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102016: HOSPERS. JOHN - An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis.
101609: LEECH. JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character from the Collection of Mr. Punch. Three Volume Set Bound in One Volume.
102919: MAHAFFY. JOHN P. - Greek Life and Thought from the Age of Alexander to the Roman Conquest.
100538: TRELAWNY. EDWARD JOHN - Record of Shelley, Byron and the Author. A New Edition with Two Portraits.
77535: SOUTHALL. JOHN E - Wales and Her Language Considered from a Historical, Educational and Social Standpoint. . . . . And a Linguistic Map of the Country.
89443: MARQUES. MARIO GOMES & CULE. JOHN - The Great Maritime Discoveries and World Health. . . . .
85222: GROSS. JOHN - The Oxford Book of Essays.
67848: HEATH-STUBBS. JOHN - The Faber Book of 20th-Century Verse
99894: JONES. TREVOR & NEILL. JOHN - Snowdon South. Climbers' Guide to Wales.
74467: MILTON. JOHN - English Prose Writings of John Milton. Edited By Henry Morley.
100637: MORTIMER. JOHN - Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders
99109: JOHN, BRIAN - Pembrokeshire Humour: Jokes and Anecdotes from the Celtic Fringe
97980: JOHN, BRIAN - Pembrokeshire Humour: Jokes and Anecdotes from the Celtic Fringe
96472: WHEELER-BENNETT. JOHN W - Hindenburg. The Wooden Titan.
76748: REXINE. JOHN E - Religion in Plato and Cicero.
82520: A. PERSII FLACCI/STIRLING. JOHN - A. Persii Flacci Satirae: Or, the Satires of A. Persius Flaccus, with the Following Improvements, in a Method Entirely New. . . . Text in English and Latin.
63873: LANGDON-DAVIES. JOHN - Sex, Sin and Society.
89870: BRAINE. JOHN - The Vodi.
98710: BROWN. JOHN - I Was a Tramp. Third Impression.
99599: BRIAN JOHN - House of Angels (Vol 2 of the Angel Mountain Saga)
70222: DONNE. JOHN - The Songs and Sonets of John Donne. . . .
60665: CAMPBELL. JOHN W - Prologue to Analogu.
81329: DYER. JOHN - Poems.
92920: BALDOCK. JOHN - Social Policy. Second Edition.
96638: KNOTT. MARY JOHN - The Life of a Thief, Related By Herself; with Some Observations, &C. On the Non-Observance of the Eighth Commandment. Second Edition to Which Is Added the Dying Robber, &C.
89535: LYNN-THOMAS. COL. SIR JOHN - "Key to All Wales" in South-West Cardiganshire. Surprising Relics of Prehistory on Old Estuary-River Teifi (Ti-Ve).
89536: LYNN-THOMAS. COL. SIR JOHN - A Sequel to "Key to All Wales" Phoenician Occupation of District K.A. W. 1500-1000 B.C. Discoveries of Urns in the Adjoining No. 6 District in Cardiganshire-(H.M. Office of Works)-Are Important, Supporting the Theory of Incineration of the Dead in Cassivae
82542: LOCKE. JOHN - The Conduct of the Understanding. A New Edition Divided Under Heads. Dedicated to the Right Hon. Earl Spencer.
95136: BURNELL. JOHN - Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne Being an Account of the Settlement. . . . to Which Is Added Burnell's Narrative of His Adventures in Bengal. . . .
93233: JOHN, BRIAN - More Pembrokeshire Folk Tales. Volume Four of the Folk Tales Trilogy.
74319: OLDAKER. JOHN - A Century of Progress. The Story of a Family Business 1859-1959.
60642: CARNELL. JOHN - New Writings in S.F. -6. Edited By John Carnell.
71464: STEWART. JOHN - Stable Economy: A Treatise on the Management of Horses. In Relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering, and Working. Third Edition.
84115: GRIBBIN. JOHN - A Brief History of Science
25739: GERRARD. JOHN - The Book of Plymouth
85027: GROSS. JOHN - The New Oxford Book of English Prose.
23197: BUTLER. LANCE ST. JOHN - Thomas Hardy.
69386: AUBREY. JOHN - Aubrey`S Natural History of Wiltshire. A Reprint of the Natural History of Wiltshire. . .
82524: BUNYAN. JOHN - The Holy War: Made By Shaddai Upon Diabolus, for Regaining of the Metropolis of the World. . . . an Entire New and Correct Edition Illustrated with Notes. . . By W. Mason. Complete Copy.
83301: STOTT. JOHN - Our Guilty Silence
58494: CALVIN. JOHN - Commentaries on the Twelve Minor Prophets. Now First Translated from the Original Latin: By the Rev. John Owen. Volume 2. Joel, Amos, Obadiah.
58214: THOMAS. JOHN - Philosophic Foundations.
101613: LUCAS. ST. JOHN - The Oxford Book of French Verse 13th to 19th Century. Fine Binding.
100732: FORD. JOHN - 'tis Pity She's a Whore and the Broken Heart. Edited By S.P. Sherman. The Belles-Lettres Series.
75571: MOTT. JOHN R - The Decisive Hour of Christian Missions.
91537: BRADBURY. JOHN L - Chester College and the Training of Teachers 1839-1975.
80121: ALLEN. JOHN - Synopsis Medicine: Or, a Summary View of the Whole Practice of Physick. Being the Sentiments of the Most Celebrated Authors in All Ages. . . . . . . With Most Cases in Surgery and Midwifery. . . . . Volume Two of Two Only.
