christianity
116783: LUCAS JAMES & BARKER JAMES - The Killing Ground: The Battle of the Falaise Gap, August 1944
110358: SUTHERLAND JAMES - A Preface to Eighteenth Century Poetry
123236: BOYD JAMES - Ulrich Füetrer's Parzival: Material and Sources
103743: REDMOND JAMES (ED) - Themes in Drama 1: Drama and Society
85376: MORWOOD JAMES - The Life and Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
85259: TURNER JOHN D & RUSHTON JAMES (EDS) - Education for the Professions
92856: CROW JAMES - Book of Housesteads
93077: LUCHTE JAMES - Heidegger's Early Philosophy: The Phenomenology of Ecstatic Temporality
93069: TEER FRANK & SPENCE JAMES D - Political Opinion Polls
137303: CURRAN JAMES P. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Compendium of Cartographic Techniques
107267: MARCH JAMES G. - Decisions and Organizations
93293: NORTHEY JAMES - Caught Red-Handed (Everyday sayings: their origins and spiritual applications)
93240: VAN PRAAGH JAMES - Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey through Life and Death
135860: PATTERSON JAMES - Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment
93804: TEPPERMAN LORNE & CURTIS JAMES (EDS) - Sociology: A Canadian Perspective
126327: ALLVINE FRED C. & PATTERSON JAMES M. - The Marketing of Gasoline
86395: FYFE JAMES - Tales of Fishing and Fishermen
125159: DAVIS JAMES W. - Presidential Primaries: Road to the White House
139081: KING JAMES - William Blake: His Life
121002: JASPER JAMES M. - Getting Your Way: Strategic Dilemmas in the Real World
118543: DRUCKER-COLIN RENE R.& MCGAUGH JAMES L. (EDS) - Neurobiology of Sleep and Memory
131910: SERVIES JAMES A. - A Bibliography of John Marshall
131859: SULLY JAMES - Italian Travel Sketches
120452: PRESTON JAMES - Racing Axes
130595: SHIRLEY JAMES - The Traitor. Edited by John Stewart Carter
128083: TAYLOR JAMES - The Holy Spirit: Readings and Addresses. With a Supplement including later Ministry on this Subject
128024: INKS JAMES M. - Eight Baled Out. Edited by Lawrence Klingman
119649: FISHER JAMES H. (ED) - Reefs and Evaporites - Concepts and Depositional Models
119672: MCNAIR JAMES - James McNair's Rice Cookbook
119179: CONANT JAMES B. - On Understanding Science: An Historical Approach
119093: LYDON JAMES - The Making of Ireland: From Ancient Times to the Present
125713: BATEMAN JAMES A. - Animal Traps and Trapping
125714: BATEMAN JAMES A. - Trapping: A Practical Guide
125419: CARPENTER JAMES - Gore: A Study in Liberal Catholic Thought
124879: LYDON JAMES - The Making of Ireland: From ancient times to the present
124557: MCCAWLEY JAMES D. - Adverbs, Vowels, and Other Objects of Wonder
124561: SIMON RITA JAMES (ED) - As we saw the Thirties: Essays on Social and Political Movements of a Decade
117944: GRIPPANDO JAMES - Under Cover of Darkness
117670: CLIFFORD JAMES L. (ED) - Biography as an Art: Selected Criticism, 1560-1960
117653: LAWLER JAMES R. - René Char: The Myth and the Poem
93607: ROSENBAUM JAMES E - Beyond College For All: Career Paths for the Forgotten Half
116473: LITTLEJOHN JAMES - Social Stratification
130083: BAUGHMAN JAMES P. - Charles Morgan and the Development of Southern Transportation
115789: THOMSON JAMES (ED: GILFILLAN) - Thomson's Poetical Works. With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by George Gilfillan
114678: NAGEL ERNEST & NEWMAN JAMES R. - Gödel's Proof
113276: WOODSIDE ROBERT & CROW JAMES - Hadrian's Wall: An Historic Landscape
131331: HOLLAND JAMES - Percussion
131289: HORNE JAMES - Why We Sleep: The Functions of Sleep in Humans and Other Mammals
122309: HERMAN VALENTINE & ALT JAMES E (EDS) - Cabinet Studies: A Reader
117851: WINNY JAMES (ED) - Three Elizabethan Plays: Edward III, Mucedorus, Midas. Edited, with an Introduction, Notes and Glossary, by James Winny
128418: FALLON IVAN & SRODES JAMES - Takeovers
109893: HORAN JAMES D - Mathew Brady: Historian with a Camera
133966: O'GORMAN JAMES F. - Three American Architects: Richardson, Sullivan, and Wright, 1865-1915
131857: BROWN JAMES (& TUCKER BRUCE) - James Brown: The Godfather of Soul
130907: ENGEL JAMES E. - Renaissance, Humanismus, Reformation
92105: MOFFAT JAMES - Command and Control in the Information Age: Representing its Impact
