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119215: BRAGG SIR WILLIAM LAWRENCE & PORTER SIR GEORGE (EDS) - The Royal Institution Library of Science (11 vols). Being the Friday Evening Discourses in Physical Sciences held at the Royal Institution, 1851-1939
132864: BUDAY GEORGE - The History of the Christmas Card
124172: DUKE GEORGE - Dummett on Abstract Objects
144062: BELTON FRANCIS GEORGE - A Manual for Confessors, being a Guide to the Administration of the Sacrament of Penance for the Use of Priests of the English Church
134553: ROUAULT GEORGES - Miserere. Foreword by Anthony Blunt
139721: SOREL GEORGES - Refléxions sur la violence
142238: LAGARDE GEORGES DE - La Naissance de l’Esprit laïque au déclin du moyen age, III: Le defensor pacis
122746: DUHAMEL GEORGES - Fables de mon jardin: Le bestiare et l'herbier
138090: DICKER GEORGES - Descartes: An Analytical And Historical Introduction
134102: HANATAUX GABRIEL & VICAIRE GEORGES - La Jeunesse de Balzac: Balzac Imprimeur. Balzac et Madame de Berny. Nouvelle édition augmentée de la Correspondance de Balzac et de Madame de Berny
133995: LUKACS GEORGES - La Théorie du Roman
118693: UNGAR GEORGES (ED) - Molecular Mechanisms in Memory and Learning
120086: BALANDIER GEORGES - Anthropologie Politique
129659: LEFEBVRE GEORGES - The Directory
123349: BENREKASSA GEORGES - Montesquieu
128578: MOUNIN GEORGES - Les problèmes théoriques de la traduction. Préface de Dominique Aury
122603: SUAREZ GEORGES - Les hommes malades de la paix
136762: GOYAU GEORGES - Lendemains d'Unité: Rome - Royaume de Naples
150151: CANTECOR GEORGES - Le Positivisme
122682: LEVY RAPHAEL-GEORGES - La Juste Paix; ou, la Verite sur le Traite de Versailles
141750: BERNIER GEORGES (ED) - Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Floral Induction: Proceedings of a Symposium...1967
143777: CATTAUI RENE & CATTAUI GEORGES - Mohamed-Aly et l’Europe. Préface de M.F. Charles-Roux
134198: MARLIER GEORGES - Trichoptères de l'Amazonie. Recueillis par le Professeur H. Sioli
141771: BERNIER GEORGES (ED) - Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Floral Induction: Proceedings of a Symposium...1967
142462: BURDEAU GEORGES - Traité de science politique (tome I - VII)
117531: LACHAPPELLE GEORGES - Les Batailles du Franc
129661: LEFEBVRE GEORGES - The Thermidorians
129658: LEFEBVRE GEORGES - The Directory
139788: SHILOV GEORGIE E. - An Introduction to the Theory of Linear Spaces
139787: SHILOV GEORGIE E. - An Introduction to the Theory of Linear Spaces
122938: MEGAS GEORGIOS A. - Die Ballade von der Arta-Brucke: Eine vergleichende Untersuchung
117878: ROON GER VAN (ED) - Helmuth James, Graf von Moltke: Volkerrecht im Dienste der Menschen
125944: LEWIS GERAINT - Michael Tippett: A Celebration
133947: CRAGG GERALD R. (ED) - The Cambridge Platonists
110876: MANDER GERALD P. - Descriptive Catalogue of the topographical sketches and prints forming the Staffordshire Views collection in the William Salt Library, Stafford
125761: ABRAHAM GERALD (ED) - Sibelius. A symposium
138360: VISION GERALD A. - Re-emergence: Locating Conscious Properties in a Material World
128132: GEERLINGS GERALD K. - Metal Crafts in Architecture: Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron, Copper, Lead, Lighting Fixtures, Tin, Specifications
124397: CAPLAN GERALD - Principles of Preventive Psychiatry. Foreword by Robert H. Felix
91507: MANNERS GERALD - The Geography of Energy
131128: COBB GERALD - London City Churches
133926: DUNNE GERALD T. - Justice Joseph Story and the Rise of the Supreme Court
114274: COBB GERALD - English Cathedrals: The Forgotten Centuries Restoration and Change from the Restoration to the Present Day
126609: COBB GERALD - London City Churches
116248: WENDT GERALD - Die friedliche Verwendung der Kernenergie
114173: MEIER GERALD M. - The International Economics of Development: Theory and Policy
113162: PARSONS GERALD (ED) - The Growth of Religious Diversity: Britain from 1945. Volume I: Traditions
113009: PARSONS GERALD (ED) - The Growth of Religious Diversity: Britain from 1945. Volume II: Issues
120455: SINSTADT GERALD - Whisper in a Lonely Place
136879: CRAGG GERALD R. - Puritanism in the Period of the Great Persecution, 1660-1688
136867: BURKE GERALD L. - The Making of Dutch Towns: A Study in Urban Development from the Tenth to the Seventeenth Centuries
121750: GRIFFIN GERALD - Gabriele D'Annunzio: The Warrior Bard
141524: WINGROVE GERALD A. - The Complete Car Modeller 2
141519: HAMMOND GERALD (ED) - The Metaphysical Poets: A Casebook
141522: WINGROVE GERALD A. - The Complete Car Modeller 1
125763: ABRAHAM GERALD (ED) - Sibelius. A symposium
120515: SINSTADT GERALD - The Fidelio Score
114448: BRODRIBB GERALD - Felix on the Bat: A Memoir of Nicholas Felix
136773: HODGETT GERALD A.J. - A Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe
136864: BURKE GERALD L. - The Making of Dutch Towns: A Study in Urban Development from the Tenth to the Seventeenth Centuries
137244: CHURCH LESLIE F. & PETERMAN GERALD W. (EDS) - Zondervan NIV Matthew Henry Commentary in one volume. Based on the Broad Oak Edition
142402: NORMAN GERALDINE - Biedermeier Painting, 1815-1848: Reality observed in genre, portrait and landscape
142321: ARON GERALDINE (INSCRIBED TO NED SHERRIN AND SIGNED) - Seven Plays and four monologues
122862: DE NERVAL GERARD - Voyage en Orient - suivi d'Isis (2 vols)
143041: DOWNING F. GERARD - Has Christianity a Revelation?