61158: GODLEE. SIR RICKMAN JOHN - Lord Lister. Third Edition, Revised and Reset Throughout.
63226: ARMSTRONG. JOHN - Love, Life. Goethe. How to Be Happy in an Imperfect World.
72635: COOTE. CAPTAIN JOHN - The Shell Guide to Yacht Navigation
75660: MATHISON. JOHN K - The German Sections of Vanity Fair and Other Studies.
60666: CAMPBELL. JOHN W - Analog One.
102281: FOX. REV. JOHN - Fox's Original and Complete Book of Martyrs;. . . . Embellished with Near 300 Elegant Engravings. . . A Poor Copy Sold As a Collection of Engravings.
76842: BESSANT. JOHN - Issues in the Adoption of Microelectron
60641: CARNELL. JOHN - New Writings in S.F. -5. Edited By John Carnell.
87785: DAVIES. JOHN - Rhestr O Lyfrau Argraffedig Yng Nghaerfyrddin Gan John Ross Rhwng Y Blynddoedd 1763 a 1807. . .
61744: MORRIS. JOHN - The Age of Arthur. A History of the British Isles from 350-650
99598: BRIAN JOHN - Flying with Angels (Vol 5 of the Angel Mountain Saga)
66292: JOHN, BRIAN - Up Among the Mountain Men
77817: GAY. JOHN - The Letters of John Gay. Edited By C.F. Burgess.
66888: KANIS. JOHN A - Bone Disease and Calcitonin. . . . . . Symposium Proceedings Jersey 2-4 December 1976.
92045: MARSDEN. JOHN - The Fury of the Northmen. Saints, Shrines and Sea-Raiders in the Viking Age.
89216: FRY. JOHN - A History of the Royal College of General Practitioners: First 25 Years
93853: DAVIES. JOHN - The Carmarthenshire Book of Ordinances: 1569-1606
92380: SMITH. ROGER T & SLATER. JOHN - Architecture. Classic and Early Christian.
94993: BRIAN JOHN - Rebecca and the Angels (Vol 4 of the Angel Mountain Saga)
96691: AINSLEY. JOHN - Ceramics Prices at Auction 2004-2007
90059: RUSKIN. JOHN - The Stones of Venice. Introductory Chapters and Local Indices for the Use of Travellers While Staying in Venice and Verona. With Woodcuts. . . . . Two Volume Set
65750: MATTHEWS. JOHN - A Glastonbury Reader : Selections from the Myths, Legends and Stories of Ancient Avalon
69168: VAUGHAN. JOHN - Winchester Cathedral Close. Its Historical and Literary Associations.
64505: ROGERS. JOHN - Paintings 1972-1991
86222: ERSKINE. JOHN - The Private Life of Helen of Troy.
66316: LAWRENCE. JOHN - The History and Delineation of the Horse, in All His Varieties. . . . . . .
61027: EDWARDS. JOHN - Y Meddyg Anifeiliaid.
86250: LEHMANN. JOHN - I Am My Brother, Autobiography Ii
90274: LAYSON. JOHN F - George Stephenson: The Locomotive and the Railway.
90232: DAVIES. JOHN - The Carmarthen Book of Ordinances: 1569-1606
100903: GALT. JOHN - The Provost and Other Tales.
83021: HOWELL. JOHN - An Essay on the War-Galleys of the Ancients.
67788: HANNER. JOHN - The Poems of John Hanner.
81724: ARDEN. JOHN - Serjeany Musgrave's Dance. An Un-Historical Parable.
89991: DAVENPORT. JOHN - Aphrodisiacs and Love Stimulants. . . . . . Illustrated.
92778: YEATS. W.B./UNTERECKER. JOHN - Yeats. A Collection of Critical Essays.
62379: CHOWN. CAPTAIN JOHN D. - The 9-Pdr. Muzzle Loading Rifle.
72866: HEALY. JOHN - Last Days of Steam in Buckinghamshire
65989: MAY. JOHN - Year Book of Welsh Dates
92536: SOUTHALL. JOHN E - Wales and Her Language. Considered from a Historical, Educational and Social Standpoint with Remarks on Modern Welsh Literature and a Linguistic Map of the Country. Second Edition.
96677: GRAY. THOMAS/MITFORD. JOHN - The Correspondence of Thomas Gray and the Rev. Norton Nicholls with Other Pieces Hitherto Unpublished.
98605: HUESMAN. JOHN E. - The Book of Isaia. Part 2. Pamphlet Bible Series Number 32.
77911: FORD. JOHN - Dramatische Werke in Neudruck Herausgegeben. (John Ford`S Dramatic Works) Two Volumes Bound in One Text in English
84867: BARROW. JOHN D. - Cosmic Imagery. Key Images in the History of Science.
93813: MOTTLEY. JOHN - The History of the Life of Peter 1. Emperor of Russia. Volume One Only.
27294: WILLIAMS. JOHN - Essays on Various Subjects, Philological, Philosophical, Ethnological and Archeological, Connected with the Prehistorical Records of the Civilized Nationson Ancient Europe, Especially of That Race Which First Occupied Great Britain.
81183: JAMES. JOHN H - A History and Survey of the Cathedral Church of Ss. Dubritius, Teilo, and Oudeceus and Afterwards Ss. Peter and Paul. Second and Revised Edition.
82474: PEARSON. JOHN - An Exposition of the Creed. Revised and Corrected By the Rev. E. Burton. Sixth Edition.
85066: GREGORY. JOHN - Yeats' Ireland
82150: ARDEN. JOHN - Soldier, Soldier and Other Plays.