135537: MCCONICA JAMES (ED) - The History of the University of Oxford, Volume III: The Collegiate University
117468: WRIGHT JAMES (ED) - Winter's Tales 22
133391: PYCROFT JAMES - Oxford Memories: A Retrospect after Fifty Years (2 vols)
132827: IZATT REED M. & CHRISTENSEN JAMES J. (EDS) - Synthesis of Macrocycles: Progress in Macrocyclic Chemistry, Volume 3
122080: LE FANU JAMES - The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine
129593: BOSWELL JAMES (EDS: KAHRL, MCLELLAN, COPELAND, OSBORN & BAKER) - The Correspondence of James Boswell with David Garrick, Edmund Burke and Edmond Malone
139705: MORAN JAMES - The composition of reading matter: A history from case to computer
122650: ATKINSON JAMES - The Trial of Luther
114155: LULL JAMES - Media, Communication, Culture: A Global Approach
141471: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - A Life of Rhyme
141496: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - The Writer's Block
141498: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - It's in our Nature
141505: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - A Gathering of Minds
141510: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - Expressive Dreams
141516: HAMILTON JAMES - Our Christian Classics: Readings from the best Divines. With notices biographical and critical. Vol. I
113531: STEPHENS JAMES - Irish Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
116468: ATLAS JAMES - Bellow: A Biography
139562: KING JAMES - William Blake: His Life
138307: HILL JAMES - Descartes and the Doubting Mind
104587: FRIEDMAN JAMES W. - Game Theory with Applications to Economics
113061: OPIE JAMES* - The Letts Guide to Collecting 20th-Century Toys
128353: BEST JAMES D. - The Digital Organization: AlliedSignal's Success with Business Technology
141393: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - A Natural Way of Thinking
141392: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - The Truth from the Game
140998: ROBERTS ALEXANDER & DONALDSON JAMES (EDS) - The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Translations of the Fathers down to A.D. 325. Volume VIII - The Twelve Patriarchs, Excerpts and Epistles, the Clementina, Apocrypha, Decretals, Memoirs of Edessa and Syriac Documents, Remains of the First Ages
133598: PYCROFT JAMES - The Cricket Field. With some Notes by H.H. Stephenson. Edited, with an Introduction, by F.S. Ashley-Cooper
123470: CARLEY JAMES P. - The Books of King Henry VIII and his Wives
133130: GIBBS JAMES - Wole Soyinka
122260: COLAIACO JAMES A. - James Fitzjames Stephen and the Crisis of Victorian Thought
124441: CAMERON JAMES - Shorthorns in Central and Southern Scotland
130569: MAIDMENT JAMES (ED) - Bibliotheca Curiosa: A North Countrie Garland. Edited by James Maidment and revised by Edmund Goldsmid
139202: BOSWELL JAMES (EDS: LUSTIG & POTTLE) - Boswell: The English Experiment, 1785-1789. Edited by Irma S. Lustig and Frederick A. Pottle
133402: LASKETT PETER & FISHKIN JAMES (EDS) - Philosophy, Politics and Society, Fifth Series: A collection
127741: GRIBBLE JAMES (ED) - Matthew Arnold
130503: COLEMAN JAMES M. - Recent Coastal Sedimentation: Central Louisiana Coast
126942: THOMSON JAMES - The Seasons of James Thomson. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author, by P. Murdoch, and an Essay on the Plan and Character of the Poem, by J. Aikin
137799: MCMICHAEL JAMES - 'Ulysses' and Justice
134966: MACKINTOSH SIR JAMES - The Miscellaneous Works of the Right Honourable Sir James Mackintosh (3 vols)
123747: HAWTHORNE JAMES (ED) - Two Centuries of Irish History. Based on a BBC Radio series
140996: ROBERTS ALEXANDER & DONALDSON JAMES (EDS) - The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Translations of the Fathers down to A.D. 325. Volume II - Fathers of the Second Century: Hermas, Tatian, Athenagoras, Theophilus, and Clement of Alexandria (Entire)
140980: HENDERSON JAMES - The Frigates: An Account of the Lighter Warships of the Napoleonic Wars, 1793-1815
141314: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - A Primrose Promise
120517: PRESTON JAMES - Axes of Hate