103871: RIEU ALAIN-MARC AND DUPRAT GERARD (EDS) - European Democratic Culture. English edition by Noel Parker
110406: NOEL GERARD - The Great Lock-Out of 1926
137608: O'DALY GERARD - The Poetry of Boethius
119243: JAOUEN GÉRARD (ED) - Bioorganometallics: Biomolecules, Labeling, Medicine
120134: NERVAL GÉRARD DE (ED: CLOUARD) - Sylvie. Suivie de:- Léo Burckart, et d'Aurélia. Introduction et notes par Henri Clouard
127046: CHENG DAVID C. & O'NEILL GERARD K. - Elementary Particle Physics: An Introduction
123145: WALTER GÉRARD - La vie quotidienne a Byzance au siècle des Comnènes (1081-1180)
117752: GENETTE GÉRARD - Figures of Literary Discourse
120732: POSTIGLIONE GERARD A. (ED) - Education and Social Change in China: Inequality in a Market Economy
140929: RADNITZKY GERARD (ED) - Universal Economics: Assessing the Achievements of the Economic Approach
142606: DELANTY GERARD - Social Theory in a Changing World: Conceptions of Modernity
125924: DELAISEMENT GÉRARD - La Modernité de Maupassant
111544: GERASIMOV I.P. (ET AL - EDS) - Soviet Geography: Accomplishments and Tasks. A symposium of 50 chapters, contributed by 56 leading Soviet geographers...English edition edited by Chauncy D. Harris
138295: DE CORDEMOY GERAUD (TRANS: NADLER) - Six Discourses on the Distinction between the Body and the Soul [and] Treatises on Metaphysics. Translated with an introduction by Steven Nadler
121635: VENZAC GERAUD - Les origines religieuses de Victor Hugo
138559: HARDACH GERD - The First World War, 1914-1918
116607: SOMMERHOFF GERD - Logic of the Living Brain
126067: TELLENBACH GERD - Church, State and Christian Society at the time of the Investiture Contest. Translated (and with an Introduction) by R.F. Bennett
116003: MULLER GERD - Dichtung und Wissenchaft Studien zu Robert Musils Romanen 'Die Verwirrungen des Zoglings Torless' und 'Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften'
143779: LANGGUTH GERD - Mythos ‘68: Die Gewaltphilosophie von Rudi Dutschke - Ursachen und Folgen der Studentenbewegung Folgen der Studentenbewegung
116606: SOMMERHOFF GERD - Logic of the Living Brain
121880: THEISSEN GERD (ED: RICHES) - Miracle Stories of the Early Christian Tradition. Edited by John Riches
139509: MOTYKA GEREON - Venedig im Spiegel viktorianischer Reiseliteratur: Eine Quellensammlung
140052: ZWERENZ GERHARD - Little Peter in War and Peace
134194: REGNÉLL GERHARD - Revision of the Caradocian-Ashgillian Cystoid Fauna of Belgium. With notes on isolated pelmatozoan stem fragments
134097: EIS GERHARD - Altdeutsche Handschriften: 41 Texte und Tafeln mit einer Einleitung und Erläuterungen
116006: WAHRIG GERHARD - Deutsches Worterbuch. Herausgegeben in Zusammenarbeit mit zahlreichen Wissenschaftlern und anderen Fachgleuten. Mit einem Lexicon der deutschen Sprachlehre
119350: SCHULZ GERHARD - Revolutions and Peace Treaties, 1917-1920
118975: TÖTEMEYER GERHARD - Namibia Old and New: Traditional and Modern Leaders in . Ovamboland
129232: KÖHN GERHARD - Soest in alten Bildern, 1870-1920
120877: CAFORIO GIUSEPPE & KÜMMEL GERHARD (EDS) - Military Missions and their Implications Reconsidered: The Aftermath of September 11th
138700: MOMMSEN WOLFGANG J & HUSUNG HANS-GERHARD (EDS) - The Development of Trade Unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914
111065: STOLTENBERG GERHARD - Politische Strömungen im schleswig-holsteinischen Landvolk, 1918-1933: Ein Beitrag zur politischen Meinungsbildung in der Weimarer Republik
130681: GRAF HANS GERHARD - Goethe ueber seine Dictungen (9 vols): Versuch einer Sammlung aller Aeusserungen des Dichters ueber seine poetischen Werke (1) Erster Theil: Die epischen Dichtungen. Erster Band. Zweiter Band (2) Zweiter Theil: Die dramatischen Dichtungen. Erster/Zweiter/Dritter/Vierter Band (3) Dritter Theil: Die lyrischen Dictungen. Erster Band/Zweiter Band - Erste Hälfte, Zweiter Hälfte
126933: HERZBERG GERHARD - Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure. III. Electronic Spectra and Electronic Structure of Polyatomic Molecules
127274: HENKEL GERHARD - Die Wüstungen des Sintfeldes: Eine historisch-geographische Untersuchung zur Geneseeinrt alten westfälischen Kulturlandschaft
131974: SEIDEL GERHARD - Bibliographie Bertolt Brecht. Titelverzeichnis Band 1. Deutschsprachige Veröffentlichungen aus den Jahren 1913-1972. Werke von Brecht: Sammlungen, Dramatik
112897: SCHWÖDIAUER GERHARD (ED) - Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Economic Theory: Proceedings of a Conference organized by the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria - July 3-5, 1974
120148: HAUPTMANN GERHART - Die Versunkene Glocke: Ein Deutsche Marchendrama
123025: HAUPTMANN GERHART - Atlantis: A Novel. Translated by Adele and Thomas Seltzer
127772: BREE GERMAINE - Camus
125909: LASZLO GERO - Magyarorszagi zsinagogak
130069: VON GLEICH GEROLD - Vom Balkan nach Bagdad: Militarisch-politische Erinnerungen an den Orient
150635: KEIZER GERRIT J. - Encyclopaedia of Fungi
138475: RUBIN GERRY R. - War, Law, and Labour: The Munitions Acts, State Regulation, and the Unions, 1915-1921
138625: RUBIN GERRY R. - War, Law, and Labour: The Munitions Acts, State Regulation, and the Unions, 1915-1921
140879: NEUBERG LELAND GERSON - Conceptual anomalies in economics and statistics: Lessons from the social experiment
130914: PICKAR GERTRUD B. - Deutsches Schrifttum zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen (1918-1945)
130913: PICKAR GERTRUD B. - Deutsches Schrifttum zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen (1918-1945)
117505: BONE GERTRUDE - Children's Children
115170: JEKYLL GERTRUDE - Classic English Gardens. Introduction by Sally Festing
150026: JEKYLL GERTRUDE - Flower Decoration in the House
129090: VERMES GEZA - The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English
132300: FALAH GHAZI - Patterns of Spontaneous Bedouin Settlement in Galilee
123507: GHELLINCK J. DE - Littérature latine au moyen âge. I: Depuis les origines jusqu'à la fin de la renaissance carolingienne. II: De la renaissance carolingienne à Saint Anselme
128284: DE MONTALEMBERT GHISLAIN - Contribuables, le Fisc vous cerne
150517: BASILE GIAMBATTISTA - The Pentamerone or The Story of Stories. Translated from the Neapolitan by John Edward Taylor. New Edition revised and edited by Helen Zimmern
130902: SETTI GIANCARLO (ED) - The Physics of Non-Thermal Radio Sources: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Urbino...1975
130490: TOJA GIANLUIGI - Líríca cortese d'oïl, Sec. xii - xiii
140887: GIAVAZZI FRANCESCO, MICOSSI STEFANO & MILLER MARCUS (EDS) - The European Monetary System: Proceedings of a conference...