48409: PERKINS. JOHN - The Historic Taf Valleys Vol. 2 : In the Brecon Beacons National Park
83014: GURNEY. JOHN - Notes on a Visit Made to Some of the Prisons in Scotland and the North of England in Company with Elizabeth Fry with Some Observations on the Subject of Prison Discipline. Second Edition.
71083: CHRYSOSTON. S. JOHN - Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians and Homilies on the Epistle to the Ephesians By S. John Chrysostom. New Edition, Revised.
66593: WATKINS. JOHN - A Biographical Historical and Chronological Dictionary. . . . Third Edition
93407: MCMANNERS. JOHN - The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity
81733: WEBSTER. JOHN - The Duchess of Malfi
75290: DAVIES. JOHN - The Green Bridge : Stories from Wales
79963: CAIRNCROSS. JOHN - Moliere. Bourgeois Et Libertin.
99370: PHILIPS. JOHN - Poems Attempted in the Style of Milton. With a New Account of His Life and Writings
93286: THOMAS. JOHN - Cofiant Y Tri Brawd, Sef Y Parchedigion J. Stephens, Brychgoed. D. Stephens, Glantaf, Ac N. Stephens, Liverpool.
102464: BURNS-BEGG. THE LATE ROBERT & JOHNSTONE. JOHN M. - The Loch Leven Angler. Revised and Edited By John M. Johnstone.
102483: BUCHAN. JOHN - Poems Scots and Englisj.
101584: GALT. JOHN - The Last of the Lairds.
68090: GOWER. JOHN - Homeland
100535: FREE. JOHN - Honeybee Biology
94026: MUNCIE. JOHN - Criminological Perspectives: A Reader (Published in Association with the Open University)
102826: GREENWOOD. JOHN - A Young Patriot in the American Revolution 1775-1783. . . .
68247: UPDIKE. JOHN - The Song of Solomon : Love Poetry of the Spirit
49591: COOKSON. JOHN - The Use of Drugs in Psychiatry.
84681: GILLESPIE. JOHN - Five Centuries of Keyboard Music. An Historical Survey of Music for Harpsichord and Piano.
87171: HAYWOOD. JOHN - The New Atlas of World History. Global Events at a Glance.
102466: RENNIE. JOHN - "I Have Been Fishing"
75367: WOODS. JOHN - The Logic of Fiction. A Philosophical Sounding of Deviant Logic.
90142: DONNE. JOHN - A Selection of His Poetry Edited with an Introduction By John Hayward.
75586: ROGERSON. JOHN - The Oxord Illustrated History of the Bible.
97823: JOHN, BRIAN - Martha Morgan's Little World: The Essential Guide to the Angel Mountain Saga
102205: KIRKLAND. JOHN - The Modern Baker Confectioner and Caterer. . . Volume One Only.
94044: DAVIES. JOHN - Rhestr O Lyfrau Argraffw=Edig Yng Nghaerfyrddin Gan John Ross. . 1763-1807.
94779: RHYS. PROFESSOR JOHN - The Original of the Welsh Englyn and Kindred Metres.
97181: MILLER. REV. JOHN H. - Fundamentals of the Liturgy.
102206: BELLEW. JOHN - Fermented Goods.
90570: COSTELLO. JOHN - Public Health and Society
93852: DAVIES. JOHN - The Carmarthenshire Book of Ordinances: 1569-1606
101661: LUCIAN/DRYDEN. JOHN - The Works of Lucian, Translated from the Greek By Several Eminent Hands. The First Volume with the Life of Lucian, a Discourse on His Writings, and a Character of Some of the Present Translators Written By John Dryden. . .
94226: BRIAN JOHN - Flying with Angels (Vol 5 of the Angel Mountain Saga)
97327: JOHNSTON. JACKLYN & NEWTON. JOHN - Building Green. A Guide to Using Plants on Roofs, Walls and Pavements.
100226: BUCHAN. JOHN - The Thirty-Nine Steps and the Power-House. . . Illustrated By Nick Hardcastle.
98840: SAINT JOHN - The Revelation of St John the Divine and the Book of Job (Penguin Great Ideas)
96782: JOHN PAUL II, POPE - Misericordia Dei: Celebration of the Sacrament of Penance (Cts Church Documents)
93024: TWISTON-DAVIES. L & LLOYD-JOHNES. H.J. - Welsh Furniture. An Introduction.
97158: MARTIN JOHNES - The History of Sport in Wales (Pocket Guide) (the Pocket Guide)
88661: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Arretine and Samian Pottery
100435: T.W. POTTER; CATHERINE JOHNS - Roman Britain
102985: DEREK JOHNS - Ariel: A Literary Life of Jan Morris
92385: JOHNSON, LEWIS - Prospects, Thresholds and Interiors: Watercolours from the National Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
95481: JOHNSON, MARILYN A.; GRAY, NINA; JOPPIEN, RUDIGER - Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist for the Ages
96490: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS; JOHNSON, MADELEINE - The Age of Illusion: Art and Politics in France, 1918-40
100323: MICHAEL G. JOHNSON - Encyclopaedia of Native Tribes of North America
84979: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Samuel Johnson. The Oxford Authors.
84667: JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER - Derrida. The Great Philosophers
83154: JOHNSON, OLIVER A. - Ethics : Selections from Classical and Contemporary Writers
100801: JAMES H. JOHNSON - Urban Geography: An Introductory Analysis, 2nd Edition (Pergamon Oxford Geographies)
82879: STONE. WILLIAM JOHNSON - On the Use of Classical Metres in English.
100278: STEPHEN JOHNSON - Hadrian's Wall (English Heritage)
69964: JOHNSON. W.E. - Logic Part 1.