141463: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - Short Shorts
141391: FEEKE JAMES (ED) - Captured in Words
123429: JEZREEL JAMES J. - Extracts from the Flying Roll. Being a Series of Sermons Compiled for the Gentile Churches of All Sects and Denominations: Volume I
131434: IGGERS GEORG G. & POWELL JAMES M. (EDS) - Leopold von Ranke and the Shaping of the Historical Discipline
136570: MACDONALD JAMES M. (ED: HOWSON) - The Life and Writings of St. John. Edited, with an Introduction, by J.S. Howson
118601: HORNE JAMES - Why We Sleep: The Functions of Sleep in Humans and Other Mammals
126168: WOOD JAMES - The Book against God
117637: BRUNER JAMES D. - Studies in Victor Hugo's Dramatic Characters. With an introduction by Richard Green Moulton
117642: MOFFATT JAMES - The Bible in Scots Literature
121435: JAMES T.G.H. - Egypt Revealed: Artist-Travellers in an Antique Land
130898: STUBBLEFIELD SIR JAMES (ED) - Sixième Congrès International de Stratigraphie et de Géologie du Carbonifère, Sheffield...1967. Compte rendu, Volumes I - IV
117830: THOMSON JAMES - The Seasons of James Thomson; and with a Life of the Author by Patrick Murdoch, augmented in otes by Bolton Corney
138709: MARSH JAMES (ED: DUFFY) - Coleridge's American Disciples: The Selected Correspondence of James Marsh. Edited by John J. Duffy
139514: BROMWICH JAMES - The Roman Remains of Southern France: A Guide Book
129083: RAY JAMES - A Compleat History of the Rebellion, from its first Rise, in 1745, to its total Suppression at the glorious Battle of Culloden, in April, 1746
132537: BURNLEY JAMES - Two Sides of the Atlantic
139727: STEPHENS J.W.W. & CHRISTOPHERS S.R. [&] JAMES S.P. - Reports to the Malaria Committee (of the Royal Society): Eighth Series
129589: BOSWELL JAMES (ED: WAINGROW) - The Correpondence and other Papers of James Boswell relating to the making of the 'Life of Johnson'. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. Edited by Marshall Waingrow
131353: HALL JAMES (ED) - 'Memorials of the Civil War in Cheshire and the adjacent counties', by Thomas Malbon, of Nantwich, Gent., and 'Providence Improved', by Edward Burghall, Vicar of Aston, near Nantwich
129803: COOKE JAMES J. - New French Imperialism, 1880-1910: The Third Republic and Colonial Expansion
129588: BOSWELL JAMES (ED: COLE) - The General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1766-1769. Vol. I: 1766-1767. Edited by Richard C. Cole with Peter S. Baker and Rachel McClellan, and with the assistance of James J. Caudle
128903: TULLY JAMES (ED) - Meaning and Context: Quentin Skinner and his Critics
119276: MURRAY JAMES E. (CHAIRMAN) - Indian Land Transactions: Memorandum of the Chairman to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, U.S. Senate. An Analysis and Effects of our Diminishing Indian Land Base, 1948-1957
127556: RICHARDSON R.C. & JAMES T.B. (EDS) - The Urban Experience: A sourcebook - English, Scottish and Welsh Towns, 1450-1700
118508: HORNE JAMES - Why We Sleep: The Functions of Sleep in Humans and Other Mammals
113640: SWINBURNE JAMES - Entropy; or, Thermodynamics from an Engineer's Standpoint, and the Reversibility of Thermodynamics
125932: DAVIS JAMES W. - Presidential Primaries: Road to the White House
140273: CASE JAMES H. - Economics and the Competitive Process
129760: OLIVER JAMIE - Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone can learn to cook in 24 Hours
137057: OLIVER JAMIE - Jamie's Italy
129808: OLIVER JAMIE - Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone can learn to cook in 24 Hours
129759: OLIVER JAMIE - Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone can learn to cook in 24 Hours
120700: MULLANEY JAMIE L. - Everyone is NOT Doing it: Abstinence and Personal Identity
126779: JAMIN M.J. - Cours de physique de l'École polytechnique (4 vols). Troisième èdition augmentèe et entièrement refondue par M. Jamin et M. Bouty
91955: JAMISON DEAN T, MOSLEY W HENRY, MEASHAM ANTHONY R & BOBADILLA JOSE LUIS (EDS) - Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries
125694: VAN DER LINDEN JAN - The Sites and Services Approach Reviewed - Solution or Stopgap to the Third World Housing Shortage?