115248: GIBB M.A. - The Lord General: A Life of Thomas Fairfax
126882: EHRENBERG W. & GIBBONS D.J. - Electron Bombardment Induced Conductivity and its applications
128705: GRAINGER L. & GIBSON J. - Coal Utilisation: Technology, Economics and Policy
140098: GIDIGASU M.D. - Laterite Soil Engineering
115078: EWING GIFFORD C. - Oceanography from Space: Proceedings of a Conference on the feasability...
141110: MARTINEAU GILBERT - Napoleon's Last Journey. Translated from the French by Frances Partridge
118003: GLASER GILBERT H. - EEG and Behavior
150587: RYLE GILBERT - Dilemmas: The Tarner Lectures for 1953
143824: WHITE GILBERT (ED: LOCKLEY) - The Natural History of Selborne. Edited with an Introduction by R.M. Lockley
139127: BORTOLI GILBERT - Sociologie du référendum dans la France moderne
126877: HIGHET GILBERT - The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature
134192: RANSON GILBERT - Les Espèces d'Huîtres perlières du Genre Pinctada (Biologie de quelques-unes d'entre elles)
142846: SELDES GILBERT - The Seven Lively Arts
117813: WHITE GILBERT (ED: W.S. SCOTT) - The Natural History of Selborne
141981: SCOTT SIR GEORGE GILBERT - Personal and Professional Recollections: A Facsimile of the Original Edition with new Material and a Critical Introduction by Gavin Stamp
139724: MURRAY GILBERT - Carlyon Sahib: A Drama in Four Acts
114470: O'NEILL GILDA - The Good Old Days: Crime, Murder and Mayhem in Victorian London
127021: COOKE GILES B. - Cork and the Cork Tree
127410: GUNN GILES - Beyond Solidarity: Pragmatism and Difference in a Globalized World
130327: BROWN GILES T. - Ships that Sail no more: Marine Transportation from San Diego to Puget Sound, 1910-1940
140861: KEATING GILES - The Production and Use of Economic Forecasts
150069: HARTLEY GILFRID W. - Wild Sport and some Stories
130988: GILIOMEE J.H. - Morphology and Taxonomy od Adult Males of the Family Coccidae (Homoptera Coccoidea)
127298: REUSCHLEIN HAROLD GILL - Jurisprudence - Its American Prophets: A Survey of Taught Jurisprudence
129052: DESMONS GILLES - Walking Paris: Thirty Original Walks in and around Paris
125833: DELEUZE GILLES - Nietzsche et la Philosophie
130448: NÉRET GILLES - Henri Matisse
128289: KLOPMAN GILLES (ED) - Chemical Reactivity and Reaction Paths
115684: KLOPMAN GILLES (ED) - Chemical Reactivity and Reaction Paths
117200: GILLESPIE A.B. - Signal, Noise and Resolution in Nuclear Counter Amplifiers
92806: PASCALL GILLIAN - Social Policy: A New Feminist Analysis
123218: SUTHERLAND GILLIAN (ED) - Studies in the growth of nineteenth-century government
140724: HEWITSON GILLIAN J. - Feminist Economics: Interrogating the Masculinity of Rational Economic Man
124529: DAVIES GILLIAN - Piracy of Phonograms: A Study requested by the Comission of the European Communities
142604: BROWN GILLIAN - Phonological Rules and Dialect Variation: A Study of the Phonology of Lumasaaba
142535: BENCE-JONES GILLIAN - Ostrich Creeek: Tom and other Survivors
133596: GILLIGAN A.E.R. - Sussex Cricket. With a Foreword by K.S. Duleepsinhji
103732: PEARCE LYNNE & WISKER GINA (EDS) - Fatal Attractions: Rescripting Romance in Contemporary Literature and Film
128071: GINN JAY, STREET DEBRA & ARBER SARA (EDS) - Women, Work and Pensions: International Issues and Prospects
139370: GINSBURG G.P. (ED) - Emerging Strategies in Social Psychological Research
113435: DE SANTILLANA GIORGIO - The Crime of Galileo
131792: FAGGIN GIORGIO T. - The Complete Paintings of the Van Eycks. Introduction by Robert Hughes. Notes and Catalogue by Giorgio T. Faggin
122779: STONE RICHARD & STONE GIOVANNA - National Income and Expenditure
111647: ALVAZZI DEL FRATE ANNA & PASQUA GIOVANNI (EDS) - (2nd copy) Responding to the Challenges of Corruption: Acts of the International Conference, Milan, 19-20 November 1999
136009: BOCCACCIO GIOVANNI - The Fall of Princys, Princessys, and other Nobles
105268: (1) ZANINELLI SERGIO [AND] (2) BORELLI GIORGIO & ZALIN GIOVANNI (EDS) - (1) Mezzo secolo di ricerca storica sulla cooperazione bianca: Risultati e prospettive. Parte prima: Origine e sviluppi dei sistemi cooperativi locali - tomo primo & tomo secondo. Parte seconda: Temi e fonti per uno sviluppo della ricerca (2) La Società Cattolica di Assicurazione nel suo primo secolo di attività, 1896-1996
125618: GIRARD L'ABBÉ - Synonymes françois: Leurs différentes significations et le choix qu'il en faut faire pour parler avec justesse
125835: GIRIFALCO L.A. - Statistical Physics of Materials
128984: GIRSANOV I.V. - Lectures on Mathematical Theory of Extremum Problems
136945: NAU GISELA - Bon Appétit: The Complete Handbook of Modern AMC Cooking
138124: FORNARI GIUSEPPE - A God Torn to Pieces: The Nietzsche Case
92533: MARHETTI DOMENICO J & PARIGI GIUSEPPE - Energy Consumption, Survey Data and the Prediction of Indusrial Production in Italy.