87023: STEPHEN JOHNSON - Fishing from Afar
73602: JOHNSON, CLIFFORD R. - Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Eighteenth-Century English Authors. Voume 1. Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, and Samuel Richardson.
71477: JOHNSON, J. H. - Stalemate! : The Great Trench Warfare Battles 1915-1917
98362: JOHNSON, HOWARD - Wings over Brooklands. The Story of the Birthplace of British Aviastion.
96160: GRANT. REV. JOHNSON - The Last Things; Being a Series of Lent Lectures, on Death, the Grave, the Intermediate State, Judgement, Hell, & Heaven.
101697: JOHNSON. R. - The Most Pleasant History of Tom a Lincolne, That Renowned Soldier, the Red Rose Knight. . . . . The Seventh Impression.
92138: JOHNSON, PETER - Romano-British Mosaics (Shire Archaeology Series)
67125: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The History of Rasselas : Prince of Abissinia
68070: JOHNSON, ALISON - Islands in the Sound. Illustrations By John Busby.
85691: JOHNSON, ROBERT A.; JOHNSON, RO - She : Understanding Feminine Psychology. Revised Edition.
64581: JOHNSTON, DAVID E. - Roman Villas
100527: JULIAN JOHNSTON - A Nomad Amongst the Bees
79290: JOHNSTON, DAVID E. - Roman Villas
100029: EILIDH JOHNSTON - A Source of Contention: Affordable Housing in Rural Wales
60869: JOHNSTON, ALAN - The Cosmic Ecosystem : A Revised View of Cosmology
100807: R. J. JOHNSTON - City and Society: Outline for Urban Geography
102727: TERRY ADBY; STUART JOHNSTON - The Hillwalker's Guide to Mountaineering: Essential Skills for Britain's Classic Routes (Cicerone Techniques)
80625: JOHNSTON, PAMELA; SCRIBNER, BOB W. - The Reformation in Germany and Switzerland
74889: JOHNSTON, DEREK - A Brief History of Theology : From the New Testament to Feminist Theology
62646: JOHNSTONE, PAUL - The Archaeology of Ships. A Bodley Head Archaeology.
102702: PAUL JOHNSTONE - The Archaeology of Ships (Bodley Head Archaeology)
91846: JOHNSTONE, IAIN - Wimbledon 2000. Signed and Dedicated By the Author.
91996: JOINER. D.L. - The Ladybird Book of British Locomotives. Series 584.
80629: JOINVILLE , JEAN DE; JOINVILLE, JEAN; JOINVILLE, JEAN DE - Chronicles of the Crusades
101715: JOLLES. J. ET AL - The Maastricht Aging Study. Determinants of Cognitive Aging.
86947: KENYATTA. JOMO - Facing Mount Kenya. The Tribal Life of the Gikuyu. With an Introduction By B. Malinowski.
73256: VAN LOON. JON C - Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy : Selected Methods
78802: SILKIN. JON - The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry
77524: JONAS, KLAUS W.;KOOPMANN, HELMUT;THOMAS-MANN-ARCHIV - Die Thomas-Mann-Literatur. Band Ii Bibliographie Der Kritik 1956-1975. . .
77181: JONAS, KLAUS W.;KOOPMANN, HELMUT;THOMAS-MANN-ARCHIV - Die Thomas-Mann-Literatur. Band Iii Bibliographie Der Kritik 1976-1994. . .
77085: JONAS, KLAUS W.;KOOPMANN, HELMUT;THOMAS-MANN-ARCHIV - Die Thomas-Mann-Literatur. Band 1. Bibliographie Der Kritik 1896-1955.
66221: SWIFT. JONATHAN - The Works of Jonathan Swift. Dean of St. Patrick`S Dublin, Accurately Revised in Twelve Volumes, Adorned with Copper Plates; with Some Account of the Author`S Life, and Notes Historical and Explanatory By John Hawkesworth. Twelve Volume Set.
74824: SWIFT. JONATHAN - Poetry and Prose with Appreciations By Pope, Johnson, Scott Hazlitt and Others.
84049: HODGE. JONATHAN - The Cambridge Companion to Darwin
71101: MANN. JONATHAN - Aids in the World Ii. Global Dimensions, Social Roots, and Responses. The Global Aids Policy Coaltion.
59033: SCOTT. JONATHAN - Tales, Anecdotes, and Letters. Translated from the Arabic and Persian.
80823: SWIFT. JONATHAN - Satires and Personal Writings. Edited with Introduction and Notes By William Alfred Eddy.
46746: MAYO. JONATHAN L. - The Packet Radio Handbook.
41862: KIRSCH. JONATHAN - Moses. A Life.
99774: RILEY-SMITH. JONATHAN - The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
86137: CLAYDEN. JONATHAN ET AL - Chemistry
77557: SWIFT. JONATHAN - Satires and Personal Writings. Edited with Introduction and Notes By William Alfred Eddy.
96386: GOLDSTEIN. JONATHAN A - Maccabees I (Anchor Bible)
60099: SCOTT. JONATHAN - Kingdom of Lions.
84489: HILL. JONATHAN - The Big Questions.
73708: SWIFT. JONATHAN - Political Tracts 1711-1713. Edited By Herbert Davis.
94111: RILEY-SMITH. JONATHAN - The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades.
71100: MANN. JONATHAN - Aids in the World Ii. Global Dimensions, Social Roots, and Responses. The Global Aids Policy Coaltion.
91495: SWIFT. JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels. The World's Classics.