120635: BREMAN JAN - Outcast Labour in Asia: Circulation and Informalization of the Workforce at the Bottom of the Economy
124889: MACDONALD CALLUM & KAPLAN JAN - Prague in the Shadow of the Swastika: A History of the German Occupation, 1939-1945
138135: PLATO JAN VON - Elements of Logical Reasoning
132031: DE JONGE JAN (ED) - Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Volume 83, Part 1, March 2010
127629: DE VRIES JAN - The Economy of Europe in an Age of Crisis, 1600-1750
117684: GREEN JAN - Poems
120054: TINBERGEN JAN - Central Planning
141596: VANSINA JAN - Oral Tradition: A Study in Historical Methodology
141739: TALPE JAN - Theory of Experiments in Paramagnetic Resonance
142056: TALPE JAN - Theory of Experiments in Paramagnetic Resonance
139891: BLOMME JAN - The Economic Development of Belgian Agriculture, 1880-1980: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
131527: PASIERB JANUSZ ST. & SAMEK JAN - The Shrine of the Black Madonna at Czestochowa
124444: MARHOUNOVA JANA - Czech Music in the Web of Life
139308: GEDDES JANE - Medieval Decorative Ironwork in England
131570: SEYMOUR JANE E. - Critical Moments - Death and Dying in Intensive Care
137749: GALLOP JANE - Around 1981: Academic feminist literary theory
137720: GALLOP JANE - Around 1981: Academic feminist literary theory
137721: GALLOP JANE - Around 1981: Academic feminist literary theory
137113: STEDMAN JANE W. - W.S. Gilbert's Theatrical Criticism
134177: WATSON GUY & BAXTER JANE - Riverford Farm Cook Book: Tales from the fields, recipes from the kitchen
134120: WATSON GUY & BAXTER JANE - Riverford Farm Cook Book: Tales from the fields, recipes from the kitchen
133928: WATSON GUY & BAXTER JANE - Riverford Farm Cook Book: Tales from the fields, recipes from the kitchen
131994: CARRUTH JANE - The White Squirrel - Story for pictures by Jane Carruth. Pictures by Saburo Yamada
120914: HENRICI JANE (ED) - Doing Without: Women and Work after Welfare Reform
115285: LANE JANE - The Reign of King Covenant
137596: GIRDHAM JANE - English opera in late eighteenth-century London
120631: WALDFOGEL JANE - Britain's War on Poverty
124083: RENFREW JANE M. (ED) - New Light on Early Farming: Recent Developments in Palaeoethnobotany
109950: GRIGSON JANE (ED) - The World Atlas of Food: A Gourmet's Guide to the Great Regional Dishes of the World
141883: BARNES JANE - Irish Industrial Schools, 1868-1908: Origins and Development
139441: MOGFORD KAY & SADLER JANE (EDS) - Child Language Disability: Implications in an Educational Setting
139902: ADDAMS JANE - Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader (Consulting Editor: William L. Neumann)
139309: GEDDES JANE - Medieval Decorative Ironwork in England
128405: FRENCH DAVID & FIRTH JANET - Barkham: A History
128403: FRENCH DAVID & FIRTH JANET - Barkham: A History
127584: MARTIN JANET D. (ED) - The Account Book of Clement Taylor of Finsthwaite, 1712-1753
132026: NEWMAN JANET - Shaping Organisational Cultures in Local Government
104175: THUMIM JANET - Celluloid Sisters: Women and Popular Cinema
113341: KEHR HELEN & LANGMAID JANET (COMPILED BY) - The Nazi Era, 1919-1945: A Select Bibiography of Published Works from the Early Roots to 1980
135244: ILLSLEY JANET (ED) - Good Housekeeping Cookery Book: The Cook's Classic Companion
91069: STREET-PORTER JANET - Baggage: My Childhood
113928: WOLFF JANET - The Social Production of Art
