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130261: MICKLETHWAIT SIR ROBERT - The National Insurance Commissioners
138538: STERNLIEB GEORGE & BURCHELL ROBERT W. - Residential Abandonment: The Tenement Landlord Revisited
138525: WELTSCH ROBERT (ED) [LEO BAECK INSTITUTE] - Leo Baeck Institute Year Book XXII - 1977 (Political and Religious Ferment)
138507: WELTSCH ROBERT (ED) - Publications of the Leo Baeck Institute: Year Book XIV
109590: KILLINGLEY DERMONT & JACKSON ROBERT - Approaches to Hinduism
129727: GILDEA ROBERT - Education in Provincial France, 1800-1914: A Study of Three Departments
108969: ASHBY ROBERT H. - The Guidebook for the Study of Psychical Research
105117: BLAKE ROBERT - The Conservative Party from Peel to Major
137897: AUDI ROBERT - Moral Perception
137646: SCHNEIDER ROBERT A. (ED) - The American Historical Review, Volume 117, No.3, June 2012
139130: BRUCE ROBERT V. - Bell: Alexander Bell and the Conquest of Solitude
137644: SCHNEIDER ROBERT A. (ED) - The American Historical Review, Volume 116, Number 2, April 2011
137645: SCHNEIDER ROBERT A (ED) - The American Historical Review, Volume 117, No.1, February 2012
112232: GIDDINGS ROBERT - The Tradition of Smollett
112231: GIDDINGS ROBERT - The Tradition of Smollett
104327: PATRICK ROBERT - Kennedy's Children
104313: JACKSON RUSSELL & SMALLWOOD ROBERT (EDS) - Players of Shakespeare 2: Further essays in Shakespearean performance by players with the Royal Shakespeare Company
124533: FINCH ROBERT - The Sixth Sense: Individualism in French Poetry, 1686-1760
124532: FINCH ROBERT - The Sixth Sense: Individualism in French Poetry, 1686-1760
137321: LOEHLIN JOHN C. & NICHOLS ROBERT C. - Heredity, Environment, and Personality: A Study of 850 Sets of Twins
123722: SODDY KENNETH & AHRENFELDT ROBERT H. (EDS) - Mental Health and Contemporary Thought: Volume II of a Report of an International and Interprofessional Study Group convened by the World Federation for Mental Health
117683: HERBERT ROBERT L. (ED) - Modern Artists on Art: Ten Unabridged Esssays
136024: NASH ROBERT - The Nun at her Prie-Dieu
131906: LANEHAM ROBERT (ED: FURNIVALL) - Robert Laneham's Letter: describing a part of the Entertainment unto Queen Elizabeth at the Castle of Kenilworth in 1575. Edited with an Introduction by E.J. Furnivall
111069: WELTSCH ROBERT (ED) - Deutsches Jüdentum: Aufstieg und Krise - Gestalten, Ideen, Werke. Vierzehn Monographien
137162: O'CONNELL ROBERT J. - Art and the Christian Intelligence in St. Augustine
111573: BLAKE ROBERT - Esto Perpetua - The Norwich Union Life Insurance Society: An Account of 150 years of Progress & Development in the service of the Community
137091: WILTENBURG ROBERT - Ben Jonson and Self-Love: The sublest maze of all
110363: BOYLE ROBERT (ED: STEWART) - Selected Philosophical Papers of Robert Boyle. Edited with an Introduction by M.A. Stewart
116329: DAHL ROBERT A - Modern Political Analysis
102896: LITTMAN ROBERT J. - The Greek Experiment: Imperialism and Social Conflict, 800-400 BC
120504: ARON ROBERT - Histoire de la Libération de la France, Juin 1944 - Mai 1945
138535: SACHS ROBERT G. - Nuclear Theory
138154: HOLMES ROBERT L. - The Ethics of Nonviolence: Essays by Robert L. Holmes. Edited by Predrag Cicovacki
85213: THORNBURY ROBERT - The Changing Urban School
93011: DAVIDSON ROBERT - Jeremiah, Volume Two, with Lamentations
93010: DAVIDSON ROBERT - Jeremiah, Volume One
85199: SLAVIN ROBERT E - Research Methods in Education: A Practical Guide
137192: LANE ROBERT - Shepheards Devises: Edmund Spenser's 'Shepheardes Calender' and the Institutions of Elizabethan Society
93859: BIRLEY ROBERT - History and Idealism: Essays, Addresses and Letters. Edited by Brian Rees
110515: ANDERSON ROBERT - Elgar
91474: PHIZACKLEA ANNIE & MILES ROBERT - Labour and Racism
136941: MORGAN ROBERT J. - Governing Soil Conservation: Thirty Years of the new Decentralization
136894: FROST ROBERT (ED: LATHEM) - The Poetry of Robert Frost. Edited by Edward Connery Lathem
136895: FROST ROBERT (ED: LATHEM) - The Poetry of Robert Frost. Edited by Edward Connery Lathem
138874: GOTTFRIED ROBERT S. - Bury St. Edmunds and the Urban Crisis: 1290-1539
137314: ANDERSON JOHN ROBERT (ED) - Chemisorption and Reactions on Metallic Films, Volume 2
136166: LEGGET ROBERT F. (ED) - Soils in Canada: Geological, Pedological, and Engineering Studies
133886: GLASER ROBERT (ED) - Advances in Instructional Psychology, Volume 2
132926: COPELAND ROBERT - Spode's Willow Pattern - and other designs after the Chinese
131832: JULY ROBERT W. - The Origins of Modern African Thought: Its development in West Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