125330: PARIA GIUSEPPE - Grammatica della Lingua Italiana
92525: PARIGI GIUSEPPE & SCHILTZER GIUSEPPE - Predicting Consumption of Italian Households by means of Leading Indicators
150347: THOMPSON GLADYS - Guernsey and Jersey Patterns
128573: GLASS D.V. (ED) - Social Mobility in Britain
125467: GLASS I.I. (ED) - Shock Tubes: Proceedings of the Seventh International Shock Tube Symposium ...1969
126883: LINES M.E. & GLASS A.M. - Principles and Applications of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials
117246: GABBARD GLEN O. (ED) - Sexual Exploitation in Professional Relationships
120933: FIREBAUGH GLENN - Seven Rules for Social Research
92547: RUDEBUSCH GLENN D - "Enemy of None but a Common Friend of All"?
114529: BROWN ROGER GLENN - Fashoda Reconsidered: The Impact of Domestic Politics on French Policy in Africa, 1893-1898
113509: BROWN ROGER GLENN - Fashoda Reconsidered: The Impact of Domestic Politics on French Policy in Africa, 1893-1898
90591: TURNER GLENN - The Social World of the Comphrehensive School: How Pupils Adapt
90593: TURNER GLENN - {2nd copy} The Social World of the Comphrehensive School: How Pupils Adapt
144070: GLESER GOLDINE C., GREEN BONNIE L. & WINGET CAROLYN - Prolonged Psychosocial Effects of Disater: A Study of Buffalo Creek
117267: GLESER GOLDINE C., GREEN BONNIE L. & WINGET CAROLYN - Prolonged Psychosocial Effects of Disater: A Study of Buffalo Creek
130365: GLICK IRA O., LEVY SIDNEY J. - AND OTHERS - Living with Television
123162: STAVELEY H.S. & GLOVER P.V. (EDS) - Surveying Buildings
125274: COPPACK GLYN - English Heritage Book of Abbeys and Priories
116237: COPPACK GLYN - English Heritage Book of Fountains Abbey
118222: FOSTER I. LL. & DANIEL GLYN (EDS) - Prehistoric and Early Wales
120377: REDWORTH GLYN - In Defence of the Church Catholic: The Life of Stephen Gardiner
104126: WICKHAM GLYNNE - Shakespeare's Dramatic Heritage: Collected Studies in Mediaeval, Tudor and Shakespearean Drama
93211: DURANT GM - Landscape with Churches
125605: SCHEELE GODFREY - The Weimar Republic: Overture to the Third Reich
136968: ELTON GODFREY - 'England, Arise!': A Study of the Pioneering Days of the Labour Movement
118014: THOMSON SIR GODFREY - The Factorial Analysis of Human Ability
133902: THOMSON SIR GODFREY H. - The Geometry of Mental Measurement
141939: WINN GODFREY - The Positive Hour: Volume II of his autobiography
125503: LYSONS DANIEL / AMOTT JOHN / WILLIAMS C. & CHANCE H. GODWIN - Origin and Progress of the Meeting of the Three Choirs of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford, and of the Charity connected with it. Commenced by Rev. D Lysons, carried on to 1864 by John Amott and continued to 1894 by C. Lee Williams and H. Godwin Chance
122439: GOETHE (ED: FLACH) - Goethes Amtliche Schriften. Erster Band. Teil 1: Die Schriften der Jahre, 1776-1786. Bearbeitet von Willy Flach
123897: GOETHE (ED: TRUNZ) - Faust: Die Tragodie erster und zweiter Teil Urfaust. Herausgegeben und kommentiert von Erich Trunz
123206: GOETHE (ED: PETSCH) - Goethes Faust. Kritisch durchgesehen, eingeleitet und erläutert von Robert Petsch
123149: GOETHE (ED: PETSCH) - Goethes Faust - Kritisch durchgesehen, eingeleitet und erläutert von Robert Petsch
121817: GOETHE (ED: HARTUNG) - Vom tatigen Leben: Goethes Briefe aus der zweiten Halfte seines Lebens. Herausgegeben von Ernst Hartung
143479: GOETHE (TRANS: CARLYLE) - Wilhelm Meister’s Appenticeship and Travels. Translated from the German of Goethe by Thomas Carlyle. Three volumes in Two. Vol.I. Apprenticeship, Books I-VI. Vol. II. Apprenticeship. Books VII, VIII. [and] Travels
119803: GOLDIN IAN, CAMERON GEOFFREY & BALARAJAN MEERA - Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future
115510: GOLDING J.A. - Colonialism: The Golden Years
135345: GOLDSMITH F.B. (ED) - Monitoring for Conservation and Ecology
117832: GOMBAS P. - Theorie und Lösungsmethoden des Mehrteilchenproblems der Wellenmechanik
92565: GOMEL G, MARCHESE G & OLIVA JC MARTINEZ - The adjustment of the US current account imbalance: The role of international policy coordination
132312: CARRILLO ENRIQUE GÓMEZ - Cuentos escogidos de los mejores autores castellanos contemporáneos: Colleccionados y con prefacio y noticias literarias por Enrique Gómez Carrillo
120198: TRUC GONZAGUE - Anatole France: L'Artiste et le Penseur
113293: GOODAY G.W., LLOYD D & TRINCI A.P.J. (EDS) - The Eukaryotic Microbial Cell: Thirtieth Symposium of the Society of General Microbiology...Cambridge... 1980
100497: BAKT GLORIS - WITH MARY GOODBODY - ZonePerfect Cooking Made Easy: Quick, Delicious Meals for Your Healthy Zone Lifestyle
123776: GOODE R.M. (ED) - Electronic Banking: The Legal Implications
142285: BERKELEY R.C.W. & GOODFELLOW M. (EDS) - The Aerobic Endospore-forming Bacteria: Classification and Identification
142271: BERKELEY R.C.W. & GOODFELLOW M. (EDS) - The Aerobic Endospore-forming Bacteria: Classification and Identification
139746: GOODRICK EDWARD W & KOHLENBERGER JOHN R, III - The NIV Complete Concordance: The Complete English Concordance to the New International Version
124070: GOODRICK EDWARD W & KOHLENBERGER JOHN R, III - The NIV Complete Concordance
112193: GOODSPEED D.J. - Ludendorff: Soldier, Dictator, Revolutionary
142010: GOODWIN T.W. (ED) - Aspects of Terpenoid Chemistry and Biochemistry: Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society Symposium, Liverpool, April 1970
140576: GOODWIN A. (ED) - The American and French Revolutions, 1763-93
138579: GOODWIN K.L. - The Influence of Ezra Pound
126499: GOODY JACK, THIRSK JOAN & THOMPSON EP (EDS) - Family and Inheritance: Rural Society in Western Europe, 1200-1800
125338: GOPAL E.S.R. - Statistical Mechanics and Properties of Matter: Theory and Applications
136933: DASGUPTA PARTHA & MALER KARL-GORAN (EDS) - The Environment and Emerging Development Issues, Volume 1 and Volume 2
129299: GORDON MRS. - "Christopher North": A Memoir of John Wilson (2 vols). Compiled from family papers and other sources by his daughter, Mrs. Gordon
91394: DEAN GORDON - Report on the Atom: What You should Know About Atomic Energy
103214: STRACHAN GORDON - The Bible's Hidden Cosmology
124887: GREEN WILLIAM & SWANBOROUGH GORDON - U.S.Army Air Force Fighters, Part Two