71103: MANN. JONATHAN - Aids in the World Ii. Global Dimensions, Social Roots, and Responses. The Global Aids Policy Coaltion.
100772: DOLLIMORE. JONATHAN - Political Shakespeare 2nd Edition: Essays in Cultural Materialism
94544: JONES, J. TOWYN - Rhag Ofn Ysbrydion: Chwilio Am Y Gwir Am Straeon Ysbryd
50483: JONES, SALLY R. - The Forgotten Country
88196: D. MARTYN LLOYD-JONES - The All-Sufficient God: Chapter Isaiah 40
102223: FRANCIS JONES - Llangunnor =: Llangynnwr
102227: JON MEIRION JONES - Teulu'r Cilie
71985: JONES, DAVE - Enfield and Wood Green Tramways
89302: JONES, EMYR WYN - Bosworth Field and Its Preliminaries: A Welsh Retrospect
91021: HUW LEWIS-JONES - Face to Face: Ocean Portraits
84408: JONES, THEODORE A. - The Offshore Racer
64794: JONES, MARTIN - The Molecule Hunt : How Archaeologists Are Bringing the Past Back to Life
64303: JONES, J. GWYNFOR - Concepts of Order and Gentility in Wales
92857: JONES, ANTHONY - Capeli Cymru
102225: VIVIAN JONES - Helaetha Dy Babell: Ysgrifau Crefyddol
92456: JONES, IOLA; JONES, RHIAIN VAUGHAN - Byw Efo'r Cof: Hanes Mudiad Urdd Gobaith Cymru Mewn Lluniau
102460: PARRY-JONES D. - Welsh Legends and Fairy Lore. Illustrated By Ivor Owen.
102149: T.JAMES JONES - Nawr
65899: JONES, J. GRAHAM - The History of Wales
82852: JONES, MERVYN - A Radical Life : The Biography of Megan Lloyd George
90076: JONES, JOHN SAM - Fishboys of Vernazza
80797: JONES, LLEWELYN - Schoolin's Log
89301: GWYN JONES - The Collected Stories of Gwyn Jones
88271: JONES, R.BRINLEY - The Old British Tongue. The Vernacular in Wales 1540-1640.
92459: JONES, T. LLEW - Slawer Dydd
79062: JONES, GLYN; ROWLANDS, JOHN - Goodbye, What Were You? Selected Writings
99646: JONES. W.H. - History of the Port of Swansea. Signed and Dedicated By the Author.
63239: JONES, EDWIN - The English Nation : The Great Myth
76519: ANDERSON. J.M. & JONES. C - Historical Linguistics. Two Volume Set. 1 Syntax, Morphology, Internal and Comparative Reconstruction. And Volume 2. Theories and Description in Phonology.
94991: JONES, R.BRINLEY - Old British Tongue. The Vernacular in Wales 1540-1640.
86675: JONES, STEVE - In the Blood: God, Genes and Destiny
83328: JONES, JAMES; GODDARD, ANDREW - The Moral Leader : For the Church and the World
70196: JONES, PETER - An Introduction to Fifty American Poets
97589: JONES, VIVIAN - Y Nadolig Cyntaf
101997: NIGEL JONES - Rupert Brooke: Life, Death and Myth
87987: JONES. W.H.S. - Malaria and Greek History to Which Is Added the History of Greek Therapeutics and the Malaria Theory.
55688: JONES, BOBI - Ynghylch Tawelwch
55135: JONES. W.R. - Bilingualism in Welsh Education.
95807: JONES, FRANCIS - Llangunnor =: Llangynnwr
93603: JONES, MARIAN HENRY - Hanes Ewrop, 1815-71
52276: JONES, JOHN HENRY; DAVIES, GARETH ALBAN - Cardi O Fôn : Detholion O Gerddi a Throsiadau John Henry Jones
51466: JONES, ELIZABETH - Poppyland in Pictures
50488: JONES, GARETH - The Disinherited
50372: PRYS-JONES. A.G. - The Story of Carmarthenshire. Volume One. From Prehistoric Times to the Beginnings of the Sixteenth Century.
83452: JONES, J. GWYNFOR - Concepts of Order and Gentility in Wales
91015: JONES, CHRIS - Climbing in North America
102131: LESLIE BAKER-JONES - The Wolf and the Boar: The Lloyds of Bronwydd, Cardiganshire and Newport Castle, Pembrokeshire - Lords Marcher of Cemais
93858: JONES. W.H. - Old Karnarvon. A Historical Account of the Town of Carnarvon. . .
93974: JONES, EDWIN PRYCE - Credu a Chofio: Ysgrifau Edwin Pryce Jones
69972: JONES, JOHN GWILYM - The Plum Tree and Other Short Prose.
98690: GLYN JONES - The Valley, the City, the Village (Library of Wales)
92445: MAIR GARNON; JON MEIRION JONES - Odi'r Teid Yn Mynd Ma's?
92433: JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS - The Place-Name Detective
101694: DANIEL JONES - My Friend Dylan Thomas
92845: IEUAN GWYNEDD JONES - The Religious Census of 1851: South Wales V. 1: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales (History & Law)
22294: JONES. M.W. - These Things Remain. Poems.
93704: JONES, J. TOWYN - Rhag Ofn Ysbrydion: Chwilio Am Y Gwir Am Straeon Ysbryd
65624: JONES, JO ELWYN; GLADSTONE, J. FRANCIS - The Red King's Dream : Lewis Carroll in Wonderland
82859: JONES, ERNEST - Life and Work of Sigmund Freud
70810: JONES. R.M. - Highlights in Welsh Literature, Talks with a Prince.