130916: ARRINGTON ROBERT L. - Western Ethics: An historical introduction
134244: IRELAND ROBERT M. - The County in Kentucky History
126290: MAAS ROBERT W. - Property Taxation: Provisions of the Finance Act, 1974
126191: JORDAN AMOS A. & KILMARX ROBERT A. - Strategic Mineral Dependence: Stockpile Dilemma
124072: BROWNING ROBERT - Red Cotton Night-Cap Country; or, Turf and Towers
123787: KUENNE ROBERT E. - Microeconomic Theory of the Market Mechanism: A General Equilibrium Approach
123313: ANDERSON ROBERT B. (ED) - Experimental Methods in Catalytic Research
121209: TAILOR ROBERT - The Hogge hath lost his Pearl
133400: BROWNING ROBERT - Poems and Plays in Five Volumes. Volume Four: 1871-1890. Introduction by Mildred M. Bozman
118952: WESSON ROBERT - Beyond Natural Selection
118429: THAYER ROBERT E. - The Biopsychology of Mood and Arousal
118275: CLACK ROBERT J - Bertand Russell's Philosophy of Language
118104: THAYER ROBERT E. - The Biopsychology of Mood and Arousal
133106: BELL ROBERT (ED) - Glass - International Directions in Glass Art
116919: POOL ROBERT - Dialogue and the Interpretation of Illness: Conversations in a Cameroon Village
116471: PARKER ROBERT - Burgundy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Producers, Appellations and Wines
138602: CHAPMAN ROBERT T. - Wyndham Lewis: Fictions and Satires
128076: COURAU ROBERT - Ferdinand de Lesseps: De l'apothéose de Suez au scandale de Panama
120136: RYF ROBERT S. - A New Approach to Joyce: The Portrait of the Artist as a Guidebook
120104: HARDEN A. ROBERT (ED) - Trois Pieces medievales: Le Jeu d'Adam. Le Miracle de Theophile. La Farce du Cuvier
127632: MANDROU ROBERT - From Humanism to Science, 1480-1700
127582: PETERS ROBERT - Oculus Episcopi: Administration in the Archdeaconry of St. ALbans, 1580-1625
119809: KNECHT ROBERT - Richelieu
119490: HINDE ROBERT A. - Animal Behaviour: A Synthesis of Ethology and Comparative Psychology
119271: D'HARCOURT ROBERT - La Religion de Goethe
125697: FISHER ROBERT T. - Classical Utopian Theories of Education
118634: FESHBACH SEYMOUR & SINGER ROBERT D. - Television and Aggression
129905: YOUNG ROBERT - Analytical Concordance to the Holy Bible
129878: WILSON ROBERT - The Company of Strangers
118467: FREEMAN ROBERT G. - Oracle Database 10g: New Features
118073: HELLER ROBERT - The Unique Success Proposition (SIGNED)
124458: SANDALL ROBERT - The History of the Salvation Army, Volume I: 1865-1878
124301: GOTTMANN JEAN & HARPER ROBERT A. (EDS) - Metropolis on the Move: Geographers look at urban Sprawl
124149: BRUSTEIN ROBERT - The Third Theatre
124145: KIRBY ROBERT - Songs of the Cockroach
123828: MICHELS ROBERT - Political Parties: A Sociological Study of the Oligarchic Tendencies of Modern Democracy. Introduction by Seymour Martin Lipset
116932: STERNBERG ROBERT J. - Metaphors of mind: Conceptions of the nature of intelligence
116858: JACKSON ROBERT S. - John Donne's Christian Vocation
128833: DAHL ROBERT A. - Democracy in the United States: Promise and Performance
130357: BROWNING ROBERT - Justinian and Theodora
123723: SODDY KENNETH & AHRENFELDT ROBERT H. (EDS) - Mental Health and Contemporary Thought: Volume II of a Report of an International and Interprofessional Study Group convened by the World Federation for Mental Health
116474: MAYER ROBERT R. - Social Planning and Social Change
115768: HUNTER ROBERT - Security in Europe
115430: MILLER ROBERT - Meaning and Purpose in the Intact Brain: A philosophical, psychological, and biological account of conscious processes
114961: PFEIFFER ROBERT H. - Introduction to the Old Testament
114960: PFEIFFER ROBERT H. - Introduction to the Old Testament
113841: DOUGHERTY JAMES E. & PFALTZGRAFF ROBERT L.. JR. - American Foreign Policy: F.D.R. to Reagan
128663: DAVISON ROBERT A. - Isaac Hicks: New York Merchant and Quaker, 1767-1820
123136: COHEN ROBERT - La grèce et l'hellénisation du monde antique
113217: DIVINE ROBERT A. (ED) - American Foreign Policy since 1945
112821: SHAPIRO ROBERT - Origins: A Sceptic's Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth
112738: MACHOL ROBERT E. - Elementary Systems Mathematics: Linear Programming for Business and the Social Sciences
112624: MCBRIDE ROBERT - The Sceptical Vision of Moliere: A Study in Paradox
112449: LOWERY ROBERT G (ED) - O'Casey Annual, No.1.
128507: HAGSTROM ROBERT G. - The Essential Buffett: Timeless Principles for the New Economy
111942: YOUNG ROBERT M. (ED) - Free Associations: Psychoanalysis, Groups, Politics, Culture - 3
122736: BAIRD ROBERT D. - Category Formation and the History of Religions
122681: MORTON ROBERT - Shall We Live or Die?