133085: STAINFORTH GORDON - Eyes to the Hills: The Mountain Landscape of Britain
124489: TAYLOR GORDON (COMPILED BY) - Companion to the Song Book of the Salvation Army
111056: ZEEVELD W. GORDON - The Temper of Shakespeare's Thought
116609: EAST GORDON - The Geography behind History
105832: BYRON GEORGE GORDON (LORD) - 'Wedlock's the devil' - Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 4: 1814-1815. Edited by Leslie A.Marchand. The complete and unexpurgated text of all the letters available in manuscript and the full printed version of all others
105829: BYRON GEORGE GORDON (LORD) - 'In my hot youth' - Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume1: 1798-1820. Edited by Leslie A.Marchand. The complete and unexpurgated text of all the letters available in manuscript and the full printed version of all others
93146: MCLACHLAN GORDON (ED) - {2nd copy} Improving the Common Weal: Aspects of Scottish Health Services, 1900-1984
120274: BALDWIN GORDON C. - Le Temps sans Horloge
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138544: HALDANE A.R.B. - Three Centuries of Scottish Posts: An Historical Survey to 1836
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134854: HAMBLETON ROBIN, SAVITCH HANK V. & STEWART MURRAY (EDS) - Globalism and Local Democracy: Challenge and Change in Europe and North America
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136098: FRASER W. HAMISH - A History of British Trade Unionism, 1700-1998
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150410: BARAKAT N. & HAMZA A.A. - Interferometry of Fibrous Materials
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112525: HARE R.M. - The Language of Morals
112524: HARE R.M. - The Language of Morals
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120319: ROBERTS HAROLD - Jesus and the Kingdom of God
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128287: BETTERIDGE HAROLD (COMPLETELY REVISED BY) - Cassell's German-English, English-German Dictionary. Based on the editions of Karl Breul. Completely revised by Harold Betteridge
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128534: STEVENSON HAROLD W. - Children's Learning
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113752: HARTLEY SIR HAROLD - Humphry Davy. With a new Preface by the author
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143718: TEMPERLEY HAROLD - The Foreign Policy of Canning, 1822-1827: England, the Neo-Holy Alliance, and the New World
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104611: HARRE R. (ED) - Scientific Thought, 1900-1960: A Selective Survey
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121310: HARRE R (ED) - Scientific Thought, 1900-1960: A Selective Survey
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150010: HOLLAND HARRY C. - The Spiral After-Effect
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142944: JUDGE HARRY - A Generation of Schooling: English Secondary Schools since 1944
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134029: HASLER P.W. - The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1558-1603 (3 vols). I. Introductory Survey, Appendices, Constituencies, Members A-C. II: Members D-L. III: Members M-Z
125267: RASHDALL HASTINGS - Is Conscience an Emotion? Three Lectures delivered on Recent Ethical Theories
113770: GRANGER C.W.J. - IN ASSOCIATION WITH A.J. HATANAKA - Spectral Analysis of Economic Time Series
121779: WALSH ANNMARIE HAUCK - The Public's Business: The Politics and Practices of Government Corporations
130489: WETTIN HAUS (ED) - Der Schatz der Wettiner: Die Moritzburger Fund - Dokumente, Fundbericht, Katalog
139273: WAGSTAFFE REGINALD & FIDLER J. HAVELOCK (EDS) - The Preservation of Natural History Specimens. Volume One: Invertebrates
133588: HAWKE LORD, HARRIS LORD & GORDON SIR HOME - The Memorial Biography of Dr. W.G. Grace
140259: FRANKEL O.H. & HAWKES J.G. (EDS) - Crop Genetic Resources for Today and Tomorrow
123109: BLEULER E. & HAXBY R.O. (EDS) - Methods of Experimental Physics. Volume 2, Part A: Electronic Methods
123110: BLEULER E. & HAXBY R.O. (EDS) - Methods of Experimental Physics. Volume 2, Part B: Electronic Methods
123125: BLEULER E. & HAXBY R.O. (EDS) - Methods of Experimental Physics. Volume 2: Electronic Methods
139738: BELL CLAIR HAYDEN - Georg Hager: A Meistersinger of Nurnberg, 1552-1634 (4 vols)
117137: NORWOOD HAYDEN - An Owl in the House
102570: HAYDEN F.V. - Preliminary Report of the United States Geological Survey of Wyoming, and Portions of Contiguous Territories (being a second annual report of progress)
150142: HAYEK F.A. - The Sensory Order: An Inquiry into the Foundations of Theoretical Psychology. With an Introduction by Heinrich Klüver
132296: HAYLEY H.W.B. - A Wartime Interlude, by H.W.B. Hayley, Captain R.A. - An account of his participation in the Second World War, August 1939-April 1946
128499: HAYLOCK CHRISTINA FORD, MUSCARELLA LEN & SCHULTZ RON - Net Success: 24 Leaders in Web Commerce show you how to put the Internet to work for your Business
115207: HAYWARD F.H. - The Unknown Cromwell
114534: DELCOURT PAUL A. & DELCOURT HAZEL R. - Long-Term Forest Dynamics of the Temperate Zone: A Case Study of Late-Quaternary Forests in Eastern North America
124305: BARNES HAZEL E. - The Literature of Possibility: A Study in Humanistic Existentialism
139918: SMITH HAZEL - European Union Foreign Policy and Central America
139850: SMITH HAZEL - European Union Foreign Policy and Central America
119999: HUANG CHING-HE - Chinese Food Made Easy
142888: WELLS ROBIN HEADLAM - Spenser’s ‘Fairie Queene’ and the Cult of Elizabeth
127324: NEWARK FRANCIS HEADON (ED: MCIVOR) - Elegantia Juris - Selected Writings of Francis Headon Newark. Edited by F.J. McIvor
128726: HEAL G.M. - The Theory of Economic Planning
128725: HEAL G.M. - The Theory of Economic Planning
134841: HEALEY PATSY, PURDUE MICHAEL AND ENNIS FRANK - Negotiating Development: Rationales and Practice for Development Obligations and Planning Gain
128965: THOMPSON EDWARD HEALY (ED.) - The Life of S. Charles Borromeo
121752: HEARNSHAW F.J.C. - The Social and Political Ideas of some Representative Thinkers of the Revolutionary Era