121722: ABU-LUGHOD JANET L. - Cairo: 1001 Years of the City Victorious
128976: WEBSTER LESLIE & BACKHOUSE JANET (EDS) - The Making of England: Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture, AD 600-900
135459: HOBHOUSE JANET - Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein
131262: HARTLEY JANET M. - A Social History of the Russian Empire, 1650-1825
117715: BENNET TONY & WOOLLACOTT JANET - Bond and Beyond: The Political Career of a Popular Hero
127138: ABU-LUGHOD JANET L. - Rabat: Urban Apartheid in Morocco
133681: CONNELL JANICE T. - Meetings with Mary: Visions of the Blessed Mother
134986: LEACH ROBERT & PERCY-SMITH JANIE - Local Governance in Britain
137737: LEACH ROBERT & PERCY-SMITH JANIE - Local Governance in Britain
116102: ROSICKA JANINA (ED) - Physiocracy Yesterday and Today: Economy - Philosophy - Politics
130507: KRASTINS JANIS - The Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga: Exhibition Catalogue
113876: LAVRIN JANKO - Tolstoy: An Approach
122306: KORNAI JÁNOS - Anti-Equilbrium: On economic systems theory and the tasks of research
127008: SEARLE JANUARY - Memoirs of Ebenezer Elliott, the Corn Law Rhymer, with Criticisms upon his Writings
137979: GRYGIENC JANUSZ - General Will in Political Philosophy
141078: VAN DE WETERING JANWILLEM - The Maine Massacre
109979: PEARSON JAQUELINE - Tragedy and tragicomedy in the plays of John Webster
126244: JARDE A. - The Formation of the Greek People
133439: JARDINE D.R. - Ashes - and Dust: The 1934 Test Matches
128636: HAZLETON JARED E. - The Economics of the Sulphur Industry
137895: KAUKUA JARI - Self-Awareness in Islamic Philosophy: Avicenna and Beyond
126723: KOSAR JAROMIR - Light-Sensitive Systems: Chemistry and Applications of Nonsilver Halide Photographic Processes
137929: COHEN ANDREW JASON - Toleration
93082: POWELL JASON - Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: Life and the Last God
93606: KAUFMAN JASON - For the Common Good?: American Civic Life and the Golden Age of Fraternity
138300: RUNYAN JASON D. - Human Agency and Neural Causes: Philosophy of Action and the Neuroscience of Voluntary Agency
130668: GARDNER JASON - Mend the Gap: Can the Church reconnect the generations?
134161: STEMBRIDGE JASPER H. - The Oxford War Atlas, Volume IV: The War in 1944
134160: STEMBRIDGE JASPER H. - The Oxford War Atlas, Volume II: 1 September 1941 to 1 January 1943
137405: WEBER BURTON JASPER - Wedges and Wings: The Patterning of 'Paradise Regained'
133455: RIDLEY JASPER - Thomas Cranmer
125832: RIDLEY JASPER - Thomas Cranmer
140334: SINGH JASWANT - Jinnah: India - Partition - Independence
130344: JASWON M.A. - The Theory of Cohesion: An outline of the cohesive properties of electrons in atoms, molecules and crystals
119183: MELDMAN MONTE JAY - Diseases of Attention and Perception
118850: SHAFRITZ JAY M. - The Harper Collins Dictionary of American Government and Politics: Concise Edition
115162: GOULD STEPHEN JAY - Life's Grandeur: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
118768: WALLACE R. JAY - Normativity and the Will: Selected Papers on Moral Psychology and Practical Reason
124140: LAMPERT JAY - Simultaneity and Delay: A Dialectical Theory of Staggered Time
120694: JAYARAM N. (ED) - On Civil Society
91402: HEWINGS GEOFFREY JD - Regional Industrial Analysis and Development
140297: D'AUTUME ANTOINE & CARTELIER JEAN (EDS) - Is Economics becoming a Hard Science?
