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114457: RABELAIS FRANCOIS - The Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais, Doctor in Physick. Containing five books of the Lives, Heroick Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and his Sonne Pantagruel...Complete in one Volume
113481: CASTEL FRANCOIS - The History of Israel and Judah in Old Testament Times
119729: BERGIER JEAN-FRANCOIS - Geneve et l'Economie europeenne de la Renaissance
119052: RIGOLOT FRANÇOIS - Les Langages de Rabelais
116587: FENELON FRANCOIS (TRANS: ROSS) - Telemachus. Rendered into English verse by John Lockhart Ross
140777: RABELAIS FRANÇOIS - Gargantua & Pantagruel (2 vols). Introduction by D.B. Wyndham Lewis
116586: RABELAIS FRANCOIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel (3 Vols). Translated from the French into English by Sir Thomas Urquhardt and Peter Le Motteux - Newly Annotated
132697: REGNARD JEAN FRANÇOIS (ED: ROTH) - Théatre choisi de Regnard. Notice et annotations par Georges Roth (2 vols)
132713: GRANET FRANÇOIS - Recueil de Dissertations sur plusieurs tragédies de Corneille et Racine
130741: CHAPON FRANÇOIS (INTRODUCTION BY) - Catalogue of Special Collections of the Jacques Doucet Literary Library - Letters to André Gide
130742: CHAPON FRANÇOIS (INTRODUCTION BY) - Catalogue of Special Collections of the Jacques Doucet Literary Library - The Valéry Collection, Paris
134094: JELLINEK FRANK - The Paris Commune of 1871
134416: BLACKABY FRANK (ED) - De-industrialisation
139346: LENTRICCHIA FRANK - After the New Criticism
140332: HAHN FRANK (ED) - The Economics of Missing Markets, Information, and Games
141797: HERBERT FRANK - The Priests of Psi: A Collection of Stories
133582: FOSTER FRANK R. - Cricketing Memories With an Introduction by P.F. Warner
122655: SKINNER FRANK W. (ED) - People without Roots: A Study undertaken in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 1966-1967, and an appraisal of services provided by voluntary and statutory agencies
130824: PARSONS SUSAN FRANK - Feminism and Christian Ethics
104122: KERMODE FRANK - Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne: Renaissance Essays
127284: WILSON KATHERINA M. & WARNKE FRANK J. (EDS) - Women Writers of the Seventeenth Century
104102: GLOVERSMITH FRANK (ED) - The Theory of Reading
131200: HOWES FRANK - Folk Music of Britain - and Beyond
92753: SMITH FRANK - Comprehension and Learning: A Conceptual Framework for Teachers
135134: ATKINSON FRANK - Life and Tradition in Northumberland and Durham
127864: PODMORE FRANK - Robert Owen: A Biography
121001: FURSTENBERG FRANK F. - Destinies of the Disadvantaged: The Politics of Teen Childbearing
120613: LEE JENNIFER & BEAN FRANK D. - The Diversity Paradox: Immigration and the color line in twenty-first century America
132927: STAFF FRANK - The Valentine and its Origins
126183: CARLSON FRED A. & SEAWALL FRANK - Coal Traffic on the Ohio River System
128909: WHITFORD FRANK - Gustav Klimt
117384: SMITH GEORGE OTIS & CALKINS FRANK C. - A Geological Reconnaissance across the Cascade Range near the 49th Parallel.
130351: COLQUHOUN FRANK (ED) - Parish Prayers. Compiled and edited by Frank Colquhoun. With a Foreword by the Archbishop of York
128626: LEE FRANK F. - Negro and White in Connecticut Town
123044: BULLEN FRANK T. - The Apostles of the South East
131167: BULLEN FRANK T. - Advance Australasia: A Day-to-Day Record of a Recent Visit to Australasia
122776: ANSTEY FRANK - Red Europe
109423: GRAHAM FRANK D. - The Theory of International Values
140690: HOOVER EDGAR M. & GIARRATANI FRANK - An Introduction to Regional Economics
120123: MEDWORTH FRANK - Animal Drawing
112330: BUNN FRANK L. - Letters to a Young Constable
114618: DAVIS FRANK - Continental Glass: From Roman to Modern Times
117073: PARKIN FRANK - Middle Class Radicalism: The Social Bases of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
120769: RIDZI FRANK - Selling Welfare Reform: Work-First and the New Common Sense of Employment
140476: BRADDON-MITCHELL DAVID & JACKSON FRANK - Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
139409: OLIVER FRANK - Chinese Cooking
140738: HAHN FRANK (ED) - The Economics of Missing Markets, Information, and Games
124205: RUDA FRANK - Hegel's Rabble: An Investigaton into Hegel's Philosophy of Right
118127: PARSONS SUSAN FRANK - Feminism and Christian Ethics
128055: JOHNSON FRANK (ED) - R.A.A.F. over Europe
134418: BLACKABY FRANK (ED) - De-industrialisation
118784: WHITFORD FRANK - Egon Schiele
141869: FALKNER FRANK - The Wood Family of Burslem: A brief biography of of its members who were sculptors, modellers and potters
118691: BEACH FRANK A. (ED) - Sex and Behavior
141688: GREEN FRANK W. (COMPILER) - History Day by Day: Daily References to Great Events
115242: CARR FRANK G.G. - The Medley of Mast and Sail: A Camera Record
128191: SMYTHE FRANK - The Kangchenjunga Adventure
134527: ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN D. - Looking Forward