138023: BATTALY HEATHER - Virtue
141439: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The World's Beauty
141440: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Shadow of a Moment
141441: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Caught in Time
141442: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Images in Time
141287: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Reach Beyond Time
141288: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Free Your Soul
141289: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The Pathway of a Poet
141237: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Beyond the Whisper
141300: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - These Days
141294: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The Last Word
141299: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The World of Nature
141298: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Friends of a Lifetime
141297: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Stories of Life
141293: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Shadows of Love
141296: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Nature at Its Best
141295: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Christmas Remembered
141292: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Shades of Autumn
141495: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Voyage of Mercy
141497: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Chasing Shadows
141501: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Within my Soul
141502: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Across the Skies
141504: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Soulful Emotions
141509: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Poignant Moments
141443: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Evolutions of Time
141432: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Underneath the Stars
141437: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The Cry of War
141431: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - In My Mind
141438: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Word for Word
141436: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Reasons to Believe
141435: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Watch the Dawn
141434: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Moonlit Images
141369: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Women in Harmony
141430: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The Promise of a New Day
141290: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - For Whom the Bell Tolls
141445: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Nature's Silhouettes
141236: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Through the Seasons
141508: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - The Way We Feel
141388: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Words That Live On
141444: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Awakening of the Soul
141291: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - A Picture in Words
141229: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - A Sight to Share
141286: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - All Things Precious
141446: KILLINGRAY HEATHER (ED) - Visions of Colour
129186: MOORE JOHN HEBRON - Andrew Brown and Cypress Lumbering in the Old Southwest
128073: FRANCE HECTOR - L'Armée de John Bull
125772: BERLIOZ HECTOR (ED: CAIRNS) - The Memoirs of Hector Berlioz, Member of the French Institute, including his Travels in Italy, Germany, Russia and England, 1803-1865. Translated and edited by David Cairns
123989: BERLIOZ HECTOR - Memoirs of Hector Berlioz - from 1803 to 1865, comprising his travels in Germany, Italy, Russia and England. Translated by Rachel (Scott Russell) Holmes and Eleanor Holmes. Annotated, and the translation revised by, Ernest Newman
131162: RENCHON HECTOR - Études de syntaxe descriptive (2 vols). I: La conjunction 'si' et l'emploi des formes verbales. II: Le syntaxe de l'interrogation
150649: BERLIOZ HECTOR - Weltliche Kantaten (Serie V). 1. Heroic Scene (The Revolt of the Greeks). 2. Eight Scenes from Faust. 3. The Damnation of Faust. 4. Lelio, or the Return to Life. 5. The 5th of May. 6. Imperial Hymn
125727: HEESTERMAN A.R.G. - Allocation Models and their Use in Economic Planning
150436: HEGEL G.W.F. - Lectures on the Philosophy of History. Translated by J. Sibree
93792: BOYLE ELIZABETH HEGER - Female Genital Cutting: Cultural Conflict in the Global Community
150386: FARQUHAR J.D. & HEIDENSOHN K. - The Market Economy
143375: O’HEIGEARTAIGH M., LENSTRA J.K. & RINNOOY KAN A.H.G. (EDS) - Combinatorial Optimization: Annotated Bibliographies
135512: FABER HEIJE - Pastoral Care in the Modern Hospital
125977: PIENAAR HEILIE - The Complete Book of Home Baking
118484: HOFMEISTER HEIMO E.M. - Truth and Belief: Interpretation and Critique of the Analytical Theory of Religion
118090: OTTE HANS-HEINRICH - At the Beginning a Vision, Today Reality: BDO. The Story of an International Accounting Organisation
150039: DRIESMANS HEINRICH - Das Keltentum in der Europäischen Blutmischung: Eine Kulturgeschichte der Rasseninstinkte
129966: BROCKES BARTHOLD HEINRICH - Auszug der vornehmsten Gedichte aus dem Irdischen Vergnugen in Gott. Faksimiledruck nach der Ausgabe von 1738. Mit einem Nachwort von Dietrich Bode
127275: KELLERSOHN HEINRICH - Untersuchungen zur Morphologie der Talanfänge im mitteleuropäischen Raum
124272: MANN HEINRICH - The Royal Woman
123705: HOFFMANN HEINRICH - Adolf Hitler: Pictures Form the Life of the Führer
123329: LUDEN HEINRICH - Goethe über Deutschlands Zukunft: Das Faust-Gespräch aus "Rückblicke in mein Leben" von Heinrich Luden
123012: HEINE HEINRICH - Reliquien: Neue Briefe und Aufsätze Heinrich Heines. Herausgegeben von Maximilian Freiherrn v. Heine-Geldern und Gustav Karpeles
119042: BOLL HEINRICH (ED: SONNEX) - Vier Horspiele. Edited by G.P. Sonnex
123377: SEIDEL HEINRICH - Leberecht Hühnchen als Grossvater
119232: BÖLL HEINRICH - Was soll aus dem Jungen bloß werden? Oder: Irgendwas mit Büchern