122431: MAY ROBERT M. - Cosmic Consciousness Revisited: The Modern Origins and Development of a Western Spiritual Psychology
122411: COESTER ROBERT - Die Loslosung Posens
138697: HALSBAND ROBERT - The Life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
122150: NISBET ROBERT - The Social Philosophers: Community and Conflict in Western Thought
121764: DONINGTON ROBERT - String Playing in Baroque Music
110126: MCDONALD ROBERT J. - Modern Upholstering Techniques
133369: CHODAT ROBERT - Etude critique et expérimentale sur la Polymorphisme des Algues
119404: ZAJONC ROBERT B. - Animal Social Psychology: A Reader of Experimental Studies
131609: WHITEHEAD ROBERT A. - The Age of the Traction Engine
96613: PALMER ROBERT E.A. - The Archaic Community of the Romans
140814: KRUEGER ALAN B. & SOLOW ROBERT M. (EDS) - The Roaring Nineties: Can Full Employment Be Sustained?
139473: POOLE ROBERT W - An Introduction to Quantitative Ecology
130325: MURRAY ROBERT H. - Studies in the English Social and Political Thinkers of the Nineteenth Century (2 vols)
113358: SPENCER ROBERT (ED) - Canada and the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
111669: NISBET ROBERT - The Social Philosophers: Community and Conflict in Western Thought
143657: KIELY ROBERT - Blessed and Beautiful: Picturing the Saints
130570: GRAVES ROBERT - Goodbye to All That
135096: REISS ROBERT - Low Risk, High Reward: Starting and Growing a Business with Minimal Personal Risk
130011: GRAVES ROBERT - Goodbye to all That. New Edition, revised, with a prologue and epilogue
150143: MACMILLAN ARCHIBALD & BRYDALL ROBERT - Iona: Its History, Antiquities, etc. by Archibald Macmillan [and] Its Carved Stones, by Robert Brydall
117117: BARRETT ROBERT J. - The Psychiatric Team and the Social Definition of Schizophrenia: An Anthropological Study of Person and Illness
144005: COLES ROBERT - Children of Crisis: A Study of Courage and Fear
131497: GARDINER ROBERT (ED) - Nelson against Napoleon: From the Nile to Copenhagan, 1798-1801
126275: HOLE ROBERT - Pulpits, politics and public order in England, 1760-1832
150614: GRAVES ROBERT - I Claudius, from the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius [and] Claudius the God and his wife Messalina (2 vols)
129408: COPELAND ROBERT - Parian: Copeland's Statuary Porcelain
140754: AUERBACH ROBERT D. - Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
119397: SCHLAIFER ROBERT - Probability and Statistics for Business Decisions: An Introduction to Managerial Economics under Uncertainty
140858: BALDWIN ROBERT E. (ED) - Empirical Studies of Commercial Policy
143002: HEILBRONER ROBERT L. - The Nature and Logic of Capitalism
150435: GRAVES ROBERT - Poems, 1938-1945
121651: BURGESS ROBERT G. - Experiencing Comprehensive Education: A Study of Bishop McGregor School
123859: BROWNING ROBERT (ED: MEREDITH) - A Centenary Selection from Robert Browning's Poetry. Edited and introduced by Michael Meredith
125815: TITTLER ROBERT - Architecture and Power: The Town Hall and the Urban Community, c.1500-1640
139684: SHERLOCK ROBERT - The Industrial Archaeology of Staffordshire
139921: CRUDEN ROBERT - The Negro in Reconstruction
111210: AUBRETON ROBERT (ED) - Anthologie grecque. Premiere Partie: Anthologie palatine, Tome X (Livre XI). Texte Établi et traduit par Robert Aubreton
128619: MICKLETHWAIT SIR ROBERT - The National Insurance Commissioners
103913: WEIMANN ROBERT - Shakespeare and the Popular Tradition in the Theatre: Studies in the Social Dimension of Dramatic Form and Function. Edited by Robert Schwartz
102433: CREELEY ROBERT - The Charm: Early and Uncollected Poems
93609: CROSS MALCOLM & MOORE ROBERT (EDS) - Globalization and the New City: Migrants, Minorities and Urban Transformations in Comparative Perspective
121685: ALIBER ROBERT Z. - The Management of the Dollar in International Finance
125856: MCLELLAN ROBERT - The Isle of Arran
140528: CHAPMAN ROBERT J. - Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management
118939: HICHENS ROBERT - The Dwellers on the Threshold
141801: SILVERBERG ROBERT (ED) - The Crystal Ship: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction. Edited and with an Introduction by Robert Silverberg
130997: DE VERE GRAHAM MARCUS WILLIAM ROBERT - The Pteromalidae of North-Western Europe (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)
141209: ELLERAY D. ROBERT - Worthing: Aspects of Change
116399: DAHL ROBERT A. - Modern Political Analysis
127518: HORTON ROBERT F. - John Howe
141842: MULLER ROBERT - Osterreich und der Mensch
118477: LUCAS ROBERT E. - Studies in Business-Cycle Theory
118455: PICKERING ROBERT - Foundations of F#
137374: PARTRIDGE ROBERT B. - Transport in Ancient Egypt
141002: COURTINE ROBERT - The Hundred Glories of French Cooking. Translated from the French by Derek Coltman
138318: TALISSE ROBERT B. - Democracy and Moral Conflict
143810: SKIDELSKY ROBERT - John Maynard Keynes, Volume Two: The Economist as Saviour, 1920-1937
119190: DUNCAN ROBERT - The Sweetness and Greatness of Dante's Divine Comedy
131545: FROST ROBERT - After the Deluge: Poland-Lithuania and the Second Northern War, 1655-1660
123262: WALLACE ROBERT A. - The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior
143954: NASH ROBERT - The Seminarian at his Prie-Dieu
139038: FORSTER ROBERT - The House of Saulx-Tavanes: Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830
119603: MURPHY ROBERT F. - The Dialectics of Social Life: Alarms and excursions in anthropological theory
125634: LINDSAY ROBERT (ED) - Early Concepts of Energy in Atomic Physics
143710: STOLLER ROBERT J. - Splitting: A Case of Female Masculinity