133895: SHONTZ FRANKLIN C. - Perceptual and Cognitive Aspects of Body Experience
121516: FRANKLIN R.L. - Freewill and Determinism: A Study of Rival Conceptions of Man
132923: BARRETT FRANKLIN A. - Worcester Porcelain and Lund's Bristol
127071: JONES FRANKLIN D. - Gear-Cutting Processes: A treatise on modern practice in cutting different types of gearing on standard milling machines and on special gear-cutting machines of both generating and non-generating designs
138303: LI CHENYANG & PERKINS FRANKLIN (EDS) - Chinese Metaphysics and its Problems
127839: RAWNSLEY WILLINGHAM FRANKLIN - Highways and Byways in Lincolnshire. With illustrations by Frederick L. Griggs
121747: HOLZMAN FRANKLYN D. - Soviet Taxaation: The Fiscal and Monetary Problems of a Planned Economy
132558: DE HAES FRANS - Images de Lautréamont: Isidore Ducasse, comte de Lautréamont. Histoire d'une Renommée et état de la Question
137963: COETZEE FRANS - For Party or Country: Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Popular Conservatism in Edwardian England
116896: DE WAAL FRANS - The Ape and the Sushi Master
114532: CECH FRANTISEK - Dynamics of Neogene Carpathian basins in relation to deep structure, crustal type and fuel deposits
129503: VOLLMER AL. J. / MASSMANN H.F. / PFEIFFER FRANZ (EDS) - Dichtungen des deutschen Mittelalters. Erster Band: Der Nibelunge Not und Diu Klage. Zweiter Band: Tristan und Isolt, von Gottfried von Strassburg. Dritter Band: Barlaam und Josaphat, von Rudolf von Ems. Vierter Band: Der Edelstein, von Ulrich Boner
134250: EVENS FRANZ M.J.C. - Dispersion géographique des Glossines au Congo Belge
134063: MEHRING FRANZ - Karl Marx: The story of his life
134062: MEHRING FRANZ - Karl Marx: Geschichte seines Lebens
125721: WERFEL FRANZ - Embezzled Heaven. Translated from the German by Moray Firth
120355: SCHMIDT PAUL WILLIAM & VON HOLZENDORFF FRANZ (EDS) - A Short Protestant Commentary on the Books of the New Testament - with General and Special Introductions, Volume 1
139230: FUTTERKNECHT FRANZ - Heinrich Heine: Ein Versuch
116310: KAFKA FRANZ - The Trial. Definitive Edition. Translated from the German by Willa and Edwin Muir. Revised, with additional chapters and notes, by E.M. Butler
110614: BÖHME FRANZ M. - Altdeutsches Liederbuch: Volkslieder der Deutschen nach Wort und Weise aus dem 12. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert
125644: HANCAR FRANZ - Das Pferd in prähistorische und früher historischer Zeit
125295: FRASER J.T. (ED) - The Voices of Time: A Cooperative Survey of Man's Views of Time as expressed by the Sciences and the Humanities
123824: COWLEY FRASER - A Critique of British Empiricism
114479: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - Panama and What It Means
115290: DARLING F. FRASER - A Naturalist on Rona: Essays of a Biologist in Isolation
123823: COWLEY FRASER - A Critique of British Empiricism
118962: FRAZER J.F.D. - The Sexual Cycles of Vertebrates
140710: HIRSCH FRED - Social Limits to Growth - a Twentieth Century Fund Study
134226: BAUMANN FRED. B. - Human Rights and American Foreign Policy
104304: INGLIS FRED - Radical Earnestness: English Social Theory, 1880-1980
104106: INGLIS FRED - Media Theory: An Introduction
93601: INGLIS FRED - People's Witness: The Journalist in Modern Politics
130002: MAJDALANY FRED - Cassino: Portrait of a Battle
130463: INGLIS FRED - The Englishness of English Teaching
121362: MOFFIT FRED H. - Geology of the Slana-Tok District, Alaska
135163: FUNCKEN LILIANE & FUNCKEN FRED - Arms and Uniforms: The Second World War. Part 2: Great Britain, Germany, France, USSR and Belgium, 1939-43
135164: FUNCKEN LILIANE. & FUNCKEN FRED - Arms and Uniforms: Second World War. Part 1: France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Belgium, 1933-41
120486: SCHRIER ALLAN M. & STOLLNITZ FRED (EDS) - Behavior of Nonhuman Primates: Modern Research Trends. Volume 4
104406: INGLIS FRED - Popular Culture and Political Power
142079: BERGSTEN C. FRED - Toward a New International Economic Order: Selected Papers of C. Fred Bergsten, 1972-1974
114023: KITTERMASTER FRED W. - Warwickshire Arms and Lineages. Compiled from the Heralds' Visitations and Ancient MSS
140799: HIRSCH FRED - Social Limits to Growth - a Twentieth Century Fund Study
141967: BERGSTEN C. FRED - Toward a New International Economic Order: Selected Papers of C. Fred Bergsten, 1972-1974
123409: CROSSLEY FRED H. - English Church Design, 1040-1540 A.D. A Study
119328: WOLFSON FREDA - Pageant of Ghana
136167: HARRISON FREDERIC - Oliver Cromwell
130042: MORTON FREDERIC - A Nervous Splendour: Vienna 1888-1889
104343: CARPENTER FREDERIC I. - Eugene O'Neill
127714: HARRISON FREDERIC - National and Social Problems
132809: MACDONALD FREDERIC W. - As a Tale that is Told: Recollections of Many Years
136106: DELOFFRE FRÉDÉRIC - La Nouvelle en France à l'Âge classique
131734: FARRAR FREDERIC W. - Social and present-day questions
131390: MYERS FREDERIC W.H. - Human Personality and its survival of bodily death. Edited and abridged by S.B. and L.H.M.