115060: AUBOUIN JEAN - Geosynclines
136397: DE LINGENDES JEAN - Oeuvres Poétiques de Jean de Lingendes. Édition critique avec une introduction et des notes publieé par E.-T. Griffiths
121486: INHELDER BARBEL & PIAGET JEAN - The Early Growth of Logic in the Child: Classification and Seriation
135480: LACROIX JEAN - Le Sens de l'Athéisme moderne
134360: GUITTON JEAN - The Problem of Jesus: A Free-Thinker's Diary
130409: BRUN JEAN - La Main et l'Esprit
104559: PIAGET JEAN - Biology and Knowledge: An Essay on the Relations between Organic Regulations and Cognitive Processes
104546: LACOUTRE JEAN - Ho Chi Minh. Translated by Peter Wiles
137814: JOUVE PIERRE JEAN - Mozart's Don Juan. Translated from the French by Eric Earnshaw Smith
127705: ROELS JEAN - La notion de représentation chez Roederer: Etudes présentées à la Commission internationale pour l'histoire des Assemblées d'Etats
127483: DUFOURNET JEAN - Recherches sur le Testament de François Villon (2 vols)
117686: GILL JEAN - Images of My Self: Meditation and Self Exploration through the Jungian Imagery of the Gospels
132740: FRAPPIER JEAN - La poésie lyrique française au XIIe et XIIIe siècles: Les auteurs et les genres
132571: ROLLIN JEAN - Les Chansons de Clement Marot: Étude historique et bibliographique
106060: DORESSE JEAN - The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics: An Introduction to the Gnostic Coptic manuscripts discovered at Chenoboskion. With an English Translation and critical evaluation of 'The Gospel According to Thomas'
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120673: JAMES ALLISON & HOCKEY JENNY - Embodying Health Identities
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137268: EISENBERG JEROME M. - A Collector's Guide to Seashells of the World
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141380: CUMMINGS JOANNA (ED) - In the Mind's Eye? can u switch books 1 on............cheers!
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111489: BAILEY JOE - Ideas and Intervention: Social Theory for Practice
111488: BAILEY JOE - Ideas and Intervention: Social Theory for Practice
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111320: KUPPERMAN JOEL J - Ethical Knowledge
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113823: AUSTIN JOHN D. - Hats, Coal and Bloodshed: A Short History of Atherstone Street Names, the Mining Villages and the Battles of Boudica and Bosworth. Including the villages of Atterton, Baddesley Ensor, Baxterley, Bentley, Dordon, Fenny Drayton, Grendon, Mancetter, Merevale, Pinwall, Ratcliffe Culey, Ridge Lane, Sheepy, Weston, Whittington and Witherley. Being a revised and enlarged edition of 'The History of Atherstone Street Names'
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135847: VAUGHAN JOHN - Double-Headed Diesels Nationwide
141764: CLARK JOHN H. - A Map of Mental States
130951: MARSTON JOHN - The Dutch Courtesan. Edited by Martin Wine
132919: HADFIELD JOHN (ED) - The Saturday Book 19
119699: VENIARD JOHN - Fly Dressers' Guide
129413: SANDON JOHN - The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain. Volume I, 1751-1851
139635: SILKIN JOHN - The Principle of Water (SIGNED)
138630: COLMER JOHN - Coleridge: Critic of Society
130141: SAINTY SIR JOHN - A list of English law officers, king's counsel and holders of patents of precedence
130092: TRELAWNY EDWARD JOHN - Records of Shelley, Byron, and the Author
133518: ARLOTT JOHN - Alletson's Innings: A New Edition, including previously unpublished letters written by E.B. Alletson and his contemporaries to John Arlott. Together with additional photographs etc. and with a new foreword by John Arlott
141663: PLAMENATZ JOHN - Man and Society: Political and Social Theories from Machiavelli to Marx. Revised by M.E. Plamenatz and Robert Wokler
136086: HARRIS JOHN - The Social Work Business
133766: BARBOUR JOHN (ED: KINGHORN) - Barbour: The Bruce. A Selection - edited with Introduction by Alexander Kinghorn
118599: FLOWERS JOHN H. (ED) - Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 1980: Cognitive Processes
127786: GABRIEL JOHN - Racism, Culture, Markets
126991: WILLETT JOHN - The Weimar Years: A culture cut short
102405: OWEN JOHN E. - L.T. Hobhouse, Sociologist
122693: GILLINGHAM JOHN - European Integration, 1950-2003: Superstate or New Market Economy?