143549: FROST ROBERT - In the Clearing
143603: BARTLETT ROBERT (ED) - Medieval Panorama
139964: WEISBROT ROBERT - Freedom Bound: A History of America's Civil Rights Movement
104594: ROSEN ROBERT - Dynamical System Theory in Biology: Volume I: Stability Theory and Its Applications
121308: GOTTFRIED ROBERT S. - The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe
144047: GROEBEL JO & HINDE ROBERT A. (EDS) - Aggression and War: Their biological and social bases
91976: POWER ROBERT (CHAIRMAN OF THE H.E.A. EXPERT WORKING GROUP) - Promoting the Health of Homeless People: Setting a Research Agenda
140949: GIBSON ROBERT (ED) - Modern French Poets on Poetry. An anthology arranged and annotated by Robert Gibson
142495: WALSER ROBERT - Das Gesamtwerke. Herausgegeben von Jochen Greven (12 vols in 13)
143598: BLAKEY ROBERT - An Essay on Logic
130704: ALEXANDER ROBERT - Re-writing the French Revoltionary Tradition: Liberal Opposition and the Fall of the Bourbon Monarchy
135914: DAHL ROBERT A. - On Democracy
118687: DUNN JUDY & PLOMIN ROBERT - Separate Lives: Why Siblings are so Different
141687: GOULD ROBERT F (ED) - Gibberellins: A Collection of Papers comprising the Symposium on Gibberellins...1960
132173: BOSTROM ROBERT N. - Listening Behavior: Measurement and Application
116330: DAHL ROBERT A - Modern Political Analysis
139991: BURTON ROBERT - The Anatomy of Melancholy: What It Is
144045: GOSLING ROBERT (ED) - Support, Innovation, and Autonomy: Tavistock Clinic Golden Jubilee Papers
142695: HELLER ROBERT - The Naked Manager: Games Executives Play
142729: MIETHE TERANCE D. & MEIER ROBERT F. - Crime and Its Social Context: Toward an Integrated Theory of Offenders, Victims, and Situations
118375: SCHMIDT ROBERT F. (ED) - Fundamentals of Sensory Physiology
135263: LACEY ROBERT - Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (SIGNED - not by H.M.Q.)
120004: KUENNE ROBERT E. - Microeconomic Theory of the Market Mechanism: A General Equilibrium Approach
119702: LOEHLIN JOHN C. & NICHOLS ROBERT C. - Heredity, Environment and Personality: A Study of 850 Sets of Twins
120529: MACLEOD ROBERT - Cave of Bats
131566: MAIN ROBERT H. - The House of Maine: Historical, genealogical and heraldic notes relating to the Mains and kindred families
119547: OPIE ROBERT (ED) - The Victorian Scrapbook
143748: LOCKE ROBERT R. - French Legitimists and the Politics of Moral Order in the Early Third Republic
143443: SMITH ROBERT J. - Kurusu: The Price of Progress in a Japanese Village, !951-1975
129522: HINDE ROBERT A. - Individuals, relationships and culture: Links between ethology and the social sciences
135475: BARRASS ROBERT - Biology: food and people. The economic importance of biology
150278: ZARETSKY ROBERT - Nîmes at War: Religion, Politics, and Public Opinion in the Gard, 1938-1944
139521: GAEBELE YVONNE ROBERT - Une Parisienne aux Indes au XVIIe Siècle (Madame François Martin). Préface de A. Martineau
113911: MURPHY ROBERT - Realism and Tinsel: Cinema and Society in Britain, 1939-1949
126060: PLOT ROBERT - The Natural History of Stafford-shire (Staffordshire)
139789: DUNN ROBERT (COMPILER) - John Cage (Catalogue of Works)
137898: AUDI ROBERT - Religion as Magical Ideology: How the Supernatural Reflects Rationality
150584: BURNS ROBERT - Poems and Songs of Robert Burns: A completely new Edition, including over 60 Poems appearing for the first time in a Collected Edition, of which some have never before been published
122510: DELAVIGNETTE ROBERT (ED: COHEN) - Robert Delavignette on the French Empire: Selected Writings. Edited by William B. Cohen
133489: LOW ROBERT - W.G: A Life of W.G. Grace
142408: BURNS ROBERT - The Poetry of Robert Burns (4 vols). Edited by W.E. Henley and T.F. Henderson
138062: AUMANN ROBERT J. - Collected Papers (2 vols)
139757: CRAIN W. & TOLLISON ROBERT D. (EDS) - Predicting Politics: Essays in Empirical Public Choice
126486: WHITING ROBERT - The Blind Devotion of the People: Popular Religion and the English Reformation
150073: DALLEK ROBERT - Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945
127109: ROBSON ROBERT - The Attorney in eighteenth-century England
137235: GLECKNER ROBERT F. - Blake's Prelude: Poetical Sketches
139525: VARNHAM ROBERT - Thanet's Victorian Fire Brigades and a little local history
123410: BAIN ROBERT (ED: MACDOUGALL) - The Clans and Tartans of Scotland. Enlarged and re-edited by Margaret O. Macdougall
126211: GAGNÉ ROBERT M. (ED) - Learning and Individual Differences: A Symposium of the Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
142260: SNEATH PETER H.A. & SOKAL ROBERT R. - Numerical Taxonomy: The principles and practice of numerical classification
150530: PFEIFFER ROBERT H. - Introduction to the Old Testament
150099: WILSON ROBERT F. - Horticultural Colour Chart, I and II
139740: WADDELL ROBERTA (ED) - The Art Nouveau Style: In Jewelry, Metalwork, Glass, Ceramics, Textiles, Architecture and Furniture
134555: ZAPPARI ROBERTO - The Pregnant Man
103499: GOODRICH MICHAEL T. & TAMASSIA ROBERTO - Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
92568: PANETTA FABIO & VIOLI ROBERTO - Is There an Equity Premium Puzzle in Italy? A Look at Asset Returns, Consumption and Financial Structure Data over the Last Century
92561: ANGELONI IGNAZIO & VIOLI ROBERTO - Long-Term Interest Rate Convergence in Europe and the Probability of EMU
92543: RINALDI ROBERTO &TEDESCHI ROBERTO - Money Demand in Italy: A System Approach
92541: CUBADDA GIANLUCA & SABBATINI ROBERTO - The Seasonality of the Italian Cost-of-Living Index
92529: FORNARI FABIO & VIOLI ROBERTO - The Probability Density Function of Interest Rates Implied in the Price of Options.