126177: RAPHAEL FREDERIC - Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick and 'Eyes Wide Shut'
113359: PROKOSCH FREDERIC - Chosen Poems
131552: KENYON FREDERIC G. - The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri: Descriptions and Texts of Twelve Manuscripts on Papyrus of the Greek Bible. Fasciculus VII: Ezekiel, Daniel, Esther - Text / Plates
118345: DARLEY FREDERIC L. (ED) - Brain Mechanisms Underlying Speech and Language: Proceedings of a Conference held at Princeton, New Jersey, November 9-12, 1965
130520: SEEBOHM FREDERIC - Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law. Being an Essay supplemental to (1) 'The English Village Community' (2) 'The Tribal System in Wales'
118250: BARTLETT SIR FREDERIC - Thinking: An Experimental and Social Study
140931: PRYOR FREDERIC L. - The Future of U.S. Capitalism
140933: PRYOR FREDERIC L. - The Origins of the Economy: A Comparative Study of Distribution in Primitive and Peasant Economies
121734: FARRAR FREDERIC W. - Language and Languages. Being "Chapters on Language" and "Families of Speech"
118683: SEGALOWITZ SIDNEY J. & GRUBER FREDERIC A. (EDS) - Language Development and Neurological Theory
118566: SEGALOWITZ SIDNEY J. & GRUBER FREDERIC A. (EDS) - Language Development and Neurological Theory
119503: BUSSBY FREDERICK - Winchester Cathedral, 1079-1979
138065: RATHBONE FREDERICK - A Catalogue of the Wedgwood Museum, Etruria
115180: LITCHFIELD FREDERICK - Pottery and Porcelain: A Guide to Collectors
137890: TOUT THOMAS FREDERICK - The Collected Papers of Thomas Frederick Tout. With a memoir and a bibliography. Volume III: Lectures
124425: COE FREDERICK E. (ED) - We have paid enough: Europe's message to America - The U.S.A. War Debts critically examined
104407: BUELL FREDERICK - W.H. Auden as a Social Poet
137093: KRANTZ FREDERICK (ED) - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology
91506: CROXTON FREDERICK E - Elementary Statistics. With Applications in Medicine and the Biological Sciences
136210: NIVEN FREDERICK - Old Soldier: A Novel
136189: KRANTZ FREDERICK (ED) - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology
136135: KRANTZ FREDERICK (ED) - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology
130440: RUDOLPH FREDERICK - The American College and University: A History
129615: STARR S. FREDERICK - Decentralization and Self-Government in Russia, 1830-1870
129190: WELLESZ EGON & STERNFELD FREDERICK (EDS) - The Age of Enlightenment, 1745-1790
127963: SIEGEL FREDERICK F. - The Roots of Southern Distinctiveness: Tobacco and Society in Danville, Virginia, 1780-1865
113638: DE ARMAS FREDERICK A. - Paul Scarron
129975: ENGELS FREDERICK - Engels on Capital: Synopsis, Reviews, Letters and Suppplementary Materials
118270: COPLESTON FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy. Volume V: Modern Philosophy - The British Philosophers from Hobbes to Hume
116852: ROWE FREDERICK A. - I Launch At Paradise: A Consideration of John Donne, Poet and Preacher
123486: ENGELS FREDERICK - The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State: In the light of the researches of Lewis H. Morgan, With an introduction and notes by Eleanor Burke Leacock
113646: ROWBOTHAM JOHN FREDERICK - The Death of Roland: An Epic Poem
113078: MYATT FREDERICK - British Sieges of the Peninsular War
131796: HALES JOHN W. & FURNIVALL FREDERICK J. (EDS) - Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances. With a new preface by Leslie Shepard
133504: PARDON CHARLES FREDERICK - The Australians in England: A complete record of the cricket tour of 1882. Introduction by Geoffrey Moorhouse
133505: PARDON CHARLES FREDERICK - The Australians in England: A complete record of the cricket tour of 1884. Introduction by Geoffrey Moorhouse
126896: SPEAR FREDERICK A. - Bibliographie de Diderot: Repertoire analytique international
142057: DRINKA GEORGE FREDERICK - The Birth of Neurosis: Myth, Malady, and the Victorians
137889: TOUT THOMAS FREDERICK - The Collected Papers of Thomas Frederick Tout. With a memoir and a bibliography. Volume I: Miscellaneous Papers, chiefly on the study of history at the University of Manchester
136505: KRANTZ FREDERICK (ED) - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology
134620: DRINKA GEORGE FREDERICK - The Birth of Neurosis: Myth, Malady, and the Victorians
138785: GIBBERD FREDERICK - Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool
126805: VON SCHLEGEL FREDERICK - The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language in a Course of Lectures
134453: NUSSBAUM FREDERICK L. - The Triumph of Science and Reason, 1660-1685
93527: DEPOORTERE FREDERIEK - The Death of God: An Investigation into the History of the Western Concept of God
118633: LEVINE FREDRIC M. - Theortical Readings in Motivation: Perspectives on Human Behavior
114556: BOAS FREDRICK S. - Christopher Marlowe: A Biographical and Critical Study
111790: BOWERS FREDSON (ED) - Studies in Bibliography: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Volume Twenty
141893: TAYLOR MARCIA FREED (ED) - ESRC Data Archive Catalogue Guide and Indexes, 1986
141892: TAYLOR MARCIA FREED (ED) - ESRC Data Archive Catalogue Study Descriptions
132581: FREEDMAN DAVID NOEL, MYERS ALLEN C. & BECK ASTRID B. (EDS) - Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
125961: O'DONOGHUE FREEMAN (& HAKE HENRY M.) - Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum (6 vols)
134158: FOSTER FRANK FREEMAN - The Politics of Stability: A Portrait of the Rulers in Elizabethan London
126834: FREEMAN E. - The Theatre of Albert Camus: A Critical Study
125150: ALLEN GEOFFREY FREEMAN - British Railfreight Today and Tomorrow
141621: ALLEN GEOFFREY FREEMAN - The Yeoman 59s
108954: FREEMAN M.D.A. - The Legal Structure
118835: FREHLAND E. (ED) - Synergetics - From Microscopic to Macroscopic Order: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Synergetics at Berlin, July 4-8, 1983
92459: FRENCH STANLEY G, TEAYS WANDA & PURDY LAURA M (EDS) - Violence against Women: Philosophical Perspectives
135064: MCCALL JAMES L. & FRENCH P.M. (EDS) - Metallography in Failure Analysis
139106: FREND W.H.C. - The Early Church: From the beginnings to 461
125836: FRENKEL J. - Kinetic Theory of Liquids
131415: FRENKEL J. - Wave Mechanics: Elementay Theory
130039: FRENKEL J. - Wave Mechanics: Advanced General Theory
137195: VON HUSEN FRIDERICH (ED: MOWATT) - Friderich von Husen: Introduction, Text, Commentary and Glossary
137446: BEDURFTIG FRIEDEMANN - Goethe: Zum Sehen geboren
137808: GOLKA FRIEDEMANN W. - The Leopard's Spots: Biblical and African Wisdom in Proverbs
131590: GANSSEN ROBERT & HADRICH FRIEDHELM (EDS) - Atlas zur Bodenkunde
130323: FRIEDLAND WILLIAM H., BARTON AMY E. & THOMAS ROBERT J. - Manufacturing green gold: Capital, Labor, and Technology in the Lettuce Industry
139456: FRIEDMAN RICHARD C., RICHART RALPH M. & WIELE RAYMOND L. VANDE (EDS) - Sex Differences in Behavior: A Conference...International Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction...