63282: JONES, EDWIN - John Lingard and the Pursuit of Historical Truth
69211: JONES, GARETH ELWYN; RODERICK, GORDON WYNNE - A History of Education in Wales
84484: JONES, ROGER S. - Physics for the Rest of Us
92275: JONES, FRANCIS - Historic Cardiganshire Homes and Their Families
101736: TRISTAN JONES - The Improbable Voyage: Of the Yacht Outward Leg Into, Through, and out of the Heart of Europe
101790: GLYN JONES - Goodbye, What Were You? Selected Writings.
100022: HYWEL M. JONES - Darlun Ystadegol O Sefyllfa'r Gymraeg / a Statistical Overview of the Welsh Language
82799: JONES, WYN - Thomas Edward Ellis 18591899
70811: JONES. R.M. - Highlights in Welsh Literature. Talks with a Prince.
68810: JONES. E.J. - Llawlyfr Addysg Grefyddol
94628: JONES, WINSTON - An Illustrated Chronicle of My Family Covering 200 Years
97160: JONES, GWILYM H. - O Sgrepan Teithiwr
82843: PARRY-JONES D. - Welsh Country Upbringing. Illustrated By Lynton Lamb
97485: JONES, NIGEL H. - A Brief History of the Birth of the Nazis: How the Freikorps Blazed a Trail for Hitler (Brief Histories)
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65938: LACEY, A. R. - Modern Philosophy : An Introduction
102881: LAURA HOMAN LACEY - Stay Off the Skyline: The Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa - an Oral History
81781: LACLOS - Les Liaisons Dangereuses. English Text.
89511: O'LEARY. DE LACY - Colloquial Arabic. With Notes on the Vernacular Speech of Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia, and an Appendix on the Local Charcteristics of Algerian Dialect. Seventh Edition
43766: DE HOYOS. LADISLAS - Klaus Barbie. Translated from the French By Nicholas Courtin.
91476: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294-1324
81545: CATESBY. JULIET LADY - Letters from Juliet Lady Catesby, to Her Friend Lady Henrietta Campley Translated from the French. The Fifth Edition.
69778: GUEST. LADY - The Mabinogion
83232: LAENNEC. T.H. - A Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest. . . . the Classics of Medicine Library.
87837: LAENNEC. T.H. - A Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest, in Which They Are Described According to Their Characters. . . .
102886: CHAD LAGE; LAGE - Pictorial Guide to Pottery and Porcelain Marks
58370: LAIDLER, KEITH - The Head of God. The Lost Treasure of the Templars.
76945: LAINEY, YVES - Musset: Ou, la Difficulte D'aimer
93627: LLOYD LAING; JENNIFER LAING - Art of the Celts: From 700 Bc to the Celtic Revival (World of Art)
94093: LAING, LLOYD; LAING, JENNIFER - Early English Art and Architecture. Archaeology and Society.
102871: R. LAING - The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness (Penguin Psychology)
93146: LAING, LLOYD; LAING, JENNIFER - Anglo-Saxon England (Britain Before the Conquest)
86754: LLOYD LAING; JENNIFER LAING - Art of the Celts: From 700 Bc to the Celtic Revival (World of Art)
64788: LAING, JENNIFER - Art and Society in Roman Britain
74117: ADDIS. LAIRD - Moore and Ryle: Two Ontologists.
97597: LAIRD, ELIZABETH - Tua Bethlehem
24300: LAKE. R.D. ET AL - Buried Channel Deposits in the South-East Essex; Their Bearing on Pleistocene Palaeography. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
34735: DE LAMARTINE. A. - Harmonies Poetiques. 5th Edition. Two Volume Set.
91644: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia. A New Edition with a Dedication and Preface Hitherto Unpublished.
97499: LAMB, RICHARD - The Failure of the Eden Government
101963: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia and Eliana. In Fine Binding.
69381: LAMB. G.F. - The English at School. An Anthology
66750: LAMB. G.F. - The English at School. An Anthology.
77373: LAMB, CHARLES - The Elian Miscellany. A Charles Lamb Anthology. Compiled and Edited By S.M. Rich. Internal and External Foxing, a Good Working Copy Only.
100815: ANDREW KIRBY; DAVID LAMBERT - The City (Space and Society)
100814: ANDREW KIRBY; DAVID LAMBERT - Urban Systems. Space and Society.
70681: LAMBRECHT, RAINER - Wolfdietrich Schnurres Kassiber: E. Systemat. Interpretation
95502: LAMMER, JUTTA - Beautiful Old Alphabets: Designs and Stitches
79941: LAMONT, N. - Politics and Religion in the 17th Century
51238: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kamikaze : Japan's Suicide Samurai
75885: LANCELOT, CLAUDE - Quatre Traitez de Poesies: Latine, Francoise, Italienne Et Espagnole
81262: GREEN. ROGER LANCELYN - Tales of Ancient Egypt.
81263: GREEN. ROGER LANCELYN - The Adventures of Robin Hood.
85620: LANDRUS, MATTHEW - Treasures of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Story of His Life & Work Including 30 Rare Removable Facsimile Documents.
91905: LEONARDO BENEVOLO; JUDITH LANDRY - The Architecture of the Renaissance: Two-Volume Set
82729: LANE, TONY - The Lion Concise Book of Christian Thought
54208: POOLE. AUSTIN LANE - Obligations of Society in the Xii and Xiii Centuries.
91831: FOX. ROBIN LANE - Alexander the Great.
85017: LANG, LING - State of the Language English Observed
81365: LANG, ANDREW - King Arthur : Tales of the Round Table
77999: LANG. A - Xxxii Ballades in Blue China.