125996: WILLIS JOHN - The Art of Memory as it dependeth on Places and Ideas
119144: GREEN JOHN (?) - Don Pottery Pattern Book (Designs of Sundry Articles, of Queen's or Cream-Coloured Earthenware, manufactured by Greens, Clarks, & Co., at Don Pottery, near Doncaster)
129639: COOK CHRIS & STEVENSON JOHN (EDS) - The Longman Handbook of Modern European History, 1763-1991
141057: ANGOLIA JOHN R. - Daggers, Bayonets and Fighting Knives of Hitler's Germany
129250: AUSLAND JOHN C. - Norway, Oil, and Foreign Policy
140096: GRAY JOHN - The Moral Foundations of Market Institutions
139957: CAGE JOHN (ED: RETALLACK) - Musicage: Cage Muses on Word, Art, Music. John Cage in Conversation with Joan Retallack
139633: PURKIS JOHN - A Preface to George Eliot
117553: SAMPSON JOHN - In Lighter Moments: A Book of Occasional Verse and Prose
141131: CLARKE JOHN I. - The Iranian City of Shiraz
114796: AUSTIN JOHN D. - Hats, Coal and Bloodshed: A short history of Atherstone street names, the mining villages and the battles of Boudica and Bosworth
102121: O'HARA JOHN - The Collected Stories of John O'Hara. Selected and with an Introduction by Frank MacShane
122596: WRENCH JOHN & SOLOMOS JOHN (EDS) - Racism and Migration in Western Europe
138713: BEER JOHN - Wordsworth and the Human Heart
120951: GOLDTHORPE JOHN H. - On Sociology. Volume Two: Illustration and Retrospect
135092: STEWART GILL & STEWART JOHN - Social Work and Housing
133954: WHITTLE JOHN - "Owd Roger" (Roger Haydock): Bible Colporteur and Primitive Methodist Lay-Reader - The Story of a Bible-Inspired Life
136686: HAMMOND JOHN (ED) - Progress in the Physiology of Farm Animals: Supplement [Reproduction (continued)]
140852: KAIN JOHN F.* - Essays on Urban Spatial Structure
132907: WALKER JOHN (ED: KERSHAW) - The Universal Gazetteer, being a concise description...of the Nations, Towns, Cities, Harbours, Canals..in the known World; the Government, Manners, and Religion...of the Different Countries. Third Edition
124549: HARRIS JOHN - The Court Martial of Lord Lucan
90243: HEDGECOE JOHN - Figure and Form: Photographic the Nude
109987: SPEIRS JOHN - Chaucer the Maker
113415: BROWN JOHN - Letters of Dr. John Brown: With Letters from Ruskin, Thackeray, and Others. Edited by his son and D.W. Forrest
128737: WILSON JOHN - Catch Carp and Tench
138916: BOYNTON SIR JOHN - Job at the Top: The Chief Executive in Local Government
114450: KENEALLY JOHN P. (ED) - 150 Years On: A Selection of Papers presented at the 11th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists
115538: WISDOM JOHN - Logical Constructions
126634: MORRIS JOHN - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
122236: BRYANT JOHN - Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy: An Application of the Cybernetics of W. Ross Ashby to Personal and Social Philosophy, the Philosophy of Mind, and Problems of Artificial Intelligence
124904: KEEGAN JOHN (ED) - The Times Atlas of the Second World War
137862: MILLER JOHN - Cities Divided: Politics and Religion in English Provincial Towns, 1660-1722
133436: WILKINSON JOHN - The Supper and the Eucharist: A Layman's Guide to Anglican Revision
128810: WOOLF ANTHONY D. & DIXON ALLAN ST. JOHN - Osteoporosis: A Clinical Guide
124181: HOLLOWAY JOHN - The Proud Knowledge: Poetry, Insight and the Self, 1620-1920
137552: MCSWEENEY DEAN & ZVESPER JOHN - American Political Parties: The Formation, Decline and Fall of the American Party System
111027: BREWSTER JOHN - The Meditations of a Recluse: Chiefly on Religious Subjects
120139: CRISP JOHN - Introduction to Digital Systems
124536: KEARNS EDWARD JOHN - Ideas in Seventeenth-Century France: The most important thinkers and the climate of ideas in which they worked
139413: REESING JOHN - Milton's Poetic Art: A Mask, Lycidas, and Paradise Lost
141458: BOYNTON SIR JOHN - Job at the Top: The Chief Executive in Local Government
138828: GAY JOHN (ED: BURGESS) - The Letters of John Gay. Edited by C.F. Burgess
138702: SOLOMON SUSAN GROSS & HUTCHINSON JOHN F. (EDS) - Health and Society in Revolutionary Russia
139315: WESLEY JOHN (ED: CURNOCK) - The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley (8 vols). Edited by Nehemiah Curnock