139969: FESTI ROBERTO (ED) - Visitate il Trentino! Pubblicità e turismo a Trento e nel Trentino tra Ottocento e Novecento
150564: ROBERTS ALEXANDER, DONALDSON JAMES, SCHAFF PHILIP & WACE HENRY (EDS) - The Writings of the Fathers down to A.D. 325: Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 vols) [and] A Select Library of the Christian Church: Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First series, vols 1-14. Second series, vols 1-14 (Complete set of 38 vols)
129225: CHAPMAN P.F. & ROBERTS F. - Metal Resources and Energy
126336: ROBERTS E.M. - A Flying Fighter: An American above the Lines in France
129614: ROBERTS J.M. (ED) - French Revolution Documents, Volume 1.
139088: ROBERTS J.W. - City of Sokrates: An Introduction to Classical Athens
127516: JACOBS ROBERTS L. - Wagner
139561: ROBERTS J.W. - City of Sokrates: An Introduction to Classical Athens
134252: CAMPBELL MARY EMILY ROBERTSON - The Attitude of Tennesseans toward the Union, 1847-1861
132574: ROBERTSON T., SIMPSON J.B. & ANDERSON J.G.C. - The Limestones of Scotland
119178: EVANS C.R. & ROBERTSON A.D.J. (EDS) - Brain Physiology and Psychology
117264: COOPER BRAIN & EASTWOOD ROBIN (EDS) - Primary Health Care and Psychiatric Epidemiology
115405: MARSHALL-BALL ROBIN - The Sporting Rifle: A User's Handbook
92767: BARROW ROBIN - The Philosophy of Schooling
137001: JARVIS ROBIN - The Woven Path
130496: EDMONDS ROBIN - Setting the Mould: The United States and Britain, 1945-1950
125891: EDMONDS ROBIN - Setting the Mould: The United States and Britain, 1945-1950
125888: EDMONDS ROBIN - Setting the Mould: The United States and Britain, 1945-1950
125885: EDMONDS ROBIN - Setting the Mould: The United States and Britain, 1945-1950
128209: NEILLANDS ROBIN - The Conquest of the Reich: From D-Day to VE-Day - A Soldiers' History
127797: CLIFTON ROBIN - The Last Popular Rebellion: The Western Rising of 1685
124350: HOWE ROBIN - The International Wine and Food Society's Guide to Far Eastern Cookery
123650: MAXWELL STUART & HUTCHINSON ROBIN - Scottish Costume, 1550-1850
114800: LETWIN SHIRLEY ROBIN - The Pursuit of Certainty: David Hume, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Beatrice Webb
128401: HILDYARD ROBIN - European Ceramics
139679: HIGHFIELD J.R.L. & JEFFS ROBIN (EDS) - The Crown and Local Communities in England and France in the Fifteenth Century
124351: HOWE ROBIN - The International Wine and Food Society's Guide to Far Eastern Cookery
127928: REILLY ROBIN - Wedgwood (2 vols - both signed)
124206: SMALL ROBIN - Time and Becoming in Nietzsche's Thought
138130: STENWALL ROBIN - Truth, Grounding and Dependence
121716: GILL ROBIN - A Textbook of Christian Ethics
110680: COHEN ROBIN - Frontiers of Identity: The British and Others
139678: HIGHFIELD J.R.L. & JEFFS ROBIN (EDS) - The Crown and Local Communities in England and France in the Fifteenth Century
114028: PORTER ROBIN (ED) - Reporting the News from China
139758: REILLY ROBIN - Josiah Wedgwood, 1730-1795
140440: LUMSDEN ROBIN - SS Regalia
128414: LUND ROBINA - Getty: The Stately Gnome
124828: ROBINS R.H. - General Linguistics: An Introductory Survey
143559: ROBINS W.P. - Etching Craft: A Guide for Students and Collectors. With a Foreword by Martin Hardie, R.E.