80775: COBURN. A. LANGDON - The Kabbalah
67267: LANGE, JOHN - The Cognitivity Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy
101441: SKEAT. W.W. (EDITOR)/LANGLAND - Langland's Vision of Piers Plowman. Text B. Edited By W.W. Skeat.
52761: LANGMUIR, ERIKA - The National Gallery Companion Guide
87523: LANGMUIR, ERIKA - Angels: National Gallery Pocket Guide (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
87520: LANGMUIR, ERIKA - Allegory (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
101710: LILLIAN LANGSETH - Oxidants, Antioxidants and Disease Prevention (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph)
101706: LILLIAN LANGSETH - Nutritional Epidemology: Possibilities and Limitations (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph)
92878: LANGSTON, ANN; SMITH, ADRIAN - Managing Staff in Early Years Settings
101484: MATT RICHARDS; MARK LANGTHORNE - Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury
97795: LANSING, ELIZABETH - Sumerians: Inventors and Builders (Cassell's Early Culture Series)
75421: LAPIDUS, IRA M. - A History of Islamic Societies
99640: LAPWORTH, KATHERINE - Get Your Book Published: Teach Yourself
96836: LAQUEUR, WALTER - A History of Zionism
96618: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Generation Exodus: The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany
56354: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Europe in Our Time : A History, 1945-1992
74381: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Europe in Our Time, 1945-1992
76896: LARIVEY, PIERRE DE; FREEMAN, M. J. - Les Esprits
76897: DE LARIVEY, PIERRE - Les Tromperies. Edition Critique Par Keith Caneron. . . .
72282: LARKIN, EDGAR - An Illustrated History of British Railways` Workshops
91365: LARKIN, PHILIP - Required Writing: Miscellaneous Pieces 1955-1982: Miscellaneous Pieces, 1955-82
62453: LARN, RICHARD - Shipwrecks North Coast : St. Ives to Bude
62454: LARN, RICHARD - Shipwrecks Around Land's End
62455: LARN, RICHARD - Shipwrecks Around the Lizard
102593: RICHARD LARN - Devon Shipwrecks
62584: LARN, RICHARD - Devon Shipwrecks
84751: LAROQUE, FRANCOIS - Shakespeare : Court, Crowd and Playhouse
84879: SYSON. LUKE & KEITH. LARRY - Leonardo Da Vinci. Painter at the Court of Milan.
75985: CHAMPION. LARRY S - Quick Springs of Sense : Studies in the 18th Century
67485: RICHARDSON. LARRY L - Introduction to Library Research in German Studies. Language, Literature, and Civilization.
75391: THOMASSON. LARS - De Svenska Samerna Och Renskotseln I Sverige. . . .
74416: BERGSTROM. LARS - Fragor Om Livets Mening an Antologi Redigerad. Filosofika Studier. . . Nr 36.
96981: THARP. LARS - Bbc Antiques Roadshow: A-Z of 20th Century Antiques
67342: LINDAHL. LARS - Not without Cause. Philosophical Essays Dedicated to Paul Needham on the Occasion of His Fiftieth Birthday. Uppsala Philosophical Studies 48.
61354: LARSEN, EGON - Wit As a Weapon : Political Joke in History
84599: LASKOWSKI, BIRGIT - Piero Della Francesca 1416/17-1492
91750: LASKOWSKI, B. - Piero Della Francesco (Italian Masters)
85748: LASKY, RICHARD - Dynamics of Development and the Therapeutic Process
85291: LASS, ABRAHAM H. - Dictionary of Allusions
75953: LASS, R.; ANDERSON, J. M. - Old English Phonology
56729: LASZLO, ERVIN - The Chaos Point : The World at the Crossroads
83371: LATHAM, DON - Being Unmistakably Christian at Work
90797: LATTIMER, JOHN K. - Hitler and the Nazi Leaders: A Unique Insight Into Evil
76766: LAUBSCHER. G.G - The Synactical Causes of Case Reduction in Old French.
66149: LAULE, ULRIKE - Architecture of the Middle Ages
74348: LAUNDY, PHILIP - Parliamentary Librarianship in the English-Speaking World
44326: LANE. LAURA M. - Mrs. Lupton`S Lodgings.
95086: LUSHINGTON. LAURA - The Bible in Stained Glass
70772: LE QUESNE. LAURENCE - A Kilvert Symposium. . .
50673: STERNE. LAURENCE - Original Letters of the Late Reverend Mr. Laurence Sterne; Never Before Published.
44015: HOPE. LAURENCE - The Garden of Kama and Other Love Lyrics from India.
64309: HOUSMAN. LAURENCE - Cornered Poets. A Book of Dramatic Dialogues.
63465: STERNE. LAURENCE - A Sentimental Jouney Through France and Italy. With Illustrations By T.H. Robinson.
80224: BINYON. LAURENCE - English Water-Colours. . Second Edition.
82334: GAGNEBIN. LAURENT - Connaitre. Sartre.
77709: LAURENTI, HUGUETTE/VALERY. PAUL - Lectures de Charmes. Paul Valery 1
92198: LEE. LAURIE - Laurie Lee. The Pocket Poets.
83316: LAURIE, GREG - Why the Resurrection? : A Personal Guide to Meeting the Resurrected Christ
96608: LAURYSSENS, STAN - The Man Who Invented the Third Reich
89248: LAVATER. J.C. - Physiognomy; Or, the Corresponding Analogy between the Conformation of the Features and the Ruling Passions of the Mind: Being a Complete Epitome of the Original Work. New Edition-Illustrated.