114681: FRIEDMANN W. - The Allied Military Government of Germany
92460: RICKEN FRIEDO (TRANS: WATKINS) - Philosophy of the Ancients. Translated by Eric Watkins
120293: CRAMER FRIEDRICH - Denkwurdigkeiten der Grafin Maria Aurora Konigsmark und der Konigsmark'schen Familie. Nach bishen unbekannten Quellen
121816: RICHTER JEAN PAUL FRIEDRICH - Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces; or, The Wedded Life, Death and Marriage of Firmian Stanislaus Siebenkaes, Parish Advocate in the Burgh of Kuhschnappel. Translated by Alexander Ewing
130756: GOGARTEN FRIEDRICH - Christ the Crisis
130755: GOGARTEN FRIEDRICH - Christ the Crisis
138539: FRIES JAKOB FRIEDRICH (ED: PHILLIPS) - Dialogues on Morality and Religion. Edited by D.Z. Phillips. Introduction by Rush Rhees
137112: GRIESE FRIEDRICH - Feuer - Roman
127306: HERTZ FRIEDRICH - Moderne Rassentheorien: Kritische Essays
126445: VON HÜGEL FRIEDRICH - The Mystical Element of Religion: As studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and her Friends
119489: MATZ FRIEDRICH - Crete and Early Greece: The Prelude to Greek Art
114553: HEER FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe 1100-1350
123180: MEINECKE FRIEDRICH - Goethe und die Geschichte
130157: VON LAMA FRIEDRICH - Papst, Kurie, und Weltkrieg: Historisch-kritische Studie von einem Deutschen
122557: SLOTTY FRIEDRICH (ED) - Vulgarlateinisches Ubungsbuch
141217: PANZER FRIEDRICH - Studien zur germanischen Sagengeschichte: II. Sigfrid
114650: ENGELS FRIEDRICH - The German Revolutions: 'The Peasant war in Germany' and 'Germany: Revolution and Counter-Revolution'
122552: DURRENMATT FRIEDRICH - Friedrich Schiller: Eine Rede
121600: HEBBEL FRIEDRICH (ED: ZEISS) - Hebbels Werke. Herausgegeben von Karl Zeiss (4 vols)
121726: IMMANUEL FRIEDRICH - Fort mit der Schuldlüge! Ein Mahnruf an das Deutsche Volk zur Aufklärung und zur Tat
136775: LOGAU FRIEDRICH VON - Deutscher Sinn-Getichte Drey Tausend. Drei Teile in einem Band
141903: HEER FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe, 1100-1350
116290: HUND FRIEDRICH - Linienspektren und periodisches System der Elemente
124617: HEGEL GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH (TRANS: HALDANE) - Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy (3 vols). Translated from the German by E.S. Haldane
131891: EYSENCK H.J. & FRITH C.D. - Reminiscence, Motivation, and Personality
126507: EYSENCK H.J. & FRITH C.D. - Reminiscence, Motivation and Personality: A Case Study in Experimental Psychology
126506: EYSENCK H.J. & FRITH C.D. - Reminiscence, Motivation and Personality: A Case Study in Experimental Psychology
126310: EYSENCK H.J. & FRITH C.D. - Reminiscence, Motivation and Personality: A Case Study in Experimental Psychology
116505: FRITH H.J. - The Japanese Snipe Gallinago hardwickii. A Preliminary Report
133899: VALJAVEC FRITZ - Geschichte der abendländischen Aufklärung
130302: VON UNRUH FRITZ - Bonaparte: A Drama. Translated from the German by Edwin Bjorkman
125490: LONDON FRITZ - Superfluids, Volume I: Macroscopic Theory of Superconductivity
116256: BANDOW FRITZ - Lumineszenz: Ergebnisse und Anwendungen in Physik, Chemie und Biologie
123049: WUST FRITZ R. - Philipp II von Makedonien und Griechenland in den Jahren von 346 bis 338
125397: FISCHER CHARLOTTE FROESE - The Hardtree-Fock Method for Atoms: A Numerical Approach
92643: FROST SE, JR. - Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers: A Survey of their Basic Ideas
127520: FRUMKIN A. - Modern Theories of International Economic Relations
138631: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's Magazine of Sports and Outdoor life, Vol. I: April to September 1904
133493: FRY C.B. - Life worth Living: Some Phases of an Englishman
138638: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's The Outdoor Magazine, Vol. VIII: October, 1907, to March, 1908
138637: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's The Outdoor Magazine, Vol. VII: April to September, 1907
141101: FRY C.B. - Cricket (Batsmanship)
138635: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's The Outdoor Magazine, Vol. V: April to September, 1906
139047: FRY C.B. (ED) - Fry's The Illustrated Magazine of Sport, Travel, and Outdoor Life, Vol. X, October, 1908, to March, 1909
138632: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's Magazine of Sports and Outdoor life, Vol. II: October, 1904, to 1904, to March 1905
138633: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's Magazine, Vol. III: April to September, 1905
138636: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's The Outdoor Magazine, Vol. VI: October, 1906, to March, 1907
138634: FRY C.B. - C.B. Fry's The Outdoor Magazine, Vol. IV: October, 1905, to March, 1906
129654: FRYER W.R. - Republic or Restoration in France? 1794-7: The Politics of French Royalism, with particular reference to the activities of A.B.J. d'Andre
131908: FRYER C.E.J. - A Hand in Dialogue
139962: TUAN YI-FU - China
123256: FUCHS A. (FOREWORD BY) - Goethe et l'esprit français: Actes du Colloque International de Strasbourg, 23-27 Avril 1957
115210: FULLER J.F.C. - The Conduct of War, 1789-1961: A study of the impact of the French, Industrial, and Russian Revolutions on war and its conduct
130432: FURBANK P.N. - Italo Svevo: The Man and the Writer
123808: FURBANK P.N. - E.M.Forster: A Life. Volume Two: Polycrates' Ring (1914-1970)
125701: BARTENEV I. & FYODOROV B. - North Russian Architecture
128985: KRELLE W. & GABISCH G. - Wachstumstheorie
91917: HARRISON GABRIEL - Rage of Sand: The Story of the Men who Built their own Seaside Town
133996: ALPHAUD GABRIEL - L'Action allemand aux États-Unis: De la mission Dernburg à l'incident Dumba (2 août 1914 - 25 septembre 1915)
130343: BARTON GABRIEL - Introduction to Dispersion Techniques in Field Theory
130264: BAER GABRIEL - A History of Landownership in Modern Egypt, 1800-1950
133361: FAURE GABRIEL - The Land of St. Francis of Assisi: Assisi and Perugia
123880: GROSS JOHN & PEARSON GABRIEL (EDS) - Dickens and the Twentieth Century
123041: MORELLY ÉTIENNE-GABRIEL (ED: CHINARD) - Code de la Nature; ou, le véritable esprit de ses lois (1755). Publié avec une introduction et des notes par Gilbert Chinard
112191: KOLKO GABRIEL - The Politics of War: Allied diplomacy and the world crisis of 1943--1945