130026: ROBINSON R.J. (ED) - Brain and Early Behaviour: Development in the Fetus and Infant
115033: ROBINSON H. - Biogeography
128612: HEATH ROBINSON W. - Railway Ribaldry, being 96 pages of railway humour
122231: ROBINSON H. - Biogeography
109132: ROBINSON I.S. - Authority and Resistance in the Investiture Contest: The Polemical Literature of the Late Eleventh Century
118694: ROBINSON R.J. (ED) - Brain and Early Behaviour: Development in the Fetus and Infant
150225: HARDING L.K. & ROBINSON P.J.A. - Gastroenterology
141047: ROBINSON R.E.R. - The Bloody Eleventh: History of the Devonshire Regiment. Volume I: 1685-1815
141533: ROBINSON T.I.C. - Economic Theories of Exhaustible Resources
141361: HEATH ROBINSON W. - Railway Ribaldry, being 96 pages of railway humour
119401: ROBINSON R.J. (ED) - Brain and Early Behaviour: Development in the Fetus and Infant
137955: ROBINSON O.F. (ED) - The Register of Walter Bronescombe, Bishop of Exeter, 1258-1280
150642: ROBSON D.A. - A Guide to the Geology of Northumberland and the Borders
128081: REUSS ROD. - Histoire d'Alsace Nouvelle édition revue, corrigée et augmentée
115395: MILLER NOD & ALLEN ROD (EDS) - The Post-Broadcasting Age: New Technologies, New Communities. Papers from the 25th and 26th University of Manchester Broadcasting Symposia
115781: HACKNEY ROD - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cities in Crisis
92924: DOYLE RODDY - A Star Called Henry: Volume One of 'The Last Roundup'
92389: WELLER PHILIP - WITH CHRISTOPHER RODEN - The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes
120462: GRAEME RODERIC - Blackshirt at Large
120507: GRAEME RODERIC - Danger for Blackshirt
129219: FLOUD RODERICK - The British Machine Tool Industry, 1850-1914
116580: DOBSON RODERICK - The Birds of the Channel Islands
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125070: WEINBERG JULIUS RUDOLPH - An Examination of Logical Positivism
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133830: HARDY CLIVE & BROWN RUSS - Derby at War
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140485: LUPTON SARAH - A Guide to WCD98
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124893: SAUNDERS J.W. - The Profession of English Letters
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113445: SCHWARZ E.H.L. - The Kalahari; or, Thirstland Redemption
123406: ALLISON RALPH - WITH TED SCHWARZ - Minds in Many Pieces: The Making of a Very Special Doctor
119222: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Report of the Eighty-Fourth Meeting...Australia: 1914, July 28 - August 31
120312: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Report of the Annual Meeting, 1932 (102nd Year), York, August 31-September 7
120311: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Report of the Annual Meeting, 1933 (103rd Year), Leicester, September 6-13
137668: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Report of the Sixtieth Meeting...held at Leeds in September 1890
135973: INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES - Geology of the East Atlantic Continental Margin: 3 Europe (continued) - Report No. 70/15
109637: HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SCIENCES - History of the Human Sciences: Vol 13, No 2, May 2000
135970: INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES - IGS boreholes 1976 - Report 77/10
135969: INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES - IGS boreholes - Report 78/21
127539: MCLEAN SCILLA (ED) - How Nuclear Weapons Decisions are Made
142033: VAUGHAN MICHALINA & ARCHER MARGARET SCOTFORD - Social conflict and educational change in England and France, 1789-1848
141872: VAUGHAN MICHALINA & ARCHER MARGARET SCOTFORD - Social conflict and educational change in England and France, 1789-1848
142032: VAUGHAN MICHALINA & ARCHER MARGARET SCOTFORD - Social conflict and educational change in England and France, 1789-1848
129313: A SOCIETY OF GENTLEMEN IN SCOTLAND - Encyclopaedia Britannica (3 vols); or, a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, in which the different Sciences and Arts are digested into distinct Treatises or Systems; and the various Technical Terms etc. are explained as they occur in the Order of the Alphabet
141122: NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND - The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours
140268: STEVENSON GERTRUDE SCOTT - Charles I in Captivity: From Contemporary Sources. Edited, with an Introduction, by Gertrude Scott Stevenson
120742: JONES JULIE SCOTT - Being the Chosen: Exploring a Christian Fundamentalist Worldview
129608: SCOTT H.M. (ED) - The European Nobilities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (2 vols): Volume One: Western Europe. Volume Two: Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
121487: DONALDSON SCOTT - Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott
104835: BURN ROBERT SCOTT - Outlines of Modern Farming. Vol I: Soils, Manures, and Crops
93087: STAPLEFORD SCOTT - (2nd copy) Kant's Transcendental Arguments: Disciplining Pure Reason
138929: MCKAY DEREK & SCOTT H.M. - The Rise of the Great Powers, 1648-1815
119600: SCOTT W.S. - The Fantasticks: Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, Vaughan
129359: LASH SCOTT - Sociology of Postmodernism
121488: DONALDSON SCOTT - Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott
120622: MELZER SCOTT - Gun Crusaders: The NRA's Culture War
131809: DIXON C. SCOTT - The Reformation and rural society: The parishes of Brandenburg- Ansbach-Kulmbach, 1528-1603
143365: STEVENSON R.SCOTT - Goodbye Harley Street (SIGNED)
140870: MOSS SCOTT - Markets and Macroeconomics: Macroeconomic Implications of Rational Individual Behaviour
143448: STEVENSON R. SCOTT - In a Harley Street Mirror (SIGNED)
123052: ROBSON-SCOTT W.D. (ED) - Essays in German and Dutch Literature
107419: RAWLES STEPHEN & SCREECH M.A. - A New Rabelais Bibliography: Editions of Rabelais before 1626
127136: SCREECH M.A. - Ecstacy and the Praise of Folly
128540: SCROGGIE M.G. - The Electron in Electronics: Modern Scientific Concepts for Electronic Engineers
131829: RICHARDSON SAM SCRUTON - No Weariness: The Memoir of a Generalist in Public Service in Four Continents. With a Foreword by John Hilary Smith
125640: RAHMAN KATE SEALEY - Ostrovsky: Reality and Illusion
139188: FRENCH SEAN - The Imaginary Monkey
125941: O'CASEY SEAN - The Letters of Sean O'Casey, Volume II: 1942-1954
125940: O'CASEY SEAN - The Letters of Sean O'Casey, Volume I: 1910-1941
125942: O'CASEY SEAN - The Letters of Sean O'Casey, Volume III: 1955-1958
120735: MCCLOUD SEAN - Divine Hierarchies: Class in American Religion and Religious Studies
124984: STREET SEAN (ED) - A Remembered Land: Recollections of Life in the Countryside, 1880-1914
133339: SUILLEABHAIN SEAN O - A Handbook of Irish Folklore. Introductory note by Seamus O Duilearga
130808: O'CASEY SEAN - Autobiographies (2 vols): I - I Knock at the Door / Pictures in the Hallway / Drums under the Windows. II - Inishfallen, Fare Thee Well / Rose and Crown / Sunset and Evening Star
139629: STREET SEAN - The Dymock Poets
135272: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Human Traces (SIGNED)
118342: GROSSMAN SEBASTIAN P. - Essentials of Physiological Psychology
126223: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Engleby
136938: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Intermediate Treatment: A Guide for the Regional Planning of new forms of treatment for children in trouble
126655: SEDGEFIELD W.J. (ED) - Beowulf. Edited, with Introduction, Bibliography, Notes, Glossary, and Appendices, by W.J. Sedgefield
111032: ROWNTREE B. SEEBOHM - Comment diminuer la Misère: Etudes sur la Belgique
123026: SEELEY J.R. - Goethe: Reviewed after Sixty Years
124966: SEFFER G.H. - Elementarbuch der Hebraischen Sprache: Eine Grammatik fur Anfanger...