143361: QUISTORP HEINRICH - Calvin’s Doctrine of the Last Things
123081: HEINE HEINRICH (TRANS: EGAN) - Ludwig Börne: Recollections of a Revolutionist. Abridged and translated by Thomas Selby Egan
143809: SCHWAB HEINRICH W. - Sangbarkeit, Popularität und Kunstlied: Studien zu Lied und Liedasthetik der mittleren Goethezeit, 1770-1814
142494: JACOBI FRIEDRICH HEINRICH - Werke. Herausgegeben von Friedrich Roth und Friedrich Koppen (6 vols in 7)
127939: HEINE HEINRICH - Meisterwerke in Vers und Prosa (LEATHER-BOUND)
142272: QUISTORP HEINRICH - Calvin’s Doctrine of the Last Things
111066: KINDERMANN HEINZ (ED) - Kritiken von Hermann Bahr. Auswahl und Einführung von Heinz Kindermann zum 110. Geburtstag des Dichters
118743: CONNOLLY KEVIN J. & PRECHTL HEINZ F.R. (EDS) - Maturation and Development: Biological and Psychological Perspectives
118194: GUDERIAN HEINZ (FOREWORD BY) - Blitzkrieg in their own words: First-hand accounts from German soldiers, 1939-1940
123708: JANTZEN KARL-HEINZ - Der Kanzler und der General: Die Führungskrise um Bethmann Hollweg und Falkenhayn (1914-1916)
118343: HECKHAUSEN HEINZ - Motivation and Action
125764: ZAHRNT HEINZ - What Kind of God? A Question of Faith
120363: HEINZE R.W. - The Proclamations of the Tudor Kings
150551: HELDT P.M. - High-Speed Combustion Engines: Design, Production, Tests. Thirteenth Edition of The Gasoline Motor
133297: GREAVES HELEN - The Wheel of Eternity
118094: TAPPAN HELEN - The Paleobiology of Plant Protists
144006: DENT HELEN (ED) - Clinical Psychology: Research and Developments
104364: CARR HELEN (ED) - From My Guy to Sci-Fi: Genre and Women's Writing in the Postmodern World
111691: WATSON-WILLIAMS HELEN - Andre Gide and the Greek Myth: A Critical Study
122581: YVON JACQUES & MITCHELL BROWN HELEN W. (EDS) - A Survey of Numismatic Research, 1966-1971. II: Mediaeval and Oriental Numismatics
139733: BRADLEY HELEN - And Miss Carter Wore Pink: Scenes from an Edwardian Childhood
141715: DAVIES HELEN (ED) - End of Days - A Collection of Poetry
119551: HAMILTON WALTER H. & WRIGHT HELEN R. - A Way of Order for Bituminous Coal
129825: RELF FRANCES HELEN (ED) - Notes on the debates in the House of Lords, officially taken by Robert Bowyer and Henry Elsing, Clerks of the Parliaments, A.D. 1621, 1625, 1628. Edited from the original manuscripts in the Inner Temple Library, the Bodleian Library, and the House of Lords, by Frances Helen Relf
129824: RELF FRANCES HELEN (ED) - Notes on the debates in the House of Lords, officially taken by Robert Bowyer and Henry Elsing, Clerks of the Parliaments, A.D. 1621, 1625, 1628. Edited from the original manuscripts in the Inner Temple Library, the Bodleian Library, and the House of Lords, by Frances Helen Relf
124826: EVANS HELEN C. (ED) - Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557)
137731: FRASER HELEN - Subject of Speech Perception: An analysis of the philosophical foundations of the information-processing approach
141768: DAVIES HELEN (ED) - End of Days - A Collection of Poetry
150523: DENT HELEN (ED) - Clinical Psychology: Research and Developments
127831: CURTIS HELENA - The Marvellous Animals: An Introduction to the Protozoa
141521: STEWART MARION [AND] SHIRE HELENA M. (EDS) - King Orphius; Sir Colling; The brother's lament; Litel Musgray: Poems from Scottish manuscripts of c.1586 and c.1630 lately discovered
122747: HOERSCHELMANN HELENE - Vier Jahre in russischen Ketten: Eigene Erlebnisse
132559: NAÏS HÉLÈNE - Les Animaux dans la Poésie française de la Renaissance: Science - Symbolique - Poésie
123696: HELFFERICH - Reden und Aufsätze aus dem Kriege
130641: VINJE HELGA - New Ideas in Defensive Play. English Version edited by Terence Reese
120475: HELIODORUS - An Aethiopian Romance. Translated by Thomas Underdowne (Anno 1587). Revised and partly rewritten by F.A. Wright, With an Introduction
131237: HELLE H.J. - Verstehende Soziologie und Theorie der Symbolischen Interaktion
114461: BLANKE BERNHARD & WOLLMANN HELLMUT (EDS) - Die alte Bundesrepublik: Kontinuität und Wandel
126111: MYKLEBUST HELMER R. (ED) - Progress in Learning Disabilities, Volume I
125598: MYKLEBUST HELMER R.(ED.) - Progress in Learning Disabilities, Volume IV
119888: HELMHOLZ R.H. (ED) - Three Civilian Notebooks, 1580-1640
119900: HELMHOLZ R.H. (ED) - Select Cases on Defamation to 1600
150140: V. ELGOTT OLSZEWSKI & V. ELGOTT HELMRICH - Das Flugzeug in Heer und Marine: Handbuch über das gesamte Gebiet des Militärflugwesens
122290: THIELICKE HELMUT (ED: JOHN W. DOBERSTEIN) - Between Heaven and Earth: Conversations with American Christians
105561: DE BOOR HELMUT - Die Deutsche Literatur im Spaten Mittelalter: Zerfall und Neubeginn. Erster Teil, 1250-1350
105560: DE BOOR HELMUT - Die Hofische Literatur: Vorbereitung, Blute, Ausklang, 1170-1250
105559: DE BOOR HELMUT - Die Deutsche Literatur: Von Karl dem Grossen bis zum Beginn der Hofischen Dichtung, 770-1170
131443: BERVE HELMUT - Griechische Geschichte. Zweite Hälfte: Von Perikles bis zur politischen Auflüsung
119275: IVERSEN GUDMUND R. & NORPOTH HELMUT - Analysis of Variance
143843: HASSE HELMUT - Vorlesungen uber Zahlentheorie
104428: GILBERT KATHARINE EVERETT & KUHN HELMUT - A History of Esthetics
111474: GILBERT KATHARINE EVERETT & KUHN HELMUT - A History of Esthetics
103021: ARNDT HELMUT - Die Evolutorische Wirtschaftstheorie in ihrer Bedeutung fur die Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik: Lehrbuch der okonomischen Entwicklungstheorie
110523: GILBERT KATHARINE EVERETT & KUHN HELMUT - A History of Esthetics
128178: PRANG HELMUT (ED) - Grillparzer: 'Der Traum, Ein Leben'. Bearbeitet von Helmut Prang
128441: VON MOLTKE HELMUTH - Briefe an seine Braut und Frau
128510: GATES BILL - WITH COLIN HEMINGWAY - Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System
124114: HEMMING LAURENCE PAUL, COSTEA BOGDAN & AMIRIDIS KOSTAS (EDS) - The Movement of Nihilism: Heidegger's Thinking after Nietzsche
129629: HEMMINGS F.W.J. - Culture and Society in France, 1789-1848
139505: HEMMINGS F.W.J. - The Life and Times of Emile Zola
104662: HENDERSON J.A. - Nests and Eggs Shown to the Children
92195: HENDERSON G.P. (ET AL) - The Human Agent. Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, Volume One: 1966-1967.