119385: JANET PAUL & SEAILLES GABRIEL (ED: JONES) - A History of the Problems of Philosophy, Vol. II. Translated by Ada Monahan and edited by Henry Jones
120282: CHARMES GABRIEL - Voyage en Palestine: Impressions et Souvenirs
126241: FITZMAURICE GABRIEL - The Essential Gabriel Fitzmaurice: Selected Poems and Translations
125551: TURVILLE-PETRE GABRIEL - Nine Norse Studies
119375: JANET PAUL & SÉAILLES GABRIEL (ED: JONES) - A History of the Problems of Philosophy (2 vols). Edited by Henry Jones
138750: HANOTAUX GABRIEL - Origines de l'Institution des Intendants des Provinces d'après les documents inédits
141937: BRASO GABRIEL M. - Liturgy and Spirituality. Translated by Leonard J. Doyle
113437: ENGLE GALE W. & TAYLOR GABRIELE (EDS) - Berkeley's Principles of Human Knowledge: Critical Studies
116554: GABRIELLE - The Death Ride
111148: RAGGATT PETER & WEINER GABY (EDS) - Curriculum and Assessment: Some Policy Issues. A Reader
93008: KNIGHT GAF - Leviticus
125512: BELL D.S. & GAFFNEY J. (EDS) - Contemporary European Affairs, Volume 3, Number 1/2: Europe, USA, Japan
137773: BELL D.S. & GAFFNEY J. - European Minorities
129028: CRESSWELL GAIL J. - The Light of Leeuwin
124819: GAMLIN LINDA & VINES GAIL (EDS) - The Evolution of Life
104728: HART ALBERT GAILORD - Anticipations, Uncertainty, and Dynamic Planning
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113509: BROWN ROGER GLENN - Fashoda Reconsidered: The Impact of Domestic Politics on French Policy in Africa, 1893-1898
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123149: GOETHE (ED: PETSCH) - Goethes Faust - Kritisch durchgesehen, eingeleitet und erläutert von Robert Petsch
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126499: GOODY JACK, THIRSK JOAN & THOMPSON EP (EDS) - Family and Inheritance: Rural Society in Western Europe, 1200-1800
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133085: STAINFORTH GORDON - Eyes to the Hills: The Mountain Landscape of Britain
124489: TAYLOR GORDON (COMPILED BY) - Companion to the Song Book of the Salvation Army
117461: WAKEFIELD GORDON S. - The Life of the Spirit in the World of Today
111056: ZEEVELD W. GORDON - The Temper of Shakespeare's Thought
116609: EAST GORDON - The Geography behind History
105832: BYRON GEORGE GORDON (LORD) - 'Wedlock's the devil' - Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 4: 1814-1815. Edited by Leslie A.Marchand. The complete and unexpurgated text of all the letters available in manuscript and the full printed version of all others
105829: BYRON GEORGE GORDON (LORD) - 'In my hot youth' - Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume1: 1798-1820. Edited by Leslie A.Marchand. The complete and unexpurgated text of all the letters available in manuscript and the full printed version of all others
93146: MCLACHLAN GORDON (ED) - {2nd copy} Improving the Common Weal: Aspects of Scottish Health Services, 1900-1984
120274: BALDWIN GORDON C. - Le Temps sans Horloge
131842: REYNOLDS QUENTIN / MANUEL GORDON - Seventy Thousand to One. As told by Lt. Gordon Reynolds to Quentin Reynolds
120256: BROMLEY GORDON - London Goes to War - 1939
118427: CLARIDGE GORDON S. - Personality and Arousal: A Psychophysiological Study of Psychiatric Disorder
118131: WAKEFIELD GORDON S. (ED) - A Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
115956: DUNKLING LESLIE & WRIGHT GORDON - A Dictionary of Pub Names
128593: HAIGHT GORDON S. - Mrs. Sigourney: The Sweet Singer of Hartford
113138: WRIGHT GORDON - France in Modern Times: From the Enlightenment to the Present
122050: GRAHAM GORDON - The Idea of Christian Charity: A critique of some contemporary conceptions
132766: HASKELL GORDON - Practical Heredity with Drosophila
131988: HENDRICKS GORDON - The Life and Work of Winslow Homer
120525: ASHE GORDON (JOHN CREASY) - A Taste of Treasure: A Crime Haters story
113181: HOME SIR GORDON - Cricket Form at a Glance, 1901-1923
126328: SMITH-CONNELL GORDON - Forerunners of Drake: A Study of English Trade with Spain in the Early Tudor Period
132928: FERGUSSON GORDON - The Green Collars: The Tarporley Hunt Club and Cheshire Hunting History. Also incorporating 'Hunting Songs', by R.E. Egerton Warburton (selected and annotated by Gordon Fergusson) and a Miscellany of Sporting Verse by Cheshire Authors
124452: HERRIES DAVIES GORDON L. - Whatever is Under the Earth: The Geological Society of London 1807 to 2007
126595: KIPLING GORDON - The Triumph of Honour: Burgundian Origins of the Elizabethan Renaissance
118871: SHEPHERD GORDON M. - Neurobiology
142050: EAST W. GORDON - An Historical Geography of Europe
104073: ZEEVELD W. GORDON - The Temper of Shakespeare's Thought
91445: STANSFIELD GORDON - Fife's Lost Railways
140470: MARTEL GORDON (ED) - American Foreign Relations Reconsidered, 1890-1993
126758: DUFF E. GORDON (INTRODUCTION BY) - Commemoratio Lamentationis siue Compassionis Beate Marie. Reproduced in facsimile from the unique copy printed at Westminster by William Caxton, with an Introduction by E. Gordon Duff
132837: ALLEN GORDON - The Cheap Cottage and Small House: A Manual of Economical Building
126021: CONNELL-SMITH GORDON - Forerunners of Drake: A Study of English trade with Spain in the early Tudor Period
118155: HESS RICHARD S. & WENHAM GORDON J. (EDS) - Make the Old Testament Live: From Curriculum to Classroom
116578: GREENWOOD GORDON - Early American-Australian Relations: From the arrival of the Spaniards in America to the close of 1830
115644: WAKEFIELD GORDON S. (ED) - A Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
118428: CLARIDGE GORDON S. - Personality and Arousal: A Psychophysiological Study of Psychiatric Disorder
120912: MCLACHLAN GORDON - A History of the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust, 1940-1990
137624: GARLICK GOREL - The Theatre Designs and Plays of Samuel Beazley, 1786-1851: To serve the Purpose of the Drama
137886: GOSE W.A. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Fourth Lunar Science Conference, Houston...1973 (3 vols)
138739: GOSE W.A. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Fourth Lunar Science Conference, Houston...1973 (3 vols)
138740: GOSE W.A. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Fifth Lunar Science Conference, Houston...1974 (3 vols)
130223: VON STRASSBURG GOTTFRIED (ED: RANKE) - Tristan und Isolde. Herausgegeben von Friedrich Ranke. Text.