120885: SEGAL UMA A., ELLIOTT DOREEN & MAYADAS NAZNEEN S. (EDS) - Immigration Worldwide: Policies, Practices and Trends
121122: SEGAL UMA A., ELLIOTT DOREEN & MAYADAS NANZEEN S. (EDS) - Immigration Worldwide: Policies, Practices, and Trends
124203: SEGER H.A. (ED. HECHT & CRAMER) - Gesammelte Schriften. Herausgeben auf Veranlassung des Deutschen Vereins fur Fabrikation von Ziegesn, Thonwaaren, Kalk und Cement, des Verbandes keramischer Gewerke in Deutschland und des Vereins deautscher Fabriken feuerfester Produkte und nach den Akten der konigsischen Porzellan-Manufaktur zu Berlin bearbeitet von Dr. H. Hecht und E. Cramer
122795: SEGOND J. - Le problème du génie
125265: SEIGNOBOS CH. - Histoire narrative et descriptive des anciens peuples de l'orient
103260: SELDON ANTHONY, CATTERALL PETER & BRIVATI BRIAN (EDS) - Contemporary Record: The Journal of Contemporary British History, Vol.5, No.2
128704: SELLAR E.M. - Recllections and Impressions
143076: SELLEY R.C. - An Introduction to Sedimentology
130295: LAGERLÖF SELMA - Skrifter av Selma LAGERLÖF. GÖsta Berlings Saga
127768: EAGLE SELWYN (ED) - Library Resources in London and South East England
140095: SEMMENS P.W.B. - The Heyday of Great Western Railway Train Services (SIGNED)
109936: BEELEY SERENA - A History of Bicycles
150412: SEREVIRATNE H.L. - Rituals of the Kandyan State
116046: BRAMLY SERGE - Leonardo: The Artist and the Man
117236: MCDOUGALL JOYCE & LEBOVICI SERGE (ED: MARTIN JAMES) - Dialogue with Sammy: A Psycho-Analytical Contribution to the Understanding of Child Psychosis
120275: BASSET SERGE - L'Italie en Armes (Les Italiens d'aujourd'hui vus par un Francais)
128281: SOKOLOV SERGEI (FOREWORD BY) - Battles Hitler Lost and the Soviet Marshalls who Won them
119449: PROKOFIEV SERGEI - Materials, Articles, Interviews
119067: SHIMRONN ARYEH E & PELTZ SERGIU - Early Cretaceous Pyroclastic Volcanism on the Herman Range
142589: SUNER RAMON SERRANO - Entre les Pyrénées et Gibraltar: Notes et réflexions sur la politique espagnole depuis 1936
122772: TELMON HUBERT DU SERRE - Notre Flotte
142856: SERVIUS (EDS: STOCKER & TRAVIS) - Servianorum in Vergilii Carmina commentariorum. Editionis Harvardianae. Volumen III: Quod in Aeneidos libros III-V explanationes continet. Confecerunt Arthurus Fredericus Stocker [et] Albertus Hartman Travis. Adivvantibus Hovardo Taylor Smith [et] Georgio Byron Waldrop et in testimoniis colligendis Ricardo Treat Bruère
126482: SESSIONS W.A. - Henry Howard, the Poet Earl of Surrey: A Life
137743: PRINGLE-PATTISON A. SETH - The Idea of Immortality: The Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the Year 1922
137744: PRINGLE-PATTISON A. SETH - The Idea of Immortality: The Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the Year 1922
126188: SETHNA M.J. (ED) - Contributions to Synthetic Jurisprudence, being Research Papers. Edited by M.J. Sethna for the Indian School of Synthetic Jurisprudence
127846: GORDON SETON - Highways and Byways in the West Highlands. With illustrations by Sir D.Y.Cameron and a Glossary of Place-name Elements, with aids to pronunciation, by W.J. Watson
136892: GORDON SETON - The Golden Eagle: King of Birds
126110: UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN SETTLEMENTS (HABITAT) - The Residential Circumstances of the Urban Poor in Developing Countries
127907: O'KELLY SEUMAS - The Bribe: A Play in Three Acts
131103: HELLER STEVEN & CHWAST SEYMOUR - Graphic Style: From Victorian to Post-Modern
119462: LEVINE SEYMOUR (ED) - Hormones and Behavior
127269: SLIVE SEYMOUR (ED) - Frans Hals
132684: SARASON SEYMOUR B. - Psychology Misdirected
140288: CHAO CHI-CHUR & YU EDEN SH - Environmental Policy, International Trade, and Factor Markets
128968: KHAN MOHD. SHABBIR - India's Economic Development and International Economic Relations
117192: AKHTAR SHABBIR - The Light in the Enlightenment: Christianity and the Secular Heritage
142221: TEVETH SHABTAI - Moshe Dayan (SIGNED)
113817: SHACKLE G.L.S. - An Economic Querist
119812: MOLYNEUX MAXINE & RAZAVI SHAHRA (EDS) - Gender Justice, Development, and Rights
119517: BRAMLEY JOHN & BRAMLEY SHAN - Marc Bolan - The Legendary Years