141328: LUCAROTTI JOHN - Doctor Who: The Aztecs
137062: DEMARAY JOHN G. - Milton's Theatrical Epic: The Invention and Design of 'Paradise Lost'
122502: BRAY JOHN - The Communications Miracle: The Telecommunication Pioneers from Morse to the Information Superhighway
130598: WEBSTER JOHN - The White Devil. Edited by J.R. Mulryne
119180: BARROW SIR JOHN (ED: ROSKILL) - The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of HMS Bounty - its Causes and Consequences. Edited and with an introduction by Captain Stphen W. Roskill
117053: DONNE JOHN (ED: REDPATH) - The Songs and Sonnets of John Donne. Edited by Theodore Redpath
109985: MCCORMICK JOHN - American Literature, 1919-1932: A Comparative History
109986: SPEIRS JOHN - Chaucer the Maker
108446: POPE-HENNESSY JOHN - Italian Gothic Sculpture
118890: URRY JOHN - Reference Groups and the Theory of Revolution
119723: HOWELLS JOHN G. (ED) - Modern Perspectives in the Psychiatry of Infancy
117812: DRYDEN JOHN (ED: ARBER) - The Dryden Anthology, 1675-1700 A.D. Edited by Edward Arber
129067: KEMBLE JOHN M. - Horae Ferales; or, Studies in the Archaeology of the Northern Nations. Edited by R.G. Lathom and A.W. Franks
107589: VAIZEY JOHN - Social Democracy
134889: PRICE JOHN - The Cutlers Tale
127444: BARROW JOHN D. - The World within the World
123544: CRABB JOHN H. - The Legal System of Congo-Kinshasa
124708: BELLAMY JOYCE M & SAVILLE JOHN (EDS) - Dictionary of Labour Biography, Volumes I-VI
128767: GREENWAY JOHN - The Last Frontier: A Study of Cultural Imperatives in the Last Frontiers of America and Australia
127647: HAYWARD JOHN (ED) - Seventeenth Century Poetry. An anthology chosen by John Hayward
135605: DUNN JOHN - Rethinking modern political theory: Essays, 1979-1983
122249: CHARMLEY JOHN - A History of Conservative Politics, 1900-1996
139913: CAGE JOHN - Silence: Lectures and Writings by John Cage
141320: CASSIN-SCOTT JACK & FABB JOHN - Military Bands and their Uniforms
129800: MCKINLAY JOHN B (ED) - Processing People: Cases in Organizational Behaviour
139948: CAGE JOHN - Notations
139949: CAGE JOHN - A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings
134357: WILSON JOHN - Catch Carp
122369: WILDERS JOHN (ED) - Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice. A Casebook
122378: CANNON JOHN (ED) - The Oxford Companion to British History
138886: ROBERTS JOHN R. - John Donne: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1968-1978
119345: LOCKE JOHN - An Essay concerning Human Understanding
119184: BRIERLEY JOHN - The Thinking Machine: Genes, Brain, Endocrines, and Human Nature
118759: PILGER JOHN - The New Rulers of the World
127736: JALLAND PAT & HOOPER JOHN - Women, Marriage and Politics, 1860-1914
139764: HOLLOWAY JOHN - The Victorian Sage: Studies in Argument
129842: SCHWAB GAIL M. & JEANNENEY JOHN R. (EDS) - The French Revolution of 1789 and its Impact
141789: GRANT JOHN (ED) - Aries 1
139834: CAMMETT JOHN M. - Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
118623: CORSO JOHN F. - The Experimental Psychology of Sensory Behavior
126835: CRUICKSHANK JOHN - Albert Camus and the literature of revolt
130910: OSBORNE JOHN - Romantik
109378: MCKINLAY JOHN B (ED) - Processing People: Cases in Organizational Behaviour
116785: WHITELEY J. STUART & GORDON JOHN - Group Approaches in Psychiatry
105761: BEAUMONT FRANCIS & FLETCHER JOHN - Select Plays by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. With an introduction by G.P. Baker
124460: MILTON JOHN (TRANS: SORELLI) - Il Paradiso Perduto di Milton riportato in versi italianoda da Guido Sorelli da Firenze. Terza Edizione, rivista, corretta e toscanamente accentuata
133876: WALTER JOHN T. - Foreign Exchange Equilibrium
119599: GILBERT JOHN H. (ED) - Speech and Cortical Functioning
120787: GIRLING JOHN - Emotion and Reason in Social Change: Insights from Fiction
139835: CAMMETT JOHN M. - Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
140492: HICK JOHN - God and the Universe of Faiths: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion. Reissued with a New Preface

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