127510: HABERLER GOTTFRIED - A Survey of International Trade Theory
130826: HABERLER GOTTFRIED - A Survey of International Trade Theory
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123201: HERDER JOHANN GOTTFRIED - Auch eine Philosophie der Geschichte zur Bildung der Menschheit. Nachwort von Hans-Georg Gadamer
127385: KURTH GOTTFRIED (ED) - Evolution and Hominisation: Contributions in honour of Gerhard Heberer on the occasion of his 60th birthday
126785: KELLER GOTTFRIED - (Werke - 6 vols) - Der grüne Heinrich (2 vols) / Die Leute von Seldwyla / Gedichte: Der Apotheker von Chamonix / Das Sinngedicht. Martin Salander / Zürichen Novellen. Sieben Legenden. Mit einer biographischen Einleitung von Max Rychner
121614: FREGE GOTTLOB (ED: FRUTH) - The Basic Laws of Arithmetic: Exposition of the System. Translated and edited, with an Introduction, by Montgomery Furth
135551: NICHOLS JOHN GOUGH (ED) - The Chronicle of Queen Jane, and of Two Years of Queen Mary, and especially of the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyat. Written by a resident in the Tower of London. Edited, with illustrative documents and notes, by John Gough Nichols
134072: GOUGH J.W. - The Rise of the Entrepreneur
139045: THOMAS GOUGH (G.T.GARWOOD) - Shotguns and Cartridges for Game and Clays
126369: GOUGH J.W. - Fundamental Law in English Constitutional History
126516: NICHOLS JOHN GOUGH (ED) - Literary Remains of King Edward the Sixth (2 vols). Edited from his autograph manuscripts, with historical notes, and a biographical memoir, by John Gough Nichols
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125842: GOULD J.D. - The Great Debasement: Currency and the Economy in Mid-Tudor England
125773: GOULD J.D. - The Great Debasement: Currency and the Economy in Mid-Tudor England
132301: NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT - Report by the New Zealand Government to the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations on the Administration of Western Samoa for the year ending 31st March, 1949
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128981: GOWERS W.R. - Lectures on the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain delivered at University College Hospital
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120767: BACKSTROM ANDERS & DAVIE GRACE (EDS) - Welfare and Religion in 21st Century Europe. Volume 1: Configuring the Connections
137660: SCHULMAN GRACE - Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement
136890: HICKLING GRACE - Grey Seals and the Farne Islands
137174: SCHULMAN GRACE - Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement
123677: MULLIGAN GRACE - The Farmhouse Kitchen Baking Book
133478: GRACE W.G. - Cricket
90356: EWENS GRAEME - The Cult of the Big Rigs and the Life of the Long Haul Trucker
104161: BURTON GRAEME - Talking Television: An Introduction to the Study of Television
117449: TURNER GRAEME (ED) - Media International Australia: Culture & Policy, No. 92. Satire, Censorship, Sex
116791: GIBSON GRAEME - The Bedside Book of Birds: An Avian Miscellany
104514: HABER JORAM GRAF - Doing and Being: Selected Readings in Moral Philosophy
138390: MCFEE GRAHAM - Artistic Judgement: A Framework for Philosophical Aesthetics
137224: WADE GRAHAM - Traditions of the Classical Guitar
138151: HARMAN GRAHAM - Quentin Meillassoux: Philosophy in the Making
127016: FULLER GRAHAM E. - The Future of Political Islam
122038: IKIN A.GRAHAM - Bridges of Understanding
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137526: MOSER CLAUS & KALTON GRAHAM - Survey Methods in Social Investigation
105118: WALKER GRAHAM - A History of the Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, Pragmatism and Pessimism
91387: BROMLEY ROSEMARY DF & HUMPHRYS GRAHAM (ED) - Dealing with Dereliction: The Redevelopment of the Lower Swansea Valley
137125: WILSON GRAHAM K. - Interest Groups
130702: HOWGRAVE-GRAHAM R.P. - The Cathedrals of France
117205: WILSON GRAHAM K. - Interest Groups
130023: PROFUMO DAVID & SWIFT GRAHAM (EDS) - The Magic Wheel: An Anthology of Fishing in Literature
126265: WILSON GRAHAM K. - Unions in American National Politics
118585: BEAUMONT J. GRAHAM - Understanding Neuropsychology
118568: BEAUMONT J. GRAHAM - Understanding Neuropsychology
121422: BOURNE JILL & JONES GRAHAM (EDS) - The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society: Transactions, Volume 82, 2008
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117558: GRAHAM L.A. - The Surprise Attack in Mathematical Problems
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132130: ASHWORTH GRAHAM - The Role of Local Government in Environmental Protection: First Line Defence
121894: IKIN A.GRAHAM - Wholeness is Living: Scientific thinking and religious experience
136951: SWIFT GRAHAM - Last Orders
134766: TULLOCH GRAHAM - The Language of Walter Scott: A Study of his Scottish and Period Language
117628: WEBSTER GRAHAM - The Cornovii
118184: STANTON GRAHAM N. - The Gospels and Jesus
116325: WILSON GRAHAM K. - Interest Groups
138426: HANDLEY GRAHAM - George Eliot's Midlands: Passion in Exile
141316: WEBSTER GRAHAM - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries2 A.D.