142747: BRAMLEY JOHN & BRAMLEY SHAN - Marc Bolan - The Legendary Years
142744: BRAMLEY JOHN & BRAMLEY SHAN - Marc Bolan - The Legendary Years
142262: GIBBS B.M. & SHAPTON D.A. (EDS) - Identification Methods for Microbiologists - Part B
90643: ALLEN CHARLES & DWIVEDI SHARADA - Lives of the Indian Princes
150042: NEWMAN SHARAN - The Devil’s Door (uncorrected proof)
141127: SHARMA L.S. - Coleridge: His Contribution to English Criticism
140034: TUNE SHARON K. (ED) - American Historical Association: Program of the 115th Annual Meeting, January 4-7, 2001, Boston
93775: BERLIN SHARON B - Clinical Social Work Practice: A Cognitive-Integrative Perspective
140112: SHARPE R.S. (ED) - Research Techniques in Nondestructive Testing
129710: FRANCE R. SHARPE (ED) - The Register of Estates of Lancashire Papists, 1717-1788. Volume III: 1717 - with list of persons registered, 1718-1785
131999: SHARPE L.J. (ED) - Decentralist Trends in Western Democracies
119818: SHARPE J.A. - Crime in seventeenth-century England: A county study
111625: SHARPE L.J. (ED) - Voting in Cities: The 1964 Borough Elections
143583: SMITH JOHN SHARWOOD - Greece and the Persians
104252: MOORES SHAUN - Satellite Television and Everyday Life: Articulating Technology
135329: BRIGGS MARTIN SHAW - Baroque Architecture
150014: SHAW M.G. - Redland High School. With a Foreword by Elizabeth Sturge
136749: SHAW D.M. - Interprétation géochimique des éléments en traces dans les roches cristallines
131515: DESMOND SHAW - We do not die
140816: KRASS IOSIF A. & HAMMOUDEH SHAWKAT M. - The Theory of Positional Games: With Applications in Economics
136027: ARTHUR TIMOTHY SHAY (ED: KOCH) - Ten nights in a Bar-Room, and what I saw there. Edited by Donald A. Koch
143203: COHEN SHAYE J.D. - From the Maccabees to the Mishnah
133125: SHCHEDRIN (M.E. SALTYKOV) - The Golovlyov Family. Translated by Natalie Duddington. Introduction by Edward Garnett
129916: SHCHERBATOV M.M. - On the Corruption of Morals in Russia. Edited and translated with an introduction and notes by A. Lentin
129801: STEWART SHEILA - Ramlin Rose: The Boatwoman's Story
129830: STEWART SHEILA - Ramlin Rose: The Boatwoman's Story
102129: UPJOHN SHEILA - All Shall be Well: Revelations of Divine Love of Julian of Norwich
114614: PAINE SHEILA - Artists Emerging: Sustaining Expression through Drawing
143352: KAPLAN JOEL H. & STOWELL SHEILA - Theatre and Fashion: Oscar Wilde to the Suffragettes
118734: WALLACE SHEILA J. - The Child with Febrile Seizures
118620: WALLACE SHEILA J. - The Child with Febrile Seizures
118509: WALLACE SHEILA J. - The Child with Febrile Seizures
127989: CULLOM SHELBY M. - Fifty Years of Public Service: Personal Recollections of Shelby M. Cullom
125431: CHENEY SHELDON - Sculpture of the World: A History
131904: WATTS SHELDON J. - A Social History of Western Europe, 1450-1720: Tensions and solidarities among rural people
114817: BIDWELL SHELFORD - Swords for Hire: European Mercenaries in Eighteenth-Century India
126901: SHEN Y.-R. - Nonlinear Infrared Generation
127134: SHENNAN J.H. - Government and Society in France, 1461-1661
104722: HARDING JOHN SHEPHERD - History of the Tamworth Industrial Co-Operative Society Limited, 1886-1907
143750: SHEPHERD J., MORTON A.H. & SPENCE L.F. - Higher Electrical Engineering: A textbook for students for Higher National Certificate courses
131046: SHEPPARD F.H.W. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Survey of London. Volume XXXVI: The Parish of St. Paul Covent Garden
113721: SHERARD R.H. - Alphonse Daudet: A Biography and Critical Study
143094: HILLS E. SHERBON - Outlines of Structural Geology
114469: MORLEY SHERIDAN - Shooting Stars: Plays and Players, 1975-1983
141218: FAIRCHILD SHERMAN L. - The Glacial Waters in the Black and Mohawk Valleys
93085: DEVEAUX SHERRY - The Role of God in Spinoza's Metaphysics
105097: CHEN SHEYING - Mastering Research: A Guide to the Methods of Social and Behaviorial Sciences
132765: NAOYA SHIGA - Errances dans la Nuit. Traduit du japonais, présenté et annoté par Marc Mécréant

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