118710: HOOFDAKKER RUTGER HENDRIK VAN DEN - Behaviour and EEG of Drowsy and Sleeping Cats
122320: BOERS HENDRIKUS - Who Was Jesus? The Historical Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels
143666: SPENCE BASIL & SNOEK HENK - Out of the Ashes: A Progress through Coventry Cathedral (SIGNED)
136684: HILLENAAR HENK - Fénelon et les Jesuites
136685: HILLENAAR HENK - Fénelon et les Jesuites
116807: WALTER OF HENLEY - Walter of Henley's Husbandry - together with an anonymous Husbandry, Seneschaucie and Robert Grosseteste's Rules. The transcripts, translations, and Glossary by Elizabeth Lamond. With an introduction by W. Cunningham
121545: HENN T.R. - The Lonely Tower: Studies in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats
121546: HENN T.R. - The Lonely Tower: Studies in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats
139330: HENN T.R. - The Lonely Tower: Studies in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats
121341: CORDIER HENRI - Bibliographie Stendhalienne
127455: BERGSON HENRI - L'Évolution Créatrice
131735: BERGSON HENRI - Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience
102940: PIRENNE HENRI - Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe
136808: NOUWEN HENRI - Jesus: A Gospel. Edited and introduced by Michael O'Laughlin
136373: BALZAC HENRI DE - L'Envers de l'histoire contemporaine. Suivi d'un fragment inédit, Les Précepteurs en Dieu. Introduction, notes et relevé de variantes, par Maurice Regar
131893: BERGSON HENRI - L'Évolution créatrice
130033: PERREYVE L'ABBE HENRI - Lettres de L'Abbe Henri Perreyve, 1850-1865
134165: TROYAT HENRI - Pushkin: A Biography. Translation by Randolph T.Weaver
131175: BEAUCHAMP CARI & BÉHAR HENRI - Hollywood on the Riviera: The inside story of the Cannes Film Festival
122871: TROYAT HENRI - La Lumiere des Justes (5 vols). Les Compagnons du Coquelicot / La Barynia / Les Dames de Siberie / La Gloire de Vaincus / Sophie ou la Fin des Combats
115047: BAUTIER ROBERT-HENRI - The Economic Development of Medieval Europe
142222: GOUHIER HENRI - Les Méditations métaphysiques de Jean-Jacques Rousseau
141529: STIERLIN HENRI - The Roman Empire: From the Etruscans to the Decline of the Roman Empire
140182: BAUDRIER HENRI (ET CONTINUÉES PAR J. BAUDRIER) - Recherches sur les imprimeurs, libraires, relieurs et fondeurs de lettres de Lyon au XVIe siècle. Première série - Douzième série [et] Tables, par Georges Tricou. Revues et complétées par Jean Tricou. Augmentées des additions de Henri Joly
118883: PIERON HENRI - The Sensations: Their Functions, Processes and Mechanisms. Translated by M.H. Pirenne and B.C. Abbott
134270: LALLEMAND VICTOR & SYNAVE HENRI - Revision des Cercopinae (Hemiptera Homoptera). Deuxième Partie
136282: CHARDON HENRI - Scarron inconnu et les types des personnages du roman comique. Tome I: Première partie - Scarron inconnu. Tome II: Deuxième et troisième parties - Les types des personnages du roman comique (Jean Girault, auteur de la troisième partie du roman comique)
142871: LAGRAVE HENRI - Le Théatre et le Public à Paris de 1715 a 1750
142545: LALLEMAND HENRI - Monet: Impressions of Light
116559: MENDRAS HENRI - Les Paysans et la Modernisation de l'Agriculture
142389: NOUWEN HENRI - Writings Selected - with an Introduction by Robert A. Jonas
143862: NOUWEN HENRI J. M. - With Burning Hearts:: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life
129755: BARTLETT HENRIETTA C. - Mr. William Shakespeare Original and early Editions of his Quartos and Folios, his Source Books and those containing Contemporary Notices
137265: SPENCER-CHURCHILL HENRIETTA - Classic Design Styles
129106: LASBORDES HENRIETTE - La Création poétique
137039: IBSEN HENRIK (ED: MCFARLANE) - The Oxford Ibsen. Volume II / 2: The Vikings at Helgeland / Love's Comedy / The Pretenders. Edited by James Walter McFarlane
150228: IBSEN HENRIK - Bygmester Solness: Skuespil i tre Akter
142456: DOWNES HENRY - Hawksmoor
141067: CALVIN HENRY - The Poison Chasers
126795: GLYDE HENRY R. - Excitations in Liquid and Solid Helium
121910: MARGENAU HENRY - Physics and Philosophy: Selected Essays
129045: GRUBBS HENRY A. - Paul Valery
129019: PATTERSON HENRY - Ireland since 1939
138698: NEWMAN JOHN HENRY - Newman: Prose and Poetry. Selected by Geoffrey Tillotson
117229: HATFIELD HENRY (ED) - Thomas Mann: A Collection of Critical Essays
150433: JACOBOWITZ HENRY - Basic Math Course for Electronics. With a specially written chapter for the guidance of the English reader by W.Oliver
135556: PLUMB HENRY - The Plumb Line: A Journey through Agriculture and Politics (SIGNED)
139134: MORLEY HENRY (INTRODUCTION BY) - Famous Pamphlets: Milton's Areopagitica; 'Killing No Murder'; De Foe's Shortest Way with Dissenters; Steele's Crisis; Whately's Historic Doubts concerning Napoleon Buonaparte; Copleston's Advice to a Young Reviewer
134353: MARGENAU HENRY - Ethics and Science
138509: GARIEPY HENRY - Mobilized for God: The History of the Salvation Army, Volume Eight, 1977-1994
108938: PELLING HENRY - A History of British Trade Unionism
107190: PELLING HENRY - Social Geography of British Elections, 1885-1910
126833: SUSSMAN HENRY - The Aesthetic Contract: Statutes of Art and Intellectual Work in Modernity
138902: WALTON HENRY (ED) - Small Group Psychotherapy
104135: FIELDING HENRY - The Author's Farce (Original Version). Edited by Charles B. Woods
133820: HUDSON HENRY A. (ED) - Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Volume XLIII. - 1926
125314: TWITCHETT JOHN & SANDON HENRY - Landscapes on Derby and Worcester Porcelain
133047: HOWORTH SIR HENRY H. - Saint Gregory the Great
123996: SPALDING HENRY D. (ED) - Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor: From Biblical Times to the Modern Age. With a Glossary by Dorothy H. Rochmis

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