121277: CANNON H. GRAHAM - The Evolution of Living Things
115481: WALLAS GRAHAM - The Great Society: A Psychological Analysis
142046: MARSDEN COLIN J. & FENN GRAHAM B. - British Rail Main Line Electric Locomotives
124111: WARD GRAHAM (ED) - The Blackwell Companion to Postmodern Theology
138737: MAIDMENT RICHARD & THOMPSON GRAHAME (EDS) - Managing the UK: An Introduction to its Political Economy and Public Policy
126003: SAXO GRAMMATICUS (TRANS: ELTON) - The First Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus. Translated by Oliver Elton. With some considerations of Saxo's sources, historical methods, and folk-lore, by Frederick York Powell
124774: GRANDJEAN DOMINIQUE, HAYMANN FRANCK - AND OTHERS - Royal Canin Labrador Encyclopaedia
125298: GRANSDEN K.W. - John Donne
130749: OSBORNE GRANT R. - The Resurrection Narratives: A Redactional Study
127488: ALLEN GRANT - The British Barbarians
126322: GRANT WYN, PATERSON WILLIAM & WHISTON COLIN - Government and the Chemical Industry: A Comparative Study of Britain and West Germany
121873: OSBORNE GRANT R. - The Resurrection Narratives: A Redactional Study
136893: MACKWORTH-PRAED C.W. & GRANT C.H.B. - Birds of the Southern Third of Africa
121907: OSBORNE GRANT R. - The Resurrection Narratives: A Redactional Study
123174: GRANT W. HAROLD, THOMPSON MAGDALA & CLARKE THOMAS E. - From Image to Likeness: A Jungian Path in the Gospel Journey
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113307: FRANCIS GRANT R. - Scotland's Royal Line: The Tragic House of Stuart. With a Personal Biography of that Hero of Romance and Misfortune, Prince Charles Edward
119182: ALLEN GRANT - The Colour-Sense: Its Origin and Development. An Essay in Comparative Psychology
140878: MAMAK ALEXANDER & MCCALL GRANT (EDS) - Paradise Postponed: Essays on research & development in the South Pacific (Proceedings of 1976 Young Nations Conference)
124521: BAKER GRANVILLE - From a Terrace in Prague
124099: HERNANDEZ JILL GRAPER - Gabriel Marcel's Ethics of Hope: Evil, God and Virtue
120284: REBIERE GRATIEN - Un petit-fils de Boieldieu: Louis Aigoin, Poete et Moraliste. Conference faite a Paris le 8 fevrier 1899
137463: HARRIS BERNARD & FREYER GRATTAN (EDS) - Integrating Tradition: Achievement of Sean O'Riada
114917: DI RAMACCA MANFREDI GRAVINA - La Cina dopo il millenovecento
85201: GRAY WILLIAM A, III & GERRARD BRIAN A - Learning by Doing: Developing Teaching Skills
139434: GRAYLING A.C. - An Introduction to Philosophical Logic
124694: GREAVES R.W. - The Corporation of Leicester, 1689-1836
137088: GREEN C.C. - Cambrian Railways Album
123178: GREEN F.C. - The Mind of Proust: A Detailed Interpretation of 'A la recherche du temps perdu'
123717: GREEN F.C. - The Mind of Proust: A Detailed Interpretation of 'A la recherche du temps perdu'
124183: GREEN F.C. - The Mind of Proust: A Detailed Interpretation of 'A la recherche du temps perdu'
130698: TYRRELL-GREEN E. - French Church Architecture
119563: GREEN A.H., RUSSELL R. - AND OTHERS - The Geology of the Yorkshire Coalfield
140728: GREENHUT MELVIN L., NORMAN GEORGE & HUNG CHAO-SHUN - The economics of imperfect competition: A spatial approach
126034: GREENLEAF W.H. - The British Political Tradition (3 vols in 4). Volume One: The Rise of Collectivism. Volume Two: The Ideological Inheritance. Volume Three: A Much Governed Nation, Parts 1 and 2
126030: GREENLEAF W.H. - The British Political Tradition. Volume Three, Part One: A much governed nation
126028: GREENLEAF W.H. - The British Political Tradition (Vols 1 and 2). Volume One: The Rise of Collectivism. Volume Two: The Ideological Heritage
128896: GREENSLADE M.W. (ED) - A History of the County of Stafford. Volume XIV: Lichfield
126068: GREENSLADE W.M. (ED) - A History of the County of Stafford. Volume VII: Leek and the Moorlands
110070: GREENSLADE W.M. (ED) - A History of the County of Stafford. Volume XX: Seisdon Hundred (Part)
86409: GREER A, TAYLOR GW & YATES JC - Mathematics for Technicians - Level II, Applied Science Mathematics
132566: COHN ROBERT GREER - Vues sur Mallarmè
118151: CHOPP REBECCA S. & DAVANEY SHELIA GREEVE - Horizons in Feminist Theology: Identity, Tradition and Norms
123675: HARVEY GREG - Adobe Acrobat 5 PDF for Dummies
135039: WALKER GREG - Writing Under Tyranny: English Literature and the Henrician Reformation
139398: GUNSON PHIL & CHAMBERLAIN GREG - The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Central America and the Caribbean. With additional material by Andrew Thompson
91948: SCHOLLGEN GREGOR - Die Macht in der Mitte Europas: Stationen deutscher Aussenpolitik von Friedrich dem Grossen bis zur Gegenwart
138536: INGRAM GREGORY K. (ED) - Residential Location and Urban Housing Markets
138091: STALLINGS GREGORY C. (ED) - Material Spirit: Religion and Literature Intranscendent
127454: RAZRAN GREGORY - Mind in Evolution: An East-West Sythesis of Learned Behavior and Cognition
120144: GREGORY B.A. - An Introduction to Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement Systems: A Guide to the Use, Selection, and Limitations of Electrical Instruments and Measurement Systems
128689: TREVERTON GREGORY F. - Latin America in World Politics: The Next Decade
122992: DUNNE JOHN GREGORY - Delano: The Story of the California Grape Strike
141812: BENFORD GREGORY - The Stars in Shroud