76786: LAVERY. H.J. - The Kangaroo Keepers
97502: OLMSTED. FREDERICK LAW - The Cotton Kingdom. A Traveller's Observatuions on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States. . .
60364: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - Empyrion One. The Search for Fierra
73693: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
75055: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE - Celestial Pantomime : Poetic Structures of Transcendence
100820: PAUL LAWLESS - Britain's Inner Cities: Problems and Policies
98534: LAWRENCE. D.H. - The Rainbow.
57812: LAWRENCE. T.E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph.
76548: GROSSBERG. LAWRENCE - Cultural Studies
59141: LAWRENCE, ROD - Exe : A River for Wild Life
55522: THOMAS. REV. LAWRENCE - The Reformation in the Old Diocese of Llandaff.
43313: LAWRENCE. W.J. - Those Nut-Cracking Elizabethans. Studies of the Early Theatre and Drama.
39894: HOCKEY. LAWRENCE W. (EDITOR) - Monmouthshire Poetry.
35905: ALDERSON. LAWRENCE - Rare Breeds.
35904: ALDERSON. LAWRENCE - Rare Breeds.
65788: DURRELL. LAWRENCE - Collected Poems.
96785: LAWRENCE. D.H. - Women in Love
90006: LONGO. LAWRENCE D - Our Lords, the Sick: Mcgovern Lectures in the History of Medicine and Medical Humanism
91264: LAWRENCE, DAVID H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
100308: LAWRENCE. T.E. - Revolt in the Desert. . . . Sketches By Edward Bawden.
87308: JAMES LAWRENCE - The Golden Warrior: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
102459: HILL. LAWRENCE C - The Vale of Towy (Ystrad Twyi)
96650: LAWRENCE. D.H. - The Collected Poems of D.H. Lawrence.
85644: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Movements in European History
102897: LAWRENCE. T.E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph.
98535: LAWRENCE. D.H. - The Virgin and the Gipsy.
71775: LAWRENCE, PETER - The Garia : An Ethnography of a Traditional Cosmic System in Papua New Guinea
87002: PERLES. ALFRED & DURRELL. LAWRENCE - Art and Outrage. A Correspondence About Henry Miller between Alfred Perles and Lawrence Durrell.
82864: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Selected Poems
95676: JAMES. LAWRENCE - The Rise and Fall of the British Empire.
100208: LAWRENCE. D.H. - The Rainbow. . . . . . Illustrations By Charles Raymond.
82990: LAWRIE, WILLIAM HASTIE - International Trout Flies
79773: LAWS, ERNEST - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
99375: LAWSON, GEORGE - The Life of Joseph
68286: LAWSON. B.J. - A Short Outline of the History of Russia. Two Volume Set. Privately Printed.
68010: WACE; LAYAM - Arthurian Chronicles
62202: LAYTON. R. - Who Needs the Past? : Indigenous Values and Archaeology
89847: LAZAR, ISTVAN - Hungary: A Brief History
75121: DE SELVE. LAZARE - Les Oeuvres Spirituelles Sur Les Evangiles Des Jours de Caresme Et Sur Les Festes de L`Annee. Edition Vritique Par Lance K. Donaldson-Evans.
48090: LEACH, NICHOLAS - Lifeboats
60133: LEACH, MICHAEL - The Rabbit
96102: LEACH, MARK M - Cultural Diversity and Suicide: Ethnic, Religious, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Perspectives (Haworth Series in Clinical Psychotherapy)
79558: LEADBEATER, C. W. - Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites
85693: LEADER, DARIAN; GROVES, JUDY - Introducing Lacan
91340: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. - The Origin of Humankind (Science Masters)
59819: LEAKEY, RICHARD; LEWIN, ROGER - Origins Reconsidered : In Search of What Makes Us Human
102970: EDWARD LEAR - Edward Lear in the Levant: Travels in Albania, Greece and Turkey in Europe, 1848-49
77508: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear : Selected Letters
101912: EDWARD LEAR - The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear (Methuen Humour Classics)
65639: LEAVER, TONY - Pronouncing Welsh Place-Names
101358: LEAVIS. F.R. - Revaluation. Tradition & Development in English Poetry.
90079: LEAVITT, DAVID - Martin Bauman
90080: LEAVITT, DAVID - The Stories of David Leavitt
90083: LEAVITT, DAVID - The Lost Language of Cranes (Penguin Fiction)
76885: LEBLANC. P - Les Ecrits Theoriques Et Critiques Francais Des Annees 1540-1561 Sur la Tragedie.
67285: LEBLANC, HUGUES - Existence, Truth, and Probability
96055: LEBOR, ADAM; BOYES, ROGER - Surviving Hitler: Choices, Corruption and Compromise in the Third Reich
98015: LEBRUN. H. - Voyages Et Découvertes Dans L'afrique Centrale Et L'afrique Septentrionale.
73042: LECOY, FELIX - Les Deux Poemes de la Folie Tristan
84759: LEE, CAROL ANN - Crooked Angels. Signed and Dedicated By Author on Title Page
58113: WOLFF. ROBERT LEE - Masterworks of Children`S Literature. Part 2. Volume Five. 1837-1900. The Victorian Age.
58112: WOLFF. ROBERT LEE - Masterworks of Children`S Literature. Part 1. Volume 5. 1837-1900 the Victorian Age.
75905: RAPHAEL. MARC LEE - Approaches to Modern Judaism.
99806: DAVID LEE - Up Close and Personal: The Reality of Close-Quarter Fighting in World War Ii
65910: MASTERS. EDGAR LEE - Spoon River Anthology.

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