130492: GREGORY, BISHOP OF TOURS (ED: BREHAUT) - History of the Franks. Selections, translated with notes, by Ernest Brehaut
131406: DIX DOM GREGORY - A Detection of Aumbries. With other notes on the history of reservation
118069: GREGORY J.S. - Great Britain and the Taipings
129977: FREEZE GREGORY L. - From Supplication to Revolution: A Documentary Social History of Imperial Russia
133714: SIMONS GRENVILLE - Lillywhite's Legacy: A history of the Cheltenham Cricket Festival
137722: MACHEN J. GRESHAM (ED: COOK) - The New Testament: An Introduction to its Literature and History. Edited by W. John Cook
126684: GRESLEY W. - The Forest of Arden: A Tale
140241: GRESLEY W. - The Siege of Lichfield: A Tale illustrative of the Great Rebellion
125416: LEWIS GREVILLE P. (ED) - The Preacher's Handbook, Number Two
128528: LEWIS GREVILLE P. (ED) - The Preacher's Handbook, Number Four
128524: LEWIS GREVILLE P. (ED) - The Preacher's Handbook, Number Three
100400: GRIERSON H.J.C. - Cross Currents in English Literature of the XVIIth Century; or, The World, the Flesh & the Spirit, their Actions and Reactions. Being The Messenger Lectures on the Evolution of Civilization, Cornell University, 1926-7
126059: GRIFFIN A.H. - Long Days in the Hills
133322: GRIFFIN A.H. - Freeman of the Hills: The Lakeland Two-Thousands and other Fells
119123: GRIFFITH E.F. - Ups and Downs in Married Life
140731: GRIFFITH-JONES STEPHANY, MONTES MANUEL F & NASUTION ANWAR (EDS) - Short-Term Capital Flows and Economic Crises
128915: GRIFFITHS G. - Representative Government in Western Europe in the Sixteenth Century. Commentary and Documents for the Study of Comparative Constitutional History
126291: GROFMAN BERNARD, HANDLEY LISA & NIEMI RICHARD G. - Minority Representation and the Quest for Voting Equality
127149: GROFMAN BERNARD, HANDLEY LISA & NIEMI RICHARD G. - Minority Representation and the Quest for Voting Equality
119585: GROSS IRA, DOWNING JOHN & D'HEURLE ADMA (EDS) - Sex Role Attitudes and Cultural Changes
120287: GROSS G.A. - Geology of Iron Deposits in Canada, Volumes I and II (of 3). Volume I: General Geology and Evaluation of Iron Deposits. Volume II: Iron Deposits in the Appalachian and Grenville Regions of Canada
106594: GROSVENOR IAN, MCLEAN RITA & ROBERTS SIÂN (EDS) - Making Connections: Birmingham Black International History
107572: THE DIAGRAM GROUP - The Book of Comparisons of distance, size, area, volume, mass, weight, density, energy, temperature, time, speed and number throughout the universe
137324: THE COVENTRY MINERS' WIVES SUPPORT GROUP - Mummy...What did you do in the strike?
138802: CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL STUDIES: EDUCATION GROUP - Unpopular Education: Schooling and social democracy in England since 1944
119150: MID-STATES CERAMIC STUDY GROUP - Pottery with Pretensions: The Marriage of Ceramics and Silver. The Mid-States Ceramic Study Group 25th Anniversary Exhibit
132003: ALCOCK PETE - AND OTHERS: THE SHEFFIELD GROUP (EDS) - The Social Economy and the Democratic State
127662: LESBIAN HISTORY GROUP - Not a Passing Phase: Reclaiming Lesbians in History, 1840-1985
107814: FAR EASTERN CERAMIC GROUP - Far Eastern Ceramic Bulletin. Volumes 1-6, 1948-1954 (Serial Nos. 1-28)
140192: SIGNALLING STUDY GROUP - The Signal Box: A Pictorial History and Guide to Designs (SIGNED)
129699: SCHLUTER MICHAEL - AND THE CAMBRIDGE PAPERS GROUP - Christianity in a changing world: Biblical insight on contemporary issues
119428: JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP - Gwasanaeth Angladd: Funeral Services of the Christian Churches in Wales
133087: MURRAY GROVER E. - Geology of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Province of North America
127686: GROVER J.W. - Old Clapham. Based on a Lecture delivered in the Year 1885 at the St. Matthew's Church Institution and at the Clapham Hall
91404: LAWRENCE GRP - Cartographic Methods
124968: DE GRUCHY F.A.L. - War Diary: An Overall War Picture, 1939-1945
136665: SISCO ANNALIESE GRUNHALDT - Bergwerk- und Probierbüchlein: A translation from the German of the Bergbüchlein, a sixteenth-century book on mining geology, by Annaliese Grünhaldt Sisco, and of the Probierbüchlein, a sixteenth-century work on assaying, by Annaliese Grünhaldt Sisco and Cyril Stanley Smith. With technical annotations and historical notes
91343: ROUSSEAU GS (ED) - Organic Form: The Life of an Idea
127031: GSCHNEIDNER KARL A., JR. & EYRING LEROY (EDS) - Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, Volume 14
138280: PICCININI GUALTIERO - Physical Computation: A Mechanistic Account
117898: GUBLER Y. (ED) - Essai de nomenclature et caraterization des principales structures sedimentaires
138670: BECKER HEINZ & BECKER GUDRUN - Giacomo Meyerbeer: A Life in Letters
139012: GUESSARD M.F. (ED) - Les anciens poëtes de la France (10 vols)
135558: ROYE GUI DE - Thus endeth the doctrinal of sapyence the whyche is ryght vtile and prouffytable to alle crysten men, whyche is translated out of frenshe in to englysshe by wyllyam Caxton at westmestter (1489)
92540: FABIANI SILVIA & PELLEGRINI GUIDO - Education, Infrastructure, Geography and Growth: An Empricial Analysis of the Development of Italian Provinces
102201: BALLO GUIDO - The Critical Eye: A New Approach to Art Appreciation. Translated by R.H. Boothroyd

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